Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Only 16 % unhappy with Najib as PM

"Survey shows only 45% of Malaysians happy with Najib"
That's the heading used by the Malaysian Insider.

"Survey shows only 16% of Malaysians unhappy with Najib"
That's the headline the Malaysian Insider could have used.

The one that they used is not wrong. The latest Merdeka Centre survey did find that 45% of the 1,067 respondents were happy with Najib's performance as Prime Minister so far.

But notice the use of the word "only". Why is that word there?

I think most of us will agree if you say, "Only 1 out of 100".
But not 45.
45 out of 100 is quite a substantial amount.

The RM1 million blogger, meanwhile, interprets the survey's 45% as something else together. According to her, it means that "we do know how many want Najib to leave (leave the country/leave the job as PM?)". Don't laugh!

Poll findings cut both ways. Double-edged. You can report that 45% are happy with Najib or 16% unhappy with Najib, and both are correct.
But if you say "only 45%", you risk being accused of trying to spin.
I mean, you'd be accused of trying to spin if you say "only 16%" are unhappy with Najib.

And yet, that is a fact:
The findings of the survey indeed show that ONLY 16% of Malaysians are unhappy with Najib.
And now we do know that many want Najib to stay!
p.s. Another interesting fact is that 4 (not "only 4") out of 1o respondents refused to answer the question in Merdeka Centre's latest survey. A group of bloggers and journalists met with Sir Robert Worcester in Kuala Lumpur last week and one of the things the "UK King of Polling" stressed was the need to have professionals to deal with respondents.


  1. Anonymous4:30 am

    39% No Response means..

    -third world mentality (a slave-nation)

    -see no evil..gua cari makan nanti soru miss!

    -shhh..this is a police-state (ISA)

    -tidak-apa-attitude..semuanya OK!

    -gomen employee..saya ikut perentah bos!


  2. master6:13 am

    dear rocky,

    i've been reading the MI because its almost quite neutral...but more favorable to Pakatan's. instead of government. But the most i don't agree with.. they allowed their website comment segment under each article to be bomb by a lot of CYBERTROOPERS from Pakatan or PKR. Their modus operandi is to praise Pakatan as high as possible and kill any comment that pro to government. Please highlight this issue Mr Rocky.

  3. Wrong Rocky. 45 out of 100 less than 50 or 51. nO matter what the spin is, he starts low and will only go lower. Look at Obama.

    Do wonder what is 'no response' mean? Neutral?
    The research seemed to be inaccurate at best.

  4. If anyone asks me that question, I will definitely say SATISFIED! The 16% should be STUPID!
    Look at how he handles the state Perak.
    Look at how good is our Malaysian Polis force…..
    Look at Malaysian Media (Newspapers and TV News) shows us how he and his BN party members work so hard to solve the problems in this country ….. The best would be Utusan Malaysia.
    And this is only into his 2 month.
    Keep up the GOOD work PM Najib!
    I bet, by next general election it will reach 90% Satisfied …. The rest (10% Dissatisfied) should be IDIOTS!
    Thanks Rocky, for writing about these findings. :)

  5. Dear Rocky,

    SPOT ON.

    This is why I always feel like I'm being covered in slime, and someone's trying to molest me every time I read Malaysian Insider (I've stopped reading them). They probably think they're all sly and cool with their little tricks, but to absolutely any sophisticated reader, it is plain creepy. CREEPY. Their dishonesty is so obvious but they still insist on peddling it as fact. People are not nearly as stupid as they think. As if we'll just bend over.

    Those who want to believe that 45% want Najib to leave will find their jollies in that article, and those like you, who want to know better, will have to source out for further information.

    At least RPK is straightforward with his spin. He knows it, I know it, you know it, everyone knows it, and the playing field is level. "Honor among thieves" come to mind. I can respect that.

    With these guys, you cannot trust them. Zero credibility, full of pretend-patriotism, and playing themselves off as a -news- source. What a stain on Malaysian journalism.

    Thanks for pointing out their bull to your considerable readership base. Everyone knows it but it is essential to be reminded sometimes.

  6. Anonymous7:08 am

    Im guessing the rest of the non-respondant are too afraid of being exposed and get ISA if they answered 'No'. Because 39% is also a 'substantial' amount and having them being 'non-respondant' is saying something.

  7. Anonymous7:34 am

    Its a poll and the recent fascination with polls is yet another American politics imports. So since this is an American import, a possible headline is "PM has a 45% approval rate". Also this is a poll that lacks all the controls to make sure the results "clean". How many of the respondents are registered voters? What is the political affiliation of the respondents? How was the poll conducted? These are very important controls to make a genuine poll. If you ask 1,000 opposition supporters and ask 1,000 BN supporters the same set of questions you will get very different results. If you use telephone polling but only asks people in the Klang Valley, you will find the results quite different then if you ask say in Kelantan or even in Perak. So always take polls that do not make the neccessary methodology clear up front with a grain of salt. They're not right or wrong. Just may not be accurate and may already be biased.

  8. Anonymous7:46 am

    It's just another way of spinning the facts, nothing new, just like what you do all the time.

    Spin is my name

  9. Anonymous8:13 am

    Never believe in surveys la..the results only represent a very small portion of the people.


  10. Anonymous8:15 am

    analysing statitics is double edged.

    e.g a common analysis on drink driving says 20% of all accidents are caused by drink driving.

    In other words 80% of accidents are caused by drivers who do not drink.

    conclusion: can i say it is better to drink and drive? since only 20% cause accidents when drunk!

    yes do not believe to much on statitics, the conclusions will always be bias towards the people who are funding it.

  11. Anonymous8:25 am

    If we split the 39% of no response into half, then 69.5% happy and 30.5% unhappy. Not bad at all!

    Congratulation to Najib for the job well done!

    Malay (602) from Umno
    Chinese (364) from MCA
    Indian (101) from MIC

    It makes more sense!

    Rocky, Thanks for teaching me to judge the approval rating from your perpective. Americans should learn from you.


  12. Anonymous8:36 am

    These polls are usually done to sway public perception.

    It is one of the "political weapons" used.

    Strangely we do not really know WHO the respondents are.

  13. Young Future Voter8:38 am

    I am not happy and I don't want him to stay.

  14. Mazlan9:01 am

    All surveys like this have some sort of bias - depending on how the questions are skewed and who is asked the question and what sort of sampling is done. So anyone should take any survey results with a pinch of salt.

    The only 'survey' that counts is the one at the ballot box.

  15. i didnt vote. but i have no confidence in the man.

    so how ? I am sure there are many more like me

  16. Anonymous9:16 am

    Know why? It's because Malaysia is now a Police state, many prefer to refrain from making any comment as we now have arrest happy police force.


  17. Anonymous9:24 am

    in peninsula only 46% voted bn in pr12

  18. Anonymous9:29 am

    Many factors should be taken into consideration for a polls survey, or any opinion surveys for that matter.

    Of course the results will vary with prevailing conditions.

    Try conducting the survey with a group of economists, and the results will be different.

    Try conducting the very same survey to a group of farmers in Bentong and the results will also be different.

    And try conducting the similar survey in front of the street riot rebels and again you will have a totally different perspective.

    Even then, it depends on how the results will be analysed and in whose agenda.

    Take Belacan, for instance. Get 10 individuals from Scotland and 10 individuals with the same background from Penang to do a taste test. No need for further explanation.


  19. Anonymous9:32 am

    Stop dreaming and tell the truth. Not only people hate Najib but the Malaysians want him out as PM. If you don't believe, take out ISA, OSA and all the suppressing act and tell the police to be in barrack and allow freedom of speech. You definitely find the truth.
    POOOOrah la mamat.

  20. In the survey,
    Indians like Najib.

    Now that is quite something.

  21. Eddy Vedder9:37 am

    spin spin...spin the black circle..spin spin..spin the black spin the black!!ahahahahh....wat the hell man,,out of all people its you!!!

  22. Rocky,

    Discounting 39% who did not respond, actually the percentage of respondents who say 'yes' is 74%. Well, if they want to show even a smaller percentage they can compare they people who say they are happy with Najib against the total population. What is this survey is all about, anyway?

  23. Suttenakeran9:51 am

    Spinning stories doesnt work anymore. No matter what Malaysian Insider story title is (or what Rockybru suggests), it still shows that 46% of the population are unhappy with the PM. I think he is a better PM than our previous PM. But he has to do something serious to win back people's support and not use Utusan Malaysia as his propaganda agent to win the Malay votes. Its funny that UMNO owned Utusan calls the non-Malays pendatang and UMNO politicians like the DPM says he will investigate the matter. These are the stuff that makes the PM looks incompetent. People know Utusan is acting on the UMNO's orders, and DPM's excuses doesnt work. UMNO got to respect people's intelligence. Utusan's Awang reports to Johan Jaafar who is Najib's media man, people know this. Rockybru suggesting 16% spin instead of 46% on Malaysian Insider story is to take care of his rice bowl, people know this. But credit must be given where its due, Rockybru is one of the best bloggers around, he can take criticism and he got class, people also know that.

  24. electrocutioner9:53 am

    ONLY 6,052 out of 7,101 voted for PKR in Penanti. ONLY 85% of voters voted for PKR.

  25. Basree Rakijan9:58 am

    To me, the PM should take this surver positively. I remember one advert placed by the number 2 car in America many years back. It said, "Why the number 2 is better? Because we try harder!".

    So the PM can be better if he tries harder to attract Malaysian voters.

  26. Anonymous10:13 am


  27. Anonymous10:13 am

    64% Indian satisfied. These hindraf jokers must be in denial or bunch of moron

  28. Anonymous10:13 am

    already started your spinning i see

  29. Anonymous10:23 am

    Waaahhh...defensive nampak? Marah ke? Don't worry too much abt survey lah. Facts and deeds are there for all to see. And rakyat will give their verdick at every election.

    Btw I was made to understand there was a typo error in publishing the survey result. Actually only 4.5% and not 45% are happy with najib. I think considering what we have been through 4.5% is nearer the truth.

    mat taib

  30. Anonymous10:33 am

    This poll is a load of bollocks, najib's approval is highest among the indians! and this is coming from the community that wiped out the MIC during the polls.

    is the logic here, yes... the indians are happy with najib yet vote in doves for pakatan. or are the polls flawed. i say the latter.

  31. Rocky this reminded me of a statistics shown a the height of the US affirmative action(AF) in the 70s when a government directive were given to major companies, it says company under the AF should and must hire, black, woman and physically challenged people. Many companies complied by the directive and they hire many and gave jobs to physically challenged black woman!
    For those who are slow here is the reason: instead of hiring three members of the minority who are black, a woman and a physically challenged, companies just hire one with such attribute! Just to showed how statistics can be manipulated for what ever reason!

  32. Anonymous10:55 am

    To Master,
    At least there is some source of information that can be reliable in this Malaysia of one sided reporting. Which electronic media and main stream newspaper did a fair report to PR? They are all doctored reporting or else miss soru. So, what is just one media supporting the PR instead of all MSMs and TV Channels supporting the BN

  33. Anonymous10:56 am

    Najib = Walk the Talk

    Opposition = NATO

  34. Well bro rok, I think whatever it is the latest trick is good for Najib so that he can work harder and silence his critics in the future if he succeed.

    Not like of our previous PM who are so complicent and like to be praised by his balaci.

    The great leader will always dare with the challenge and accept critism. I think in the new edge ppl mindset is not more towards the party but the leader who can work for them. In this case, I dont think even the PR states also safe and play politics all the time. When the ppl or silence majority become fed up and boring with the antics they will automatically choose the old regime or vice versa.

  35. doggie dog10:56 am


    What is the problem with you? I know you said it is not wrong for MI to use the headline it used but why do u hv a problem with that??

    The fact is only 45% are happy with Najib so be it.. Rather you wish to headline it that only 16% are unhappy?

    So if I read that 16% are unhappy does that automatically let me deduce that the rest of 84% are happy with him? Why wanna spin it like all spin doctors would do?

    The logical sense would tell me that 84% are happy with him if I see a headline that says "only 16% are unhappy".. Isnt that what you are trying to imply and pls, pls dont deny it..

    You are just trying to play with numbers to soothe 1's whimps and fancies.. Wake up and face facts la..

    U hv changed.. Pls close down ur blog before more ppl hate ur guts out..

  36. Well bro rok, I think whatever it is the latest trick is good for Najib so that he can work harder and silence his critics in the future if he succeed.

    Not like of our previous PM who are so complicent and like to be praised by his balaci.

    The great leader will always dare with the challenge and accept critism. I think in the new edge ppl mindset is not more towards the party but the leader who can work for them. In this case, I dont think even the PR states also safe and play politics all the time. When the ppl or silence majority become fed up and boring with the antics they will automatically choose the old regime or vice versa.

  37. Anonymous11:00 am

    The 39 pct who did not respond puked so hard that they could not respond.

    You would of course defend your paymaster now that you are going mainstream, won't you ?


  38. Anonymous11:02 am

    The honest advisor tells his leader to see the glass as half empty.

    But the sycophant will try to bodek by saying that it is half full.

    So which group do you belong to Rocky?

  39. Collateral Damage11:07 am

    Spin 101 class, lesson 1...

    I like the way you spin things too. Do not try to take the high moral ground here.

    Anyway, never heard of this quote, "Lies, more lies and statistics"?

  40. Statistics like the one above is used to strategize and not to be spun as only 45% or only 16%. In the past, BN won by a margin of around 55-60% on the total population. Only AAB had a better first term percentage. When his popularity dropped below 50%, he lost 5 states. Hence, if DSN does not have a comfortable 55% margin of approval, he will lose GE13 whether or not only 16% disapproved of him. Anything below 51% approval rating is really bad for the BN regime. Wrong interpretation can be bad for BN.

  41. If you were to add the 39% no response to the 16% of those who were dissatisfied with Najib the percentage will come to 55%.On the other hand if you were to add the 39% no response to the 45% satisfied with Najib the percentage will be 84%.Are you trying to imply that 84% of Malaysians are in favour of Najib?!That is a faulty assumptions.The no response % is more likely not in favour of Najib, which means that Malaysian Insider's headline of only 45% are satisfied with Najib is nearer to the truth of what you are trying to imply!Just leave out the 39% no response and you have 45% satisfied with Najib.That is very logical...only 45% are satisfied with Najib and that is by any account a shameful state of affairs for our PM. He has to buck up and deliver on his 1Malaysia .We are waiting for him to prove beyond doubt that his 1Malaysia is genuine and not a slogan to hookwink us Malaysians.First thing to do is to tone down Utusan.Then Rocky can go back to Malay Mail and
    try to be truthful in your paper!

  42. Hi
    Pre March 8 last year BN said they will win hands down based on reliable polls and what have you. They believed their intelligence surveys, and were too busy keeping their hands down there they didn't see the tsunami and ridiculed their opponent's survey. Whatever the results 45% is still low which means even as DPM BolehLand fellos didn't think him Boleh enough.

  43. Anonymous11:18 am

    Now matter how you spin it, Najib has a long way to go to be accepted as the people's Prime Minister. I suggest you hold on to your own spinning until he holds a General Election to legitimize his position as a Prime Minister from the people of Malaysia and not just UMNO.

    I could spin it as the ones with no response were actually a polite response to mean "nothing to say if you have nothing good to say" (about Najib).


  44. Rocky,
    This depends on who one wants to support.What you said and what MI said is both correct..
    You as a person on BN said would like to say it your way and while who is in the other side of the court would like to say it other way round.

    This would be the same spin done by all the MSM of Malaysia when comes to Opposition related matters.

    You want to say that am wrong? You be your judge..


  45. Well Rocky take it whichever you want, you could spin it for Najip or whoever you want......if You feel that only 16% not happy with Najip, As Najip to continue & not change his current course, afterall ONLY 16% not happy what, and see by the next GE, if the 16% can vote out UMNO & UMNOed Goons

  46. Anonymous11:39 am

    Firstly v must read how the question was asked. "How strongly you feel" actually push respondents to answer either a yes or no. The phrasing do not allow marginal satisfaction/dissatisfaction.

    Looking at the new PM, usually should enjoy a Honeymoon period thus typically gets a satisfaction score upfront. But even at this juncture already having 46% satisfaction rating should be a course of concern. The ruling govt or the PM ally should take action to arrest the slide. Of course we should at this stage accept the research is credible, which I trust should be accurate.

    Then v look at the reply of no comment, actually it would typically fall between fairly satisfied or fairly dissatisfied. Thus a high figure here would also mean a better way to gauge it would be a 5point rating scale. Whereby marginal satisfaction could be recorded.

    Recalculating of satisfaction by removing no comment response here could not be used since the % is so high!

    Obviously the stark difference between ethnic is also due to our culture and adat.
    Malays tend to stick to middle line or nice especially those non city. They would tend to say more yes, satisfied etc.
    Chinese would usually tend to be more upfront with exception to political questions for fear hence typically with no comment. As in this instance a higher no comment score
    Indian also are closer to Malay way of being not offending and nice when answering. Again this also depend on being city dweller or not
    Generally city dweller would be more blunt or demanding, perhaps due to more exposed and aware

    All in all think it is not a good sign for the PM


  47. RockyPru11:54 am

    well done Najib..
    at least there is still people happy with him...

    what if we do another poll.
    Do you happy or not happy with our First Lady?

  48. Anonymous11:55 am

    What survey??? In Penanti, it once again proven that PeeM, UMNO and its leaders has no guts to face the Rakyats and its outsourcing politics to independents is a great failure. The Real Elections are the real survey of Malaysian opinion of Najib's performance and as can be seen most of the Rakyats wanted to boot UMNO/BN out to free Malaysia of corruptions and oppressions, ISA & OSA asap.

    The more UMNO leaders try to oppress the Rakyats using the Police as their tools, the more losses they will suffer in any Elections if not all Elections including the GE 13 which is their coup de grace.

    They have now a tyro Education Minister who is trying to retard the full potential of students by limiting the number of subjects the students can take in SPM’s Exams. You see this is done in order for the residential students to excel in the limited field they are taught in. Now, this how narrow minded the tyro Education Minister can be, frankly he should be booted out if his narrow mindedness which is limiting talent. You can take all the subjects in SPM but not all will be perform well as study time is limited only the best of the best will ever excel therefore it does not take an Education Minister to tell us who are the more excellent students who should be selected for Scholarships to study overseas.

  49. Toothlesstiger12:10 pm

    I wonder who are behind MI? Who fund them?

  50. Anonymous12:11 pm

    Hey, here's a thought....what happened to the Private Investigator Mr. Bala with his SDs? Bring him back why doncha?

  51. Anonymous12:18 pm

    45% approved of him,

    16% think he is a slimeball,

    And 39% don't even give damn about this sh*thead.

  52. wandererAUS12:26 pm

    Hahaha! Rocky you must be inside the are a blady worm!

  53. Anonymous12:27 pm

    ish.. thing like this also can be one of your posts. if you can spin, don't get mad when other spin too.

    depend on which side you are on. you, of course will spin to win the PM Naji* support.

    -spin doctor-

  54. Anonymous12:39 pm

    Najib is popular as Roti Najeeb is in Pantai Dalam. Roti Najeeb was formerly known as Roti Bom....... he he he he (boss...its me)

  55. 1.Mujurlah sokongan India meningkat,ini kerana Najib dah bebaskan pemimpin Hindraf.Org India ni, mejoritinya faham je lah,lihat saja mereka yg dalam PKR.

    2.Kalau yg nak di puji tu PM,rasanya respondent tak perlu kata no comment,malahan tentu cepat-cepat mereka akan beri pujian.Jadi yg tak ndak jawab tu maknanya memang tak puas hati le

  56. Anonymous1:05 pm

    sudahlah Rocky ..... engkau boleh spin cerita...orang lain pun boleh spin cerita !! apa nak cemas sangat ?? biasalah tu.

    Najib tu sudah tak popular, itulah kebenaran, takkan Rocky pun tak tahu !


  57. With a small 1067 polled against a 27,000,000 Malaysians, this represented 0.0004% of the Malaysian population.

    No doubt, using statistics process, the survey as has been done, I think it should not just provide the results but also must mention the accuracy tolerance.

    The "No Response" category of 39% speaks volume of the silent ones who felt that there is no idea of how Najib is doing.

    Let's not forget this, Rocky.

    I hope you, now being very pro-BN, would not skew the perception towards BN but be more issue-centric in order to provide a more fairer assessment of the polls results. By my comments, it does not mean I am against you but merely being practical.

  58. let's do the poll here in your blog rocky. As for me, i wont vote for him. So i'm not satisfied with him.

  59. Anonymous1:25 pm

    Abang rockoy, montel...Najiz AVAILABEL ke?????

    Manohara Pinot

  60. Anonymous1:29 pm


    I don't think so. 100% of the people I sopke to thinks very lowly of Najib. The people I spoke to is less than 300 but can you imagine, 100% of 200++ people (all not members of any political party) think badly of Najib.

    How is it possible only 16% are not happy with Najib?

  61. Anonymous1:53 pm

    Najib teramat sangat tidak disukai oleh kaum cina di Malaysia. Bukankah Lynn Pan, menulis dalam "Sons of the Yellow Emperor" '... the (Chinese) empire recognised no other ruler as sovereign, and admitted no other state to equality.’
    Najib ke China, jelas ingin tunduk kepada "Maharaja" di sana?
    Najib, dato seri, buat malu kaum Melayu, merantau ke Cina, minta iktirafan dari maharaja komunis.
    Even Zimbawe Ahead of Malaysia (EZAM).

  62. Anonymous2:02 pm


    Much of our reasoning involves situations that are relative, not absolute. And that's how the 45% is taken... Relative to a total of 100% and not relative to a total of 16%.

    Your spin on the statistics is because you are taking the figures as absolute.

    The answer to questions usually depend on a number of things.. It is precisely for this reason that different people often reach different conclusions from the same information..

    By the Way, You have just passed the Test for Being The Spinmaster for MM, but Just.....(51%?)

    Joe Black

  63. Anonymous2:08 pm

    Anybody that familiar with statistics and survey knows that the are many ways to pre determine the outcome. This survey is grossly inaccurate - sampling, margin of error and confidence level were not presented.Just another way to distort the actual situation. We should rely only on professional bodies to have accurate result.
    By the way, to Anon 10.13 am, have you book yr ticket to africa?

  64. Anonymous2:09 pm

    The survey shows, the chinese community are not satisfied with Najib. Yet he is in China, the land that opresses muslims like no aother.
    FACTS or Fiction, you decide :

    The New York Times ( reported on the imposition of restrictions on Chinese Muslims during Ramadan. Among the measures announced were:
    a} Banning teachers and students from observing Ramadan (fasting/praying),requiring men to shave off beards banning women from wearing the hijab, civil servants and retired officials cannot fast, enter mosques or take part in any religious activities during the month.
    Amnesty International's report on China for 2008 states "Uighur individuals were the only known group in China to be sentenced to death and executed for political crimes, such as "separatist activities". The Chinese government even destroyed a mosque that refused to put up an Olympics sign ( More than 5000 Muslims in China have been murdered by the government.
    Najib, you are a disgrace to muslims and malays.
    Lionel "Syabu" More "ais"

  65. Anonymous2:14 pm


    - there are ONLY 5 idiots in the Cabinet.
    - ONLY 10 idiots in UMNO Supreme council
    -ONLY half of the stadium roof collapse
    - ONLY a few cabinet members cant speak english.
    - ONLY 1 million illegal immigrants in this country.

    ONLY Yu

  66. Rocky,

    Your heading make people see how stupid you are on the numbering!

  67. Anonymous2:41 pm

    Hi Bro,

    MI has a slant, just like Mainstream newspapers and anyone who writes a blog.

    Readers gotta make up their own minds.

    Now about this survery, I never pay much attention to it because we know nothing about the sampling size and exactly how it's conducted, for example, verbal surveys, the tone of voice could slant the response.

    I once come across for an organization that has tons of great testimonials on their website... then I discovered how they got the testimonials... they invite their clients over for a lavish free dinner plus entertainment... and on the way out survey them about their service. Now imagine: would a person who's just been invited for a free meal in your house say anything negative about you on the way out if you ask them?

    I also came across another survey before, an IT industry salary survey that companies paid thousands for... for each position, less than 20 companies gave inputs... you could get better results from just looking at the CVs of applicants for that position and average out their salaries!


  68. dr.lee3:00 pm

    how many bloggers or did the government actually realise that it is Gawai Dayak in Sarawak and Pesta Kaamatan in Sabah .. ??? correct me if i'm wrong but did you wish any Dayaks and sabahan natives good wishes during their festivities ?? what 1Malaysia is this .. cakap saja lar ..
    stop this .. lies the east malaysians will forever be treated as 2nd class malaysians !!

  69. Anonymous3:12 pm

    Rocky if what you say is true that almost all malaysians love malaysia then only recourse in perak is to have fresh state wide lections. As per your analysis with najib at the head of BN , it is a foregone conclusion thaqt BN will wipe out PR in the the Perak state elections. what better way to prove that the survey is correct.

    Like they say put all are nothing.

    This wil also prove that Rocky is not a baised blogger but a objective blogger

    Do you want to know my own analysis . The interperation of the survey by yourself is hogwash and prove my wrong

    A realistic person

  70. Anonymous3:32 pm

    I think MI forgot that they are targetting urban, educated, to some extend intelligent internet literate audiences. There have been too many lies and spinning these past few weeks. Many are already turned-off by this modus operandi. I've deleted MI from my 'Favorite' list in my browser. 3 of my teh tarik kakis did that 2 weeks ago.

    -Adam Akhbar-

  71. Anonymous3:36 pm


    i have posted my comments but you do not post it. are your praticing censorship like getting some pratice before your go back to malay mail

  72. your cybertroopers don;t even know how to put up with a proper name...sigh, if you wanna act, please act properly

  73. Anonymous3:56 pm


    No matter how you spin for your boss Najib, it is still 45% approval rate. If your boss does not buck up, he will become the shortest term of Prime Minister in the history if the Rakyat vote him out in the next General Election.

  74. ibrahimkoyan4:06 pm

    Najib is a disqualifier right from the beginning.

    But UMNO is UMNO. They always take dishonest people as their leaders.

    I think Rosmah is the PM in real sense.


  75. Anonymous4:21 pm

    Polls or no polls, spin or no spin, I still don't like him! Just look at those SHIFTY EYES when he speaks. Reeks of insincerity I say.

    Mr Sincere

  76. Merdeka Survey? only 1067 respondents and who and where was the survey taken? Any MI report on the Merdeka Survey has to be looked at in its proper perspective. MI is Pakatan-Centric, promotes Pakatan and promotes any website comments bordering on slander and sedition by rabid anti BN Government commentators. Too bad, MI is a virtual news portal otherwise I'd just throw the paper into the dustbin where it belongs.

  77. Anonymous4:55 pm

    Please go out to the streets and ask about Najib and get some actual accessment .My bet says 7 out 0f 10 will spit on the floor !Yeap! that is how good our friend is with his load of baggages!It's a bit late to change this perception!


  78. Anonymous5:35 pm

    AMoker....go check your facts!
    Read Galluo on Obama Vs W BUsh....

    read also my input....

  79. It's called the fear factor, ya dumb twit.

    No one in their right mind will express their dissatisfaction over the PM over the phone except for those whom are really brave.

    The real brave ones are usually the minority.

    THe fact that only 46% thinks Najib is doing a good job is telling enough.

    Why? BEcuase Pak Lah use to command an 86% approval rating before this.

    U know, the time when you were cursing and cussing him to no avail.

    Najib, on the other hand, had never breached the 50% line at all.

  80. Anonymous5:43 pm

    Melayumuda probably speaks for those in his position. Never voted, but because he believes in what he reads in cyberspace, he believes Najib is not the right man....perhaps Anwar is?

    For those like amoker, it seems to me that being with the flavour of the day, to bash BN would be the in thing.

    And I trust many more would think that they actually know the truth. Ask yourself if you even know your parents. What they like to do, eat, drink, watch on telly, travel to places, etc. Do you really know them? You might not even know your neighbour. And then why would you think you know polliticians better?

    Wasn't Mahathir frowned upon/hated by the community when he took over? And if you are on of those who don't agree with me that he did more good than damage to this country, go ahead, take your number and wait in line.

    Look around you and see if you are really put in a position where you have to fight for your every meal.

    And this perceived instability in the political landscape? Who do you think put it there? I don't know, I must have been sleeping, but if my memory serves me right, it is not so much as Abdaullah's inability, but more of Anwar's eligibility!!

    Think! And if you can't, don't be shy to ask your parents!

    Raja Papaer Kutuk

  81. anti-fakatan5:46 pm

    I agree! Najib is doing a great job! 16% is only the stupid fakatan rakyat folks!! Najib is doing a great job. Look at economy, under PM Najib, Malaysia have been doing very well. And there is also more freedom. I don't care what people say about the arrest in Perak, these people are trouble makers and deserve to be thrown in jail. Al-Juburi and gang must be stopped at all cause. And not forgeting the traiter Si-Nazi!

    Hidup Melayu, Hidup UMNO!

  82. Anonymous5:54 pm

    To prove your theory that only 16% were unhappy, it is quite easy to put to test. Let Perak assembly be dissolved and have a state election to determine the level of unhappiness with Najib as PM.


  83. Anonymous5:54 pm

    Anak Merdeka said......

    Just wondering how is our Malaysians thinking like. We keep looking at the West like comparing our leader with Obama. I personally felt that YAB PM has done a wonderful jobs so far. Our economies and currency is very stable not like the US that keep printing their money without value it to gold.

    Lets look at the survey itself. What is the methodologies used in the survey and what is the respondent pool comprise of. If you get it from kampung folks then the outcome is likely to differ from those from city. Why so many respondent not being able to respons? What is the age category used? Why not shows the background? From my own experiences of doing survey, lot of respondent is not willing to give the responsive attitude. Then any finding of survey is also subject to manipulation. But then again we have to know the credibility of the survey chief as well.

    I just wondering that rumours was so strong that MI was own by a guy name Kalimullah and Brendon who is well associated with former premier and was also a PR adviser to former PM. Yet they seems to act differently lately. More towards oppositions. Furthermore lots of fact and counter comment on the negative pertaining to the government was block as the publisher is screening the content.

    YAB PM has done a wonderful jobs so far since he take over the prmierships. Welldone and keep it up. Malaysia Boleh Lagi.

  84. Anonymous5:59 pm

    This is how the result should be interpreted:

    50% of Malaysians say they are not happy with Najib being PM. The other 50% are afraid they will go missing or be C4-ed.

  85. Anonymous6:01 pm

    Rocky, you spin very well please keep it up. You are now in Najib's good book and you will be rewarded. You do not have to worry about food on the table for the rest of your life from now.

  86. Rocky,

    You have a point. Won't dispute that. But please lah. There are so many important things out there to comment on than this spining of percentage figure.

    Buildings and bridges collapsing, public monies squandered left, right and centre, the reputation of our public institutions decimated by folks of dubious character and intentions.

    The list goes on. And the world is bypassing us.

    You know that your blog is widely read. Why don;t you use this influence to inspire, to promote a common sense of destiny and urgency among all races, etc. etc.?

    Instead, what we have are just tabloid news of this person, that company. Sheessh. How useless and how inane.

  87. Let Najib call for elections in Perak or even an early General Elections and then we'll know for sure.

    As someone once said, 'There are lies, damned lies and then, Statistics!'

    One can frame these survey questions in such a way that you can get 3 different answers depending on how you slant the question.

  88. Anonymous6:07 pm

    merdeka survey?

    i heard when people wanna look at their sampling, they say, no we dont have it. Wow, suka-suka hati kluar survey results and you dont have the sample and proof?

    I have always curious the methodology used by this Merdeka @ Pakatan Survey...Are these people even independent to begin with?

    By the way, what happen to MOGOK LAPAR in Perak? Curious about that as well? Are they still MOGOK and LAPAR or MOGOK (lapar x jadi pasal no response from the public, hehe)


  89. 45% only??? hahahhahahahaha even george w bush has 60 something percent at the starting of his presidency!

  90. Bro Rocky,..

    Add anothr one for d 16% unhappy,..dat is me,..heheh,..wat else can I say,..truth hurts but truth prevails coz my opinion is Bro DSN is screwing up slowly wth wrong candidate fer d rite post,..heheh,..Bro Amirsyam fer NEC Chairman?? Omar Ong in Petronas Board?? wat d heck is goin on?? EPU & NEC not working in tandem?? well so many puzzled action by bro DSN wic make me lost confidence in his admin,..apo nak dikato,..heheh,..(,")

  91. Anonymous7:27 pm


    It just means that NOT MORE THAN 45% is satisfied with him...

    39% NEITHER LIKED NOR DISLIKE Najib....(Waiting to see how he does in the next 6 months go...)

    Your remaining 16% Hates his Guts......

    Joe Black

  92. Anonymous7:50 pm

    A bit on research & statistics (i.e. read before interpret):
    -Surveys are one of the weakest research designs for inferential statistics.
    -Non-random sampling introduces bias (not to mention other systemic biases).
    -To infer the findings towards the general population (provided that the design is sound), percentages should be written in Confidence Interval (e.g. CI95%= 45% +/- 10%).
    -Sample size affects alpha, beta and "power" of the study.

    So please... let the pros do these kind of stuffs. Misleading readers is so unethical.


  93. Anonymous8:00 pm

    Another thing;
    -Missing data (i.e non-response) should be investigated. Also known as non-ignorable missing data (MAR/MCAR).
    -Please consult statisticians on how to repair these to avoid false conclusion. Cheers.


  94. anak jantan8:17 pm

    ok lah malaysian insider is great. transparent, fair reporting, fighting for justice

    but i just have one question why are they so coward pengecut bachol as not to reveal their identities

    be a real man lah. u all kutuk rocky and the mainstream papers but at least they have the guts to come out and show their identity and accept all criticisms. that is areal man

    but malysian insiders are plain cowards. if they can go on criticising everyone else, why dont reveal your identity

    and one more thing, why is it for malaysian insider which only reports the truth, everytime you post anegative comment, it does not appear ... why lah, if u censoir then dont claim to be independent and fair reporting. here in rocky bru no matter how you hengtam hiom,it syill appears

    for amoment think rationally lah

  95. Anonymous8:28 pm

    1. Malaysian population until today is 28,214,712
    1,067 respondents = ONLY 0.003782 % of total Malaysian population.. akai ada ka?? Valid ka this survey???

    2. Ok Ok since MI used this survey in their news ..let us do the calculation ..
    1067 respondents will represent 28214712 Malaysian.
    meaning 1 respondent will represent 26443.021 Malaysian…. What a joke .(kids + orang gila were also included ka??)
    16% of 1067 = 16% of 28,214,712 = 4,514,353.92 Malaysian

    Now let us calculate how many of us really like him.. HEHEHEHE

    45% of 1067 = 45% of 28,214,712 = 12,696,620.4 Malaysian..

    Again.. if you ask some kids..which one is bigger..12 .7 or 4.5 of course you’ll know the answer laaa…

    How about the “ATAS PAGAR” “ NO RESPONSE” respondents?..
    39% of 1067 = 39% of 28,214,712 = 11,003,737.7 Malaysian
    MEANING 11 MILLION MALAYSIAN EITHER “ATAS PAGAR” or “ DON’T BOTHER” ?? or PERHAPS this 11 million are kids + orang gila of Malaysia?
    REMEMBER..WE HAVE MORE THAN 9 MILLION MALAYSIAN WHO ARE UNDER 14 YRS OLD… the number of orang gila I really don’t know..hehehe
    (Errr.. let us assume there are 2 million orang gila in Malaysia due to our economic and political situations..)



  96. ey rocky, why no reply to the comments? did we make a point so spot on that u are now speechless? spin doctor at his best... dont play play leh..

  97. Anonymous9:24 pm

    i'm happy with pm his father was a pm before and now him(najib)...his father did a great job in unity...soon after 13 mei he took over now najib....anyway a father/son relationship will not be as far and i believe he(najib) will server rakyat the best he can....


  98. Anonymous9:51 pm

    alah rocky..najib is much much much better than anwar ibrahim. period.

  99. Anonymous9:54 pm

    Rocky, these malaysian insiders is the same like other pakatan's driven website.. full of shits.. sorry to say that.. they can never talk or discuss without being emo..I mean they probably used their other "head" to think hahahha..I mean, seriously...they made it sound like it is OK to have free sex just as long as it is not a BN is OK to talk cock and long as it is their leaders saying ..oh well.. I might as well see the paint dry than talking to any of these nuts..

  100. Anonymous9:56 pm

    are the missing data from the same subjects in the sample? ask them to run a proper survey la.. jgn main hantam saja..baling batu suka2 itu macam,. not nice maaa..

  101. Anonymous11:59 pm

    Waduh nu?

    Baru berapa bulan macam mana dah boleh rasa hapi atau tak?

    Tapi amat minat cara dia jalan jalan lihat lihat... bila nak mai jalan kat kampung kamu?

    Selain Najib, mintak kawan kita siADUN ikut jejak dia..

    ni, batang hidung, bayang pun tak pernah nampak.. kedai aku sekali pun tak pernah masuk jenggok! Jangan bila Najib nak kesini, baru terhegeh2 ikut tepi belakang buat muka sibuk pulak!


  102. Anonymous12:40 am


    Spin as you like, believes of what you want. To Anon 8.28 - wa caya lu.

    YEs, to 4.5 mil (incl u fuckriot and goon ) migrate, now, yes, now... we have enough of you here. I mean honestly.. please leave this country. We love this peace country, till (fcuk u UMNO... wake up yoiu dumb shit)


  103. Anonymous1:00 am


  104. I remember putting a comment that didn't agree with their article (Malaysian Insider). They just clipped it off as 'lowly rated comment' and put it away from public view.

    Many of my friends have had the same experience.

    The owners of that website need to update their manipulation skills. People know their tricks now and are leaving in droves.

  105. Anonymous1:42 am

    cayalah bro rock,

    i know that u want to find out what the PR response to this survey. Anything survey not on their favourable for sure many defects comment from them.. but if favour on them wallauweh rocky.. ur r the best, u r the fighter, we are with u.. u r my god (opss.. only RPK can get this honorble) hehehe..

    - parti jahat, kato eh -

  106. Anonymous1:46 am

    Dear Rocky,

    If 46% approval is not good news for Najib's leadership, does that mean it is also not good news for the Pakatan candidate in the Penanti by-election who got about the same percentage of votes from the DUN's electorates?
    Can we then use the same reasons put forward by the commenters who are negative about the polling and who seem to think that 46% indicates that Najib has a long way to go.
    God is great. What these commenters (presumably pro-Pakatan) have to say about Najib's leadership is actually valid for the Penanti by-election. But then, of course they would choose to remain silent about the lowest turnout in the history of Malaysia's by-election.
    Granted that there's room for improvement within the BN government, but it takes a mature and fair-minded person to give credit where it is due, and as an impartial observer, I think Najib does deserve credit for all the efforts to improve things in the country within the short span that he has been in office.
    We have to keep reminding ourselves, he is Prime Minister to all of us - not just the BN or the BN supporters.
    If the Pakatan supporters continue to be judgmental and prejudiced all the time when commenting on matters of national interest, sooner or later, people like me - who don't take sides - will have to take sides in the name of national unity.


  107. Anonymous1:51 am

    What I see here is.. the pakatan supporters 'sudah kecut perut' knowing the truth are finally surfacing. Their pro pakatan lies (cowardly written by the way) are being rebutted one by one. Even the partisan websites which are as usual.. neutral.. are being blamed for changing their colors.

    Truth hurts yeah?

  108. Anonymous1:56 am


    Please allow me to rephrase my sentence in an earlier posting which read: If 46% approval is not good news for Najib's leadership, does that mean it is also not good news for the Pakatan candidate in the Penanti by-election [who got about the same percentage of votes from the DUN's electorates]?

    The phrase within parentheses should read: "...who got about the same percentage of voter turnout from the total number of electorates...?"

    And that coming from a Pakatan stronghold says a lot about the silent majority, doesn't it...?


  109. I agree with YUN.
    Rocky, why not you set up a poll in your own blog and we shall see.
    Instead of accusing MI doing a spin.

  110. Anonymous2:10 am

    pundek! take the whole battalion and beg from the chinese...

    LOL ! ketuanan what?

    what the fuck!! keep on beegging!

  111. Anonymous2:11 am


  112. Anonymous2:14 am

    to the mainland chinese! asked najib to fcuk off...

  113. Anonymous2:18 am




  114. Anonymous7:01 am

    Cut out these sure, don't know and neutral crap %s by going to the polls.

    Let's call the poll a referendum on Najib and there is no other better place to do this than in Perak. Plus we can settle this Nizar vs. Zambry case without the spineless "goalpost-shifting mortals" that wear those silly white wigs.

    Can you please suggest his idea to Najib Rocky? We can settle the credibility of this survey once and for all in tandem.

    jom buat ribut

  115. No response in all likelihood means, "I want to say unhappy but 40 years of living in Malaysia has made me paranoid of losing my job, being arrested for wearing black (lawyers?), eating prata and losing my job. Safest is to say no comment la".

    Btw, if you haven't guessed it already, you can count me in that 16%.

    Have a good day.

  116. I read MI because it is an alternative media's media. With some blogger became YB and one about to go back to Main stream media, we need more such media like MI.

  117. Anonymous11:00 am

    what the fu#$% is najib doing in china when he can't even be fair to malaysian chinese????

    malaysian malay

  118. Anonymous11:03 am

    Why are you labouring on the survey result? Don't you have better things to do or better subject to write on - like the PKFZ fiasco)?

    Bro I think you are betting on the wrong horse


  119. Anonymous11:23 am

    MI is my homepage. Used to be nst, then the star, but no more. In MI you read real news, good or bad, for or against govt. And you get to read comments by concerned citizens rather than editorial spins. So keep it up MI!!

    As for the survey I don't think it represents Malaysians' view - the sample size is too small.

    parapu kari

  120. Anonymous11:29 am

    Rocky the dark knight:

    Now that you are going to spin from the mainstream media, will you highlight issues like PKFZ scandal, Gong Badak roof collapse - things that will affect the rakyat ? Or will you be asked by the Emperor Mamakthir to help sweep everything under the carpet ?

    Beware the power of the dark side.


  121. Anonymous1:50 pm


    Lets take your formula for Penanti?

    It has 15384 voters.

    Only 942 voted against PKR.

    Of the balance 14442, 6052 actually came out to vote for PKR.

    The remaining 8390 stayed away but supported PKR.

    So, only 6.12% of voters in Penanti did not like PKR. Whereas 93.88% were in favour of PKR, except that not all came out to vote.


    Why not tell the BN guys to follow this analogy of your for Penanti?

    Bagus kan?


  122. Anonymous2:09 pm

    Be patient bro, we can see real performance and whether the rakyat like it or not as we go along - no need to spin on the survey lah.

    Agree with maniam, your talent should be better spent covering BIG issues facing the nation:

    apart from PKFZ,
    -MAYBANK huge losses
    -why fin minister and dpm say our economy not affected, now -6.5% (negative growth of 6.5%)
    - former selangor MB and his maid trip to disneyland
    - stadium gong badak collapse
    -court house flooded
    -highway cracked
    -ah long jadi polis
    -polis jadi mata-mata
    -vk lingam
    -hutan bukit lanjan


  123. Anonymous2:24 pm

    Maybe my english is not as good as yours but I do think they call this exercise "Approval Ratings" for a reason...

    To determine how many people approve of something/someone etc.

    Spinning it your way...well..just proves all the accusations made towards you..

    And for those who think ppl commenting on MI are pakatan cybertroopers, please get in touch with reality. I and many more like me don't get paid to comment.


  124. Anonymous3:01 pm

    I still goes to MI for the lastest information. At least, there are more updates than the MSM.

    As for Najib as PM, well, survey doesn't represent the whole nation. Wait till the next election. Than we know whether are the people happy with him.

  125. Anonymous3:43 pm

    The Chinese are very pissed off with the way the govt handle the Chin Peng issue.

    Nobody (including Malaysian Chinese) supports the communism anymore. Even China has moved on. But the way the govt si playing with this issue especially Utusan Malaysia will surely backfire in the next GE.

    What we want is for that old chap to come back and die peacefully here. What can he do here anymore. Set-up another PKM ?

    If we want to look into the brutality of the past, then from the time of Portugese invading of Melaka, then the Dutch, British and worst still is the Japanese, can we honestly says to them - Back Off, You're not welcome? Those are the past and best forgiven and forgotten. The same goes for PKM. It's part of history.

    If we doesn't allow the old man to come back, just made a statement and case close. Don't play the issue of past brutality and get the comment of Persatuan Bekas Askar and what not. The MSM especially Utusan is playing with fire.

    As a Chinese, I'm really hurt with the way the issue is being played up.

    Just waiting for the next GE.

  126. Rocky,

    Najib should not be misled by apologists and must know that he is not popular with the rakyat over Perak and the management of the economy. Splitting hairs over statistics won't help. Regards, your buddy, Din

  127. Rocky,

    Najib should not be misled by apologists and must know that he is not popular with the rakyat over Perak and the management of the economy. Splitting hairs over statistics won't help. Regards, your buddy, Din

  128. skilgannon10665:26 pm

    Hey, warrior 231 and anti whatever!

    Where are you now that the PM has decided to make Beijing his first port of call outside of Asean?

    This is the capital of Tongkangland, no less!

    So, where's the verbosity and posturing, eh?

    Can it be that there are a lot of big "abangs" out there such that a small "abang" like Malaysia has to tread carefully and speak softly?

    Like a certain Awang Selamat who, while waxing eloquent on "pendatangs", dares not comment on the PM's visit to China. Typical of bullies who run away when the "big brothers" show up.

    Now, let's wait for the other big "abang" (aka India) to get into the act.

    That's 3 big "abangs" (US, China and India) and 1 medium-sized "abang" (Indonesia) for little "abang" Malaysia to contend with.

    Wassamatter, warrior and anti whatever? Cat got your tongues? Let's see you spout your verbiage on this!


  129. Anonymous5:28 pm

    I can smell the desperation of these pakatan supporters already! Ha Ha Ha. Ask your boss to pay RPK more la! See, now his son had to steal things because daddy lost his income already. Write lies and spin also nowadays but people dont want to believe anymore. Admit it MI is a spinner for pakatan deyy. Worse than Utusan nowadays.

    Keep on rocking!

  130. MI belong to who?....heard Kalli and friends....then what do u expect...

  131. Anonymous6:42 pm

    Najib is better than Bro Anwar who lives on immoral activities like homesexual, having affair with Azmin wife, corruption, etc. Believe things will be getting better as day pass by. Look at Anwar face is like mother of liar, double face, hypocrite

  132. Anonymous7:07 pm

    Najib is better than Anwar. Anwar is living on immoral activities like homesexual, having love affair with Azmin wife at Bangsar, corruption, mother of liars etc. As day pass by, Najib is getting better and better and every Malaysian is fondly

    Hidup Najib

  133. lallalallala....round2 sat.

    pasaipa tak mau post akunya komen...kata blogger...

    aku dah la gemukkk..tak larat nak typing ulang banyak2 kali..

  134. The RM1 million blogger ?

    Her name also crops up here !
    FORUM-ASIA Staff

    Information and Communication Programme

    Ms Susan Loone, Programme Coordinator: Information and Publications
    Mr Sverre Rakkenes, Information Technology
    Mr Victor Sapar, ICT Consultant / Webmaster

  135. Anonymous8:20 pm

    Berapa lot shares awak labur dalam PKFZ yang you nak menyebuk sangat hal itu?

    Let the relevant authorities deal with it..Lu punya income tax mau bayar LKS untuk satu jam alaun bulanan dia pun tak cukup..


  136. sick&tired12:22 am

    "The prime minister added what he described as a 'tongue in cheek comment', saying the fact that Altantuya was staying at "a two-star run down hotel" at the time of her death was further indication that he had not been involved with her.

    "If she was my girlfriend, she will be totally insulted if I put her (there)," he (Najib) said with a laugh.

    Taken without permission from Malaysiakini

    Satu lagi projek kerajaan BN!

  137. I notice that most replies misunderstood Rocky's point which is the word/term/verb/whateveruwannacallit
    "ONLY". Some commentators stoop as low so as to ask rocky to close his blog, which I cannot see what business is it for such a request. Talk about free speech bla bla bla,, Hey! you don't hafta read this blog even ifyour life depends on it. Some even pretend to be fluent english users but continuosly make spelling mistakes, typos can be forgiven but when the alphabet's keys are on so far apart, one can'tbelieve they are typos.

    I remember how the worlds' headlines screamed and cheered when the longest serving Japanese party fell. And they are trying to do the same here rocky. do you remember?

  138. Say, I forgot something. What do you say when a picture in the newspaper has a false caption? The picture in question and the caption says it is a picture of chinese resistance fighters of WW2 in penang, while the actual picture is of some matsallehs planters deputised during Penang se Riots before world war 2.what say you Rocky,

    PS The questionable picture and caption appeared in Star Metro last can check it out and say your piece. I'd love to see what the commentators have to say.

  139. no response is usually taken as negative but even then such a high number of no response is not good la. well we can spin it anyway that is statistics la.

    but najib says KPI will take into consideration about the people and how they feel. well there is no surveys done by the govt and if they do, ask for one to be done by an independent unit. but will the govt do it? if not how will the govt know how the people feel about the KPIs in 6 months or 12 months.

    That said, if Najib wants to check his ratngs, call for an election. Every new Pm will do it so they govern on their own mandate. So Najib should call for an election within a year. good time for hism to show what he has done and get his own mandate instead of using mandate given to pak lah by the people.

  140. anti-fakatan boy what a spinner you are.165 is PR supporters? check the last GE, what percentage that PR got in Malaysia and in Peninsular. No wonder BN/UMNO hasn't change its approach.

  141. Anonymous4:58 am

    Anonymous said...


    10:13 AM can get your Fu**ing ass out of here and go to Africa. Can you give me one name, a leader who is super clean. Pak Lah for example, at first everybody loves him. Then what happen?

    For me MI reporters is full of super wannabe looking for Cheap attention, so does the editors as well.


  142. jojoman8:11 am


    Susan Looney is a rabid Najib-hater.

    I won't speculate but Ms Looney has an agenda. Or somebody's agenda -- and that is to GET RID OF NAJIB.

    She is full of venom.

    Supporting Chin Peng, eh? I think the likes of Susan and RPK have gone too far.
    No longer entertaining!
    These people are capable of worse crimes, given a chance to have a sliver of power!

  143. malaysiana8:13 am

    Malaysian Insider is not neutral --please-lah.

    don;t compare their news with MSM new lah.

    read their comments and columns -- then you'd see. so clear. VERY ANTI_NAJIB.

    Rocky -- isn't Kalimullah and Brenden behind malaysian insider?

    they're out for Najib's blood.


  144. fair & square8:17 am

    The Merdeka Survey was popularised by Kalimullah and was liberally quoted in the NST when this scum headed the NST.

    He will continue lending veracity to this research "centre".

    Malaysians are so gullible.
    Like they believed Pakatan can rule all the five states well, that pakatan leaders are not corrupt and better the BN leaders?????

  145. manomano8:22 am

    you are reading MI becos of all that?

    malaysian insider sure is alternative....NOT!

    and kalimullah and brendan and all their ex-MSM reporters believe in fairness and the truth?
    you gotta be kidding me.

    you are a typical victim.

    for me, it's simple.

    you read "alternative" media because you THINK it is alternative, in a way that a media should be fair.
    what you don't know is that media like MI is not fair and not truthful and spins worse. But you don't know and probably don't care becuase, essentially, you hate the BN and the MSM.

  146. manomano8:22 am

    you are reading MI becos of all that?

    malaysian insider sure is alternative....NOT!

    and kalimullah and brendan and all their ex-MSM reporters believe in fairness and the truth?
    you gotta be kidding me.

    you are a typical victim.

    for me, it's simple.

    you read "alternative" media because you THINK it is alternative, in a way that a media should be fair.
    what you don't know is that media like MI is not fair and not truthful and spins worse. But you don't know and probably don't care becuase, essentially, you hate the BN and the MSM.

  147. bacardi8:23 am


    and why not?

    Rocky has been belaboring many issues.

    what's your problem?

  148. Anonymous10:16 am

    Silence means consent!

    So 84% are satisfied with Najib.

  149. Anonymous11:10 am

    Salam All,

    This county has a lot of great potential. Potential that no one can ever think and imagine of.

    Potential that can be beyond the reach of our neighbours. Potential that can uplift the new era of Asia.

    Potential that can brings one strong society to face the new challenges in this lovely world.

    Pray to GOD that none of our leaders will demolish all these potentials.


  150. So many opportunities to INSULT some of the commentators here! God, please give me the strength to refrain from making hurtful and condescending remarks against others.

    Not granted... I guess it's not my fault for I did TRY. From the bottom:

    @maniam 11:03 AM - maniam, samad, george tan, muthusammy: what name will it be after this? Biar ado identiti gak seekit; biar ado gedebe , brani tunjok namo dengae muko. Ni jenih nakut benar, hit-and-RUN :-)

    WHY aren't you commenting on the very question that you had asked? You do feel it's so very important, no? I'll bet you did - made a post about it at your blog. "Tapi sambutan kurang memberangsangkan, sehingga maniam terpaksa tutup kedai" Heheh! Come one; let's have the address...

    By the way, it's obvious that you don't have a regular mirror and a flashlight - sebab sah tak TILIK dan SULUH muka dulu. Muka tak malu ke, dok suruh Rocky buat post itu-ini... macamlah blog ni hak kepala bapak dia!

    You know, it amazes me that so many people are angered by Rocky giving a different - BUT ENTIRELY VALID - interpretation of the statistics. What's the matter - can't accept them because they go against your preconceived conclusions?

    Where did you place your "objectivity" and "fair-mindedness"? Most likely you had stuffed it all up your a*se, based on the personal attacks.

    Oh, can you look up what the adverb "strongly" means, and how it affects the following word and also the whole question? There are online dictionaries to refer to; like Hope that's not too mentally taxing for those with such small brains...

    Fuuu; marah, marah.. Kito kelih ado natae jawap

  151. i think the real question is, why so high 39% no response?

  152. Anonymous4:08 pm

    hoi skillmoron..

    what's the big point & the so big deal when any PM of a country pay a visit to china? he can even go to hell if he choosed too..i don't choosed him there.. i wanted to be a PM myself if u ask me..hahaha..

    How cheap & low can your mind go further down..? sad.. nothing work for u already this days.. still suffering asshole-trauma, do ya? i know, you are bankrupt of grey matters..u already transposed your ass up & brain substance anymore inside your stupid chingkie brain already..all flow like diarhoea..

    no need be so obvious lah piggy..u just making fun of yourself lah ..

    why u always need to jump like wild baboon on a joyride when the word 'china' come across to display? u must be a a desperate old whore craving for a giant erectile dysfuctional dick..kah..kah..

    nak berambus pergi lah mampus sana..tak payah going to china doesn't mean that malaysia going to be china colony, u stupid..who knows, maybe he wanted to scout for hot blowing chingkie girls there & take over the business from u chigkie idiots..his family also in business ma..hahahaha.. :D

    I wonder what kind of welcoming party your big brother gonna throw for u chingkie loosers if u people decided to return to China...better u ask chairman Mao..1++ fucking billions are more than enough of trouble..shooting down a few thousands like wild animals at Tiannamen square didn't make any significant different at all..even such a tiny portion from there in malaysia already had caused enough trouble i say u..maybe malaysia can barter trade with china..send all these chingkie troublemakers & exchange with our muslims brothers & sisters there..& its more easy for us to form 1Malaysia & 1Sekolah after that..if u go..i will happily say: Good riddance, piggy..!!

    Moron..your auguments doesn't slightly change any facts that u are still and always a decendant of pendatang & wild runaway savages..u r indeed a living proof to confirm that, u stupid chingkie pigbrain..

    Wow..your big brother even throw a huge welcoming party for Najib..i'm so surprised.. back here, we only welcome china girls for fuck..hahaha...

    what is enough for u hah piggy? u just further disgrace your own kind..pity u..pigbrain never learn, do they..?

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  153. Rocky sure master the twisting game very well.

  154. Anonymous6:13 pm

    39% is just 1% short of 40%. So if we round up to 40% NO RESPONSE, the picture is even worse: generally in surveys 'undecided' response would be less than 5%. So when almost half the respondent dare not make a committment something is wrong somewhere.

    Let me ask you, if you like or support somebody wouldn't you quickly give an affirmative answer? Therefore it can be CONCLUDED that the almost half undecided were actually NOT HAPPY with najib.

    Therefore it is beyond any doubt that the FINAL CONCLUSION IS: 84% ARE UNHAPPY WITH NAJIB


    p.s but don't be disheartened by this revelation, all is not lost. We still have a long way to go before next GE. Plenty of time to improve kan

  155. Anonymous10:29 pm

    Heheheh Skillgannon,

    Pantang sebut Negara lain, terlompat kat keyboard!

    Tak rasa malu pulak tu sebut China, a land where his forefather abandoned/ sneaked out because tarak syiok berjuang disana, tarak syiok cari makan kat sana, tarak FLEEDOM, terpaksa FLEA and abandon segalanya including your precious citizenship dan sanggup belayar and merempat kat tanah asing!

    Hoi Skillgannon,

    makluk yang sayangkan Negara TIDAK TERGAMAK MENGHINA DAN MEMANDANG RENDAH AKAN NEGARA SENDIRI. Lebih2 lagi buang keRakyatan. We Bumiputra’s, will hold our head dengan megahnya to declare “I AM FROM MALAYSIA”…

    You sudah baca JMD pasai our national pride?

    So if Najib goes to China or India, so what? Your kind abandoned the place right? Are you sure the people of ROC are proud to claim you as a brother, one who deserted their own country?


  156. Anonymous12:45 am

    Dear Rockey's

    Its a little late for me to post a comment. But You too find it's interesting to post the survey result on our PM by MI.

    For info. I have posted many comment on articles by MI. But none was published in their blog cos most of the time I gave them a nasty hard and negative comment.

    What Master said is true but short to pass remark that MI is an anti Malay and anti establishment blog. What more on our PM Najib. I do not think MI is happy to see Najib to be our PM. All they want is somebody who has a worse background so that they could hit harder.

    Those who read postings by MI could analise themself that all comment using fictitious name are the work of a few people working for them for their comment, words and points raised are almost similar and a repetition by another. Their comment are most illogical and
    underrating our intelligence. They are fit to be caged in Hospital Bahagia Tanjung Rambutan.

    Now they posted a survey result on the popularity of our PM. To me the results purportedly obtained in the survey do not portray common sense. Its more like a stupid person commenting on issues that he does not even know about. Their comment are full of shit and their knowledge is too shallow to be grasped.

    I would advice you Mr Rockey's not to take or link anymore posting from MI. They are digging their own grave.


  157. Anonymous1:45 am

    the facts are stacked up after the last GE and the continous loss of key bi elections. We know the major cities in peninsular is gone to pkr; from kedah thnru -melaka.

    Rakyat need drastic changes at every level of govt and glcs. They need to have hope for hope. We know...perception that has been created real or otherwise, had sunked in deep to every layer of society. Walk around, sit, meet, chat a lil dude and you'll see son and daughters. These is probably the worst period of our land and yet we continue to use the stick versus dialog and threat vs negotiate. We are a goner soon enough if biz by politician man is not curbed and people can voi

  158. Anonymous1:35 pm

    najib can be popular if he keeps out the keledek rebuses. i heard from the sports people of a yb who heads netball. she sold out he friend in a recent election just becoz some one promised her some netballs and jersey and another promise he some post. we don't needf politicians in sports, wat more this kind of kucing kuraps. najib will do well if he keeps this kind of people away.

  159. Anonymous2:22 am

    Objectively I won't put too much faith in that survey.

    If you want a better yardstick to assess him then please look at from the standpoint what has he done since coming into office.

    A ticklish stimulus package, don't you think? Not a bloody difference as far as I am concerned. I'm still struggling.

    Was he on the right footing at first? He didn't address the nation to let Malaysians know what's on the agenda. Maybe he knows what the Malaysians want and he knows he cannot deliver. Corruption is a case in point he avoided at all costs from being mentioned. He avoids that topic like a plague.

    Release ISA and then put some back in?

    Why didn't he sue the likes of RPK, some French newspaper et al for making those slanderous accusations since he's the most powerful man in Malaysia?

    1Malaysia? What is that? His sidekick did a damaging article, and his ideas for the nation is now in the gutter.

    Malaysia "to be unaffected" by the economic meltdown? Are his economic advisors morons?

    So the man is basically clueless, sitting idly and watching as the time passes him by while the nation is dire straits. He's at his wit's end.

    The 46% must be equally as clueless as he is.


  160. Anonymous1:30 am

    satisfied do not mean that we are happy, to say that I am satisfied with my Job now which provide me bread and shelter is no further than to express satisfaction, nothing near happiness as was interpreted here.

  161. skilgannon10666:10 pm

    Bulls**t - anti hindraf & wira

    Let's see if you are brave enough to reprise your views when the President and PM of China come calling during their next official visits to Malaysia.

    Or the next time a Chinese Navy ship docks at Port Klang and it's crew are let out on a little R&R.

    Hoi, anti whatever & Wira - got the guts to demonstrate in front of the Chinese Embassy in KL? Let's see how quickly the SB guys take you in and give you a guided tour of Kamunting!

    Ah, heck - Singapore MM Lee Kuan Yew is currently visiting Malaysia. And he is meeting with HRH the Agong, the PM and the Deputy PM. All nice and buddy-buddy. Do I hear the weeping and grinding of teeth from the "ultras" out there? The same "ultras" whose predecessors wanted to arrest the same LKY as a traitor in the days before Singapore was ejected from Malaysia?

    Strange how times have changed - Singapore has the funds, the political connections and the military muscle. Plus the backing of 2 big "abangs" - the US and China, 1 medium-sized "abang" - India and 1 "abang-in-the-making" - Indonesia.

    No wonder Malaysia has to go along quietly and make nice-nice. Because the rules of the game have changed. No matter what delusions anti whatever and Wira labour under.

    Boy - that must be causing you to crap in your underpants!


  162. Anonymous1:17 pm

    :D muhahaha.. here we go again, same-o-shit pigbrain..

    pigshit skilmoron..
    what the hell are u talking moron? You park your pigbrain in toilet bowl when u're on the keyboard? So verbally desperate to command respect more than your worth, pigshit? pity u..i know your asshole hurts alot..the wounds are still visible for everyone here to see & it cannot heal...again another waste of pigshit brain now..? Continue humiliating yourself, sissymoron boy..hahaha..

    Since when u got any brothers u pendatang? Self-proclaimed? Mind looking at yourself in the mirror? You are nothing more like a filthy lowlife flea leaching & sucking for 'brothers' to pathetic..where is your maruah parasite?

    Flea: Xenopsylla cheopis
    Fleas are blood sucking parasites that live off their host... fits people like u very well..hahaha..

    such typical of a parasite..always give trouble to the host despite being of fucking bloodsucking nature for decades..such ungrateful bastards..decendant of pendatangs like you are just like dorman virus, slowly spreading disease with your fucking agendas, highly potential to be a traitor to this nation..

    Hey moron, if China or any country want to have military invasion over Malaysia, WE not gonna run away from our land like u cowards pendatangs..that features only inherited in your DNA, not ours..u people are decandant of cowards & savages...hahaha..

    WE have maruah & honour..unlike u pendatangs.. WE even defended Singapore to the last blood when all the cowards bastards like u people run away pissing in pants, including the so-called mighty Brits & Gurkhas army when the Japanese occupied.. coz why? coz we got maruah coz we are the host..unlike u parasite people..and that's a real fact.

    Heck if it really happens.. well skillmoron, be grateful & honoured for a last call..coz we will make sure you people are the first to be skinned off alive to serve as a red carpet for the welcoming party..

    hahaha.. at least, that's the very least of maruah you lowlife can offer for the last moment to honour & respect this country you owed alot more that the worth of your own blood. Memang dia ni jenis pukimak tak sedar diri..

    p/s: sissyboy - see who pissing in his pink panty now..go on, call for big brother to rescue you...we're such a big dick bully..kah...kah..hell what kind of military muscle this pigbrain talking about if it cannot hold erection for a long period of time..need to be on artificial viagra donated from big brother? Hell, WE already can whack straight to the single G-Spot, by the time before big brother can even come to the rescue.. WE got plenty of G-Spot here..WE do need multiple orgasm to satisfy & never run short of libido..hell that take a lot of time...what a joke..boaster looser..kah..kah..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  163. Anonymous9:07 am

    Great One as usual, bro anti-whatever. You are DE man!

    away on holiday, i dint bother to comment although this pigdog, the product of the union between sus barbatus and a terrier (,taunted me and you. Would have been a waste of my holiday to respond to this piece of shit that has got nothing but pigshit up there and a shrivelled cock down there.

    Arse-torn, mouthfucked bastard talk about all the great abangs (leaving out, the US and "readymade" Spore) who by the way are behind MALAYSia in them economic ranking stakes.The pigshit has them data filed in his arse and it must be galling to read them every time he needs some masochist butt fuck.

    China as a going concern is about to be finished (give or take 2 years), exports, its lifeline, are down again in May (22%) and the domestic economy is being propped up by pumppriming which is being misallocated into unproductive sectors,unnecessary capacity building and of course shoring up the soon to collapse stock market, an artificial bubble being created by the nervy apparatchiks to keep a lid on rising unemployment and social strife.

    Spore is finished for keeps, its economic cock to shrink to the size of skilly's peasized brain, hahahahaha......LOL. that's why LKY is over here to look for a burial plot to avoid being urinated for perpetuity.

    The US..hahahahahaha LOL, watch inflation take off if the US economy ever dares to rear its cock. Bond yields are so trending upwards that investors are spooked as to what that will do over the long-term (higher borrowing costs that will strangle economic growth).At best they can hope is a L shaped recovery and Wall Street is on its last legs fed as it is by skewed economic data by the Berak (Oh)bummer. Only way out for them sods is a global war to induce manufacturing from its stupor as Krugman presciently noted. Indonesia...hahahahaha
    enough said.

    as you (anti-whatever) said this maruahless, homeless, cockless bastard pendatang still crows about his abangs cos he wants them to protect his skinny flea infested arse but they aint gonna do it for they have no gain in saving scum pemergis, a case of good riddance to bad rubbish in their books.

    Talking of Indonesia konon, conveniently forgetting Medan 1998, ah bastard?Them Papuans have also got into the game now and them Aussies have had enuff of your co- hindulen leeches. You talk about abangs coming to the rescue, tell me what could the PRC do for their self exiled pendatangs circa 1998 and also circa 2009 in Papua and what could India do to help in Fiji (1987 onwards), sri lanka (2009) or even Australia (2009) .

    Dengan Papua pun PRC takut, nak lawan malaysia..konon..pidahh pukimak.Truth is, the chingkie arse worms are scared of death and all it took was a bunch of steppe horseman from mongolia and later manchuria (+ Japan) to prove that and put them in place. Hail Genghis, Kublai and Nurhaci,Huang Taiji for bringing the selfstyled Middle kingdom to its arse...hahahaha.....LOL

    I swear we will do worse than that, you arsetorn, mouthfucked, pa buggered, ma fucking son of a sus barbatus. We will send your decapitated head and those of your kind to your abangs Hu Jin Tahu and Wen Chi Bai pronto via Poslaju and see if they have the testicular fortitude to ever come after us. We got MARUAH, pendatang! get it, you will always be a pendatang unless you assimilate by chopping off your shrivelled pecker, speak our lingo, go to our schools...etc. Till then, keep your pendatang selves quiet lest we pempergi you into the sea.

    Warrior 231