Saturday, August 22, 2009

Will this throw Gobind's letter out of the window?

Jebat Must Die's detective work. The blogger's latest posting, Letter from good MACC officers accusing the bad MACC officer, may just grab Gobind's "mysterious" letter by the belt and halfway out of the window, if you follow my drift.
Excerpt 1:

Well, the letter said that this officer, Hishamuddin left the building at 6.10 in the morning. The letter specifically said that he left the building at 6.10am but without punching out his punch card (MACC office still using punch card? How retro is that?)

This is what the letter said:

“Kami mengesyaki berdasarkan maklumat yang diperolehi bahawa TP tidak mengetuk kad perakam waktunya (punch-card) semasa beliau hendak balik daripada pejabat pada 16hb Julai 2009, jam 6.10 pagi. Ini penting kerana ia boleh membuktikan bahawa TP adalah orang yang terakhir melihat Teoh. Persoalannya, kenapa beliau tidak mengetuk kad perakamnya sedangkan beliau adalah seorang yang selalu mengetuk kadnya. Untuk rekod, beliau adalah seorang yang teliti dengan kad perakamnya.”

Anyway, the writers of the letter knew that Hishamuddin had gone back from the office that morning. They actually saw him going back home although he did not do the obligatory punch-out. It is quite peculiar for them to say that. Because, this immediately absolves Hishamuddin from ever been at the point of TBH’s death because according to experts, TBH time of death is from 8am to 9.30am.

Hmmm.. as we all know, one of the last person to see Teoh Beng Hock was Tan Boon Hwa and this was admitted by the latter who made the declaration that around 6am to 6.30am, he saw Teoh Beng Hock looking ‘tired and quiet’ in the pantry.

Excerpt 2:

However, there is also one big point of contention in the letter when it had seriously accused Hishamuddin of tampering with the crime scene i.e. the window on the 14th floor of Plaza Masalam.

It stated:

“Kami mendapat maklumat bahawa TP telah mengarahkan pegawai bawahannya untuk mengelap/mengesat kesan cap c(j)ari pada tingkap tingkap yang dipercayai tempat Teoh jatuh. Ini terbukti apabila pihak polis tidak menjumpai apa0apa kesan cap jari baru atau lama pada tingkap tersebut. Persoalannya, kenapa TP mengarahkan untuk bertindak sedemikian?

Now, I find this piece of information quite odd because in the Inquest, we were told that there were fingerprints near the window. The investigators at the crime scene were grilled by Gobind himself at that time and it was revealed that there were as many as 8 fingerprints near the window sill.

Now if Hishamuddin had asked his subordinates to wipe clean the window, how come there are still fingerprints? Okay, lets give the benefit of the doubt that the subordinates had wiped the window halfheartedly (because these probably were the subordinates with conscience and good heart we mentioned earlier).

But how come the window, as testified by the investigators in the inquest as dirty and dusty? The reason why they cannot figure out the fingerprints was because of the dusty and dirty window sill.

Now what do you thin? In any case, I agree with blogger Jebat, that we need to follow the trail of the surat layang. Find out who gave Gobind the letter and we'd be able to get the truth.

p.s. In the spirit of Ramadhan, I'd like to plead for abstinence from obsceneties when making comments. Bro Warrior 231, show 'em the way please ....


  1. Dont worry,
    this is the court of Law,
    not some RPK's road side cafe..

    The letter just a publicity stunt, to get some confusion going and put them on a higher level esp amongst der own supporters cos they were clearly loosing out their theories.

    This letter was to play it out on the streets amongst the dumb public.. esp the Pakatan zombies who can get some ammunition to raise hue and cry..

    As for the Court of law,
    it shall be thoroughly investigated, and discrepencies shall be pointed out as well.

  2. Anonymous4:59 pm

    Alllriggghhhtt man

    Long LIVE Jebat Must Die for his clever analysis.

    See we have credible Malay intellectuals

    Gobind has met more than his match

    heh heh

  3. awangbelangah5:00 pm

    u keep telling everything..macamlah u know semua benda...pada hal government dept masih pakai punch kad pun u tak tau...cerita..jugak...!

  4. Apa nak cakap lagi Rocky, semua PAS main kotor, tak habis nak jilat belakan anwar

    sampai ketua pemua PAS sanggup musnahkan rumah tangga orang nak dapat publisiti murah untuk meraih undi pilihanraya kecil

  5. Anonymous5:15 pm


  6. Anonymous5:20 pm

    Bro Rocky,
    What will happen to Malaysians in years to come? `Surat Layang' what a hu ha! We must start to cultivate the spirit of privaling the truth. If oneknow the truth he/she must come out. We are already in the 21st century and yet `surat layang' still get it way in an inquest. Tak dak standard la brother.
    In future we must make those who show `surat layang' as evidence to be held responsible also. Otherwise everybody try to make mockery of the laws.
    Look at Wong the Sg Pelek suspect who claim was assaulted by the MACC officers when he resist arrest. From the video clips its clear that he falled on his back with his buttock hit the ground first but during PC with Lim Kit Siang he have a big bandage around his knee.

    Frustrated Malaysians.

  7. rocky,

    from the inquest the last officer saw tbh alive was hishammudin. the letter say 6.10

    meanwhile your spy said dap man saw thh alive around 6.00-6.30. that's ok because its still debatable.

    if it's true that hisham did not punch his card, so you cant throw the surat layang.

  8. Anonymous5:29 pm

    How did they know that the TP left at exactly 6.10am? How did they know that the TP did not punch out at exactly 6.10 am? Unless they were watching the TP FROM INSIDE THE OFFICE ! ! This means the person who wrote the surat layang (Raja Petra Kamaruddin?) was in the MACC office longer than the TP.

    You see unless the TP told people "I left at exactly 6.10am and I did not punch out" there is no way for the surat layang writer to know that the TP left at 6.10am and also that he did not punch out. So the logical deduction my Dear Watson, is that the writer of the surat layang was also in the MACC office watching the TP.

    The writer of this surat layang and Tan Boon Hwa were the last people in the office EVEN AFTER 6.10 am.

    Find the writer of the surat layang. I have a theory on who is the writer. If it is NOT Raja Petra Kamarudin, then it could be someone who is sympathetic to Khir Toyo. This surat layang puts Khir Toyo back on the front page - he is a hero again.

    But lets get back to the more juicy part. Has anyone asked the fiance if she was true and loyal to poor Teoh? The Chinese papers should follow up on this. Kita tunggu saja lah.

  9. Anonymous5:36 pm

    Asalamualaikum Rocky,

    Apa yang menarik perhatian saya
    mengenai surat itu..

    "Y.Bhg.Tan Sri/Dato/Tuan/Puan"....

    Macam kad jemputan perkahwinan sahaja.

    Selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa...


  10. Anonymous5:55 pm

    Respect to blogger Jebat. Very observant and able to dissect the letter in good investigative manner.

    In haste to blame other people, Gobind & co had made a misstep.

    The letter itself told us that no way this Hishamuddin could have killed Beng Hock, as was hoped by the opposition.


  11. Anonymous6:30 pm

    jatuhkan zahid hamidi di dalam UMNO. dia merupakan beban di dalm UMNO.siapa yg pilih rohaizat??

  12. Anonymous6:32 pm

    Thanks for focusing on only one aspect of the letter.
    I do not know no ‘detective’ work on other aspects of the letter like;

    a. Exceeding the usual number of service in one location
    b. Properties in his and his cronies names
    c. The Petronas petrol station
    d. The khalwat case which he managed to squash by showing his authority
    e. The girl who was transferred but still has connections with this person.

    Why not thorough?

    The other texts on the above matters illegible or cannot be comprehended?

    Wow – in the case of t4tbh..every aspect of the postings was examined and views given about alleged fraud.

    In this case of the letter – only one aspect is taken for discussion!

    Some people are pretending to be blind?

    Why not? Malaysia boleh!!!!


  13. Anonymous6:40 pm

    Why are you saying "Gobind's letter" ?

    He only received it.

    You trying to spin ...again?
    During Ramadan?
    Dont you know when you should refrain?


  14. Anonymous6:56 pm

    Right or wrong ,someone will try to protect someone interest.

    As long as one is protected , we can call Right is Wrong and call Wrong is Right.

    suka sama suka

  15. Grokker7:02 pm

    Well, it looks like everybody's a Sherlock Holmes now. Having said that I believe Jebat is entitled to his hypothesis which I think is a good one. Again, having said that, a hypothesis is only there to be demolished by a better one.

    Following the paper trail is one good way of getting to the origin of the letter providing Gobind can remember the deliverer's face or was curious enough to ask for some identifying information -- name, perhaps, or the originator, if the letter was delivered via a delivery boy. Why, that letter could have even come via Gobind's law office, meaning it was sent to his office and then hand-delivered to him by his staff. This practice is not uncommon.

    If it wasn't his staff I expect Gobind's curiosity would have been piqued by the fact that the envelope bore an insignia (MACC's? who knows. OK, court officers know, but not us sleuths) and would try to remember some identifying detail about the deliverer. And of course, there may have been witnesses to the handover who could shed some light.

    I'm glad that all the lawyers agreed to have the contents of the letter investigated without hesitation. This demonstrates their desire to get to the truth.

    Too much has been insinuated about the apparent 'weaknesses' of courts of inquiry like this one but let's not forget that another court of inquiry -- different name, different powers, but with a remit to inquire nonetheless -- found out who give a certain politician a black eye.

    Grokking Fandorin

  16. Anonymous7:09 pm

    With all evidences pointing to suicide, someone has to do something very desperate i.e. come out with a conspiracy letter. But as correctly pointed out by Jebat Must Die the mystery letter only weakened DAP's conspiracy theory.

    We have to thank the writer of the mystery letter.


  17. Anonymous7:16 pm

    boring la, spin lagi.

    just go check if that fler owned those properties la.

  18. Anonymous7:22 pm

    what's with all the detective work.just get the accused MACC guy to give his dna and case solved.

    spin spin spin....

    rocky , u havent spin the news on rohaizat's second wife hafizah whom he deny any involvment with.Please do soon. only 3 days left before polling day.hurry


  19. Anonymous8:18 pm

    this is a good one rocky! bravo. may be the coroner should instruct that the content be investigated too! that is what we call justice. TI-M should issue another letter. that is transparency.

  20. Anonymous9:52 pm

    Rockybru & Jebat cuba nak jadi penyelamat MACC....memang hebat !!

    bersungguh2 dengan teori kuat mereka ...ala CSI !

    Ikut kata Tukat Tiub : Kalau baca berita saluran UMNO...kena baca 'TERBALIK'!!

    Ramadan Kareem, Rocky.


  21. Anonymous10:08 pm

    why don't you ask the MACC officer why he went on emergecy leave? Come 0n lah... if you want to spin... spin professionally. You are a disgrace.

  22. Anonymous10:09 pm

    fed up

  23. Anonymous10:20 pm

    Gobind is the ketua for all pakatan rakyat people...LOL

  24. Anonymous11:06 pm least we know Hishamuddin is the LAST MACC officer to leave the the letter didnt point out he is the suspect. He is last to leave thats all..why is punching card so outdated?

    BTW..he could instruct the window to be wiped...but the officers as claimed in the letter didnt mentioned if the lower rank officer really adhere to his command.
    The said officer could be the writter who insist not doing it. surat layan..unless its written by the idiot blogger who posted rubbish claims.


  25. Anonymous11:10 pm

    so you are only doubtful about excerpt 1 and 2, the rest are valid.


  26. Anonymous11:43 pm

    the most important thing the expert pathologist from UMMC had clarified about the probabilities. Maybe Ronnie and Gobind knew that their questioning is going nowhere.They need a theatrical diversion from the original plot..... Ronnie and Ean.

    Anwar Jambu

  27. Anonymous12:14 am

    You have been using 'if you follow my drift' of late...a number of times.

    Quite a number of readers of your blog already know that you have indeed drifted...away from the 'neutral' stand and have taken sides with the BN.

    Next time, just say need to use 'if you follow my drift'....

    Let us decide how to need to follow yours. That is not the only chice.

    There are better alternatives.


  28. Anonymous12:18 am

    At least take the trouble to check your facts.

    On point 1 during the inquest the pathologist already agreed when examined by Gobind that the time of death could have been as early as 5.00 am.

    On point 2 it has already emerged during the inquest that there were fingerprints on the window but they were only partial prints and therefore insufficient to lift proper specimens. This, if I am not mistaken, would in fact be consistent with the allegation that the window had been wiped, albeit not very well.


  29. Bro

    There's no need for you to plead with Warrior 231 or anyone else.

    It's your blog. Lay the law down! It's totally under your control.

    It's not just Ramadan. There's Deepavali, Eid, Xmas, the Prophet's B'day, CNY, Thaipusam, Easter, Wesak, Vaiskhi, Gawai, Chap Goh Mei, Hungry Ghost & Mooncake festival, Kamaatan and all days ending with a 'y'.

    Civil language, like a civil society, is priceless. Let's clean up the filth, obscenity and foul language in blogospehere!!

    As Editor at NST, you should be the one to raise the bar and set new, high standards for blog debates! If they WON'T express themselves to Mother Teresa-like standard, bottle them up and you'll see how quickly they'll learn!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  30. Anonymous12:43 am

    There are other allegations that the Deputy Commissioner has 2 petrol stations and valuable assets which can be verified. We are ere to verify the truth nothing but the truth, so why is that you are disputing facts. First it was surat layang layang, now you analyse what you deemed may not be correct. Just let us assume that the letter may have substance and let good men of god verify for truth. Our duty is seeking truth.


  31. Yes. Discredit the messenger. Then you can ignore the message. Does not matter if every word in that message is true and verifiable.

    Hey Rocky, does your attitude as reflected in your postings have anything to do with you having been made to feel small when you were growing up in you know where? Maybe now you are fulfilling that highest of ambition permitted of you of wanting to be a traffic cop!!

  32. Anonymous1:00 am

    Lawyers are paid to help the court to discover how and why a particular accident occur and most importantly identifying any party that could have been involved or contributed in the accident.

    Looking at the direction that this inquest heading to, the truth is going to be buried deeper and deeper. No surprise, bro. Rather than working on the objectives data and evidence, this brainless son of kingkong istead taken imagination and fiction to the centre stage.

    Pity on you (those who hired this son of kingkong to represent them). If this case is allowed to dance to kingkong's tune, the more they have to spend on this lavish dude.

    They are actually falling away bit by bit without realising it. In the end, they will never have a good run for their money. That is too late already!!!

    Pious Chinglot

  33. ikandarat2:47 am

    Main question.. What MACC gain from killing TBH? He is just a nobody.. Could TBH have told everything to MACC about his boss & decided that if he didnt kill him self, someone gonna kill him..
    PELIK.. nway its a good drama la.. just cant wait wats happens next.. not to be forgotten, how did the MACC manage to push that sepang guy until he needed crutches to walk? power gila la MACC guys..

  34. Anonymous3:55 am

    Part 1

    Rocky, I defer to ur request out of respect for holy Ramadhan and you as an unbiased profesional journo-blogger and a decent individual. I raise a tipple to that. Period. Whether I come back after Ramadhan with an even more expansive repertoire is up for grabs (I may?I may not?) as I am as much as my own man as you are and its your blog and you have every right to set the parameters. But rest assured, that if i do leave, I wont be like the PR trannie lot here rushing back to post once their jock/cunt/arse itch works up after swearing off your intoxicating brew.

    But Rocky (just for the road), let me have a go at this pariah indian mongrel cowdung calling itself Donplaypukis and yodelling to the world that:

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

    when it does not even qualify to be a part of that race, sub-human arsefucked, cocksucking cretin!

    Who do you think you are? some wanked up shriveled cock pigdogbuggered, pigarsewhore pretending to dictate terms here on the etiquettes of civilised discourse when your masters like that mongrel scum from MT and that gutter moron from PP can spout and allow vile commentary on their blogs. Get them to clean their sty first before coming over here, on your gatekeeping offdays, to spout your hypocritical verbiage, slimeball poop of a slutbag.

    U get this straight, fuckhead, dont try to be a pussyfooting namby pamby trannie scum who wants me banned. Say it so upfront and dont slobber us all with your pondanish blob of spittle, unwashed dickhead:

    "Civil language, like a civil society, is priceless. Let's clean up the filth, obscenity and foul language in blogospehere!!"

    Dei fuckshit, u were there in haris' blog and not a squeak from you about the vile comments and cheapshots bouncing off those damned walls against all and sundry. Yet you couldnt find it in your testicles to come up with a reprimand, cuntfly.

    You think you are a helluva great brahmachari pundek when reality sniffs you out as nothing but a hypocritical closet swearing son of a bitch. I was minding my own lager when you took a potshot at me probably reveling in RB's request. It grates your arse that I have exposed your chinglot & chakilian coterie as nothing more than hollow men and women poseurs out to diss the Malays and everything they hold dear.

    Warrior 231

  35. Anonymous3:55 am

    Part 2

    Now let me tell u this, twatscum arseworm, I am here for my race and religion NOT for U, PR, UMNO or any other goons you worship. i am free of that baggage unlike you. If I take slingshots more at PR scum, its because u lot promised CHANGE. Cos u lot climbed the high moral ground and started throwing grenades at the hapless rest (especially the malays).

    U lot say that you fuckers are on God's side blah3. No one else claimed all that hocuspocus.And to top it off u bastards talk about change on the rubble of my race and religion. Now u get this straight, i tipped on my stetson, holstered my Derrenger and rode in here on my steed to throw you lot back into the gutter where you rightly belong for you are worse than old Lucifer himself with your asinine antics,corruption,cheapshot slurs, sexual debauchery and race jibes.

    Few Malays were responding in here, a premier blog drawing over 25k hits daily. And when I opened up, u ran helterskelter like the trannie scum you are, begging me to stop, throwing laughable "daggers" in my direction and finally pleading with the blogmaster to ban me,when all your pathetic futile attempts at responding drew laughter from the onlookers.Now, what else is there but climb on the barstool and shout like a banshee whore for civil discourse.

    Civil discourse my foot!. You lot cant even string together a rickety counterargument let alone anything more pithy. Come on, go get your mentors,AI, LKS,LGE Haris,Hadi, Nikki, Anil, RPK, Gobind, Teresa et al to cross swords with me here, no holds barred if you and they dare! Go on, go get them pariah dog! I doubt they will come for since 2008, they have shown that they cant even run a state without a hassle much less come up with a comprehensive economic plan, a proper H1N1 control plan, a development to alleviate hardcore poverty etc. Kelantan is what they will leave us with if given a taste of power and that aint a compliment.

    This nation is mired in a slump ever since Tun M left and it will remain so as long as freakshows, arsewhores, cumaddicts, twatfreaks like u and your coterie keep sniping from the sidelines while the ruling coterie spends its time fending off you garbage to the detriment of the polity's well-being.In fact, given all those skirmishes, to have respectable growth rates is some achievement and that should be enough ammunition for the silent majority that it is better to stick with the devil they know rather than dice with the Satan you are.

    But rest assured that there is something brewing beneath the burnt out wreck of the old social Contract, that once it conflagarates out in the open, you lot are going to regret the days you lorded shit over the local polity.

    Warrior 231

  36. Kiryu4:01 am

    Pakatan Rakyat is not interested in finding the truth.

    THey are only interested in tarnishing MACC image.

    They will fabricate all sort of theories to arouse suspicion of the MACC and have the PR Cyber-troopers repeating it over and over again.

    Looking for the truth? No.
    Looking to blame pople? Yes.

  37. Anonymous8:10 am


    The following comment/response was posted in Parpukari's article at 2.13am today - 23 Aug 2009.

    [ Wei PARPU !!! Selama 6 PRK hang jadi barua UMNO satu pun hang tak dapat menangkan parti Keramat hang tu.

    Nie dah masuk yang ke 7.. jilat juboq totok hang lagi nampak gaya.
    Dah 6 kali hang minum ayaq kencing totok hang masih tak menang2 lagi.

    Selamat berjuang sampai UMno ditalkin dan jahanam. ]

    The blog link is :

    The author has given him/herself the identity Rocky's Bru. When clicked on the words Rocky's Bru (which is a hyperlink) it leads to your webpage!

    You did not post such response in Parpukari's blog?

    Yet someone else can do it and link to your blog?

    You can clarify?


  38. Anonymous8:15 am

    It seems more likely that Rocky and bigdog landed on their heads after birth when their umbilical cords snapped.

    Both you old goats should refer back to the CCTV which show that the MACC officer named was last to leave the building. Btw Rocky, have you got your million $$$$ contract yet....your good friend mahathir wants chinese papers translated into malay.
    C`mon Rocky lead the way man.

    -melayu pakai topeng

  39. Anonymous9:02 am

    Whatever letter come without name and no way to verify the complainant, should not be entertained. Just imagine how chaotic it will be if we accept this culture (surat layang). Anybody can just make accusation to others. We are stepping backward in terms of transparency and accountability.
    Surat layang is just another fitnah. Period.

  40. Anonymous9:33 am

    Good detective work by jebat you said well to make him a sentry at a balai also would be too much for him.

    inquiry off

  41. Anonymous9:53 am

    Lawyers earn too much money.
    Accountants too, sigh ...

  42. Anonymous10:10 am

    must investigate new links - who is the father of TBH's fiancee's child?

    can come up with motive for his death, maybe

  43. Anonymous10:13 am

    For me the last person who left the office is the person who wrote this surat layang.

    Some ppl here suggesting for Rocky to siasat sana sini - but as reporter their main jobs is to 'melaporkan' (minus analysing) then is for us to 'spin' the thing.:)


  44. Rocky,

    Why are we so quick in wanting to dismiss the letter? Don't the allegations merit investigation? After all, even the coroner has seen it fit to suspend the inquest. In the meantime, we wait for the investigations.

    We know that big guns such as the one alleged in the letter stay in the various government departments because they are there to protect political masters. The master-slave narrative is being repeated all over each day in Malaysia.

    The arguments brought up by Jebat Must Die are logical, but not strong enough to justify dismissing veracity of complaints brought up. At least, they deserve the benefit of the doubt.

    We want to dismiss in a hurry what inconveniences us.

    Truly, what if there is some truth that the TP is a person of such character? And the fact that Khir Toyo is alleged to be the other player in the cast is indeed cause for us to take it a little more seriously.

    Throughout history we have seen leaders who were literally living with serious mental deficiencies running riot the affairs of their nation. Is Malaysia there yet? I think she is already. The only difference (not that it is any comfort at all) is that it is not being run by people with serious mental deficiencies, but instead by a class of people hardwired with bona fide desire to cheat and steal. (Talk about oxymorons!)

    We have also heard rumours of the predicament of the MACC's top dog, Ahmad Said, having a son with some perverted predeliction. Only a dishonourable government would place one such as he in that position that would by virtue demand a squeaky clean image on all counts. For failing to live up to that high standard, the government has failed misreably to inspire confidence. It is akin to making the wolf one's shepherd. By God, I am amazed!!!

    There is a sound rationale why top positions should not be filled by people with unsavoury burdens to bear. In a more developed society, impotent Ahmad Said (and perhaps more of his type) would not have gotten to sit where he is, no matter how brilliant he is. The reason is simple; he could be too malleable to the whims and fancies of his unscrupulous political masters. No matter what, in most of us the instinctive duty to family comes first, unless one is Serpico (aah, go find out!).


    Let's dream a while. You are a journaist. I treasure truth. If one day, the Press in Malaysia were to become totally free, could investigative journalism flourish? Will we see one day bare-boned truths? I mean, if we are too quick to fall into our trap of being the lazy 'intellectual', like many pressmen are, maybe mine is just a fantasy, not even a dream which has a better chance of turning real.

    It has been said that: Scratch a member of the Malaysian cabinet, you will probably get a crook or even a two-in-one and maybe more.

    Will the free press have, for want of a better phrase, a 'retroactive jurisdiction and reach'?

    I can dream...cannot meh?

  45. Anonymous10:39 am


    u r avoid from answering the simple question. u say "we are all of 1 race, the Human Race".

    So do u support the 'Satu Sekolah Satu Negara' meaning no more Chinese or Tamil schools? All sekolah kerajaan only?

    Also u are avoiding from the question : will you invite an Indian of lower caste than you into your house for makan? Will you invite the Hindraf estate Indian tamil hindu into your house for dinner? Lu punya anak boleh kasi kahwin sama dia kah?

    Statistics confirm Malays in this country are the highest number of mixed marriage. Malays marry Malays, Chinese, Tamil, Punjabi, Bangla, African anyone.

    Malays believe in "we are all of 1 race, the Human Race"

    Indian Tamil cannot marry punjabi, malayalee cannot marry gujerati, punjabi cannot marry brahmin, brahmin cannot marry hindraf member. Please answer the question because you are the one who say "we are all of 1 race, the Human Race"

    Please answer this 2 simple question donplaypuk. Thank you.

  46. Police Slow Response11:09 am


    What so difficult to ask Hishammudin to re-provide his DNA sample again to justify against the DNA sample found on TBH.

    Kalau dia tak buat, tak payah takut lah.

    As simple as that. He & Khir Toyol can clear his name. No point investigating the source instead of investigating the allegations. The KAPAR MP has launched a report, so the "police" can start investigating.

    By the way, SHOULDN'T the "police" tell us the result by now. The "surat layang" out by Wednesday and I really thought it should have been investigated by now. The report should be on the table by Monday 9am.

    Can consider implementing ISO9000 or Six Sigma.

  47. Sang Serigala Dari Kota Karbala11:18 am

    Surat pegawai-pegawai MACC tu ada cerita pasal HISHAMUDDIN BIN HASHIM, dan perlunya mengkaji DNA dia dengan rapi. Kenapa Rocky kau tak komen pasal ni?

    Timbalan Pengarah MACC itu disyaki memiliki stesen petrol Petronas, disyaki membantu menutup beberapa kes-kes high profile yang melibatkan pemimpin UMNO... yang ini semua, kenapa kau tak mintak kaji, Rocky?

    Jangan tuduh sebagai surat layang yang tak berasas selagi kamu tidak KAJI KESAHIHAN SEMUA ISI KANDUNGANNYA.

    Saya rasa surat itu harus disiasat sebaik baiknya dahulu.

    Lagi satu -- surat itu surat yang dikatakan DITULIS OLEH PEGAWAI-PEGAWAI MACC. Kenapa Rocky kau nak spin kononnya ianya 'surat Gobind Singh'?

    Cukup lah Rocky menjilat tapak kaki UMNO.

    Aku kesian kau dah mabuk dengan propaganda nasionalis ultra Melayu yang dilaungkan UMNO. Aku kesian kau dah mabuk kuasa dan wang. Aku kesian kau buta tuli memuji dan memuja Dr. Mahathir dan percaya segala kata-katanya tanpa pemikiran kritis.

    Orang macam kau ni boleh jadi editor NST?

    Siapalah yang nak baca NST kalau cam ni?

  48. Anonymous11:32 am

    These people seriously need a they know what it is and how to use it in the first place..i really doubt! tengoklah & nilai sendiri..

    - "u keep telling everything..macamlah u know semua benda..."
    (*yawn*..and they themselves are the Gods of Wisdom & Knowledge..hahah)

    - "Ikut kata Tukat Tiub : Kalau baca berita saluran UMNO...kena baca 'TERBALIK'!! "
    (better used the term TUKAT them well ..if they only used half of their own brain, the score of their own IQ would be somewhere below 50 max..hehehe..)

    - "what's with all the detective work.just get the accused MACC guy to give his dna and case solved. "
    (what about the other accused suspects from their side? yeah, right JudgeDredd..)

    - "boring la, spin lagi."
    ( :O.. yawn..! sound so redundant..)

    - "spin spin spin...."
    (hello..polly the parrot speaking, yeah..a typical product coming from a birdbrain.. :D )

    - "if you want to spin... spin professionally."
    (again..?! polly brain has evolved..a big head bird now it is..still look like a freak to me..hehe :D )

    ..and they think they're the only one bored, never realized that those stereotype & redundant thing like themselves that are even worst..hahaha..:O *yawn*..just like listening to a broken tape player..

    "Discredit the messenger. Then you can ignore the message. Does not matter if every word in that message is true and verifiable."
    - Now that does sound like some people very own modus-operandi!

    This person has summed up the whole equation, give him the credit & applause! well done bro suka sama suka..

    --> "As long as one is protected , we can call Right is Wrong and call Wrong is Right."

    ..and finally this guy below..he probably think we're living in a never-neverland and everybody should be monotonous to something "18SX" , "18SG" or "18PL" like..tell that to Peter Pan..DON'T dream for a grown up Wendy and a human-size Tinkerbell, just remain being a good boy..reciprocating the nature does it sound, eh..?hahaha ..what a day dreamer..everybody can dream..see the message below, mamma mia.. u tell me..!

    "If they WON'T express themselves to Mother Teresa-like standard, bottle them up and you'll see how quickly they'll learn!"

    ..and his very own encrypted motto below..that really explained a lot, don't they? sound similar to that very theoretical 1Malaysia concept..

    "We are all of 1 race, the Human Race"

    Yeah..he maybe theoretically correct after all..but not technically and politically correct at all.. its something tottally stupendous & coming from out of this world..

    ..dissociated from the true reality of malaysia..well, typically they always see anything beyond malaysia as utopia..what to do..its their very own default mindset..hidup DAP! hahaha..

    Anyway bro Rocky, happy Ramadhan.. see.... i'm less-caffeined this brain operated at a very minimum capacity lah bro..just copy & paste and put some end remarks..easier..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  49. Anonymous12:07 pm


    So these flers are your reliable source ke?

    BigDog, Pasquale, Jebat, ParpuKari...

    LOL!!!!! Pigs also can fly...

  50. Anonymous12:11 pm

    I am particularly upset that the police expert had decided not to do anything with the 8 partial fingerprints. In this day and age 50% of something is a lot in science. A few days ago, I watched a Discovery documentary where the researches took DNA samples from air bubbles and were complaining that they had run out of air bubbles. Here we have 50% of fingerprints and yet, we don't have anything. Added to this fact, there was no fingerprints on the Molotov bombs thrown at the MACC's car. So Malaysia has become a nation where fingerprints do not exist. That's the trouble when investigating officers do not have passion for their jobs and have low regard for their ability to contribute.

  51. So shocking...

    During Pak Lah's era, you were so critical and vocal against any single wrongdoing.

    Now during Najis' reign, you are nothing but a bootlicker and yes man to everything UMNO says and believes in.

    It's so obvious you were only a blogger in disguise with the real motive of overthrowing Pak Lah.


    Think you should repent in this Holy Month.

  52. Anonymous1:10 pm

    The lawyer got a letter and revealed at the inquest. So let the police investigate.
    If false the culprit can be arrested.

    And the contents may still help.


  53. The first letter carries all the tell-tale signs of delicate fabrication.
    I guess fabrication of evidence or anything that could prevent the truth is against the law.
    Gobind, where/whom did you get the letter from lah?
    How come a super duper legal eagle could just accept something from some unknown?
    We need some clarifications here or else it looks like a CONSPIRACY to protect DAP at any costs.

  54. Anonymous1:14 pm

    The only Master Spinner is...

    ANWAR ...... enuf said...

    Tired silent Majority

  55. Anonymous1:24 pm

    the writer of the letter also must have seen how TBK died?

  56. Anonymous1:35 pm

    Remember the mysterious letter is to discredit the senior officer & not revealing the murderer. It is close to truth since it seems to be work of an insider.

    Anyway...the letter didnt mentioned if any of the lower rank officer wiped the prints..probably they were the writter of the mail.

    what so great about Jebat revealing such prove nothing on the senior MACC wrong doing.

    hope the truth will be nation great if the letter proven genuine...rakyat all wants to know is UMNO or Khir T is behind all this rediculous selective persecution.

    Wonder if the identified fingerprints of teh letter to the chief is actually UMNO own doing..certainly its not from TBH underworld , right?

    NoT blind NoT sTupid

  57. Anonymous1:55 pm

    Weyy Amused Bodoh of 6:32

    Of course there was focus only one aspect because that is the most relevant to the case. So you want to focus on other aspects unrelated to do what.... Character Assasination? And in so doing trying to divert the blame from DAP's underworld-Molotov-murderers to the MACC instead? So for example:-

    -a- he has properties in cronies names so he is a murderer?
    -b- he kene tangkap khalwat so he is a murderer?
    -c- he has a Petronas petrol station so he is a murderer?
    -d- he jilted a girl so he is a murderer?

    Why not like this:

    -a- one is a gangster, so one is more likely to murder

    -b- one asks your other gangsters to molotov bomb your enemy, thereby killing mafia-style. so one is MORE likely to be a murderer

    -c- one's secret activities and the entire underworld's secret is going to be unravelled soon by both the investigating body as well as one's own whistleblower so one is VERY MUCH MORE LIKELY to commit murders.

    Maloi bin Pulau

  58. Anonymous1:59 pm


    I agree with you on that Mother Theresa thing as long as you agree with this take on the saintly momma.

    Pope John Pole

  59. Anonymous2:26 pm


    FYI the SPRM office at Plaza Masalam uses a network card access system la bro and not a punch card system.

    I'm using the same vendor that provides the same system to SPRM Plaza Masalam.

    This vendor told me that there were SIX SPRM officers in the office when the incident happened. Who did not clocked out I have no info about this as I do not want this vendor to be in trouble.

    You deepthroat is more "effecient" (?) in giving these infos though.

    Be wary of false and destructive information. Some ppl out there are really good in character assassination.

    Bloggers should help each others to correct any incorrect infos.

  60. In the spirit of Ramadan

    Kepala lancau to all the racist motherfuckers infesting the comment section anything against the interest Fuckatan Rakyat n ur typical cinapek tambypillay..SRJKC/T byproducts

    To all my brothers n Sisters

    Tiada kata seindah ZIKIR, tiada bulan seindah bulan RAMADHAN, izinkan kedua tangan bersimpuh, maaf untuk lisan yg tak terjaga, janji yg terabaikan, hati yg berprasangka & sikap yg pernah menyakitkan.Selamat Menunaikan Ibadah Puasa.

    bro warrior 231....cant wait for ur part 3....take care mate

  61. artchan3:07 pm

    hey rocky..looks your your appeal to Warrior to refrain from expletives is useless...but you own the blog..and you can just press delete..or in your words..this is be fair to it up...then post it all in one go..after Raya.

    But Rocky, you are the one encouraging foul mouth warrior keep the post one blames you for your foul mouth.

  62. Anonymous3:17 pm

    Rocky, you should have analyse all the other excerpts as well. espcially those on the the Big C allegations. why so selective?

  63. Anonymous3:40 pm

    Warrior 231 is, without doubt, the best commenter in the blogosphere. Hate him, condemn him, do anything you like but it goes without saying that a lot of what he says is made up of Truth and nothing else. Yes I understand why people would like him to be "banned" but thats not because of so much swearing or verbal iniquities coming from him, but rather because they feel it necessary to stiffle his voice down to prevent more and more malays (like me) to jump off the neutral fence and join his cause instead. Plus, I enjoy the profanities too, especially if it provides a way for me to convey what I think of the other party, albeit in manners unspeakable to me in my day to day life.

    This guy Dontplaypundek, may I suggest not to waste too much ammunition on him. I have challenged him a few times in Unspinnersdotcom before, but he prefers to mock and counter-pundek the malay writers with less verbiage instead.

    Yes I agree with your analysis. He would come in to blogs who dont conform to his view of GOMEN-ALWAYS-WRONG and spew his venom. And then when people retaliate (and he would, surprisingly, do this in many, many blogs --- as though he has a crusade that he is carrying on) by calling him names, he would then go up the moral high-ground of "Why are you malays always vulgar" kind of argument. But when he sees the malays being vulgared elsewhere, like in MT or such spots, his moral high ground disappears into silence.

    Yes, it's kind of like applying the "We are all 1 human race" slogan only to people that he thinks he wants to make points about but never to the pariah-dalit-brahmin hodge-podge society that his father/grandfather had belonged to.

    Warrior 231: you fight injustices done to your brethrens in both religion and race, and not so much UMNO, BN, PR-partisan based. That makes you and me brothers, and I am sure there's a lot more like minded people here. Write on, and Fight on. We are behind you.


  64. Dear Bro and Sis

    A spin can spin Clockwise or anti Clockwise. Any spin which spin long enough will spun permanently into a human mind. So become the truth, at least Malaysian Way.

    Why people does not come out telling the truth? Do you dare? When the Pillar of Democratic society are not independent. Coming out telling the truth end you in hot water. No?

    Just look back in the past and what happen to those who speak Up?

    Until we have total independent of the pillar of society, only when this institutes are answered to the people power (parliament).. Only then we Malaysian can speak proudly.. Or else just surat layang la

    Shiok Guy

  65. Warrior 231

    I will respond to your no hold barred challenge in due course. But not here or now.

    I have respect for Rocky's call for moderation in language in the spirit of Ramadan and the festive season.

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  66. Anonymous4:45 pm

    Rocky Bro,

    After you have read all the comments, boleh minta tolong spin satu round lagi ke -- bagi semua betui-betui penin sampai muntah.

  67. Anonymous6:38 pm

    A big section of Malaysians are Blinded by Spinners on the Internet
    and MSM. Why they do question about
    MACC not taking any interest at all
    in investigating Khir Toyo's mass
    fortunes beats me ! MACC's selective investigations alone speaks volume about it independence. Are those sections of Malaysians that blind or they do not have a mind of their own ??
    Malaysians can go on debating till the cow comes home and they'll still be happy to be shaft down their throats all those gabbage by those in Power. Good on you fellas, like they say " some like to be abuse and some like to abuse"


  68. Anonymous6:55 pm

    Hurray Warrior 231

    I feel great just reading your rejoinder to dpp.

    Yeah the ISA will be replaced with RNC (rendered non citizen).

    The social contract needs a thorough relook to remain fair to all parties of the contract.

    If one term of the contract is rescinded then the WHOLE equation is null and void.

  69. Anonymous9:46 pm

    Part One

    To each his own, to err is human and when you keep on provoking non stop you get revolts especially in Rockybru’s as the avenue to retort back has been blocked by unscrupulous people of various genres and ideologies in portals like Malaysia Today, MInsider, Mkini, pro Pakatan blogs like PP, Zollo Unmasked etc. I second you DPPFoe that Warrior 231 is the best commentator in M’sian blogosphere.

    Warrior, as I have said before I am with you, sir...I am against anyone who degrades our race and religion with blasphemy.

    It is “blasphemy” when one’s race is being ridiculed with profanities, vulgar language and treated with disrespect. More so in M’sian context as there are many races and religions living in the country. Where is the respect to the silent majority who had given so much to them for 50 odd years? Respect should be a 2 way street kind of thing not just a one way stuff. The Malays had been silent for a long time and don’t forget that there are comments in vernacular languages too that we don’t know or understand about. Dr. M’s idea of asking the Govt to translate the contents of Chinese newspapers is a good one. Hope for the same thing on Tamil-language newspapers.

    (Yo, why can’t you all agree on SSS Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua – One School For All, then we can understand each other perfectly well !! No need translations, what a waste of time).

    To single out the Malays and bash them left and right, that is not funny....ask Seinfeld..he would tell you ..he would label you as antisemite, maybe we should coin the same phrase with regards to anti Malay/Muslim subversives in Malaysia.

    It is also “blasphemy” when one’s religion is being treated with disrespect. Read the comments in those portals and blogs. I wonder sometimes where on earth they came from ....and the “best” thing (actually if you read between the lines, it should be read as “what a joke!”) is people like dpp and co. love showing off their so called morally upright mannerism – they do no wrong in the eyes of the Father and Son, kinda like we are more righteous than you and you should not condemn us for condemning your race and religion blah blah ...yes, we have more right than you to denigrate you because we are more superior than you and oh...we are more morally justifiable than you...blah blah blah again.....wth..yes, if dpp and gang are really serious about doing this holier than thou crusade, then they should also do the same thing in pro PR portals/blogs as someone suggested.

    As I see it, this is going to be THE scenario if Pakatan were to be in power. Malays will be denigrated even further because those Malay turbanopops and Malay pestapop types from PKR will usher in these diseased-laden beings with glee. Maybe all the Malay nationalist blogs will be asked to be deleted and the bloggers will be ISA-ed...who the look of things Pakatan is going to be worse than BN ...BN is not perfect but most people would say that it is better to be with the devil that you know than the Devil Incarnate that you are unfamiliar with...(to be cont’d)

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

  70. Anonymous9:47 pm

    Part Two

    If people like Warrior, Anti Whatever and other Malays (note that I don’t mention UMNO) were given a chance to defend their race and religion from being vilified more and more in those portals and blogs, Rocky would not be “burdened” with conscience and bombarded with disparaging remarks on his goodself by the Pakatan crowd. It should actually be a fair and square game too if those portals/blogs allow countercomments by other Malaysians, for eg. the Malay nationalists, if these pro Pakatan outfits believe in Malaysia for Malaysians. Everybody should be given a fair hearing regardless of their political inclinations, not just “hentam” one side only, right? The views in those portals/blogs are not the mainstream views of Malaysians. Having said that, I think those portals/blogs are just of the “syiok sendiri” calibre. No big deal. It is a big deal if they allow comments from the likes of Warrior, Anti Whatever, JMD and others to go through.

    Rocky, I suggest if you decide to ban Warrior one day, please have a look again at the comments in the portals and the blogs I mentioned. That would perhaps gives you a clear conscience on your adjudication whether it is right or wrong to ban Warrior, being a Malay/Muslim yourself.

    I am neutral too, no political adherence nor inclination As a hindsight, I do believe that politicians should be clean, honest, sincere and responsible in trying to help their brethrens that help them to attain power albeit not absolute power in the Executive level of the country but “power” that is .....For example, power to sell beer in Muslim majority areas, power to kick a mortuary’s door (Poor Door!), power to do corruption, power to slander the government, power to denigrate and belittle the Malay government even further, power to call an honorable statesman with derogatory names and the ABSOLUTE power of recommending who can enter Heaven (oh, for heaven’s sake didn’t I hear that piece in one of Seinfeld’s show? laugh laugh laugh .....). Anyway enough said about turbo murbo politicians ....

    Yes Warrior, keep on writing and fight back. Never stop being what you are. (That goes for similar minded people out there too). It is also your prerogative to use expletives to defend your race and religion. I do that too but less in my real life. And remember, I am no Judge in Heaven...but might be taking a Stairway to Heaven

    In conclusion, may Allah bless you (and your family)...Have a good Ramadan....Take care. See ya.

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

  71. Anonymous11:45 pm

    1. SD season.. PI flip flop.. lari sembunyi, whole family disappeared into thin air;
    2. RPK .. allegations one after another supposedly with witnesses and proof.. invited to court, to clarify, absconded and disappeared into thin air leaving disowned problem son behind for theft etc
    3. Suing Tennis partner Nala, hinted of tapes in safe keeping ready to be exposed, suddenly went silent?
    4. Saiful police report, run for cover to Turkish Embassy.. twist turn spin to avoid court hearing
    5. TEOH's fiance dedah marital sex? Itu pasal anak murid kat sekolah main aci sembunyi tak pegi sekolah, cikgu asyik main main dengan jantan!
    6. Eli Kangkang, Sex scandal, cuti sembunyi self pity, wonder if they paid her as maternity leave allowances?
    7. Kedah fake husband/wife/illegitimate child, lari sembunyi poorah MOTHERLAND
    8. Penang DCM, main sand castle, lari balik baca bob..
    7. Loan with Islamic Bank for over RM60m from 2001, ALAMAK.. BANYAK TU! Just quietly pay up ler, nak pusing for time aper lagi, DAH LAPAN TAHUN enjoying the facility

    Hah ini surat layang pulak.. Nanti ini surat mau lari mana pulak?


    I tak mengumpat kat sini, diatas semua fakta benar, TGNA tolong pastikan saya masuk Syurga PLEASE..


  72. Anonymous8:06 am

    Good One Rocky!!..and Jebat!!

    So Gobind...what else 'karut marut' you want to show us now?..we're boring right now cause no latest jokes and blokes from you&the geng....what about your friends the monkey and donkey (best actor and actresses of the year) us your latest movies..."The Sungai Pelek part II' and "Rocky 10:Permatang Pasir slap show off I'm the rakyat's hero" think you're smart??..ha ha ha....lick Anwar azz la brother!!


  73. donplaydumb11:55 am

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

    Are you from the monyet race ? or sub human race ? muahahahaha

    This Pariah cow herd is good at talking cowshit . Muahahaha

  74. donplayyourbird11:56 am

    Donplaypundek afraid to take on warrior , not here , not now , not anywhere , not forever . no lampah , no pisang . Got guts see you in Rocky's bru .

    pordah pundek tambi donplaypuki.

  75. donplaymama11:57 am


    We are al of 1 race, the Human Race

    Talk cock arsehole , if you walk your talk , go and get yourself canned six strokes of the rotan on her behalf , otherwise stuff your mouth with cow dung donated free of charge from kampong buah pala .

    Mai pundek cow hole tambi .

  76. The first part of the surat layang is a give away.

    The part where it mention of the conspiracy by Khir Toyo.

    How come?
    Does this mean that all the involved parties in DAP is following Khir Toyo's script to make the case?

    Meaning, PKR's MP Wee Choo Keong is also following Khir Toyo's script and instruction of becoming a "shit stirrer" ?

    And the death of TBH at MACC own building must be part of this well thought script?

    The fans of PR is so desperate that they would believe anything RPK thrashed on them.

    Same thing on Sodomy 2. I guess saiful did not follow the script properly when he visited the first doctor...

  77. Anonymous12:38 pm

    It's just another one of the spanners thrown into the works.

    Anything that can cause confusion will be raised.

    Does not surprise at all.


  78. Anonymous1:26 pm

    Go DUNK your head in SHIT donplapuki! You think your soooo righteous! Go and reprimand comments from other bloglah. You think you're so DAMN good?? Trying to show your Halo on your head?? BuzzOff man go and be righteous on LKS blogs or any other blogs that's to your 'Mother Theresa' quality as you put it.


  79. All you foul-mouthed anons

    Please read again what you have writen in this blog, despite Rocky's call for moderation in the month of Holy Ramadan.

    If you have no respect for Rocky who has been libera, generous and understanding, at least have some self-respect.

    Here's a challenge to you. Start your own blog and I'll debate you there, no holds barred. Then we'll see how liberal YOU are with people who post dissenting views and opinions or those whose idea of expresion or debate is to bid for the Guinness Book of Records for 'Most Vile, Filthy, Obscene and Profanity Filled Post Ever!!'

    Got cojones or not? The silence is deafening!! Ke, Ke, Ke!

    We are all of one race, the Human Race

  80. donplaymama yo,

    Ha, ha, ha!

    Man proposes, GOD disposes!

    Oooh, it hurts don't it? Muahaha!

    We are all of 1 race the Human Race

  81. Anonymous4:06 pm

    Sesetengah komentar di sini sibuk pasal harta Khir Toyo dalam surat tersebut, jangan bimbang orang lain pun baca surat tu jugak, persoalanya sekarang apa yang jadi pada Teoh, mati dibunuh ke bunuh diri (kebanyakan bukti menunjukkan bunuh diri!) Pasal harta tu boleh disiasat dalam kes lain kerana objektif "inquest" sekarang ini adalah menentukan apa yang jadi pada budak Teoh tu. Ataupun, ini adalah strategi PR untuk mengalih perhatian dari kes yang asal? Memandangkan bukti-bukti tidak menyebelahi mereka, maka mereka buat surat agar pandangan umum terpesong dari kes bunuh kepada harta K.Toyo, stesen minyak, dan seluar dalam?


  82. Anonymous5:08 pm

    Why would anyone want to debate with a half wit asshole like you??. You want others to start their own blogs so you can debate them like you do on your shit blog? Go to hell man! There are other important things to do than read your 'righteous' rantings.

    Of course the silence is deafening to you, you're deaf, you listen only to your'idiotic' self.


  83. Anonymous5:52 pm

    Nice written essay by DAP hahahah...when 2 Pathologist gave reason and evidence how and why TBH suicide..this letter come out of sudden...nice try DAP.....

  84. Anonymous8:22 pm

    Hello dunplaypuks,

    Why don’t you too take the opportunity this month to ‘FAST’ (the Muslim ways of ‘cos) maybe you too can feel the “spark of Kesyukuran diri” during this special month of Ramadhan?.

    My car broke down this morning, and lucky just near a Bus-stop. So I decided to wait for the mechanic, and sat alongside the many “factory workers” waiting for their company transport (had been restlessly waiting there for the last 1hour).

    Most had to walk out 2km from their homes to get to this spot.

    Mind you, all are Indian Ladies and I started up a conversation.

    According to this lady, the factory bus refused to go in to pick them up.

    And if it did not turn up, she has no means to go to the factory BECAUSE SHE DID NOT EVEN HAVE RM2 on her to take the public bus to work!

    SEDAR ler dunplaypuks, SEDAR diri sikit, do something for the poor.

    This Khalid Selangor with his RM66b personal loan still playing hide and seek over so many years, can you imagine, this poor lady don’t even have RM2 to get her to work!

    FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT PURPOSE DUNPLAYPUKS.. not just to satisfy your personal EGO!


  85. Quite hard to trust your blogger buddies after they've being lying a lot. BD with his story of Mujahid Rawa accusing the PAS candidate of running away with RM60k, which MYR has rebutted... for example.

  86. Hey, dontplaypuks... I think I found your friend on YouTube

    FUCKIN ZERG MY CLOUDSONG! Hahahahahahaha!

    Cloudsong + Tourettes = Epic lulz

  87. Anonymous9:49 pm

    1)I will respond to your no hold barred challenge in due course. But not here or now.

    2)Start your own blog and I'll debate you there, no holds barred.

    compare those with my intial challenge:

    "Come on, go get your mentors,AI, LKS,LGE Haris,Hadi, Nikki, Anil, RPK, Gobind, Teresa et al to cross swords with me here, no holds barred if you and they dare! Go on, go get them pariah dog!"

    Obvious, isnt it as to who is lying through his teeth.

    Folks, this must be one real sicko and still smarting from the bazooka i fired up you know where. Observe how it starts off by accepting the challenge..but wait...on second thoughts, it decides to qualify its initial false bravado and attempt to weasel out by equivocating: "But not here or now". Why? it knows that it or its handlers do not have the gumption nor the wherewithal to cross swords, hence after much self contemplation aand sundry discussion with its overlords, the serf decides to chicken out.

    To save face and cover up for its lack of backbone, it throws another canard with (2) as if we are so keen and dying to entertain the childish antics of slimeballs like it to the extent we will open blogs for it and its ilk to barf and slobber around like some frisky mangy mongrels. Its actions remind me of another mongrel that Bro Anti and I used to engage, a certain Skink with the numerals to boot. like this pariah dog, that one too will keep twisting and turning + keep changing the goalposts after it throws a challenge and finds out that it is not up to its own words.

    DPP and its types are legion in cyberspace and real life. it comes from a certain upbringing and conditioning to life which only non-Malay/Muslim parenting can conjure.It is an upbringing that is premised on arrogance, selfishness, lack of respect for others, imbecility couched as intellectuality and other negative traits permanently embedded in the pendatang's genes and bequethed down generations- a sort of family heirloom. In real life, these traits are manifested by strategies such as avoidance of issue; changing or subverting the discussion; threats and armtwisting; sneer talk; fomenting rebellious antics;blatantly evincing disdain for other races etc

    Chase them through time or portals, the end result is the same. I am often reminded of that through my past dealings with these scum and the experiences my brother, a Caltech doctorate holder, shared with me. For when push comes to shove, cornered with facts, backed to a wall during an intellectual discussion, the chink and the hindulen will invariably get tongue-tied and scram.

    We have nothing to learn from these scum and much less use for them lowlifes. through the dint of our intellect, efforts and persevereance we can build great civilisations. For didnt Albuquerque once look at the globe east of the Cape and what did he see as the prized jewel, not Goa, not calicut, not canton, nanjing or Macau but MALAY Malacca and that says a lot of our heritage doesnt it?

    To all my brethren, John, Bro- anti, Sat DppFoe,and all the others, thanks for your support and encouragement. i will soldier on but as a Melayu Islam with maruah, i have given my word to Rocky before i launched that barrage so i will go easy for now for what makes a Man but MARUAH.

    Warrior 231

  88. warrior 321...I am your fan, unashamedly..

  89. Anonymous1:51 am

    Shiouk guy,

    When peoples are scared to come forward to expose any wrongdoing, it actually benefit PR s much as it benefit others.

    Currently it is PR who have benefited the most if there is a loophole in the whistle blower's protection law.

    You should be glad, bro that when peoples are scared to come forward and reveals the untold amount of stories, indirectly it help save the PR's face.

    Just imagine if there is a system that able to give a full protection to a whistle blower, those who cooked up any story in order to mislead any hearing would also be exposed and send to Kemunting, dude!!!

    Story Teller

  90. Anonymous11:43 am

    I think the letter is true. MACC was getting blood thirsty with Khir Toyol pushing from behind.

  91. The police has investigated the letter and proven to be fake.

    Guess the PR supporters will be in spin overdrive on this matter and deviate from the objective of the investigation.

    Trust the biaDAP to carry on with the circus.

    Thank you

  92. Anonymous6:02 pm

    Just one question Warrior. You are Warrior 231 or 321? Pls clarify.


    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

  93. Part (1)

    "Come on, go get your mentors,AI, LKS,LGE Haris,Hadi, Nikki, Anil, RPK, Gobind, Teresa et al to cross swords with me here, no holds barred if you and they dare! Go on, go get them pariah dog!"

    Obvious, isnt it as to who is lying through his teeth.”

    Warrior 231. What a load of crap! Surely you can do better than that?

    It’s between you and me. Why should I get those other guys to come engage you in Rocky’s blog? YOU want it, YOU call them here or go and debate them in their blogs if YOU wish to. Let’s see how far that’ll get you. I am not your errand or messenger boy, sicko! Get that straight! Ktemoc wouldn’t publish your filth, would he? Ke, Ke,Ke!

    Unlike you, I don’t need groupies like your bunch of sycophantic Anons to present or support my case. I do not speak for AI, LKS etc. Nor do they speak for me. I stand on my own two feet and take the punches as they come. NO HAND OUTS.

    All you are capable of is bashing on about ‘trannies’ and indulging in wishful fantasising about chingkies, pendatangs, rendered non-citizens, .45 magnum, bazookas and “But rest assured that there is something brewing beneath the burnt out wreck of the old social Contract, that once it conflagarates out in the open, you lot are going to regret the days you lorded shit over the local polity.”

    I dare say that if we were to trace your not so distant ancestry and that of your sickophantic followers, we are likely to find several ‘pendatangs’ in the closet!


    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  94. Part (2)

    You sound like some of these old codgers sitting in cold and remote cold coalfire heated 1-room bedsitters in the boondocks of England and muttering about ‘Empire, Jewel in the Crown, Pearl of the Orient...Britannia ruled the waves you know...sigh..’.

    Not to mention that to lend to your pathetic lack of credibility or finesse, you have to throw in “the experiences my brother, a Caltech doctorate holder..” sob, sob and elsewhere about some doctors in the family. Another name thrower!

    And therein lies a personality, especially that frequent and odd hook to ‘trannies’ (is that where you hang out in your spare time, poor soul?), crying out for psychiatric attention and help, while wallowing miserably in a cess pool of your own making and self-pity.

    Tanjung Rambutan beckons you and you can’t see that your defecating in Rocky’s Bru has exposed you for what you are; someone who’s lived in a shoe box for the past twenty or thirty years while the world has passed him by! And OTT profanity is your only weapon to hide and disguise your shallow mentality, racism and bigotry

    And I don’t understand that thing about barfing over your own blog? You have control - you can edit, delete, whatever? As you issued the challenge, you don’t get to choose the arena. And please, don’t issue a challenge and impose on Rocky as though you own Rocky’s Bru blog!

    Stand on your own two feet! Start your blog and I’ll come there. You don’t have to come to my blog (I NEVER asked your fawning sickophants to come there either. If they NEVER turn up there for an eternity, it will still be too early!)

    I repeat, got COJONES or not?

    The silence is still deafening and there’s nothing wrong with my hearing.

    We are all of 1 race, the Human race

  95. Anonymous9:01 pm

    Bright Eyes,
    kamu pun sama macam dppundek tu.. Try also for once to “FAST” (cara Islam of cos) during Ramadhan maybe will give you the TRUE meanings of what kesyukuran is all about, who knows even your Heart will be Brighter than your Eyes.

    Everyone knows the REASONS your FOREFATHERS (in millions) abandoned their Motherland, Chinese and Indians lebih kurang sama saja, you all cannot survive there la with so many problems.

    - China is one of the country’s most affected by natural disasters, had 6 of the world's top 10 deadliest natural disasters – just name it!
    - History of Revolts, Racial tension and ethnic violence even year 2009, between Tibetans, Han Chinese and Uighurs
    - Mental illness has now overtaken heart disease and cancer as the biggest burden on the Chinese health system, according to the WHO, affecting seven per cent of the population.
    - Chinese cities are among the worlds’ smoggiest and major rivers are dangerously polluted. Children are dying of with lead poisoning.
    - Plague in north-western China where a town of more than 10,000 people has been sealed off.
    - And bla bla bla, the world over.. cara hidup kamu sama saja!

    Your FOREFATHERS landed on this beautiful, prosperous and blessed land and given the opportunity to live amongst the PEACE-LOVING, CULTURED and GRACIOUS MALAYS AND THE BUMIPUTRAS.

    What is mentally wrong with you people? What are you trying to do here?

    Nak menyusahkan hidup KAMI SEMUA ker?


  96. Idr Rhm9:50 pm

    Funny thing is Jebat Must Die's blog is slipping away in ranking. Speaks a lot about that kid.

    Who takes Jebat Must Die seriously really?

  97. Anonymous10:59 pm

    Your foul mouth warrior darling is getting a pain in the arse in your blog!!A so call defender of the malay race!

  98. Anonymous7:44 am


    Your foul mouth warrior darling is getting a pain in the arse in your blog!!A so call defender of the malay race!

    10:59 PM


    So, who are you? The defender of the Satan and Devils? Kah, kah, kah.


  99. Anonymous12:56 pm


    Of 1 race, the DAP race

  100. Anonymous12:59 pm


    Of 1 race, the race to make Malaysians become like himself, an old man who still cling to the memoirs of him being a Victorian reject.

  101. Anonymous1:05 pm


    Of 1 race, Get a life man... go do some gardening or something, spend time with your family, instead of writing your half ass puke and trying to engage people to argue with you, people got better things to do unlike you everyday trying for attention staring at the computer screen for anything to say.

    Your're a loser man.

  102. Anonymous3:54 am

    Hishamudin Hashim perasuah..Terima RM300k dari dr karim setpol khir toyo upah mengheret dato sharif ke mahkamah. Dapat lot bunglow kat seksyen 7 atas sokongan khir.