Saturday, August 01, 2009

Police arrest ISA demonstrators

Watch ISA Update on Video from the Ground by Shamsul Yunus
and Updates on Public Nuisance by Syed Akbar Ali

Pic of PAS' Unit Amal
by T. Jit K.

No pics from Jinggo. Jurugambar dan blogger jinggo diragut kameranya brnilai rm19 ribu oleh penunggang motosikal ketika kami sama sama sdg jlnkan tugas di jln kinabalu.
Teargas near the Press Club. BH 01/08: FRU terpaksa lepas gas pemedih mata ke arah 6,000 penyokong GMI yang enggan bersurai bagi bantah ISA di depan Bank Rakyat, 2.40 petang tadi.
Updates on blog tv. Shamsul Yunus has video of march, here.
Live from KL. Eyewitness Parpu, here.

Original posting
Miles away from the ISA marches, I wondered if Laila of Gerak Mansuh ISA, or GMI, was alright. She sms-ed back, from the back of a police truck! She'd been kept there with 7 others for the last two hours.

Meanwhile, Azam, the pro-ISA organiser, is still a free man. "Saya belum kena cekup," he text. They have called off the pro-ISA march but Azam and a group of friends from his Alliance of Malay Grads are walking as planned.

By 2pm, about 80 people - both anti-ISA and pro-ISA - had been picked up by the police, according to The Star. Laila told me she was picked up near the Pertama Complex, together with his 15-year old son, Shuhaib.

Laila's husband has been detained under ISA for over 6 years.


  1. Anonymous4:04 pm

    Parpu reporting?
    No bro, you got it wrong!
    He is just cursing!
    You never read-ah?

    Next time refer us to a more credible and neutral blogger who is actually reporting,


  2. Anonymous4:18 pm

    Wondering why the demonstrator bringing their childrens along for the demontrations. What happen during the chaos and people running upon the police firing tear gas. They should be more responsible and we must pass a bill that charge the parent in court next time.
    Wondering how stupid those demonstrators when they actually caused so much inconvinience to others.

    Hahaha where is the PAS 50,000 members hoooi

  3. Anonymous4:18 pm

    woi parpu gemuk takde repot pun cabut lari kot this fat ass or first time he tasted tear gas kah kah kah.

    anti gemuk

  4. Anonymous4:55 pm

    siap suami laila nii?
    apa salah dia
    tak perernah dengark pun

    orang tak tau

  5. where is Ibrahim " Katak " Ali and his silat dancers today ?



    Bro. Here's some pictures.

  7. Anonymous6:25 pm

    Hey Rocky,

    Why you syiok with people's wife? Why want to kacau Laila?

  8. Anonymous6:37 pm

    Way to go! Spray them cos they asked for it!

    It is time to get rid of the ISA because it has no more bite.

    The mob leaders are not afraid of the ISA any more, so get rid of it and replace it with LTTAK (Lock Them,Throw Away Keys). Do not release these confirmed trouble makers as leopards never change their spots.


  9. Ibrahim " Katak " ALI didnt come for the pro ISA protest because he was scared he will be arrested under the ISA !!! LOL

  10. SS JB6:44 pm

    apasal blog-blog kawan-kawan engkau dari Pakatan tak ada blow by blow account of the riot? biasanya dia orang yang beria-ia benda-benda macam ni. aku seharian check block kickdefella, zorro, harris ibrahim, patrik teoh dan lain-lain. senyap je. promo demo tu ada la, tapi reporting nya tak de pulak. dah kena cekup tak? tak pun dia orang susah nak post sebab gambar-bambarnya semua muka melayu pakai songkok haji. agaknya tak nampak multi-racial sebab tu malas nak posting. entah la, aku rasa next time pas nak protest dia orang kena la make sure lim kit siang dengan budak-budak dap ada kat depan sekali dengan dia orang. baru la best dan 1Malaysia.

  11. Bro,

    Anony 4:18
    It's kinda funny that smart alex[prolly Dumb Big A & O] like u can't even think why demonstrator bringing their children along for the cause that they're fighting for.
    [Itu la.. mkn belacan banyak sgt, that's why u never know]

    Dude.. go find Laila and her kid and ask for an explanation why should they be near this event.

    To Laila..
    Kak, I FEEL U kak.. hang on there..

    Mr Anony,
    Historic event like this needs no 50'000 member or non-member to participate.

    You know why?
    Even 100,000 supporters turn out also will be denied in MSM..

    Did u count them all as like historic BERSIH rally last time.
    What did MSM fly on in the main page?

    Anony 4:18, u never learn! like UBN.

  12. rocky,

    Diaorang ni bodoh mengira ker?
    Yg BN menang PRU lepas bukanker salah satu petanda orang sokong ISA. Yang diaorang nak berdemo ni aphal? Ada suara majoriti ker? Sekalipun datang 100,000 pun, diaorang ni ada ambik kira orang yg sokong ISA tapi taknak buat kecoh?

    Buat malu nama Malaysia kat satu dunia aje. Saya yang kerja jauh ni bila tengok aljazeera rasa terkilan. Paham-paham ajela bila reporter luar buat cerita.

    Malaysia adalah negara demokrasi. Kalau tak suka ISA, jangan la undi BN. Tapi bila BN menang jugak, terimala hakikat yang ramai orang sokong atau tak kisah ada ISA. Ini buat demo macamla majoriti sokong mereka. Tak malu betul.

  13. Anonymous7:42 pm

    why are they disturbing the peace... i hate both these group, menyusahkan je. my wife and daughter have gone out shopping for shoes and i am jittery at home knowing any bad thing can happen to them, and they hv no hp. fcuk gmi for proposing this. whu cant they just hand the memo direct? why cant they meet in stadiums etc? why dont the gomen arrest anwarm, lks, hadi and nik aziz for inciting riots? now, this reminds me why we still need isa... least of all, we should maintain isa becoz of these zealots.


  14. Anonymous7:47 pm

    surely the leaders shd be more responsible with their statements. how could they call for members to attend this rally knowing well the simple minded folks will get their children to attend to. the univ students, thise not even clear about politics, will be joing too and may risk getting booted out from the univ. hoi leaders hv some cow sense when you give statements..


  15. Anonymous7:53 pm

    At least now a greater cross section of society will have experienced the teary and caustic effects of the tear gas.
    One Malaysian

  16. Anonymous8:12 pm

    Once again, the PR (Pembangkang Rakyat) GOONS are bent to create chaos in the City.
    They do not care about the Rakyat whose businessess which would be affected.
    Causing traffic jams for the Rakyat who want to shop on a Saturday.
    They want to protray that K.L., Malaysia is in chaos and not safe for Foreign tourists and in the eyes of the World.
    To the PR Goons, if your really want to gather, PLEASE go to the Shah Alam Stadium for all I care. But PLEASE do not disturb the PEACE in K.L.

  17. Anonymous8:26 pm

    wish i was the water cannon operators

    imagine giving them an enlightened bath that they needed

    to wash away years of thick layers of lies stuck on their skin

    kudos to the policemen on duty and thanks to them, it turned out to be a wet gathering on a saturday

  18. Anonymous8:28 pm


    Mana dia geng DAP laaa?

    Mana dia bukan melayu pakatan rakyat?

    Orang melayu FAKATAN RAKYAT memang suka membinasakan diri sendiri tanpa memikirkan bangsa sendiri.

    Mana dia bangsa lain?

    Kita melayu jadi buah catur bangsa lain.

    Tahniah la orang PAS semua.

    Korang memang pakar pencetus huru-hara.

    Lain kali kalau tak nak ISA pastikan masa pilihanraya menang majoriti dan tubuh kerajaan korang sendiri dan perintah la ikut selera abstrak orang.

    Aku benci orang yang suka cetus huru-hara.

    Bangsa Melayu ni memang bangsa yang bodoh.

    Riuh sekampung tapi kampung sendiri tergadai.

    Sial punya melayu.

  19. Anonymous8:29 pm

    Itulah padahnya buat kerja bodoh. Tak habis-habis menyusahkan orang ramai, konon diaoreng lah yang terrer, dia orang lah yang pandai untuk bela rakyat. Lancauuuu. Padan muka, ikut sangat si Bro Anwar Bin Ibrahim tu. Betul tu... mana si Zoro, Haris dan lain-lain. Itulah macai-macai bodoh. Seorang tu dah tua chegu pencen dan seorang lagi lawyer yang tak laku dan gunakan blog untuk pancing duit orang kononnya dia lah yang terrer. Bodoh punya olang. Balik gi sekolah lagi la. Che gu pencen tu pun satu, bodoh. Macam lah diaterrer sangat. Setakat tulis yang bukan ada. Dengar orang cakap dia pun tulis. woi Zorro.. lu sedar la siket l;u tinggal di mana. Tanah siapa. Bodoh! Moron.

    Kari lembu

  20. Anonymous8:33 pm

    It's all about perception

    selected portions of videos, choice photos will be used to portray the message that Malaysians are unhappy with their elected government

    especially the Malay Muslims

    the more demos, the better so that investors run to another little nation

  21. Anonymous8:43 pm


    The Rakyat that supported the ISA do not have to take to the streets to create chaos. The Rakyat do it through the GE.
    So, please accept it. That's why the Rakyat chose the BN.

    Another Rakyat.

  22. Bro, one more picture.

  23. Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is just provoking the authorities to arrest him, exactly as he did more than 10 years ago.
    If he is arrested, then he'll become the hero for thousands of stupid Malaysians who still trust that LIAR.
    Sometimes I wonder why there is no limit to the stupidity of some.
    Anwar Ibrahim tu penipu besaq la!

    Mana Sept 16?
    Mana ARSEnic poisoning?
    Mana 7 kotak bukti yang mampu menjatuhkan kerajaan BN?
    Mana Ahli Parlimen BN yang nak lompat parti?

    Anwar Ibrahim penipu kan?

  24. Anonymous10:01 pm

    curse on u pro isa people

    saya tidak akan mengundi bn lagi selepas ini.saya berjanji

  25. Anonymous10:04 pm

    Seeing is believing.

    I hope the government will NEVER EVER abolish ISA. Just imagine if it is abolished, all kinds of characters will come out and sow their wrath eg. those from the underworld and shadyworld, the misfits, the terrorists, the bomb makers and so on and so forth. Also, what I can see is that there were more Pak Kopiahs and Mak Tudungs 'on stage'. I assume they are from PAS. Watching and observing them make me wonder about a few things. For example, how come these 'orang kampungs' were being used again? These 'orang kampungs' never 'utilise' their brain or what? Where were the other Pakatan people? Where were the M'sian Chindians from Pakatan? Where were Anuar, LKS, LGE, Karpal and co.?

    I just have one thing to say. Kesian these 'orang kampungs', they were being manipulated yet again, but did they realise it?

    Why do they want to be known as Pak Pacaks and Mak Pacaks for other peoples' agenda? It seems that they are quite proud to be just that. Entah lah, I really don't understand their way of thinking.

    Nevertheless, we can see now that without ISA, M'sia would be a chaotic country, full of misfits creating trouble. The result would be really unhealthy for the country and its people. Why can't we have a stringent and draconian law like the one in Singapore? In SIN, even one person loitering 'suspiciously' is considered a 'mob', the police will tell that person to buzz off pronto ....Hmm, I like that..Sorry mobsters, I prefer to have peace and tranquility than the mayhem that you all created.....Salam.

  26. Anonymous10:04 pm

    Nothing wrong having ISA. Those who against ISA is politically motivated. If PR runs a government, PR need to maintain ISA to prevent the country from destruction. Demo is just politic ploy to get away attention that PR is facing corruption, Sodomy II, murderer, day light roberry and underworld. Lebih zalim untuk mengelak kes bontot

    Nuar Bontot

  27. Anonymous10:20 pm


    When the Majority Become The Victims of the Minority!!!

    Another Rakyat

  28. Anonymous10:20 pm

    If ur family members,your husband and wife in ISA, you felt the pain.

    I wonder if PR take over the fed gomen in PRU 13 , will all the pro-isa bn guy will u-turn to anti-isa ..

    People will not go to the street to demo if the gomen will listen to the people ... go and ask around 7-8 out of 10 will said , abolish ISA ..

    how can you throw someone into the kamunting without any trial for 2 years or even to 7 years ..

    think again , if ur father or mother being arrested under ISA and kept in kamunting for 2 years and without any trial .. how will you feel..


  29. Anonymous10:31 pm

    Stupid melayu..being used by DAP..mana muka cina2 tu..dok depan TV dok gelak2 bila stupid PAS/PKR melayu pell mell kena tear gas..bodoh.


  30. Anonymous10:32 pm

    These ppl shud go 2 Sinkapoh n ask 4 ISA 2 b abolish. Wud b nice 2 c democratic Sinkapoh police response.

  31. I Urge All Malaysians Who are Disgusted At The Reactions Of The Police(and Gov) To SEND YOUR COMPLAINS,REQUESTS,NEWS to ALL MAJOR NEWS NETWORKS (CNN,BBC,Al-JAZEERA,ABC and so on).

    dear blog owner, i request that you forward my words to your blog readers as well,

    i have sent in to CNN via their ireport .

  32. Anonymous10:50 pm

    ISA boleh digunakan untuk menghapuskan komunis, jug boleh membanteras gangsterism seperti Ronnie Liu. Jadi apahal pulak nak dimansuhkan?

    BODOH NYA MELAYU PAS, di"babi"kan oleh B.A.B.I, LKS

  33. "Meanwhile, Azam, the pro-ISA organiser, is still a free man. "Saya belum kena cekup," he text."

    saw a slightly pauchy guy in glasses with a mustache and goatee at central market. he was wearing white t-shirt with the pro-isa logo trying to hawk his memorandum to the press. he meekly moved away like a sheep when the cops told him to bug off.

  34. Anonymous10:54 pm

    ISA boleh digunakan untuk menhapuskas komunis, juga boleh membanteras gangsterism seperti Ronnie Liu. Apa masaalahnya?

    Cuba tanya yang berkopiah dan berjanggut seperti dalam foto tu, adakah bila tiada ISA dia boleh jadi kaya? boleh jadi mewah & senang? boleh hidup aman?

    Jawapan nya pasti "tidak".

    BODOHNYA MELAYU PAS di"babi"kan oleh B.A.B.I. dan LKS...

    Apam Balik

  35. Anonymous11:17 pm

    this is the same regime our bro rocky is spinning for. well done!


  36. Anonymous11:20 pm


    why do u hv to pick today to buy ur pair of shoes? cant u do t tomorrow? Of cos not, ur husband is not under ISA arrest. So why should u care? U just worried u cant get ur pair of shoes. With ppl like is is why regime like BN triumph. Go fly kite la u! Thank you GMI for making it a hassle for rosalynn to buy her Jimmy Choo shoes. YAhooooo!


  37. Anonymous11:24 pm

    Yang sedihnya,... muka mat-mat Melayu je yang timbul, kaum lain tak peduli pun!!!! Cakap je perpaduan ke benda tahi kucing macam tu memang tak dipedulipun. Kecewa dengan bukan Melayu yang tunggu bertepuk tangan di belakang je.

    Apa pun... sapa yang pegi demo tu memang bodoh lancau.... memalukan mak bapak!!! dan datuk nenek. Siapa nak bela penjual air, penjual keropok dan penjual kain yang barang mereka rosak pada hari itu?!!!! Pendemo yang hina, tukang ambil sampah lagi mulia, sekurang-kurangnya tukang ambil sampah memberi kebaikan pada masyarakat! Pendemo apa kebaikan?!!!

    Dan satu lagi, tak payah nak bersuara untuk rakyat (yang aku termasuk salah seorang darinya), aku dah mengundi dulu dan itu suara aku dan aku pandai fikir sendiri mana aku nak pilih!!!


  38. wandererAUS11:25 pm

    Congratulations once again, to our blue uniform baboons and 'red guards'. They have once again shown their undying loyalty to a bunch of corrupted evil men...The Ketuanan UMNO Melayu bastards!!
    These brainless marbles suckers never fail to entertain me with their despicable a#se wiping acts......

  39. Anonymous11:41 pm

    It was evident that today, one race was flagellating itself and its kind in public, much to the delight of the other 2 races in the peninsular as this eyewitness will vouchsafe.

    Maybe, you should read this:

    maybe what he said is not palatable but then again there is a whole lot of truth in it!

  40. Anonymous11:59 pm

    Rocky bru

    hari ini demonstrasi dibuat oleh penyokong-penyokong pembangkang. Kerajaan UBN pula telah menghantar FRU dan Polis untuk menghadapi mereka. sama-sama kita ingat hari ini.

    Now dalam sejarah manusia, tiada satu pun kuasa akan kekal selama-lamanya. Selepas PRU12 kita lihat kekebalan UBN sudah terancam. UBN walaupun masih berjaya memerintah malaysia, kemungkinan UBN akan tewas dalan PRU bukan lagi sesuatu yang mustahil dimasa hadapan.

    Apabila kerajaan pusat berubah, situasi hari ini mungkin akan berubah pula dimana penyokong-penyokong UBN pula akan mengantikan penyokong Pakatan rakyat dibelasah, ditangkap polis dan disimbah dengan water canon.

    Jadi janganlah beranggapan apa yang berlaku hari ini tidak akan berlaku kepada penyokong UBN. Bila tiba hari itu nanti, jangan dok komplain banyak-banyaklah. terima sahaja habuan anda.

    Ibrahim ali tak datang ke hari ini?Hehehehe, itulah perangai ibrahim ali - cakap berdegar-degar tapi bila time kena buat, selalu hilang.


  41. Anonymous12:36 am

    These protestors are so irresponsible they are using children and women as shields. My goodness how low can they be!

    Curse this GMI. Curse Al Jazeera. Like to portray that Malaysia is so bad. GFYS!

  42. Anonymous12:37 am

    Tgk apa Anwar Ibrahim buat kat negara ni.Habis hancur.Kita mesti kukuhkan pentadbiran BN dan saman semua pengikut rally haram ini.

  43. Anonymous12:40 am

    kalu Polis biaqkan mereka bagi memorandum to whom it may concern, I believed the whole senario will last for half an hour,,,!!!!

    Ta'payah nak sekat jalan,,arrest unnessary people and blaming parents bawa their children to demonstrate,,!!!

    Be profesional sikit lah PAK POLIS,!!!

    Kalu di lihat from most of the video keseluruhan yang di TANGKAP are orang awam yg anti ISA,,walhal ramai yang PRO ISA,,,TIDAK DI TANGKAP,,,!!!

    Ngapa,,, ANGING-ANJING bangsat ni BODO sangat,,,!!!


  44. Anonymous1:03 am

    Saya hanya dpt mendoakan org2 yg pro isa ini akan merasa sendiri betapa nikmatnya isa satu hari nanti.ingatlah allah selalu. hidup ini umpama roda hari ini anda menyokong esok anda menentang pulak.janganlah fikir semua rakyat m'sia akan menyokong sistem pemerintah yg zalim.isa di zaman ini lebih kpd IKUT SUKA AKU.saya tidak mahu bersubahat dgn pemerintah yg zalim.
    Majoriti yg ditahan bertahun2 itu adalah org melayu islam.takde muka cina atau india pun.Umno cuma berani dgn org melayu je(menjahanamkan bangsa sendiri.

    sekadar di pinggiran.

  45. What the hell is PAS Unit Amal doing in the demonstration? Beramal apa macam tu? It is the existence of such groups that ISA is still very much valid and required today.

    As for Anwar, he was interviewed on indonesian radio (Al-Shinta) earlier this evening and he was going on about how he took the stand to abolish ISA as HUNDREDS of men had died while detained under ISA.

    How can we let this insane man go on telling the world totally false statements like this? I suppose there is nothing much we can do, but Anwar remember this;

    [Surah 58:6] The day will come when GOD will resurrect them all, then inform them of everything they had done. GOD has recorded everything, while they have forgotten it. GOD witnesses all things.

    Rakyat has to bear in mind, that there are plenty of Nordin Md Top and subverts bent on creating disunity for their personal ambitions, and without the ISA, only God knows what damage can happen to this country of ours.

  46. Anonymous1:09 am

    sapa yg dah janji tak nak undi bn tu then takyah laa undi. ade berjuta lagi org lain yg nak undi. aku nak undi bn.

    bodoh laa organizer. tiap kali demo, nak buat kat jln TAR. kesian laa, kat situ ramai peniaga kecil melayu dan islam. ada antara diorang yg bayar zakat. lagi untung berniaga, lagi byk boleh bayar zakat. tak baik korang pi tutup rezeki org yg bayar zakat.

    nuar brahim, lain kali nak buat demo buat kat petaling street or bukit bintang. kat situ byk rumah urut dan org main pompuan. apa la sgt setakat diorang kena tutup kedai sehari. ke hang takut mafia cina or kit siang? diorang pegang teloq hang ka?

    nuar brahim, sekali lagi aku ingat kan hang, next time buat demo pi buat kat bukit bintang.


  47. Anonymous1:16 am

    The gathering of the Rakyat was peaceful. They were just there wanting to deliver a memo to the King.

    Then, came the blurddy FRU and PRDRM animals and the shooting of tear gas caused the Rakyat to run helter skelter.

    Jadi, siapa buat kacau ni? Binating-binating tu yang kacau manusia.

    Kenapa mesti guna kekasaran terhadap Rakyat ramai? Pukul Rakyat, Tarik & Tolak Rakyat......Binatang-binatang tu begitu Kejam.

    Sekarang, gembiralah Rocky Bru ni, UM, Najis, IGP, Kerismuddin, Moihiddin and anjing di Putrajaya

  48. Anonymous2:37 am

    Next demo. use stun gun...

    Lepas tu spray dengan air perahan cili padi.. biak terloncat2 dua tiga hari kepedasan kat rumah.

    Lain kali, akan pikiaq 1000 kali kalo nak berdemo..

    Public nuisance..


  49. Anonymous2:52 am

    Hello! bro Rock,

    When a group of people protested against the PR-lead-gov over certain issue, the FRU were call in to disperse the crowds. Subsequent to that the police dept was praised for their efforts.

    But, when PR are zealously protesting against ISA and when they were politely instructed to disperse, they turn a deaf ear to such requests but instead mumbles as to why they were not allowed to proceed. What is this? Why the double standard!!!

    Anyway, welcome all the hypocrites to the hypocritical land named PR!!!

  50. Anonymous3:45 am


    What happened to DAP? Why their face was not prominence among the crowd? No balls? Or did they knew already that Pas would still be there even if they couldn't make it?

    I think I know exactly why. Yes, nowadays they are a bit shy to allow their sweet-and-sour face to be shown in any of the You-tube clips. What you say, bro?

    tom yam

  51. madud3:48 am

    All thos who kena cekup wants to be picked as candidate for next elections!!!!huwarggghh hahahahahahahaha only read a bit and came out with that response.. what a laff!!! I wonder who sponsors these idiots. er, thats what my son. 20 years old he is.. said.

  52. its madud again3:49 am

    Anonymous said...
    Hey Rocky,

    Why you syiok with people's wife? Why want to kacau Laila?

    6:25 PM

    hey,! why don't you try the deep end? duh.....

  53. Anonymous4:45 am

    Rocky Bru, how come almost 99% of the links you provide are from Pro UMNO/BN sites?

    Even in this post, so many people bloging it live but you pick the guys who aren't actually there in the midst of things



  54. Tupai-Tupai8:29 am

    bohong lah.. mana ada orang sebanyak tu.. utusan malaysia yang sentiasa melapor yang benar pon report 5 ribu orang je yang hadir... itupon campur sekali dengan jumlah FRU+Polis+SB.
    So jangan percayalah..


  55. rasputin8:33 am

    memang menyusahkan orang sajalah mansuhkan ISA nie..

    Anak isteri i nak beli kasut branded kat Sogo pon tak boleh.

    Buat apa i nak kesah. Bukan ada sedara mara atau adik beradik I yang kena tahan ISA pon.

    Kalau kena batang hidung i mungkin ada la i join sekali.


  56. anti_rpk!8:35 am

    Opposition memang suka susah kan hidup orang.

    kenapa tak boleh hantar SEORANG wakil sahaja?

    kenapa tak pastikan yang Tuanku Agung berada dalam negara ke tidak?

    Mereka pilih huru hara daripada keamanan!!

    Semua tiada otak!!!!! suka pentingkan diri.

    memang lah boleh nak suarakan pendapat tapi menggunakan cara yang betul.

  57. Blitz8:55 am

    Anonymous 10:01 PM....well do your part in GE 13....but don't do it on the street cos' BN still got the majority...and I'm sure BN will still win next GE cos' the PR leaders are all MORON and lead by a MORON...they talk about changes BUT they themselves still don't change...where else they are still at the lowest rung of a ladder...sori bro I will still support choice!!!!

  58. Dr. Rico Gucci Pierre Cardin8:56 am

    Blog Tukar Tiub (, blog yang menceritakan isu semasa sosio-politik tanpa ditapis, dengan terus terang, kini mencecah lebih 3.5 juta pelawat!


    Kalau nak baca pasal isu perhimpunan ISA ni dengan lebih tepat, siapa yang kena tangkap, pasal interview dengan makcik bertudung dan anak-anak mereka yang kena bom pemedih mata, pegi baca di Tukar Tiub!

    Blog pro-BN macam Rocky ni tak tepat sangat!

  59. Anonymous9:16 am

    Anonymous said...

    curse on u pro isa people

    saya tidak akan mengundi bn lagi selepas ini.saya berjanji

    10:01 PM
    curse on u anti isa people

    saya pun tidak akan mengundi pr (parti rusuhan) lagi selepas ini.saya bersumpah.

  60. Kalau benar nak memperjuangkan tahanan-tahanan ISA ataupun undang-undang ISA tu, at least this is not the way to burden the nation and its people. Orang lain yang tak kena mengena seperti aku yang puluhan ribu yang lain, contohnya peniaga-peniaga pasar malam kg baru dan peniaga-peniaga yang lain tuh kena tanggung akibatnya. Siapa nak memperjuangkan kerugian mereka? Adakah GMI atau pun pro-ISA nak tanggung itu semua? Macam mana pulak dengan masa yang terbuang, duit minyak yang hangus dan jiwa yang tertekan di sebabkan tersepit dalam traffic jam dan bukan itu sahaja jiwa tertekan sebab kena marah dengan bini disebabkan lambat ambil bini dari tempat kerja semata-mata di sebabkan demonstrasi jalanan yang tak mendatangkan apa-apa faedah langsung kepada orang-orang seperti aku dan juga orang lain yang senasib dengan aku.

    Lagi sekali, soalan aku pada yang terlibat tak kisahlah GMI atau proISA, politik BN atau PR, sila jawab! Siapa yang nak tanggung rugi di sebabkan demonstrasi politik jalanan semalam, rugi terhadap orang-orang seperti aku dan juga puluhan ribu yang lain khususnya peniaga-peniaga di kawasan-kawasan yang terlibat, pengguna-pengguna pengangkutan awam dan persendirian di jalan-jalan raya yang terlibat semalam, orang-orang awam yang tidak kena mengena di kawasan-kawasan yang terlibat semalam?

    Aku boleh agak yang masing-masing akan menuding jari di antara satu sama lain.

  61. Anonymous9:58 am

    Aku tabik kat Lim Kit Siang...
    LKS I salute you man.

    Kau telah berjaya memperkudakan bangsa aku Melayu, dari PKR dan PAS yang tersangat bodoh itu untuk berjuang demi politik DAP yang jahat.

    Melayu PKR dan PAS menggadaikan negara Malaysia kepada bangsa Cina. Mereka cuma akan sedar setelah Cina DAP memerintah negara nanti. Ketika itu sudah terlambat.

    Anak dan cucu korang yang akan merana di bawah perintah Cina DAP.

    Masa itu Melayu PAS akan hanya dapat berdoa kepada Allah, tetapi sia-sia sahaja kerana nasi telah menjadi bubur.

  62. Anonymous10:04 am

    saya tidak akan mengundi bn lagi dalam pr akan datang.
    apa salah benarkan perhimpunan aman di adakan,jangan anggap orang ramai ni bodoh.kalau itu pun tak boleh,maka saya dengan ini akan tidak lagi mengundi bn lagi.

    itu sahaja saya nak cakap,jangan lah nak berpusing2 cakap,mudahkan bahasa,buka minda.

    pengundi atas pagar

  63. Anonymous10:24 am

    Who got stuck trying to get a good bargain at PC Fair on Saturday? Yes as simple as that. People want to go on with life and a group of retards went and mogok. Police say both sides cannot demo, one side relented, sent a small party that got memo sent to the palace. The other retard team, despite being warned not to demo, and despite knowing the other side has decided to cancel, went ahead anyway because they want to plaster pictures of FRU breaking their illegal assembly on the internet and claim police brutality.

    Wouldn't it be easier to do this;

    1) Call up pro-ISA group. Tell them to do a joint event.
    2) Sent a small team to Istana. Meet up with the pro-ISA team then talk to the police.
    3) Ask the press to wait at Istana, then together with police and pro-ISA issue a joint statement indicating their desire to do things peacefully.
    4) So both sides take pictures together, shake hands, hug each other, laugh and smile while the police standby.
    5) Since both sides being nice, allows the police to 'save face' and so allowed to send their respective memos to Istana.
    5) Case closed. All done in 30 minutes tops. Everyone walks away having completed their objectives.

    Instead go mogok and screw a fine Saturday. No rain, little haze, PC Fair, WTF!

  64. Bhai Rocky's Bru...

    Berapa RM lu sudah jual lu punya "soul" kepada setan... bagi tau la bhai.... gua nak gak tau....

    jangan la lu malu nak kasi tau...


  65. Maklumat 95% street demo oleh orang Melayu...bodohnya bangsaku.(sedih)..Yang cerdik dan yang bijak dan yang ada akal fikiran tengok dari jauh aje...Insaflah bangsaku..realitinya anda dikedudukan mana sekarang..m

  66. Anonymous10:55 am

    i'm all for freedom of expression. but i also believe that the expression should not menyusahkan other people. instead of taking to the streets, they should just do it in a controlled environment where they can express themselves or curse anyone as much and as loud as they want without troubling others who have no interest in it. organise it at stadium shah alam or stadium batu kawan or stadium kota baharu or stadium pj (since the organisers were backed by these opposition political parties). they all know very well that the police won't allow them to send the memorandum to the palace and it's never worked before. just poslaju it and have it pasted on the internet for the whole world to read (like what hindraf did when they sent to the queen of england). i'm very sure that the king is not buta IT.

    a bit of irony. many people seem to have praises for singapore because it is always in order and disciplined. why? partly because of its own ISA. and if i were to believe these demonstrators, the singaporeans must have loved ISA very much coz they never demonstrated against it.

    yes....don't like the govt, just cast the vote in the next election. stop troubling people by taking the streets la.

  67. Anonymous10:56 am

    y do u afraid w/ the ISA if u dun do anything wrong?

    PAS & FACKatan rakyat r stupid fool .. period!

    not gonna vote for this monkey in the next election. that for sure.


  68. Anonymous11:09 am


    I have no symphaty those men in beard a.k.a DAP's running dogs. Let them rot in hell.

    Din Pungkok
    Tanah Liat

  69. Dear People Who Love to Demonstrate,

    Next Time: -

    1. Do it in Bukit Bintang
    2. Make sure your Chinese and Indian friends are with you.
    3. Get your leaders to LEAD in FRONT of you.
    4.Ensure that men is in front, womenat the back followed by children.

    Have a happy next demonstration.

  70. Anonymous12:19 pm

    Dear Professional Demonstrators,

    Can we have a demonstration againts lawyers fees?

    Personally ISA have not affected me, my father, my grandfather or any of my uncles or cousins.
    And I have no friends who ever had problems with ISA.
    Now that is a lot of people.

    But unjustified lawyers fee during purchase of houses, almost all are affected.

    I do not have RM50 or 100 to give to you demonstrators,but I hope you can do it "Pro Bono"?


  71. LousyPR12:20 pm

    Rocky...I think most of the RAKYAT will show this PR leaders the way out in this coming GE...and I'm very sure...

  72. Anonymous12:31 pm

    close on scene by my friend....


  73. Anonymous12:34 pm

    Now the pondan is screaming persecution, draconian blah,blah, blah like a spayed haggard bitch yodeling her post menopause drought to the whole wide world!

    You know of the axiom, "berani buat berani tanggung" for sure, then, why cry like a namby pamby piece of shit a trannie

    when you knew way beforehand, there was no permit for the riot. It was legally illegal yet you went ahead like some puffed up arrogant pighead and now talk like a shitty chingkie trying to weasel his way out of the snakepit.

    You are a bastard(slang) scum of an old geezer who has lost his marbles, arsehole of a pigarse. Who do you think you are, lim kit siang, a grankie above the law, a cheapskate chingkie mafiosi who is protected from prosecution while your minions take the hit, a bastard gangsta invincible to the long arm of the law?

    Damn you, bastard Lim kit Siang, just like the other bastards (slang), anwar and hadi and the rest of their coterie scum, running helter skelter like trannies leaving the Malay crowd caught in the pell-mell after fomenting the whole thing with your shit talk. Now hide under the roundtable and start hurling accusations like a tincan hero would.YOU ARE STIRRING UR STUPID PR FANZOIDS FOR THE INEVITABLE AINT YOU ARSE UNWASHED FUCKHEAD? You think the rest of us enlightened, thinking ones are so stupid to miss your sleight of hand, the same cheaptrick you and your goons doled out to the MACC.

    You talk about the Constitution and all for Perak but when the law is applied you run like a scared pondan of a scrawny, mangy roadside shebitch of a mongrel. Where were ur acolytes and minions? Digging their arses with their long fingernails and munching the excavated shit in their opium joints. They were out in droves, banners and all ala-1969 for a dead man about 2 weeks ago but can go missing when demonstrating against something purportedly for the living..hahahahaha...LOL.

    Bastard, stew in your own shit and take the punishment meted like a MAN, not a trannie squirming and quivering in fear. A stint in the slammer would do you a world of good after the dog-food grub, some stone breaking work, the toon uniform and a bed of planks + 10 swishes of the rattan to warm ur arse for good measure (if such is provided for in them statute books).And who better to share that humbling experience than with your anwar and hadi puppies languishing either side of your cell but sans the liberty to give you their "customary" arselick and cocksmooch. They are not even worth writing about, cretin!!.

    P/S: I call on the PDRM and AG to ensure that all those arrested, be charged and face the full brunt of the law including caning if the law provides for it. Throw them in the slammer and no more "mercy". Any civil servants caught will automatically lose all if they are reduced to gibbering jailbirds. As for the mahasiswa/siswis caught in the bedlam, expel them from their unis., no more molly-coddling and feet dragging MOHE, throw the book at them. For, God's sake ACT NOW before this careens outta control and we have to have them jackboots outta the army camps and on the streets. Enuff is Enough!!!

    Warrior 231

  74. Alaaah... tengok aksi Mat Mat Ngook kat sini...

    Bila beribu-ribu berhimpun memprotes kematian Beng Hok... mereka kata peratusan konon tak mewakili etnik terbesar di M'sia.

    Bila beribu-ribu berhimpun untuk memprotes ISA kejam... kali ini mereka kata konon Melayu diperguna bukan-Melayu.

    W'pun terdapat ramai non-Melayu dalam himpunan... Sivarasa pun kena tangkap, kawan saya pun kena gas.

    Tapi bila berpuluh (hahaha!) datang menyokong ISA & MACC... ah... ni takperlu cakap lagi! :D

    Memang ngook penyembah BN ini...

  75. Anonymous1:25 pm

    Elok lah tu...

    Kongsi kongsi gelap, gangsters semua duk kat rumah duk mabuk kau kau depan TV, bertepuk2 tangan keriangan.

    Bila puak MELAYU PAS dan PKR dah berjaya dalam memansuhkan ISA, DEPA ni semua boleh memperhebatkan kegiatan mereka;

    1. Seludup masuk gang komunis
    2. Seludup masuk warga Negara Asing berlambak2, berleluasa cetaj passport/IC palsu dan secara automatic jadikan mereka Warga Negara
    3. Human trafficking akan mereka perhebatkan, jual anak2 PAS jadi pelacur kat Negara barat
    4. Seludup masuk senjata termasuk bahan nuclear,
    5. Buka lagi banyak kilang dadah, kasi semua anak2 MELAYU PAS DAN PKR jadi penagih dan pelacur

    Hoi... kalo hampa takder niat jahat untuk memusnahkan Negara ini, apahal takut sangat dengan ISA?



  76. Anonymous1:29 pm

    Aku setuju kalau lain kali buat demo kat bukit bintang ... orang cina kena sacrifice ler sikit ... orang melayu yang bodoh dah buat kerja utk korang orang cina tutup perniagaan utk 2 hari ker ... baru adil. Ni orang melayu bodoh yang buat demo orang melayu lain yang tak boleh cari makan ... mana boleh macam ni brother ... tak adil ler

  77. Anonymous1:34 pm

    bro rocky,
    80% daripada mamat mamat bangang yg buat kacau semalam datang dari luar KL. Sekali sekali dibayar untuk tengok SOGO & CM apa salah nyer.. Dari R & R Gambang dah member dah selak nak buat kacau. Berduyun duyun keluar Bas dengan kerek semacam jer. Dari Gaye masing masing semuanyer rakyat kelas ketiga jer.. Bangang nak mampus... kecik kecik tak nak mati dah dah besar masih bangang & menyusahkan orang.. Kalau tanya dia orang pasal ISA pun aku ingat dia orangt tak tahu.


  78. Salam bro,
    Ada tak dapat salinan memorandum yg dikecoh2kan nak hantar sendiri tapi kena bawak 50000 orang penuhkan jalanraya dan menyusahkan orang lain yg bekerja isnin sampai jumaat dan ingin menikmati jualan murah di hari sabtu supaya boleh berehat pada hari ahad untuk berkerah keringat pada esok harinya tu? yelah, Sogo dan Jalan TAR tu utk orang2 Melayu yg tak kaya melimpah. nak shopping kat Pavilion x mampu laa pulak kan..

    disamping itu, kalo tak silap saya dengar, 10 orang jer dalam tahanan ISA sekarang ni.. 5 tempatan 5 orang asing... apakah sebab di tahan 10 org ni? boleh dikupaskan ke? sis laila tu. laki dia ditahan atas prejudice ape?

    dah jadi MP dan ADUN? x boleh bawa ke parlimen ke benda ni?

    bijak atau pengecut? membatalkan perhimpunan atas dasar bimbang keselamatan dan kebajikan penyokong2? dengan berbincang bersama pihak berkuasa supaya membenarkan menghantar memorandum melalui wakil dan petisyen yg dikumpul dari yg hadir.

    syahid ke kalau tetiba dijemput ke rahmatullah ketika itu kalau 40 orang islam yg taat, terasa kecewa kerana terperangkap dalam kesesakan yg disebabkan mereka? mati katak kot? kecuali tahanan ISA tu sebenarnya di tahan kerana cuba menegakkan syiar Islam utk menghalang isu murtad dan cubaan boikot barangan israel. wallahua'lam.

    saya cadangkan demostrasi lepas ni buat kat Jalan Imbi laa pulak... dekat sikit kalau nak pegi Istana negara,
    Jalan Imbi, masuk Jalan Bukit Bintang, Jalan Hang Tuah, Dewan Bahasa, Jalan Istana.

    satu lagi mudah nak susun ramai2 masuk Pudu Jail. Riot lah korang ramai2 dalam tuh. tak kacau hidup orang...

  79. Anonymous1:57 pm

    My advice for the demonstartors...

    1) make sure it use 1Malaysia concepts(Make sure!!!!!..chinese DAP also there!BODOH!!..and Indian HINDRAF also there 2xBODOH!!)

    2)Do it in Selangor....3X BODOH!! if Fuckatan Rakyat allows it in the name of it at the front of Bangunan SUK Selangor or KOMTAR PP..or Kota Bharu ,stupid!! bring 1 million people also we don't care!!

    3)And try ask Anwar Ibrahim , Lim Kit Siang, Ronnie and who ever HINDRAF leader, try do it anywhere in Johor.....then we Johorean will send and smashed you expressly to HELL!!



  80. Anonymous2:10 pm

    To Zazaland who said "Where were the other Pakatan people? Where were the M'sian Chindians from Pakatan?" and other commenters who implied that there were no other races at the gathering, please note that you are WRONG. The Chinese and Indians were there. Just read around blogosphere and you will know who went. Although there numbers could have been better there was representation. I hate the way you people always turn every issue into a racial thing. It just shows your racist mentality - concentrate on the issue lah, don't go all racist. Additionally, it is obvious that you have ignored the news reports that DSAI, LKS etc were there. Sivarasa of DAP was also arrested. So, what are you people talking about?

    By the way, before you start insulting me too just be advised I am not an Indian or a Chinese, just another Bumiputra like you.

    Zaza, if your husband was taken away 8 years ago under the ISA and never ever charged in court but just left to languish in Kamunting, I wonder whether you would sing the praises of the ISA as you are doing now.

    Simply disgusted

  81. Anonymous2:35 pm

    And one more thing i forgot to add to that earlier post,old toothless canine fuckhead of a LKS.

    Where was your exhortation to ur chingkie crowd to come out and have a taste of tear gas and chemy-laced water, bastard shitfaced pigdog?

    You rubbed your palms in glee as the old arseheaded turban, Hadi rallied his monkeys to come out knowing full well that them chingkie and hindulen scum have got better sense than to come out and inhale all that gas + the haze while being drenched their clothes through!

    Fucker, you and anwar cannot rally ur troops so you get the Malays to do the job for you and at the first opportune moment, chomp their arse if they, hadi and the other turban lollies, talk about unity or the syariah. What a pathetic pair of pariah mongrels you are.

    But serve the chingkie running dog, hadi right for acceding to ur demands and getting bushwhacked for his troubles. Once a brainless mut always a brainless mutt.

    P/S: Next time, get ur scum to march down Bukit Bintang, Raja Chulan,Petaling Street and Jalan Ampang..then we will see ur true colours...shithead scumbags!

    Warrior 231

  82. Fauzi2:37 pm

    Polis ==>>> Majority Melayu...
    Demonstrators ====>>> Majority PAS members... Melayu juga
    Peniaga ==>>> Mostly Melayu juga


    Apa ANWAR sudah buat pada MELAYU ni ????

    Why dont next dempo try to start from Petaling Street ???or from Bukit Bintang ke ...?

    Janganlah asyik nak menJAHANAMKAN MELAYU JE Anwar...

    I hate your GUTS !!

  83. Anonymous2:49 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    It is time to lot go the ISA and do what Latin American states did , make criminals and anarchists dissapear without graves.

    Prof Awe Kecik

  84. Anonymous3:11 pm

    Fuck this GMI supporters! Bikin malu malaysia sahaja! And i am sure our 'patriotic' malaysians residing overseas cant wait to see how chaotic malaysia can be in cnn, aljazeera, etc..

  85. Pas Pis Pussy3:58 pm

    Orang PAS memang bdoh macam donkey. Nah rempuh dan macam-macam. Tak dapat, 600 kena cekup. Penyokong tak terbela.

    DAP tak pulak turun. CIna ni semua cakap saja banyak pasal ISA Pengecut takut nak turun. Tak ada telor. Konek cina memang kecik.

    Dengan guna otak dan kebijaksanaan, Magaran dapat sampaikan memo. Lagi pandai dari Melayu PAS yang bodoh dan telah dibodohkan cina DAP.

    Baca The Star berikut:


    Sunday August 2, 2009

    Lone pro-ISA man makes it to palace

    KUALA LUMPUR: While thousands of anti-ISA protesters struggled in vain to reach Istana Negara, one man beat all odds to fulfil his mission to submit a pro-ISA memorandum.

    ISA supporter Mohd Khairul Azam Abd Aziz said he succeeded because he walked alone.

    “I even took time to eat durian by the roadside, had some tea, and even took some cigarette breaks as I walked alone from the Central Market to the back gate of the Istana.

    “The anti-ISA protesters went in large numbers, so naturally they would face strong resistance from the authorities,’’ he said.

    Khairul was representing Magaran (Majlis Gabungan NGO Pembela Negara) to submit an eight-page pro-ISA memorandum to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

    Khairul, who is the legal adviser to Magaran, said he enjoyed his three-hour leisurely walk.

    “I wore the pro-ISA T-shirt underneath a Visit Malaysia T-shirt, to avoid being noticed by the authorities.

    “I lifted the T-shirt to reveal the pro-ISA message only when the media photographers arrived.

    “But the arrival of the photographers attracted police attention.

    “Before that, I was there for a long time, and no one noticed me. When the cameras started clicking at about 7pm, the police rushed over,” he said.

    Khairul said the police took down his particulars. They were curious to know how he managed to breach such tight security.

    He claimed that the police, however, could not take action against him because he was alone and therefore, could not be charged for participating in an illegal rally.

    He said the thousands of anti-ISA protesters failed to fulfil their mission because they were bent on showing strength in numbers.

    “I walked alone to represent the 100,000 Magaran members, and I succeeded in delivering the pro-ISA memorandum.

    “I can sleep soundly tonight because I succeeded in fulfilling the expectation of the pro-ISA NGOs, without getting into trouble,’’ he said


    This guy is even a blogger.

    Hahaha ... bodoh bodoh PAS.

    Tok Brahim sorang lagi pandai dari Anwar Ibrahim, Hj Hadi, Salahuddin Ayub, off course TIan CHua, Sivarasa, Hatta Ramli, dll combine.

    PAS dan PKR buloh ribu kalah dengan seorang saja .... HAHAHA HAHA HA HAHAH HAHH AHAH ... boodah PAS ... Bodoh macam keldai PAS.

    Sat lagi ada pemimpin suruh bunuh diri ... ikut setia dan bunuh diri .... bodoh PAS ....

    Beratus kena cekup, ribu cedera. Memo tak sampai .... bodoh harap berani dan kuat. Otak tak ada.

  86. Anonymous4:01 pm

    As usual

    Well said, Warrior 231 and Wira

    poor comparison is brighteyes - don't know what logic this fella uses but act like the true-blue intellectual

  87. Anonymous4:45 pm

    ermm yes we should let all ISA detainees go. Put Mas Selamat in penang. we can all chip in buy him a house next to the CM's place. Maybe for once we can be save.

    anwar at his best again.when the current mood is against him, He will fan the anti-gomen hatred.
    You got balls showing up in a Demo, but grown a pussy when its time to go to court. Real macho aahh..


  88. Very bad reporting.I'm disappointed.
    Definitely below-parred.I'm off to Malaysiakini.Bye!

  89. Siapa cakap orang India dan Cina tak turun? Yang pandai-pandai cakap itu ada turun dan tengok sendiri tak???

    Adik aku ada turun menyertai gerakan Anti-ISA.

    Aku India. Adik aku India.

    Adik aku kena bedil bom pemedih mata.

    YB Sivarasa itu India juga. Dia pun ada, sekarang dia sudah masuk penjara, polis tak mau lepas, mungkin di bawa masuk makamah.

    Pemimpin India pun menyertai anti-ISA sebagai RAKYAT BANGSA MALAYSIA. Kita tak tengok kaum, kita sesaudara penduduk Malaysia!

    Jangan lupa!

  90. Anonymous5:27 pm

    "Weeks said...

    I Urge All Malaysians Who are Disgusted At The Reactions Of The Police(and Gov) To SEND YOUR COMPLAINS,REQUESTS,NEWS to ALL MAJOR NEWS NETWORKS (CNN,BBC,Al-JAZEERA,ABC and so on).

    dear blog owner, i request that you forward my words to your blog readers as well,

    i have sent in to CNN via their ireport ."...



  91. Anonymous6:26 pm

    Hey guys hey guys. Why all this bising-bising and gaduh-gaduh? We come and strike up a deal, OK?

    Next time there is a demonstration, Police allow. But only if the demo route is, say, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Jalan Imbi and around Lot 10.

    OK or not?

    (Has a hate-love relationship with ISA, the other ISA)

  92. Anonymous6:49 pm

    Hidup Parpukari! "Live witness" and the most reliable witness Rocky could find in the blogsphere! The most non-partisan and balanced opinions anywhere on the web.


    P.S - Rocky thanks for promoting Parpu and shunting people to his website!

  93. Anonymous6:52 pm

    Anonymous said...

    The gathering of the Rakyat was peaceful. They were just there wanting to deliver a memo to the King.

    Then, came the blurddy FRU and PRDRM animals and the shooting of tear gas caused the Rakyat to run helter skelter.

    Jadi, siapa buat kacau ni? Binating-binating tu yang kacau manusia.

    Kenapa mesti guna kekasaran terhadap Rakyat ramai? Pukul Rakyat, Tarik & Tolak Rakyat......Binatang-binatang tu begitu Kejam.

    Sekarang, gembiralah Rocky Bru ni, UM, Najis, IGP, Kerismuddin, Moihiddin and anjing di Putrajaya

    1:16 AM

    Anon 1:16 AM,

    Siapa yang kata perhimpunan peaceful?

    Mestilah pemimpin bacul macam Anwar Al-juburi, Hadi Boroi, Lim Kit Siang dll.

    Mereka nilah yang menipu kamu dengan ucapan menaikkan semangat untuk berhimpun kononnya secara aman. Tapi dalam hati mereka kata mampuslah kamu nanti kena hentam dari FRU dengan cota, gas pemedih mata dan pancutan air kimia. Sebab mereka tahu perhimpunan tu haram dan membolehkan polis bertindak.

    Dari dulu lagi Anwar ni macam tu Semenjak dari UM lagi Anwar akan mengapi-apikan orang berdemo. Lepas tu dia hilang dan tinggal lembu dia yang kena tibai dengan polis.

    Kritikal sangat ke ISA ni sekarang?
    Berapa orangkah yang masih tinggal di Kemunting tu sekarang? Jika nak dibandingkan dengan jumlah rakyat Malaysia 25 juta ni, berapa peratus?

    Mereka yang masih tinggal di situ tentulah hardcore. Kalau tak dah lama dibebaskan.

    Penghapusan ISA ni tak menguntungkan orang yang berdemo pun. Yang untung nanti ialah gangster-gangster, terrorist dan anasir-anasir yang ingin menggugat ketenteraman dan ingin menghapuskan institusi tertentu negara.

    Saya percaya polis FRU tu tak gembira memukul orang begitu. Tapi kerana menjalankan tugas terpaksa bertindak. Bertindak untuk memberitahu kamu telah ditipu oleh pemimpin bacul kamu tu.

  94. Anonymous7:04 pm


    Bright-eyed wussie in pigtails with a penchant for tall tales:

    "Bila beribu-ribu berhimpun memprotes kematian Beng Hok... mereka kata peratusan konon tak mewakili etnik terbesar di M'sia."

    when only 2000+ are stepping on cue
    that becomes beribu2 for a silly shrew.


    + "summed up why the 3,000 odd crowd were there...."

    When a stray pariah (slang) indian is the subject of highprofile arrest even "Sivarasa pun kena tangkap, kawan saya pun kena gas". (laughing gas, my dear wussie??? hahahaha)

    when all pictures show sawo matangs, one need not wonder where are the heroic pendatangs

    cos they areswhore trannie scums
    who stir shit and run away like dumdums

    so lil girl, bright-eyes dont talk shit
    lest your pig face gets splattered with it.......hahahaha

    lil girl trannie whore, bet ur are afraid of war as do all chingkie scaw

    so get ready to get into ur sampan
    for a free ride to tongsan where u can have lots of time munching in the pig's jamban.

    2. Simply digusted

    How better is better as in:

    "Although there numbers could have been better there"

    another 2, 3 , 5 or say a dozen for ur sake. Dont talk shit like a fuckhead, you are a disgrace to the bumis here, tho I doubt you are one given your standard SD spiel which scum like you repeat ad infinitum like a prog-robot:

    "just another Bumiputra like you."

    u a mimic-slut or mimic-trannie?, get off ur for a changelah, arsewhore. 99% of the street scum there were Malays. even with a liberal stimate of 15k ( as a witness, i estimated it around 10K at MOST, u have only 100-150 chinks and injun pendatangs out there, thats pretty representative of the whole pendatang population in Malaysia, eh?).

    By the way 2 things are apparent:

    1, the PAS malays with their better grassroot network get to do the donkey job (ever heard LKS issuing a same order like the scounderel Hadi did. then when they talk about unity or the syariah/hudud or murtads..they get chomped in the butt as Warrior 231 succintly put up there.Once an ingrate pendatang always an Ingrate pendatang...get it.

    2. The anak bangsat malaysia rainbow coalition you people ballyho about is a fucking myth of a talltale. Wanna some proof, ok:

    a."And the Malays there to pay their last respects to Beng Hock were few in number.Would this have anything to do with the UMNO MSM spin-doctoring?

    I don’t know.Just as I do not know if the poor turnout at the Kelana Jaya stadium last Sunday might in any way be attributed to the UMNO MSM spin-doctoring."

    b. and your own self-incriminating:
    "Although there numbers could have been better there"

    Taken together, what does the 2 tell us. they tell us:

    1. support for scums like you is dwindling

    2. the Malays go to their own pestas and kenduris while the chink?indian have their own parties...some rainbow of a bangsat malaysia eh?

    one thing clear is that the chink bastards and apologist Malay lovva boys and gals, doubling up as maruahless lackeys and orang suruhan of yore, cannot reason or argue with rational facts. All they know is to spew rubbish and stir shit and I am simply disgusted with this lot.Thats why its about time, we, the enlightened ones, seriously consider Prof Awe Kecik's astute suggestion. I, for one, totally support you prof and would be chuffed beyond words and honoured if this thing materialises, count me in, Sir. ;)

    P/S: I was told that the injun was in there for some tosai at the indian-muslim eateries and got caught in the melee. He was absolutely clueless of what to do....hahahaha LOL


  95. Bro, because of the stupid and senseless demonstration many rakyat yesterday got stucked in massive traffic jams around Kuala Lumpur, late for weddings late for many things that normal people do with their families during the weekend. With Ramadhan very near, the Mesjid India traders, and the shopping complexes at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman who are expecting roaring trade had to close. The lose in business and wasted time would count in the scores of millions.

    I believe that yesterday's event has got nothing to do with the ISA, its just Pakatan Rakyat leaders and supporters way of testing the political waters, they were not chanting death to ISA BUT death to BN.

    The police did a professional and commendable job of managing and controlling the demonstrators, they arrested almost 600 demonstrators. I hope tomorrow they call up Anwar, Hadi and Lim kit siang for questioning with a view to charge them with leading a illegal assembly and sedition. These people have brought nothing but hegemony and mayhem to this peaceful country. A stint in prison for the trio would give this country a much needed peaceful respite of daily non stop politicking since March 2008. Let us have our peaceful Malaysia back. The tyranny of the extremist minority should not be allowed to hold the majority Malaysians to ransom. Minister Hishammuddin needs to work extra hard, enough amaran-amaran already.

    The majority who were stucked in the traffic jam and the people doing business in KL have had enough of demonstrations and I am sure will support the Government on the ISA.

    Its about time that the ISA is used to the maximum to ensure that these demonstrations do not even see the light of day.

  96. Anonymous7:27 pm

    Malaysia is becoming a failed state.
    It is ruled by the Ton Ton Macoute and "Papa Doc" Duvalier incarnated.

  97. Anonymous9:15 pm

    Hi Rock,
    There are some Riot Fuckheads here who likes to repeat "How would you feel if ISA happened to your loved ones?".

    Well, probably the same way the relatives of the guy who got hanged for distributing drugs, or the relatives of the guy who got whipped and jailed for raping.

    Maybe it is not the same feeling as the relatives whose fathers died defending againts Chin Peng.

    Remember, next time do it in Bukit Bintang.


  98. Anonymous9:19 pm

    to ahgroo.. u are so full of shiit to even control when i should go shopping.. u are trying to protest against isa, go and do it in yr hse, when in a public place and disturb public safety? fyi, jimmy choo is not sold in jln tar u stoopid demonstrator. i hope the gomen will catch all u demostrator under isa.. padan muka.


  99. Anonymous9:27 pm

    why do the pembangkang wants isa abolish?
    1- to steer away the focus from pr's shortcomings. everybody is getting fedup with pr's s'ngor issues, penang and also kedah.
    2- pr intend to do a max assault on bn. that means to provoke from a racial and religious angle (eg pas say not demonstrating is berdosa). without isa, these issues, need to be tried in an open court and opposition wd have a field day with the publicity. for eg questioning malay rights, sultan's authority, islam's religion will definitely invites isa as it has a destabilising elements. and guess who will benefit from the abolishments of such rights? hence these are the ppl behind the movement to abolish isa.
    3- dsai must ensure that ppl hates gomen by witnessing police brutality, so even though he is a serial sodomizer, ppl wont believe the gomen and will still be on his side.


  100. Anonymous9:36 pm

    My advice again!!

    next time do it in
    1) Bukit Bintang
    2) Petaling Street
    3) Brickfields
    4) Shah Alam
    5) Subang Jaya

    And I like to know what the scum bag Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang, Ronnie, Sivarasa will says..

    ohh... I know what they will says..
    " Ohh..street democracy apply only at Jln TAR and Masjid Negara"..our place is lot of business there, my supporters live there and there is our home...not jln TAR...

    is it right stupid DAP and stupid PKR leaders?..Fuckatan Rakyat leaders?


  101. Those antis who marched that day are now very likely contemplating life in jail. Polis suruh duduk rumah tak nak. Nak melancung tengok KL konon. Melancung sambil merusuh.
    Well, enjoy the ISA. With best wishes from us law abiding people of course.

  102. reading comments in rocky's bru blog i'm happy to note that only retards and bastards are left that still support BN and umno...

  103. Anonymous10:21 pm

    Sivarasa have been captured by Police and will be charged in court.

    Now, if the existing law can be used why need ISA?

    The main thing is that everybody deserve to defend him/herself in court of law and the internal security act have taken that rights.

    ISA is good provided that the government is not corrupt. If a government is corrupt then it can be a tool to sustain itself while being corrupt.

  104. Anonymous10:25 pm

    Tengok saja la..

    Next time it will take just one psycho person from the Kongsi Gelap to throw just one Bomb into the demo crowd..

    Then all hell will break loose, baru tahu, bila kena kebumi MAYAT pakai kubur panjang!!

    Jangan biar melarat sampai tak boleh pusing balik.. REMEMBER, JUST ONE CRAZY NUT WITH CRAZY IDEAS...

    IDIOTS... I am in business too, I can feel how frustrating these activities can be for those doing business around the area.


  105. Anonymous11:21 pm

    Salam Rocky. Tumpang lalu kejap.

    To zazaland, please don't waste your time answering that "Simply disgusted" fler. Let me do it for you ....Thanks.

    Well,SD said,
    "The Chinese and Indians were there. Just read around blogosphere"

    It seems that something must be wrong with peoples' eyesight then 'cos at every corner one managed to find only Malay faces. The other 2 races were a rare commodity I should say. No, SD it was done on purpose to let only the Malays do it. This is a political agenda of certain people. This is a racial thing as these stoopide and gullible Malays were being used by certain quarters ...aiyah, it is so obvious la....No need to discuss too much la know I know ......everybody knows la ...the abolishment of ISA will be gained by others but not the Malays ...

    You also said,
    "Zaza, if your husband was taken away 8 years ago under the ISA and never ever charged in court but just left to languish in Kamunting, I wonder whether you would sing the praises of the ISA as you are doing now."

    Why so stoopide one, if like that then marry another one la ...Firstly, why was the husband involve in subversive activities? Anyone who does anything to sabotage the country must be dealt with accordingly and ISA is the answer....are you a commie lovva SD? I can bet you all this, the moment when Pakatan takes over the country, ISA will be fortified ...mind you ...they'll follow S'pore's example ...

    How come you and your gang never say any thing about the ISA laws in your beloved country, Singapore? Why puja puja S'pore but never realise kah that S'pore has got strict laws? stricter than in Malaysia? Haiya please lah ....Somebody mentioned that it is ironical but it is more than ironical as I see it....btw why are you targeting ZZ only? other people oso comment the same thing why only zz?

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

  106. Anonymous12:28 am

    We in Singapore love our country. And ISA has been very helpful in maintaining peace and order...demonstrations are a waste of time. Time is money.

    The only way to ABOLISH ISA is through democracy.

    Any goverment has the right to keep and strengthened its law or ABOLISH ISA totally.

    And the likes of Anwar,LKS or Karpal will do it if they hold the power? I don't think so....they will of course keep it like Singapore does.


  107. Anonymous12:38 am

    Greenbottle said...
    reading comments in rocky's bru blog i'm happy to note that only retards and bastards are left that still support BN and umno...
    10:03 PM

    1. Only a retard bastard can coin a responses like that. Just confirms what Hahahaha put up there:

    "cannot reason or argue with rational facts. All they know is to spew rubbish and stir shit...."

    2. Anonymous said...
    Malaysia is becoming a failed state.It is ruled by the Ton Ton Macoute and "Papa Doc" Duvalier incarnated.

    7:27 PM

    response: and i got a vodoo doll into which I will stick pins on the crotch to keep u awake the rest of your nights...
    hahahahahahahahahahaha... LOL

    John Doe

    another reason is for them ( the chinkies and the hindulens)to say that the ISA was rescinded on the demands of the majority race's so-called reps, so why point the finger at us if all hell breaks loose later once its withdrawn

    Warrior 231

  108. Anonymous1:07 am

    rally against isa ke rally for anwar ibrahim?
    what the hell, majority melayu in the streets from the various photos that have been published...tak ke bodoh. padahal yang dok buat bising pasal isa isn't it the non-melayus. cubalah fikir.
    u really think half the buggers on the street know in depth what the isa stands for and how it functions?
    the majority dont even feel threatened by the isa as what have they got to worry?
    all this crap must stop.
    nak hantar memorandum pun nak kena ada beribu-ribu orang support. ni, lainkali pakai pos laju aje - guarantee sampai.
    nampak sangat niat serong. tak payahlah berpura-pura.
    those buggers being detained in isa now have a reason for being there. and they are there for the interest of the people and this country.

    i salute the police.
    to the government and the authorities, do not be deviated/distracted from your investigations into pkr, dap, anwar ibrahim, teoh beng hock, etc etc.

  109. Why do I get the feeling that some here are actually upset because their pro-ISA rally was a dud?

    70,000 will come they say
    But less than 50 showed that day
    At least their leader caught the bus
    To Central Market from Pasir Mas


  110. Anonymous4:09 am

    I agree with my compatriot "rocksteady". I love my country too.

    It is because of ISA that we're able to live peacefully. Imagine the chaos and mayhem that can befall to our beloved country if there is no ISA. We're a multi racial society with various beliefs and perpectives. It is not easy to handle the chaotic condition if all hell break loose. God and heaven forbid. Singapore will loose everything...Stability is important to develop the economy. We won't be what we are now if we were to be burdened with social/political mayhem and upheavals all the time.

    The Pakatan big shots know all this but apparently the stability of the country is not in their mind as they HAVE their own agenda. I am not a political animal but it is so obvious Malay we say, "dah terang lagi bersuluh ....."

    Having said all of the above, I conclude that troublemakers must be kept under lock and key. No need to judge them as their intentions are so clear ie. to destabilise and destroy the social fabric and public institutions of the country.

  111. Anonymous5:10 am

    Yg kena cekup..
    538 Melayu
    3 Cina
    2 India
    1 lain-lain

    Malay the most emotional???


  112. DemoCRAZY9:35 am

    orang yang menentang riot ni adalah orang yang telah berpuas hati dengan hidup diaorang sekarang.....cube korang punye family yang ade dalam ISA tuh..ape korang rase???? so jgn nak kutuk2 mereka...cermin diri dulu....dalam negara demokrasi,riot2 nih biase le...kalo x riot,kat mane lagi nak suarakan?? sume laluan kene cantas....jadi pandai2 ler pikir...TAHNIAH PROTESTER~!!!

  113. Anonymous12:31 pm

    brighteyes senses sudah kaput

    eyes maybe oso got cataract

  114. Anonymous1:01 pm

    Apa kata next punya DEMO kita start dari Jalan Bukit Bintang? Kita tgk HERO-HERO H1N1 dari kalangan Pembangkang punya stand..!! Biar biz Apek2 H1N1 ni pulak rasa kesusahan peniaga2 di Jalan TAR..?? From there to Istana Negara is within distance rite? Selesai hantar MEMORANDUM whatsoever, korang boleh la teruskan aktiviti sia-sia korang ni terus ke Bangunan PAS di Jalan Raja Laut melalui Jalan Kuching n lalu depan SRK Batu + Bangunan SIME.

    Bila la nak nak sedar orang2 PAS ni...Kenapa nak bersungut benda yang susah walhal benda yang senang pun tak terbuat..


  115. Anonymous1:39 pm

    Somebody said that 538 Malays got caught. Malays emotional? No, they are not but they are just plain stoopide. Please also underline that they are Malay PAS, the Lembu Pak Turuts. Got brain but never use it to the fullest.

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

    ps .....if ever the DAP (Chinese chauvinist/anti Malay/Islam party) rises in power in Malaysia, that would be with the help of Malay PAS. Did someone mention that DAP has only 30,000 members and PAS with 600,000 members? Wonder when PAS will wake up from their slumber ....They reject Malay/Islam Unity but embrace "Sleeping" with Anti Malay/Islam subversives. Their leader is a sham who places himself as some kind of a demi god....FO lah!!!

  116. Anonymous1:58 pm


    Little girl shy
    caught telling lies
    now twist another story
    like she knows one's history

    Little girl shy
    scared to die
    send her lovva freaks
    to do her tricks

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    play in the drain
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    cos its full of shit

    Little girl shy
    please dont cry
    no one is gonna buy
    your dirty fish fry.

    dedicated to the one and only lil girl "bright eyes".

    538 Melayu
    3 Cina
    2 India
    1 lain-lain

    No, Chink the most cowardly and Injun talk without cock! Malay lovvas (not Malay), the most stupid!

    2.DemoCrazy, ur pseudo says it all doesnt it? enuff said, piece of shit caterwauling from some swarmy cunt!


  117. Is this the government Malaysians want to support?
    Go to Susan Loone blog.. and click to the latest post where a 6 minutes video.....posted by a commentator..on how Teoh Beng Hock was tortured.
    View it....and judge.

  118. Anonymous5:07 pm

    To all the rabid commentors e.g Hahahaha here who only know how to spew vulgarities all I can say is "yawn......" You're so boring.....

  119. Anonymous5:07 pm




  120. Anonymous8:03 pm

    Anonymous said...
    To all the rabid commentors e.g Hahahaha here who only know how to spew vulgarities all I can say is "yawn......" You're so boring.....

    5:07 PM

    Hahahaha says:

    Oh an anon who cannot
    take arse, cunt, fuckdolt
    oh very sensitive one
    but whack free cunt

    but, i espie a lil girl
    sliteyed, wormy cunt with curls
    using miss anonymity
    to hide identity

    Yawn..yawn bright eyes
    nothing to sell but lies
    cunt swarming with ticks
    only know silly tricks.

    get a life, anon aka Bright eyes, the inanities of ur ilk must be music while the vukgarities painful, eh dirty cunt of a twat whore.....

    pai pai dirty pie dressed in red and stink like a sty, eat ur shit and drink urine b4 ur a deadbeat. You are such a trannie boar, lil girl bright eyes..hahhahahaha LOL


  121. Anonymous said...
    Insaflah orang Melayu...orang lain genggam tak tirih.


  122. sama_melayu9:43 pm

    hah baguih laa rocky, nampak semua muka melayu je yang kaki buat kacau, mana pi bangsa lain? bab kerja picisan bagi lah orang melayu buat, jadi kuli pun melayu jugak, pencuri jalanan pun melayu jugak, yang bangsa depa tu semua tauke besar, baik meniaga betui ka haram ka, semua kaya-raya

    apa lah orang melayu oii, kenapa lah bengap sangat???

  123. Anonymous10:18 pm


    Inviting others to visit Susan Loone?

    Haiya... that blog is an entertainment OUTLET for frustrated misfits and born losers "neither-here-nor-there-welcomed" decendants of immigrants like yourself..



  124. Anonymous12:06 am


  125. Anonymous2:04 am

    Stupid PAS , being playing by racist sheep of DAP.


  126. Anonymous3:16 am

    halo pengundi atas pagar yang tak akan mengundi bn lagi selepas ini...

    ramai juga pengundi pr masa ge12 tak akan mengundi pr lagi selepas ini ataupun mati hidup balik pun tak akan undi pr..

    nak negara lebih aman dengan pr? memang tidak sama sekali. penuh dengan rusuhan dan politik jalanan.

    nak negara bersih rasuah? ha ha ha ha. mengharapkan anwar ibrahim yang bising lebih tapi sebenarnya sama saja. bising kroni tapi dia sendiri kroni. bising pak lah kerajaan keluarga tapi dia sendiri pembangkang keluarga. bising hak rakyat hak rakyat tapi seperti yang kita tau orang yang termakan perkataan rakyat membabi buta seperti orang orang bodoh kena tipu berdemo gmi itu sahaja yang percaya sekarang.

    saya tak akan mengundi pr lagi.

    dulu mati mati saya ingatkan betul nak suntik hiv lah, kena racun arsenic lah sampai masuk cnn.

    sekarang rakyat malaysia sudah pandai. media asing akan sentiasa berat sebelah terhadap negara malaysia yang kecil ini.

    baik saya mempertahankan negara saya daripada memusnahkannya bersama-sama pr.

    bn tak lah bagus sgt. tapi ia tetap terbaik setakat ini.

  127. Anonymous11:41 am

    Chingkies: Remembaa!!! We mut go and show our hate, we must show in force our kebencian kepada itu kelajaan and ISA. Come together our brothers Malay, Indians.... Come let's take to the streets.. come show our solidarity.

    On the day itself,

    Chingkie 1: You going onot?

    Chingkie 2: I donnolaa, i think i better go work la..

    Ah Gru: Yaala i oso maa, anyway let our *snicker* brothers golaa. they all stupid one. They sure go one.

    donplaypuki: Yala we support from behind enoughla watfor go.. hot somemore. Our brothers like to show like they're gangsters anyway. Bising-bising, shout here, shout there. lay on the ground oso they can wat? let them go la..

    chingkie: Ya, we stay home only maa.

    Next day,

    Chingkie 1: Waaa, Mostly Malay and Indian only kena tangkap maa.

    Ah Gru: Told you so, no need to go one, they do it for us one.

    Donplaypuki: Haiya really stupid, one. But nemmind it will sure benefit us oneee. Ha hah hah ha come come laugh with me!

    All: Hah hah hhah haha hah.....!!!!


  128. Anonymous3:15 pm

    I was right there at jalan TAR with a friend on saturday and found that the demonstrators were very voilent towards the police/FRU until they didnt have any choice but to fire the water cannons and tear gas to disperse the voilent demonstrators. Mostly were Malays and majority of them are students.
    I was so shocked to see their voilent behaviour. And was even more shocked when the PR leaders claimed that it was a peaceful demonstration and that the police/FRU initiated the assault.
    What have we become under the hands of PR?? Must we resort to voilence in order to voice a particular issue? I am so disappointed with Anwar Ibrahim, Abd. Hadi and Lit Kit Siang. You would've guessed and anticipate it to turn out badly in order to achieve your mission to cause an uproar to the nation. Come onlah, we have other more important issues to deal with rather than this petty nonsense. The government promised to review the ISA, lets just wait n see what the outcome is before blindly organising a street demonstation which have nothing to gain to the country.
    And the very fool of this whole situations are the MALAYS who are now so divided that they don't even realise that we are playing a game initiated by 'the other half'.

  129. Anonymous6:23 pm


    Tian Chua sama Kit Siang mayak syiok lor,

    lu kong kong sama Apek Akoy, bo ki lor, tiam tiam..tutuk dilumah kasi mabuk ketawa2 tengok semua Melayu LEMBU kena tangkap..

    lu kasi cucuk belakang kasi api Melayu... lai lai lor.. pegi demo...

    heheheheheh hehehawhehaw

    Melayu bodoh mau tunjuk semangat sama it Tian Chua sama Kit Siang, sedar2 sekok muka depa pun tak kena tangkap..

    Hoi Melayu Demo Bodoh, gang CINA sekawan kamu, mereka samseng secara SENYAP, itu pasai panggil KONGSI GELAP...


  130. Anonymous1:35 pm

    Hahaha..Bodoh punya melayu PR (PaRiah)..

    500++ yang kena tangkap adalah melayu pariah bodoh..mana 'saudara' cina & india korang tu semua?? muhahahaha.... :D

    Sampai bila korang melayu pariah ni nak jadi bodoh mengalahkan babi ...terus menerus jilat najis di jubur cina dan hisap batang india?

    ..itulah hakikatnya...jangan nak melenting dan pusing pula kalau benda memang dah betul...

    Siapa babi dan siapa yang makan babi?? sindiri fikirlah melayu pariah..kawan dgn babi..kena selsema babi..terus jadi babi..bertindak pun membabi buta...bodoh & menyusahkan masyarakat umum...

    p/s: Tanpa ISA lagi sedap lah puak2 laknat tu dapat kutuk agama, negara, raja & bangsa kita dan cetus api perkauman tanpa sekatan..masa tu jangan nak marah2 pula..sudah terhantuk baru nak tergadah, hah bahlul?

    HIDUP ISA! As long we're still living with bunch of pendatang savages who cannot assimilate with us despite living here for over half a century plus the extremist species, the act will always be relevant & should always stay that way..

    Its a British product..they are more civilized & should be our role model, right idiots?
    What standard are u Fuckatan Riot follow? BS, AS, DIN, ISO or ASShole? Definitely something derrived from the asshole of the YB BABI, the Chingkies & the Hindulens, right? ..hahahaha...

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  131. Anonymous7:09 pm


    Masih ramai manusia yg concern menentang kezaliman. Jgn sampai peringkat satu masa, manusia kat Malaysia ni jadi LEMBU UMNO/BN.

    Apa yg UMNO/BN buat dibiarkan. Bila dah kena kat tengkuk sendiri baru nak sedar.

  132. Anonymous7:12 pm

    Aku dulu sokong BN gak. Bila tengok pemimpin aku asyik rasuah dan rembat duit rakyat. Kemudian, salah guna akta ISA, sumbat pemimpin pembangkang yg dedahkan penyelewengan pemimpin BN.

    90% kat dalam ISA tu bukan org Cina atau India. Tapi, org Melayu. Mmg patut pun org Melayu marah danbangkit!!!

  133. Anonymous7:14 pm

    Alhamdulillah, ada juga yg masih concern dgn kezaliman.

    Jgn sampai peringkat, rakyat dah jadi LEMBU UMNO/BN. Diperbodohkan oleh pemimpin mereka.

    - Mansor

  134. What's this?
    A sockpuppet
    Thinks Anon is Another
    He gone paranoid?
    And thinks another is here, there,
    and yonder?

    His allies
    Should avoid his verbal garbage
    Or they
    Will become collateral damage!

    What's this?
    Sockpuppet thinks the Other
    is a she
    When he's a he
    Guess sockpuppet... he...
    cannot think intelligently!

    Lou Reed say:
    "And all the coloured girls go...
    doop-doo-wop-doo-wop-doo-wop-doo-wop... doo-wop-doo-wop-doo-wop-doo-wop..."

  135. Anonymous10:39 am

    Hanya si bodoh yang beria-ia berjuang untuk sesuatu yang dia sendiri tak tahu dan tak faham semata-mata ikut orang, hal itu takrifannya lebih teruk dari lembu kerana kata asasnya diambil daripada haiwan haram.. --> ia dipanggil MEMBABIBUTA..

    Berapa ramai lagi tahanan ISA bersifat politik masih kat dalam tu hingga hari ini melayu babibuta??? Tolonglah jawab melayu babibuta..

    Adakah ISA sumbat orang masuk tiap-tiap hari?? Jenis yang mana selalu ditangkap masuk ISA??
    Tolonglah jawab melayu babibuta..

    Apa nasib peniaga2 bangsa korang sendiri yang hilang punca rezeki sebab tindakan "mulia" korang tu? Dah lah ekonomi teruk..korang bagi lagi huru-hara..apa objektif akhir?
    Tolonglah jawab melayu babibuta..

    Korang rasa beberapa kerat melayu yang berada dalam ISA tu lebih istimewa dan penting untuk diperjuangkan dari nasib 17juta Melayu lain??
    Tolonglah jawab melayu babibuta..

    Korang saja terkinja lebih mcm beruk menadah badan dgn semburan air dan gas pemedih mata kan.. Tuhan-Tuhan korang tengok dari jauh saja kutip hasil.. serupa masa guling2 atas jalan kat Perak dulu..ntahlah..bodoh sungguh..tiada maruah ke jadi ALIBABI ?(sama mcm alibaba jugak)

    Pemimpin UMNO/BN banyak yg jahat tetapi adakah semua 2++ juta ahli dia semua jahat? Pakcik/makcik/Atuk/Nenek tu pun sama pukul rata ke? Korang semua parti pembangkang dari kaki sampai kepala tu semua mulia dan maksum lah ye?
    Tolonglah jawab melayu babibuta..

    Kalau ya pun nak mengubah.. ada kaedah yang lebih bertamadun dipanggil PILIHANRAYA.. bukan JALANRAYA.. korang cubalah yakinkan RAKYAT MAJORITI (bukan RIOT FUCKATAN) alasan2 munasabah korang kenapa ISA perlu dimansuhkan dan cermin diri korang masing2 juga.. hah, apa lagi..buatlah referendum/pungutan suara!

    Cina & India peduli apa.. org DAP & Hindraf dah keluar.. itu saja matlamat mereka bising2 pasal ISA..

    Kesimpulanya..korang tu lebih bodoh dari haiwan lembu..Jangan jadi babi..dahlah kaki pendek..aqal pun pendek.. bila dah laju terlajak tak boleh U-turn & corner..tulah..jangan rapat sgt dgn pemakan babi dan pemuja lembu..korang dah sampai tahap jilat jubur dan hisap batang diaorg..teruk sungguh!

    Kan dah kena selsema babi..berfikiran mcm babi & perangai pun dah macam babi..sondol saja.. hahaha..

    Menyusahkan manusia betulah korang babibuta ni.. ..|.,

    p/s: Puak2 turban lolipop yang bijak laksana selaku pemegang tiket2 ke syurga tu tolong cerita sikit yang selalu tok2 guru korang tarbiah pasal "matlamat tak menghalalkan cara" tu..kami nak dengar..

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  136. Anonymous5:35 pm

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

    bro, its great to have u back. Still in topform, English or Malay. great one,my brother in arms.

    Remember skilly pundek, I heard he has migrated to Chingkieland to work on a pig farm there, washing pigarse and smooching pig snout.

    Warrior 231

  137. Anonymous12:40 pm

    Thanx Bro Warrior 231,

    It has been my obligation & line of duty in this cyber battle ever since i had made my 1st appearance in this blog..its a holy crusade against those swineflu vermins and its provocater agents..

    Really upset me whenever i came across my own bangsa becoming babibuta as a result of those chingkie-swineflu infection..
    They keep on deteriorating this nation to pieces with their own stupidity without even realizing the damages they had caused way far from achieving any of their own objective whatsoever..simply pure damaging idiots!

    In terms of linguistic capability i'm still a no match to you..but it always been an honour to fight along with you and the rest of our brethren who shared the same thought for our beloved agama, bangsa & negara...together WE all had already done so much impact in this and everybody else including the piggies tribe also know it.. even they tried so hard to remain in their state of denial :D hahaha..

    I am still waiting for answers to my questions from these melayu babibuta...kalau ada aqal jawablah..!

    Kalau tak mampu jawab maka mengaku sajalah korang tu bodoh sampai mudah diperbabikan oleh puak2 pemakan babi dan pemuja lembu..
    dah memang terang lagi bersuluh sememangnya korang bodoh..senang je kan?

    p/s: Nak tanya puak PAS selaku pemegang tiket2 ke syurga..jikalau Nizar jd MB Perak, adakah beza dgn istilah ALIBABA dari segi fungsinya? atau lebih tepatnya ALIBABI..?

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-