Thursday, October 08, 2009

Najib hasn't seen toll proposal

BH 08/10: Kerajaan belum membuat sebarang keputusan rasmi berhubung cadangan menjual Plus Expressways Bhd dan konsesi tol yang lain: Najib di Paris
So no decision yet on Asas Serba. Read the Bernama story here.
Whether or not the government is going to accept, reject, consider, put on hold or whatever else with regards to Asas Serba's proposal to bring down toll rates by 20 per cent, or whether the government is going to call in other parties to make their pitch, there should be a process to decide where we are going with toll.

During this process all the stakeholders, especially we the toll-paying people, should be made part of that conversation. Rakyat mesti diutamakan.


  1. Najib said that no decisions has been made on the toll roads yet and in one breath he is telling the EPU minister who is the Big Boss. That is good sign indeed, I hope the Big Boss Najib do not screw up big time when the decision making time on the toll roads comes though.

    1 Malaysia, People FIRST, Performance NOW....not just mere sloganeering OK Big Boss!

  2. Anonymous6:19 pm

    Memang rakyat perlu di utamakan. Tapi Nor Mohd tidak faham konsep ini. Dia lebih utamakan siapa saja yang boleh "kamceng". Nor Mohd ada bakat special utk klentong orang. Dulu dia klentong Anwar Ibrahim. Anwar faham Nor Mohd ini boleh ikut arahan. Bila Anwar jatuh dia klentong Dr Mahathir pula. Dr Mahathir pula caya dia ni pandai jaga duit. Lepas Dr Mahathir dia klentong besar Badawi. Badawi tak faham apa benda Nor Mohd cakap pun. Yang Badawi tahu Nor Mohd ini boleh ikut arahan. Lepas Badawi kena tendang dia klentong Najib. Sekarang Nor Mohd letak orang dia sekeliling Najib. Amok, Amirsham, Awang Adek, Idris Jala, Andrew Sheng dan banyak lagi.

  3. "Rakyat di Utamakan".

    Since when did UMNO/BN care about consulting the PEOPLE?

    It they had cared, we would not today be paying through our noses for extortionate tolls based on over-inflated road construction costs, ridiculous traffic shortfall compensation clauses and built in toll charge increases despite massive increase in traffic.

    Toll business can't be bad can it? You don't see the concessionaires rushing out to sell do you?

    Ask any transport expert, and he will tell you that toll rates can be cut by as much as 50% and the concessionaires will stll make a decent profit.

    What's been happening all these years is that they have been making obscene super profits at our expense, with the connivance of UMNO/BN.

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  4. Anonymous9:08 am

    Money spend for 1Najib F1 team can use to purchase the highway after few years.

    1Malaysia 1Empty slogan after all.

  5. Anonymous10:22 am

    NMY resign lah apa lagi???

  6. Anonymous3:48 pm

    Why is everyone mad at NMY? He’s merely echoing what the PM had said last month rejecting Asas Serba’s proposal to buy out Plus. Yes, Asas Serba is offering us 20% discount on toll rates but they also would want to longer the concession period, which would burden us longer.

  7. Pada saya Najib perlu kembalikan semula era kegemilangan Dana/Tabung yang diwujudkan untuk membantu golongan bumiputra dan juga pelabur-pelabur Dana Amanah Malaysia. Bandinganlah dengan apa yang telah dilaksanakan oleh Bank Rakyat dan beberapa lagi Koperasi lain. Pengurusan yang cekap, telus, berintegriti dan bebas daripada kongkongan politik akan menjaminkan kesejahteraan rakyat. Rakyat didahulukan, pencapaian diutamakan


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