Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trouble bru-ing in Selangor?

with updates
29/10 Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim recommends that Port Klang assemblyman Badrul Hisham of PKR resign from his seat because of non-performance/STAR
Sounds familiar? Badrul Hisham, I was told, has been wanting to quit PKR and Khalid's outburst is probably just the break he needs. Non-performance? That's subjective. In PKR, I was also told, Badrul is not the only non-performer.

updated 7.45pmNST has the story here.
Bad is not the first Adun or MP to jump out from PKR. In Perak, they blamed the BN government when Opposition YBs jumped out to become Independents. Who do you blame in Bad's case?


  1. Anonymous3:17 pm

    What about the Kelana Jaya MP? Do Kelana Jaya foks even need an MP? The current MP do not even know his constituents. He was chosen to contest because of the Linggam case.


  2. Anonymous3:37 pm

    bro rocky,

    mybe pkr nak elak badrul 'lompat' jd bebas. if letak jawatan, by-election, pkr still ada chance nk menang & Brader Anwar boleh letak calon yang dia suka.. just a hunch.

  3. Anonymous3:48 pm

    I heard Selangor MB also a non-performer and that is why RPK is eying for the seats! Kah, kah. That's how things work in PKR. In the end only one chap who is to be considered a real performer,and he is the chameleon.


  4. Anonymous4:30 pm

    As usual rocky brew like to throw cold water on Pakatan's woes. Which party dont have its trouble and turncoats. Most impt is jgn makan duit rakyat and jgn bazir duit rakyat like nobody's business.

    Mr Wee

  5. Anonymous4:33 pm

    I salute the Selangor MB for having to guts to publicly admit they made a mistake with this candidate and is thus making a bold decision. This is better than ignoring a non-performing public servant and waiting for the public to find out. Nothing wrong with making an admission that mistakes were made in selection. I am pretty sure their next round of selection would be wiser and with better character vetting.

    On the other hand we have never heard of such strong reprimand from the ruling government. I think the Selangor MB must listen to his conscience and act like what he is doing now and the rakyat will give continued support to such leaders. If BN does the same with their assemblyman, MP and leaders, they will similarly earn the respect of the rakyat.

    Sentiments have long changed and it is better for political leaders to understand early that people are not blind and foolish to just hear what they say but we will see what they do and that is more important.

    Khir Toyo is stupid to want to welcome an incompetent and lazy assemblyman to UMNO. It only goes to show Khir Toyo is still living in the past.

  6. skilgannon10665:35 pm

    First, there were 5.

    Now, there are 4.

    Soon to be 3?

    Anwar has no strategy, no game plan, nothing.

    The Selangor MB must be feeling the chilly breezes at his back.

    The PR coalition is fundamentally flawed, with deep rifts in PAS and PKR.

    The BN coalition too is flawed, but to a lesser extent than the PR coalition.

    So, yet again, Malaysians get the government/s that they deserve!

  7. Mister Potato5:47 pm


    Problem with these politician - Hassan Ali, Khir Toyo, Eli, PKFZ, Khalid, Ronnie, TBH and now Badrul.

    Apa kata buat election baru untuk Selangor state seats and let see whether the Selangor voters are wise or stupid.

  8. Anonymous6:10 pm


    How about those non-performance in UMNO/BN ? Least to say the hard-core corrupters and incompetent UMNO/BN gomen !!


  9. sudahlah rocky bru.....sokong useless buggers like badrul.

    but i undrstand why. u r paid to say this..

  10. Anonymous6:42 pm

    The arsefucked, chingkie cumswilling, twat munching Moronic Bastard aka MB is the worst non-performer of them all together with another fuckedup arsehole of a Cunt Muncher aka CM up north. These two arse gnats are the Laurel and Hardy of the local political scene and there are many such whoreboys and slutgirls peopling the PR crowd who have this persistent cockitch and cunttwitch for their Warholian fix.Shameless popsicle flotsam, them all!!

    The MB lied about Section 23 as i will expose in due course with all the evidence, the same way the Shah Alam Mairu Pundek (MP) pulled a fast one on everyone. All this coming just before the Chief Turban arseworm of a Lollipop tried to foment rebellion to install his chingkie arselicking, cocksucking lovva boys at the behest of Diseased Arrogant Pig. He failed big time while his darling rebel boy from the pinkloving Pimp Row had to wallow his dipstick in some shitstained buffalo arse over a kerfuffle in the Land Below the Wind
    (the wind from his arse)while another mangy pariah mongrel observing the ship sinking around him hastily announced a six month sabbatical to take stock and plan his next pigarse fucking orgy. Me thinks this latterday equivocator masquerading as an altruistic dogarsed face is about to shack up with the Diseased Arrogant Pig but not before he attempts to wrest the chalice from a certain Mr Arsefaced Arsesistant whose comely bitch was once fucked the doggystylelights out by the scheming topdog of an arsewhore himself.

    Watch as the failed lawyer polly enjoys the arsefucks, the chingkie cumswilling sessions, the throatramming once he teams up with a couple of rascal vagrant pimpernels from the Ibrahim clan. Talking of the clan, one is now skulking on the peripheries together with his Slimy Arsehole Bastard Morons (SABMs) like a pariah dog awaiting the master's whistle to his lick clean his(master's) unwashed arse and blowjob him FOC to doggy heaven. Another one, already in there, is shamelessly tonguing and mouthing the Caliph's unwashed urine drenched flaccid john for some ejaculate to salve his princeling ego. I am reliably informed that this pigshit had a hand in the transperancy international fiasco involving another chingkie pig in which the dogshit tried to malign malaysia but ended up face down in pigshit.

    Folks, guess who is who through all that cryptic verbiage while I down sudo honke courtesy of my sojourn through lands exotical, "cryptical", mystical and "elliptical"...ahh what journeys were they....fingering kournikovas while imagining ivanovics, anna that is!!!

  11. azman6:53 pm

    umpama baru dpt rumah flat,dah mimpi nak banglo.retak menanti belah,hanya menunggu masa sahaja buat PR

  12. Anonymous7:18 pm

    Kemenangan atas tikit PKR,,,rakyat yang memberi mandat,,,hendak jawatan/$$$$ yang banyak tak dapat,,,,,hendak sertai BN takut di maki-hamun,, so become FRIENDLY INDEPENDENT BN,,,,

    Rakyat tak di pedulikan,,tapi selalu kelihatan di Majlis dianjuri BN,,,!!!!

    What's the FUCK,,,!!!!!

    May I suggest,,that all Wakil Rakyat undergo MENTAL TEST,,!!!

    MELAYU senang/memang LUPA,,


  13. Anonymous7:26 pm

    not-sure Bro! could it be ' pucuk di idam ulam mendatang '.


  14. Anonymous8:15 pm

    Always join a rich party.

    Right or wrong is technically resolved.

  15. Anonymous8:48 pm

    all bn mp are millionaires...

    but in pkr tak dapat cari makan, so cabut la!

  16. kalau berani bubur DUN selangor skrg. Tgk camne org Melayu & India mengundi selangor camne. Kawasan cina no worry they will support DAP blindly until the sunrise in the west.
    Ckp jer bersih tapi sebenarnya kerajaan yang lembap.

  17. Anonymous9:19 pm

    ahhhh sahabat ku, my idol, anon 6.42 is back, warrior la...,
    who else?

  18. Anonymous9:23 pm

    Read in Mahaguru blog that PAS Aduns/Mps must pledge that they will divorce 'talak tiga" on their wives if they frogleap.

    Wow.Inhumane and unIslamic,if true.

    Worse than presigned undated resignation letters.

    No presigned letter in this case?

  19. Anonymous9:39 pm

    Please lar....there're also many Non Performer in BN...but no one is talking about it...Najid doesn't even dare to make a sound...even make a sound but no action...e.g. MCA Ong Tee Keat had been busy campaigning until he neglected the wellfare of people on the road...Is he performer? Remember Klang..the Zakaria guy with castle-like house...performer? if non performer, why BN didn't do anything...Aiya, I can name a hell lot of least for PKR, our MB dares to admit and dare to 'CUT'...BN is too scared of losing majority.. what's the point...

    Steven Seagal

  20. Anonymous9:48 pm

    `a police officer alledgedly grabbed Nga's genitals’

    not surprised if DAP cook up this story as my mind recall, watching goebbell fiery speech in discoveries channel as i pity this german guy cause he should learn a thing or two from DAP the art of manipulating and cheating.........

    my guess? it is Sivakumar who grab Nga balls during the chaos as both of them preplanned a strategy and concocted a controversy

    If this untrue who believe the DAPigs anyway.....

    Pity Goebbell......may he rest in peace.

  21. Anonymous9:56 pm

    Now the MB knows what its like to be in a hot seat. He is working with a bunch of rebels who were trained by a rebel rouser. In the run up to the last GE, the rebels were taught to oppose everything and anything, and they will be rewarded in the afterworld.

    So, now when someone opens their mouth, they get the boot. But prior to that, they were taught that it was democratic to criticize and run amok on the streets.

    Somehow the tables have turned and it's his time to cry.

    If PKR's principles are to be followed, the MB himself should resign. There are many other PR leaders like Loh Gwo Burne, Ronnie Liu, Wee Choo Keong, Hassan Ali, Gobind Singh etc who are much better to take over.

    Perhaps the present MB should also apply for six months leave, as it is fashionable in PKR.


  22. One of the most distuirbing things to happen in the gold state Selangor...non performing wakils.


  23. Anonymous11:31 pm

    The leaders are themselves feeling not taken cared of? Semua janji masih janji.. projek dikebas antara Kongsi Gelap gang?

    hmmmmm.. later the voters. I am just waiting to seen the Cukai Pintu next year.. pray it is not merely RM20 off?

    habis ler PR, by next GE, nampaknya GONE WITH THE WIND?


  24. Anonymous12:38 am

    Haha I like your screwed up logic you mean to say everything is subjective? Subjective to what? I like it when you try to defend a guy like Badrul and you end up looking really stupid!!!

  25. Anonymous12:58 am

    crap-mania! why is m'sian politics so crappy of late? UMNO, MCA, MIC, PKR ...and soon to follow, DAP.



  26. Anonymous1:24 am

    Badrul could not be contacted for many months.

    Sudddenly, the MB says 'resign' and Badrul surfaces.

    What was he doing all the while?
    Counting special draw proceeds that were diverted to him?

    Talking about no allocations, he is out of his mind!

    Because he was not contactable and not performing, the MB had to appoint another person to do Badrul's work.

    And Badrul has the cheek to say that he did not get allocations.
    Bodoh punya ADUN.

    Nak tipu pun, guna logic lah.
    Jangan guna tahi sendiri, bodoh!

    I think this fellow is of the breed which asks, 'what is in for me' when asking allocations meant for the people.

    Under Pakatan rule, such things cannot work out and this fellow finds that it is not worth it and so has to resort looking forward to proceeds of special draws!

    Just see the number of special draws (halal?) that have been held almost every Tuesday.

    If during Pak Lah's time there were only 10 special draws in a year, this number has multiplied many times during the current 'religious' PM's tenure.

    And nobody is questioning it at all?

    Including you Rocky...for you seem to blame Pak Lah for many things but now keeping your mouth shut on this increased special draws...whose proceeds seem to be channeled to cultivate frogs of that special kind that the PM and Noh Omar are gleefully welcoming!

    Wow, high principles indeed and a fantastic leadership by example.

    No wonder Rocky you are just licking up to these kind of Federal administrators...


  27. Anonymous1:26 am

    rocky snake,

    how much you got from your papa UMNO ? very good in spinning !

  28. Anonymous1:42 am

    Nga's balls must be examined forensically by Pornthip to determine if there are crush injuries.

    If injuries are present, she should be able to tell us the probability of them being self inflicted or caused by other person/s.

    If caused by other person/s,then she must try to determine who the perpetrator is.The policeman or a colleague.

    I suggest a public enquiry be held to settle this matter.

    Fun stuff-Hitler had one ball only.

    CSI Kampong.

  29. Anonymous4:29 am

    Welcome back, Warrior 231 (Anon 6.42 PM).

    You are my Idol, too.

    We miss you.

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

  30. Blogs are not a compulsory item for you to look at throughout your miserable day. If you are in a disagreement, please state so with rational explanation so that we can actually have a good chance of discussing it. Saying things like the blogger is paid by certain quarters is not only not helping in opening channels for discussion, but annoying for someone who might have the idea that Malaysians are or should be a smart bunch of people. What we see now, mostly, are idiots in disguise.

    I hope we can have a good discussion on any matter, for those who has the info on the article written, please do so in a kind and informative way, so that the rest of the not so smart Malaysians can understand and participate.

    Who cares if you are paid by anyone or anything, as much as who cares if you have a blog in the first place. As much as who cares if any of you visit this blog on a daily basis or weekly or even hourly. If you don't like what you see, get the hell out. There are thousands of other blogs that can satisfy your own curiosity and there are alot more if you feel the need to talk trash about someone else so that you can feel better about yourself.

    Keep on writing Rock, I just wish you can open up some room for discussion on your writings, academical, rational or not. Don't keep us out of the loop, mate.

  31. Dear Rocky,

    1. A couple of months ago, Muhyiddin predicted that the currently nameless cum unregistered coalition of PAS-PKR-DAP would break down in no more than 2 years.

    2. It seems that his prediction might just come true.

    3. Let's face it. In GE 12, the rakyat voted against BN. The rakyat did not voted for PAS-PKR-DAP.

    4. Now BN seems to be more attentive to what the rakyat wants rather than what a son or son-in-law wants.

    5. PAS-PKR-DAP has proved that they can only talk, spin and opposed. Since they just love to oppose, come GE 13, the rakyat will fulfill their

    6. Tun Dr M said it best when he said that the opposition need more than a 100 years to become an effective government. They love to oppose so much so that they are now opposing each


  32. Anonymous7:41 am

    Khalid and Badrul Saga:

    It is the pot calling the kettle black ...

    Fallen Red Giant.

  33. Anonymous8:04 am


    Sedih akibat kematian anaknya, N Dina Deve yang mati akibat jambatan runtuh dalam promram 1 Malaysia, bapa kanak-kanak malang itu, T Nathan, 45 meninggal dunia pagi tadi.

    Akibat kematian anaknya, Nathan yang terlalu sedih tidak lalu makan atau minum sehingga terpaksa menerima kemasukan air melalui drip dilengannya.

    Pagi tadi, Nathan meninggal di rumahnya di Mambang Diawan, dekat sini selepas beberapa hari menanggung kesedihan.

    inilah mangsa ke empat dalam kempen 1 malaysia
    hari ini hari ke empat. langsung tidak ada disebut
    siapakaah si kontrektor yang bertanggung jawab
    membuat jambatan gantung ini.

    kalau di eropah si kontrektor bukan sahaja juburnya
    akan dibakar malah akan di tahan atas tuduhan membunuh.

    di negara yang mengakui islam ini – siasatan akan dijalankan
    hanya untuk meredakan kemarahan bukan untuk mencari
    siapa yang bertanggung jawab.

    kotrektor ini patut di tangkap.
    yang meluluskan projek ini wajib di tangkap.

    siasatan wajib dijalankan bukan kerana dendam.

    yang telah mati tetap mati. apa yang perlukan dilakukan
    bukan hukuman tetapi melihat bagaimana projek ini lulus,
    siapa meluluskan, siapa jurutera, siapa penjual simin – besi jenis
    apa – semua ini penting untuk mengelakkan ianya berlaku lagi.

    inilah cara bagaimana masyarakat eropah menyusun tamadun
    mereka sehinggakan hampir seluruh dunia ingin memiliki beg
    luis vuitton dan kereta bmw

  34. Anonymous8:05 am


    Hishammuddin Hussein hari ini berkata kes video VK Lingam masih dalam siasatan Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM).

    Sehubungan itu, katanya, kes berkenaan tidak lagi disiasat polis.

    Beliau berkata demikian dalam jawapan bertulis satu perenggan kepada soalan Wee Choo Keong (PKR-Wangsa Maju) yang ingin tahu perkembangan terkini penyiasatan polis dan SPRM berhubung skandal tersebut.

    Nazri Aziz pada sesi Parlimen minggu lepas berkata bahawa Jabatan Peguam Negara tidak akan mengambil tindakan terhadap hasil penemuan Suruhanjaya Siasatan Diraja berhubung klip video VK Lingam kerana tiada tindakan lanjut diperlukan (NFA) untuk dua kertas siasatan.


    woit… NEGARA INI BETUL BETUL CARCA MERBA… kah kah kah..

    kah kah kah.. DASAR TUNGGANG TERBALIK…kah kah kah..

    woit… SATU MUNKEE KATA … BOLEH ENTOT… kah kah kah..

    kah kah kah… SATU MUNKEE LAIN KATA…TAK LEH PANCUT…kah kah kah…


    kah kah kah… TAK CUKUP LAGI… kah kah kah..

    kah kah kah… INI ADA DUA PULAK MENTERI YANG JAGA HUKUM… kah kah kah..

    woit... MAMPUS ... SATU MALAYSIA...

  35. Anonymous8:06 am


    Najib Razak berkata, Menteri Besar Selangor Khalid Ibrahim tidak boleh mengarahkan Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri Pelabuhan Klang Badrul Hisham Abdullah meletak jawatan kerana ADUN tersebut adalah seorang wakil rakyat yang dipilih oleh rakyat.

    Kata Najib, dalam hal ini hanya ADUN tersebut yang berhak menentukan sama ada hendak meletakkan jawatan atau tidak.

    “Dia mungkin tidak mahu meletakkan jawatan...,” kata Najib kepada para pemberita apabila ditanya tentang arahan Khalid supaya Badrul Hisham meletakkan jawatannya atas alasan tidak berfungsi sebagai wakil rakyat.


    woit… MAT MONGOL INI CAKAP APA?... kah kah kah…

    kah kah kah… ITU MB PAKATAN LAH PUNYA HAL… kah kah kah…

    kah kah kah…DIA PUNYA PASAL LAH… ITU DIA PUNYA PARTI… kah kah kah…

    woit… RAKYAT MEMANG PILEH DIA… INI BETUL… kah kah kah..

    kah kah kah… RAKYAT PILIH DIA…. KERANA DIA PKR… kah kah kah…

    woit... RAKYAT LAH YANG WAJIB MENENTU KAN... kah kah kah

    woit… PERGI JAGA SUAMI LAH.. LEBIH SOPAN …kah kah kah

    kah kah kah… KALAU TIDAK PERGI NAIK JAMBATAN GANTUNG… kah kah kah…..

  36. Anonymous8:14 am

    Org semenajung korang tak kenal siapa jeffery dan christina liew.. So korang tak sepatutnya blame on DSAI ! Org sabah memang tidak mau jeffery tu tak caya tanya org sabah apa sebab. jangan tanya yg dah tetap lama di semenanjung diorang tak tau. wakaka Christina liew tu tamak... ego.... tak caya tanya org KK, org Luyang, Org Penampang ( Kota kinabalu) wakaka

  37. Anonymous8:18 am

    keluar juga dia, kita dok teran2 tak mau keluaq, jenuh.. akhirnya keluaq.. lega rasa....

  38. Anonymous8:19 am

    Flashback apa sebenarnya yg dikejar oleh YB YB katak ini…
    Mereka2 ini menyertai pembangkang bukan atas dasar Perjuangan tetapi perlu”WANG” & pelu”WANG” bila telah dirasakan sukar nak buat wang dlm Pakatan Rakyat (yg terang terangan didiskriminasi oleh kerajaan BN) mereka pun berusaha dgn cara yg lain & salah satu caranya dengan bertukar menjadi katak. Sekielip mata saja mereka telah menjadi jutawan.
    Contoh yg paling jelas adalah pengakuan terbuka adun changkat jering yb katak jailu… dlm malaysiakini pada 23/10 yg lalu… di bawah petikan artikal berita tersebut utk tatapan….

    ““”Banyak dana selepas keluar PKR
    ADUN bebas di Perak Kapten (B) Mohd Osman Jailu bersyukur mendapat lebih banyak peruntukan untuk disalurkan ke kawasannya selepas keluar daripada PKR dan menyokong BN.

    Beliau menerima dana hampir RM1 juta tahun ini berbanding hanya RM275,000 ketika menjadi ADUN Pakatan Rakyat dan tambahan ini membantunya memulihkan sokongan masyarakat kepadanya.

    "Alhamdulillah, saya dapat peruntukan hampir RM1 juta untuk projek-projek senggaraan di DUN Changkat Jering.

    "Berbanding tahun lepas, semasa saya jadi ADUN Pakatan, dapat cuma RM75,000 sebagai wakil rakyat dan RM200,000 ribu sebagai exco (kerajaan Perak)," katanya ketika dihubungi.”””

    Dan ini mungkin apa yg sedang bermain difikiran YB katak P. Klang ini. Dan seorang lagi Berjaya menjadi jutawan segera dengan mengkhianati amanah & harapan pengundi2 mereka. Tahniah! Diucapkan.
    Buat katak2 diatas anda perlu ingat bukan semua pengundi2 yg memilih saudara/saudari kerana mereka mengejar “WANG” sama macam saudara/saudari sekelian. Kalau mereka semua mata duitan macam anda, sudah tentu mereka tidak memberikan undi kemenangan kepada anda.
    Fikirkanlah, wahai katak2 pengkhianat bangsa.

  39. Anonymous8:20 am

    peringatan pada Pakatan Rakyat...

    jangan lupa Pakatan Rakyat Perak tumbang setelah "PAKAR C4" tu dilantik menjadi pengurusi umno negeri ketika itu...

    sekarang beliau telah berhijrah ke Selangor... dan mahluk ini sanggup lakukan apa saja demi memenuhi nafsu beliau... lagipun sekarang beliau mempunyai cukup banyak WANG dengan menjadi pemegang amanah utama dana KERAJAAN MALAYSIA.

  40. I think this is all "wayang kulit". They can see that BN got a lot of mileage from winning at Bagan Pinang so PKR need to stage another by-election to counter that effect.

    I suppose it does help that this Badrul fella really is an idiot.

  41. Anon 8.04 AM

    Dear Anon Mangkuk Hayun

    If u just read Harakah, which may fail to indicate that the bridge is out of donation, there's no contract.

    Kalau kau bagi derma buat masjid, tiba tiba Masjid tu runtuh, ko nak penjarakan org yang bagi derma?

  42. Anon 8.19 AM,

    Projek senggaraan atau baik pulih, boleh kah buat dgn air liur sahaja? Bolehkah ADUN pegi buat ceramah, maka longkang yang tersumbat akan tidak tersumbat dgn sendirinya?

    ADUN kena cari peruntukan, kena fight peruntukan untuk kawasan dia. Kalau ada org miskin kat kawasan dia, cukupkah dgn membuat ceramah di depan rumah org miskin, maka by default.... org miskin ini telah dibantu?

    where's your logic??????

  43. Anonymous9:58 am

    For years now I have wondered what qualifies a person to be a member of the Malaysian police force. Intelligence? Muscles? A razor sharp mind? A Sherlock Holmes sense of deduction? Today I found out that it is none of the above. So what is it?

    The inability to count or tell time.

    Watch this Malaysiakini video. The day is May 27, 2009.

    "Eight Perak Pakatan Rakyat elected representatives and six others were arrested by the Ipoh police about 11.25am for alleged illegal assembly. They were arrested while walking in a procession from the DAP headquarters to the High Court to observe a suit being filed against the BN state government over the sacking of elected village heads."

    Forward to the 03:40 of the video and listen to the policeman with the loud hailer.

    "Ok, saya bagi 3 minit untuk bersurai. Kalau kamu tidak mendengar ini merupakan perhimpunan tanpa sebarang permit. Saya akan tangkap. Okay, satu-dua-tiga...TANGKAP!"

    Remember, he said 3 minit ya? Now you count for yourself la. Satu...dua...tiga...did that take 3 minutes? But to a Malaysian policeman that IS 3 minutes or tiga minit. Maybe their time goes by faster than ours.

    Oh my goodness! This is f**king hilarious!

  44. Biasalah, UMNO/BN banyak $$$ (persekutuan), jadi diorang boleh buat apa saja diorang nak kat negara ni...

    Termasukla beli ADUN etc... Dulu di PERAK, sekarang di Selangor pula...

    Same ol story... diorang ingat rakyat Selangor/Perak ni macam kat Bagan Pinang kut....

    Nak suruh bubar DUN Selangor konon, boleh... bubar DUN Perak sekali ... ada berani???

    piirahh mabuk!!!

  45. Anonymous2:14 pm

    Anonymous said...

    ...T Nathan, 45 meninggal dunia pagi tadi....

    This is where religion plays a very important part in our life.

    One of our close family friends, Wan Hanisah W Ibrahim together with other 3members of the family died recently in an accident.

    Yes, isteri, anak2 serta cucu sekelip mata..

    Tapi kita perlu terima dengan penuh kerelaan dan kesabaran diri.

    With the media highlighting on them, I do hope these bereaved parents are not merely trying to take advantage of the situation.

    One of the parents, it seems, is already thinking about SUING? And DAP is the crocodile waiting with its mouth wide open..$$$$$$$$


  46. Anonymous3:38 pm


    PKR supporter and sympathiser please think rationally and don’t be clouded by fanatical blind disarray loyalty to a leader.

    Malaysia is a free country so the wakil rakyat is legally free to joint any party he/she wishes, “morally” well the word moral and politic is synonym to the nature of oil and water.

    PKR supporter and sympathiser Before you all start criticising others look at yourself in the mirror first. one good example is when the Bota MP switch to PKR or when the PR de facto leader is trying to persuade BN MPs to jump ship nobody made a fuss out of it, to me you all are hypocrite of the highest order "cakap tak serupa bikin" and cannot accept especially when others is doing the same thing that you are doing to them.

    PR is pissed of coz BN successfully adopted and implemented PR own blue print aka “Dummies on how to take over a Government”

    If you cannot stand the heat please get out of the kitchen instead of making noise.

    Who say politic is clean, it is the survival of the fittest, it's not how you play the game but who would finally win.

    I would like to quote what Zukifli Nordin wrote in his blog:

    "Sebagai pejuang hak asasi manusia, sepatutnya kita menjadi orang pertama menmghormati keputusan beliau kerana itu adalah hak asasi beliau untuk memilih dan menentukan parti mana yang beliau mahu sertai.

    Saya berpendapat desakan menyuruh beliau mengosongkan kerusi hanya kerana beliau memilih untuk tidak bersama dengan PKR adalah satu desakan yang bercanggah dengan pendirian Pakatan Rakyat yang menghormati, malahan kekadang sampai mempertuhankan prinsip hak asasi manusia. Ini jelas apabila YB Dato Nasaruddin (BN-Parit) memilih meninggalkan UMNO dan menyertai PKR, tapi lepas tu buat u-turn balik), kita tidak pulak mendesak beliau mengosongkan kerusi DUN Parit, sebaliknya kita telah berkompang sakan menyambut "penghijrahan" beliau. Jangan kerana terkena batang hidung kita sendiri maka kita kata ianya salah, tapi bila membawa faedah kepada kita baru jadi betul. Call a spade a spade-yang benar tetap benar walaupun pahit bagi kita. Melainkan kita ini pengamal fahaman double-standard, saya berpendapat pendirian kita mesti istiqamah dan konsisten. Kalau kita boleh terima YB Dato Nasaruddin dahulu, mengapa kita tidak boleh menghormati keputusan YB Razhi. Jangan kerana terkena batang hidung kita sendiri maka kita kata ianya salah dan tidak betul, tetapi bila membawa menafaat dan faedah kepada kita baru jadi betul. "Call a spade a spade". Yang hak tetap hak walaupun pahit untuk kita menerimanya. Pada saya, sepatutnya apa yang terjadi memberikan kita peluang dan ruang untuk mencerminkan diri kita dan memperbaiki kelemahan yang ada."

    Melainkan kita ini pengamal fahaman double-standard, saya berpendapat pendirian kita mesti istiqamah dan konsisten. ……. . Jangan kerana terkena batang hidung kita sendiri maka kita kata ianya salah dan tidak betul, tetapi bila membawa menafaat dan faedah kepada kita baru jadi betul. "Call a spade a spade". Yang hak tetap hak walaupun pahit untuk kita menerimanya. Pada saya, sepatutnya apa yang terjadi memberikan kita peluang dan ruang untuk mencerminkan diri kita dan memperbaiki kelemahan yang ada.

    To PKR supporter and sympathiser please dring the poison that you brewed for you enemy. HA, HA, HA, HA POETIC JUSTICE

  47. Anonymous5:50 pm

    "inilah cara bagaimana masyarakat eropah menyusun tamadun
    mereka sehinggakan hampir seluruh dunia ingin memiliki beg
    luis vuitton dan kereta bmw"

    Masyarakat Eropah yang sama inilah yang membiarkan Alan greenspan, phil gramm, charles Schummer, robert rubin bermaharajalela dan bebas merayau setelah memporakperandakkan kehidupan berbilion manusia seantero dunia

    Masyarakat eropah bertamadun inilah yang memperlihatkan eksekutif bank perlaburan dan syarikat kewangan,insuran dibayar bonus berbilion ringgit kendatipun kerakusan mereka membawa kepada malapetaka ekonomi alaf baru...

    Masyarakat eropah yang bertamadun inilah yang melahirkan palat-palat macam hang seperti Hitler, Mussolini dan sewaktu dengannya

    Masyarakat eropah yang bertamadun inilah yang mencipta seribu satu masalah yang tak larat den nak nukilkan disini buat tatapan kalian.

    Dan juga masyarkat eropah bertamadun inilah yang menjadi tapak semaian dimana bercambah benih-benih setan bertopengkan manusia yang ketawa berdekah kah kah kah kah seperti babi betina yang sarat mengandung meraung kesakitan tatkala beranak. Manusia yang mengaji sekerat kain tetapi berlagak laksana pemilik gedung ilmu yang hanya mampu mengulang kata "gerobolan" dan ketawa macam pukimak bangsat gila. Dan hang yang sewaktunya adalah contoh manusia Melayu didikan eropah bertamadun yang sanggup menjilat dubur Cina babi dan menghisap butuhnya bersama aljuburi demi sesuap nasi.

    wahai pemuja masyarakat bertamadun elok benar kalau hang kalian berhenti melutut menghisap butoh Tok Guru2 dan pendusta2 kafir laknatullah hang, takut2 dalam dok syok menghisap dan menjilat itu, maka diterbalikkan bumi oleh yang Maha Esa ala-ala Padang.

    Dan lagi satu wahai bahlul, jambatan gantung bukan tempat bergayut macam siamang atau berlompat macam monyet. Mungkin hang dengan kah-kah kah kah yang dari keluarga lontong perlu arif tentang hal ini.

    P/S: sekadar untuk louis vuitton,,gi kat Golok hatta chow kit atau petaling street pun boleh dapat...BMW....sukan formula 1 pun boleh corot.

  48. Anonymous6:15 pm

    Hei, Warrior 321 is back at 6.40p.m!
    Love the comment.
    Also thanks ularlagibaik for pointing it out.

  49. Anonymous7:16 pm

    Hi warrior,
    Why so up tight over the selangor MB ?Let loose your dick for a full blow job by some chinkie china doll with another up your arse for your g spot thriller !
    Is that the best you can phrase ?You wanna play ?Wanna meet ? Give you a hard on??? I can wait ?

  50. Anonymous8:23 pm

    anon 8.19am

    Bodoh bangsat pukimak punya balaci. Hoi Tongong, kepala butoh hang yang tak kena sunat, benda simple tak fehe!

    kalau wang itu bagi kat perampok dan lanun macam puak mung, nescaya ia masuk kantong gangsta cina babi atau kopiah tok guru kapiak hang. ada understand, bahlol!Itulah kecik2 tak nak sekolah, besaq2 hisap batang cina babi.

  51. al-johari10:51 pm

    Geli membaca komen-komen daripada anon-anon yang tak berani nak siar nama sendiri.

    Bukan main marah anon2 penyokong PR kepada ADUN Port Klang Badrul Hisham kerana keluar daripada PKR.

    Apa yang kita semua tahu bukankah Anwar yang memulakan agenda lompat ini dengan mencuba memikat wakil Rakyat BN supaya melompat dan menyokong dia.

    Apabila Nasharudin dari Parit acah-acah aje melompat ke PR bukan main gembira dan seronok Anwar dan geng dan mengalu-ngalukan seperti menatang minyak yang penuh. Bila dia lompat balik ke BN bukan main marah dan kutuk dia dengan hebatnya.

    Itu le. Kalau nak maki hamun tu pandang2 belakang dulu ya.

  52. Anonymous11:22 pm

    Dear Abe,
    Since you talk about Kelana Jaya MP, why you never think from another angle, if it is true that Kelana Folks don't even need a MP, if it is true that he does not even know his constituent, yet it is VERY true that he was chosen to contest because of the Linggam case, and everyone knows about it...BUT..Rakyat still VOTE for shows that People of Kelana Jaya is DAMN PIssed with BN government, don't you think? If NAJIS still keep stirring with Pakatan State and plan plot to take over, it will only pissed off the people more, and I can tell you, BN may kiss their ass goodbye next GE...hahaha...

    Steven Seagal

  53. Anonymous1:28 am

    warrior 231 (anon 6.42),

    A cock-sucking, mouth fucking, shit-eating UMNO babi hutan like you ought to he hung upside down by your balls till you die, then tied on a pole and left to the vultures to feed your stinking carcass. Other UMNO babi liars like d muhaha should also be shot and sent into exile with your Najis and UMNO masters when DSAI takes over the country.

    Hidup DSAI

  54. Anonymous11:18 am

    Most the the PKR member are from umno or ex-umno , this fuc*ker have
    alredy have the "thinking/blood" of
    the "umno" , so it is no suprise
    they do this fuc*king thing.

  55. skilgannon10661:09 pm

    Strange - Anonymous 6:42 PM didn't sign off as "Warrior 231". Could there be a wannabe fake out there who is imitating (or plagiarising) Warrior's inimitable verbiage?

    Anyway, whoever Anonymous 6:42 PM is, the post doesn't amount to a hill of beans! Maybe a small pile of steaming hot sambal belacan topped with a dollop of the best cincaluk, but that's about it.

    As I posted earlier, the PR coalition deserves whatever it gets from the Malaysian electorate down the road come (or is it "cum"?) 2013. If the rakyat, in their God-bestowed wisdom, choose to toss out the PR on their collective backsides, then so be it. Democracy will have spoken.

    In any case, whatever the travails of the Selangor or Penang state governments, the issues pale into insignificance when contrasted against the issues facing the country.

    Which is how to transition to a high growth, high productivity and high income society by 2020, when every other country out there in the Asia-Pacific region is desperate for business and investments?

    You will note that Warrior, in spite of his or her fulminations, has carefully steered clear of commenting on the PM's game plans and strategy for the economy. Why, solutions to simple questions like eliminating the government's budget deficit and broadening the country's tax base has apparently eluded this towering intellect.

    On the national front, it will be interesting to see the image of Malaysia that the PM portrays at next month's Apec summit in Singapore, when he has to rub shoulders with the likes of Obama, Hu Jintao, Yukio Hatoyama and Kevin Rudd. Can he convince them, and the other Apec leaders, that Malaysia is a game worth playing, and not merely a spectator from the sidelines?

  56. Anonymous2:40 pm

    Hidup DSAI

    You will soon be a Di Sula Arsehole Incubus if you dare tangle with me. What gives you the fuckshit idea that I am Warrior 231. You are freaking haunted by that guy?you arsehole tonguing, cuntlicking, titties suckling motherfucking son of a spayed mongrel bitch.

    If you got them balls beneath your shriveled cock, dare to read this:

    You will fare far worse than that pariahbhakaran scum. For starters, every fingernail you havent bitten after reading this will be yanked out, every knuckle and joint broken and every sinew of your joints loped off, then emjoy a red hot iron shoved-up ur arse tunnel before your bloody bowels are slit open and your fucked up innards ripped out and if you are still breathing after all that, the "coup dis grace" would be the slitting of your throat ala Zarqawi, you bastard cumswilling pig. Oh yes, your cranial cavity will be sliced open, the cumsoaked offal within removed and anwar's shit dumped in for good measure so you will have sweet memories of him to bring along as you descend through the portals of hell, screaming hidup DSAI like the bastard slimedog pigshit of a dogpoop faced boar and a donkeytwat miened sow you really are.

    oh yes..i forgot, all that after you have been doggy fucked and cockrammed by DSAI himself, stinking putrid dogshagging, pigarse licking faggot. Some arsehole show that will be....

  57. Anonymous3:39 pm

    Steven SeaGAL

    Dont mask the fact that the Kelana Jaya electoral demographics indicate clearly that it is an arsefucking, cumlicking, pimping, whoring, gambling chingkie territory:

    The expulsion of Badrul is tied in with the purge unleashed in PAS by KAFIR NIK AZIZ NIK MAT at the instigation of the DAP which wants the Islamists out for 2 reasons:

    1. to market the alliance to an increasingly sceptical chingkie polity who are afraid that their twatmucnhing, china doll whoring, pimping and beer guzzling + beer selling activities will be effectively ended by the vaccilitating mad specky's zeal. Imagine the repurcussions for the underworld linked Mafiosi. So they prod the turban kaffir Nikki Lee aziz= by the old way Old Nik (sic:Nick) means Satan in English country lingo- to do the neccessary under the guise of Fuckatan unity and he has been compromised into doing so by his handmaidens in Kelantan who have dug a treasure trove about his SILhoutte. oh how SILhouttes are a bane to fuckther-in-lwas and their parties. Remember the Sleepwalker and his SILhoutte...

    2. the assumption in the DAP and in the PKR that as long as PAS sticks to its sham Islamic roots the Chingkie hegemonic aspirations will be scuppered? how? simple..if PAS continues beating the Islamic drum - even if it does for cosmetic political purposes - there is the everpresent danger it will rise to protect Malay rights as in Malaysia, Malay equates Islam. So erase the Islamic rhetoric and any semblance of its identity and pronto you will have Chingkie cumswilling, arselicking, throatrammed and shit munching Malay lovvaboys like pondan kafirs Khalid, Zulkifli etc kowtowing to the chauvinistic Chingkie demands propogated by the chingkie racists infesting the DAP's wormy and slimy unwashed cunthole.Then Chingkian malaysia becomes is touche.

    Proof of this devious agenda, well unintentionally revealed by a lower rung appratchick of a pratty chick who yearns for a clitlick and a dickdig as she hogs the limelight like a freshfaced sow in search of her 15 minutes Warholian fix.

    "Masalahnya dengan Dr Hassan sahaja. Dengan wakil rakyat yang lain tidak ada masalah. Macam wakil rakyat PAS Dr Shafie Abu Bakar (di Bangi) semua ini tidak masalah," kata wakil rakyat Serdang, Teo Nie Ching.


  58. Rocky,

    Do you know Badrul didn't bring deposit during nomination day & was sleeping in his house during the vote counting? With this, you think he can perform?

    Syabas MB Selangor, you gain more as Badrul is a liability come next GE.

  59. Anonymous5:59 pm

    Part 2 (a)

    Back to Badrul, the Moronic Bastard (MB)fobbed him off cos, on several grounds:

    1. he (MB) wants to stage a byelection at the instigation of Artiodactyl Incubus and his Chingkie handlers to salve the hurt over BP where the Hindulens saw some light and said fuckoff to PR. What better way to illustrate that isnt really so then use the Hindulen folks in PK by exploiting the nearby S23 issue to the hilt, leveraging on Kampar in the process and milking PKFZ dry for all its electoral worth.It is a testimony of his effeminate and ineffectual leadership that investments in Selangor have declined as data from MIDF from the 2007-2009 period will show. His sand dredging exploits have wrecked riverine habitats without bringing in the desired moolah. Further, his mishandling of S23- as reports i have compiled since August will show- and his total lack of grasp of economic issues are in cockboggling.

    He even had the gall to spend precious resources to hire a porn tit to cash in on TBH's death to save his masters arse when this report clearly cast doubts on her professional competency (remember, she divined DC's death as autoerotic asphyxiation without performing an autopsy:, when even a renowned pathologist is leery of giving an outright verdict based on inconclusive +the need for reliance on scientific enquiry: the same modus operandi was repeated when she made those cuntsure deductions without looking at TBH's body, performing an autopsy or even looking at all the evidence in totality including toxicology tests, crime scene data etc.(note : Baden even waited pass key data:

    My pals in the Thai police tell me that such arrogant cuntsureness was why the DC case was handled by people form chulalongkorn Hospital:

    All this sums the fact that stupid Kote incubus aka KI and his handlers are easy meat for any whore vamps looking for free "pubicity" cockthrusts to salve a "whoreholian" cunt twitch for 15 minutes for fame plus earn a stash of moolah in return (talk about cockstarved spayed old maids). Maybe the gobings and Kote Incubuses aka KIs of this world can satiate these MILFs clitwitch and mouthitch with their puny unwashed, shitdrenched cocks and their 120,000 pay cheques at our expense.

  60. Anonymous6:00 pm

    Part 2B
    2. he is using it as testbed to gauge PR support amongst the Hindulen and Malays ahead of a possible dissolution of the SSA.

    3.He want desperately to thumb his cock at the Arsehole Arsesistant who has been critical of him ahead of the May 2009 elections, especially after being stripped off his FT liasionship, a strategic move plotted by Anwar in order to finish lowlife scum poseurs like KI in order to position the whore scaw of a daughter to rise up the ranks.

    4. he is acting on the Chingkie instructions given that people like ZN, Bad, HA are loose cannons who threaten the chingkie hegemonic plan and about time to be cleared off their sights.

    5. he wants to deflect attention from his personal financial shenanigans which are beyond comment since that would be tantamount to sub-judice.

    6. he need to bully a small fry malay like badrul to display his punny authority to his pigarse loving, blinkered, thought sodomised followers. After all, how else to show the malay polity that a malay is in charge bila punggok asyik kena tibai oleh by the Rascal Lanchiau aka RL, the the Thirsty(dry)Kunt aka TK, the cunt muncher aka CM and the Elephantthighs Whore (EW)

    MB's excuse of non-performance does not hold even a drop of urine. This barua does not understand that the rakyat and not he who determines that but then Fuckatan are a bunch of political thugs to whom the rakyat hardly matter except during elections and then insult at their whim as one dogshagging Ibrahim bastard did with his toilet roll slur on the MS in his blog.

    The Ibrahim bastard clan are a pentagon of liars, illiterate scum, chingkie cocksucking and shitswilling political beatniks who have nothing but cum between their earlobes. Everything is dedicated to their temple of SELF, narcissistic idol-worshippers who bring no added value except chaos to the local polity.

    P/S; SeaGAL; KJ parliament has a racial profile of 42% malays and 58% Chingkie (38%) and hindulen (20%). Turnout when the fucktard of a walking lard, gwo burne won was in the region of 71%. You can make your own deductions as to where the votes of the bastard chingkies and hindulens went in circa 2008.

  61. Wan Daful8:36 pm

    blue said...


    Do you know Badrul didn't bring deposit during nomination day & was sleeping in his house during the vote counting? With this, you think he can perform?

    Syabas MB Selangor, you gain more as Badrul is a liability come next GE.

    ......................Is that so Mr Bluefilm? You mean PKR knew what kind of person Badrul was and still fielded him as its candidate for the PRU12?

    That's a bit like shortchanging the voters, isn't it? The MB should resign if what you said is true for he has cheated the Selangor people and Malaysians in general!

    Some more he was sleeping when they were counting the votes, you said!!? Clearly, the Pakatan Rakyat government has hookwinked all of us if your claims are true< Mr Bluefilm.

    Wan Daful

  62. skilgannon10661:14 pm

    Anon 2:40 PM, 3:39 PM, 5:59 PM, 6:00 PM

    My, my - such eloquent verbiage, razor-sharp erudition and trademark wit. Which is only to be expected from the likes of Warrior XXX or a lookalike wannabe.

    Why not package your views in one email and send it to the PM with a request that he raise the points therein with a certain Hu Jintao at the Apec summit in Singapore later this month?

    I am sure that Comrade Hu will be pleased to hear your view on Chingkies in Malaysia and what should be done to them by all the right-thinking and righteous-minded patriots out there.

    Hey, you gotta walk the talk, right? Why not get your views across to the head honchos or the big kahunas in Malaysia and China? And let them take it from there.

    Or to use another cliche - the proof of the pudding is in the eating. I would be interested to see if Comrade Hu takes a fancy to this particular pudding.

  63. Anonymous1:35 pm

    skilgannon1066 said, "I would be interested to see if Comrade Hu takes a fancy to this particular pudding".

    Yeah and so are we!!

    You know it would really interest us to see if Hu regards the Malaysian Chinese welfare as HIS responsibility.

    Heh Heh, we may all be in for a big surprise, YYEESSS aisehman ...

  64. Anonymous1:38 pm

    Specially for skilgannon1066


    “Jackie Chan has triggered controversy by claiming Chinese people are so chaotic they need to be firmly controlled by the government.”

    “I'm not sure if it's good to have freedom or not. I'm gradually beginning to feel that we Chinese need to be controlled. If we're not being controlled, we'll just do what we want." He reportedly said this at a business forum in the country’s Hainan Province.

  65. skilgannon10666:31 pm

    Anon 1:35 PM

    You wanna put Comrade Hu to the test? After all, Malaysia is not exactly on his list of priorities, so he may well be tempted to throw his weight around. Or at least drop some heavy hints to Malaysian officials who are courting investments from China.

    I would hazard a guess that Hu may be more interested in cultivating ties with Indonesia and building on existing relationships with Singapore, Thailand and Myanmar.

    The bottom line is that any country that screws its minority communities will be called to account, sooner or later. Think Bosnian Serbs and Muslims and how the international community belatedly woke up to its responsibilities.

    Anon 1:38 PM

    Is this the same Jackie Chan who owns several luxury properties in Singapore (aka "the little red dot") and who has oftentimes expressed his admiration of the Singapore government? Or the same Jackie Chan who had to apologise to netizens from China for his "intemperate" remarks?

    We need to clarify the above in the interest of transparency, right?

  66. Rocky, you can really spin ah.

    I do wonder about that till independent interview from the Klang people said the same. Anyway, his reason for supporting UMNO is that he think Anwar is immoral.

    hahah.. he is a joke.

  67. Anonymous12:08 am

    Anon 2:40PM,

    You are no different from warrior 231, just like a cock-sucking, mouth-fucking shit-eating son of a bitch!! All you UMNO babi hutans are fit to be castrated together with your boss Najis when DSAI takes over as PM.

    Hidup DSAI

  68. Anonymous1:38 am

    Skilgannon 1066

    You seem to have an unhealthy fixation with warrior XXX or whatever, slut cuntlicking and trannie arsefucking son of a spayed bitch. What if I tell u if i am not him, dogshit eating moronic bastard. I am writing as I see it and you dont have to peruse evrything here and react as if you are seeing ghosts of the past haunting your present, arsehead. You are afraid of that guy clitlicking unwashed chingkie dickhead. he buggered you real bad with a barge pole and tore your arse to shreds. poor fuckhead, get a life and quit chasing shadows and seeing phantoms.

    by the way hu Jiantao is a bastard from hell whose country puts out fantastical figures not worth commenting or analysing. for instance, it puts out the lie that its GDP grew at 8.9% for Q3 when its exports fell 22% and 15% in August and September. granted, much of that growth is due to its easy money policy and its huge stimulus but for how long is it going to play that game given that

    a) easy money is creating both stock and property bubbles (remember the Japs in the 80s and the Yanks from 2002-2006). once that house of cards fold, the chingkie economy is going to implode big time and the bastards will be walking around their piginfested land with a beggar's bowl and a torn arse.

    b)One of the main indexes that tracks world trade is the
    Baltic Dry Index. Visit the link below and see for yourself whether the global movement of goods is really taking place (look at the peak and compare where the world is now):

    study the movement of gold vis-a-vis the index on one of the charts there. What has that to do with China babi? well, it must be shitting bricks as foreign importers of its cheap, low quality arehole stuff are no longer buying in droves which means its export sector will soon collapse. Of course, 2day, it said its producer manufacturing index surged to 55points but that is primarily due to its frenzied construction activities and the sudden chingkie splurging on goods like Tv, fridges, VCds etc all artificially subsidised

    Ships that are sitting idle have been spotted off Spore. dont believe me, motherclit suckling arsehead, read this:

    China is an immaterial proposition, thats why it has not poured money into malaysia despite najib's naive approach. It simply doesnt have it and it will fast shutter itself from world trade once its confirmed the chastened Yankee will not spend like the mad dog he once was. already the signs are there despite the Dow's bear rally. The US will go the way of Japan of the 90s or even worse. China?finished trade will shrink, protectionism will rise as evident in US-China trade spats, FDIs will dry up, bank lending will shrink, banks will close by the heaps due to property foreclosures and biz bankruptcies and trading nations like Malaysia will have to make do with whatever they have. Doomsday scenario?you bet it is as astute students of history will note the many similarities between now and the 1930s. Even the Dow Jones graph is looking eerily similar (it has risen 52% since the 2008 crash exactly like it rose the same amount back in 1931, dont believe me, find out yourself)

    so quit thinking about warriors or their spirits, high tech, high incomes etc for the world is going to blow up and you dont want your shredded arse turn into a fullblown blackhole, dont you. mafucking, pabuggered,pigarse cheewing and dogcock sucking piece of constipated shit?

    P/S: hmmm.. Warrior XXX, whoever or wherever you are thanks for liberating our minds from chingkie cocktalk.

  69. Anonymous1:52 am

    Hidup DSAI

    Change the hidup to mati and apply it to urself, you guttermouth dogshit gobbling, cunthole licking and ma'clit sucking bastard fiend. You never learn dont you, pigshithead. When everything is said and done, clitfaced moron, you will go through a fate worse than pariahbhakaran and make sure you scram up and park yourself deeply within momma's pacocock and pigschlong shreded cavehole of a dirty wormy cunt cos life is never going to be the same 4 u from now onwards. keep looking over the shoulder as you have been id-eed.

  70. Anonymous9:35 am

    correction to 1.38am

    Purchasing Managers Index not "producer manufacturing index"

    On the bleak future awaiting chingkie exports:

    + care read this Skilgannon1066:

    "CIT is the financier for about 2,000 vendors that supply merchandise to more than 300,000 stores, many of which are gearing up for the critical holiday shopping season. They rely on the lender to cover costs ranging from paying for orders to making payroll. Any disruption caused by bankruptcy could wreak havoc on their operations, Joe Alouf, a partner with Eaglepoint Advisors, a crisis management company that is partly owned by Kurt Salmon Associates."CIT is the 600-pound gorilla in the industry," Alouf said.;

    Note, none of those sent to ICU ever emerged alive:
    "The Chapter 11 filing is one of the biggest in U.S. corporate history, following Lehman Brothers, Washington Mutual, WorldCom and General Motors."

    still obsessed with Warrior XXX?

  71. Anonymous9:58 am

    one more thing, hypocritical arselicking, pigshit munching, hogarsefucking, sowclit tonguing, mafucking and grandpa cockrammed idiot skilgannon1066, shove your stupid jokes like this one up ur arse for a change and get real:

    "The bottom line is that any country that screws its minority communities will be called to account, sooner or later."

    thailand = subjugating and ethnically cleansing its malay minority in Patani

    Myanmar: bombing, shooting and wiping out its own population what more its hill tribes like the Shan, the Karen/Kachin and of course launching a pogrom against the Muslim Rohingyas of Arakan and Tennaserim.

    Singapuuuuuuure : "great" egalitarian treatment accorded to its indigenous malays by subjugating pigarse whoring chingkie racist dogshit scum pariahdogs.

    Indonesia: Medan 1998, ah those were the days.... when your bastard race had its well earned and deserved comeuppance, a throwback to jakarta 1965. at least on this score, the indons got something right unlike their silly antics vis-a-vis malaysia. Pix will be too terrible for you, so enjoy the read, arsefucking, analdigged, throatrammed, cumdrinking chingkie pigshit!:

  72. Anonymous7:49 pm

    to anon 6.31pm says

    "Or the same Jackie Chan who had to apologise to netizens from China for his 'intemperate' remarks?"

    heh heh

    an apology is to erase the hurt caused by the remark

    BUT it does not eradicate the BELIEF behind the remark

    still hurting huh?? hee hee

  73. Anonymous7:52 pm


    china was rising too fast too much and too late

  74. Anonymous7:53 pm

    some countries are probing china's products!

    for melamine in milk
    for lead in toys
    for mercury in food stuff

    for .. for .. for ..

  75. Anonymous7:55 pm

    anon 6.31pm says,

    "Is this the same Jackie Chan who owns several luxury properties in Singapore (aka "the little red dot") and who has oftentimes expressed his admiration of the Singapore government?"

    yeah and little red dot was probed for bank secrecy laws

    heh heh