Thursday, September 03, 2009

Hacked by Indonesia

From TV Smith's Dua Sen ...

Why did the Indonesian hackers insert a blog onto the afternoon paper's site?

Jawabannya, dan more web-defacing, di sini, bung.


  1. hey, bro, ask that smart aleck bunn nagara to write up something honest (for once) and pointed on this indon issue in the star later this week! lol!

  2. Anonymous7:05 pm

    Jangan layan sangat Indon ni ...

    Buat Indon semua budaya dia punya tapi kebanyakannya budaya Indon asalnya dari India ... dibawa oleh pengaruh ugama Hindu.

    Sebab tu perangai pun macam ular ... awak punya barang saya punya, saya punya barang saya punya.


  3. Anonymous8:02 pm

    They burnt our FLAG? And even after the Tsunami and just yesterday their country is still trembling..

    Masaalah dalaman with unemployment, natural disasters, their Rakyat naik Tongkang sana sini sampai tengelam mecari rezeki, bla bla masih tak sedar diri?

    Ada persamaan dengan separuh orang2 kita yang tak sedar diri disini?

    Now lets hear all our Tambi/Aney, Apek/Akow, Minachi/Sarojini, Ahso/Ahmoy protect our FLAG...

    Dunplaypuks/Parameswara/Skilgannonxxxx/Bright Eyes...

    Whats your reactions to these? Please lead the way..



  4. Anonymous8:17 pm

    hacking itu kerja anak2 di bwh umor donk.

    org dewasa ngebom hotel 5 *

    - Noordin M. Top

  5. Anonymous8:27 pm

    indonesians are very proud people and they are also stupid and very cheap.

    take home all your illegal workers robbers and rapist,gro's and prostitutes.

    leave malaysians in peace.

  6. Anonymous9:37 pm

    apa nak heran. blogger malaysia macam zorro pun menterbalikkan jalur gemilang. dah rakyat malaysia pun perangai macam indon. mana indon nak respek.


  7. Anonymous9:53 pm

    Hi Bro,

    I have send you a mail early of this year, they actually already hacked Malaysian website, which have end of last year..I m one of the victim..


  8. Anonymous10:14 pm

    Hello Malaysians.

    You all make me laugh.

    Let's see now if you people have any patriotism feeling left for the old country. What I can see is that you guys are at loggerheads all the time.

    Agree with you, Perwira.

    Now is the time to show the true colour of people like DPP, Bright Eyes, EWO, Mazlan, Shariff, yes Skilgannon, Siew Chin etc etc ....guys (and gals), go show your "taring" lah with the Indonesians! Don't talk kock only.

    Then, we'll see if you all really love your country or if you people are true X-Men.

    DPP, lead the way pleeaase ......hentam sama diorang ...!! Don't have to ask the M'sian nationalists, they'll do it for sure ...

    - A Visitor From ET's Hometown

  9. Anonymous10:50 pm

    Korang semua sibuk dengar lagu indon pehal?

    Hantar balik semua. Dengan ayam penyet sekali.


  10. Anonymous11:53 pm

    Aiyah, we are neighbor.

    Relax la.

    Cool down & just listen to one mabuk mydin babbling to the world... he sound like a sex-crazed dog, LOL!

  11. Anonymous12:56 am

    bagus la tu malaysia apa yang tak terkenal meniru, bendera tiru america, lagu kebangsaan tiru mamula moon, tugu negara pun tiru america,ni 1malaysia pun tiru 1israel! dasat..sampai tarian pun nak ciplak and claim sendiri punya, apa tak malu ke PM 1mesia tu, mana jati diri malaysia weh?? asik meniru and ciplak je sama la mcm tonto tu wakakakakaka

  12. tanya sama INDON tu suruh baca sejarah melayu, kepulauan indon terbahagi dua, satu kepulauan Jawa dan satu kepulauan melayu. Kalau kebudayaan Jawa tu munkin dia boleh kata dia punya, bagaimana kebudayaan melayu, di mana melayu itu ada di situlah adat dan budaya ujud. Sedangkan Bahasa Indon sendiri di ambil dari Bahasa Melayu di muzium Lingga dalam Propinsi Kepulauan Riau di indon sendiri banyak buku yang menyatakan Bahasa Indon diambil dari bahasa melayu, jadi sapa yang mencuri

  13. Anonymous1:23 am

    just like how the sek23 fellas bully the indians over the relocation of the temple simply becos they are the majority, now have a taste of the indons as they have the majority in terms of human population who can spit once n drown msia.

    btw, i doubt it is the indons who hacked our msian webpages. just another spin to create tension btw msia n indon and later u will find some rather strange happenings in town.

    maybe time for najib to make full use of the over-inflated priced submarine he bought using our money.

    i m not holding my breathe for this.

    ahgroo the wise

  14. Anonymous1:29 am

    tak ada beza antara indon yang bakar bendera malaysia dengan blogger malaysia yang dapat upah untuk hentam orang lain dalam blog dia orang.

    anon 827pm, mereka juga prostitute

  15. Anonymous3:26 am

    ahgroo the wise,

    Wah, lu mayak takut mau sound itu Indon ker? Berapa orang gaji Indon lu pakai dirumah?

    Itu lu punya kedai Kopi Indon, lu kasi obertime, tutup kedai kasi tenyeh sama lia ker?

    Lu apak tua 83taun pun mayak gatal, tinggal dilumah sudah lembek tapi, semua olang pigi keleja, lia juga kasi tenyeh itu Indon maid dirumah ker?

    Berapa lu bapa kasi sama lia suluh balik belanak di Indon? Ampat libu? Anam Libu?

    Haiya, lu kedai kopi.. Itu indon pon lu kasi pakai sexy2, Nampak atas bawah kasi tuang itu STOUT sama lu pelangan MABUK2.. Haiya…

    Ahgroo.. lu mayak syiok sama lia olang!


  16. Anonymous6:20 am

    Err, folks...all those who give knee-jerk anti-indon, righteous Malaysian responses out there...

    Isn't there a disclaimer by TV Smith that the screenshots of 'hacked' sites are fictional parodies???

    it's right there at the bottom in small letters.

    Very clever trick of Rocky to show that a. many people here don't read the linked article, b. are illiterate, c. don't think before they open their big mouths, d. are stupid or e. all of the above.

    Time for instrospection folks? You know, the "how we think" type of self-examination?'s too much to ask I suspect.

    LOL! err...don't insult your readers too much, Rocky, they may decide not to come back. he he he


  17. Anonymous6:45 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Please do not under rate Indonesia.
    I dreamt of INDONESIA RAYA. Salute to Cohesive Nusantara, Salute to Panji Sang Sangka-kala. By 2030 INDONESIA will Become Idustrialised Country and in the same league as BRIC group of Nations. It will be known as BRICI,i.e BRAZIL, RUSSIA, INDIA, CHINA and INDONESIA. By that times our girls will flock into Indonesia as Maids and GROs.

    Prof Awe Kecik.

  18. Anonymous7:18 am

    biar la diorang nak ckp ape....buang masa layan diaorang....

  19. Anonymous8:16 am

    Whatever la...Jalur gemilang tu sebenarnya ada tulah. On the day it was burnt by them fanatic indons, the whole Kepulauan Jawa felt the aftershock of 7.0 Richter Tremors, centered 36 km down underneath a lake called Tasik Malaya...what a coincident!!. And when they are in difficulties, we Malaysian are always the first one to be there giving helps. May be they just forget about 2004 Tsunami...
    deminegara II

  20. Anonymous9:41 am


    i will comment on this later. Quick everyone, hurry here before it disappears from view:

    hahahahaha.....apamacam skilgannon, BE,et al. saya selalu kecek ada betoi kan? itulah kawe dah royak jange nak tunjuk lagak............

    warrior 231

  21. Anonymous12:16 pm

    saya seru semua rakyat malaysia jangan menolong lagi orang2 indon yang kena gempa bumi atau banjir atau apa2 sekali pun.

    pergi jahanam kamu indon!

  22. Anonymous12:50 pm

    Dulu konfrontasi ada sojor komomwealth , ada gurkha , ada fiji, ada Anzac . Sekarang lawan mayakk mayak susah Cina dan India ta mahu tolong lagi - serang dari dalam ada 2 Juta orang Indonesia di malaysia , boss Umno orang dia juga Toyol. apa lagi jitu Menteri Tahan -yang control Submarine , MIG dia orang Java juga. Searng dari luar 200 juta Indonesia In macam lihat 20 tahun Malaya jadi Provinsi 52 NKRI -Saya pulang Tiongkok -cari makan no problem
    Anak Hailam

  23. Anonymous2:39 pm

    Indonesians are opportunists, ungrateful, drama kings and queens, money minded, stupid and you can't actually rely on them. Look at how they are treating M'sia after what M'sia had done for them during the tsunami. I agree that we don't help them anymore. Btw I think M'sia shud send back those maids, aides, AIDS, labourers, estate workers etc from I'sia.

    Yup, it is weird that TasikMalaya was touched by the earthquake. God was trying to tell something to the I'sians?

    It is also weird that they always try to bully M'sia. Are they jealous or what? Don't they know that they are what we call er ...."serba kekurangan" in everything, that is why they become first class opportunists (look at Manohara's mother).

    - "P"

  24. hi mana pergi panglima kita........yg cakap pasal keris.
    skg indonseia ajak lawan.......knp panglima kita tak mepertahankan bumi sudah bakar bendera kita......mana panglima bacul.
    ajak lawan sma tu mat indon. mana pergi tu panglima badut tajuddin,
    badut hussinuddin dan badut kir toyol yang bangga dgn sikap kegagahn mrk. skg indon ajak lawan.pergi lah panglima bodoh yg racist. jgn jadi mau tgk km semua hebat sama tu indon.ayu kelurakan keris km sokong panglima badut klu km keluarkan keris sama tu indon........klu tak kasi hunus keris tu di bawah kain km.bikin susah sama kita org. idup 1 malaysia.

  25. Anonymous3:47 pm

    Tak kiralah apa Indon nak buat kat Mesia. Satu je yang pasti...setiap kepulauan Indon ada bahaya. Gunung berapi, gempa tu kira normal. Tambah lg hujan, tnah runtuh dsb. Jd oleh kerana derang nak keluarkan perasaan takut terhadap benda2 ini maka diciptakan konfrontasi dgn Mesia supaya rakyatnya tidak memikirkan sgt tntang bahaya alam ini. Jd kita buat dek je la anggap je derang tu oku.
    Cuma satu je sy respek iaitu Gus Dur. Beliau penah kata 'saya tak buta, yg buta rakyat kerana tlah memilih saya'...


  26. Anonymous3:47 pm

    kalo da susah sangat d Msia ni, tak yah la kecoh2 pak, gi la d tempat lain. Dunia ni besar.Cukupla kami dengan bangsat2 d antara kami d sini yang bila d saat begini tolong tikam belakang lagi ada.

  27. Anonymous4:04 pm

    Warrior 231,
    haha...where got racism lor. Just another one of their thousands of desperate amoi trying to get out of wonderfool mainland gone wrong. This one just grab any gwailo, missed mark, kid comes out different color other than Chinese!! One can say the World getting to know their *true color* beter each day!

  28. Anonymous6:07 pm

    indon kan tu masih dijajah.

    biarkan anak2 indon tu lepas stim, baru jumpa PC & net.

    asal saja syarikat2, bank2 kita di indon sana terus kukuh & maju.


  29. Anonymous7:16 pm

    A simple explanation fro the whole kerfuffle is this:

    Classic byzantian political tactic of diversion when trouble brews close at home.Nothing to worry about as te Indons are nothing more than pipsqueaks with strong vocal chords.

    Warrior 231

    Warrior 231

  30. Anonymous9:29 pm

    Kepada Para penyokong UMNO,

    Sekiranya perang berlaku antara Malaysia Indon, kami di Sabah akan senasg di ganyang oleh INDON yang diwarganegarakan oleh UMNO yang terlalu rakus nak memerintah Negeri SABAH, PERSTAN dengan UMNO

  31. Anonymous12:44 am

    Don't you all think it is a good trading between Malaysia & Indonesia? "I import your culture, you import my terorrist".
    A good deal, right?

  32. Anonymous4:28 am

    Anon 9:29 PM,

    Yang rakus nak perintah sabah adalah Pakatan Rojak. Takkan itupun kamu buat-buat tidak tahu. Nampaknya bukan indon yang akan ganyang kamu sebaliknya de fakto yang akan tibai belakang korang, hehe.

  33. Anonymous8:31 am


    Wa mau tengok Indons bakar bendera PKR, sebab orang yang bersimpati dengan PKR liwat Sukma Dermawan.

    Salleh Telegu
    Permatang Tok Kandu

  34. Anonymous3:47 pm

    Bendera Indo meniru bendera Monaco, orang Malaysia tak bising pun. Cuba bandingkan dengan bendera Monaco, 100% sama.


  35. Anonymous9:51 pm

    Indonesians? Indonesians talk kock only. Empty barrels make the most noise. As far as I am concerned, i have no love gain for them. Their girls are the ugliest in Nusantara. Malaysian girls are prettier. Err, sorry for Indonesian lovvas..

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

  36. Anonymous9:27 am

    Thank you for the Indonesian workers, sweepers, cleaners, drivers, waitresses etc for making sure Malaysians speak Bahasa Malaysia. Ig not for you all, Bahasa Malaysia is a goner already.


  37. Anonymous9:56 am

    Armed Indonesian Nationalists Block Road In Hunt for Malaysians
    Dozens of people belonging to an anti-Malaysia group briefly attempted an intimidating road-block and ID check to identify Malaysians along a busy Central Jakarta street on Tuesday, but came up empty-handed.

    The operation, initially planned for an hour, only lasted for thirty minutes, but witnesses said the action managed to raise tension as activists stopped drivers and asked for their IDs.

    A road block was erected directly in front of the central post of the anti-Malaysia group, the Benteng Demokrasi Rakyat (People’s Defense of Democracy) in the vacant former headquarters of a political party.

    The sight of men carrying sharpened bamboo sticks was more than enough to raise concerns among those who were stopped.

    The group also distributed small Indonesian flags and tied red and white scarves, the colors if the country’s flag, around their heads and at the ends of their makeshift weapons.

    Police immediately closed off the segment of the road where the roadblock was erected and redirected traffic through Cikini, while dozens of police watched on guard from afar but took no apparent action.

    Muchtar Bonaventura, who claimed to be the coordinator of the group, said the sweep was held to warn the Malaysian government not to act recklessly against Indonesian citizens and to stop claiming Indonesian culture as their own.

    Although they did not find any Malaysian citizens, Muchtar vowed to continue similar actions and even expand the operation to seek offices and houses belonging to Malaysians. His group has been virulently anti-Malaysian, and had even opened registration for volunteers to wage war against the neighboring country.

    Jakarta Globe

  38. Anonymous7:07 pm

    Heck, so much for speaking the same language and now they are trying to harass Malaysians? So, Indonesia lovers, these people are still good, eh? By the look of it, they are more like gonna wait till someone is killed by their reckless act before supporting your own country?

  39. Anonymous4:11 pm

    ayuh klik;

  40. Malaysia, Thailand, Filipinna, Brunei, Singapore buat sebutan sama dari A sampai Z. Cuma indon je yang lain

  41. Anonymous said . . . . . MALAYSIA, FILIPINA, THAILAND. SINGAPURA DAN BRUNEI sebut A sampai Z dalam sebutan yang sama. Indon je sebut lain-lain.

    tak reti

  42. Anonymous4:21 pm

    Oh my.. Silly neighbour from S'pore n Indo..

    Go To Hell la With Your Hatred To M'sia.... We 1 M'sia live in peace without your shit.

    Bla Bla Bla..

  43. Malaysia ne kan negare perbudakan Inggris,
    wilayah pun de beri oleh Inggris..
    Merdeka pun karena Inggris..

    Harusnya lebih bersyukur karna INDONESIA menyatakan kalau Malaysia itu merdeka...

    memang kalian ANJING

    No-Rules Indonesian Cracker

  44. Anonymous3:15 pm

    malay bnyak omong.....

  45. Anonymous12:05 pm

    Malingsia... anjing lo

    By Cracker indonesia

  46. Anonymous5:38 pm

    asuuuuuu malaysia anjing fuck u ... bangsat malaysia asuuuuuuu asuuuuuu