Friday, September 11, 2009

KJ's Patience and Bamboo Stick Nationalism

Malingsia vs Indonesialan. The so-called "Relawan Ganyang Malaysia" is not a nationalist movement. Those people are hooligans, like our own Mat Rempits. The sharpened bamboo sticks they wield are threatening enough, though, and suddenly I'm not that proud to say that my brother-in-law is a Javanese or that I have my roots in Sumatra (which was part of the Melaka Sultanate, if you know your Nusantara history).

I'm glad our government has made its concern known about the safety of Malaysians in Indonesia as a result of this bamboo-stick nationalism. And as much as I don't like to agree with Khairy Jamaluddin, I think he'd said out loud in his usual fashion here what I'm sure a lot of us feel like telling those Indonesians in their face.


  1. Anonymous6:52 am

    Penunjuk perasaan tersebut menunjukkan tahap pemikiran yang rendah.Mereka tak sedar yang kita Malaysia menolong dan memberi peluang rakyat mereka mencari rezeki dimana ada sekurang2nya 3juta rakyatnya mencari kesenangan disini.Jika di darabkan dengan purata RM1000,bermakna dalam sebulan rakyat mereka mencari sesuap nasi sebanyak RM3billion. Ianya bukan angka yang kecil.Kalau diconvert duit Rupiah mungkin bertrillion.

    Aku rasa kalau rakyat Indonesia yang bekerja di Malaysia jumpa mereka dah lama dah picisan yang segelintir dan 'mereng' tu di balun(ganyang).

  2. woi people chill out la...

    let me assure you that there is NOTHING to Fear in Jakarta....

    Shit i know la I live here....

    Ni semua kecoh tak tentu arah....

    Just a bunch of few "preman" aka gangsters out to make a quick buck nothing else......macam buat illegal toll.....normally depa mintak sedekah....but what better what to peras someone when they "think" that their life is in danger.....

    Yg kecoh tu pun a bunch of tak laku politician in MPR....semua sibuk nak cari publicity....macam cibai aje....

  3. Salam Bru,

    Media massa Indonesialan bijak menggunakan kebangangan beberapa penyangak Indons yang nak ganyang Malaysia. Agak-agak ada kaitan ke dengan permainan politik pemimpin Indonesia?

    Indons perlu bersyukur di Malaysia mereka dapat tingkatkan taraf hidup + hidup dengan aman.

  4. Anonymous7:52 am

    bro rocky,

    saya rasa pemimpin negara kita mestilah bersikap lebih tegas lagi. sikap sebilangan kecil rakyat indonesia mungkin menggambarkan yang kita terlalu bertolak ansur dengan permintaan (demands) yang dibuat oleh kerajaan indonesia. sebab demands dari kerajaan indonesia, kita sampai nak kena pinda undang-undang kita.

    contoh yang paling nyata ialah bila kita terlalu mengikut kehendak mereka berkenaan isu pembantu rumah. ada kah patut kita membiarkan pembantu rumah diberikan kebebasan memegang paspot mereka? sedang paspot disimpan majikanpun, dia boleh lari, inikan pulak bila paspot disimpan oleh pembantu rumah sendiri. satu lagi berkenaan dengan gaji minimum. rakyat malaysia sendiri pun tidak mendapat gaji minimum yang diperjuangkan oleh MTUC, inikan pula kita nak memberi gaji minimum sampai RM800 (kalau tak silap saya) kepada pembantu rumah. apa kelulusan mereka? dahlah makan dan tempat tinggal diberi. gaji nak tinggi sampai macam tu.

    kerajaan sepatutnya membuka ruang kepada orang malaysia untuk mengambil pembantu rumah dari negara lain, misalnya dari (selatan) thailand yang mempunyai banyak persamaan dengan orang malaysia. kita tengok lepas tu, sama ada mereka ini boleh membuat demands yang melebih-lebih.

    mereka menyangka yang malaysia hanya bergantung kepada warga mereka untuk terus hidup, sebab itulah melampau-lampau. takut esok lusa, kita nak makan tempe pun kena minta ijin dari mereka.

    - ahmad kamal -

  5. Anonymous8:04 am

    They are angry with us, we are angry with them for being angry with us. But something smells outright fishy: you don’t get a 400 plus strong rabble-rousing hooligan group to wield parangs and bamboo sticks just because of a traditional dance wrongly attributed. I think it's more than that, else you won’t find university lecturers (and fellow campus students too) making sarcastic remarks to our students over there, in equally vindictive manner but in verbose ways.

    That’s the problem with this 1Malaysia or Malaysian Malaysia or whatever Malaysia concept. When we have cases like this, we would all like to renormalize ourselves as “Bangsa Malaysia” so as to absolve the crime, distribute the blame and make it like it is soooo equal and soooo Malaysian, padahal the perpertrator didn’t come from MY bangsa, you see. I don’t want to be associated with getting my race be a “Malaysian Race” with such … ishh…. I don’t have enough vulgar words to describe these … animals.

    But you know what, we can get people like this if they so want to represent the “Malaysian psyche”. Or get this pundek to confront those bamboo-wielding groups right there in Jakarta or wherever, replacing the phrase that they were uttering then with “All Indons pigi mampuuuuuuuuuuus”. Or this one, for that matter. Then as the malays say, barulah tahu tinggi rendahnya langit.


  6. Anonymous8:13 am

    I like KJ better now than when Pak Lah was the PM.


  7. Anonymous8:14 am

    Credit must be given when it is due, and Khairy started the ball rolling.

    Unlike Anwar and the Lim clan, who will support the silly Indon mobsters, Khairy, despite his 'outcast' treatment, chose to speak some sense.


  8. UMNO to be sronng and relevant there are 3 things Najid should be doing by now:-

    1. Get rid of KJ
    2. Get rid of KT
    3. Get rid of tainted leaders.

    And they will walk tall again.

  9. Anonymous9:43 am

    i would like to sponsor an Air Asia ticket for KJ to Indonesia so he can tell these street protesters in their face. Hope he comes back in one piece or these protesters simply solved UMNO internal problems

  10. Ignore them, they're probably just a bunch of lowly-educated hooligans easily provoked by the slightest sensational news, thinking that such acts show they're patriotic. We also have such pseudo-patriots on the road, proudly displaying the national flag on their cars before National Day arrives, yet nonchalantly throw out rubbish onto the road from their cars, haha!

    Still remember that a few yrs back, another gang of hooligans openly declared that they were ready to sacrifice themselves to attack M'sia?

  11. vinnan10:05 am

    Up against the Indon pendatangs UMNBO has no balls. That's right these Indon Muslims are the real pendatangs assholes. UMNO does not even dare to scold them. Nizar is right UMNO nothing but pondans.

    Where are UMNO's Ketuanan Kerismuddin and that bastard pendatang 'killer' Ahmad Ismail of Penang. Whre are your kepala lembu warriors? Typical UMNO, only brave enough to kick and spit on the minorities in Malaysia.

    Listen UMNO a day will come when there will be a real external threat to Malaysia. Do you UMNO bastards think the non-Malays should stand up for this country or should we be the pendatangs you people call us and just leave the dying to the brave 'Ketuanan Melayu' warriors?

    Malaysia Boleeeeh!!!

  12. Anonymous10:24 am


    I am more worried about the Hindu Fascist groups with their tridents as adored by Selangor ruling junta, than the Indons with their sharpen bamboo sticks.

    Bekas Noja Surau Seksyen 8
    Shah Alam

  13. Bro Rocky.

    Marina Mahathir insulted the Malay race by describing the S23 protesters as "The Ugly Malays" in her posting in RantingsbyMM.

    I couldn't wait to read her comment on these "Relawan Ganyang Malaysia" of Indonesian origin.

    Will she describe them as "Ugly Indonesian" or the "Beautiful Indonesian just like my hubby".

  14. Don't think that we have no wrong in this case ..

    See this ...

    and you will know the reason why they did it to us ...

  15. Anonymous11:19 am

    Khairy, let's get rid of all indons in Malaysia!

    I am losing my patience with them.

    We gave them jobs and help Acheh and all the other disasters they suffered.

    What do we get in return?

    The rob us, rape our ladies and now they are insulting and challenging us.

    Enough is enough!

  16. Anonymous11:21 am

    Why is PAS,DAP and PKR so silent on this matter?

    Are you not Malaysians?

    Do you think that if these goons caught you on the streets in Indon they will let you go if you say "OH saya Orang DAP?"

  17. Anonymous11:40 am


    walaupun kenyataan, tapi sikap kita yang suka membesarkan aspek \ kita yang menolong dan memberi rezeki' kepada mereka tu yang menyumbang faktor kebencian... kita perlu mereka juga.. so aspek tu takleh nak buat main...

    faktor sini ialah ada dalang yang mengapi-apikan ni... cari siapa dalang. walaupon pada umum memang boleh nampak dengan nyata...


  18. Anonymous12:02 pm

    These "bamboo wielding" hooligans that you described is no different from S23 residents. One wields animals the other wields sticks...

  19. Lebih kurang macam pelampau kepala
    lembu. Depa bawak buluh..pelampau
    kat sini bawak kepala lembu. Usung
    pijak dan ludah, lepas tu makan juga
    kah kah kah !!! typical useless morons. Fly kite laaa.

  20. Mustapha Ong12:40 pm

    Dear Rocky Bru,

    Your lead story "KJ's Patience and Bamboo Stick Nationalism" smacks the hidden agenda of what's going on in NS UMNO politics. In a nutshell, it's going to be tit for tat politics.The singing puppets will be out to make sure that bagan pinang will be the new KJ political platform.

    Some senior UMNO members told me that Mat Esa is adamant to give a shot and insist that "he will be the only candidate" otherwise no deal. Maybe Esa is behaving like Samy Vellu. Both are strong inside-out and full of Vitamin M.

    If UMNO leadership gives in to this kind of political pressure and corrupted patronage, then I foresee UMNO will dig its own grave another meter down below.I hope Deputy President's signal will be well received by the NS UMNO warlords.

    The X-Factor will be Rais Yatim, the UMNO rising star among the veterans who is doing a good job, now that he is in-charge of public information agenda.

    Anyway, let me digress a little and talk about MIC and perhaps MCA which are threatening BN's solidarity.Thanks to Tun Mahathir and Utusan who had expressed the right Indian sentiments for the change in MIC's leadership.

    On record, Supra is the longest Deputy leader of a BN party that had never made to the No.1 spot.Many of us including my good self had known Supra since the early 70s when he was in the government.

    Personally, as a Wisma Putra officer, I had some official dealings with Supra and also the late Pathmanathan, together with Gen. Robless and his brothers way back in the 70s.I was then serving in Saigon from 1971 to 1973.

    I recall that during the 1978 campaign, I was directed by the late Tun Hussein Onn to help MIC, at that time during the leadership under the late Manivasagam.Also I did some strategic planning for MCA during that election year.

    My good friend Lee Lam Thye will remember for my campaign remarks in KL, when we debated on the educational opportunities open to non Malays, especially the Chinese education sector.Now Lam Thye who was the DAP strongman way back, remain one of my best friends in and out of politics. Thank you Tan Sri for your sincere comradeship.

    Who is Samy vellu?????. For the sake of the Indian community, he should be booted out, as his present status of MIC leadership was undemocratically elected.Pooh Rah Pooh Rah!!! Samy thinks he is the great Ghandi, but actually he is practising the politics of fear, but under the protection of some Indian gangsterism.If Samy thinks that I am also meddling in MIC politics for this party election campaign, then he should also sue me in court!

    Whether he will be under MACC investigation spotlight after his political demise is totally another issue.Hopefully, MACC will prove its absolute transparency, no matter whether the corrupted ones are MCA, MIC, UMNO or any other individuals.

    Protection/immunity is only good, when we are still lovable by the ruling political master, otherwise just face the music and end up in Sungai Buloh Holiday Resort. Samy, you should play smart politics just like Rafidah and Mike Tyson and your life will be in peace for the next world.

    As for Ong Tee Kiat, we pray for your personal survival as well as a stronger MCA to help UMNO and BN under Najib's leadership. Now that Cabinet has taken over the PKFZ burden,he should play smart politics to consolidate MCA. Leave the PKFZ hard nuts for the Cabinet to crack down Ali Baba and the 40 thieves!

    Finally, I fully support the formation of the new multiracial party "Parti Cinta Malaysia", to command better respects with integrity for all Malaysians under the banner of 1Malaysia concept. I firmly believe, the Malays, Chinese and Indians will be ready to support the new 1Malaysia political platform in the making.

    I am also equally excited to change camp if the end products are sincere and more transparent to the national development deliverable. Good luck to the inauguration of PCM.

  21. Anonymous12:52 pm

    What is KJ going to do? Demonstrate in front of the Indonesian's embassy?
    We are already controlled by Indonesians. If they declare a hartal, Malaysia will be frozen.
    We dont have pride if we do not take control back and do the work.

  22. Anonymous12:52 pm

    This thing was simmering before with other issues and now blown wide open after Singapore made that documentary. It's all planned...

    Now when it seems Malay solidarity are weak owing to the work of Anwar Berak-Him and the ever opportunistic DAPsies...

    So why not capitalise on this moment?

    Singapore needed a long term solution to it's diminishing land.
    Only real solution is to venture upwards i.e Malaysia.

    Singapore's ally, the U.S always wanted to stretch their imperialistic reach too.
    Singapore = Israel of the southeast Asia. U.S = King of the World.

    So... stir things up between Malaysia and Indonesia. But make it look unintentional of course.

    When things escalade further, and Malaysia goes to war with Indonesia, that's when Singapore's ally in Malaysia, DAPsies and Anwar will seek help from the United Nation for U.S intervention.

    And after the genocide and other gory details, Malaysia and Indonesia will cease to exist and to make sure the surviving populace (i.e DAPrians and Anwarians) continue to be govern and welfares taken care of... The United Nation with some arm twisting by the U.S, awards the land formerly known as Malaysia and Indonesia to Singapore. And Singapore will give some Ang Pow to DAPsie and Anwar.

    Thus, now Singapore have more land, the U.S claims Imperialistic power in Southeast Asia and they live happily ever after.

    Something like that laaar....


  23. Anonymous12:59 pm

    Please do not test our patience. It is one thing to protest in front of our High Commission (we respect your freedom of speech) but sharpening bamboo and threatening us physically, that is a physical provocation. What do you think will happen if they, instead of searching for Malaysians, searched for Americans or Brits the same way? It will be a totally different scenario!! So please, SBY, control your people before this gets out of hand. It will only look bad for Indonesia. (RagingBull)

  24. This demonstration is part of Anwar's insidious corroboration with the black elements of CIA, IFR, FFF etc to use his Indonesian network to severe the good relation between saudara serumpun.

    We post it here

    Anwar is creating chaos in this country through his anarchy politics.

  25. Anonymous1:15 pm

    Two wrong don't make a right. Whatever reaction that we may have should not be like the anti-ISA protest or anything for that matter.

    Pro Toleransi

  26. Keng Tiong Hai1:25 pm

    I support Khairy on this on. Why is it that the government under Datuk Seri Najib is afraid to stand up against the indonesian government and voice out disatisfaction about the vigilante group that want to harm malaysian in indonesia.

    Malaysian in Indonesia should not be harm just because on minor problem like the pendet dance being show on promotional clip which was produce by a local company for discovery chanel.
    Malaysia and Indonesia share so many thing in common yet we are so far apart in term of relationship.

  27. Bro,

    You said, "Those people are hooligans, like our own Mat Rempits."

    Can you please spare the Mat Rempits? They are basically not political at all.

    A better representation of our equivalent were at the town hall meeting last week with the Selangor Menteri Besar and of course those guys who did the cow head demonstration as well. See the videos if you haven't. Even Marina has it on her blog.

    Then you go on to suggest that all that bamboo stick waving is threatening. As threatening and as idiotic as the keris waving I suppose. Somehow you could discount the implied threat of the keris waving based on their hitherto not thought out explanation. Yet you take seriously the actions of some "mat rempit equivalents."

    Aiya, bro, see what happens when you submit to being shackled to a post? Can you imagine your maker shackled similarly? Truth will set you free, so said Jesus! I suppose there must be some equivalent verse in the Quran that you can refer to to set yourself free too!

  28. Anonymous1:39 pm

    The real agenda is to instigate Khairi to make more 'crude' and ''offending' statements so that action can be take against him by Malaysian authorities to finish him off politically?


  29. Anonymous2:05 pm

    Since we have a new submarine, why dont Malaysia sent it to sink a few Indonesian boats. We might as well use it since we paid billions for it.

  30. km ng2:13 pm

    My contractor friend told me KJ and his Amno youth gang is welcome to visit his construction site repeat the statement.

    Yohoooo....KJ, you around?

  31. Anonymous2:20 pm

    KJ's response reflects the juvenile mentality amongst vote-buyers like him.
    We should question why the sudden anti-Malaysia outburst..if this is due to unscrupulous elements keen on destabilising the region, responses like KJ's merely make these elements rub their hands in glee.
    Even if the demonstrators get 1,000 supporters, this is just a miniscule of the Indonesian population, the majority of whom I believe are friendly to us.
    KJ should investigate who are the culprits behind this demo rather than make knee-jerk reactions. Meanwhile, we should remain calm.


  32. Anonymous2:22 pm

    Rocky Malay Mail tidoq kah? Pak baca ni, lepai tu pi borak dgn si yushaimi, apasai rencana ni tak daq... :
    Two senior officers of Perbadanan Usahawan Nasional Berhad (PUNB) were called by the Sessions Court here to enter their defence on a charge of falsifying share and bond certificates valued at US$5bil (RM19bil).

  33. Jeff Ooi said this in his Screenshots

    -Cow Head: Umno 7, PAS 4, PKR 1-

    "Seven of them were from Umno, four from PAS and one was from PKR."

    But Rocky's Bru was inaccurate by saying colossally it was "Barisan 7, Pakatan 5".

    My party DAP, though in Pakatan Rakyat, did NOT join any of the fanatics to step on the cow head and hurl profanities at the Malaysian community.


    Did you highlight that in your blog that day???

  34. Anonymous2:49 pm

    Indians Continue Killing Indians

    Death Toll : 2
    Raped : Many
    Sodomised : At least 2 boys
    Cheated : 78

    1. PETALING JAYA: The father of a woman who was arrested over the murder of a businessman has also been arrested. . . Both father and daughter, were on the same flight from India . .

    2. KUALA LUMPUR: Actress K. Sujatha committed suicide for reasons best known to her, her family’s lawyer insisted at the inquest into her death. . . . Vell Paari, the son of MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu, had bought the actress an RM420,000 condominium, was a guarantor for her car loan

    3. SEVENTY-EIGHT Indian nationals who sought refuge in the Batu Caves temple last month have been flown back home by the Indian High Commission. . . they were brought in from India to work in Kota Tinggi in Johor, but wanted to return home after being given simpler work with lower pay due to their inexperience at skilled jobs.

    4. KLANG: A commotion broke out at an orphanage at Solok Lanjut in Taman Gembira near here when parents and guardians heard rumours that its founder was involved in the rape of a nine-year-old girl.
    The angry crowd broke down the orphanage gate to look for the 45-year-old man. A woman S. Shanti, 46, claimed that her teenage nephew, who had been accused of rape, was actually framed by the founder.
    The crowd, mostly single parents and poor people who had placed their children in an orphanage under the man’s care, smacked, spat and hurl profanities at the man while he was being taken to the magistrate’s court to be remanded.

  35. Anonymous3:12 pm

    Indonesian go and hunt the CHINESE malaysian.....They are the bad people...The chinese malaysian is the one that did all those nonsense to the maid and indonesian people... All indonesion unite and GO GET THE YELLOW FCUK....
    happy malaysian says...

  36. Anonymous3:29 pm


    penyangak-penyangak jawa tu goblok kot, dia orang tak tahu berapa ramai sdr mara di Malaysia ni. Dia org ingat kita minta sedekah, negeri tak keruan dgn bencana yg besar-besar yg remeh temeh "pendet" tu dia kata merampas budaya dia org. Apa hal nye tarian naga tu di tuntut China pula hak China apa macam? di Indon pun ada tarian naga tu...

    Kuda Kepang

  37. nstman3:44 pm

    Let's get it straight. If ever there is a war between Indons and Malaysians, Malaysians will be the first to do the running. Got it? So I urge Malaysians to discard the empty show of bravado and apologise to Indonesia. We Malaysians cant fight. We can only fight with our mouth. Malaysians are good for nothing, except eating char koay teow, nasi kangkang, laksa pulau pinang, laksa sungei pinang and what not. Dont test the Indons' patience, Khairy Jamaluddin.

  38. Anonymous4:04 pm

    To play safe and you are caught in the Ganyang Malaysia , please show your identity and tell them you are a Chinese Malaysian.

    They (Massa) are after the SUKU MELAYU aka gomen who always belittle them ( Ketuanan ) and harass them ( Saya Boss )

    The MCA or DAP people are quite safe in Jakarta.Not UMNO punya orang -jaga sikit or Hati Hati

  39. Anonymous4:37 pm

    Halo halo halo...,,

    Before we get angry to Indons let we united first. Throw away politicus mindset and together we stand. After that then we can talk about Indons maa. Our problem Malay vs Chinese vs Indian vs Sabahan vs Serawakian until now cannot mix how come we want prepare to attack Indon. I think right now is best time to Indons to attack Malaysia cause we Malaysian no united plus internal problem.

    Umang ai

  40. Anonymous4:40 pm

    Truth will set you freeeeee,
    and so comes out OLD FART from A PIG'S Butt, so said... !

    Keep on FARTIN' through the Old Mouth Old Fart. God, it smells in here, so said...!

    Stop Farting 'oh thee Old Fart, doth you polute the minds of your own kind, so said...!

    Old Fart, Old Fart, we've always look to the QURAN for wisdom thus that's the only place to find them, so said...!

    What's that i thee hear? Oh a little farting sound, so said...!


  41. Anonymous4:46 pm


    stop attending those Indonesian rock shows for a start.

    They're a rip off from western rock as well.

  42. Dear Bro,

    The best way for this is for each parties to cool it down.

    The best medicine for cooling down is to just ignore what the Indonesian is doing.

  43. we should seriously sucker up to the indonesians before they run us to the ground in a day and they dont need their army to march in, their people in malaysia would suffice! so just plead for understanding from them and we concentrate on our own jaguh kampung "cowheads". Better still,send the cowheads to broker peace between brothers-in-arms! do it fast!

  44. Anonymous5:27 pm

    "to make ppl unite, create an enemy".

    so far usaha UMNO nak jadikan DAP enemy kurang ideal dan kurang sambutan pasal melayu dalam PR dah tak kira apa dah, asalkan dapat discard UMNO.

    so, kena alih kat indon lak. Nanti kalau indon tak jadi, sapa lak pulak jadi mangsa.

    aku ingat ada orang api-apikan mamat indon sana..

  45. Pune Deck5:29 pm

    KJ pukimak ni boleh sokong Khalid Gereja, Khalid Babi dan Rodziah 375K dalam isu kepala lembu.

    Mana budak hitam ini dalam kes Kuil Sekseyn 19????

    Tatkala ISA mahu dihapuskan supaya anarki boleh terus berleluasa, dia menyebelahi mereka.

    Nampaknya dah macam sedia nak masuk PKR. Budak KJ di Sijangkang pun dah buat acara serentak dengan PKR untuk Pemuda UMNO bersuai kenal dengan Anwar Ibrahim.

    Padanlah beri paspot ...

  46. Setia kat wang5:30 pm

    Bodoh KJ cuma nak gaduh dgn budak tepi jalan. Sama standard dia gut ...

  47. Anonymous5:43 pm

    read classic writer pramoedya and babbu runching... u will understand the importance of the so called street urchins aka mat rempits...

    Pasukan Bambu Runcing di Masa Revolusi

    Hanya dengan bermodalkan senjata bambu runcing rakyat Indonesia di Jakarta siap mengorbankan nyawa untuk mempertahankan kemerdekaan yang baru diproklamirkan Bung Karno dan Bung Hatta. Dalam gambar tampak pasukan BKR (Barisan Keamanan Rakyat) dengan bambu runcing di pundak tengah berbaris yang secara khusus dibentuk pada 27 Agustus 1945 guna menghadapi pasukan NICA (Belanda) yang datang untuk menjajah kembali Indonesia membonceng pasukan sekutu (Inggris).

  48. wahyu6:36 pm

    media indonesia memang terlalu berlebihan memberitakan sikap anti malaysia ke masyarakat indonesia.. saya sampai prihatin melihatnya.. namun ada permasalahan juga yang saya lihat dimana kebanyakan orang malaysia berkomentar bahwa orang indonesia tidak tahu balas budi padahal sudah mencari pekerjaan di malaysia.. itulah yang membuat orang indonesia merasa orang malaysia suka merendahkan orang lain.. karena pada masa awal2 orde baru orang indonesia juga membantu mengirimkan guru2nya ke malaysia.. yang ada dipikiran orang indonesia adalah kenapa anda bersikap sangat merendahkan kami dulu juga pernah membantu negara anda.. saya hanya berusaha menjelaskan bagaimana perasaan orang indonesia yang mungkin tidak mengerti oleh orang malaysia yang membuat orang indonesia bisa mudah terprovokasi sehingga menjadi sebegitu bencinya dengan malaysia.. saya harap tulisan tidak penting ini : ) dapat membantu saling pengertian antara masyarakat kedua negara..

  49. KJ asS Anwar7:17 pm

    Ek Eleh si KJ mangkuk hayun ni, kalau isu macam ni dia nak tunjuk hero la, mana dia pi masa isu lembu? Mana dia pi semasa ISLAM dihina? Kenapa dia tak bukak mulut langsung semasa Raja Nazrin dihina?

    Waktu tu dia diam je, tapi bila isu internasional maka si mamat tak laku ni pun bukak la mulutnya!

    Korang ni buta ke? Mamat ni nak cari glamer je? APa dia nak buat lepas ni buat demo depan embassy ke?

    Kata hari tu bukan budaya UMNO nak berdemo! Penjilat-penjilat kurap dia bukan main pertahankan dia hari tu!

    AKU SETUJU DENGAN SATD, Benda ni bpleh diselesaikan dengan cara baik, sudahlah KJ!

    WE are tyired of your drama, i think you should continue in the movie business because you are not fit to be in politics, you already destroy UMNO and become rich!

    Apa lagi lu mau brader?

    Jangan nak tunjuk terer kat sini la brader, dari jauh kau berani sound la, nak turun padang telor kau mesti masuk ke dalam punya kan?

    Lu mau tipu sapa brader? Apa lu ingat kita beranak semalam ke?





  51. Anonymous7:33 pm

    Thanks to Mahathir for opening the floodgates to allow the Indonesians
    to help increase the Bumi's Populations. Now they are repaying
    Malaysia's kindness, you cannot have the cake and eat it as well.
    If the Indo wants to fight M'sia
    they do not really need sharpen bamboos, they just wade in using
    their populations alone is enough
    to over-run Malaysia.

  52. Anonymous9:02 pm

    hey listen to satD

    someone wants to blacken Malaysia's name and rock the boat so that they can come to power

    kj should just zip up, only good for making noises

    he should learn from Tok Pa who works quietly

  53. Anonymous9:13 pm

    these protesters were paid RM32 it seems

    the telling sign: SWEEPING orang Malaysia

    why the one particular word in English when all the other words are in Bahasa Indonesia

    jeng jeng jeng - foreign hand at work

  54. Anonymous9:43 pm

    i bet u they r working hand in hand to bring chaos one day in KL. Afterall, they hv imported Khir Toyl n his gang over to rule Selangor once. Bad influence and culture.

    But what to do? Who to blame when it is YOU GUYS wroking at the broders and entry that kept letting in hooligans into our country for some fast money and thus exposed our country to foreign harm.

    Who is the traitor now?


  55. Anonymous10:42 pm


    In my area, all the pendatangs are not the indon but the Nepales, the Indians, the Vietnamese the Burmese and their numbers reached few thousands that easily.

  56. Anonymous10:46 pm


    Malaysia dan Indonesia kan dari rumpun yang sama.. tak kan salah faham macam ni tak boleh settle sampai nak berperang plak.

    Yang aku rasa tak puas hati ni bila kenangkan nasib anggota keselamatan negara. Kalau berperang dengan anasir luar, agaknya siapa plak yang terpaksa berkorban nyawa. Dah sah orang Melayu sebab kebanyakkan kumpulan minoriti cuma pandai cakap macam loyar dan sibuk nak buat duit aje.

    Walaupun umur Malaysia dah 52 tahun, tapi berapa kerat sangat yang bersedia nak mempertahankan negara pasal semuanya sibuk nak ambik hak orang lain.

  57. Hm, who's behind these angry Indons? The numbers, the coordinated attacks on websites, embassy demonstrations, and roadblocks... quite organized.

    Is SBY's team trying to show some force here and make us a scapegoat for a day?

    Either way, so much for "serumpun sebangsa".

  58. dear rocky,

    just for the record, here's Wikipedia on the Pendet Controversy:

    An ad promoting the network's Enigmatic Malaysia, a special series meant to highlight the cultural heritages of Malaysia featured Balinese Pendet dancers. This prompted an outrage from the dancers in Bali, who posted messages demanding that Malaysia apologize over the misinformation, which then sparked a series of street protests. Further demands were made from the local governments, cultural historians as well as the tourism ministry in Indonesia for Malaysia to clarify the situation. The Malaysian government reportedly offered their apologies, which was rejected by the Indonesian tourism minister. However, the Malaysian government denies claims that it was responsible for the ad, and later disclosed that Discovery TV had sent an apology letter to the two countries, clarifying that the network was responsible for the ad.

  59. Anonymous10:57 pm

    You jangan marah sangat!

    Bayangkan masa you orang datang, macam ni ler masaalah penduduk ini..

    Dan at this very moment I am keying this, there are 8Indian Nationals, few doors away from my shop (PATIs) of 'cos, duk menjahit baju2 pakaian Kebangsaan India. They creep out to get their provisions like tikus..

    After being here 6months, waduh, dah macam Rakyat Malaysia.. walking around so FREELY. Of cos we know them, BM/BI elek, all the time golek golek angguk angguk.

    Indons are not only our problems today, from China/Hongkong/Taiwan/Thai/India pun belambak.. Just go to mamak shop or huge Chinese restaurants - most are PATIs.

    Kalo citizens are given rewards to tangkap mereka, I will be a multi millionaire today just doing this favour!


  60. Anonymous1:34 am

    Anonymous said...

    "To play safe and you are caught in the Ganyang Malaysia , please show your identity and tell them you are a Chinese Malaysian."
    If you do that your family back home will only receive your hand minus the nails. Kah, kah, kah Malaysian are on the wanted list in the the entire Nusantara.

  61. Anonymous2:45 am


    BrightEyes said...
    Hm, who's behind these angry Indons? The numbers, the coordinated attacks on websites, embassy demonstrations, and roadblocks... quite organized.

    Is SBY's team trying to show some force here and make us a scapegoat for a day?

    Either way, so much for "serumpun sebangsa"


  62. Bro, there are about 237 million people in Indonesia and about only say 2000 of them consisting of hard core anti Malaysia/anti anything extremists who are computer hackers, bamboo stick wielding hooligans and throw in some extreme reporters who just love to stir some shit to sell their thrash. The 2000 No. makes these extremist to be only about 0.0008% of the Indonesian population, miniscule numbers, so best thing is to just keep our cool and no need to pour petrol on the small fire.

    KJ showed his political immaturity by coming out with that "testing our patience" statement, if he thinks Malaysians are full of praises for him then he is severely mistaken.

    I think, after the Sukarno era, the Malaysian and Indonesian Government have built up a solid friendship, and our future is so entwined that it will take a lot more than a minor friction such on things such as cultural heritage to break the brotherly bond that has been painstakingly nurtured for many decades.

  63. GAMBIR SARAWAK4:17 am

    KJ does have a point.Indons are getting out of hand!

  64. Anonymous4:58 am

    The real Khairy Jamaluddin pls stand up? At last, dia nak berubah. Banyak potensi, tapi mesti di didik. pak Lah tak boleh sbb politik depa dah kuno. TSM atau Najib must take care of him and gilap betul betul.

  65. Anonymous6:46 am


    "Do you UMNO bastards think the non-Malays should stand up for this country or should we be the pendatangs you people call us and just leave the dying to the brave 'Ketuanan Melayu' warriors?"

    Well, of course you should stand up for Malaysia!If you call yourself a Malaysian that is. It is precisely this attitude that must be discouraged, 'expecting a lot but giving nothing in return.' Besides,what do these anti Malaysia slogans have to do with UMNO? It appears that you dont even care about Malaysia being under threat and ranting on & on about UMNO.

    - Zan -

  66. mahyuddin mahzan7:00 am

    Yo, chill out everybody, comment here all pointing to Indon anger. But what is the main article that spur their anger, its the Pendet dance slot in our promo for Malaysia.

    I will say this again and again, our boys at the Kementerian headed by Rais did not do their job. How can this blunder slip their fingers and why was the promo being done by a non-malaysia company? We don't have local talented company ka?

    Since this happen, it start the 'cause and effect'.

    And what patience is KJ talking about? Rubbish.

  67. Anonymous9:25 am

    So what are you going to do about it MR KHAIRY ????? gO TO WAR !!!!!
    You dumb Ass!!!

  68. Anonymous9:26 am

    So what are you going to do about it MR KHAIRY ????? gO TO WAR !!!!!
    You dumb Ass!!!

  69. Anonymous10:02 am

    Will KJ organise a demonstration against SBY. SBY is visiting Malaysia soon.

  70. Anonymous11:25 am

    According to the star, the indonesian PRESIDENT called our IGP on the phone. Does that mean, the Indonesian PRESIDENT's rank in Malaysia is that of the IGP????

    no WONDER, the clean our TOILET bowls.

  71. Anonymous12:03 pm

    The problems with the issue of race and religion and the constitution is appropriately ddiscussed here:

    Worth a read.


  72. Anonymous2:02 pm

    BrightEyes said...
    ..Either way, so much for "serumpun sebangsa".

    How I wish your brain is as BRIGHT AS YOUR EYES.. Do you speak and think with your mouth?

    Is this not sebangsa, seNegara?


  73. Anonymous2:25 pm

    PRESIDENT Indonesia Bambang, setaraf dengan Ketua Polis Negara kita. Sebab itu Bambang menelefon Musa Hassan dan bukannya Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Razak. Bambang takut, panggilan telefon beliau tidak akan dilayan oleh Datuk Mohd Najib.
    Sekarang ni, siapa yang Malang Sial??? Bambang buat malu' aje panngil Musa Hassan... mana lah Indonesia nak letak muka sekarang... kat JAMBAN ia???
    Lebai Malang

  74. Anonymous3:14 pm

    Indonesian go and hunt the CHINESE malaysian.....They are the bad people...The chinese malaysian is the one that did all those nonsense to the maid and indonesian people... All indonesion unite and GO GET THE YELLOW FCUK....
    happy malaysian says...

  75. charleskiwi6:55 pm

    A DNA test will no doubt show the very people KJ threatens is of your kind ?
    Now is it true then that it is in the blood ?

  76. Anonymous8:16 pm

    Saudara Rocky,

    Kalau kita memandu di jalanraya, lalu berlaku kemalangan makanya kenderaan yang besar selalunya yang dituduh membuli kenderaan yang kecil tetapi bukan sebaliknya. Betulkan?

    Masakan kita mahu menuduh motosikal yang membuli lain-lain mobil yang lebih besar, betulkan? Lebih teruk kalau kita mahu mengatakan motosikal yang membuli sebuah lori trelar, tak ada logiknya!

    Oleh tu dalam konteks hubungan antara dua negara masakan negara lebih kecil mahu dituduh membuli sebuah negara yang lebih besar sedangkan apa yang dunia faham ialah negara besar yang sering membuli negara yang lebih kecil.

    Dan kalaupun seorang anak muda dari sebuah negara kecil mahu menyatakan kebenaran, berhubung kelakuan jelek sebuah negara besar apakah itu dikira salah? Apakah kita tidak penah menegur kelakuan Pak Amerika terhadap negara lain?

    Kita yang berpegang kepada prinsip kebebasan bersuara seharusnya berasa bangga kerana anak muda di malaysia, berani menyatakan apa yang benar. Yang perlu di sanggah ialah sifat sebilangan anak muda yang hanya tahu menjaga periuk nasi individu dan parti mereka saja.

    Apapun kita percaya hubungan dua negara akan bertambah kukuh apabila masing-masing pihak menyedari kedudukan masing-masing dan seterusnya mengorak langkah bagi mencabut 'duri dalam daging' dan membuang semua elemen 'batu api' yang sengaja mahu melihat hubungan dua bangsa serumpun menjadi keruh.

    Kita harus melakukan apa yang terdaya bagi menghalang niat puak-puak tertentu yang ingin 'menangguk di air yang keruh' kalaulah sekiranya hubungan dua hala menjadi keruh. kita harus bersedia dengan hujah yang benar dan tepat agar mereka tidak dapat menyuarakan pendapat mereka yang bercampur baur dengan elemen jijik dan kotor.

    Apapun rakyat kedua-dua negara semestinyalah sudah cukup matang untuk membazakan mana yang baik dan mana yang buruk kecualilah segelintir puak minoriti yang mempunyai agenda tersirat yakni yang mendapat faedah kalau sekiranya hubangan antara Malaysia dan Indonesia menjadi bertambah renggang.

    Antihipokrit -- hormati pekerja Indon di Malaysia

  77. Anonymous1:26 am

    Parpu dei...Hang nis yok sendiri...letak komen, jawab balik sendiri!!!! KAHAKAHAAKA!!! So predictable. Bet one day u will be a die hard supporter...orang yang taksub usually macam tu. Parpu Kari...aka Salim Mamak.

  78. Anonymous1:56 am

    A racial riot is more likely to happen than a war with Indonesia.

    It didn't happen with China and Taiwan?

    Malaysia and Indonesia are "serumpun".Just like China and Taiwan. No matter how hard third party trying to will not happen. Of course those non-bumis wish that it would happened.Sorry.Najib and Yudhoyono will not let it happen.Serumpun mah!

    So it's best to see 1 Malaysia succeed.

  79. Anonymous2:13 am

    Lebih kurang macam perangai Hindraf lah diorang ni, tak bermoral rendah akhlak dan pengila.


  80. Anonymous2:16 am

    So why the %&^% is Anwar keeping quite you dump ass!


  81. Anonymous9:16 am

    Dear Sir,

    The culture of Indonesians is not well understood by many Malaysians. Street Demonstration is a norm in Indonesia, which may comprise of as few as 10 to start with and may only last for a few minutes. The country practises total freedom of expression, the media - printing or electronic are mostly not government own. Under SBY many goods things are happenings. He is known to send even his "beres" to jail - the former bank of Indonesia deputy Governner - Aulia Pohan. He is very firm about Ambalat issue. The economy of Indonesia is flourishing under his leadership. There is no more gangsters or under-world roaming the streets. Nite clubs are mostly close except in hotels. Gamblings, such as 3Ds and 4Ds, lotteries does not exist now, legal or illegal. Gangsters/ Traids are either killed or jailed or run to Malaysia. Most of them making their way to Malaysia and start their 'business' here. If we are not careful and dont change politically, Indonesian will control our economy just like the Jews controlling American economy. Indonesia today under SBY is not like what you may think of them (the past 10 years), They are making progress and we maybe even be seeking jobs in Indonesia in the future. Watch my word.

  82. Anonymous9:51 am

    from now onwards

    all ads promoting Malaysia should be done by local talent

    and kj should NOT be given air time

    he should do hands on, personally guiding the mat rempits 'kepada jalan yg lurus dan benar' - ironical

  83. Anonymous9:53 am

    Hei Malon, jangan banyak omong lo! kalau lo berani kita perang aja! gue jamin tidak sampai separuh penduduk malon yang mau berkorban untuk negara lo, orang china pasti kabur ke luar negri apalagi India yang selama ini lo diskriminasikan! banyak cakap kau! sedikit bertindak.

  84. Anonymous3:51 pm

    It hurts to read those commentators who instead of defending Malaysia against the Indons had criticise their country further.

    Where is the patriotism? This boils down due to the fact that the separated minority could not understand the little nuances and the sensitivities of the majority.

    Due to the fact that they did not study in the same elements of what is patriotism and what is not.

    Studying your country's history in other language than the official language of Malaysia will not instil the correct patriotism, or patriotism at all.

    Not having all the children together in the same classroom will not instil the camaraderie fot the sake of what's good for the country.

    That is why we get a lot of comments insulting their own country and defending the neighbouring country; just to spite the Malays.

    What is wrong with these people?

    What is wrong with the government? Ball-less to initiate one stream education system?

    Only blind racist people could not see the benefits of one stream education.

    Yours truly,

    Mr Barnes

  85. Anonymous4:25 pm

    I'm sorry to be overly pedantic in the issue of the Pendet dance. If i'm not mistaken, it's not a promo for Malaysia per se but is instead, a promotional clip put together by Discovery Channel to highlight a series of documentaries called 'Enigmatic Malaysia'. So, it's not a form of advertisement specifically designed for tourism purposes. I would also like to state that I am also disappointed with Discovery Channel & KRU Productions for overlooking this matter which has now caused negative tension between both countries.

    - Zan -

  86. Anonymous5:24 pm

    Lebai Malang,

    Kalau nak berlakon jadi 'batu api' dalam isu Bambang dan IGP, kan lebih tepat kalau manyamar sebagai lebai Indon. Kalaulah Indon yang sepatutnya berasa kecil hati, kenapa pula Lebai Malang lokal yang menulis dalam ruangan ini kerana terasa hati walhal yang sepatutnya terasa hati adalah lebai Indon. Bukankah itu membuktikan betapa dungunya lebai Pas dan PKR apabila merencanakan lakonan psikologi politik di laman web? Sudah-sudahlah buang masa, pi balik ngaji kan lagi afdal.

    Lebai Moden

  87. Anonymous6:42 pm

    The indo politicians are proven good to be able to unite all their people against a common enemy but our politicians are good at DIVIDING our people according to race,religion,rich or poor,east or west malaysians,political connections to fight them the indo?

  88. najib manaukau7:13 pm


    Have you forgotten that you may have the same DNA as they have, can't say the same for most of the half breeds in UMNO.
    This is especially so with pariah Mahathir who has the eyes and noise of a Pakistani. Look at his sons they too have the same look.
    Are you sure that you are threatening the right people ?
    You don't threaten your own kind go threaten the non Malays in the country. May be you now need their votes !

  89. Anonymous10:29 pm

    Yeah Mr Barnes

    You hit the nail on the head.

    Only blind racist people could not see the benefits of one stream education.

    Satu Sekolah untuk Semua

  90. Ever wonder if the recent anti Malaysia demonstration in Jakarta is sponsered by the state. The on going crisis with the indonesian, the Ambalat crisis, the Maid issue and the cultural dance issue shows that our government are not firm. We tend to give in too much.

    We seems to have the same trouble when dealing with Singapore in respect to the Water issue, the sand issue and the air space issue. Singapore are very focus in what they want where else we tends change our position with different leaders.

  91. Woi Pewira... I'm talking about your silly idea of 'serumpun sebangsa' being rejected by the Indonesians... and you talk about Falon Gong instead.

    Can stay on topic or not?

    Remember, any Indon vs. Malaysia event... we're all in this together.

  92. Anonymous6:29 am

    Also, I agree with you Rocky Bru, as much as I'm not a fan of Khairy Jamaluddin, he's got a point. Indonesians need to be reminded that Malaysians also have feelings. However, having said that, I am not saying that we should go and retaliate the same way the Indonesians did as indicated by KJ but I suppose a little tolerance from the Indonesian camp would be appreciated. Plus, I think if KJ wants to be that guy, we should let him. Someone's got to be that person that no one else wants to be anyway.

    - Zan -

  93. Bro Rocky, inilah masalah dengan anjing peliharaan KJ, asal ada orang kutuk KJ je, semua dituduhnya aku, memang sial la depa ni, pasai apa najib dok simpan si kitol ni?

    Bila DS Najib nak buang LIABILTI ni? dok simpan lagi, nak buat apa? Nak bagi UMNO bungkus terus ka?

    Lantak la korang wahai pencacai berbayar si kitol nak kata apa pun, Allah maha mengetahui!


  94. Anonymous10:26 am

    KJ, don't just sweet talk to earn some desperate political points,prove it....unite all malaysians across race and faiths and parties against this common foe.NOW is the time to prove yourself as the next leader for the people.Bashing non-malays at home is small boy game,leave it to Toyol he's born with such talent.Also let's us be proud of Oxford ed again.

  95. Anonymous10:50 am

    i do think what KJ done was appropriate.... We've seen this indon start burning our u want to wait till they start burning ur home.....than only u'll react. It's too late dont u think?????

    For those who still think that silence may settle everything.....u are the one without telor...bacul and pondan......i think people like u guys will keep on silent even when people saying something bad about ur mother.....BACUL...

  96. Mustapha Ong11:01 am

    Dear Rocky Bru,

    Your lead story line on Khairy and his political antics had deflected a different political dimension due to the tremendous media interest in highlighting the scary latest development in our bi-relations with Indonesia.

    In a way, the heat is off poor KJ as he is not in a position to act as intermediary envoy, that should be the right ethical approach in order to talk peace with our Indonesian brothers of "serumpun Satu Bangsa."

    I am afraid KJ has no such frightening experience during the black days of Indonesian Confrontasi in the mid sixties, that had plagued my mind and chilled my soul again for the last few weeks.I am a senior citizen of that Confrontation episode of the 60s.

    Back in the darkest days of Malaysia/Indonesia Confrontation of the sixties, I was drafted into the "Askar Wataniah" in order to prove my loyalty to the King and nation.I was then in my early twenties and had just completed my Form Sixth, when the silent war between the two countries broke out, which had threatened the nation's spirit of independence.

    General Soekarno was pissed off with our political leaders, and had an ambitious territorial design to enlarge the Republic into what was known as the " Projek Indonesian Raya."

    I recalled that though the Indonesian onslaught did not last long, before they (Soekarno Supremo) too realized that the Indonesians were killing their own blood brothers, mainly residing in Johor, Pahang and Selangor.

    Many friendly countries had sent in their troops (especially Australian, British and KIWI forces) but only to be slaughtered by the Indonesians ( most young and fresh recruits), and had their bodies blown or cut into multiple pieces. Casualties were on all sides of the urban warfare.

    The bloody scene was disgusted as hundreds of bodies were dragged to the hospitals in Johor and Melaka, like tortured animals.

    In conclusion, I beg the Indonesians to take immediate steps, in order to diffuse another "Confrontasi", that will be of disastrous consequences to both our beloved nation.In this Holy Month of Ramadhan, may all our leaders have compassion and return to sanity, in order to save our present and future generations.

  97. Anonymous1:56 pm

    "What is wrong with the government? Ball-less to initiate one stream education system?"

    Yes, Mr. Barnes, the government must have the guts to do it. The future of the country is at stake.

    How can one country have 3 mediums of education? If that's the case, then what i can deduce is that those racists are not truly Malaysians, they are plain "pendatangs" as they are actually preparing themselves for their eventual "balik kampong" to their ancestors' homeland.

    Why can't they just become true Malaysians through and through?

    - One School For All

  98. Anonymous3:18 pm

    Bright Eyes,
    Eeeiik, naik marah pulak, mana I lari topic..

    I nak bagi you faham apa erti serumpun, bukan sekadar nak main main pakai calit sana sini..

    You ni memang kena pi buat plastik surgery, kasi besar mata sikit.. dah sekarang buta Sejarah pula..

    Lu lai chi peng?


  99. Anonymous6:30 pm


    the indons were reputed to have raped the female chinese indons not too long ago

    and i suspect the chinese in malaysia and singapore were enraged

    serumpun is alive larger than life

  100. Anonymous5:58 pm

    "the indons were reputed to have raped the female chinese indons not too long ago

    and i suspect the chinese in malaysia and singapore were enraged"

    Not only that, Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore was SO angry....talking about serumpun???

  101. Anonymous3:51 am

    Guess these people will never understand the TRUE meanings of "serumpun".


    They are now catogerized under DESPERADOS, oooops DIASPORAS!

    Jangan marah ye, fakta..

    Layari laman laman Diasporas, you will understand more about these people. How they survive elsewhere.

    CIVILIZATION DAN SEJARAH TERSENDIRI ada, tetapi PILIH untuk melarikan diri dari segalanya kerana kepentingan diri sendiri.

    Talk about Serumpun? They only understand the word Parasites..