Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A brief diversion, Bursa hits trillion mark

Trillion thriller. Looks like the good old days, feels like the good old days, but is it the good old days?


  1. It will attract retail investors, those aunties and uncles to go in again and then it will flop. History repeats itself, share market is the place where the smart guys, big sharks make money on the expense of the ordinary people following the trend.

  2. This time around everything feels fake....like Meg Ryan in WHen harry Met Sally

  3. Lets hope its not a manouver to lulled us and catch us off guard

  4. We better take the trillion but just go to hell with the politicians!

  5. oxymoron1:11 am

    "bursa hits trillion mark."

    for sure that will be the headline for tomorrow's newspaper. and that is a clear sign of investors' vote of confidence on Najib's administration, bla, bla, bla. Or worst, Azman mokhtar and Khazanah has done well to turnaround the GLCs, and all those KPI, NKRAP, and what not.....

    Somehow malaysia always used this stupid stockmarket barometer as a measure of how things are on the ground. Thanks to TS NMY. But in actual fact, people on the street are struggling to survive.

    Im sure some "invisible" hand out there has been instructing all the government institutional funds like EPF, PNB, Tabung Orgy, and Valuecrap to agressively buy into the market, allowing the foreigners to happilly exiting Malaysia's market. Talking about short term gain for long term pain.

    Totally oxymoron!

    Instead of wasting buying into market, they should have spent taxpayers' money into better education, healthcare, etc.

    Kecik kecik tak nak mampus, bila dah tua jadik menteri menyusahkan org!

  6. Anonymous1:38 am


    Meg Ryan jangan lah bro... In the movie she is perfect...And the movie too was perfect. Actually she is perfect in every way... Meg tu tak bersalah bro ;p

    Penanak Nasik

  7. Anonymous8:27 am

    This is investor confidence.
    As long as investors see a healthy economic climate, despite almost two equal political forces trying to outdo each other, then all is well.

    That is happening in India, UK and the other developed countries.

    Its only in this beloved country of ours, where the ruling party in the centre wants to take credit for such developments and use it politically against its opponent.

    If only, this trend stops...things will be so much encouraging for foreign investors.

    But will the ruling party understand such dynamics?

    I doubt.


  8. Anonymous9:55 am

    Ayoyo why do you think as of January 1, 2010 any USD10,000 equivalent and above in whatever currency and form coming in out and out of Malaysia thru any physical check point needs to be declared with customs?

    BNM most probably have detected hot moneylah..... Some people never learn...this is another repeat of the 1997/1998. The percursor of a bigger collapse.

    Keturunan Jebat

  9. Shah Firdaus9:55 am

    the market capitalization may have hit the trillion mark but in terms of ranking it has fallen behind other leading Asian stock exchange...

    in 1996,the BSKL was the THIRD biggest in Asia in terms of market capitalization only behind the Nikkei and the Hang Seng,

    but now BSKL has fallen to the No.9 ranking and even the SGX(Singapore)has a bigger market capitalization

  10. Anonymous10:13 am

    Ah...so there is where all that 1 Malaysia unit trust money went.

  11. Anonymous11:12 am

    "Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) sergeant N Tharmendran, 42, and company director Rajandran Prasad Kusy, 38, were today charged in the Petaling Jaya Sessions Court in connection with the missing two RMAF F-5E jet engines..."

    wat? bangla emmigrants ke? damn terror la! these 2 buggers can shipped them engines around the world...

    kah! kah! kah!

  12. Anonymous11:20 am

    So, just by shoring up a few blue chips counter, they think it can induced people to buy?

    At 1200+, best thing to do is to sell, sell & keep selling.

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  14. Anonymous2:01 pm

    A market cap of RM1 trillion, means the ENTIRE KLSE is smaller than Exxon Mobil which has a market cap of US$323 billion. An exchange rate of RM1 to US$3.40 would give Exxon a market cap of RM1.1 billion. Exxon theoretically can own all companies listed on KLSE in exchange of their shares.
    WHAT does that SAY about the MALAYSIAN economy?


  15. Anonymous3:12 pm

    Is that where the economic stimulus money went?

  16. 1. Param, in Singapore the ruling party PAP still lead by Lee Kuan Yew takes ALL credit for anything good under its sun. You inadvertently missed Singapore, I guess.

    2.Firdaus Shah, lets be proud of what we have achieved in the Bursa Saham today, it is a good milestone let us not compare with others, we develop in our way, our own terms and our own time.

    3. Anonymous 11:12am, Tharmendran and Prasad Kusy does not sound like Bangladeshi names, does it?