Sunday, January 31, 2010

"Dictator, a chauvinist and communist-minded"

Losing it? If Zahrain Mohd Hashim the PKR Member of Parliament did utter those words to describe the Chief Minister of DAP's Penang, I can only say that either Zahrain has lost his marbles or Lim Guan Eng has lost control.

Either way, Guan Eng can't sit still. He can't leave it to someone like Chow Kon Yeow, his own party's state chairman, to do the defending for him (Frustration could be reasons for Zahrain's outburst) or his own dad to put the pressure on PKR and PAS (Pakatan Rakyat - What next?). He can't lodge a police report against Zahrain (lodging police report against fellow MP is a form of intimidation, says Zaid Ibrahim, here) and surely, surely he can't be thinking of suing the former Penang PKR state chairman for defamation!

But he needs to act fast. The other side is having a field day!


  1. The only way to retort to backstabbers is to ensure you are a Chief Minister who performs for all Penangites.Just make sure the state is well run and let the voters decide.
    Lets not forget BN is not exactly in good shape either: UMNO goes on about 1Malaysia but acts chauvinistically with warlords backstabbing them in Terengganu, MIC is non existant, MCA has more teams than the world cup and whatever happened to Gerakan and PPP???

  2. Selalunya pendirian pemimpin Melayu dari mana pun cop partinya akan 'cair' apabila ada beberapa tangan yang menyusup.

    Semuanya salah faham, salah laporan..semuanya ok.

  3. That son of a chow ceebai Rocky can really spin.
    Malay Mail only available free in banks.....making sure poor cannot get a free copy..only people with money ....go to banks..can get it free.
    Everything done...must have class poo naibor malay racist.

  4. antupendatang7:38 am

    When LGE spoke in mandarin in the convention, he has proven himself a chinese, a pendatang!

    Thanks to Najib with his ^&%# 1Malaysia!

    ...that Malaysian culture must have budaya Melayu at its core...

    Therefore LGE is not a Malaysian, so do others who put foreign languages first, when speaking & writing.

    So dont be angry with the labeling "pendatang" when you behave like one! Just pack your bags and leave!!

  5. wandererAUS8:29 am


  6. Anonymous10:10 am

    teaching lge how to run penang state ke?

    no need la, he doing a pretty good job.

    that ex-amno is just a najis running dog ( or is it a pig ) who been screwing the penang malays for the last 50 years...

  7. Anonymous10:17 am

    (Frustration could be reasons for Zahrain's outburst) ?

    Not frustration but more like arm-twisting Lim Guan Eng to give more projects to him & his cronies.

    Coming from someone who just love to eat & shit from the same plate...

    How rightful for Lim to ignore this piece of shit and he could go fuck himself.

  8. Anonymous10:17 am

    Rocky dear,

    What field day are you talking about?

    These PKR guys should look in the mirror man.

    First YB Zul blame YB Khalid of PAS now YB Zahrain on YAB LGE of DAP.

    Who do they think they are these PKR clowns?

    Without PAS, PKR will never ever dream of winning the Malay seats. Same goes for DAP with respect to Chinese areas.

    The way PKR is acting they not only deserve to be relegated to junior partner status, they are proving the fact.

    PAS Seri Setia

  9. Anonymous10:17 am

    What Lim needed is to hire a spin doctor like Rocky, see how Najib move is paying dividend now? Just putting that little Rocky in control of Malay Mail and if Najib ask him to jump, his reply would be "How high?"

  10. And Mahathir might have lost his marbles too.

    Check this out.

  11. Anonymous10:32 am


    Lim Guan Eng is not the problem and Penang people are happy with his performance.

    Typical lazy scumbags like this of arsehole that do nothing but keep taking.

  12. Dr M Lee10:55 am

    i think this mud-slinging between PKR/DAP and other parties from the opposition is normal .. and people should not assume too much of it. instead what we see here is the government propoganda machine playing things up to the BN in trying to sway the views and opinions of the people. even during Dr. Mahathir's tenure as PM he was considered by parties within BN esp. UMNO on his tight fisted grip on the country and government. and even for Najib the same applies .. when he hauled up Nazri when he wanted to stop the spat between Nazri and Dr. M on the issue of the Biro Tatanegara course. as such, the public should not be fooled into this tactic which is so bias and this is just a method in politics, nothing more than that ..

  13. Sarah the Seductress11:17 am

    Actually, the plan for Zahrain to jump was mooted quite a while ago. And, a few weeks ago, the final pieces were put in place. But he could not just make the move for no rhyme or reason. He needs a ‘strong reason’, a sort of ‘due justification’, to make the move or else he would look like an opportunistic scumbag and slime-ball.

    And that was why he came out to openly whack the Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng, and call him a dictator, Communist-minded, and whatnot.

    He was hoping that Guan Eng would whack him back and challenge him to leave PKR and go join Umno or whatever. Then Guan Eng would be seen as an arrogant Chow Lang who ‘forced’ Zahrain out. Guan Eng would then be seen as the aggressor and Zahrain the victim.

    But Guan Eng was smarter than they gave him credit for and he did not take the bait. He did not respond the way they hoped and expected. So the plan is now dead in the water. And if Zahrain makes his move then he would suffer a very serious credibility problem.

    Time is running out for Zahrain. He needs this thing to happen as soon as possible, before the MACC catches up on him.

  14. Anonymous11:21 am

    Zahrain may have inadvertently revealed what we all knew all along about them Chingkie pigs : racist chauvinist bastard race intent on asserting subjugation and institutionalising Chingkie dominance oover the indigenes to realise the ultimate Pendatang quest: the usurpation of native rights and the expropriation of Tanah Melayu to usher in Greater China, an array of Chingkie controlled vassal littoral states straddling vital sea lanes and extending as the archipelagos of East asia stretching from Korea in the North through Moslem Malaysia and Indonesia in the West. i will elaborate bout this in another commentary as i have limited time but Zahrain's description of LGE tallies with that of vintage Chingkie psychotic tyrants of Middle Kingdom yore.

    As for this spat, it could either be indicative of something deep or a diversionary tactic dovetailing with Zul and KS's issues that will make the arsewhore look "presidential and in command" ahead of his arsing trial. Note each time D-day approaches, issues crop aplenty:

    If its something deep then see how the equivocator machine has been switched on by the lackey political whorehag here:

    and also by the CM's arsewhore minion as you noted in your post, bru.Arsewholian lame attempts to discredit ahead of the leaps, if there are any.

    Warrior 231

  15. Anonymous11:30 am

    This is a good post, Rocky, very discussable and most welcome.

    That LGE and his goons spoke for bloody communist terrorist Chin Peng entering this country shows he is communist-minded.

    That he and his pa won't listen to, allow others to excel or shine in the party (remember the well-liked Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye?) show that he is a dictator.

    That he and his party tout the Lee Kuan Yew's subversive "Malaysian Malaysia" slogan that undermines the Special Malay Position Article 153 show that he and his followers are chauvinists.

    There are many other arguments but suffice to say that Zaharin is bloody correct in using those words against LGE.

    And LGE and his stalwarts are also communist-minded when reacting by accusing Zaharin of being frustrated at not getting the desired contract, etc. That is a plain and outright communist tactic of countering an allegation by another allegation aimed at silencing the complainant.

  16. Rocky,

    Pakatan Rakyat is DOOMED. I just knew thet can't last long.

  17. What next side? You mean the next side that has things like Altantuya, Teoh Beng Hock, PKFZ, ISA, OSA, however many custodial deaths, corruption, and that other unspoken of battle between the No1 and No 2! Ah, o.k. I guess they could do wiht some reprieve.

  18. Anonymous11:54 am

    Is a good thing..all the opportunistic rubbish that's within PKR is being filtered out gradually over time. I see this as a healthy development and it could only be good for PKR

  19. Rasputin Beliong11:57 am

    No, Guan Eng can't be communist minded. It is only in North Korea that they've developed the dynastic communist variety.

  20. Anonymous11:59 am

    what you're looking for?
    Black Shoes,
    "Datuk" Rocky Bru? (Pahit Manis)

    Is it tru?

    if so, congratulation.


  21. That's right! When you call for open tenders, transparency and accountability, you will be labellled as dictator, chauvinist and communist in this country.

    But you that's the kind of dictator, chauvinist and communist we need in this country to put right 30 years of economic rape, looting, plunder, fraud and embezzlement.

    Carry on Comrade LGE in Penang and Comrade MB Khalid in Selangor, the Rakyat are right by your side!!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  22. Anonymous12:47 pm

    Rocky, you really have a field day...after MB Khalid and now LGE !!

    A 'Batu Api' indeed !! Way to go bro !!


  23. Anonymous1:03 pm


    kah...kah...kah...luncai dengan labu-labu nya biak pi lah

    Org Batu Kawan

  24. Anonymous1:20 pm

    Gerai orang melayu habis kena roboh. Kalau dulu pakatan perjuang nasib rakyat dengan mengkritik kerajaan bn roboh gerai di selangor tapi kenapa sekarang pakatan jadi macam bn? Menyesal undi pakatan!

  25. Anonymous1:24 pm

    lim guan eng...

    we are firmly behind you!

    just continue doing your job, don't waste your time responding to all those ex-umno parasites.

    don't degrade yourself by stooping to this idiot level but...

    leave it to we penang lang, we will know what to do with pariah like him come next ge.

  26. Anonymous2:03 pm

    pity la. Kesian la kat the pr supporters. How to defend if pr sudah gadoh, accusing each other. Umno pun tak pernah accuse lge macam tu. Their supporters are spewing vitriol and racial remarks just to tutup cerita. Too late la, semua orang sudah tahu...kesian...

  27. Anonymous2:23 pm

    Hello PR supporters, please read back your comments, is the word "zombie supporters" sound familiar? No one is perfect, BN have its flaws, so to PR and LGE. If BN people critise BN, what will you say? I suspect you will label them as maverick or concise voice of BN, etc. Why can't you label them as concise voice of PR? Is LGE so clean, an angel to you?! If you can call Najib as Najis, what is LGE? a GOD or Allah?


  28. Bro,

    Dengar khabar dapat title Datuk. Tahniah.

  29. Anonymous3:05 pm

    Hei rocky write about the cunt zaharin asking lge to privatise bukit jambul golf club to his rm2 company.

  30. Anonymous3:13 pm

    Apa macam with Tengku Razaleigh open defiance on the Kelantan Oil issue? Or KJ being forced to kick out

    See while Zahrain might have claimed people are leaving PKR, they are people who are coming in

    LGE is simply too smart to fall into Zahrain's bait.

  31. Anonymous3:20 pm

    the shit is leaking thru the DAP's pants and the claptrap is resembling the postTBH press offensive. Hardly 48 hours has elapsed and the Dog and Pigs went on the offensive on the behest of the Chief Pig of course; Here are a few snippets of the lies being peddled:

    1.“Clearly Zahrain was absent as Lim had spoken 85 per cent in Bahasa Malaysia with the remainder 15 per cent in English and Mandarin.“But even if one third of Lim’s speech had been in Mandarin, is it a crime to speak in one own’s mother tongue?

    my comment: Dei why the equivocationlah babi, first its about 7.5%(a share with English). The % rises to 33% in the very next sentence and to top it off, implicitly question BM's position as the NL.....dont lielah, pig, speak the truth or can you?

    2. Tar the accuser with innuendo:

    "Further, Lim had informed me of Zahrain frustrations with Lim for refusing to endorse Zahrain’s decision last year as Chairman of Island Golf Properties in awarding a tender for the privatised management of the Bukit Jambul Golf Club to a RM2 company.

    My comment : OIC, "Lim infomed me" and you dint bother to verify the Pig God's revelation. Sounds to me more like party quisling follwing Emperor's writ to tar the a bit more original but then all chingkie pigs are pirates right, u know pirated CD, DVD. software, hardware etc. In any case it also reveals to us who is the instigator of your outburst, moron!

    " favourable ratings by TI......"
    3. Use your clout to gain cheapskate fame. U know who was the TI guy who jumped ship to the DAP, u know the Chingkie lovva scum. Well, I am sure an old hand is at play for those favorable ratings for after all the local chapter of TI is not a bed smelling of roses either:

    4. stood up for malay girl blah4 ad nauseum

    my comment: why not tell that the girl herself withdrew the allegations later...itu baru transperancy internasional kan.

    As for the poverty figures, a UNDP documnent complete with data in 2004 reports the dearth of hardcore poverty in Penang. This is corroborated by this paper : Understanding the Formulation of the Revised Poverty Line in Malaysia by Ragayah Hai Mat Zain accessible here:

    Now Chow chee bai, scroll down to page 38, if you got the balls and see for yourself the situation in Penang circa 2005. It says neglegible. Seems to me, you chingkie have hijacked this BN thingy and touting it all along, tak dah modalkah just like you claimed 10.8b FDI in 2008 whn 4.7B was already obtained by BN during Q1 of 2008 as in here:

    look at page 22 if you have the cockmuscle pariahpig!

    Quit lying political thugs and quit the state if u dont wanna a grassroot uprising that will throw u arsefucking, cuntlicking, cocksuckling piddling Chingkie he-whores ooops heehaws into the sea from a dragonboat......hahahaha

    Warrior 231

  32. Malaysia Boleh3:28 pm

    This is good and health. In the past MIC or MCA can never talk like this to UMNO. This show that in PR everyone is equal.

  33. Anonymous3:49 pm

    i found this link:

    now, the onus is on zahrain to prove his allegation!


  34. Anonymous4:28 pm

    Rocky for 'Datukship' ????

    Well, you deserved more than anyone else doubt, you are one of the finest spin master for UMNO in town !!

    Next... 'Parpukari' for Tunship !!

  35. Anonymous4:32 pm

    Ahirudin Attan, aka Rocky Bru aka Rocky will officially be known as a Datuk. He will be conferred a Datukship, Darjah Kebesaran Panglima Mahkota bearing the title Datuk.

    So now everyone can see what this new Datuk is rewarded for spinning. The creator of Malaysiakini can never have this privilege to be a Datuk.

  36. I tot the father of communist minded and racist+chauvanist to the core is Lim Kit Siang. LGE is quite ok to me.

  37. Rocky,

    This Mf always think they can do what they wants. Go to hell to DAP.

    Read -

  38. Anonymous7:33 pm

    LGE will never survive the next election. BN is going to take back Penang in the next general election. LGE and his racist father can go back Melaka and eat shit! and dream about Malaysian Malaysia or Middle Malaysia...

    BN is going to kick some asses this coming months,just wait and see.

  39. Anonymous7:48 pm

    I'm from Penang, n a member of Bukit Jambul. How come we don't hear anything about this until it comes out in the media? What transparency?

  40. Anonymous9:41 pm

    No cause for alarm. This is just a planned game to confuse the public.

    LGE and Zahrin wants to create a perception that the two of them are fighting. But right now they are laughing and rolling on the floor. This is a ploy to do some backdoor deals between them, and the public will be fooled thinking they are fighting.

    The same with the Kulim and Khalid Samad case.

    It's just to create some excitement, so if they were to do some secret deals, people will be duped into thinking that enemies cannot co-operate.

    DAP, PKR and PAS are all enemies but they can co-operate to win elections, so what's with these make believe squabbles?

    Perhaps it is better to watch a Tamil or Hindi movie. The plot is just as predictable.


  41. Anonymous9:42 pm

    No cause for alarm. This is just a planned game to confuse the public.

    LGE and Zahrin wants to create a perception that the two of them are fighting. But right now they are laughing and rolling on the floor. This is a ploy to do some backdoor deals between them, and the public will be fooled thinking they are fighting.

    The same with the Kulim and Khalid Samad case.

    It's just to create some excitement, so if they were to do some secret deals, people will be duped into thinking that enemies cannot co-operate.

    DAP, PKR and PAS are all enemies but they can co-operate to win elections, so what's with these make believe squabbles?

    Perhaps it is better to watch a Tamil or Hindi movie. The plot is just as predictable.


  42. Anonymous10:22 pm

    PKR is PKR and DAP will always be DAP. PAS not used to be. PR (Pakatan Rakyat), is for Public Relation rite ?

  43. Anonymous11:26 pm

    Yeah Warrior

    Some so-called archaelogist dug up parts of Tanah Melayu and claimed that chinese artefacts were found buried deep under the surface.

    They then loudly CLAIMED that chinese presence had been here for a very long long time ago.

    The weather should be the sole determiner of where they belong. White or yellow skin comes from cold regions ...

  44. Anonymous11:42 pm


    these pro-pakatan are 4ever in SODA (state of denial always)

    by refusing to see the truth, they think that things will get better, hahaha

    the opposition were never ready to govern, they were caught off-guard at their "success"

    they truly did not expect to be governing 5 states

    they also need to admit that it was in rejection of paklah rather then a love for pkr

  45. Anonymous11:51 pm

    and so the drama continues, meanwhile the sodomy 2 is starting soon

    akan datang ...

  46. Anonymous12:34 am

    donplaypuks® said...

    .....We need in this country to put right 30 years of economic rape, looting, plunder, fraud and embezzlement.

    .....eikkk what happened to the 20years and before? Those years of economic rape, looting, plunder, fraud and embezzlement (pinjam yr words OK) by the MatSalleh n their imported gangsters of yesteryears...

    Jangan MUDAH LUPA...


  47. I think A GOOD MAN DOES NOTHING is right, this is all a Pakatan Riot show like the Zul Nordin and Khalid Samad Show.

    That Lim Guan Eng is a dictator and a chinese chauvinist is nothing new though I think the communist part is a bit too overplayed, what surprises me is that it took so long for a leader in the Pakatan Riot to voice this out in public.

    Well I think let's enjoy the double billing of Guan Eng vs Zahrain and Zul Nordin and Khalid Samad Show, just sit back, relax have a cup of tea and see what else is in the Pakatan Riot show to keep themselves in the limelight now that they have nothing to show in the states that they govern.

  48. Anonymous7:52 am


    MM only in banks? I got my free copy by the roadside so how? And poor people don't go to banks? Well I am poor myself and I do go to the bank too.

    You've just shown you are a double liar. The difference between your kind of lying and the usual run-of-the-mill street liar is that you broadcast your lying for everybody to read without any shame.

    I am glad that the PR supporters recruit liars like you to spew these kinds of things. Birds of a feather, you know ...

    Marking Bagpie

  49. loo seow pek10:12 am


    Seems there are a lot of Zombies from the Susan Looney blog here and the donplaypukis always talking cock here .

    The chee bai monster cock cigar shafted in the arse bugger , and the Aussie bloke usual all talking thru their arse .

  50. Anonymous2:01 pm

    To PR supporters;-

    There is no point to get angry, spewing hate or insults, our vote is secret and it is our own willingness. As someone said, "tiada paksaan dalam politik", if those who vote BN for years can change to voting PR, they can decide the other way round. No need for you to insult those that want to vote BN or praise and licking those that want to vote PR. Why such anger anyway?

    We can come to our own conclusion base on the information/news/blog that we read, we have brain too, you don't have to push your opinion on us. If we think LGE is bad, why is that you angry? We don't get angry if you think that Najib is bad. You are weird man.


  51. Anonymous2:07 pm

    Aku paling benci orang cakap bahasa asing dalam satu kumpulan orang yang tak faham bahasa dia. Dia ingat kita ni apa? tunggul kayu? Orang yang bercakap bahasa yang orang lain tak faham dalam satu kumpulan, sama seperti orang yang berbisik tidak mahu kita tahu apa yang dia cakap. Kalau tak mahu kita tahu apa yang dia cakap, dia ajak kita sekali buat apa? Lebih parah lagi kalau kita dalam satu kumpulan dan perlu laksanakan kerja yang sama, tindakan seperti itu seperti menyembunyikan maklumat penting, dalam politik itu dipanggil "lack of transperancy" dan dalam ekonomi itu dipanggil "information monopoly" yang akhirnya mempunyai "competitive advantage". Kalau kau kumpulan lain aku tak kisah, tapi ini satu kumpulan, apa hal?!!!


  52. hmm there are enough ppl giving enough clues to the public about Zahrain since the last couple of days ...
    either you didn't bother to read/understand or prefer to spin a different pic
    perhaps you want to clear things up a little for your precious readers

    also Najib should also clear the air about his role in the death of Mongolia model and the threat to Bala, after all you care about your fellow malays in Penang under the helm of a Chinese Dictator while i care about all Malaysian under someone who being labeled a murderer!!??

  53. Zahrain needs to get used to the fact that he and his families are not the only malay in Penang.

    if LGE is dictator... this Zahrain would have long been a goner

    btw... chinese hawker stalls also kena roboh... come out and cry for them la

  54. Anonymous9:14 pm


    dpp thinks that by getting rid of UMNO, the non-Malays can lay claim to good governance

    go fly kite lah

    so he starts a campaign of "give a dog a bad name and then hang him"

    in your wildest dreams or nightmares

    people like him only mixes around with people exactly like him so much so that he is not only short-sighted but also developing cataracts

    not aware at all of the bigger social context of Malaysia

  55. A mailman walked down the street and saw Little Johnny playing in a pile of shit, had it between his fingers and smeared over his body.

    The mailman asked him what he was doing and Johnny looked up and said, "Making a Mailman".

    This pissed the mailman off, he went up the street and saw a fireman. He told the fireman what the boy was doing and what a smart ass the kid was, the fireman said that he would have a talk with the boy.

    The fireman walked up to Little Johnny and asked him what was he doing playing in pile of shit, Johhny looked up and said, "Making a Fireman."

    This pissed the fireman off, he left to tell a PR Politician. The PR Politician said that he would have a talk with the boy. The PR Politician asked Little Johnny, "What are you doing, playing with a pile of shit?"

    Little Johnny looked up and said nothing.

    The PR Politician said, "You told the mailman and the fireman that you were making a fireman and a mailman, why don't you tell me that you are making a PR Politician."

    Little Johnny looked up and without a grin said, "I ain't got enough shit".

    But personally I don think Johnny need more shit coz PR are full of shit already as its attracting maggots and flies.

  56. "Guan Eng can't sit still", you said. Why not? There have been more accusations against Najib than against LGE. If Najib can sit still, why can't LGE? Is it because of the ketuanan mentality? Tuans can simply ignore any accusation against them whereas pendatangs must amswer all charges, even from psychos?

  57. tsk! tsk! tsk! sure got prawn behind rocks one..

    All these vocal blasting in public by very irritated people is plainly because these very irritated people are sore losers. If indeed so nobel, than wouldnt talk and act like a trishaw puller right?

    Anyway, we only hear one side of the story.. that is the huan nar sai side and very frankly, there is no need for LGE to defend or explain himself la. What is there to say? Stoop to that huan nar sai's level ah? Please la..

    It is not easy to be in LGE's position and I can understand that there are times when "communism" must be used.. If not how?? everybody wants to entertain all? Of course must communist la! I SAY YOU DO! Finish story! If democracy, when only get down to doing things?? Talk until kingdom come also nothing gets done. It is in such situation, sore losers will be like a big fat ugly baby who has his pacifier yanked out of his mouth la. Bawling like a brat la!

    Anyway, I have been to Penang quite a few times since LGE took over and if I am to compare, I think it is better now.. LGE is doing a great job. To those racist huan nar sai, please la.. you cant even criticize logically la.. dont attempt to act/look/behave like a class above la.

  58. i may not like this zahrain(PKR supersta),but what trigggering me to join the post was what he said was right,why we give vote to PR during PRU12?,to let them teach BN to appreciate and look into rakyat matters not to zalimi rakyat as what Dap did,see on PRU13 malays and non malays who love peace and understand history of Tanah Melayu will swing.Hell to PR.