Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pro-Umno bloggers fairer?

Investigative Blogging. The thing about pro-Umno bloggers like A Voice and Big Dog is they don't just go after PAS, PKR or DAP; eg [Nik Aziz Hipokrit, Nov 15] and [Is Khalid Ibrahim in another favor-for-cash with Lim Kin Hong? Nov 6] but half the time they blog against BN and Umno.

Their seemingly concerted effort re Nor Mohamed Yakcop, the Minister in the PM's Department, has raised eyebrows.

NEXT CHANGE: Revelation on Nor Mohd Yakcop's folly on Pantai by Another Brick on the Wall, Nov 13
PM Najib should cut NMY's pay by Zakhir Mohd, Nov 12

Something's bru-ing, I tell you.

p.s. And the "original" SIL is back in the news, vs Azmin Ali re RM9 million shares the PKR man allegedly bought.

General November 14, 2009 21:50 PM
Khairy Wants Explanation From Azmin Over RM8 Million Shares Purchase

SEREMBAN, Nov 14 (Bernama) -- Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin said on Saturday Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) vice-president Azmin Ali should explain an allegation over the purchase of RM8-million worth of shares raised by Malaysian Indian Youth Development Foundation chairman S.A. Vigneswaran.

"It is not wrong to buy shares, but an explanation is necessary as to how the purchase was financed. He must have an answer and an explanation, and we are waiting for the explanation," he said.

Khairy spoke to reporters after he had launched a consumer campaign to cultivate one's own vegetables to save cost, organised by the Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations (Fomca), at the Taman Tuanku Ja'afar community hall in Sungai Gadut near here.

He was asked to comment on the allegation by Vigneswaran on the purchase of shares worth RM8 million involving three individuals, including Azmin, in the early 1990s as reported in several newspapers on Saturday.

Khairy, who is the Member of Parliament for Rembau, said he hoped that Azmin would not remain silent as the matter was associated with his credibility.

"The Barisan Nasional (BN) government has been accused of many things. As such, it is not wrong if we ask for the same form of accountability to be applied by the opposition leaders," he said.

On Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim appointing PKR advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as the economic advisor to the state, Khairy said this showed the inability of the Selangor government to manage its own economy and having to appoint someone from outside.

In KUALA LUMPUR, Azmin denied that he bought the shares saying that the statement by Vigneswaran was planned to tarnish his name.

"It is baseless. I believe that the document claimed by Vigneswaran has been manipulated by certain quarters to link me and my wife.

"The statement is slanderous, done with bad intention and politically motivated to destroy my reputation as Gombak Member of Parliament and PKR vice president," he said in an email to Bernama.

Azmin said he had instructed his lawyer to take appropriate action against the statement.


The Bernama report made no mention of how Khairy's own purchase of ECM-Libra shares turned scandalous just a couple of years back. I found what I was looking for - A Voice's posting Khairy. Khairy on the Contrary [July 30, 2007] when bloggers were called monkeys - and a verse from his twisted and thwarted nursery rhyme:
Khairy, Khairy, quite contrary,
How does your politics grow?
With Nori belle and ECM Libra debacle
And monkey callings all in a row.
Many have not forgotten the ECM-LIbra shares purchase and the merger with Avenue a little later. Nor Mohamed Yakcob was the Minister of Finance 2 then. A Voice and Big Dog have stacks in their blog's archives about Khairy's shares in ECM-Libra. I give you two links Khairy Must first give penerangan on ECM-Avenue merger, Part 1 and Part 2. Yang lain tu, Google sendirilah.


  1. Shaziman2:59 pm

    By making this statement, you prove that you, Rocky, are a pro-UMNO blogger yourself.

    Because 80% of the people you refer to in your blog writings are pro-UMNO bloggers!

    So just admit lah you have pro-UMNO leanings, let's call a spade a spade, and move on lah Rocky. Enough playing sorok sorok.....

  2. Dear Shaziman,

    It's not that simple. Gua ni bukan Umno member but I believe in what the party stands for, esp under Mahathir.

    Under Pak Lah, Umno jadi lopek dan tu sebab gua tak sorok the fact that last election gua voted for DAP kat Perak. Tapi lepas PRU12 dan setelah melihat perangai masing2, gua kena review halik lah. PRU13 ni mungkin lain cerita..

    As for this posting, I'm calling a spade a spade beb. The two bloggers I mentioned have done a lot for citizen journalism and they managed to do that because they hentam both sides. I am not shy to say that I ni pro bloggers like them.

    I'm sure you have nothing against that, too.

  3. so whats is wrong that Rockybru is for or against BN/UMNO. Itu pilihan dia, hak dia. Takkan nak marah kot.

    Nik Aziz/Husam pilih kick(ed)defella dan kick(ed)defella pun suka kat depa. Itu hal dia la. Tak suka tak usah baca blog dia. Abis cerita, gi la baca orang lain punya blog yang mempunyai pendapat/fikiran yang yand sama ngan sedara.

    Kata la freedom of speeech la, ntah menatang apa lagi. tapi bila sesuatu pendapat tak sesuai ngan selera, marah kat orang tu.

    Apa nak jadi ???

  4. Anonymous5:12 pm

    It is an open secret that loyal servants such as 'BigDog',AVoice and Rockybru are all pro UMNO bloggers that allied to Madey !!

    enemies of Madey(ayahanda) is also enemies of the 'Loyal Servants(anakanda)'.....

    Omar Goh

  5. Shaziman5:16 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    I'm not talking about Pak Lah's era.

    I'm talking about the era when the rot began and festered in UMNO way before that, under Mahathir's rule.

    And you say you "believe in what the party stands for, esp under Mahathir"?

    You mean the massive weakening and disrepute of the judiciary under Mahathir the effect of which we still suffer till today?

    Tunku Abdul Rahman and Hussein Onn's opposition to Mahathir?

    Hussein Onn's statement that he regretted giving the prime ministership to Mahathir?

    The hush-hush of the BMF scandal under Mahathir?

    Why is VK Lingam still Mahathir's lawyer?

    Ini baru tip of the iceberg.

    p.s. Many UMNO supporters are not UMNO members. So whether you are member or not does not really matter.

  6. Shaziman5:20 pm


    Kiter tak kisah Rocky pro-UMNO atau anti-UMNO. Itu sememangnya hak dia.

    Kiter cuma nak tahu pendirian dia kat mana.

    Nanti senang la kalo kita nak nilaikan tulisan dia.

    Pembaca pun tak tertipu, boleh la mereka menilai isu kandungan tulisan dia, tak telan buta-buta.

    Itu sajer.

  7. big cat5:36 pm

    the problem with most pro-pakatan bloggers is that they are too full of themselves. they can hardly take criticism or tolerate people of different view points from them. they will chase us out even if we use proper language to disagree with them or point out their real agenda. i m now engaging with several commentators in patrick teoh's blog. just trying to tell them there is no need to run down muslims and malays to prove that the BN government is evil. u can read it at patrick's blog posting titled "something good". i have been hanging around there over the past three days to get my message across. credit to patrick though for giving me the space in his blog. i got kicked out, the last time i tried to engage them in bernard khoo's blog.

  8. teo siew chin6:02 pm

    If you're not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing. ~Malcolm X

  9. Mazlan6:04 pm

    Actually - as the saying goes "I may disagree with what you say..but I'll defend your right to say it".

    Irrespective to Rocky's political leanings, which I disagree with - at the end of the day this is his blog! Anyone has the right to say or promote what they want in their own blog. If we disagree - then say so in clear manner with facts at hand.

    As for the Bloggers quoted by Rocky it is symptomatic of the core disagreements within UMNO - whereby there are many camps with different ideologies and a sign of a struggle within UMNO. Those who used to be down are now up and those up now down.

    As for the whole Azmin Shares issue - that is an old story being dragged up and I do note that not many in UMNO are bothering to take it up. And its pretty sad for Khairy to take the bait.
    For a minute I forgot who KJ was. Its quite funny to see the guy so desperate for publicity. And I can see many in UMNO are quite happy to see him in cold storage - as he gave many the same treatment when he was on the up.
    KJ should always remember: what goes around - comes around!

  10. I am with you my brother Rocky!

  11. Aiyah,

    It's because these guys belongs to camps withing their own party.

    How many times you gonna see bigdog comment on Dr. M or Najib in a bad light.

    But against KJ straight whack.

    Just because they whack their own party doesn't make them fairer

  12. shaziman yg poyo

  13. Anonymous8:50 pm

    hehe..thats the diff between these Umno bloggers and PR bloggers..

    They are willing to fight internally and externally ..

    i cant say the same with PR...most of them sembah jer. They are always right no matter what. Even if it doesnt make any sense at all..

    Hopefully these 2 will keep on bringing out issues for the good being of the country..


  14. Typical idiots aren't they? So what if Rocky is pro-UMNO ker, pro-PKR ke (yucks) or pro-Pas ke?

    Rocky, just LOVE your responses of late.

  15. Anonymous9:14 pm

    Don't embarass the PR grouplah.
    We are for freedom of speechlah.
    I will not be surprised if you are a paid BN blogger out to discredit thru some negative psychology black ops fifth column type of thing.

    Ms.Eu Mei Fatt

  16. Al-Sadr9:49 pm

    This fellow is a bussinessman not good for the goverment.khazanah holdings ni semua dia punya idea.Nak pikir untung je , kita ni susah tau tak?.Cuba guna otak dan fikirkan negara yang mana di dunia ini ada dua menteri kewangan kecuali di malaysia.Satu menteri kewangan buat urus takbir kewangan negara yang seorang lagi buat urusan berkenaan hal-hal perniagaan kerajaan (fikir untung) .Habis sekarang siapa yang untung dan siapa yang rugi?

    To be in good governance , you got to stay away from bussiness . There is NO two way around.No way.

  17. Anonymous10:24 pm

    the reason why is interesting is because of your fair views..unfortunately lately there hasnt been any attack the opposition as if the government is 100% clean. Yes the oppositions are not doing very well but BN is not that good too.Both have got its pro's and cons. As a fan and reader of this blog i feel very disappointed when you start being one sided.This post is a good update perhaps you should continue with the fair view...Attack both PR and BN if you must..Rakyat deserve the truth.We want to know the goods and the bads of both sides,PR and BN.Please do not be unfair to any sides.And do highlight the good stuffs too

    -Future of Malaysia-

  18. I don't care. For now I hate both side of the parties. If you were to ask me who should I vote, I think Singapore leaders are the best as far as their commitment to their country and their people is concerned.

    Malaysian leaders? They only care for the money they could rob for themselves. If you are looking for stupid moronic leaders, you shall find them all in Malaysia. Malaysia have had good leaders before and Dr M was the best. After that all just pigs and dogs.

  19. ya like haris, zorro, jeff .. they too hantam their own kind too..

    so, move on perhapds?

  20. dear rocky;

    one of my friends memorably said that voting BN again is like fucking the same prostitute that you know has's time to fuck another prostitute for a change.

  21. Anonymous12:18 am


    They all have AIDS.


  22. Anonymous12:34 am


    Just hope your new prostitute left you ANU intact, with AIDS at least you can still find some kind of remedy..

    Itu hilang, you jadi aper akhirnya?


  23. ENG-

    The thing is,
    Haris and Zorro don't do much investigative journalism.

    They write more on perceptions, not that's nothing wrong with that but unlike the ones that is mentioned in this posting, Haris and Zorro although hantam their own kind but it's more of their perception or point of view. Where as these two does a lot of investigation to back their allegation.

  24. "Greenbottle said...

    dear rocky;

    one of my friends memorably said that voting BN again is like fucking the same prostitute that you know has's time to fuck another prostitute for a change."

    Man, you know what, if I fucked a prostitute who has AIDS, I'll keep on fucking that prostitute and make sure other prostitutes don't get AIDS from me.

    And just because somebody has AIDS doesn't mean we can't fuck them. Or talk to them. Or treat them like human beings.

    Same thing goes with genital warts (caused by human papilomavirus), herpes, crabs and pregnancy.

  25. JOHOR BAHARU 15 Nov: 18 Ahli Jawatankuasa Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO
    Bahagian Kota Tinggi meletakkan jawatan mereka berkuatkuasa serta merta hari ini.
    Naib Ketua Pemudanya, Mesran Tukiman mendakwa tindakan itu dibuat berikutan ketua mereka, Roszaini Jahari gagal menjalankan tugasnya sebagai Ketua Pemuda
    Bahagian Kota Tinggi.
    Katanya, Roszairi sering membuat sesuatu keputusan tanpa mengambil kira pandangan ahli jawatankuasa lain di peringkat akar umbi dan tidak pernah menghadirkan diri pada mesyuarat yang diadakan.
    "Apa gunanya kami pegang jawatan sekiranya ketua kami tidak menjalankan tanggungjawabnya selaku pemimpin," katanya kepada pemberita di sini hari ini.
    Mesran mendakwa, pihaknya juga pernah menghantar surat kepada Ketua Bahagian UMNO Kota Tinggi, Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar dan Badan Perhubungan UMNO Johor
    supaya mengadakan mesyuarat khas bagi menyelesaikan kemelut itu.
    "Roszairi gagal menghadirkan diri pada mesyuarat yang diadakan hari ini dan kami memutuskan untuk meletakkan jawatan kami kerana kami sudah bosan dengan sikapnya yang sering mengambil mudah tanggungjawabnya.
    "Kami tidak mahu lagi dipermainkan oleh ketua kami," katanya lagi.
    Sementara itu, beliau meminta agar Ketua Bahagian Kota Tinggi supaya mengambil tindakan terhadap Roszairi dan berharap agar diadakan satu mesyuarat pemilihan ahli jawatankuasa yang baru untuk pergerakan tersebut.

  26. Anonymous9:15 am of 10:27---

    You love Singapore Leaders? Well see now, this fits exactly what we been trying to tell here. And if you read carefully, going to (read: assskissin) Singapore entitles you the biggest remuneration of all.


  27. Readers,

    In the light of the very diverse comments regarding RockyBru in these pages, especially to those who fire derogatory slingshots to Rocky regarding his political leanings (which is neutral, actually, just that recently he tends to attack those who once criticised wrongdoings but are now doing it themselves once in power), let me tell you all a personal experience I had with Rocky.

    I was sitting besides him one evening in the journalist-writers lounge in Tangsi and we were chatting and laughing when all of a sudden he took out his laptop and booted it up to his blog. Purrrrrr… there were like, hundreds of new comments to his latest posting and I got to read some of them. And he went like, “hey Apocryphalist,” (like he actually mentioned Apocryphalist) “listen to this.” And he proceeded to read all those negative comments he got.

    It was the usual ramblings: Rocky UMNO blogger lah. Rocky how much were you paid for all this lah. Rocky had one drink too much lah. Rocky prostituting his journalism lah. Goodbye Rocky this is the final time I am visiting your blog lah. Rocky punya view not fair lah. Fuck you Rocky lah and macam-macam.

    And you know what Rocky did as he read all of this to me? He was laughing his head out reading all those negativities!

    Now I know some of you folks sort of amass a feelgood sense by hurtling all those insults and all those allegations and all those name-callings to Rocky, and thereafter derive some inherent, internal, masochistic satisfaction with them. Well sorry to disappoint you guys. Rocky is thickheaded. And for his own good. And that evening I had the exact understanding of where the following phrase could aptly be applied:-

    “Stick and Stones may hurt his bones,
    But words will never affect Rocky”


  28. Anonymous11:16 am

    "Mirror,mirror on the wall who's the FAIRER one of alll."


    "Why? O' Mirror?."

    "Becauuseee he let's through ALL comments form everybodyyyy, be it Pro or Semi-Pro Gov or Oppositionnnnn. Andd also ppl like Shaziiiiimannnnn, Greeeenbuttockkksss, Donplaypuking, Old Farttttttt and suchhhh. And also this commennnnt."

    "You are wise, O' mirror. Now sing it!... Rocky! He's so fair, he's so Fair, He's ROCKYY! He's ROCKYYY!"


  29. ---kopiko---12:32 pm


    Cukuplah nak pertahankan Rocky.

    Kau ingat kalau kau cerita macam tu kita akan terus ingat Rocky tu baik sangat ke?


    Jelas dari tindakan Rocky dia tu macam tak boleh fikir, apa Mahathir buat dan cakap, dia angguk jer. Kalau Mahathir dgn Mukhriz untung di bawah pentadbiran Najib, Rocky angguk jer.

    Ini lah Rocky.

  30. skilgannon10664:43 pm

    Anon 9:15 AM

    Maybe Singapore ministers are highly paid, but they deliver results for Singapore.

    Like, say, triple A ratings from the international rating agencies.

    Or 2 SWFs with assets in excess of US$300 billion.

    Or being home to 7,000 MNCs, about 60 per cent of whom have chosen base their regional operations out of Singapore?

    Or like getting 2 giant pandas from China!

    Just saying.....

  31. Anonymous10:35 pm

    Correccion... de Big Dog n Voice dont just go against PAS, PKR, or DAP; but half the time they blog against BN and UMNO members who are on Khairy's or Pak Lahs side

    When it comes to Tun Doktor M or his cronies, it is ass kissing n worshipping all the way. even to the point of defending General Pinochett of Chile.

    Font Futura

  32. Anonymous11:21 pm

    If Rocky is for UMNO or not, what about it?

    Nak baca, baca.
    Tak nak, gi baca blog lain.

    Konon for democracy. Bila tak setuju jer ngan apa blogger tulis, go for name calling to show his/her "superiority".

  33. Rocky, let it go. Leave KJ alone. Its Kali u want. If u continue this can only mean ypu are paid to do so. Many know that idiot Parpu kari and that other paid guy Salehuddin. Let it slide. Even PM doesnt want the past to be haunting his new admin. Move on Rocky. Prove to us u are bonafide.

  34. Ir. Wan Nawawi12:02 pm


    You spoke about your support for Mahathir.

    But this is what Mahathir was responsible for:

    1) Awarding privatisation contracts at hugely inflated prices

    2) Bailing out MAS by paying higher than market value for its shares

    3) Using Petronas to bail out your son

    4) The loss-making Paya Indah Wetlands/Sepang projects

    5) The loss-making Putrajaya development

    6) The loss-making Cyberjaya/MCS development

    7) The huge Bank Negara forex trading losses (which you conveniently called 'paper losses')

    8) Bailing out Proton and passing the mess back to the taxpayers

    I've only just mentioned the financial side. What about the 'raid' Mahathir made on the judiciary? What about the use of ISA/OSA? What about corruption?

    Do you know how much of potential FDI we lost over the years because of the non-financial aspects of Mahathir's authoritarianism?

    Just so you get your perspectives straight, Rocky.

    In case you think Mahathir "made our country an industrialised nation", think again: South Korea, with none of the resources we have, has an income level (GDP) that is 4 times higher than Malaysia's even though South Korea and Malaysia had equal GDPs in 1980 (just before Mahathir became prime minister).

  35. Anonymous1:11 pm

    keep it up rocky. keep up the good job bro.

    iam no umno man, no pr man. but iam sick and tired, watching these daylight white collar robbers moving around freely unpunished.

    we have eyes lah braders. we have ears lah. kalau rocky tak highlight pun, most of us know very very well what these lots are up to.

    not a matter of leting go or what! unless they are OUT; BN and umno will crash.

    people see you eat, drink, walk, run, buy, sell lah braders. you will be surprised what people know.

    rocky is not telling us what we dont oledi know. we must take action!!

    this is not empty journalism and blogging. every action has reaction.

    having said that, brother rocky, remind mukris and gang, people are watching him too.

    jangan main wayang, cakap melayu in one hand, cakap cina india in other other. his father's legacy is not all sweet and nice. dont try to emulate his father's politics.

    people wisened up oledi.

    remind mukris, it was his father that chose and nurtured anwar, the ISA material. it was his father that chose badawi, hence inflicting the nation with the kj/kali/tingkatan 4 factors.

    jangan main main. we are watching you, hills have eyes indeed

    bn & umno is the only credible equation to run the country. the rest are plain craps beyond words. clean up individuals that ruin it!

    -get out kalau nak kencing rakyat-

  36. Rocky,

    Stop being a blog-bully and leave KJ alone. Have some compassion and style lah. Dont be a ring leader in KJ-bashing.

    Focus on issues. I have read yr blog for 2 years, so do my colleagues and friends. Dont give us the impression you are a vindictive blogger.

    There was once late-Khalid Jafri whom wrote the Anwar 50 Dalil book. He died in misery, didnt get paid for his dues and died painfully in hosp. Allah swt is great. Pen is (keyboard in this case) mightier than the sword.

  37. tony leung7:16 pm

    big cat,
    aku baca la engkau berhujah dengan hantu hantu pakatan kat blog sial patrick tu. hujah hujah engkau bagus tapi aku rasa engkau buang masa la. dia org tu semua dah made up their mind yang dia orang benci kat melayu dan islam. engkau terangkan macam mana pun dia orang tak dengar tak. azan pun dia orang nak buat hal. konon menganggu. tak tau ke dia orang yang orang macam aku tengok muka dengan perangai dia orang pun aku dah terganggu. patrick tu pun konon konon nak selamatkan malaysia la, tapi duduk singapore dan hentam malaysia. tu contoh pengkhianat negara la tu. buat buat baik konon, tapi sebenarnya dia nak porak peranda kan malaysia ni biar senang geng geng singapore dia kat DAP boleh control kita. dah, lain kali lepak kat rockybru ni je. jangan nak susah susah nak educate the idiotic racists dan bigots tu.

  38. Anonymous9:49 pm

    hello Sal

    dont play God lah.

    even if you are sympathizer to anwar, and upset about the dalil book, only God Himself knows, why the man got what he got.

    if i see ronald reagan, or other murdering world leaders, died peacefully, with full of respect and honour, does it mean he died a good man?

    Silap lah Sal hoi.

    Only He knows what is happening to anyone, during and after death.

    kalau mati terseksa, separuh terbakar etc does not mean you are a bad person. many sahabat died gruesome deaths lah hoi...

    pelik, tapi most penyokong anwar, memang pelik pelik....

    but in this case, i can see that penyokong anwar, is also, penyokong KJ


  39. Anonymous3:51 pm

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    Read more:

  40. AL-ISAFI3:51 pm

    Aslm....Saya agak pelik dengan perubahan Arah Perjuangan PAS sejak akhir-akhir ini.Secara Ikhlas saya dan kawan2 melihat perbahan PAS dari sebuah Parti Islam kepada Parti Politik. Ianya tidak lagi mempunyai asas vision yang mantap, tiada lagi kepimpinan yang membawa berkat dan tiada lagi manhaj yang jelas...Semuanya kerana ingin mendapatkan kekuasaan, mencari kepemimpinan dan cepat berkuasa tanpa mengambil kira sunnah nabi...Semua very Democratic dan Pragmatic...Dari Negara Islam Kepada Negara Berkebajikan....Dari KeUnggulan Islam kepada Kesamaan Ugama .... Dari Pengharaman Hiburan / Arak kepada Boleh Hiburan ? Arak, Drai Hukum Hudud kepada Human Rights Barat...Dari Pentadbiran Ustaz kepada Kepolitikan Sekularis...Apa dah jadi ? ?
    Sebab pihak Westernis dalam PAS mengatakan 1.) Ustaz tak pandai Berpolitik 2.) Ustaz Tak Pandai Mentadbir 3.) Ustaz Tak Pandai Merubah Kerajaan .... Lantaran daripada itu 1.) Ustaz tiada dalam kepimpinan atasan PAS, yang ada hanyalah Westernis yang menyesatkan dengan Machiavelian Politiks seperti Mat Sabu dengan Penipuanya , Dr Zul dengan Apologetik nya , Husam dengan Anwaris nya, Khalid Samad dengan toleransi 7 elevennya dan semuanya tunduk kepada Anwar dgn pluralismanya, Khalid Samad dengan ego ekonominya dan Lim Kit Siang dengan komunisma nya dan Raja Petra Kamaruddin dengan kebebasan Ugamanya (malahan kebebasan minum arak dan wanita juga) 2.) Ustaz hanya pergi duduk Masjid dan mengajar dan ambil saguhati .... itulah jadinya polirisisasi dalam PAS...Westernis berpolitik dan Arabis mengajar...maka pengikut hancur... 3.) Tiada tempat untuk Ustaz kecuali sebagai pembaca doa dan perasmi...itulah yang tinggal dalam PAS sekarang ... Tiada lagi roh dan perjuangan Islam...Jika westernis di pilih oleh AGM untuk mentadbir PAS dan Ustaz semuanya kalah, maka pertanda nya buat lah parti Islam baru sebab yang mnengerakkan masyarakat adalah westernis yang sempit Islam .....sebab suara Ulama yang kami cintai seperti Harun Din, Harun Taib, Tuan Ibrahim sudah tiada lagi...sedih betul....Semoga Allah swt merubah kaum yang nak berubah...turunkan Westernis dan Naikkan Ustaz