Friday, January 29, 2010

Police report against Selangor MB

Poor Foundation. The war between the Yayasan Basmi Kemiskinan and the Selangor Menteri Besar intensifies with a police report lodged this morning against Khalid Ibrahim by the NGO.

On Wednesday, Khalid announced that he was declassifying documents pertaining to YBK to enable his state government to prepare a detailed report on the state government's contributions towards YBK. The MB did not say when the report will be completed. I'm sure we are very interested to know how much Khalid's government has given to the Foundation to justify it's wish to take over its running.

Meanwhile, YBK officials were in Melaka yesterday to visit a site the Melaka government is offering for their proposed UiTM campus. The campus was originally meant for Serdang in Selangor but Khalid stopped the project because YBK wouldn't make him chairman of the foundation.

The Malay Mail has the story here.


  1. anti KJ7:23 pm

    Cerita KJ di suruh letak jawatan oleh exco Pemuda Umno lagi seronok bro..

    Cerita Khalid Gagap ni dah basi da, tunggu time aje macam boss dia.

  2. Anonymous8:50 pm

    Khalid's government? Implying Toyo's Government had given a lot? Duit bapak dia ke duit rakyat? What is wrong as the head of State to ask for the all the previous spending (read Rakyat's money) to be accounted for? What is wrong with you!

    - Rakyat Biasa -

  3. this article falls short of saying WHY khalid wants to be the chairman ... it would help your readers to understand Khalid's intentions.

    just to be clear ... NOT YOUR INTENTION or your imaginations but rather Khalid's intention.

  4. Anonymous10:04 pm

    Balik-balik Politik-politik,,,bincanglah pasal ekonomi,,,!!!!

    Politik Melayu ni,,Politik subsidi!!!!

    2 weeks to Chinese New Year,,,harapkan Share Market,,,lagi turun adalah,,,Bangsat punya kerajaan,,

    Hamper Chinese New Year,,,ta'nampak langsung,,that shows how BAD is our economy,,,

    Used Car banyak yang da'BUNGKUS,,Melayu punya used car semua dah jadi BANGKAI.

    Malaysian CURRENCY makin TEROK,,!!!!


  5. Anonymous10:05 pm


  6. Anonymous10:11 pm

    See folks

    These pakatan flers are truly interested in land takeovers.

    Be careful, be very careful ...

  7. Anonymous10:15 pm

    Its not your money or Khalid's money.. its Rakyat's money and the MB was chosen by the Rakyat and he has all the right to be the Chairman.

  8. Anonymous10:26 pm

    Well I guess you wont stop because you have sold your soul to the devil. (syaitan) and still may allah be with you.

    In my mind there is no hope for u but I am human and HE is devine

    At least pray 5 times a day, there maybe recourse.


  9. Jenggg X311:57 pm

    ka ka kah... Yayasan Bagi Konterek sudah kepanasan... ka ka kah...

    ka ka kah... nanti Selangor bagi dedah akaun... ka ka kah...

    ka ka kah... dedah sini, dedah sana... ka ka kah...

    hei, dedah ni rakyat pasti mau tengok...

    ni bukan macam dedah cik eli... tu rakyat takmau tengok... ka ka kah...

    weit, rakyat mau tengok mana semua wang kasi ybk pegi... ka ka kah...

    woit, takkan ybk takda wang...

    mana semua wang tu pergi, ini semua rakyat nak tengok.. ka ka kah...

  10. Anonymous1:11 am

    I believe it's Serendah rather than Serdang.


  11. Anonymous3:23 am

    Sad eh Rocky,

    Even with the existance of this Yayasan and Pusat Zakat/Baitulmal for many years, in Selangor, I still see orphans in my Kampung left neglected, berkeliaran like ANAK KAMBING...

    No denying once in 5yrs, some lucky ones may get selected to receive the Hari Raya packets with RM20 or occasionally RM50 it.

    Some tak malu Aduns/MPs will claim from their allowances to hand out rotten-expired-food stuffed into decorated tall hampers to these poor kids, baling kat kucing pun binatang tu tak lalu!

    Tepok tepok tepok, ambil gambar masuk paper masuk BERITA.. Amboi.. lu orang banyak syiok dapat publicity..

    Udah tu udah ler, what you all are doing to these Poor orphans..

    Wang Zakat pun nak sibuk2 salur kat tempat lain, ini pulak hal Yayasan!


  12. Anonymous7:13 am


    For those who refuse to understand why the muslims fight tooth and nail over the Allah name, and for those sleepy muslims (like Khalid Samad) who do not think that there are no ulterior motive of the Christians using the name, this one should lay to rest any doubts about it.

    Marking Bagpie

  13. So Malay Mail is fight Sun.
    Are you dreaming?
    Sun created the original idea and succeeded to be Straits Times..your big brother paper.
    Straits Times...sooner or later...will also be free la.
    You UMNO idiots know only how to copy good ideas....use money to bully original ideas at all.
    Everything touched by UMNO melayu...all money loss in millions every month.
    Hi used are from tax payers la...not UMNO money grow on trees.
    So...becareful with our hear??
    I guess you will not hear at all...hahahahahahaha
    Why not give free advertisments??
    Your paper will swell up...thicker than Star.......hahahahahaha

  14. Anonymous11:49 am

    Alahai Rocky;

    Taktik kau untuk gunakan FON BESAR untuk tajuk2 sensasi nak jatuhkan PR pada Malay Mail kau tu tak mengenalah...kau ini ada ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER...kau gilakan perhatian. Malay Mail kau tu melambak2 kat LRT Masjid India...TAK LAKUlah walaupun PERCUMA. Orang dah naik meluatlah.

    Kau tak payah tayangkan pos aku ni. Janji kau baca dan faham maksudnya. Very shallow and cheap news writing and The Malay Mail used to be a reliable paper at one time.

    P/S Aku handal kes PKA/PKZ mana pergi big fish yang kau katakan akan ditangkap? Elek, tarak sebab AG kata no to BN politicians execution. Enuf said kau tak ada kredibiliti.


  15. Anonymous12:21 pm


    Stop Spinning Old Stories.....

    Sudah Basi pun nak pakai lagi...Go find some proper stories before your MM goes bankrupt!

    Joe Black

  16. Anonymous12:23 pm

    Betul ke Sultan Selangor almaklum perkara sebenar yang berlaku dalam YBK ... betul ke teramat amat mendukacitakan. Brp dapat sapu aje he he he!

    Yang Buat Khianat

  17. Maybe the Malay Mail needs headline suggestions.

    Here's one:

    "Najib and Samy Upstaged by Stageless Pakatan"


  18. "I'm sure we are very interested to know how much Khalid's government has given to the Foundation to justify it's wish to take over its running."

    Bro, does it have to be Khalid's government? Why not State government? You mean to say it is o.k for BN or Toyo government but not o.k for Khalid's government?

    Does it matter if Khalid's government gave not a drop and all that this Foundation has got has been from the previous State government or State linked corporations?

    As long as these so called Trustees of Foundations are benefiting from funds disbursed out of State or State owned Assets, they are no Bill and Melinda Gates. Bill and Melinda Gates can, if they want, use their Foundation money and buy themselves the latest Lear Jet or Gulf Stream for all they want. But these Trustees and any other benefactors of this Foundation should not expect the venerable treatment that Bill and Melinda would command just about on any stage.

    If Bill and Melinda are Trustees of their Foundation, I would not rank the so called Trustees of this foundation anywhere there. They may be Trustees but by no measure would they be settlors! From what little I have read it would seem that all assets of this Foundation are from settlements made by the State or State owned companies. Am I right? If I am wrong, I withdraw and apologise. But if the Trustees can show me one cent of their assets amongst the assets of the Foundation, I also then will shut up. But if the Trustees are in receipt of any kind of stipend, whether in the form of compensation, honorarium, fee, commission or, worse, salaries, then I'd say, sack the guys!!

  19. Bro,
    Kita tau, depa dok kutuk tak habis-habis s.khabar arus perdana, tapi Harakah, Suara Keadilan tu mcm sampah, entah etika, teori ke, apa pun depa tak pakai.
    Tapi pasal pembacanya dah masuk 'gerabak bandwagon', 'dijumudbebalkan' , suap sajalah, terus telan punya.

    YBK, membantu orang miskin adalah kerja amanah Tuhan.
    Apa yang khalid sedang buat, dia fikir dia betul.
    Percayalah, akan sampai titiknya, dia akan tau dia salah. I fikir dia tak terlalu bebal utk tak sedar diri...

  20. Anonymous3:43 pm

    Is YBK a foundation or a political party? It seemed to me that it behaved like a political party. This is what make this country sickening. Everything is turned into politics. When will this stop?

  21. Anonymous3:56 pm

    Joe Black,
    Don't you see that this blog is becoming a joke..Even Patrick Teo's "Niamah" attracts more visitors. Look at all the comments and you know that people coming here are just for some fun..If you find Rocky's friends all deserted him....You know what kind of blog is this..

  22. Anonymous5:31 pm

    bila Rocky nak buat satu lagi laporan Polis terhadap Khalid ??

    Rocky pon tuduh Khalid 'Blackmail' kat YBK...nah, tunggu apa lagi Rocky ??

    Memang terror Rocky !!


  23. The Serendah land was given to YBM in th e'70's by the Selangor State Govt.

    Now 30-over years later, what's wrong with the Rakyat asking YBM to account for the LAND (1,600 acres)and FUNDS given to them from Taxpayers' money?

    MB Khalid has a bigger duty to the Rakyat than just the Trustes of YBM. In the past, in every project approved by any UMNO/BN State, they HAVE put in various conditions for construction approval - EPA studies, land setbacks, provision for suraus, mosques, playgrounds, club houses, schools, road reserve etc., etc., etc.

    So, what's wrong Khlaid asking for transparency and accountability? Does anyone know how this alleged $ billion project will then translate to alleviating the poor in Selangor? Where are the details? Anyone ever seen it published anywhere? Dr.Raffick's blog gives some financial details and the directors of YBM have been paid substantial fees for many years. So, they owe the people some explanations, don't they?

    So, let Khalid get in there and ensure all's ok before another PKFZ transpires and another bank is hit for a $ billion. Prevention is infinitely better than cure!!

    And if the Trustees have done everything above board and are honest, what do they have to worry about?

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  24. Anonymous8:38 pm

    at least he don't go around screwing, sharing & blowing up mongolian girl...

  25. Anonymous9:07 pm

    Salam ziarah,

    Dengor citer nak dapat datukship. betul ke? kalo gitu tahniah la datok.

    Syed/Subang Jaya

  26. Anonymous9:08 pm

    So, it's no different huh? No wonder everyone's scrambling for top jobs.

    Only difference here is, if it is PR doing it, it is halal. But for others, it is haram. That's the big difference.


  27. Malay Mail sekarang tak ada ummmmmph lah. Tak seperti Malay Mail yang saya baca dan beli dalam tahun 1970's dan 1980's dulu.Bagi free pun tak laku.. You need a lot of work to do..

  28. Anonymous10:57 pm


    Lu ata bayat itu income tax ker?. ramai Apek declare monthly income bisness persendirian RM600-RM800 ajer. Tapi lumah bangalo sama keleta BMW, anak anjing pun kasi minum susu Dumex hali2!

    Lu olang salah hantar bolang lain Negala kut bayar itu tax semua? Apasal saya tatak lampak lu punya lama dalam IRD?


  29. Dear EngHui,

    That's the thing, exactly WHY khalid wants to be chaiman of the YBK is anyone's guess!

    If you recall, it was The Malay Mail that broke the story on Khalid's "blackmail" ("make me chairman or YBK must stop work on Serendah project"). The story was based on minutes of a state exco meeting The Malay Mail obtained from its sources. The info was NOT volunteered by the MB or his office. The MB reacted to the The Malay Mail report by saying that he wanted to be chairman because he wanted transparency blah blah blah.

    AFTER The Malay Mail exposed his demand to be chairman, NOT BEFORE.

    You follow me? Ok, now DPP and - Rakyat Biasa - pay attention: If the MB wants to "ask for all the previous spending (read Rakyat's money) to be accounted for", what should he do? Shouldn't he expose the YBK? Demand for an investigation? Declassify documents pertaining to YBK immediately?

    Yes. He should have. DPP writes: "
    So, what's wrong Khlaid asking for transparency and accountability?"

    Answer: Nothing wrong.

    But in this case, the MB asked for transparency and accountability AFTER the YBK declined to make him its chairman.

    He declassified the documents AFTER The Malay Mail reported the "blackmail" by Khalid.

    Try and sleep on that, bros, no need to rush a response.

    If the YBK officials are guilty of mismanagement or corrupt practices, report them. Why did Khalid tell them to make him their BOSS and threaten them with STOP-WORK order if they refuse.

    So EngHui, you tell me WHY.

    Thank you.

  30. Anonymous12:53 am

    locky an ahhui dont bother who is wrong and who is right la. if latuk sakom thing there is nothing wrong with ybk just show the account la... biar tutup mulut sikit si gagap tu...the rakyat only want to hear what is right maaa....

    ada brani ka....

    selangor kids

  31. Anonymous2:11 am

    anon 10:57, lu jangan tuduh buta. lu ada pernah bayar itu income tax ka? oh sori ya, lu tak tau apa itu income tax. hehehe.

  32. Anonymous7:19 am

    apa punya bangang kalid dan pr-
    tak faham mechanics of a trust

    bila A[mb selangor miketyson] buat trust untuk kebajikan B[rakyat
    miskin selangor] , dia telah bagi full power pada trustee [wak jenal
    sakom dan geng ]

    mb sudah lepas kontrol kepada trustee dan instrumen kontrol ialah
    dokumen trust itu dan hanya mahkamah aje bolih periksa dan pastikan
    si trustee tak bolot duit trust itu.

    kalau kalid dan geng nak pastikan
    trust dijalankan dengan betul pegi kat mahkamah le. Simple aje kan.
    Apa pasai bukan punya banyak loyar di dap tak dapat nak bagi

    Atau mereka beri nasihat , tapi hang [wak kalid ] terlalu bebal kah?

  33. -bongok-,

    kalo hang dah boring bercakap pasai politik,apa kata hang jenguk2 blog aku

    nak puji MU pon boleh,nak kutuk pon takdak hal.apa yang hangpa tunggu lagi para peminat arsenal,chelsea,liverpool,selangor,kedah,timor leste

    yang lain2 pon dijemput memeriahkan blog aku

  34. Anonymous9:21 am

    I will tell you why Rocky..

    NOT ONCE you did break any news or offer any comments on your Leader - te Toyol about his lavish lifestyle or his many tax payers funded overseas for sight seeing and look-see. Disneyland.

    You guys are all one-eyed donald ducks.

    Pak Quack.

  35. Anonymous11:15 am

    Setuju dengan anti KJ. Minta satu post berkenaan Exco Pemuda suruh KJ letak jawatan, Rocky pls.

    Dia satu dari sebab perpecahan Melayu dan lagi cepat dia ikut mertuanya lagi baik untuk kita.

  36. You want to know why? Simple. They are supposed to be Trustees. So Khalid must have thought. Thinking and acting like independent trustees. But then he probably realised they were nothing but puppets on a string. And no rewards for correct answer to who the puppet master might be.

  37. Anonymous12:19 pm


    alahai sue...

    kau ni macam takut aje.

    aku ingat kau ni bukan sue, pompuan. kau ni male tapi tarak teloq.

    berani-lah masuk blog rocky, tibai rocky. berani? haha. itu pengecut.

    ingat rocky peduli, ka, kau punya jolok-jolok macam tu.

    elek...sue, konon. sundal, agak nye..cakap kosong.

    jumpa rocky, pasti terkencing-kencing.


  38. Purple Haze2:44 am

    Rocky may not be incorrect to pursue the point of view that Khalid may have acted high handedly.

    On the other hand, the Trustees have acted like they are not accountable to anyone. That is a greater misdeed.

    For example, if the Malay Mail provides an annual financial subsidy to its Sports Club to organise activities for its staff and do not provide accounts or budget, should the CEO remain quiet ?

    What if the Sports Club management use the money for activities which may not be "proper" sports club activities?

    And what if the Sports Club sues the CEO of Malay Mail for interfering or demanding to be President of the Club that the Malay Mail owners provides money for ?

  39. Anonymous4:34 pm

    You said "I'm sure we are very interested to know how much Khalid's government has given to the Foundation to justify it's wish to take over its running."

    Thats how you interpret - wanting to become Chairman means wanting to take over its running?

    Be more bijak sikt bro - it was only appointing one person as Chairman, not managing the whole show as Secretary, Treasurer, Committee Members etc.

    How come you are still pretending like this, after being bestowed with honorific titles?

    What is going on?

    You still want to pretend like this and go after bigger titles like Tan Sri and Tun?

    Oh, what a sale of maruah diri?

    You are competing with the Mega Sales in the country!


  40. I tell you why...Rocky.
    You are a frog and full of shit.
    But UMNO do not have people of your clever to promote and balls carrying them.
    That's why you also got datukship.
    Chowceebai PERWIRA talking kok.