Monday, November 02, 2009

A case for second foreign forensic expert ... Part 2

Yes Go. The headline sounds like a hope-killer but it is actually not. If you read the story h e r e you'll agree with Gobind that there are ways around this. And the Malay Mail is running another story tomorrow (Tuesday 3 Nov) quoting the Health Ministry's DG, who seems to be on the same page as Gobind on the fact that Dr Pornthip can supervise the post-mortem (which will have to be carried out by a "qualified" medical offier).

Gobind said he has made known his proposal that the two local pathologists who did the first post-mortem be present during the second post-mortem. I don't think he will oppose the proposal to have another foreign expert to jointly supervise the second post-mortem.

The Inquest into TBH's death will hear the application to exhume Teoh Beng Hock's body this Wednesday.

Read Unspinners' take on the proposed 2nd foreign forensic expert, here.


  1. Anonymous2:37 am

    Yes,get another foreign pathologist,one that works for free too!

    CSI Kampong

  2. Rocky,

    1. Dr Porntip made a mistake in conducting a second autopsy in the high-profile Hangthong Thammawattana case.

    2. She is under investigation by the Thai Medical Council for the alleged breach of medical ethics in conducting the second autopsy on Hangthong.

    Read my post:

  3. Anonymous1:37 pm

    Ayo pa, Ayo maaa. Does this Go-Bin Sink knows what he's talking about other than actually fulfilling his master's twisted political evil ploy??

    He says to show prove that the 2nd postmortem will not be biased because PORNtip is engaged by his stalwarts, “ will be backed up by PHOTOGRAPHIC evidence,”, “This will ensure the independence of her findings.”

    If the so called PHOTOGRAPHIC evidence of the 2nd Post Mortem is viable to the court proceedings, it will be read like this:

    GO-BIN: Let it be shown and known to the court the 2nd post mortem was done on the deceased to confirm and ascertain the credible expert assumption of Dr.PORNtip that the deceased was Murdered. And these Photographs are prove to substantiated her EXPERT claims.

    JUDGE (looking at the photos): Hmmm, i can't tell...

    GO-BIN: What do you mean you can't tell?

    JUDGE: Well it looks HIGHLY DECOMPOSED to me... i can't see anything but.. what am i supposed to see again?

    GO-BIN: The proof that he was murdered based on the injury!

    JUDGE: Really? Hmm, can somebody get me my extra sensitive reading glasses?... Thanks. Nope. Wait, oh yeah.. yeah.

    GO-BIN: Yes you see it? It's right there, right?

    JUDGE: Judging from this photo of the decomposed deceased... it looks like he's been HIT by an
    18 TON Truck!

    GO-BIN: Well if it pleases you and the COURT, i would concour THAT the deceased was murdered by an MACC officer crashing into the deceased with an 18 TON Truck then!

    JUDGE: Can we get Dr. PORNO to the stands to subtantiate this evidence again.

    Dr.PORNtip: Hey! you're right. Looking at it, it does look like the deceased been hit by an 18 TON Truck. Yes we'll go with that.

    JUDGE: Wha?? I knew it from the beginning you two freaks are bloody fakes. No way in hell is the court allowing your idiotic rubbish! GUARDS arrest these two!

    GO-BIN (Being led away by the court guards): Wait! We'll do a THIRD Post Mortem.

    Dr.PORNtip( Also being led away): If you can't grant that, i'll do another analysis on the original Photographic evidence again... I also can analyse your Photo if you want me to... Please don't arrest us Waaaaaa!

    GO-BIN: It's all your fault!

    Dr.PORNtip: Me?! You and your goons got me here REMEMBER?!!

    BOTH: Waaaaaaa!


  4. Hahaha. good one @#*!!!

    Thanks for the chuckle. LOL