Thursday, November 26, 2009

Anti-journalist Selproa

'Govt propaganda machine' journalist gets PKR boot

SHAH ALAM: A journalist with a local Malay daily was chased out of a press conference called by officers of Selangor’s Pakatan Rakyat elected representatives at the state secretariat building.

Selangor Pakatan Rakyat Elected Representatives Officers Associa­tion (Selproa) secretary Ng Yap Hwa chased out Utusan Malaysia journalist Yazid Alias yesterday, claiming that the daily was a “federal government agent.”

Although Selproa president Abdul Razak Ismail later told Ng to allow Yazid in, the latter was heard saying: “We can’t allow government propaganda machines into the press conference.”

This then irked the other reporters attending the function, who said they would bring up the matter to the National Union of Journalists Malaysia (NUJ).

Yazid, who is attached to the Shah Alam bureau, described Ng’s action as “uncouth”, adding that it was uncalled for as his office had received an invite to the function via e-mail.

He said if Selproa was afraid of their secrets being leaked out, it should state in their e-mails which media was barred from the event. (Full report h e r e)

I read the above report with utter disgust. Selproa secretary Ng Yap Hwa, clearly an uneducated person, is the kind that will suppress all and any kind of dissent. God forbids this kind of people from taking over the country. If they had more power, journalists may be executed for not writing things that agree with Ng Yap Hwa and his ilk.

I am waiting for the NUJ and the CIJ to make known their views.

And I urge other journalists, pro-Pakatan or pro-Barisan or pro-neither, to condemn this bully's arrogant act. The NST managing editor has blogged her views h e r e: "Wow. Talk about low tolerance threshold...".


  1. Anonymous1:16 pm

    Not only uneducated, tak la class lah. Itulah ambil gangster dalam pentadbiran Negeri, dapatlah budaya gangster. Itu pun Orang Melayu Selangor tak sedar diri lagi.

    Gangster mana ada adap? Habislah duit Selangor kena songlap. Tak lama lagi lingkuplah Selangor. Tak percaya tunggulah.

  2. Anonymous1:49 pm

    This is what happens when you vote for a 'Communist Party'.

    Zero Tolerance!

    And they have the cheek to try and educate the public?

    Hypocrite to the MAX!
    A bunch of loser FUCKheads!


  3. Anonymous1:55 pm

    I would be grateful if you could host the BSR logo on your esteemd website. This is non-political and its for a good cause.

    Wenger J Khairy

  4. Disgusted2:07 pm

    Freedom my ass, cant imagine what these people will do if they have power over the police force

  5. Anonymous2:07 pm

    Kiasuism as usual.

    Regards Filadora

  6. Bro,

    (i) Satu tindakan yang kebudak-budakkan dan tidak profesional;

    (ii) Tidak mencerminkan konsep "kebebasan bersuara" dan juga "kebebasan media" yang diagung-agungkan oleh mereka;

    (iii) Menolak kebebasan media bermakna pihak berkenaan mengamalkan polisi "menulis apa yang dikehendaki" oleh mereka sahaja; (maka tuduhan mereka terhadap Utusan Malaysia berbalik kepada mereka semula)

  7. Anonymous2:43 pm

    God forbids this group take over this country in PRU 13.

  8. Retired Journalist2:51 pm

    Well, what do u expect? After being hit below the belt every now and then by BN-controlled mainstream media, Pakatan chaps will sooner or later lose their cool and retaliate. This is not the first time, and it won't be the last.
    BN will not allow Pakatan parties to set up their own daily newspapers because it will bite into BN-controlled newspapers' advertising revenue (read money, money, money) and cut their propaganda reach.
    So, with BN controlling TV stations (private and public) and most English and Malay newspapers, they are used against the Pakatan allies by distorting stories, blacking out stories showing BN in bad light, etc.
    Chasing out one Utusan reporter is not news. If Pakatan mob goes to Utusan or NST or Media Prima offices and burn it to the ground, now that is NEWS! That would certainly be rude...
    In conclusion, no point for Utusan being such cry babies over such a little thing. That is not playing rough or rude ... not yet anyway.
    It is just tit for tat, u do me, I do u.
    That is why Confucius said: Don't do unto others what u do not like being done to u.

  9. Anonymous3:01 pm

    Hamlau hamlau ni belum memerintah saja akan janji itu ini. Bila dah memerintah mereka akan buat yang lebih kejam lagi. Almaklum saja baru berkuasa.S aya teringat cerita orang tua sewaktu pemerintahan bintang 3. Mereka betul betul melepaskan geram pada peyokong pemeritah sebelum itu.Yang banyakn terseksa ialah orang orang Melayu.

  10. Anonymous3:09 pm

    KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 26 — The DAP wants Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to launch a thorough investigation into the proposed Matrade expo centre in Jalan Duta after the controversial RM628 million project was given to Naza TTDI in a building-for-land deal.

    Yesterday, International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Mustapa Mohamed claimed that the government was getting the expo centre for free and explained that building-for-land deal is good value for the Malaysian External Trade Development Corporation (Matrade).

    DAP Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua however pointed out that Naza TTDI was being paid with 62.5 acres of land for the expo centre in a building-for-land deal.

    “The usually composed and competent minister, fondly known as Tok Pa, must have had a moment of madness if the government will get Malaysia's largest convention and exhibition centre ‘for free’ from Naza TTDI when the latter is being paid with 62.5 acres of prime land,” he said in a press statement.

    The mammoth expo centre, being built on a 13.1-acre site in Jalan Duta here, is to be developed by Naza TTDI, a unit of the Naza Group, in exchange for 62.5 acres of state land at RM226 per square foot although the market value of the land could reach RM1.5 billion. The entire project will have a gross development value of RM15 billion.

    Pua questioned why a reputable company would want to build a RM628million centre for only RM197 million.

    “The reply still leaves Malaysians completely flabbergasted as the minister expects us to believe that Naza TTDI, a private company belonging to the Naza Group which has milked billions from approved permits to import luxury cars via MITI, is so charitable as to build a RM628 million convention and exhibition centre at the price of RM197 million. If what the minister had said is true and accurate, Naza TTDI is in fact ‘donating’ RM431 million to the Malaysian government, and we should all be eternally indebted to Naza for its immeasurable generosity.

    “However, the minister's reply only raises more questions, for there must be a catch somewhere in the entire exercise. At RM197 million for the 62.5 acres of land means it is valued at only RM72 per square feet, which is unbelievably low for prime land between Mont Kiara and Jalan Duta,” he explained.

    Hall Chadwick Asia chairman Kumar Tharmalingam recently revealed that the total gross development value (GDV) of all the projects on the 65 acres could reach to RM15 billion and therefore the market value of that commercial land of 65 acres is RM1.5 billion.

    Pua argued that the government is actually paying more than RM197 million for the RM628 million centre.

    “Hence, even by taking the conservative estimate of RM350 per square feet by the experts, which works out to a valuation of RM970 million for the land paid to Naza TTDI, the government is in fact paying RM342 million more than the stated RM628 million cost of building the Matrade Convention and Exhibition Centre! And if we take the higher estimate of RM500 per square feet, then the government is in fact paying in excess of RM870 million! Under such circumstances, it will not be wrong to say that it is Naza TTDI which has received land from MITI ‘for free’,” he said.

    He also criticized Mustapa’s response that there was no open tender because Naza TTDI was the first company to propose the project.

    Pua stressed that the government must immediately launch an investigation and suspend the project until the findings are disclosed publicly to ensure transparency.

    “Datuk Seri Najib Razak must immediately conduct a probe into the irregularities surrounding the project and make immediate rectification to ensure that the income for all its existing assets are maximised.

    “He must suspend the project pending the investigations, and its outcome must be disclosed publicly to ensure that the final decision of the government is able to withstand scrutiny,” he said.

  11. Anonymous3:24 pm

    Thats right Rocky.

    Pakatan fellows must accept the fact that pro-BN media will ALWAYS write negatively about Pakatan run state governments, their elected reps and those who are in any of the component parties. That is your stand and you even recommended that Pakatan fellows should follow the leadership of Samy Vellu (oh...what fine example) by refraining from suing actions!

    And even if these media persons write nonsense and fitnah, the Pakatan fellows should not at all sue such media.

    Of course, you will only report facts about royalties suing the media but will not even 'hint' that ryalties should not sue the media.

    Did I get your drift right?


  12. Wow...

    Kebebasan media... Tiada lagi lepas mereka memerintah. Itu baru negeri, belum negara.

    Saya tak pasti, sama ada kita dapat lihat muka Anwar, Hadi, LKS dengan berbadan ular, buaya atau bermuka Firaun diakhbar. Seperti yg berlaku pada TDM dizamannya kalau mereka memerintah negara.

    Baru kawal selangor dah tunjuk lagak.

  13. Anonymous3:29 pm

    Serve Utusan right!

  14. Anonymous3:32 pm

    What do you expect Rocky? This is Communist's way of doing things. Look at China or Singapore. These goons are bullies to the core. If this Ng bast**d had his way, i am sure he would just blast the Utusan's journalist with a machinegun. I am sure too that the Chinkie pigs will come in droves to your blog to support this Chinkie scum. Never mind that it was not ethical to do what that scum did. Where is the slogan "freedom of expression" which you racist goons are mouthing all too loudly?

    For my brethrens, still want to be 'sopan santun', keep on giving and giving, give them a bit they step on you....just imagine if they rule the's gonna be an oppressive state and maybe they will open up a gulag, just like Communist China.

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

  15. Anonymous3:41 pm

    "God forbids this kind of people from taking over the country. If they had more power, journalists may be executed for not writing things that agree with Ng Yap Hwa and his ilk."

    well-said, rocky. people are entitled to their views, and this is clearly an affront to free speech. grow up, PR...


  16. Anonymous3:51 pm

    bangsat-bangsat ni memang begitu bila dapat sikit kuasa memerintah, hah...ditekan segala-gala kebebesan yang sedia ada. Konon nya dulu pemerintahan dulu kuat "control" terutamanya pihak media... Padan muka sekarang depa belagak macam samseng komunis..betul kata satu pendapat diatas, mereka bila berkuasa perangai dahsyat macam zaman bintang 3...Padan Muka Orang Melayu Selangor.

  17. Anonymous4:02 pm

    Now and then i see this Wanker J. Khairy. What does this Communist Idiot know about being Non-political and anything about 'A Good Cause' other than licking 'Perasuah' Khairy Jamaludin, Anwar and Lim Kit Siang's Buntot.

    Go Wank somewhere else, Wanker!

  18. Anonymous4:08 pm

    cheh...totally serve Utusan right? A racist newspaper, what's more can they do apart from serving UMNO - the racist party?

    We encourage freedom of Press, Freedom of speech but doesn't mean Utusan can twist the fact and say it otherwise.

    All of you have been manipulated so much that you believe every single word said by Utusan, simply because you only read about UTUSAN Newspaper.

    If god will allow this group to take over the nation if god has eyes, which god always has.

    My advice to you, to know if utusan is deserved our empathy..Next time when you read newspaper, please read all Newspapers (Chinese newspaper, English Newspaper and Malay Newspaper), in that way, you can easily spot the inconsistency reported in UTUSAN MELAYU, then you will feel the racist sentiment carried by UTUSAN!

    When you only stay loyal to UTUSAN, of course, all you believe is ONLY UTUSAN, and that only blinded you and make you RACIST, just like those UMNO Supporter who knows only UMNO because they don't use BRAIN to think and see, they ONLY listen to UMNO..whatever UMNO said...typical racist UMNO...

    Steven Seagal

  19. Anonymous4:09 pm

    Sdr Rocky,

    It's the case of bapa borek anak rintik.

    Surely you remember when the boss of PKR and, therefore, the boss of this fellow you called "uneducated", Anwar Ibrahim,lorded over the NSTP, TV3 and Utusan when he was the power behind the throne.

    Actually the PKR and PR had fallen into their own trap.

    When the challenged the MSM to be fair and the MSM started to over their events, it was then that the PKR and PR intolerance towards press freedom became apparent.

    Bravo to MSM.


  20. Anonymous4:11 pm

    they are just cowards...


  21. Anonymous4:25 pm

    penis and testicles severed at the Taman Pelangi flats

  22. LittleBird4:30 pm

    Ok, let me get this straight.. they accuse the govt's limiting freedom for journalism in the country and so on and so forth.. but they wont allow a MSM journalist in.

    If the Opposition comes into power, how then are we assured of freedom of the press and so on if right now pun they wont even allow a govt-controlled entity to report? and one who was invited, to boot?!!

    Walk the talk, people. You're not at all setting an example for fence sitters like me to work on.

  23. Anonymous4:50 pm

    They don't walk the talk. What freedom is this?

    If there's a press conference, I think all, or at least the mainstream media, are entitled to attend, invite or no invite, subject to space availability which if constrained should be allocated on first come first serve or some other objective basis.

    I believe BN is better tutored in the formalities of democarcy than PR. But lack of experience is no excuse. These are elementary rules of demcocracy and decorum, and those not qualified should not be put up to serve.


  24. Anonymous4:52 pm

    What difference compare to our govt barring some media like Malaysiakini or other pro-opposition from covering their PC ?
    Rocky, you should know this. Don't be bias in your reporting.

  25. Anonymous5:16 pm

    That is so DAPigs standard..

    Worst than keling..speak one thing and practice the other way in reality and condemn anybody who did like what they themselves do..

    That is called HYPOCRITE! Its a kind of mind-disorder where there are missing link between their grey matters and their muscle cells when it come to action..

    Common symptom is MIRROR FOBIA.. They never look at their ownselves in the mirror.. only know how to look and condemn others. That's what they do best.

    If they ruled, we all know the 2 model that will be use as their idolized nation:

    a. Singapore - Dictatorship Democracy

    b. China - Communism

    The default similarity..? Anything different from theirs are all damn wrong..

    Hail to Chin "The Mafucking Butcher" Peng ! The Godfucker of 'Malaysian Malaysia'..hahahaha..

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  26. Anonymous5:22 pm

    "Anti-journalist Selproa"....hati-hati sikit,Rocky.

    nanti kena 'Sue' lagi another 'RM50 Million' !!!!!


  27. hanglipo5:25 pm


    the more i read comments by pakatan supporters, the more i am convinced that they are rabid.

    come on. Pakatan has got sympathisers among mainstream media journalists. we even know who they are. but that's not the point.

    malaysiakini and malaysian insider -- both publish online reports that attack the BN govt and the PM -- do not get their reporters chased out of BN-held functions.

    malaysiakini was attacking Dr mahathir, umno and BN those early days -- none of their reporters were ever chased out of BN-held functions.

    and if they were, we'd all be upset. and yes, i'd be the first to condemn BN or whoever.

  28. Roughly,how much is this guy head value?

  29. Pemerhati6:07 pm

    What a dumb thing to do. This shows that Pakatan Rakyat is ruled by DAP. How stupid can the Selangor malays be when they voted PR in. Now the stupid malays can reap what they sow. Don't make the same mistake in PRU13. Wake up bro!

  30. Anonymous6:13 pm


    Nothing new here. Also nothing new that the 'champions of press freedom' LKS and cronies show no reaction.


  31. Anonymous7:24 pm

    cina kalau dapt kuasa sikit macam ni le...


  32. Anonymous7:42 pm

    wonder who this piece of utusan garbage

  33. Clearly uneducated? Arrogant act?

    I suppose the federal government is also clearly uneducated and arrogant as they defend the Printing Press and Publications act that doesn't just stop journalists from entering press conferences, but stops them from even having a publication?

    Take shots all you want, but until we're able to have a truly free printed media, the fault for this is solely at Barisan National's feet.


  34. I don't understand sometimes what is the problem with Pakatan Rakyat. They say the MSM journalists are carrying out Government propaganda.

    Then they tell us "boycott MSM, read Malaysiakini".

    I say it is actually their propaganda to poison our minds not to trust the daily newspapers that report on business, stocks, lifestyle, entertainment, fashion, politics and world news.

    Instead, they tell us to read the alternative media like Harakah, Malaysiakini etc.

    The Pakatan Rakyat folks always tell the Barisan Nasional Government to respond to this allegation, that allegation. But when the journalists ask comments from Anwar Ibrahim or Pakatan Rakyat leaders on certain allegations so that the Malaysian public can hear them out, they mistreat the journalists with rude remarks.

    Crazy fellas.

  35. Anonymous8:49 pm


    The B,S.R move to collect fund for the that poor Siti predicament is a small step to help , small yet a step.
    I cannot be taking sides to help those in need. Would be great bro if you have the logo , even a small one on your website knowing the giant volume you can make.
    Asking in good faith during this Haji month


  36. Anonymous11:03 pm

    Peace upon us . As racist is a disease , fortunately for us as being told by our maker long ago before our creation , for every disease there is a cure ....

  37. Anonymous11:11 pm

    hi bro,

    now you know,
    now you see,
    now you feel,
    apa lagi tukar depa,
    sebelum dia dapat federal,
    PKR members kick out you reps altrakiasau if you want to stay

  38. Selangor’s Pakatan Rakyat Officers Association (Selproa) secretary Ng Yap Hwa is a uncouth little kurang ajar prick that's for sure.

    This country do not need wannabee Pakatan little dictators like Yap Hwa running roughshod over Malaysian Journalists and reporters.

    Keep up with these kind of antics and Pakatan will find that many Selangor folks will have their eyes wide open and see what nasty Pakatan people they have accidentally voted in power.

    I wonder what Uncle Kit and Anwar has to say about this uncivilised behavior by Pakatan's Yap Hwa.

  39. Anonymous11:49 pm


    Ng Yap Hwa and Namewee are related!

    //Sarcasm flavoured Popcorn.

  40. Anonymous12:11 am

    What is wrong with having Federal Government propaganda? We also have and read PKR propaganda or worst than that an all-out bullshit from their pro media/blogs. Have some respect for other people's view, if you have the right to say anything you want, other should also have that right, it cannot be one way street. We thought that they champion freedom of expression?!!! I've been suspecting this all time, freedom of expression in their definition is their own view and stories only. SUCK!


  41. Anonymous12:51 am

    I remember the time Malaysiakini reporters were not welcomed or banned from BN functions too. :)


  42. Anonymous12:51 am

    I remember the time Malaysiakini reporters were not welcomed or banned from BN functions too. :)

  43. Anonymous1:05 am

    Ah...MSMs...and they always report truthfully?

    Look at this piece of Malay Mail news by Darshini...which is available online at .

    It says:
    The accused, Abdul Raheem Abdul Razack, 36, from Chennai, was detained by Immigration officers at Kuala Lumpur International Airport after a scan on his luggage, a green file holder and a slingbag, revealed suspicious-looking packets inside.

    Oh...come on Rocky....
    Where on earth do Immigration officials check baggage contents?
    What kind of story is this lah?
    Can you not get the facts right first before insulting the immigration? So, what are the customs guys doing? Checking passports and issuing visas?

    You still do not know why people get worked up at some MSMs?

    Get your house in order bro, before you try and champion for other MSMs in their clinical onslaught/crusade to bring down the Pakatan ruled state governments.


  44. Anonymous1:23 am

    Pakatan, Grow Up-lah.

  45. Anonymous1:34 am

    Stated below is what Lim Guan Eng has to say about MSMs.

    And some out there are still not convinced about how MSMs create trouble?

    And, Rocky, you want to plead that you know nothing about how MSMs work?

    Tell us another convincing fairy tale bro


    I wish to warn UMNO-controlled papers to stop their cunning and conniving tactics with BN to continuously defame me by ignoring my explanation and printing lies that I had indeed mislead the Penang State Assembly on the PHH issue.

    The refusal of UMNO-controlled papers to print my explanations demonstrates not only a fear of the truth but also an abuse of their powers to willfully target Pakatan Rakyat leaders by undermining our credibility.

    On the PHH issue, I had explained that Pulau Betong assemblyman Muhammad Farid Saad had asked whether there had been any land conversions to freehold status for government land for development purposes during the period from April 2008 to June 2009.

    There was no government land converted to freehold status as PHH is no longer state or government land, but owned 51% by YTL Hotel & Properties Sdn Bhd(YTL H&P) with PDC holding only 49%.

    For the UMNO-controlled papers to persist in insisting that I had misled the Penang State Assembly is a bare-faced lie.

    If my officers made a mistake, I have no hesitation in correcting and apologizing as I have done so in the previous state assembly meeting on Mohd bin Sabu being appointed as an independent director of PBA Holdings Bhd when he was not an independent director.

    But how can UMNO and BN ask me to apologise when I had neither given wrong information nor misled the Penang state assembly.

    To show that I have nothing to hide, I had taken the unprecedented step of declassifying EXCO, Land Committee and PDC minutes of the conversion of the PHH land to freehold status.

    PHH was approved that state land by the previous BN administration. UMNO should explain why state land was sold that surrendered ownership of the land to a private company that holds a majority share.

    To ensure that the state government does not lose rights over the land and the interests of the public are protected, three conditions were set out for approving the conversion to freehold title:-

    a) increasing PDC equity stake in PHH by 1% to 50% to ensure its equal share and that the private company does not have majority control to do as it likes;

    b) all costs relating to the increase in equity stake of PHH by 1% as well as land conversion and land premium costs of RM 8.2 million will have to be borne also by YTL H&P; and

    c) abide by the heritage guidelines in the George Town heritage area that the height of buildings will not exceed 5 storeys.

    These are the special circumstances that fulfill the legal requirements for conversion to freehold land.

    This is a triple win solution for the state in

    a. allowing us to regain back some control over the state land lost when PDC only controlled a 49% stake;

    b. do not incur any cost to PDC but increase revenues for the state of RM 8.2 million;

    c. preserve the heritage guidelines and revive development in the land area that has been left idle and abandoned for some time.

    BN, UMNO and Gerakan can not deny that the state land was sold to PHH with PDC as a minority shareholder.

    The success of the PR government is to regain control of the PHH land and project as an equal partner at no cost and with increased revenues.

    The public has clearly benefited from this exercise and only BN who wishes to politicize the issue will remain blind to their failure is protect public interest when they allowed the land to be sold with PDC as a minority shareholder.

    Instead of appreciating the PR state government success in improving on the state government’s positions and interests, BN, UMNO or Gerakan has chosen to politicize the issue with lies that I had misled the Penang state Assembly.

  46. Anonymous2:08 am

    it is interesting to note the government under
    successive prime ministers have the same modus
    operandi in doing work or in giving out projects.

    i am amazed by all the effort and funds wasted in
    employing spinning by using pr firms and long
    list of cybertroopers.

    to say that the incumbent gomen wants to progress
    with a corresponding spin - rakyat di dahulukan
    /kpi thingy whatever and on top of it the gomen
    appoint a minister in charge of kpi thingy and had
    a flying honcho from mas and a host
    of high flying machais to do the high faluting
    executive monitoring.

    all the spin generated and with the busy cybertroopers
    spewing venoms and expletives in every pro gomen blog
    upon nik aziz and his dap cohorts cannot hide the ugliness
    and stupidity of the gomen operational policies.

    the days of gomen is always right and might is right
    is now eroding before our eyes. in the previous years
    gomen can hide the policy decisions by elegant silence
    and simply not dishing out news of the ugly part ie
    selective truth aka spinning in the msm. nowadays
    there will always be pro bono analysts that write
    in blogs. if one popular blog does not publish send the
    same material to many many blogs until they get published
    in msm or neutral or opposition minded blogs

    it is an accepted fact that our neighbour down south
    is superior in all aspects of government operations and policies management.
    our gomen [ at least the toyo gomen did] send people
    to advanced nations on a mission to study better methods and technologies.
    the question that need to be answered is- is the gomen employing
    the best practice and and policies for maximum public benefit.
    I do not intend to delve into the social cost and benefit of
    public policies because our ministers and level 4 boys appeared
    to be well qualified in economics and graduated from top universities
    to boot.

    At the end of the day is the quality of the policy decisions up to par
    that can propel the country to a slightly better level?
    Obviously not. The current policies management seemed just like
    the well announced rakan muda thingy introduced in the past. the
    gomen of the day spend near about rm 90million in operations in 1980 s but
    the returns to date is never released. My estimate probably under rm 10 million!

    on the part of the rakyat we can only give feedback, hoping that somebody up there will
    take notice


  47. Anonymous5:19 am

    God forbid who?what the fuck about mahathir who use ISA against his opponent? remember during 1987,umno rally at stadium in kampung bahru,chinese reporter were chase out and throw with stone,who is more cruel? this malay from utusan deserve to be chased out and god forbid this kind of malay who had third world mentality to run the country not ng

    liew lit

    restoran teppayanki,sg wang

  48. nstman (liberty valance)6:30 am

    Utusan is scum. It should be treated like scum. Utusan is equalavent to the Nazi propaganda paper headed by Julius Streicher which influenced and later prompted Adolf Hitler to carry out the final solution to the Jewish problem.

  49. Anonymous8:31 am

    notoktok @ 2:08 AM

    If you want to convince readers, please spell the word 'government' correctly.

    Spelling it as 'gomen' is a reflection of your schooling.

    It is also super irritating to read 'gomen' after 'gomen' after 'gomen' ...

  50. zlynad12:58 pm

    Anonymous 2.43 PM said " God forbids this group take over this country in PRU 13."

    God doesn't get to vote ... the people do.

    Guess what? THE people voted 'this group' into power via PRU 12.

    Come PRU 13 ... THE people still in honeymoon mode this 'this group'

    Kena tunggu "The 7 Year Itch" kot??

  51. Anonymous1:00 pm

    LOL some people are confuse, this is not about whether pro-BN media or pro-PR media telling the truth, in any case, we might not know the truth anyway. Its about the right to tell your version of stories, you can't have only one sided view(PR view only), other view must be available too, including government view (or propaganda if you want to label it like that).


  52. Anonymous1:22 pm

    PR is communist and act like surprise if they can be so intolerable..Sgor malays shld just chase these people out come next election

  53. To PR supporters,

    Please don't be blind - if your member had done something wrong, it is better to admit and rectify. Why do what BN has done to you? You know what they did is wrong, and two wrongs do not make a right!

    If Utusan spew rubbish, the rakyat is intelligent enough to treat it as rubbish, especially with availability of blogs and other online media. What the PR guy has done it to vindicate what BN has done as well. And like someone here has stated before, the era of government knows best is over (this includes Pakatan govt as well!)


  54. Pakatan followers only beleive Raja Petra the fairy tale teller.


    Sajak 1Malaysia

  56. Anonymous8:42 pm

    Years ago I always thought Malays are the one who're racist. I am so wrong. The one who always point out that Malays are racist are actually even way more racist. From the blogs and comments that Ive read, they are never non-partisan when making comments, always bias and the kiasu-sm in them is just so obvious. Only 1 in a million can put on reasonable comments when things are not favoring them.

    About the Utusan reporter being chased out - This is just the tip of the iceberg.

    The Chinese in Malaysia think they can have even more freedom if they're under DAP. Boy are they wrong.

  57. Anonymous7:51 am

    DAP=PAP=dulu & sekarang adalah peminat fahaman kominis...whatever they said - i classified them as communist (bintang tiga) - rambut lurus tapi hati kaudu

  58. Anonymous12:20 pm

    Once upon a time when anwar was in jail, Malaysia was peaceful to the point of boredom ...

  59. Param Tak Suara7:09 pm

    Lim Guan Eng and Anwar Ibrahim will release a joint statement to say : "It is not our party's stand. The issue is his personal action and nothing to do with PKR."

    Want to bet?

  60. Anonymous7:51 pm

    In fact all the MSMs are government propaganda machines. That is why they are protecting the Utusan reporter. I say, serve the bloody Utusan right.

  61. Anonymous9:32 am

    padam muka melayu...pilih lagi pas, dap, keadilan

  62. Anonymous10:58 am

    SELANGOR, 26 Nov - Afraid someone might score thru their goal, a few down-syndroms idiot supporters from Pakatan Politicians Pervert Club decided to snatch and hide the ball away. "This is the way to play ball in our style", they said.

    Now they're, new rule of playing ball..? hehehehe

    Afraid of loosing a.k.a KIASU..the chingkie way.

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  63. Dear Ahiruddin,

    Any feedbacks so far?

  64. Anonymous3:05 pm

    Dear frens,

    Really the action of this fellow is disgusting. Although Utusan is really have that image of BN propaganda machine burn of majority mindset. I hope Pakatan be more open and allow for all friendly & opposing media. If they don't write correctly, you can always sue them...hahahaha

    Ah Lam

  65. Anonymous5:21 pm

    Utusan is run by UMNO chauvinists and racist extremists. It shouldn't be allowed to be in existance in the multi-racial and multi-cultural country like malaysia.

  66. Anonymous5:32 pm

    F.U.John and continue your sleeping and never ever wake up for mouth shitting!

    Tanjung Balai

  67. Anonymous5:32 pm

    F.U.too Tanjung Balai, ignoramus pighead, calamitous shithead and obnoxious fcukhead....anything else?

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

  68. Anonymous7:26 am

    halo melayu selangor tidoker? We need another datuk harun u jokers! Pakatanist can't wait for pru13..Hidup Umno! - Dzul pekida melaka