Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bagan Pinang, Viva MIC!

11/10 Official Bagan Pinang result: Barisan's Mohd Isa Samad wins with a huge majority, getting 8,013 votes against 2,578 for PAS's Zulkefly-Majo-5435

Before Jai [It takes Isa Samad to win] and Parpukari [Nizar Moron!Keputusan Live dari Bagan Pinang] alerted me of the official results, I received an SMS:- MIC count says out of 1,870 Indians who cast their votes in B.Pinang today, BN got a whopping 1,387 and PAS only 483. Viva BN, Viva MIC!


  1. Anonymous9:35 pm

    what crap are u talking about? how would u know it when the ballot papers does not mention about race or an indivdual details.

  2. Anonymous10:06 pm

    Viva BN, Viva MIC.

    Ha ha !
    Viva Las Vegas! What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas. (all that wheeling dealing !)

    And I thought that votes are secret. How the way the Indians voted can bocor liek that, wan?

    And Rocky, what is your comments, if any , on what Ku Li said. "Better for UMNO to lose since a victory for UMNO means an endorsement for corruption."

    Such an endorsement is too expensive a price to pay, no? It will come back to haunt BN come GE13,methinks.
    What do you think?


  3. Anonymous10:25 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Could it be possible now that Isa has won, all the 'tainted' UMNO politicians like the discarded Mat Tyson, Rahim Tambychik etc and current 'tainted' politicians like Nazri Aziz, KJ etc will make their case to still be involved in the next election?

    What an entangled web the UMNO President has weaved indeed?


    The Observer

  4. Anonymous10:36 pm

    how do u know 1300+ indians voted for BN? They wrote their names on the slip? Or 1300 indians went to collect Rm100 after they hv done with voting?


  5. Anonymous10:39 pm

    Well done, Indians, not the MIC. You showed the PAS and PKR guys not to mess around with a minority community. Last time, you showed Barisan that. Let this be a sign that Makkal Sakthi will prevail.

    PAS, stop your post-election fanatical attitudes. Hassan Ali, take note of the results.

    DAP, if you don't take the Indians seriously, you will have to pay dearly.

    Indians are all Malaysians and this is their motherland. So give them the due.


  6. Anonymous10:39 pm

    cheers Isa , too bad for pakatan , big time loss , all talk no action leads to failure ...... 1Malaysian

  7. Rocky's bru

    Thanks for the update.Useful info for one's understanding . So quoting the Quranic verses by the opposition 'sewenang-wenangnya'did not seem to work this time around.Neither the charade of 'parang attack'. Did the 'mark of zorro'gave away to much for the voters to stomach? One can only wonder.Regards

  8. Shariff11:49 pm


    Can you please enlighten me how anyone can claim the racial breakdown of the result?
    All ballots papers are secret? Therefore how do we know which race voted accordingly?

    All these claims and counter-claims are ridiculous. For MIC to start bragging sounds premature to say the least.
    Isa Samad is the warlord there - and has furnished his people there comfortably - so it was clear he was going to win.
    Thus MIC start kissing Isa Samad's ass for spreading some of the wealth...

  9. Anonymous12:03 am

    no big deal,what the f@@@ that proves? if so confidence let one Perak have election again,dare or not? winning in bagan Pinang shows what?

    Big deal

  10. Anonymous12:15 am

    Thanks to Hassan Ali! Thanks for the people who endorsed corruption!

  11. Anonymous12:29 am


    How come the 483 were not given rice cookers, pots, pans, murukku, sarees and cash by the BN sponsors who were helping Isa through 'play' .. oops..'pay' back initiatives?

    These sponsor buggers never learn.
    Next time, give lah the goodies to every Indian voter.

    Then have gangsters around their homes to remind them whom to vote.

    Its so easy to 'convince' Indians in Malaysia.

    They just have to choose - to be like Francis Udayappan and Kugan or not.

    So easy mah!

    And UMNO will continue to claim itself as halal and clean - no money politics involvement.

    All work done by sponsors! They carry the dosa!

    Anyway Rocky, you want to put up this news/discovery/revelation in Malay Mail?

    Jaga sikit bro... the ever independent Elections Commission has been going round town to say that votes are secret...and here you 'bocor' the fact that the EC is wrong!

    Keen to walk up and down the corridors of the judiciary again?


  12. the samurai incident and the alleged attack on pas worker by salahudin ayub is a huge backfire. less then 48 hours before polling, salahudin ayub create this big LIE to the rakyat of bagan pinang. tantawi made a follow up by spamming sms to pas supporters nationwide to come into bagan pinang and wage 'jihad' againts umno supporters base on this incident. however, later the police confirmed that there is no such incident, and the person claim that he was beaten never made any report. in fact, the person inthe picture with blood spurting on his face is an unknown person.

    then pas try to make damage control, but their damage control strategist create another LIE by telling the person in the picture who is alleged beaten by an UMNO supporter is by the name of 'bob' and could not be located. PAS loose a lot of its credibility by this blatant LIE.

    less then 24 hours before polling, PAS became desperate, so they import outside supporters into teluk kemang in huge numbers. when they came in numbers, they became unruly. this only makes the locals 'meluat' with pas.

    btw, there is no way of telling the statistical results based on racial composition. BUT, we can make a GOOD GUESS on it because each polling station usually comes from places where racial composition is known in general.

    for example, we know that the voters from bagan pinang consist of around 65% malay, 20% indian, 13% chinese, and maybe 2% others. this is break up further for each polling station, for example,

    Ladang Attherton (Saluran 1)
    BN 236
    Pas 91

    we can tell from this saluran, there are about 93% indian voters, so base on the result, you can somehow make a good guess.

    there are 17 polling stations.

  13. Anonymous1:08 am

    VIVA BN!

    and what about chinese vote? still goes to pas???


  14. Anonymous2:26 am

    How dare an ISLAMIC party try to con us with that samurai concoction?

    Now comes their sore loser antics and tantrums.Tiresome.


  15. Anonymous7:10 am

    Those who do not know how MIC would know how many(or whereabouts) Indians votes they got apparently have no clue on how the voting process in Malaysia, or rather how segregated the voters in many parts of Malaysia, including Teluk Kemang. Take a look at voters list, take a look at their so called 'peti undi', 'saluran undi', etc. Once you analyzed those data, you pretty much can tell where the Malays, Chinese and Indians votes went.

    Rocky, I think you should block those posters who are too dumb or too lazy to understand this country's voting process. They simply post ignorant posts sprinkled with stupid remarks. Learn first lah before touching those keyboards.


  16. Anwar Ibrahim7:30 am

    Apalah bodoh sangat anon 9.35 dan McKerinchie ni. Just look at which polling station the votes came from lah. Kalau dah dari estet tu takkan pengundi Melayu dengan Cina.

  17. why got some stupid bloggers in your blog who do not know that some indian area won by BN. So analysis is based on those areas, Just make it simple la...

    Anyway Isa Samad is deserved winner. Of coz he got a tainted history but if repent only Allah know. Allah had punished him before when he was humiliated for his offense, lost his top position and also lost his wife. So anyhow if he is a new man, he deserve to win becoz something precious that he have which is a leadership and most ppl respect that.

  18. Anonymous8:55 am

    Chepet, no one cares about chinese votes now. It's the Indians who get all the goodies. Chinese are hard to buy.....


  19. Rocky no la!
    Your headline shoulod read "Bagan Pinang, Viva Indians from Makkal Sakhti", it also shows the Malays are more united now, don't you think!
    BN won 5,430 votes and most of them came from the Malay voters!

  20. Anonymous9:33 am

    aiyo that teruk aa

    already proven to be rasuah yet people vote.

    ceh rascal

  21. sadly, fanboy still doesn't know that 1Malaysia still have a few places where race stil majorit a ballot box.

    pi masuk skolah balik. belajar statistik. dah lepas math SPM amek calculus pulak. OK? lepas tu nanti baru leh tau camne diroang kira ok?

  22. The result in Bagan Pinang just goes to show that the issue of corruption is better left to the voters to decide.

    I asked an old lady once why did she continue to support rich politicians that are so obviously corrupt. She answered "kalau takde duit siapa nak sokong dia". This from a woman who is the most humble and honest person I know.

    Corrupt practices and politicians. You can't separate the two. Not here in Malaysia or in other parts of the world. Western politicians are just better at spinning things.

    At the end of the day, the people will vote for the one that can get things done for them. Apparently Isa is the man.

    As for race, who are we to say that only politicians stoke up racial sentiments. From the comments received so far, it still looks like race issues are very close to our heart.

    And why not?


  23. Rocky,

    Yep.. indians might be back to the BN fold, thats true but you just not forget others that make up votes for Isa to win.

    They also deserved a pat on their back. Indians votes do not comes even close to majority, so where the rest of the votes come from.

    Good news from this is that Malays are voting BN.

  24. Anonymous10:25 am

    Bro Rocky

    Perangai dan kelakuan ahli-ahli PAS banyak busuk. Tetapi saya tidak menyalahkan mereka. Kelakuan mereka ini lebih mencerminkan pemimpin2 mereka. Ini kah Islam yang mereka perjuangkan?

    Mereka hanya berani berperang dengan sesama bangsa dan agama sahaja.

    Semasa tidak bersama DAP dahulu, mereka tidak berani bertindak menentang bangsa Cina DAP dengan kekerasan sedemikian.

    Apa punya Islam lah Parti PAS ini???

  25. Anonymous10:29 am

    Is this the start of the end of the 'Tangkap Muat' pact of the right from the start doomed 'unregistered' coalition who has different ambitions that are fueled by cunning and selfish Anwar who wants to be PM, DAP also actually wants all the power and create another Singapore, Pas the still clueless led by a Senile Old Man who thinks anybody can quote from the Quran for political gains. Is this the End of all this circus?

    YOU BETCHA!!!!

    Condolences to the diehard fans of Penipu Rakyat.


  26. to even have the information on vote counts by race is just totally appalling.

  27. Anonymous10:38 am

    Bro Rocky,

    Penyokong PAS ni semuanya memang bodoh belaka. Sanggup buat apa sahaja yang disuruh oleh Pakatan Rakyat. Kekadang suruhan itu bukan dari Parti PAS mereka sendiri tetapi suruhan dari DAP dan PKR yang berkepentingan.

    Lihat sahaja lah di Perak tempoh hari, kaum Cina yang dapat geran tanah, tetapi yang pergi baring di tengah jalan di Bukit Chandan adalah orang2 Melayu PAS. Bangsa Cina yang dapat habuan cuma lihat dari jauh dan tepuk tangan.


  28. Just goes to show that the Pakatan electoral pact crap nonsense about tainted candidate did not cut with the voters who voted in a popular and generally acceptable candidate in Isa Samad.

    Seems the Indians are beginning to come back to BN but definitely it is more to do with Najib's active encouragement of the Indian voters to vote BN then the sudden 'popularity' of Samy Vellu's MIC. So MIC should not blow their horn on this onelah.

    Viva BN, Viva UMNO, Viva Makkal Sakhti.

  29. Since when you become such a strong supporter of MIC, brother Rocky?

  30. Anonymous11:03 am

    Rocky - Parpu connection is disconcerting to say the least. Any Indian reading Parpukari's blog will be IMMEDIATELY turned off by his racist antics. Its one thing to fight for your own community, its quite another thing to insult other races with expletives and epithets. A tad hypocritical since the talk is that Parpukari has his fair share of Indian blood flowing through his fat ass.

  31. Anonymous11:26 am

    Isa dont deserve to be elected. He is just Corrupted.Indian Voters in Bagan are like those from india. Vote for Corrupted Politician. Futhermore those indians in Bagan are like Gangsters.NS has the number of highest Criminal indian in malaysia.Good luck!

  32. Keep it up BN. Rakyat was fed up with PR promises, manifestos, rhetoric etc. Last 18 months, all promises made by PR are swept under the carpet. Corruption exist within PR coalition rampantly. If Anwar become a PM, he can easily overthrown by PAS & DAP because of sodomy habits & immoral activities

  33. La Cha Mau11:36 am

    Corrupted Piece Of Shit...with more to come. May GOD bless HIMSELF cos nobody else will.

  34. Anonymous11:53 am

    Are u sure it is MIC who was responsible for getting Indian votes?

    I dont believe MIC did it.

  35. Anonymous12:44 pm

    Ku Li commented on corruption?

    I remember when he was Finance Minister, he gave a family friend of ours Printing Permit?

    This family, children not exceptionally educated, (hidup atas harta kekayaan bapa ajer) had not the slightest idea what to do with this gift from Ku Li.

    Think Ku Li, hang bagi kat sapa Permit ini.. Pasai apa hang bagi kat depa? Bodek tu sama taraf dengan Korupsi.

    Hih! Puak2 politician yang dah tua2 nih, zip mulut duk diam diam main dengan cucu cicit kat rumah udah ler.. Your time dah over! Meluat!


  36. Anonymous12:52 pm

    Halo kawan...,

    Sumer komen kt sni mangkuk la. Nak tau cra penggundi India skong BN mcm ni. Kta ada beberapa tempat mengundi. Salah satu tmpat mengundi tu kaw. estet. Bl dikira majoriti undi brpihak pd BN. Jd India skong BN la. Sy tk taula plk ada kaum cina dlm estet tu. Tp sy org B.Pinang & sy pn mengundi smlm jd sy taula. Lg pn kami org B.Pinang mmg pilih Isa Samad ketua kami. Apa korang sumer bising2 tk suka. Bukannya dia jd wakil anda pun. Sy nasihatkan jgn cmpur ursan kami paham. Dtg B.Pinang tnya penduduknya sumer kenal calon BN tu. Kita tk pilih parti maa kita pilih calon.
    Akai ada kaa...


  37. Anonymous2:19 pm

    All this while people had said that the ballot paper is tainted.. Is it true? Please enlighten..

    I remember once my dad told me that the Government is going to know who-vote-who.. So for those working in Government sector, they are afraid to vote for opposition because they might lose their job..

    So it's true?

  38. Rock on you racist malaysians!!!!!

  39. Anonymous3:21 pm

    menang sebab undi pride maa..

  40. Anonymous3:25 pm

    Bila masa makkal sakti party turun padang berkempen??? tak nampak seekor pun! Ask any UMNO guys n they will tell you MIC was always there working their balls off!!

    Saya nie orang PD n I know what went on there!

    Pemuda PD - MIC forever.

  41. Soalan Cepu Emas4:49 pm has exceeded the number of hits that Haris Ibrahim's People's Parliament blog has achieved in half the time.

    Rocky, why you not putting up link for Tukar Tiub blog on your blog but you put link to Haris Ibrahim's website and other nonsense blogs like Parpukari?

    Takut kah?

  42. Anonymous5:22 pm

    Maka tercatitlah dalam sejarah Malaysia hari ini bahawa daerah Bagan Pinang merupakan daerah yang paling ramai meminati pemimpin rasuah. Bolehlah ditukar nama daerah Rasuah. Hebat tu....

  43. Anonymous5:33 pm

    Dulu BN underestimated the power of internet war and heavily rely on traditional media ... as a result BN kalah dalam peperangan.. sekarang BN is more prepared..and engaged in internet war to fight against PR in a big way...nampakny sedikit sebanyak membuahkan hasil... cuba tengok dlm youtube..kalu dulu penuh dgn video clips PR aje, sekarang clips BN dah byk to counter any allegation made against them...

  44. Anonymous5:36 pm

    Non muslims baru sekarang nak beria ria petik ayat al quran.. ada kah mereka ikhlas ....mengunakan al quran utk meyakin orang islam... bila aku tengok Gobala and Nga kor ming baca ayat Quran aku rasa meluat..aku lagi meluat tengok penyokong totok Pas and belajar agama secara mee celup tu terpekik pekik bangga.....

  45. Oghe Kelate5:50 pm

    Anon 3:21 PM said:

    menang sebab undi pride maa..

    Ooo, kalau PAS dapat majoriti Pos okay pulak. Memang dasar hipokrit. Klaau lihat pada undi Pos ramai juga di kalangan anggota tentera yang sokong pembangkang/PAS. Tapi itu demokrasi. Terima lah belajar hakikat. Itu sudah ketentuan Allah, PAS kalah di Bagan Pinang. Cuba lagi di lain tempat....

  46. Shariff,

    Any 3rd year statistics undergradute can easily make effective and efficient estimate on the racial breakdown of the votes. All basic numbers are there for a good environmental regression analyses

  47. Anonymous6:36 pm

    Pasquale said:
    " also shows the Malays are more united now, don't you think!"

    Yeah, yeah ! Melayu pandai!
    More united in their support of corruption. Silly Melayu. I am ashamed to be Malay.But a redeeming factor is I am not from N9. Thank God for minor mercies.

    When will they ever learn, when will they ever learn?


  48. Anonymous7:05 pm

    Wahh sooo angry maa the PR supporters. Still living in dreamland that Anwar will be PM or DAP will rule or PAS will be the all mighty.

    Malaysians have woken up and punished BN enough with their protest votes on March 08.

    Especially now that they see how incompetent and power crazy (or just plain crazy) PKR,DAP and PAS are.

    PR certainly are not a better choice.

    To the diehard PR fans, WAKE UP!!!


  49. Anonymous7:08 pm

    'to even have the information on vote counts by race is just totally appalling.'

    Yeah it's appaling. Your name that is... KY Jelly?
    Hmph ha hah ha....

  50. Anonymous7:14 pm

    "May GOD bless HIMSELF cos nobody else will." La Cha Mau commented.


    Me thinks somebody's getting hit by lightning soon. KaBooM!!

  51. Denone7:33 pm

    PRK Bagan Pinang yang berakhir semalam memberikan rakyat Malaysia beberapa mesej penting;
    1. Sekiranya PRU12 rakyat menolak UMNO/BN (walaupun tidak semestinya mereka suka kepada PR - undi marah), maka PRK Bagan Pinang memperlihatkan fenomena sebaliknya bahawa rakyat marahkan PR (walaupun mungkin mereka tidak begitu bersetuju dengan UMNO/BN). Ini bermakna pengundian di kalangan rakyat Malaysia mengikut "siapa yang kami lebih benci, itulah yang kami tolak". Ini bukanlah satu sistem demokrasi yang matang, malahan boleh disifatkan amat mundur kerana isu yang akan dimainkan ialah siapa yang lebih buruk. Soal-soal positif mengenai parti/calon tidak lagi penting.
    2. PAS pula semangkin menonjol ciri-ciri `keganasan' dan tidak tolerans, dan dilihat oleh parti lain dalam Pakatan Rakyat sebagai amat bahaya. Walaupun untuk jangka masa pendek, PR memerlukan fanatik-fanatik seperti ahli PAS untuk memperjuangkan isu-isu yang didokong bersama oleh PR, namun untuk jangkamasa panjang fanatik seperti ini akan menyulitkan PR untuk bekerjasama dalam sebuah kerajaan. Jika orang PAS boleh berbuat seperti apa yang mereka boleh lakukan kepada saudara Islam dan sebangsa, apakah akan terjadi apabila PAS dan DAP atau PKR tidak lagi sehaluan. Nescaya mereka akan diperlakukan lebih buruk lagi. PAS kelihatan semakin besar kepala dan tidak boleh menerima kekalahan. Seharusnya mereka sedar di Bagan Pinang peluang mereka amat tipis, maka mereka seharusnya bertanding secara gentlemen untuk menunjukkan kematangan parti yang berlandaskan ciri-ciri Islam. Sekarang orang bukan Melayu sedang tertanya, apakah politik maki hamun dan provokasi yang diamalkan oleh PAS sesuai untuk masa depan PR. PAS perlu banyak muhasabah diri.

    Saya kira, dalam masyarakat pelbagai kaum dan agama, parti-parti yang lebih toleran, non-chauvanistic, non-extremis adalah lebih sesuai untuk negara ini.

    Diantara kedua-dua BN dan PR, mungkin kita dapat lihat yang mana satu yang mempunyai ciri-ciri yang saya sebut.

  52. Anonymous9:54 pm

    Anwar Ibrahim Is An Idiot PR Leader.

    BN put a corrupted candidate and YOU LOSE? WTF!

    If you lose court cases and end up in jail, that is your problem.
    But losing elections when the opponent put up tunggul kayu is STUPID.

    Enough of the juara kampung and menang sorak.
    Show us leadership and win the BIG ONES at the opponents heartland.


  53. Anonymous11:51 pm

    Good that BN won in BP. For PR lovers, no need to have sour grapes lose some you win some, then you get win win mah....

    PAS must do a redress on their political outlook and what exactly is their goal for the country....Shouting with Islamic slogans are just empty rhetorics to get more votes, only gullible sapiens will fall for it.....Also, PAS members pretend to be more Islamic than UMNO but at the end of the day, we know that they are not....I should say that they are the biggest hypocrites of all...

    From what I see and observe, PAS is more of a Parti Angkatan Selam....they are not Islam but SELAM....selam and angguk angguk....nothing in their grey matter actually....just pak turuts ...PAS becomes very aggresive only with their own kind but with non Malays, they crumpled without any fight....Very pondanish....and don't let me talk about its leader, the senile old man who knows how to curse and swear only but knows nothing about the ground masses, lest I would be bombarded with nuclear laced written innuendoes and be condemned to the seventh hell till kingdom come by his blind followers...

    Btw I am not pro UMNO either....what the heck we can't exactly choose can we?

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

  54. Anonymous8:15 am

    Anon Mat Kerinchi said:-

    "Yeah, yeah ! Melayu pandai!
    More united in their support of corruption. Silly Melayu. I am ashamed to be Malay.But a redeeming factor is I am not from N9. Thank God for minor mercies."

    Well Ainon. It is better to support Isa Corruption than Anwar kaki bontot. Corruption better than sodomy.

    By the way, Isa's corruption charges are not really so if you come to think of it: he didnt receive: he paid. Tangan yang memberi ..... hahahaha.

    Ainon sebenar

  55. Anonymous11:22 am

    HANG SUDAH JADI LALANG.. U ARE MAN WITH NO PRICIPLES. dont sit on the fence pls. Cant believe that you stoop so low.


  56. Anonymous11:22 am

    HANG SUDAH JADI LALANG.. U ARE MAN WITH NO PRICIPLES. dont sit on the fence pls. Cant believe that you stoop so low.


  57. Anonymous said...
    what crap are u talking about? how would u know it when the ballot papers does not mention about race or an indivdual details.

    To Anon.

    Hey! Tak pernah tengok orang kira undi ker? If you have not been to the vote counting station, then you certainly don't know how to know the votes breakdown. You can actually know which kawasan doesn't support you.