Monday, November 23, 2009

In PAS' Kelantan, a powerful son-in-law is removed from office

23/11 Kelantan MB Nik Aziz announces that his son-in-law Abdul Ariffahmi has been removed as CEO of Kelantan Mentri Besar Inc/STAR
The PAS spiritual leader shouldn't have put his own son-in-law in that cushy position, in the first place. Let this be a lesson for other political leaders and sons-in-law.

If the removal is an admision of guilt, will Nik Aziz then reinstate blogger Sheih Kickdefella? I believe Sheih's marching orders (In Kelantan, PAS sacks blogger Nov 10) were signed by Ariffahmi as CEO of the Kelantan Menteri Besar Inc.

Blogger Apanama has promised updates on his blog, here.


  1. Anonymous6:00 pm

    Whether he has removed the SIL from the post or not, the fact remains that he has committed the offence - cronyism. Selection and appointment without due process, not in accordance with normal prodecures.

    That he indeed has removed the SIL is admission of guilt. For the court of law, the MACC must pursue their investigation, get the evidence and prosecute him.

    For the court of public opinion, the removal of the SIL is proof of wrong doing and he must be criticised and ridiculed until he accepts responsibility and resigns. He must be made to account for his action.

    Under the law, ignorance of the law is no excuse. Wahai Nik Aziz, kamu Tok Gurulah. Janganlah babitkan Nabi Muhammad pulak dengan mengatakan Nabi pun melantik saudara maranya kejawatan penting Islam.

    Undang-undang rasuah dibawah Hukum Sivil lah. Kamu ada Penasihat Undang-Undang Negeri, jawatan Kerajaan Negeri Kelantan, tanyalah dia. Kamu Menteri Besar.

  2. Jinggo6:01 pm

    Ini baru betul!

    Hidup Tok Guru!

    But some people, like Mahathir, has no shame to let his son have an F1 contract, be a timbalan menteri although he is not UMNO youth leader, etc. etc.

    Has VK Lingam as his lawyer although VK Lingam has been found by the Royal Commission to be the person in the video to be involved in judge fixing, and Royal Commission also named Mahathir in it.

    But still Mahathir is advisor for Proton la, Petronas la and other agencies......

    Muka tak malu

  3. Anonymous6:18 pm

    TGNA can recommend his SIL if he has the right qualification, it still goes thru board to accept that SIL. It's not TGNA alone decision as everything follow due process. And also TGNA can remove his SIL if he has committed fraud, fault or derelict in his duty. It's only normal people make mistake and trust the wrong person. I don't see what's wrong with that.

    Whatever other wrong, up to MACC to investigate, but not until people jump or die in MACC building.

    Ah Ming

  4. Say what you like, at least this is an upright principle we want to see for all parties.

    Can we hope it will happen for every political party in Malaysia to right a wrong?

  5. Anonymous6:23 pm

    Wahai anon 6:00pm, is 'cronyism' an offence ?? or an offence only if it happened in PR ??

    What about 'cronyism' in UMNO ??


  6. Hey please lah.. The are many SIL around holding many post, infact anak beranak pun ada mau lagi cousin punya cousin pun ada. This is Malaysia where welath is for anak pinak leh

  7. Anonymous6:34 pm

    Jinggo... ur just another KJ's running dog aren't u?

    No wonder everyone in Umno hates KJ. and you wonder why???

  8. Anonymous6:38 pm

    Oi Jinggo al Bodoh! Menantu Nik Ajis tu Penyangak! Pak menantu Penyesat!tu bezanya, Bahlol. Kalau dah bodoh tu bodoh jugak! Nama pun Jinggo, macam Jembol!

  9. juragan6:54 pm

    saya bersetuju dengan pendapat pertama anon 6.00PM di atas.

  10. KS is Anwar in the making7:00 pm

    At least that SIL is gone, but we still have to face the pain in the ass SIL here in UMNO, this fella named KJ has no dignity, that is the reason why he is still here..

    Or he's order to destroy UMNO is still incomplete? he he he

  11. Anonymous7:13 pm

    I am much more interested in Najib`s architect brother who is lately the subject of much speculation all over the web.
    Can you Rocky, please tell us why the MSM is avoiding it like the plague?
    {P.S. I do hope hope your answer will be that "It is not true")

    -dire straits

  12. Anonymous7:16 pm

    ada baik nya kita ikut contoh to nik aziz ni, dan buang segala cronysm di politik malaysia:

    - KJ son in law pak lah, kasi blah dari umno
    - mukris anak madey, pun sama
    - guan eng, anak kit siang, keluar dari dap, atau lepaskan jawatan penting
    - gobinder anak karpal pun sama

    ni semua nak perkaya kan diri skim cepat kaya dengan jalan mudah. malaysia is not short of talents and capable people.

    jangan kita nak ikut dinasti cara lee kuan yew PAP, parti anak beranak laki bini.

    masaalah nya banyak tukang kipas, tukang jilat, kaki ampu, cari makan....

    -bodo betul-

  13. Anonymous7:52 pm

    This arseworm and shitgrub apparently panicked when he realised that the fucktart HM was about to bolt the stables once HM knew he had fallen from grace and was no longer the favie cocksucking cuntworm of the old turban lolly's flaccid schlong. The turban lolly must have also smelt the fart that the noose was tightening around SILhoutte and is busy cutting his losses. As anon 6pm put it, this is a backhanded admission of guilt as good as any.

    What are ye waiting for cops and MACC. tarry no more before he scrams to mecca. Charge in, arrest this old unwashed clitleech and walk this bastard stark naked sans his turban in manacles into the Black Maria where he can yodel his aria like a wastrel pariah and pine for his mariah.

    Do this pronto, before the Kelantanese mob storm his dwellings or office, seize the moron and march him stark naked into Bob the bull's pen for a nice fucking lesson he will never forget even in death before lynching him and stringing him up the Siti Khadijah market square for his munafucking and blasphemous denigration of the Quran, the Holy prophet (pbuh and HF)and thesanctity of Allah azza wa jalla himself.

    This is what simple folks get for reposing their trust in a Motherfucking Bastard of a shitlarva spawn of toilet basking faggot of maggot and a cuntfly.

    Warrior 231

  14. Aku Minah Rock8:04 pm

    1. Ariffahmi was not removed from office, dia letak jawatan.

    2. Dia letak jawatan bukan kerana salah tapi kerana mahu menjaga imej kerajaan Kelantan.

    Tak percaya baca sendirilah kenyataan media dia (tengok sini).

    Jangan baca jer apa yg Rocky tulis. Rocky ni merepek, tukang kelentong untuk UMNO-BN.

  15. Anonymous8:20 pm

    This SIL only holds a corporate office and have a post to resign. When resigned he is gone. There other SIL had no post to resign and continue to pull the string.

    Next time, any SIL must not hold post. Be the string puller.

    Future SIL. Learn this lesson.

  16. Hairol8:36 pm

    Father inlaw no more PM...whats the prob? Standing on own two feet now. Like that Najib and Hisham also by default cannot be in politics mah....what say you?

  17. Anonymous9:42 pm

    Let this be a lesson.
    Do not give power to son-in-laws aka SILs.

    Pass the baton DIRECTLY to your Sons!!!
    Good examples are Lim Guan Eng and Gorbind Singh.
    You can see them carry their father's IRON mettle...

    Don't kona-kona like Hussein Onn or Razak, because by the time their children get the power, they do not behave EXACTLY like their fathers.

    Ms. Eu Mei Fatt.

  18. Anonymous10:30 pm

    Dear PAS/PKR/DAP fanatics,

    What are you guys harping about?

    Hangpa semua sama saja la!

    Lim Kit Siang ada Lim Guan Eng nya!

    Anwar Berahi ada Izzah nya

    Nik Ajis ada Menantunya!

    Karpal Singh ada Gobind nya!

    So stop yakking about cronism,nepotism blah blah blah......

    When you live in a glass house, do not practice throwing stones cos it will sooner or later shatter your own house!

    'Fed Up Citizens'

  19. Anonymous10:59 pm

    Seharusnya perlu benar2 bersih sebelum menudung jari kat orang lain. Sama macam sedang berlaku kat Penang CAT, kasi kata tak kasi, sudah kasi bongkar, corner sana sini.

    You don't like what others DO, make sure you yourself don't DO what you don't like others DO. Sikit2 ada faham ke? Mau kasi belit ker?

    Ini dikatakan Pot calling the Kettle BLACK..


  20. Anonymous11:37 pm

    Fed Up Citizen. Whose cronyism works better for the rakyat? PR cronyism brings talent into politics. BN cronyism steals money from the citizen. I hope you see the difference.

  21. Anonymous11:57 pm


    You are so busy with small matters like the above that you have completely missed another raid on the nation's coffers, even greater than IJN/Labu.

    A family of 20 something year olds with limited construction experience have been handed prime land in Mont Kiara for peanuts. Yes, it might not be a literal raid on the coffers but revenue forgone by the government is revenue stolen from the government.

    Try to show some semblence of impartiality if you truly want to carry the facade of fairness.

    I am less worried about Anwar having tea with Chin Peng and whether some SIL is going on a pilgrimage. What concerns me is billions in revenue which can go towards improving the country's education system is forgone through these santa claus contracts.

  22. Anonymous8:48 am

    Hey Rocky

    You remember the case of the pilot fined in Australia for having child porno material in his laptop?

    Initially you and your 'team' of bloggers were following it actively thru blog?

    And some were saying that he retained his job as his dad was a big-shot and had some 'deal' with the no 1 in the company his son was working for?

    What happened to that matter?

    You dropped it, after realising that the big-shot is now still active and calling the shots against Pakatan fellows, which is aligned to your current drift?

    What kind of follow up lah on that issue?

    I notice that in many instances,
    you touch on issues but the follow through is not there?


    Is it going to be the same for "In PAS' Kelantan, a powerful son-in-law is removed from office" or you will team up with Patriotic Bloggers to go for the kill in this case because it is about PAS/Pakatan?


  23. Anonymous10:02 am

    Halo kawan..,

    Zaman skrg ni klau nak kje kena ada kabel maa. Klau xda jgn hrp dpt. Mcm sy skrg kje ngan gomen ni pun pkai kabel gak. Sijil SPM pangkat 2 je tp title mesti anda sumer terkejut nanti.
    Btw kabel sy adalah pakcik sy.., jabatan tuttt...


  24. it not about PR or BN
    it's about wrong doings
    who can compromise on these?
    if there is no wrongdoings
    why mcm cacing kepanasan?

    see the point?

    klu nk tggu diri sekeliling bersih
    mmg smpai bile tak tego

    sbb tu smpai skrg, tmbh plak msing2 pon x bersih..

    yg haram jd halal la
    alasanny, "ko pon wt slh, nk betulkn aku plak"

    yg jadi mangsa,

  25. Anonymous10:27 am

    Why has the Syarikat Perumahaan Negara Bhd, chairman not resigned??? Atleast Nik Aziz got balls to demand his son in law resigns. Does Najib have testicles to make sure the SPNB chairman resigns for the RM500 million fiasco?


  26. Admit his (TGNA) guilt? well, trust me, even with what has happened, TGNA still has my strongest support.

    it's not about admitting his guilt, it's about having the courage to correct any possible mistakes made.

    soldier on, TGNA, a lot of non-muslims is supporting you.


  27. Anonymous1:20 pm

    MACC please investigate : Senator Azian, Dato' Shamsul, Dato' Radzuan, Dato Amin(ex-md) and Azian Anuar of SPNB for CORRUPTION. NAJIB are you protecting them ????


  28. Itu la.. dulu-dulu kutuk orang macam-macam. Kan dah jadi kat diri sendiri. Lain kali hati-hati apa yang kita minta atau kata kat orang lain. Nanti jadi kat diri sendiri.

    Saya harap TGNA dapatlah lihat peristiwa ini sebagai satu petanda. Pikir-pikirkan lah..

  29. when we talk of family=loving ones's
    family cannot be crime

    why ? surely you know your family best!

    Lky pass down the pm job to his son
    LSL eventually

    TDM wants his mekreje to continue his tradition

    Dolah Ngantuk had KJ [though he turned
    to be a bid no no ]

    Najib may have his son waiting
    as a ketua pemuda somewhere if not
    now , waiting in line

    And najib, hishamauddin comes
    from a line leading to the
    same grandfather having 2 members
    of his family as pm's

    in the orient, with or without
    quoting the prophet muhammad [peace
    be upon him] has been a tradition

    so readers -now that we know
    family related postings are the
    norm . Calling it cronyism is the
    western way of looking down at it
    in a cynical and deragotary way

    Bush senior managed to get his
    idiotic son as a president-nobody
    made adverse comment . BUT WHEN


  30. banyak sangat setanbisu dalam pentadbiran krjaan tgna..takut nak bersuara kerana nak jaga hati tgna konon..yg peliknya legal adviser pun patut bersuara memberi pendapat tapi jadi yes man pada tgna syabas kickdefella kerana expose ni bukan sahaja dedah tapi telah bogelkan terus arif fahmi...father in law bile lagi nak step down?

  31. Pemerhati6:58 pm

    Once PAS has got you, you cannot escape from voting PAS. Because of the promise of Heaven from PAS in exchange for your vote. Once the husband is voting PAS, the wife has to follow. If the wife follow her concience and vote other than PAS, she has automatically divorced herself from her husband. And to live together with her husband would then be a sin. So that is how in PAS strongholds PAS retains its power no matter what. PAS can get away with coruption, nepotism and almost anything.

  32. Anonymous11:34 pm

    MM should have used "Almenantuya Downed" as today's headline.

    Sure gempak! From Bengkak.