Friday, December 25, 2009

It's X'mas but do you know where your little girl is?

Sdra Bloggrs y'day Polis temui satu lagi mayat anak perempuan 11 thn dijerut & diperkosa. Rupanya kes serial killer yg culik & bunuh Nur Jazlina, Sharlini dll. Can we meet Polis abt this case then Blog about it so that awam akan tumpukan perhatian. Kadang serial killer macam ini jiran sebelah saja. I think we hv the contacts. Salam.
Child rapist and killer on the prowl. It's a season to be merry but I'd like to join my fellow blogger here in reminding parents out there that there's a devil out there preying on little girls. Please mind your child, keep her within sight always.
Another blogger, Syed Akbar Ali, sent me a text message yesterday and suggested that we have a meeting with the cops to see how Malaysian bloggers can help create greater awareness of the threat and/or help the police send this devil to Hell.
I second that. Bloggers have never had a dialogue or a meeting with the cops. This is a good reason to have one. In the New Year, perhaps?

Lam Thye on protecting children against crime - It's parents' primary responsibility

Now, go, enjoy the turkey people! Merry X'mas!


  1. Anonymous3:52 pm

    Alaa… Rocky …. Cepat sangat tukar topic dari Kit Siang ke Christmas. Orang belum puas lagi cerita…. Well then how about this. Kita combine the two occasions and come up with ….

    A Malaysian Christmas Carol: The Trials and Tribulations of Uncle Lim Kit Scrooge

    Now it came to pass that on the eve of the Two Thousand and Ninth Noel, uncle Lim Kit Scrooge, Malaysian Political Miser extra-ordinaire, is being haunted by eight ghosts of his past:-

    1. The ghost of Penang Bridge whom he had so staunchly went up against. Now for the past 20 or so years, he hadn’t even stepped foot on the ferries anymore.

    2. The ghost of KLIA whom he had so vehemently opposed. Nowadays, he couldn’t even imagine how he would fly out from the country without it, and how ashamed he would be if his kith and kins from China were to fly down and we were still holed up in Subang airport.

    3. The ghost of North-South highway whom he had slandered the Malaysian government of expending money unncessarily. Nowadays, whenever no one is looking and he drives alone, he steps on the gas along the 128 km stretch between Ipoh and Sungai Buloh, just to feel a bit of adrenalin rush.

    4. The ghost of Petronas Twin Towers whom he had so criticised and sneered. Often, whenever his kith and kin from mainland were to come they would happily be brought by uncle Scrooge there to visit, to wonder, to awe, to take photographs.

    5. The ghost of Commonwealth Stadium. Nowadays, whenever no one is looking, he would secretly attend those Sure-Heboh functions, buy tickets for the Andy Lau shows and gets his latest microwave oven during some year-end sales there. Not to mention of course, being the loudest cheer at football games.

    6. The ghost of Sepang F1: he just couldn’t bring himself to admit that this project had projected the nation in the map of high-octane sports arena. He still supports Alex Yoong of course, but thinks Schumacher is a tough bit to bite.

    7. The ghost of Ringgit Pegging, without which his economics woulda been gone down the drain so long ago.

    8. The ghost of Lee Kuan Yew, his former and present boss, (who is still living by the way), who would always piat his telinga, saying, “How come you are so slow ‘aaa, … whatchu been doing for 50 years laaaa? I tell you again and again maa…. Get those stupid PAS malayus to support you. Simple thing oso cannot do aaaa?”.

    The more they piat his telinga, the louder he shouts, “Hoi Gomen! You been wasting billions of rinngits for the past 22 years laa…”.

    (Mail Semput’s Brother)

  2. Anonymous4:06 pm

    Yes, you are all bloggers of some influence. Pls have that meeting.
    Also, a year over after the tragic Nurin incident, parents are becoming lax again. It's school hols now, just look around the malls.
    The public need be educated and reminded.

    Your headline... it's just not girls you know. These sickos simply prey on children, male and female.


  3. Anonymous4:14 pm

    You have my full support.

    Please also ask the Police to have more Police patrols, and more often.

    The kind which used to be seen many years ago, two cops either on foot or on a bike.

    It's the physical presence of the cops periodically seen on the move that gets into the minds of whoever thinks of untoward acts. Be it snatch thefts, enticing innocent children to follow them, etc.

    Cops in cars - the public gets the impression that they move fast, unable to notice such acts and that they are out to answer specific calls, would not stop for such acts stated above.

  4. I am for this meeting with the police. Capital idea Syed.

  5. As always, it takes a recurrence to remind us of the past sad stories. Are Police already give up Nurin case?

  6. Anonymous7:06 pm

    How can bloggers have a dialogue with the police? These anjing anjing PDRM is only all out to lock up bloggers. You bukan tak tau. Hanya kau special...kerana anjing UMNO/BN!

    You have done nothing to protect victims of police custody deaths and the corrupted police in the country. Do something and I will say you are great. But you did nothing even when u are so close to your UMNO/BN tuan.

    I hope your own children - boy or girl - be rogol by the rapist on the prowl. Then you can feel how other parents feel.

    You always talk only and not support the rakyat from mat rempits, snatch theft, police beatings of innocent people, police lockups of innnocent people, police asking for kopi money, police involved in crime and ah long business, etc.

    Do it...go talk to your BN/UMNO tuan and STOP api apikan isu perkauman dalam berita berita Utusan M.

    Bertaubatlah....masih ada masa.

    Hidup PAS Hidup TOk guru.


  7. I am a father blessed with four beautiful and healthy kids; 2 daughters (15 & 13), and 2 sons (12 & 10)

    While I envy the kind of modern facilities that they are enjoying nowadays; I couldn’t pity them more with the ‘limited’ space they are ‘given’ to move around.

    Not a day passes by without my wife and me worrying about their safety and whereabouts.

    Gone were the days where we are free to practice our Kemahiran Hidup sampai Maghrib on a daily basis.

    I grew up in Maktab Kent, Tuaran in Sabah and later in Kg Pengkalan Balak, Masjid Tanah in Melaka. You just name it – ape bende yang kita tak buat masa tu?

    Dari mandi sungai or laut, ‘tolong petik buah’ kat rumah orang, main biji getah, berbasikal handle kecik from kampong to PD (among the stupidest thing I did), main bola dari pukul 4.30 sampai azan Maghrib, dan some (some only) kerja masyarakat like jadi budak penanggah etc.

    But life was great!

    Now anak dara I boleh keluar but must sms me every hour to tell us they are safe. Anak bujang I boleh pergi main bola atau keluar cycling but under the same rules.


    But not just us – our neighbors too!

    We feel trapped with lots of damning stories that goes around. To make it worst, the place we are staying now have it shares of ugly stories.

    Really clueless on how to better the situation.

    But ever willing to do our part.

  8. Try Facebook.
    Perfect platform to get awareness across, instantly!

  9. Anonymous8:51 pm

    Despicable, obnoxious, menjijikkan, memalukan, despicable, shameful, repugnant.

    Fill in your own adjectives as soon as you yourself view the greed these Singaporeans display. And these are what .... exemplaries for the local chinese populace here to follow and emulate?

    Malu woo!

    Lee Kuan Yew Fan

  10. general9:16 pm

    it's xmas but do you know where rmaf jet engine is?

  11. Anonymous10:01 pm


    The latest case of the child found in the retention pond is being investigated by the Police. The leads so far (according to the papers) paint a different picture. Yes I do hope the Police will agree to meet us. If we all pool our resources and pull together perhaps we can help put a closure to this serial killer case. Thanks bro.

    Syed Akbar Ali

  12. Yes Bro Rocky, count me in, lets nail this bastard!

  13. You have my support. I will join you!

  14. BrightEyes1:12 am

    Muchos gracias RB...

    As for the meeting with the cops, please get them to focus on more important stuff like snatch thefts, robbery, murder, etc. instead of trying to guess where Raja Petra is staying.

  15. Anonymous6:29 am

    We should also be wary of "those" who prey on little boys.

    Some of "them" hold high political office.

  16. Bunnies10:59 am

    The police can do everything in their power to try stop such hedious crimes, the people at large can do whatever it takes to prevent such hedious crimes but the main most important person to have to do his/her duties dilligently has to do it!! And this person is the PARENT!

    I dont hold anyone responsible for such crimes except the parent. These parents dont carry out their responsibilities at all! What's this nonsense with living in with a boyfriend who at the end, rape or abuse the poor child to death??!! It is fine and well if you dont have a child.. live in with whoever for all I care.. let all the whacking and beating be upon yourself but when you have a kid!? for the love of god! NO NO living in with a man! Period! Even if you date, you gotta be proper! No doing anything indecent infront or in the kitchen with the kids in the living room! Come on la! Have some self control of your lust, you are afterall an adult!

    What's with neglecting their child by putting them in the care of someone else but themselves and end up having this someone else abuse the child mercilessly? STOP this crap about having to work and all!! A LOT! I mean a lot of single parents have to work for a living and yet able to take very good care of their child!

    Come on la.. it is time we stop giving such irrepsonsible parents an excuse to escape their crime! These parents cant care or love anyone else but themselves (even then, they fail!) and such people should not be allowed to be parents! These parents allow wicked people an opportunity to act out their worse fanatasies! WHY!?

    IS TIME WE MAKE IT A CRIME TO BE BAD PARENTS! Bad parents include those who indulge their kids to the extend of allowing them to be rude and obnoxious in public!

  17. Merry Xmas bro!

    Just keep it up ur good job.

  18. Anonymous12:29 pm

    Christmas is a season for giving up the old and renewing hopes, including ones for a better society that will reduce the incidence of such crime.

    Our conscience for this is Dr Mahathir.

    Why should we be interested in what Kit Siang has to say?

  19. Anonymous6:21 pm

    (Mail Semput’s Brother),

    Well done, bro. I like your piece on Lim Kit Scrooge.

    Alas, he wouldn't be listening to Xmas carols. I bet you he wouldn't know Christianity from Adam. He's the bukit type, not quite like his demi-God Lee Kuan Yew who used the name Harry at University and detests people calling him that in later life.

    He'll probably be practising Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism - three religions all at the same time without any sense of incompatibility - like many Chinese do, which one Professor calls "three ways to one goal", which may reflect a materialist and ultra greedy desire to be on the safe side, "a kind of triple insurance against calamity".

    But if he keeps on his ultra kiasu and chauvinistic line, plugging the so-called "Malaysian Malaysia" concept that undermines the Special Position of the Malays under Article 153 of the Constitution, he'll find that those may not be enough insurance against calamity that may befall him and his kind.

  20. Anonymous6:54 pm

    Salam, we can't rely on the police totally, as parents and good civilians/samaritans we must be alert and take parts in watching out for this hooligans. Bad people are everywhere so are good people.
    This is not the time to bad mouth about anjing umno/bn or hypocrate pas/dap. May it be umno's or pas's children, if this ugly human being wants to get our kids, they will get them encik idris. Tq for being understanding.

  21. Encik Idris, agak-agak you lah which part of your comment yang dapat membantu masalah ni?

    Saya tak tahu apa yang you rasa you dapat dengan komen you tu, tapi rasa-rasanya adil ke kalau saya cakap gaya dan sikap you menggambarkan diri you dan rakan-rakan you yang sebenarnya; bising dan lantang tapi kosong berdengung.

  22. Anonymous11:31 pm

    Aiyya Zollo, is that you, 'aaa? Suddenly so cooperative with Police one?

    You begin to love them 'aaa. Got turned over or what? Tears welling up in my eyes oledi.


  23. drMpower11:43 am

    what, now we are asking the police to look after our kids?

    come on.

    for petes sake, this is about our children. first and foremost, we as the parents must ensure their safety, whereever they are at.

    pity is one thing to the Jazilin family, but once he said about bringing the police to the court, then i lost all pity and respect upon them. particularly HIM.

    he is (or is it 'was') her father. so how in the middle of a fucxng earth did u allow her to go uncheck, the night she dissappeared?

    can u answer that?

    please people, this is about the children we all love. take good care of them. and ourselves.

    i have always complained to my father and my mother about why they were always keeping us three at our toes. whereever we go, they
    'are there'. at times, when we were small, to be honest, we didnt really like and 'ashamed' to the other kids. we did ask them to 'leave' us playing with the others.

    but they were never having any of it. and they still are doing that now even we are in mid 20s.

    thank you mom and dad.

    ps- nowadays the kids say about 'maturity' and 'openess' do some young parents. i dont share any of that. parenting is all about control and strength. of course too much will damage the kids, but i pretty sure u will try to remind urself about the years your parents did their fantastic job of parentings...

  24. Idris -
    I hope your own children - boy or girl - be rogol by the rapist on the prowl. Then you can feel how other parents feel.

    I hope you'll be rogol by the rapist on the prowl. Then you'll feel how the victim feels.
    Please stop being such a retardo.

  25. Assalamualaikum.

    Am with you on this bro. Let me know where and when?

    As for the comment that Idris 7.06pm sent in, I can only wonder as to what kind of a 'Hidup PAS Hidup TOk guru' shouting 'Muslim' Idris is?

    Here is Ahiruddin Atan @ Rocky Bru calling for a dialogue between us bloggers and the Royal Malaysian Police to meet up for a session on discussing anti crime measures or ways to prevent such crimes from happening by raising awareness through our blogs, and this commenter has the cheek to lambast Rocky as this and that?

    For crying out loud, such a blatant display of all that the so called PAS and 'Tok Guru' supporters are made up of will only drive away any fence sitters or supporters of your political struggle if you can call it as such?

    Its not only a matter of what one says but also a reflection of the integrity or apparent lack of it behind such tantrums or 'diarrhea of one's lip' that exposes the baseline of all such ignorants!

    Never mind these naysayers Rocky!

    Sms me when it's on!

    Insya Allah.

  26. Anonymous3:57 am

    none of the comments can help to resolve this issue. Everyone knows for a fact that rapist gets away from being caught becoz of DNA. There is no database at all and you expect the police to find this retard?? come on, let's start the database, save it in our mykad, let the police use it for a good reason. u know, not all rapist are jobless idiots, some of them are professional adults!! and drmpower... bro the police is getting sued for the post mortem photos leak. That was non excuseable act for anyone to do!! you must be cold hearted retard to support that, no man have the heart to see that pics online. i hope there will be no other parents have to go thru that ordeal again..having their dead child photograph published!!!
    it's post mortem, not press interview pics!!

  27. Rocky why don't we get the ball rolling to come up with a huge reward for whoever rats out the murderers of Nurin and all the other little girls. Let's nail em to the wall.

    Remember Mel Gibson in 'Ransom'? Heres the synopsis: Tom Mullen, rich airline owner, is shocked when his son is kidnapped. He is willing to pay the two million dollar ransom, but the drop goes wrong. So Tom turns the ransom money into a bounty on the head of the kidnapper.