Tuesday, October 27, 2009

22 kids missing in Sg Kampar

30/10/09, 12.50am ...
This update from Tok Mommy shall be the last for this thread: Bodies of two missing girls found

The day after:-
The Malay Mail is a KL paper but it sent a team out yesterday to cover the Kampar river tragedy. The MM's piece on Dina, A Bright Child Gone, here.

Photo composite shows a younger Dina and the collapsed suspended bridge

Latest Alert, 1045am:
A girl [N. Dina Deve, 11, of Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Tamil (SJKT) Mambang Di Awan] is dead. 19 found, safe. 2 pupils still missing. Read the Bernama report here.

updated 8.45am
: BH 27/10 Usaha mencari dan menyelamat sejak pagi ini masih belum temui 22 murid yang dikhuatiri hanyut akibat jambatan gantung runtuh di Kuala Dipang.

NST 27/10: 22 pupils, aged 10 to 12, believed to have drowned after being swept by strong currents when they fell into the Kampar river in last night.

Prayers for the children, and their parents. BH On-line has the story, here. It's news that won't make your morning. It made me think of my precious ones who just left for school a while ago.
These are dangerous times for kids, in case we forget. The Malay Mail have a story in today's edition, coming out noon, about a child rapist on the prowl. The latest victim is an 8-year old.
Do you know where your precious ones are?


  1. depressing...

    my prayers to the children and their family.

  2. Nzain9:49 am

    God, what a thing to read so early in the morning. My heart goes out to all the parents, and I want to believe in the miracle that all 22 kids will be found later on further downstream.
    Please all, lets take better care of our children. Even if they are not ours or of a different race, different cities, different kampungs or towns, lets keep a watchful eye on all of them, all the time. I promise to do my utmost to look out for yours if you can do the same for mine.

  3. Anonymous10:03 am

    Looking at the pictures, you need to understand that when you have that many kids walking on a suspended bridge it will be very easy to hit the 'natural frquency' of the suspended structure which will lead to its collapse. Where were the teachers / supervisor? don't understand simple science?


  4. This is so sad. I agree Rocky, these are dangerous times for kids. God protect them and keep all our children out of harms way.

  5. askar melayu10:22 am

    Hope for the best and prepare for the worst ....

    Next, the blame game and since it happened in Perak, this tragedy will be heavily politicised.

  6. Anonymous10:38 am


    apasal tak sebut langsung pasal kem 1 malaysia?


  7. Our prayers are for the children and their families. This is a time of patience.

    I hope the Jabatan Kerja Raya would immediately set up a task force to find out what caused the failure of the bridge. Who designed, who built who certified its fitness to use and who maintains it and was the loading perimeters made known to the bridge users i.e how many users to be walking on the bridge at any one time? Hopefully, something good and lesson learnt can come out of this tragedy.

    The blaming can start later.

  8. Anonymous11:04 am

    Chin 10:03 AM says:

    "where were the teachers / supervisor? don't understand simple science? "

    Another one of those "if it is gomen, therefore it must be not correct" or "if it belongs to the BN govt then blame must be on them".

    Dey Yapek! The theory of Natural Frequency dictating the oscillation of bridges has long been discarded lah. Only with Huge natural crosswinds that occur on bridges like Tacoma where even the microscopic perturbations if added up are not enough to cancel out the commutative Resonance Frequencies do Natural Resonances come into play. Else, the screws, the concrete, the woods that make up a medium-sized bridge all have natural resonance frequencies of their own to buffer out collective resonances.

    Equipped with only form-IV science to discredit an entire education machinery is as much imbecile as ascertaining that light travels in straight lines just because your darjah-5 teacher says so, (thereby justifying you know much more than ordinary normal people especially if those normal people are made up of govt servants), whence in fact it has been shown in higher physics that it necessarily does not!

    This could be a pure and simple case of too much weight! There were 22 people on the same stretch of bridge at the same time.

    Ali Bakawali

  9. Anonymous11:13 am

    Inilah projek istimewa ciptaan bagi pihak yang tak berpengalaman.

    Kalau tak runtuh, mana dapat pengalaman. Betul jugak!

    Senang jer, jambatan baru buat tu ada tak betul. Orang lain buat jambatan tahan berabab-abab, yang ini 2 minggu saja.

    Malangnya, anak-anak muda menjadi mangsa. Sedih!

  10. anon@10:03AM (Chin),

    exactly....weren't these kids supervised?

  11. big cat11:57 am

    glad many were safe, sad for the girl who was lost, prayers for the two still missing....sorry i m a bit lost for words...

    askar melayu - let those pakatan people say what they want, it will only shows their true colours. hopefully they are decent enough not to exploit this very tragic event. now, let us be focused on how to make things better for the people so that this sorts of heart breaks wouldnt happened again.

  12. Anonymous12:05 pm

    Saya meneitiskan air mata sedih di atas kejadian ini.

    Saya juga mempunyai anak-anak yg bersekolah, dan sering melihat bahaya yg dihadapi oleh anak-anak kita setiap masa, bahaya di jalanraya, di kawasan sekolah dan lain2 tempat.

    Saya yakin dan percaya guru-guru yg mengajar anak-anak kita sentiasa membuat yg terbaik untuk menjaga keselamatan mereka, terima kasih cikgu.

    Kita di rumah pun sering terleka dan sering hilang kawalan emosi menjaga 3-4 orang anak, apatah pula cikgu-cikgu di sekolah yang menjaga berpuluh atau beratus anak-anak. Kami sentiasa faham situasi mereka.

    Mudah-mudahan semuanya selamat.Amiin.

    Rakyat Malaysia Juga.

  13. Anonymous12:06 pm

    Saya meneitiskan air mata sedih di atas kejadian ini.

    Saya juga mempunyai anak-anak yg bersekolah, dan sering melihat bahaya yg dihadapi oleh anak-anak kita setiap masa, bahaya di jalanraya, di kawasan sekolah dan lain2 tempat.

    Saya yakin dan percaya guru-guru yg mengajar anak-anak kita sentiasa membuat yg terbaik untuk menjaga keselamatan mereka, terima kasih cikgu.

    Kita di rumah pun sering terleka dan sering hilang kawalan emosi menjaga 3-4 orang anak, apatah pula cikgu-cikgu di sekolah yang menjaga berpuluh atau beratus anak-anak. Kami sentiasa faham situasi mereka.

    Mudah-mudahan semuanya selamat.Amiin.

    Rakyat Malaysia Juga.

  14. Anonymous12:39 pm

    The ratio of teacher to children is right. Unfortunately no one seems to understand children's and suspension bridge's behaviour.

    Condolence to the parents. To the teachers, always anticipate problems. Remember that the 1:10 ratio is there for a purpose.

  15. Charge those responsible for murder.No one shoud be spared,it not the first time

  16. big cat1:25 pm

    guess that my prayers for some decency from the pakatan people had went unanswered. Haris Ibrahim's headline for this tragic event is - NAJIB'S TOUCH OF DEATH.

  17. Anonymous2:03 pm

    My 2 simple questions :
    1) How can a bridge which was only completed 2 weeks ago collapsed? Did the JKR certified the safety of the bridge?

    2) Why were the children crossing the bridge in the middle of the night? That is very dangerous! This is not a military camp. These are little childrens!! Crossing must onle be made during daylight.

    MOE must be made to answer these parents.

  18. teo siew chin2:39 pm

    With children, an adult must be vigilant at ALL times.
    This is a tragic accident for all concerned - the children, the parents, the teachers.
    Do not compound the sadness of all by finding fault for it is an ACCIDENT.

  19. Anonymous2:42 pm

    Zambry must resign to take responsibility. Those responsible must be shot. This is the only way to prevent shoddy works like this.

  20. Anonymous3:06 pm




    Seorang pelajar perempuan mati lemas manakala dua lagi masih hilang sehingga pagi ini apabila jambatan gantung yang mereka lalui secara beramai-ramai untuk menyeberangi Sungai Kampar putus.

    Kejadian itu mengakibatkan 22 murid dihanyutkan air deras. Menurut The Star, 19 lagi murid ditemui selamat.

    Jambatan tersebut terletak di Pusat Kokurikulum Daerah Kampar dalam kawasan SK Kuala Dipang. Kejadian itu berlaku kira-kira pukul 10.30 malam tadi.

    Mereka adalah antara 298 murid dari 60 sekolah rendah dari Kampar, Tronoh dan Batu Gajah yang menyertai aktiviti kokurikulum Perkhemahan 1Malaysia anjuran Pejabat Pelajaran Daerah (PPD) Kinta Selatan.

    tak ada apa nak cakap

    seluruh rakyat satu malaysia bersedih
    anak anak sekolah digunakan untuk dahulu dimatikan

    ibu bapa wajib sedar
    plkn dan 1malaysia
    adalah sarang kematian

  21. Anonymous3:24 pm



    sorry i just cannot understand why we seem to care so little about ourselves

  23. Anonymous3:57 pm

    big cat said...

    guess that my prayers for some decency from the pakatan people had went unanswered. Haris Ibrahim's headline for this tragic event is - NAJIB'S TOUCH OF DEATH.

    1:25 PM



  24. Anonymous4:22 pm


    Ikut logik dan sentimen, majoriti rakyat Perak mengundi dan menyokong PKR. Itulah apa yang didakwa kebanyakan orang Perak.

    Logiknya, majoriti kakitangan kerajaan dan guru-guru atau pegawai pendidikan/pelajaran juga menyokong PKR secara senyap atau terbuka.

    Jadi kebanyakaan cikgu-cikgu yang lalai dan leka ini adalah penyokong PKR.

    Jadi PKR adalah lebih bertanggung-jawab menyebabkan kematian murid sekolah ini.

    Boleh gitu?

  25. teo siew chin4:56 pm

    My utmost gratitude to the teacher Mohd Safri Abdul Rafar who saved so many students from this tragedy. Credit must also be accorded to the white-water rafting guides from the "Riverbug" for assisting in the search for the missing students.

    Deepest condolences to the family of Dina Deve Nathan.

    Let not such tragedy occur again.

  26. Anonymous4:57 pm

    Thank God that the other 19 survive the fall.

    This is very foolish of the camp organiser to move the children at night. I hope that the police will investigate the organiser of the purpose of moving at night or better still, the purpose of having such camp in the first place.

  27. Anonymous5:06 pm


    Ni Haris memang gila... Every single thing (every single bad thing, that is) is blamed on either BN or Najib.

    Gila apa? This is a tragedy and not the time to politicize. Mamat yang tak buat betul the jambatan gantung, kalau betul, should be penalised. Itu pun kalau betul lah ada negligence, or shoddy workmanship.

    Kalau jamban curah runtuh kat mana2 pun probably Haris will blame Najib. Gila betul....

    You would think someone purportedly learned like Encik Haris ni would try to play fair most of the time...Credibility hancur....

  28. big cat5:15 pm

    i would not be surprised if next haris come up with a statutory declaration that rosmah supervised the drowning of the children and demand a street demo to lynch her.

  29. Anonymous5:17 pm

    Who shall be blamed for this incident? Previously, we have heard the collapsed of the stadium in Trengganu, the cracked in circle link highway, and others. Now, we have seen a collapsed a newly completed bridge. Most this projects are financing through our public tax monies. Are corruptions practices involve in all these cases? I love this country because life in Malaysia is so cheap. Our government has done a good job; we must continue to ensure that this government will remain power for another century. Well done, all Malaysian.

  30. Anonymous7:22 pm

    first it was Najib's PLKN. And now his 1Malaysia Camp.The camp was to boost multi-cultural relations or to brainwash young kids? Can anyone answer this?



  31. Ya lets not do the blame game

    stadium collapse.. don't blame
    hospital infected, don't blame
    highway collapse, don't blame
    cow head, don't blame
    road accident, don't blame
    death in the camp, don't blame

    it's all takdir

    no point to investigate, blame anyone or to find faults because it's a waste of time and effort.
    We won't find anything as our systems are all PERFECT, nothing to improve.

    that's why we are a 'developed' country.

  32. Anonymous12:25 am

    I totally can not believe a bridge built in at by less than 1 month is collapsed!

    I can't even believe the government is actually believed that by getting everyone into a camp and called it the 1Malaysia camp will help to build the 1Malaysia concept! What's more with 1Toilet in Terengganu and "1 Asrama" - proposed by BN government! Its all sound to be more like a gimmick than a real thing! (I am the living example of good Malaysia citizen and living well with all other races without going through 1Toilet and 1Asrama!).

    Now with this 1Malaysia Camp, life is sacrifice ...simply because of government's childish concept, and government stupid tendering system that give the job to unqualified contractors...or Corrupted Contractor and corrupted government personnel....Its like the Chinese proverb..."CHANGE BOWL BUT NEVER CHANGE SOUP.." and "TALK GOOD BUT NOT ACTION"...

    I really PITY all those children...are simply becoming the guinea pig for our stupid BN government.....

    Steven Seagal

  33. Anonymous10:28 am

    Kenali Malaysia

    Cintai Malaysia

    Malazy kini

  34. big cat10:36 am

    e n g (and the others like him),
    u want to blame, blame la later. the tragedy just happened yesterday n its straight away its being politicised. go and read haris' posting on it just minutes after the story became public knowledge. he saved the last bit of his najib bashing rants to offer his sympathy to the children and their family - that one also with a somewhat politicised twang to it. i m trying very hard not to use curse words commenting about it.

  35. http://devilopposite.blogspot.com/2009/10/do-we-really-need-this.html

  36. Bunnie12:03 pm

    It is tragedies like these that haunt me everytime my precious one ask me for permission for school trips or outing. Each time, I will find thousands of excuses not to let her go and feel very bad about robbing her of such experience. But I am human and like any other human, I am selfish... I dont think I can face such tragedy.

    I can just imagine the agony and pain these parents are going thru.. My deepest sympathy and prayers goes out to each of these parents.

    Whether it is negligence of the school/teachers or the fault of the bridge, I do hope those who are guilty realise that they have blood on their hands!! A child's blood!

    As for child rapist.. I pray that there will be a law passed here in Malaysia to have such low life sentence to death in the most torturous manner! Hurting and abusing helpless children shouldnt be accorded any human rights! Such Fcukers should rot in hell under satan's feet!

    I always know percisely where my precious one is at any given time! I dont take chances or take her for granted because she is extremely precious to me.

  37. Anonymous12:08 pm

    Ali Bakawai menulis "This could be a pure and simple case of too much weight! There were 22 people on the same stretch of bridge at the same time. "

    Ya, saya setuju. Tetapi di mana guru2. Shouldn't they be supervising the whole thing properly?

  38. Anonymous12:38 pm

    I don't understand you people. Especially niaseng and Steven Seagal. Kids are missing, presumed dead and famlilies traumatised by this incident and the only thing you can do is jump right onto the political band wagon and blame people. If you have nothing productive to say just keep silent. I'm so ashamed that you have no sensitivity whatsoever. What if i tell you that I don't want people like you in my country?
    I'd rather have umno/bn then you people as my malaysians. Memalukan!


  39. What a sad story, stupid camp & stupid organizer, suppose the dewan makan should be near to camp not far away from the camp. Second the if any training camp near the river make sure it a shallow one not the deep river. If there is a big rain definitely this place also will wipe out with flood. Third why this stupid organizer want to do during the raining season. This is not the best period for outdoor camp. Becoz of this, i advice all parents to be careful when ur children for camping during this raining season.

    Greatest condolence for the parent of the victims and may Allah bless the kids.

  40. Anonymous1:06 pm

    Sudah tentu harganya menelan belanja jutaan ringgit. Punyalah nak buat untung, kerja tak ikut spec dan tak ada ciri- ciri keselamatan. Kroni punya pasal kenalah pejam mata, hingga di celekkan oleh trajedi begini. serik dengan kem 1Malaysia


  41. Anonymous2:13 pm

    Dear Peeved,
    I see nothing wrong with the comments of naiseng & Steven Segal. It's the truth.

    The problem with M'sian is when some accident happened, we says it's Takdir. But do we actually look at the cause of the accident? Are they avoidable? If we're going to just push everything aside, then these types of accidents will continue to happen. It will not end. We need accountability and answer.
    Why so many new insfrastructute just give way? It seems we have a tidak apa and tidak kisah mentality.
    Angry parent.

  42. Anonymous4:08 pm


    Shocking news! My deepest condolence to the family of the "missing" children. I believe such tragedy could have been averted if only everyone is vigilant. Alas, many times it is the "tidak apa" attitude comes to the fore.

    The question is why is everyone crossing at the same time in the darkness of the night. Where were they going?

    My next question is who was awarded the contract to construct the suspension bridge? Was it certified by the authorities? Or was there any hanky panky? Should there be then the authorities shoould take legal action immediately! It does not bring back the children but then swift action must be taken for negligence. The same goes to the school and the teachers involved. They should be reprimamded so as not to set precedent.

    Such unnecessary distraught and sorrow for the families and trauma for those who survived the ordeal! Let's be more pro-active and vigilant especially when dealing with children...they are our future leaders!!

    Sad Parent

  43. big cat4:40 pm

    angry parent,
    i understand if u r angry with the carelessness of those looking after the pupils or those who did shoddy works building the bridge. the problem is - u r actually angry with peeved because he was angry with some people who tried to exploit the death of children to further their political agenda. in my humble opinion, these people dont really care about the children or their family, what they really care about is to run down their political foes using the tragic event as an excuse. thus, haris ibrahim posting (just minutes after the story become public) which started with altantuya's death and goes on for several paragraphs with najib's bashing until at the end of it - a bit token mention about how he was sorry for the children and their family.

  44. Anonymous7:58 am

    So sad ... condolence to the family. I hope everyone esp the family member will take this matter rationally and not emotionally. I,ve been following this case...I wondered looking at the fragile structure of the hanging bridge ( and of course any other hanging bridge all over the universe), suppose only one or few ppl can walk pass thru the bridge at the same time. Why 22 ppl on the bridge at the same go??? I bet it had its own capacity. Even my uneducated maid also wondered that simple matter. ( Just want to share my thot, no offence to anyone ya)

    From Mrs Sara

  45. haishh4:14 pm

    so from now on please dont jump up and down on the bridge since malaysian bridge prone to crash..is that it??isnt the guy who build it shouldve anticipate this? or at least put a warning of how much people it can stand or something

  46. skilgannon10665:47 pm

    Class F contractors, anyone?

    Or are we at a stage where any company can design and build a suspension bridge over a river with fast currents? By declaring said bridge as a "donation"?

    Its amazing how post-tragedy, so many people are being reactive, instead of proactive.


    - Muhyiddin has ordered the setting up of a committee to investigate the incident and submit a report to him

    - Perak MB Zambry wanted to know if the bridge was built to specs

    - MACC chief commissioner Ahmad Said Hamdan said they were ready to investigate if there was any element of wrongdoing in the construction of the bridge

    Let's see who else jumps on the bandwagon. Hey, maybe the PWD or the DID or the Malaysian Institute of Engineers will want to put in their 5 sen worth!

    Amazing, the amount of energy being expended now that the tragedy is over and the bodies of the 3 school children have been found.

  47. Anonymous12:48 am

    looking at the bridge, i guess that it's not meant to have 22 kids AT ONE GO, and it's even less suited for JUMPING (which waas what some of the kids did, from reports i read).


  48. Anonymous12:35 am

    Yes Teo Siew Chin, luckily the teacher is Malay....if it were to be a chink or a tamby, and the children were Malays, I think they would just let the children die.

    Melayu punya hati tak busuk.

    - Stealth

  49. teo siew chin9:36 am


    Race has nothing to do with saving a child's life !!
    How dare you imply racism where the saving of a life is concerned!
    Whatever your race is, to make such a statement means YOUR hati is busuk.