Monday, September 14, 2009

Cheaper passport, anyone?

Good news for infrequent travelers. A little thing like the Alternative International Malaysian Passport could produce a huge sigh of relief. Yes to this move to make it cheaper for the majority of us infrequent travelers. Now you need to pay only RM100 for a passport that lasts 2 years. Hishammuddin should make it even cheaper. Read Infrequent travelers can opt for cheaper passports. The Star's story didn't state that Malaysian international passport fees were increased to RM300 and RM600 in 1998 by our Finance Minister then, Anwar Ibrahim.


  1. Disgusted6:08 am

    haha, yes rocky, everybody forgot what that guy did way back when he was still with the govt

    but what i do remember is the opposition was no friend of him back then.

    i wonder if he's still in the govt, would all his misdeeds come back to haunt him? the oppositions are very well known for their character assassination skills.

    anyway, the passport they are proposing would be widely liked im sure, especially to people like me

  2. Existing RM300.00 for 5 years =>RM60.00 per year

    Alternative RM100 for 2 years =>RM50.00 per year.

    But you need to go to Immigration office twice (first to make the passport and second to renew so you spend about 4 hours at Immigration office). In my case 1 hour of my time can cost about RM150.00-RM200.00, So I would spend RM200.00 for the 4year passport, pluss RM600.00 - RM800.00 of my time. Total RM800.00 - RM1000.00 for 4 year passport.

    For exisiting passport I would only spend RM300.00 for the passport and RM300-400 for my time. Total only spend RM600.00 - RM700.00 for 5 year passport.

    So better stick to existing RM300.00 passport lah...

  3. Anonymous7:11 am

    CHEAPER passports?

    RM100 for 2 years as opposed to RM300 for 5 years, translated to savings of ONLY RM10 per year. What savings is this?

    If our driving license is cheaper by RM10 per year then it is something to shout of since almost everyone will need a driving license nowadays.

    RM20 savings for 2 years for the passport is insignificant unless you are the type who waits for AirAsia's RM9.90 fare to travel overseas.


  4. Anonymous8:01 am

    "Malaysian international passport fees were increased to RM300 and RM600 in 1998 by our Finance Minister then, Anwar Ibrahim."

    Yes, it was increased by Anwar 11 yeras ago, but why does it take a government without Anwar being part of it anymore, 11 years to introduce a cheaper passport, but with a two-year life span? Even then, it is not Finance Minister Najib who did this, but the Interior Minister.

    sri hartamas

  5. bru,

    heeheehee apa lu citer pasal nuar naik harga paspot? lu citer le pasai naik harga minyak naik harga barang2 baru syiok.

    paspot naik ka turun ka hanya org yg banyak duit nak pi bejalan je dapat paedah. kalau harga minyak turun barang2 turun kos pengankutan turun baru le rakyat diutamakan

    bru lu tak mau citer ke apa yg mahathir kasi naik masa dia jadi finance mineste huahuahua lawak la lu parpu

  6. Anonymous9:43 am

    poyo la lu brudu


  7. Eddie9:53 am

    The excuse to raise the passport fees by 100% then, was "to reduce the number of people going overseas in the current financial turmoil". Looks like someone conveniently forgot about the economy which recovered later, eh?

    S'pore's 5-yr validity passport only costs S$70~80:

    Dollar for dollar, ours is > 400% that of SG. Unfortunately, we don't have a matching 400% per capita income...

  8. Anonymous9:54 am

    Well, the star report also did not say that Najib ran for the vice presidency under team WAWASAN, headed by Anwar Ibrahim. Yes, Anwar increased the passport fee. But Najib is now the PM, so bring it downlah to RM300. The passport fee, as long as it remains at RM600 is NAJIB's fault, as only he has the power to bring it down.

  9. Anonymous10:00 am

    if you say anwar increase the fees, why don't you arseholes fuck him then.

    but we remember good, all the bn components lauded that decision.

    but to think it take bn 10 fucking years to rectify their own screw up & trying to pin the blame on one person.

  10. Makan Angin10:13 am

    Dear RB
    Why not RM 100 for 30 mths or RM 200 for 60 mths ? I will surely opt for the later because most of the infrequent travellers like me hardly used all the 32 pages within the two years period.

  11. Anonymous10:20 am

    Under Najib, busfare within KL has gone up by 100 per cent this year. How about that Rocky? We cant afford RM300 or RM600 to get a passpaort because we only can afford to take public transport to work.
    What does the born rich Najib do... he goes and increase bus fare within KL by 100 per cent.
    Does is it make sence... a trip from Klang to PJ Hilton cost RM2.50. A Intrakota bus trip from Bangsar to Central Market cost RM1.90.... Najib, hang ni memang penyamun.

    SM Nazi.

  12. Salam,
    Ppl already forgetting about that rocky... youngster's mostly didn't even know about that... they just blame the government for the expensive passport.

    Very Malaysian.

  13. Anonymous10:22 am

    Kalau si Najib tu baik sangat apasai tambang teksi, bas melonjak naik??? Ekonomi meleset, Najib semakin menekan yang daif.

    Dulu UMNO, Skg Bukan.

  14. Anonymous10:27 am

    How many people can afford a passport and how many people take bus and train to work.
    NAJIB you are disqusting lah for increasing busfare and taxifare. You are hitting the poor people in the tummy.
    Kihr Toyo

  15. Bro, I think RM100 for a two year 32page International Passport is about right. Anyway, most Malaysians are infrequent travellers who only goes on overseas holiday once a year, itu pun sebab ada Air Asia. For them, it does not make sense to pay RM300 for a passport which is only good for 5 years.

    You still ingat the Anwar Ibrahim TPM and Finance Minister who is responsible for hiking up the passport fees, huh, bro. I was young then, I remembered the credit card minimum payment of 5% being raised to 15% and then my house loan was jacked up from about RM800 to about RM1400 per month, bleak days indeed. That time around 1997 people were losing their jobs and the lucky ones had their salary cut. Then in 1998 Anwar was sacked by Dr Mahathir and the credit card rate were slashed down to 5% and the BLR were lowered to allow people and industries to get cheaper loans to regenerate the economy. Yes those were the bad and good old days.

  16. vinnan11:03 am

    'Now you need to pay only RM100 for a passport that lasts 2 years. Hishammuddin should make it even cheaper.' So why not even cheaper? Anwar have been out of the government for more than 11 ears. In that 11 fuc';[m UMNO yeras what did you UMNO clowns do? Nothing. Typical UMNO shit blaming others for their decades old greed and racism.

  17. Anonymous11:21 am

    they should keep the option open. Rm100 for 2 years as well as the current deal. imagine frequent users, they will have to pay more (about RM500) now instead of RM300 to get a five-year valid passport. Think a few steps ahead la people b4 making decisions. Sigh.

  18. Anonymous11:52 am

    here's a bet, rockybru.
    betcha cannnot mention anwar ibrahim in each and every posting of rocky bru, from now until hari raya, no matter what the posting is about.


  19. Anonymous12:05 pm


    I guess you see everything in your UMNO spinning rose tinted eyes...everything you write has to be PR bashing...aiya like this no class la...sounds trashy to me..anyway back to topic...this is another half thought out policy...if they are really serious should go for 5 years expiry...

  20. Anonymous2:59 pm

    And how much did Anwar and gang collect?


  21. Anonymous3:08 pm

    As far as i can remember the cost of having passport prevously is RM50.00 per year. People can choose to have 3years or 5years passport.What is DSAI have to do with this.Who is the goverment of the day beside prior to the "sacking" of DSAI our economy is booming..Hello bro..are you that cheap now adays.Keep on trying


  22. yes!!
    i want to travel !!
    backpacking around asia.

  23. Anonymous3:29 pm

    Of course everyone want to travel cos with your indian buddy offering cheap tickets to haadyai, chiang mai & all those places with cheap booze & gals...

    Guess it could be that indian fren of yours also kautim that moron hisappuding to slash the fee so...

    more infrequent travellers can fly off in that cheap skate airline to continue with their boozing & screwing.

  24. ya ANWAR cannot be trusted because he caused the increase of toll every year, increase of petrol price, increase of living expenses and corruptions all over with taxpayer money/ oil royalty ...dubious helicopter or submarine deal ...

    Najib on the other hand has been a good PM because he ensures that's no corruption in selangor MPs and he ensure Toyo can't build any bigger mansion with your money...

    oh i hate Anwar for the h*orny cats at my back garden last night!

  25. Anonymous4:25 pm

    Wow, 1 passport = $300-600

    Imagine this: commission at least $20 per passport.

    Calculation: total numbers of passports 2.5 million. Then the total amount of 'easy money' that was squeezed from the above deal (1998) was 2,500,000 x $50 = ????

    No wonder the money that was kept in a safe and sound place somewhere and even though so much of them have already been pumped out for filthy dirty use however they don't seem to have dried up! Fu-yoh...

    Preferred Anonymity

  26. Anonymous4:40 pm

    woi Rocky,

    ini macam pon mahu 'Spin' ke ??

    Kesian AI...nanti Rocky jatuh motorbike pon, AI yg jugak kena blame kerana tak beri wang cukup bikin jalan betul2 semasa jadi FM dulu !!


  27. Anonymous4:44 pm

    "The Star's story didn't state that Malaysian international passport fees were increased to RM300 and RM600 in 1998 by our Finance Minister then, Anwar Ibrahim..." ...AND approved by the Cabinet of the day!!!

    Alahai, brader. I guess you have to do what you have to do...i.e. kiss umno/bn's backside but do it in a cleverer sort of way la. I'm starting to feel kind of sorry for you.


  28. tell u boss keep the peanuts ...we can manage..n on anwar? doesnt really matter even if it a monkey we will still vote it...

  29. Anonymous7:07 pm

    apa la lu tak ada otak. tell us the reason for the increase La....in1998 or you pretend not to know!!! poraaah punya orang tak abis abis hidup membodek. ALLAH maha kuasa la brother!!! nanti kantoi diri sendiri beb...

  30. Anonymous8:07 pm

    Passports cheaper. But not as cheap your cheap shot on DSAI. Shame.

  31. Anonymous8:54 pm

    malaysia insider is runing another poll about the motor industry. the options given are all negative about pursuing the motorcar indusrty further.

    i want to vote that we should never abandon proton and commit more resources to it. but of course the 'against anything Malaysian portal' has no intention of giving that option to its reader.

    next week, they will publish the result which say 60 percent say no to proton, 25 percent say better focus on producing spare-parts only and the rest just plain against the car...


  32. Anonymous9:52 pm

    dear rocky,

    you're up to your mischief again, huh? did it ever occur to you that the increase was to make travel prohibitive during the financial crisis, so that people would keep their spending locally? the monkey that thought of this little lightbulb was your fearless che det, dr m.... yeah, he says it, and everyone rubber stamps it. so don't go blaming anwar for it... the buck stops with the head... so go point your fingers in the right direction and please put it within the correct context. this sense of tabloid-ism sucks and you shd knw better. the least you cld have done was blame anwar for being a brown nosing yes-man... but you didn't...

    thugstone souljah

  33. Anonymous10:46 pm

    Oh oh no cannot say the name anwar la bro sebab nanti peminat-peminat setia dia kata ini adalah propaganda umno and media kerajaan nak aniaya pemerintah AGONG mereka..



    Rakyat Malaysia patut bersyukur dan berterima kasih kerana dapat anwar yang bijak yang menyelamatkan ekonomi negara dengan berjaya menjana hasil untuk negara dengan cara menaikkan harga passport.

    Bukan mudah nak dapat pemimpin secerdik kancil ini.


  34. Anonymous12:56 am

    The Star also didn't report that Anwar have said different thing to different people when he go to ceramah. "Melayu anak saya, india anak saya to Malays and Indian" and later "Malaysia bukan Melayu punya, Malaysia is Cina dan India punya".

    So many things not reported!!!


  35. Anonymous1:00 am

    hahahahaha. looks like rocky brut's reputation is as smelly as najis.

    keep on spinning. they wont be a retunr for characters such as u. Hope u make ur money now then u can pack ur bags and retire in ghana with ur ill gotten gains.


  36. Anonymous1:15 am

    Not only the de fakto is blindly praised as a sacred cow by the members of the holier than cow party (PR), but all the ball carrier cum asshlyole tester who have suffered from a mad cow illness would go to great lengths to make sure that every sin that he (DSAI) had collected over the years are spun, washed down, hung up and put to dry. Huh, so much of fanaticism.

    Dulu Pas

  37. Anonymous2:16 am


    You have to sort out your issues. That was a really cheap shot at Anwar.

    Not a registered voter

  38. This should have been done.....donkey years ago.
    Why only now?
    I guess last time too busy to steal from us...and now...doing everything they make Malaysians happy...and it takes a pro UMNO man like Rocky to promote good news from UMNO,
    After all...his boss is Najib.

  39. JasonKing5:38 am

    Tah La Bang..Bg Saya Ok Je (utk org yg jarang p oversea mcm syla)..Cume Bab Mention Salah Sape Tu Tak Payah Kot..Pasal mungkin Ade Org Nampak Benda Tak Baik Walaupun Posting Abang Ni Berniat Baik..Hehehe...Kesalahan Akan Dijumpai Kalau Kita Cari..

  40. Anonymous6:07 am

    I think passports should be issued FREE or Bumis get a 10% discount. Why no NEP on passports?


  41. Just give me back a passport that can be renewed up to 10 years instead of making me change it every 5 years.

    Is it a scheme to make the Government buy more passports at our expense and also increase the cost of providing the service to process the redundant passport changes?


  42. Anonymous10:25 am

    AP for the passport!!! it's the malay's right!!! damnit!!!

  43. Anonymous10:26 am

    Indonesia tak perbaharui pasport pembantu rumah gaji bawah RM600


    JAKARTA - Pemerintah Indonesia tidak akan memperbaharui pasport rakyatnya yang bekerja sebagai pembantu rumah di Malaysia yang menerima gaji di bawah RM600, lapor sebuah akhbar semalam.

    Tindakan itu dilakukan untuk menekan majikan agar mereka menaikkan gaji Tenaga Kerja Indonesia (TKI) pada gaji minimum RM600 seperti yang dipersetujui pada tahun ini.

    "(Walaupun dibantah Malaysia), ini salah satu upaya agar majikan menandatangani kontrak kerja baru di samping kenaikan gaji," ujar Duta Besar Republik Indonesia ke Malaysia, Tan Sri Da'i Bachtiar ketika dihubungi dari Jakarta kelmarin.

    Sejak Mei 2009, Kementerian Buruh Republik Indonesia (KBSI) mewajibkan majikan Malaysia menandatangani kontrak kerja baru di mana antara syaratnya adalah pemberian gaji minimum RM600 kepada pembantu rumah.

    Jika majikan tidak setuju, pasport tidak akan diperbaharui dan pembantu rumah itu perlu dihantar pulang ke Indonesia.

    Gaji pembantu Indonesia di Malaysia sekarang berada pada purata antara RM400 dan RM500 sebulan.

    Namun, langkah itu menimbulkan reaksi tidak puas hati daripada Kementerian Sumber Manusia Malaysia.

    Menteri Sumber Manusia Malaysia, Datuk Dr. S. Subramaniam turut menimbulkan isu tersebut selepas menerima banyak aduan daripada majikan, pembantu rumah dan ejen pekerjaan. - Agensi (KOSMO)

    KEnapa KErajaan MAlaysia perlu berlembut.. tamat kan sahaja semua PEMBANTU RUMAH INDONESIA dan perintah keluar MALAYSIA..
    Ambil Pembantu RUmah MYANMAR / KEMBOJA ramai yg ISLAM dan ramai boleh dilatih.

    KAlau pekerja indonesia tak setuju dgn kerajaan mereka suruh mereka ramai2 buat demontrasi di KEDUTAAN INDONESIA..

    Kepada KERAJAAN MALAYSIA jgn jadi BACUL dan DAYUS..kebajikan rakyat sendiri ke atau rakyat indonesia yang hendak dijaga??

  44. Anonymous11:02 am

    Bro Rockybru..

    Passport was not a so-called significant "CONTRIBUTION" by YB ABI..trivial matter lah bro..

    Why not you dig out his "REAL CONTRIBUTION" when he was the Finance Minister then who instructed BNM to increase the interest rate as a pre-prescription of IMF that has resulted a lot of malaysian businesses gulung tikar due to the effect of their loan payment increase in the middle of acute economic crisis..

    and guess what..the majority proportion of those gulung tikar businessmen are chingkies and yet today they're trailing to lick this guy ass..

    That is our YB BABI masterpiece..the National Grand Sodomizer!

    If we swallowed all those IMF prescriptions..we would eventually be like what Indonesia is today...nothing worth economically to do other than running on street demos over some trivial matters just to get themselves pre-occupied with their own downtimes..
    (guess what, we also had this kind of nonsense homegrown..tq YB ABI - the National Demo-Berserkers Grand Master.. we owed him bigtime to show us the way for that..)

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  45. uncle husim11:04 am

    how the hell the Star forgot to blame Anwar??wat a Misss!!!!why rock why??

  46. Anonymous1:29 pm


    10% is peanut. as a Pendatang myself, I assumed that the Bumi as being the owner of this country suppose to get everything FOC just like the Bumi in Brnuie etc, and we as Pendatang must pay up everything. What a lucky race we are. Eventhough our status is Pendatang but yet we do get the kind of preferential 'Bumi treatment' in every aspect of our life (social, education, business etc) except for NEP which is just a small token for the Bumi. Even the Bumi in Singapore dont get what we as Pendatang use to get over here!


  47. Anonymous1:35 pm

    If they comment about u rocky, usually they'll add "his (your) Boss is Najib". Always repeating this.

    But lo and behold, if your boss is Najib, then their boss (satanic cult leader) is and always will be Anwar Berak-Him.

    Which make them susceptible to FAGGOTY ARSEWHORING BUTTFUCKING DAILY ACTIVITIES with each other. After all they must please their HOMO BOSS right?

    Now compared to Najib as a Boss that's almost divine.

    Anyways, Hooray! for cheaper Passport, now more family members can renew their passports at one go and go holiday together. CHEAP!


  48. Anonymous2:00 pm

    another piece of crap from you ... what difference does it make? cheaper in cost .. but for a lesser period of time ... so whats the difference? im sure EVEN you think of something better to suck up...

  49. It is more revenue for IRIS for supplying the chip in the passport. Previously, when we have dumb passport,one passport can be used up to 10 years, then we changed to smart passport with IRIS chip inside, we need to change to new passport every 5 years, then with the latest one we can change the passport every 2 years.... so the revenue for IRIS will be doubled with the new passport.....