Monday, August 24, 2009

How much is OTK's reputation worth?

RM500 million? Ong Tee Keat isn't the first to file a defamation suit but half a billion ringgit, I think, is a record of sorts as far as politicians are concerned. Anwar Ibrahim has probably filed the most number of multi-million ringgit suits - against NST, Dr Mahathir and most recently Utusan Malaysia - but his cap is RM100 million.

Defamation/libel suits have become part and parcel of Malaysian life. In 2003, the Federal Court confirmed the decision to stop awarding mega damages for defamation suits, a moved welcomed by Lim Kit Siang, even though he was suing Utusan Malaysia for RM250 million for calling him "tidak patriotik" [read here].

Around the time, The Malay Mail was facing a suit for RM1.8 billion for defamation from a perbadanan called Nascom.

p.s. Hindraf's self-exiled leader Waythamoorthy is also suing DAP for defamation, here.


  1. ok ma, tiong I think has that kind of money. so why worry. Let the show go on.

  2. Anonymous5:19 pm

    Rm10m from tiong fler is too little?

    so his cut is Rm500m...


  4. Once again the famous fish-head theory seems apt for MCA. I though Uncle Sam was doing enough damage in MIC/BN but OTK has certainly gone 'one up'.
    Its time for MCA members to STAND UP or risk drowning in the current political storm.
    The fish got no head now, better do something before the body rots.

  5. It is the new culture of our politician. You sue me, I sue you, you counter sue me, endless suing. They don't care about economic recovery or what not. Perhaps they think they can make money out of it.People are sick of it.

  6. I was going to pay those jet leasing charges, but they didn't invoice me you know?

    Yeah, sure, until it all came out in the MSM.

    All these politicians, their reputations are worth no more than $5 each, but they'll sue for $100 & $500 million!

    And it's always the lawyers who walk laughing all the way to the bank! LOl!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  7. Anonymous5:37 pm

    By the way, what about this story in the Malaysian Insider?

    You never mentioned it?

    How come you are not in the loop?

    Datuk Seri Najib Razak met Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim at the prime minister’s home in Putrajaya last month and asked for the opposition to work closely with the government.

    It was learned that Najib had wanted to send the message that, as prime minister, he would be willing to work with the opposition.


  8. Anonymous5:43 pm


    What happened to the proposed class action suit by Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman Traders against the Gerakan Mansuh ISA? Saman jangan tak saman, nanti Mahfuz dan punggok-pungoknya naik kepala.

    Din Pungkok
    Tanah Liat
    Peramatang Pauh

  9. Anonymous6:11 pm

    All these goons are hypocrites. They asked the rakyat to compete against each other in all aspect of life based upon a system of meritocracy but yet when it come to leading by example, defamation suite is a way forward for goons to become a super rich not by way of a real competition but then by just shaking legs and balls in front of the court; and at the same time their political foe went flat broke for the rest of his life.


  10. I don't think we can put a sum on a person's worth. Not OTK, not you, Rocky and not me.

    But when one is smeared, one gotta clear his or her name. Especially when one is smeared when doing the right things.

    As for the quantum, well, OTK has said he will donate the court's award to charitable and educational organisations.

  11. And Rocky, what is RM500 million? The Port Klang Authority Special Taskforce, which comprise experts from reputable firms like Skrine and Pricewaterhousecoopers has estimated overbilling of up to RM1 billion for the project.

    Banyak, duit tu....

  12. Anonymous6:57 pm

    i want some $$$ and if anyone give me money i will vote for them....n i dont give a fcuk about malaysia..LOL

  13. Anonymous8:20 pm

    surely worth more than a turncoat who sells his soul for a few beers more.

  14. Anonymous9:37 pm

    Janganlah Rocky terkecut !! PKFZ pun berpuloh billion ringgit, ini baru setengah billion, apa nak dihebohkan !!!

    Rocky pun janganlah nak buat wayang, pergilah tanya Tun Mahathir,Ling Liong Sik, AP Queen, Samy Vellu,TDZ,Pak Lah,KJ,Khir Toyol,MMT dan banyak lagi geng2 UMNO berapa ringgit mereka ada !!

    Inilah yg dikatakan 'Ikan Jerung Besar',kalaulah PR dapat berkuasa, barulah dapat tangkap semua ikan jerung besar ini.

    Mahathir pon pernah berkata,'kalaulah Anwar jadi PM, beliau akan meninggalkan Malaysia' !!..........ramai pun yakin,ikan jerung besar kesemuanya pun ikut bersama. Rocky ikut tak ??


  15. Anonymous10:12 pm

    Bro,OKT will lose because the warlords are the real boss behind Tiong.OKT will become the scarificial goat.It's now an open secret.

  16. Read it here at
    Justice for Ong Tee Keat

  17. Anonymous12:44 am

    There is a possibility that he knows that he has RM500 Million.

    Amused Malaysian

  18. Anonymous9:40 am

    You wanna know? OTK is worth every sen that Tiong and kKDSB have. 500M RM is not enough. The perpetrators of PKFZ are Tiong, KDSB and the bondholders of KDSB.

  19. How much do you worth?
    Is it assets and cash in kind?
    Is this the value under your name?
    Is this how your worth measured?

    The life you have
    In your soul in your body
    The worth then is unmeasurable
    But it can be a zero
    Tell those who were kidnapped sold as slaves
    Around the world on slavery trade

    The future works
    You can produce and save
    The value you attached to your fame
    The sum total of your existence

    How much do you worth?
    Putting numbers taking it to court
    Is political standing worth millions?
    Is the wealth creation theme to profit?

    Political games
    Generally a short term tenure
    Success and failure part of its stage
    Are these how politicians feel they are worth?
    Millions when they are suppose to serve
    With service above self?

  20. I don't care how much Ong Tee Keat's reputation is worth.

    I only care that he continues to do what he is doing to unravel those milking PKFZ.

    Therefore, much as I don't like MCA, OTK needs to continue as its President so that he can still be a Minister to carry out his promises to bring justice to rakyat.

    I totally agree with Citizen Nades's comment in The Sun yesterday to make sure this historical move by a BN minister to unmask corrupters must be supported.

    Let OTK continue the good work and let us continue to pressure to remove those like Tiong King Sing and his coterie.


  21. Anonymous2:04 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Do you realise that the news blog Malaysian Insider and a blogger by the name of Sakmongkol has been playing the role of devil's advocate towards UMNO. Their writings seems to be unbiased but if you look into it deeper you will realise they are truly pro-opposition as well as pro-KJ.

    What do you think?

    Pak Nujum

  22. pu kiri pu kanan
    semua politician
    saya tak

  23. Jin Notti SamaGagah4:28 pm

    Salam Brade...
    Plz check with ur informer kat Pmtg Pasir... mostly pengundi berdaftar di sana menerima surat dan sms dari pihak yg tidak bertanggungjawab memaki hamun mereka.Mcm ianya dihantar oleh pihak BN jer,kes mcm wang plasu RM100 aritu dan nota utk undi BN...mcm2 ada....

  24. Anonymous6:56 pm

    we don't give a sh*t what ong is worth.

    but we do know how much is muhyddin worth in permatang pasir... big fat zelo...


  25. My question here is who cares about their reputation.

    What about the reputation of the country?
    Rocky you have been unusually quiet on the subject of PKFZ.
    We are talking of Billions (yes...Billions) of taxpayers money going into the pockets of a select few politicians. And no comment or investigation by your good self.
    Not a peep from the MACC? Yet the MACC can pursue small fry from the DAP...
    Don't you think its an outrage?

  26. Anonymous8:54 pm

    Pak Nujum,

    Hang tak tahu siapa itu "Sakmangkol" kah ?? Hang baru keluar dari gua tempurung kah ??

    AK47 jugak member UMNO, tapi jenis yang cerdik pandai tu dan tak seperti member2 Pak Nujum yg hanya tahu buat spin aje !

    Kalau lah KJ dapat berkuasa....

    Pak Belalang

  27. Anonymous10:02 pm

    So all these while you olang ingat ini semua Politicians are fighting so hard for the sake of the RAKYAT ker? FAT CHANCE!

    Sampai sanggup dihina, disaman, diherdik, dicalar maruah ketahap TEOH mati?

    Negara dilanggar musuh kena berperang, they will be the first to CABUT lari and live happily ever after.

    I can imagine where Karpal/LKS/Anwar/Samy/OTK/Nik Ajis and their all families will be heading to? Can you all make a guess?

    INDIA/CHINA/HONGKONG/TAIWAN/AUSTRALIA/UK/USA/TURKEY/MEKKAH.. Siap ada mansions, fat overseas bank accounts and jobs waiting for them there.

    Kita semua setakat dapat lari masuk lubang cacing.. hehehe padan muka..


  28. Bro, buang masa discuss pasal ni... cuba analisa kekalahan BN di Permatang...mungkin dari kebijaksaan Bro, dapatlah sama-sama kita mabil iktibar...

    I dapat rasakan bahawa BN tidak relevan lagi, tapi mungkin pendapat ini tidak benar... Apa kata Bro?

  29. Anonymous11:23 pm


    tolong salahkan khairy dan pak lah sebab kekalahan kat permatang pasir


    gua harap lu jadi bodoh selalu


  30. Anonymous11:24 pm

    Pak Belalang,

    Hang ni sama je dengan Sakmongkol tu!

    Berlagak pandai, rupanya tali barut KJ jugak! Apa tidak nya baru belajak kat Ox-Pod dah rasa pandai, nak jadi PM konon umur 40 tahun. Hang dan Tongkol tu sama lah boleh cakap orang putih lebih sikit dari orang lain dah rasa diri bijak. Hai tulah, melayu mudah lupa......jangan marah ahhh!!

    Pak Nujum

  31. Anonymous12:15 am


    What saddened me about this counter suits is, we all loose the very perspective of the whole issue about PKZ.

    A special task committe has indicated that there is a possibility of an over billing of RM 1 Billion. So where is MACC? Shouldnt this PKZ issue should be their outmost focus right now?

    Logically, we are expecting MACC to be hauling all those major players everyday to get to the bottom of the matter.

    I believe with the records available, MACC should have already started to press charges to those individual involved.

    Yet its hard to believe that MACC had nothing yet at same time they are very busy digging and playing politics with the selangor excos.


  32. Anonymous12:37 pm



    Muhyiddin Yassin berkata, beliau mendapat maklum balas daripada sebahagian besar masyarakat yang meluahkan kebimbangan terhadap masa depan politik negara kerana diganggu gugat oleh parti pembangkang.

    Dia berkata, rakyat terutama orang Melayu berasa kedudukan mereka tidak lagi selamat jika pembangkang memerintah negara ini berikutan budaya politik dibawa mereka adalah asing.


    Kah kah kah…. BETUL CAKAP MALIKUL SEMBAB NI…. kah kah kah..

    Kah kah kah….. ORANG RAMAI MEMANG BIMBANG …. Kah kah kah…

    Kah kah kah….. IBU BAPA DI RUMAH BIMBANG… kah kah kah..

    Kah kah kah….. ANAK ANAK KECIL SELALU MENANGIS…kah kah kah..

    Kah kah kah….. BUDAK BUDAK LARI DARI SEKOLAH…. Kah kah kah..

    Kah kah kah….. PEREMPUAN HAMIL … JADI KEGUGURAN…. Kah kah kah…

    Kah kah kah…. KALAU MAKAN ... TAK ADA SELERA…. Kah kah kah…

    Kah kah kah …. SEMUA TERJADI BILA MELIHAT MUKA SEMBAB…. kah kah kah...

  33. Anonymous12:38 pm

    Hi BRO !
    Why no comments about PP

  34. Permatang Pasir1:57 pm


    I am glad you blog about this. At least you shown us what is in your brain.

    I assume your brain works this way:

    1) PKFZ is OTK personal matter
    2) It has nothing to do with BN
    3) OTK is over-estimating his worth by suing Tiong for 500mil.

    Birds of a feather flock together. Brader, you truly is in the same class with your BN gangs.

    That's why people like Datuk Shahrir belongs to the different class.

  35. Anonymous3:44 pm


    Selepas menyerbu pejabat Gedung Kartun semalam, Kementerian Dalam Negeri (KDN) hari ini menyerbu kilang percetakannya dan merampas plat reka bentuk cetakan majalah humor itu.

    Enam pegawai bahagian penerbitan kementerian itu tiba di K Vin Publisher di Seri Kembangan, Serdang jam 11.30 pagi ini dan berada di situ selama hampir sejam.

    Mereka juga merampas lebihan helaian-helaian majalah edisi sulung "majalah jenaka alternatif" bawah pimpinan kartunis politik terkemuka Zunar, atau nama penuhnya Zulkiflee Anwar Haque.


    Kah kah kah….. HEBAT SUNGGUH SATU MALAYSIA INI….kah kah kah…

    Kah kah kah…… BERKUMPUL TAK BOLEH …. Kah kah kah..

    Kah kah kah…..BURUH NAK BUAT KESATUAN SEKERJA TAK BOLEH…. kah kah kah..


    Kah kah kah….NAK TERBIT AKHBAR TAK BOLEH…kah kah kah..

    Woit…. SEKARANG NAK KETAWA PUN TAK BOLEH… kah kah kah…

  36. Anonymous4:58 pm

    Like Dr. M says, it's one way to muzzle your enemies.

    This sort of thing is nothing new. Just pluck a figure and ask the lawyer to do justice with it. The lawyer gets his fee and 'secret commission' from the amount awarded.

    Just live with it.


  37. Anonymous5:00 pm

    Pak belalang

    kalaulah kj berkuasa habislah

    mungkin jadi republic kot

  38. Anonymous7:10 pm

    Pak Nujum,

    UMNO sekarang ni ada dua kumpulan, satu kumpulan yg masih duduk dalam di 'Gua Tempurung dengan syiok sendiri' dan satu lagi dah keluar dari 'Gua Tempurung' (selepas PRU12).....tapi malangnya jumlah besar member2 nya yg masih syiok sendiri lagi!!

    Padahal 'Gua Tempurung' pun akan runtuh bila2 masa, tapi masih enggan keluar !!

    KJ tu jahat, memang semua orang tahu, tapi yg dia ni jenis ada telor tak seperti Muhkriz telor dia simpan kat rumah ! nak debate pon takut..macam manalah boleh dijadikan timbalan menteri,gila ???

    Pak Nujum, respek lah sikit pada orang pandai, bukan orang yg korang upaya macam Pak Nujum !! Saya yakin Pak Nujum pon tak dapat berbalas dengan apa yg ditulis oleh Dato'Sak....pandai2 lah Pak Nujum.

    Pak belalang menunggu Pak Nujum di AK47....nak baca komen2 Pak Nujum di sana.


    Pak Belalang

  39. Anonymous7:53 pm

    The march to putrajaya by pakatan is ineivatble by the looks of things. Period.


  40. Anonymous8:03 pm

    By now, based on the inquiry, Pas should already known who these DAP fellows are.

    A bunch of corrupted politician, no better than the devils that they scared of thus far.

    Hmm, Pas tried to run away from the tigers but end up on the back of a hungry crocodile!!

    Story Teller

  41. Anonymous8:57 pm

    Once a group of chinglots started giving lame excuses to avoid investigation on charges of corruption, the country's harmony is at stake.

    Just can't imagine the amount of shame and chaos this sort of people could bring to this nation in case they dominate the corridor of power.

    Pious Chinglot

  42. wish if he won that half billion ringgit there will be a long queue awaiting him to lead their conglos for 2nd penang bridge, penang monorail, double track railway and etc.... a wonderful then if he shall save govt money and being the project backbencher..

  43. Lawsuit is a way to keep things quiet . It might take years and nobody can comment it.

    Rocky, lets see how you answer about press and media freedom now that the kdn raided "Gedung Kartun".
    Pakatan Rakyat did NOT raid any yet.

  44. Anonymous6:27 am

    Anon -- 3:44 PM


    Woit…. SEKARANG NAK KETAWA PUN TAK BOLEH… kah kah kah…


    Adillah dan kenapa perlu jadi hipokrit? Apakah kat negeri PR semuanya di bolehkan?

    Apakah rumah sembelihan babi di bolehkan di Kedah?

    Apakah kampung buah pala dibenarkan tumbuh macam cendawan di PP?

    Apa maknanya? Bukankah kalau PR memerintah sekalipun mereka akan membuat undang-undang yang lebih ketat dari yang ada sekarang ini?

    Apakah kalau DAP jadi TPM dan Pas jadi menteri wakaf makanya semua pihak bebas mencetak apa saja?

    Tang bab ketawa itu, mungkin kerana bebudak PR tengah sembelit oleh itu tak mampu nak ketawa!! Lagi satu janganlah sampai serban tok ajis pun kartunis jadikan bahan ketawa, ok beb...berpadalah.


  45. Anonymous9:27 am

    This particular one is dedicated to Anon 12:37 and Anon 3:44.


    Dear Sir,

    Towards the end of 1997 and early 1998, I saw you in the back alleys of Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, behind Central Market and several other places in Kuala Lumpur running with some others from some policemen with clubs and tear gases. Of course some years earlier, when you were still stranded in London, Karachi and elsewhere, eking for a living by becoming supermarket assistants and doing some other odd-jobs, your mother had tearfully pleaded with the then-Prime Minister Dr Mahathir to let you come home, seeing as to how you had already "bertaubat" from your socialistic/communistic ways and ready now to become again a citizen of this Tanah Melayu and not just be a self-made revolutionaire equipped with some Karl Marx textbooks that had so inspired you.

    The Prime Minister had agreed. I still remember the event: no sooner than the plane landed bringing you in, your mother had rushed to the runway and greeted you there. You had grown some weight, of course: unlike those times when you had so unsuccessfully tried to seduce the overseas students to be part of your comrades in ideology in Karachi, London and elsewhere. Of course that could be attributed with the capitalistic food you consumed then were not as nutritious as when the iron curtain had not fallen down, but I jest.

    But a soul like yours cannot rest. You still want to be a revolutionary. Of what, to who, against whom, it was still unclear in your mind. But revolt you must. Unfortunately, nobody listened to you. The wily ways of Capitalism, the money-making ventures provided by it, had enriched some of your University Malaya friends, some of whom are now CEOs of big corporations. But you looked at yourself and know deeply that you had wasted a chunk of your adult life in fighting a cause you believe to be true but is slowly and assuredly moving towards extinction.

    But now you must find some money. Socialism do not a bill pay. But you couldn't get a regular job. And your relatives in Kuala Pilah, Jelebu, Seremban and KL all sudah bising. Whenever you turn your back, they sneer. You had, of course, hoped that they would just admire the steel soul that this anak Rais had promulgated but no, that was not to be the case.

    Of course, you attributed your joblessness to your unwillingness to be part of the "Corporate Capitalistic" Cog and Wheel, but truth is, nobody would want to hire you. You are too expensive (heck you are already nearing 60), you lack skill (apart from saying with grace "Do you want fries with that?") and most of all, you have no paper qualification. If it had not been for those days when you demonstrated in Kerinchi and in front of various embassies in KL, you would have at least completed your degree in University Malaya with Anwar Ibrahim. But instead, when others were hauled to Kamunting in a black Maria, you escaped and ran away overseas, hoping to coninue your rebellion without a cause there.


  46. Anonymous9:37 am


    Ah, life is tough for you. You tried to have a hand in film-making. But you don't have experience in that either. You tried to plagiarize "To Wong Foo with Love" and "American Graffiti" and come up with a fusion of the two in "Dari Jemapoh to Manchestee" after having malaynized everything, but it didnt bomb as you had expected. You tried to explain again that this is probably due to the Capitalistic system's ketaksamarataan but deep inside you knew the film wasnt very good.

    And books. Yes you had written a book. Or was it two. Nobody knows and nobody cares because, well, nobody cares. Especially not if it is from some old bohemian punk (what was that Jethro Tull title song again? "Too young to die, Too old to Rock and Roll"). You now look forward to receiving checks from the publisher for its loyalties but truth is: they are not enough. Heck one more time that old car of mine give me some engine trouble, I wouldn't have enough to pay even for spark plug replacements!

    And now this PKR, Opposition etc. thing is worrying you. Oh yes, you hate Anwar Ibrahim to the core. You had earlier on realized that his and your way of "perjuangan" were actually diametrical opposites but at least he, like you, are revolutionaries. You remember the news that you obtained in Karachi in early-80s telling of how Anwar had joined UMNO. You had a slew of swear-words for him then.

    But that was the past. Now Anwar is no longer on the side of those whom you hate more: UMNO, BN, and everything these two stand for. But sometimes, whenever you ready yourself to bed, snuff out the lights, pull up the covers, the silence amidst the breeze that blow from Kampung Gagu got you into thinking:-

    Could this be wrong? What about this and this ?

    I know there's certain truths in this and, more damagingly, this. But what to do? Ah, whatever it is, perjuangan is more important. You say.

    Tomorrow. Perhaps tomorrow a better day awaits. As for now, you would just be content to just sleep it away and dream ...


  47. Anonymous11:31 am


    Do you aware that zahid hamidi do not make any statement of kekalahan Rohaizat. Something smell soo fishy over there...

    You should write about this bro. Don't u think that every kekalahan of BN because of musuh dlm selimut? I don't believe BN so weakness to let PR win the election from time to time.

  48. Anonymous2:26 pm

    Bro, I dont see the big fuss whether TDM or DPM had lied on the Singapore LKY issue… I just want to record my statement somewhere
    “Aiyoh, why so complicated one and big majority are so confused ?
    Why everybody jump the gun…. psychologically should tell me that if I was LKY, I would only threatened the decision maker alone, without any witness and knowing LKY, he has done it to TAR and he would do it again and again as long it serves his purpose.


  49. Anonymous3:42 pm

    This new UMNO agent provocateur called Eddy is the latest those scumbags in PWTC engage to spin lies in his pathetic attempt to deflect crticisms from MACC over TBH case and other UMNO-related cases. Like his UMNO bosses, this Eddy talks rubbish and is fit to have his face flushed down the toilet with all the shit! Podah Eddy! Go wallow in your shit and urine in your kubang babi in PWTC. Don't insult the intelligence of the people with your spins..which are fit for the jambans of this country...

    Citizen Joe

  50. Anonymous4:33 pm

    A sensational revelation à la Dallas by IsaKontot about AI. Another window opens up with regards to him, yes him..

    Wow! What can I say?!

    (One of the "segments" reminds me of JR telling one of his mistresses not to dwell about their relationship to anyone...Like this, M'sia can lawan Hollywood laa...sun, sex, stupidity, sensation, all inside what!!).

    Thanks anyway IsaKontot. Merci.

    "Perry Winkle"

  51. Sorry Bro Rocky sudah lari dari your post asal but can't resist this:

    Oi citizen joe anon 3:42,

    Too bad I have to dissapoint you, I am no UMNO member, but I do believe in and support BN. I only go to PWTC for Seminars or Industrial Exibitions though.

    Too bad your goobledegook immature rubbish showed that you have a pea sized brain so I would not waste time to engage you. Oklah, maybe after you flush the pig shit between your ears I'd consider, maybe.

  52. Anonymous7:54 am

    Pak Belalang Kontot,

    KJ jahat? I did not say it but you did. Enough about him cos now he is worth 'diddly squat' when papa in law no more PM.

    As for Mukhriz, well let's see! At least he is humble enough for common UMNO members. PM appoints him and he did not appoint himself ok.

    As for AK47, hmmm i think he is given too much credit for being so called an intelligent UMNO member. He is what I would call a frustrated politician who talk a good game but could not walk the talk. He only publishes comments that supports his writings.

    As for you Kontot, eat your heart out....he he he

    Pak Nujum

  53. Anonymous4:35 pm

    will the OCPD of Bintulu please step up and reveal all the cases on TKS, the Don of Bintulu.

    Pegawai Khas