Sunday, October 11, 2009

"Even if there was only one man in MIC ..."

The real Sakti. That the MIC's president-in-waiting G. Palanivel is not too pleased with the warm reception BN leader Najib Razak has shown Makkal Sakti, the latest political party that will rival the MIC for the support of Malaysian Indians, is understandable.
The country's first PM would not have turned his back on the MIC. "Unfortunately," Palani laments in his latest blog posting, "we no longer live in the era of leaders like the Tunku." [Who is the real Sakti? by Palani 11/10/09]

Yesterday, Najib quashed talk that Makkal Sakti was his baby [Government will work with anyone who back 1Malaysia concept, Bernama 10/10/09].

"Makkal Sakti was not formed on my instigation but eventually it would be good for these (Indian-based political parties) to consolidate. The formation of this party is probably the political evolution for Indians in the country," he added.

"I do not want to say whether the MIC failed or succeeded (in assisting the community)...but it is the choice of the Indians (formation of MMSP). What is important is that they support the government," said Najib.

Asked if MMSP would be BN's trump card in winning back the support of the community, which deserted the BN at the 2008 general election, Najib said it was not up to him to say if the newly launched party would be BN's trump card in facing future general elections.

"But Makkal Sakti has brought a lot of support and we hope it can attract more support. On their inclusion into the BN we will discuss that later. It is up to the BN supreme council. Whether they are in or out (of the BN), we are willing to work together and that is the most important thing," he added.

It's too early to tell how MIC and Makkal Sakti leaders will react to Najib's consolidation hint, but much depends on how the BN fares in the Bagan Pinang by-election today (LIVE coverage here), where Indian voters are said to be crucial in deciding if Pakatan Rakyat's by-election winning streak will end) and Palani's own brand of leadership when he takes over the MIC presidency from Samy Vellu (which is expected to happen very, very soon .. sooner than most pundits would dare expect).


  1. Anonymous3:15 pm

    guess that fat boy got his wishes... split up them indians & to reigns them buggers in.

  2. The Indians have to stop relying on sympathy and handouts. Political parties are going to use them as a means to their own ends. They can form a hundred fragmented parties and get Ministers to inaugurate them but Indians as a whole need to be more enterprising, genuinely seek the path of success. Samy Vellu is taking the Indians for a ride and enriching his own cronies. He has managed to do this for so long since his ‘gangster’ strong arm techniques have subdued any Indians wanting to question him.
    The Indians have reached a stage where many do not know what real success is nor what is team community effort. At election time, the politicians of various races pledge blind promises to win their votes. After the elections, they are forgotten – Kg. Buah Pala for one. Hence, Indians do not need new political parties. MIC is sufficient but they need to get rid of Samy Vellu and his cronies before they can think of positive outcomes in Malaysia. Otherwise, they are doomed to poverty.

  3. What is so disgusting to me is that there is no end to the number of Indian leader wannabes who want to lead or represent or speak on behalf of Malaysian Indians.

    The best medicine for he woes of Indians is to leave them alone and not lead them. Let them just fend for themselves. As long as they have the vote let those who need their vote serve them.

  4. Anonymous5:06 pm

    MIC & Samy Vello can soon kiss their arse goodbye

    Steven Yang

  5. Anonymous5:43 pm

    Check out the page 2 NST picture of Najib officiating Makkal Sakti.
    He is made to look like a mak nyah with the wierdo post, and the missworld type selendang while the Indian at the back looks like the macho winner... post the picture and ask for your readers to caption it plse.


  6. Anonymous8:12 pm

    Hi Bro,

    MIC have to come to terms that time have changed. Tunku a great leader, told that at that time knowing fully well that MIC is in good hands. It is not the same MIC now. MIC now run by group of leaders with self interest and a dictator. Time have come for Najib to embrace other parties such as Makkal Sakthi. I am sure Najib is doing well without MIC and hope he will continue to do so. The win in Bagan Pinang will show that Indians are with Najib with or without Samy Vellu.

  7. Rocky,

    With MIC now,tell Palani(vel) we are not talking about the real "sakhti"even if there is one MIC member, but we are talking about the real "sakit"!
    One feal "sakit" man is definitely Samy Vellu. Unfortunately the MIC Indians are not MCA Chinese. Unlike the Chinese the Indians are living in fear of their "sakit" leader.
    So if Najib supports Makhal Sakhti a new Indian party,it is because as a PM he has to be responsive with a reality of the day.
    But if some people wants to relive the Tunku days so be it (in the yesteryears I respect Tun Sambanthan as a real Malaysian Indian leader, but today do not insinuate the PM has sold out MIC for appearing not to support the oldest Indian political party in the cuntry, but the question Palani should ask himself is "what have we (MIC) done lately!?"
    If you ask me Palani, the answer is "nothing!"
    So do not make insinuation on the PM just cleansed your "MIC Sakhti or Sakit". And have some respect mate!

  8. Anonymous9:05 pm

    Well its time the Goverment, take a serious look at the Indians!! The other side of Indians ~ The Punjabis, The Gujaraties & The Sindhis!! look at this GROUP. Any hands out to them? any funds for their education and business JUST go to JALAN TAR get a clear picture.

    Sorry GUYS MIC or any other Indian Party is just another normal party for $$$.

    We have stand on our own TWO feet from day ONE, and we will still stand on our own two feet.

    We dont depend on this group of partys so call (EMPTY VERSAL)!


  9. Its a big win at Bagan Pinang for BN today with or without the MIC.

    Samy Vellu and Palani can do all the wishful thinking as they like as MIC burns. MIC must ditch Samy Vellu now before its too late, time does not wait for MIC.

  10. is it really that those indians in bagan pinang carry mic votes to BN or is it makhal whatever ....

    pelerni ... must know why PM Najib went on to officiate the new indian party ....

    tepuk lah dada tanya selera dont just sit behind and fending off all allegations just like their boss yang gila kuasa ....

    anyway selamat hari raya aidilfitri tadi nampak kat astro semborono jee.... cakap pasal kewartawanan


    When everyone wants to be the Red Indian Chief
    Things will be top heavy with no solid support beneath
    Too much crocodile tears without enough handkerchief
    'Divide and rule' will lead them all to their grief

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 121009
    Mon. 12th Oct. 2009.

  12. Anonymous10:40 am

    The comments by Palanivel obviously is what Sammy Vellu wish to actually convey to the Prime Minister and the Malaysians! Sammy wish to stay clear of any controversial let the the Deputy President become the scapegoat should there be any falk from the PM or other BN component parties. Palanivel evidently is a well trained "parrot."

    Obviously both Sammy and Palanivel needs to do a lot of "soul searching" to really ask themselves what they have really done for the Indian community. If only Sammy had not been selfish and greedy in really trying to help the Indian community certainly he would have had their support. Why then would other Indain based parties started to be formed? Definitely because the Indian community feel cheated by Sammy as their interests are not looked into. It is human nature....since Sammy wish to become the "God" (just look at the statue that he installed at Batu Caves) and only look after the interest of his cronies therefore what other alternative does the Indian community has? Furthermore there are a lot of negative news with regards to his family members. Just look at what happen to MAIKA Holdings! So Palanivel don't get overly upset if more Indian based parties becomes active. What you need to do is to actually revamped the MIC to make it stay relevant. Please ensure ther are still many members of MIC when you FINALLY have the chance the assume the Presedency of MIC. I wish you all the best.

    MIC Oberver

  13. Anonymous12:04 pm

    Tunku said even if there is only 1 MIC member, I will still talk to MIC only.

    But to Najis, it does matter how long you are in Alliance/BN or how many MIC members there are....

    If I want to Najis (shit) you out, I will shit (Najis) you out no matter what.

    SEE HOW SCRUPULOUS & DECEIT this fellow can be.
    otk ....
    .... IS NEXT DOWN


    Steven Yang