Friday, June 05, 2009

Toyata Avanza, WRW 8402, Green

Get this Road Bully! The coward in his 30s who assaulted a 72-year old pensioner in Damansara Damai is probably holed up at home, beating up his wife, children or perhaps his own parents.

If you know the driver/owner of the green Avanza (see pic) bearing the above registration number, please make a report to the nearest police station.

Do not try to engage him, especially if you are old and weak, a woman, or a helpless child.

Read the Star's story here on what the bully did to someone old enough to be his dad.


  1. Anonymous7:08 pm

    Aku ingatkan Pie "Mami Jarum" yang kena belasah tadi, muka nak sama. Where did you get the plate number? I don't see any number in the Star.


  2. Anonymous7:19 pm

    well done rocky someone needed to do this.

  3. Anonymous7:20 pm

    Hang him upside down from the busiest traffic light at the most busiest junction right in the city centre for 24 hours. He deserves no less.

  4. Anonymous7:24 pm

    how you know the plate number? not mentioned in the paper (linked)

    = stranger =

  5. I got the number plate and the description of the car from the victim's daughter.

    malsia1206, Agreed. That will teach these bullies.

  6. Anonymous7:34 pm

    While I sympathize with M.Edward, I believe it take two unreasonable persons to culminate into a fight (well if M. Edward is young he would have fought back). If only one is a levelheaded person and stay in the car none of this will happen.

    Beside we only hear one side of the story. But still the road bully is guilty and he should be punished.


  7. If u have the registration number, the police should be able to trace the owner and the address in a few seconds. The car is new and JPJ has all the record with a touch of a button. They don't even need the public's assistance on this one actually and the case should'be been solved by now.

    But you did the right thing by highlighting it.

  8. Anonymous8:09 pm

    The trend is already there, young men and even women nowadays speak rudely to their parents .....

    yes, they no longer speak by the honorific "papa-mama", "bapak-emak", "abah-ibu" but rather "You" and "I".

    For a 30-something to hit a 72 year old person ...well [regardless whether the old person is depressed, agitated, slow driving etc etc etc ] parents at that age are sometimes like that ..
    alzhemier , heart problems, hypertension etc etc etc..

    coming to 70 ..father

  9. Bro, nowadays all the gangster's are fearless to police! I wonder why?

    Anyway bro, if i happen to meet this fella, i want him to taste my 150kg weight la bro!

  10. Anonymous8:22 pm

    Another road bully, another publicity stunt. Nothing more.

  11. Anonymous8:41 pm

    there are many of them out there. just be careful....something has to be done to stop this hooligans from injuring innocent people!!!! they are supposed to be in the asylum, not on the road!

    mat kodiang

  12. Anonymous8:44 pm

    Keep us posted in this thing. I bet if the number is legal, the police can easily trace it from JPJ database. Better still if we can make big posters (similar to Sharlinie) and put it everywhere.. This guy does not deserve to be treated as civilized human! Apa dia ingat jalanraya dibuat untuk dia sorang ka??? Pi rah mab*k!!!

  13. Anonymous9:27 pm

    Tahniah bro, secebis khidmat masyarakat yang tinggi nilainya. ATAS PAGAR

  14. Anonymous9:36 pm

    From plate number, surely someone can get his name or picture. Hope the police will get this soon.

    Nice if gambar dan nama juga dipampang for all to see. High time we let these faces be seen.

    Bravo to daughter who managed to jot down the number!


  15. well he got the wrong victim this time...

  16. Lynch the bugger!

  17. Anonymous11:01 pm

    if u bru has the number, the police should have it too. police would know what the next action should be. car owner details r available in jpj. red.A

  18. Fosufy11:07 pm

    aggressive driving and road rage, although separate entities, are on the rise, especially in urban areas.

  19. Anonymous11:15 pm

    why no mention what race the bully is???mesti samseng cina....

    people's people

  20. Look how stupid educated people are???
    dont tell me he is a school drop out or did not go to school.....
    he is rich n so he drive a toyota Avanza not a proton saga....

  21. Anonymous11:33 pm

    Well, if he dare the old men to lodge a report means he have some strong hand behind him.Or he knows our police will melt afret see the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  22. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Well, if he challange the old men to lodge a report means he have some strong hand behind him. Or otherwise he knew that our super cop will melt when see the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


  23. Anonymous11:39 pm

    There are too many kurang ajar drivers and bikers on the road, teenagers, adults, even senior citizens. The worst are those who race in their modified cars. Whenever I see accidents involving modified cars, I thank God, and I pray that the drivers don't die. Useless people must not die, but they ought to suffer from broken legs, cracked skulls, or punctured lungs, and let their families suffer with them. I always believe that useless parents produce useless offsprings.

    Safety First

  24. Way to go, Rocky. I applaud you for this move. Let's help make it go viral. Eventually we wil be engaging all citizens. First get the Netizens. In no time we will have everyone involved in busting crimes. Yeah, even queue jumpers at toll plazas. Too much work? Anything contrary to the law? OR could we be encouraging vigilantism?

    Ordinary people are getting anxious and they fear for their safety. The cops have not been effective. If only they did not have to deal with black shirted Nazis and potential arsonists that gather round police stations etc.

  25. Anonymous12:10 am

    once police can confirm the identity you should put his picture clearly on your blog for all to see

  26. Anonymous12:26 am

    Police shud act swiftly, detect reg.owner & track down fast. Police shud Refrain word 'investigating the matter' its not at all compelling to d public at large.

    Men at work

  27. Good one Rocky!

    Hope they find this guy and send him for counselling as well as a year or two behind bars and make him pay some money to the injured guy!

  28. KDN and dato Hisham .....Do something...

  29. The rat not only brutalized the poor man, he also face-slapped our Royal Malaysian cops with his challenge to be reported.

    If the police have any pride left, they should be respond to this challenge to their manhood immediately. Instead of spending precious resources showing they mean business with those mean and dangerous candle holders.

    But, good job Rocky. Hope they catch him soon and string him up by his gizengas.

  30. Anonymous9:21 am

    i pray this mugger will be arrested and make sure his face appear in the newspaper for all to see how a coward looks like.

    shameless idiot to attack an old man....pick your size la!!

  31. 1/2 cup full,

    Rocky, as a spill over from your last post, your statement,...

    Do not try to engage him, especially if you are old and weak, a woman, or a helpless child.

    Do you mean to imply that those who are NOT old and weak please proceed to physically abuse him? So, equally the statement "16% unhappy with Najib as PM" is a loaded.

    Just lay the facts down and let the readers decide - do you still have it in you?

  32. Anonymous10:21 am

    if the plate no is known, i would assume the police is taking appropriate action here

  33. Caution:

    The next time someone sees that very same care does NOT mean he is the perpetrator, it is just that the car has been spotted. The owner and the driver may be two different people.

    No mob action like in the recent past.

  34. Anonymous10:53 am


    The statement 'Do not try to engage him, especially if you are old and weak, a woman, or a helpless child.' does not mean that if you are young and strong, you should proceed to engage him in confrontation. The statement said, do not engage him, and more so if you are old and weak, etc. I think Rocky is also implying that this guy is most likely not a reasonable man. Don't engage him. Just report to the police.

    If you don't like Rocky's last post pun, keep your mind straight and put a bit of thought lah before you want to hentam him. Have a bit of brain. You are from MI, aren't you?

    Nik Nazri

  35. Anonymous11:04 am

    He reminds me of Piee of Mami Jarum la

    pak uda

  36. Anonymous11:07 am

    The way he threatened sounds like he is a friend of the police. May be that's why he's so berani. U know here if u know the police u can get away with murder, literally

    so chai

  37. Anonymous11:07 am

    people's people said "why no mention what race the bully is???mesti samseng cina...."

    here we go again - race, race, race.

    I don't care what race this road bully is - he is just a bad human being.


  38. Anonymous11:15 am

    Agree with straycat, the culprit should be in custody as we speak since plate number is clearly identified, and police report already made. But mind you, this is bolehland, some take hours, others take years.

    For example, a stadium has collapsed. According to the minister concerned (as reported in The Star):

    The INITIAL report on the Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Stadium roof collapse in Terengganu is expected to be ready in A MONTH(!), said Works Minister Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor.

    The full report would be presented to the Cabinet IN SIX MONTHS(!) by an independent committee tasked with the investigation, he added.

    “It will identify the causes of the collapse but will not pinpoint who is at fault. It will also submit a recommendation on the repair work,” he told reporters when visiting SMK Setapak Indah that had cracks due to subsiding soil yesterday. — Bernama

    Needless to say the 'repairwork' will cost a few more million of taxpayers' money. See? Even from shoddy work can make money one


  39. Anonymous11:18 am

    Having been on the receiving end of road bullies, I have also at times wished to be on the giving end with ceratin sections of the driving public.

    Don't let mob rule overcome good common sense and justice. If we do then we are no better than him.

    Could he have been provoked? We are only hearing one side of the story here.

    Whilst he can be prosecuted for assault but how do we correct poor driving behaviour.

    Fair Play

  40. Anonymous11:20 am


    This punk deserves no less


  41. Anonymous11:24 am


    Btw guys, there's a very interesting VIDEO on 1Malaysia in Malaysian Insider. It shows the UNDERSTANDING of what 1Malaysia is all about by ministers and men on the street. I will reserve my comment for now - see for yourself at

    Very interesting indeed - cheers


  42. Anonymous11:41 am

    this is the kind of exposure i want to read in your blog. exposure that can help odinary folk like me.


  43. Anonymous11:45 am

    Give this bugger the Kugan treatment.

  44. Anonymous11:59 am

    It could well be an Off Duty Policeman driving that car.


  45. Anonymous12:01 pm


    u know why there are still ppl / thugs like these? Simply bcos they know the police and the police protects them. U think they are afraid fo being hauled up? Everything can be settled. So what if they punch a few ppl and slap a few women? Nothing! Only law-abiding citizens who pay their salaries will end up as losers. As for WRW 8402, go buy 4D lo!

    ah groo

  46. Bro Rocky,

    Thanks for the info... ikot suka dia jer nak pukul org... tu pun sib baik lelaki... i cant imagine if it happens to a girl.. :(

  47. Anonymous12:27 pm

    What is the police doing about it? With such information avialable it should not be a problem at all to nab him, especially by our ever efficient police. They seem to be dragging their feet in this matter. But when it came to other issues like wearing black and peaceful protest, they are super efficient. They were even at the scene before the event took place!


  48. Denoneb1:02 pm


    Why don't you just leave this blog. Keep to the topic if you still wants to relevant. But since you brought up about the ealier posting, 16% disapproved vs 455 approved of Najib is definitey not 1/2 cup full analogy, unless both your primary school maths and politics, failed. Grow up guy. We don't need politics in our life all the time. You are so full of hatred politics. May be you should leave this country too, if you are still leaving in this blessed land.

    There's no land better than this Tanah Melayu.


  49. Anonymous1:10 pm

    To: People's People ....what
    race the bully is?....mesti
    samseng cina.

    Race, race, are
    wrong. Must be Melayu. Cinas
    dun have many children these
    days, so saloons are good
    enough for them. Most Avanza
    owners are Melayus. Only the
    Melayus who have 4 to 7
    children need a cheap MPV to
    ferry their children around.


  50. Denone1:12 pm


    Why don't you just leave this blog. Keep to the topic if you still wants to relevant. But since you brought up about the ealier posting, 16% disapproved vs 455 approved of Najib is definitey not 1/2 cup full analogy, unless both your primary school maths and politics, failed. Grow up guy. We don't need politics in our life all the time. You are so full of hatred politics. May be you should leave this country too, if you are still leaving in this blessed land.

    There's no land better than this Tanah Melayu.


  51. Anonymous1:22 pm

    I dont know what to say about all these crime...stabbing, shooting, bombing...a disgrace really.
    As for me, I am just a Nice Average Joe In Bed... so peace to all
    Nice Average Joe In Bed (NAJIB).

  52. Anonymous1:30 pm

    Rocky, you are a conscientious and courageous person for publicizing the car make, number and model in your blog. Atleast some people will be on the lookout for the savage beast who drove it that day.

    The fact that this beast actually challenged the elderly gentleman he beat up to go to the police is very worrying. How is it that he is so confident?

    It makes one wonder if he has not done the same kind of thing, or worse, at other times and has gotten away with it. Reminds me of the incident where a road bully even threw his calling card at his victim and challenged him to go to the police with it.

    Three questions come to mind: if these details are available, why have the police not done anything yet?

    Secondly, you ask that anyone spotting the vehicle should report it to the police. Is it because they can't find the driver themselves.

    Thirdly,by publicising the details of the vehicle there is a possibility that some people might beat up the owner or damage his car, or both.

    But, honestly, how many people are going to care if that happens. If anything, they will probably cheer and take pictures if they could.

  53. Hishammudeen Ong2:40 pm

    Will police do anything even if we spot the guy and report him? After all, wjy haven't the police apprehend him by now...must wait for you to post this?

  54. Thank you for doing what many will not do for obvious reasons.The coward should not be allowed to get away scot free.Far too often road bullies have gotten away after bashing up some unfortunate fellow road users.Its about time some one does something to stop this.You are highly commended for taking this action.Let's hope some others will do the follow up!

  55. Anonymous4:17 pm

    Great for you to highlight such matters that effect me on daily basis.This is an issue that we from which ever side can work together to curb off in his beloved country.I can see bloggers like malsia1206 who is critical of your political views and standing able to agree on.The benefit of common people.
    And to those who suddenly try to turn this into a race issue,shame on all of you , either the Malays or the Chinese even the Indians.
    There is Malay/Chinese/Indian driving green Avanza in KL. Even Rocky did not mention his race.
    There is bad/good from each race.
    The most funny thing is Malay drive Avanza MPV because htey have many kids.If they have many kids,do you think they can afford Avanza?It is pricey for regular income Malay. Samseng are all Chinese ? I was cornered for money by Malays thugs before.
    Find common issue tat benefits all of us.I am an UMNO member honestly but I still believe in harmony living.

    Jamal JB

  56. Rocky with all the info you published let see if our men in blue can catch this bastard, if cannot may the force be with us! Ohe when they catch him make him an example as a deterrent for other road rage morons!

  57. Lebai Malang6:50 pm

    Ko mula kerjo baru (lama) hari Isnin yer? Dah prepare ker tak? Buku baru, pensil box baru, beg baru...kalau boleh rambut tu potong sikit...nampak presentable lah yer.

    p/s: Paper to kalau bole jgn free lah...kalau free nanti orang tak endah. Kalau 50sen pun dah cukup baguih.

    Dengar khabor ramai kena tendang yer...isk isk isk..cobaan.

  58. Anonymous7:31 pm

    To the one who said the bully must be a samseng cina ! If you used that something in between your ears that bully must know the police well or have good friends in the police force.
    Since most of these people are Ketunan Melayu and he must surely be a Ketunan Melayu himself and not a samseng cina !!!

  59. There two white modified myv in kota damansara road bullies, the drivers is around 23 - 26 years old. driving like mad pig. and overtaking by the left hand side. accompanied by another myv. active around 8pm till 9 pm . I might think that they might have gun or pistol.I experience this last month.

  60. Anonymous10:19 pm

    After reading all the comments: Hopefully the so called bully is NOT an off duty police office??

    Points to ponder.

  61. Anonymous10:44 pm

    this is the kind of exposure i want to read in your blog. exposure that can help odinary folk like me.


    Actually, there are plenty more exciting exposures that are happening.
    It will help alot of not-so- ordinary folks like others. You are considered a are not ordinary. Ordinary folks can't operate or own a computer.

  62. Anonymous12:23 am

    I am an Umno member BUT I despise violance

  63. Anonymous1:58 am

    Bet you the Avanza driver will turn out to be a senior polis officer...

  64. This is one road bully who is going to get fried literally. I am sure the police have got him in custody already, lets see how tough this guy is when he is in handcuffs.

    Anyway I hope Mr Edwards is OK now.

  65. Why not let the polis deals with it .
    They did said they found Raja Petra .
    Let them deals with that road bully.
    Bn bullies the rakyat too.
    When will you do some digging work of the PKFZ or the collapsed roof.

  66. dannalli7:12 am

    After TWO DAYS .. with such details, the police need to update .. what is the status now?

  67. Anonymous8:58 am


    Let's hope PDRM will spend more time going after criminals.....

    Joe Black

  68. aduh.. ini macam pon bole jadi racist ke? lantak pi la ketuanan melayu ke.. cina samseng ka.. melayu mampu beli mpv murah ke.. ape ke. x payah bakar racism kat cini.. suma kaum ada samseng..suma kaum ada yang baik bodoh bahlul punye manusia.. kalau nak tolong, tolong.. kalau tanak tolong.. diam.. bangang.. nnt aku try with my contact check sapa owner dia. Ha pastu korang nk g bantai ke, bakar avanza dia ke.. ha buat~~ x payah sebut nk racist2

  69. Anonymous11:05 am


    It was good that , we have a space in this blogger to report this kind incident when we have some details i.e. plate no. We don't have to wait for the police sometime too slow to act.


  70. chukai11:07 am


    It was good that , we have a space in this blogger to report this kind incident when we have some details i.e. plate no. We don't have to wait for the police sometime too slow to act.


  71. Since the car plate number is known, it should be easy to trace the owner of the car. Unless of course that the plate number is fake. If the land transport department does not allow access to the record, get a court injunction. This matter should be treated in all seriousness. PNJK

  72. Anonymous6:26 pm

    I'd be careful Rocky.

    First, you assumed the number obtained was right. It could have been incorrectky recorded, a stolen car that had false plates etc.

    If it was any of those and the registration number also belongs to a green Avanza, you may have just created a problem for the innocent owner.

    There is a reason the police don't mention registration numbers at their pressers. If they do, they will only do that after it was ascertained the number was false.

    You also suggested the man was a wife, child or parent abuser. That's quite a serious allegation, and I'd pray you were right. Otherwise he may sue you for defamation as well.

    Observer From Near


  74. Get the bastard. He don't serve to live in Malaysia and be a Malaysian. Get him & put him under ISA to prevent from destruction of harmony society

  75. Anonymous10:22 pm

    Police won't act cos he's most probably one of them. PDRM, if u guys catch the bastard I salute you. Otherwise its a whole load of bullshit.

  76. Proton Waja, WN? 4502. gold color.
    hit and run at puchong utama interchange. 2 indonesian on bike badly injured. Report made but culprit not caught yet...

  77. Anonymous9:55 am

    rocky, now i am very proud with you. this is the correct way


  78. Anonymous10:39 am

    What has become of Malaysian ? Why must every little thing become a race issue? Whay can't we help each other because we are Malaysian? Does that mean that when a X race saw a Y race beaten up or injured, he wouldn't care about it ? Do we have moral conciousness anymore?
    My advice to everyone. Treat each other as human and not commodity.

  79. Anonymous12:28 pm

    I wish this bully bump in to another big bully & annihilate each other till they each bite the dust..... what a social disease these people are..should be terminated..

    Self-defense is something natural..we ourselves are animals, only equipped with well developed brains...pls don't teach something reciprocating the nature to your children, otherwise u'll end up like todays melayu pariahs..always apologetic, pathetic & submissive to other races..

    like spiderman's uncle said: "with great power come great responsibilities..", so help urself & the weaks (for me, that also includes the melayu pariahs)..

    Here is my tip:
    so next time pakciks, makciks & girls.. if u see a thug bully coming your way with clearly bad intention look on his face,
    how to identify a typical bully?

    - the size (skinny bully is a me)

    - the face (handsome guy do not take the ugly filthy image like bully..simply not their class)

    - the hair style (bully think they look good but they look like shit..nerdo hairstyle definitely a no)

    - over accessories(chain, rings, necklaces & ship anchor if they can) & tatoos (if any)

    (..just like animals..bully nature is to show off their colors, stripes & spots..)

    do not panic..i repeat, do not not go off the car or open the window, lock yourself in, the car is your steel fortress...

    ..wait for the right timing & press the fuel paddle & rammed the bugger down with full throttle & then u drive to the nearest police station to make a report..tell them its an accident and u r definitely can convince anybody, u r a pakcik/makcik & innocent girl..its easy..and that definitely work regardless of even mammoth size roadbully..the bigger they are, the dumber they get & the harder they me.. i'm giving u all a good & practical advice :) This one not shown in hollywood movies ok..hehehe..

    u won't go to jail for that..its just an accident..the worst they'll do is suspend your driving license.. but hey, u ain't got any bruise, no harm , for girls its really proud of yourselves, u're now a public hero/heroin..1 bully terminated.

    i smell racism in the air.. WTF..i'm a professional racist..i'm good with that & i don't engage in these kind of childish play shown by some of the morons here...what a pathetic cheap stunt..merely on loose assumptions..not on solid substances.. apa lah dei korang ni..pegi main layang2 or batang sendiri lah.. :D

    if u wanna do it, do it correctly like a man..not like a sissy.. :D hahaha

    Observer From Near

    6:26 PM

    To much assumptions..skeptik sgt lah u ni.. let me tell ya something..this is not a politic figure/celebrities basis to sensationalize..newspapers are no welfare/charity entity..they sell stories & addicting shit stuffs for business...and police are no reporter..they don't waste time for publicity for what they do regularly for living unless its something worth lots of RMs like drugs raid, major robbery, big gangsters nab down etc..

    this things happens everywhere throughout malaysia..u probably need one page to display all the numbers & pictures for each of similar cases..and its not FOC.. u think the press honcos care?

    but blogger like rocky do care..that's why this blog rocks..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  80. RockyPru4:26 pm

    haha...well done this time, Rocky. posting mcm ni la baru betul...1Malaysia...bukan spinning...

    do this more often lah...

    i think, if we know the plate number, then i believe our police can trace him easily la..
    then, doesn't matter if he is VIP or not, let punished him back la...
    this kind of man don't deserve to be on the road again, anymore! punish for life..gantung lesen memandu seumur hidup!

  81. Anonymous6:52 pm

    Observer from near,

    Sue lagi?

    Kes macam ni, masuk dalam freezer saja kalo sekadar pi buat repot polis! Sekadar statistic, Polis nak justify that they have tons of cases reported to them daily. FULLSTOP.

    Most of the people in our area, kes pecah kedai, kena parang dan sebagainya pun, we now brush it off, penat nak ke Balai, buang masa, bagi statement berjela2, have 40 Police reports made pun tak akan berkesan. We all know why lah!

    These same culprits will be coming back doing the same acts.

    Thanks Rocky, lets all do our part to assist the helpless.


  82. Learn from Hee , protect yourself , get a pepper spray , and spraythe bastard if he tries to be kuai lan .

  83. Mr Yawn7:34 am

    PDRM actually provides an online system for people to check if they have outstanding police fines. But the system is actually available for any number plate. I once did a check on a car that hit my mother's car. The car had speeding tickets from Penang to Johor. I think he owes like a couple of thousands. That said, to check the status of a number plate is not free. Also you don't get details on the owner, but if the bastard has like a thousand ringgit worth of fines, can always ask your local politician, sorry, elected representative to make this a big case. Must punish the road bullies.

  84. Mr Yawn7:43 am

    Also I think people are expecting too much of the police. They receive lots of such cases everyday but being as underfunded as they are (do you know how much a fresh recruit earns?), they have to prioritize. Hence we have more reports of big drug bust, robbery gang arrested, car stealing gang busted, etc. In other words the police doesn't have the resources to follow up on such cases. If they follow up on this they are expected to follow up on say a couple of thousands they receive every day. Serious strain on resources. I'm not saying we should think very highly of the men in blue, I'm just saying, where credit is due please give and if you expect top level service, be prepared to pay for it. After all, in an accident, or when someone is robbing your house, the first number to call is still 999. Not DSAI, LKS or RPK's personal number. You still call the police.

  85. Hampeh1:02 am

    you will see that the first guy that been caught by our enforcemen - the person that

    1)Expose the avanza plate number
    2)Expose the owner/name of the avanza. Sure that guy illegally open the JPJ database.

    And the last person that will be caught/punish is the owner of WRW 8402.


  86. Anonymous10:53 pm

    1 )Majoriti pemandu di Malaysia memang tiada sivik
    2 )Mereka juga golongan yang malas --malas nak guna signal
    --malas nak tunggu line clear sblm overtake
    --malas nak berjalan jadi double-park @ parking di tempat2 tak lojik