Monday, January 18, 2010

Another politician kaki sue

Wee Ka Siong to sue the Star. Wee, a deputy minister, wants to sue the Star. Last week he also threatened to sue Bernama TV. Both over the remarks made by the same man, Phang, with regards to Wee and the PKFZ fiasco.

Read the NST report today, Page 6, here.

The lawsuit threat against Bernama TV is over its Jan 7 Hello Malaysia program featuring Robert Phang. It was a rare occasion where a local tv station had the gumption to debate the subject of graft openly and "live".

Wee should request Bernama TV have another go at the subject, featuring him. No need to sue anyone. And give an interview to the Star, the Sun of NST. Or Malay Mail, if he wishes.

If The Star wishes to play Wee's silly game, it can well decide to sue Wee over his remarks in the NST that "I know it wasn't the reporter's fault. Someone higher up had edited the story to make it seem like I am hiding something." That, to me, is a malicious statement.

For that matter, the Star could sue NST for publishing Wee's statement accusing "someone higher up" in the Star making up a story about Wee!

Come on, Wee. Leave the suing of newspapers to Anwar, Theresa, and that Menteri Besar from Perak who's suing Suara Keadilan. Politicians are not people without avenues for recourse or right to reply.


  1. Anonymous12:35 pm

    Wee is trying to gag the press. This is highly stupid. It shows he has something to hid.

    It is highly unbecoming of a deputy minister and an MCA VP.

  2. Anonymous1:27 pm

    Hey Rocky, whatever happened to BN's promise to catch all the culprits, big and small. Is OC Phang the best MACC can do? Are we waiting for some more ikan bilis ?


  3. Anonymous1:37 pm

    Agreed with you, bro...Don't wish to see Malaysia to be like our neighbour, claimed to have freedom of speech, but sued people to bankruptcy as means to silence them...

    Glad to be non-Singaporean

  4. Anonymous2:04 pm

    ya, leave the suing to pr...

    do what the bn thing, go swear on a holy book to clear your name.

  5. Apa salahnya jika tindakkan itu sewajar dengan 'damage' yang telah berlaku.

    Dalam keadaan ekonomi gawat dan kekruangan sumber, mungkin ini satu cara yang lebih selamat dan terhormat.

    Media perlu menapis berita dan menghormatu pembaca.

  6. how to muzzle your critics..hehe

    maybe we can set up special court to deal with 'politician kaki sue'.


    ps: feel free to read my latest posting. hehe

  7. Hi ROCKY,

    It's true what you had written about WEE KA SIONG. He's perhaps the GRANDFATHER of the PKFZ scandal.

  8. Hainan WEE3:25 pm

    The motive behind WEE's suing is that he ate CHILLI but he's trying to perceive to others he doesn't know what CHILLI is.

    Now, he is saying he's gonna pour WATER on those who ate CHILLIS.

    Makes sense???

  9. serpico3:57 pm


    Apa kata kalau kita voters "sew" aje mulut wakil rakyat dan politicians.

    Jadi baru la depa nikurang merapu dan lebih bekerja.

  10. Anonymous4:26 pm

    Rocky, what are you niggling about ??
    Are you suffer 'Kena-Sue-Phobia'??

    Rocky, hang pon satu macam, kena sue sekali oleh 'KALI NST' sudah suffer phobia...

    bah kata...berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah !!


  11. Anonymous5:12 pm

    Hello Rocky, what do you mean it's malicious to say editors change story angles to spin for the political masters? Rocky, stop your lies lah, pleeeeeease!

    All journos know this. Ask yourself please.


  12. Anonymous5:39 pm

    Rocky is cocky this days. It is ok for the government to sue opposition party leaders for all kind of monor aberrations, but citizens should not sue to safegaurd their name.

  13. Anonymous5:43 pm

    "Come on, Wee. Leave the suing of newspapers to Anwar, Theresa, and that Menteri Besar from Perak who's suing Suara Keadilan. Politicians are not people without avenues for recourse or right to reply."

    So said Rocky.

    By saying this, he is implying that Wee is not a politician?

    Rocky, your views are getting cloudy lah.


  14. Anonymous5:54 pm

    ::It's true what you had written about WEE KA SIONG. He's perhaps the GRANDFATHER of the PKFZ scandal:::

    No perhaps his other taikoh from the hornbill state is - his almost half brother - looks like him shaped like him and same motive$.

    Mr HornyBill

  15. Anonymous6:36 pm

    I fully agreed that Wee Ka Siong is a cry baby who will shout foul when things are not in his favor.

    Freedom n Truth

  16. Anonymous7:02 pm

    Gone where those days, when a primary school teacher, pegawai pertanian, peon, got into politics, got elected and kabuuum.....

    became millionaires, 3generations..

    So NOW setting new trend..

    Masuk politic, create a commotion... then Tadaaa SUE!

    Become billionaires 3generations...


  17. KY Jelly remove sodomy mark7:23 pm

    Husam is also trying to sue a blogger. But he cannot locate him.

  18. Anonymous7:43 pm

    eh rocky - don't be like that lah - after i cannot belanja minum teh...

    Teh Ka Kee


    Some of you will remember that Robert Kuok sold all his shares in the sugar business in Malaysia about 3 weeks ago. As long as he was in the sugar business in Malaysia , the Malaysian government refused to allow the price of sugar to go up. Just two weeks after he sold all his shares, the government made an announcement that it would remove the tariff and allow the price of sugar to find its own level so that the Malaysian population would be discouraged from taking too much sugar in their cakes and drinks. What a dumb excuse for screwing the Malaysian public, including the Malays! The UMNOputras who took over immediately want to raise the price of sugar so that they will become rich quickly. When your cup of teh tarik reaches RM 1.50 or 2.00, will you say they are looking after the interests of the Malays, as they claim in BTN courses? So do you think the Chinese are working against your interests?

    Commodity prices are now rising again because of inclement weather. Sugar prices are sure to go up but by what margin? With more than 60 years experience in sugar trading, Robert Kuok knows how to handle the sugar commodity business. Commodity trading requires skills honed over years of exposure. So how will our Johnny-come- latelys handle the next surge in sugar prices? Your teh tarik is going to cost you RM2.50 per cup in a year's time. All hell will break loose.

    Remember what they did to MAS? They took a guy from Shell who had some exposure to oil trading and made him the CEO. He was supposed to do wonders to MAS with his experience in oil trading. You know what happened when oil prices soared to US165/barrel and then collapsed after that.

  19. Paddy8:18 pm

    If you have proof or you can back up what you write then by all means publish it,if you don't, prepared to be sued. Surely if you've made a bad decision(publishing something untrue) and publish something "damaging" while believe at the time it was true, then you merely publish a retraction and apologize, then leave your job. Obviously you've lost the plot yet again.

  20. I think there's something veru suspicious about this guy's conduct. He said he'd resigned from the company which consulted for PKFZ and had sold his shares to avoid confict of interest charges. But a check at ROS revealed he still holds some shares.

    Now, he appears to be trying to muzzle the PRESS and bloggers from doing its job - investigative journalism! He will fail.

    All the crying on national TV will not save his soul if he's being dishonest.

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  21. Anonymous10:25 pm

    Is it not true, your master the good Dr. once wrote in his blog, sue for big sums of money, that will stop people from talking?
    You don't subscribe to your master's strategy?

  22. Anonymous10:27 pm

    Is it not true, your master the good Dr. once wrote in his blog, sue for big sums of money, that will stop people from talking?
    You don't subscribe to your master's strategy?

  23. Anonymous10:53 pm

    What Wee did is perfectly within his rights. It is despicable for those who own newspapers or who are in control of their editorials to libel others under the guise of press freedom! This is the real assault to press freedom!

    When OTK was fighting CSL, OTK used the same method. Phang, a supporter of OTK, not only used his position in MACC but was aided and abetted by The Star to hoodwink the readers of The Star about untruths.

    Phang's actions only smack of hypocrisy and go to show to all reasonably minded persons that he has nothing but a personal agenda which is only beneficial for himself to advance by resorting to using this dirty political tool in the name of press freedom.


  24. what better way to silence your critics than to sue them? once a case is filed in court then it becomes subjudice for the press or anyone else to discuss the issue openly ... and our courts would take maybe a 100 years to solve such cases. (we had to wait for more than 3 years for the court to deliver its verdict on the culprit who pepper-sprayed former PM Tun Dr.Mahathir - for a stupid 6 months jail sentence)- so just imagine the delay if its a RM100 million suit - like that of Mr.Sodomee.
    p/s obviously Kali/Brendan have many followers.

  25. Ampatuan Jr12:10 am

    DAP must also sue UMNO/Malays for their collusion in the dragon boat tragedy in Penang.We lost innocent lives due to UMNO's negligent and carelessness.Someone must pay! We also suspect that UMNO has a role in the recent earth quake in Haiti.God is angry with the Malays so He punish the Haitians? Tak percaya tanya itu orang PAS.

  26. Anonymous7:15 am

    It is fashionable to sue the benchmark RM 100 million set by the PR chief himself.

    Look at the good side of suing. It keeps lawyers in office, it keeps judges busy, keeps issues at bay, defend culprits, tests the system and above all create unfounded rumours.

    Special thanks to Anwar for introducing this new fad. Everyone loves it.


  27. Anonymous8:52 am

    hahaha rocky rocky - you are becoming more and more a true BN reporter!!


  28. Anonymous4:03 pm



    Najib’s RM20milion image builders are Israelis

    APCO Worldwide, the company hired by the prime minister to redeem his flagging image, has allegedly offered similar services to dictators and corrupt leaders around the globe, according to the Times of India.

    The most influential media in India reported recently that apart from Najib, the Washington-based PR company had also serviced former Nigerian dictator Sani Abacha and Kazakhstan’s life-long president Nursultan Abishuly Nazarbayev.

    APCO’s clients also included millionaire Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who was once the youth leader for the Russian Communist Party with links to the mafia.

    Pakatan Rakyat weekly Suara Keadilan quoted he Times of India as stating that APCO Worldwide had the capability of re-engineering the image of public figures and leaders who were not popular with the people.

    The Times had launched an investigation into APCO Worldwide after it was discovered that Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi was a client of the company. (Gujarat is a state in India).

    Narendra had been fingered as the cause of religious riots in February 2002, where 1,000 people were killed, majority of whom were muslims.

    To re-build Narendra’s image the Gujarat Government had hired APCO Worldwide paying them US$25,000 a month fee for their services.

    “Although APCO’s services is three time higher than other PR firms, it was chosen because it had many former Republicans and Democrats acting as consultants,” The Times said.

  29. Anonymous7:08 pm

    Teh Ka Kee,

    Sokong harga gula naik coz malaysian consumes on the average 20 teaspoons of sugar per day. Now, with the 20 sen increase, dah tak beli gula dah.

    Kaki Kopi O Kurang Gula.

  30. Anonymous7:24 pm

    I believe Mr Wee has the right to seek for legal address on his case. It's guaranteed under the federal constituition. Just as people has freedom of speech, people does have the rights to protect themselves.

    However, the problem was that the present legal system marred by certain decisions that are not in line with the constituition.

    I don't have to say names, you guys would know who are the jokers

    In Singapore, though it seems that the ruling political party might seem to have advantage, let it be know that a prominent Opposition Leader, Chiam See Tong sue PAP for defamation & win. Just check out on Mr Chiam

    How I wish that Chief Justice of Singapore, Ipoh born, Anderson Old Boy can be the Chief Justice of Malaysia.

  31. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Specially for skilgannon

    What the chinese in malaysia really want.

    Singapore under its first Prime Minster had designs over Malaysia since its birth all those years ago. In his own words he had ‘dreamed all his adult life of a merger between the two states’. For what reasons he dreamed such a dream is now becoming clearer. The Chinese of Malaysia and Indonesia have great regard for the man. The Malays to a large part see him as a gate keeper of foreign interests (with good reason) and an abject and unmitigated racist.


    Singapore of late and with the assistance of the immediate past Prime Minister of Malaysia, Abdullah Badawi, engineered a coup whereby they conveniently renegotiated the supply of Malaysian water to Singapore on unrealistically favourable terms to Singapore, much to the detriment of Malaysia. All of this achieved without debate or disclosure of any real consequence from either side.

    Mahathir, an obstacle to Singapore’s ambiitons in the peninsula, had left the stage. They were now free to engage in the politics of intimidation and division and had a ready made chameleon, a spineless, vain and incompetent leader in Badawi.

    Read on ...

  32. Anonymous10:21 am

    The Wee fellow even wanted to sue the promoters of the Satu Sekolah Untuik Semua (SSS) for using the word "gejala". Not realising that the word has more than on meaning that the lousy Kamus he referred to showed.

    He jumps at the slightest issue. Without checking his facts. Or maybe, as someone had suggested here earlier, he wants to pre-empt more people from uncovering his shit in public. Or maybe he follows the ways of secret societies, thugs and gangsters that originated in south China and were brought overseas including then Malaya and still practised to this day. No wonder he got pushed out of his own party.

  33. Anonymous11:03 am

    Rocky what about your paper and yourself and your writer being sued by Tunku Naqiyuddin of NS do you think they should also heed your advise for not suing or should your people counter sue him?

    Undang Rembau!

  34. Anonymous11:06 am

    Yeah Anon 10:05 PM,
    Why leave out the Indonesia? Indonesia too has a plan on gobbling up Malaysia. Yeah, they failed during confrontation. They are extremely engry over the Sipadan & Ligatan issue
    Indonesians are waiting eagerly for Malaysian government to make one stupid mistake in Allah issue. That's it, man. One Indonesian christian detained with Indonesian bible in the airport.Thats all Indonesia take.
    Don't ever think that Indonesia & Malaysia are brothers. Skirmishes between both navies are pretty common in East Sabah

  35. Anonymous3:12 pm

    Wee Ka Siong

    Kaki Sue Sue

    A sue sue here

    A sue sue there

    Hear a sue, there a sue

    Everywhere a sue sue