Sunday, November 01, 2009

A case for a second foreign forensic expert to perform the 2nd post-mortem on TBH together with Dr Porntip

So that nobody will ask for a 3rd post-mortem. As I see it, the Coroner doesn't really have a choice but to allow for TBH's body to be exhumed and a 2nd post-mortem performed. The doubts caused by Dr Pornthip Rojanasunan's fantastic 80:20 theory can only be dealt with by allowing for that 2nd post-mortem. No two ways about it.

The question is, after the 2nd post-mortem how do you stop anyone else from making further fantastic claims and demanding a 3rd and a 4th and so on and so forth?

Commenter Eddy, responding to my posting Should Dr Pornthip be allowed to conduct 2nd post-mortem on TBH?, said yes but on condition that ...
"... the Government must appoint another pathologist to do the second autopsy together with Dr Porntip so that both will have their own independent report to submit to the Coroner in the inquest".
"Dr Porntip cannot do it alone as she is being paid good money by the Selangor Government and there are every chance that she would be biased to satisfy her paymaster, especially so after she stuck her neck out and say that it could be 80% homicide and 20 % suicide based on selected documents and photographs given to her and without even visiting the scene of the death."
There are many like Eddy who are suspicious of Dr Pornthip and you can't blame them. Eddy's suggestion, therefore, makes sense.

But since the first post-mortem was done by two of our own pathologists, I'd take a step further to suggest that the Government appoints a foreign pathologist /forensic expert to do the second autopsy with Dr Pornthip. This other foreign expert must have the credentials as good as, if not better than, Dr Pornthip's.

I am sure the Thai expert will have no objections.

And I am sure that the Selangor government, the counsels for the family of TBH, and truth-seekers in general will find that, in more ways than one, 2 are better than 1 here.

But first, this Wed 4 Nov, let's pray that Mr Coroner grants the family's application.

For a quick recap of the TBH's story so far, read The Teoh Beng Hock Saga 1

Sin Chew has an exclusive with Dr Pornthip, who talks about some of her cases and confirms that she and Gobind Deo Singh, the counsel for TBH's family, are in touch: Wanted: Pornthip's head!


  1. Anonymous1:46 pm

    Yeah I'm SURE dpp will raise funds to have a 3rd foreign expert to provide a BALANCE between the 2 forensic experts.

    If two heads are better than one, might as well have three heads.

    Only then can poor Teoh's remains finally be laid to rest.

    His family can also close the chapter and move on from this.

  2. Skinhead1:58 pm

    How about the Selangor Givernment reveal how much they paid for the punk rocker services ... hmmm if you knw what I mean.

  3. Anonymous2:12 pm


    Please tell the Gomen boys to be awake on this one.

    First of all, the Gomen had no objection to Dr Pornthip performing even the 1st Autopsy or being present at the 1st autopsy.

    But what happened?

    The family of Teoh Beng Hock objected. They did not want Dr Pornthip involved. I think maybe it was a question of money. It was not clear who would pay for Pornthip's services.

    So now we have to ask : how much money is the Selangor Gomen paying for Pornthip's services ?

    Some have suggested her fees are somewhere near RM120,000. Is this true? This is taxpayers money. Now isnt this a conflict of interest? Because the Pakatan's Gomen's political reputation is at stake here. And they are freely spending taxpayer's money to safeguard their political reputation.

    Really there is plenty of conflict of interest involved here.

    The reputation of the Pakatan Gomen is at stake here. The MACC investigation revolved around allegations of corruption in the DAP and the Pakatan Gomen. Somewhere along this line Teoh Beng Hock lost his life.

    The implications are serious.

    The Teoh family lawyer, Gobind Singh Deo is a DAP MP and Pakatan stalwart. The Teoh family must consider if indeed Gobind is giving them the best deal. Because Gobind has a vested interest.

    Just a thought - if the Teoh Beng Hock case points towards complicity by the Pakatan people in corruption, will Gobind give the Teoh family his best legal advice?

    And will Pornthip act in the interests of justice and truth or will she act in the interest of the people paying her money? She is being highly paid for her services.

    Even without doing an autopsy, Pornthip has already laid her reputation on the chopping block when she said that there is an 80% chance that it was murder.

    Is this a proper scientific method? Can a forensic pathologist make these claims in a Court before performing an autopsy?

    And now since she has already said 80%, how do we know if Pornthip will tell the truth if she finds anything otherwise?

    The whole thing is dubious. If Teoh was murdered, straight away arrest the last person who saw him alive. We know who that was.

    Hj Hoe

  4. Anonymous3:05 pm

    What TBH parents wants is to give justice for their (dead) it too much to ask for, Rocky ??


  5. Anonymous4:24 pm

    UMNO boys will obviously jeered and insinuated at her appeareance and suddenly feigned shocked at the waste of public funds and suggest that she will be biased.
    As if they have always been concerned about the way public fund have been used.
    Frankly how much respect or recognition have their own appointed experts got internationally or how many autopsies have they performed?
    By all means get another of your own expert to work with Porntip.
    A family has lost their son in a protected place for no good reason and those who have been entrusted to protect the people had misplaced this trust.
    Now lets not pretend we are trying to save money.

  6. Anonymous4:43 pm

    This F#$XS idiot EDDY is one of several paid commentators by UMNO to create trouble. The others who are literally flooding rockybru and Malaysiakini are BABY, DMUHAHA, WARRIOR 231 and other f%$#% bastards! They deliberately, I repeat, OMIT with their mischievous spins all the dirty and foul deeds of UMNO, MACC, police, judiciary and others to cast negative spins on Dr Porntip uncovering the truth and put paid to MACC's malicious cover up of the homicide of Teoh Beng Hock. They also spin lies about PR, particularly Anwar and glorify Najis' 1 Malaysia.

    Eddy, Baby, D Muhaha, Warrior 231 are even worse that some of the chequebook reporters that we have from MSM! Their views are better confined to the UMNO pig sties in the PWTC rather than to pollute cyberspace.


  7. big cat5:05 pm

    they can do as many autopsies as they as many experts as they want...but, as long as the results do not suit their political agenda, they will never be satisfied...its not the truth and justice they are looking for. all they actually want is to exploit the death of the poor man to further their own political interests. these people do not even have any problem exploiting the death of children. read haris ibrahim's blog on the kampar bridge tragedy if u dont believe me.

  8. Anonymous5:09 pm

    If Teoh was murdered, straight away arrest the last person who saw him alive. We know who that was.

    Hj Hoe

    You hit the final nail into that dead man's coffin with your astute observations. We know who walked into the MACC pantry as the first faints slivers of light was slicing the pitch black darkness outside and cocks - including those of exPKR of Penang - all over Malaysia were crowing their heads and shitting their arses off in the process. What he found was a reticient, uncommunicative best friend and comrade who suddenly had developed an unsavoury taste for bosom buddies.The rest can best be answered by a resident crow inhabiting the pigsties somewhere in the boondocks of Kajang. Porn tit testifies the deed was done between 6-8am, local pathologists who autopsied the corpse say the coup disgrace was delivered about 5 hours before the body was discovered which puts it around 8am which the arsingh didnt quibble over. Lets assume the garbage was thrown out at 8am. Think if that is possible as:

    1. decent folks come into work their butts out for the Chingkiepimp and Chingkiescaw's never ending curses and complaints.

    2. janitors and cleaners normally start work an hour or so early.Lets assume they are all stone deaf to have not heard a falling object in the still of the morning.

    3.some faroff guy or gal would even report earlier riding as they are the godforsaken early morning buses to work just like that unfortunate malay lady engineer did all those years ago and ended up being raped and killed. No chingkie bastard or civil rights bitchshagging arsewhore complained about the crime rate then.

    Now consider this:

    1. why didnt the family-knowing that it was his big day- keep quiet about his deathly silence until they were notified.tak mau ambil tau masa hidup tapi ratap skan bila dah kong..mampus.

    2.why didnt his attorney who accompanied him and exited the premises at 6pm or so, check on the situation of his anakguam..sudah lupa pasal diakah atau busy dicking the shegoat's twat at home.

    3. what about his boss, the Wrong Honourable or the Rascal lanchiau himself. Low level party apparatchik not worthy of a chingkie arse fart or target of collateral damage

    Could it be because
    a. they (excepting 1) all knew he had .... and raising a hue and cry would be akin to raising the red lantern in their direction

    b.they assumed he was shagging the daylights out off King Xerses' queen and was thus conjectured to be safely ensconced in the whore's arms with a dick lodged between her wormy unwashed twat on some bug infested matteress facing an altar of doggone bearded weirdos, petrified ducks and pigs and mouldy oranges.

    c. they all knew that he was having breasupper(breakfast + supper) somewhere way outside Kompleks Massalam with a close pal who was curious about his sudden reticence thus assuming he was in safe custody whilst the poor fella was being hung upside down outside another highrise.......

    Interesting conjectures but having conducted experiments with dummies from heights much lower with similar ledge configurations, i can conclude that no falling body can land as pat as it did in those photos.

  9. Anonymous5:12 pm

    The refusal for Pornthip's participation in the 1st post mortem was unbelievable,raising a few eyebrows now.

    Why cause so much delay?

    Best solution for me in the 2nd post mortem is

    Pornthip + independent forensic pathologist(local or foreign) + original pathologists as observers.

    Second best solution is
    Pornthip + original pathologists as observers.

    CSI Kampong

  10. Rocky, were you not aware of the wealthy Thai MP case whose death was classified as suicide by Thai police and cased closed? After the MP's family approached Pornthip for 2nd autopsy, found out he was murdered and the police reopened the case and arrested the MP's brother for murder.

    You asking us to trust our Malaysian pathologists over Pornthip? Let's wait for the 2nd autopsy and then only comment. Otherwise, I would strongly urge you not to kurang ajar towards Teoh Beng Hock's family's feelings like what many UMNO bloggers and a certain Ridhuan Tee has been doing.

    P.S. Whatever happened to DAP triads?

  11. Anonymous5:38 pm

    funny we don't hear any criticism or doubts expressed then from "that" side when the good doctor when was involved in the autopsy of the dead by the truckload at southern thailand, eh?

    it's called hypocrisy.

  12. Anonymous5:43 pm

    Will this case become precedent in future? What is the bet? Our own country image and reputation is at a very critical stake since our own forensic who had done the post mortem is also a senior medical professional. As a taxpayer in Selangor I demand that they disclose the actually demand paid to Porntip. It was just a scam when TBH family refuse to let Porntip to conduct the post mortem and autopsy on the body and now is asking for one. What is percentage accuracy of the result of the second autopsy since it was done on a skeleton.
    I felt it was not fair for Porntip to discredit their first finding and assumed 80% of her finding is homoside. She is highly paid and i don't think for a specialist forensic like her to charge RM120,000 just to look at pictures and give her opinion. The best solution is just to kick her ass back to Bangcock. We have the brain locally in our country and give them fair chance to evaluate since TBH family is the one who refuse at first place. The truth is the poor family has been manipulated to the maximum for other political milage. My deepest sympathy to the late TBH family because they has been parade like animals in circus. We know what happen since Air Melekek is just a small town. We can see the different Before and After PR in power ops economically.
    Orang kampung

    Proud To Be Malaysian

  13. Anonymous5:55 pm

    The chingkie press are being coraled to cover the chingkie scum's arse and pin the blame on the MACC and the government come what may. First, it was the Chingkie owned Star with its blatant advertisement of an incompetent and pubicity hungry bitch and now this rag which is clearly massaging public perception in that direction (the article is an asinine unabashed paean to a shedog whose methods have been highly questioned. One can indeed laugh at some of her assertions of threat as if the Thai military or its paramilitary deathsquads cannot easily finish her off like they do to the southern banditos).

    If one may recall, the accusations began flying from the DAP and Fakatan scums from day 1 even b4 a PM was conducted. Quite a number of commentators in Rocky's Bru (look up the July/August posts) have raised a lot of plausible questions and solid arguments as to why such arsehole contentions by the fakatan are dripping with shit from chingkie papermoney swiped arses and waterlogged in urine from unwashed chingkie cocks. But the chingkie bastards have turned this into a racial thingy and tarred the government in order to mask the truth about their nefarious selves. What is interesting is that supposedly dispassionate fuckers like the Bar Council have quickly jumped on the accusatory bandwagon while remaining reticent about other issues.(remember Balwant Singh and Kenny Lee)

    Why? well..the bastards are pushing an agenda to slur the government as part of their political vendetta, the accusation being the gov is initiating a coverup when its is complicit. In this, officers of court, who are supposed to remain neutral and levelheaded and allow for the inquest to consider all evidence before coming to a decison, are already shortcircuiting the process in pursuit of political points. Proof, read the whole article of this excerpt and observe how the stupid fella gives everything away:

    "Considering the possible outcomes of the inquest, it stands to reason that looking at the inquest as a political matter, death by suicide or accident or an open verdict (in that order of priority) would suit the MACC and, indirectly, the Government, the best.

    Given all these happenings, the government should suspend the current inquest in the interest of justice and launch an investigation into all the principle conspirators of the demonising theory, including foreign pornsluts to establish the TRUTH and their motivations and backers. Failure to do so, would further validate that this is a supine administration that does not have the gumption to protect national security by tackling antinational activities fomented by Chingkie chauvinists and Malay faggots and kaffirs in their quest for power (isnt the proposed ISA revisions, the limp bizkit of a belanjawan and the pro-biz NAP + the liberalisation and 1 malaysia evidence enough ).

    P/S: Rocky, I suggest Dato Dr Bhupinder Singh as the co-pathologist for the 2nd autopsy.

  14. Anonymous6:00 pm


    first ask youself & your friends. Who started the kurang ajar towards our constitution,kings and malays, even kurang ajar in parliment?.....when you kurang ajar, you will also get a kurang ajar...not only from UMNO...but also PAS malay, non party malay and young malay...u understand that??


  15. Anonymous6:30 pm

    UMNO fuckwits and fuckheads are coming up one by one to defend their UMNO masters and MACC murderers whose hands are tainted with TBH's blood. Not all the perfumes from Saudi Arabia that these UMNO and MACC fuckwits apply will erase the foul stench of their murder of an innocent young man whom the MACC tried very hard to implicate as corrupt. God Almighty has eyes and sooner of later these UMNO fuckwits and fuckheads and their MACC murderers will have to pay dearly...BOTH IN THIS LIFE AND THE HEREAFTER.

    Their sordid and pathetic attempts to discredit Porntip (What have these fuckwits the biggest being Eddy, have to say about lies told by so-called the 2 gomen pathos who have become the laughing stock of the forensic fraternity?) will fail miserably. MURDERERS MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO GO UNPUNISHED. THE LIES OF FUCKWIT SPINDOCTORS OF UMNO LIKE EDDY AND COMPANY MUST ALWAYS BE REFUTED!

    Justice for TBH

  16. Anonymous6:51 pm

    I think we should all stop the concerns of 'wasting public fund' with the second autopsy. If ever there were real concerns about saving public funds, one just have to turn attention to the just released auditor general's report and get cracking at that. I am sure once those areas are addressed, much funds can be saved, and public faith can be restored, period.

    Yes by all means get how many pathologists, from various 'camps', to do the autopsy jointly. Us Malaysians are only concerned about one thing, the observations from the autopsy. Different pathologist can inde3ed form different set of opinions. But what is crucial is the the underlying observations, if there is a wound here, then it must be stated by all parties. As to how this wound came about, different pathologist can have differing opinions, and that's alright.

    We laymen just want to know what are observations from the autopsy, facts can be the same amongst all pathologists, but all of us can surely make our own sane deductions once the facts are lay before us.


  17. Anonymous7:21 pm

    Pornthip said collecting evidences was of paramount importance in solving a case.
    ( (Folks this interview is done precisely to burnish her credentials before autopsy 2 just like article 1 was rushed through the printing press in anticipation of her testimony. Public perception "construction activity" at work here!!

    Well let me take her for her word b4 I put her in the dock regarding the David Carradine case:

    1. Did she visit the site of Carradine's death to collect all available physical evidence? No

    2. Did she have access to DC's toxicology reports and reports of his state of mind etc?No

    3. Did she perform the autopsy let alone witness the proceedings? No

    4. Did she observe that Dr michael baden note that DC was found with his hands bound above his head, something highly suspicious?No

    but this porn tit cocluded with cuntsure arrogance that it was autoerotic asphyxipiation ( when a far more experienced and knowledgeable Lawrence Kobilinsky has the following to say:

    1.Lawrence Kobilinsky: Based on what we know thus far, autoerotic asphyxiation would be a "good guess" to explain the death of this great actor. But this is a medico-legal matter and the conclusion must be based NOT (my capitals) on assumptions or appearances, but good medical and scientific analysis.

    Further, the expert pathologist has this to say regarding crime scene investigation:

    Lawrence Kobilinsky: I know of no reason why anybody should question the Thai police investigators. The question is Did they do the crime scene correctly, did they document everything. Did they take samples for toxicology, did they complete their investigation and track down all information the could help establish manner of death (i.e. was Mr. Carradine depressed? Was he a potential suicide case? Were there any drugs involved? Was there anybody else that might have assisted him in his activities? Can we rule out homicide?

    Did porn tit consider all these b4 coming to her shit conclusion? No
    which begs the question as to what type of expert she and her fawning arsewhore fanclub claim she is. The garden variety kind in search of cheap pubicity and given her wierd hairdo and slut dressing, that wouldnt be farfetched? Me thinks her reputation is riding on the cockhead of 2004 Takbai (a no-brainer)and the 2004 tsunami(toddler stuff) and her talk of the wife hanging is laughble given that the body presented itself with lower torso injuries..the outcome would be obvious and academic to even a novice pathologist worth his salt.

    Which brings us to the conclusion that, this woman is being used by the PR cockwhores to affirm the demonising theory to cover something else. Hence her 80?20 assertion dovetails perfectly with the PR shit that TBH was myrdered by the MACC.and when an overhyped and glamorised expert prats like that something appears downright fishy.

    P/s: For some fuckedup moronic unwashed dickhead bastard(slang) like Alex, read the links and jerk yourself B4 your pigfaced old slut...if you can that is!:


    2. (note Baden was even awaiting pass key data and how he didnt rule out murder)

    read this Star article and rub it onto your favie sow's clit.that will arouse her high(and dry)ness

  18. Bro

    Govt pathologists are paid by the Govt. So, their "independence" can also be suspect.

    Dr, Pornthip - I don't know if she is being paid by the Selangor Govt, beacause other than some wild claims by pro-UMNO bloggers, they have not disclosed as such.

    But I agree her services will not come free. Rarely will foreign professionals/experts do pr bono cases.

    Even if they appoint someone other than Pornthip to do the 2nd post mortem, he/she will have to be paid.

    So, where is there in this world a truly "independent" pathologist that Eddy and others are talking about.

    So, I agree with you. Let the 2nd post mortem be done. The Govt can have its experts in close attendance. Let all the evidence and expert conclusions be aired openly in court.

    And then we'll leave it to the Coroner to draw his conclusions.

    What can be fairer than that?

    In defence of Pornthip, I must say she did not look like she was testifying merely to be contrarian or to unnecessarily embarass our Govt pathologists and prosecutors. She was completely dispassionate (unbiased), professional and did raise points missed out (verticle crack on head, contusions, striations on the neck and thighs and inward punctured anus) by the Govt pathologists.

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  19. And Anon 1.46 p.m.,

    If you can find another independent pathologist, foreign or local, whom the Govt and all other parties can agree upon, I am willing to start the ball rolling with a donation of RM1,000 for the pathologist's fees, in the interest of truth and justice.

    How much are you in for?

    Let's see you put your money where your mouth is!!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  20. Anonymous7:38 pm


    Dr Porn Tip reminds me of the TV series "Monk "! Weird but always correct, correct, correct !!


  21. Anonymous7:47 pm

    It's shocking that just based on a scanned photograph Pornthip can claim an 80% possibility that TBH was strangled. A photograph can tell 10 different things to different people. Now, with her reputation at stake and with everyone in the forensic world watching can we trust her to do the postmortem alone. Another equally renowned pathologist preferably from overseas must be present during the 2nd postmortem.

  22. Leithaisor8:17 pm


    I am puzzled.

    The Malay Mail, of which you are the editor, carried this report on 27 Oct

    Claims not true
    Thai forensics expert rendering voluntary service in Teoh
    death inquiry, says lawyer Malik

    In part, the report read:

    THE Selangor government did not pay Thai pathlogist
    Dr Porntip Rojanasunan "a lot of money" to testify in
    the Teoh Beng Hock death inquest.

    Lawyer Malik Imtiaz Sarwar, who is representing the
    State government, told Malay Mail yesterday that
    allegations that Dr Porntip was being paid a hefty sum
    by the State government to testify in the inquest were

    "There is simply no basis for this. She is rendering her
    service voluntarily and she is not charging any
    professional fee," Malik said.

    Stories about Dr Porntip being paid a huge amount of
    cash were widely circulated on the Internet yesterday,
    with some sites even claiming she was paid US$120,000
    to appear before the coroner's inquest into Teoh's death.

    I can understand that "Eddy" may have missed the report, and wrote what he
    wrote on 27 Oct 2009 at 1:26am as the Malay Mail report was neither
    available on the Net or in print, but you may already have read that report
    by then via The Malay Mail's internally? If not then, then sometime after
    that, and surely by 1:15pm today, 1 Nov 2009?

    Perhaps you have some doubt about Malik's words, but even if that was the
    case, would it still not be more balanced to include in your blog posting
    today that Malik had denied that Porntip was paid at all?

  23. Bro,

    What if 80:20 result going MACC's way, I mean BN,for sure accolade pouring Porntip,at least Dato'-ship or if lucky Tan Sri-ship

    How about local pathologist's professionalism?I doubt if there are any..remember the 'black eye' episode,Kugan,Sujata..and numerous luckless souls

    Another scenario is,imagine an MACC officer's body was found in DAP's HQ it suicide?

    I believe TBH's is only a beginning of something bigger..

    Something is brewing & snowballing..

    "Don't kill the messenger"

  24. Anonymous9:03 pm

    So who the fuck is eddy.

  25. Anonymous9:18 pm

    yeah, we need to get to the truth as we malaysians are partisan based in our thinking and action that our professionels are losing respect for doing the right and nobel thing when dealing with cases like this.

  26. Anonymous10:01 pm

    Looking at the comments, I'm very surprise to see how people anticipate an "expert" to be "corrupted" like BN government. Furthermore, what's wrong to pay an expert to be here if she is capable and international well known for her expertise.

    If your suspicion is due to the money paid to her, then you should remain suspicion of your own life because you are living to pay for services you need...I still remember Singapore paid a great deal to get Bill Clinton for a lecture in University, was he talking nice about Singapore then?

    Only those stupid BN people here will raise that kind of questions, and trying to cover up their wrong doing.

    If it is so easy to kill someone and report it as commit suicide, it would only happen in MALAYSIA!!!! and it is governed by BN! *imagine who would run to Putrajaya first when saw the body on the floor ...ONLY MACC...OK!

    Steven Seagal

  27. Lady Cruella10:12 pm

    I dont know why. But somehow I dont trust this flamboyant doctor.
    Her statement sounded like she's pre-judged the case.

  28. Anonymous10:47 pm

    I believe these questions have been raised countless of times but allow me to repeat it because some Malaysians mudah lupa.

    Care to explain why MACC lied about TBH's release from custody when he wasn't because his belongings are still in the possession of the anti corruption agency?

    Care to explain why the Selangor MACC chief did not lodge police report after looking at TBH's body but went to Putrajaya to get further instructions?

    Care to to explain why MACC lied about the CCTV recordings by saying there was no CCTV but they later confessed the CCTV were not working on that night. Too convenient, don't you think?

    Care to explain why MACC lied about telling us it was TBH who volunteered to stay but they later changed their statement that they requested TBH to stay back?

    Is their security so shitty that no one noticed anyone who went into the building? He must be an Invisible Man. Wow, not only DAP have recruited triads, they have invisible men walking around too.

    Is their security so shitty that the room where TBH's body was thrown from that are not usually accessible to every tom dick and harry but was mysteriously available to the assailants on that night?

    Why go as far as revealing TBH's bank account, female house mate?

    Why request TBH's family to see a psychiatrist?

    If there's nothing to hide, why lie so much?

    Steven Seagal

  29. Anonymous11:16 pm

    so u the editor from the... paper that cares?

  30. Thanks Leithaisor, for pasting the Malay Mail article on Malik Imtiaz denying that Dr Pornthip cost the Selangor government an arm and a leg. Now everyone knows that I had given the Selangor a leg up with that article!

    Now, the reason I did not include in my blog posting today that Malik had denied that Porntip was paid at all is not because I believe or not believe Malik, but because my posting has nothing to do with whether the Selangor government paid Pornthip or not.

    Read the posting again, dear Leithaisor. It's about having another foreign expert to do the 2nd post mortem with Dr Pornthip so that the outcome of this second post mortem will be more readily acceptable to all.

    Are u against the idea of someone else doing the post mortem with Dr Pornthip? I am talking about another foreigner, mind you, because many people (I don't mean you) don't trust local experts, especially when these local experts can't do a Pornthip.

  31. Agree with you bro, another or more foreign experts to do the second post-mortem would be more appropriate.

  32. Bro, I find it very difficult to believe that Dr Porntip would come to Malaysia to give her so called expert opinion in court pro bono, that fella Imtiaz can issue all the denial he want, I am sure there are not many people out there who would believe him or the Selangor Government on this one. Like did she pay for her return air tickets, luxury hotel stay and the limousine as well? Hmm...

    Anyway since the public and the world forensic medical fraternity would be focussing on Dr Porntip, these are all the more reasons why she cannot do the second autopsy on the late TBH corpse alone, and I think your suggestion for a second foreign forensic expert is indeed a great idea.

    It may sound macabre but I think if allowed this will probably be the second and final autopsy on the corpse. Well, we do not want another smart alec foreign expert "invited for free" by the Selangor Government coming into the inquest to give another opinion based on another selected set of autopsy photos and documents and then qualify what was said by saying that it can only be confirmed if a third autopsy is performed on the deceased, don't we.

    In the mean time like you said Bro, let us all pray that the request by TBH family for the second autopsy is granted.

  33. Anonymous12:32 am


    I notice a frenzy of UMNO agent provocateurs trying desperately to discredit Dr Porntip with some idiots slandering her "porn tit" because THEY ARE AFRAID LIKE SHIT THAT SHE IS GOING TO BLOW THE COVER OF THE MACC and make those 2 local gomen pathologists look like idiots in the forensic fraternity. The more these paid UMNO agent provocateurs, with some of them coming up with loads and loads of unconvincing shit, the more THEY ARE EXPOSING MACC'S SORDID BID TO COVER UP!

    In their frenzy to run down Dr Porntip, these arse lickers of UMNO conveniently forget that an innocent man like Teoh Beng HOck had been murdered, and they instead sing MACC and UMNO's tune that TBH committed suicide!

    I think all these UMNO agent provocateurs and arse lickers ought to be shot in the first place for trying to divert attention from the mess Najis is creating. What have these fucking UMNO bastards got to say about Najis' involvement in blowing up Altantuya with C4? What has an UMNO paid arse licker like eddy got to say about police beating up RPK's son just because they can't get RPK?


  34. For my own curiosity, I would've had both, Malaysian Pathologist and the Foreign Expert brought in by the government to do the 2nd post-mortem with this thai doctor. Hahaha.... I wish that sometimes I can say that our doctors are good enough, I should in this, but it seems that the pakatan people doesn't agree that it is so.

    I do honestly believe that the government are being too soft on this issue, I also believe that it is sickening for the opposition to play this tune as a part of their political mileage, will any of them give this much attention and care if we, ordinary joes, were to die of the same fate?

    Such bullcrap, all of it.

  35. Anonymous12:52 am

    Arsewhore Steven SeaGAL

    Your pseudonymn says much about you.

    Answers to your Qs:

    1. personal effects can be impounded for investigative and evidence purposes. standard investigative agency 101 practice even if suspect is released.

    2. A police report can be lodged within a certain time frame. Intraagency consultations on matters like these are normal procedure.

    3. No CCTV means inoperational or faulty CCTV. Could happen..nothing extraordinary for even your puny cock can get caught in ur trouser zip without you planning it!

    4. This is purely conjecture as the chingkie must have misunderstood instructions and in any case a dead body cannot testify to affirm or contradict. anything else is hearsay. by the way how come his folks, attorney didnt come looking for him on his no show and total silence on his supposed big day. not even his scaw who was carrying his child. Strange, isnt it?

    5. the guy must have walked off with a close friend and no one bothered to bat an eyelid for after all he was in safe custody to be murdered elsewhere and his body dumped at that spot under the ledge in that implausible position. But then this case according to Fuckatan scums like u is strange so I will suspend the laws of physics to cater for fucked up morons and idiots like you.

    6. you are assuming that he was thrown from that room but what if he wasnt. equally plausible that he was thrown off another highrise and his body planted there with perpetrators wearing gloves. For if he was thrown from there betwen cockscrow at 6, early arrivals including security would have heard a thud in the deathly silence. if between 7-8 (stretching Porn's time frame further) woulld have alerted office workers streaming in. If we use the gov's pathologist's observations and death is placed at 8am onwards, the implausibility rubber band gets stretched to its limits....anyway b4 you scream about the broken window parts, remember that someone was in there and he could have done the stuff as a ruse.

    Note: Kobilinsky, himself an expert, had this to say regarding time frames i.e., it is extremely hard to place proper time frames. read it here:

    7.female housemate? to show that everything is NOT as it seems regarding the life and times of TBH, a real-life walter mitty.....

    Account? No need to jerk on this one, piece of constipated shit. work it out urself.

    psychiatrist: read kobilinski as to why.

    The only lies spewing out like a pong is those that are being farted from the fuckatan pimps' unwashed arseholes and those dirty blood flowing out like toxic effluent from their chingkie and chingkie lovva sluts' cuntholes. and you can shove your facebook up ur unwashed arse and take a hike, trannie whore instead of making mountains out of molehills for a change

  36. Anonymous1:15 am

    It is a good opportunity for Malaysia to bring on Kathy Reichs (google her youself), the forensic scientist who inspired the tv series BONES!

    Who knows by doing that this TBH case will be turned into an episode of BONES.

  37. Yup Steve (10:47)... lotsa holes in the plot of the MACC/pro-BN alibi. More holes than a badly written daytime drama on TV3.

    Indeed, the first attempt of the pro-BN crowd has been to claim he committed suicide. Followed by a string of stories to push their theory... that all turned out to be bullshit. The "other woman" that was actually his landlady... kononnya no money in his bank account... that blog supposedly set up by his friend, that turned out to be actually a proBN/MACC shill... yada yada yada...

    Then all of a sudden... the script gets An Extreme Makeover after a major asskicking from the Thai Doctor. Ooh! "That councillor murdered him"... yeah... he did it alone, within the MACC floor, without any officers hearing a fight. Or maybe "DAP agents sneaked through the lobby, and up the lift"... undetected by security.

    Or maybe the DAP sent Invisible Ninjas to climb to the MACC & do their Dastardly Deed? They exist you know...

    Yes, best to write in the Invisible Ninjas now, before the plot unfolds further. For Mr. Boon Wah alone is not enough to inflict such grievous injuries upon the victim... amirite? ;)

    I say... lets go on with the second post-mortem. Besides bringing in a 2nd forensic expert from abroad, bring in our local forensic guys, the coroners, and UM's medical students. They can learn lots about their profession from this Thai Doctor, and how to do it right the first time so there's no need of a hassle for an exhumation.

  38. Anonymous3:13 am

    Idiot fucktards are everywhere amongst the uneducated, illiterate fuckatan scumbags

    Fact 1 : the last to see the dead dick alive was one of his own.

    fact 2: the initial accusations leveled against the MACC was they were responsible. No PM, no evidence zilch just plain racial shit stirring to garner public empathy and sympathy

    Fact 3: Porntits was denied her clititch warholian fix by the the dead dildo's family the first time around. suddenly they are enamoured with the vamp...what changed them?ur guess is good as mine

    fact 4: One legal arsehole involved in the proceedings wrote in his blog that the gov was setting the thing up to favour them. He is quoted verbatim above and thus far left undenied. note;this fella is a legal 'gangsta' who will use unconstitutional means to satiate his lust for power.

    fact 5; try as the chingkie (both their press wallahs and the fuckatan suckers) might to paint porntit an expert, they couldnt debunk her own statements about the need for evidence contradicting her clitsure but cunthole deductions about DC and now this dead bastard, TBH WITHOUT an autopsy, complete set of toxicology reports, complete set of pictures or any crime scene data whatsoever. Everything is a hunch and to save herself she throws a 80-20 figure, the 20% a huge possibility in scientific terms that allow her sufficient leeway to scramble out when the pieces fall. why didnt she say 100% or 99-1 or 95-5 or even 90-10.That is why any pathologist or forensic expert worth his salt would be laughing at this whorelooking slutbag.people without data would couch carefully, look at baden operates with care and caution...not driven to conclusions by maniacal postmenopausal cockthrust urges.

    Fact 6: reputations established looking at the already squashed corpses of Takbai or the bloated carcasses of tsunamis are nothing, my 5 year old kid brother can do an equally good job and he wont even need an autopsy for that.

    fact 7; the fuckatan game plan has been same all along, paint this as a coverup and who better to affirm that than a charlatan bimbo who is definitely past it but still hankering for a free cockthrust to get her high(dry)ness all wet and gooey. after all, she is known for her contrarian stunts for cheap pubicity so much so the Thai cops themselves kept her off the DC case.

    fact 9: whatever they have thrown and the dupes they played throughout the inquest have blown up in their arses so they are hanging onto this like the pariah dogs clinging onto a piece of pigarse.

    fact 10:what are these fuckheads hiding behind their inane accusations?To find out, I recommend the inquest be suspended and the key players especially certain lawyer wallahs be arrested and interrogated to the max to get to the heart of darkness. If the cops wants my services, pronto, I will be there to cnduct the interrogation

    Do the autopsy by all means but dont ever let the porn near the cadaver lest she messes it up to prove herself right. Get someone scientific like Baden or Kobilinsky or the guys who did the MJ autopsy or even that of the explaymate to conduct it and charge the bill to the fukatan scumbags b4 hauling their bastard conspirators to face the cymbal music. And once they have been indicted and convicted lock them up and throw away the key b4 coming after their chingkie whoreboys, trannie shitheads and cuntholes here, there, everywhere. That will solve a whole lot of problems.

  39. Panteq Kobau7:10 am

    The pro-Dr Porno-tit are missing the whole point. Simply becasue they are daed set to blame MACC and BN.

    They won't consider at all that the motive does not make MACC a suspect.

    The 80:20 claim by Dr Porno-tits speculation is sheer suspect. It is not about who the homicide theory would implicate.

    If it homicide, the first suspect to held for further questioning still points to Tan Boon Wah as the last person who claim to see him at 6:00 am outside the toilet.

    The contractor Lee Wye WIng is also there.

    Those who happen to be at the premise of MACC will be subject to further questioning, inclusive of MACC officers.

    But since they have alibis they are safe.

    One MACC officer claim that there is a passage for their use when they left their entry pass behind. That opens to many possibilities.

    Either way the motive points to DAP but that is not important. Dr Porntip has a credibility issue.

    The only way left for anti establishment commentators Donplaypuks, Brighteyes, Surrogate, to gain credibility is resort to cheap labeling this and that as pro-BN or pro-UMNO propaganda or blog/website.

    The so-called pro-BN or pro-UMNO has facts to back. What do they have to back their claim? Only guessing games.

    Why they keep saying MACC as a guilty party when the motive that TBH is witness is clear and undisputable?

    They have no argument left but only to keep repeating a lie.

    I thought they said Rocky Bru's blog is no more credible but why keep coming back?

  40. Funny how our lack of expectations of integrity in Malaysians doing their work now degenerates to foreigners too.

    Prior to the last decade, when a Malaysian does a job, he/she does it to the best of his/her ability. No Rezeki or Takdir Tuhan. Now with the inherent corruption, even UMNO supporters think that integrity is purchasable.

    Wow! We sure have fallen a long, long way.

    Thanks for the interesting comment / article.


  41. Anonymous10:31 am

    the malakie donkie inbreed strikes again. this anon 12:52 must be a warrior 231(self professed soldier turn farmer, built like a pugilist but actually a skinnie inbreedie,resultie of a unholie liasonie betwie his mummie and grankie) wannabie.
    Looks like the malakie donkie problem of inbreeding has not stop huh!! producing an unending stream of inbreeds adding to malakie donkie II and now eddy (malakie donkie III) and anon 3:13 (malakie donkie IV) muhahaha (trying to imitate donkie II)

    warrior 123

  42. Anonymous10:39 am

    You said it, panteq kobau.Kudos to you, man.

    Ya! why come back when this blog is supposedly "incredible". Got some unresolved cockitch, clitwitch or are the old dirty dry cunts here yearning for a free virtual cockthrust to make up 4 a real one.Is it to satiate some hankering for a cyber arsefuck knowing that these lowlife low level "appariahchiks" will never ever get a taste of the real thing from their esteemed leader who is too busy plotting his escape and next highclass arsefuck to ever bother about morons like these who have been taken for the ride of their lives.Moreover, I doubt he would ever touch these scumbags with a bargepole let alone his own pole given the stink of their unwashed arses and dickheads and the effluent flowing from their pigcock blasted cuntholes.

    if they shamelessly come back, PK, it means any or all of the above have been affirmed, "amirite"? (to ciplak one fucktart of a trannie whore)


    the Guan Eng chingkie scum bastard is entangled in a controversy regarding some waterfront project in penang. 2 issues to keep it brief:

    1.was he lying to the DUN when he stated that there was no land conversion from leasehold to freehold status when there indeed was.

    2. more importantly, was he involved in the approval process which would give rise to conflic of interest issues as he was/is? chairman pf PDC whose subsidiary has a 49% share in a JV with YTL corp in the project

    another thing, i wonder whether the bastard had ever gloated in the DUN that his admin had garnered 10.8B in investments in FY 2008 when figures from MIDF quarterly and Annual reports indicate that he inflated it by 4.7B. if he gave any such answer in the DUN, it means he lied again for I remember him bragging about it elsewhere in the papers. How can one affirm this other than referring to the DUN hansard?

    mmm...hardly 1 and half years already we have the arianna teoh unresolved case, the 2 pesta fiasco, the Korean golf course saga,KBP,the Penang municipal council accounts, the close connections with certain penang business taikohs,the heritage zone approvals, the CM mansion issue...the list goes on.

    Time to nail this pigarsed face dogshit.

    bastard= a despicable, immoral lowlife

  43. Anonymous12:01 pm

    I want the Govt to set up a royal commision to investigate the activities of Parti Komunis Malaya from day one up till they surrendered in 1989. I want to know who among the PKM's members were responsible for the killing and injuring of the military and police personel, as well as members of the public. I want them to be brought to justice. I want their family members who supported the communists to be brought to justice as well. I am sure our defence ministry has all the data.

    If you guys want justice for TBH, you should support the justice for our servicemen and women, their family members, and the public who were victims of the communists.

    Justice for Public

  44. Anonymous12:25 pm

    bigcat 5:05:

    “they can do as many autopsies as they as many experts as they want...but, as long as the results do not suit their political agenda, they will never be satisfied...its not the truth and justice they are looking for. all they actually want is to exploit the death of the poor man to further their own political interests.”

    Yes I agree. Its time the Fuckatan and the DAP shove away politics and show a little more care.

    “these people do not even have any problem exploiting the death of children.”

    Correct, correct, correct. Your statement is strengthened further here .

    JusticeforTBH 6:30:

    "UMNO fuckwits and fuckheads are coming up one by one to defend their UMNO masters and MACC murderers whose hands are tainted with TBH's blood. Not all the perfumes from Saudi Arabia that these UMNO and MACC fuckwits apply will erase the foul stench of their murder …"

    Notice how by making statements like these louder and more frequent in the net , it is hoped that subliminally, the shift of blame towards MACC is affirmed by readers. But then … somehow … whenever I read things like this, and I substitute UMNO with FUCKATAN and MACC with DAP-UNDERWORLD, then … things becomes so much more believable, so much … sense, so much … clearer.

    JusticeforTBH 6:30 PM again:

    “God Almighty has eyes and sooner of (sic) later these UMNO fuckwits and fuckheads and their MACC murderers will have to pay dearly...”

    In legal terms, this spuriousness is known as non sequitur, where, by bringing in an Object of Goodness for his argument, the user hopes thereby to strengthen his point (or even his crimes) by making Goodness to appear on his side. It’s like, “I was caught drunk-driving last night. But God is great: the policeman let me go.” – thereby deferring the incompetency of the policeman and the DUI wrongdoing (the real crime) to the clemency of God (A greater object of Neutral Goodness). But then what can you expect from DApigs if their whole existence is non sequitur?

    surrogate 8:27 PM:

    “What if 80:20 result going MACC's way, I mean BN,for sure accolade pouring Porntip,at least Dato'-ship or if lucky Tan Sri-ship”

    This hypothetical scenario is a favourite amongst the Fuckatans: “what if it had been the other way?” Well I tell you what. If it had been the other way then Porntit there would matter the least: the bigger job then is to go for the real culprits, the Underworlds.

    Well I would TanSri the LOCAL pathologists if push comes to shove, mindyou. Kah Kah Kah.

    Steven Seagal 10:01 PM:

    “If it is so easy to kill someone and report it as commit suicide, it would only happen in MALAYSIA!!!! …”

    Oh yeah? No lah. Only in your deluded, anti-malay-anti-gomen-anti-BN mind. According to you, anything and everything in Malaysia is bad as long it is ruled by BN and the malays, prompting me to suggest this to you. Else, stories of people who die in mysterious circumstances become fodder for evening news like here, there and every - where .

    But of course, there is a difference between all those and our case. In TBH, the government do NOT want him to die because he was a key witness towards dubious DAP involvements in the underworlds.


  45. Anonymous2:19 pm

    Hi Rocky,
    It would only be fair the family of TBH satisfied and find out the actual cause of their son/husband death. How would you satisfy as a human being if your son whom you know very well suddenly died like that. Although we can speculate this & that, let the law (without intervention) & justice takes its natural cause. However corrupt our judiciary system, we must take little steps to right it, especially with good & just & correct judgements in the future.

  46. Anonymous2:53 pm

    HOW MUCH IS KJ PAYING MALAYSIAN INSIDER to come out with STUPID comments such as this:
    "I will monitor the situation closely and if there is any injustice towards Dr Asri in this matter, I will not HESITATE to CONDEMN such a move," said the Rembau MP and Umno Youth leader Khairy Jamaluddin.

    BODO punya komen... depa belajar kat oxford atau dgn OX? Hanya condemn aje, tak lebih dari tu? Bangau!!!!

    Azmin Ah Li

  47. Leithaisor2:53 pm


    We do have common ground viz:

    But since the first post-mortem was done by two of
    our own pathologists, I'd take a step further to suggest
    that the Government appoints a foreign pathologist /
    forensic expert to do the second autopsy with Dr Pornthip.
    This other foreign expert must have the credentials as
    good as, if not better than, Dr Pornthip's.

    On that I agree with you. Get the best independent pathologist that the rakyat's money can pay for, with impeccable credentials to do the 2nd post-mortem.

    We owe Teoh an honest search for the truth. He suffered various injuries and lost his life on the cusp of what should have been the happiest day of his life, never to see his unborn child. And there have been grave aspersions cast on his name. We owe him an honest search for the truth.

    The MACC, which was supposed to have been an ACA revamped into the bastion against corruption, has had it's name dragged into the mud, rightly or wrongly, so for its sake, and for the sake of haiving a credible bastion against corruption in Malaysia, we need the 2nd post-mortem too.

    Having got that out of the way, though the main trust of your posting was along the vein of another expert to do the 2nd post-mortem together with Dr Porntip, you included some comments from "Eddy", including in particular words which alluded that Dr Porntip may not be entirely unbiased since she was being paid by the Selangor govt viz:

    "Dr Porntip cannot do it alone as she is being paid
    good money by the Selangor Government and there
    are every chance that she would be biased to satisfy
    her paymaster, especially so after she stuck her
    neck out and say that it could be 80% homicide and
    20 % suicide based on selected documents and
    photographs given to her and without even visiting
    the scene of the death."

    As I had commented yesterday, it would be more balanced to have included the Malay Mail report that Malik had stated that Dr Porntip had voluteered her services. Notably, theye have been many whose comments on your blog have also expressed similar feelings as Eddy's.

    I personally do not think that it is fair to question Dr Porntip's credibility even if she had been paid for her services. I have followed her work on and off on other cases, and think highly of her.

    Further, if anyone was to Dr Pornti's objectivity on the basis that she was being paid, what about the first two pathologists? Were they not employees paid with govt funds?

    And the 2nd expert you proposed to work together with Dr Porntip - is he/she to work strictly pro-bono? Or does the government pay a tidy sum to secure the services of someone top in the field? And then have folks question his/her credibility just because he/she is being paid a tidy sum?

  48. Anonymous3:08 pm

    Why do you say " fantastic 80:20 theory".

    Smells of bias element!

    You have decided to be non-neutral?
    Because the Selangor government is funding?

    You decided that Teoh committed sucide?

    Or for that matter, have alternatively concluded that it was a sucide and it was by the DAp itself?

    Hello, you seem to beating round the bush of late?

    What happended?


  49. Anonymous3:24 pm

    If I am portnip, I will do the same thing man, if I say there is no chance of murder, then case close and no more fee! It is a basic strategy for those who in consultancy business, first you will never give dead end answer, always give "we will see later" kind of answer. That way you have more chance of milking the client. Its true and it just good business practice.

    -Anyway, I'm in that line, I know.

  50. Anonymous4:10 pm

    The name of this game is confusion.

    Create as much doubts as possible and drag the case 'till death do us part'.

    Question is, for whose benefit?


  51. Anonymous4:50 pm


    Umno sanggup bekerjasama dengan PAS ke arah membentuk kerajaan perpaduan adalah bagi memenuhi tuntutan agama dan bukan berdasarkan politik, kata Najib Razak.

    Perdana menteri berkata idea kerajaan perpaduan merupakan perkara yang baik dan justeru itu, Umno sanggup mengadakan rundingan itu dengan PAS.

    "Kita mempunyai pendirian jelas bahawa asalkan untuk kebaikan, kita sanggup mengadakan rundingan. Ia bukan semestinya kita terikat tangan atas apa-apa persetujuan.


    kah kah kah… PASAL AGAMA PULAK… kah kah kah…

    kah kah kah… BUKAN PASAL POLITIK… kah kah kah..

    kah kah kah… BILA PULAK MAT MONGOL NI JADI AL-MALIKUL…kah kah kah..

    woit… RASUAH… BUKAN TUNTUAN AGAMA?.. kah kah kah


    woit… BUNUH DENGAN C4… TUNTUTAN AGAMA KE? …. kah kah kah…

    woit… BAGI KULIAH AGAMA… BUKAN TUNTUTAN AGAMA?... kah kah kah..

    woit… RAMPAS KERAJAAN DI PERAK… IKUT HADIS MANA?.. kah kah kah..

    woit... SIASAT SAMPAI MATI... AMBIL NAZ YANG MANA?... kah kah kah

    kah kah kah… INI MACAM ADA BUAH EPAL DALAM BRA… kah kah kah..

    kah kah kah… INI MACAM ADA BUAH PISANG DALAM SELUAR…kah kah kah..

    kerajaan perpaduan ini adalah talian hayat untuk gerombolan yang telah dihumbankan oleh rakyat
    kerajaan perpadun ini boleh diwujdkankan.

    dengan satu syarat sahaja:
    sila jawab siapa beri arahan bunuh altantuya? kah kah kah

  52. Anonymous5:10 pm

    'The Senseless PORNtip Porno'

    *Go-Bin and PORNtip both naked on bed*

    Go-bin himself Deo: Ohhh PORNtip i luvvv your colorful hairrr.

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    PORNtip: It's coming from the closet. I'd better check it out.

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    Go-bin himself Deo: What?!!! Who? what the hell?! Don't tell me it's David Carradine? or.. Steven Seagal?

    PORNtip: Steven Seagal the commenter or the actor?

    Go-bin himself Deo: The act.... why does it matter?!! Call the police now!

    *The Guy in the closet turns out to be.... donplayplaypundek*

    donplayplaypundek: Wait! wait! Don't call the police. I was drunk and fell asleep in the closet. After all We are all of 1 race, the Human Race.

    Go-bin himself Deo: Fuck you! what the hell does that got to do with anything?! I'm caling the police!

    PORNtip: Wait! Don't!

    Go-bin himself Deo: Are you kidding me?

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    Go-bin himself Deo: What? I thought you loved me! And only me!

    PORNtip: I lied. I'm a sex addict. How do you explain my name then?

    Go-bin himself Deo: Damn you to hell!

    donplayplaypundek: Err can i say something? Or we could actually get down for for some hot blooded Threesome?

    Go-bin himself Deo: Well what the hell, that's actually a good idea.

    PORNtip: Let's do it then!

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    Go-bin himself Deo: Emmm, suck me! suck me!

    PORNtip: O yesss, Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!

    *the end*


  53. Anonymous5:44 pm

    Anon 3:13am and Panteq Kobau,

    So you 2 are latest UMNO arselickers to discredit Dr Porntip in a vaid sordid attempt to cover up for your MACC murderers whose hands are tainted with Teoh Beng Hock's blood and stood to be condemned when they are eventually exposed. Stop rehashing all that SHIT defending MACC, whose guilty officers must now be shitting in their pants when they can't stand their guilty conscience torturing them anymore. Sooner of later, these fucking murderers will confess to torturing and murdering Teoh Beng Hock just like Rahim Noor confessed to beating up Anwar resulting in his black eye. Then we will see how these guilty MACC officers will spill more beans to implicate UMNO all the way up to the Najis. ALL MALAYSIANS LOOKING FORWARD TO THE DAY TBH'S MOST FOUL MURDER WILL LEAD TO DOWNFALL OF NAJIS AND UMNO !

  54. Anonymous6:03 pm

    'Local law says only a government doctor can conduct post-mortem.'

    Says Malay Mail.

    No Pornthip?

    So are we stuck forever with 80/20 since any local doctor will be deemed biased,stupid and incompetent?

    CSI Kampong

  55. Anonymous7:52 pm

    Anonymous/Anton 12.32

    I also felt that a FRENZY DAP supporter is trying to make this doctor as relevant as possible...., without considering other point of view...

    But...we practise a FREEDOM OF SPEECH no like those b****td DAP supporter that keep telling Malaysian what the meaning of FREEDOM OF SPEECH but at the see!? when ´kene muka sendiri´ UMNO lah...malay la..conspiracy la,

    hey!! I tell you...better you find a gangster in DAP..and dont busy body with everything relating to UMNO/malays


  56. Anonymous7:59 pm

    whooaahhh inba

    you are one really FRUSTRATED citizen

    a word of advice - go check into the mental hospital

    and get some counselling before you lose it big time

  57. Anonymous8:09 pm

    Justice for TBH @ 6:30 PM

    you are hereby rendered illogical, uncontrollable, irrational, enraged, unconvincing

    and therefore an UNRELIABLE witness

    you may then be seated/silenced


  58. Anonymous8:11 pm


    why tbh death so important one?

    there are so many murders unsolved, why just concentrate on this one ony

  59. Anonymous9:39 pm

    I say we get foreign lawyers to look after TBH family's interest.

    All Malaysian professional are useless, the Doctors as well as the LAWYERS.

    Heck, let's get a foreign Coroner if it helps.


  60. Jenggg X310:06 pm

    ka ka kah... memang wow! lihat tukang karut gerombolan asyik melebong... ka ka kah...

    woit... MACC kata bukan suspek... hanya saksi. kenapa simpan handfon & barang dia? Takde rekod 'impound' pun...

    woit... kenapa nak tunggu berjam jam panggil polis? Apasal nak pokpet pokpet ngan cawangan lain. Nak dapat arahan ke? Tak bleh fikir ke? ka ka kah...

    woi... mula kata takdak CCTV. kemudian CCTV tak berfungsi.

    ka ka kah... satu Malaysia sudah tahu... vidio sudah kena erase... ka ka kah...

    woi... kalau geng DAP buat, apasal nak baling TBH dari bangunan tinggi lain, kemudian bawak masuk ke MACC? tak lojik punya...

    wei.. mana boleh geng DAP masuk tanpa dilihat kat lobi? mana boleh geng DAP buat gadoh kat ofis tanpa didengar gerombolan MACC?

    ka ka kah... orang tua kata, bila asyik tukar alasan, tu tanda bohonglah... ka ka kah...

    dan akhirnya... jeng... jeng... jenggg...

    apasal nak gantung inkues? apasal nak halang Doktor Punk Siam buat bedah siasat?

    woit.. minah punk ni bukan Doktor Kangkung... ka ka kah...

    minah punk bukan lulusan sintok... ka ka kah...

    dia ni direktor jabatan forensik kat Siam... ni heavyweight tau... ka ka kah...

    ka ka kah... sudah takut ka? ka ka kah...

    ka ka kah... minumlah radix kalau kecut telor... ka ka kah

  61. Anonymous12:15 am

    "Otherwise, I would strongly urge you not to kurang ajar towards Teoh Beng Hock's family's feelings like what many UMNO bloggers and a certain Ridhuan Tee has been doing."


    There is no such word as "kurang ajar" in the entire blogs. If that how you define 'kurang ajar' then what PR moderator and commenter have been doing in the past was actually worse than that.
    Why must you be in denial? Be fair, OK bro!!


  62. alot of ball-lickers in comments box rocky bru...CRAP