Monday, November 23, 2009

Negri Sembilan prince sues paper for RM50 million

Tunku Naquiyuddin sues The Malay Mail. As I am The Editor of The Malay Mail, I shall furnish only the facts of the case:

Naquiyuddin (pic above), the eldest son of the late Yamtuan Negri Sembilan, says the paper has defamed him in an article we ran early last month. In his letter of demand, Naquiyuddin wants the paper to publish and apology and pay him RM50 million in damages. We have just replied to his letter of demand to say, in a nutshell, that the said article wasn't about him.

You can read the article Long Wait over at Seri Menanti (Oct 5, 2009). The writer, Rusdi Mustapha (pic, with the current Yamtuan), is our regular columnist and a son of Seri Menanti himself. After "Long Wait .." Rusdi Mustapha wrote two more articles on the palace: Daulat Tuanku, What it means (Oct 12, 2009) and Installation of the 11th Yamtuan (Oct 26, 2009). Both Naquiyuddin and Rusdi attended the installation of Tuanku Mukhriz.


  1. Anonymous11:24 pm

    Rusdi "I-am-not-Pasquale" Mustapha? Let that blabbermouth get sued. Najib can pay for him.

  2. Anonymous11:58 pm

    The author was a barking mad pie after all.

  3. Anonymous12:07 am

    I hope Tunku Naquiyuddin successfully sues the pants off MM and yours. You and MM have been misleading the public all the time and only publishing propaganda for your political masters. Why haven't you and MM given any coverage to Bala's revelations? Is it because you and MM have suddenly developed selective journalism amnesia like the senile old man's selective amnesia in the Lingam RCI?

    No Fan of Rocky or MM

  4. Anonymous12:13 am

    hehehe anak2 tuanku jaafar tengah nak cari duit la tu.aritu anak tunku dara saman anak tengku mahkota johor

    maklum la sejak ayahanda dah mangkat ni dah tak semewah dulu hehehe

  5. Saddiq Sagaraga12:38 am

    Mengapa orang kita sekarang tuntut kerugian berpuluh-puluh juta, terutama mereka yang dah banyak duit tu? Kalau nak bersihkan nama dan maruah, bawalah ke mahkamah tapi tuntut yang nominal sajalah. Satu Ringgit ke! Lainlah kalau orang miskin. Bila lagi nak rasa kemewahan macam orang kaya.

  6. RM50 million seems to be like a magic figure for this family!

  7. Anonymous2:36 am

    uh? like all the chinese say...


  8. Anonymous2:38 am

    y? labcau 50 only..????

    got lancau go for 1 or 2 billion fu!!!

  9. Anonymous2:53 am

    hei rocky!

    i pay tax every all mother taxes fucking year...

    yet no fuucker collect my rubbish every fucking morning!!!

    chow chi bai!!!!

    so i"m chinese whats with all the shit u want me to understand!!!?

    to us ? u think think we care 'bout all these these llloyalty sheeet!!

  10. Anonymous3:22 am



  11. Anonymous3:27 am


    boringggggg la!

    eh? locky tell me how to make more $ for famili la!

    biar la !depah mati hidup, ingat ku peduli!!!

  12. You sure know which side of your bread is buttered.
    Gone are the days when Antah Holdings,Melewar Group,MAA, Mahkota College etc were the darlings of KLSE....

    Who is this Rusdi Mustapa suddenly writing columns in Malay Mail insulting the late Tunku Jaffar "hijacking" the Sri Menanti Palace for four dacades ?
    Why was he silent for four decades ? During the four decades thousands got titles from The late Tunku Jaffar. Are they fake ?
    If anybody has any birthright to a throne, should they get it in a silverplate or fight for it . If there was injustice, why was it allowed to prolong for four decades? Who was responsible to elect somebody by sidelining Tunku Mukriz ? Was the many Undangs misled by someone to appoint Tunku Jaffar ?
    Of course , for more than two decades, the Negeri Royal family graced the front-pages of all fashion magazines,parties in ballrooms, sports association , Olympic councils etc. Nobody was jealous then !
    What then is the real issue for Tunku Naqqudin to sue Malay Mail ?

  13. Cynic5:53 am

    Ini semua macam orang giler talak.

    Nak saman Tengku Mahkota dan Raja Muda Johor RM50 million. Skrg nak saman Malay Mail.

    Anak raja ni tak sedar diri bahawa mereka dibenci rakyat. Sodar tak dirinya tak layak jadi yam Tuan. Bapak dia pun tak layak. Naik dgn rasuah.

    Dahlah tu mengikis harta rakyat untuk dibazirkan. Begitu banyak biznes tak puas2. Dah dapat peluang bukan nak biznes betul2 tapi tamak giler. They think the state owe them a lifestyle.

    The Malay Mail should not finance their exorbitant lifestyle. Don't give these orang putih celup a single penny.

    The state should deprive them in they way they deprive the rightful Tengku Muhriz for 40 years by the bribery act of their father. Make those ungrateful and undeserving princees and pincesses into paupers!

  14. Superman7:54 am

    Hah, dah kena saman 50 juta.

    Just don't use our public taxpayer's money to pay okay?

    I know la you UMNO goons will cedok duit rakyat to pay for everything.

    You better not.

    I hope opposition politicians watch to see if Malay Mail will get money from government to pay for this.

  15. Anonymous9:29 am

    50 MILLION BUCKS is not small change but you may be without a job!The royals are Kings today !


  16. Anonymous10:39 am

    As-Salam Bro Rock...

    WHY 856...How's the condition..? Any problem during ur term..? Intend to have it for my son la bro..kindly advice..


  17. Anonymous11:04 am


    Why you dowan to ask the royalty to do a Samy Vellu thingy, like what you asked Anwar to do when Anwar sued NST?

    You ah very pilih kasih....

    Kalau Anwar and others from non-Barisan, even though ada strong case, you ask them to withdraw.

    But this one with royalty, you diam and want to make the Malay Mail owners bankrupt by paying up to the royalty.

    If that happens, you will still keep your job or return to active anti-BN blogging till you get another job?

    Susah mau ikut lu punya drift lah.


  18. Good , Hope MM will lose this case and have to pay RM50 Million .
    Go find other job bro . Maybe At UMNO office .

  19. RM50 million??

    Why? Royalty get no more money from no-tender contracts from government??

  20. Anonymous1:32 pm

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  21. Daulat Yamtuan Besar Tuanku Mukhriz..

    Tuanku adalah pewaris yang sebenar, kami rakyat akan sentiasa menyokong Tuanku.

  22. Anonymous4:33 pm

    Well bro maybe Rusdi's saying "thank God' that Tuanku Munawir was chosen as Yamtuan has riled him. Maybe also Rusdi's statement that the previous royal family was 'too Anglophile'. Thats all I can gather - no issue really. Dont know why Nqydn is upset enuf to sue. These folks were involved in that spat with the Johor folks. There is a suit going on there too I believe.

    I was interested to read that Nqydin's mum was an Eurasian. That's why the guy looks so much like an Indian. Eurasians usually have plenty Indian blood in them.

    That could explain why (according to Rusdie) the fmly was removed from the kampong folks and were very Anglophile. There was an alien Eurasian woman who could not adjust to the Minang life in Se'nanti. She just wanted to protect her privacy and bring up her family in her own way. Rusdi should understand that better.

    I am the guy who was baptised in the lake at Tanjong Ipoh, Se'nanti.

  23. birdseye6:48 pm

    Like many people watching the live telecast, my entire family was rooting for Tuanku Muhriz to be appointed the Yam Tuan. He has waited long enough. 40 years!

    Even though you say the article wasn't about Tunku Naquiyuddin, you failed to to note that the article took hugh jabs at the conduct of his family.

    Consider these paragraphs:

    "To many of us, Seri Menanti, along with the palace, had been “hijacked” by the late Tuanku Jaafar and his family after Tuanku Jaafar was installed as the 10th ruler."

    "The installation of Tuanku Muhriz is a much awaited moment for the people who knew he would one day come back as the ruler, even after he and his family were “banished” for over four decades."

    These are not flattering remarks. In fact they convey the message that Tuanku Jaffar was an usurper of the throne ("hijack") and then behaved abominably towards Tuanku Muhriz.

    I really hope this will go to court as I would like the author to justify the comments he made in the article or suffer the damages.

  24. Anonymous7:21 pm

    I liked it better when Rusdi was writing about Bunians.

  25. Doggie Dogg8:53 pm

    wat a rotten editor in chief u are .... cakap tak serupa bikin.. blog also same.. news daily also same.. just close it down both

  26. Anonymous9:18 pm

    Hey, not all eurasians look like Indians. Those having either parent from the Indian bloodline will look "blacksweet". But if mixed with Chinese, Ibans or other races do not look like Indians. Those from Sarawak and Sabah, take on very good features, some have blue eyes, sharp noses and light skinned. Besides what is there to comment if his mother is a eurasian, let the lady be. Focus on the problem, not the person.

  27. mustang10:01 pm

    woohoo, Rocky.

    banyak itu orang sakit hati sama lu.

    the very same people who are haha ANONYOMOUS..

    No Fan Of Rocky has no idea why he visits you when he is NO FAN OF ROCKY.

    Bro, I bet he buys the Malay Mail.

    Either diorang Kalimulah punya macai or Pakatan punya macai.

    either way, VERY THE COWARD lah.

    ZAckDAnial sundal Pakatan bodoh bengap.
    Bro, orang Umno marah you, Zackdanial macai Pakatan marah you...good for you, bro.
    Zackdanial, you cannot read english, aaah.

    zackdanial, i am very sure YOUI ARE A PENGECUT...go jumpa Rocky sikit, kalau tak terkencing2.

    anyway, responding to the suit by Tunku Naqiyudin, methinks that family is really strapped for cash-lah. big spenders and all and now no longer occupant of istana seri know-lah the financial situation they are in.

    of course "strapped for cash" for them is not the same for us.

    aren't they they ones suing the Johor royalty for RM100m....???

    i think we'll get to know more about this negri royal family with all the legal suits...

    i read Rusdi's column... long as its fair comment...

    Good Luck!

  28. Anonymous10:06 pm

    Rocky sudah takut ke ?? pandai2 hang selalu buat cerita 'pusing', inilah akibatnya !!

    Suroh ko jaga MalayMail, kasi naikkan 'circulations' tapi sampai sekarang habuk pon tarak !! Janganlah saje sibuk nak jadi 'Raja Spin' nanti kerja hang pon kena dibuang !!

    Ramai di Malay Mail pon yakin Rocky tak boleh last sampai tahun depan.....dikenakan 'buang' !!


  29. Anonymous10:29 pm

    It's a passport to dig out more dirt!


  30. Anonymous9:03 am

    Semasa Ayahanda T.Mukhriz mangkat umur T.Mukhriz baru 9 tahun. Tok Undang tetap nak lantik T.Mukhriz jd YTuan N9 tapi PM masa tu TARahman dh buat kona. Dia kata budak lgi ni kecik sgt mana boleh jd raja psl tu la adik T.Munawir T.Jaafar dilantik jd YTuan. TARahman telah terpengaruh dgn ibu @ bini no.2 Agong yg pertama (Tunku A Rahman)yg merupakan seorang serani. Ini semua kerana campurtangan org politik jg. Bl dh set serani ni naik habih keturunan asal raja dihalaunya. Ibunya yg serani tu pun tak tahu statusnya krn bila dia meninggal askar nak lpskan tembakan meriam tak bunyi. Dgr kata kburnya digali semula dan ditanam mengikut agama asalnya.


  31. Anonymous9:38 am

    The SUE EMPRESS KOK must be grinning her gums out.. Ayoo only RM50m compared to her worth?

    Even the Ayas who lost their kid in the river is suing for over RM100m!


  32. Den Juan10:17 am


    Masalah orang kaya ni bila duit kurang sekupang pun depa dah panic gila, apalagi bila payung dah tak ada

    Baik jadi orang biasa aja, makan dan pakai aje lah apay yang ada dan mampu.

    Janji rezeki halal, dan masuk kubur esok pun tak lah takut sangat.

  33. Anonymous10:43 am

    Dear frens,
    Royalty or not royalty also play sue sue.That's why rule of law is important. Everyone must follow the law and not break the law. If no law, become law of the jungle. Karpal Singh also want to sue the Sultan if his highness breaks the law. TQ

    Ah Lam

  34. Anonymous11:14 am

    Dear Rocky,

    No surprised, most of the comments are not related at all to the article. The effect of last General election is still there....

    One comment though, I like the article on CPI. Very true indeed...

  35. Anonymous12:01 pm

    no dignity at all to sue 50mil. sues rm1 only enough la, to make a statement, not to make money. thats how royalty should be, so that ppl will loyal.

    who r the fucking chinese think that we care if u understand or not? u made your own rubbish, then go dispose yourself. fuck u chinese who think that malay is your tukang sapu.

  36. Anonymous2:03 pm

    I think this is the offending part of the article. In fact, it tantamount to sedition. MM should apologise

    To many of us, Seri Menanti, along with the palace, had been “hijacked” by the late Tuanku Jaafar and his
    family after Tuanku Jaafar was installed as the 10th ruler.

    For he never was really attached to the Royal town and his family was detached from the rakyat, and that was sad.

    They were too much of an Anglophile family for my taste as an ordinary rakyat.

    For over 40 years, the palace was out of bounds to the ordinary rakyat. I know this because I am from there and people do talk at the coffeeshops.

    The installation of Tuanku Muhriz is a much awaited moment for the people who knew he would one day come back as the ruler, even after he and his family were “banished” for over four decades.

  37. Anonymous3:47 pm

    links with the malay mail? does this mean that rocky will be heading bernama tv as well? his involvement will doom disaster just as he is taking the paper as another Sun. already he has packed the newsroom in malay mail with all his cronies with the latest addition yusri azmin who is slated to be perennial failure yushaimi yahaya's assistant.

    we understand shamsul akmar will be the consultant at bernama TV.rushdi will try get in somehow, believe you me.

    these are people similar to mr kuttan of tv3 who have absulotely no knowledge of broadcast journalism and are there just because they are cronies of certain people.

    just as the malay mail has been turned into an Umno mouthpiece you can expect bernama TV to be one too. big shame that journalism is being treated this way in our beloved country.

    NST Man

  38. Anonymous4:59 pm

    Datuk Seri Annuar Zaini resign from NCIA.

  39. James Doo8:42 pm

    I read what Rusdi Mustapha wrote in Malay Mail and in my humble opinion it is very defamatory to Tunku Naquiyuddin.
    The Malay Mail should not have publish it and Rusdi have step over the boundary by writing it.

    Hope malay mail and Rusdi Mustapha learn it lesson by being responsible for what they write and publish.
    Tunku Naquiyuddin is write in suing Malay Mail and hope he win.

  40. mondial11:09 am

    Judicial commissioner Harmindar Singh Dhaliwal on Anwar Ibrahim's RM100 million claim for general, exemplary and aggravated damages (his suit ganst NST- he won):

    "The claim is a gross exaggeration.

    "The principle in damages is that it is compensatory and not a path to untold riches."
    (NB:The High Court yesterday ordered The NSTP and its former group editor-in-chief to pay RM100,000 in damages to Anwar over a defamatory article.
    Harmindar also allowed interest at eight per cent per annum on the sum from the date of judgment until settlement.
    Anwar was also awarded RM20,000 costs."

  41. Anonymous3:39 pm

    kalau tuntut se ringgit shj, Mahathir akan kata: "that's all they are worth" Hee, hee

  42. Anonymous4:48 pm


    You better start to hire good lawyers to defend MM. From my humble opinion, there is a case as the article has defamed the past royal family.

    Rusdi has no right to insult them. And MM should vet thru it before printing. Rocky should be responsible as he is the editor. jangan tidur.

  43. nstgal5:30 pm


    man, you don't give up, do you?
    you have so much angst in you. so much bitterness, that you cannot see there are some malays who are good.

    i don't know what some malays did to you, but the more your ant and ravem the more your colour is showing.

  44. Teoh Nia Mah5:49 pm

    I really hope Tunku Naquiyuddin would win his suit. You're in deep shit this time Rocky because of your buddy Rusdi Mustapha who has no balls and always hides under the sarung of Pasquale the Barking "Dog" Magpies. This Malay racist and UMNO chauvinist should be sued until his pants and balls drop.

  45. Anonymous8:52 pm

    Tunku Muhriz was 18 years old when his father died, not 9 years as some anonymous has commented Rocky!

    Sang Kelembai!

  46. Anonymous1:30 am

    while visiting the palace in 1977 i met a couple of interesting guards at the gate. according to them not every prince can stay
    at the palace which was made of wood and not a single nailwas ever used - a feat in minang woodworking craft . it seemed that if a wrong guy[ a prince deemed not the correct guy by the jin in the wooden palace ] was to sleep in the palace at night. he would find himself waking up in the palace grounds in the morning.

    perhaps this was the reason why
    the said family never stayed in the palace. not because they were
    sombong ....

  47. Anonymous7:58 pm

    Rocky, what Rusdi wrote was nothing new I am also from Sri Menanti and stories about the late ruler and the family were well known. Party at the palace with Chinese businessmen so on and so forth. But Rusdi did not maligned the royalty merely having the courage to express what others (rakyat) feel!
    As for Naqiyuddin he should not be too overly sensitive we also read glossy magazines to see how his family fare in the high society pages so ce'st la vie!

    Tired of suit!

  48. Anonymous1:20 pm


    you got your facts wrong. The mother of the late Tuanku Munawir was not Tuanku Kurshiah who was the third wife of Yam Tuan, Tuanku Abdul Rahman. Tuanku Munawir's mother was the first wife and she is also a royalty of Seri Menanti.

    Almarhum, Tuanku Jaafar did not hijack the YamTuanship. He was chosen by the four undangs. The four undangs have the prerogative to elect whichever prince who was suitable. Tuanku Jaafar happened to be at the right place, at the right time.

    The succession of the Yam Tuan of Negeri Sembilan is truly democracy in its purest form. Only a suitable ruler in all aspects, i.e. birth, age, wisdom, life experience will be thought of as suitable by the Undangs.

    Right now, after 40 years, considerations only the 4 undangs know, Tuanku Muhriz is chosen.DAULAT TUANKU!!!

    When you say, that the rakyat never got to go the palace, you're wrong. The charming Almarhum Tuanku Jaafar, every year played host to all the rakyat on the 1st day of Hari Raya Puasa. Maybe you're not aware.

  49. Anonymous2:09 pm

    Under the Undang2 Tubuh Kerajaan NEgeri Sembilan, apabila mangkat Yam Tuan Besar Negeri Sembilan, maka keempat2 undang hendaklah melantik yang dipikirkan layak mengganti Yam Tuan Besar yang mangkat daripada keturunan Yam Tuan Raden, mereka2 yang di bawah ini:

    1. Anak tuanku Yam Tuan Besar yang mangkat;
    2. Adik atau abang sebelah bapa, yam tuan besar yang mangkat;
    3. Bapa saudara sebelah bapa, yam tuan besar yang mangkat;
    4. Anak lelaki kepada abang/adik, yam tuan besar yang mangkat; atau
    5. Anak kepada bapa saudara, yam tuan besar yang mangkat.

    Kesemua mereka2 yang disebutkan di atas, mempunyai peluang yang SAMA untuk dilantik mengikut budi bicara undang yang empat.

    These are the considerations that the undangs take when electing the new yam tuan. The Undangs are the King Maker of Negeri Sembilan.

    Under the Constitution of Negeri Sembilan, the word "ruler" means YAM TUAN BESAR AND THE FOUR UNDANGS.

    -Ancient Mariner's sister, DRA

  50. After reading the articles linked here I don't think Naquiyuddin have a case at all. Perhaps MM can counter by an "abuse of court process" counter-defence apart from the fact they don't have a case. So if they insist, just go for the fight. Just make sure, when they lose (which should an obvious conclusion judging by the contents of the articles which in no way defamed them, after all the Jaafar family are well-known all over town as hardcore Anglophiles and this could be testified by many issues of Tatlers, an image they themsleves continously propagate), let them pay your lawyer cost along with exemplary damages. They should be taught not to abuse the court process and simply sue people out of thin air because of bruised egos...

    - my two cents worth...

  51. Anonymous6:51 pm

    For you sake Rocky I wish there are more people like Radzi Sapiee to come out in support, and I know Rusdi and I don't believe he has ever been a malicious type, a Moron with a capital M may be yes but malicious never we know him from the Star days with his ghost stories!

    Teluk Intan!

  52. Given the circumstances Tunku Naquiyuddin could certinally do with the fifty million

  53. Anonymous10:16 am

    Naqiyudin, when he had his house warming party, he sent a long list of "wish list" to all his esteemed guest. Cheapest item was more than rm1000++
    How pathetic, low class parasite.