Monday, September 07, 2009

Cow head protesters to be charged tomorrow

Updated, 8/9:
Read the article, here.

Original Article:
I'm not quite sure yet how many of them will be charged, but they will be charged under the Sedition Act tomorrow, most probably in Shah Alam, where the cow head protest took place two Fridays ago.

Meanwhile, this just in:
7/9 New site identified for 150yr-old Sri Maha Mariamman temple in another place in Section 23, Shah Alam: Selangor Govt/STAR

Updates: I heard SIX of the protesters will be charged under Sedition act, which carries a penalty of RM5000 or 3 years in jail, or both.
Also, ALL the protesters will be charged for illegal assembly.

Who'll defend them now? Anyone?


  1. Anonymous5:22 pm


    But I thought the PR nuts want to do away with repressive laws like ISA and the Sedition Act. Shouldnt they organise 1.0 million people to demonstrate against these cow head protesters being charged under the Sedition Act? Janganlah depa ni hipokrit sangat. Dont tell me the PR nuts are happy that the cow head protesters are being charged under the Sedition Act? Does it mean the Sedition Act is no good only when it is used against them? This is being too obvious lah bro.

    My view is just drop the whole thing lah. Isu ini sudah basi lah. What benefit is there to the nation to charge these people for freedom of expression and freedom of speech? Now another lengthy and time wasting and tax payers money wasted court case will start.


  2. Anonymous5:32 pm

    Sorry rocky, nobody will defend those samsengs, Malaysians are now wiser and able to differentiate good and bad, great effort from you to spin this, better luck next time!

  3. Anonymous5:33 pm

    What?? Isn't it a right to riot? According to Pakatan Ruckus, it is a fundamental and constitutional right to go berserk on the streets.

    So what justice is there to jail these ruckus creaters?

    Why invoke a federal law over state matters? This will give reason for the ruling MB to cry foul. He likes people to show their displeasure by street rule, so let the street rule.


  4. matstimketum5:33 pm

    projek nak mengambil hati kaum hindu di prk bagan pinang ler tu!

  5. Joe P5:41 pm

    For Najib's 1Malaysia to survive, his sincerity must be seen by Rakyat.

    Although his popularity upon his 100th day as PM has improved then, but if there is another poll to be conducted now, his popularity will certainly deteriorates with the recent issues , Teoh Beng Hock, the cow head protesters.

    The coming results of Bagan Pinang by-election will show you something. That is the Rakyat is impatient with Najib as what they did to Pak Lah.

    Either he has been sabatoged or he is indecisive.

    He has not much time come the 13 GE.

  6. "Who'll defend them now? Anyone?"

    Zul Rafique & Partners?

  7. Anonymous5:53 pm

    Who will defend them?
    The taikos who instigated them lah.

    Dont you know that there is a huge pool of money from the proceeds of special draws meeant for this purpose and other initiatives to get frogs come alive?

    Dont be so innocent lah.
    I am sure you are also enjoying some of this reserve.


  8. Anonymous6:00 pm

    yaaa..kan ramai lawyer dari Persatuan Peguam Muslim Malaysia...biar mereka defend pro boleh publish kat MM setiap hari..

    tapi MM kalu kasi pro bono pun org tak nak pakai...pasai lap buntut selepas berak pun MM tak bagus..paper quality rendah...kita prefer Scotts 3-Ply


  9. This is BUKTI/PROOF that the police and the BN Government are consistent.

    Tak kira siapa, mesti kena HUKUM.

    UMNO ka, Pakatan ka, Residents ka ...

    Candle vigilists, lu orang siap!!! Kalau kena tangkap, lu orang jangan nangis dan jangan bising.

    Jangan human rights sana, human rights sini.


  10. Bru gv. Their acc. No..we will help them to pay what ever the price are..die you pakatan jahanam..

  11. Anonymous6:24 pm


    IF they are found guilty, that mean it is the end to the reformist movement. No more demonstration after this. Everyone stay at home, play the ball.

    So, let us demand PR to send Karpal Singh and co, to defend those victims who supposed to be part of our human race. Our brethren.

    Please dont forget that we are all belong to the same race and that is the human race. So don't talk bad thing to our own brothers (people of Seksyen 23) less you are belonging to the monkey's race.

    Please remember, those brothers of us are not yet found guilty of anything, not until proven otherwise. More humane if we stop all this crap and hypocrite, will ya?

    Anti Apes

  12. Anonymous6:33 pm

    Somehow, I don't think so..will be for show only and released on technicality...its not a real cow's head or something like that.


  13. Anonymous6:33 pm

    if they are pakatan people then let's see if anwar will defend them

  14. km ng6:40 pm


    Since you suggested it, why don't you start a cow head defence fund?

    As a big boy now rubbing shoulders with the high and mighty in UMNO, a RM1,000 contribution from you should be chicken feed.

    Start the ball rolling and see how many will join you.

  15. Anonymous6:47 pm

    Susah lah macam tu, mau cakap tak terima, dah protest baru dengar. Lepas itu kena CHARGE.

    Kita baru sekali berperang dengan Jepun. Boleh ke nak berperang balik. He he he .

  16. Anonymous6:47 pm

    s23 cheapskates......
    All those who protested there were a loser...tengoklah baju baju seluar seluar mereka,semua yang beli kat pasar malam...murah,murah,murah... duit takdak punya protester... sebelum nak protes gi cermin dulu muka sikit,mak,bapa,anak,bini kalau semua ok...then protes lah...
    inikan pula duit nak makan pun takdek nak protes pula...bodoh punya mati lah s23 racist...
    another correct thinking malay says

  17. Anonymous6:49 pm

    after so much noise, they reluctantly decided to press charges. this is a damage control exercise for Umno.

  18. Anonymous6:51 pm

    Pakatan Rakyat wants to abolish ISA and Seditition Act. Since the laws have yet to be repealed under Umno, calling for consistency in their application is all they can do at present. Apa lah orang Umno ni, bodoh macam lembu... ini pun tak faham.

  19. bru,

    you can ask utusan tv3 rtm malaymail amnomelayu defend them. maybe utusan could collect money from melayu to pay their fine. they are hero heeheehee dont worry bru. tv3 also will give them primetime coverage.

    so what to worry?

  20. Anonymous6:55 pm

    Kau ingat orang bodoh ker? Yang main lilin tu kena tangkap bukan main cepat lagi. Naik surat khabar pulak tu.

    Yang tarik kepala lembu jalan seluruh Shah Alam tu lepas 10 hari pun masih belum kena tangkap lagi, ada masa untuk berparti kat dewan MBSA juga. Percayalah, takkan ada tindakan ke atas mereka yang buat demonstrasi di Shah Alam. Semua tu cuma sandiwara saja.

  21. Abang...

    kita melayu ni dah banyak bagi muka kat bangsa lain..
    Hishamuddin pun macam lembu jugak
    saya rasa..HINDU ini hanya DATO HARUN IDRIS sahaja yang boleh ajar


  22. Memang dasar Hindu pembohong. Kuil 150 tahun? Biji getah pun belum ada lagi. Kuil tertua kat Msia skg ni dkt dgn China Town KL. Auta punya hindu.. Kalau 150 tahun takkan rupa mcm bangsal kuda je. Good SPIN by Malaysiakini. Kalau betul 150 tahun marilah kita mohon beramai2 dgn UN untuk dijadikan TAPAK WARISAN DUNIA.

  23. I wouldn't imagine any bravado moment will arise for any 2 bit lawyer who would want to represent this lot. Maybe Zul Nordin might and those of his mentality.

  24. Anonymous7:21 pm

    betulkah berita ni, Rocky ??

    kalau macam tu...semestinya 'Rockybru'and geng2 UMNO come to defends the 'Cow-Head Protesters' !!

    Rocky for Cow-Head !!


  25. Trying to preempt and making sure they are not charged under the Penal Code are you?

    shame on you!

  26. if its a kangaroo court, then even a fresh graduate can defend them.

  27. Anonymous7:40 pm

    no party
    pakatan only help the peolple they pakat man...ya i am totally agree the street demo is taught by them and fully support by them they shouldn't cry and pressure govt to bring this peolple to court ..the legal street demo only can be approved by pakatan not others man..what a bullshit dun blame our PM for beng hock death the real cause is not known yet by the way i'm chinese dun think i am a BN member either i am jsut a citizen that fed up with all this DSAI bullsjit especially sept 16 lie i am one of the victim for that it really effect my income man what a disgusting leader and all this pakatan politiking i think all of them only will satisfy when our country become like some third world country that have internal fighting everyday !!!

  28. Anonymous7:49 pm

    Seditous? To whom? The cow? Hmm,

    Welcome to the land of holy cow!


  29. Anonymous7:54 pm

    Pehh, apa mende PR nih, kenapa asyik sibuk bina kuil nih.... haram jadah.... pakatan rakyat ke pakatan kuil. Kalau bukan tanah kau buat pe amik, tak kisah la buat kuil ke. Kalu masjid tu elok ada rezab masjid, kuil cina tu elok je ada atas tanah diaorang. Nih baru orang india mintak buat kuil, sok2 cina mintak bagi lagi, habisla tanah rezab melayu kat bandar2 besar nih. Woi MB pegi la cuba buat kuil tu kat sebelah rumah kau. Then baru kita cite. Yang protest tu, saman je, tak pun kalau susah, buat cam anwar, tangguh kes, sampai la bila2 pun tak payah kena bicara. Mamat tu rilek je kesana sini.

  30. Anonymous7:56 pm

    Consistent my Ass, took a lot of
    " Flip Flopping " by the Home Minister before he reluctantly put
    on a show, he should resign.


  31. Anonymous8:03 pm

    How about Datuk Hafarizam Harun?

  32. Bro,

    Tak payahlah nak masukkan mereka ini kedalam penjara, buat habis beras shaja. Lebeh baik masukkan mereka kedalam zoo, kan perangai tak ubah macam beruk!

  33. we all know these protestors went too far with their protest.

    and ppl were questioning why the inconsistency treatment compared to those from the opposition.

    and the they are only to be charged 10 days (or more) later ?

    if there were peaceful demonstration, this wouldn't have happened.

    **you have to agree UMNO's slogan / posters always borderline seditious

    now they are to be charged with sedition and illegal assembly, they are responsble for what they have done.

    those who are paying them for carrying out the protest or those who encouraged these people should help them. Or those who supports their protest agenda...

    you won't get ppl sincerely taking day off or sacrifice their weekend to defend these ppl, would you??

  34. nstman8:21 pm

    This is the way it should be. The perpatrators of this dastardly cow-head act must face the law. Nobody can go scot-free. These perpetrators have shamed the country. They cannot hide behind the skirt of potential unrest, anarchy to justify their actions. This is the 21st century. This is the age of the internet. This is not the eighties when controversy could be swept under the carpet. This is the 21st century. The world is watching. Section 23 residents have been hunkered down in their bunker. Now they they have to free themselves of the prejudices, bigotry that have blinded them.

  35. Anonymous8:22 pm

    Confuse.. How to defend them? so confuse.. Especially the Confuse malay people!
    Wake up guy!!

    Bin Star

  36. Anonymous8:26 pm

    theojitkhiam we will...dont worry.! U MF! Bru..persoalan saya mengapa penganjur Anti Isa yg. Buat demo di Kl yang lepas tidak diambil tindakan sebegini cepat oleh hisham and the gang? One thing i want tell u hisham is not good in defending the malay..remember the keris issue? Kenapa asyik nak jaga sensitiviti kaum lain saja? What happend to budak cina and his song negarakuku? Yaa..maybe its right umno already become a coward to become the malay champ! Anwar who? D' zul Pekida Melaka

  37. Anonymous8:50 pm

    Worthwhile, they decided to find another suitable place. Rather than having your kids and wives and elderly terrorised and having to live in fear all their life.

    Marina Mahathir can talk cock as her area, any problems, police will be there within 2minutes, and thugs hunted and caught within 24hours.

    Tempat kami, kena tetak sampai cacat, sampai 13tahun, not one caught and these thugs will come again within the next few months to do the same to us.

    GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND SYUKUR kepada Allah kerana setidaknya keselamatan keluarga akan lebih terjamin!


  38. Anonymous8:57 pm

    I support the goverment for charging them under the Sedition Act. Their act was totally unacceptable as their intention was to create racial disharmony in the country. But please do not charge them for illegal assembly as that is our fundamental rights of expression as enshrined in the constitution. They can expressed their dissatisfaction of the State Government's decision but not insulting other peoples religion.

    But I am very sceptical of the government's intention (federal government). To me I think it is only for "show". Most probably they will get off with a warning only or a small fine.


  39. Anonymous9:32 pm

    Believing is when it happens and stays that way.


  40. will defend them?

    Barisan Najis lah, who else.

    After all, all these are UMNO goons.

    UMNO corrupt lawayers are a dime a dozen and will prob do this pro bono.

    Lepas tu, cover saje with another corrupt govt contract for these corrupt UMNO lawyers.

    Thousands of theese leeches from UMNO will defend them lah.

  41. Anonymous10:03 pm

    here we go again, your attempt to exhibit impartiality. haven't you progressed by now from that? make your point if you must, but your grouse is becoming to sound personal if that aim is greater than justice itself.For sure they should have a chance to defend themselves in court and the sedition act must go. but i wouldn't blame anyone who aren't too enthusiastic in defending bigots.Would you be?
    you should really put your blog to better use.

    - biasedtowardsjustice

  42. Anonymous10:09 pm

    Kalu kena charged pon,,,berapa sen sangat kena denda,,takkan dah dekat nak RAYA,,,PATAIL nak put them behind BARS,,,!!!!????

    ANYWAY the whole WORLD dah lihat VIDEO tersebut,kita lihat SIAPA yang kena,,,SILAP-SILAP,,,MALAYSIAKINI reporter yang kena!!!!!


  43. Anonymous10:09 pm

    they wont goto jail la. rm5000 fine is supsuisui. khir toyol will pay. noh omar will pay.

    yes PR is all for demo, but peaceful demo stupid! No one asked those arseholes to act like bulls. No wonder still lagging behind other ppl in the world. STUPID!


  44. Anonymous10:33 pm

    Hoegarten what are you talking about? As far as I know the only protest has been against the ISA where people can be locked up without charge. Sedition requires going to trial to prove the case.

    Seriously, don't vent before knowing your facts. Has there been any organised protest against the sedition act? With karpal & Co charged under sedition where there any protest of the use of the sedition law on him?


  45. Candle night vigils in support of Sek23!!!

    They are being charged under infamous sedition act..


  46. Bunnies10:48 pm

    Some people in here are either crazy or plain dumb! Please la... wake up and grow up!

    Such actions by these cow head protesters should never be tolerated! These people are not just racist but violent and evil! They forget that this land does not belong to just one race.. it belongs to all! We gotta learn to live with each other and should never have such hatred towards anyone or race! What is this nonsense about not wanting to incite racial tension or hurt the indians when you step on a cow head? They dont know that a cow is sacred to the indians!? COME ON LA!? What a dumb excuse! That shows how much these idiots know about the other races! How much they cared about the other races! 1Malaysia my ass!

    No such thing as drop this whole thing!! These people must be made to be a painful example to all that if they disregard peace and take matters into their own hands, they will be dealt with severely. PERIOD!

    As for Hoegarten and the likes, please remember every single one of us have our rights and freedom of expression too! What then? Whose rights or freedom of expression superceed whose? So how?

    FYI, the benefits of going after such evil racist morons is tremendous. People will learn not to be crazy and evil on top of being racist! GET IT!?

    I sincerely hope these buggers sit and rot in jail for a long long time! They should lose their jobs and their families suffers from their papa's arrogant consequences. Is about time something is done about such Malay supermacy!

  47. Anonymous10:56 pm

    They can charge. But it will come to nothing. This is just a show. I dont believe Hishamuddin at all.

  48. Anonymous11:03 pm

    Charge jangan tak charge!

  49. The same dudes who defended Hindraf should defend these idiots.

  50. Anonymous11:05 pm

    Should charge the home minister too since he is also a samseng that is supportive of them.

  51. Anonymous11:17 pm

    By election coming got to do something....the key point is what will happen to the charges once by-election is over....

  52. Rohaizat can defend them..oops got 'traffic fine' by bar council. so they need to look for someone. don't worry la UMNO lawyers will defend them and there will be a fine. That is all. Malaysian judiciary correct correct correct.

    BTW the PR people are saying it is ok to demo but don't use prove other religion. No ISA please. Sedition act ok but maybe there are charges under the penal code. key is to go to court at least they can defend themselves. court is correct(3x) is different story. ISA where can defend oneself and ISA is for safety according to Syed hamid.

    so PR is consistent. UMNO/BN had to allow the charges cos the backlash was too great and 1Malaysia was screwed. Now these are small fries, what about Lingam, why NFA even RCI said there is a case.

    these guy deserve what they are getting. but don't worry la the cow head was there due to david Copperfield. So case....

  53. Anonymous11:58 pm

    "Who'll defend them now? Anyone?"

    Come, come. That shouldn`t be difficult. Get the same jaw jaws who said Malaysia Today did a THEFT on the Malay Mail "expose". They seem very capable and the publicity will make them even more famous.

    - Cheshire cat

  54. Anonymous12:19 am

    by-election coming la!

    just to make the stupids chindians happy a bit...

    after the by-election, case also conveniently dismiss la.

  55. Anonymous12:28 am

    Don't think that we should feels so sorry for them, except for those pious looking young men who put on their white scull caps and holding banners! Don't we?

    What say you Pas's enthusiast?

    Pro PKR

  56. Anonymous12:42 am

    Kes hasutan yang melibatkan PR (Karpal Layar, Jeferi Okoi, RPK dll) belum selesai, cam na? Kes yang terbaru ni kena tunggu giliran ke atau potong Q aja!

    Potong Steam :-)

  57. This is straight up racism & incendiary in their opposition to placing a Hindu temple in their neighbourhood. In the Koran, it does state that non-Muslims cannot build temples etc on Muslim land. That's why in Saudi Arabia there are no Hindu temples, synagogues etc and non-Muslims are not allowed to visit Mecca.

  58. Every wrongdoing should be punished! Thus Rocky, the question of who will defend them should not arise.

    Please Rocky, give your just and independent view on this issue and do not stoke further!

  59. Who are these racist protesters? Who are they affiliated to? Your newspaper have not identified them?

  60. Bro

    I agree the S23 protesters should not be charged under ISA or Sedition Act. I believe usage of these two laws are Unconstitutional for actions that have nothing to do with promoting Communism, Terrorism, Subverting the Govt by insurrection or those affecting National Securty.

    I also do not agree with the law preventing peaceful assembly of more than 3 persons without police permit used to stifle disagreement with the Govt policies and actions.

    I have no problems with the S23 residents peacefully assembling to protest over the kuil issue.

    What I do object to are the cow's head which is an insult to a major religion in this world, the speech about 'bloodshed' and violence and the inconsisent actions of the Police.

    As has been pointed out by several lawyers like Sivarasa of PKR and Art Harun, there are sufficient provisions in our Penal Code to charge anyone for incitement of hate and/or violence against another religion or people.

    As to who will defend the S23 residents charged by the AG, they have every right to their day in court and I doubt there will be a shortage of lawyers ready and willing to defend them.

    But if all the mature politicians and perhaps even the Sultan in Selangor get together, I am confident that an accceptable solution can be hammered out to the mutual satisfaction of the S23 Muslims and Hindus. (Hiding kuils, temples and churches in industrial lots and ghettos is an another crass insult and not an acceptable solution).

    Then a simple sincere apology will suffice and the hot heads will have learnt an important lesson about give and take in a multi-religious, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society. Then, there will be no need to take anyone to court.

    As Churchill said "Jaw, Jaw! Not War, War!"

    We are all of 1 race, the Human race.

  61. Anonymous1:07 am


    The decision to charge these goons, although late is laudable.
    But let see who are being charged and on what charges.

    Is Haji Azmir, protem chairman of Section 23 UMNO branch gonna be charged together with the other ring leaders? Lets pray that these people are charged heavily as their act is gross that can lead to racial riot.

    Jangan la pulak, kepala-kepala demo terlepas dan ikan-ikan bilis didakwa dengan tuduhan yang berat.

  62. all those guys should be charged under Section 298 of the Penal Code:

    "Whoever, with deliberate intention of wounding the religious feelings of any person, utters any word or makes any sound in the hearing of that person, or makes any gesture in the sight of that person, or places any object in the sight of that person, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year, or with fine, or with both."

    sedition act is too vague but good way for them to escape with a slap on the wrist at the end of the day

  63. Anonymous1:38 am

    Blogger Srikanth Siva said...

    "if its a kangaroo court, then even a fresh graduate can defend them."

    If that so, don't you wonder why RPK is avoiding the charge of sedition at all cost if what you have said about the kangaroo court is right? No ball?

    And one more thing, why is it that DSAI been so stupid in that he has to waste few 100K for picking up a very long parade of money driven pundits (defense team)?

    If from what you have suggested, a fresh Taiwanese and Indians graduate are just good enough to represent him in that kind of court and then why must him spend his money like water?

    Just imagine if that amount (100-1000K) is just given to you instead of the nouveau riche? Uh-huh.

    He, he... just in case you have forgotten, actually only the sacred kangaroo are scared of the kangaroo court! Hmmm, How many kangaroos are there in PR?

    Peace :-)

  64. Anonymous3:50 am

    Rock, dengar cite kat paper, kuil nih nak teruskan jugak buat kat seksyen 23 nih. Apa la si khalid ni, kecelakaan betul la dia jadi mb ni. Dah kena protes pun nak teruskan jugak. Jadi la mcm kampong buah pala. Salah undi betul, sakit ati aku nengoknye.

  65. hidupkan nasrul haq, tengok depa tetiba melambong jer, tak yah dok dekat2, bantai pakai angin, hahaahaha

  66. Anonymous5:39 am

    BODOH. Tak faham maksud "Bodoh macam Lembu"


  67. Anonymous6:04 am

    Cow head protesters to be charged tomorrow?

    Gani4tahil didnt say 'tomorrow'. Dont know when. Talk only.

    Who spinning now?


  68. Umah

    In the Koran, it does state that non-Muslims cannot build temples etc on Muslim land

    Surah and Verse please?

    I'm a Muslim and I disagree with the cowhead incident.

    I don't really feel like answering you because I seriously doubt your ability to put two and two together, but since you've put up something incredibly stupid, I will.

    You're talking rubbish which is par for the course for people like you.

    There are more Hindu temples (mostly unregistered) in PJ than there are mosques. And there is a monstrosity being built on Gasing Hill for which the PJ local authority is bending backwards to accommodate.

    Can you find a Hindu temple in the Vatican or Amritsar?

    Have you been in a cave this past week?

    Either that or you're like a mushroom, which likes to be kept in the dark and fed sh*t.

    Everybody knows the demonstrators are from Umno, PKR and Pas. These people are no more racists than those who destroyed Babri mosque in Ayodhya.

    BTW, are you aware that in ancient India even the Brahmins ate certain types of sacrificial meat?

    Nonetheless, Hindus say that the cow is sacred and I disagree with the cowhead incident on the basis that it is disrespectful of another religion.

  69. Anonymous6:54 am

    rocky, help them. they are not guilty but are victim of PR spin masters. police should know this.

    anti geng lembu

  70. Anonymous7:03 am


    If PRians practices what they professed in the context of total secularism, they have no business in dealing with religious affairs in the first place?

    Being a secular government, we don't think that part of their formal duty include laying their hand on setting up house of worship?

    Why can't they just do their primary duty (developing the state) and leave aside the issue of religion for the relevant and interested parties to sort thing out amongst themselves?

    Looked at America, does it's government need to intervene in the process of building up or relocating builing of worship?

    All this show that when come to sensitive issue such as religion, for any deadlock to be unlock, a secular warlord (more often than not) don't have anything extra that keyed to the interest of religious harmony.

    Pious Chinglot

  71. bru hisham is not good in defending the malays seems like coward! Remember keris issue? Dgn. Bangsa sendiri bukan main, what happened to budak cina and his song negarakuku! Come on..yo pr maybe we need another datuk harun to teach ya'll

  72. Anonymous8:06 am

    MoneyMatters@Nizam 7:04

    Memanglah Kuil dan Biji Getah belum ada lagi 150 tahun dulu. Tapi lu kene ingat one thing: Kat sini di Malaysia kuil tu belum ada. Tapi di India, 150 tahun dulu, Samy Grand Kovil diorang dah bermimpikan tuhan diorang lahir kat bawah pokok sena di seksyen 23 Shah Alam kurang lebih seribu tahun dulu.

    And for that matter who knows? Mungkin anak beranak, ipar duai, biras-besan, semende kemanakan atau derivative-derivative tuhan mereka seribu tahun dulu dah lahir dah, celah rumpun di Midvalley, Petaling Jaya, atas Bukit di Kampung Pilin, Rembau, dalam belukar di Gambang, Pahang, celah semak dekat Bagan Nakhoda Omar, Selangor dan bawah tapak KLIA tower, Sepang.

    Hey! Mana lebih power! Mimpi ulamak diorang ker, atau Zone Rulings of the City Municipal Councils? Tentulah mimpi Samy! Ish Ish ish. Apalah korang ni taaaaaak paham-paham.

    Oh ya. About the only places those tuhan TAK LAHIR are …
    … bawah dapur rumah Lim Kit Siang
    … dalam kebun pisang Harris Ibrahim
    … bawah pokok sena tepi rumah Dontplaypundek (maybe sebab kasta lain kot)
    … Sebelah veranda rumah Kapal Singh, sebelum Gobind Singh lahir

    Hahaha. Notice how the DAP rats in here slowly and slimingly say things like “Don’t charge under sedition act, but with something else”? Well, that’s because “hey guys if you charge under sedition act then that will establish a precedence and later on we cannot do setitious things maaa…”

    It’s like, “Charge the Melayu/UMNOs for their wrongdoings. But if that wrongdoing overlaps with what we do then charge them with something else and we reserve the mutually exclusive allegations”.

    When are you Fuckatan-supporting malays gonna realize this?


  73. We have to get the Cowhead protestors so that next time there will be no more demo either from pro goverment or pakatan rakyat. Absolutely agreed. Tapi yang suka demo ni melayu saja dan sedikit india. Orang lain tak pergi demo. Orang lain buat duit saja sebab orang lain cerdik. Of course there are some bodoh bangsa malaysia. All of us know that.

  74. We have to get the Cowhead protestors so that next time there will be no more demo either from pro goverment or pakatan rakyat. Absolutely agreed. Tapi yang suka demo ni melayu saja dan sedikit india. Orang lain tak pergi demo. Orang lain buat duit saja sebab orang lain cerdik. Of course there are some bodoh bangsa malaysia. All of us know that.

  75. We have to get the Cowhead protestors so that next time there will be no more demo either from pro goverment or pakatan rakyat. Absolutely agreed. Tapi yang suka demo ni melayu saja dan sedikit india. Orang lain tak pergi demo. Orang lain buat duit saja sebab orang lain cerdik. Of course there are some bodoh bangsa malaysia. All of us know that.

  76. Anonymous9:14 am


  77. Anonymous9:44 am

    The LAW is THE LAW.NO TWO WAYS ABOUT IT! If it was non malays you would have spin a different tale!Please dont right a wrong as right!


  78. Anonymous9:49 am

    s23 residents who did the demo is a disgrace to all of us.It's ok to demo but not healthy.
    yesterday they demo with intention of insulting other race,inciting hatred and other acts of against peace@hormony Malaysia.
    Who can guarantee today they will demo while robbing people nearby they while rape all the girls that they see???
    Anyway what is the different when this happen(rape@insult other religion).
    I dare the government in power(BN) and the opposition(PR)khalid chief of state which the demo take place to take serious action against those people.
    our society do not want this to happen and we can accept this kind of nonsense to happen again.
    silent majority says...

  79. Well guys, be parctical. While I agree for the section 23 to express their disatisfaction the protestor went a degree higher when they carry, kick n step on cow head which I believe bring the shame to muslims it self. Show some descent and why you need to carry the cow head to show your disatsifaction if not your hidden agenda to insult the Hindu's. But I believe the attitude really backfired when many muslims friends disagree with the incident. Charge them for the words they uttered during the demo and not solely for carrying the cow head. Justice shall be delievered irrespective of race or religion.

  80. Anonymous9:55 am

    Apa kita kerajaan charge semua penyembelih lembu? Mereka buang kepala lembu merata-rata dan mencincang kaki, ekoq, lapah dagingnya begitu teruk sekali. Mungkin kerajaan juga boleh menghentikan upacara korban di Hari Raya Haji. Itupun boleh menimbulkan rasa tak puasa hati kepada mereka yang menganut agama Hindu. Dan marilah kita semua membela lembu untuk meragut rumput di depan dan belakang rumah. Jimat duit.....Ntah apa-apa

  81. shahiskandar9:58 am

    suddah-lah Pakatan.

    kalau protesters ni nak cepat suruh tamgkap. kalau hindraf dan lain-lain marah kalau kena tegur.

    ini residents-lah. they have a voice. they are angry with the state govt.
    not the hindu community.
    the kepala lembu was not sent to the temple-lah.

    kepala lembu ment for Khalid.

    of look dahsyat. but that's to show betapa marah penduduk2 sekseyn 23 sebab kerajaan tak berunding dengan mereka dulu.

    hey...tanay dua2 khalid tu...boleh tak ada kuil dekat rumah mereka?

  82. Anonymous10:04 am

    Bro Rocky.

    I am reproducing my comment which I posted in Marina Mahathir's "The End of Civility?"



    If not reading from your blog, I would have thought that this is written by the other Marina (other half of the fugitive blogger RPK). Being acquainted to them have influence you somehow.

    You insult the Malay race.

    I wonder if your father, the Great Tun Mahathir approves of what you have written.

    Marina, step out of your cocoon. You were born with a silver spoon in your mouth while the majority of the Malays are poor and brought up in an environment which is very contrast to yours.

    The protestors were very angry and they just could not contain their feelings any longer. Their action is actually a blessing in disguise. Its better for them to release some tension earlier. If they were to wait any longer, the situation may be very much drastic and it maybe too late if they "keluarkan parang panjang and parang terbang". Remember May 13?

    However I wonder where you were when the Chinese mobsters instigated by the DAP broke down the barriers and challenge the police in the Bandar Mahkota Cheras incident. Where were you when the HINDRAF did their protest in Kuala Lumpur?

    Yes, to you, them Chinese and Indians are more civilise than the Malays.

    You wrote: "Did these people then go home and eat since surely their puasa was batal'd?"

    Now you are playing God. And I thought only Nik Aziz plays One.


  83. Anonymous10:24 am

    He..he..he...Don't be surprised that when they found out those charged under the Sedition Act are actually PAS and PKR members. Then Pakatan Rakyat will cry Government Conspiracy.

    The fact is these people in Section 23 supported and voted for PAS (Member of Parliament)and PKR (ADUN Batu Tiga) in the last general election. So when supporters of PAS and PKR demonstrated why blame BN. Blame Pakatan Rakyat lah. Tak reti bahasa.

  84. Anonymous10:24 am


    Aku simpati dengan nasib penduduk S23. Kalau ditenung sejarah lalu, orang Melayu punya budi pekerti yang tinggi tetapi pantang dicabar.

    Tindakan penduduk S23 sudah sampai ke peringkat mereka memberontak selepas isu yang dikemukakan dipandang sepi walaupun ikhtiar telah diusahakan.

    Rasanya dah sampai masanya orang Melayu buka mata dan minda dan jangan biar maruah mereka diperkotakkatikan dek kepentingan orang politik - tak kira dari mana.
    Kalau PAS yang gah dengan Islamnya, PKR dengan konspirasi dan demo jalanannya atau UMNO dengan kroninya - rasanya yang sekian lama memendam rasa dan merana ... orang Melayu sendiri.

    Masa HINDRAF buat hal, orang Melayu rata ratanya sabar pasai DSAI dan saudara perjuangannya (DAP, PAS dll) menyokong penuh "kezaliman" yang berlaku keatas golongan minoriti. Orang Melayu sendiri berpecah belah akibat ketaksuban dan kemarahan dengan parti BN. Masa isu gambar bogel perempuan dari 'China', DAP melenting sampai wakil Kerajaan terpaksa berkejar ke China memohon maaf. Tapi, bila perempuan tu sah sah orang Melayu, apa yang DAP buat. Itu pun aku rasa orang Melayu tak buat kecoh sangat.

    Yang pasti, sejak DSAI kembali, aku nampak orang Melayu bukan saja dah hilang kewarasan tapi juga sudah bersikap kurang ajar sesama bangsa. Aku tak menghalang kalau mereka punya haluan yang sama denga DSAI tetapi sikap keterlaluan yang ditunjukkan dengan orang Melayu yang tak sehaluan akan hanya membawa perpecahan dan kerugian kepada orang Melayu sendiri. Yang bertepuk tangan, tentu saja orang yang nak melihat orang Melayu kebelakang.

    Oleh itu fikirlah dan sedarlah bahawa perlu ada garis pemisah yang perlu dihormati oleh setiap anak Melayu tak kira apa pegangan atau prinsip perjuangan mereka. Yang pasti jangan sampai orang politik mempergunakan orang Melayu untuk kepentingan mereka hingga tanah dan maruah mereka dicabar.

    Bagi penduduk S23, aku berharap mereka bersabar dan terima cabaran ini sebagai dugaan. Tak kira apa saja hukuman yang dikenakan, aku pasti ramai yang akan membantu anda kerana anda telah membuatkan orang seperti aku sedar batapa pentingnya kita bersatu agar tidak mudah diperbudakan.

  85. Anonymous10:47 am

    Cut off their cocks so that they won't pollute Malaysia with their seed.

    But don't worrylah you munafik umno melayus.

    You won't be next.

    Although you should be. :D

  86. Anonymous10:57 am

    Melayu memang bodoh mcm kepala lembu...tak kira UMNO ka..PKR ka...PAS ka..suma kepala lembu

    - Dicko

  87. Anonymous11:00 am

    Umah‬ said...This is straight up racism & incendiary in their opposition to placing a Hindu temple in their neighbourhood. In the Koran, it does state that non-Muslims cannot build temples etc on Muslim land. That's why in Saudi Arabia there are no Hindu temples, synagogues etc and non-Muslims are not allowed to visit Mecca.12:42 AM

    Oi bodoh sejak bila Malaysia jadi Saudi Arab?

    You suka sangat Arab Saudi you sama keluarga bodoh you boleh belah pegi tinggal sana.

    Tak perlu orang macam you kat Malaysia.

    Fanatik Bodoh!

    - Sal-a-din

  88. IMO they have the right to legal counseling.

    As much as I am apolitical, and after trying hard to emphatise with the situ, I still believe (as a Muslim and Malaysian) that the act is a blatant disregard to Islamic teaching, besides being disrespectful to fellow Muslims, Malaysians, and the bonafide leaders who are democratically elected.

    To condone such acts does not augur well with my moral compass, and it would be quite a precedent if we were to close one eye over it, in the legalese of inter-racial relations.

  89. Anonymous11:25 am

    It must happen so that the govt is seen to be 1Malaysia serious.
    Otherwise not just the citizens but the foreigners watching will know.


  90. Two issues here, one is the demonstration against locating the temple at Seksyen 23 and the other serious one is using a cow head to show their anger at the Khalid Ibrahim State Government.

    1. As for the demonstration, I thought Pakatan leaders and people just love demonstration and the rights to express free speech. So the Seksyen 23 Shah Alam demonstrators who actually voted the election pact of PKR,PAS and DAP in power are only exercising their rights made popular by Pakatan Leaders, so if they are charged then the Selangor State government should appoint lawyers to defend the demonstrators. The Selangor Governmnent can afford it I am sure, they hired a battery of expensive lawyers just to represent them in the ongoing Teoh Beng Hock inquest and the demonstrators are in fact PKR/PAS constituents. Khalid Ibrahim cannot show dia pilih bulu in this matter.

    2. As for the cow head sedition charge, if those charged are found guilty they have to suffer the consequences. But then I suppose they can get advise from Shamsul Iskandar PKR youth Head, as Shamshul with some Pakatan demonstrators used a cow in a protest against the MACC a couple of months back to show that MACC is "bagai lembu dicucuk hidung". Definitely PKR Shamshul should help, after all most if not all those who are going to be charged voted for the election pact of PKR,PAS and DAP.

  91. Anonymous11:42 am

    hey bunnies

    what say YOU start getting rpk to face his charge

    instead of HIDING somewhere

    scared huh??

    YOU must convince him to set the record straight and not RUN away

    these people MEANT to use the cow head to denote "bagai lembu dicucuk hidung"

    SSTTOOOPPIID bunnies - don't even know the malay saying

    at least they STAY to face charges

    GOBLOK - got the cheek to PREACH somemore

    Pooodah, scram

  92. Anonymous12:03 pm


    Death Toll : 5
    Raped : 1
    Drug charge : Many

    1. JOHOR BARU: The body of a man wrapped up in a carpet was found stuck in a garbage trap near the Pulai water reservoir here. R. Maniam, 30 is believed to have been murdered elsewhere and dumped into the river.

    2. SEREMBAN: A man found guilty for the murders of a politician and his son five years ago was saved from being sent to the gallows — as he was one month short of his 18th birthday when the killings took place. The man, who turns 23 next month, was convicted of killing former Rahang MIC branch chairman D. Balakrishnan, 54, and his 21-year-old son Kartigesan in September 2004.

    3. JOHOR BARU: A 30-year-old man was jailed 12 years by the High Court here after he pleaded guilty to causing the death of his month-old son in June. G. Arumugam admitted to the offence. Deputy Public Prosecutor Mohd Fazaly Mohd Ghazaly said the baby suffered multiple injuries caused by a blunt object on his head, chest and abdomen.

    4. KUALA LUMPUR: The main suspect in the murder of a woman whose body was found buried in a concrete staircase landing is a violent man with a history of child abuse and assault. The wife of the man had admitted during police questioning that she saw her husband killing the woman after a heated argument. The dead woman has been identified as Chitra, 43, a divorcee

    5. KUALA LUMPUR: A 27-year-old woman was being raped by two men in a shed when a passer-by, who heard her screams, alerted the police who rushed to the scene and rescued her. ACP Rahim urged anyone with information on the whereabouts of G. Dyayalan (I.C. No 840410-14-6187), whose last known address is 22-00-09 Gombak Setia, Batu 5, KL, to alert the nearest police station

    6. KUALA LUMPUR: A drug trafficking syndicate operating within the compounds of various temples in the city has been smashed following the arrest of five of its members. Initial investigations showed that the members would wait for their clients in areas around Brickfields, Pantai Dalam and Bangsar. Three men and a woman, aged between 31 and 51 years, were nabbed at the temple at 10.45pm. All of them tested positive for opium.

  93. Anonymous12:04 pm

    "who will defend them?"

    You probably knows what the verdict would be.

    Your spin is second to none.

  94. Anonymous12:07 pm

    The key word or words is 'to be charged tomorrow' and we know how our judiciary system work so far when it is against BN/UMNO people or friends... No Freaking Action


  95. 1Sekolah12:09 pm

    Bro Rocky...
    Nampaknya idea 1Malaysia ni susah nk dijayakan.Mungkin ianya hanya idea saja tanpa pelaksanaan.Mcm mana nk terlaksana kalu setiap kaum punya syak wasangka yang tinggi.Baca saja komen2 dlm blog bro dah boleh agak fikiran setiap pemberi komen.Tambahan pula pemberi komen yang berselindung,mereka komen macam kan mereka sahaja yang benar2 baik.Susah rasanya untuk jayakan idea baik 1Malaysia ini.Rasanya generasi muda sekarang perlu dididik dr awal untuk bertoleransi dan bergaulbaik sesama sendiri.Idea terbaik adalah dengan sistem 1 sekolah sahaja.Tiada sekolah2 lain melainkan swasta.Diwajibkan setiap anak2 rakyat Malaysia mendaftar belajar disana sehingga ke tahap tertinggi.Barulah minda dan keperibadian mereka dapat membentuk jatidiri bangga sebagai rakyat Malaysia.

  96. Anonymous12:25 pm

    Biasa lah komen orang PAKATAN dungu nie. Bila penunjuk perasaan di dakwa, kata nak ambil hati orang Hindu. Kalau tak dakwa, kata kerajaan tak telus dan pilih kasih pulak. Jangan layan lah PAKATAN dungu nie, buang masa je.


  97. Anonymous12:26 pm

    It is their basic human right to protest and freedom of expression is a basic trait in any develop nation. Look like Malaysia have backtracked its progress. Pity Malaysian.

    That what PR people will say if the demonstrators is their's own.

    Truth is, it is their basic human right to protest, where is Mr. Lim KS and Anwar? Why keep quite? Why inconsistencies?


  98. Anonymous12:32 pm

    "7/9 New site identified for 150yr-old Sri Maha Mariamman temple in another place in Section 23, Shah Alam: Selangor Govt/STAR"

    150 yrs old? Oh no..they're plundering the blogsphere with diarhoea shit coming from their own asshole now and expect everybody to swallow it blindly....i know those people who will blindly swallow anything coming from that PR asshole..hahaha

    My question..How come this buruh pendatang and their 150yrs-old temple existed first in this Tanah Melayu way before the British had the first rubber estate planted in Tanah Melayu ..worst, the seed was not yet brought to London from Brazil??

    Check these out;


    "Brazil provided the world with the rubber tree, Hevea Brasiliensis, but that country no longer plays any significant part in the world NR (natural rubber) trade. Seeds were exported from the lower Amazon area of Brazil to London UK by Henry Wickham, a local planter acting for the British Government in 1876.

    - the first seed were brought to London in 1876 for research..and that was 134 yrs the pendatang already worked in rubber estate 16yrs before the Brits had the seeds!..cepatnya mereka sampai, naik kapal terbang ke? atau naik tongkang sakti atau kereta lembu ajaib? hahahaha..

    This is what i called a good pariah joke! Let savour some laugh for them, shall we..?

    Now you know what are meant by malay proverb "cakap keling" and "perangai keling".. now you have it in front of your own eyes! By this time, you should already know how to react when you see both a snake and a keling..

    "Over the next 40 years or so, the British in Malaysia and the Dutch in Indonesia cleared large areas of rainforest to create rubber plantations."

    - 40 yrs after 1876 means 1916..yup..those buruh pariah from tamil nadhu only existed in this land in the 20th century.. 150yrs ?? memang putar alam punya keling..huh..bila masa mereka teroka hutan di area batu tiga shah alam waktu itu?
    I wonder where they got that 150 figure..
    Oh, i know..just like their typical modus operandi... its the age of the tree on that land in which they had sucessfully snatched to built their temple..and their sammis made them to belive it is 150yrs old like they made them to belive worshiping deities & gargoyles instead of One God....

    So..kalau masih ada melayu mau percaya cakap mereka tu lagi aku taknak cakap apa lagi lah..termasuklah si Khalidx2 tu..mereka memang dasar melayu pariah bodoh dan tiada maruah..

    Itulah hakikat selayaknya..buat apa nak marah wahai pemimpin2 melayu PR..dah memang melayu pariah mcm korang dah kena jual pun..buat apa nak melenting? terima sajalah hakikat..

    Maka teruslah jadi kaldai2 kpd hindulen dan babi2 kpd chingkies..kerajaan Fukatan Riot berkepala, hebat..syabas!

    p/s: when the pariahs do the spinning..they spinned their head really fast like a twister to vacuum everybody in for their fast the PR govt endorsing the 150 figure from "is said to be" and "believe to be" statement coming from their own clan of ularian..long live hindraf! pusing jgn tak pusing.. hahahaha...

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  99. Anonymous12:32 pm

    Jadi lihat dan dengar orang PR, kalau orang ini pun ke "charge", kau orang buat entah apa-apa demo ke vigil tahi ke, jangan nak minta simpati daripada rakyat dan jangan lidah bercabang dua, orang lain tak boleh kau boleh pulak, apa istimewanya kau?


  100. Anonymous12:33 pm

    Who will defend them? Disbarred lawyers in UMNO will do that. Of course they will not tell the judge that.

  101. Anonymous12:59 pm


    defend them? u r fucking racist like them...u think u all above the law because UMNO goons and warlords are behind you??


  102. Keadaan nampaknya sudah berat sebelah. Kerajaan tak buat apa-apa pun bila

    - PR tak habis-habis dengan pertunjukan sarkisnya di Perak.

    - MT, Malaysia kini bermaharajalela dengan tulisan-tulisan yang menjurus kepada sikap anti-nasional

    - Apa jadi dengan blog haram jadah sjsandteam?

    - LKS, Kapal S bebas lagi menghasut rakyat

    - apa jadi dengan mereka-mereka yang bersimpati dengan Chin Peng? Baca di sini.

    - sampai bila kes Anwar hendak ditangguh?

    DS Najib ! Mungkin telah sampai masanya untuk orang Melayu menubuhkan parti politiknya sendiri!

    "Negara ini adalah Tanah Melayu"

    Semerah Padi

  103. Azalina sepatutnya cafri jalan yang diredhai Allah bukan menghuni rumah neraka yang penuh syaitan setelah tidak jadi menteri lagi.
    sila baca di sini, Written by tepakbersulam X staff

  104. Anonymous1:32 pm

    The cops didn't do anything to stop the cow head protesters and you seem to support these gangsters. Wah Rocky since when you change your tune. You use to be fair in postings but somehow the BN thugs can't do no wrong in your opinions

  105. TokGuruAirLiur1:38 pm

    Takder org nak defend la sbb semua tu melayu. Kalau cina ngan india mmg la org defend.

    Takpun org xnak defend sbb nanti kata tak masuk syurga plak sokong...muahaha

  106. Will Malay Mail or your blog publish this letter?


    Surat Terbuka Untuk Penduduk Seksyen 23

    2hb September 2009 M
    13 Ramadan 1430 H

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

    Kehadapan penduduk Seksyen 23 yang dihormati,

    Semoga surat ini menemui tuan-tuan dalam keadaan sihat wal afiat serta
    keimanan yang teguh dan jitu berkat bulan Ramadhan ini.

    Saya mengambil kesempatan ini untuk mengingatkan diri saya serta
    tuan-tuan akan Firman Allah, Surah Al Maaidah ayat 8 yang bermaksud;

    “Bertindak adil! Ianya lebih rapat dengan keTaqwaan.”

    Semoga dalam usaha kita membina keTaqwaan dalam bulan Ramadhan ini,
    kita mengingati hakikat bahawa ‘keTaqwaan’ yang diusahakan itu
    mempunyai hubungan rapat dengan keadilan. Keadilan ini pula perlu
    dilaksanakan terhadap semua, walaupun terhadap yang tidak disenangi.
    Ini ditegaskan di dalam ayat yang sama yang bermaksud,

    “dan jangan oleh kerana kebencian kamu terhadap sesuatu kaum
    menyebabkan kamu tidak berlaku adil…”

    Kalau terhadap kaum yang dibenci sekalipun dituntut keadilan, apatah
    lagi terhadap jiran sekampung dan warga sekota? Walaupun mereka tidak
    sebangsa dan seagama, hakikatnya mereka tidak memusuhi kita atau
    memusuhi Islam. Maka, mereka layak mendapat layanan yang adil. Adakah
    adil sekiranya kita menafikan mereka hak tempat beribadat yang
    berhampiran dan sebaliknya memaksa mereka ke seksyen 22, di
    tengah-tengah kawasan Industri berat, jauh dari kawasan kediaman?
    Tiada apa di sana kecuali kilang-kilang.

    Saya hanyalah seorang wakil rakyat yang dipilih oleh tuan-tuan melalui
    pilihan raya yang diadakan pada masa-masa tertentu. Saya tidak berhak
    memaksa apa-apa pandangan atau keputusan ke atas tuan-tuan semua. Saya
    hanya mengharapkan keputusan yang tuan-tuan rumuskan sendiri berhubung
    cadangan pemindahan kuil ke Seksyen 23 mengambil kira persoalan
    keTaqwaan dan keAdilan seperti di atas.

    Islam adalah agama yang adil. Keadilannya mampu menawan hati semua
    manusia. Yang paling saya takuti adalah tindakan yang memberikan
    gambaran bahawa Islam adalah sebaliknya. Allah murka terhadap mereka
    yang bertindak dengan cara yang merosakkan imej Islam sehingga
    menyebabkan manusia terhalang untuk mengenali keadilannya. Allah
    berfirman ayat 94 Surah An-Nahl yang bermaksud:-

    “Dan kamu ditimpa kehinaan kerana menjadi penghalang kepada jalan
    Allah (disebabkan tindakan buruk kamu) dan untuk kamu azab yang amat
    dahsyat (pada hari akhirat kelak)”

    Ada yang bertanya kepada saya, tidakkah saya khuatir saya kalah dalam
    Pilihan Raya yang bakal tiba oleh kerana isu ini. Bagi saya sekiranya
    itulah kehendak pengundi, apakan daya? Yang penting sejarah akan
    menjadi saksi bahawa ada Ahli Parlimen dari parti Islam yang
    memperjuangkan keadilan untuk semua walaupun orang Hindu. Seperti
    kisah seorang raja Islam di Mysore, Bangalore, India pada abad ke 18
    yang bernama Sultan Fateh Ali Khan Tippu (Tippu Sultan). Rakyatnya
    terdiri daripada orang Islam, Hindu dan Sikh. Hingga ke hari ini
    rakyat India masih menceritakan mengenai pemerintahan beliau yang
    berasaskan Islam sebagai sebuah pemerintahan yang adil.

    Semoga Allah memberkati kita semua dan memimpin kita ke jalan yang diRedhaiNya.

    وسلام عليكم و السلام على من التبع الهدى
    Ahli Parlimen Shah Alam

  107. Shame, Rocky, for allowing your commentors to post such racist dribble on your blog.

    As Ive said previously in an email to you, freedom of speech comes with responsibility and as a blogowner you are not exercising your freedom responsibly.

    I use to admire the way you wrote and made it a point to ponder on the perspective you offered.

    But now, your postings have gotten increasingly far from neutral. How can you expect your readers to continue believing you are fair and credible in your presentation of the 'facts'? If that be the case, you are no better than MKini, MInsider, MToday and all those other sites you claim are biased.

  108. Anonymous2:38 pm

    sheahnee @ 1:50 PM

    Rocky posts ALL comments, unlike the others you mentioned which deletes and not publish many dissenting views

    note this "DISSENTING views", don't use 'racist dribble' just because you dont agree

    and who are you to TELL Rocky what to do huh??

    you still visit his blog right

    Freedom of speech lah yours included - although many here can do without a self-righteous pseudo preacher, sheesh

  109. "Negara ini adalah Tanah Melayu"

    u r in the wrong time mate

    this is malaysia

    and bangsa malaysia consist of Malay Chinese indian and many more race...

    with different religions and enjoy different food and different culture

    tanah melayu is history.. read my lips HISTORY
    you cannot reverse to history

    even the BRIT can't take over this land as one of their colony, OK

  110. Anonymous2:48 pm

    Kepada AG, KPN & sewaktu dengannya,

    Macam ni baru betul. Biar orang demo dulu, lepas tu baru dakwa di mahkamah. Tak payah tangkap pun pun dakwa maaa....Bukan macam sebelum2 ni...sembur & tangkap sebelum demo bermula...HAMPEH!

    Inilah kali pertama aku tengok polis bijak menghadapi golongan pendemo...SYABAS POLIS.

    Yang Benar,

  111. Anonymous4:02 pm

    My view is ...

    "yg salah tetap salah" no hypocrite on that....if BN/UMNO do the wrong thing..they should face the law...BUT it also should be that way with Fuckatan Rakyat aka PAS PIS POS, DAPigs and PKR...

    Next time when you all do the bad things especially to Fuckatan Rakyat, please bare the consequences ok?! more..

    1)freedom of expressions,
    2)no more candle light demo (what the F*** is that?!),
    3)no more wasting our precise time watching news@TVwith your Bozo acting under a tree or hotel,
    4)no more TV drama or rehearsal for "I'm innocent" acting

    by the way....they the Sec.23 residents is NOT against actually with the kuil(from my view/observation)..they actually against the people (kurang ajar type of people- but not all)that go or have a ceremony or religion function at the know who I'm talking about....
    those cowboy, gangster, I don't care what people think about me, suka hati lah I mau parking, makan , minum, tidur, bising mcm kat dlm cerita itu Tamil movie,-THESE TYPES OF PEOPLE OK?!...


  112. Don't worry,UMNO is just putting on a wayang here. Arrest the protesters, put on a show trial and find them not guilty, or even if they are found guilty they will just receive a tap on the wrist. So there is no need to get your knickers in a twist here, Mr Bru.

  113. keng tiong hai5:10 pm

    i fully support the AG decision to charge the protesters that bring the cow head along for their protest and put their feet on the cow head.
    be fair and BN will be respected by all races and religion.

    Keng Tiong Hai
    sekyen 30
    Shah Alam

  114. Anonymous5:13 pm

    So Srikanth sekarang puas hati itu surat Khalid Samad sudah publish?

    The way he rambled on and on about being sensitive to other people's needs is akin to the Malay saying 'CAKAP TAK SERUPA BIKIN'.

    When they made the decision to move the temple to a Malay majority area did he make the so-called townhall meeting that the Pakatanees are so proud about? NONE rite? They just made the decision On that DR X-Men Xavier recommendations rite? So is this SENSITIVE to ppls needs?

    It's just plain stupid! It just shows Pakatan CAN'T GOVERN! They're not politics SAVVY. They don't how to negotiate their ways around an issue without angering the Rakyat.

    Coming back to the letter he wrote, an MP don't write long winded letters like this to its constituence. It's like trying to force feed somebody with devine stories and relate it to his Incompetency. I'm sure the S23 folks know how to be a Muslim, no need to ramble on and on. What the folks there want is their plight to be heard and justice to be prevailed.

    Not whining leaders who write long winded letters but no real subtance to his actions.


  115. Srikanth Siva,

    Thanks for posting Samad Khalid's letter.

    It's apt that Khalid chose Tippu Sultan as his model because according to the IndiaStar "Tipu had immense faith in astrology. It was at the appeal of his Hindu astrologer and his own mother that Tipu spared two temples out of 12 within Sriangapatnam Fort. Moreover, by the end of 1790, Tipu was facing enemies from all sides. He was also defeated at the Travancore Defence Lines. It was only then, in order to appease the Hindus of Mysore, that he gave some land-grants to Hindu temples."

    FYI, to a Muslim, believing in astrology is a bigger sin than eating pork. It is the equivalent of Shirik (polytheism).

    The basic problem with the temple fracas is the PR govt's attitude of not consulting S23 folk over the location of the temple. S23 folk are peeved at the PR govt's behaviour in dictating where the temple should be.

    They elected the PR people to office thinking that PR would be more voter-friendly and give them a listen. That was what they were promised.

    Read this comment (Utusan) by an S23 leader: "Ahmad Mahyuddin berkata, kerajaan negeri sepatutnya mendapatkan pandangan penduduk terlebih dahulu sebelum membuat keputusan sekiranya lokasi baru yang dicadangkan itu berhampiran kawasan perumahan penduduk.

    Menurutnya, beliau tidak ada masalah dengan pembinaan kuil berkenaan di Seksyen 23 sekiranya lokasinya adalah jauh daripada kawasan penempatan penduduk." [italics mine]

    The PR govt don't get it. Their voters just want a chance to be heard. Now due to PR's stupidity things have escalated and Hindu and Muslim neighbours in S23 are wary of each other. Malaysians are looking at each other with suspicion.

    Khalid Samad is now playing the role of a "moderate" and sensible Muslim. It's advantageous to him because this shifts the blame on to the demonstrators and takes attention away from the fumbling by PR that started this fiasco in the first place.

  116. Anonymous5:31 pm

    Dalam semua komen, tidak seorang pun memikir mengapa peristiwa S23 dan Kepala Lembu boleh terjadi sedangkan kita telah hidup bersama tidak kira bangsa dan agama. Masing masing memahami keperluan agama.Pada perkiraan saya,semenjak peristiwa demotrasi Hindraf dan kempen PRU 12 2008 telah banyak menukar landskap penyatuan rakyat Malaysia. Sikap rakus pemimpin politik tertentu yang memikirkan kepentingan " personal political vengence" nya sendiri telah memberi keyakinan dan keberanian kepada satu kelompok bangsa untuk menyoal perkara perkara yang tidak disebut dan dipertikaikan sebelum ini. Kejadian di S23 adalah berpunca dari bunyinya tempukan dua belah tangan.Kita bernasib baik kerana Islam di Malaysia adalah agamanya majoriti dari orang orang Melayu. Secara semula jadi orang Melayu berjiwa penyebar dan tolak ansur ditambah dengan ajaran Islam yang tidak membezakan manusia. Kalau kita lihat orang orang islam dari bangsa Arab,Pakistan atau dari Asia Tengah sudah pasti kita akan berperang dan letupan berani mati akan berlaku.Disini saya nasihatkan sahabat sahabat yang beragama islam dan bukan agama islam supaya jangan mengambil kesempatan diatas kemenangan Parti Pembangkang sebagai satu tiket untuk mempertikaikan apa yang telah termaktub di dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan.Sejarah pertempuran antara agama Islam, Christian dan Hindu telah banyak merugikan umat dunia dan jangan ialah terulang kerana seseorang itu menggunakannya sebagai alat untuk ia memimpin di negara yang akan menjadi kucar-kacir.Pandang di hadapan demi anak bangsa tidak kira dari kaum dan agama apa, kita bersatu membina Malaysia 50 tahun lagi yang kita akan tinggal untuk cucu cicit supaya mereka hidup aman damai.


  117. Anonymous5:33 pm

    Dey Muhammad of 11:03

    Augur augur augur. When Theresa Kok insulted the entire malay race with the ketuk-ketampi case where were you? Augur augur augur as well? Where were you when they salai the kepala babi in one surau? Augur augur augur jugak? When Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh and the many junior followers here in the blogsphere start to equalize you, melayu, as the pendatang on the same equal footing as their grandfathers who were brought to this country without the keredhaan and permission of your grandfathers, where were you? Augur augur augur? And where are you now when these same grandchildren think that they and you are equal as far as the Ketuanan of this land is concerned? Where were you, or your father for that matter, when the cosuin of Dontplaypundek there sported a huge broom on May 12th around Kuala Lumpur as a symbol to “Sapu orang melayu”? Or shouted “Melayu Babi! Masuk Hutan laaa! Ini negeli sekalang kita pelintah?”

    Augur augur augur my foot.


  118. Anonymous6:33 pm

    Hey Rocky

    Check this out - tongue in cheek

  119. Anonymous7:03 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Ive been rejected many times by Malaysian Insider commenting on the cow head issue.Since I cant print there and the topics are the same I wish you can publish this.

    The article which was banned by MI was:

    This [cow head artcile]is another provocative article from the pea brain malaysian insider editors and reporters.

    Always spinning putting the muslims on defensive again and taunting them to react. You [Malaysian Insider] will trigger a major fight from the right you stupid writer.

    First, let us see who is practising double standard. If you call the muslims racists, how come its never been in any of your multitude of articles condemning the racists and discriminatory practices of the chinese business groups and clans togerther with the chinese educationists. After all if not for their racists and discriminatory practices in the first place we wouldnt need the Bumiputra 30% policy. The muslims and malay see this hyporcitical stand you moron. All the while they have never called them racists and now all of a sudden you guys call anyone fighting for malay and muslims rights like the protestors of section 23 as racists. This in malay is called "kurang ajar".

    Secondly how come muslims find it so difficult to build mosque in western countries like france italy and even UK. Many unreasonable and prejudicial bigotry reasons being given to deny the muslims such right. How come you never call those countries as practising apartheid or racism? How come you never condemn forbes recent article calling us apartheid? You bloody double standard.

    Now in malaysia where the majority of the people are muslims, you now question the right to build mosque and azan? You ve gone too far. And further you mock this muslim sensitivities. Why cant you get the buy-in from the muslims communities first to build the temple like the muslims do in the west. What's so difficult?

    To me all this issue are actually non religious but turned religious by malaysian insider pea brain editors. All these are caused by the incompetent selangor government for being disconnected with the ground and masses. Why cant they conduct a proper buy-in in the first place? Why can they properly educate and cajole the residents before this being blown up.

    Malaysian insider, being pro PR, is blind to its teeth. It cannot condemn Selangor government and thus sensationalise the cow head. Now this stupid MI writer now wants to accuse them as racists. As if this will solve the issue. Stupid malaysian Insider."

    Anon C

  120. Anonymous7:08 pm

    Dear Srikanth Siva,

    The issue of khalid samad was not about fair and just. Its just that he was so incompetent and totally disconnected with his constituency even to misleading them. Thats why they are unhappy.

    Here is a failure by the state government to get a buy in or do proper consultation with the residents. It shouldnt have been a religious issue if Samad had done his job properly. He should be sacked.

    Anon C

  121. Anonymous7:16 pm


    We must do something against malaysian insider. They are propogating this racial and religious agenda to pit us against each other. Thats what they are doing with utusan. They sensationalise the cow head issue because they could not crfticise Selangor Government as they are pro PR. This unbalance and gutter journalism is totally irresponsible. It led to many now questioning mosques and azan. This is totally unacceptable because in the first palce it was caused by the incomptent and arrogant samad and rodziah. MI took the opportunity to flame the situation without regrad to the consequences. Very upsetting. Now they ban a number of my comments against what I called pea brain Malaysian Insider editors. If we dont take action now I am afraid their agenda of pitting us against each other will prevail leading us to an irrevocable split.

    Anon C

  122. Pemikir Sejati dari Bulan Indigo7:58 pm


    Why are you keeping quiet on this shocking news, about Barisan Nasional elected ADUN's regular misuse of public funds, admitted to by a top ranking government official in Selangor? I dare you to comment on this. But you definitely won't because YOU TAK JANTAN, ROCKY. UMNO is screwed now... Selamat tinggal, Barisan Nasional!

    Kepada semua yang lain, baca berita di link di atas... ketahuilah apa dia UMNO sebenarnya... bila undi di pilihanraya akan datang, ikut suara hati mengenai apa yang benar dan adil atas nama Allah SWT...

  123. Anonymous8:10 pm

    PR never say cannot demo. Those UMNO stooges have been doing demo since PR took over Selangor. They have been doing that and PR didnt call the police to arrest them, merely to handle the protesters.

    But this cow thing has gone too far and threats were issued. U want to threaten ppl make sure u can stand up face to face and thrash it out. Dont hide behind ur mama's butts called UMNO.

    And crocky brut's reputation has gone from hero to zero in mere few months. Very malu. If i am his kid i also dont know where to hide my face.


  124. Only Penal Code for those cow-heads bro? Huh, you have so ultra-vires me.

  125. Anonymous8:19 pm

    Hi Rocky,

    I hope to see these Malays get crucified.
    I hope to see these Malays who voted Pakatan Rakyat get the book thrown at them.
    I hope to see their Indian and Chinese counterpart voters ands commentators in Pakatan castigating them as Melayu Bodoh, Racist, Perogol Anak and Muslim Terrorrist.
    I hope to see the dissappointed faces in their eyes as they realise their Liberal Malay stance was just tokenism by their fellow non malay Pakatan voters.
    I want to see them suffer and I want the whole of Malaysian malays see them suffer for voting Pakatan in.
    And yes, I want to see the Chinese and Indians and Lawyers and Liberal Malays gloat over this "victory".

    The Malays need a wake up call to know who will stand by them.
    Let these Malays who voted Pakatan in, be sacrificed for that.

    Daulat Tuanku.

  126. Anonymous8:27 pm



  127. Anonymous8:59 pm

    You jump with joy whenever
    there is the slightest opportunity to whack Pakatan while feel with sadness and vindicative though confirmed your clans are in the wrong with recorded proof.

    Not all but most have seen vast changes in you. So sad , sometimes we fee so sad for you.

    Neutral eye.

  128. Anonymous9:51 pm

    Saudara Rocky,

    My pray will be those who will be detained and charge.
    I urge all my muslim brethren to give full support.

    the media should also be charge for twisting a fact that the statue (not a temple) being place for 150 years?

    give your justification?

    Doesnt it mean twisting a fact?

    Dato hishamuddin, if you have any balls, charge the media (The Star included) for spreading lies. Can we tolerate the consequences when these people forever manipulate and cheating?

    Are you trying to start a new culture that `manipulating' is acceptable in this country?

    Charge also those protester in Jalan TAR, ipoh and the candle light vigil for sedition.

    for centuries bumiputra of this tanah melayu had been cheated, manipulated and vandalized.

  129. Anonymous10:31 pm

    Bro, did u notice Suara Keadilan website has been dormant for over a month!!!

    What's going on with your boys, anwar?

  130. Anonymous10:43 pm


    The Indians had their own leaders for over 50years to help take care of their community, yet what happened? The caste system further oppressed the lower castes, the majority brought here by the Brits.

    So the turned to DAP, with a Bengali heading them? ALAMAK.. takleh jalan juga so they decided to choose a MALAY (DSAI, KHALIDx2 to lead them because they can cukup2 belit these bahalol leaders. Hehehe

    And the DAP, who is leading the Chinese? A man who still have a bro-in-law taking care of their family heirloom in Mainland China! hehehe

    Najib is smart. He have with him a Chinese Political Secretary who will know all the tricks and secrets of any Chinaman.

    I personally was lived with these people in the estate for almost 30years, gate-keeper, gardener and maids were all Indians..FAHAM sangat yang mana kaki todi dan kaki sembahyang dan puasa!

    Even the CEO being of low caste Indian origins of today, will kick his kinds around worse than what these protesters did to the cow head!

    Then he had this MatSalleh team of consultants.. WHY.. The Mat Salleh (their slave masters knew the INDIANS dari batang kote sampai ke hujung lidah they cannot belit2 Najib sesuka hati macam Khalidx2 kena cow cow - they are the ones who came out with "if one sees a snake and @*#">?, kill you know which one".

    Amboi Khalid, hang dulu pi lawat estet sekadar naik heli ajer ker? Takkan tak faham cara mereka ini semua? Satni, BETIS hang pun depa baham!

    Not being racist here, but they will destroy you and smilingly comment "what to do, we also nak cari makan!"


  131. Docomo11:05 pm

    Who'll defend them now?

    I think UMNO must continue to defend them like what Hishammuddin did. We have to congratulate Hishammuddin for his willingness to come to their help. They must not be the sacrificial lambs. There is still a long battle for us to fight PR.

  132. bro,
    Aku pernah duduk kat seks 19, tempat kuil tu ade, masa aku student dulu pada tahun 1998. Kire lebih kurang 100 meter jer dr rumah sewa yang aku tinggal. Tapi setahu aku, kuil tu pada masa tu xdela besar sgt kecik jer cuma dia mmg sebelah dan depan rumah org. Tapi dr segi fakta yang kata kuil tu 150 tahun mmg totally bullshit.

    Aku rase rumah kat kaws tu bina lebih awal dulu sebelum kuil tu ade. Sebab2 kuil tu ade pasal kat kaws belakang seksyen 19 tu dekat ngan landasan keretapi so byk la rumah setinggan india kat situ. So fakta Malaysiakini yang kata ia lebih 150 tahun tu tak logik sebab dr struktur illegalnya nampak cam lebih kurang belasan tahun jer.

  133. Anak Permatang Pauh11:05 pm


    Pemimpin melayu memang semuanya lembu, terutama PKR yang bergabung dengan parti kepala lembu, Partai Rakyat Malaysia. PKR melenting teruk sebab lambang mereka dipermainkan oleh penduduk S23.

    Hapuskan Anwar dan ciri-ciri kepala lembu yang ada di dalam jiwa beliau.

  134. Anonymous11:11 pm

    Acah je ni. Nak tunjuk garang terhadap ikan bilis je.

    Bila bicara majistrate akan kata tak ade kes. Lepaslah mereka. Keadilan dah terbukti ... hampeh ... DPP buat kerja sambil lewe ... menghabiskan boreh jo ...

    Nani Cheras

  135. Anonymous11:27 pm

    Tanah Melayu is history..history my foot laa!
    Before talking about history, you know ka our history?
    You know or not the history of malacca?
    You know or not the history of our constitituon?
    How about the social contract? know or not?
    You chinese ka?You speak B.M fluently ? If you can't..don't consider yourself as Malaysian laa!

    True, we cannot reverse history..but history can be repeated.. Mei 13 might happen laa if you still talk donkey. Once the Malays "mengamok", they might slaughter your throat you know! (god forbid). You want that to happen ka? Again?

    Weii bodoh.. any country can take over this land IF WE ARE TOO STUPID FIGHTING EACH OTHER !

    To Malaysian Gomen..BE FAIR LAA
    Lembu seberang jalan nampak, tapi, babi depan mata tak nampak.

    Another anon

  136. Anonymous11:35 pm


  137. Bro,

    Aku tahu masalah orang S23, apa yg diaorg takutkan ialah lepas ni dia org akan extend perbesarkan lagi kuil dia org sampai sebesar Masjid Shah Alam. Itu yg diaorg xsuka kawasan dia org tercemar. Ini yang berlaku kat penduduk seks 19. Tak caya suruh tanya balik org kat seks 19, kawasan rumah yang buat dulu ke atau kuil yang buat dulu. Aku jamin masa org awal baru pindah kawasan tanah semak tu cuma ada satu batang besi jer. Sorry bro, i am not racist, tak kisah la brp byk rumah ibadat contoh mcm gereja dan synagoge kat Malaysia ni as long as diaorg hormat tanah org lain dan beribadat tak kacau ketenteraman awam. Aku skrg duduk kat Taman Desa, org claim ni kawasan cina, tapi skrg ni 35% penduduk sini adalah org Melayu. Speaker luar hanya pasang masa azan shj tapi masa solat dan ceramah hanya speaker dlm masjid jer pasang. Kesian org Islam, dah byk toleransi pun masih dituduh rasis dan apartheid. Satu lagi please boikot Malaysia Insider pasal diaorg suka block comment negative pasal Pembangkang, yang anti kerajaan jer dia org tunjukkan.

  138. Anonymous12:23 am

    eng said,

    "tanah melayu is history.. read my lips HISTORY
    you cannot reverse to history

    even the BRIT can't take over this land as one of their colony, OK"

    Sure....if any country want to take over this land,it is
    the chinks and the hindulens army that will protect Malaysia.

    Or General Lim Guan Eng,Major Gobind Deo,Colonel Haris Abraham,Sgt Nik Aziz will gather their Angkatan Tentera Pakatan Rakyat consists of Hindraf and BERSEH assholes.

  139. After reading the comments here, negara ini memang mempunyai orang yang kuku

    go ahead..charge me!

  140. Anonymous12:41 am


    I don't understand these Pakatan whatever.It seems that you have to satisfy their political goals then they will sing praise for you.

    Why don't you once in a while write a feel good articles on them? Kasi dia orang syok sendiri.Kalau tidak you will kena kutuk selalu.

    These Pakatan Syok Sendiri dah sedar yang untuk mereka menang dalam PRU 13 sudah jauh dalam genggaman. Najib is not sleeping like Pak Lah. He will make sure BN will take over Selangor before the next election. What can Pakatan do? Scratch balls I suppose.


  141. Anonymous1:25 am

    Saudara Rocky,

    Mari lihat bagaimana caranya politikawan PR menangani isu kemungkaran dari perspektif politik kepartian yang kemarukkan kerusi kuasa.

    Contohnya isu separuh bogel: Bukankah Adun PR yang telah membenarkan seorang pemuda Melayu memasuki biliknya dan ambil gambar dalam keadaan Adun berkenaan berpakaian separuh saja tetapi siapa yang politikawan PR persalahkan?

    Adakah pemuda Melayu atau Adun PR yang dipersalahkan? Dan yang anehnya adakah waima satu pendapat sekalipun dari kalangan Muslim/bukan Muslim PR yang menyalahkan Adun mereka? Kenapa jadi begitu?

    Kesimpulannya: Demi kuasa, ada segolongan politikawan termasuk yang Muslim yang begitu ghairah menggunakan frasa tertentu secara berpilih-pilih untuk tujuan tertentu (yang jelas untuk pancing undi), contohnya:

    1. Kalaulah ada pihak Muslim yang melakukan kemungkaran makanya ayat ini digunakan terhadap pelaku: "Agama tidak membenarkan Muslim berbuat demikian, bla, bla"

    2. Kalaulah bukan muslim yang melakukan kemungkaran dan kerosakan maka ayat yang lain pula digunakan: "Eleh, dia orang bukannya Muslim, biasalah, bla, bla."

    Hmmm, politik, politik. Arah manakah yang mereka akan bawanya? Lupakah mereka kuasa yang di sandang itu adalah bersifat sementara?

    Lupakah mereka yang mereka terhutang budi kepada para pengundi mereka? Lupakah mereka kuasa itu diserahkan oleh rakyat dengan harapan tertentu? Inikah yang pengundi dapat?



    It's a fundamental right to protest, not to "go berserk on the streets".

    Read more about Civil Disobediance.

    Gandhi laid down some rules in his protests, such as "A civil resister will express no anger" and "one will put up with assaults from the opponent, never retaliate; but one will not submit, out of fear of punishment or the like, to any order given in anger".

    Martin Luther King Jr ensured that his own protesters got similar training as well. "Nonviolent resistance is not a method for cowards. It does resist. The nonviolent resister is just as strongly opposed to the evil against which he protests, as is the person who uses violence. His method is passive or non-aggressive in the sense that he is not physically aggressive toward his opponent, but his mind and emotions are always active, constantly seeking to persuade the opponent that he is mistaken. This method is passive physically but strongly active spiritually; it is non-aggressive physically but dynamically aggressive spiritually." -

    I have my doubts about methods used by some recent protests, but a candlelight vigil sounds pretty innocuous to me. Brandishing a cow's head and threatening bloodshed? You tell me.

  143. @Pious Chinglot:

    > Looked at America, does it's government need to intervene in the process of building up or relocating builing of worship?

    Do not be hoodwinked into believing that America is a shining example of a secular gov't. If anything, religious zealotry is very much alive over there, though mostly by right-wing Christian fundamentalists. Education boards there have been constantly besieged by hoards of wingnuts who insist that the biblical version of the origins of the world be included as part of official academic texts. Gay marriage was just banned in California recently due to the activism by right-wing fundamentalists.

    It's definitely not all right there. Not that it's any better here :)

  144. Seems like there are some who try to bring attention to the fact that the source of the protests is the fact that the residents' views were not taken into consideration in this whole temple hoo-ha.

    I've scanned the news articles at length and basically what the residents are saying is "we are a Muslim majority area and most of us do not agree to have a temple in our midst as it would cause sound pollution, random dubious characters loitering around the area, traffic jams etc. And since we are the majority (around 60%), our views should be the main factor taken into consideration."

    OK, now let's pretend there's this neighborhood consisting of 60% households of grumpy old retired men (those who go "gerrof my lawn, ya damn kids!") and the rest are normal households with some kids who want a place to play in.

    The gov't proposes to build a playground in this area for the kids. Beats having them running around the roads, right?

    So, next thing you know, the grumpy old men stage a protest, parading a beheaded Barbie doll. "We don't want a blinkin' playground! We don't like seeing kids running around the neighborhood! They throw rubbish into my yard along their way to the proposed playground site! They're bloody noisy! There's a big playground 20km away in Bukit Komanwel, why can't they go there and play?!?!?! And more importantly, we grumpy old men constitute 80% of the population here, so our views count more!!!"

    Masuk akal ke?

  145. Eh Srikanth, merajuk?

    You disappoint me.

    I expected more from you than throwing a tantrum along with a childish reply to our comments.

    Now go run to momma.

  146. Anonymous7:46 am



    You talking about Anwar vs Saiful case right?!!....hahahaha.....

    you thought BN misuse the court?!!...wrong my friend!...its ANWAR..King of LIAR!!


  147. Anonymous7:53 am

    "Srikanth Siva said...
    After reading the comments here, negara ini memang mempunyai orang yang kuku

    go ahead..charge me!"

    What's wrong with you fell fear walking in the street(afraid some malays will kick you?) rite!?

    Do you fell you are living in Sri Lanka or India afraid somebody will shot or bomb your rite!?

    Do you fell fear somebody (especially malays )will rape your mother or sister?! rite

    so what is the rubbish you're talking about?!

    so you want somebody to charge you!?..Do you think they're stupid as you...?if they charge you..then you will make an issue and asking all the Indian people around the world, moon, heaven, hell and especially the actors from Fuckatan rakyat to help you and you will be making an issues of it.


  148. Anonymous8:19 am

    Srikanth Siva,

    "After reading the comments here, negara ini memang mempunyai orang yang kuku"

    Yes, Siva. I agree with you and know how you feel. And tak cukup nak bantai melayu in MalaysiaTodayInsiderKini they come in here in Rocky pulak kan?

    And when Rocky do not support diorang, they say Rocky sell his soul laaa, gone to the dark side laaa, paid UMNO blogger laaa.

    You tell me Siva, what to do with them kind of people?


  149. Anonymous9:00 am

    en g (2:46):-
    "Negara ini adalah Tanah Melayu"
    "u r in the wrong time mate"

    Another very bangang view.
    Says who? Yor dad? Just because your grandpas rowed into this country uninvited by the local populace less than a century ago, being brought by the English who didn’t even own the land and was later chased away while forgetting (or more accurately not willing) to carry you all with them, that makes it your god-given right to cancel the name of Tanah Melayu, of the Malay Archipelago that had stuck to it from eons ago? Which of you apeks are deluded enough to cancel the name of something that has existed for thousands of years just because a few decades ago you all snaked in here without the consent of the local population?

    “this is malaysia
    and bangsa malaysia consist of Malay Chinese indian and many more race...”

    Eyyk? Wrong lagi? Read the constitution laa. You guys are persona-non-grata. It says in the perlembagaan that Bangsa Malaysia terdiri dari lima kaum. They are:-
    Orang Asli
    Orang Melayu
    Bumiputra Serawak
    Bumiputra Sabah
    Kaum-kaum lain

    Yup. “Kaum-kaum lain”. Sorry to disappoint you guys. You all actually are nothing more than just “and others” phrase that adorn the footnotes of anonimity. And you now what … want to call this country by a name other than what it has been called for thousands of years, to reflect a situation that you, this anonymous, unwanted, uninvited pendatangs co-own, co-share this Tanah Melayu?

    Piii rah. I know. Truth hurts.

    “tanah melayu is history.. read my lips HISTORY you cannot reverse to history”

    Well actually now Mr Dong, In lieu of the realizations brought about by what I wrote above, don’t you wish now that you CAN reverse history and rewrite it? But too late maa. I like this history the way it is. Well, except the massive bot-rowing incidents, of course. And oh err.. about that LIPS you were talking about, you’d better put it, together with your tongue, to do some other tasks….

    Hehehehehe. These pathetic people…. Racistly fanned by the Kit Siang gang and when the truth is revealed, don’t know what to make oof it. Tch Tch Tch.


  150. I think a lot of Hindus understand the complexity of temples that have been built in private land; and the sheer number of our Gods. No apologies intended.

    I can promise you that, if the protestors were peaceful and decent in their claims, many non Muslims would understand and perhaps even support them.

  151. Anonymous12:41 pm

    eng the asshole chingkie,

    Please tell that to the SRJK(C) to drop out the syllabus about those ancient history about Great China ..can they do that?

    There is no more Emperor of China or its decendant, it had long vanished in history, you chingkies are now living in Malaysia, why talk about history of a foreign land?

    Just assimilate with the local majority and forget your history..can you do that?

    stop pretending lah u chingkies..

    Cannot? Sure cannot meh? Just admit it that u are just another pure chauvinist chingkie masquarading as a true malaysian..holy neutral my ass..plenty more from where you came from..

    You people obviously screwed getting your own tongue self-twisted and bitten when trying hard to pronounce the letter R and Z in words properly..caught in the middle of your own mischevious agendas..

    You chingkies cannot dissociate yourselves from the history, culture & languages coming from your self-abandoned motherland, yet you are here to talk bullshit to the Malays to forget their own root at their very own motherland..? wtf!

    Hey mafuckers..we deserved to preserved our own history here more than you people do coz we do not abandoned our own motherland unlike u pendatangs..really no maruah..tak malu kah?

    Again, stop masquarading as a malaysian trying to promote "malaysian malaysia" concept a.k.a "chinese-dominated-malaysia"...everybody know that it is a pure racist hidden agenda promoted by the a spade spade lah..why deny it?

    ..the British already tried with Malayan Union but they had failed miserably, why? Coz they underestimated the majority malays as harmless and stupid..

    Now we have it again, this time from the chingkies, the implanted disease by the ex-colonial..

    History do repeat itself don't they? it already becoming a plague in Malaysia..infected and mutated with all sort of coming strain like that half-baked 1Malaysia too..

    In history, penyapu did bring some sort of misfortune ..Ahh, only Khir Toyo come to your chingkie mind for sure, right?

    But you people still denying what penyapu had done for your own kind in 1969..still you do not believe in history? Good for you..

    now you people only play hantu kepala babi..fuck we must called a bomoh to catch this hantu pengecut..the chingkies definitely not like those sek23 malays..chingkie only baling batu & sembunyi maruah & no balls for sure..

    Keep on denying history and all the lesson from it..sure it never happened according to you chingkies, eh?

    You people can try us problem..

    But remember this..over your dead body and my ass..

    see you DAPigs 'malaysian' in GE13.

    p/s: no wonder u people really hate the local history..tak boleh tahan..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  152. Bunnies1:45 pm

    SSTTOOOPPIID Anonymous 11:42 AM,

    Whether the residence brought the cow along to show that so famous malay proverb or not, it is irrelevant. Dont be such a stupid prick about things!

    By the way, the residence did deny bringing the cow head at first. They claimed that "someone" brought it along.. than later say, they were instigated by reporters to step and spit on it for photography. Such shallow minded lies are simply a shame to human kind!

    And.. for whatever reason, I doubt any religion will condone treating any animals may it be head or tail in such manner. So, please.. if you dont have a mama to teach you some respect for nature and all things created by GOD, than I suggest you turn to your religion. Your mama didnt do a good job bringing you up did she? Hmmm...

    I suppose same goes for those who partook in the demostration and dialogue session. They have no mamas to bring them up to be decent human beings!

  153. Do I heard any charges imposed on fucking HINDRAF last time? Wow!!!!

  154. Anonymous3:52 pm

    Senang macam ni la biar la depa ni nak buat tempat ibadat depa kat mana2 pun..biar la depa ni buat sekolah depa ajaq bahasa depa kat mana2 pun takpa.. biaq pi la..

    Anwarkan kata biaq pi la.. Nik AZIZ kan kata bukan jejas akidah pun.. MB Khalid pun kata demi keadilan.. HAsan Ali tak terkata (nak buat mcm mana).. Awang HAdi memang dah tak boleh berkata-kata..
    PEMUDA PAS memang dah tak ada suara kerana kata Nik Aziz itu fatwa.. Melayu Islam PKR memang semua ADIL dan percaya kepada KESAMARATAAN (republik)..

    Oleh itu wahai rakyat melayu islam selangor bertolak ansur la..walaupun kamu itu majoriti tapi biaq pi la...

  155. Anonymous7:09 pm

    saya melihat kerajaan hanya ada keberanian jika melibatkan marhain...
    mengamalkan double standard.. maka akan tumbanglah kerajaan pada PRU 13... biarkan..biarkan...

  156. Anonymous7:34 pm

    Yg Arif 10.04am,

    Marina is Right about what she wrote, the truth Hurts right ?
    Grow up brother, some of you
    like to live in Denial, moan and
    groan when someone points out your
    short comings, you question their
    loyalty when what the say is a matter of Fact, why don't you learn
    from your mistakes and try to be a
    better person instead of being
    laid trapped in your constant Denial Mode ?? Just a thought, all
    the best to you Arif.

    Ziggy, NZ

  157. Anonymous7:56 pm

    Man , 7.46am,

    You were wrong bro, I wasn't
    referring to Anwar/Saiful's Case.
    I am no Fan of both and not the least interested. I only refer to those few Hot Headed Fools and they
    deserve what the AG has thrown at them, I hope they'll learn to be calmer and NOT to be used by people
    with Power BUT without Balls to do things themselves. By the way, I am lucky for not being a Malaysian
    but your Political Scence amuse me.
    You take care mate,

    Ziggy, NZ

  158. Anonymous11:36 pm


    Boring bro when secular people start talking about religion. They are full of hypocrites.

    If the cow is in anyway connected to or belong to any temple then we have to agree that it is a scared cow.

    If a cow is just like any other cow, worst still if it is smuggled via the Malaysian-Thais border, by definition, is it a sacred cow or what?

    Any cow is just like each and everyone of you are categorised into one of the God's creation.

    Come on guys, don't simply claims patentee rights on every objects around you! Where is the logic? So what is the beef?

    Left with no Right

  159. Anonymous12:00 am

    Wong says,

    "I have my doubts about methods used by some recent protests, but a candlelight vigil sounds pretty innocuous to me. Brandishing a cow's head and threatening bloodshed? You tell me."

    Innocuous to you doesn't mean it is also innocuous to your neighbor, right?

    Yes candle light vigil is innocuous to a minority of people but it is not innocuous to the majority of peoples.

    In conclusion, you are only concern for the welfare of a minority group but most of us here care for the majority. Now you can see the difference and that is the beef, bro.

    Pious Chinglot

  160. Anonymous12:25 am

    UMNO will be doomed forver for being silent...


  161. @Pious Chinglot:

    >In conclusion, you are only concern for the welfare of a minority group but most of us here care for the majority

    You're absolutely right that I'm concerned for the minority. And any democracy should be concerned for the minority as well. You seem to have mistaken democracy for absolute "might is right".

    Read this site:

    Some quotes:

    "Even a legitimately formed government or administration might perform injustices and this means that that the people remain in need of protection."

    "Protection of minorities has often been cited as a characteristic of democracy and is a direct product of the basic rights."

  162. Anonymous3:07 am


    You are dead wrong. Democracy is not the only political system that stress the importance of equal treatment to the minority group. However, comparing all the systems that currently being practice, in this context (fair treatment to the minor), Islam is the best. In the Asian super power is still struggling to walk the talk.

    Pious Chinglot

  163. @Pious Chinglot:

    Comparing "Islam" and "democracy" is a bit like apples and oranges. Which part of Islamic law are you referring to? Hudud law as the Kelantan gov't is trying to expound? From how they try to describe it, it seems more like a replacement for the penal code than a system of governance.

    Let's assume that the rules as dictated by the Koran are as fair as you claim. So in theory, as long as the rules are abided by, the government of the day will be fair and everybody will be happy. Now the question is, who is the enforcer / leader of the government? Traditionally, it would be the religious leaders (mullahs), who, based on their knowledge of Islam, are best equipped to represent the teachings of Islam.

    The weakness here is that the mullahs are human still and therefore, are not infallible. Abuse of power is not unheard of (this article describes the situation quite nicely). So who shall govern the government then?

    The theory of Western democracy dictates that the masses elect their leaders. If the leaders are seen as to be under-performing, the same masses would vote him out. So in effect, the citizens are policing the government. Check and balance.

    In a Mullah-run government, who provides the check? (Honest question here; I do not know and would like to find out) As I interpret it, Mullahs are qualified based on their knowledge of the religion. Which sorta means that they know better than the masses who are not as learned as they are. So, even if the citizens feel that the Mullahs are abusing their power, what would give them the right to tell the Mullahs so?

    I do not deny that historically speaking, governments created in the name of Islam has had track record that fares better than a lot of other religion-based ones. Saladin, for example, is legendary as a ruler whose faith was Islam and yet was extremely open to science, as opposed to the Roman Catholic church of the same period, which openly persecuted disciples of science. Yet, it was still a monarchy / dictatorship government, one that wholly depends on the individual characteristic of the person who just happens to be your leader. If it just happened that Saladin turned out to be a major dickwad, I wonder what recourse would his subjects have had.

  164. @Left with no Right:

    You just demonstrated your lack of understanding or empathy with what you're dealing with here.

    You said that there are "sacred cows" and there are "non-sacred cows from dubious origins". Not according to Hindu scriptures. So either you didn't bother to read up or you're challenging the scriptures as false. Which is it? If it's the latter, then you'd better not scream bloody murder when your own holy book comes up for scrutiny by someone who's not in your faith.

    Find me boring? Jangan baca le. At least my comments are marked clearly with my name before my comments so that you know when to skip it, as opposed to nearly everyone one else who's "Anonymous" and only bothers to leave a pseudonym to identify themselves after we've had to read their 2 cents.

    Better a hypocrite than a bigot, I say.

  165. Anonymous11:00 am


    Shouldn't the PR govt be charged for provocation through gross incompetence?

    I know the way democracy works, you are supposed to deal with such issues through the election processes. Maybe those charged can plead mercy on grounds of provocation through incompetence.


  166. Mat Blow10:19 pm

    No worries, they should be all be ok. The cow's head is no longer here. We now have to focus on the video which captured the protest and the people carrying the cow's head.

    MCMC is working hard to confiscate this video. MCMC is on our side, no worries. PR will be in trouble soon.

  167. Anonymous3:57 am

    "Find me boring? Jangan baca le. At least my comments are marked clearly with my name before my comments so that you know when to skip it, as opposed to nearly everyone one else who's "Anonymous" and only bothers to leave a pseudonym to identify themselves after we've had to read their 2 cents."

    Better a hypocrite than a bigot, I say.

    Wong: 5:17 AM


    What so great putting a name (Wong) before your article? More credible? Bullshit!! How many Wong are there? Look at RPK not only his article come with full name, I/C and home adress, but when come to the need to find him to encounter face to face, where is he? You are nothing to compare with RPK. And if the RPK personal particular is of no use then what to expect from the name Wong? Rubbish, hypocrite and bigot.

    Left with no Right

  168. @Left with no Right:

    Buta huruf budak ni. What I said was, you can easily skip my comment 'cos my name appears before my comment. Engko yg bilang boring kan? So I'm giving you an option to skip. Kalau ikut style orang lain, you finish reading comment then only see the name at the bottom, tak nak baca pun sudah baca. Kan baik hati aku? :D

  169. Anonymous4:11 am

    Anonymous said...

    Yg Arif 10.04am,

    Marina is Right about what she wrote, the truth Hurts right ?

    Ziggy NZ.


    You got it wrong, bro. Marina is not the first person who have written about the Malays. In fact the opposition blogs have indulged in this kind of writing for many years already. Its hurt them? Initially yes but after a while they got used to it already. Thanks to the opposition.

    But then in the same context it is the opposition whom not so used to be attacked by its own kind. So, when its own kind bashed them up recently, you also know its hurt them so badly! Don't ya pity them?

  170. Anonymous12:08 pm


    I am an Indian (from India) and I am a Muslim. And let me honestly tell you, I had no objections to the Cow head incident. Grudgingly I may remark, It suits them well.

    I have been in Malaysia since 2001.
    I left India after some gruesome violence and killings of Indian Muslims in India, in a state I resided. The situation was just so horrible, many of rich and higher middle class immediately left the country, Most of my family migrated out to US, Australia, some to HongKong, I landed in Malaysia.
    Many of my frens who are not so financially equipped migrated to better parts of India to east and central India, running way from this Burning state - Gujarat!

    Just let me inform you,
    I have been observing recent developments in Malaysian political scenarios and have close ears to whats the talk amongst Indian circles.

    I warn the Malays here, beware of the Hindraf phenomenon..
    Hindraf had representatives sent to India, they spoke to the right extremist Hindu groups (the same who massacred Muslims in Gujarat and are still a govt there).
    in late 2007, they were all over India to spread anti-Malaysia sentiment, colouring it with anti-Muslim hatred.

    You gotta watch this youtube video, to know who these groups in India really are (whom hindraf is approaching):

    I have a friend who was my class mate while studying Engineering together, today he is a branch leader of "Shiv Sena" another right wing hindu extremist organisation.
    He knew I am in Malaysia, so he emailed me to ask the going ons in malaysia, cos apparently he was visited by a Hindraf delegation in Mumbai, and was fed stories of attrocities against Hindus by Malay Muslims. The Hindraf asking help from him to further their agenda against Malaysia as a whole. To beat up anti-Malaysia feelings in the masses.

    All I want to punch out to you,
    is a message of impending danger towards Malays in your own country and a sniff of what is going on, the Hate that is boiling.

  171. Anonymous6:11 pm

    "All I want to punch out to you,
    is a message of impending danger towards Malays in your own country and a sniff of what is going on, the Hate that is boiling.

    12:08 PM"

    Thank you Anon 12:08 PM for the infos. Hope that the M'sian Special Branch will take note of the things that you had indicated here. Indeed it is very scary!

    SB, please do your work and do something before it is too late!!!

    If only M'sians go to a one school system, we could test anyone whether they are really Malaysians. At this moment anyone from India or China can say they are Malaysians even though they can't speak the National Language which is Bahasa Malaysia.

    - One School For All