Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A straw called Omar Ong

A camel called Dr M. Those who are close to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad are fully aware that the former Prime Minister whose harsh criticisms against Pak Lah hastened the successor's downfall, has been holding back his punches when it comes to Najib Razak.

The shock appointment of Ali Rustam to the Umno supreme council and the shocker proposed 3rd link to Singapore have left the Old Man unhappy with the PM but he's so far refrained from taking any kind of offensive.

But Omar Ong's appointment to the Board of Petronas Nasional, or Petronas, could break the camel's back.

If that doesn't do it, then Najib's next anticipated move surely would. For Omar Ong's appointment, they say, is a precursor to bringing in Syed Hamid Albar, the former Home Minister, as chairman of Petronas. If that happens, Najib would be sending a message as clear as day that he does not want Dr M at Petronas as Adviser anymore.

And his replacement? Sleepy Hollow Part 2. Or, rather, Sleepy Head ...

Pro-Umno bloggers are pleading with Omar Ong to walk away from Petronas. They say Omar can help Umno avert a Mahathir-Najib war by rejecting Najib's offer. Read An Appeal to Omar Ong, here.

p.s. Why shouldn't Omar Ong and Syed Hamid Albar work for Petronas? Because, according to here, the management of Petronas must remain free for any direct or indirect political interference. Omar Ong, A Voice contends, will be seen as "the voice of (Najib)" if he sits on the board of Petronas and that's not good for the PM.


  1. Anonymous11:45 am

    Yeahh...as long as Pak Lah/Khairy people are still in Govt/BN/UMNO/GLC...rakyat won't vote for BN in next GE. Simple.


  2. Bro,

    I pray that the camel's back is broken sooner than later. The chill in my spine is beyond freezing point.

    Is this the beginning of the end of Petronas' autonomy? Are we seeing the pride of the nation, Malaysia's sole Fortune 500 lister, following in the footsteps of its other not so fortunate counterparts?


  3. Brunt Council12:01 pm

    Omar Ong ni baik jual nasi lemak di Sri Hartamas. Semua orang menyampah dgn engkau.

  4. The last thing Najib needs is Tun Mahathir on his back. Once the old man bites he would not let go and there can only be one victim sprawled on his face.

    With less than 3.5 years and counting down till the next General Election, Najib certainly needs all the core voter support base(read UMNO) that he can muster.

    Unpopular moves on the part of Najib just to satisfy the agenda of a few measly advisers with their own personal interest can make UMNO supporters sympathetic to Dr Mahathir turn away from Najib and by extension UMNO/BN in the next General Election. Najib should never make the mistake of underestimating Tun Mahathir's influence and clout like what Abdullah Badawi the most powerful UMNO President in UMNO history had done and found out too late.

    Petronas do not need any political interference, they are fine at what they are doing now. Najib should leave them be to do what it best for the Organisation and this blessed Country.

  5. Ong Ong Tak Ong12:20 pm

    The straw that broke the camel's back.

    So skinny Omar is trying to break Dr M's back?

    He is no match.

    Najib is not politically strong to handle any criticism.

    Banyak jerangkung dalam gerobok!

    Confidence amonst UMNO members is waning.

    Omar Ong will end up a consultant typing petition under a tree by the courts.

  6. Anonymous12:23 pm

    I would think a third bridge would be a heavier straw than a human..

    don't you think so?

    I say keep the man which costs alot less than a bridge to bloody nowhere (no offence intended to people from Desaru).

  7. Campbell12:32 pm

    The old man should just shut up and let Najib run the country. How to effectively run the country if every decision by najib makes mahathir unhappy.

    Najib should just ignore mahathir. He is irrelevant.

  8. Anonymous12:39 pm

    Hi Bru,

    There is an important reason for Omar Ong to be in PETRONAS. Almost all major Institutions that Invested Overseas have been hurt by American Hedge Funds....

    We do not know to what extent PTERONAS has been affected by Its investment in American Hedge Funds...

    Omar Ong has been appointed most likely to resolve whatever problems exists relating to these foreign investments...

    Joe Black

  9. Anonymous12:39 pm

    Hi Bru,

    There is an important reason for Omar Ong to be in PETRONAS. Almost all major Institutions that Invested Overseas have been hurt by American Hedge Funds....

    We do not know to what extent PTERONAS has been affected by Its investment in American Hedge Funds...

    Omar Ong has been appointed most likely to resolve whatever problems exists relating to these foreign investments...

    Joe Black

  10. Mazlan12:43 pm

    I hope these are just rumours... please!!!
    The idea of Syed Hamid Albar as Chairman of Petronas is just too scary to think about.
    Petronas is the one GLC that has a stellar reputation globally - and that reputation is based on its pretty sound management team and clear global strategies.
    Putting in Sleepy Head as Chairman will kill its reputation in one go.
    As for Omar Ong as a Director - that in itself will be an overtly political move. It is also a conflict of interest as Omar Ong as his own consulting firm and what chance will there be of it getting lucrative contracts from Petronas?
    Najib better wake up fast - otherwise he will undo all the great work Petronas has done so far.

  11. Anonymous12:48 pm

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  12. Anonymous12:51 pm

    Come on la rocky don't give the old man a hard time as it is he is having one.

    old man

  13. "Because, according to here, the management of Petronas must remain free of any direct or indirect political interference." Rocky.

    How can Petronas be free from political interference when it reports directly only to the Prime Minister?

    During the 1997/98 Asian Financial Crisis, Petronas bought over a fast sinking Plc (Perkapalan) owned by Dr.M's son for some $1.5 billion, I think. Dr.M claimed that this was done in the broader interest of the nation. Many will disagree.

    Again, when Trengganu fell to the opposition, Dr.M froze oil royalty payments to that State, saying he was not bound by the Royalty Agreement between Petronas and Trengganu.

    Petronas' Board of Directors and top management is not representative of the People, while in most instances you need 75% Bumi participation to tender for Petronas contracts.

    Are all these the result of normal business practices or political inteference? I leave it to the readers to decide.

    And what brilliant advise exactly has Dr.M given Petronas since his appointment as its Advisor. Some details would be appreciated especially since even Proton does not consult him on major decisions?


    this is not to suggest Petronas is not a well run company. Both Petronas and its CEO Tan Sri Hassan Merican are internationally well respected and held in high esteem for Petronas' performance..

  14. Anonymous2:08 pm

    Hi Rocky

    I find your latest piece really
    unbelieveable !

    That one man can hold the present elected governmentt to ranson ....


  15. Anonymous2:09 pm

    Looks like you are asking someone not to accept the appointment, so that someone in your good books can be pleased and happy?
    Am I wrong to assume you are a 2 ball polisher of the first degree?

  16. Anonymous2:30 pm

    There's obviously no other talent beside the same old people - syed hamid etc...balik balik orang yang kena buang from cabinet gets a role somewhere...whats the diff from this pm to the last sleepy pm???


    1. Anonymous1:39 pm

      Agree .

      Kampung Girl

  17. Anonymous2:46 pm

    "And his replacement? Sleepy Hollow Part 2. Or, rather, Sleepy Head ..."

    WTF! that sleepy head peasant as advisor...? Bet he sure must have something & got najis by the balls

  18. Anonymous2:49 pm

    Najib,you are making it very difficult for us to like you.


  19. Anonymous2:53 pm

    Rocky the spinmeister:

    Petronas has never been free of political interference - your emperor Mamakthir saw to that. Spin all you want, but the dark side has always been eyeing the Petronas piggybank.


  20. Anonymous3:17 pm

    Omar Ong in Petronas, Chrome Dome as Petronas Chairman, Azman Mokhtar as MD of Petronas all does not make any difference at all.

    None of this adds to the bumiputras capacity to compete. If Omar Ong, a Chinese becomes Director of Petronas it is not surprising.

    But despite being Chairman of Petronas, Chrome Dome will not even be able to operate a petrol pump on his own. Azman Mokhtar too can not even run a grocery shop on his own.

    They need the Govt's crutches. These are the facts. Sad but true.

    By making these silly appointments, the Govt is just keeping the bumiputras incapable and not competent.

    These are the best of the best among the bumiputras. How is the everyday Malay going to learn to compete?

  21. Non-partisan3:18 pm

    May I advise DSN to do some soul-searching before it is too late. Do not wake up the sleeping giant lest there will be relentless bombardments once started. It will invariably spell disaster in the 13th Gen.Elections.

    If he thinks the appointment of MM as Dep Minister will act as a safety valve I'm afraid he will be wrong.

    Beside the appointmnet of Omar Ong I am equally flabbergasted, if indeed they are true, the engagement of Fox Communications by EPU and PDRM which are the nerve centres of our economy and internal security respectively.

  22. Anonymous3:18 pm

    please appoint me as chairman of petronas. i am politics free and not a member of any political party. i am not much hated like omar ong or hamid. i do not own any company that have conflict of interest, i just free lancer coder who browse blog at times. please najib, please.. i am tired of programming. with the chairman allowance, i think i can do gardening instead.


  23. Anonymous3:42 pm

    I hope the PM will reconsider the decision, if at all it was his decision.
    If it is not his idea, then just pull the plug.

    semambu striker

  24. Anonymous3:43 pm

    13th PRU somewhere between 2012/2013 and I'll like to bye bye to BARISAN NASIONAL.It's the story of a tiger and a croc.Same old story.The predecessor listen to SIL and the successor listen to ------ MANAGE. In another words of saying the predecessor and successor don't have the brains.Got to rely on others. Alway make a wrong decisions.On second thought as an UMNO members why must we be loyal to UMNO as the leaders are doing things at their own whim and fancy.- Si Tanggang drown in Tasek Bera.

  25. Anonymous3:50 pm




  26. Anonymous4:23 pm


    Time to bring the fat cattle home and to be milked dry to the bone.

    Sheikh My-Money

  27. Save Petronas4:25 pm

    Ha ... baco yg ni.


    Petronas bakal jadi mangsa rogol ... masya allah.

  28. No camel or donkey in this one, just some horse trading.

  29. Anonymous5:40 pm

    Omar Ong is so full of himself. He wasn't that great of an employee of PETRONAS when he was there, mediocre at best. I know, I was there with him. He can only play politics, but manage an organization of that magnitude, size, and importance. No way.......

    Trust me, everyone who works at PETRONAS or has worked there is cringing. cause this kid will really screw things up.

    Keep PETRONAS forever professional.
    The late Tan Sri Azizan put it on that course, and thats the course it should be. The results speaks for itself.

    Since 1990, PETRONAS has risen in the Fortune 500 ranks. Today it is number 120 from 400 something back in 1990.


  30. donosepataharam5:51 pm

    Dear Rocky

    The idea here is to create another Ananda Krishnan if you catch my drips.

    Petronas belongs to all Malaysians. You mismanage our assets, you are out come the next general election.

    Kalau Brader Anuar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) menang dan jadi PM, lagi teruk kita dibuatnya.

    Telan mati emak, tak telan mati bapak. Watch out for Malay Dilemma 2.

    In any case what's so special about anak Cina ni? Bergeliga sangat ke dia?


  31. Anonymous6:21 pm

    Too many advisors for the PM through the blogs?

    The PM will take full responsibility for ALL his actions as the leader of the country.

    He is not a coward.

    Everyone, including Dr M, should just let PM do his job.

    He will be judged by the rakyat.


  32. ayam serama6:29 pm


    how come u are not writing anything on the komunis story wrote by aniza damis in new sunday times. it seems kdn demanded an explanation from nst on why thestory which favoured komunis was allowed to be published and the intention of the reporter.

    but have no fear as nst ge syed nadzri during a meeting with nst senior editors on monday defended the article and described it as fair comment. wahhhhhhhhhhh

    and the best part was everyone in the meeting kept quiet, either they agreed with syed or were afraid to voice their disagreement. but rr spoke against it saying that he does not faham how can such a article be published

    rr had his points right. but the question is who approved the article/ and the answer to that q is joseph soosai.

    aniza damis is the blue eyed girl of joseph and he supports her all the way. the funny thing is syed or any nst editor did not q aniza on her article. is this an indication that nst reporters are ok with the story

    aniza is one reporter who is so syok sendiri. she even wrote a story kutukking the court of appeal decision against nizar as she felt nizar should win. she was upset when the story was spiked

    please lah clean up nst from this kind of reporters. if u dont like bn dont work in nst ...

  33. Anonymous6:33 pm

    brendan's good friend zubaidah abu bakar is so happy as the new nst boss zainul is her good friend. congrats zubaidah. hopefully we would get to read more pro pas and pkr plus antiumno bn stories in nst after this. after all zubaidah is well known as anti bn and umno although she is a good actor. dont percaya read her story on monday. also brendan dont worry as zubaidah through her friendship with zainul wpuld be able to supply you more stories and gossips on nst

  34. ubi rebus6:38 pm

    with the new regime in nst, what would happen to machai, lionel, chandra

    it seems machai is confident that he is untouchable and would remain in his position eventhough ahmad talib would be the new boss

    he told his die hard supporter leslie that no one can challenge him as syed is too afraid to change him and appoint someone else

    btw is it true that leslie who was very loud previously because of his good relation with machai is a changed man now/ it seems leslie is lying low now as he does not want to be seen as close to machai coz he takut would be penalised by ahmad talib

  35. Anonymous6:44 pm

    1st they get the operators taking turns to conduct special draws on tues...

    average collection of 12millions x 52 weeks... 652 MILLIONS per year! wondering where all these money goes to... buying frog?

    and now it seems they want to squeeze every single dollar from petronas...

    and if that is the case, najis action must be stop before he destroy the country and which looks like he has every intention of doing so!

  36. Anonymous7:08 pm


    I'm afraid that Najib will be the fastest PM to be ousted from the office due to his innability to put an end to the 4th floor boys dominion. His poor handling of the bridge issue are being talked amongst my friend,where is, only consist of a small number of young people. Our opinion might be unimportant, but thats what people say when we higlighted our concern about the last PM.

    Najib should deal with the people feeling carefully, and dont make the same mistake as much as treating the peoples as idiot, because we are not. And he should really cut of ties with liabilities that caused Pak Lah downfall, because it maybe his the next time.


  37. Dhahran Sea7:22 pm

    Salam Bro. Rocky,
    I got the feeling that there's something really "fishy" IF omar ong AND hamid albar (AND pak lah) do get appointed to Petronas... hamid albar was the Minister for Internal Affairs... maybe somebody's GOT "something" to hold on to najib? ... I mean IF these people are REALLY qualified and capable of bringing value-add to Petronas, why not? BUT everyone knows hamid & pak lah don't have anything of value to the Co. xcept maybe zzzzzz... (I hope our pilots at MAS don't zzzzz while on the job!)... the more I look at najib's actions/decisions nowadays, I couldn't help but think that somebody's BALLS (IF there's any left, that is) are in somebody's hands! By their fruits we shall know them, as they say... nasib lah Malaysia ku!

  38. Machai Pak Lah & Machai Madey asyik bersaing memasukkan ajen mereka dalam GLC masing-masing. Banyak wang ringgit$ untuk dikutip.

  39. Rocky..
    How low can you go further? Everyday we see you down the gutter flaming racist sentiments, Malay chauvinism and being a shameful accomplice to the power struggle within UMNO for a piece of the action.

    One day when the dust settles and Petronas becomes accountable to the rakyat, dead people will turn in their graves to know the shennanigans of the Mahatir era.

  40. Anonymous8:42 pm

    cant wait to say bye bye to najib.

    the impatient

  41. Adik Peter Mandelson8:49 pm

    Unbeknown to many, Hassan Marican is a fan of Jack Welch, the X-CEO of GE.

    He does not only admire the man's management style, but has also adapted several corporate initiatives - similar to what Welch has implemented in GE, into Petronas such as BIP (GE’s 'Work Out') in mid 90s, Quality Culture Process (GE’s '6 Sigma') in late 90s, VBM (early 2000), KPI & Individual Performance Contract (early 2000) and many others.

    He even named his top HR advisory committee (responsible for the transfers and promotions) as MDC, which is similar to GE’s MDCC.

    Like Welch, Hassan is a firm believer in succession planning.

    There is a structured succession planning in place in petronas.

    Over the years, he has groomed a group of leaders capable of running the company - in the event that he got hit by a truck.

    Some have scaled greater heights while others who failed to exceed Hassan’s high and demanding expectations have disappeared from the radar screen.

    Names like Wan Zul (VP Gas) and Arif Mahmood (VP Oil, MIT alumni) have been mentioned by a reader in this blog as potential successors to Hassan.

    However, in reality there other candidates in the ‘list’; which includes Dato' Nasa, George Ratilal (ex-RHB), Dato' Anuar Ahmad, Medan Abdullah, Nizam Salleh, Frank Salleh and Hashim Wahir.

    He has not only groomed the first tier of petronas leadership (VP level).

    He has even identified candidates who have the potential to lead the company in the next 15 to 20 years.

    They (the young GMs in the mid to late 30s) are currently attached all over the group’s operations: in the oil business, gas business, property and finance, domestically and abroad.

    Their performance is closely monitored and regularly reported to the MDC.

    To Hassan, characteristics of a leader are integrity, honesty, loyalty to the corporation and country, capability and experience.

    Those who made it to the VP level, have usually served the company for more than 20 years in the company and have excelled themselves in harsh and difficult postings around the globe.

    This is the reality of the oil industry.

    Premier companies such as Shell, BP, Exxon would have never parachuted someone with so little experience in their 30s to a board level position in Houston, the Hague or London, even if that someone has worked in the White House or 10 Downing Street for a zillion years.

    For example, Anji Hunter, one of Tony Blair’s closest aide and longest serving aide, popularly known as the 'most powerful non elected person in Downing Street', was only appointed a communications director in BP (not even a Board level position) when she left Downing Street.

    Thus I find it amusing that despite the fact that Omar Ong has so little relevant experience, DSN is appointing him as a Director of Petronas.

    I believe DSN is making a collosal mistake and his decision shows that he is out of touch with the sentiment on the ground.

    I hope DSN would reconsider his decision, for the sake of the Ummah and the Country.

    Please do not kill the goose that lay the golden egg.

  42. Anonymous8:51 pm

    Bagus2 Najib gaduh dgn Dr M.Ya Allah bagilah mereka bertikaman sesama mereka menggunakan keris pacasila kebanggan mereka itu.Hahahahahahahahahah.
    Gaduh jgn tak gaduh.rebut jgn tak rebut ghanimah2 yg tersedia

  43. wait till ur father gets home9:05 pm

    first they took out the professionals from Proton, its Petronas.. gila kaa apa?

  44. binjI9:18 pm

    PM Knows what is he doing, jangan lah nak campur pula dengan urusan PM dan tidak perlu menggugut PM akan menerima nasib yang sama dgn Pak Lah jika PM membuat keputusan dia sendiri. What's wrong with Omar Ong being in Petronas, why are you people alwas think that Tun pepole are than great and who ever related with Pak Lah must die now, u orang tak ada kerja lain melianknan mahu menabur pasir diperiuk nasi orang lain. Tak penat ke nak bunuh sana sini. I am very sure Najib knows what he is doing. Tak mungkin Najib akan tunduk kali ini dengan bloggers terutama sekali Rocky and zakhir. Good Luck bro.

  45. Not appropriate to say Petronas should be free from all political influence.

    It never was and never will be.

    AMNO's cashcow-leh eventhough it should have been the rakyat's.

  46. saya berminat dengan tulisan ini... huh padan muka kamu.... Ada bloggers (seorang dua) penyokong Tun yang tidak sedar diri

  47. Petronas Scholar10:17 pm

    Mohd Omar Ong bin Mustapha Ong was a scholar of Petronas. He was offered scholarship in May 1989 to do A-level in the UK and to study in Oxford University. He has repeatedly defaulted from his obligation in the scholarship agreement with Petronas.

    The revelation of Omar Ong’s appointment as a member of the Board of Director of Petronas will mean that the Board of Direcor have honoured a scholarship defaulter with this appointment.

    Omar completed his study and graduated from Oxford with a Bachelor’s degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics. On February 16th, 1995 he joined Petronas as Executive. He later resigned and join Multimedia Development Corporation (MDC) on February 1st, 1997.

    Omar was employed for nearly 2 years and at the time of resignation, had not fulfill his compulsory service. Petronas agreed to transfer the compulsory service to MDC being another Government Company..

    His stinct with MDC lasted few months more than 3 years for he resigned on March 31, 2000. This is in breach of the scholarship agreement and he was informed by the Education Services Unit on June 2000.

    Consequently, he was issued a Letter of Demand in January 2001 from the Legal Service Unit of Petronas. By September 2001, Lee, Hishamuddin & Co. was appointed to start proceeding against Omar. Judgement was obtained against Omar in February 2003.

    After MDC, Omar joined McKinsey & Co, London, and operated in Kuala Lumpur. He later co-founded Ethos & Co. in February 2002.

    In February 2004, he was appointed Special Officer 1 to the Deputy Prime Minister. A deed of settlement was signed in May 2005 and he was to serve the Government of Malaysia for an assigned period of 4 years 10 months. In the event of another breach of contract, he will be required to pay a settlement of RM120,000.

    Omar resigned and rejoined Ethos & Co. in February 2006.

    Appreciate you could publish this comment in your blog in order to get reactions from Omar Ong or Petronas to this revealed details.

    This should serve to alert Najib that the man he agreed to be appointed as Director for Petronas is a Petronas Scholar who defaulted on his loan.

    Najib's insistance on the Board of Director of Petronas to appoint Omar Ong will put them in a difficult position to breach their own internally long practised policies and will be expected to be given exception.

    As another Petronas Scholar, I ask why should defaulter Omar be an exception?

  48. Anonymous10:31 pm

    Who the hell cares who is the boss or who is in the Board of Petronas as long as they can continue to make Patronas a very profitable organisation. Tell TDM to go to hell and shut the fcuk up, his time is over and let the people of today run the country. Obviously Najib has his cronies so did TDM. He managed to bring down Badawi so now he thinks he can do the same to Najib. Many idiots were brought back by Badawi, thats why he failed miserably, for Najib to bring back a corrupt Chief Minister he will also dig his own grave.
    Na Na Jis

  49. Anonymous10:38 pm

    how good to use this law..ARREST ANY ONE ANYWHERE USING ILLEAGLE ASSEMBLY.....Does these acts bring confidence to investors? can we achive econimic growth with all these uncivilised laws? are we still in 19th century? ......ppl r more educated. Gov. should start looking other asian giants how big they r growing....c`n Rocky be realistic....come out of all these racial talks...focus on real issues burning on the street..

  50. Sarip Dol11:26 pm

    Dato’ Seri Najib pernah mengatakan bahawa kenangan paling indah bersama bapanya adalah ketika mereka bercuti di pergunungan Alps.

    Najib pada ketika itu sedang menuntut di Malvern Boys College.

    Di saat beliau berhadapan pelbagai kecaman dari pelbagai pihak berhubung keputusannya melantik Omar Ong sebagai Pengarah Petronas dan Dato’ Syed Hamid Albar sebagai Pengerusi Petronas, mungkin beliau patut mengimbau kembali KENAPA dan MENGAPA Al-Marhum Ayahandanya tidak melantik ahli-ahli politik dan individu-individu yang rapat dengan Perdana Menteri menjadi Ahli Lembaga Pengarah Petronas.

    Beliau juga patut mencari sebab KENAPA dan MENGAPA Al-Marhum Tun Hussein Onn (Bapa Saudaranya), Tun Dr Mahathir dan Tun Abdullah Badawi mengambil langkah yang sama dengan Al-Marhum Tun Razak.

    Di sinilah peri pentingnya SEJARAH.

    Manusia perlu belajar dengan SEJARAH.

    Bukan dalam soal mentadbir negara sahaja, malah dalam mencari pasangan hidup.

    Sebab itu, apabila Putera Charles sedang mencari jodoh, Putera Philip (ayahandanya) pernah berpesan “find a woman with a history but not with a past”.

    Sebenarnya banyak yang boleh kita belajar dari SEJARAH.

    Sebagai contoh, apabila tentera Nazi menyerang bandaraya Leningrad di Perang Dunia ke-2, Josef Stalin mengarahkan rakyatnya supaya membakar ladang-ladang gandum.

    Stalin belajar dari SEJARAH.

    Satu ratus tahun sebelum Stalin, Raja Russia - Tsar, telah mengarahkan ladang-ladang gandum dibakar apabila soldadu-soldadu Napoleon menyerang Russia.

    Habis kesemua tentera Napoleon kebulurun.

    Dan Tsar terselamat.

    Sebenarnya Tsar tidak sebijak mana.

    Beliau juga belajar dari SEJARAH. (bersambung)

  51. Sarip Dol11:36 pm

    Dua ratus tahun sebelum Nabi Isa, Hannibal dan Gaul telah merancang untuk menyerang Rom.

    Raja Rom pada waktu itu adalah Fabius.

    Sebelum tentera Hannibal dan Gaus sampai ke Switzerland, Fabius mengarahkan tenteranya membakar ladang gandum di sana.

    Maka Hannibal dan Gaus berundur dan selamatlah Rom.

    Jika tidak kerana SEJARAH, Rom pasti ditawan, Tsar digulingkan dan Stalin dipenjarakan.

    SEJARAH juga telah membuktikan bahawa Perdana-Perdana Menteri terdahulu tidak pernah melantik ahli-ahli politik dan rakan-rakan rapat mereka ke Petronas.

    Abdullah Ahmad dari Kok Lanas adalah orang yang paling dipercayai oleh Tun Razak.

    Beliau juga adalah individu yang paling berkuasa di era-70an dahulu.

    Begitu besar pengaruh beliau sehinggakan bekas Perdana Menteri Al-Marhum Tunku Abdul Rahman hampir tewas ditanggannya di dalam perebutan saham majoriti di dalam The Star di awal tahun 70an dahulu.

    Walau pun Abdullah Ahmad amat dipercayai oleh Tun Razak beliau tidak pula melantiknya sebagai Ahli Lembaga Pengarah Petronas.

    Mungkin Al-Marhum Tun Razak berpandangan masa depan syarikat terkaya di negara terlalu penting untuk diletakkan di tangan ahli-ahli politik dan mereka-mereka yang rapat dengannya.

    Tetapi, Al-Marhum Tun Razak tidak pula berasa tidak senang apabila melantik rakan karibya Tan Sri Taib Andak sebagai Pengerusi Felda.

    Taib Andak adalah rakan rapatnya semasa meraka belajar di London.

    Di era Tun Razak terdapat ramai pegawai-pegawai muda di pejabatnya.

    Antaranya, Zain Azrai (Allahyarham), Annuar Jusoh, Shafie Yahya, Shahrir Samad, Tengku Shahriman, Abdullah Majid dan beberapa nama lagi.

    Tetapi Tun Razak tidak pula melantik mereka ke Petronas walau pun mereka berkelayakkan dan mempunyai potensi yang besar sekali. (Zain Azrai adalah bekas Duta ke PBB dan juga bekas KSU Perbendaharaan, Shafie Yahya bekas Ketua Pengarah BPR, Shahrir Samad bekas Menteri lulusan IMD, Tengku Shahriman bekas CEO Pernas)

    Tun Hussein Onn juga mengikut langkah Tun Razak.

    Beliau tidak meletakkan ahli-ahli politik serta rakan-rakan rapatnya di Petronas.

    Ini walaupun terdapat individu-individu yang begitu berpengaruh di zamannya seperti Khalil Akasah, Desa Pachi dan Kamarul Ariffin.

    Begitu juga dengan Tun Dr Mahathir.

    Beliau mengikut langkah yang serupa dengan Tun Razak.

    Beliau tidak meletakkan rakan-rakan rapatnya seperti Daim Zainuddin dan Al-Marhum Tunku Abdullah (Charlie) di Petronas walau pun Tunku Abdullah pernah mengambilnya semula masuk ke dalam UMNO melalui UMNO bahagian Rawang pimpinanya.

    Jika tidak kerana Tunku Abdullah, tidak mungkin Dr Mahathir menjadi Perdana Menteri.

    Di zaman Dr Mahathir, beliau juga pernah didesak oleh Timbalannya untuk meletakkan wakil Pemuda di dalam Lembaga Pengarah Petronas.

    Tetapi Tun tidak tunduk kepada desakan.

    Dan takdir menentukan maka selamatlah Tun dan Timbalannya hilang jawatan.

    Begitu juga dengan Tun Abdullah Badawi.

    Selemah-lemah beliau, beliau juga tidak meletakkan kawan-kawannya seperti Kalimullah Hassan dan Annuar Zaini di Petronas.

    Jika adapun ‘departure’ dari zaman Dr Mahathir, adalah kerana beliau meletakkan pegawai-pegawai khasnya di ‘ULC’ – UMNO Linked Company seperti MRCB dan Utusan.

    Maka pengajaran dari SEJARAH adalah kesemua Perdana Menteri sebelum ini tidak pernah mengambil keputusan untuk meletakkan ahli-ahli politik dan rakan-rakan rapat mereka di Petronas.

    Ini adalah kerana mereka sedar bahawa Petronas adalah MILIK SEMUA dan MASA DEPAN negara adalah terlalu penting untuk digadaikan hanya kerana ingin memuaskan nafsu besar individu-individu tertentu yang bercita-cita tinggi.

    Biarlah Petronas terus ditadbir oleh golongan professional yang tiada cita-cita dan agenda peribadi.

    Itulah KENAPA Al-Marhum Tun Razak dan Perdana-Perdana Menteri selepasnya tidak meletakkan ahli-ahli politik dan rakan-rakan rapat mereka di Petronas.

    Mereka sedar tiada guna kita menang sorak hari ini tetapi esok hari kampung tergadai.

    Belajarlah dari SEJARAH.

    Renong-renongkan dan selamat beramal.

  52. Anonymous11:43 pm

    "Am I wrong to assume you are a 2 ball polisher of the first degree?"

    Nope, you are not wrong, in fact your observation is spot on. I actually with rocky, but yet again he has to mention mahathir! Lets get one thing clear, I HATE Hamid Alber. He is a stupid man that doesn't deserve to be a minister (maybe an office boy, but I won't even hire him for that!). That aside, I don't see why Najis should always carry Mahathir's balls! Does every decision that Najib makes needs the mamak's approval? Like that Najib should just step down and let Mahathir become the PM. No need all the bullshit & drama.

    BTW the main reason why Bodohwi got screwed was not bcos of the mamak, it was bcos the people were sick and tired of the racist UMno. You are giving him to much credit!

  53. Anonymous12:23 am

    Nobody will give a dammed when Najib and UMNO shall be history in the next general election, but the rakyat shall definately cannot let Petronas bungkus with the big mouth useless Botak Head over there ... Wali Kota

  54. Dang, bro. From what I'm readin' here, ya get the feelin' UMNO is treating PETRONAS like its own piggy bank. Guess PETRONAS never did belong to the Rakyat in the first place, eh?

  55. Anonymous1:43 am

    you guys really too much. one time you said rocky is najib's man. and when he shoots at najib, you still want to kena rocky. what la you guys...


  56. Anonymous7:52 am

    Mohd Omar Ong bin Mustapha Ong was a scholar of Petronas. He was offered scholarship in May 1989 to do A-level in the UK and to study in Oxford University. He has repeatedly defaulted from his obligation in the scholarship agreement with Petronas.

    The revelation of Omar Ong’s appointment as a member of the Board of Director of Petronas will mean that the Board of Direcor have honoured a scholarship defaulter with this appointment.

    Omar completed his study and graduated from Oxford with a Bachelor’s degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics. On February 16th, 1995 he joined Petronas as Executive. He later resigned and join Multimedia Development Corporation (MDC) on February 1st, 1997.

    Omar was employed for nearly 2 years and at the time of resignation, had not fulfill his compulsory service. Petronas agreed to transfer the compulsory service to MDC being another Government Company..

    His stinct with MDC lasted few months more than 3 years for he resigned on March 31, 2000. This is in breach of the scholarship agreement and he was informed by the Education Services Unit on June 2000.

    Consequently, he was issued a Letter of Demand in January 2001 from the Legal Service Unit of Petronas. By September 2001, Lee, Hishamuddin & Co. was appointed to start proceeding against Omar. Judgement was obtained against Omar in February 2003.

    After MDC, Omar joined McKinsey & Co, London, and operated in Kuala Lumpur. He later co-founded Ethos & Co. in February 2002.

    In February 2004, he was appointed Special Officer 1 to the Deputy Prime Minister. A deed of settlement was signed in May 2005 and he was to serve the Government of Malaysia for an assigned period of 4 years 10 months. In the event of another breach of contract, he will be required to pay a settlement of RM120,000.

    Omar resigned and rejoined Ethos & Co. in February 2006.

    Appreciate you could publish this comment in your blog in order to get reactions from Omar Ong or Petronas to this revealed details.

    This should serve to alert Najib that the man he agreed to be appointed as Director for Petronas is a Petronas Scholar who defaulted on his loan.

    Najib's insistance on the Board of Director of Petronas to appoint Omar Ong will put them in a difficult position to breach their own internally long practised policies and will be expected to be given exception.

    As another Petronas Scholar, I ask why should defaulter Omar be an exception?

    Certainly, Omar's appointment will place the Board of Director in a Catch 22 situation.

    If they reject his appointment, they will be deemed as opposing the PM's instruction. But if the approve his appointment, it will not be consistent with their policy not to retake former staff. They will confirm the appointment of a Petronas scholarship defaulter to the top management of Petronas i.e. Board of Director.

    This will be a blemish on the reputation of Petronas Board of Director and the Company's policies. Will this be an example for other Petronas Scholars to emulate? All this for Omar. Is it worthy?

  57. I gave it till December before Mahathir starts on Najib. Sounds like as if I was being a little too generous!!

  58. 50 something8:24 am

    The last five years we witnessed a young man rise to become ketua pemuda umno and aspire to be PM by 40.

    Omar Ong is a repeated defaulter on his scholarship. By his appointment, it will signal another trick to rise up an organisation.

    SO default on your scholarship. Good chance is you will come back as member of the Board of Director or even CEO.

    Aisay ... another trick by this generation driven by greed and self interest.

    But build nothing but only good at rebranding, paper shuffling, and down sizing what is build over 50 years.

  59. Anonymous8:28 am


    PM should run the country as he see fit. But he's also a politician, and hat means he needs all the support. Tun M's support is important for him. After all it was Tun M who put him there, after insisting to Dollah that Najib be picked as DPM instead of Muhyidin. Offending Tun M can invite trouble. Why must PM invite trouble? PM is a wise person n he certainly values tun m's support and he'll do the right thing. PM is dollah. dollah fell partly and significantly due to tun m"s relentless attack.

    shih huang ti

  60. Anonymous8:31 am

    Ybg Tuan Sarif Dol,
    Bukan kah Mahathir melantik Ananda Krisna sebagai Pengarah Petronas dan kemudian dia jadi Oil broker jual minyak untuk Petronas, dan disitu berlaku lah episod selanjutnya Pembinaan KLCC, di mana Ananda jadi partner petronas?
    Tuan langsung tak menyebut nama Tengku Razaleigh yang menubuhkan Petronas, waktu penubuhan hanya tiga nama terlibat : Tengku dan Yunus Sudin sebagai director dan Abd Manan Othman sebagai Company secrectary.Kenang lah sikt jasa jasa tiga orang ini.
    Pak abu

  61. anti-scholarship defaulter9:09 am

    Mustapaha Ong an overseas scholarships defaulter!!!!!


    Can Wee Ka Siong please immediately carry out an investigation?

    Why this Ong chap work in big company like McKinsey don't pay up loan?

    Can someone check his lifesytle, eg cars he drive, kind of house his stay.?

    Why are rich people given scholarshipship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Rocky polishes the balls of PM Najib previously with the hope that he will be rewarded with the Editor-in-Chief of NST.

    Now that he has not been given the job, he is starting to use 'negative reinforcement" i.e. if you give me the job, i will be on your side, if not, i can do more damage from the outside...

    The above is my 2 cents.

  63. Anonymous10:00 am

    Mr Bru,

    didnt Najib said he would meet up Tun M and Tun Dollah for consultations? Are U saying he listens more to Tun Dollah now than Tun M? something not right here...


  64. skilgannon106610:20 am

    Petronas should be looking over its shoulder, now that a "big boy" in the oil industry has taken up residence down south.

    PetroChina is spending big bucks to buy a substantial stake in Singapore-listed SPC.

    And PetroChina is one of the biggest listed companies, by market value, in the world.

    What has Petronas done to develop the oil industry downstream and upstream in Malaysia? Heck, even resourceless Singapore has parlayed itself to become one of the biggest oil refining and oil trading centres in the world.

    Petronas could have achieved something similar for Malaysia. Instead it went off to bail out banks, build a F1 racetrack and bankroll the building of Putrajaya, among other instances of "national service".

    What are Mahathir's KPIs as Petronas adviser? Would Petronas care to make this public?

  65. Answering Omar Ong 111:00 am

    A similar set of comments were left on the blogs of ABITW and Bigdog. In ABITW, the commentator signed off as Anonymous but on Big Dog, he signed off as You know who I am. Instinct says that the commentator could be Omar Ong himself.

    It is interesting how he attempts to defend and spin himself with obvious arguments but left more of himself open. Read the series and rebuttal …
    1. Suppose for a moment you are related to this Omar Ong fella. Just as you point out that both Khairy and Omar Ong were from Oxford (and therefore providing irrefutable and conclusive evidence that they are lifelong partners in crime), does this mean you are also guilty by association? Surely you too must be in cahoots with them? How do we know if you have not gained from your family relations, no matter how distant they may be? Blood must be thicker than water, or in this case, thicker than a common scroll of paper? You see my point?

    2. And this linkage to the infamous 4th Floor – what exactly is the issue – guilty by association again? Did the 4th Floor boys commit criminal acts or simply give unsound advice? If they broke the law, for God’s sake, please investigate, charge and hang them! If they gave bad advice, shouldn’t the blame lie squarely with Pak Lah for listening to them? After all as Prime Minister he was accountable to the Rakyat. Which is which now? To equate Omar Ong with the power of the 4th Floor is to say that Najib is as intellectually challenged, gullible and incompetent as his predecessor.

    This is the part where he tries hard to deny his link with Khairy by claiming an Oxford scroll does not mean there is such an association. The fact is that association is not established merely by their common University. Good argument but weak denial.

    Browse the Internet and Blogs, there is an intellectually challenged pro-Khairy Portal that indirectly defended Omar by doing a character attack on bloggers that did this revelation.

    However much he tried to disassociate with Khairy, he left himself open by defending the 4th Floor boys in his second point. Omar claimed the 4th Floor boys did nothing wrong. As advisers, he put the blame squarely on sleepy but not the 4th floor boys who filter, approve/reject and manouvre which ideas for sleepy to sleep on. They know sleepy couldn’t care less and is intellectually challenged to understand the papers presented to him. Omar did not own up to acknowledge that this allowed the 4th Floor Boys and their minders to influence Abdullah. And this was the issue raised against Abdullah.

    In his defense of Najib, Omar asked: If “Najib is as intellectually challenged, gullible and incompetent as his predecessor.” Hmmm …. for appointing Omar and Syed Hamid? I am sure other commentators can answer that.
    To continue in Part 2

  66. Answering Omar Ong 211:03 am

    Continue from Part 1

    3. I fail to understand this: if Omar Ong was good enough to be hired by McKinsey, and later, entrepreneurial enough to start his own firm, why is he not good enough to join the Petronas board? After all, he was a Petronas scholar and served in Petronas for a few years in the mid 90s (in Corporate Planning and was later posted to Vietnam on international assignment). I was told when Omar Ong was in McKinsey, he worked with energy clients in Europe and the Middle East. Isn’t all this relevant experience, or is there some other criteria for board membership that Omar Ong does not meet? Reply:

    This is where the arrogant, self absorb and full of himself Omar start to brag.

    Sure … why didn’t he revealed that he was only with McKinsey for 2 years, Petronas 2 years, and Ethos on and off since 2002. When in Petronas, he was only an Executive i.e. entry level position!

    Usually someone with limited experience would reveal and brag the little they did. While those with experience and real capability would list their employment history. That speaks volume because the industry players will speak for him or her.

    Can anyone in the industry tell us what big achievement/(s) has Omar done other than a good salesman of himself? Has any of Ethos’s proposals and KPIs prove successful other than lining Ethos’s partners’ pockets?
    To continue in Part 3

  67. Answering Omar Ong 311:05 am

    Continuing from Part 2

    4. Isn’t it true that the President of Petronas answers only to the PM, and not even to the Board? It is widely known that Ministers and even the Minister in PM’s Department (who is supposed to oversee Petronas), have always made noise that the Petronas President hardly ever acknowledges them but deals direct with the PM. It has been like this since the days of the late Tan Sri Azizan. Do you expect this to change with one non-executive appointment to the Board? Will be board suddenly become relevant again, led by the all powerful Omar Ong? It would be interesting to see Najib giving up this exclusive power by making Petronas actually accountable to the board. Yeah, when pigs fly. Reply:

    This is a good argument. We must hand it to him. Before we could accept the argument, is it true all this is happening? Do verify from our contacts in Petronas.

    Nevertheless, this reply does not answer the pertinent question from A Voice. Would it not make him as the “the voice of Najib” and the Board members kow tow to him?

    On a positive note, lets assume he is trying to institute a procedure in which the CEO is answerable to the Board and not stop bypassing the PM. Would that also mean all communication to the PM will have to go through him as the gate keeper? Isn’t that more dangerous to allow him as messenger between the CEO and Board members and PM? Does that remind us of Tingkat 4?

    Omar … Omar … aren’t you revealing yourself by this comment? Do pigs have wing? Yeah they do … that is how H1N1 got spread. Thanks to the Airlines.
    To continue in Part 4

  68. Answering Omar Ong 411:07 am

    Continuing from Part 3

    5. Some have argued Petronas should be shielded from political meddling as the prized asset of the country. Shouldn’t we then be demanding that Petronas becomes accountable to Parliament rather than argue over who should or should not be on the board? In any case, let us not forget that UMNO has always been represented on the Petronas board until recently. No less than the former UMNO Legal Adviser until he stepped down to join the bench. Bet you didn’t realise that huh? Should we reject Omar Ong because he’s not an UMNO member then? Not to worry, the way to solve this is for Najib to appoint one of the recently dropped UMNO Ministers as the new Petronas Chairman. Mike Tyson, Rafidah Aziz, Syed Hamid – take your pick. They are all UMNO loyalists who have served the country with dedication since even before Omar Ong was born. Reply:

    A strong argument put forward by bloggers Aspan Alias, A Voice and Fox One Fox Two that Petronas should be shielded from political meddling.

    Our mystery Omar did not answer to agree or disagree but instead argued that there was the existence of a former legal adviser of UMNO. He may have meant the current Chief Judge Tun Zaki Tun Azmi, who was UMNO disciplinary committee member.

    The question to ask would be was Zaki appointed when he was on the bench or as a legal practitioner? Be that as it may, if it is when he was a legal practitioner, isn’t it for the better that Zaki resigned and any remnant of political meddling be ended.

    Furthermore, our mystery Omar resorted to a cheap political trick to blame it on UMNO to divert from the need for independence from political meddling. It is convenient and fashionable these days to divert attention from the real issue by blasting UMNO.

    The interesting part of this argument is that he claimed that it is already an accepted practise (which is not true) to have UMNO representative on the Board of Petronas. He further adds that by virtue of him not being an UMNO member, he is a better choice.

    Hahaha … cute. Did I read somewhere he is a Treasurer of one UMNO Division or Branch in Johor? His father claimed to be an UMNO member in a Kuala Lumpur Division. I guess if DJ Dave could be an UMNO member, what’s wrong for convert Omar to become UMNO member?

    To continue in Part 5

  69. Answering Omar Ong 511:09 am

    Continuing from Part 4

    6. The other argument has been that Omar Ong is a businessman and should therefore not be on the board. This is such a simplistic view of the corporate world. If one cares to examine the Fortune 500, independent directors of boards often are made up of people who are active in industry and business, and professionals e.g. lawyers, accountants, consultants. There are established ways and mechanisms to deal with potential conflicts e.g. disclosure of related party transactions, abstaining from commercial decisions where a particular board member may have an interest, etc. This is precisely why in the past, people like the late Tan Sri Bashir and Tan Sri Ananda Krishnan could sit on the Petronas board even though they were not only businessmen, but were actively doing business with Petronas! Reply:

    Ah ... here is further argument to justify Omar’s Board membership.

    Ananda is the only non Government or Petronas man. He was invited in before Omar existed as a gush of blood filling up vessels in a certain organ of Mr. Mustapha Ong. Najib, his boss had just returned from England and was only an assistant to Ku Li then.

    It is beyond Omar’s recollection to know that Ananda was already an oil man. Ku Li invited him for his expertise and assistance to establish Petronas in 1974. If anything, Petronas benefited more from Ananda’s presence than Ananda’s

    As for Tan Sri Bashir, he was a through and through Government man. He represented the Government in a multitude of companies with Government interest. He is more a Government man than a corporate personality. Through out his tenure, he is careful about conflict of interest.

    Our Omar should share the proof and reveal details of allegations he made on the late Tan Sri Bashir. Be fair because he is not alive to answer any wrongful allegations.
    To continue in Part 6

  70. Answering Omar Ong 611:10 am

    Continuing from Part 5

    7. So in Omar Ong's case, the relevant question to ask is whether his firm Ethos – has any dealings with Petronas, and if so, are there mechanisms in place at the board level, to ensure he does not participate in any decision involving his company. I have no reason to doubt that Petronas as a world class company will have world class corporate governance mechanisms. To argue that Omar Ong should not be on the board because he makes a living somewhere else, is simply absurd!

    8. Maybe in the end, there’s a simpler, less sinister explanation for all this attention with Omar Ong’s appointment. It has something to do with what happens when you have a lot of a particular species of crabs in one basket, and one of them tries to climb out. The rest will instinctively try to pull that lone crab down. Sounds familiar?

    Sorry … Omar. That crab story applies to Malay. You are not Malay. You father’s Chinese, Mother’s Chinese and that makes you Chinese. This should be good because as the story goes, the other Chinese crabs will help each other to get out of the basket.

    It is not about jealousy la Omar. It is to save Najib’s premiership, the party and its cause from costly mistake like this.

    About Ethos having no interest in Petronas, hmmm … I hope so. When Ethos Capital was promoting its private capital fund, Omar’s partner, Rohana Tan Sri Mahmood said in the Edge dated Oct 13, 2008:

    "People are going to invest in Ethos because of who we know, and also because of what we can do, because I don't compromise integrity and shareholder value, that is something I will not do, you can kill me, you can bribe me, but I will not do this... so, yes, I make no apologies about knowing who I know, like the Carlyle and Blackstones of the world, but at the end of the day, these guys deliver value. Full stop."
    The end too.

  71. Anonymous11:11 am

    Maybe this whole posting is a reverse PR stunt, for you to get Omar the job. For all we know, Omar may have never been offered the job...I havent read of any reports from Bloomberg, Reuters, NST, Edge and Star on any such rumours on the offer... Or maybe its just a stunt... Omar wont be director in Petronas, and everybody will say, Najib listened to Tun. I smell a rat!!
    Zainol Ganjafin

  72. Cerdiklah sedikit11:30 am

    I am laughing at the attempt by Kamil, representing the intellectually challenged Setiakawan portal, KPMU, in their attempt to answer this expose.

    It seems the only way their brain could think off is to do a personal attack on the blogger and label him as orang ini atau orang itu.

    Then they bodek Najib with the argument for loyalty and to trust Najib's judgement. This is blind loyalty and arguments like this will destroy Najib.

    It is better to be criticised than to make a wrong decision and become fodder for the opposition.

    This is another interesting bit. Why is KJ's flock of Setiakawan bloggers trying to defend Omar Ong's appointment? It is a dead giveaway to show Omar is linked to KJ.

    Hoi ... bahalul-bahalul yang di bawah gaji KJ. Kalau nak defend gunalah otak. Entah .. entah .. tak ada otak gut?

    Sekejap lagi keluarlah blogger2 penyokong KJ yang cerdik sedikit macam Sakmongkol, Wenger, Leon dll. Berbelit2 dan meletup2 keluar vocabulory depa nak menjustifikasi kebebasan pendirian mereka tetapi hanya pertahan kepentingan KJ dan pemilihan Omar.

  73. Anonymous4:49 pm

    Omar, that s quite a convincing story and drama you have there. But i dont think its "MECE" enough.

    x-Mak Kincit

  74. Anonymous5:03 pm

    Omar, that s quite a convincing story and drama you have there. But i dont think its "MECE" enough.

    x-Mak Kincit

  75. Naluri6:25 pm

    When Pertamina was in the news years ago, the primary sentiment every time I read a story was relief.

    Relief that the men who led this country left PETRONAS to the professionals. Relief that these professionals had integrity as steely as the Twin Towers. They treated the job like a calling, a service beyond self.

    It was the task of stewardship: our oil and natural gas reserves were in the hands of individuals who realized that they were guarding a national treasure.

    With the depressing news that a politician is very likely to become Chairman, and a young man in his early 30s is to be appointed to the Board, the spirit of autonomy and principled governance is at grave risk.

    We have seen this pattern often, Pertamina being the closest example: The political agenda will inevitably overtake the corporate one. There can be no cheerful outcome from this unhappy fit. Without proper management of our oil, we lose control of our future, economically, politically and security-wise.

    Malaysia is the only modern, moderate, Muslim oil-producing country in the world. This is a precious reputation, not to be taken for granted.

    In accordance with its values, PETRONAS has long been in the business of corporate diplomacy, enhancing economic and social activities wherever it goes.

    The said politician likely to be made Chairman is ironically, devoid of any diplomatic skill (as was evident during his term as Foreign Minister), and appears to have a curiously impenetrable thought process.

    Those who have appointed these individuals either do not see this or do not care.

    The young man’s appointment is rationalised by his excellent educational credentials. Rumour has it that the spot on the Board is just a stepping stone to a top executive post. But does he have the fired wisdom and experience to take on this job? How has he signaled to the public – his potential constituency – that he is ready?

    PETRONAS needs leadership by a tried, tested and trusted hand. One name in particular comes to mind: Chairman of the Securities Commission Datuk Seri Zarinah Anwar, who has oil and gas experience, a highly regarded legal track record and the distinction of having revived the prestige and formidable stature of the SC.

    Surely PETRONAS and Malaysia deserve no less.

  76. Anonymous6:57 pm

    Dear Ayam Serama & Ubi Rebus

    What surprises me is that Rehman Rashid has stopped talking about throwing in the towel. At least we know now Rehman is hard up for a salaried job. So I expect Rehman to polish Ahmad Talib punggung after soiling it.

    So that goes all the talk about man with principles.

    As for Leslie, until a few days ago, he was thinking about becoming the next Chief News Editor as in Lionel Morais who was thinking about becoming the Associate Editor when Chandra moves up to become Deputy Group Editor with Kamarul Idris unseating Syed Nazri as the Group Editor. That was the problem when they listened too much to Brendan Pereira.

    But as usual, they are know dead quiet hoping that they would be noticed by the new regime and hope to survive.

    But discreetly, they join Chandra and Joseph Soosai in Chandra's room plotting against Ahmad Talib.

    All the best friends

  77. Okay. That's it.

    If this match happens, say bye bye to BN.

    Nothing anyone can do.

    Though I think Dr M is wise enough to find a solution.

    Big Blue will find a way. He's responsible for his actions.

  78. syed hamid really. OMG please do not destroy or contaminate Petronas. That is one good company that we have. so please keep away this dungus who want to keep people safe by using the ISA and these Omar Ong character. say anything about Dr.M, he does have the best interest above the country and he is smart man. These dungus, I'm no sure. Dr.M, i'm with you on this

    rocky 'O'

  79. Anonymous11:45 pm

    I have NO desire to see someone of Omar's shade of green get the top job at PETRONAS. The fact that he would even consider accepting at this age and with his level of experience suggests that he does not grasp the magnitude of the task before him -- only the magnitude of the wealth.

    That said, does it really, really matter that he has Chinese blood?

    This is public money that we are talking about and the concerns and protests are extremely grave ones.

    For heaven's sake, don't cheapen the argument by bringing race into it. If you genuinely believe that race is a factor, then you deserve all the crap that is coming your way now that this sacrosanct line has been crossed. You deserve to have your public life run by idiots.

    So either shut your pie-hole, or as Bart Simpson says, eat my shorts.

    Blue-Haired Mom

  80. Tacobell4:27 pm

    These pro-Mahathir pro-Umno bloggers are such jokers. When it concerns their bosses' interest, they pull out lofty concepts like Petronas must be free from government interference. If Najib were to appoint Mukhriz as Chairman of Petronas today, and keeps him as Deputy Minister even though the law does not allow it, these bloggers will say, hey, that's the right thing to do because isn't he deputy minister for MITI? So, it's a very relevant and apt thing to do. Bravo Najib!

  81. Heavens, not Omar6:16 pm

    Omar is driven by greed and not to add anything new into Petronas.

    Ethos is managing EPF. Can we know their performance? Did they said the time is right to go into equity?

    That is a sheer amateurish remark without experiance in reading economy and market. To early to jump back in market.

    Is he Najib's proxy?

  82. AA Shareholder6:33 pm

    Zarinah may not be a good idea. She approved ECM Libra-Avenue takeover!

  83. Buzuk Najiz12:02 am

    UMNO BN Finale : Mahathir against Najis !!! Just watch as these events unfold !!!

    Musa Hitam, Kuli, GaafarBaba, Anwar, Badawi & soon Najis....
    The evil old men bring them all up.... fly them high only to ultimately destroy their political & even personal life !!!

    Najis shall be the closing chapter to end the R.A.H.M.A.N prophecy & the last PM from the rotten UMNO !!!

    By Busuk Najiz

  84. somebody have to tell Najib that why the population of GLC and Petronas did not vote for goverment in GE 12
    you must have clear and develop a succession plan in GLC and Petronas ( very good ) , do not disrupt this process by bring in high handed outsider with max perk , you will develop disharmony...

  85. Anonymous7:01 pm

    After probing this thread, I saw a common known pig oinking loud up there..as expected..Petronas = malays, surely will trigger his chingkie swineflu brain to have degrading words on it..i wonder which part of this world hold the land as a kandang place for this filthy swineflu infested asshole brain disease carrier..

    For those who don't know why every fucking politicians cannot resist their hand over Petronas if they got the chance..here's why.. i know..this company has always been a chingkie fetish dream to have a grip on..just wiki the fact from the net about Petronas & you'll find..

    Petronas is (2008):
    a) 95th largest company in the world ranked by Fortune Global 500
    b) 8th most profitable company in the world
    c) The most profitable in Asia


    And the above do not just come in naturally rolling if the company was run by a bunch of underclass employees.. Petronas cultured & nurtured its employees from pool of gifted & selected people mainly from bumiputeras..that's why the chingkie always envy it..its always been the pride of the nation..

    As a GLC, Petronas can have morons sitting in the Board..nothing much the staff can have a word or anything to say about that..its still OK to certain extend since the best employees were the one whom run the show & put Petronas to where it is now.. as long as the morons do not interfere..BUT disaster will happens once the morons start to intervene to show their smart-assness.. pray to Allah to forbid.. if Najib really want to be a destroyer of what his father had built he may have to live to regret it until he die..

    A common pig pendatang in his asshole view try to degrade Petronas & want to champion his motherland's PetroChina..

    - Petronas:
    Employee: 33,944 worldwide
    Assets: 106.0 billion USD (2008)
    Revenue: 66.2 billion USD (2008) Net Income: 20.0 billion USD (2008)

    - PetroChina:
    Employee: 464,000 (Big tongkang)
    Assets: 145.132 Billion (2007)
    Revenue: 114.317 Billion (2007)
    Net Income: 19.936 Billion (2007)

    For such a 'small' (no. of employee & revenue) national oil company, Petronas by ratio is doing far off good & efficient.. Clearly this pig do not know anything about Petronas and in self view assumed petronas only poke hole & suck oil..suckers..hahaha..nothing surpise me when its coming from a typical piggy brain like him..he really sux big time..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  86. Anonymous1:43 pm

    petronas doing well tapi petronas can go higher. hassan merican (ceo) doing well but he is only human and have his weaknesses. petronas has good strategies to become what they targeted as global champion. petronas did well in sudan, myanmar etc. ada juga tempat petronas tak buat bagus. mungkin salah satu sebab nya petronas letak orang yang kurang layak menerajui petronas ditempat2 yang kerugian. kawan saya yang kerja kat petronas kalau nak naik pangkat kena jadi "yes" man. hanya kroni2 sahaja yang boleh naik pangkat walaupun banyak yang bagus2. kalau dilhat lawan management walaupun menegakan kebenaran alamat kena masuk peti ais le (cold freeze). itu sebab banyak pekerja yang berpengalaman lebih suka berhenti dan kerja dengan firma2 arab yang bayar lebih baik. apa yang saya hendak katakan kalau ada orang yang lebih baik untuk mengurus petronas (bukan omar ong dan politician2 lain) dari hassan, kita boleh terima. jangan silap, hassan merican dah buktikan dia baguih, tetapi mesti ada yang lebih baguih. apa salah kita beri peluang sebab petronas memerlukan mind set change yang radical untuk berjaya.

    orang kampong lulus mce.

  87. Anonymous10:08 am

    Salam Saudara Rocky,

    Heard this rumour that Nazir Razak (CIMB) to become new Petronas CEO. Betul ke???

    Maybe you should post something.

    Vin Diesel

  88. Anonymous10:34 am

    Apo ni??!!

    Is Najib turning Malaysia into a family empire?


    Suka Budu Sokmo
    from Ketereh with love

  89. Anonymous12:12 pm

    Well Done Omar!!!


  90. Lagi berhubung Omar Ong di Gandasari http://gandasarimerdeka.blogspot.com/2013/06/mengenali-omar-ong.html