Friday, February 12, 2010

Jobs in Malaysia

BM not needed here. If you don't speak and write fluent Chinese, forget about applying for this job in Malaysia. Some will say this is proof of how important English is. English and Chinese. Some may see as blatant discrimination.

Source here.

Finance Advisory - Manager and Senior Manager

  • Company

    Ernst & Young
  • Location

  • Remuneration

    To be discussed
  • Position Type

  • Employment type

    Full time
  • Updated

  • eFC Ref no

Finance Advisory has a broad range of capabilities to assist clients in improving and transforming finance operations. Such initiatives include finance operational improvement, performance management, cost/profitability management (including ABC, ABM, cost reduction. cost innovation), planning, budgeting and forecasting, shared services/outsourcing, and finance strategy.

Financial Services:

As a leading provider of integrated advisory services to the banking and capital markets, insurance and asset management sectors, the Financial Services advisory professionals provide broad lifecycle advisory services to our clients, from defining strategy to assisting with implementation.

Senior Manager:

  • MBA or university graduates with a min. of 8 years experience in a business consulting role, preferably from global business consultancy organizations
  • Strong experience in selling and delivering projects that cover the full life cycle from assessment, design, structure proposals, implementation, project management, budgeting and documentation;
  • Able to interact with clients at a strategic and operational level to gain an understanding of the requirements and of the structure of their business and to guide them through a process that may be unfamiliar
  • In-depth understanding of the marketplace, as well as industry trends and issues that will create opportunities to add value to the clients business;
  • Self motivated and ambitious with ability to motivate others and lead the team effectively
  • Good problem solving and project management skills
  • Excellent command of spoken and written English and Chinese


  • Bachelor or above degree with a mim. of 5 years experience in business consulting role, preferably from global business consultancy organizations
  • Strong experience in delivering and managing projects on time and within budget
  • Able to interact with clients at an operational level to gain an understanding of the requirements and of the structure of their business and to guide them through a process that may be unfamiliar
  • In-depth understanding of the marketplace, as well as industry trends and issues that will create opportunities to add value to the clients business
  • Self motivated and ambitious with ability to motivate others and lead the team effectively
  • Good problem solving and project management skills
  • Excellent command of spoken and written English and Chinese

** Travelling within Far East Area is required.


  1. Anonymous5:15 pm

    Mane mamat yang berjanggut panjang tu ...buat lah demo cepat!

  2. Anonymous5:18 pm

    Next time just end the advert by inserting in bold red "strictly for APEK".



  3. Anonymous5:23 pm

    This is common. Walk around malls and shops this holiday season and be on a lookout for employment notices in front of shops.

    This is one example:


  4. 1.itu pun ada orang tolak PPSMI..apa nak heran..
    2.Kerajaan kena buat sesuatu...kalau dah nak bahasa Cina, maksudnya apa???berapa kerat Melayu yang boleh berbahasa Cina..
    3.Rajin2 la lawati portal mencari kerja..

  5. Anonymous5:25 pm

    This is the consultant that was hired by Khazanah Nasional Bhd for various CON JOB in many GLCs over the years.

    Well done Amokh, you are brilliant, we are so proud of u.

  6. Kudo's to pencinta bahasa if they've the gut to question these issues to uphold The Bahasa Kebangsaan Of Malaysia Integrity...

  7. Anonymous5:28 pm

    dude, one of the job requirement is travelling within the Far East region. This includes China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Being Malaysians, the ability to read and write malay without difficulty is expected. No need to put that down as a requirement.


  8. Anonymous5:42 pm

    A job requirement is about stating the needs of the job. I think it has very little to do with discrimination of any kind.

    You are either fit for the job or you are not, irregardless of which country you are in or what kind of social obligations certain people think you need to fulfill.


  9. IF publishing the required langauge for the vacancies is deemed discriminating...

    Then so are the requirements i.e. Bachelor degree in xxxx, must have X number of years of experience, as this directly discriminate those who do not have such qualifications!

    If you are subtly trying to establish that the Malays are once again being left out in the business world then you should ask these questions instead:

    (1) Why is our education system not equipping the school leavers with the right language skills in accordance to the requirements of the global business trend?

    (2) Has our government not realized or not able to identify the importance of certain languages in order for the future generations to be able to compete with others at global level?

    (3) Have we been occupied with agenda of so-called nationalism from a specific group

    (4) Talking about Fluent in English and Chinese... how many Malaysians (including the Malaysian Chinese) have such a good command of both languages compared to Singaporean?

  10. Anonymous5:47 pm

    You are growing to be an idiot.
    A real frking idiot.

    I see plenty of malay students learning chinese so they can become useful graduates -so they can then conquer the east asian markets.

    Is that very difficult for a foward looking Dato like you. Or Not?

    Why must you put a racial slant on it? Oh i forgot you are actually an ultra masked by a 'liberal' blogger topeng..but now unmasked.


  11. Anonymous5:49 pm

    Careful Brother Rock. They could label you as racist.


  12. LOUISA5:58 pm

    biasalah tu cina cina kat malaysia ni..

    tak hormat bahasa Malaysia langsung.

    Bahasa kebangsaan negara dia jugak

    ini salah satu diskriminasi perkauman dalam sektor swasta.

    tak lama lagi, kalau faham cuma bahasa malaysia atau bahasa English, cuma layak jadi despatch aja

    Melayu dalam syarikat cina, gaji ciput aje walaupun sijil dia lagi tinggi dari budak cina lain yg dapat gaji lagi tinggi.

    90% pekerjaan di malaysia ialah dalam sektor swasta... lagi 10% cuma dalam kerajaan dan GLCs.

    Mana keadilan? Mana equality dan fairness untuk orang india dan melayu lain?

    Itupun cina bising sebab dalam kerajaan tak ramai cina, dlm GLCs tak ramai cina.. pigidah!


  13. Anonymous5:58 pm

    If you don't speak and write fluent Chinese, forget about applying for this job in Malaysia.

    NOT true.

    You can still work for the many sectors which are 99% malay-lang or malay oriented.

    -- Polis
    -- Askar DRM
    -- TUDM
    -- Navy
    -- Petro/Gas sector
    -- All GLCs
    -- ALL government Ministries (health, immigration, Roads, Education, Local councils)
    -- Tollway consessionaries
    -- KFC /Macdonalds
    -- Khazanah
    -- Most banks

    You just don't know how to be contented. You want it all.

    Ah Beng

  14. Anonymous6:02 pm

    R - this is reality man...shows exactly what BM is worth in the commercial world......nothing!

  15. Anonymous6:06 pm

    I have told you many times to stop blogging in english also. Yet you persist.
    Stop this bad habit.
    There is no reason for Malay Mail to be in english either. Nor the NST.
    It is you people who baling batu sembunyi tangan.
    You behave like in the kingdom of the blind the one eyed is king.

  16. Air Batu6:09 pm

    Reminds me how Columbus treats the native Arawak Indians -- the same people who waded into the sea to bring him gifts when he first landed in America.

    Columbus said: “They are the best people in the world and above all the gentlest—without knowledge of what is evil—nor do they murder or steal…they love their neighbors as themselves and they have the sweetest talk in the world…always laughing.”

    The natives gave these foreigners gifts. But what kind of gifts did Columbus gave in return?

    He ordered the natives to find a certain amount of gold within a certain period of time.

    If they did not meet their quota, their arms were hacked off.

    And when Columbus could not obtain enough gold to send home to impress the King and Queen and his Spanish financiers, he crammed the natives into his ships to be sent to Spain as slaves.

    I guess that's how the more economically advanced race says thank you.

    (from the book : You Are Still Being Lied To)

  17. Anonymous6:10 pm


    this is bloody racist.

  18. Dear Rocky,

    Language requirement is not Race Requirement. We all learn other Language too, for example French and German.

    Shiok Guy

  19. Anonymous6:14 pm

    wajibkan learning english and chinese at school.

    ada brani ke

  20. Anonymous6:25 pm

    Actually the "superior command of chinese" is not needed anywhere in the day to day dealings of Ernst and Young. But the clause ensures that only Chinese Malaysians can apply.

    And noooo... this is NOT, I repeat.. NOT Racism at all. Racism is only when MALAYS do it.

    And the malays who hate themselves together with the Ketuanan thing is where now?

    CIFUT B.A.B.I.

  21. Contemplative6:26 pm

    The job does require traveling to Far East, as noted. As such Chinese will be necessary either way. Not a very good example.

    Maybe if this was locally (or Indonesian) based. BM is only useful in 1 (or 2) countries anyway.

  22. Anonymous6:41 pm

    pls note ** 'travelling to Far East is required' at the end....
    I don't think it is a discrimination.
    A lot of Chinese in Malaysia also can't speak or write well in English and Mandarin...

    Banana man.

  23. Discrimination based on qualifications? Gee - isn't that what all companies do?

    What's next, someone is going to argue that choosing a degree holder over a diploma holder is discrimination too?

    As the advertisement states, this is a post that involves travelling throughout the 'Far East', although based in Malaysia.

    And so the requirement includes the two languages most important in our region.

    Race-based discrimination is wrong.

    Qualification-based discrimination is simply meritocracy.

    Maybe you should learn the difference.


  24. Anonymous7:06 pm

    Datuk Rocky,

    mahu cakap apa lagi...nak jadi jururunding antarabangsa, cakap melayu tak laku..... anak melayu tak kan jadi jururunding bertaraf antarabangsa sebab tak pandai cakap orang putih. Cakap Cina tu sebab "specific target market".

    mimpi di siang hari pak menteri pelajaran yang pandai sangat tukar kurikulum sekolah kita jadi kurikulum melayu nak jadikan anak melayu glokal konon...tolong periksa sikit siapa pak menteri yang telah menghilangkan keupayaan anak melayu nak bersaing di arena antarabangsa?

    apa kurang ke kemelayuan anak melayu bila pandai berbahasa inggeris?

    bila kita cakap kasar kata kita kurang ajar. cakap lembut.. pak menteri tak beringat kerana dialah yang pandai sangat sebab dia pak menteri...macam saya tulis kat blok Datuk Kadiaq... menteri sekarang banyak menteri keldai...

    No foresight and vision only for own stomach and vision. One Malaysia tu setakat slogan. Perangai lama duk makan duit kontrak dan rasuah yang dah jadi barah tak juga ditangani.

    Apamacam PRU yang akan datang dah congak ke boleh menang?

    Keturunan Jebat

  25. Anonymous7:18 pm

    Reading in between the lines we know from which race Earnst & Young intends to recruit. What is puzzling is why the need to put Mandarin as a prerequisite? E&Y is an audit company and normally their clients are private sector companies. Unless there is some other ulterior motive?

    It is indeed surprising that an international company still subscribe to discriminatory practices.

  26. Yop Ghanjo7:26 pm

    What do you expect from a Tong San company?

    Yop Ghanjo

  27. Dear Dicko, or DD,

    Please get over your obsession with me. I don't mind my commenters taking swipes and jabs at me. NSTman, Parameswara, and many others have done so because they can't agree with what I write. But they do comment on the issue as well.

    Now, either you start doing that (touch on the issue while you take a swing at me) or you don't see your byline here.

    Sorry, mate. Last time I did this was to Monsterball. Even he had more substance back then!

    Good day, DD.

  28. buyong7:30 pm

    Ha..SAMADDDD!!!. Mana ko?!!! Kat sini la tempat nak tunjuk telor tu.

    Bukan kat budak2.

  29. Anonymous7:33 pm


  30. Bro, I have written an extended version of this entry in my blog :)

  31. Anonymous7:43 pm

    A bloody racist outfit!

  32. Anonymous7:44 pm

    Reading in between the lines we know from which race Earnst & Young intends to recruit. What is puzzling is why the need to put Mandarin as a prerequisite? E&Y is an audit company and normally their clients are private sector companies.

    Is this poster jesting or what??
    If like you say - the clients are private sector companies- then their management will speak Mandarin.

    If you are an E&Y auditor in Beijing or Shanghai - HTF do you communicate with your clients and the clients' accounting/finance staff over there? In Bahasa?

    No. E&Y is NOT only an audit company. They do
    - Consultancy
    - HR management
    - Insolvency
    - Financial Management


  33. Salam Tuk

    hahaha....kenapa kena pandai bahasa china?...kan ke BM bahasa negara rasmi. Kalau BI tu oklah..yg nie cino asal lak?.

    Adakah kerja kosong tu..kita kena berurusan dgn bangsa yg tak tau berbahasa malaysia?..hahahah

    sapa yg racis sebenarnya?.

  34. Anonymous7:46 pm

    Oh, this has been going on forever. Even more frustrating when one has a professional qualification and is getting paid less than an amoi that has a mere LCCI.

    The only way to go if one chooses to be in this line is to persevere till one comes to the point where one has enough experience and is able to diversify...


  35. To me, like it or not its the facts. Whether its racism, disguised racism or out of job necessity, the end result of whose gonna get hired is almost 90% assumed.
    But on the same token, if bloggers incite hatred amongst the races, with a well known personality closely associated with Dato taken as an example ( he likes the KKK moniker), who is going to lose in the end?

    This question does not mean, one party is right or the other wrong. Its a simple objective question with the straight forward answer.

    Thus, it is imperative for strategic thinking. This thinking is with the KP who helps build bridges amongst the races as opposed to tearing it down, which leads to mutual benefit for everyone.

    Now thats what I call a real leader.

  36. Anonymous8:03 pm

    im a malay, but if the company requires people to speak eng and chinese, i think it's fair.
    the job market is competitive, and each companies want the best people to be hired. hey, i know malays who speak well in eng AND chinese, and i also know chinese wh dont speak so well in the aforementioned languages.
    in short, it's simple: those who can't compete will be left behind.


  37. Anonymous8:21 pm

    Salam to Rocky and all,
    "Travelling to Far East"...offcourse that person need to know Mandarin.
    Wait...Mandarin or Chinese??
    Not a very good example but you get the picture.
    One school for all.

  38. Dato,

    I don't see any problem here. There are many talented and highly qualified Malays who are proficient in other languages as well.

    Not only Chinese (Mandarin) but Japanese,German,French and other languages.


  39. artchan8:42 pm

    sometimes you really behave like an idiot, they are probably looking for candidates fluent in the languages for the far east market. They did not say only Chinese or Englishman can apply. If you have a Melayu fluent in both language he can apply.
    So if this company is recruitng someone from here to work in Germany and need fluency in how? How to be global with your small mind?

  40. Anonymous8:44 pm

    I must say I agree with the general consensus here Rocks; it isn't about eliminating the Malays in this case. It's pure business.

    I think at times we get a bit too far with the Malay language thing. One politican recently said something like how he could not understand why GLCs do business in English, when they are GLCs. I don't understand that argument.

    None of us Malays are less Malay because we don't use the language. You Rocks, are no less a Malay just because you write and helm a paper in English are you? You were called Din as a kid, and you can't really get more Malay than that (but then again what's in a name).

    I sing more English than Malay songs; I speak and work mostly in Malay; but I always claim to be a Malay. Because while "Bahasa Menunjukkan Bangsa" may be true, the Australian aboriginies, the Malaysian Mah Meris and the other millions of orang asli around the world is still an orang asli depsite having been assimilated into modern culture and speak English.

    Saya rasa isu utama adalah pengertian frasa "memartabatkan bahasa Melayu". Jika ia bererti bahasa tersebut sahaja digunakan dalam segala urusan rasmi dan sosial, maka benarlah bahasa Melayu tidak bermartabat di bumi Melayu. Tetapi saya lebig menyendeng kepada pengertian yang lebih dalam; memartabatkan bahasa Melayu itu adalah melalui penggunaan bahasa tersebut dikalangan orang Melayu sendiri. Ini juga ada dua simpang; penggunaan bahasa Inggeris oleh orang Melayu tidak harus dianggap menjatuhkan martabat bahasa Melayu, dan sepertinya juga, penggunaan bahasa Inggeris oleh orang Melayu tidak bererti bahasa Melayu tidak dimartabatkan.

    Saya sebenarnya kagum dengan beberapa negara yang masih berpegang teguh kepada bahasa ibunda mereka, dan ada antara negara tersebut maju. Kita lihat Korea, Perancis dan Rusia.

    Saya berpeluang ke Korea Oktober 2008, dan biarlah bagaimana lancarnya saya berbahasa Inggeris kepada pelayan restoran itu, beliau menggunakan bahasa Korea menjawab saya. Masing masing berpendapat masing masing memahami percakapan yang lain. Terasa hendak ketawa pun ada juga.

    Saya ke Perancis tahun 2005 juga begitulah pengalaman saya. Puasa saya berbahasa Inggeris, tetapi di Paris mereka langsung tidak mengendahkan saya!

    Kedua dua negara ini amnya dianggap maju.

    Indonesia pula juga sebuah negara yang masih berpegang teguh kepada bahsa Indonesia. Walau di hotel 5 bintang sekalipun, jika saya tiba di meja daftar masuk, mereka pasti bertanya, "Selamat siang Pak. Apa boleh saya bantu?"

    I admit I speak English more than Malay at work, among friends, when I Facebook and generally wherever I go. But I can't sit here and be accused I am not doing my part upholding the dignity of the language. Why? Because I am a Malay.

    If I do well - speaking English in doing so - in what I do, I bring pride to Malaysia. Look at Datuk Nicol David, who's Malay is mediocre at best (at least in front of the camera). But she's doing Malaysia proud. Our many athletes that do well overseas, like Datuk Lee Chong Wei et cetera, they do Malaysia proud.

    And if we want to be a proud 1Malaysia, then whether or not Malay is first class language should not matter. What should matter is Malaysia itself.



  41. Anonymous8:45 pm

    Now Dato, here I agree with you. I've seen many job ads requiring Chinese lately. But again this role seems to be a regional role. Working in an MNC I know how language skills are important for regional roles like that. The HR Ministry must however ensure this is a genuine case and not a facade for racial discrimination.


  42. This kind of not so subtle filter where the advertiser state that "Fluency in Mandarin is required etc.etc" is nothing new in Malaysia Bro. I have been working in the private sector for close to 25 years already, believe me I know. In my experience sometimes it is not even the Company's policy but is put in by some smart alec in the Human Resource Department. My wish is that if you want to be discriminatory especially if you are an international company having an office here in Malaysia, no need to wear it like a proud badge by printing it in the newspaper/online advertisement. Just filter the applicants you do not want in your backroomlah.

    But hey isnt't it racist now in Malaysia to tegur whatever things Chinese. So I am leaving it at that, I am a proud Malay yang bertutur dan menulis didalam Bahasa Melayu dan Bahasa Inggeris yang bukan rasis.

  43. Anonymous9:03 pm

    ernst & young!! siapa tak tau the kind of consultants they are!!!

  44. Anonymous9:04 pm


    i not blaming this company. but i am blaming the stupid malay minister who:-

    1) enforce malay student/national school to learn only malay language.
    2) not introducing other languages in national school.

    dah jadi macam ni baru nak terkial-kial.

    now sapa yang rugi?? melayu jugakler..

    yg benar

  45. Anonymous9:20 pm

    I resent there are so few Chinese in our police, army, bomba, immigration, etc. Hal-hal nak jaga keselamatan negara, melayu jugak yang kena buat. Tahu lah gaji kerja polis, army, bomba tu tak banyak. Baik buat business...boleh kaya cepat.

    Nik Adzmi

  46. Anonymous9:24 pm

    chingkies are incorrigible racist


  47. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Where is the Janggut Guy and his side-kick the Rather-Short-Excitable-Dude?

    Will they fly when its only PPMSI?

  48. Anonymous9:42 pm

    Dato', the job requires travelling in the Far East. Hence presumably a good command of English and Mandarin is required for the job. Would look rather foolish if EY had someone who was only conversant in BM - the poor thing would probably be less efficient.

    I have to let you in on a little secret. Even the big GLCs discriminate in that they prefer, for the more senior level positions, applicants who have an excellent command of English. In the public-listed GLC where I work BM is not used at all. Even the fully Malay Board conducts their business in English, only using BM for their side (kawan-kawan) chit-chat. Applicants who cannot articulate well in English are usually not even considered unless the job is a down the line position. You may not like it but that's the reality out there.

    GLC staff

  49. Can't believe anyone could take this ad as an excuse for Chinese bashing

    Then the same accusation would be hauled against me if I were to look for a non-muslim maid because I have a dog at home???

    What about the requirement to have a driving license to be a dispatch driver??

    What about the requirement to have minimum 7As to be considered for scholarship??

    These people (who are bashing the Chinese) desperately need some common sense than anything else.

    Stop applying for 2 dollar companies or keep pestering your relatives/ friends for lubang
    Move your ass to work hard to learn a new language or send ur children to language classes or to Chinese schools
    (beware, most male teachers look like LGE, haha), study hard and mix with Chinese to practice the language.

    Go and do that in drove and let the Chinese feel threaten (nah… whatever)

    Even Rocky had to work 'hard' to be where he is now…

  50. Anonymous9:47 pm

    Is this insistence on fluent Mandarin a factual reflection of the chinese psyche - if you are not one of us, you need to be very fluent in our language to do business with us - get it?

    otherwise git urself outta far east, ada faham??

  51. Anonymous9:49 pm

    a real story

    a non-chinese applied and proved that she could converse very well in mandarin

    then came the question - can you write well in mandarin

    result - she failed the interview

  52. SatuMsia9:53 pm

    Yeah, right... blame everything on the Chinese.

    We should cut ties China also. See how much influence China has in this region?

    In so doing, we can be what we want to be...kampung Champion and 100% pure.

  53. Anonymous9:55 pm


    for the new tough Rocky

    that's the way to put them in their place - the cold room

  54. Anonymous10:27 pm

    i cant believe Rocky is that stupid! Like that also can get Datukship? Benggang aku!

    If the company doesnt write down the requirements clearly afraid of being labeled as discriminatory, then those fellas who go interview would be wasting their time, correct? Since the employer will only be hiring those who knows english n chinese and those fellas who walked in without knowing any of these 2 will walk out dumbfounded not knowing what went wrong. I m a chinese and I dont know mandarin too. So what? Go look for other jobs lo.

    Some companies also require fluent BM, so if I m not good, who to blame?

    If French Company wanna hire a staff to work in France, shouldnt they be looking for ppl like Altantuya instead of Ultraman?



  55. Anonymous10:29 pm

    Furthermore, some Malays do know English and Mandarin. So what's the fuss? The only problem I foresee is culture shock and food problem.

    Soh cHAI!

  56. Anonymous10:37 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    This is not new. Dah lama dah berlaku. Kalau nak hire their own kind, diorang cakap kena pandai mandarin. You get the hint.
    But I suggest kita lawan balik la. Get our students in those sekolah elite berasrama penuh tu learn mandarin, at least conversation part. baru diorang tau. then they'll try some other tactic, of course, but kita lawan jer la. diorang ingat melayu tak hebat ke?


  57. Dear Sir,


    Simply to say, if you are not fluent in Bahasa Melayu you cannot be Malaysian citizen.

    Now, why this CONSTITUTIONAL REQUIREMENT is not enforced? Ask the politicians. Ask Najib!

    P/s - this job position should not be advertised in the Malaysian soil. Advertise it China for the chinese! not Malaysians!

    Are you Malaysians? or are you chinese?

  58. Anonymous11:21 pm


    rocky its an open secret

    putting prerequisites on ability to speak chinese in job advertisement is just a camouflage just to hire certain race.

    Hmm in Malaysia.. somehow racism is only applicable to hmm...Malay...

  59. Salam Dato'

    I work as a managing financial consultant in New York for a global financial institution. Our consulting practices span virtually all the continents. In our hiring practices for different markets around the world, we do cite language requirements such as Spanish or Mandarin or Turkish in order to ensure that we can communicate as effectively as possible with our client be they in Buenos Aires or Shanghai or Istanbul.
    Global businesses thrive on the strength of diversity in their workforce, and they have little time for the parochialism in local politics.
    To compete effectively, Malaysia needs to get out of its tempurung. I am sure that there are Malaysians who will stand tall in the global market and master the languages and acquire other skills that are needed to compete and win.


  60. I know of one KL based company where if you don't know tamil...sorry don't apply. Its over a RM100 million per annum turnover company. So what you want to say about that? Owner only speaks Tamil!

  61. By the way, several years ago a few of us from the Private Education sector visited the Prime Minister in his office for a Private meeting. WE all spoke...a few in Malay..and me, I excused myself and spoke in English. Finally the Tun having heard us all, then spoke. NOT a bloody word in Malay o.k.!Everything also English! Right there in his office!

    I have had several meetings with officials of the Ministery of Education, both Malays and nons..and have been in meetings with the DG of Education too...All meetings in English ..Once again no necessity of Malay at all...And as professionals dealing with fellow professionals...I did not see anyone hung up like some commenters are trying to promote here.

  62. Anonymous12:30 am

    dato', I thought thinking aloud is allowed here! but your latest pick is damning topic. I am doubtful even you master who did recommend your datukship couldnt agree with you on this. Come on Sir, with due respect to you please be the real Rocky you used to be once before..


  63. Dude Rocky, its just the facts man. I do regional work and i need English speaking staff at the least. Mandarin only for the China territory and EVEN than staff are sometimes not respected as equal BECAUSE their accents are distinctively NOT Made In China. Don't get why this is brought up as the Malay language is territory specific. Even I have a hard time understanding Indonesian!

  64. Anonymous1:02 am

    How dumb can you get?
    How can it be discrimination? It just states the language needed, not race or skin colour?
    Any tom Dick, and Ahmad, Ramasamy, Ah Beng can apply, so long as they have that language skills and qualifications. Hey, Rocky, there are thousands of Malays and Indians who has a good command of the Chinese/ Mandarin.There are also thousands of Chinese who may not know Chinese/Mandarin. By the same token, if an Arab company place and advertisement that says "Arabic or Jawi is a must, what would you have to say to that? I believe there are many Malays who may not have a good command of Jawi too.
    Rocky, you are just a "Batu Api."

  65. Anonymous1:44 am

    Why did Malays protest when they choose a Chinese to head PKNS?


  66. Anonymous1:53 am

    What's the fuss?

    You can easily substitute in that ad, Chinese with Arabic and travel to the Far East to travel to the Middle East.

    Would anyone be ranting then?


  67. Anonymous1:54 am

    indians also will not qualify. once upon a time i had a chinese girlfriend. no problems communicating. i dont speak chinese.

  68. Because this happens and we are tired:

  69. ejen perubahan2:11 am

    As far as I remember, Far East includes Japan and Korea apart from China. Do right me if I am wrong. Why don't they include mastery of their languages as well?

    Jika beginilah trend-nya, jangan hairan apabila kita dapati jurang perbezaan yang ketara antara komposisi kaum dalam sektor swasta dan sektor awam.

    Harap kita tidak melihat syarat ini sebagai penghalang, sebaliknya jadikanlah ia cabaran. Anak Melayu, buktikan bahawa anda juga mampu. Bahasa boleh dipelajari. Daripada kita sibuk dengan hiburan di sana sini, lebih baik luangkan masa mempelajari bahasa asing. Bahasa Arab juga tak kurang pentingnya. Bukan atas nilai komersial semata, bahkan untuk lebih memahami Islam.

    Indeed, China is fast becoming the world economic power. But Muslim world also have the potential, provided they are united. Our population is huge, our land is rich of resources, and we have the busiest routes in the world within our territories. The time is high for us Muslims to unite regardless of race and nationality. In fact, it is an obligation for us to do so.

    p.s. Namun jika dengan penguasaan bahasa Mandarin pun masih ditolak, ternyata bahawa terdapat unsur diskriminasi di sana.

    ejen perubahan

  70. Anonymous2:27 am

    I have stumbled across one heck of Communist Melayu. Her name is Shamsiah Fakeh.

    To me, she is a pure malay with strong Islamic background & yet sing Internationale

    Shamsiah & Ibrahim speaks impeecable mandarin. So does his son, Jamaluddin Ibrahim. Perfect Mandarin

    There you go, if pendatangs like us can learn melayu, why can't certain melayus including Rocky Bru. Jamaluddin, a Melayu can do it......So what's the problem?'s just demand & supply laaa.....I thought Rocky know so well......If Rocky can't write, you think UMNO gives a hoot to Rocky

  71. Warih222:38 am

    Dato' ,

    You have all the credentials. Why don't you ask Ernst & Young directly on why such requirement ? Blog it as and when you get the answer.

    I came across a lot of this get requirement for IT jobs. I can't apply because I have chinese language disadvantage here. In my bloody own country !


  72. Anonymous2:42 am


    tu lagi cina malaysia tak sedar diuntung nak komplen....kalau tak dapat kerja kerajaan kononnya kerajaan diskriminasi org cina..padahal nak kerja kerajaan selain english, bahasa melayu kene tergagap-gagap depan interviewer padahal result bagus...lepas tu kutuk kerajaan tak bagi cina kerja kerajaan..memang celaka la kan..

    dah lama pun isu ni rocky...harap2 korang blogger la perjuangkan..nak harap 'pak janggut'payahlah...dia pun kalau PAS PKR cocok dia..barulah dia kecoh nak demontrasi...

    Kalau betul bahasa cina/mandarin tu penting..Ernest& Young patut iklankan begini.." khas utk posting jawatan di Hong Kong dan China"...ada berani??


  73. Anonymous3:09 am


    English is important even to the Chinese...

    On HTC;

    ...Yet the company’s primary language is English. User documentation, technical papers and even all e-mails and staff meetings at HTC’s office in Taiwan are done in English.

    “When Peter started at this company, he demanded everyone take an English test before they come in,” says Luke. “He always had a vision that the company would go global.”...

  74. Anonymous3:17 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Discrimination? Sounds like you must really be scraping the bottom of the barrel

    Below is a job ad for a position in SME Bank, a GLFI. Is this discrimination against non-native Malay speakers who don't use Microsoft products?

    And 'Microsoft Words'? Is das means a new softwares for those England not so powderful?

    Mr 'Enjoys'.

    Job Description
    SME Bank is a leading development financial institution in providing financial products and services to small and medium enterprises in Malaysia. Established on 3rd October 2005, SME Bank has played a pivotal role in ensuring the continuous development and robust growth of the entrepreneurial community by offering comprehensive products and services as well as close networking relationship with its strategic partners. As a growing bank, we are looking for suitable and motivated individuals to grow with us to fill the following position: Bank Perusahaan Kecil & Sederhana Malaysia Berhad (SME Bank)


    * Lead and direct the credit processing operations to ensure efficient and effective evaluation and appraisal, approval and deployment of allocated of loans.


    ! Possess a recognized Degree in any discipline preferably in Accounting/Finance/ Economics/Business Administration or its equivalent;

    ! 15 years experiences in banking line which involve credit evaluation and marketing would be an added advantage;

    ! Possess good analytical skills and IT literate (Microsoft Words, Excel and Power Point);

    ! Possess good verbal and written communication skills in both Bahasa Malaysia and English.

  75. Anonymous4:40 am

    on lunar new year eve you place the race card ah?

    Your overlords & Sith Lords will be very happy.

    But E&Y has been contacted about this issue you 've raised. They will come back to you next week.

    However, do you think if E&Y make a posting about wanting a moslem employee/applicants for a post in Cairo E&Y or Dubai E&Y - would you & your cohorts be up in arms to remonstrate? ? ?

    I await your reply.There is plenty of noise in your blog but most are racists and unintelligent and fit for the dark ages. Your blog was compulsory reading last 2 years ago or even last year BUT somehow - like all things ,things have changed..


  76. Anonymous5:07 am

    Aiyoh susah lah 'cam ni,
    skit skit geram. skit skit ganas mengamok.

    oiee msia ada problem dah

    Minister of defence say "Inability to dive won’t hamper sub’s operations.." aiyoh lagi pening.

    we have jetless jetplanes which cant fly
    we have submarines which don't dive
    we have hundreds motoGP bikes is essex which dont see daylight.
    we need a jewish company to look after klcc management (Westfield)

    eh Data apanama?

    Ng PengSan.

  77. Anonymous5:52 am

    Blatant disrespect for Article 152 of the Constitution on the position of Bahasa Malaysia. Arrogance of a high degree.

    Is this what the PM says about encouraging investment and improving the economy? Is this about liberalisation of the economy? It's more of letting the country dowm the drain when people are allowed to do whatever they please irrespective of the relevant clauses of the Constitution.

    This is what policies and statements that lean on the non-Malays for votes lead to. Anak dikendong terciciran.

  78. Anonymous6:41 am


    - Bahasa Malaysia is a national language? Get my drift?


  79. el-Barokhas7:06 am

    In the US of A, the self-proclaimed propagator of democracy, you can't, by law, advertise anything that contains even the slightest semblance of racial prejudice, not even for house or room rentals. You just shortlist out the applicants you don't want.

    High time Dewan Bahasa came out from its long hybernation. Or, could it be dead, already?

  80. Anonymous7:36 am


    The job requires travelling to the Far East which means China. So it is a Far East focused job and not a Malaysia only focused job.

    Now to do business in China, you need to speak/read Mandarin to read the company documents etc. You can't advise if you do not understand the problem.

    What you should be asking is, has Malaysia declined so badly that firms are mobilising their troops abroad since insufficient work is being generated in Malaysia to keep the local workforce occupied?

  81. Anonymous9:06 am

    Rasis kaum ini memang telah lama berlaku. Mulanya, dalam temuduga mereka bertanya berkaitan kerja, tetapi soalan yang terakhir mereka bertanya "Adakah anda tahu berbahasa cina?". Buang masa dan duit belanja sahaja, cakaplah awal-awal dalam iklan kau orang mau cina. Mereka ini baling batu sembunyi tangan.

  82. Homophobic9:54 am


    No Chinese will say this as discriminatory, I believe so.
    They'll justify with "the job requirement of dealing with people from China" blah blah blah.

    Now, if that's the argument, let us make ALL subjects in school mandatory to be learnt in Bahasa Malaysia because THIS IS MALAYSIA and MALAYSIANS SPEAK BAHASA MALAYSIA. If you are living and breathing in this country, you will be dealing with MALAYSIANS, so you should be fluent in Bahasa Malaysia.

    If you are not fluent in Bahasa Malaysia, well...

    I repeat, if THAT IS THE ARGUMENT...

  83. This is blatant discrimination - 100%. WTF is EY up 2 or any reasonable well run companies doing.

    English and BM should be the only language needed for public and multinational companies....unless u clients are 100% Chinese, Malay or Indians.

    Even chinatown pasar malam one would only need BM.

  84. Anonymous11:04 am

    aiyah....mau beli rumah pun tak boleh:

    mahu melabur pun tak boleh:

    mau pergi belajar dapat loan pun tak boleh

    mahu pergi university pun tak boleh

    banyak lagi brader!

  85. Anonymous12:38 pm

    Dear Dato,

    The more I read the blog, the more I seehow you have sold out the thousands of people who thought they could believe in you.

    You now seem to attract a new breed of supporters that like to taunt others. I hope you are enjoying very much what you are doing now.

    You seem intend to spark racial and religous hatred.

    As written by some, I hope you do "taubat" and it's not worth selling your soul.


  86. Anonymous12:43 pm

    what's more to expect from the blog which is shaped by a typical Melayuhideen...

    -Mat Chong

  87. Rocky Bru or Broooooom!. It seems you to o gopoh to concluded this issues. There no discrimination in it. This is for a specific market 'Far East' as what was said by some of the commentors here. If there a Malay whos good in Mandarin and English they can applied. Bear in mind Rocky, there are very few of Malaysian post 20 yeas after independent Chinese generation that can actually talk, read, write and understand mainland China mandarin dialects this is becasue Chinese dialiect have been malaysianised. I have co workers form Malaysian Chinese school and they do faces hard time understanding mainland chinese Mandarin. You Rocky , be a professional and forget about being biased. Probraly that earnst and young advertisement shoud be more considerate by cleary explain why Mandarin is required so that people like you would not 'jump out from your seat'. Anyway I do agreed with other commentors that there are some who adevertise the requirement of Mandarin for even a Clerical job do as to target a specific race of course of no one will be mind if it for a specific Chinese industries like non halal business and of course they will be smart enough to advertise in chiness newspapers.Sorry for being critical on this one.

  88. Anonymous1:33 pm

    How about those advertisements that say "only bumiputra need to apply" - that is ok? Let's say that they take away that language requirement and hired a Malay for the position, can he/she able to perform the role as expected?

    So next time use your brain before open your mounth. Don't just relate everyhing to race & religion. Get a life. There are more thing in life than just politic, race & religion. Focus on improving everyone living condition, education, crime etc... 90% of the world problems are caused by these 3 subjects. Go and watch Startrek, forget about politic, race & religion - go and explore the space frontier for human mankind.

    We are all so narrow minded. Can't even see beyond our own country.


  89. I just put out a Job Vacancy for my business, a multi billion, multi national corporation - MUST SPEAK CHINESE! Why? Not because we are racist - our composition is better THAN ANY govt GLC. We are truly one Malaysia, but thats because the job deals with sales AMONGST the most affluent market in the country - the chinese. Rocky - what has happened to you? You may as well become an UMNO member and spare us the bullshit.

  90. Anonymous2:24 pm

    the advert is posted in singaporean advertising website. of course they would seek for someone with chinese fluency. if you look at ernst n young malaysia website itself (link below), the requirement is still bahasa malaysia.

    im a malay, working in EY malaysia. ey has given many opportunity to bumiputera to work in ey and most of the bumiputeras are from uitm, seems like EY likes to employ the bumis from uitm. not that its a bad thing, but please, postings like this could really affect the relationship between the races in our country.


  91. Anonymous2:30 pm

    and how about those jobs that are for "Bumiputeras" only? not to mention even the native Sarawakians and Sabahans find it hard to get these jobs, no doubt being reserved for that "special" elites..

    Rocky, I seriously don't know how you face your non-Malay friends knowing you have this sort of thinking in your mind, especially when it is just a job requirement.. if the Malays can learn English, they can learn Chinese too, just like any other truly Muhibah non-Malays that i know who can speak and write Malay better than the original speakers...

    SHAME on you Rocky!

  92. Anonymous3:07 pm

    Haha! Peace Lover and Rocky Bru must be the same person!


  93. Anonymous4:09 pm

    Haha .. so amused with the angst remarks put forward by so called liberal anons against you. Probably most still in the ideal youth lacking experience of the real world itself.

    To those who readily gun down Rocky let me relate to you a true event in my very eyes back in early 90s

    "a team of auditors from a well known local Chinese owned FI was reviewing the branch in Kuala Trengganu. Team leader was a Chinese, wrote his review of the Branch manager among all the fact that being a Malay does not help with in bringing business esp from Chinese on the presumption that the local Chinese owned control of KT retail economy. The team leader was inferring that it is most suitable to have a Chinese manager in place."

    Of course the Malay manager got appraised badly for this.

    Did a follow up on this issue privately. Met the Manager and asked if on most occassion he discussed with the Chinese in local dialect. Of course, the Chinese here been so assimilated cant see them other than fellow Trengganu. No problem in talking business. Checked on Chinese customers feedback, no issue whatsoever. Manager was very cooperative and ever helpful.

    So I was pretty confused over the review by the team leader. In short, what he was suggesting that
    the chinese business matters and therefore its appropriate to have a chinese manager to conduct in chinese. Or that 90% malay trengganu customers and businesses dont matter or dont exist. Or the fact that the local chinese business do not have grave difficulty in conversing the local talk dont matter at all. Or maybe this the real Mac, that a malay manager is totally useless even in his own local enviroment.

    The team leader may not not realised this, but his argument basically follow by reducing to the absurd on the account of the malay chap. He did not realised that he was showing too much prejudice.

    Of course he will deny being racist, becoz the subject of ridicule is a Malay and that tag is exclusive to Malay. That would be his logic.

    Higher management didnt even questioned his review.

    So, in light of EY's ad, I wouldnt be surprise and in fact I would expect more blatant ads to this effect soon. So Chinese from the West Coast can always get a job in Trengganu despite not able to understand the local talk coz the 90% locals are worthless inhabitants business wise.

    The team leader is a West Coast Chinese who finds Trengganu a totally foreign place like a colonial outpost.

    But then again I'm Chinese and an independant observer of quirks from my own countryman. Of course there will be some here may say I'm not.


  94. Mazlan4:16 pm

    They need to state if this job is to specifically cover the China market. Then it would be understandable.
    However the way they have made the advert is quite general - so it will lend itself to major question marks.
    I recall job ads in UK that require certain language skills have to clearly state that the job entails dealing with certain countries on a regular basis. Otherwise it would contravene the equal opportunities act.

  95. Anonymous4:22 pm

    Kepada semua orang Malaysia, janganlah jadi bodoh.

    Regional jobs can be based in any countries within the region. Bukankah lebih baik jawatan itu dipegang oleh orang Malaysia (tak kisahlah bangsa apa)daripada jawatan itu dipindah ke Filipina atau Singapura?

    Masalah besar dengan orang2 Malaysia ni, kita suka untuk memburuk2kan warga negara kita sendiri di mata dunia. Depan warga asing si Cina melekeh2kan si Melayu, si Melayu memburuk2kan si Cina. Bila regional jobs dah banyak berpindah ke Filipina atau India, siapa yg mengnganga? Bukan kita rakyat Malaysia?

    Kalau "Mandarin" diperlukan untuk kita bersaing di pasaran China, daripada bergaduh sesama kita dan tak habis2 tuduh menuduh racist, lebih baik memanfaatkan masa dengan belajar bahasa Mandarin dengan bersungguh2.

    Kepada orang Melayu, tak payah ada "inferiority complex". Kalau kita boleh fasih berbahasa Inggeris, kenapa kita tak boleh fasih berbahasa Mandarin? Di mana ada kemahuan di situ ada jalan.

    Ramai Melayu yang sudah berjaya di dunia ni tanpa bantuan siapa2. Asal rajin mencari ilmu, mahu berusaha & tawakal kpd Allah.. insyaAllah akan berjaya.

    Berhentilah mendewa2kan pemimpin2 atau artis2 dengan membuang masa cakap kosong dikedai2 kopi atau berdemo atau membuang duit mengundi rancangan realiti. Lebih baik memanfaatkan masa & duit tu dengan membaca atau belajar skill2 yang baru.


  96. Anonymous4:34 pm

    This is for Asia Pacific and NOT Malaysia. It includes China. Hence English and Chinese. There is nothing discriminatory about it. If anyone want to work in Asia Pacific, these are the language skills. More an more jobs in future will have same requirement.

    Malaysian education system is screwed a thousand times. No guess as to where future job recruitments will go.

  97. Datuk,

    With due respect.

    Among the many posts by your good self, I believe this post is a non issue. Unless....

    It has a lot of commentators barking up the wrong tree.

    The many very articulate comments to rationalise the language requirement for the Ad is justification in itself.

    Gong Xi Fa Cai

  98. Anonymous5:53 pm

    Face it - China is on the way of becoming a global economic giant. Given this - its best to reshuffle the education system to also imclude Chinese as a compulsory subject. Anyway, there are some non-Chinese parents who are already sending their lids to the Chinese school. I hope you were not being racist Rocky in posting this but merely pointing the need to acquire another language.


  99. It is funny to see how the Chingkies here like to bring in CHINA as a country..

    The fact here is..
    CHINA is least bothered about the Chingkies in this country..
    Its official stance and relationship has alwz been supporting Pro-Malay Govt of Malaysia.

    It least interferes or is even does not have an iota of worry abt Chinese in Malaysia.
    Wat u read abt Malaysia in Chinese press will also be taken from Bernama, nothing else..
    by strict rules of CHINA's govt.

  100. Anonymous8:24 am

    simple solution - all business in Malaysia must be conducted in BAHASA MALAYSIA

    hee hee

  101. Anonymous8:42 am

    heh heh

    how many times travel to far east eh??

    maybe one time every 2 years - but enough to justify the SPECIAL requirement

    we have first hand experience after working for more than 20 years

    no need for chinese intellectuals to rationally and academically JUSTIFY this requirement

    see, those in the know are NOT convinced


  102. Anonymous10:32 am

    Tulang Besi,

    “It is funny to see how the Chingkies here like to bring in CHINA as a country..”

    Which part is funny if we are talking Far East and Chinese? Someone here mention Korea and Japan, don’t we know the writing system of this two countries does imitate Hanzi? If we do visit some northern coastal city in China such as Dalian, you will notice almost all investment is either Korea or Japanese, and of course the simple accounting transaction is done in Chinese don’t mention all the agreement.

    “The fact here is..
    CHINA is least bothered about the Chingkies in this country..
    Its official stance and relationship has alwz been supporting Pro-Malay Govt of Malaysia.”

    Everyone understands the fact that China recognise the sovereign of Malaysia and would support any government that is elected by the people. Do you?

    “It least interferes or is even does not have an iota of worry abt Chinese in Malaysia.
    Wat u read abt Malaysia in Chinese press will also be taken from Bernama, nothing else..
    by strict rules of CHINA's govt.”

    China has 1.3 billion Chinese to worry. Every Malaysian including the ethnically Chinese understands about this fact so what is your point? Please learn how to reply to what we have said instead of what you think we are going to say. I think to use term like Chingkies is very insulting, however being a Malaysian that supports the call for 1Malaysia, I have to tolerance your rights to continue doing it instead of writing any rebuttal comments using term that hurt my fellow Malaysian.

    Back to the advertisement, I notice there is very few advertisements that mention require excellent command of our national language, perhaps most of us take it for granted that Malaysian have no issue at all communicate in Bahasa Malaysia? I work in a Japanese MNC and most of the Manager including the Malay speaks decent Japanese, I don’t. I regret not to learn it.


  103. Anonymous2:19 pm

    Haiya Rhan

    Relak lah, no need to stress ur brain lor

    ask teresa kock why must have multilingual street signs haaa??

    why must azan be silent hor??

    why must have chinese translation for official documents leh??

    why why why hhaaaa

  104. rocky - you are stupid. That job advertised is for FAR EAST businesses. you know where's far east? China!

    If the business is based in Iran, naturally Persian language is preferred. If it's in London, English. If Far East, it is not too much of an ask for proficiency in Chinese right?


  105. Anonymous2:56 pm

    Now you know what is feels like to be discriminated against.

    The educated non-malays are leaving by the droves and unless, we as a country get our act together, we will as is widely reported, be exporting maids within the next 20 years.

    A Patriot.

  106. Aiyah Anon "Rocky Stupid",

    That vacancy is for a job based in Malaysia, not Far East. It says traveling to Far East is required, but doesn't say how frequently. But I'm sure the successful candidate will spend more time in Malaysia than in the Far East (which includes Japan, fyi).

    Also, Earnst & Young does have offices in China and Japan, I'm sure. Or reps, at least. Now they SHOULD be required to speak and write fluent Chinese & Japanese.

  107. Aiyah Anon "Rocky Stupid",

    That vacancy is for a job based in Malaysia, not Far East. It says traveling to Far East is required, but doesn't say how frequently. But I'm sure the successful candidate will spend more time in Malaysia than in the Far East (which includes Japan, fyi).

    Also, Earnst & Young does have offices in China and Japan, I'm sure. Or reps, at least. Now they SHOULD be required to speak and write fluent Chinese & Japanese.

  108. Anonymous3:24 pm

    If they really want a chinese speaking person, they should be clear about the language. Chinese has so many dialects. This is clearly to reduce or eliminate the intake of other races. If travelling far east is required, language requirement is Mandarin n not Chinese. Yeah, It is always Malays who want to protect their rights are racists. And this is never considered racist because it is not privileged to the Malays.

    Lu Fikirlah sendiri!

  109. Anonymous4:03 pm


    bodoh la apek2 cina kat malaysia ni. bodoh tapi perasan pandai. look up in the dictionary or atlas la ..far east tu is more than just China..ada korea, ada japan.

    laju je mulut bila cakap far east tu ..mesti je china. bodoh. katak bawah tempurung.

    u know, in some ways..i prefer singaporeans cina..bcoz they know who they are..Singaporeans. Cina kat sini berangan..cari makan sini but loyalty masih kat tanah besar China tu. tak macam parasit ke tu?

    as for the need to be fluent in mandarin to get the is just to make sure only chinese apply.that is the oldest trick in the book.


  110. Anonymous6:13 pm

    Biasalah, puak apek memang macam itu, bila hal dia, tak pe, hal orang lain terus bagi label rasis. Kalau berjalan ke Jln Klang Lama pun dah boleh tengok jelas-jelas. Kalau kerja sales assistant pun kena bahasa cina apahal? maknanya customer tu tak boleh cakap BM? kalau customer tak boleh cakap BM, kita ni kat mana? Hong Kong ke? Beijing ke? CAM SIAL!!!


  111. Anonymous6:13 pm

    That vacancy is for a job based in Malaysia, not Far East. It says traveling to Far East is required, but doesn't say how frequently. But I'm sure the successful candidate will spend more time in Malaysia than in the Far East (which includes Japan, fyi).

    Also, Earnst & Young does have offices in China and Japan, I'm sure. Or reps, at least. Now they SHOULD be required to speak and write fluent Chinese & Japanese.

    YOu are making too many assumptions.

    Jaguh Kota

  112. Anonymous6:17 pm

    Benda-benda macam ni dah lama dah kat Malaysia ni, pergi je kat shopping complek, yang jadi assistant orang cina, setakat jual radio, tv, seluar dalam, takkan kena pandai mandarin dengan english pulak? bodoh, lebih-lebh lagi bila pelanggan kebanyakannya orang Melayu pulak tuh. Dah rasis cakap je rasis!


  113. Anonymous6:22 pm

    This is Malaysia, not Beijing!!!!


  114. Anonymous6:29 pm

    Most of the partners (bosses) in the Malaysian Ernst & Young are Malays. I also remember reading a job advert by Felda some time back where the candidates must speak and write Chinese.
    Maybe you can tell me why the Malays in these companies are discriminating against Malays and other non Chinese speaking Chinese, or is there some other motives

  115. Teringat zaman dulu lepas graduate byk tengok iklan mcm ni keluar dlm suratkhabar. Hingga sekarang masih berterusan. Kenapa kita tak sahut cabaran dgn menghantar anak2 kita ke sekolah Cina atau belajar bahasa Mandarin? Kalau masih berlaku diskriminasi ke atas Melayu yg fasih berbahasa Mandarin, boleh menulis Chinese characters serta kelulusan lebih baik dr. Chinese candidates, baru kita boleh katakan inilah DISKRIMINASI & RACISM yg amat jelas.

    Tak ada masalah kalau Ernst & Young hire Melayu tapi lebih berkelayakan dari Chinese candidates. Boleh hantar training Mandarin. Nak compete dgn Chinese, apa salah ambik inisiatif belajar Mandarin for self-development. Tak rugi apa2 kalau menguasai bahasa lain selain BM & BI.

  116. Dear Datuk,
    I think the name calling against yourself is low and cannot be tolerated, esp when people uses anonymous tags.

    People must be able to at least have some sort of identity before insulting others.

    So I disagree with those. I also disagree with looses74, a fellow Tun hater, as you are missing the wider implication.

    What I believe Datuk is trying to communicate is that the playing field is not level. That much people know. But rather than even have some sort of respect for local culture, corporations go and make it blatant.

    Tell me - is Ernst and Yong assessing a candidate based on its fluency in Mandarin or its grasp of the concepts of banking, etc.

    My choice of pronoun is deliberate.

    If a suitable non Mandarin speaking candidate was identified, why can't a language course be instituted?

    I was enrolled in an Arabic class once, when a Chinese guy was hired as Project Manager to be based in Libya and was asked to attend the course.

    So all those people saying that firms only hire those who speak the language of the country where some of the business is being conducted is talking nonsense.

    To me the E&Y posting is rude, and if the Govt engages their services, there is nothing more I can say.

    In the same vein, whilst Rocky has a right in highlighting this, we should be commending the politicians who can look above the parapet.

    We should not be "fitnahing" that they are guilty of profiteering by sale of our assets when the facts are clear to the contrary.

    PS: Datuk RB you can disregard my earlier comment. I have sobered from my rantings against the individual mentioned. I got earful ooops

  117. Dear Readers,

    This is a comment left by "HITMAN" about 3 this morning. It is one of 22 comments that I accidentally REJECTED. I won't succeed in tracing all 22 comments and publish them, so my apologies.

    Dear Wenger, thank you. And sorry your comment about the old man was one of the 22 ter-rejected. I was seeing as to how I should publish it but since you say you've gotten over the moment of anger, I am relieved and so I'll let it be.


    Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Raya Cina":

    hitman has left a new comment on your post "Jobs in Malaysia":yes, the job requires travelling to far east... but they can say only that in the advert, can't they?before my present employment, i have to endure numerous emloyment interviews, look up so many advertisements and in all of them "ability to speak chinese" means other race than chinese (were and still) need not apply.come on guys, admit the fact that this is the reality of this issue. rocky might want to portray it as a language issue, but all the while, its about HIRING CHINESE ONLY!stop all this bullshit about meritocracy because if hiring is based on meritocracy, this language requirement is not needed, travelling to far east or not

    Posted by Anonymous to rocky's bru at 2:59 AM

  118. Anonymous9:55 pm

    Anon 2.19 PM

    “Relak lah, no need to stress ur brain lor” – Am I? Which part shown I stress my brain?

    “ask teresa kock why must have multilingual street signs haaa??” – Why KLIA have multilingual signboard? Is that not for the sake of those that travel? Perhaps the street sign serve the same purpose? Btw, Teresa surname is Kok.

    “why must azan be silent hor??” – prove it la.

    “why must have chinese translation for official documents leh??” – Can you mention in a clear manner what official document and when was it being translated to Chinese?

    “why why why hhaaaa” – Before you ask why why and why, I think it is imperative for you to understand an issue by asking yourself when, what, whom, which and how. This would help you have some rational thought before opening up your mouth, is that too stressing for your brain?


  119. Anonymous10:05 pm

    It amazes me how people jump to conclusions and then start mudsling and attempt to raise a racial debate on any topic posted on blogs these days
    This advert is one of thousands in the Malay media that can be labeled as discriminate.
    Look at how many companies advertise in the mainstream media for people who are Malay or Chinese or Indian,look how many advertise for people under 35 or 40...discrimination of all types is becoming an epidemic in Malaysia

  120. Anonymous10:13 pm

    Tak kisah siapa yang nak masih ingin citarasa RACIST.. Just let them be, times are changing.. soon they have themselves to feel sorry..

    See, today CNY, makes not much difference to us..

    Imagine 20years ago, we need to stock on can food, pickled veges, everything kinda came to a stand still for at least 2weeks!!! Remember?? REMEMBER THOSE DAYS? Semua kelai tutup mayak cucah?

    Today, 1st day of CNY, me n my kids went shopping kat TESCO.. WE CAN GET JUST ABOUT ANYTHING, so many shoppers..

    See, we are not beggars anymore, right? Sekalang lu tatak bukak bisnes, lain tempat kita olang bole cali balang.. KITA semua dah celek mata dan hati.

    Audit?.. Dozens of small and large Audit Firms we can choose from for their services, aloso not like those days, only one or two good ones..

    LEMEMBER, today we are no longer the beggars!!



  121. Anonymous10:33 pm

    Some people expect BM to the language of knowledge and job opportunities, dream on.

    I for one never believe BM can bring me far, I never wish to work for the government for obvious reason. I on purpose drop BM as I know the elite Malays speaks English more than Malay, they only use Malay when they fish for vote.

    So this is really a excuse used by elite Malays to fool every other Malay, I am smarter than the elite Malays for sure.

  122. Anonymous10:37 pm

    Rocky, please always remind yourself a Pendatang before you start writing your next entry.

    You grandfather was plucking coconuts in Bugis and your dad was selling nasi lemak in Geylang Serai. You are a very late Pendatang.

  123. Anonymous10:38 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    i was formerly attached to the big 4 audit firm, you can check how many bumi's partner and professional staff that they have. let me be frank it's all chinese dominated...

  124. There is no need to speak and write Chinese to be able to work in the Far East, how many white boys do so? This is a blatant case of racism, which says only chinese can get a job. Perhaps a check on how many non-chinese are employed at management and executive level will provide further proof.

  125. Dato', I note that Anon10:38pm and bj-fernandez(11:04pm) posting taken together basically sums up what the said job advertisement amounts to....just blatant racism.


    I think anon10:33pm and 10:37pm is the same person and sounds very much like monsterball atau orang yang sewaktu dengan nya.

  126. Anonymous7:32 am

    bj-fernandez said...
    There is no need to speak and write Chinese to be able to work in the Far East, ,,


    there is also no need for submarines to dive. No need for jetplanes to have engines.

    Anything goes if it suits you.
    Msia -semua pon Bolih!


  127. Anonymous10:04 am


    “There is no need to speak and write Chinese to be able to work in the Far East, how many white boys do so?”
    It is not the prerequisite to speak and write Chinese to be able to work in the Far East, I think it is better if you could equip yourself with this capability. I believe a company that base in America and UK would more willing to hire you if you could speak English, right? There are many Caucasian who can speak and understand Mandarin or PuTongHua in China and Taiwan, I dare not say many as I have no data to substantiate my claim but I think it is not wrong to say quite a number.

    “Perhaps a check on how many non-chinese are employed at management and executive level will provide further proof.”
    This is a good idea. Ensure the survey is a comprehensive one, perhaps a simple question like this will do: asking the present Big 4 job holder which are the esteem company they prefer to be in along their career progress, being a manager in Petronas, PNB, Maybank, TNB, TMB or Big 4?


  128. Anonymous10:17 am

    My driveway tiles need to be replaced. I hunt a few contractors to lay new tiles.. Just 800sq ft in all.

    Excuses, mau CNY so shop close for at least 10 days..So can do job only 14days after CNY..

    My college kids are on a short CNY break so I gave them a challange. I will pay them same amount qouted if they can do this job for me..

    Imagine 6of his friends volunteered (Architecture/QS/Engineering students).

    Goodness, they are progressing well..and learning and enjoying each others company and, for just 4days job, less cost and makan sedap hari2 kerja, each of them is getting RM1K each.

    So LEMEMBER everyone, kita semua sudah celik mata.. we are no longer beggars BECAUSE we too can do what once was IMPOSSIBLE and a monopoly..

    So whoever wants to remain RACIST, jangan satu hari tertinggal!!


  129. Anonymous11:15 am

    follow Rocky logic---------
    Company F:
    # Bachelor Degree or equivalent qualification.
    # 2 years of professional experience in commercial or industrial sales.
    # Demonstrate the ability to execute sales strategies.
    i can say company F discriminate SPM/STPM leaver. i also can say it looks down on the fresh graduate?

    Bro Rocky,Mahathir style no more market la.....

    ah meng

  130. Anonymous12:52 pm

    Excellent command of spoken and written English and Chinese

    This blatant discrimination!!!
    It should have stated written English and Mandarin or other dialects. Chinese here imply 'race'.


  131. hahah yg pertikaikan kuota bumi tu tak faham sejarah ke?

    you jadi rakyat malaysia pun bacalah sejarah...

  132. Anonymous6:58 pm

    They're really smarting with pain OUCCHH!
    I did this years ago in Singapore. I applied for the same job, with the same qualification and experience but one was a Malaikwai, the other a Chinakwai. Guess who got a REPLY, just a simple reply!
    If you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen - get out of this country - migrate to Australia. They will welcome you with open arms - big. hairy smelly Ozzie arms. We all can be racists except some are more honest than others.

    Catwoman (race-less species)

  133. Anonymous9:21 pm

    So much of 1Malaysia....?

    A R

  134. Yg suka raise isu Melayu adalah pendtg dr daerah2 lain di nusantara, mrk tetap dari rumpun Melayu & berkomunikasi dlm BM standard. Tak ada isu Melayu adalah pendtg di sini krn mrk tak pernah mewajibkan seseorg itu mesti fasih dlm dialect mrk sbg requirement utk job application.

    Anyway like this English saying, “if you can’t beat them, join them” doesn’t make a person less patriotic.


  135. Anonymous1:28 am

    hello... we have gone global and you are still bickering about language? the world does not revolve around us, you know... and it is not just Malays that can't speak chinese. some of us chinese who went to sekolah kebangsaan never picked up the language - much to our regret. language requirement to suit global market is pretty standard. being proficient in additional languages is an advantage. one can be defensive about the lack of them or be proactive to gain more of them. stop the blame game already.

  136. Anonymous12:58 pm

    I have to agree with M.Khalid.

    I was those who graduated fr Oz , came home with good GPA then .. having problem during meetings in office because partially the discussions will be in Mandarin.
    Instead of making a big fuss of it,quietly I learn to understand the language.Besides going classes,I keep a small notepad to keep on writing the words said around me and keep on practicing it in my car.Without anyone knowing what I said.Its a painful process to remember 8 short,cleary pronounced sentences daily.
    Aided by watching Singapore's Mandarin channed helps too (with subtitles).
    But I went futher by getting few Chinese girlfriends too.Wont share with you all the details of my relationship but mixing with them helps even better at you learn from 'close proximity'. Their parents being from those Kg Baru makes it compulsary for me to master the language as they understood very minimum BM and English.
    After couple of years ( I am not married to anyone of them anyway ) I speak easily Mandarin in business negotiations right down to get purchase orders and write fairly too now.
    There are few incidents that I laughed about utilizing my skills.
    Once me and a Singaporean friend accidently dented a KL Chinese kid car(those ah beng from Kepong with funny hairdo) while he was reversing.That kid was screaming in Cantonese,my Singaporean friend went blank as he only speaks Mandarin and English.Then my friend try to engage in English,now the Kepong kid went blank ! In the end I was the translator between both of them haha . BAHASA MALAYSIA vs Mandarin.

    The other funny incident is usually buy houses on the phone , I usually get better rates or I dont have that 'oh corrner sudah habis , second name mau ka? They went blank when they see a guy with big eyes,sharp nose and fair skinned when I arrived at the counter hahaha.

    Let the system get to me ? no way . Ill use the weakness of the system to get the best of it !


  137. Anonymous1:10 pm

    If there is a way , please Mandarin in gov school as a language Malay kids can choose to study.In the beginning like an elective subject after normal school hours.It sure prepares them for the partial of East market.Then after this no more excuse saying Malay cannot get the jobs because they are Malay.I dont see a need to learn Cantonese.Small market,besides that dialect is rough not universal.

    Jamal JB

  138. Anonymous1:24 pm

    It looks like quite a few of the folks here simply don't realise how tough the business/work world really is.

    Companies like E&Y have to prove their mettle everyday in tough markets like China. Even run-of-the-mill Mandarin speakers don't cut it. There are nuances to the language and cultural references used in everyday dealings that a non-PRC person (yes, that includes foreigners of Chinese descent) are clueless about. Whis is why Americans and Europeans are in immersion programmes and living in China for years simply to get ahead of competitors.

    This is something the Singapore government realises with its effort to have its Chinese citizens learn Mandarin as a second language in school - thus far, its curriculum only gets its students a basic understanding of the language and culture. To clinch the business deals, to get closer to the customer and gain his trust, you must be much more. That is the level of the game that is being played.

    Do you think E&Y would waste its headcounts just to be discriminatory? It strives to recruit the best it can get to sucessfully compete, and it won't care who can speak a language and have a technical skill as long as that person is able to contribute to the bottom line.

    Here in Malaysia, we are still harping on silly parochial issues while the world and progress passes us by.

  139. bro,

    I will inform to my senior management about this and I will suggest to not give any project to EY. I wish my management to terminate their contract as our financial auditor.

    EY = Bullshit + racist idiot...

  140. bro,

    I will inform to my senior management about this and I will suggest to not give any project to EY. I wish my management to terminate their contract as our financial auditor.

    EY = Bullshit + racist idiot...

  141. Anonymous2:59 pm

    Kalau baca sentence itu memang tak berapa lengkap..

    Maybe secretary HR ni forgot what the boss just said, so she left it hanging?

    It could well be something to this effect;

    ... Excellent command of spoken and written English and Chinese who can cook delicious Bak kut Teh are encouraged to apply.



  142. "most partners in EY are Malay " ha ha ha ha

    Rambut lurus

  143. Anonymous1:01 am

    Hey chinese m'sia, janggan bongkak la, kau tak kan kaya selamanya!, sejarah tidak statik, dulu kau boleh belagak lah, raya cina semua kedai tutup, skrng raya cina, nak beli apa pun boleh, kedai melayu (walaupun tepi jalan dan daif), masih ada, bukan macam dulu. Mungkin kami lembab x bisnes juta-juta dan anak kami tepaksa tutup mata bila tengok iklan kerja "chinese speaking only", tetapi kami bukan juga statik, kedai tepi jalan pun lama-lama kembang juga. Dulu suratkhabar the Star milik MCA mempunyai jualan lebih banyak dari semua suratkhabar Melayu, sekarang x lagi, pegi cek surat khabar apa paling laku! Jangan bongkak, orang tak suka. Suka sangat kat cina, lucut je kerakyatan dan sembah Wan Ji Bao, kami lagi tidak akan menangis.


  144. Anonymous10:47 am

    It's sad how the general Malays responded poorly toward the posting. And it's surprising that Rocky is "cepat melatah". I guess it comes with the datukship. China's economy is booming and the Chinese market is expanding by the day. It is only natural that to tap into the market, one has to be fluent in Chinese. I just wish Malaysians would just grow up and stop behaving like spoilt kids...

  145. Anonymous11:24 am

    this is the result after all ... any comments ..

    EY Malaysia Career

    Student -

    Experienced -

    EY Singapore Career


    Akauntan Bertauliah

  146. Anonymous11:38 am

    Dear Dato,
    I work in Oil & Gas industry, once Shell Global Solution (SGS) advertised for a Project Engineer who is profficient in English & Mandarin. Why? Because their clients include those companies based in China & I don't think Shell is considered racist for doing so. So please open up your mind & don't be so shallow. Racism is everywhere but this is not it.

  147. Anonymous12:31 pm

    To just imagine if the same requirements "Excellent command in both spoken and written English and ....... " are to be applied to those serving with the United Nations as Peacekeepers..

    Kalau yang kena sent to Congo, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan macam mana?

    I once was an exchange student and lived with a Japanese family, and I know exactly how these Japs feel towards the Chinese.. so what's so special wanting to send a Chinese there? As their maid, maybe OKlah..


  148. Anonymous4:46 pm

    Anon 10:47 AM
    .....It is only natural that to tap into the market, one has to be fluent in Chinese. I just wish Malaysians would just grow up and stop behaving like spoilt kids...

    Ni satu lagi ayat tergantung.. Please allow me to complete it?

    "It is only natural that to tap into the market, one has to be fluent in Chinese Art of kelentong!"



  149. Anonymous11:09 pm


    If one were to compare the requirement of a specific job, shouldn’t one at least make comparisons of something more parallel? Where is the similarity between the function of one peacekeeper and one that trying to secure business for his company? And what all this have to do with how Japanese feel toward Chinese? Not all country has the practice to mix business with politic, or emphasis too much on ethnical background of their client and supplier.

    I have been with a Japanese MNC for more than eight years and it is their practice to hire Sales and Purchasing staff that could speak Mandarin, reason being that almost 80% of the company manufacturing plant located in China, and sales and purchasing function require frequent communication with China personal. Apart from this, our HR policy is to hire foreign worker that could speak Malay language to ensure training can be carry out using a common language that were understood by all. As anon 11.38am put it, we could find many instance of racism but this is definitely not one.

    As for your last paragraph, it was clearly to insult, is that the by-product of inferiority complex? I skip it, rather spare some space for Rocky to fill up something more meaningful.


  150. Anonymous6:11 am

    Kaki kelentong does not qualify one as being "superior"..

    The Japs, yes they will use you. Sedar2 sikit diri, at least I am being honest here, pasai kesian, lu orang banyak suka perasan sendiri.

    Being inferior? no way, cuma kesian dengan kaki kaki kuat kelentong..

    I always feel sad when I see how hard each of you trying to convince others that you are "superior"?

    Superiority in the art of Kelentong, YES I am sure the whole world knows that! Sedih kan?


  151. Anonymous4:08 pm

    Actually that is for a post in E&Y Far East Area Shared Service Centre for Finance (Account)based in Dalian, China.

    It probably make sense why the requirement is like that because a lot of people in China still tak reti cakap English and it is easier for this candidate to fit in while working there.

  152. Anonymous4:16 pm

    If you are required for work in the Far East, are they going to speak BM? Far East = China
    Pls give relevant examples - there are many of them out there
    Also pls don't forget that there are companies which require Bumiputera candidates...Pls explain if this is racist or not

  153. Anonymous5:35 pm

    What make it so funny from all the comments here are the one that came from some hindulens thinking as if this will only affect a non-chinese speaking malay that give them some sort of license to bashed the malays..

    hey fuckhead..look at you, you are different in color, you are not even a chinese lah idiot.. and that make you no different in the eye of these chingkies compared to malays..totally a drop dead idiots! Even the Chinese in PRC will freak out seeing your face at the 1st encounter, not even seeing your ass least the malays are not so much color tone different..

    No wonder you people are being marginalized..too stupid and blunt dead complicated even a pig or cow also cannot understand you people.

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  154. rocky bru... i bet there are ads for those who are fluent in arabic language too... nothing to do with race, probably they need someone to deal with the arabs.

    I suspect the job you mentioned in this post is meant for those traveling to chine/taiwan...

    please, grow a brain!

  155. Anonymous3:14 am

    thanks rocky for bringing this up, its long been like this...i have tried to apply to many jobs and been conveniently eliminated because of this prerequisite..even simple jobs such as being a sales person in one is blatant racism and if de malays were to do such a thing all hell wld break loose...judging from the comments u haf received,i think many ppl are missing the point, but selctive racism happens as much as selective memory huh?

    thanks again for bringing this up, it happens a LOT...

  156. Anonymous10:40 am


    Only the White and Japs are “superior”, be it in politic, science, invention and sex industry, the rest are all dua kali lima. I share your thought but do we have any better choice? Continue screwing the bolt three shift non-stop and salary tak sampai makcik jual nasi lemak. The MD bluntly says I dun understand why u Chinese love to protest, we invest and give you job, u know? From time to time he reminded our HR Manager y u people praying so many times huh, no wonder all move to Vietnam. Me and HR mgr stare into each other and continue showing smiling face, a bitter one.

    Seem like the spirit of Malaysian present only when we were being step upon, however that doesn’t mean we don’t struggle for a more democratic and more balance governance, and a media that are without interference and censorship from pihak tertentu, and to right the many wrong perception in regard to race, language and religion, or you equal all this to art of kelentong? You sure you are honest enough?


  157. Anonymous2:21 pm

    Dato' Rocky,

    I strongly believe that for the Malays to be competitive in the world they have to not only think outside of the box but also to be outside of the box! Please do not see the ad as being racist! Let us all be practical and realistic.

    My work takes me to to countries such as Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, China and Korea where sspeaking in English can be a challenge. Over the years I had to learn the various languages in order to interact with the local staff. However conversational Japanese or Korean does not really help when I am needed to discuss in detail especially when it involves the law. Thus a translator is often required most of the time. Just how much is being translated no one really knows. As such a longer time is required to do the job. All these have direct impact on the costs involved.

    Well I do not see any problem in the requirement for personnel to be based in China, Taiwan or Hong Kong to be fluent in Mandarin and similarly in Japan to be fluent in Japanese.

    If I recall the then ITM (now UiTM)made it compulsory for its undergraduates to learn another language and if I am not mistaken Mandarin is one of the options.

    Thus it is entirely up to the Malays to make a choice as whether to be proactive or retroactive. I see an increasing number of Malays now sending their children to Chinese schools! I salute them for having the foresight in order to prepare their children for the world.

    I do not understand what is the problem with learning of another language. Well English used to be the language but then it has evolved into French, Japanese and now Mandarin.

    Let us all be realistic, there is no harm in learning another language. Infact it is an added advantage! I urge the Malays to be more proactive - let your children learn another language so that they can be more competitive in the future. I would like to see more Malays who are fluent in Mandarin or any other language to be gainfully employed by a MNC and working in China, Japan, Korea etc. Remember Tun M's "Look East Policy." It says it all.

    Concerned Malay

  158. Anonymous3:54 pm

    Concerned Malay

    4 of my siblings were from SJKC's and they also have Chinese features, most would think they are saudara Islam baru! Our family interact well with these communities.. kids even slept in our homes and we go on holidays together.

    That's how well we know them, and yes, an advantage to learn extra languages, and dialects (siblings also speak fluent Hokkien, Cantonese and Khek, as my parents moved a lot in his course of duty)..

    And they are advantaged when buying goods! Say chicken at RM6, will get free flow supply for only RM5 fm their chinese friends businesses.. and lets say, I get 20% off automatically on veges fm wet market.. Not to mention floor tiles/hardwares and car tyres etc etc...

    don't need to ask for discounts, it seems that's the price for them "()", as those charged to Bumis, know what I mean?

    We are very close to so many, like family, fm grandparents to our kids..

    Itu pasal I cakap, we know so well their Art of Kelentong, because, they share their gossips freely with us and even help identify and caution us to keep away from those amongst them yang kaki KELENTONG!


  159. Anonymous5:43 pm

    They are recruiting someone to do marketing and project management in Far East not in Malaysia. Far East is China, Korea and Japan get that right. It is an international assignmment requiring them to communicate and work with people in these areas and these people don't speak or write in Bahasa Malaysia. If an Malay can speak and write chinese he can be chosen for the job as well. Don't be a katak di bawah tempurung only thinking of BM which is only applicable to 2 countries in the world Malaysia and Indonesia.