Friday, October 30, 2009

Getting away with murder of Malaysia

Move aside MT, here comes the Asia Sentinel! Its latest commentary Getting away with murder in Malaysia is bound to win Asia Sentinel accolades for journalistic gall. For Malaysia, which is said to have a controlled traditional media but (probably) the freest new media in the world, the free-for-all allegations and claims made by Asia Sentinel is just another one of those ...

Or is it?


  1. Anonymous11:04 am


    Which portion of the Asia Sentinel write-up was incorrect ?


  2. these so-called allegations are not without evidence. evidence which you mainstream news are trying to supress and spin. everytime i read the BN controlled news, i can't help but feel my intelligence is being insulted. think about it, in states where the BN mainstream news are most read, the voters voted against BN. just continue your good job!

  3. big cat12:11 pm

    freedom of expression - pakatan style = throw any garbage n hope it stick to the wall. then claim its writing on the wall.

  4. Pune Deck12:16 pm

    The article read below:

    On July 16, according to the testimony of a Thai pathologist, Teoh Beng Hock, a 29-year-old aide to an opposition politician, was probably beaten during a marathon questioning session, sodomized, strangled unconscious, dragged to a window of the Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission in Kuala Lumpur and thrown to his death.

    The country's law enforcement establishment maintains that Teoh committed suicide by leaping from the MACC building after the inquiry was concluded into irregularities in his boss's accounts. But it is far from the first "suicide" in custody and what happened to Teoh happens all too frequently when the luckless collide with the powerful in Malaysia. His real killers are unlikely ever to be identified. As many as 350 people have died in custody since 1990. The privileged are rarely brought to trial.

    So ... the late Teoh Beng Hock is a luckless colliding against the powerful in Malaysia.

    That correspondent must be really stupid to believe a doctor Dr Porno with a crazy looking hair-do spuculate homicide and cook up an 80% probality just by reading the reports of others, ignring certain facts, and looking at some photos.

    Why would MACC kill a whistle blower?

    It is more sensible motive that a DAP goonds was sent over upon calls from Tan Boon Hwa and Lee Wye Wing from insode MACC office.

    The police should just stop being nice and just detain this Tan Boon Hwa. He acknowledged being the last to meet Teoh Beng Hock at around 6 am.

    ALl the MACC are accounted for. The Selangor office is a new outfit, thsu doubful they could be violent.

    Stop trying to steer it away. It has the hands of murderous Ronnie Liu all over.

    DAP are Chinese gangsters who killed Chinese.

  5. Anonymous12:24 pm

    In the time when Muslim men and Monggolian activists, disappearing in China; Chechens and journalists gone without trace in Russia; open tortures and murders in guantanamo and bagram bases, and several other secret prisons worldwide, operate by US and British counterparts; smaller countries follow suit in Honduras, Colombia, Iran, Somalia, etc.; one starts to wonder, indeed, does crime pays? Might is RIGHT...

    Where is the Human Rights on these matters? Strange, that they appear and disappear, in certain pattern.

    Best of all, in broad day light, infront of watchful eyes of the media and the civilised world, without any shame or fear; ISRAEL bombarded men, women and children with tons of banned white phosfour chemical bombs. Weapons of Mass Destructions indeed.

    Killing, Maiming, thousands. In the face of UN! In the face of the world. Anyone dares to take them to justice? hahahaha!!!

    And they walk free.....

    -where is sentinel?-

  6. Anonymous12:40 pm

    Yep it must be the work of the BLOODY RACIST who THINKS She's not a RACIST... Smart ASS JED YOONG.

    This BLOODY RACIST who THINKS She's not a RACIST.. Communist Bitch JED YOONG is nothing more than a Fucked up, Shit Stirrer Bloody nuisance of a Human Being (If she's Human at all).

    GO fuck up some other country BITCH!!


  7. Bro Bru,

    Now people are realizing that within PR there is two set of everything.. for them, either you are with us or you are with them..

    Sick and tired of all this drama by PR..

  8. Anonymous1:40 pm


    nothing new,really..
    it's open secret,but we the layman can't do anything..
    by the way by providing the link it acts sort of promoting the ideas..
    well I guess u all getting fade-up & decided to play reverse psychology..
    I know deep inside you the truth,
    but what to do..carik makan..


  9. Anonymous1:55 pm


    Read the news report in Mmail about Prof Khoo Kay Kim speaking for SSS.

    Hey can't you do something to pursue this so that it will somehow get its momentum?


  10. Anonymous3:43 pm

    he he he. Some dumb ass people gonna read the article and gonna believe it!
    Freedom of press, same as freedom of loud mouth. And we also know where this article come from.
    A piece of shit is a piece of shit wherever they are or whatever it might look.
    Only those who have penetrated shit holes, can understand piece of shit,
    like this piece shit of news.
    he he he

  11. Anonymous4:41 pm

    Aiyah, i know some flers pay more 'wang ikhlas' to them policemen than they are paying for their petrol.

    So all these murders & corruptions in bolehland... just get used to it la!

    And to think some want to make here their 2nd home? hell... zimbabwee looks like a better option.

  12. Anonymous5:39 pm


    If you personally feel strongly that every single aspect of that article is a DAMN LIE, just write and prove why you feel so.

    No need to go into the background of the author and the blogs where it was posted.

    You may even be helping the WORLD understand how the law works in Malaysia to 'protect' the rakyat.


  13. I was expecting something of substance from you in rebutting the A.Sentinel... suppose maybe because your team has little to respond with in the first place...

  14. Anonymous10:50 pm

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Arent all information in the article True Facts? No?
    Habib RAK

  15. None Idiot2:28 am

    Bro, i think u should announce this in ur blog.

    The question that all the PR supporters being asking for dis past two three days.

    Where the hell is ANWAR??

    The answer is here:

    He's in Dubai n Egypt.. Enjoying his trips n programs there. While the party is sinking here.. hahahaha!!

  16. Anonymous2:53 am

    I think u...

    like the rest of the malay...

    are shit useless.

    u hate the chinese but u still fucking need them to feed u guys.

    useless is always useless!

  17. Anonymous3:48 am

    If they are so concerned about people who dies here and there, let see whether this Sentinel Piles got ball to write about murder in Urumqi and civilian who got killed in Afghanistan. If not, since Kamunting is already empty, what a perfect time to have them to take over the empty slot.


  18. Anonymous10:41 am

    At least the real truth which people knew along is having a second rerun!Great guts of Asia Sentinal to remind the present situation in this bolehland!
    Well Roc ! you spin and not truth!

  19. Bro

    I think most of this Asia Sentinel 'expose' appeared first in RPK's M2Day.

    There is also this group striving very hard to implant in the blogs the view that TBH was "killed" by Tan Boon Hwa (DNA cleared) or DAP sanctioned "assasins".

    Their only "proof" is the question "what did the MACC have to gain from offing TBH?" On the flip side 90% of the evidence and testimony tendered at the coroner's inquest suggests foul play against some very dodgy actions and explanations by MACC on the death at their doorstep.

    And of course, now we have Dr.Pornthip's damning testimony that TBH was possibly strangled in MACC's office and body thrown out their 14th floor window.

    Some years ago, Ong Ka Ting was seen and photographed in the company of Triad Boss "Jackie" something. So if we follow these scurrilous bloggers' mentality, MCA and by association UMNO & MIC, must have all been infiltrated by thieves and assasins well before these allegations that have now surfaced against DAP!! Rememeber also that huge questions have been raised about Khir Toyo's and BN Assemblymens' spendings in the month preceding GE 2008 as a result of the open SELCAT inquiry.

    The most incredible of MACC's explanations are that they left these 3 total strangers loose on their premises when MACC officers all purportedly went home, and that when the body was discovered, the main trained and seasoned MACC officers went to Putrajaya in panic for 5 hours!!

    The scene of the crime was also not sealed immediately following the discovery of TBH's body and when MACC officers were notified. Why? Seasoned top officers panicked again?

    Whichever way we look at it, the early police and MACC hypothesis of 'suicide', immediately supported by these same anti-DAP bloggers, is stone cold. All Wee Choo Keong, who has an axe to grind with DAP, intimated was that he heard "underworld characters" were seen at some DAP assemblymen's offices. He has made no police reports whatsoever to substantiate these allegations nor has anyone explained the circumstances under which these "underworld characters" were seen. They could well have been Ah Long's and extortionists making their rounds, for all anyone knows!!

    And obviously these wild "underworld" accusations against DAP must be seen in the light of Najib's open declaration of "we want Selangor back at any cost!!"

    I do not know if MACC officers were involved in TBH's death. But the sneaking suspicion is that they know more than they are telling. How did files and docs find their way from TBH's laptop which was in MACC's possession mysteriously find their way to the T4TBH website? Who leaked it and what was their real motive? That at the bottom of a few hundred dollars lay a link to the Triads and DAP?

    Utter crap!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  20. Anonymous2:00 pm

    iam so impressed when i read some articles that s'pore govt doesnt wish to apologize in any way for its ISA, and proudly want to retain and uphold it. It seems that only chinese governments knows how to discipline the chinese people. It takes one to know one indeed...

    iam also so impressed, that s'pore govt does not wish to apologize, or give reasons, and to maintain its firm uphold of their "Controlled Press", for the sake of National Stability and Progress, even though its way down in line with some sudan, and other whoop whoop countries' standards.

    This "so what" attitude is the main ingredient to success. if you get the right formula to succeed & to progress, *@#* the rest....

    when i read one or two articles, on ushering & propagating chinese in malaysia, to look towards China for protection and establish "motherland" pride, i was rolling on the floor laughing!!!Its funnier than that indian guy asking gordon to help punish malaysia

    hahaha indeed, even some chinese in china is struggling with freedom of speech & basic human rights. They have Mother of All ISA there hahaha. Kamunting looks like disneyland when compared hahaha!!

    Chinese in Taiwan is ever on 24/7 alert!!!Regular Silent Chinese Political protesters demostrate in front of the Chinese Embassy Jalan Ampang!! Seeking basic human rights, asylum, and Freedom to be heard??

    those disillusioned overseas chinese (especially malaysians, NOT) believers of "my china my motherland", never learn, when chinese government quashed the tienamen square demonstrators big time, and show the world, their definition of Chinese, Republic of China style...

    As the price to pay for utmost ingratefulness, selfishness and disloyalty, these lots are never at home, ANYWHERE in the world. Its a curse. Self Inflicted ones...

    Stabbing behind the back, is the theme of survival. Always complaining, always on the run, jump, hop, for the greener lands, and end up die looking. Very unsatisfied, unhappy lots...

    however, it certainly shows you where the loyalty lies, when they opened their mouth. thats one good thing about internet. i wonder how many never changed since zaman Bintang Tiga, with mentality just waiting to strike.

    it CAN NOT be great guts of sentinel, it CANT be honesty, it CANT be professionalism, or sincerity, when sentinel is all quiet on the clear fronts of China, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and other "Asian" regions, daylight kidnaps, disappearances, and murders and some even in mass killings. Even the modern, western successful, meritocracy, democracy,kiasi, southern island neighbour, have juicy stories to tell ..

    sentinel and the writer of the article, is purely racial, bigots, and hypocrite.

    - we are watching -

  21. Anonymous2:05 pm

    hahahaha !!! Rocky binggung !!

    Agreed wif 'Godfather'...which portion of the Asia Sentinel write-up was incorrect ??

    Pls rebuff, Rocky !


  22. Anonymous2:17 pm

    its funny some bloggers condemned the police man for taking 10-50 ringgit on the streets, without taking into account, who are the typical MAIN bloody payer & giver and MAIN actors in such immoral activities. the corruptor is crying foul over the corruptee hahaha

    The culture to corrupt and to bribe is very much these people's lifestyle & embedded culture, cause they always want it quick, fast, short cut,easy way, cut queue, buy everything and buy everyone, take advantage and rights of others the moment they blink.

    Never know the limits of ENOUGH. From the operators of massage parlours, spa and health centres, to factories & shops stealing TNB powers, to contractors & suppliers wanting approvals. Greedy lots

    Every time they cry foul on bribery, it is just them spitting in the sky.

    Iam one of the great believer wanting to see the eradication of BRIBES, undertable, kickbacks, and "wang ikhlas". We will then see the true colour, and who will actually collapse in business. Most of them are not competitive, and are not that good, and they cant survive the normal ways....

    better transport these junkies out of the country. See if India, China, Honduras, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe can take them. The more they migrate OUT, the better.

    No wonder the Aussies never really accept immigrants 100% in their society! NO wonder French, Britain, and other so called established nations don't give bloody face to their immigrants. thorn in the flesh indeed!

    not an ounce of loyalty, until everything is their way...


  23. Anonymous2:31 pm

    I support the Single School Stream. The current system produces so called Malaysians who can't speak, or read, or write Bahasa properly. Yet some of these people wanna represent Malaysians as wakil rakyat. Look at the way Kit Siang speaks bahasa, or Tian Chua, or Loy Gwee Burne. In Australia, or UK, nobody would vote for Tian Chua if he speaks Manglish. But here, he can get away with Bahasa pasar. It was a relieve when Lim Kheng Yeik retired from politics, it was always a pain to hear him talking on tv. Go to any shop in Sungai Wang, and the whole ambiance is like Hong Kong, yet everyone claims to be a Malaysian. Oe even Nik Aziz, who can't speak bahasa properly. All the sekolah agama rakyat or sekolah pondok that use Kelantanese languange as medium of instruction. To those of you who can speak or write or read bahasa properly, you deserve to be treated as a second class citizens. And bro Rocky, why don't you start the ball rolling by accepting bahasa only postings for let say, 1 month. Let's see how many "Malaysians" can write in bahasa.

    Yes SS

  24. Mustika Intan Ratu Dakini3:17 pm

    Blog sudah mencecah lebih banyak lawatan daripada blog A. Kadir Jasin dan Haris Ibrahim.

    Bila abang Rocky nak tempel link ni kat blog abang Rocky?

    Ke takut blog tu terlalu memalukan kepada gerombolan UMNO?

  25. Dear Rocky,

    1. It is becoming clear and clear to everyone how outside interference in our country internal affairs will only increase if PR ever becomes govt.

    2. If my thinking is correct, the website you mentioned is a "re-branding effort" to keep up the momentum for the Pakatan Rakyat movement which have lost a lot of popular support as of late.

    3. If you look at the statistics, the number of visitors to MalaysiaToday have gone down compared to a year ago.

    4. No doubt this is in part due to the ridiculous/outrageous comments that one can be found there as well as the bias article which appear there.

    5. In term of TBH case, i kindly invite everyone to read this article which I have written. It just take about 5 minutes to really find out who is behind TBH killing/suicide :


  26. Anonymous8:50 pm

    you wanna hear about killer king and queens, dont have to go far. britain has 1001 list of events to match every single one case dramatized by sentinel hahahaha

    princess diana is one good example. i will waste the whole page here listing it down. Sex, sodomy, disappearances, false claims, bla bla bla...

    if we include China, Russia, US, Israel, and some funny funny european countries... my keyboard would be &@#**ing broken!!

    i attended one talk in australia one time, by one opposition guy from prosperous neighbour downsouth, he was on the run at the time, a chinese guy, talking about his disappearing friends. stories in sentinel look like children bedtime in comparison hahaha...

    it was so very unacceptably funny when the indian guy send letter to gordon brown asking him to rescue his friends' mass murder & "genocide" in kampung pandan!!!

    apart from modern tales of systematic tortures, killings, and murders in bagram, in polish and several european secret prisons run by brits; the indian fella forget, that gordon's ancestors were famous for genocide crimes!!

    one whole tasmanian aborigines, disappeared, every men, every women, every children, killed and deleted from this earth!!gone like dodo bird, when gordon ancestors and friends arrived at the island!rescue you??!!!!hahahaha

    thousands of men, women, children, died in agonizing slow death in broad daylight as the whole world watch, israeli's banned white phospferous chemical bombs, so very recently!!walk away free!! international court of justice??!!!!hahahahahah

    what a dumbo *$@#** You damned racists bigots, hiding behind big words of lies and masks of "Justice", "Democracy","Meritocracy", "Fair", "Human Rights"!!!Hahahaha

    -we are indeed watching-

  27. How about the reckless drivers ?

    Is it mechanical failures, structural defects or negligence ?

    Just because they are in the driver seat does not mean that they have license to kill.

    In some countries they would be sued through their nose,(diyya)

    Their license should be suspended or revoked.

    Some time (not all of them), it only take a slap on the wrist to
    prevent a crime.


  28. Jenggg X31:52 am

    Iam one of the great believer wanting to see the eradication of BRIBES, undertable, kickbacks, and "wang ikhlas". We will then see the true colour, and who will actually collapse in business. Most of them are not competitive, and are not that good, and they cant survive the normal ways....


    ya ya... memang betoi... sokong 100%. ka ka kah...

    1) rakyat tak perlu bayar banyak utk Honda, semata2 lindung Potong Saga. Potong kena tutup kedai atau jual 51% kpd Mat Beetle dan Jetta
    2) raja raja AP purlu kerja utk terus nikmat helikoptar & istana mereka... ka ka kah...
    3) ramai Konterektor Kangkong Kelas F tutup kedai. rakyat gembira. tak perlu risau projek rumah tergendala, kontrektor cabut ke mana... stadium runtuh, jamban tan runtuh, sini sana runtuh... ka ka kah...
    4) MARA tak perlu bayar RM40,000 se laptop. ka ka kah...
    5) semua projek kena kasi Open Tender. no more Madam Ten Percent atau Projek Masyuk utk Mat Konterektor F ka ka kah...

  29. Anonymous9:01 am

    waaah, saya dengar zaman obama ni lebih gimmick dari sebenar!!kalah bush di buatnya. smooth operator. same objectives, different techniques je!!

    dengar cerita, dia ni di didik dan di bela oleh Rokfella Group in US (King Makers, hands behind the hands)since he was 19.

    No wonder kerja kerja di afghanistan di teruskan secara dahsyat (very rich with oil, gas reserve & raw material resources, sebab tu Russians cuba macam nak gila dulu).

    Plus, rupanya, guantanamobay yang dikatakan dah tutup tu, gimmick je, to quiet the world. Masih di-buka dengan hebatnya!!

    no wonder mat hitam ni di angkat jadi presiden!!!tak lah se-open dan se-baru yang kita sangka!!

    Ada 300+ orang di dalam, dan di torture, systematic suicide (macam bunuh diri, tapi sebenarnya didorong).

    masih ada tambahan keluar masuk, entrants baru.

    yang best nya, paling muda disana adalah 11 tahun, paling tua 89 tahun. bayangkan anak kita, 11 tahun kalau diambil mereka!!

    Then again, siapa lah yang berani nak melawan mereka, let alone dragging them to justice. Mana greenpeace? mana UN? mana human rights? Kangkong lah.

    -mati-mati kena tipu hidup-hidup-

  30. Anonymous10:05 am

    to anon 4:41

    zimbabwe is an option...yes it's an option indeed. dont just talk cock..prove it by applying to be its citizen. It's gonna be good for the rest of the people in malaysia.

  31. Anonymous1:28 pm

    I'm now in all know what is the different with Msia? Their government don't talk cock!...they have one school circular system....and that's it!!..even you are chinese, Indian, Malay, Arab or want to live here you follow the rules here. And also TALK GERMAN LANGUAGE!!..

    and wonder why Indian and Chinese in Germany here never complained?they also contribute to the economy of Germany.

    Here in Msia....banyak cakap!! "you know..I chinese contribute to Malaysia economy so I want my chinese school, my chinese MP, my chinese temple..I want to talk chinese even in Government agency! same with Indian!!

    so I think Malaysian goverment just do it and make the law more strict. And I aslo agreed with some says..."If you don't like to live can find another place"...I really know that because I'm now in Germany and everybody just follow the rules...because they know that is the best for them!!! I will cut my finger if you find another place is better and more freely than Malaysia!!free in the sense of you can do wahtever you want without thinking much of the law(because it not strict in Msia)..not more free because you can have sex in the street, you can buy can naked in front of the house..not that kind of free, brother!


  32. Pune Deck7:16 am

    Donplaypuks said

    On the flip side 90% of the evidence and testimony tendered at the coroner's inquest suggests foul play against some very dodgy actions and explanations by MACC on the death at their doorstep.

    What a load of crap DPP is ... Is he a forensic?

    THe manner concocted the 90% statistics suggest that he should wear a green-pink coloured hair do from now on.

    Auta punya keling karam!

  33. Anonymous7:17 am

    I suspect it is written by Jed Yoong that thief and crazy former blogger.

  34. hi leech, you still here?
    I think u...

    like the rest of the chinese...

    are shit useless.

    u hate the malay but u still fucking need their land(tanah melayu) to parked your unwashed ass.

    useless is always useless!

    I heard someone mentioned this "zimbabwee looks like a better option"..

    so why you are still here?we had enough of ungratefull pendatangs here, would you please to move your wiped arseholes and fuck off?

    we need SSS badly..