Saturday, August 01, 2009

Bernama vs Bernama: Annuar Zaini must GO!

General August 01, 2009 14:07 PM
BERNAMA Temporarily Suspends Involvement In 24-hour TV News

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 1 (Bernama) -- Bernama, the Malaysian National News Agency, will temporarily suspend its involvement in Bernama TV Synergy Sdn Bhd, a joint venture which provides a 24-hour news channel on Astro TV, with effect from today, a Bernama spokesman said.

"The decision is to minimise the exposure of Bernama to losses incurred by Bernama TV Synergy, which is a joint venture between Bernama Bhd (33 per cent), Silver Ridge (Multimedia) Bhd (27 per cent), Standard Code Sdn Bhd (20 per cent) and Hallmark Entertainment Sdn Bhd (20 per cent)," he said.

The spokesman said the decision would not in any way affect the quality and delivery of its services as the national news agency.

"Bernama will review its options on its involvement in Bernama TV Synergy as soon as the financial issue affecting the parties in the joint venture is resolved," he added.

Meanwhile, Bernama chairman Datuk Seri Mohd Annuar Zaini said in a statement that it was with much regret that he had to announce the temporary suspension of the national news agency's involvement in Bernama TV Synergy.

"We have decided on this course of action after a thorough evaluation of the current financial situation affecting Bernama TV Synergy.

"As chairman, I would like to assure that the delivery and quality of Bernama's existing services in its operation as the national news agency will continue to be maintained at the highest level," he said.


Bernama sues Bernama. The writing had been on the wall almost from the start. On his blog, YB Wee Choo Keong in March questioned here the legitimacy of using the name (and resources) of Bernama for a tv op run by politically-connected individuals with little track record.

Wee brought the matter up in Parliament, as well, after it was clear that Bernama TV was draining the resources of Bernama. Losses amounted to millions; in April by the time I wrote the posting Annuar Zaini's Baby, it had reached RM14 million.

Wee's latest posting Bernama sues Bernama TV marks an end that is near. The journalists I spoke to at the national news agency said it's time Annuar Zaini does the right thing: RESIGN!


  1. Annuar Zaini even tried to sell Universiti Malaya's parcel of land in Bangsar/PJ. He is also advisor to Bodowi's ECER together with Shahridan Kassim. He might migrate to Australia soon and Bernama would be left with lots of debt an a tarnished reputation.
    Inilah jenis manusia yang tak tahu malu tetapi sering menuding jari ke-arah orang lain.

  2. Anonymous2:43 pm

    Baguila, hancur dan lebur lah kroni pak lah, anwar zaini. Bukan depa seorang...skg ni logo jakim dah tak boleh dipergunakan oleh HDC. Jakim dah ambek balik. lamo sungguh tak dengau cherita pasai Khairy Jamaluddin.. depa tu adake, dah mati?
    Even Zimbawe Ahead of Malaysia (EZAM)

  3. I always watch BERNAMA NEWS on channel 502 over ASTRO and there are a lot of advertisement in between the news.Hence,the revenue from advertisement should be able to cover the overhead of BERNAMA TV.As usual,when they is money in a company,the top management will siphon the money to their own pockets and left the liabilities to the company who are usually GLCs.In the end taxpayers money will be use to cover the liabilities.This is tactic of politicians of UMNO and BN who are KAKI RASUAH YANG BUAT KERJA TIPU.

  4. Anonymous3:11 pm


    yeah agree

    he must resign so does his wife who is a pengetua who thinks that the school is her own kingdom

    all sudah gila now

    patut la bn boleh kalah lagi nanti

  5. Anonymous3:17 pm


    How come you are so considerate to those aligned to the BN government and who create such corporate fraud?

    Just resign only?
    No need to be brought to court?

    Wow, some Cina apek who does this kind of corporate fraud is usually hauled up and fined by the country's administration, but people like Annuar have to just resign?

    And what about the accountability for those innocent support staff who ikut perintah of the high and mighty 'DEMI-GODS' like Annuar Zaini?

    These staff must suffer and be pushed/shoved around at the whims and fancies of the remianing fellows who still call the shots?

    How do these staff follow the 'aku-janji' pledges to serve the government of the day, when feoolws like annuar Zaini can just get away by 'resigning'?

    Do you know that Annuar Zaini also sits on the board of Malaysia Airlines?

    Try digging a bit on what he has actually been contributing to the national airline. You can get more enlightened.

    And is this not the same Annuar who is in charge of an 'economic corridor' up north?

    Can we ask, what he has done so far for this 'stimulus' corridor?

    You seem to have different yardsticks for Pakatan Rakyat folks who hold power and for those who are appointed by BN.

    Can you be consistent?


  6. Anonymous3:23 pm

    the situation there is getting really bad, infact i know some BERNAMA TV staff yang pergi each department kat BERNAMA to see if they can fit in there, how sad kan? Leaders buat mistake staff yang jadi mangsa.

  7. Anonymous3:29 pm


    Mr. rocky bru my super duper senior

    106 Warga BERNAMA yang kerja di bernamatv, menyumpah Anuar Zaini dan Azman Ujang sampai hari akhirat.

    Datuk Seri Najib PM malaysia mesti siasat macam mana bernama tv boleh diswastakan. Anuar Zaini berat hati? Bullshit lah this peoples. Datuk Najib kena buang orang2 ni.

    Mana 1Malaysia ? Kami tuntut Anuar Zaini dipecat dan Azman Ujang ditamatkan Kontrak.Kerana merekalah yang telah mengswastakan bernama tv.Fullstop.


  8. I heard even the advertisement on bernama TV was outsourced to a company.
    Silverridge who's company?

  9. "Wow, some Cina apek who does this kind of corporate fraud is usually hauled up and fined by the country's administration, but people like Annuar have to just resign?"

    Like who, ah?

  10. Anonymous4:39 pm

    To force him to resign is not enough. He must be held accountable, he must be investigated and justly punished if found guilty of wrongdoings or mismanagement. Imagine how many people are in trouble now because of this? I know that fellow, I've dealt with him...a bloody arrogant man (I am being kind here calling him a man).

  11. Anonymous4:42 pm

    This is another UMNO scheme to take money from Bernama. How come MACC is not acting.

  12. Anonymous4:45 pm

    To ask for his resignation is not enough. He must be held accountable, he must be investigated and scrutinised. He must be punished if later found guilty of wrongdoings or mismanagement. Justice must be served and simply asking one to resign for a situation as grave as this is not being just. He is an arrogant man (I'm being kind to still call him a man..) I know him in person, I've dealt with him before many times.


  13. BTV Insider4:52 pm

    padan muka Anuar Zaini n Dato Suhaimi. Inilah akibat apabila menjadi tali barut Anwar Ibrahim.

    Mereka berdua ini telah menganiaya dan memecat tunang saiful bukhari(pembaca berita btv)

  14. Anonymous5:29 pm


    Even u dah highlight banyak kali pasal bernama tv pun still tak ada maknanya? YB pembangkang pun dah banyak kali bawa ke Parlimen, still nak simpan lagi penyamun2 tu kat BTV.

    Annuar zaini bukan resign, tapi dia harus di siasat oleh SPRM. Begitu juga Azman Ujang dan Viswakumar BERNAMA HR dept.

    Kalau setakat resign apa barang beb.

    Kepada Datuk Suhaimi Abdullah Ceo BERNAMA TV synergy, kalau takut nak keluar duit juta2 dalam bisnes broadcasting, bisnes lah ciput2 jer

    kau kata ada funder nak melabur kat bernama tv synergy? Kepada funder2 atau investor2 yang ada berbillion ringgit tak ayahlah melabur lah weiii . Ini company banyak masalah lah.

    Datuk Suhaimi, bisnes murah jual nasi lemak lah weiiiii

    Bodoh punya melayu UMNO. baru jadi ketua Bahagian dah nak berlagak macam jadi Menteri. kalau tak percaya korang tengok tv, kalau ada TPM Muhyidin Yassin mesti ada mamat ni hahahaha

    TPM Muhyiddin , Suhaimi tu nak bodek kaulah.

    Apa nak jadi dengan Malaysia?
    Umno masih lagi rasuah, bodek.

    Pegawai Kerajaan masih lagi korup.

    Najib, macam manalah nak jadi 1Malaysia,kalau rasuah salah guna kuasa masih berleluasa?


  15. Cheh, just another vendetta in the Mukhriz/Det vs. Khairy/Lah team.

  16. Anonymous7:09 pm

    So what if this front page news, as long as the culprit is umno connected NOTHING happens. Have we not heard of all this before.


  17. Anonymous7:09 pm

    BTV insider,
    Kamu kena jadi pandai sikit (boleh cuba inverse ayat). Kalau Anuar zaini talibarut Anwar Ibrahim macamana dia boleh pegang Bernama sampai bengkerap.

    Asal sikit nak fitnah AI. Kesian orang tua tu.


  18. Anonymous9:25 pm

    You dont need the non Malays to sell this country off....

    The Malays will always beat them to it....

  19. Kepada TPM Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin,

    Sila jangan percaya pada Dato Suhaimi ni. Dia ni bodek je lebih

    Menyampah saya tgk dia dok himpit Tan Sri konon jd orang kuat TSMY Golf.

    Habis Bernama TV hancur. Baru setahun jagung pegang. Duit pon dh lesap. Gaji staff under synergy jgn ckp lah, hancus!

    Kontraktor2 pon byk yg tak dapat payment. Yang sedihnya, budak2 melayu plak tu. Habis hancur masa depan kontraktor2 melayu ni kerana ramai yg dh nak bungkus.

    Orang2 macam ni lah yang merosakkan UMNO.

  20. Anonymous12:08 am

    Here are some whisperings : Consultants McKinsey & Co have been awarded a RM50.0 million contract (paid by Khazanah) to prepare the KPI's for the gomen. The project is only for 6 mnths. McKInsey will have access to all gomen secrets and also get paid $50m for 6 mths work. Looks like Nor Mohd Yakob is still up to no good.

  21. Anonymous1:25 am

    That Suhaimi is a con. He owes many like no body business. He hides and refuses to accept calls enquiring payments...a scaddy cat he surely is. I am sure he has wild ambitions of beong wealthier and more powerful. Please stop this liar...he is trying to win DPM and PM's heart, always dropping their names everywhere. Even sultans become his point of reference. How true? Only God knows.
    He hires marketing teams which are greater failures than others. He expects the staff to obey him without question.
    One thing I hate about him, is his arrogance and his name dropping bit other than the part about driving a lorry for three years towards making his talc sell?
    Please remind that UMNO ketua bahagian this, 'adat berniaga mesti berhutang,' is partly acceptable, because 'adat berhutang mesti bayar,' should not be forgotten.
    Wey, jangan jadikan staf kuli you sementara you beri insentif kepada orang-orang yang mengipas aje.
    May you face the heat from the AlMighty after this!!!


  22. Anonymous1:32 am

    Itulah kerja orang yang dah lama berpangkat dan rapat dengan orang-orang besar dan berkuasa.
    DPM kata ada KPI untuk ketua bahagian parti. Pastikan si Suhaimi ni disemak kelemahannya yang bertimbun-timbun tu.
    Dia patut dikeluarkan daripada jadi CEO, tak ada pengalaman ke memang berpengalaman, berhutang tak mau bayar, menyewa tak mahu langsai bayaran dan dibantu tapi tak berterima kasih.
    Kononnya, staf perlu berterima kasih sebab Suhaimi ni bayar gaji untuk mereka hidup selesa.
    Hoi, kalau nak berniaga kena ada duitlah, bukan curi daripada wang tajaan dan yang diamanahkan oleh 'partners in production.' Lepas tu angkuh pulak, tak terima usaha orang2 yang jujur. Tak takut mati agaknya, bohong-bohong selalu, nanti dimakan dek bohong keluarga mu tu!
    Sedarlah, bayarlah duit mereka yang belum diselesaikan. Tak ada orang buat kerja percuma. Nak kaya sangatkah? Kasihan bernama dan kakitangan bernamatv, tanggung malu dan rasa marah yang tidak berbalas.
    Suhaimi ingat semua orang sayangkan dia, nak cium pipi dia pagi-pagi.


  23. vergis mathew9:16 pm

    the MACC must investigate this matter. Annuar Zaini and the whole bernama Tv deal.
    If there is any irregularities them those who are guilty must be punished.

    then only corporate malaysia will be clean.

  24. Anonymous10:08 am

    Sesiapa yang takde kena mengena dengan BERNAMA tolong jangan masuk campur.

    Komen korang macam paham sangat selok belok pengurusan BERNAMA.

    Jangan lah ganggu tempat aku cari makan yang halal.

    I'm sure the management has the staff's welfare at heart when implementing measures to save the organisation.

  25. Anonymous2:28 pm

    Sapa saja berhak komen. BERNAMA beroperasi guna tax payers' money.

  26. Anonymous12:04 am

    Ya, saya setuju siapa saja berhak dan boleh membuat komen, beri pandangan dan luahkan pendapat.
    Kalau tidak, tak mungkin blog dilawatikan? Kenapa rasa tergugat, adakah awak pun terlibat? Pendapat saya kalau buat salah itu 'naturally human' maka ditegur juga sudah lumrah. Agak-agaknya kalau tak ada komen, perkara ini terselsai dengan sendirinya? Kalau berani bertindak maka beranilah disoal dan diminta justifikasi-justifikasi yang munasabah untuk tindakan yang diambil itu.


  27. Anonymous8:56 am


    Sangat malang kerja di BERNAMA.orang yang rajin bekerja, jujur selalunya akan terpinggir. Bos2 tak pernah ambi tahu kebajikan anak2 buah.

    Apa yang mereka tahu adalah side income, siapa yang kat BERNAMA tak pernah buat side income?Sapa yang taat setia dgn BERNAMA adalah org yg rugi, kerana BERNAMA tidak pedulikan anda semua.

    Apa yang berlaku adalah pengipas2 bodek, seleweng , rasuah dan mcm2 lagi.Inilah akibat mempunyai ketua2 penyamun sebagai pemimpin.

    2013 jangan lupa UNDI Pakatan Rakyat. BN bukan sandaran kita lagi kerana mereka tidak pedulikan kita lagi.

    Sorrylah Najib 1Mongolia, aku takkan undi kau selagi dalam pentadbiran kau masih ada bangsat2 seperti Annuar Zaini, Azman Ujang Viswakumar.


  28. Anonymous6:44 pm

    Betulkah Red Berry yang akan melabur dalam Malay Mail akan melabur dalam Bernamatv? Adakah Rocky akan jadi salah seorang penyumbang pengurusan di Bernama TV selain Malay Mail; seperti yang diwar-warkan sebelum ini?
    Well, I think Red Berry should be very daring to buy into Bernama TV which is probably 3 or 4 times more in debt compared to Malay Mail's RM7 - 8 million red zone. However, please do not punish the staff further, they can't do better than what is logically realistic, especially when the owners have no honours to honour their promises, debts and reponsibilities. What happened in the past was not the staff's wrong doing but that of the owner and management group that wants to pass the bulk to Red Berry...hopefully the Black Berries will soon ripen and sweeten everbody's life with their heavenly sweet fruits. And another thing, make sure the money invested gets to pay off existing debts, audit them and Red Berry, start afresh on new footing with a new CEO and marketing team without the K...ns, A...ns, and - among many others ya.
    Good luck!!!

    Used to be Bernama TV hardworker

  29. Anonymous7:00 am

    Annuar Zaini is arrogant, stupid, big head and bastard...