Thursday, April 15, 2010

MIC's Kamal for Hulu Selangor

A perfect candidate for a perfect by-election. On April 3, I wrote that "if Najib Razak happens to be looking for new blood - not just from MIC but from BN - here's a candidate likely to appeal to moderate Malaysians, young or old".

Read A New face of MIC, here.

Pakatan supporters who know Kamalanathan probably know that the BN has got itself an ideal candidate. Not a big name like PKR's Zaid Ibrahim but no colorful history too. No baggage, in other words. New blood. Fresh face. Something we all need.


  1. Anonymous6:22 pm

    New blood, fresh face.... but coming MIC ???


  2. Anonymous6:34 pm

    So subtle is your spin...Rocky...hahahahahaha.

  3. Salam Datuk,

    Either you are clairvoyant or has the PM/DPM's ear.

    All the very best to BN. Time to close ranks and rock n roll for a handy, handsome win.

    (christened 'blind freddy' hahaha. No, I did not say or imply that TBH was murdered)

  4. Anonymous6:51 pm

    HS is going to be a very exciting race indeed.
    Superstar Zaid vs Nobody Kamal. And I'm rooting for the nobody. Go Kamal go.
    I believe Najib has made a shrewd move in giving the seat to MIC. He stood his ground despite clamouring from Umno members for a Malay candidate.
    I think it was the blogger Sak who in the early days said that Najib will be an exciting leader. Dato' Sak may be right.
    In Hulu Selangor, Najib is 1) showing the BN spirit of cooperation is alive and well and by extension illustrating the ideals of 1Malaysia.
    2) making the other side hard put to campaign using race card.
    (Also, I must say I feel very satisfied when zorro-type blogs were calling for Zaid to be the PR candidate. I'm over the moon they got their wish. hee)
    All the best to Saudara Kamal. Saya ramai sanak saudara diHS, saya suruh depa pangkah awak. No problem, bro. Di kampung kami takde saya-anak-bangsa-m'sia-style anxieties.

    M.Jo(Saya Pun Melayu)

  5. Anonymous7:12 pm

    There was also mention of appeasing MIC with appointment of their #1 choice, who finally did not get the candidacy, as Senator and possibly Deputy Ministership. Does the country need to pay for this? Is there a vacancy or need for this possible position? I demand my tax money to be spent wisely and not to appease a failed and failing fast component BN party.

  6. I have to say you are good. You guys wanted him from the beginning and you got him.The sandiwara over the support for Mugilan was a refreshing red-herring. But never mind. As long as you guys for once had the b@!!$ to kick Samy in his behind, that in itself is a great achievement and a favour to the Indian community. For that I thank you!

  7. Mula-mula minta kuota kerusi untuk MIC saja. Lepas itu bila dengar PM kata kuota diberi pada MIC tapi calon serah pada PM, terus TING otak belit pun mula jalankan tugas. MIC bagi calon yang memang rakyat dan PM tidak setuju. Lepas itu, buat mesyuarat ugut pecat calon MIC yang disukai UMNO. Akhirnya, calon lain tapi....... hehehe ini yang "best"... Tapiiiiiii calon yang tidak dapat jadi calon telah dijanjikan akan dapat senator dan jawatan Timbalan Menteri. GAME OVER. SIAPA KENA BELIT?

  8. Anonymous7:46 pm


    I will have the biggest laugh when BN gets trashed...LOL

    I bit overconfident.

    Budak Zaid.

  9. Anonymous7:49 pm

    Kamal ke,,,Nathan ke,,,,MEMANG kalah lah BN di ULU SELANGOR,,,apa ingai INDIAN di sana semua suka sama dia ke??????

    Whatever MIC ada juga untung COZ Palanivel akan jadi SENATOR and become a CABINET MINISTER,,!!!!!

    UMNO dapat apa??????!!!!!!

    Siapa BODO?????,!!!!!

    PERKASA sudah jadi PERKASAM


  10. Anonymous8:23 pm

    Good, we want familiar face dan orang tempatan to feel for our community... dari situ baru boleh tolong sikit tak banyak suarakan apa yang dia sendiri perhati dan dengaq..

    Dia orang tempatan, tak payah duk update apa2, sendiri mesti tahu citarasa penduduk disini..

    Tak kisah Cina India atau Melayu, yang penting asalkan orang TEMPATAN with genuine MYKAD and birthcerts!

    Good luck Kamal..we are all behind you.. you will definitely get our votes.

    Oh by the way, my roof is leaking.. can send some volunteers to see to this problem please..

    Wa kasi elek.. pse help!!


  11. Anonymous8:38 pm

    And snatch defeat from the jaws of victory never sounded so true.hahahaha LOL

    What was initially supposed to be a canter for Malay candidate against a pseudo-Malay tub of lard has now reversed itself 360 degrees into an uphill struggle.

    Well, wonders still do exist in these parts!

    The Malay ground would have gone along with Mugilan anytime albeit with certain qualms and misgivings knowing that the seat should have rightfully been given to a Malay. But Kamalana...who? even spelling his name is problematic. A parachuted candidate unbeknownst to locals is the worst choice to make and cancels out Zaid's own bailout. I dont have to say it but the oppo are gonna:

    1.say to the Malay electorate that UMNO capitulated to the non-malays so bye-bye to fighting for malay rights yada yada yada

    2. say to the hindulen electorate that not only PV was ignored but even a local like Mugilan was a sacrificial goat to our local porikee megalomaniac muniyandi's(u know who?), whims given that he delusionally believes that he controls everything in his mythic make-believe universe. Talk about a madman walking.

    and with that making the rounds and the Chingkie in the bag, I am pretty sure that the 20K hardcore Fuckatans will be licking their chops now.

    Sometimes you wonder whether certain people have their wits about them or any at all....

    Warrior 231

  12. Anonymous9:06 pm

    This will be exciting. Ex-UMNO vs MIC.

    The ex-UMNO chapee has tons of cash to spare and has a track record of spending it at campaigns. In UMNO, vote buying may land you in trouble, so jump over to PKR and the sins are rinsed. Oh well, so much for principles. But, he is a socialite in the wrong place. To win the rural Malay votes, he should do a make over...... wear a turban,grow a goatee and find a used flour sack for clothing.

    The poor underdog from MIC is on a shoe string budget and it will be like a mouse fighting an elephant.

    I'd place my bet on the under dog. At least he is still a virgin.


  13. One thing's very clear from this Kandidat Kompromi Kemalangan - the accidental compromise candidate.

    The whole episode has shown once again that when handling by-elections DPM Muhy (and by extension UMNO), has once again shown himself to be a bumbling, indecisive ditherer. Muhy (with wonderful assist from Hamidi) tried to defend that disbarred lawyer UMNO candidate at Permatang Pauh and failed miserably.

    With bunglers like these at the highest level of our Cabinet, does Najib need enemies?

    Watch the saga unfold as Zaid thrashes Kamalanathan and Samy Velu reveal all the bald facts and blame Muhy, Najib and UMNO!

    As for Palanivel, backstabbed from the front and back by his "allies!!"

    Ha, ha! What a circus!!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human race

  14. baik_aje9:19 pm

    memang harap kamal jadi calon pun untuk prk kali ni. so glad najib listens to grassroot

  15. Anonymous9:28 pm

    Now MIC knows who is BOSS, hahaha, where is HINDRAF? MIC is kaput!!!


  16. Anonymous9:43 pm

    Seekor lagi 'Ular'...Ular dari MIC !!

    Woi, MIC , bila nak pulangkan wang Maika ???

    dari trak rekod MIC....kebanyakkan kegiatan yg dijalankan oleh MIC adalah utk menipu bangsanya sendiri...kalau bagi peluang, rakyat Malaysia keseluruhan pon akan dipatuk, khasnya oleh Ular Besar Samy !!

    MIC memang tak boleh pakai la....tipu, terus tipu !!!


  17. tok.... heeee heee.tok dapat tip yeee

    we will win

  18. Just because he is new blood and fresh face does not mean we all need it....prefer someone who is ethical and believes in public service.

    WTF has MIC done information chief?

  19. Anonymous10:18 pm

    I think the situation has chaged after DSNajib becam Prime Minister..its BN that has learn their mistake and turn to the Rakyat..while we so much oeverconfident Pakatan Rakyat has ignore the Rakyat..I think to the advantage of BN..

    dato bad

  20. Anonymous10:56 pm

    BN Akan menang sebab ZI lebih tidak beretika jika dibanding dengan Ibrahim Ali. Beliau kucarkacirkan banyak benda semasa jadi Menteri BN kemudian letak jawatan (mungkin dah tahu Akan dibuang jawatan) kemudian masuk PKR sebab nampak peluang besar terus jadi ketua jika Pak Liwat jadi PM kat Sg Buluh.
    Ibrahim Ali terus jadi bebas Dan perjuangkan apa yang beliau hayati dengan terus berkecuali. ZI lebih teruk Dari Raja Katak sebab meletakkan kepentingan peibadi melebihi prinsip perjuangan. Beliau dalam PKR lebih merupakan virus Trojan yang Akan memudaratkan keseluruhan sistem dalam parti itu sendiri sehingga Terkubur.

    Ramalan saya ZI Akan kalah dengan majoriti 3000 undi.

    Apek Kampung

  21. Anonymous11:08 pm

    So Ibrahim Ali and his Perkasa should support Zaid since he is a Malay. Kamal is an Indian so he won't have the support of Perkasa.

  22. Anonymous11:08 pm

    Funny thing with injuns ! Before getting the slice of the action they will yank, cry and whine like terrors and always demanding .And then like dogs with tail behind its hind legs they yelp like puppies.Those MIC buggers are just unfu@#$@# just to be in's a wonder if they know RESPECT and already Samy is already scum king in the making!Are these indians for real ! or are they actually pariahs who knows no shame.


  23. Org Rawa HS11:35 pm


    Aku orang melayu dan akan tetap undi org melayu Islam daripada pangkah Kapir MIC . Tahu tak org UMNO disini amat terguris hati bila pimpinan UMNO tolak Cikgu Mat Taib . Org luar yang tidak pernah tahu tentang budi baik Cikgu Mat Taib pada kami semua sejak dulu lagi jangan jagi menang sorak kampung tergadai. Biarlah Muhydin cakap banyak . Kalau nak tau perasaan ahli UMNO disini , tunggulah lepas 25hb.April nanti. Kato urang rao , bagei copek codak indak ado akal juo orang godang UMNO !

  24. Anonymous12:52 am

    What a pity! Najib should have not been hoodwinked by the smiley, "innocent" Kamalanathan. He is a fake of the highest order. He spins all the time & thinks he is a Public Relations professional just because he goes under the hogwash of Institute of PR Malaysia -- a company limited by guarantee -- which is trying to cow everyone else to subscribe to its so-called philosophy. You see Zaid beating the shit out of him.
    Kamalanathan can then continue to dish out newspapers at toll plazas in the name of his latest victim. And he calls this PR -- what a shame!


  25. Anonymous12:55 am


    A Tale of Two Cities.

    Here's a touching story told by my niece. She lives in Taman Tun Dr Ismail and goes to school at SMK TTDI. She is a 4th former.

    She tells the story of a very clever form 4 boy. This boy hails from Sungai Penchala. He comes from the underbelly of Sungai Penchala- far away from the palaces of one Pahamin Rejab and a son of a former PM, high on the hills and other mansions belonging to the 30 percenters – beneficiaries of the NEP.

    Today, the whole class to which the boy belongs was hauled up for punishment for some disciplinary breaches. Before punishment was meted, the boy asked permission from the form teacher to see his younger brother who is in form two.

    Why? Asked the teacher.

    So that I can pass him this RM1 to buy food at the canteen.

    The younger brother came over to the class and the following conversation took place.

    Adik- take this RM1 and buy food at the canteen.

    But this isn't enough- I didn't eat at the canteen yesterday.

    Ok, take my RM 1 too, and the younger brother took the RM1 from the older sibling.

    But abang, you have not eaten either.

    The older boy answered: its ok adik, I will drink lots of tap water so I won't feel hungry.

    The teacher who overheard the conversation was so moved that she gave the boys RM 5 to share.

    This will last us for a week cikgu. Thank you very much.

    It's a tale of two cities, this country of ours. A few hours car ride away at the command center at Bukit Sentosa in Hulu Selangor, everything was set for the announcement of the BN candidate.

    I was traveling from Hulu Bernam towards Kuala Lumpur when I called a journalist friend. I asked how; tell me how did the people come to cheer Muhyidin on?

    Well they came in their Porsche Cayennes, Hummers, Beemers and Mercs.

    Ah…I thought so, I said.

    Who will win this by election?

    UMNO will win this election for MIC and BN if this were a contest for:-

    Establishing who has the most numbers of hummers, cayennes, beemers and Merccs. UMNO/BN will definitely win.


  26. You should adjust your Blog name to "Rocky now Bru-ing 4 UMNO"
    That will sound more truthful & believable !

    We also know that soon you will automatically adjust the name again to "Rocky now bru-ing for Pakatan"

  27. Anonymous10:06 am

    This guy looks a lot like a young Samy Vellu, who comes from the DEVAR caste, just like Kamalanathan. Actually, this Kamalanathan, was Vell Parri's choice from the beginning. You see, Vell Parri is Samy Vellu's son, and Kamalanathan is Samy Vellu's NEPHEW.

  28. Anonymous10:18 am

    is KAMAL anak tempatan hulu selangor?
    bukan ke dari Rawang ke?
    UMNO boleh bagi org tempatan kalau org tu boleh ikut telunjuk dia...
    tapi org cam cikgu taib yang jujur mgkn x dapat, sbb umno bukan parti yg jujur...

    melayu mmg selalu kene tipu, tapi jangan gadai keamanan dan maruah bangsa dengan parti penipu...dah 50tahun merdeka asik kene tipu...pemimpin duk tdo atas duit, bila dah xde duit, susahkan rakyat atas dasar ekonomi....harap melayu dan rakyat hulu selangor dapat pikir sebagai seorang rakyat merdeka tanpa termakan janji2 manis pengadai maruah bangsa tu...

    50 tahun merdeka...jangan pemikiran masih terjajah...


  29. Anonymous10:21 am

    fyi, Kamalanathan is Samy's NEPHEW, and his name alongside Palinivel was handed to the PM by Samy Vellu. Prior to that Vell Paari had a close door meeting with A very important blogger, and I was told a lot of cash had exchanged hands. Following that, an INDIAN muslim guy's blog, had plucked Kamalanathan's name from nowhere as a potential candidate (even before samy had handed his name to the PM).
    IS he Samy's RELATIVE.... does this guy PRACTISE caste politics, in his daily life, does he believe in that INSTITUTION .... if you dont KNOW find OUT lah.

    Telor OMEGA

  30. Anonymous10:32 am

    Rebutting critics of MIC president, Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu, Kamalanathan said Samy Vellu's urge and devotion to the community "is beyond words" and he can continue to do more for the party.

    Looks like this guy is a SAMY arse licker

  31. Mustapha Ong10:51 am

    Salam Rocky Bru,

    The choice of the low profile Kamal as the BN candidate for Hulu Selangor, will provide the voters with a clearer option in electing the best local candidate for their parliamentary constituency.

    I believe that it was not an easy decision for BN to field an untested candidate against Palanivel who is currently the MIC deputy president endorsed by Samy Vellu.

    In the end, many attributing factors are in favour of Kamalanathan based on BN's assessment as the possible winning candidate for Ulu Selangor.

    Kamal would have to travel the extra mile in order to convince the people of his ability to accept and understand their problems amongst the majority Malays, the demands of the rural mentality Chinese, as well as the continued support from the Indian community. There is no doubt that the people will accept the credentials of Kamal, being extremely close and comfortable with the BN leadership, which will remain an added advantage to their local representative in parliament.

    I believe that Zaid Ibrahim, the former UMNO defector is at his lowest creditability, given the current political upsurge in the mistrust of PKR's leadership.Will the voters in Hulu Selangor place their trust in Zaid, who is a Kelantanese and being hardly known in the area?

    It's hard to convince the voters that Zaid will be able to deliver his promises in bringing further development to Ulu Selangor, without any financial support from the federal BN government. Thus Kamalanathan will have an edge over Zaid as far as political alliance is concerned.

    Given the above circumstances, I am confident that Kamal will emerge with a convincing majority and will restore political stability and future development to Ulu Selangor.

  32. Anonymous11:23 am

    i'm with zaid...he's far better than kamalanathan

  33. Anonymous11:26 am

    Undi Kalamanathan = Undi Semi Value

  34. The "perfect candidate" for the by election may well lose!Umno's support is crucial if the candidate is to have a chance of winning the seat back from PKR who has fielded a credible candidate who is not only capable but is principled and has integrity. MIC has no choice but to bow to Umno's request not to field the MIC Deputy President.Some Indian voters may not take this reality.Anyway the winning margin for PKR or BN will probably be a few hundred votes!

  35. Anonymous1:00 pm

    Mustafa Ong is talking through his arse, as usual.

    What credibility does BN have ? By paying RM77 million to APCO ? By keeping quiet about the PKFZ scandal ? By giving land at well below market value to NAZA ? With Muhyiddin confirming he is Malay first and Malaysian second ?

    This Gomen has zero credibility, so there's no need to talk about whether others have credibility or not.


  36. SiPM (M) actually finds itself agreeing with you on this. P Kamalanathan is a good candidate and fit for Parliament if elected. By the same token, so is Zaid Ibrahim who's a liberal Malay.

    One would think the voters of P94 are given a good menu to choose from, for either will do them well.

    If only other kawasans were so lucky.

  37. Anak Permatang Pauh1:45 pm

    Rocky revealed the candidate right from the beginning, hence it's not a surprise, a drama, a dilemma, a tussle, as many would like to think. PM announced that he'd asked DPM to announce when the time come. The decision has long been made, and it's not a difficult one for PM and right one too. The Fuckatan Riot lurkers in Rocky's blog and elsewhere are trying hard to show how problematic choosing a BN candidate was. No, it was not problematic at all. It is the right choice for BN, and for the people of Hulu Selangor. We malays will be behind Kamal, as compared to anti-Malay Zaid. Zaid has to convince the Malays that he's Malay, that's why he has to write a book "Saya Pun Melayu". Why does one need to write to convince others that he's a malay. Zaid has conflict of identity to born as a Malay. To all Malays, kick this anti-Melayu Zaid out of hulu selangor.

    Vote Kamal! BN for All! Hiudp 1 Malaysia.

  38. Anonymous2:19 pm

    Datuk Bru. How did you know? Were you part of the group that plan this?
    The sandiwara in the selection of the apa nama kalamana seemed suspicious.

  39. Anonymous2:32 pm

    Kami orang PAS nak undi sapo?

    Zaid atau Kamal?

    Zaid tu ok ke?

    Mat Kapan - Tukang Kapan

  40. Rocky ... hang suruh Kamal ni tukaq nama la . Abdul Kamal ka...patuh join UMNO.

    Takdapat UMNO dapat Kamal celup UMNO pon okay dah nih.

  41. Anonymous4:37 pm

    What can PM's detractors say Dato?
    Murder again?

    The man has done just about everything right from the word go.

    Though MIC had poor showing from the 12th GE, PM has shown what the BN spirit is all about.

    And just before the naming of the candidate, MIC show their true colours again. Never mind.

    In the end, they are given the opportunity to put forth what 1 Malaysia should stand for.

    Come together for the benefit of True Malaysia.

    Please all BN component parties, understand what unity is all about.

    Good luck to BN!

    p/s Those who think 'Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia' stop being the dalang to real unity!

    Saya Bekas Anak Bangsa Malaysia - sekarang Anak 1 Malaysia!

  42. wandererAUS4:44 pm

    Kamal mastering his BN trade like instant coffe, "I'll win it for Najib..."
    Polishing his master's jingle bells so soon? The concern for his master is more important than the pll of Hulu Selangor. This sniffing dog will be a new addition to C4's Dog Farm!

  43. sick&tired5:46 pm

    its not something we all need! We don't need another ball licker! We already have you for that rocky. This guy is in charge of rebranding MIC, if thats an 'achievement', then me taking a dump today morning can also be considered a huge achievement!

    BTW maybe you can advice the PM with many useless slogan to add another one:- "Celebrating mediocracy since 1969!"

  44. Anonymous6:07 pm

    Even Mamak not going there to campaign for is as good as lost...

  45. "Zaid has conflict of identity to born as a Malay." Anak permatang pauh.

    Heh, heh, heh! Even when born and bred pure Melayu in Tanah Melayu, you must spin it?

    What, you must be born Indian, marry a Malay, then claim to be "a Constitutional Malay", join PERKOSONG and then only you'll accept him as Malay? Sounds familiar? Heh, heh, he!!

    O, What a tangled web we weave, when we seek to deceive!!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  46. Anonymous7:18 pm

    Warrior 231,

    As usual an UMNO babi liar like you breathe a lot of brimstone and fire to sweep all the shit of your UMNO bosses under the carpet. Too much shit, no more space left, the result a stinking atmosphere. You always end up being a wet fire cracker, because the more you attack DSAI, the more the rakyat, especially Malays, are coming up to support him and reject your UMNO! Go fuck yoursefl Warrior 231! You think you Malay wira? YOu are nothing but UMNO babi liar best wallowing in your own kencing and tahi in your kubang babi in PWTC! You behave like the typical UMNO babi bodoh condemning the cina apek and sokong penuh2 Ibrahim babi katak of Perkosa move to perpetuate NEP forever. But when typical UMNO babis like you fail in your businesses, who do you turn to for financial help? The Cina apek of course! You are even prepared to crawl on your knees to beg the Cina apek to bail out your failed businesses because your own UMNO babis are too selfish to bail you out. That time, the cina apek tell you to eat your own tahi, you do so! Zaid Ibrahim will win Hulu Selangor by-election by much bigger majority over MIC on 25 April, and you warrior 231 better go stew in your own juice, as they say. I have a better idea: WALLOW IN YOUR OWN KENCING AND EAT YOUR OWN TAHI IN YOUR KUBANG BABI!!!!

  47. Latest punter rates for H-S:

    BN vs PKR

    Pity Zaid.. he stand to lose way much more!

  48. Anonymous9:03 pm

    Hng tak tau pasai Hulu Selangor, duk diam2..

    Dia pi sekolah rendah/menengah dulu pun kena PPD KKB, hang tau tak? Kalo ayaq rumah dia kena potong pun kena duk rayu kat opis kat situ. Rumah dia kat Sri Garing tu, shortcut jalan kaki pun dah tembuih SgBuaya. Naik hodacup shortcut kebun buah aku dah tembuih Serendah!.

    Zaid kena naik kapalterbang nak ke sini!! Entah2 corner nak masuk sungai Buaya pun tak tau tang mana... kena ada escort! Macam mana orang gini nak jadi wakil?


  49. Anonymous10:44 pm

    Anon Godfather 1:00PM

    "This Gomen has zero credibility, so there's no need to talk about whether others have credibility or not."


    Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and suck your own cock (if any)


  50. tebing tinggi11:59 pm


    Dalam drama yang dimainkan si Vello, terperangkap Najib dan Mahyudin, siapa yang rugi,? UMNO juga yang rugi dan orang melayu dapat apa ?.
    Orang melayu mendapat arahan bagi menerima dan menghalalkan calon yang dipilih atas dasar persepahaman dan semangat kerjasama bersesuaian dengan konsep 1 Malaysia kononya.
    Ditakdirkan Kamalmatan menang (harap kalah), bermakna MIC dapat saorang MP, saorang senator, dan saorang timbalan menteri,kalau kalah, masih lagi mendapat saorang senator dan timbalan menteri,dan UMNO dan orang Melayu yang menjadi penyumbang undi majority terpaksa berkorban satu jawatan senator dan timbalan menteri,sudah pasti.
    Melayu dan UMNO sentiasa dalam keadaan kerugian!
    Yang pasti jawatan-jawatan itu akan diambil dari UMNO dan yang pasti tidak akan ada parti India atau Cina lain dalam klompok BN yang akan sangop berkompromi,Rugilah lagi Melayu.
    Bagitulah jikalau tiada keberanian, kebijaksanan dan berpandangan jauh didalam didalam menjaga kepentingan bangsa, PATAH dengan drama tamil yang dimainkan olih siVello, MAKA BERTEPOKLAH SEMUA MELAYU MENYAHUT PENGUMUMAN YANG DIBUAT.


  51. Anonymous12:51 am

    Bagi pendapat saya sebagai orang tempat ni, elok lah ada pewakilan India, Kamal untuk menjaga kesejahteraan komuniti sini.

    I think BN did their homework well. Komuniti Bumi kat sini, dah masak dalam politik, sistem dah matang..

    Zaid tak tau menahu hal mendalam kawasan ini. PR letak Zaid, for his personal political mileage, NOT to serve the well being of the community here. Just hope he dont visit our area by Helicopter..

    Ada sekok dulu style macam Zaid, nak masuk kawasan kami by car kononnya for security reasons, guna heli.. Bila cuba nak belit penduduk, dia kena humban dengan kerusi.

    So masuk kawasan kami jangan duk ACT2 tak bertempat OK!


  52. Anonymous9:15 am

    He is a well practised and professionally certified shoe polisher. His first words confirm the worst. How can anyone believe what he will say?

  53. Anonymous9:23 am

    ohhh look who's talking tough... no more islamic brothers kah? poodle of amerikano or just lapdog..


    WASHINGTON: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has confirmed that Malaysia has cut off gasoline supplies to Iran, warning Teheran it was close to facing new international sanctions over its controversial nuclear programme.

    Najib’s announcement came three days after he held talks with US President Barack Obama, who had called for the world to move “boldly and quickly” on tough sanctions against the Islamic republic.

    “It’s going to be quite inevitable that additional sanctions will be imposed in the near future unless there is some movement in the right direction by Iran,” Najib said in Washington on Thursday.

    “The onus is now on Iran to react expeditiously to prevent additional sanctions,” he said.

    Pak Pandir

  54. Dato'
    I don't really care what politicians do to win elections, but what bothers me when one claims that he is liken to a 'soldier called to battle' The fundamental difference between a soldier and a politician is that, the soldiers duty is to do as he is told by his superior even at the expense of his life. The politician duty is to kick his bosses nuts the moment he is under pressure and switch parties enjoy millions and live a long and corrupted life. So dai Tambi don't insult a soldiers nobel proffession.

  55. Penyokong UMNO3:29 pm

    Tergempar!!! Hot hoT!!


    En. Kamalanathan, calon MIC utk Hulu Selangor, has called for Nasir Safar (Najib's aide) to be charged under the Sedition Act. He says its not enough that he has resigned!

    I think this destroys his chance to win Hulu Selangor cuz he goes against Najib and proves what a sham 1Malaysia is.

    Kamalanathan should voice out for Nasir Safar to be punished. If not, UMNO-BN is cakap satu, bikin lain. MIC jadi pak turut saja beb!

  56. Anonymous3:38 pm

    No hope fighting with the mighty Zaid. Even if you field Dr M it would not be enough. Zaid is of PM material and one of the most able Malay.

  57. Anonymous8:37 pm

    I think the usual UMNO blogger suspects, esp GAP, handed this over election to PR. Amazing that this entire candidate selection episode has managed to piss off a large number of MIC votes. The clock will ring and the whole world will be happy umno bloggers screwed a near certain victory with Palanivel or a Mat Taib contesting for an embarrassing defeat.

  58. Anonymous9:59 pm

    BN warlords and oligarchies,

    Beware of Rockybru, the king maker......

    Prof Awe Kecik

  59. Anonymous10:21 pm

    Kepada penyokong PAS, ZAID Pukimak ni lah buat laporan polis menentang hukum hudud di Kelantan. Apa lagi yang kita semua tunggu. Zaid adalah hipokrit kelas pertama. Marilah kita tunjukkan bahawa PAS mempunyai prinsip yang berlandaskan Islam. Apakah kita sanggup bersengkongkol dengan hipokrit, kaki botol, perasuah, anti-melayu...opppsss...saya dah berikan segala ciri-ciri yang amat disukai oleh cina DAP supaya senang mereka guna untuk jahanamkan Islam di Malaysia. Semua cina HS undilah Zaid tu...

  60. Anonymous9:10 am

    Kamal need 2500 phantom voters, please contact Datuk Rocky to get registered. Each can get RM200

  61. Anonymous10:21 am

    Yes Dato, Kama sure wins. You should have recommended yourself to Najib to stand for this by-election. It will be a double promotion for you after your Datoship and new YB status. Good things must not leave it for others, you should claim it for yourself.

  62. Anonymous10:39 am

    nama KAMAL tuuu.....

    KAMAL a/l rocky bru (lu mabuk laaa..)


  63. There were a major RECALL for cars around the world and these affected car makers are always a companies known for various QUALITY quotes and talks but failed to walk their talk.

    Our political scenario will face the same disaster if too much TALK instead of WALK... It's Malaysia..instant noodle are better than natural noodle

  64. Anonymous5:33 pm

    Anon @ 7:18 PM

    is sure PISSED off ...

    Hey Warrior 231, you've done a great job, keep it up

    the chinapek can't take the truth

  65. Anonymous5:38 pm

    Najib has shown his commitment

    to 1Malaysia,

    to UMNO as part of BN,

    to disregard semi-value deadwood


    to ignore desperadoes

    to scoff at drama kings & mamas

    P.S. Rosmah has said not to underestimete Najib - EAT YOUR HEART OUT, dpp

  66. Anonymous6:04 pm

    For supporting/bodek PERKASA this snakey guy will lose all votes/respect from all non-malays, as even a sultan and moderate malays stay away from Perkasa but this indian hero want to join Riduan Tee cinaapek to bodek perkasa hoping for rewards.If these 2 guys are sincere in helping/defend the poor malays without expecting rewards, PLEASE help those malay anak yatim homes where so many orphaned kids need just our hugs/toys NOT politic rhetorics nonsense.Ada faham?
    Mr Bodek

  67. Anonymous10:16 pm

    To anonymous 3.38pm

    Zaid 'mighty' and 'PM material' ? OMG... who are u kidding man? The guy couldnt even last 6 months as a minister what more as PM. Too much of unnecessary responsibility for a wealthy lawyer like him to handle i guess. B4 he could even contribute and bring about change, he has already called it quits. What a chicken he is. Is that the attributes of 'an able malay'? He is nothing but a dissappointment esp to the malay community. Consequently, what makes ppl think that he can perform as MP? To me he is just another frog out to pursue not the interest of the rakyat BUT his own personal agenda!

    Disney Princess

  68. BN concept of giving away Malay majority seats to the Indians & Chinese too has actually demote status of the Malay leadership. I strongly believe that "only" the Malays practice tolerant & compromising attitude and again its show how weak this traits are.

    I suggest that the BN do a research and field a Malay in a majority chinese seat and lets see if the chinese are indeed sincere in promoting BN sharing concept.

    I can guarantee 1000% that the Malay will never win, what more to represent the chinese.

  69. Anon 7.18PM

    1 M'sia has been bungkused by DPM Muhy, Nasir Safar, Dr.M, I Ali, Perkosong and the like. It's in tatters and there only in name. What a rip off and waste of $77 million of the Rakyat's money!!

    As for your "P.S. Rosmah has said not to underestimete Najib - Eat your heart out dpp," full marks to her as a loyal wife. That's where I draw the line. I hear there's a Scoprpene storm 'abrewin in Paris! Muahaha!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  70. Anonymous10:05 am


    Just so you know,
    Nasir Safar = Village idiot. Get what he deserved. Maybe more. But he's history.

    TSM = Maybe not PM material. In Arwah Tun Ghafar mould, he's the last bastion of honest (I mean money politics) politician in UMNO. Relatively speaking of course

    TDM = discredit him to your heart's content. He did what he did and in most part we are better off because of that

    Perkasa = growing in voice and influence. You have the right to be worried, but not rightly so. IA only defending the rights of his Bangsa. Not to 'attack' others. Aren't singkeh do the same?

    Najib = New Teflon Don. Scorpene, Altantuya, IGP, Rosmah and all those shit stirred and shaken thrown at him just won't stick

    You = Shit stirrer supreme. Possibly a singkeh if not a singkehphile. Probably has bend over for the satisfaction of Brader Anwar Bin Ibrahim. Did he asked "Are you OK?"


  71. tokman10:47 am

    Najib is smart as he actually wanted to end Samy Vellu's political career by sticking to an MIC candidate, however, Muhyidin hopes a fresh face may help BN to win the seat. Najib does not craving for an additional seat for BN in Parlament and after all Hulu Selangor was under Pakatan. The pressure is on Pakatan to win. Both Najib and Muhyidin knew they made a big mistake here as an UMNO candidate would have put BN in a more comfortable driving seat. Win or lose Najib is happy as he now has a strong hold on MIC!

  72. Anonymous12:33 pm

    I suggest that the BN do a research and field a Malay in a majority chinese seat and lets see if the chinese are indeed sincere in promoting BN sharing concept.

    I can guarantee 1000% that the Malay will never win, what more to represent the chinese

    LO LO GHAZALI won it for the opposition & she 's malay in chinese area... LOLO LOL.

    Shows you know nothing & speak thru rear end.

    Bee End.

  73. Anonymous5:07 pm

    kratos @ 10:05 AM

    Kudo to both your views.

    A refreshing change from dpp's erroneously arrogant self-deluding inferiority complex perceptions

    dpp used to play hockey

  74. Anonymous5:09 pm

    Bee End @ 12:33 PM

    haiya you have demonstrated how gullible pkr supporters are

    the focus here is BN candidate lah bahalol

    we all KNOW the chinese support pkrlah stupidoooo

    you nic should be 'the end'

  75. kratos

    "Najib = New Teflon Don." That's your idea of a compliment? Heh, heh, heh!

    "You = Shit stirrer supreme. Possibly a singkeh if not a singkehphile. Probably has bend over for the satisfaction of Brader Anwar Bin Ibrahim. Did he asked "Are you OK?"

    Blogs are for discussion. If you can't take the heat, try some KY Jelly which a certain friend of yours seems to be very familiar with and carries in his pocket all the time!1

    we are all of 1 race, the Human race

  76. Anonymous6:08 pm

    AyaMCA president DVD Chua videotaped with a close friend in a hotel room is openly accepted by UMNO/BN leadership! Butt-pinching groper envoy to US is okay! Huge commission for purchase of Scorpene subs and Sukhoi jets are okay, PKFZ scandal is okay! Annihilation of Mongolian beauty with C4 and erasure of immigration records is okay! Brokering of judicial appointments is correct, correct, correct! Illegal takeover of duly elected PR government in Perak is okay! Statutory rape of 15 year-old girl in Melaka is okay! Hey this is Bolehland, everything is a-okay!!! Zaid Ibrahim used to consume alcohol in his younger days! TAK BOLEH! What shit is this!!!


  77. Anonymous7:35 pm

    dpp will live to regret opening his big mouth

    the Malays are wising up to ur kind and Najib's style is to whack such species on the quiet

    like semi value kena kick without warning - unlike tamil movies

    heh heh

  78. Anonymous9:09 pm

    dei poonnndekkkkk @ 6:08 PM

    ur 1st and last events are factual, the rest are allegations, so get a hold of urself

    ur are on the brink of paranoia

  79. Anonymous9:12 pm

    woi dpp

    guess what, PERKASA supports Kamal instead of Zaid

    is this being racist??

    answer this loudmouth, otherwise you are SPINELESS

  80. Woi Anon 9.12 PM

    Kamal bin Nathan is not MIC's candidate; he is UMNO's patsy who DPM Muhy says could be Chinese, Malay, Jewish, Indian, Christian, i.e. Mr.Universal!! Ke, Ke, Ke!

    So, Perkosong will of course support UMNO's stooge because they both have the same beautiful bent backbone as Quasimodo!!

    That spinal enough for you? Lol!


  81. Anonymous1:48 pm

    dei dpp

    the key issue here is racism, please keep to the theme of discussion

    you still have not answered the question

    don't sidetrack or is this the best an accountant can answer? wonder if your qualifications (blatantly advertised) are valid?

    P.S. you forgot your tagline eh??