Monday, June 08, 2009

Something rotten in our blogosphere

With updates, 1pm June 9:

RPK's My apology to Rusdi.

Original posting:

"When they threaten your family ....". There's a very sickening trend in Malaysian blogosphere, where some socio-political bloggers are exposing bloggers who are Anons or who use nicknames, especially if they are not politically like-minded.

In the most recent attempt at exposing their enemies, some pro-Anwar bloggers, led by the self-exiled Raja Petra Kamaruddin himself, have published in their blogs the picture of a Najib aide whom they believe to be the provocative pro-Najib blogger, Pasquale.

RPK's Malaysia Today even published a photograph (see screenshot) of Rusdi Mustapha (the Najib aide) with his wife and only daughter, thus inviting hate comments against all three even in Rusdi's blog, Seri Menanti.

Both Rusdi and Pasquale are on my blogroll: Rusdi's under Special Interest category and Pasquale under the Politics Anonymous category.

Rusdi may or may not be Pasquale. But if Rusdi was, do you have to drag his family in? Blogger Sakmongkol, who attempted to expose a couple of pro-Umno bloggers the other day, said Rusdi is Pasquale and Pasquale is Rusdi. But the two ladies in the photograph are not Pasquale. They are Rusdi's wife and daughter and they are not related to Pasquale at all.

I thought we were all grown-ups who should understand where to draw the line, to separate the personal and the politics, and what should be kept private and made public. Obvioulsy, some of us are still two-year olds.

Now please read Rusdi Mustapha's "When they threaten your family, it's time to shut the blog" here. Rusdi told me he will keep it there for a few days, after which Seri Menanti will be accessible only to his friends and family members.

p.s. Let me put on record here that when RPK's son was in the news, neither Pasquale not Rusdi Mustapha put up a post on the matter. I didn't to, either. That's his personal/family affair, man.

Read also Big Dog's take here.
"Bloggers yang tak bertanggung-jawab", di sini.




  2. There is just one simple description of the war in the blogosphere. I can simplify it by saying that the tenets of Pakatan Rakyat leaders, supporters and bloggers are basically intimidation, defamation and affirmation.

    Blogs nowadays have turned into a warzone. The alternative side tends to sow the seeds of hatred, intimidation and seek only affirmation. When criticised, they rise like thugs against the critics.

    It is undeniable that when someone blogs and criticises Pakatan Rakyat's policies, these bloggers will be called lapdogs, cronies, fools and all kinds of profanities and foul words that you can imagine.

    The trend these days is that whoever speaks against Pakatan leaders or policies, they are to be intimidated, ridiculed and name callings as part of the script.

    The latest trend is of course attacking pro UMNO bloggers and the innocent ones who are not SOPO.

    If this continues in the free and least regulated blogopshere, one can imagine what will happen if Pakatan Rakyat leaders become our Federal Government and their supporters come out in droves daily to support them.

    If we say the Police and the current Government leaders are abusing their powers and depriving Malaysians of their basic rights and freedom, can you imagine what Malaysia will become under Pakatan just by reading the comments posted by their supporters in blogs?

    Will Malaysia evolve into a street mob State and will the essence of basic rights and freedom flourish under Pakatan Rakyat and the troops of supporters that they command ?

    I am very worried about the future of Malaysia for one day if we allow this "bulldozing" mentality to govern our country, this mentality will be imparted in the minds of every Malaysian.

    Maybe 1Malaysia can offer free tutorials to these bloggers on the 8 Values of 1 Malaysia that will establish a better environment for our country.

  3. Anonymous5:56 pm

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  4. Rocky -- sounds so shameful -- this mud slinging and Rusdi affair..what has happened to blogsphere in Malaysia, alamak!

  5. Ahli Tinju5:59 pm

    Blogger memang patut berubah. Tak baik orang Melayu dipandang tak beradab macam ini.

  6. Anonymous6:04 pm

    Now we can see, who is the real devil here. So called freedom of speech? Human's right? that some political parties have been shouting day in and day out. They're not even the authorities, and yet.. they have shown their true colors. Who is oppressing who now? Think again.

  7. Rocky,

    I have been silent on your blog for a while, but I would like to congratulate you on your appointment to MM. Good Luck.

    As for the current atmosphere, Khairy and the "4th Floor" really needs to control their band of bloggers, its getting annoying. Given RPK's Singaporean links, I think its quite clear that RPK has fallen into Khairy's and Omar Ong's hands. They are using him to bash anyone and everyone they don't link. I hope they be more "bertatasusila" in their attacks and don't get too personal.

    As for Sakmongkol, I think he's a real Malay, unlike Khairy's Hindu links and Omar Ong's Chinese dad and mom- at least as an elder Malay, he should limit himself to certain limits. While the projects he's getting might be lucrative, adat resam plays a part.

    This is UMNO's fault for accepting all kinds of self-proclaimed Malays. Omar Ong is UMNO Johor Bendahari, despite having ethic Chinese parents. shocking.. next what? Chin Peng's son in UMNO?

  8. Anonymous6:23 pm

    This the No 1 racist blogger who can't even agree with Najib 1Malaysia so where do he stand?
    Best forgotten lah!

    Who needs his photos? You can always visualize him as a racist with a pig or a dog face.

    Ali the Baba

  9. Hmm boleh pula kalau nak panggil orang YB BABI or Melayu Babi and so forth... adakah tu lebih mulia????

  10. I got to say I agree with this. No written codes of conduct needed. But so long as we are not libelling or basically screwing things up there is no need to identify or make connections. I wish to remain Oldfart, if you don't mind. As it has already been exposed, I appear as Paul Warren on Wordpress. Not that I wanted to mislead, but fromt he same information that I have given if that is how the authors of Blogspot and Wordpress wich to identify be it....And for whatever reason I am the "Observer" on Screenshots. (Sorry if I just messed up an opportunity for pre-mature ejaculation for making that connection for anyone out there.) and for those of you who have met me in person. You know who I am. And I don't hide that from you do I? Although you know me better as either Oldfart or Paul Warren.

  11. Zahid Kamaruddin6:33 pm


    Najib layanlah, nanti kena terajang dengan UMNO baru tau.

  12. Rocky,

    I bought a gun a few months ago. Tunggu masa nak pakai.

  13. Anonymous6:48 pm

    Dulu banyak bloggers beria-ia sangat mengekspos siapa monsterball dan siapa yang bermatian-matian mempertahankan monsterball - sheikh seorang sahajakan. Akhibatnya Sheikh dihentam dan diboikot oleh rakan-rakan bloggers sendiri. Sdr Rocky, walaupun anda tak terlibat dalam kes monsterball, tapi anda provide the linkkan jadi kita terlibat juga le tu.


  14. Anonymous6:52 pm

    "something rotten in our blogosphere"

    so, what ? isn't it part of the games!

    Rockybru, before you start pointing finger at others...remember three of your fingers is pointing back at you !!

    Rockybru classic cases " Anwar Vs.Sultan" , kalimullah drinking like a fish...etc..etc..


  15. Tak suka Najib sebab Ong.7:07 pm

    Menurut mereka2 yang memang "power" ilmu politik, kalau Dol Badawi jatuh kerana Khairy Jamaluddin, Najib Tun Razak akan jatuh terjunam kerana Omar Ong.

    Najib kira hari sebelum keluar.

  16. Bro..

    RPK has gone from a prolific blogger to a nuisance blogger. Not only among us bloggers but for the society as well..

    It doesn't mean any difference should he return to this country or not.


  17. Anonymous7:24 pm

    Memang Omar Ong itu Cina, tapi mendapat keistimewaan yang dikhaskan buat orang melayu. Sebab itulah, UMNO dah tak dipercayai oleh orang Melayu.
    Not Average Joe in Bed (NAJIB)

  18. Guys, you should see the extend of the negative works in SG\s social blogs where girls find dirts on each other etc.

    I am not condoning anything, but surely am not the person who can throw the first stone. Lets not try to be alim or above

  19. Anonymous7:28 pm

    Apa blogger nak buat diblognya terpulang pada blogger. Tapi tolonglah jangan bawa hal isteri dan anak orang lain. Saya rasa Rusdi @ Barking Magpie memang kurang ajar tulis pasal isteri dan anak orang. RPK pun memang salah, tapi yang lebih meluat ialah RUSDI.
    Newrotic Amazing Joe in Bed (NAJIB.

  20. joshie8:02 pm

    Lepas aku baca link Dato' Bendahara, terkejut beruk aku.

    If I ever get my hands on Omar Mustapha Ong, I'll beat the FUCK out of him until he forgets even his own name. I'm damned fucking serious. TRY ME>

  21. Anonymous8:08 pm

    Let/s set the record straight. Pascqueale play by his dirty rules, and he should expect the same. Period.

  22. Bro

    Blogger adalah VIP. Mereka yg patut limitkan diri mereka. Sama juga RPK atau magpie. Kalau mereka tidak ada limit. One day, orang akan bosan. Dan mungkin orang akan 'istihar perang' terhadap mereka. Lebih-lebih lagi bloggers yg cakap tak serupa bikin...

  23. as well as Rusdhi aka Pasquale who called someone YB BABI in his blog...

  24. Me thinks malaysians in general or at least visitors or commenters in this sphere are not ready to articulate their thoughts and put forward their arguments in a decent way. Some tend to abuse this new found freedom and stretch it beyond the norms of decency. It's a pity really. Even commenters in my small sports blog resort to name calling and unsubstantiated allegations without hesitation. Very few have the gumption to reveal their identities. There are many intelligent and highly educated bloggers and commenters, sure, but they often let their political affiliation cloud their judgement. I fear for the future of blogosphere!anyway rusdi, I respect your decision to pull the plug on seri menanti but I will certainly miss this unique nogori blog! Let's have lunch at the nice French restaurant in ampang hahaha

  25. Anonymous8:31 pm

    rocky have a spine man or are u a boy.

  26. When Jed Yoong blog was still available, I used to like it until she put the picture of Bigdog and his family in her blog. I did not respect her anymore and stop reading her blog even b4 she decided to close the blog.

  27. Anonymous8:42 pm

    Well, I have to agree with you in this case...this is what you call "ETHICS". Only in a nation filled with ethical people will we find this humble word.

  28. Anonymous8:48 pm

    When people starts denying who they are or being exposed they turn chicken on instant their family stake is threaten by verbile attacks.Oh! they did'nt care about people's feelings when they call malays who did'nt agree to their tone "melayu babi this and that!Was it right then?Why now act righteous when the going is not conducieve to them?
    Why pretend to act innocent?
    Of all person you felled for the oldest trick in town!Come Rocky you knew this would happen if people sow seeds of anger and hatred!
    Dont expect we bloggers to sit and stare at the four walls!Good deeds begets good tidings.


  29. Anonymous8:50 pm

    I have TOTALLY barred myself from reading articles in Malaysia Today. Its the worst of reporting of news by a person who cherished press freedom. Same to the malaysianinsider its total craps also. Now i just read thestaronline because at least they give a responsible reporting of news.
    Its easier to talk then walk the talk. Worst RPK is on the run.

    Anak Nogori

  30. Anonymous9:45 pm

    It has been their modus operandi from day one.

    PR followers worship demons. They DemonStrate and DemonIse when disgruntled.

    These demons are not straight but they will force their twisted opinions upon others.

    If you do not agree to their manipulated agenda, you will be their victim, no matter who.

    They ridicule all those who do not agree with their twisted manipulations and when they run out of blames, they resort to 'below the belt' tactics.

    And yet they want to lead this beautiful country with their leadership by bad example?


  31. Anonymous9:46 pm

    It has been their modus operandi from day one.

    PR followers worship demons. They DemonStrate and DemonIse when disgruntled.

    These demons are not straight but they will force their twisted opinions upon others.

    If you do not agree to their manipulated agenda, you will be their victim, no matter who.

    They ridicule all those who do not agree with their twisted manipulations and when they run out of blames, they resort to 'below the belt' tactics.

    And yet they want to lead this beautiful country with their leadership by bad example?


  32. Let Us Start Thinking and Acting Professionally. Bother the posts BUT not the writers.

  33. Anonymous9:52 pm


    Hmmm Interesting....

    I've seen many "Orang Connected" Melayu diMalaysia ada bini Mat Salleh...

    Anak anak mereka biasa juga di suruh cari mat salleh or other non malay to get them away from the Melayu Totok...

    Take what you can from the Melayu but don't let your children marry them....

    My Congrats to them and keep it up...

    Joe Black

  34. Anonymous10:15 pm

    For how many years has Pasquale aka Rusdi been calling other malays BABI?
    RPK apologised even though he says his son was beaten up by the UMNO controlled cops to extract a confession.
    When will Rusdi start apologising to his saudara the big BABI who is advisor to PKR?
    Why is Rusdi ashamed of his wife that he does not want her picture to be seen? Is it bcos she is not malay?


  35. Anonymous10:35 pm

    A hypocrite Racialist Bigot - All I can say since Rusdi should only keep the same creed in his family (all should be the same race as he, since to he consider all Non Malays as his enemy

    Alhamdullilah! Syukur! While I am sure it is a blow to PKR over the victory of incumbent PAS deputy president, Nasharudin Mat Isa, in keeping his post, it is also a victory for a lot of Malays who want to see a semblance of a total Malay unity when facing a common enemy, is in the making.


    He treat

    "I am a Malay of a Minangkabau descent.

    If I am given the opportunity to lead this multi-racial country of about 24 millions morons, I shall pass.

    It is not that easy to govern this country of morons."

    -Babi Rusdi

  36. Anonymous12:17 am


    May u do the right thing for your next generation. GOD is watching u no matter which side you're. GOD give you what you have now and they may take it back from you when time come. Do for your family and future generation. Ask your heart, will you willing to see your grandchildren suffer from what you did today? God bless you.

  37. Anonymous12:21 am

    Alahai bro, ugut mengugut, caci mencaci, babi membabi, m'fcuker dah jadi resmi dunia blog. Org peduli apa bro...janji tak kena batang hidung diorang tapi bila dah berlaku...gundah gulana bro...semua boleh cerita punya...boleh kowtim la, boleh belanja makan la, boleh main la...terpulang pada orang tu la bro. Pasal tu jangan cerita pasal maruah dan prinsip kalau nak jadi blogger mahupun kalau nak komen. Tapi bersiap la untuk dipekena balik. Baik RPK, mahupun Rusdi Mustapha serupa aje... Maksudnya dunia dah nak kiamat!


  38. Anonymous12:50 am



    FCUK OFF!!!



  39. Anonymous12:58 am

    level playing field?

    give us a break! he is just a phathetic alcohol-intoxicated blogger.

  40. Anonymous1:08 am

    harlo locky!

    who started this mud-slinging?

    be bi-partisan otherwise move on to other topic & talk stupid!

  41. Anonymous1:34 am

    Hello Rocky,

    Dis ain't your fight, u still got to pow-wow with nst...

    Or have those puny assholes in nst hung up their gloves? and if they do, go after them & run them to their graves!

    Some assholes should be taught a lesson.

  42. Anonymous1:45 am

    ok! we got it, when some anon blogger whack his family member... it got to be okay?

    but when he hit back, typical response la... below the belt la! not ethical la! blah, blah blah!

    just like pro-umno, pro-utusan melayu whack the non-malay its okay but when these non-malays flers said response, those bastard in umno called them ungrateful assholes... hei! go figure it out yourself!

  43. Anti Anak Omak2:30 am



  44. ANTI ANWAR3:40 am

    Profile Din Merican,

    70 years old, economist, tinggal kat Holiday villa subang(hotel) dh berapa tahun dah, divorce, kahwin ngan orang Vietnam, a very lonely guy.

    Kerja ngan Anwar kat Office Anwar, everyday all he did was blogging.

  45. Ini kes kurang ajar ni. Tolong jgn babitkan keluarga, lepas ni ape bagi alamat rumah pulak supaya ada geng2 bodoh pergi rumah blogger yg x sealiran lepas tu buat kacau n takut2 kan kat rumah dia.

    I rase ni sudah lebih ni untuk freedom of expression rakyat malaysia bukannya tempat org bodoh cari gaduh atau tempat jadi samseng.

  46. it looks like some bloggers have a mission -- to expose the identities of certain bloggers...

    i know why the Anwar's supporters want Pasquale's blood.
    I think they can give it back to him by calling him names.

    They're taking a step further. They're convinced he is Rusdi. So they're attacking Rusdi and those dear to him -- his family.

    Good show, guys. Do that more often. You'll endear more people to you.

    Cheap shot and below the belt.

  47. oh? hate your own prescribed medicine i see.

    it's ok. PR don't control the Police Raja Di Malaysia & i won't even hurt a fly.

    Expose a pro-PR that is something else...

  48. Minah Rempit9:46 am

    this is a good reason why blogs can NEVER be taken seriously...just a bunch of emotional goons on the loose.

  49. Anonymous9:50 am

    see how RPK n M2day been punked!

    Kah kah kah keh keh keh ha ha ha ho ho ho ... RPK cannot be trusted.


  50. But still they are considered Hero!

    Whether we are with or against anybody, the LEAST WE COULD DO IS TO HAVE SOME CLASS.

  51. Anonymous10:02 am

    helo brader rock,
    u sendiri pandai cakap hal orang.ini blogsphere lah bro. cuma orang2 tak beretika dan masing2 ada motif sendiri aje bukak web page sendiri. so my advice is berani main berani tanggung lah. tak perlu nak bagi advice atau kutuk2 2 year olds lah. rusdi deserves wats coming to him as he is a hardcore player himself. perkataan babi itu terlalu amat keji in islam....the unlimited usage of tat word in his blog only reflects his wonder he looks like a babi himself.ethics does not exist in blogsphere. u should no better bro coz u r as guilty as everyone of them
    james c.

  52. TheDotedlyFlamboyant_IsaKontot10:52 am

    Here’s an analysis of the Pasquale-Rusdi quagmire:-

    First of all, Pasquale vehemently denies that he is Rusdi, even as far as devoting an entire posting “addressed to Mr Rusdi” apologising for the predicament that has now befallen Rusdi and Family “due to him” . This may or may not be true. If it is, that posting is very much called for. If it is not, then the very act of denying your identity whence so much evidences point to it shows a certain kind of integrity lacking in the blogger. And of course, when one is deemed lacking in integrities and principles, everything else falls apart, especially related to whatever political inclination he is representing.

    But what is suspect is the following matter: say Pasquale indeed is NOT Rusdi. Shouldn’t he then enjoy this very recognition diversion and capitalise it to the max? Why be so gabra and be apologetic about it? I mean, I would! Let’s say I am an anonymous blogger who writes nastily about people and people are feeling very nasty about me and wah lau! someone then makes the association that, this DotedlyFlamboyant_IsaKontot is actually, err, say, … BigDog in disguise, whereas I am not! Then shouldn’t I be happy that people are making this convenient error, thereby still preserving my anonimity? But noooo… not Pasquale and Rusdi. BOTH put up defensive postings, one meekly lamenting on his family, and the other setting up profuse denials. The correct move should have been not to accept the Bishop’s Gambit: Pasquale should have just laughed at the association in his blog and Rusdi should have just be silent, continue with his Seri Menanti postings and act just as if his detractors do not exist!

    To be fair, Pasquale/Rusdi or Pasquale/NotRusdi could have not only come out from this snafu unscathed, he might actually have won the PR battle. Outspoken or widely-popular-with-anti-malay-afficionados though he may be, Ayah Mithali RPK is not really a towering beacon of exemplary morals one makes him out to be, what with all these troubles being a fugitive of the law, sembunyi-baling-tangan SDs and allegations, and most recently, the jailbird son he brought up (though hushed-hushed up in the blogosphere in a true spirit of bloggerthieves honour). And hey! What is this Bringing-young-boys-to-have-sex-with-his-wife thing that Pasquale is saying. Do I smell a true blue scandal of an intricate order coming round?

    Rocky, I read again and again your posting here, fine lines and all. Nowhere do you say Pasquale is Rusdi, but on the same breath nowhere do we find any denials either. This is interesting, given that you know Rusdi very well (the pictures) but you also know Pasquale very well too. Numerous times the latter has, in his blog, either referred to you, quoted you or supported you in almost every move you make. You DO know Pasquale. To the very bone. And in the blogosphere, only YOU can verify or deny in truth whether the two identities are one and the same. This you conveniently do not do, and we understand that very well.

    Nevertheless, what some bloggers are doing, exposing anonymities whence the very reason some blogs exist themselves are due to the anonymities provided, is very despicable indeed. Only people desperate out for support and recognition would resort to that.

    And lastly folks: I, IsaKontot, also am in the knowledge to ascertain whether Pasquale is indeed Rusdi or he is not, with certainty. Just that I am not telling too. LoL!

  53. wah...Rocky on a high horse!!

  54. Dear Rocky,

    I agree with you, we should be matured enough not to divulge those who blog anonymously and even worse to drag in their families.This, I think is a lowly act.

    As bloggers we have every right to decide which side of the fence we want to be and it is also our right to express our opinion.You can be critical yet be civil about it. Those resorting to swearing profanities and blabbering nonsense goes to show their own shallowness and incapacity to participate in healthy debate.

    My advice to those who can't control their anger and become too personal is to stop blogging.

    Blogging is an arena for us to have intelligent discourses,exchange of ideas and healthy debate, not for throwing malicious cyber punches.

    I was also a victim of Raja Petra's dislike for opposing views when he instigated a police report to be made against me for what he called an insult against Islam in one of my articles where I say I will not vote for PAS because of its attempt to pass hudud law in this country.

  55. I notice this din marican talked about 'hippocratic" oath when someone mentioned his wife possible relationship with Azalina, well RPK has apologised to Rusdi Mustapha for dragging his family, you Din Marican must do the same! Take off his picture from your blogsite. I was told that if you do not do it in one week he will sue you, yes sue you, and his friends will post more shit about your wife if you don't!
    Like doctors we blogger must also have some decorum. I was also told Sakmongkol has also been given a week to take off his picture from his blogsite or he will also dealt with accordingly, like a lawsuit and already talking to a lawyer I was told. Rusdi Mustapha is not Pasquale, for the last time! Rusdi Mustapha will also bring the matter to the Prime Minister for insinuating Rusdi Mustapha is a person of ill repute and to be associated with the PM. So you guys better do the right thing--in one week! Or all of Sakmongkol's shit will be made public for sure!

  56. Anonymous12:34 pm

    soon, politically aligned blogs and websites will only get visits from party supporters. They can then syiok sendiri by whacking each other in the cyberspace divide. Well, as long as they don't whack each other at Dataran Merdeka, i am fine with it.

    Puteri Gunung Baling

  57. Anonymous1:02 pm

    Aiyah Goh Wei Liang,

    You just sit there quitely overseas and observe after that write a book lah ... why talk like you already rubbing shoulders with any of the politician mah ... haiya i sense you are beginning to sounde like self proclaim "Guru's" no one heard of you lah Taiko... neither asked of your wisdom.

    You become author of a few more books or even winning some award from nobel price or umno prize then you talk about "bull dozing & 1Malaysia" OK ? in the meantime no one asked anything from you asswipe.

    Ptuiih UMNO.


  58. Anonymous1:45 pm

    What are you all doing about the police beatings.......????

  59. Big Brother3:02 pm

    Pasquale is in hot soup for calling some one by the polite term 'brother'.

    Brother Anuar Bin Ibrahim is actually a humble way to address someone he regards as a brother.

    So what's all the fuss about being polite?

  60. Bro Pasquale, please reveal everthing about them, someone have to teach em a lesson!

    Kalau dibiar makin naik kepala bloggers anak omak ni!!!

  61. nstman5:16 pm

    Rocky, i think it is time you came down from your high horse and state whether you are Najib's point man or not. And pse stop pontificating about Pasquale. Pasquale deserves only contempt.

  62. While RPK action is not right, and he has unreservedly apologised for it today, the demise of Pasquale and Barking Magpie blogs will be no big loss to Blogdom.

    The world of blogging is too big to worry about 1 or 2 who drop out for whatever reasons. Th eriplle will not be noticed!

  63. Rocky, please allow this through and thank you. Something as beautiful as this should be publicized for all to read, especially RPK's and PKR's "frothing at the mouth" fans.

    Real classic, especially coming from RPK himself, which was taken from his latest posting on:

    The Barisan Nasional disease

    "It has come to a stage that even I no longer read the comments in Malaysia Today. Except for one or two, most of the comments not only miss the point and are out of context but are also emotional raving and ranting that do not add value to the news report or articles.

    What many Umno Bloggers and anti-opposition people say about those who comment in Malaysia Today is actually quite true. The comments are not worth reading and are mostly hentam Umno or Barisan Nasional out of hatred and nothing more. There are hardly any constructive suggestions as to how the opposition can improve itself and in that same process improve the situation in this country."

    Here guys, take the Kleenex and go wipe your mouths.

  64. Anonymous7:30 pm

    If they really wanna play dirt and evil.. lets bring on to them.
    It does not take long to strip every personal detail of these PR brat bloggers and have their and their family's life in this country a living hell...

    Fit of Rage

  65. Funny isn't it how Parpukari, Rocky, and that dog guy have their collective panties in a twist over this, but had no qualms with the mainstream media's blatant highlighting of RPK's son.

    Back then, there was only silence.

    It is even funnier considering that these UMNO-apologists use the 'fight-fire-with-fire' argument to justify the Perak fiasco.

    Whither now is that logic?


  66. What-a-waste9:24 pm

    RPK, RPK, RPK... The bugger just can't stay a second away from being mentioned either in positive or negative air.
    We need these sorts of personalities to colour our society, although I doubt that too many of us will be taking him seriously.

  67. Magpie, you should stop trying to dig a bigger hole for yourself. "Nasi sudah jadi bubor", and everyone knows your real identity long before this expose was made.

    Yes, I know how ridiculous it sounds to be an ethnic supremacist when your spouse is a Westerner.

  68. Anonymous10:46 pm

    Apology? the way RPK operates is shoot from the hip, then ce-lest-vie!

    Raja Paper Kutuk

  69. Sick of Idiots11:13 pm

    People like Vish are dumb beyond all belief! When the MSM wrote about RPK's son, it was the truth and nothing but the truth. They guy admitted to it lah. And RPK is now a figure of interest in Malaysia, a celebrity if you will. So, the news value.
    When RPK posted Rusdi's photo and that of his wife and daughter, that was bad because he was being linked to Pasquale. Now, do you, Vish, know for a fact that Pasquale is Rusdi? I don't! What RPK did was bad. Pasquale is not exactly the most loved person in blogosphere. Hell, even I don't like his rabid postings. I think he goes way too far. So when you link Rusdi with Pasquale, then you invite some idiot to do something to Rusdi (and in this case, maybe even his family). Now if Pasquale and Rusdi are not one and the same, then Rusdi (and perhaps his family) get into a spot of bother (to put it mildly) when they are in fact innocent. Do you see it now Vish?
    I may not agree with Pasquale, but I would not attack Rusdi because somebody said he may be Pasquale. Unfortunately, I don't think everyone is like me.
    Now Vish, get off your high horse!

  70. Anonymous12:10 am

    Everyone knows RPK and his family, thus why publishing Rushi and his family picture is considerated "Rotten!"
    Did Rushi said something "Rotten" ?
    If not, he should be proud he is on the same level as RPK now.
    C'mon don't cry baby...the 24 million Malaysia Moron are smart enough to not to put up hate blog on his family.. They too have wife/s and daughter/s!
    Have any one seen any hate-messages as yet ?????


  71. Don't know anymore about such moral issue. I am beginning to understand that Homo sapein is meant to be created imperfect as being perfect. It just like preparing a witch broth, and telling the last witch 'Hey, you can throw anything but broccoli!' Just because the broccoli has not been thrown before that. Anyway, congratulation on your new assignment. be fair as much as possible. Cheer.

  72. Don't know anymore about such moral issue. I am beginning to understand that Homo sapein is meant to be created imperfect as being perfect. It just like preparing a witch broth, and telling the last witch 'Hey, you can throw anything but broccoli!' Just because the broccoli has not been thrown before that. Anyway, congratulation on your new assignment. be fair as much as possible. Cheer.

  73. Bro talking about RPK and Malaysia Today ah...


    How Malaysia Today and RPK got PUNKED

  74. Anonymous10:14 am


    I read RPK's 'apology'. Didnt amount to much, actually. It has a 'Oh they did it to me, so i can do it to you' feel to it.
    In the spirit given? All i can do is give a big sigh. Sudah jadi bubur.
    I also agree with Goh Wei Liang. its a warzone out there. Most of the blogs has lost its direction.
    We just cant agree to disagree.


  75. Anonymous12:32 pm

    yes rotten...truly rotten...

    teruk betul. boleh saman ini wikipedia tak?

    asyik nama Najib je disebut berulang kali.... Najb kan dah sumpah....tak pernah jumpa dan tak tahu tuya nie...

    camana wikipedia boleh tulin nie...

    She was allegedly introduced to Abdul Razak Baginda, a defense analyst from the Malaysian Strategic Research Centre think-tank, at an international diamond convention in Hong Kong by Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister, Najib Tun Razak, and had a relationship with him.[4] She reportedly had worked as Abdul Razak’s translator on a deal he was brokering for the Malaysian government to buy submarines from France. The pair seem to have travelled to Paris together for the submarine deal.[5] The two quickly became romantically involved. Altantuya, nicknamed Tuya by her friends, proved to be a useful assistant, helping Baginda translate from Russian to English. Amy, Altantuya’s best friend said that at the end of March 2005 the couple was in Paris, where they met with Najib Razak. She mentioned that a picture was taken which showed the three in a Parisian private club. “Tuya showed me the pix. She said that one of the men was her boyfriend, Abdul Razak Baginda, and the other the “big boss”, Najib Razak. I asked her if they were brothers because of the names, but she said no, and that Najib Razak was the ‘prime minister’”.

    mat ronggeng

  76. Dear 'Sick of Idiots',

    For someone who is sick of idiots, your argument sure has a ton of holes in it.

    Firstly, how do YOU know that RPK's son is guilty.

    Do you know this for a fact? How could you, unless you saw him yourself.

    No - you trust that the MSM reporting information released by the police is accurate.

    But have either of these institutions proven to be accurate in the past? Have either of them even (at very least) proven to be fair and unbiased?

    Your entire argument is based on the naive and silly assumption that both the MSM and the police are infallible sources of information.

    Going solely on their track record, neither are anywhere close to that.

    Sure - RPK's son might have confessed, but confessions can be coerced, as we have seen in the past.

    And even if he was guilty, would he have been paraded throughout the MSM if he wasn't RPK's son?

    Would there have been a huge picture, big headline, and a lot of coverage, or would it have just been a small footnote on the edge of a page were he not the 'son of RPK'?

    In Rusdi's case, he may or may not be Pasquale. Sure. But by the same 'fight-fire-with-fire' rules that UMNO-apologists dictate, RPK has done nothing wrong.

    Hey, the police fired water cannons to 'in case' a peaceful gathering got unruly right? UMNO arrested a journalist under the ISA 'in case' her safety was threatened, right?

    All these things based on pure suspicion, and you get angry at this?

    Wake up.

    Personally, I think that the entire fight-fire-with-fire argument is stupid. It is, and has been, UMNO's credo.

    All I said is that it's funny that the same frothing personas that so advocated it once, now decry it.


  77. Anonymous9:01 am

    sy dulu really fanatic with this websites. fanatik! tapi skrg i fikir MT tak lebih dari majalah hiburan URTV cuba artisnya org politik. and paling penting, sy hilang kepercayaan dgn 'sumber2 luaran' 'sahih' genuine whatever u call it. dia sendiri pun main letak jer aper report dia terima and claimed it was genuine, from credible sources..bila tau bagaimana diorg nie 'menapis' maklumat and dgn mudahnya siarkan..i feel like what the heck! kepercayaan sy sudah tiada.

    now jgn harap sy akan membaca dgn sepenuh kepercayaan lagi. no more. sy bc sekali sekali utk suka2..but to trust this website..very unlikely.

  78. Anonymous9:06 pm

    I twittered the..Ubbertwitter…yeah