Thursday, October 08, 2009

Universiti Malaya's back in Top 200!

Malaysian varsities ranked. UM and UTM climbed; the others faltered.

Original article
Harvard's No 1, NUS 30th
. The country's top university, UM, is back in the world's Top 200 varsities at no 180. That's 50 places better than it was last year!
I say, fantastic.

Now to go for the Top 50, where it's cousin the National University of Singapore nestles.

See the full ranking here.


  1. Congratulations to the UM team which made it a reality and yes do not rest on your laurels, now lets aim to be in the top 50 bracket and remain there.

  2. Anonymous5:48 pm

    top 50??!!

    surely you jest! Nabi Isa (pbuh) would return before that happens!

  3. UM alumni5:49 pm

    suruh DS khaled nordin bg um apex dl. Senang peruntukan direct tanpa lalu pengajian tinggi. baru la ble bersama NUS.
    Die alumni, tapi die la satu2 menteri dalam sejarah KPT yang jarang turun UM..

  4. UM alumni5:54 pm

    I wonder if u can see the citation/staff score we got the lowest.. We have limited fund to do research eventhough UM is accredited as a 'research' university? lolz

    We got our international staff score highest..

  5. Anonymous6:23 pm

    congratulations UM!! Job well done.

  6. Anonymous6:28 pm

    Bah.. dominated by English speaking countries , dominated by the Ivy Leagues Americanas and bigger Unis. Criteria for selection are dubious. Of no real significance except for making more money for them and pleasing the Anglophiles of the 3rd world. Countries like France etc. with even better universities wouldnt bat an eyelid!

  7. Anonymous7:16 pm

    Shit got la

    University malaya student are crap

  8. Anonymous8:13 pm

    So, you are contented with that result?


  9. Anonymous9:05 pm

    Haha good one rocky, back into the top 50s ranking...a bit difficult though.

    John Koh

  10. Anonymous9:24 pm

    YA hooo ... Top 200 ..... wait a second .... what TOP 200 .... what is the big deal here ? Shame ... shame ....shame ..

  11. This comparison with NUS is unnecessary. In Malaysia, we have how many IPT(IPTA & IPTS). When we compare one University, eg UM at 200, our resources are spread out, be it funds and or expertise.

    Yes we have a long way to go, so when we compare we should consider a bigger picture in Malaysia.

    Anyway to be great Universities, we should not allow unnecessary and unwanted influences to disrupt academic excellence.

  12. if only they could get their library (amongst other things) back into university-standard working condition again. I heard there's a whole semi-warehouse sized room of books waiting to be cataloged and entered into the system and which I hope will be ready for borrowing before the next rankings come out.

    I hear also that many u students (like the general population) are not into books very much. Last time I perused some library shelves, I came across a book that was last checked out sometime in 1975.

    But MU may still improve further since library standards and books and the knowledge that could be gleaned from them are not one of the criteria for judging standings.

    I yearn for the days when rankings were non-existent or nobody bothered about them. If you were good, you were just plain vanilla-flavored good. Everyone recognized that. Now we jubilate with joy when we appear as a tiny blip on the radar creeping into the lowest quartile. Can't wait to see who'll be the first to make the connection to the 'performance now' mantra.

    So, congrats MU, I hasten to add, lest I be called a wet sponge. See what you get when you put someone with those somethings between their legs in charge of the show.

  13. A small little "dot" down-south, within the top 50 and you're getting a hard-on with UM's achievements within 200?

    Dude, UM deserves to be within the top 30, if not even lower. God knows, that was the benchmark levels of perfection before & could have been achieved, if not for the influx of ignorant zombies in the structure & a particular govt-fed fetish for flooding the market with BTN-zonked-out Uni freshies for the last... ohhh let's say... 30-odd years, even more.

    Sheeesh, get a grip on it man. Malaysians are pretty much on the ball. We're just concerned with how the ball is being shuffled.

  14. Anonymous11:36 pm

    All you need to get something done is to put someone who is not afraid to crack the whips and put the fear of god on the faculties. Clear the dead woods and politicians.

    Now, he need to whip the students in to shape. No sympathy points. If the student do not deserve to pass, throw him/her out after a second chance.

  15. Anonymous11:41 pm

    From a racist point UM would fall below 300 ranking if we start acting like some racist UMNO who shouted "Go back China".

    Bro, you are proud of UM ranking so I guess your are inclusive and not like those racist UMNO.

  16. glassman12:25 am

    I think this rating business stinks. who made the ratings anyway? so as to say, your uni is not as good as that other one. and the rate everything, always comparing, which to me is just trying to push us against each other.

  17. Anonymous1:30 am


    Is this for real...did they cheat to get in...but who cares....the final determinant will always be the job market...and heck I am not employing any local graduates who cant string two words in English..

  18. You're really rock mane!

    keep it up.

    i know, umno will do something.

  19. Anonymous7:41 am

    So what? Rankings are meaningless . Ask any undergrad how the MU authorities handle or mishandle their students wellbeing. It's not just the undergrads who do not read - the lecturers are the same. They rest on the laurels of their Ph.D, they threaten their students to read only the Aliran for their research because they hate UMNO - go and interview the benighted students and perhaps you may review this ranking.
    Let's all be a bit more critical about our academic institutions and not depend on external assessments.


  20. I say Bravo to UM!!...Yes, we're not in the top 50, but we,re going up..that's what matters...the stats on research and publications are moving slowly, but getting better...and there's a lot of new research collaboration with outside bodies (academic and industry wise)..give us 5 years and more funding and we'll show the world!!

  21. Shame on those fellas that pooh-pooh or politice UM's chances of doing better in the future. Apelah benda macamni pun nak gaduh. I don't think this is a race attitude thing at all. More of a Malaysian thing. We just love to put ourselves down.

    At least the Americans yang buruk perangai tu pun will encourage and push their own to the very top before they cut them down to size. Orang Malaysia simply keep themselves down so they have something to complain about.

    I understand that Rocky has some Singaporean gene in him, hence his positive take on the matter.

  22. Anonymous10:34 am

    What is a singaporean gene? What has that got to do with being Rocky or being positive.
    As far as I know Singapore has got a number of rankings for the devil - like ang moh kwai, kalingkwai and malaikwai!
    A malaikwai like Rocky could not find anything positive to live for if he had stayed in Singapore.


  23. Anonymous10:49 am

    Nice to hear UM has jump up the ladder. What did they do? Confusing, up and down like yoyo within a short time. Share market more predictable.

    Karpal Pening

  24. Anonymous10:51 am

    Deputy higher education minister

    Malay is the second widest language spoken

  25. Anonymous10:51 am

    Deputy higher education minister

    Malay is the second widest language spoken

  26. Mahasiswa UM11:12 am

    Congratulations UM, and thank u Rocky for the piece.

    Instead of all those negative and self-defeating thoughts, it is much better for all of us to work together (and i mean it - together - Malays, Chinese, and Indians) to improve the standard of education in our country.

    To begin with, I highly recommend that we should respond to the "Satu Sekolah untuk Semua" campaign (which has been supported by our own Rocky as well).

    I always heard some people gripe about how the government favors a race and how biased the educational system is. But ironically these people are the ones who rejected the idea of single schooling system that will put our children under the same level of playing field. Apa ni? Pelik betul la...

  27. Anonymous11:34 am

    anon 7.16 says...Shit got la
    University malaya student are crap...

    Hahaha...this are the type of dogs that did not get a place there and talk bad about usm....Whahahaha

  28. Anonymous11:45 am

    I don't think so that UM will get the top 50 unless the goverment give some '25%' to the auditor as well as we practise usually. As long the UM fully control by Melayu I confident it will not improve and being saturate at that level. I also want to see UiTM joined the list cause that N.Cansellor Ibrahim many talk blablabla like 'kompang' actually he know nothing accept his sunglasses.


  29. bru...

    plz remove nickname (hyperlink) cara bersetubuh. not all readers here r old timer.

    to cara bersetubuh... cheap promo eh? belajar SEO lg.

  30. MsLivid12:03 pm

    Congrats, UM for getting back in the rankings.

    People, instead of bitching about the UMNOs, the racists, and god-knows-what-else, can we focus on the subject here-the university itself. We need to diagnose what ails the school.

    I'm an alum and I'm quite sad to see the quality of the students now.

    You wanna play the race/UMNO card? Well, when I graduated, it was during the "worse" of conditions politically (under Tun's time) and quotas and AUKU's. Guess what, the students that came out were top class! People were impressed that you're a UM grad!

    They speak well, write well, and amongst the law grads, of such quality to take them far!

    Whereas I am fiercely proud of my alma matter, I'm quite ashamed at its product now. They're not only lacking in some areas of their discipline, but as people too. So many of my juniors can barely construct a sentence, let alone think on their feet! And don't even let me venture into their attitudes..

    I've not seen any of the grads being all-round achievers in real life - only on paper. Most of the time, benchmarked on lower standards.

    Really guys. Put those slingshots and guns away. Lets look at what the school really needs in order to improve - in a non-politically motivated, non-judgemental manner.

    Entry is on merit, the govt's so-called intervention is less now, because everything is far more transparent and open to scrutiny. How then do you explain the earlier drop in ranking and quality?

    Lets get real! There's too much potential and unpolished gems in there to let go to waste. The university is not just for learning from books. Its supposed to EDUCATE.

    Its so disheartening to see so many out there would sooner shoot the doctor at the start of his examination when you don't even know (or accept) what truly ails the patient.

  31. Congrats UM, make it to top 100 and then top 50..
    All the best!!!

  32. Observer2:45 pm

    My god, a ranking of 180 is so bad, and yet you say it is fantastic? Fantastically bad I say.

    I am not surprised if next year's ranking sees UM drop out again. UM has not been doing anything except wasting people's time.

    Malaysian tertiary education is the lowest of lowest.

  33. tokman4:29 pm

    nampaknya penyokong mu yang happy happy pasai mu dapat masuk tangga top 200
    tak baca surat kabar internasional. Yang terjerit jerit
    pasal ranking ni apa pentingnya. especially yang keluarkan
    ranking ni adalah hanya sebuah syarikat aje. Kalau esok malay
    mail pulak nak buat ranking private colleges atau pprivate
    university college dengan ipta pun bolih dan statusnya
    hanyalah bragging rights di pub pub untuk member yang
    bisa ke pub atau karaoke.

    What have we learned about colleges atau universities
    this week? Graduan woolwich [bunyi woolish ] politeknik
    telah mendapat nobel prize fizik. Sekarang lihat pulak
    di mana letaknya woolwich polyteknik. Tak mungkin anda
    tak kan jumpa jugak . Sebabnya -ia telah diserap dek
    Greenwich [bunyi greenish ] university. ianya pun tak ada
    dalam top 200 dan mungkin top 500, 100 dsb.

    Moral of the story-kelibat ranking ni tak penting . Si Mangkok
    mangkok yang dapat chan jadi VC di uni semeua kelentong besar.
    Yang si pak politik pula nak puaskan kehendak pembaca msm-
    kalau ada chan buat mee segera - bikin dan vc vc pun minta
    bajet dan ada vc yang kena ganti mencarut carut keluar [apa
    nama si mantan vc pompuan gedebe dan gedempak um yang lepas]

    Bak kata pepatah - kita mesti develop slowly byt surely -
    bukan buat mee segera. Checklah/googlelah woolwich politeknik.
    Pasti semua orang tahu dan graduannya bangga. Mangakuk mangkuk
    yang dapat jadi vc tu -ambil-lah inspirasi /whatever big word
    you can find- untuk jadikan um macam woolwich pokliteknik!!!!

    And no mee segera thingy , please..... kerana ianya akan jadi
    bahan lawak geng gua

  34. Anonymous5:41 pm

    Some of those racist babboons graduated from sky kingdoms or any better place in this world except Malaysia can't even engaged with logical reasoning and factual arguments in blogs when it come to debating..

    Paper rich.. pauper mind.. what a shame & wtf..

    p/s: I missed the old days fun with Warrior 231 and my brethrens..

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  35. Anonymous3:41 am

    Yeah wheres warrior? long time no see. we miss him.

  36. Grokker7:39 am

    Ala Tok Man, nak dapat top 200 pun bukan senang.

    Nak menang Nobel [bunyi noh-bel] Prize lagi payah sebab ia bergantung kepada keadaan negara keseluruhan dari segi pembangunan, sumber dan kebudayaan pendidikan.

    Kalau tidak mana mungkin warga entiti perniagaan seperti IBM [bunyi International Business Machines] dan Du Pont [bunyi du pawnt] boleh memenangi Noble Prize. Impetus dia ialah kebudayaan kecemerlangan yang menular ke sektor perniagaan dan tidak terbatas hanya ke pusat-pusat kajian semata-mata.

    Budak MU zaman Pak Ungku

  37. najib manaukau9:37 am

    For those who commented highly on UM for being in 180, that must be a bunch of sick a very sick bunch of Ketunan Melayu. I am shamed of that 'achievement', way way behind the two Singapore universities.
    It is people or shall I say , under achievers, would past such comments.

    Have these people any comment about a Ketunan Melayu student with '17As' in her study in Malaysia fail recently
    in her study in a foreign university.
    I am sure she would have passed with flying colours in a local university ?
    Her grades will no doubt be marked by another Ketunan Melayu to ensure to show how smart the Ketunan Melayu is.
    Sorry no such luck ! May be bring her back to a study in a Malaysian university and make sure to have her Ketunan Melayu's name clearly written on her exam paper. That is that same motive behind bringing the 30 medical students back from Otago Medical School in New Zealand, without sitting for any exam, to complete their 5th and final year medical degrees in a local varsity and passed as doctors.
    I might add to treat the local Malaysians according to pariah Mahathir !

  38. Radiologist4:24 pm

    Najib manaukau,

    Care to give a link to the Otago episode or are you just regurgitating a comment made in kit siang's blog?

    Ya, ya. Malays are stupid and Malay graduates are useless. That's why a Malay surgeon transplanted a heart into a Chinese girl.

    The first Malay to win a 1st Class in Physics from UM was made to defend his dissertation twice by local (Chinese) lecturers until the British external examiner got fed up and told him that he's welcome to study for his PhD in his university in the UK which he duly did. When a Chinaman (who subsequently went to TAR correge) was dean of Engineering in the 70's and 80's only 7 Malay engineers graduated in 14 years. Funny when the govt sent those who failed to the UK they all obtained degrees. Maybe the Mat Sallehs didn't mark differently when they saw the Malays' name on the exam papers. Meritocracy my foot.

  39. Moonlight10:18 pm

    Yeah, when a few years ago a Malay was not given due recognition of his Baccalaureat results and he was proposed a place in a faculty where he was not interested in (in this case it is normally the Arts and Social Science Faculty). He decided to go to Cambridge instead. His parents paid for it. He enrolled in the Science Dept (I think it was in Physics or Chemistry, not sure) and he passed with flying colours with the highest honours. Guess what, he was not even mentioned by the main stream press but only in the Malay Language press even though he was the first person from the country to get that First Class Highest Honours. His achievement was swept by the authorities, just like that. But, guess if he were to be of the Chinkie type, even God in heaven will know about it....Yeah, meritocracy my foot !! Equality my a** ......isn't DAP an offshoot of PAP??

    Btw, that Malay guy is from Singapore and that Uni is NUS. That newspaper is of course Berita Harian Singapore lah.....check the archives if you all don't believe me....Pity the Malays, everywhere kena bully......

  40. NoMalayApologist11:53 pm

    Generalizations are almost always false....there's always the stereotyping of the malays as lazy and incompetent...perhaps one of the reason for the failure to excel among some of the promising malay students is due to this stereotype being taken seriously...
    Should us Malays always be apologetic? Yes, many Malay successes are part of the result of affirmative action policies, but do not assume that many did not work hard.
    What about racism in companies not owned by Malays? Do not pretend that this does not happen, that Malay workers are not ignored while their colleagues discuss in Chinese. That they send their "ang pows" and "gift hampers" to government servants. That middle men only trade with their own races. That dont want to enter civil service, but complain that they cant get in. That rudely paraded around town to show that they own it.
    There..if you can stereotype..we can stereotype!!
    Why should we just be the ones apologising?

  41. Anonymous3:29 am

    hey stupid ultra chingkies..

    Why not compare with your own kind in your motherland..

    Chinese supremacy my foot..perasan bagus juga?

    Sorry..Ketuanan Babi do not work here..go preach your DAPig ideology in a kandang babi probably work very well over there..

    Stereotyping method..keeping on with their stale generalizing arguments bla..bla..bloody blarh..hahaha..smartass indeed.

    so much for their self-overview world standard..the fact is just simply a cretin to the core..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  42. Radiologist8:43 am

    Just to put the record straight.

    The top (17A) Malay student who the stupid chauvinist Najib manaukau referered to actually didn't fail her second year at Edinburgh.

    She was offered to do an intercalated degree in Pharmacology. The operative word here is "offered", not everyone gets to do an Intercalated Year, only the better students. That means she'll take an extra year to study the subject in depth and will graduate with *two* degrees, the conjoint medical and surgical degree and a degree in medical science.

    People like Najib manaukau are pathetic. They're deluded about their so-called intellectual superiority and will jump at anything that faintly smells of Malays' failure. Malays need not apologise for the opportunities, just work harder. The notion that academic excellence is beyond the Malays has been buried decades ago except maybe in Singapore.

    Talking of Monash University, the deputy dean (Mat Salleh) of the medical school has nothing but praise for the quality of forty or so Mara students that they have had for almost 10 years. He can't say the same for the other feeder colleges including Tay***'* Correge. That was one reason they opened a branch in Sunway. It takes 60-80 students for a medical school to break even. Mara will send 40 and save money, while Monash will source the rest. They expect to do well. And oh yes, the dean of Monash's Malaysian school is a Malay and UM grad
    to boot.

    And say a prayer for Amalina's continued success in Edinburgh. Hope she'll serve her country well when she graduates.

  43. najib manaukau9:49 am

    To the Radiologist,

    For your information I do not neither read his rubbish nor am a supporter of Lim Kit 'Siang' plus I am not a politician.
    Is that enough for you or shall I go on ?
    But do please be reminded one swallow does not make a summer. Sure after sending millions of Malays to varsities you will no doubt get a few surgeons.
    These few swallows don't make a summer. Also why is it that so often the so called Malays, pendatang themselves and mainly of mixed blood, including Anwar, would shout and call the Malaysian Chinese pendatang to go back to China.
    Sure we are pendatang and proud of it too.
    These "Ketunan Melayu" should set a good example themselves and go back to Indonesia, India, Turkey, Arabia and many other countries themselves first before calling the Chinese to go back to China. Malaysia belongs to the Orang Asli and the Head Hunters and not the 'Malays' get these fact right once and for all.
    In case you are unaware that the Malaysian government would, in recent years, sent delegations after delegations, to beg the mainly ex-Malaysian Chinese professionals in foreign countries to return to Malaysia to serve ? They even offered them lots of incentives if these professionals do so but many , with memories of elephants, did not even consider the offer. They have no wish to be called again names again and most of all reporting to a Ketunan Melayu with less qualification properly a Datuk Sri, Tan Sri or may be even a Tun giving them instructions that they are not even qualified to do so. That must surely be the reason why in a country of 26 millions people, Malaysia has only 29 Oncologists when the need is for at least 200 of them, these are figures the Malaysian Ministry of Health gave in late 2008. I did not come up from the hat with these figures. While Singapore has only a population of only 4.9 millions but has more than double of what Malaysia currently has and I might add that among them are some Malaysian Chinese. Know the reason why there are no Malays amongst them ? Why ?
    Would you care to enlighten us with a satisfactory explaining ?

  44. Radiologist5:51 pm

    Najib manaukau,

    You said, // please be reminded one swallow does not make a summer //

    I like this.

    So why did you mention that a top Malay failed in your earlier post, imputing that Malays as a whole can't make it academically from that single "failure," if "one swallow does not make a summer"? So if a Malay fails, one one swallow is enough; if he succeeds, you need a whole flock of swallows for it to be called a success.

    You obviously are not well-informed on the issues but still wish to put in a word to resurrect a dead notion -- the myth of the lazy native -- just the same.

    Your rabid chauvinism has made you blind to the fact that history records the name of an area occupied by the Malay Peninsula, Borneo, the group of islands that make up Indonesia, New Guinea and the Philippine islands as the Malay archipelago. It follows that any movement within this archipelago do not constitute emigration for the simple reason that people are moving within the same area. The same obviously can't be said for people who come from South Asia or southern China which historically are different areas from the Malay archipelago.

    If Malaysia belongs to the Orang Asli, then China should belong to the Hmong and Lisu and not the Han, Taiwan to Taiwanese aborigines who were there before the Han Chinese, and Australia to their aborigines; India to the Adivasi, Canada to the peoples of the First Nations, the US to the Native Americans; etc.

    It's perfectly fine with me if any Malaysian wants to go and live in Singapore. It's more developed and the money's better. That's not surprising because Singapore is a city-state and was much better developed than Malaya even during British times. They've just maintained the disparity that was there pre-Merdeka.

    In fact, if you can understand basic economics, you'll know that we can't use Singapore as a yardstick for comparing economic development. It is a *developed* country. We are a *developing* country and it's more useful to compare ourselves with other developing countries. Singapore is 1st World and good for them, I say. But we're on the way too.

    It's also fine by me if Chinese Malaysians (it's "Chinese Malaysians", not "Malaysian Chinese" if you're Malaysian first and Chinese second) want to work in Singapore. Singaporeans are not stupid. They'll only accept people who can't compete with them and are not a long-term threat to them economics-wise. Remember the hoo-haa when Kwan Yew brought in Hong Kong Chinese years ago? Singaporeans cried foul after about 10 000 Hongs made it because they, the Singaporeans, can't compete with the Hongs.

    I personally know a Chinese cardiologist, educated at great expense in UM, who went to work in NUS. He came back here to work in Penang 15 years ago because, according to him, the Singaporeans discriminated against him and he couldn't get promoted. If that can happen to a Chinese Malaysian, maybe it can also happen to a Malay Malaysian?

    And oh yes. Remember that Malay guy, the first Malay to win a First in Physics that I talked about? Last time I checked, he's a professor of physics in UM teaching wannabe Malay, Chinese, Indian, Iban, Kadazan, Eurasians, Orang Ulu, to become physicists.

    Najib manakau, your arguments are not new. They've been put up by many ignoramuses like you, even in the rarefied air of academia. I believe I've made my point about the ability of Malays to be high achievers given the chance, and I shan't waste my time arguing with you anymore. I'm not learning anything new, and no, it's not because I have a closed mind. I'm just better informed and I refuse to cross wits with someone's who is unarmed.

  45. Moonlight6:19 pm

    A smart aleck mentioned this,
    "While Singapore has only a population of only 4.9 millions but has more than double of what Malaysia currently has and I might add that among them are some Malaysian Chinese. Know the reason why there are no Malays amongst them ? Why ?"

    What are you trying to insinuate, najib manakau? What are you trying to say about the Malay Singaporeans? You want me to tell you?

    First, it is the population, stupid! How many Malays are there in Singapore? How about the fact that the Malay Singaporeans had only recently, (yes, I say "recently" awakened after being drugged by xxxx for many years).

    A theory has been circulating for awhile. It says that they were purposely drugged so that they would forget about their own survival.....always in their own nirvana...But do not hope that this would continue 'cos they have awakened and realised what they had been doing ..

    Secondly, it is what we call racism, goon. The Malays were deprived of their chance to move forward due to many reasons. What about using Mandarin to stop a malay from getting a good job? What about by just being Chinese without a good qualification can get you a job?

    Maybe in your racist mind the Malays are far behind but does that justify your insinuation that all Malays are stupid?? Hence, they should live with this stigma for eternity?? And they should not be allowed to move forward? So, they should only work as peons, office boys, delivery boys but not as Managers, CEO, owners of big businesses etc etc etc..Now, give the Malays a break ok!!!

    Then I can say the same thing too that all Chinese are pig brained....damn dirty and scruffy!!! People like you should get this babi mentality out for good, DO NOT BE JEALOUS OF THE MALAYS, you people are just PENDATANGS!!! Period. No questions about why, wherefore should be even asked. Your China is a big country, so why should you all be jealous of the natives of Nusantara to prosper themselves?

    Btw, the Nusantara belongs to the Malays of the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and the descendants of Orang Lauts (plus a smattering of Malay type people of Singapore, who lived on the island and its surroundings even before the arrival of Stamford Raffles). Geddit???!!!

  46. Mahasiswa UM1:25 am

    Guys, personal achievements or failures have nothing to do with race. There's no such thing as "lazy" or "doomed-to-fail" genes.

    Of course, 180th is not a good place to begin with. But there's always room for improvement.

    Instead of negative thoughts and sarcasm, it would be better if we continue to contribute towards the betterment of our society regardless of race.

    Dear Rocky, please do something before it's too late. Racism cannot be tolerated.

  47. Saya berasa hairan kenapa perbincangan tentang Universiti Melaya akan menjadi rebutan tentang "pendatang".

    It is fucking sensitive to use this word in discussion. Why all parties cannot use a rational mind to discuss?


  48. Anonymous8:26 am

    Saya berasa hairan kenapa perbincangan tentang Universiti Melaya akan menjadi rebutan tentang "pendatang".

    It is fucking sensitive to use this word in discussion. Why all parties cannot use a rational mind to discuss?


  49. Anonymous10:13 am

    To the Radiologist and Moonlight,

    Please go and study your history first in details carefully before trying to 'lecture' on the limited knowledge you both have.
    To begin with China has since time immemorial belong to Hans Chinese and no one else. Little knowledge is very dangerous and you both are only advertising how little real knowledge you both have.
    I have never said that all Malays are stupid but what I was and still am saying is look at what NEP has done and is doing. Throwing pearls amongst the swine, ever heard of that.
    Don't the Chinese and the Indians contribute to the development of Malaysia ? In the present form NEP should use only the contribution of the Malays for the NEP and no one would have any further qualms about NEP ! The non Malays are not against help given to the Malays on the contrary we think help should be given to all deserving Malaysians and not just the Ketuanan.
    Are not the Chinese Malaysians Malaysians just like the Chinese in Thailand are Thais ?
    Why then not the non Malays being assisted under NEP or any other names, in fact the NEP requires the Chinese must squad to ensure the Ketunan looks taller and can run faster. But are the Ketunan really taller and can really run faster ? Stop kidding yourselves you have yet to grow taller and run faster just yet. May be better nutrition and more training will help but these take time. But in the meantime be truthful that some of you are shorter and slower runner.

    Can I also ask how come if the 'Malays' came here long before the Chinese, what then were the Malays doing all those years ? Watching the coconut trees and the padi grow ? How come the Chinese came to Malaysia long after the Malays
    with nothing and no help from anybody prosper from there ?
    Yes you both are right to compare Australia and all the other countries
    that took control of the countries and call them their countries. Two or more wrongs do not make one right !
    Unlike you the Chinese have never claimed to be the sons of the soil, call anyone pendatang, the Chinese and the entire world are fully aware that the sons of the soils are the Orang Asli and the Head Hunters and not the Malays.
    If both of you are so knowledgeable in history please tell everyone sincerely how did the Malays first come to Malaya ? As pirates from Indonesia ,according to the history books ,no doubt the present Malaysian government would ensure that these facts from the history books are not allowed to be published in Malaysia. This is to ensure the younger Malaysians like you two don't get to know the truth !
    Where else the Chinese and the Indians were wanted and imported into Malaysia to start the tin mining and the rubber plantations.
    Do you also know why were they imported when the Malays were here years before the non Malays ? Tin ores and the vacant lands were there before the non Malays were imported.
    Why were nothing being done by the Ketuanan Melayu ?
    What would Malaysia be without the revenues of tin mining and rubber plantation to begin with ?
    Where would they get the money to pay all the civil servants in the earlier years of Malaya and even the money to explore for oil ? What would happen when oil has run out in a few years ?
    Don't forget these facts and please don't change the truth which you are good at aside from calling people names and with lots of empty threats to their limbs and lives. Are these in your genes ?

  50. Anonymous12:25 pm

    I am very surprised that no Minister or politician has question the credibility of the survey. Don't forget that if and when the survey is NOT to the likings or positive on Malaysia, every body will question on the credibility. But when it is GOOD, nobody questions. Previously all the ministers rejected the survey because it was negative. So now ALSO don't accept it.
    We must open our eyes and mind.


  51. Anonymous12:35 pm

    Ok you have it guys..

    Always mingling with typical racist accusing others as racist and thinking they're not!

    Stereotype & redundant...

    Just for a thought
    read here
    ..its something from a "persatuan kaum"..look good from outside but wtf inside..

    ASSIMILATION. That's where the racist heart pride stands....This key word probably tell it all..

    Why compared to Thai & Indon? You want it to be that way? For a start, can u change your name & speaks the national language 100%?
    Cannot eh? So why divert the whole story & be a racist hypocrite?

    The increasing magnitude of verbally despise towards the malays was due to the fact that they already feeling the heat..why cannot take it? or too afraid of loosing? is that what they called kiasu? You wanna a competition, we give u a're not competing with vege lah idiot..

    At least NEP has 50% succeed in levelling the field and make the bumiputera here far better and well equipped for open competition compared to the 'bumiputera' in China & India..but the balance 50% still goes into the devil pockets..

    Something is always better than nothing..nobody in this world get everything..itupun ada melayu2 pariah yg marah dgn nyamuk ttp mau bakar kelambu?? wtf!

    Just see what this bastard from the pig tribe said about everybody else discussing this subject like he is so fucking clever...
    talk about education my ass, his class probably...its 21st century lah pigbrain..your pig tribe language is no longer exclusive to your type..yes..u are the animal indeed..the real pig in disguise!

    "I thought that receives higher education's person to meet the reason discuss matter. The result is only crowd of animals."

    try this out, idiot!

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  52. poor anon 10.13 and najib manakau..just live your life and be just keep harping about "malays also pendatang" but you just simply ignored us (kedah ,kelantan,perlis and terengganu).remember langkasuka?kedah tua?patani?pan pan and tambralingga?by the way, kedah's ruling house still exist,againts all odd for more than a thousand years!
    "As pirates from Indonesia ,according to the history books ,no doubt the present Malaysian government would ensure that these facts from the history books are not allowed to be published in Malaysia."-anon 10.13.
    so this lines of yours is know...modern ruling houses and remnants of various ruling houses across malay archipelago IS interlinked since immemorial by mariages,treaties etc.from funan era till now.all of this kingdoms dotted all around archipelago before malacca.the term melayu just exist after a kingdom called melayu located near sungai batanghari.but not the people,they already spread across the land.

    radiologist,moonlight and the all need to understand, this type of pendatangs just can't accept the truth. so they just keep rumbling and farting about malays being a pendatangs just like them.poor pendatangs..(sorang2 jadi pendatang,mesti la malu,sebab tu nak cari geng).

    If we called you pendatang,you barked and crying foul.but you need to understand ,we called you pendatang because you behaves like a pendatang.blame yourself la..fucktard!

    anon 10.13 i think you need to about this fact..
    As eloquently expounded by William A. Graham, the Thai-appointed Adviser to the Sultan of Kelantan in his seminal 1907 book, “Kelantan: A State of the Malay Peninsula”:-
    "True, the Malay will often decline to work in the particular manner in which the European desires him to do so, that is as a mining cooly or plantation hand in the service of the said European, but the Malay is by no means an idle person. In Kelantan he grows the seventy thousand odd tons of rice which feed the population, he catches and dries fish enough for home consumption and for considerable export, he makes some forty thousand pikuls of kopra every year, he works boats on the river, and, in fact, he makes a very comfortable living, supplies all his wants, and is contented. It is not probable that any European who condemns him would himself continue to work at a tin mine or rubber estate after he had made enough to satisfy all his wants and to be able to realise all his ideals in order merely to satisfy the demand of some stranger for labour."demi negara
    please don't cry..I know,you get the fact all wrong.uh uh,wipe your tears babi..ops baby,i mean baby.

    and you know..chinese even received handouts from menteri larut.he give a piece of land and money to chinese to start a business.hahaha,pathetic.

    NEP never give handouts to bumiputra, you know. all of us need to work our ass off to obtained that aaa handout??

    "these miners rose upon their employers, burned their houses, and massacred the indiscriminately,including this enlightened Rajah; and his wife and children, in attempting to escape,were thrown into flames of their house. the plunder obtained by the chinese,exclusive of the jewels and gold ornaments of the woman,was estimated at 3500 pounds. this very atrocious business was believed to have been aided and abetted, if not absolutely concocted, by chinese merchants living under the shelter of british flag at malacca" isabella bird

    wahh,so bad huh?you can't accept the fact?

    sorry,my comment is quite messy.

  53. by the way rocky..about the ranking.I don't care at all.we not even know how they do the survey.

    TIMES and all of the ranking shit is just a way to syok sendiri.

    exactly like masturbation.hahaha.

  54. NoMalayApologist7:02 pm

    You want rational, We will give rational...go to the same school with us, interact with us, and speak the national languages.
    Are Malays angry and bet we are, and we should be. You degrade us, ridicule us, and then you demand more. Do you realise that we have never been intolerant of other races? Southeast Asia is the most cosmopolitan region in the world! Any race who has tried to interact with us has always been accepted. Do not deny this.See that the non-Malay civil servants can speak Bahasa, as well as English.
    It is ironic that many of you voluntarily assimilate into European culture when you study and work abroad, while badmouthing your own country.
    Then you come home and complain,form your clandestine associations, and not give back anything, except for things that you are legally bound to do (tax etc).
    If you cannot assimilate with the dominant culture (Malay), then what differentiates you from the pakistanis who live in the slums of London?

  55. Anonymous8:25 pm

    To najibmanaukau & Anonymous 10.13 AM,

    You both don’t have a clue about the early history of this country. This is one reason why the Demi Negara Blogging Community are proposing the Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua (SSS) concept under which history is recommended as a compulsory subject. You would be well advised to read the “Demi Negara” and the “Kempen SSS” blogs in order not to appear so shallow and dumb in saying what you did about the Malays.

    Do you know that archaeologists, sociologists and historians have referred to the Orang Aslis also as Malays? They distinguish them as “Proto-Malays” and the “later Malays” as “Deutero Malays”.

    Now, here’s the difference:

    Whereas the Proto-Malays is in an earlier wave of arrivals and chose to stay in the interior, the later arrivals, described as present-day Malays, stayed in communities that developed a system of government, a social hierarchy, rules, regulations and norms of behaviour that make up what archaeologists, sociologists and historians call “civilization”. That started nearly 2,000 years ago. That made them the Tuan Tanah of this country. Chinese, notably the tin miners of Perak who settled down in this country in large numbers beginning in the mid-19th Century, were “pendatang”.

    I’m glad that najibmanaukau is proud of being a “pendatang”. There’s nothing to be ashamed of being one, as the facts of history clearly point to those.

    What proof in saying those?

    Records in the official archives of Mainland China itself show these. Ancient Chinese texts like “Liang-shu” recorded that Langkasuka, a Malay civilization in the northern part of the Malay Peninsula, had existed as early as the 2nd Century AD. Langkasuka became a stop-over port for Chinese Buddhist pilgrims on their way to visit the birth place of Buddha in India – Buddhism was not native to China, it originated from India and spread to China. These people recorded their experiences and observations to and fro India. Read the article “Trade Routes and Trade Centres”, by Dr John Miksic, National University of Singapore, in “The Encyclopedia of Malaysia, Early History, edited by Prof. Dato’ Dr Nik Hassan Shuhaimi Nik Abdul Rahman.

    Those who are still doubtful of the Malays being the Tuan Tanah since nearly 2,000 years ago, or resent being called “pendatang” can try to read those records which still exist in the archives of the Peoples Republic of China. These are being used by historians over the years until to day.


  56. Anonymous9:26 pm

    To Anonymous 10.13 AM,

    Obviously you resent NEP and, in so doing, you may even be questioning the Special Position of the Malays.

    Either you have no clue or refuse to acknowledge and accept what has been referred to as the “Social Contract” agreed to by our leaders at Merdeka. At that time the Malay leaders agreed to the non-Malays (who were stateless all those years under British colonial rule) be given citizenship, and, in exchange for that, or as a quid pro quo, the non-Malay leaders agreed that the malays be given a Special Position in the country. Both these two very important aspects were embodied in the Constitution of the country.

    Thus, if you resent or question the NEP (which is an affirmative action policy drawn from the Malay Special Position Article 153 of the Constitution), the Malays can also resent and question your right to citizenship and that of your descendants. Remember, one was in exchange for the other. That would not be good, would it?

    You sound intelligent enough to understand that we all must respect and comply with what our forefathers have agreed on. In any case questioning one or the other is prohibited under the Sedition Act which has purview over both the Special Rights of the Malays and the Citizenship Right of the non-Malays.

    You talk thru your nose and are mischievous in quoting a swine proverb to Malays who can’t even accept the terminology “swine flu”.

    Aside from what has been embodied in the Constitution, there’s the whole range of explanations and arguments for the NEP, the background on the vast economic and educational handicap brought about by British colonial policy that assisted and encouraged only the Chinese in business, that built only a few schools, far in between and only at primary levels in the kampongs where most of the Malays lived, and so on.

    To go into great lengths in one single comment here may lead it to be spammed. For now, suffice to say that you do have a skewed perspective of such things as “contributions to the country” – you conveniently forgot about contributions in the defence and security sectors (mostly Malays), including controlling secret societies, thugs and gangsters which the Chinese miners brought to Larut in mid-19th Century and continuing until now).

    You make many mischievous statements against the Malays and this is not good, my dear fellow. If, in the first place, you cannot accept being called “pendatang” (although najibmanaukau above is even proud of that), then you have invited yourself to being addressed in abnormal ways.


  57. antumalaysia9:53 pm

    "Everyone is pendatang, including the orang asli". Get this you ultra chingkies!

    Everyone came from wherever Adam & Eve first set foot on this earth.

    Now, the Melayu came to this region and established a governance, a political system, which had not been setup by the orang asli.

    Next, chinese was "imported" by the British to become slaves! When the British done with their business here, the chinese were left stranded!

    The Melayu had been so very kind to rescue the stranded generation. It was okay because the fore fathers generation knew how to thank the people who assisted them when they were in dire strait.

    Now, you stupid chingkies never knew the history get born here, never want to mingle with the people of Malaysia. You even reverted to speaking your People's Republic of Communist China's language despite your forefather who spoke impeccable Bahasa Kebangsaan. Your current generation speaks Chinese, breath Chinese, stupidly and hard headedly clinged to your fu%^$#& Chinese every second of the day.

    You and your fuv$$%^# morons are undoubtedbly "Pendatangs". Get the hell out of here to your mother land of Communist China!

    Damn chinese!!


    Already became Malaysian via mingling with local Melayus.

  58. Anonymous11:14 pm

    What a freaky lecture by that anon 10.13 aka najibmanakau....cretin to the core! behaving like a f*ck*ed up desperado trying to emulate like a hare brained professorio. Mamma mia!!! Idiotissimo....hahaha

    Yawn, yawn ....

    Hello stupido, I would love to entertain you with all the facts and figures blah blah blah, but I won't as my faithful brethrens here have already 'supplied' them ..

    Hey bodopig (I won't let your chinkie brethrens get the worldly satisfaction of calling the Malays with degrading names - you know where to find them btw, I want accolades too, you know bodopig, I want to have the liberty too by calling the chinkies with all sorts of deplorable, ingestible names, yee haw)....just to let your pig brained ingested mind understands that the Nusantara does not belong to the Chinese ....and the Orang Aslis are Malays themselves....they do not have to assimilate whatever, they are Malays, maybe without the Islamic religion as some are animists or/and maybe Christians ....and the indigenous people of Sabah and Sarawak, what are they called? the Bumis ....there you go, bodopig...We, the Nusantarans are one big happy family....don't you try to change history with your empty barrel concocted, disjoncted "history"

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

    (ps/hello to brader Anti whatever, hope you had a good raya and yes, i miss Warrior too. Warrior, where are you?).

  59. najib manaukau2:01 pm

    Clearly so many, or shall I say all of you feel very hurt and very painful to face the truth. Truth always hurts !
    I shall continue to call of you also as pendatang (don't be ashamed of it please).
    You try to justify all the atrocious actions committed by the pariah and corrupted Mahathir by quoting that Australia and several other countries are also doing the same things to the original natives. Somehow you 'forgot' to mention these countries do not have any policy like or even remotely similar to the NEP ? Not to mention, as I said, two or more wrongs don't make one right. Surely I do not have to keep reminding you 'learned' guys this simple truth.

    Side-lining the very people, who didn't illegally come to this country like the thousands of Indonesians, is to say the least most unspeakable and surely is against the teaching of Allah. Or is it ?
    These imported non Malays continue to contribute to the development of the country. Imported to open up industries that ,the Ketuanan did not do or want to do anything about it or was it their fault ,to become the world's biggest. Only ungrateful people with the mentality of people like pariah Mahathir would do so. And yet you say the pariah was and is doing the right thing.
    No one is saying that the Malays did not plant lots of rice or in fact tons of them but still ,be reminded, that eventually Malaysia become the net importer of rice.
    Plus you 'forgot' to mention that the northern states of Malaysia at one time belonged to the Siam Kingdom and how the Sultan of Johore came to Johore and Singapore and got themseleves established as Sultan of Johore.
    How can then the people in northern Malaya be Malays if they belonged to Thailand ? No doubt you will now say that they were another kind of Malays, the third kind may be or shall I say the half breeds. To end this endless argument why don't we have these half breed 'Malays' DNA tested? If the test results show the majority of the present Malays are indeed pure Malays or even related to the Orang Asli that you now claimed are Malays. If that is the case what has the Malaysian government done for them ? How many of them were and are sent aboard to study to become professionals under the NEP ?
    I swear to Allah I will gladly pay for these tests and forever say no more on these subjects ever. But if the tests show they are not pure Malays will you guys be men enough to pay for the tests ? Don't just talk show us some actions !
    One more thing before I forgot I am sure in fact very sure you guys must have got the history you quoted and the facts you gave obtained from a Malaysian institution that is set up and funded by Malaysia and headed by a Ketunan Melayu a 100% Malay institution I might add.
    May I ask why was it that the author or authors of your cited history books were never ever nominated for a Nobel Prize.
    Lastly but not least please go and read up from the real history literatures from some of the world leading institutions to broaden up your limited knowledge before trying to lecture anyone on the history of Malaysia.
    History is older than 2000 years !

  60. Radiologist2:49 pm

    Najib manaukau,

    See, I told you that you're an ignorant chauvinist. I hope you're reading the comments made by CK, NMA, Jitu, antu and JohnDoe.

    Yea, yea, I told you I won't waste my time engaging you but I can't help it. They put it across so well!

  61. Radiologist2:54 pm

    And Moonlight too. I remember reading about the Cambridge guy in the Malay papers over here.

  62. NoMalayApologist5:33 pm

    Okay...bla, bla, bla...history bla, truth..assimilate..go to same schools, use same language,..

    You want us to give up our privileges...then give up yours too.
    Quid pro Quo..tit for tat....something for something...

  63. Anonymous6:24 pm

    China this china that,HK/Spore this and that ..bla..bla..bla. Tapi lu tiam-tiam pigi UK sana ah. Skalang kita tau itu BOC doc tatak laku sama blitish gamen. Lu sudah buang itu Msian ppt dalam sungai London. Aiya, kenapa lu tatak balik kampung latuk lu lor. Lu kata sama saya kampung latuk nenek lagi best. Lu tipu sama saya ah.

  64. "Clearly so many, or shall I say all of you feel very hurt and very painful to face the truth. Truth always hurts !
    I shall continue to call of you also as pendatang (don't be ashamed of it please)."-najib manakau.

    dude thats my lines la.
    hahahaha, folks, like I said before, this pendatang need friends to accompany him in tongkang,quite lonely huh?being alone,you just suffered inferiority complex.
    may I suggest you aaa some kind of treatment for your sorry brain?every morning,stare at the mirror and chants "pendatang" 20x before start your routines.please repeat it until you die.

    no matter how loud is your farting,fact remains fact.

    "Side-lining the very people, who didn't illegally come to this country like the thousands of Indonesians, is to say the least most unspeakable and surely is against the teaching of Allah. Or is it ?"

    side-lining???dude,I saw a chinese guy all over the places in malaysia,and u know what,most of them healthy and some of them even fat like baby..babi..ok..your head still attached,yes?then,be content.side-lining?manja,lembik,pondan.hahaha,sikit2 jerit.

    who didn't illegally come ?????kah kah kah..yes u are dude,yes u are.150 years ago,you swarmed to our shores like dogs. hhohoh,we kicked indonesiansn PATI out la chingkies,to much dog in your diet?can't even think?we let you live here la,so we did follow HIS words.

    "These imported non Malays continue .. to the development of the country........ Only ungrateful people with the pariah Mahathir would do so. And yet you say doing the right thing.
    No .....that the Malays did not .....become the net importer of rice."

    too much dog in foods,you hakka enjoy dog?dude, malays doesn't sit idly all this years,beside we are your customer.without us the consumers,chinese would be nothing.whats wrong with mahathir?dengki?typical pendatang mindset.

    "Plus you 'forgot' to mention that the northern states of Malaysia at one time belonged to the Siam Kingdom and how the Sultan of Johore came to Johore and Singapore and got themseleves established as Sultan of Johore."

    so u said,northen malaya was a part of thailand...hmm interesting.the term "belonged" should be replaced by "captured" la.did I mention you about kedah's ruling house?being captured fews times in the past by siam doesn't mean we are not a melayu(aku org kedah,ok).yes so what,parameswara came from srivijaya,a prince.sri vijaya, the greatest of all melayus kingdom.they ruled SEA for 600 years.(please bear in mind, indonesia not even exist yet.)so powerful that peoples adopt "melayu" to represents themselves till now after the capital of the civilazation(batanghari).(just exactly like chinese,named after shih huang ti.)are they pendatang?no,NO.kingdom rises and falls,capital changes back and fro, but the essence remains, melayu.we treats indo as our brother because of similarities between us.similarities between you and me?there is non, you speak chinese,behaves likes chinese,you went to SJKC, yada yada those good chinese, no longer a pendatang.


  65. 100 years ago,indonesia and malaysia not even exist la.sumatera,tanah melayu,jawa etc all the same,peoples came and go,migrating etc2.not like you,you all came as slaves.SLAVES.hahaha.

    "One more thing before I forgot I am sure in fact very sure you guys must have got the history you quoted and the facts you gave obtained from a Malaysian institution that is set up and funded by Malaysia and headed by a Ketunan Melayu a 100% Malay institution I might add."

    for your information,all of the materials and sources base on research finding by various reseacher from westerns scholar later expanded by SEA governments through scholars.all of it based on ancient can check,double check and crosscheck it.go ahead.

    "May I ask why was it that the author or authors of your cited history books were never ever nominated for a Nobel Prize."

    hey,since when nomination for a nobel prize being considered as a "must"??why? isabella bird,William A. Graham,Sherard Osborn are dead dude.nobel prize nomination for this guys and lady?hahaha,nobel prize my ass.

    hey,you want to know some dirty little secret?malaysian government hushed all atrocities committed by chinese to save your air muka.thats why you cant find it in text books.but you can dig for can find the materials by osborn,bird and graham at cambrigde,and oxford.

    see,baik hati this malay government.

    sorry for any gramatical mistakes,tak ada masa nak semak.

  66. Anonymous8:02 pm

    najib manaukau,

    You said, “These imported non Malays continue to contribute to the development of the country. Imported to open up industries that the Ketuanan did not do or want to do” –

    Do you know that when Long Jaafar brought in the first batch of Chinese from Penang to work his tin mines in Larut in the mid-19th Century, he already had been mining tin? That the British credited him for having found tin (“pasir hitam”) in Malaya? Do you know that he wanted to learn from the Chinese more davanced mining methods? Do you know what he got? Read some more below.

    Do you know that when his descendent, Menteri Larut Ngah Ibrahim, later brought more Chinese from Penang, he already had several tin mines but also wanted to learn mining techniques (the Chinese, admittedly, later introduced pumps to tin mining)? That also he wanted to open up his territory (he was a “Territorial Chief” then) and earn more revenue for development? That he even loaned money as capital for Chinese to start new mines? And now you call Malays “ungrateful”? You have a warped mind.

    Do you know that the Chinese brought secret societies, thugs and gangsters, fought for control of the tin mines leading to the Ghee Hin Kapitan Cina and 44 of his thugs and gangsters signing a Petition to the British Resident in Penang to help them regain control over mines lost to the rival Hai San Gang? Do you know that this resulted in the British entering Perak with a military force and eventually led to British Intervention in the affairs of the Malay States and British Colonialism in Malaya?

    Do you know that the mining industry was controlled by the secret societies, thugs and gangsters, that the Malay tin mines were drawn into the system, Malays became involved in the gang fights? Do you know that the Malays had a total of 350 mines at one stage but gradually disappeared as a result? One wonders how long the Chinese dominance in business was due to the control of the secret societies, thugs and gangsters but the fact remains that they are still around. And by the recent PKR Assemblyman and PKR MP allegations against the DAP Exco, they roam even in the Selangor State government offices!

    You should read the History of Perak written by University Professors, not by Wikipedia which can be written practically by anybody.


  67. Anonymous8:49 pm


    Judging from your questions, “How can the people in northern Malaya be Malays if they belonged to Thailand? … why was it that the author or authors of your cited history books were never ever nominated for a Nobel Prize?” and your statements, “please go and read up from the real history literatures from some of the world leading institutions to broaden up your limited knowledge before trying to lecture anyone on the history of Malaysia. History is older than 2000 years!”, I agree with Radiologist that you are an ignorant chauvinist and that one should not waste one’s time engaging you in a discussion.

    I am addressing you for the last time just to show readers that you cannot go about saying anything you like without being told what and who you are. You are racist, ignorant of Malayan/ Malaysian history, you do not acknowledge the Social Contract between the Malay and non-Malay leaders at Merdeka, do not respect and abide by the Constitution of the country in which the elements of the Social Contract (citizenship and Malay Special Right) have been embodied. Those who do not respect and live by the Constitution of any country are not loyal citizens of that country. The Constitution is the highest set of laws of the land, all other laws emanate from it.

    On your repeated claims of huge contributions to Malaysia, do you realize how much the Malays have contributed to the development of this country? The Malays also pay tax, proportionate to their wealth and income. The Chinese contribute to the economy but they get wealth and comfort at the same time.

    But don’t you see the Malay contribution to the defence and the maintenance of security in the country? At salaries that are pittance compared to the Chinese in business? Often with minimal comfort and at the risk of their own lives.

    Do you know how much of the extra tax the Chinese pay goes to maintaining Police personnel assigned to keep watch and control the secret societies, thugs and gangsters which existed since the latter part of the 19th Century?

    I can write yards on the justifications of the NEP but it’d be a sheer waste of time for hardcore racists like you. I will just reproduce what NoMalayApologist said...

    “You want us to give up our privileges...then give up yours too.” (He meant citizenship, which the Malay and non-Malay leaders at Merdeka agreed was in exchange for the Malay Special Right/ NEP). He pointed out that it was “Quid pro Quo .. tit for tat”. But, for you, I would call it “tit for tit”!


  68. Bodoh betul la si Najib manaukau ni!

  69. Anonymous10:33 am

    My brethrens..

    Nothing surprising about this najibmanakau lancau behaviour..plenty more from where this animal came from..

    They are what they eat..PIG!

    - SONDOL like a babi, blindly arguing with their ass-fart not facts..pigs eat everything even their own brain..scavangers..their brain already digested becoming shit, that's why..babi buta tanpa fakta ikut sesedap citarasa..

    - FILTHY & pengotor like a babi ..its their genetical traits, regardless from where they got their education either up sky or 6ft.under, sama saja pengotor mcm pendatang tak bertamadun..That's for sure..for record Georgetown once was the dirtiest city in Malaysia..that's what u got when you had a full-house kandang of uncivilized pendatang babi..

    - SOUND like a babi when speaking in their pendatang tribe language..they cannot communicate in low volume and have respect for other civilized humans..stupid & ignorant pigs..

    - SHAMELESS like a babi by still remaining in state of denial after loosing in debate, bad babi looser..

    - GREEDY like a babi..that's for sure..their inherited traits..

    Do not worry my bros.. let them keep on oinking through their snout like a dying pig..they know their days are numbered for is all so expected..

    Ahh..ultra chingkies..they're fucking irritating and annoying..and that's for sure..and it is really fun to hunt for these wild pigs in this blog..where else ..only in Rockybru's! Long live freedom of speech..

    p/s: Bro John..we can handle this mafucker..if bro Warrior ever show up with more facto-figo..the result will still be the same..this ultra chingkie babi cannot even read or think, but they thought they can fly..

    Hey, babi do not fly with British Airways to Malaya, it was transported by the Brits with Tongkang-Longkang forwarder agent, no Bill of Lading whatsofuckingever..what an animal joke! perasan..hahahahaha!

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  70. Anonymous10:50 am

    To najibmanaukau,

    There is no need to talk sense into them.

    They would not admit their weaknesses.But they always like to blame other people.

    What is so great about being a bumiputera?

    Is it very embarassing about being a pendatang?

    The Chinese actually got their citizenship rights because of their fight against Japanese.This was a promise given by the British to the Chinese.Furthermore,the Malays accepted Chinese as citizens so that Dato Onn would not step down as UMNO president.

    Their religion teaches them that everyone has equal rights.But they buat buat tak tahu.They only know they are allowed to marry more than one wife.

    Let us go back to university rankings.UiTM is for Bumiputera only and has no pendatang.I cannot find its university ranking.

    Keturunan pendatang

  71. Anonymous11:47 am

    Look at this Keturunan Pendatang fellow.

    Where on earth did he find the kind of history he stupidly wrote. He is speaking the communist line, that the Malayan Communist Party was nationalistic and all that shit.

    He is a subversive bloke and should be hauled into Kamunting DC. (He may take this to mean Washington DC, this moron! He and his kind will interpret things in all sorts of manner to justify their ungratefulness, greed and anarchistic tendencies).

    Read what D:muhahaha said above, man. You and your kind deserves what he/she says.

    General Tojo
    Japanese Imperial Army
    World War II
    Kuala Lumpur Headquarters.

  72. "Is it very embarassing about being a pendatang?"

    i think yes,it is very embarassing,poor command of BI,BM,went to SRJKC/T.did you ever heard about jaclyn V?Vince?Prof khoo?etc?nice isn't it?being like them,accepted everwhere,a malaysian.not like you.hahaha.

    "The Chinese actually got their citizenship the British to the Chinese."

    kahkah kahkahakah.

    fight against japanese?for what?malaya?or your own ass?

    The Promise,by Chen Kaige?hohohoh,wiped ass...of course the brits just want to get rid of shits!!!I mean YOU to get rid of expect the brits will brought stinky shit back to england?hahaha
    brits please accept them,hahahahabut the brit refused.poor pendatang,always a pendatang.kahakahakah.discrimination my foot,you ass.

    "... Malays accepted Chinese as citizens so that Dato Onn would ... UMNO president."

    where do get this?huh?MT?Mkini?chin peng?dap?pigs?dogs?hahaha.whatever...

    "Their religion ........rights.But they buat buat tak t..... wife."

    who are you to teach us about our religion?equal right?when a bunch of racist like yourself starts threatening our religion,complaining about jawi,azan etc you expect us to sit and let that happen?WRONG!!!!islam thought us about ADIL,not SAMA RATA,dotard!!!

    ok,let go back to U ranking.
    u believe in this ranking pig?can you explain to us what kind of criteria their use to evaluate the ranking?a private entity done that stupid ranking and you believe it?hey government,UM just pay that stupid company 1bilion USD,annually.for sure UM will sit comfortably among 50.
    typical mindset of pendatang always indulges themselves in ranking,largest car,money,pigs, who is the best,etc.

  73. Anonymous5:13 pm

    You are right General Tojo. That Keturunan Pendatang fler is a subversive. His babi chauvinistic arguments are laced with commies' ideals. Not surprising that he is the sort that worship the M'yan Communist Party and hoping to have Chin Peng as the leader supremo of Malaya.

    Hey Pendatang, your history lesson stinks as it has been farted upside down inside out. God, you're a terrible liar.....We should have finished you all off in Manchuria, but we didn't, too bad....

    Another thing tomfool, to bad mouth a country that has given you shelter, wealth and prosperity just like that, shows the unachievable level of maturity of your grey matter that can never be attained as it is too mixed up with piggy and doggy brains. Yuks, no wonder so lowly graded comments that come out from your being and you're on the way to be a schizo and psycho person....You and your kind are allergic to anything Malay/Islam.....racist bigots!! If everything is not to your liking in Tanah Melayu, wtf, why are you still here? Go back to where your ancestors came from or do a harakiri. Leave Tanah Melayu alone.

    for General Yamashita
    Far East Command

  74. Anonymous5:22 pm

    ...The Chinese actually got their citizenship rights because of their fight against Japanese....

    No kidding, *fight against the Japanese* ?? Get off the samsu la ah beng, U were fighting for a Communist Malaya and dont ever forget the Malays in the remote reaches of the kampungs whom you tortured and killed as u chant and kowtowed to the CCP flag in the jungles of MALAYA, yes tanahair ku. Fuck Cheebai Peng! Funny why he isnt spending his days in the PRC, instead of some tropical beach now.

    What do you know about wives la- u only need to poke around with the amoys and then give up ur babies to the Malays bcos the last thing ur kind would do is adopt - sharing is just not in your genes as we all know too well.

    Ministry of Education- tengok apa sudah jadi. Why we really need the One School bad. Bangsa Kependat ni diam2 sebuk yarning away sejarah mereka sendiri!! Put the real thing into the history books and let the children of these kependats know the real deal, the atrocities committed by them. Nak save face bangsa macam ni lagi?

  75. NoMalayApologist8:09 am

    Just an explanation...when I said give up your privileges, I did not mean citizenship..the other races are Malaysians, and I will not argue that...It is your integration that I am questioning.

    Every time UM's name come's up, for bad or worst, it becomes badmouthed to foreigners, badmouthed by Malaysians...
    Tell me..dont you have a patriotic bone in your body? Blogs in English ridiculing the Malays, portraying the Chinese as the great victims...and you want us to just take it?

    UM suddenly becomes the symbol of the failed, lazy malays. You unrealistically compare it to a univ. in a close neighbour, which happens to be a rich, developed city state with fewer people.

    It will not only be the poor rural Malays who will lose if pure meritocracy was applied, what about the poor rural Indians....what would happen to their quotas? Meritocracy would just form a new kind of favoritism, in favour of the rich. But then, that's probably what you want, isnt it?

  76. Anonymous5:51 am

    This one hell of answerbacks. Way t'go guys. Keep it short sharp and acidic simple.

    Never come across anyone so chicken-brained obtused like Najibmanakau. LOL (Najibmanakau, you my man.. are beginning to sound like a tape recorder gone real bad)

    Kelana Perantau who missed out on NEP
    but can stand on his own nonetheless, no
    qualms whatsoever.
    Assimilated Minang Baba with Malay Soul