Sunday, September 13, 2009

MI Survey: No potential PM in PR

The Unspinners' take yesterday on Malaysian Insider's spin about its own poll on Pakatan Rakyat's popularity is worth a re-read. Exceprts:

"The poll had higher scores for PR's weakness but was not given much highlight - their "inexperience in governing (38 per cent); bickering and fighting among members of the Opposition grouping (35 per cent) and the absence of a "good candidate" for the premiership (20 per cent)".

"This anti-Najib portal could be trying to downplay the absence of a Prime Minister material from Pakatan Rakyat. Wonder who Pakatan Rakyat could offer for Prime Ministership?"
It has inspired The Unspinners to come up with the analysis earlier today: Siapa Layak Jadi PM Dalam Pakatan Rakyat?

Btw, the flag on MI's original logo is the Jalur Gemilang.


  1. Anonymous5:14 pm

    please not RPK become the PM...LOL LOL LO(very)L......That shitball is just good in talking cock,writing nonsense in his blog while masturbating...

    peter foo

  2. Anonymous6:22 pm

    You said : Btw, the flag on MI's original logo is the Jalur Gemilang.

    Then why is it not as mentioned, in the logo posted on your blog?

    If you want to tell something, terus terang lah. Not that it will be agreed, but be straightforward.

    No need to go around the mulberry bush.

    So many years of mainstream media exposure and yet this is what we get from you.

    Disgusting bro, very disgusting.


  3. Tulang Logam6:46 pm

    Wow Rocky, working hard and overtime to discredit Pakatan Rakyat.

    Instead of being balanced about Pakatan Rakyat, you just whack them like crazy, oblivious to the massive corruption that UMNO and its partners have been doing all these decades.


    But everybody has the right to take sides, including you Rocky. I accept your decision to side with UMNO.

    Good luck at the Pilihanraya Ke-13!

  4. Anonymous7:02 pm

    sudahlah Rocky...hang juga "Raja Spin"....baru2 ni 'Spender' pon hang kasi spin !!

    Bila Malay Mail nak tutup kedai..kalau boleh kasi jual sama MI...mesti dapat cari untung !!


  5. Anonymous9:22 pm

    For once I agree on this, no PR candidate for PM.

    In my opinion a great leader must be corrupted to the core. Able to pass down his knowledge in swindling the citizens and their hard earned money. Better still can do some body, mind BLOWING stuff. A good leader doesnt need high paying salary for one can live by earning commissions from mega deals.

    And such candidates are aplenty in Msia particularly in BN.

    But hey, Rocky aint far behind.


  6. Anonymous9:30 pm

    To - The Rocky kaki bodek BeEnd;

    This are the PR's candidate;(other than anwar)

    1. khalid samad
    2. azmin ali
    3. zaid ibrahim
    4. saifuddin nasution

    i doubt any BN member who can debate with these guy

    Nick - The Bukan kaki spin/bodek mcm rocky bro
    (dare to publish my comment?)

  7. Anonymous9:59 pm

    thanks Bru...


  8. All polls - whether pro or anti BN should always be taken with a pinch of salt as time and time again they have proven to be inaccurate. The results are bound by the type of questions asked. Also Malaysians are always reluctant to be completely truthful when polled.
    The only poll that counts is the one at the ballot box.

    Rocky as for your 'thing' against Malaysian Insider - so far it has better commentaries and insight than the MSM - which frankly is doing a pathetic job at being truthful and impartial.

  9. bru,

    after najib who capable to be pm from amno? muhyidin haahaahaa hisham hiihiihii ali rustam hoohoohoo idup amno...or kj maybe

    kalau paklah boleh jadi pm kau pun bulih bah

  10. Anonymous11:04 pm

    I like what you did with the flag. But something is still amiss. Aha.. the word "malaysian" should be replaced with "Racists" or perhaps "Hypocrites" as they dont deserve the word malaysian coz they dont care at all what happen to malaysia. The way they took the racial and religious angle in reporting section 23 issue just to protect khalid samad and his ilk was so unbecoming. This is gutter journalism at its best.

    Anon C

  11. Anonymous11:16 pm


    Like it or not, Pakatan Rakyat will take over the Federal Government in the next election, just like the LDP was defeated in Japan after 50 over years.

    UMNO is still ruled warloads, MCA is split, MIC is still Samy Vellu. There is no future in Barisan Nasional.

  12. Anonymous12:28 am

    Maybe true, but a proven, well known fact is that in BN, nobody is capable even to become a good man.

  13. I think that there are a number of candidates that can lead Malaysia into a new era of efficient administration and one that is corrupt free.

    These candidates are the best currently to become the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

    Candidates who can become the next Prime Minister of Malaysia would be as follows;

    1. Lim Kit Siang
    2. Lim Guan Eng
    3. Tian Chua
    4. Jeff Ooi
    5. Loh Gwo Burne
    5. Elizabeth Wong
    6. Hannah Yeoh

    I believe that eventually, Pakatan Rakyat will choose Lim Kit Siang after an exhaustive search and hours of consultation or syura led by PAS.

    Lim Kit Siang has worked doubly hard after Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's initial landslide win to shatter Malay unity and at the same time ensure that Non Malays vote for the Opposition.

    Lim has worked his magic to ensure that political power in Malaysia will forever fall into the hands of non Malays.

    Gaining control of political power for the Non Malays, in addition to 90% of the economic pie which is already in the hands of Non Malays in Malaysia plus the fact that 36 of the Top 40 richest people in Malaysia are non Malays, Lim is indeed the Superstar!

    Kit Siang wins the competition hands down.

    He is Prime Minister material. A wily politician that even Machiavelli will honour.

    Lim Kit Siang should rule until he is in his 80s and then he should hand over power, Lim Kit Siang knows when to let go unlike other politicians and the best candidate to be Prime Minister next is obviously the only intelligent one around, Lim Guan Eng.

    Lim Kit Siang can then be a Minister Mentor. His vast experience in splitting the Malays is valuable.

    With the support of Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng can then concentrate on total annihilation of all opposition and to consolidate their power.

    But Lim Guan Eng is not that bad, he will allow the the Oppositin to win 2 or 3 seats in Parliament.

    Malaysians will no longer be able to enjoy chewing gum and if Malaysians want to spray graffiti, there will be a designated area at a local park that they can go to spray all the nonsense that they want.

    Lim Guan Eng is democracy. Just like Lim Kit Siang.

    Congratulations Anwar and Tok Guru for all your efforts in making Malaysia an efficent administration and a corrupt free country.

    Many Malays forget to thank the two of you for all your efforts in ensuring that political power is also given to the Non Malays.

    I hope both of you sleep well at night. Again, thank you.

    However, for Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng to be the next two Prime Ministers of Malaysia, Malays need to continue fighting.

    Malays, please fight, please blame each other for everything and please prove who is the better Muslim!

    Malays, please fight as our future, the future of Malaysia depends on your community breaking up!

    Malaysia is currently lagging far behind in its implementation of democracy and the US and the Western World are disappointed with us.

    China has had a few non Chinese Prime Ministers throughout their modern history [they were born in China though, these Prime Ministers]and India too, their last 3 Prime Ministers have been non ethnic Indians [they were born in India and this is an important criteria]

    What great nations China and India have proven to be in modern history.

    I am sadden by the fact that Malaysia has not yet chosen to follow the example set by the 2 countries.

    Malays, please continue to fight. Please.

    Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng will never forget the Malays and they will make sure that once that they are in power, the first President of Malaysia will be a Malay [most likely, one of our recent Prime Ministers] and they will also make sure that former Prime Minister's face will be printed on all ringgit notes in future to forever honour his contributions towards making Malaysia a better nation during his tenure as Prime Minister.

    Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng and all of their supporters, thank you for fighting for freedom of speech for Malaysians.

    That led me to post this one.

  14. Anonymous1:18 am

    Cheapskate spin to bring your readers to Unspinners blog. Bro, can you more professional nowadays? Someone at your back?

  15. BrightEyes1:58 am

    Bro, you have to be real upset at MI for this posting.

    Have they been foiling the plans of the mainstream media lately?

  16. Anonymous4:00 am

    Politic is not only about winning the votes but most important than that is the ability to govern any nation.

    History has shown, again and again, that the electorates in many parts of the world are prone to make wrong calculations and as a result it made them suffered an unending turbulence.

    Luckily a few of them have learned their lesson well but some are just simply ignorant about the sort game that they are involved with.

    Dua Sen

  17. Anonymous6:07 am

    Dear Aaron,

    Very good piece with very good suggestion. In fact I think if Eli becomes t first PM weMalaysia would b very famous. Even other western countries cannot compare w our liberalism. We can show others that in malaysia we condone and practice out of wedlock affair even w Muslims and still b t first female PM. We can also show proof to this explicit affair publicly. We can also show that even pious Muslims in PAS condone this. We actually have liberal cutting edge muslims. Wow. Just imagine that. We can also show that DAP mouthpiece, the Malaysian Insider, was allowed full liberty to report matters from racists and religious angle without being restricted just like section 23 issue. We can be a model o ftolerance and liberalism. Never thought we can show such examplary model. Vote Eli for PM.

    Anon C

  18. Anonymous6:25 am

    Dear bright eyes,
    MI should be damned for being the first who report t section23 issue from a racists and religious angle and barring and censoring comments condemning this approach from their site. The issue was in essence a failure by khalid samad and his ilk to get a buy-in from the residents but exploded to a full blown racial and religious issue by MI. Look at t second meeting. TS khalid accepted suggestion to move t temple to another location suggested by t protestor which is just a few hundred metres away from their location. It is this incompetence and arrogant handling of this issue which unnecessarily resulted to a full blown tit for tat questioning even t mosques and Azan.this is totally unbecoming. MI doesn't care anymore about Malaysia and should b damned.

    Anon C

  19. Anonymous7:27 am

    funny you guys making fun of singapore huh... sotong lah you malaysians.

    mark my words... PR will not win next Malaysian GE. Something big is coming your way to turn the tide in.

    SG Intelligence.

  20. United Malay Nation Organisation10:01 am

    Those pakatan's supporters are so busy checking and questioning on other people's professionalism. Only there are profesionals, other people are not.

    Typical kiasu mentality!!!
    Look at the mirror hynpocrites!!

  21. Not surprised Bro, even without the MI survey the Pakatan remains just an electoral pact consisting of:

    ..DAP(a franchise held by Kit Siang and Guan Eng family, basically a Chinese dominated party determined to have PAP like political control over Malaysia like Singapore);

    ..PAS (determined to make Malaysia a Islamic theoracracy, but not showing their true form as they need the non Muslim votes now, very tricky this party, at least the DAP and PKR are more straightforward);

    ..and of course, PKR (Anwar Ibrahim family franchise made up of disgruntled and disappointed exUMNO,exMCA,exMIC members and some NGOs determined to make Anwar PM at any cost to the country).

    For sure they can never agree on a choice of potential PM, they cannot even sit down to agree to be registered formally as a Pakatan coalition.

    Let's not talk about the PM post Bro, just look at their Shadow committee, the electoral pact cannot even agree on shadow cabinet posts getting round the problem temporarily by having "shadow cabinet committee".

    Just goes to show that politicians who make empty promises during campaign elections, offering rhetorics, blaming others for their wrong, slandering and character assasination of their opponent and offering no plans except taking excerpts of the good book in isolation to justify their actions, do not make good leaders who can lead this great multiracial country of ours.

  22. Anonymous11:22 am

    You said : Btw, the flag on MI's original logo is the Jalur Gemilang.

    Then why is it not as mentioned, in the logo posted on your blog.

    I'm confuse. You quote him about the logo and the you say he dont mention about the logo.

    FUCK a goat la!


  23. Anonymous11:47 am

    What?? No potential PM??? What's Anwar Berak-him gonna do then?

  24. Anonymous12:03 pm

    What do you they mean there's no one available? There's Anwar, LKS, LKY, Khalid Ibrahim, Rodziah, Terasa Cock, Jeff Ooi and there's also... ZAID IBRAHIM!
    The Champion of Champions.
    The Destroyer of Destroyers.
    The Justice of Just.
    The Saviour of Saviours.
    The More Malay of All Malays.
    The Unifier of Unifiers.
    The Intelect of Intelectuals.

    Man... if there's anybody whom i would like to lead this country it's... ZAID IBRAHIM!!

    To hell with the others in PR.

    Z... A.... I... D.... ZAID!


  25. i don't see anything wrong with any PAS leaders becoming PM of Malaysia.

    Husam musa
    Nizar Jamaluddin
    Khalid Samad
    even Haji Hadi awang...

    of course PEMABUK MELAYU among you won't like these people very much...but hey these people are very good muslims and as good muslims they will be fair to non muslims too...

    KJ for PM?...please don't make me throw up...

  26. Anonymous1:59 pm

    If Pak Lah and Najib are to be taken as a standard for the premiership....

    Any monkey would do...


  27. Anonymous2:11 pm

    Not interested with the polls...rubbish...!!

    by the way, hard to find true good people in politics these days


  28. Anonymous2:25 pm

    By the way...

    please beware of Fuckatan Rakyat next strategy, they try to plot in rakyat's mind that they will win by hook or crook next PRU 13.....they try to create the atmosphere, the sentiments and the theory....and they try to create an illusion based on what happen today..create more PRK, demos, issues to keep the momentum ( so that their supporters will believe without doubt) they will take federal gov after PRU 13

    and you know what will happen if they lose in PRU 13...? It will be chaos, lies and whatever conspiracy theory to make BN look dirty and evil..

    and next ..their supporters will never believe it if they lose..they will became more aggresive and so Rocky you better highlight these 'dirty' can see the results of what they have set on their supporters mind long time!...

    the evidence :PDRM looks ugly, SPRM looks ugly, Badan Kehakiman looks ugly, and even they try to make the Malays also looks ugly(with the help of their malays counterpart)...and hopefully their strategy will not success after PRU 13


  29. Anonymous2:58 pm

    To be seen as fair, the PR Prime Minister should be one that can be accepted by all. When there are big majorities, there will be oppression. When there is a 50/50 case, decisions will be dificult to achieve.

    So, the PR think tank should consider nominating Gobind Singh for PM. He will be the most neutral and can solve the problems of other races without being seen as one sided.

    Second choice is someone that is least corrupted, preferably a lesser known candidate like Loh Gwo Burne. It is hard to find fault with him. He's young, bright, just married, has no scandals and is currently doing a great job by keeping as quiet as a mouse.

    These two are the best. If any one of them is nominated, the other should be Deputy.

    Together, they will bring this country to greater heights.

    Most of the others have questionable PM material or scandals in one form or another.

    And the term of office for the next PR Prime Minister should be fixed for only one term, giving others the opportunity, in true democratic fashion.


  30. if Najib and Badawi could become PM, I think many can.

    This is an un-spun comment.

  31. Anonymous10:01 pm

    The Malaysian Insider is still worth reading. Readers just have to work for themselves what is the truth and what is spin.

  32. Anonymous11:13 pm


    Someone suggested some names for PM in case Pakatan wins.

    I would like them to know that it is a fact, and can be verified, there are some lawyer MPs in Pakatan, some allegedly from very famous legal families, who also double up to represent drug kingpins.

    check court records see who have been defending the merchants of death who deal in drugs to poison our young.

    and yet they go around talking of human rights.

    i know everyone is entitled for legal representation. fine, but if you do defend obvious drug lords, dont come and talk to me about justice and human rights. that is just hypocrisy.

    anyone willing to do society a favour by posting documents of some major drug court cases where these MP/lawyers ply their trade?

    by the way, these guys are good and many a drug lord have escaped.



  33. Hello.

    I have already stated in an earlier blog posting on the dearth of Pakatan Rakyat candidates for the post of Prime Minister of Malaysia.

    I stated then that the Prime Minister of a Pakatan Rakyat led Government will naturally be Lim Kit Siang who should rule until his 80s and then hand over power to the only intelligent candidate around which is Lim Guan Eng [a little bird told me that they're actually a father and son team but obviously this a lie created by racist Malays!]

    I agree with the premise that Anwar Ibrahim is not accepted by Malays to be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia.

    [Malays with their constant spouting of the spirit of 'Muhibbah' see Lim Kit Siang as the only Prime Minister acceptable to them]

    [Funny though, I note that only the Malays constantly talk about the spirit of 'Muhibbah' and previously promoted the idea of 'Kongsi Raya'. The silence of Non Malays were deafening] [The Malays know what they're doing ok? Malays are not stupid ok?]

    However, of late, I noticed that there is another serious contender for the post of Prime Minister of the Pakatan Rakyat Government.

    Datuk Seri Samy Vellu.

    I would like to congratulate Datuk Seri Samy Vellu and all of the President's men for winning the contest for top posts in the recently concluded MIC party elections.

    I admire Datuk Seri Samy Vellu.

    Datuk Seri Samy Vellu defeated more than 500,000 Indians, Tun Dr Mahathir, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, Datuk S Subramaniam and all MIC party members who were against him.

    Datuk Seri Samy Vellu is indeed the most powerful man in Malaysia.

    [Even Anwar Ibrahim could not defeat Tun Dr Mahathir and Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak!].

    Wow Datuk Seri Samy Vellu! Wow! You are number 1 Datuk Seri Samy... Number 1!

    Datuk Seri Samy Vellu Sir! Please write a book on the laws of power. I will buy the book, I guarantee you. I am your biggest fan.

    Samy Vellu has single handedly turned the Malaysian Indian Congress into a M.I.C.k.e.y M.o.u.s.e party.

    Prophecy for the masses. Samy Vellu will go down in history as the main reason why BN loses control of the Federal Government in the next General Election.

    Samy Vellu, we salute you Sir! You changed Malaysia. You are number 1 Samy... Number 1!

    We owe it all to you. You should be the Prime Minister of the next Pakatan Rakyat led Federal Government. Your only serious rival to that post will be Lim Kit Siang but then he is no match for you.

    Anwar Ibrahim will give his tacit approval to your appointment after many hours of syura led by PAS of course.

    It is important that Anwar Ibrahim gives his two thumbs up for you to become Prime Minister. This will prove that Anwar Ibrahim is important in Pakatan Rakyat.

    No use for intellectual arguments or discussions anymore. The cancer has spread all over.

    Thanks to Anwar Ibrahim and the previous administration.

    P/S: Tian Chua and S Manikavasagam, please be wary of Anwar Ibrahim, he has been stealing glances at both of you, sources from within PKR have been quoted as saying.

  34. Anonymous12:35 am

    kepada Tulang Logam

    Balance pada Pakatan Rakyat?!!! Pukimak, macam kau boleh balance pasal BN. Cakap dulang paku serpih...


  35. Anonymous12:46 am

    Rilex la orang PR, rocky.bru hanya sebuah blog free saja, apa dia cerita tiada beza dengan blog-blog yang lain. Tapi Malaysian Insider adalah sebuah laman berita yang sepatutnya yang professional, un-bias. Ataupun, memang korang tak boleh kena kritik kot... Orang BN dah kena kritik sejak tahun lepas, diorang telan je, kena kritik sikit kat korang dah nak terkicit apsal?

    -benci lidah bercabang..

  36. Anonymous1:34 am

    I think, satirically speaking, everyone is fit to become the PM. May not be the real one but PM in the sense of 16 September dateline! Yes today, every one is PM except for Anwar. Kah, kah.

    Dua Sen

  37. Anonymous2:01 am

    Helo rocky,

    Disgusting bro.
    Really disguster.
    So bad you are disgusters.
    Now, disgusthingy!! Hu, hu

    PARAMASWERA -- disgusted

  38. Anonymous2:43 am


    A few of the commenter begged you to go onto the PR weighing machine. The want you to be balanced? Wow!

    But wait, who can imagine what exactly do they mean by that ie a balance article toward PR?

    Are they claiming those articles inside MT, PR blogs and MI are perfectly balance toward their opponent? What a hypocrite lots they are.

    So, if Anwar become the 916 PM, look as though all blogs have to weigh each word before it shows up online! ha, ha


  39. If one is able to debate well, it doesn't mean that one can lead the whole country.

    After reading so many political blogs, I can sum up that none of the bloggers is neutral in her point of view.

    All of them tend to be bound by their political stands.

    RPK, KKP, Rocky Bru and all those you can name are bigots.

  40. Anonymous12:26 pm

    Please go after DSAI for PM. DSAI is easier to topple because of immoral activities of homesexual and bisexual of having affair with Azmin wife at Tivoli Bangsar. Hadi Awang have to manage 3 wives and country of 27million population. He may soon admit to IJN for medicail check up. Understand the 3rd wife is very demanding, everytime Hadi entertain her, he will be admitted for recovery excercise for blood pressure. LKS is a great liar. Telling people DAP is so clean and corruption free. What had happened to Selangor?


  41. drMpower5:30 pm

    i have nothing against samy vellu and i dont even give a heck about him.

    but that selipar matter was made big 1 day AFTER the MIC meeting. meaning, Samy Vellu didnt say anything on the day this selipar thing came out.

    is this the case of oh-i-cant-help-but-to-punish-u-because-everyone-is-angry-now ?

    why not suspend that fella right after he utter such words?

    that samy is spent isnt he?

  42. Anonymous1:43 pm

    i nominate Zaid Ibrahim or Lim Guan Eng. Booth are capable individuals who may be able to lead M'sia into a new dawn


  43. Anonymous3:01 pm

    Yeah Farha, Zaid Ibrahim or Lim Guan Eng can lead M'sia into a new dawn...

    Dawn of The Dead!