Friday, April 23, 2010

If Zaid's still suing Kadir and Shamsul, he should sue Dr M too

Frog, Drunkard, Gambler. And he should sue the Malaysian Insider, too, for publishing what Dr M said about him.

Posting below reproduced w/out permission from here.

By Clara Chooi

SERENDAH, April 22 — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad called PKR candidate Datuk Zaid Ibrahim a “frog” tonight, saying Hulu Selangor voters should not trust anyone who might get drunk to represent them.

The former prime minister made a surprise appearance in Hulu Selangor tonight despite saying he would stay away and proceeded to campaign furiously for the Barisan Nasional (BN).

“Do not put your trust in this frog. What happens if he is drunk? Then how is he going to do his work?” he said, leaving the crowd that turned up in stitches.

Dr Mahathir was in top form tonight as he delivered blow after blow against Zaid and his Pakatan Rakyat (PR) comrades, saying that it was dangerous to trust “frogs” for one would never know where they would jump to next.

“He leapt into Umno and even made it to become a minister. Then he jumped into the PKR and then to Sabah and when he was promised a candidacy, he jumped back here.

“This frog truly has strong hind legs, I tell you. He is like superman, he can jump from here to the roof too,” he said of Zaid although the Kelantan-born politician was sacked from Umno in late 2008.

Dr Mahathir then continued hard on yet another attack used recently to discredit Zaid’s “Islamic-ness” by accusing the latter of telling an untruth when he said he did not indulge in racehorse gambling.

“He says he does not gamble but he merely owns racehorses.

“I have horses myself, I have about 30 horses of my own but this is different — this is a horse to ride, not to use in races,” he pointed out.

He accused Zaid of obtaining his riches during his tenure as a law minister and said that the former Umno man was like a “kacang lupakan kulit”.

“When he was with us, he was good with us, but now when he is not with us, he attacks us,” he said.

In his typical no-holds-barred style, Dr Mahathir then moved his criticism to his arch-enemy and former deputy in the government, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Dr Mahathir claimed that before joining Umno, Anwar had initially wanted to join the Islamist party PAS.

“But he realised that by joining PAS, he would not be able to get a ministerial post. So he joined Umno even though he did not like us,” he explained.

He also poked fun at Anwar and his “sexual preference”, which he said he was unable to accept.

“When he joined, it looks like a lot of things were happening... happening at ‘the back’.

“You want to bring me down in politics, it’s OK, but this, I cannot accept,” he said, referring to Anwar’s sodomy accusations.

He noted however that such “preference” could be accepted by the “orang putih” but not in Malaysia.

“To them (the foreigners), they like this type of things. Even their children are not spared.

“That’s why you see, they love Anwar Ibrahim... those Australian MPs who Anwar convinced to come here and protest against his sodomy trial, look at them — some even wore lipstick and earrings. No wonder they like Anwar,” he jibed.


  1. In the end this might lead to Dr M vs Anwar, instead of official candidate vs official candidate

  2. Yang Berbahagia Datuk Rocky,

    Kalau nak jadi Doktor Putar Najib, cubalah jadi spin doctor yang lebeh baik daripada sifu anda, Dato Kalimullah.
    Yang Berbahagia Tun memang layak pasal cakap pasal Katak kerana bukan main akrab denagan Raja Katak 'Dont talk Shi#' Brahim.
    Juga ingin saya ucapkan tahniah kepada Dato Hee(katak DAP) yang baru mendapat gelaran Dato daripada DYMM Sultan Perak.

    Salam Satu APCO!

  3. Please have a bit of class. For a former PM his language is so low class and highly hypocritical.
    What about all these frogs like Ezam and Hee?
    As for Zaid his integrity is pretty solid - he made his money well before he became Law Minister and before he became an MP.
    He has won numerous global recognition for his philantrophy and his good work in assisting orpham children.
    And please Tun - are you telling us Najib and Hishamuddin have never consumed alochol.
    Many Malays do - but Zaid actually admits his past.
    And will Tun speak out against all muslims who own racehorses? And those whose sons have shares in breweries?

  4. Terima kasih Tun. Rugi tak dapat hadir mendengar ceamah Tun. Anwar,Zaid dan seluruh jentera PKR dan Pas menggigil ketakutan bila Tun turun padang.

  5. Anonymous12:03 pm

    who are you kidding about how Zaid made his money? Denial syndrome yeah?

    I can still remember how PR fanboys had a blast kicking Zaid's ass about his drinking habit and gambling and everything God knows what. MalaysiaToday and PAS kutuk like no tomorrow. Now he's a man with principles? Who are you trying to bull?

    Typical PR. If you are with BN, ur full of sins. If you turn to PR, you are a Virgin Mary.

    (LOL. Virgin Mary)


  6. Anonymous12:18 pm




  7. Anonymous12:18 pm


    Kalau exam you mesti zero.. KELUAQ TAJUK!! hahahaha


  8. Anonymous12:26 pm


    Lagi satu, sedekah kat anak yatim.. You confirm ker dari sumber haram ke yang halal, kesian kat depa depa.

    Lepaih tu bab sedekah.. Niat sedekah cara senyap2, tak heboh2 kat sesiapa.. Tak perlu "He has won numerous global recognition for his philantrophy and his good work in assisting orphan children".. itu glamour maknanya bukan sedekah..


  9. Wak Bon12:35 pm

    Puak2 pr, admission of guilt to a wrongdoing does not grant one exeption from being penalised for that indiscretion.....from Wak Bon

  10. This is not a question of Mahathir vs Anwar. Its a matter of good over evil. Tun M has every right to speak up for the benefit of the HS voters. His presence in HS is much needed to further Barisan's chance of a thumping victory. PKR is full of confidence of retaining HS sit. But I believe Tun Mahathir has nailed PKR's coffin. PKR's fate is sealed.

    Hulu Selangor tidak perlu kepada politik sampah yg dicanang oleh PKR dan gang2 sampahnya.

  11. I thought Barisan would win hands down in US, and then came this good doctor to help Pakatan Rakyat. Well done Dr you just tipped the balance in favour of the drunk/ gambler and horse owner.

  12. The Penquin12:56 pm

    Is Mahatir saying that none of the ministers in the countries around the world consume alcohol or they get drunk every now and then ? I should think the leaders of vastly developed nations do drink once in a while. But they are progressing while we are stagnant even being in a 'sober' state !

    The Penquin

  13. Anonymous2:00 pm

    Stealing the rakyat's money is not a crime ? Squandering billions and billions of the rakyat's money without any due regard for value and security is not a crime ?

    Your emperor Mamakthir squandered over RM100 billion of this country's money, and you still think that what he says should be appreciated and supported ?

    Allah granted Mamakthir a long life, so that he can see for himself the damage that he has wrought on Bolehland. You, Rocky, will bear witness to this damage because you will outlive him.


  14. Anonymous2:10 pm

    AL juburi Waliwati Kah Kah Kah


  15. Anonymous2:22 pm


    Tun Dr M is also instrumental in getting paklah to step down.

    Tun admitted his mistake in choosing paklah as successor.

    So he's just calling a spade a spade.

    Kudos to Tun ...

  16. Anonymous2:42 pm


    Kesianlah kau Arif, kena kutuk kuat-kuat orang-orang BN. I ceritakan satu joke harap-harap engkau ni boleh lega sikit. Apakah negara yang tiada peperangan tapi engin pesawat boleh hilang? Di manakah tempatnya tiada gemba bumi tapi stadium boleh runtuh sendiri?.........Aiyoh, Malaysia Boleh-lah. Betullah cakap kau tu Arif, dia orang ni kutuk kuat kuat Zaid jadi Katak tapi terima pula katak-katak dari parti lain, beginilah Malaysia Boleh.


  17. nuar berahim3:14 pm

    sikatak PJ

    apalah bodoh sangat. tuan rumah dok cerita pasal zaid menyaman orang kau jawab entah apa-apa. sekolah ke tak?

  18. Anonymous3:19 pm

    bro, we got too many frogs oredi... from pkr to bebas, from pkr to umno, from umno to bebas, from mca to pkr... apa ini semua? drama tamil ka apa? wakaliwalik!

    zaid, perhaps is a toad, not a frog. the rest are just tadpoles.

    there are some frogs among journalists, too.... from nst to star, from bernama to nst, bernama to berita haria, bh to utusan, utusan to bh....

    some people make good frogs... like u! heheheh!

  19. “I have horses myself, I have about 30 horses of my own but this is different — this is a horse to ride, not to use in races,” he pointed cost on the average 3 k a month to maintain a horse..u do the maths

  20. Don't believe in frogs?

    Good lecture Tun

    What about Ibrahim Ali - Tun trust him?

    Osman Silu, Jamaluddin who were just acquited for their frog behaviour?

  21. Anonymous3:48 pm


  22. Anonymous4:23 pm

    kalo dah pembangkang,mmg keje nak membangkang je x kira btul@ salah,janji bangkang tp sebenarnye diorg bangang.kalo iye pun nak bangkang buatlah cara logik akal.nama pun PEMBANGKANG bukan PENGHENTAM@PEMFITNAH..mmg btul x sume pemimpin baik tp sekurang2nye Malaysia ni byk berubah dari zaman tok,nenek,moyang korg dulu..korg nak ke hidup susah..x sedar diri org dah suap nasi dia gigit plak tgn org tu..kata UMNO terima katak..sape yg terima katak dulu masa adun Bota msk PKR..pastu Karpal kata x nak katak..tibe2 sokong katak blk..kalo nak komen pun siasat la dulu,baca la dulu,org2 PR yg kuar parti pun bukan sume masuk BN,byk yg bebas..dah bebas suka ati diorg la kalo nak sokong BN@PR..yg korg terasa hati kenapa..tulis omputih mcm educated sgt tp bodoh..golongan ni hati dah gelap,otak dah beku..x blh buat apa dah..melainkan Tuhan bukak hati diorg ni..

  23. Grateful to Doraemon4:45 pm

    What makes you so sure that he won't be suing DoRaeMon? Anyway, no point in suing this hypocrite. He is an Indian who thinks Malays are stupid: if you haven't read his Malay Dilemma, please do so. (If he said this in Batam, there would be riots, and I'm sure this Indian would be booted out: only in Malaysia could this kacang-lupakan-kulit become the PM!). Anyway, the Pakatan should thank him for campaigning in Hulu Selangor: he campaigned in Bukit Selambau and Bukit Gantang, and the opposition won. BN was clearly tipping the scales these past few days, until DoRaeMon turned up and spoilt their chances. As if DoRaeMon's bad campaigning tactic wasn't enough, they sent Big Fat Mama there, and the BN's chances dived further downwards. Although Zaid might sue DoRaeMon, I don't think he should; certainly not for calling him a "frog". After all, the biggest frog of all is probably Ezam: just in case you have forgotten (Melayu mudah lupa), he was the one who introduced or popularised the term 'Mahafiraun' into both the Malay and English vocabularies. I am nicer. I affectionately call him DoRaeMon.

  24. Anonymous5:00 pm

    Kalau Mahathir turun padang, itu tanda UMNO takut kalah. Cakap mahathir putaq alam ni, kita boleh teima maybe 20 persen saja...apa nama...yang 80 persen lain, kena ambek dengan bertan-tan punya garam.

    sri hartamas

  25. sami_budak5:36 pm

    Anonymous said...

    Kesianlah kau Arif, kena kutuk kuat-kuat orang-orang BN. I ceritakan satu joke harap-harap engkau ni boleh lega sikit. Apakah negara yang tiada peperangan tapi engin pesawat boleh hilang? Di manakah tempatnya tiada gemba bumi tapi stadium boleh runtuh sendiri?.........Aiyoh, Malaysia Boleh-lah. Betullah cakap kau tu Arif, dia orang ni kutuk kuat kuat Zaid jadi Katak tapi terima pula katak-katak dari parti lain, beginilah Malaysia Boleh.


    2:42 PM

    Kau kena tangkap rogol anak sendiri. Yang tu nak blame kerajaan jugak ke? Enjin hilang, tangkap la pencuri. Stadium runtuh, tangkap laa kontraktor. Takkan semua nak blame kerajaan? bodoh laa budak-budak PKR ni.

  26. charleskiwi5:57 pm

    Shenanigan Mahathir made so many mistake in his life but has he repented at all ?
    He condemns alcohol drinking but his son ill gotten millions are now invested in making beer who is the bigger sinner ?
    Zaid made his millions with his business acumen, unlike shenanigan Mahathir who by crafty means and in the name of being a Malay made his sons multi millions.
    Who would Allah think is the one Allah will punish ?
    The one that made alcohol and continue to do so or the one who drinks it,especially the one who drank it and has repented.

  27. Ah, but you strangely forgot to print that part where Dr. Mahathir defended his son Mirzan's stake in beer and alcohol brewing and selling San Miguel Corp (SMC) in Philippines where he is also a director!!

    Dr.M claimed that Mirzan was brought in to help SMC diversify its business. But he still cannot deny that alcohol brewing and selling is a huge part of SMC's biz from which Mirzan's director's fees and perks are paid!!

    Hypocrisy and downright dishonesty from Dr.M while implying that Zaid owning race horses automatically means he is involved in gambling without producing an iota of evidence or proof?

    And what about all those plain doctored pictures of Zaid guzzling beer by pro-UMNO/BN bloggers? How come the "truth seeking" and "honourable, for are they not all honourable Brutus..." Dr.M was silent on that?

    And of course, how do you think a former IGP promoted by Dr.M was appointed Chairman of Genting? Heh, heh, Heh! Two can play at this game of character assassination and who is more Islamic than the Arabs and Talibans!!

    You betcha!

    we are all of 1 race, the HUman Race

  28. Anonymous7:39 pm

    cheating and manipulating from this country is not a crime?

    over a generation and past history; directly or indirectly; the bumiputra of this country had been suffered quietly by this DAP type and its goon.

    this is far worse than the massacre by the german against the jews.

    after making ton of money which the TUN also has a helping hand on its (making them rich) this ungrateful bastard pendatang now wish list is taking over the administration of this country through violent (singapore point of case and penang next....) or through peacefull way.

  29. Anonymous8:43 pm

    hey, Frog by any name is ok, but don't be a racist frog.

    Frog Lover

  30. Anonymous9:11 pm

    Kata dia menang, mampus semua penduduk kat situ.

    Bila saja nak jumpa dia, kena ada lawyer sebelah... silap cakap.. nanti hampa kena sue!

    Asyik duk kena BODEK saja kat dia ni nanti..


  31. Anonymous9:22 pm


    Macam Dr Halili semasa press conference.

    Tiap soalan yang dituju, dia tanya lawyer "can I answer that question?"

    Tiap sentence, teliang kat lawyer dia.. kena peghembang bisikan lawyer, baru boleh bertutur!!


  32. Anonymous9:30 pm

    yah...only TDM can challenge Anwar the liar and pretender...

    Maybe Anwar can fool Pak Lah but not TDM...ANwar is stupid if compare to TDM...even TDM is not an angel but he much better than Anwar...who crazy to be PM....

    Go TDM...stripe off Anwar the liar...only TDM know how to answer and hit back the liar...TDM is a proven international leader but ANwar is the proven Liar..and anwar will nerve stop lie...

    Go TDM.....

  33. Anonymous9:41 pm

    This is a question of integrity. I personally saw Zaid Ibrahim have a bottle of wine with a LY less than a year ago at BSC.
    So is this what he meant by giving up alcohol in his "younger days"?

    Kaki Kuda

  34. Anonymous10:51 pm

    Do you think this ex pm is a muslim?Its frightening really to see an unforgiving man so vicious and cruel to belittle another muslim fellowman just over politics and a bi-election.Today we see such hippocrits in action and that being a senior we expect to see fair play!Next they will pray to Allah for forgiveness and show their piety.Is this how muslims engage muslims with such hatred?Sad lah!

  35. bro,

    1. sesiapa pun tidak wajar gunakan kaedah character asssination.

    2. katak memang sifatnya melompat kerana species dijadikan begitu.sifatnya original untuk survival.janganlah minta katak berjalan.manusia kena ikut cara speciesnya dan katak caranya.

    3. janganlah sesekali bawa hal hal anak dan isteri masuk ke gelanggang politik. kalau anak diyali ahli pertubuhan keganasan tak kan nak kita kaitkan bapa. tak adil lah.cakap tentang individu itu sendiri cukuplah.bapa kaki masjid anak kaki syabu dan sebaliknya, ini hakikat kehidupan yg nyata.

    4. berpolitiklah cara matang guna akal fikiran jangan berpolitik guna batang tubuh.

    5. gunakan peti undi untuk politik matang jangan guna batang tubuh untuk menentang.

  36. Anonymous12:03 am

    Sudah2lah puja Mahathir. Dia ni seorang yang dah expired. Lagi banyak dia cakap, lagi bersuluhlah hipokritnya.

  37. The never ending dirtiest politician... piece of shit is still talking cock and bull.
    Having disunited Malaysians and squandered billions..making his son rich...not enough.
    Look at his language.
    Yes...he is showing Najib...who is the boss of UMNO BARU.
    This double headed snake to Malaysians can never retire..because if Najib looses power...his son will be in trouble.
    He is a 100% racist that make suckers out of his own race...twice over...stealing from them.....and using some stolen money to buy their loyalties...and a big chunk...kept for his son. The art is so successful.....making all UMNO members drunk and greedy for money. He is not Malay per se. He is half Indian ...half Malay...hypnotized all UMNO half past sixes members as their living god and savior...became the Dictator for 28 years.
    He never regretted putting Anwar in jail for something never heard of in all Muslim countries ...except in Malaysia.
    Now he asked HS voters do not vote a drunkard to become a if all UMNO ministers do not drink hard all.
    Mahathir kills off Papak Malaysia's original UMNO and established first member of UMNO BARU.
    Kills off Tunku legacy...speaks volumns of this devil reincarnated agendas...from the start of his PMship..
    He knows MONEY is powerful..and start using that formula to buy loyalties and want Najib to continue to buy up the that UMNO can govern forever...owning everyone and then do as they like...with no fear.
    These are not politicians with people at heart. These are a band of robbers and thieves...out to suck us high and dry and bankrupt the country. They have all the money to live like Kings...elsewhere.
    Malays are blind..not knowing how much properties these corrupted crooks have all over the world?

  38. To Mahathir stealing from all Malaysians...lying ..cheating...fooling his own race...apply double standards..even to his own race..putting innocents into shut all mouths...are all very Islamic and OK???
    One who uses private sex life to bring an opponent down and say...that;s not Malaysians way of life is the biggest hypocrite on earth.He might as well ban jeans..ban all Muslims watching Western movies that have sexy ladies.
    This double headed snake apply the dirtiest politics...making thousands become.. half past sixes...and teaching young smart to twist and tell lies..that we can see the end results with so many sickening Malaysians...under his leadership.
    Yes..leadership by example..and Mahathir must be proud of making "UMNO CORRUPTED TO THE CORE"...commented by Tunku Rithauddin.
    Yes....this thick skinned devil reincarnated build mega projects to fool and please Malays...with 10% as commission into his team of yes men...holding the money in trust for him...all over the world.
    This Mahathir dare to talk so big..because he knows...all ministers and Najib balls are held by him...if they try funny with him. He encouraged corruptions and have tons of evidences against all...if they betray him.
    Just look at how he treated Pak Lah..and now Najib...who is worst than Pak Lah. But Najib carry his balls and toe the line. .That's the difference.

  39. Anonymous4:50 am

    Ahhhh..... the sweets wispy strands of sake wafting upwards into the chambers of my thoughts.Thou art the oriental elixir of my dreams. Perchance should I stumble through thy ethreal fog to stroll down memory lane and pick the wrinkled leaves of the past in the meadows of my soul? let me see:

    1.KOTA BARU, Wed. - Kota Baru Umno division chief Zaid Ibrahim has criticised Menteri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat ........

    2.KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 18 — ....politican Datuk Zaid Ibrahim were outraged that the government allowed three Muslim women to be caned for illicit sex under Syariah laws ...............
    3.PAS, the largest opposition party in Malaysia, wants to see the country ....transformed into an Islamic state governed by Shari'ah law........Zaid Ibrahim, has taken the matter to court seeking a ruling that only the federal government (and not individual state governments) has the authority to pass criminal laws.

    4a.Do you think there are any other leaders in Umno who are capable of initiating reforms? Do you like anyone in Umno still?
    "Well, I have high regard for (Datuk) Shahrir (Samad) and (Tan Sri) Muhyiddin (Yassin). I think they are the kind of leaders in Umno who will be able to do things, undertake reforms and so on."

    4b.On Najib: "I think he's obviously a clever man. I mean, he's smart. I think he knows what needs to be done. I think he's a decisive sort of person."

    4c. On frogging: "But mostly what's legal is ethical, in the context of politics. Because politics, my dear girl, is not about what is ethical or desirable, but what is practical and acceptable."

    Did he say that? Nope... must be the faint mist I see b4 my eyes and the fantastical being beyond that ephemeral veil

    Warrior 231

  40. Anonymous4:51 am

    Part 2

    5."So, if you listen to Nik Aziz or to his lectures, of course he makes a reference to syariah and all that. But I think he puts a lot of importance on the substantive, positive values of religion in the system. He's not particularly interested in exactly what form. I mean, he's not rigid about the form."

    New found love, I suppose..u know even firebrands mellow but then again:: Rakyat ingin tahu di manakah garis panduan kebebasan yang dijanjikan dalam negara demokrasi pimpinan Pakatan Rakyat dengan dasar PAS mengenai hal-hal Islam dan bukan Islam, termasuk kebebasan individu yang sudah tentunya terhad mengikut tafsiran yang rigid." : From his blog

    Also read about rajuk, Malay style here:

    oh..I found 1 more epistle fluttering beneath a weeping willow by a gurgling brook fringed by cowslips, poison ivy and touch-me-nots...:

    Sorry, bru..i promised I wouldnt touch US with a bargepole but Sake has that wondrous ability to tease awake old memories distilled by time and reposed within the cellars of my heart so much so that shy Resolve succumbs to the wanton gaze of Temptation

    Hark... what is that figure wafting like a curvaceous apparition through the mist, ahhh how lightly does she grope my crotch and fondle my...thar! how she blows, her head nodding rhythmically like, her luscious lips moistening my manhood, her languid tongue gently flicking my German helmet, stroking the shaft...ahhhhhhh sultry Malikka, the Siren of my lusts. I got to go, bru..... but I promise I will invite someone to partake sake and forgo red wine and give him a peek of my secret stables where comely mares await the midnight jockey to give them a ride of their lives..Old Turban can also mount a kuda padi with whiplash and all and place a bet as to who cums first at the races...No prize money on offer! hahahahaha

    Warrior 231

  41. Anonymous5:02 am

    Sorry, "merajuk" Kelate style from here;


    2.But his comments underlined a more deep-rooted reason for leaving the government - his inability to contest the Kota Baru Umno division chief's post because of what he claimed was "foul play", and his long-time unhappiness over his suspension from Umno three years ago for alleged money politics."Umno had not treated me so well over the years. I got suspended for things I didn't do and there were a lot of people who criticised me. I have problems there but, at the same time, I do not know PKR well."

  42. Anonymous6:07 am

    Cakap macam orang mabuk todi!!! Podahhh ane...

    San Miguel Tani Drinker

  43. Anonymous6:16 am

    "Tun Dr M is also instrumental in getting paklah to step down.Tun admitted his mistake in choosing paklah as successor.So he's just calling a spade a spade."

    Melayu are fooled by this moron, he got what he wanted and his family is now the riches "Malay" (Mamak) in Malaysia where all the other 99.9% Malays are poor.

  44. Anonymous8:17 am


  45. Anonymous9:31 am

    BILA lah Wakil Rakyat tempat aku nak mati,,????

    Kalu mati,,,,projek segera kepada rakyat akan melimpah,,,


  46. Anonymous1:27 pm

    Kata Mustapa Ali, SU PAS, semua PM dari umno adalah peminum arak kecuali Pak Lah.

    Dr M tak berani nafikan sbb anaknya pengeluar saham terbesar kompeni arak.hahaha....

    Rocky, i think Zaid tak akan saman Dr M, malah thankful to him campaining for PR. remember whenever he went for prk campaign, BN always lose to PR.(read as Bkt Selambau, Bkt Gantang). And he will do the same with HS.hohoho...

    Kesian sama Pak Tua M ini yg terpaksa menghadapi hari2 tua terakhirnya dengan cara yg merendahkan imejnya sendiri.Juga kpd penyokong2 karatnya...

    rumah kata pergi, kubur kata mari...bertaubatlah selagi pintu taubat masih terbuka.

  47. Anonymous2:20 pm

    So who is actually contesting Ulu Selangor!!! Not Mirzan, not Mahathir, not Ezam, not Hishamuddin, not anybody else. It is Zaid and Kalamanathan. If you are contesting you have to accept all those criticism or negative comments about you and your values and lifestyle. Talking about other people's values or sins does not help you as a candidate. The voters deserve to know who Zaid really is.

  48. Anonymous4:50 pm


    You said "Mahathir stealing from all Malaysians...lying ..cheating...fooling his own race...apply double standards..even to his own race..

    Funny lah your statement..If he really steal he must be super rich now.. His house at Seri Kembangan is no standard compare to Anwar house?

    If he stole for the Malay race, the Malays should be rich now compare against the Chinese.. In reality it is the Chinese that are much much richer than the rest..

  49. Anonymous5:04 pm

    Kau kena tangkap rogol anak sendiri. Yang tu nak blame kerajaan jugak ke? Enjin hilang, tangkap la pencuri. Stadium runtuh, tangkap laa kontraktor. Takkan semua nak blame kerajaan? bodoh laa budak-budak PKR ni.

    Dah jadi kenyataan Si Sami-budak suka rogol anak sendiri....apa sudah jadi ni..


  50. Anonymous5:50 pm

    Part 1

    A discerning observer knows that it is ideological poverty and moral bankruptcy when all one can do is to assail a previously subservient , fawning wallpaper epiphyte as a scheming, immoral, poisonous parasite once the ex-acolyte decides to be his own man and bolts the stables for the sake of his own and his supporters’ sanity.

    As each farewell is repeated ad infinitum across the political landscape, the self same howls of derision from the spurned echo ad nauseum in the public’s ears. There is hardly any originality in the vitriol and this lends credence to the perception that this a motley crew of intellectual pygmies and moral dwarfs who are adept to be pre-programmed and be mechanically or remotely set off to spout the self same mindless drivel salted with generous servings of indignance, peppered with malevolence and garnished with spoonfuls of vengeance.

    If Syed Hussein Ali is PKR’s nominee for the dirty old man of gutter politics award, to rival Nik Aziz and LKS, Wan Azizah, the seemingly innocuous but vindictive high priestess of political chicanery, then Nurul Izzah, the socalled new wave politician, is surely the princess of vengeance. Each, like their master mentor, have nothing to offer their fawning rabble to explain the exodus but scurrilous rants and barefaced threats. Take Syed Husin’s diatribe against Zahrain. Instead of addressing the issues behind Zahrain’s angst, we have a self-styled intellectual descending into the gutter to trawl for dirt. Taking the cue, the other morons fall over each other to outdo their rival’s imbecility. Sivarasa, Saifuddin, Tian Chua et al are conspicuous for their choral rendition of “they left because of inducements from BN, because they were denied certain requests, because they were about to be dropped for GE13 /.poor performance, moral turpitude etc” Each and every departing MP or ADUN is banished out of sight with the same tiresome mantra coined by chingkie dictators and spouted on cue in so much so that you begin to wonder whether the PKR folk are really flesh blood living beings or ugly, low quality brain-dead robots made to order from the ramshackle “factories” dotting the backyards of Salak.

    Warrior 231

  51. Anonymous6:03 pm

    Part 2

    Take Nurul Izzah’s take on Dr Halili here, note how many times ‘disappointed’, ‘hurt’, ‘let down’ etc pepper the statement. Note how indignance metamorphoses into vengeance, note how unveiled threats are bandied of playing dirtylah, of collated evidence (seems like every PR operative carries a hidden mic to record everything). (Note the same modus operandi, her mummy deployed against Zul Noordin and recoiled like a wallflower once Zul threatened to trundle out the heavy artillery.) And that is signal for her courtiers to fawn over Princess!!

    All this coming from a person who claims to be the vanguard of new politics, of change, of intellectualism, civil society blah, blah, blah but then again this daughter in waiting sounds like a cuntblasted dowdy dowager, a daddy and mummy clingy political neophyte whose idealistic naiveté is there for all to see here .

    There is pathetically no evidence at all that this lot have it in them to analyze their shortcomings objectively, engage in self and organizational critiques, review their party cadre recruitment procedures and indoctrination methodology. Just as there is no sign that they possess the intellectual capacity to put across a cogent policy document to address political, economic and social challenges. So you have the political drama of APCO where our collective reality is twisted into one man’s hallucination, Tony Pua’s pathetic attempt to revile the e-procurement scheme when that of his own lot is no better but even worse and hardly any alternatives forwarded for GST, for equalizing income and wealth disparities, for moving into new sectors of growth like green technology, halal food and pharmaceutical niches, Islamic finance etc. Yep, no policies for overhauling and transforming education, substituting the diminution of FDIs, addressing the taxation system etc etc…..What we have is an ex-nincompoop Finance Minister talking about the job-creating potentials of banana plantains when Muhyiddin is talking about automobile manufacturing barely kilometers away. The simple fact that Kelantan, guttered 18 years by a turbaned mad-arse megalomaniac, has not gone down the road with such harebrained schemes, speaks volumes of the mental capacity of a self-styled prospective Prime Minister. Scant consolation for those who want to evaluate and critique pithy, viable ideas.

    That Nurul Izzah has the decency to admit that her Malay support is about to vanish into thin air is both telling and revealing. Telling because, it confirms us neutrals’ suspicion that this motley crew of pseudo- Malays, thought lobotomized libtards, racist bigots and Muslim munafiks are actually being supported by an equally moronic Chingkie rabble bent on establishing their dominance in the local political sphere, the same way they conspired with the Brits, other Gwailohs and Nanyangs to establish their economic hegemony in MALAYSia. Revealing because it signals that Malays have realized their mistake and are willing to retie the socio-cultural umbilical knot to atone for that error provided UMNO listens which I am afraid was not the case in US and that is why I am afraid that ZI may just scrap through with a 200 vote majority on the ambers of UMNO’s false pride and mistaken assumptions. But then again, the Melayu bermaruah amongst our pollies is a fast disappearing species, Messrs Takeda and Kobayashi and Miss Kato.
    May Allah bless MALAYSia

    Warrior 231

  52. Anonymous6:28 pm


  53. Mr Arif, certainly u r born yesteday.Else i should call u Tidak Arif langsung . "As for Zaid his integrity is pretty solid - he made his money well before he became Law Minister and before he became an MP." How did he makes money? By getting all the best deal from umno.....

  54. tak payah la nak retorik tak habis2, tunaikan lah dulu janji2 yg ditabur dulu.buat kerja la bodoh..

  55. Bila lah semua orang nak mati,, tinggalkan monyet n beruk n haiwan2 lain je hidup..jadi tak de manusia lagi nak gaduh2.. sebab semua dah bebal n dajal buat dek si ANU Ahhhh... kalau nak gaduh gaduh kat akhirat agaknya... yang pasti binatang gaduh bukan sebab hasut menghasut, fitnah memfitnah, caci mencaci.. kalau nak hidup juga jadila binatang,,, guna hukum rimba, sapa kuat dia raja...siapa kuat dia kudrat, siapa kuat dialah keparat, tak perlu mahkamah tak perlu lawyer... HIDUP DAJAL ....

  56. How to reply to a person who wrote to me as "Anonymous"?
    You mean all UMNO crooks that stole millions in Malaysia must like like Toyol...showing off?
    Mahathir stole for his love ones....and he can have anything he wants....that is if..he has the health to enjoy it.
    Mahathir is smart enough like humbly...while having millions as commission.
    I am sure...that "Anonymous" 4.50pm will say Najib is as clean as a whistle too?
    I ask him to recall...Tunku UMNO well respected veteran...said."UMNO is corrupted to the core"....under Mahathir.
    Barry Wain wrote a book...saying Mahathir stole RM100 billion. Why don't he sue Barry Wain?
    You see..these gang of robbers and thieves needs to always show..they are nice suing...for suing...meaning confidential evidences leaked out...and they done for.
    Just look at Lee Kuan Yew...he sues everyone saying he is corrupted..and won all cases.
    Why don't Mahathir and Najib sue so call rumor mongers?
    Come on...everyone knows billions upon billions of tax payer's money .EPF..and oil money...belonging to the Rakyat...taken by Mahathir and so call "bail out" this or that.
    Just watch M.Mail needs millions to make the paper alive again.
    That is why..Rocky is feeling safe and happy. The more he looses...the better title he will get....hahahahahahaha
    Now Datuk...sure to be Tan Sri...soon...if Najib wins 13th GE.

  57. Anonymous9:41 pm


    eat your heart out, Kamal won by almost 2,000 votes

  58. Ini dia bapak taukeh botol...Mahathir, Mirzan, Minguel

  59. Dedicated to those who hated TDM as I once did... whatever you think of him .. he had done something to the country .. bad or good .. compared to those who merely complain ... I look on the positive side of him ..coz I dont ask what others had given me instead I asked what I had given others...