Sunday, January 17, 2010

SatD's Trinity, Part 2 and 3

SatD's Gems. And if you haven't read The Problem of Meaning, Abdullah Paderi and the Pangkor Treaty by the blogger SatD, which has created a raging debate with some 150 comments, you have some catching up to do. SatD has turned it into a trilogy (but has spared Munshi, Haris and Farish this time):-
Part 2: To the stupid ahbeng called anonie
Part 3: Poni Alak Petara: Unravelling the linguistic origin of Borneo's Allah
Note: Once again, I'm closing my comment section so that readers can go to SatD to leave comments and continue with the raging debate on the topic.

Mosque attacked. While we're on this topic, did you hear about the mosque that was attacked yesterday in Sarawak? Did you hear anyone condemning it? No? Why not? Do you wonder?

If you ask me, tak payah condemn lah. When you condemn, you may make the mistake of blaming others. (Like the blogger who wrote "the Christians will not retaliate" after the first church arson. Retaliate against whom? How do you retaliate when you don't know who were behind the church arson in the first place?).

I don't believe Christians are responsible for the attack. I believe it is an un-Christian thing to attack a mosque as it is un-Islamic to attack a church or, for that matter, a mosque or a gurdwara. Whoever threw that bottle of rum into the mosque in Sarawak are sick people. Just like the sickos behind the church arson and gurdwara attacks.

Read the AP story here, the Singapore Straits Times here.