Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A brief reflection on minarets in Switzerland and Indians in Oz

The Malays, I'm proud to say, aren't like the Swiss. And will never be like them, I hope. Read the latest on the fate of a minor religion in Switzerland - When the Swiss voted to ban minarets, this man built one.

And despite our differences, we resolve them or find ways to live with them. And each other. In Australia right now, another round of racial tensions after an Indian youth was stabbed to death. Read here.


  1. Anonymous2:06 pm

    Autralia ? What's that ? Somewhere Autra ?

  2. Anonymous2:13 pm

    Iran federation accidentally wishes Israeli FA a happy new year kakakaka kekeke heheheh

    Just call me AL or LAH will also do.

  3. I would say this to you bro, your look is nothing less than any rock legends around the world, but your virtues seem to incline to those of religious leaders. Well, but I like you, really.

  4. Anonymous2:38 pm

    SiPolan2 yang ber ia2 sangat nak guna pakai Allah ni nih mesti pelanggan tetap McCurry!

    Atau masa kecil2 dulu orang putih mission schools hari2 edarkan imported cheese, (terposona ler sampai nama, agama semua tertukar!!) dan tiap hari ajar menyanyi lagu

    "Oh McDonald had a farm
    aney aney oooooo
    and on his farm he a some pigs
    aney aney ooooooo
    Si they oink oink here
    oink oink there".

    McPapadam, McMuruku, McKok, McWong McDragon, McSinga,

    Hang bila pula nak tukaq nama jadi McRocky?


  5. Anonymous2:46 pm

    Kalau tengok perangai mereka, sikit punya glamour bila saja tukaq Agama. nama pun jadi Bratt, Anjolina, Burton,asalkan nama orang kulit putih! Kearah filem star yang seksi2.. Memang identity crisis.. tapi takpa... DNA tak kemana!!

    Agaknya, now they want their Tuhan to aloso follow rentak mereka, mana saja pi, tukaq pakai nama selera mereka!

    Wonder kalau Herald ni buat publications kat India atau China.. depa guna pakai nama Tuhan depa apa pulak yang senang untuk mereka mendakwah? Any ideas?


  6. Anonymous3:06 pm

    Nak tanya sikit pasai kegunaan nama, Dalam Bible Bahasa Malaysia depa,

    Jesus Christ dan semua nama2 lain depa tukaq nama Melayu ke atau nama Arab ke atau nama2 Mat Salleh ke atau nama2 India ke atau nama2 Cina ker?

    Holy ghost depa bagi nama aper?

    Satni pontianak, jembalang, polong, naik marah... dah kena naik Mahkamah Ajaib pulak..

    Tak sedap nama McPERWIRA,aku nak yang asal jugak..


  7. Anonymous3:18 pm

    btw, what is ur motive in saying abt the slaying on an indian in australia? Oh, hey, have u forgotten we too hv our Kugan and his many comrades. And these r the doings of policemen some more.

    So how can we be better?

    double niaseng!


  8. skilgannon10663:30 pm

    So, Pak Rocky - what is the point that you are trying to make here?

    Can you also say that the Christian majority in Switzerland have prevented the Muslims living there from propagating Islam and converting them from Christianity to Islam? Do you have any evidence to prove this?

    Or is it true that freedom of religion in the Swiss context means that all religions are free to spread their faiths and beliefs and to convert the likeminded? Or is it true that it's perfectly ok in Switzerland for Christians to convert to Islam and Muslims to convert to Christianity?

    Why look at the issue of minarets in Switzerland in a narrow context and ignore the big picture of religious freedom?

    And I fail to understand the point you are trying to make about Indians in Ozzieland. Aren't Indians (from India and elsewhere - I dare say from Malaysia too) one of the biggest minority communities in Ozzieland and one of the biggest groups of migrants to Ozzieland?

    Or are you deliberately ignoring the point that secular governments do not hold watching briefs for any religion?

  9. drMpower3:44 pm

    waayamoorthi shouldnt have go beserk last time. ethnic cleansing that is no where to be seen, is now large story in ozzie land.

    the land most of us (u know who) would like to go if they 'have to forego malaysian citizenship'. the new promised land they say. badawi and ghous and the gang got land and houses there.

    this is the reason of why we need very strong malay leadership. i wont budge on that malay leadership. if rocky wants to delete this, be my guest.

    for what strong leadership? to prevent such stabbing incident to happen. why malay leadership? to preserve malay rights.

    preserving malay right is not about taking the others right, its about not giving any of our rights away.

  10. Anonymous4:09 pm

    hey, rocky,

    go consult the Tee guy and his so call formula.

  11. Malays in seksyen 23?

    Or the Malays that protest the latest Allah ruling?

    But you're right, Malays like Khalid Samad will never be like the Swiss. The average Malay is 100 times better than the Swiss. Only UMNO Malays are worse than the Swiss.

  12. vinnan4:28 pm

    WTF do you UMNO fuc;[' call forcing churches to look like factories and forcing churches to operate frm shoplots by denying church groups the permits to build new churches.

  13. Anonymous5:00 pm

    Your brief relection may turn out to be not so brief. Problems of integration plague Europe and Australia.

    The Jews were treated badly in Europe compared to the Islamic world.

    We would have thought modern Europe being more secular wouldn't have had problems of integration with the immigrants from the southerm, mostly Islamic countries which it seemed to have enocuraged. But the reality is different.

    The integration doesn't seem to have been as well managed as for example here, which is Islamic country. By this we mean of course Dr Mahathir's years on whose success we are still basking, despite our weak foundations (multiple govt school systems).

    Under lesser legalistic men who seek to undo this success story, integration problems will not be any different from the mess that Europe is threatening to become.

  14. nstman5:23 pm

    Rocky, I agree with you. That should be the way. Solving differences without resorting to threats. I think more Malays are taking a rational approach to differences instead of acting viscerally and adopting knee-jerk irrational reactions.

  15. Autralia ? What's that ? Somewhere Autra ?
    anon, actually its near Uatar, close to Uttar Predeshkum. where a lot of your kind came from.

  16. Anonymous6:15 pm


    When you go to McDonald's farm, jangan silap sebut nama dia McCurry pulak... sesat ke you nih?

    When you go to kandang lembu you say moo moo. When you go to kandang babi you say oink oink. Otherwise farmer McDonalds will not like it.

    Anyway, go to this and read, maybe you will understand what this topic is all about;


    One day if the Christian cows and the Christian pigs are able to read and write, they too will demand their Christian Gods to be called MOO OR OINK!!


  17. Anonymous7:12 pm

    Bro you sound very stupid, of course the Malays can never be like the Swiss or the Australian. They are born gifted in Maths and Science where as the Malays are good in sleeping under the coconut tree.

  18. Anonymous7:51 pm


    sorry about Kugan's death at the hands of a rogue policeman. the culprit should be punished! no one, not even a crook like Kugan, deserves to die like that.

    but, please, kugan was no hero. he was a crook. these are vicious people. so please, you want to demonise the police, go ahead. because there are rotten apples everywhere. but don't make kugan to be a hero.

  19. Anonymous9:46 pm

    what is the difference between the swiss stopping blocking the minaret and we trying to stop the catholics from using "Allah"?


  20. The Malays in Malaysia are generally very polite and tolerant Bro, that is inbuilt in our culture for better or for worse. Tolerance is not a weakness it is a virtuous trait. Regretfully some people make use of the Malay tolerance to muck around with our sensitivities.

    But woe betide those who pushed the Malays into a wall and no room to breath, the Malays are also associated with the word "amok" meaning "uncontrollabe rage".You sure do not like to be around a Malay when he is very angry.I don't.

  21. Agreed brother. Like the proud Malays who carried the cow's head (an animal holy to the Hindu religion) in their aggressive protest against a temple relocation near their area, with the same excuses the far-right are making in Europe. And this same group of Malays uttering threats against all Malaysians, threats of blood and May 13.

    Is it the same great Malays who banned the building of the Ma Tzu statue in Sabah because it is too near a mosque?

    Is it the same great Malays who confiscated Bahasa Indonesia bibles in Kota Kinabalu airport meant for the consumption of Sabah and Sarawak Christians? Even your mentor, Tun Mahathir admitted that the usage of Allah by Christians in Borneo predates the creation of Malaysia. Therefore I am puzzled as to who gave the authority to West Malaysians to impose their standards upon the BUMIPUTRAS of Borneo?

    I have a few questions for you brother (and your "friends"):

    1) Do you agree that Borneo was never a part of the historical Tanah Melayu?

    2) Do you agree that the majority race in Sabah and Sarawak are not Malays?

    3) Do you agree that Ketuanan Melayu does not apply in East Malaysia?

    4) Do you agree that West Malaysian Malays have no right to claim themselves as the BUMIPUTRA (princes of the soil) in Sabah and Sarawak?

    5) Do you agree that Indonesian Christians, Sabahan Christians, and Sarawakian Christians have been using the word Allah since at least the 19th century?

    6) Do you agree that they are published versions of the Bible in Bahasa Melayu and Bahasa Indonesia that predates the formation of Malaysia?

    7) Do you agree that the Sarawak and Sabah Christians that have been worshiping in Malay and using the term Allah should now change the way they worship because of threats by extremists, most of whom come from West Malaysia?

    8) Do you agree that Muslims who have threatened people with death, jihad and violence (either verbally or in written form) should be prosecuted by the law?

    9) Do you disagree that there have been Muslims who have been making threats as implied in question 8?

    10) If you answered yes to question 9, would you like me to send you incontrovertible proof?

    11) After viewing the proof, would your stand on question 8 and 9 change?

    12) If you agreed with Tun Mahathir's statement, do you then agree with the Home Ministry's action in seizing Bahasa Indonesia bibles flown to Kuching from Indonesia?

    13) If you agreed with the Home Minsitry's decision, then do you agree that you are interfering in the BUMIPUTRA Christians worship of their religion?

    14) Do you think the Malays are so stupid, easily duped and weak willed to be duped by The Herald?

    I await your answers with bated breath. Then again, better not as I have to go to work tomorrow.

  22. Anonymous11:04 pm

    what's going on to all Malaysians today? Petty things fight until years in court. Pure childish. To our fellow Christians just use the word Tuhan instead of Allah in your translation.

    Otherwise just change to Paklah, easy and it comes with lots of idea or corridor.


    Peace lover Malaysians

  23. Anonymous12:56 am

    Dengan Nama Bapak, Anak Bapak Yang Lelaki, dan Hantu Suci...

    Maka pakiam pun mula lah mengajar matematik nya kepada melayu melayu yang bodoh.

    Satu Campur Satu Campur Satu, jawabnya Satu. Tak pandai pandai si melayu ni!! Si pakiam ni, orang puteh ajar sekali je dah tau!! cepat tangkap!

    melayu memang bodoh matematik

    Jesus kalau masih hidup, sure kagum lah dgn pakiam ni! genius.

    -broken & permanently damaged maths brain-

  24. Anonymous1:00 am

    waktu tuhan jadi jesus sibuk jadi manusia, campur dengan manusia, nak selamatkan manusia, siapa agaknya yang kena jaga alam semesta, matahari bulan bintang?

    kalau jesus tu tuhan, mak dia lagi terer! mak tuhan beb!! mak tuhan boleh sepak tempeleng anak dia yang tuhan tu, anytime. sap sap sue...

    adohai pakiam...

    -jangan bagi malu sama gua la-

  25. Which is worse:

    1. Banning an architectural structure?

    2. Banning people who wish to convert to another religion from doing so?

    Malaysia may not ban certain types of architecture.

    But then again, Switzerland does not disallow 'foreign' religions from converting its 'native' populace.

    What's worse? Getting in the way of architecture, or of someone's personal beliefs?

  26. Anonymous6:43 am

    Dear Mingxhin..

    do you agree if I call you an a**hole??

    Answer my questions also

    DO YOU AGREE IF SABAH AND SARAWAK ARE NOT PART OF MALAYSIA (maybe part of Indonesia and Filipina)they will be worst than today??

    Look at Pulau Gaya and Pontianak..after that..you want me to slap your face or not??

    tak sedar diuntung!!!


  27. Anonymous6:47 am

    if dumbas swiss want to ban minarets they should also tear down any medieval gothic structures which are heavily influenced by minarets. Something the crusaders borrowed during their murderous rampage in the mideast.

  28. The Swiss put it into a vote but you spins it as if the Swiss made a threat.
    So an Indian was stabbed in Australia over a racial issue.
    Do you know that African students are beaten,stabbed and murdered here just because they are blacks.
    How can a muslim stands up right to defend Allah but promotes corruption, racism , violence and the Internal security act?

  29. Anonymous8:21 am

    Most informed people all over know that the Oz incidents are mainly one off crimes against students which happen to be Indians. The perpertrators are not even whites.

    RESURGENT India has thousands of students now doing higher studies in Oz and there are bound to be such incidents,others ethnics have also been victims .

    Hundreds of thousands of Indian students now going yearly to USA,UK and Europe have smooth stays.
    This is the same for the hundreds of thousands of Indians already working/living in these places.

    God bless the Ozzies also.


  30. Orang Islam terustama di Malaysia sebenarnya takut dengan bayang bayang mereka sendiri.

  31. bro,
    in my blog, i wrote -

    Semalam saya mengambil sedikit masa berbual dengan seorang rakan beragama Kristian. Saya tanyakan kepadanya, "adakah aqidah seorang Kristian akan terpesong sekiranya perkataan `God' digantikan dengan `Tuhan'?" Katanya tidak. Saya tanyakan kepadanya lagi, "semasa dia berdoa, apakah perkataan yang digunakan?" Jawabnya, dia berdoa dalam bahasa Inggeris dan memulakan doanya dengan perkataan `Lord'.

    Sebelum itu, kelmarin saya telah `post'kan di Facebook (FB) saya "ada sejumlah orang yang menyatakan bahawa di Sabah dan Sarawak, perkataan Allah sudah lama digunakan. Semakan saya dengan rakan-rakan di Sabah menunjukkan pertamanya, dalam sebutan orang Kristian di sana, mereka masih menggunakan menyebut Tuhan mereka sebagai `God', `Lord' dan `Jesus' (bukan ISA?!!!). Kedua, jika adapun yang digunakan oleh pribumi, adalah perkataan `Alah' atau Tuan Alah (bukan Allah). Ketiga, (walaupun ramai yang tidak mahu prejudis dengan tujuan kenapa Gereja Katolik bersungguh-sungguh mahu menggunakan perkataan Allah) semasa ia mula digunakan di Sabah dan Sarawak dulu, adakah kerana di dalam Bible (yang dibawa oleh missionaries ketika itu) menggunakan perkataan Allah? Tidak, tetapi tujuan perkataan ini digunakan adalah untuk meng`Kristian'kan pribumi dengan lebih mudah."


    i mentioned tht;

    Seorang rakan FB dari Oxford, United Kingdom, Abdillah Noh menulis dalam ruang `Discussion' menyebut secara logiknya, keputusan itu betul, "tetapi Allah adalah perkataan Arab bagi Tuhan., digunakan oleh orang-orang Arab tanpa mengira agama dalam konteks dunia Arab. Ia merupakan budaya dan `Arabic'". Soalnya kemudian, "apakah tujuan memfailkan untuk kebenaran menggunakan nama `Allah' apabila tiada yang dipertimbangkan selepas lebih 50 tahun kemerdekaan negara? Kenapa `Allah' digunakan dalam konteks budaya yang jelas bukan Arab. Adakah tujuannya untuk menyakitkan? Salah guna? Mengelirukan? Menghina? Lebih buruk lagi memperlekehkan? Sedihnya ada komuniti di Malaysia yang berterusan membina institusi yang memusnahkan daripada membina sikap saling mempercayai"

    to read more -

  32. Anonymous11:12 am

    1) Do you agree that Borneo was never a part of the historical Tanah Melayu?
    - Not with u idiot. It was once a part of Kesultanan Melayu Brunei (Sarawak) & Kesultanan Melayu Sulu (Sabah). Its a Tanah Melayu of course be it under Brunei or Malaysia. Read history.

    2) Do you agree that the majority race in Sabah and Sarawak are not Malays?
    - They're not race idiot. Its called ethnic..go study the different between RACE & ETHNIC..then only you understand why yourself deserved to be called pendatang when associating yourself to Chinese or Indians.

    3) Do you agree that Ketuanan Melayu does not apply in East Malaysia?
    - Melayu there already long time ago become tuan , thanx to the not so much disturbance caused by the ultra chingkies & hindulens. Everybody there acknowledged & speaks bahasa melayu unlike the pendatangs in West Malaysia.

    4) Do you agree that West Malaysian Malays have no right to claim themselves as the BUMIPUTRA (princes of the soil) in Sabah and Sarawak?
    - Do you think there is no malays in East Malaysia, idiot?

    5) Do you agree that Indonesian Christians, Sabahan Christians, and Sarawakian Christians have been using the word Allah since at least the 19th century?
    - Allah existed before any mortal exist..so if it was there long time enough, tell us all what terms they used to refer & differetiate between: 1) The Father 2) The Son 3) The Holy Spirit before 19th century?

    Only these can be contained with factual answers.. the rest are just personal ultra sentiments rubbish not intellectually worth to response..

    If someone threaten to kill you, just lodge a police report, stupid!
    Its under Kanun Keseksaan. Ancaman/ugutan.. so far nobody die yet after the ancaman & ugutan..

    The same also can be applied for those who provoke & create unrest among the society at large under Akta Hasutan.
    I think you already know who were fit to be charged under that one. And so far a lot of people already piss off with these people.

    You see idiot..both action are inter-related..


  33. Anonymous1:56 pm

    llah means more than just GOD...

    The word Allah in Islam means the One and Only God, the Maker and Creator of the bigger things; like entire Universe, and to the smallest of all things, that can be seen by naked eyes.

    The word Allah in Islam means the One and Only God, who do not need anything or dependent on others. He shall say, Be and it will Be.

    The word Allah in Islam, means, the One and Only God that DOES NOT beget, nor is He begotten. tidak beranak, dan tidak diberanak kan. Kalau ada anak, atau di lahirkan oleh manusia, binatang, atau apa apa makhluk sekali pun, he or she or it, is NOT Allah.

    Allah in Islam is Eternal, is Absolute, and NONE is like Him.

    Is GOD is Christian means the same? Does Allah means the same as in the Quran?

    -i dont think so-

  34. Anonymous4:40 pm

    Bahagian 1

    In blasphemy indeed are those that say that Allah is Christ the son of Mary. Say: “Who then hath the least power against Allah, if His will were to destroy Christ the son of Mary, his mother, and all every - one that is on the earth? For to Allah belongeth the dominion of the heavens and the earth, and all that is between. He createth what He pleaseth. For Allah hath power over all things.”

    Maka berhujahlah seorang bomoh ilmu hitam tua bangka pukimak yang mengelarkan dirinya Tok Guru bahawa senya Kaffirun Kristian laknatullah berhak menggunakan kalimah suci “Allah” dalam upacara mereka. Kerana menurutnya mereka adalah ahlul kitab yang sama mewarisi syariat Ibrahim. Wahai bangsat yang hanya mengaji separa kain, kenyataan mu itu dengan sendirinya memurtadkan kamu dan kini darah kamu halal kerana mencerca Islam dengan mempersendakan kalimah “Allah” sehalal mana engkau satu ketika dulu menisbatkan penyembelihan sesame Muslim dengan amanat kepala butoh hang.. Tidak fahamkah bahawa Ibrahim (as) adalah Islam sepertimana Musa (as), Isa (as) hatta Adam (as) sekalipun. (Surah Ali imran Ayat: 84 ). Jadi gerangan bagaimana Kristian yang menyembah patung Mary dan menjunjung Salib itu dibolehkan menggunakan kalimah “Allah”, satu . Jangan porakperandakan akidah kerana kepentingan politik wahai bangsat! Orang Kristian sekarang adalah musyrikin bukan seperti Kristain yang menghuni Hijaz semasa zaman Salman Al-Farisi. Seiringan dengan itu nas, dalil maupun logik akal akan mewartakan bahawa pengikut Ibrahinm(as) bukanlah Yahudi atau Kristian tetapi ISLAM seperti nabi junnungan mereka sepertimana pengikut Noh(as), Musa (as) Yakub(as) Yusuf(as), Yahya(as), hatta Isa (as) yang digelar Hawariyun itu. (cuba lihat Surah Al’ Maidah Ayat 111)

    Juga disana terdapat dalam Sirah Nubuwwah dan banyak nukilan lain bahawa Rasul junjungan kita Muhammad (Saw) adalah berketurunan Hanif (hunafa) golongan yang berpegang kepada tauhid dan kalimah Allah sejajar dengan hadis yang berbunyi “tidak akan kiamat alam ini selagi ada manusia yang melafazkan kalimah suci la’ilah a’ il’ allah (tiada tuhan melainkan Allah). Kalimah yang dengan gamplang mengisyaratkan hanya Allah yang Esa dan tiada yang lain melainkanNya. Lantas bertitik tolak dari ungkapan syahadah ini jualah, pacal ingin bertanya kepada bangsat samada sejak bila mereka yang mengamal ajaran sesat berpandukan syariat songsang dikira berhak mengunakkan kalimah Allah dalam akidah dan upacara mereka. Bukankah mereka telah menolak Allah sebagai R’ab mereka seperti dalam puluhan Surah dala AlQuranul karim, jadi mengapa mereka terkontang kanting mencari kembali kalimah mulia ini? Ingin taubat? Mempermainkan Islam ala alaf baru? Surah Ali Imran, Surah Maryam , Surah AlMaidah dan banyak lagi Surah, ayat serta hadis telah mengisyaratkan pada kita bahawa perbuatan golongan Kristian adalah dilaknat Allah malah oleh Nabi Isa (as) sendiri namun seorang tok guru bahlul beria-ia sangat nak menghalalkannya demi kepentingan politiknya. Mungkin PukiMak (memetik Shahnon Ahmad) Tok Guru sudah menjadi pengikut ajaran Bahai atau Ayah Pin yang terbit dari negerinya dan serban serta jubah dan Islam berdegar2nya dimimbar hanyalah pendustaan syaitaniah buat mengelirukkan umat akhir zaman seperti yang disabdakan dalam sebuah hadis mutawatir (yang sanadnya tidak dipersoalkan) yang bermaksud: “……..telah keluar dari Islam mereka seperti anak panah keluar dari busurnya” melalui ungkapan dan perilaku mereka dan satu lagi sabda yang bermaksud : mereka kafir munafik yang engkau harus pancung sesungguhnya mereka murtad sebelum ucapan mereka melewati halkum”

    Perwira 231

  35. Anonymous4:45 pm

    Bahagian 2
    Maka berkeriuklah seekor kaldai bangsat dari Shah Alam yang kalimah Allah bisa diguna oleh kaffirun dengan alasan mengekang penggunaan kalimah tersebut adalah tidak wajar kerana ia seolah2 menghadkan kebesaran dan kemuliaan Rabul Al’amin kepada golongan Muslim sahaja serta memberi gambaran bahawa ada agama dan tuhan-tuhan lain lantaran pengekangan tersebut. Maka saya nak tanya sedikit kepada balaci Kristian dan pemuja berhala gajah ini samada pernah mengaji tak bahawa alam semesta ini Muslim seperti yang jelas dalam Surah: Ali Imran ayat: 83 maupun dari Surah AlFatihah Ayat 2 yang di bacakan dalam solat setiap hari. (Oh ya ….saya terlupa, babi ini tidak bersolat jauh sekali berwudhu. Ia duk menghisap batang sami dikuil hindu.manakala waktu lain ia mencuci jamban gereja dan dok ditibai punggungnya oleh paderi sana sambil meneguk tuak gereja). Berdasarkan surah2 tersebut dan akal fikiran sihat sudah tentu kalimah ini berhak digunapakai oleh yang Muslim sahaja yang memperakui keesaan Allah azza wa jalla. Bukankah ayat 29 tadi dengan jelas menyatakan bahawa segala makhluk dibumi selain manusia adalah Muslim dengan menisbatkan bahawa manusia diberi pilihan samada akur seperti makhluk yang lain atau ingkar seperti Iblis. Dan disana apabila sudah ingkar, maka tergugurlah ia dari naungan dan belas kasihan Allah dan tergolonglah ia sebagai pengikut Iblis. Kenapa tidak menjadikan “iblis” itu terjemahannya, lebih sesuaikan begitu? Apapun terjemahan untuk God dalam Bible laknatullah adalah tuhan, Father = Bapa sekalipun enggan menggunakan Jehovah dan engkau wahai barua adalah pondan laknatullah yang merupakan Tipu Sultan kafir akhir zaman kerana menyorokkan kebenaran yang tersirna gamplang disini :
    “Jehovah (pronounced /dʒɨˈhoʊvə/) is a proper name of God. It is a transliteration of Hebrew יְהֹוָה‎, a vocalization of the sacred Tetragrammaton יהוה, the name that, according to the Bible, God revealed to his people. יְהֹוָה appears 6,518 times in the traditional Masoretic Text, in addition to 305 instances of יֱהֹוִה (Jehovih). The earliest available Latin text to use a vocalization similar to Jehovah dates from the 13th century.
    Dan disini:

    This form, already in use by Roman Catholic authors such as Ramón Martí, achieved wide use in the translations of the Protestant Reformation. In the 1611 King James Version, Jehovah occurred seven times. In the 1901 American Standard Version, it was still the regular English rendition of יהוה, in preference to "the LORD". It is also used in Christian hymns such as the 1771 hymn, "Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah".

    Kedua2 babi Pengamal Agama Syaitan ini lupa bahawa meskipun tuhan Ibrahim (as) itu sememangnya Allah azza wa jalla, hakikatnya Ibrahim(as) itu Islam yang bukan Yahudi, Nasarah maupun Hindu atau Buddha.. Anih sungguh bergelar tok guru dan alim tetapi apabila nafsu serakah kuasa mengabui mata, kedua-dua pukimak bangsat shit ini terlondeh kain sarong dan sahlah keduanya golongan Pengikut Ajaran Sesat yang tidak berteloq maupun berkhatan lagi tidak bermaruah. Kepala butoh pak dan juboh mak hang kerana melahirkan babi penghisap batang bacul macam kalian kedunia ini.

    Perwira 231

  36. Anonymous7:41 pm

    Bahagian 3

    Begitu juga wahai pariah sami katholik bangsat, yang tanpa segan silu meliwat kepercayaan kultusnya semata-mata hendak mengaibkan penganut Islam dan memutarbelitkan akidah mereka . Barua engkau babi sial yang boleh menterjemah setiap ungkapan tetapi bertegar mengunakkan kalimah Allah bagi tujuan jahat. Babi sial engkau anak luar nikah haram kejadah yang faham bahawa semua orang tahu apa itu “tuhan” seperti dalam “kepercayaan pada tuhan”. Kenapa tidak gunakan kata tuhan yang generic itu atau paling tidak Jehovah wahai babi kerana disana Jehovah dikenali umum dalam Injil palat engkau sebagai merujuk kepada syaitan yang engkau puja. Aku nak tanya engkau dan pemuja Syaitan yang dua ekor diatas.: ENGKAU NAK GUNA KALIMAH ALLAH….KENAPA TIDAK ENGKAU JUGA GUNA KALIMAH ISA UNTUK JESUS…WALHAL JESUS ADALAH PADANAN ISA, DAN JESUS DISEBUT YOSHUA DALAM BAHASA ARAMAIC, ESAU DALAM BAHASA IBRANI JADI KENAPA TIDAK KAMU TERJEMAH JUGA NAMA JESUS ITU, WAHAI PUKIMAK BANGSAT HARAM KEJADAH, KAU TAKUT KEBENARAN AKAN TERSIRNA ? KECUT TELOQ YANG AJARAN SESAT ENGKAU AKAN TERKUBUR? BUKANKAH BEGITU KEPARAT BARUA SHIT PUKIMAK. LAGI KAU SENDIRI KELIRUKAN WAHAI BABI KERANA JIKA SYAITAN YANG DIPUJA MU ITU DIBERI NAMA JESUS, MACAM MANA PULAK HANTUNYA BERNAMA JESUS DAN ANAKNYA JESUS?? JESUS YANG MANA SATU KAN

    Maka melolonglah seekor beruk bangsat yang berkerjaya peguam laknatullah bahawa terlepas sudah “Allah” yang sekian lama “terkurung” memetik ungkapan dari blog laknatullahnya. Sial punya iblis laknatullah kelahiran perempuan jalang sundal malam. Babi ini menggunakan blognya untuk mempersenda dan mempermainkan kalimah suci serta Islam dari dulu lagi. Wahai bangsat, hipokrit munafik, pemuja berhala, penjilat dubur babi Cina dan penghisap batang paderi katholik dan penyembah Ayah Pin laknatullah bagi sendaan awak ini jawapannya- aku cabar engkau, keparat, baca ayat-ayat ini : Ali Imran dari ayat 60- 89 dan untuk senda gurau keparat engkau wahai banjingan yang terbit dari juboh sundal malam, perbuatanmua adalah mirip ayat ini:

    3: 78
    There is among them a section who distort the Book with their tongues: (As they read) you would think it is a part of the Book, but it is no part of the Book; and they say, “That is from Allah,” but it is not from Allah: It is they who tell a lie against Allah, and (well) they know it!

    Dan kepada betina pengunjung kuil yang cakap merapu tanpa usul periksa, tahukah kau tentang hadis mubahalah. Hadis mubahalah? Gerangan apa mendenya itu, bukan begitu pada dirimua yang jahil.? Mengaji setakat lubang puki tapi cakap tentang Islam bak lidah tak bertulang, muka tak malu lagi tak sedaq diri. Ini dia mukadimah untuk apa dia hadis mubahalah :


    lepas itu pegi jenguk kitab-kitab muktabar tentang kisah itu dan bagaimana Nabi mengendalikan urusan dengan Kristian maupun Yahudi, puki sial punya betina jalang. Dan untuk mukadimah perbincangan wahai sundal bolong, ini ayat berkenaan:

    If any one disputes in this matter with thee, now after (full) knowledge Hath come to thee, say: “Come! let us gather together,- our sons and your sons, our women and your women, ourselves and yourselves: Then let us earnestly pray, and invoke the curse of Allah on those who lie!” ( 3: 61)

    Bukankah, Allah menolak karut marut yang selain deen sebenar, yakni, Islam dalam surah :3 Ayat: 19. Dan bukankah Allah mengistibatkan KeesaanNya melalui surah Al-Ikhlas dimana dengan gamplang dan jelas tertolak sama sekali segala bentuk shirik buatan manusia samada dari polytheisma Hindu. dan Taoisma maupun Trinity ala Kristian Katholik. Dan bukankah Al-kafirun dengan jelas mengisyaratkan pemisahan agama, yang hak dari yang batil?

    Perwira 231

  37. Anonymous7:51 pm

    wahai perwira 231, Allah u Akbar!! terlihatlah kita akan sebenar siapa mereka mereka ini!!

    demi kuasa dan politik, mereka memutarkan agama, untuk keperluan diri, membenarkan yg batil, dan menjual roh roh mereka!!

    moga moga kita dilindungi Allah daripada terjerumus seperti mereka. Mari kita lihat apa terjadi pada mereka atas penjualan agama mereka secara wholesale ini!!

    -halal bagiku-

  38. Anonymous7:56 pm

    Bahagian 4
    Kecelaruan babi-babi diatas tersirna apabila seekor lagi babi mengatakan perlunya garis panduan dua hari setelah dengan angkuhnya menyatakan kalimah itu boleh digunakkan kafir katholik pemuja berhala. Dei pundek, sah kau gila meroyan, mainan licik kau boleh dibau dari 10 kilometer jauh, wahai lanchiau shit. Kenapa perlu garispanduan, macam mana nak kuatkuasakan, berdasarkan apa garispanduan itu, kitab mana diguna pakai..kalau pakai Al-Quran, sudikah bangsat katholik terima kita mengawal/menentukan akidah mereka. Bukankah mudah kalau benda ini tidak timbul langsung. Bodoh punya Wahabi, nak dapat pujian umum tapi otak letak celah kangkang. Berambuslah puki mak anjing bangsat yang rela menyorok kebenaran untuk sepinggan nasi dan sebakul ringgit.

    Talawandi Singh, Muniandy koki, Tong Sam Pah dan Peter Focker boleh memuja dan memanggil tuhan mereka Allah tetapi ungkapan mereka adalah sia2 dan berunsur mempersenda kerana syariat yang mereka anuti dan ajaran yang mereka pegang adalah shirk dan dusta semata-mata dan mengaitkan nama Allah yang Maha Suci kepada kebobrokan dan kebejatan moral akidah songsang mereka adalah ibarat menepuk dulang air terpercik kemuka sendiri. Wajarkah kita sebagai orang Islam yang berjiwa mukmin membenarkan kalimah ini dipermainkan begitu dengan dibaurkan dengan ajaran-ajaran shirk dan kultus syataniah? Adakah patut orang yang bergelar Islam mengiakan kehinaan ini? Ada yang kata Indonesia buat, tapi bukankah Islam disana sudah bercampuradukhaknya dengan yang batil dan kapiak boleh sebumbung dengan yang bergelar Islam. Begitu juga di Sabah dan Sarawak dimana pegangan akidah amat rapuh sekali.

    Umat Islam dan saudara Muslim kalian, kita sedang berdepan dengan golongan musyrikin kaffirun yang amat mencabar kesabaran kita. Ini adalah akibat kealpaan kita semata-mata dan penggantungan kita kepada ULARMAK yang hanya mementingkan kepentingan duniawi dan melupakan ukhrawi. Pacal bukanlah mukmin contoh teladan tetapi pacal tidak pernah menggembiri akal fikiran yang dikurnai Allah dan yang disebut Saidina Ali (as) sebagai karunia permata Allah yang paling berharga buat umat manusia. Begitu juga, pacal tidak pernah menjual akidah untuk pitih haram kejadah. Menerusi akallah, manusia mendekati Khaliqnya sepertimana Ibrahim (as) menggunakan pemikiran deduktif lagi kritikal untuk menolak segala bentuk objek alamiah (bulan, bintang, batu dsbnya) sebagai tuhannya lantaran menerima wahyu dan petunjuk Allah azza wa jalla. Disana juga kalau kita meneliti dengan akal yang sihat berpandukan wahyu maka gamplang sudah akan kejadian manusia, cakerawala, ekonomi dan seribu satu hal lain. Pokok pangkalnya, keceluparan Ularmak dan munafik bermaharajalela membolot pandangan diatas isu ini bertitik tolak dari keenganan kita berfikir secara kritikal dan analitik menilai yang hak dan batil. Ini adalah natijah penguasaan golongan Ularmak sesat dan munafik yang menisbatkan bahawa akal tidak boleh diguna bagi memahami agama dan secara halus menidakkan kebebasan kita berfikir berpandukan nas dan dalil bagi memahami segala hikmah Allah baik dalam kitab maupun dari alamiah yang luas terbentang. Pendekkata, kita tanpa sedar taklid kepada orang lain sekaligus menyerahkan diri untuk diperkotak katik oleh syaitan2 munafik dan kafir yang menjadi Pengamal Ajaran Sesat dan konconya Pemusnah Kesatuan Rakyat yang menggunakan kealpaan itu untuk merosakkan akidah,memecahbelahkan umat dan menyerahkan agama suci serta hak pribumi kita untuk menjadi mainan anjing-anjing kafir, yang dok menyalak dalam kandang Dajjal Anti-Perpaduan. Kalau pemerintah menegakkan undang2 ISA dan bertindak tegas seperti zaman negarawan Tun Dr M, sudah tentu anjing dan babi ini akan dok senyap menjilat butoh dan juboh masing2 Ayuh, humban anjing dan babi ini kedalam neraka jahanam dalam pemilu 13 dengan mengundi pejuang-pejuang hak Melayu/Islam yang bakal menjelma melalui satu partai baru, inshaallah dan biarkan anijing dan babi ini merasa natijah perbuatan keji mereka melalui siksaan perit diperut jahanam.

    Perwira 231

  39. Anonymous4:14 am

    pewira 231 & bro rocky,

    based on his comments, do u think it's right for you to publish such statements? Have you seen such comments from anyone else against yourself or any religion? Pewira 231, your comments surely state your mentality. Pls grow up. it's not called for. dun be a pussy publishing your statement in blogs.!! set up a press conference, say it all out. let us see the face of this pussy who thinks knows better than everyone. come on pewira 231, takkan le pandai tulis je, cakap depan org ramai. biar org tau siapa kaki hasut may 13.. pls for peace sake stop tis trash talking. wait till the COA decides. and trust me if the court decide to favour you guys, we won't be doing this trash talking and demos.. cuz we want the best for our kids, our future. anyway wasting my time talking to person who defends his religion tapi perangai macam non muslim. have a beer on me mate!! hujung minggu nanti pow numbor u 2310.. gerenti menang mate!!

    Amazed second class citizen

  40. skilgannon10664:09 pm

    Perwira 231 (aka Warrior XXX)

    Your point being what, exactly, apart from a case of posting diarrhea?

    If you want to debate theology, then address your arguments to Roman Catholic theologians. I am sure that there are several who can debate facts and historical antecedents with you.

    Better yet, put together an op-ed piece and send it to major Catholic newspapers such as The Tablet or the National Catholic Reporter for publication. Invite rebuttals in the spirit of academic and faith-based discourse.

    Why pontificate in this blog when there could possibly be a whole wide world of Catholic newspapers and media out there waiting to publish your views?

    Because, I suspect, that you and your ilk are nursing the mother of all inferiority complexes and are seizing on such issues to create a tenuous impression of power and superiority (only in Malaysia, mind you), when, in the real world, you will be relegated to the sidelines of regional secularism.

    The jihadists and the obscurantists were initially seduced by the siren calls of fundamentalism. And what have they been reduced to?

  41. Catholic ni sisa gereja rome purba, Iaitu universal church of rome yang wujud dari zaman sebelum nab Isa. Bila konstantin adopt cristianity dia pun masukkan benda mengarut ajaran god and goddes of ancient rome dalam agama catholic tu maka jadilah the trinity. The original christians yang mengangap Isa sebagai nabi di hapuskan dan dibunuh dan mereka pun mula mempraktik ajaran sesat mereka seperti makan babi, tak circumcise,cuti hari ahad(worship of the sun) padahal agama asal nabi musa sabbath adalah hari sabtu. Kemudian mereka pun masukkan unsur2 rome kuno seperti easter holiday, christmas etc. Padahal itu semua perayaan pagan. December 25 adalah winters solstice yang mana matahari seletelah 3 hari terbenam muncul semula. Dari fenomena natural ini lah doktrin kristian resurrected after 3 days dicipta dan tarik tersebut dikatakan tarikh lahir nabi Isa.

    Kemudian mereka menyekutukan tuhan mengatakan tuhan ada anak dan holy spirit sebagainya. Kenapa Tuhan sekira berkuasa boleh mati atas salib dan sebelum mati menjeri "oh lord why have you forsaken me?" macam orang sakit multiple personality disorder saja.

    Fast forward 2000 tahun kat asia ada lah mamat2 mentally colonized bangang pun menghias pokok pine krismas pakai costume santa tunggu salji turun di negara tropika!. Ini adalah sesuatu mental colonization yang paling bodoh pernah aku tengok. Ajaran eropah purba letak pokok krismas masa winter adalah kerana pada musim winter pokok semua "mati" luruh daun dan hanya pokok pine(evergreen) yang tak mati. Jadi mereka ingat pokok itu punya kuasa ajaib dan merekapun sembahlah pokok tu. Ajaran sesat ni pula di ikut oleh puak kristian rome dan asia minda terkongkong dan juga mangkuk hayun di negara tropika yang mana pokok sentiasa hijau. Bangang

    Setelah agama asal nabi Isa berjaya dihancurkan, sekarang mereka cuba nak serang ugama Islam pulak. Pakailah nama tuhan dalam original document kristian iaitu jehovah atau Jesus. mana ada Allah dalam original documuent Kristian. Ornag melayu guna Allah kerana itu nama asal Tuhan dalam Quran. Kita boleh translate perkataan lain tapi nama tuhan tetap Allah.
    Malah Dalam old testament ada mengatakan commandment "Thou shall not take thy lords name in vain."

    Kristian merapu ni tak de reja nak cari pasal dan mengapikan situasi. Ini bukan sebab agama, cuma nak memecah belahkan east dengan west malaysia . Ada agenda politik tersembunyi pada anasir extremis ini yang lebih penting dari Tuhan.

  42. Anonymous8:53 pm

    Eh? Who is this 2nd class citizen who sports some authority to tell what Rocky should or should not post in his blog? For your info, Warrior 231 posts with many fine points and facts, and I wouldn't mind the profanities at all, as it adds colour to his arguments. Most of all I do not mind Warrior 231 being what he is because of this.

    Skilgannon's rantings, by this time, is a regular feature, and I don't mind reading his nick EVERYTIME Warrior makes an appearance either (and of course I don't read his thesaurus-researched ramblings). He tracks Warrior 231, promising his Malaysiakini cohorts to at least dampen Warrior's vehemence, if not to impede his stampede, but of course with little effect.

    But the thing I am most worried about is the possibility that this Skilsomething BELIEVES truly in his heart that he is Warrior's equal, his peerish bane, his nemesis. I mean one can inflate one's own ability and wisdom, no doubt, but to put an extended faith in one's self whence he is absolutely less than mediocre---now isn't that something painful to watch?

    If it is, just imagine the pain of just BEING Skilgannon. So much anger, so much rage, so much envy and yet, so much .... kekurangan. Reminds me of Ahab chasing Moby Dick whence to the latter, Ahab is just another bubble in the vast ocean of wisdom. A melancholic feeling of pity trespasses across my heart but then what to do?


  43. Anonymous10:46 pm

    hehehehe... lucu sangat tengok gelagat si pewira231/warrior231 mencarut2 sambil menggunakan nama Allah dalam pos sama.

    Macam mencampukan mawar dengan berak. Stirred not shaken.

  44. Charles F Moreira4:33 am

    Good on Mr. Morand that he displays his disapproval of the referendum vote.

    Secondly, while there may be no direct proof of racial motivation of the attack on the Indian students in the form of racist symbols, graffiti or whatever, the very fact that there have been a spate of attacks on ethnic Indians suggests that that racism could be behind it, so it should not be dismissed outright.

    Time of economic distress, such as now are times when racial tensions come to the fore. I was a student in the UK during the 1970s and I well know the racial tensions between the whites and immigrants which resulted in some murders of overseas students in Bethnal Green and a Sikh youth in Southall, both in London in the summer of 1976.

    At that time, racist right wing paries such as the National Front which would deport all non-white people, including British citizens born there and the NF organised provocative marches through immigrant districts.

    That was a time of economic distress when the Labour government of Harold Wilson was forced by the IMF to reverse his promised social policies, reduction of inflation, and so on and he made a deal with union leaders on limited wage increases under what was called the Social Contract, while inflation kept on increasing.

    The pound had fallen below US$2, which was a psychological blow to British pride.

    What triggered increased racial sentiments was the case where 13 Asian immigrants arrived from Malawi after being kicked out by the Malawi Africans and not having a regular for them, Britain's social services housed them in a four-star hotel with only breakfast provided.

    The immigrants appealed to the newspapers for more welfare funds for food and especially the sensationalist right wing blew the issue up provocatively with statements such as "13,000 thousand pound per week immigrants asked for more" and so on.

    Shortly after, the two overseas students were killed in Bethnal Green and two weeks later, Gurdip Singh Chagar was killed in Southall.

    The immigrant communities reacted resulting in demonstrations and counter demonstrations by the immigrant communities, liberals and leftists on the one side and the right wing racists on the other.

    Even in my student halls of residence, where relations between students were normally civil and cordial, I could feel the tension in the air, with the anger in some of the white students bursting forth in their comments.

    Inter-racial relations improved at the economy improved and I was surprised to see the absence of racist graffiti on walls when I visited the UK in 1997 and 1999 but with the economic downturn today, latent racial animosities have risen to the fore again.

    Just visit the British National Party's website at www.bnp.org.uk

    Likewise, racial animostities have increased in the US and Continental Europe as well, just look at websites like www.vdare.com, www.frostywooldridge.com, www.eutimes.net, www.stormfront.org and so on, especially during these economically troubled times when people are losing their homes and their jobs.

    So while we have our racial and religious problems in Malaysia, which dominate public awareness and discourse, let's not imagine that all is well in these other foreign countries despite their laws against racial discrimination, policies of political correctness in the media and so on.

    In fact, the Internet has allowed expressions of racial politics to bypass these filters in the mainstream media.

    So I would not discount racist motives behind the killing of these ethnic Indian students and they appear to be carried out rather subtly.

  45. Tuan Jebat dan sdr seIslamku yang lain;

    saya tertarik dgn satu artikel yg dipostkan oleh rakan FB bernama Christian Rational di FB Menentang Penggunaan Nama Allah oleh Bukan Islam. Saya petik tulisannya;

    And papists have fallen for this blatant heresy without even asking the Holy Spirit whether such a new dogma is true or false! So, can Christians refer to the God of the Bible as "Allah"? Absolutely "NO!" for the simplest of all arguments (philosophical or otherwise) that according to the Quran of Islam (and you can also challenge the Quran (contend for this case) in court) the name "Allah" was REVEALED to their prophet Muhammad (Ahmed)" just like the name of JESUS was announced by the angel Gabriel to Mary even before He was born!! Since you have already "half-won" (almost actually) the court case (no surprise to me since the judge was a non-Muslim – what do you expect?), why don’t you challenge the claim of the Quran that the name "Allah" was revealed to Muhammad alone by Elohim/Yahweh? It is one stupid thing to poke some fun in the characters of one’s religious prophet, but to challenge the entire Islamic world that the name "Allah" was not revealed to Muhammad in circa 630AD is akin to waging a religious war with Islam. Don’t you think so?

    I mean where does it all end? You win the court case and enjoy the privilegeto use "Allah" in all your Malay Bibles, periodicals and call on the name of "Allah" each time you raise your hands in prayer of kneel down on your knees when you worship your god, Mary and the Roman Catholic ’saints’, what’s next for you? Will you then be telling the whole of Islam that "we must now come to an amicable agreement that we share the same god which we shall refer to as Allah from henceforth"? The Roman Catechism has in its so-called magestirium / dogma that Islam is actually embracing the god of Roman Cathgolicism; isn’t this a fact?

    baca artikel penuh di - http://god-is-tuhan.blogspot.com/2010/01/christians-must-judge-righteously.html

    masih adakah kristian yg rasional spt dia? kpd sdr seIslamku yg sedang melangkah ke arah kekufuran, bacalah artikel tersbut semoga terang hati dan faham apa yg dikatakan oleh Haron Din.

  46. Anonymous4:11 pm

    But the thing I am most worried about is the possibility that this Skilsomething BELIEVES truly in his heart that he is Warrior's equal, his peerish bane, his nemesis. I mean one can inflate one's own ability and wisdom, no doubt, but to put an extended faith in one's self whence he is absolutely less than mediocre---now isn't that something painful to watch?

    If it is, just imagine the pain of just BEING Skilgannon. So much anger, so much rage, so much envy and yet, so much .... kekurangan. Reminds me of Ahab chasing Moby Dick whence to the latter, Ahab is just another bubble in the vast ocean of wisdom. A melancholic feeling of pity trespasses across my heart but then what to do?


    Well skilmoron the shameless pigbrain fuckhead..hahahaha...what did i tell you before?
    Now you know how others really looked down on typical no maruah shameless perasan pandai pigface like yourself...stop syok sendiri lah idiot..you are so stupid and annoying to other people that they really feel they had to tell it off to you with words..really sickening having to bear with your stupidity..lagi tak tau malu ka?

    Like i said it before, your main problem is you don't have maruah & yet you feel its nothing wrong with that..that probably a normal trait for typical chingkie like yourself..

    You are one big joke in the history of Rocky's Bru..Skilmoron the pathetic looser.. ROTFLMAO!
    You want recognition & acknowledgement? Now you already have it..kah..kah..kah..

    p/s: hey pendatang bitch, you still owe me something, remember..?where is it bitch?

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  47. skilgannon10665:50 pm

    IsaKontot 8:53 PM

    Wassamatter - are you refusing to reply to the specific points I made in my posting of 4:09 PM?

    Let's be specific - do you support the actions of those faceless cowards (yes, I use the word "cowards") who firebombed the Metro Tabernacle church in the dead of night and who so bravely tossed a firebomb into the grounds of the Church of the Assumption in PJ? In the name of what? Protesting against the oppression of Islam in Malaysia?

    Once you answer this question, we can get on to debating other specifics. Because, once a person firebombs a house of worship, that person has crossed the line between an honest difference of opinion and criminally racist intimidation.

    Do you, or Perwira XXX or anti whatever have the guts to admit this? Or do you want the PM to make the apologies on your behalf?

  48. Frankly, I'm glad the Swiss decided to ban the new construction of minarets. Muslim countries show no no tolerance for other religions but Western nations have shown great deal of tolerance for Islam & its rapid radicalisation. I hope the USA will also racially profile Muslims because of the Nigerian X'mas Day attempted bombing of Delta airline.


  49. Anonymous1:06 am

    Dear Skilbilly, Wowee. You really stumped me there with your challenging rocket science questions, yah? I am shivering in my pants oledi not knowing how to answer.

    Hehehe. People who have less substance, have substanceless questions. Well anyway, to answer your questions, here goes:-

    Orissa police have arrested two person for allegedly throwing beef at an idol of Goddess Laxmi on Sunday. The arrested persons are Fransis Ekka and Ajit Munda. However the brother of Fransis Ekka claimed to be the main culprit. The police have also seized about two kgs of beef from near the idol. A large number of people gathered in front of Goddess Laxmi puja pandal at Bolonda vi... [Oct. 7 2009]

    plus this:-

    in Nashville Tennesee three men belonging to the Christian Identity Movement – a radical group with a Eurocentric interpretation of Christianity – have been arrested by federal agents, as suspects in connection with the burning of a mosque (masjid) called the Islamic Center of Columbia. The fire completely destroyed the mosque and a number of items such as Qur’ans, etc.. The suspects – age 19, 23 and 32 – appeared in court Monday, February 11, 2008.

    and some more:-

    The deaths of eight Christians in the town of Gojra following unsubstantiated allegations that a Christian had desecrated the Koran has both revived debate about Pakistan’s blasphemy laws and renewed worries about the potential for instability in its heartland Punjab province.-aug 4 2009

    mmm plus some bit more:-

    On the evening (time of Iftar) of Tuesday, 26.09.06, Christian “gangsters” who came to celebrate the Mesqel Damera attacked Mosques in Yebu, Haro and Dembi towns, respectively 22 km, 32 km and 100 km from the zone’s capital - Jimma town.
    In Dembi (Chalo sub-town) the attackers killed four and wounded seriously 13 Muslims who defended their mosque from being burnt. The wounded were taken and being treated in Jimma University Hospital in Jimma town. During the demonstration held yesterday (27.09.06) Muslims who are very much angered by what happened a day before and with the failure of the authorities to deliver justice to crimins being done on the values of Islam and Muslims in the country, burnt the houses of those who shot and killed/wounded their brothers in faith. Police made some arrests but those criminals who came out with gun are still out there.
    In the others two towns - Yebu and Haro - similar gangsters came infront of the Mosques with a pretext to burn “Chibo/Damara” and tried to attack the Mosques. However, the Muslims managed to repel them away. It is to be recalled that in Yebu Christians tried to burn the Mosque in the town. The criminals in this previous attack were released free after they were detained briefly.

    And oh yes one more thing. I purposely left these pieces without providing any references. But you know what, Skilliboy, I would urge you NOT to challenge me to provide the references. Because when I do, there's a whole lot more where that came from, and a pandora box being opened is not a pretty sight.

    And yet a great cow once said, and I quote:-

    "Once you answer this question, we can get on to debating other specifics. Because, once a person firebombs a house of worship, that person has crossed the line between an honest difference of opinion and criminally racist intimidation."


  50. Anonymous8:00 am

    i am happy they banned the pointy minarets in Swiss.

    No more loud speakers in the morning disturbing the cows making cheese & swiss butter.



  51. Dear Man/Anon 6.43 AM,

    In answer to your question - yes I agree that I am a whatever hole you want me to be. "Man" are you a small kid to resort to childish insults?

    Want to slap me? Come and slap, I am waiting for you. The Lord says when a man slaps you, do not slap him back for you will have learned to turned the other cheek. The same obviously cannot be said of you. And no The Lord I am referring to is not Nabi Isa.

    Well whatever you Tuan Semenanjung Malaysia say..however I urge you to go to Sabah and Sarawak and scream the same thing to the people there and see whether they will slap you or not?

    I do not agree that Sabah and Sarawak are not part of Malaysia. I love Sabah and Sarawak in fact and have many friends and family there. That has nothing to do with what you are trying to do now i.e. impose your decree across the South China Sea on the people of Sabah and Sarawak. Well the people there have been tolerating your bull crap for a long time, but maybe not for much longer. When that time comes that they withdraw their fixed deposit from your "tuan", don't go crying over ya, nasi sudah menjadi bubur.

    Tuan yang tak sedar diri.

  52. Dear IHATEIDIOT, your version of facts and history is so out of touch with mine that I do not even know how to begin debating with you. But to equate Dayaks and KadazanDusuns as Malays? If they are indeed sub ethnic groups of the Malay race, then why are they not categorized as Malays but as Dayaks and KadazanDusuns?

    It is you who are confused about race and ethnic. After all the Chinese don't go filling forms by stating that their race is Hakka, Hokkien, HengHua etc. That is ethnic. If according to your logic, then all Bumiputras in Sabah and Sarawak should fill up forms in the race column as Malays, but is that the reality?

    The reality is that the ethnic group within the Malay race are Bugis, Bajau, Achenese etc. and not Dayaks nor Kadazans. Please ask the KPI Minister Datuk Seri Idris Jala whether he is a Malay or a Penan?

    I known I am an idiot and I also know there are Malays in East Malaysia. They are however a minority there. Isn't Malaysia practicing the supremacy of the MAJORITY? And the majority is not Malays unless you want to count the instant Mykad Filipino Muslims in Sabah. So the MAJORITY is not Malay and that is a fact. So how ah brother?

    Well before the 19th century IHATEIDIOT, they were still practicing animist beliefs. After they converted to Christianity, the Bumiputras there borrowed the term Allah from passing Arab traders. Understand or not? Or do you need me to write a thesis for you? (Note I don't have a time to write a thesis for you actually, I have a day job).

    And congratulations to yourself IHATEIDIOT for becoming what you hated the most. You have just shown the whole world with your name callings that you are an unabashed and unashamed racist. Isn't that right my fellow ultra Chingkies and fellow Hindulens of Malaysia?

    As for not answering the rest of the questions, well that is up to you. Just because your intellect is not up to it does not make it "personal ultra sentiment rubbish". In fact your entire posting is filled with personal ultra sentiment rubbish.

    Why don't you use your real name to debate with people in the first place? And that applies to the "Man" who wants to slap me too. Don't be anonymous cowards. I'm sure you have Google Accounts and can easily create one.

    And no I have not been threatened up until "Man" wanted to slap me. I am talking about Ridhuan Tee Abdullah's Facebook group which I can't remember the name right now. They were many seditious postings there threatening to kill people and even one poster who called Nabi Isa a bastard's son. Can you believe that? Calling one of the Nabi a bastard's son. That person is a police officer by the way and his name goes by Norazlan Azman. Try FB-ing him and see.

    In the meantime, Rockybru do you see the quality of your fellow brothers? What a bloody waste of my time debating with you over emotional people. First and foremost can they debate without trying to threaten people with slapping and calling other people racist names?

    I think I shall save my time debating with you guys and gals and spend more time convincing my friends and family who have not registered to vote to do so. And spend more time telling my brothers and sisters in Sabah and Sarawak to spread the message back to their homeland. See you at the ballot box.

  53. Anonymous9:22 am

    vinnan 4:28 PM said...

    ...WTF do you UMNO fuc;[' call forcing churches to look like factories and forcing churches to operate frm shoplots by denying church groups the permits to build new churches.

    Hoi AhKow Thambi... dekat kawasan aku ada church besar, atas bukit lagi.. TAPI...

    Itu Protestant and Catholics dont want to friend friend one,mau masuk sama church pun mau gaduh2...

    Make up your minds laa...

    Lu olang follower mat salleh christian dari Britain ker atau mat salleh christian dari Rome? Nanti mai Mat Salleh christian dari America pulak, kamu demand mau follow church American version pulak...

    Mau sembahyang sama lu punya Jesus pun memilih tempat!!


  54. Anonymous1:05 pm

    again skilmoron..?

    The all-time greatest non substance pigbrain idiot in the desperate attempt to look smart..

    Where else you get to see this pure pigbrain chingkie in action..only in Rocky's Bru..

    At this rate of stupidity demonstrated by this poor soul, a response to this decaying pigbrain would be totally unnecessary..this pigbrain already mental bankrupt.

    Purely no substance..he is now desperately pumping hard from his rectum to fill in his empty cranium cavity..that probably the only substance left for him to show everyone..pigshit! hahaha..Dirty & filthy mind indeed..yuck!


    Pathetic pigface chingkie.

    Burn bitch..burn..burn to hell for all i care..kah..kah..kah..!

    :D muhahahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  55. Anonymous6:01 pm

    mingxhin 9:53 AM

    Apek, you apa banyak cerita sini?

    Saya punya Abang ipar Kadazan Catholic, sudah convert 25tahun Islam. Lia keluarga amak ayah masih catholics tapi mayak kamcheng sama gua mak ayah Islam, tapi tadar bising2 maciam lu olang!!

    Gua bestfriends kat UiTM, Christians jugak, Dayak dan Orang Sungai 1972 dulu kaw kaw patriotic MALAYSIANS. Selalu ketawa sama lu olang, Bahasa Kebangsaan pun lu olang tatak faham..

    Itu Kit Siang, Karpal,Teresa Kok sama gang ciakap Bahasa Malaysia dalam Parliamen tatak telus.. lia olang sakit perut ketawa bah!!

    Bagus gua panggil lia olang sini mali datang ajar sama lu olang maciam mana mau ciakap Bahasa Kebangsaan dulu and be a TRUE MALAYSIANS.

    Ini bahasa Negala Tamil Naidu sama Tongsan ciakap punya olang mau kasi ajar sama lia olang ker? TATAK MALU KER? Lu manyiak hamsap lor...


  56. Anonymous7:44 pm

    Quote..."According to David Barrett et al, editors of the "World Christian Encyclopedia: A comparative survey of churches and religions - AD 30 to 2200," there are 34,000 separate Christian groups in the world today. "Over half of them are independent churches that are not interested in linking with the big denominations."

    Sesama pengikut Protestant pun tamau friend friend...Nah berapa jenis Church yang mau kasi sedap lu olang kat Malaysia?

    Row shop aku, Sunday, ajer ramai tamby minachi gerek speaking guna topfloor shoplot jadi Gereja.

    Jiran Christian aku, chongchiang speaking, sekadar rumah 200meter, tapi sanggup travel 16km, pasai katanya itu bukan Church dia olang sembah Jesus?

    Sama Christians tapi satu Church pun tamau kongsi? Apa semua ini?

    Ini perkataan "ALLAH" I am sure within themselves mesti bercakar2, mau bertumbuk sesama, ada nak nak, ada pulak yang tak tak tarak mau..

    This Fire thingy, besar kemungkinan sesama mereka yang buat khianat ini semua...