Friday, October 30, 2009

SPNB will pay half a B it owes contractors

Happy ending? One thinks not. While this may be good news for the 34 contractors [most of whom will believe it when they see the money], questions must still be asked as to why things had to come to this stage in the first place. If there are defaults at SPNB, it'd be wise for Najib's administration to ID them quickly and carry out the necessary repairs or changes. The national housing board has big responsibilities.

Read the Malay Mail story h e r e later in the day, or get a copy of your afternoon daily when it hits the streets around noon. The Bru's breaking story Trouble bru-ing at SPNB? here.


  1. Anonymous10:16 am

    From where they getting the money to pay????

    Pak Lah

  2. Anonymous10:19 am

    Apa, rakyat dah jadi FAMA pada kerajaan BN? Masa kat UNI, FAMA tu maksudnya Father & Mother ... kalau dah kering minta aje FAMA. Nampak macam Kerajaan BN nak jadikan rakyat FAMA bg SPNB. Khairy yang songklap duit tu semua, tak ada apa apa tindakan ke?

    Khairy Jomalludin (REMBAU)

  3. Anonymous10:20 am

    SPNB bayau ke, rakyat yang bayar? Kena kaji semula macam mana sistem tender dan pembayaran kat SPNB.

    Hamba Tok Guru

  4. Anonymous10:23 am

    Its funny, how come SPNB doesnt have the funds to make the payments, as the schedule are based on progressive payments. Seems to me, somehow, someway, somebody took $ out of SPNB. This story shouldnt be closed. It should just be the beginning.

    Azmin Ah Lee

  5. Anonymous10:26 am

    KJ is the cause of SPNB downfall, just like Kamaluddin who pocketed RM400m from PKFZ. All these leads to Bodowi.
    PM Najib, has been left with to manage a sinking economy and at the same time, spring clean the STINK left by Bodowi.


  6. Anonymous10:30 am

    The BRU is all powerfull. No need to hold endless PAC meeting in parliment, no need to have white paper demand from Lim Kit Siang. Just call the BRU.

    Lam Thye.

  7. Anonymous10:33 am

    Tapi apa tindakan yang akan di kenakan terhadap KJ? Khabarnya, NMY akan digugurkan dari cabinet akibat fiasco SPNB ... bye bye ya BLACK SPIDER.
    Alpha, no platforms.

  8. Anonymous10:33 am

    Saya tak setuju, SPNB bayar kontraktor melayu. bayar mamak, hindu and apek CHUKUP.

  9. Anonymous10:37 am

    kini orang bagla macam saya pun boleh dapat wang ringgit dari SPNB. Dan jangan salahkan Paklah, NMY atau KJ, saya sumpah atas dewi KALI, mereka tu baik baik belaka dan perilaku mereka semua baik baik sahaja. Mereka tak mufliskan SPNB.

    Hassan Meeherul

  10. Anonymous10:39 am

    stick it up to the BHOYS from Rembau and Penang. Good job PM Najib. Now I also support you, before i was in different camp.
    Kean Onn

  11. Anonymous10:41 am

    How did SPNB lose the money in the first place??? We want to know???

    Gajah Petra

  12. Anonymous10:59 am

    kami kontraktor melayu, bersyukur dan berjanji mengundi BN pada pilihan raya umum, kecuali di kawasan rembau. Paham paham lah, sana ada buaya darat, lintah darat dan pelbagai lagi najis dan hamba syaitan. Dato Najib, tolong gugurkan ahli rembau, biar dia ke PRK, sama sama boleh main juboh.

    34 Kontraktor Melayu.

  13. Anonymous1:09 pm

    Oi Rembau, kamu menang ketua pemuda, pakai wang SPNB kah?

    WAN Melayu

  14. Anonymous1:12 pm

    The government must come clean, if SPNB is getting capital injection to pay off the contractors. Also, the government must tell the people the truth on what happened to the intended cash, that has some how vanished. What was it used for, where is it, who took what, who got what????


  15. Anonymous1:15 pm

    SPNB, must be investigated. I suspect the previous administration is to blame for this criminal breach of trust. The same guy who caused Bank Negara to lose billions, and Abrar Corp and Mun Loong to go under, is partly to be blamed. Partly, as the other part belongs to his masters, namely the then finance czar of the country and his son in law.

  16. Anonymous1:17 pm

    Jahatnya si Yacoob and KJ.

    So LoooonG

  17. Anonymous1:19 pm

    Duit SPNB, asalnya datang dari dana minyak Terengganu yang diuruskan oleh Pak Lah, Patrick Lim, Nor Mohd Yakcob, KJ dan Idris Jusoh. Rakyat Terengganu dah kena siul.

    Tok Bahman.

  18. Anonymous1:47 pm

    Under Badawi as FINANCE minister :

    1)MOF has knowledge of PKFZ, and gives approval letter for shit to continue.

    2) MOF2, which reports to MOF, and runs and controls SPNB suddenly has no money. Since the payments are based on work done progressive payment, how did the money run out?

    3) A corridor was set up in Johor. It had three name changes and about RM1 billion in leakages.

    4) How much was FOX paid for the corridor PR jobs, and how much was the technical people paid to prepare design for the so called Penang -northern corridor?

    And, We call him Mr Clean.

  19. Anonymous2:05 pm

    Khairy: Najib has my undivided support.

    What does this mean???

    Does it mean, if KJ is asked to walk NAKED without the EMPEROR's new cloths, he will? (Btw, how's that tailor shop doing... long time no publicity piece on it in Malaysian Insider)

    Does this mean, if KJ is asked to shave his head bold, and wear earings he would?

    Does this mean if KJ is asked to swim naked in the klang river, he would?

    Does this mean, if KJ is asked to pay SPNB RM800 million, he would?


  20. Anonymous2:13 pm

    Privatize SPNB to a mamak, hindoo or an apek lah. Bahru bole maju.


  21. Anonymous3:25 pm

    As reproduced from Tun's blog :
    2. I had pointed out that Scomi, a company owned by the son-in-law of the former PM was involved. Pictures were also shown of numerous buses in a junkyard - apparently condemned.

    3. Scomi denied that it was the only supplier of these buses for Rapid KL and Rapid Penang but admitted that almost 80% of the buses were supplied by it.

    4. The Star Business on Wednesday 21st Oct reported the following: "The NAR (National Audit Report) also said there were weaknesses in the way Prasarana (Syarikat Prasarana Negara Bhd) bought buses. The report said that Prasarana bought additional buses from companies that were not approved by the Finance Ministry. Furthermore, the buses were said to be lacking in quality and hence put its users at "risk".

    5. The NAR report is very illuminating. But it is likely to end there. The case would be closed and the miscreants would enjoy their ill-gotten gains and go on doing the same thing.

    6. Has the NAR investigated the sale of MV Agusta at one Euro (about RM4) when it was bought for more than RM300 million? The buyer who paid one Euro subsequently sold MV Agusta for a total of RM400 million to Harley Davidson and BMW

    And we call him MrClean

  22. Anonymous3:27 pm

    SCOMI disuruh kerajaan jual syarikat pembinaan bas untuk rapid kl dan jugak syarikat perkapalannya yg angkut arang batu untuk TNB.

    PADAN muka.

  23. Anonymous4:37 pm

    Its plainly obvious, this datuk Azian won No. 4 highest votes in UMNO MKT. How the hell did he get that out of dust?

    He is never a public figure, he is not a businessman, he is not a prominent politician as far as the country is concerned. He even planted his Naib Ketua Bahagian Ipoh Timur as one of the Senior GM in SPNB.

    So one could simply solve the puzzle that this guy "siphoned" the money for his UMNO selection campaign from the very company's he is entrusted as the chairman and the company that is meant to provide low cost housing for the poor and the underpriviliaged.

    He was there under the previous PM's administration.So under the new PM, will he still be there? I doubt he can source the 500million that he promised the contractors this time. Fooled the people once, yes but you can't fool the nation twice.

    Now he is hitting the dirt again...promising to pay up the contractors but simply unable to clarify whether he has money or not.


  24. Anonymous11:57 am


    So are you implying to us that Bodowi and the Son-in-law should pay half a B it owes to contrators?

  25. Anonymous12:00 pm

    SCOMI Group Bhd, under investigation for supplying half baked buses to Syarikat Prasana Negara Bhd.
    The Star Business on Wednesday 21st Oct reported the following: "The NAR (National Audit Report) also said there were weaknesses in the way Prasarana (Syarikat Prasarana Negara Bhd) bought buses. The report said that Prasarana bought additional buses from companies that were not approved by the Finance Ministry. Furthermore, the buses were said to be lacking in quality and hence put its users at "risk

  26. And they suddenly found $ 1/2 billion under whose pillow which came to the rescue/ bailout?

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  27. Anonymous12:09 pm

    This is precisely what happens when one puts career politicianns to helm public institutions laden with money. The coffers are soon emptied and the government has to be called in to bailout the failed entity at the taxpayers expense (both corporate and individual)- which gives rise to angst and a sense of deja vu amongst the general polity. SPNB was established to make the home ownership democracy a reality but the fact that with its coffers plundered and its results nothing more than an emaciated malnourished child, the time has come to reappraise its organisational framework, reconsider its objectives, investigate its failings and bring to book the individuals responsible for this fiasco.Next, a viable and sustainable implementational framework and evaluation mechanism must be emplaced underpinned by the best corporate governace practises and the best accounting standards.
    SPNB should be restructured and infused with a committed and dedicated staff accountable to stringent KPIs and rewarded on the basis of performance. Its core ideals should be primarily tuned into the 1Pribumi frequency with assistance be extended to all pribumis irrespective of political affiliation.The rights of the Pendatang should only come into focus if he abides by the precepts of 1Pribumi (Our Social Contract for the millenia)and jettisons his hegemonic and xenophobic tendencies.

    Just imagine what the amounts of funds frittered away thus far by greedy political thugs could do to alleviate the poverty rate of the Pribumi and afford the disenfranchised amongst them, irrespective of political leanings, the wherewithal of scholarships, micro-credit venture capital, infrastructural facilities and business opportunities that will empower them to rise out from the years of exploitation and bondage perpetuated by the chingkie comprador class and reclaim this land for its rightful masters, the pribumis.Imagine the spinoffs generated by the creation of a vibrant Pribumi SME network in tandem with a thriving wholesale and retail infrastruture. In one fell swoop we can remove Chingkie domination of "middle-mandom" and consign his economic domination into the sinbin of history. Build a converging top-down- bottom up model with government assistance and Bumi private sector involvement in much in the same way the Brit-Chingkie nexus established its economic hegemony over our beloved land.

  28. Anonymous12:09 pm

    Part 2
    We dont need this kind of wastage anymore as much as we cant afford the sort of shenanigans the Auditor's General report has uncovered, the plan to set up a taskforce to investigate the AG indicted agencies notwithstanding.(It would be infinitisimally better if such taskforces throw the book at the offenders and put the sucm away for good rather than wasting precious resources on investigations and closing the book over time).

    Believe me, all this wastage breeds disillusionment amongst the grassroot support, energises and provides ammunition for a comatose opposition and drains invaluable finacial inputs that could be better utilised to generate economic growth and restructure society. Imagine the positive repurcussions if we channel those resources to empower the pribumi population in an accountable and transparent manner.This can only come about if politics ala "porkbarrellism" is neutered from the body politic. Let the bureaucrats and technocrats run the show and deliver the promise not some fat arsed warlord intent of sequestering the goodies for himself and his forever hungry leeches and parasites.

    There is an urgent need to remove politicians from the economic equation and eventually to delegislate democratic politics altogether and run the country along a technocracy. It will not only lead to a government founded on the principles of integrity and service but also forever remove the schisms of religion wrought by asinine turban lollies and the chaos caused by chingkie extremists bent on tearing up an agreed Social Contract in order to foist their piggish hegemony over the natives. During the last week or so after my return to malaysia, me and my pals have traversed the malay heartlands in North perak, Kedah, kelantan, trengganu, surveyed the ground informally and found that the response to the precepts of the 1Pribumi concept has been exceptional. It is a concept that is precisely what the pribumi ground is hankering for NOT some farfetched, high falutin but low octane 1Malaysia concept which aint gonna draw the arsefucking, cumswilling, intellectually thought sodomised and morally cockrammed pigshit munching chingkiedom back to the fold. All the electoral outcomes thus far indicate that the chingkie is deviantly fixated on his opposition and adamant on subjugation although that dream is increasingly receding over the horizon with the return of the bumi vote to its fold. But to hasten that sireh pulang ke gagang tempo, to keep those who have returned and to make new converts of the many neutrals, 1Pribumi must be implemented with vigour and commitment not through fiery rhetoric but namby pamby, vacillation but rather through firm resolve and singleminded fervour.

  29. Anonymous2:52 pm

    sakmongkol AK47 says : Sudahlah Rocky.

  30. Anonymous2:55 pm

    Anybody got HALF of ONE B for me? This whole SPNB thing is disturbing my sleep, and my son in law keeps calling me on the phone, when he should instead be focusing on making babies. Dont give excuses that she is plumplah.

    Pak Lah

  31. Anonymous7:27 am

    Of course no more money lah....these SPNB staff drives around in compay issued Lexus RX350s.ALL of them. How come near bankrupt GLC have Lexus as company car????

    Even go to site also with Lexus aaa???

    Haiya ini macam belum bagi projek lagi sudah bungkus laaa!!!

    I smell rat...KJ also like that RX350 and Harrier ma??? Coincidence? KJ and Datuk Azian ada related ka? How about previous MOF2? How about These proxies Dato' Sunny?

    Ah Beng(Class E Contractor, SPNB don't pay then downgrade to Class F soon)

  32. Anonymous7:52 am

    I thought the government have already started the move to turnaround loss making SPNB by changing the MD in July?

    When MAS was in the ICU they installed a new clean & professional MD, Idris Jala.

    A cleanup job was not extremely difficult for Idris since MAS Chairman Munir Majid is not a politician.In the case of SPNB, the incoming new MD Dr Kamarul Rashdan is facing UMNO high ranking pirate Datuk Azian Osman who rose from nothingness to glory right after he was appointed chairman of SPNB.

    I say MACC shoud haul up the previous MD Dato Amin Saleh.He couldn't have been innocent in all this especially by appointing the Chairman in conflict of interest positions such as the cotract & tender committee.

    The rakyat awaits.

    Ghost of MAS Building

  33. time for cleanup...