Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Trouble bru-ing at SPNB?

SPNB, the national housing board, has run out of money, or so that's what it purportedly said in August to 34 Bumiputera contractors who are owed more than RM500 million and have not been paid at all this year.

The Malay Mail ran an article here on allegations made by a former Minister against the board and a follow-up on an internal audit ordered by the SPNB to probe any alleged misconduct here.


Anonymous said...

Kunjungilah Blog Terbaru 'Tudung Itu Syirik' di :


Anonymous said...

Is this going to be another PKFZ, like scandal. How can the SPNB, the national housing company, which is 100 per cent owned by the ministry of finance, run out of money? Where did all the money go?


Anonymous said...

We need a WHITE paper, to uncover the SPNB scandal in the making.
Lim Kit Siang 2.

Anonymous said...

Kerajaan memang anak tiri kan org bumiputra, kontraktor Bumi... yang bukan Melayu diagung agungkan.
Dr Rahsid Tang.

Anonymous said...

Betulkah, budak MOF2 yang masok SPNB dah songklap semua????

Anonymous said...

Satu lagi projek kelentung BN.

Anonymous said...

SPNB syarikat milik Kementerian Kewangan. Takkan lah, kementerian tak ada duit...atau kementerian saja nak buli kontraktor Bumi?

Anonymous said...

MOF2 is in charge of SPNB... I suspect the black spider, the former MOF2 is the reason why SPNB has run out of cash... same reason Bank Negara, Mun Loong and Abrar at one time or another had run out of money.

Arang Batu.

Anonymous said...

If the BUMI contractors have done the job, then the government should pay them. It would be a good idea if the Prime Minister ask the MACC to investigate.


Anonymous said...

Padan muka, kontaktor melayu tak dapat duit. Barisan mesti mau bayar mamak sahaje. It yang penting, lain takada perlu bayar.


Anonymous said...

Every time we talk about audit, internal and external, however no action is taken when audit produces reports. No action, then how-lah to stop corruption. Now most internal audit in plcompanies are just sucking-up to their management, just see-lah in the companies you have been attached to, nstp, media. Malaysia always talk but no action. Finish-lah macam ini. Budget pun all talk, no good-lah for people, especially those who cannot find work.

Anonymous said...

ONE more PKFZ.... citizen Nades, i think you have just got the script for another book.

Yen Yen

Anonymous said...

Like Tun Mahathir said : Malaysia half past six. Wherelse, in the world a company run by the MOF, can run out of money?

Chee Bai

Anonymous said...

Malaysia Bole, SPNB pun Bole... dua dua boleh pi main bola BOLE BOLE

Bole Bole

donplaypuks® said...

SPNB has run out of money. So has Prasarna, Mavcap, Valuecap, Proton (now in the biz of receiving Govt grants), most State SDC's and a certain project in Pahang warned by Sakmongol AK47 as the next PKFZ.

The list is long!

When will PM Najib arrest the bleeding without taxpayer bail out and when will they seriously heed the Auditor General's Report and take action to minimise corruption and stark inefficiency in the Civil Service and Statutory Bodies?

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

MACC go find the dirt in SPNB if you have the balls.


Anonymous said...

Najib what have you got to say for yourself now that SPNB has run out of money under your watch or did the cancer set when Badawi was in charge? we want to know.

Loyar Buruk.

Anonymous said...

SPNB takade duit? Baguslah. Satu Malaysia - maju dan berjaya.

Saku Kosong

Anonymous said...

Memang Melayu taktau bikin kontrak binaan, kasih mamak dan cina chukup.

Hassan Meherul.

Anonymous said...

Yes, finally another PKFZ scandal in the making.... why dont the Malay Mail go find, the story behind the story... there is a lot more to this story and it leads all the way to the stinking doors at PWTC.
The One.

Anonymous said...

White Paper, black book, green book, royal commission. SPNB buat Malaysia malu, nak masok Al Jazeera ke sama macam PKFZ, nantikan N Jazlan boleh cakap lagi, yang Kong Choi letak jawatan pasal skandal PKFZ. Kong Choi, kalau u ada bola, u memang lelaki, samanlah si Jazlan , itupun kalau memang u LELAKI.

Pondan Chan

Anonymous said...

SPNB has run out of money.When will PM Najib arrest the bleeding without taxpayer bail out and when will they seriously heed the Auditor General's Report and take action to minimise corruption and stark inefficiency in the Civil Service and Statutory Bodies?

The anwser is NEVER.

Anonymous said...

SPNB is one corrupt giant. and the MACC has no testicles to go and put things straight over there, starting with its new MD.


Anonymous said...

Kalau kontraktor cina, memang najib akan bayar, tapi kalau melayu, sorry la beb.

WAN Melayu.

Anonymous said...

Second Finance Minister Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah, what have you been doing at SPNB... are you trying to become the next Anwar Ibrahim. Are you trying to build a financial dynasty that will build you up politically? What happened to the Mr Clean Image?
Just AN i mage.

Anonymous said...

SPNB lagi baik, declare muflis aje macam MAS dan Proton.

Anonymous said...

dua dua sama. Kerajaan tipu rakyat. kerajaan curi duit rakyat.


Anonymous said...

Trouble bru-ing at SPNB? RM 1.5 billion?, PKFZ - RM 12 billion, wonder how much Iskandar Malaysia is leaking?

Anonymous said...

I bet MACC will not bother to investigate these mess. This are govt dept and as such, their hand are off.

Anonymous said...

Muhyiddin Yassin : SPNB has built 17,967 houses costing some RM1.1bil nationwide. Of these, 1,782 units were built in Negri Sembilan alone costing about RM1.1 bil. (OCTB 8 2009 - The Star.

Very INTERESTING. Can anyone GUESS who took the money from SPNB?

Khairy Jomalludin (REMBAU)

Anonymous said...

A total of 11,040 affordable homes under the People's Housing Programme (PPR) will be completed this year and another batch of 1,914 will be ready next year, according to the 2009/2010 Economic Report.
They are part of the government's targeted 73,251 units of such houses to be built under the Ninth Malaysia Plan (2006-2010).
As of end-September this year, Syarikat Perumahan Negara Berhad (SPNB) had constructed 1,200 out of 2,833 units under an allocation of RM200 million from the first stimulus package.
SPNB is also rehabilitating 4,826 houses in 15 abandoned projects.

DOES this mean, until the NEW Malaysian plan comes into affect in 2011, SPNB dont have a DIME... Is the Govt going to pump in RM500 mill for the contractors to continue doing the JOB. Looks to me due to the non payment a V.O is looming and that FIGURE, if I am not mistaken, is in the range of RM1 BILLION


Anonymous said...

"Providing adequate, quality and affordable housing, especially for the lower income group remains a priority." That is the function of the SPNB. So now if the contractors are not paid, the poor ARE NOT going to get their houses.

The poor.

Anonymous said...

Oii kalau nak curi, pi curi lah dari tan sri tan sri dan dato dato yang memangnya penyamun hebat belaka, apasai nak CURI dari golongang miskin. Tujuan SPNB cuma nak bantu golongan marhain, namun pegawai pegawai kat SPNB dah pesong dari matlamat asal SPNB.

Its me Boss.

Old Fart said...

I honestly don't know what to think already. I just signed a form showing various amounts being deduction from salary to be paid directly to Bank Rakyat for monies lent to staff working at my place. All Malays only!! And they are not exactly the highly paid staff either. According to my Accounts staff who gave it to me to sign, they very easily get these loans of anything from RM5-20k and all that the bank wants to know is if they are working and have been working in the same place for some time. And the bank calls up to confirm. And thats it.

Maybe I am nuts. I don't know. I am scared for them. They are after all my staff. Maybe I am conservative or behind my times. But never a borrower be has been etched very much in my mind. Don't know what they have borrowed for. But just about everyone of them????

Sorry bro, if I am out of point, but reading this post of yours and I just connected the dots and honestly I don't like it. Mine is but one factory with about 12 young Malays working maybe.

Anonymous said...

Wah SPNB dgn "Projek Sakit"nya. Rupa rupanya, SPNB sendiri dah jatuh sakit. Tak usah salahkan SPNB, salahkan lah, pegawai pegawai kat SPNB yang kuat terima wang ehsan.


Anonymous said...

Show me ONE govt project, where NO civil servant or politician took a SINGLE sen, and I will give my VOTE to BARISAN NASIONAL. This is my CHALLENGE to you, Dato Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak, orang kaya Pahang.


Anonymous said...

Dr Kamarul Rashdan Salleh :It’s up to board to decide whether to report to the MACC or to resolve the matter internally.

Hello Dr, duit kat SPNB tu, hang punya bapak punya kah?, atau pun bapak bapak ahli pengarah SPNB kah?
Dr, dengau sikit'eh. Duit SPNB tu, wang ringgit rakyatlah. Panggil aje MACC, tunggu apo lagi???
Bujang Lapok.

Anonymous said...

Al-Fatehah, kami ucapkan pada SPNB.


Anonymous said...

Who took the money at SPNB? That is what we want to know, now that the money is G0NE?

Lingam-korek korek korek - KOREKLAH.

Anonymous said...

Isu penyelewengan serta penyalahgunaan wang royalti petroleum negeri Terengganu yang sering kali dibangkitkan oleh PAS akhirnya diakui oleh Menteri Besar (MB) Terengganu, Dato' Ahmad Said.

Dato' Ahmad mengakui isu royalti yang dibangkitkan oleh Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (Adun) Wakaf Mempelam, Mohd Abdul Wahid Endut ada kebenarannya yang kini dalam proses rundingan serta tuntutan kembali.

"Wakaf Mempelam (Abdul Wahid) ada membangkitkan mengenai royalti iaitu wang royalti dibelanjakan untuk membiayai Program Rumah Mesra Rakyat (PRMR) yang dilaksanakan oleh Syarikat Perumahan Negara Berhad (SPNB) diberi kepada kerajaan-kerajaan negeri yang lain.

"Ini memang kita (kerajaan) akui dan kita (kerajaan) telah membuat semakan-semakan dan ini merupakan sebahagian dari rundingan yang perlu kita (kerajaan) kembalikan wang ini kepangkuan negeri Terengganu,"jelasnya (Harakah April 17 2009).

JADI rupa rupanya, wang yang LESAP dari SPNB bukan datang dari Kementerian Kewangang, tapi dari Kerajaan Negeri TERENGGANU.

Rakyat Terengganu dah kena Tipu.

Anonymous said...

SPNB's cashflow came from secret accounts of the supposed oil royalty from the Terengganu state governmnent. Badawi engineered it, and Nor Mohd Yakob, executed it.

Kean Onn.

Anonymous said...

Federal government debt today is more than half the size of our entire RM741bn economy.
This is a burden that our youth will have to repay. The debt is equivalent to RM20,700 per person, based on about 20m youths (defined as Malaysians aged 39 and below)

The Q

Anonymous said...

The RM414bn number excludes debt incurred by other government-linked corporations (GLCs) such as PLUS Expressways and Tenaga Nasional. Other countries which have not embarked on extensive privatisation programmes incur road construction and electrification costs as part of their national budgets. PLUS and Tenaga alone among the GLCs have RM33.3bn of borrowings – equivalent to 8% to the federal government debt. On top of that, there is borrowing by other government-linked entities such as Syarikat Perumahan Nasional Berhad (SPNB).

The Q

Anonymous said...




Jambatan gantung Sungai Dipang baru dibuat. Berita awal mengatakan 22 murid sekolah telah hanyut ke dalam sunsai apabila jambatan yang baru dibuat ini runtuh.

22 murid yang dikatankan hanyut itu telah diselamatkan.

Hingga kini – satu mayat telah di temui. Dua lagi masih belum ditemui dan sedang dicari.


kah kah kah…. SATU LAGI PROJEK TIPU RAKYAT… kah kah kah…

woit… STADIUM RUNTUH… kah kah kah..

woit… JALAN RUNTUH… kah kah kah..

kah kah kah…BANGUNAN RUNTUH…. kah kah kah..

woit…. KALI INI JAMBATAN PULAK RUNTUH… kah kah kah..

kah kah kah…. INI SEMUA PROJEK KRONI KETUANAN MELAYU… kah kah kah..

kah kah kah… INI SEMUA PROJEK GEROMBOLAN… kah kah kah..


woit… AKAN DI TANGKAP … KES BUNUH…. kah kah kah kah…


kah kah kah... RAJA GOPAL AKAN BERI ...HADIAH PULAK... kah kah kah..

kah kah kah... SILAP SILAP... JADI MENTERI... kah kah kah

sila siasat siapa kontrektor projek ini.
jamin kroni gerombolan.
zaman british tak pernah jambantan runtuh.
hanya di bom oleh jepun baru runtuh
itu pun susah macam nak rak

sekarang berjalan atas jambatan pun
amat bahaya.

woit... bilalah orang melayu nak sedar
nak tunggu loji nuklear meletup
baru nak sedar... kaha kah kah
masa itu dah jadi satay kah kah kah

Rocky's Bru said...


SPNB has run out of money. So has Prasarna, Mavcap, Valuecap, Proton (now in the biz of receiving Govt grants), most State SDC's and a certain project in Pahang warned by Sakmongol AK47 as the next PKFZ.


You see bro DPP, what the last 5-6 years have done to our institutions. These entities were all doing well before Pak Lah took over. Which is why I was so pissed when Kit Siang, Anwar, and the who PR gang, including the BR bloggers, decided to campaign for Pak Lah to stay on as Prime Minister!


donplaypuks® said...


Agree with you 100% that Rip Van Winkle was only pretending to sleep while helping himself to many things from Petronas, Telekoms etc., etc., etc.

But Najib, Muhy and others have long been in Cabinet and these things were happening even b4 Rip Van Winkle's time. What did they do to expose corruption and stop it?

More than that, how did Sil get elected to Youth Head? Has anything really changed?

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

aiya Rocky...why twist and turn, you should say so lah....all faults goes to Pak Lah !!! Blame it all to Pak Lah !!!

Unbelievable !!


BrightEyes said...

In less than 10 years, we'll reach the break even point where we stop being a net oil exporter.

Since oil makes up nearly half of government revenue, we're basically fucked if we stay like this. No more fat projects and money to play around with.

Is that why they're thinking of floating petrol prices next year?

Pune Deck said...


Memang all the mess is Pak Lah's

Anonymous said...

Get your kids to go into business.. safest..

Petronas or no Petronas will have not much impact to your quality of life.

The skies the limit....


Anonymous said...

If only SPNB can achieve 2% of what Singapore HDB had achieved I think UMNO would start bringing forward Wawasan 2020 to 2010.

Anonymous said...

This is no big deal lah.

Otherwise MACC would be investigating already.

Just follow the drift of MACC.
They are so focused on the few thousands that were allegedly spent 'corruptedly' by DAP ADUNs in Selangor.

To them, it does not matter if Teoh had to die.

They need answers on how the few thousands were spent, despite the fact that the current Selangor government is showing better state funds position that the BN government before 8 March 2008.

Why do you cry foul over SPNB?
MACC does not see that as important, nor even the findings in the latest Auditor General's report.

Just join MACC and continue to cry foul over the few thousands spent by the DAP ADUNs in Selangor.

You will soon get your 'Datuk' title for aligning yourself with MACC actions.


Jason said...


I am in agreement, pak lah messes this country up good. He shouldnt be the PM and whatever minister that he was.

Anonymous said...

Check your fact. don't simply accuse that every organisation is running out money esp Valuecap. It is better to be a credible blogger than simply hentam kromo.

Rocky No Balls said...


When you bring up issues about trouble in 'the government-linked companies', what you are doing is to try to weed out any vestige of Abdullah Badawi + Khairy's agents.

It's not because you are genuinely interested in pointing out the government's flaws. You are generally protective of Najib's regime and their hanky-pankies.

Anonymous said...

rock kok blue..



Cara pembinaan jambatan gantung menyeberangi Sungai Kampar, di Kuala Dipang, dekat sini yang runtuh menyebabkan seorang murid lemas dan dua lagi hilang semalam hangat dipersoalkan pelbagai pihak yang berada di tempat kejadian.

Kerajaan sudah menubuhkan sebuah jawatankuasa siasatan terhadap kejadian itu namun kalangan ibu bapa dan orang ramai yang berada di tempat kejadian, membuat andaian terhadap aspek pembinaan jambatan berkenaan sebagai punca utama kejadian.



kah kah kah… STADIUM RUNTUH… TUBUH JAWATAN KUASA… kah kah kah..

kah kah kah… PARLIMEN BOCOR… TUBUH JAWATAN KUASA… kah kah kah



kalau di eropah
ini kes bunuh
kontrektor sudah kena tangkap

Anonymous said...


RM1 billion alloted to revive abandoned schemes. developer cabut wang rakyat digunakan!


peminjam said...

Say what you want about Zahid Hamidi but it was during his tenure that abandoned projects were salvaged. He was on the ball. A lot of abandoned schemes were revived. MY mother owes Zahid Hamidi a lot. He won't be forgotten.

Anonymous said...

somebody posted this..in bigdogdot.blog

"Aku dengo dari sedara sedara aku yg. IIB ni mintak RM 1.6 b dari Khazanah utk projek yg hanya bernilai RM 1.3b. Selebihnya IIB & boss boss faraid sesama sendri!!

Tak caya tanya budak UMNO Pulai, Gelang Patah, Senai, Tebrau, Kulai dsbnya. Berbuih org jaja cerita ni keliling JB".

This is serious..as serious or more than SPNB's case..

Anonymous said...

Hai...orang melayu memang tak pandai buat apa-apa! pandainya buat cerpin, menyanyi, politik dan kawin empat saja! itu sebabnya aku tak mau ambil contract kerja govt ke semi-govt ke! buang masa saja! Orang macam nie lah yang menjatuh kan maruah orang melayu!!!


Anonymous said...

Ooooooo.....so now Rocky the Black Knight points the finger at Badawi and his cronies. Hmmmmm.....the rot started with Rocky's hero Mamakthir, and continued under the incompetent Badawi, and now continues under the equally incompetent Najib.

The PKFZ was started in 1997. So it was under Mamakthir's watch. SPNB was also under Mamakthir. So where does the buck stop, Rocky ?


Anonymous said...

Tanya Khairy Jamalludin dari Rembau.


Anonymous said...

The mentioned SPNB's cashflow came from secret accounts of the supposed oil royalty from the Terengganu state governmnent was actually engineered in order to win Terengganu back from PAS in 2004. Under their RMR scheme, SPNB ensured more poor peoples with land in Terengganu then have a 1,000 sq house and only need to pay less than RM100 per months. RMR scheme in Terengganu work beautifully but in Kelantan, still a failure (Awang Adek still fail to win Kelantan back) despite more and more RMR houses built there (SPNB even open an office in Kelantan).

As for SPNB debt, it’s more for their RMM projects. Most of the projects are located at the less populated or attractive areas. Despite of the marketing survey said the area proposed is not suitable, SPNB had to do it coz it’s beneficial for some politician or the previous top management. SPNB received funds from government for its RMR scheme and rehabilitation project but not its RMM projects. For RMM projects, SPNB supposed to act like developer however since most of its housing projects located at nonsuitable areas, therefore SPNB having a hard time to sell those houses. Their profit margin are so low for RMM projects (sometimes negative) coz the contractors have to pay elsewhere, else thing for benefits of others involves from that particular project.


Anonymous said...

Very INTERESTING. Can anyone GUESS who took the money from SPNB?

Jawapannyer : ex- chairman depalah including HR manger kat SPNB , Rosnah -->dah songlap RM 1juta duit SPNB....amik ko !!!!
Aderrr lagi....cumanyer Rosnah tu power....ramai yang dah dia tundukkan....ilmu hebat...siap tabur garam depan bilik MD...Padanlah...Kamarul pun terkena jugak....
Jangan contohi perkara mungkar....
Jgn disimpan orang yang bertopeng manusia tapi hatinyer mcm Tuhan jer yang tahu
Tanya sama HUD HUD,