Sunday, May 24, 2009

MCA Youth to lodge police report against 1Sekolah promoters

A wee machai. MCA Youth leader Dr Wee Ka Siong is seriously contemplating lodging a police report against bloggers who initiated the Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua campaign aimed at creating a "true" Bangsa Malaysia.

Wee, who is also the DeputyEducation Minister, said he may also refer the bloggers to the Malaysian Commications and Multimedia Commission.

Like Nuraina A. Samad who blogged about this earlier today, here, I am truly taken aback by Wee's quality as a politician, as reflected by his inability to agree to disagree. What's wrong with engaging the bloggers? Why so militant one?

The promoters of 1Sekolah did send his boss, the Education Minister Muhyiddin Yasin, a letter on the 1Sekolah. Muhyiddin has not responded to the letter but has said that the government is, more or less, not interested to go that way. Read here.

The bloggers who initiated the 1Sekolah campaign are very disappointed with Muhyiddin. We think he is hasty. But we are all grown-ups and we'll just soldier on. We don't report him to the police. We'll try and make him see why we need 1Sekolah.

I hope Wee changes his mind about that police report. Our cops have so much to do already. Just last week, they had to contend with yet another unnecessary police report against a Chinese-language weekly lodged his other boss, Ong Tee Keat.

Read about the 1Sekolah campaign here.


  1. Anonymous12:48 pm

    "Our cops have so much to do these days..."

    Yes, they are very busy like raiding the DAP hqs with a warrant. Hats off to the busy police force.




  3. Anonymous1:41 pm

    oh this wee ka siong.
    can we call him racist?nope
    racist is only for the malays
    he's also the one who fight for the chinese regarding PSD schlrshipzz.
    but nobody call him racist.
    but if Ibrahim Ali fights for the malays, bar council,dap n others call him racist.-mahfuz

  4. Would like to inform everyone, a prominent lawyer is lending his unconditonal support for us, SSUM... Click here >>

    Thanks for your support too...

  5. Anonymous2:05 pm

    Wa rocky hurts doesn't when the report is against one of your kind.

    barking bird

  6. Dear Bru,

    You see,as what I have commented.
    The MCA is currently facing great pressure from Chinese Community and Also from our PM who gave them 1+1 increased of extra deputy minister post to gain back Chinese votes. So he need to defend it. But is too depressive just like our brickfield's Police Force.

    Our community is just like a spring, so much force exerted in will get the same amount of force spring back.

    What the real world is, even our brothers who studied under the same school also could not unite under the same UMNO umbrella. yes, our Malays community also have been break-apart. So we must not blame 1 school for not getting the Chinese supports.

    Maybe, your Singapore educated you can contribute a better idea.

    - Putrabumi.

  7. leekh2:40 pm

    Often people act without fully thinking through what they are saying and checking to see what the real facts are. The questions that need be asked are: If the Malays are either PAS, UMNO or PKR, does that mean their lack of unity is because they attended different schools? Have the proponents of 1Sekolah done a study on all students from National schools? Were they more patriotic than all those who come from sekolah jenis kebangsaan schools? What about those who attended religious schools? Are they more integrated with the other races than those who studied in jenis kebangsaan schools? And what about those who study in single race schools like Sains school and Mara colleges? Are they more patriotic than the sekolah kebangsaan types? We have not heard of any comparative study made so far on the level of patriotism of graduates of any types of schools or universities. How did the proponents of 1 school come to the conclusion that sekolah jenis kebangsaan schools are less patriotic? For all you know they could be more nationalistic than the sekolah kebangsaan schools.

  8. Anonymous2:56 pm

    I say let Wee make the police report. This the quality of our politician and leaders in our country. After all the police have nothing better to do of late. They are more concern with legitimate political dissent than protecting the innocent rakyat on the street from the snatch thieves. They prefer to arrest law abiding citizens and put them behind bars for a few nights just because of difference in political leanings.


  9. Anonymous3:01 pm

    Rocky - "Our cops have so much to do already."

    True, true.... they are so busy going round raiding DAP HQ and catch those wearing black. Rocky, you better burn all your black cloths away.

  10. Anonymous3:28 pm


    What's happening is a reflection of what's going on in BN's Kitchen.....
    Every body not talking honestly to each other and taking partisan stand on matters affecting the people...

    Whither 1Malaysia when 1School faces a mauling and back biting?

    Amusingly now the local developers are taking up Najib's Cue and Naming their Projects 1 something or other.....Heh heh

    Joe Black

  11. the FED must emulate LKY how to deal with kind of situation....

  12. Dear Rocky

    In principle, I am all for a 1 school system with BM as main language of instruction and English and Eng Literature as 2nd language.

    Many other areas such as HM & Teacher (male:female & ethnicity) ratios, common O level exams (with no minimu or streaming as in UK, scholarships will have to be ironed out.

    I think Wee must be a Communist if we can't even discuss issues such as these openly.

    It is only by constant, open discussion that we will arrive at a mutually acceptable common education system. That's what Democracy is all about.

    If we can incorporate Pupils Own Language (as it used to before the '70's) and Culture issues in a 1 school system, then we will have addressed and solved the concerns of many M'sian Chinese and Indians & others that their Constitutional rights and position have not been compromised.

    Perhaps a discussion and formulation period of 6-12 months followed by a National Referundum?

    As Winston Churchill once said "Jaw! Jaw! Not War! War!

  13. Anonymous4:02 pm

    Ha Ha, Rocky....mca is the body guard of umno and Wee is one of the top body guard. He is making the report on behalf of his master. Why are you suddenly so concern with press freedom? Chinese in MCA get into politics in order to get rich. You can see all the fat cats in MCA. Wee is no exception.

  14. Dear Rocky

    In principle, I am all for a 1 school system with BM as main language of instruction, English and Eng Literature as 2nd language and no religion. Science & Maths in English - I think the majority will agree.

    Let's give rid of the plethora of SRJK, SRKC, SRKI, SMJK, SMKV, SM Sains, MARA College, Matriculation Colleges, MCKK etc, etc, etc with 1 type of school to bring the races together starting from age 7.

    Many other areas such as HM & Teacher (male:female & ethnicity) ratios, common O level exams (with no minimum or streaming as in UK), scholarships etc, will have to be ironed out.

    I think Wee must be a Communist if we can't even discuss issues such as these openly.

    It is only by constant, open discussion that we will arrive at a mutually acceptable common education system. That's what Democracy is all about.

    If we can incorporate Pupils Own Language (as it used to before the '70's) and Culture issues in a 1 school system, then we will have addressed and solved the concerns of many M'sian Chinese and Indians & others that their Constitutional rights and position have not been compromised.

    Perhaps a discussion and formulation period of 6-12 months followed by a National Referundum?

    As Winston Churchill once said "Jaw! Jaw! Not War! War!

  15. These are kijangmas own words, taken from here: "Anyway, suffice to say that you and your kind are NOTHING. Just the dust, the debu that powders my feet, the habuk, the "duli" yang mencemarkan my tapak kaki.And nowadays these debus have the audacity to talk up to the Melayu Tuan Tanah on level terms, as if we are on par, makan sepinggan, duduk semeja, tidur sekatil. And these debus now even have the nerve to question the very symbols of our nationhood -- the keris, songkok, jawi, ... even fatwas! -- on a land that MY ancestors forged through centuries of battles and conquests and where countless died defending against foreign invaders. And now these products of the unwashed rejects that rolled off the plank of the rickety tongkang now see it fit to question the fundamental tenets of this land that was created from the blood and sweat of MY ancestors?"This is just one of numerous such statements by kijangmas & his supporters. That Rocky can describe them as "pro-unity bloggers" trying to create "a 'true' Bangsa Malaysia" speaks volumes about his own character & mindset. If Rocky believes that making a police report is "militant", how would he categorize this from kijangmas (my emphasis in bold):

    "We must unearth our martial past. We were warriors, the greatest seafarers ever, the ruling-class of the Nusantara. We built empires, we colonised other lands, our language became the lingua franca of the seas from Madagascar to Okinawa to Rapa Nui (Easter Island). That's 60% of earth's circumference. We must be that again. Do away with the lemah lembut lembik persona that has caused an epidemic in Malay transvestites and Mak Nyahs and budak lembuts everywhere. We must toughen up. Can we live off the land? When was the last time we held a cangkul? Jala ikan? Sembelih ayam? Sembelih orang would be too much to ask for now, but still ....."Surely Rocky is not suggesting that Wee be denied his right to lodge a police report. If anyone of us believes that a crime has been committed, it is our civic duty to lodge one. "Agreeing to disagree" does not absolve us of that duty. However, if Wee makes a false report, then he must be prosecuted & punished.

    Personally, I do not believe that criminal action can or should be brought against kijangmas & his group. There is no law in Malaysia against racist hate speech or being kurang ajar; neither should there ever be, as it would infringe on their right to free speech. Indeed it is better that all Malaysians read for themselves & see this group (that includes you too, Rocky) for what they really are.

  16. Anonymous4:25 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    Now we know the true color of this wee ka siong, the so called timb. menteri pelajaran Malaysia.


  17. Anonymous4:27 pm

    Rocky, may I take this opportunity to call you MR SPIN?
    Mine, a little benefit can make one change...keep it up, you are doing fine with your twists and spins..royal award next?

  18. Bro. The 1 Sekolah Campaign seems more like a anti vernacular schools campaign.

    In the Constitution, the rights of all races are guaranteed.

    As much as I agree that vernacular schools are partially contributing to disunity, what about schools like MARA, SBP and SAR?

    These schools are also segregating races and thus should be including in the 1 Sekolah Campaign.

    1 Sekolah should mean that schools and education are eligible and accessible by all Malaysians.

    The contents of 1 Sekolah sounds more like Anti Vernacular Campaign which is quite shocking.








  20. Kalu begitu beri tau Si wee ni tak usahlah bercakap tentang 1Malaysia. Bila menguntunhkan puak-puak dia dia mahu bila rugi dia tak mahu. selama ini orang melayu aja yang rugi. apa hal.Puak-pauak mca ni baleh masuk parlimen pun kerana undi melayu. ada ke mca mewakili kawasan parlimen yang pengundi cina 70% ke atas..

  21. fcuk yuo4:39 pm

    the police is busy protecting the bourgeosies discriminating the ploretariats...




  23. Jason. L5:19 pm


    I support the cause for a 1Sekolah but I must say I am disappointed with how this concept has been set out. Let us not look so far yet. Why not you guys sit down and contemplate on the various problems in our existing national schools first and how these problems can be eradicated so as to attract more parents to send their children to the national schools. Unless you guys really think that our existing national schools are perfect!

    It's as simple as that really. If we have an excellent national school concept to begin with, the vernacular schools will be empty and it will close down by itself.

    - I come from a national school-

  24. somers5:19 pm

    Let's ask Unker LKY for advice on how to take care of these spoil sports like the MCA.....he sure would know how to handle them ...

  25. Anonymous5:20 pm

    Is it wrong to promote 1Sekolah that will promote unity ?

    Why is it so important to speak and write using the national language of People's Republic of China in Malaysia when the national language is Bahasa Malaysia ? Does it not show where your loyalty lies ?

    How can you sing national anthem, Negaraku, proudly when you speak B.Malaysia worst than Bangla & Nepal workers?

    Fighting for equality but still want to have live life like in the People's Republic of China.

    Please understand this Malay proverbs :
    Dimana bumi dipijak disitu langit dijunjung

    Another thing when demanding for something don't be too GREEDY ... there are other races in Malaysia who also want to earn some decent living.


  26. S.A.Ryan6:01 pm

    Actually, if I'm not mistaken, It is against constitution to call for abolishment of vernacular schools. Wee has a point as the 1sekolah campaign sounds more like anti-vernacular schools. I will look up the constitution and come back with a reply.

  27. Hello brader Wee, take easy! You are behaving like a good for nothing politician who is dying to capitalise from racial issues.
    While it is ok for every Tom,DICK and Harry to question the social-contract and certain provisions enshrined under the constitution, you are crying out aloud against the One School For All bloggers campaign.
    The racists among your community are the ones who are sowing the seeds of disunity in our society.
    Since you are the deputy education minister now, can you tell us what is so wrong with the Sekolah Wawasan concept that the Chinese are vehemently againt it?
    What is wrong with the Chinese politicians and rabid-NGOs in this country ... why are you dragging your community down the dirty tunnel of racism? Is it just politics Wee, or is there a bigger agenda behind all these chauvinism?

    Wee ... try using your brains a little and THINK!

  28. I don't see the point of lodging a police report against promoting unity amongst Malaysians.

    Maybe, political parties nowadays just need to suit the demands of certain influential people and organization, like the one which was fighting for their mother-tougue-school?

    Thanks to the democracy which the opposition fought for, I guess.

    Seriously, Malaysia is still in need of separate Malay, Chinese and Indian schools to prosper! [chuckles]

  29. Abang Din,

    { Prepare yourselves for evil deeds }

    KARMA shows and dragged those hypocrites down to "longkang" !!
    P/S: Are you one of them ?

    [ the 3rd PARTY ]Regards,

  30. Anonymous7:00 pm

    Well, police have plenty of time to accept police reports from UMNO or pseudo UMNO organisations on frivolous matters. What is one more?

    The problem with your campaign is that it was done unilaterally, predominantly amongst UMNO bloggers with dubious motives. They can't preach unity all of a sudden when they have been preaching disunity before. In order to reform anything, you need stakeholder buy-in from all parties. Starting a campaign out of the blue just doesn't work.

    Prime example is the Labu airport. If AirAsia had packaged and conveyed the proposal to influential opinion makers better, they would have had alot more support. Unfortunately, briefings only took place after the public debates.

    In reality we would have been better off with the airport, it would have been free and still cheaper than the RM2bn airport proposed by MAHB. We are essentially paying RM2bn for an airport so that the prestige of KLIA does not get eclipsed by Labu. Due to poor planning, a good proposal went down the drain.


  31. Anonymous7:27 pm

    I would LOVE to INVITE (I belanja makan tengah hari) this Wee to spend a day around my community and SEE for himself what we are all concerned about.

    However, he needs to disguise himself first, USE A PURDAH, face all covered so they will not notice him.

    Then try asking these people for street directions or whatever, IN BAHASA MALAYSIA..

    80% will quickyly cabut, TAKTAU TAKTAU, not even glancing at what is written on the papers for direction.

    Now he will know, either these TAKTAU MAKLUKS are ALIENS from outer space or simply 6years - 50years old Chinese who cannot Read or understand Bahasa!! Imagine.

    Please contact me, I sure will be your TOUR GUIDE.. JEMPUT, LAI LAI..


  32. WKS nak cari popularity. Kasi chance lah kat dia. Sekarang kita semua tahu belang dia.

  33. Everywhere in the world only 1National school.....that is the 1st step for national integration..

  34. Anonymous9:35 pm


    SB Bukit Aman please check whether Wee Keong is PAP sleeper in MCA. His intention to sue 1sekolah blogger is akin to PAP oligarchies' character of using court to suppress those who critise PAP.

    Prof Awe Kecik

  35. Anonymous9:41 pm

    The trouble in Malaysia is when this non malays like parpukari who are really kelings in disguise of malays try to create problems.Cukup u keling nak pura jadi melayu.

    memang melayu

  36. Hi,

    There is no use for us to purely support on the Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua campaign if we cannot highlighted and iron out all the detail of how this school is going to execute.

    my question would be:
    (1) What would be this school medium of language? English? Malay? or Chinese or Tamil or Kadazandusun?

    (2) What would be the syllabus be? Follow as current? What subject do they studies? All Malaysian need to study Chinese, Tamil and others languges?

    (3) They is no point for us to support this movement or campaign as we dunno what we are against or supporting ...As well we do not know what will be the outcome if we continue to support this.

  37. Anonymous9:59 pm

    Kurangnya orang cina "sign" petition sudah benar menunjukkan betapa hipokritnya orang cina bila bercakap pasal perpaduan. Perpaduan bagi mereka hanyalah bermakna mengambil lebih banyak hak dari orang bumiputera, mengambil kontrak, mengambil tanah dan sumber alam dari tanah air tercinta ini. 60% pendapatan negara dari sumber alam, tetapi mereka ada hati berkata mereka berkorban bayar cukai paling banyak, semua orang tahu Melayu yang banyak menjadi pekerja dan membayar cukai sambil mereka buat bisnes dan mempunyai dua akaun, satu untuk "income tax" dan satu untuk diri sendiri.

    Kalau si cina tu menyaman, adalah masanya kita "MERUSUH" apabila mereka menimbulkan isu hak sama rata dan keistimewaan Bumiputera, kerana hipokrit yang jelas yang ditunjukkan.


  38. How did vernicular schools came up in the old days?

    Sebab takde sekolah untuk buruh cina dan penoreh india.

    So all the flers potluck some dought among its kampung ppl and build their own schools.

    Now ask why were there no schools for them? You can ask your ruling elites who has been playing racial agenda for so long.

    1school for ALL(hahaha the ALL sounds suspicious right?) would be great if it meets even the basic requirement for a place of learning: Stop politics parties from influencing it. Can BN do that?

    Lots of you been championing 1school when it's agenda is vague and not surprisingly weak. Malaysia has been building on its multi-culture and races, its strength depends on great corporation between the melting pot of cultures of various backgrounds. Even our tourism tag is 'Truly Asia' as in foreigners wanted to see so many 'Asian' faces in one country.

    As nation we are one, but if we're being forced into becoming AMNO zombies under the pretense of '1school for all' then you need to convince us otherwise.

    Tell me, who wanne become another 'KJ' who despite high education, have to resort to street-rempit-thugging in order to garner favours?

    When you sought to destroy these bernicular schools, you sought to destroy another 'culture'.

    Where do you think we learn about our various cultures? National schools?

    Why are you doing this?

    What does these vernicular schools do to you? Are they 'National Threat'?

    Ask yourselves these simple questions. Don't submit yourself blindly under someone's agenda.

  39. An integrated school system will be a blow to their divide & rule tactic isn't it?

    There will always be squabbles about all these. Why don't we let market forces decide?

    Wee should have proposed that schools that are overloaded be expanded. Looks like some schools are so popular that they have to turn away students & you need to register early (unless you got strong cables).

    & let all those rurals students be placed in SBPs. We'll see less gap between urban & rural in terms of education level.

  40. Anonymous11:50 pm

    dear all,

    this is the classic example of thru malaysian politician,chinese REGARDLESS DAP,MCA, GERAKAN ETC


  41. Anonymous12:06 am

    aiya wee ka siong,

    dont intimidate and blackmail la...

    what you think we scared aaa?

    go ahead if u have balls...

    So Dato Najib,

    what are u going to do....

    fed-up with your attitude, lembik ka or thinking so hard and so deep that u cant made a firm decision?

    are you main wayang with the singaporean that they even laugh in front of u?

    are you trying to sell my country?

    if MCA cant do it, sack this bastard and told him join the DAP.

    and one more thing, dont let your wife influence your decision.

  42. Anonymous12:19 am

    MCA Youth leader Dr Wee Ka Siong please grow up...please don't follow the rytham of DAP racist party....Whats wrong to unite all our children in one school....

    Please don't make political statement for the sake of getting support from you own race...

    Think out of the box.....Whn the things that benefit your groups you will talk about unity...about equality...but whn come to the point that need you to sacrifie...u make a big hu..ha....N deep inside you or if you use brain you will knw that one school is the first move to create one Malaysia....At lease after that you can have point to demand for more....

    Stop think and act like Racist DAP.


  43. Anonymous12:54 am



    KUALA LUMPUR: Tujuh pertubuhan Cina akan mengadakan perjumpaan dengan i Muhyiddin Yassin untuk membincangkan mengenai Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran Matematik dan Sains Dalam Bahasa Inggeris (PPMSI).

    Kumpulan itu ialah Dong Zong (Persatuan Jawatankuasa Sekolah Cina Bersatu Malaysia), Jiao Zong (Persatuan Guru-guru Sekolah Cina Bersatu Malaysia), Hua Zong (Persekutuan Persatuan Cina Malaysia), Persatuan Tujuh Suku Kaum Utama, Persatuan Alumni Sekolah Cina Bersatu Malaysia, Persatuan Alumni Universiti Nanyang Malaysia dan Persatuan Alumni Graduan Taiwan Malaysia.

    Presiden Dong Zong, Dr Yap Sin Tian memberitahu Bernama bahawa perjumpaan itu dijadual Selasa ini berikutan permohonan pertubuhan itu kepada Timbalan Perdana Menteri untuk mengadakan perjumpaan bagi membincangkan isu pendidikan.

    Katanya pada perjumpaan itu, tujuh pertubuhan itu akan menyerahkan memorandum berhubung permintaan mereka supaya pengajaran matematik dan sains di sekolah rendah dijalankan dalam bahasa ibunda mereka.


    kah kah kah…PPSMSI ADALAH DASAR BAHASA PALING TEPAT…. kah kah kah…

    kah kah kah… MELAYU TAK SOKONG… MELAYU LAWAN…kah kah kah

    kah kah kah… INDIA TAK SOKONG … INDIA LAWAN…kah kah kah..

    kah kah kah… INI CINA PULAK TAK SOKONG…. CINA LAWAN .. kah kah kah.

    woit… PPSMI INI UNTUK SIAPA?... kah kah kah…

    kah kah kah… INI BUKAN DASAR BAHASA… kah kah kah..

    kah kah kah….INI DASAR TAKUT PADA MADEY… kah kah kah..


    Dicatat oleh Tukar Tiub

  44. Jenggg X31:22 am

    Kurangnya orang cina "sign" petition sudah benar menunjukkan betapa hipokritnya orang cina bila bercakap pasal perpaduan. Perpaduan bagi mereka hanyalah bermakna mengambil lebih banyak hak dari orang bumiputera, mengambil kontrak, mengambil tanah dan sumber alam dari tanah air tercinta ini. 60% pendapatan negara dari sumber alam, tetapi mereka ada hati berkata mereka berkorban bayar cukai paling banyak, semua orang tahu Melayu yang banyak menjadi pekerja dan membayar cukai sambil mereka buat bisnes dan mempunyai dua akaun, satu untuk "income tax" dan satu untuk diri sendiri.

    Kalau si cina tu menyaman, adalah masanya kita "MERUSUH" apabila mereka menimbulkan isu hak sama rata dan keistimewaan Bumiputera, kerana hipokrit yang jelas yang ditunjukkan.



    Ka ka kah... merepeklah kau bro... ka ka kah...

    ooii... jangan salah saje cino tak sain...

    Salahkanlah 1Malaysia yang tak sain... Melayo, Cino, Indio, O.Asal, Eban, Srani, etc... semua

    1Malaysia tak sain 1Sekolah. Tajaan DN Monty Python Knights ka ka kah...

    17,000,000 rakyat main internet... hanya 1200 yang sain. Yang 16,998,800 Melayo/Cino/Indio/dll berinternet tak beli.

    woit... kalau bisnes tak laku janganlah salahkan konsumer... janganlah bodohkan 1Malaysia... sudah ramai sini yang bodoh... ka ka kah...

  45. mob1900,

    That the problem with you, what is wrong with the 1school, at least we want the Malaysian to be united!

    Is that a big problem? Why vernacular? I don't see any benefit in these kind of school!

    We should only haveone school!

    Come on la the chinese youngsters who are not in the sekolah kebangasaan, can't even speak proper bahasa Malaysia!

    I give you one simple example, try go to any Chinese workshop or car accessories shop or any shop la, you will find a lot of Chinese youngsters who cannot speak bahasa Malaysia properly!

    This is the fact man! I am shocked why are you still blaming the previous govt! OK, if they did the mistake in the past, we should rectified it now and find a solution how to overcome this problem!

    Do you think by blaming the past, our future will be brighter?

    So, what is the problem with One School now? I think the government should look into this matter seriously!


    As for Wee ka Cheong and the gang, anda harus bertaubat!

  46. Hearty Malaysian2:56 am

    To "Malaysian Heart",

    Wow! You are a rabid fan of KijangMas and the Demi Negara blog uh? Such neat and detailed copy-pasting. Yes, those were my very favourite lines too. Such gems.

    I heard he's a playwright and fitness guru living in LA and had a hand in the scripts of Terminator Salvation and Rocket Man. Good looking guy too, product of a Thai father and Italian mother. Sure, I can imagine why you follow his blog with such vigour and obsession. Luv them butts uhh?

    I bet your demigod Haris Ibrahim and the motley crew of subversives on your blog list don't even come close to KijangMas, do they?

    Keep up the good work. Please entertain us with more memorable quotes from your favourite blogger.

    Have a nice day.

    p.s. One more thing dear, your blog's tagline says:-
    A Malaysian who believes that good people working together can make a better worldInteresting. How come when a group of Malaysian bloggers, plus 1,200+ petition signers and 850 Facebook members, get together to forge a better unified Malaysia for all, you and Wee Ka Siong and his goons resist it with such gusto, such vile and contempt? Why dear? Is it because you cannot make your community speak the national language? Then why the Malaysian flag in your blog? A tad confused right? Its o.k. dear. You ALL are.

  47. Anonymous9:31 am

    Common la.. most of those who came here were peasants, MANDARIN is definitely not their mother tongue!

    Read about the history of Mandarin when and why and how it was officially introduced in China?

    Its the OFFICIAL LANGUAGE OF MAINLAND CHINA. So what the hell are they teaching a foreign language to their kids here?

    Or is Bahasa Malaysia a foreign language to these people?

    Now which is which?


  48. justmy2SEN9:59 am

    Macam tu boleh tak kita buat police report psal org yg bising nak jadikan biasiswa 100% merit sedangkan keistimewaan dalm hal biasiswa sudah termaktub dalam Article 153

    Dan juga tindakan kerajaan mansuhkan MECD + letak MARA under satu kementerian dan mengecilkan bajet dan keupayaan tu aku heran takde sape ke nak buat memorandum kat YDP Agong (pasal patutnya Agong ni memelihara hak org Melayu kan)

    Pendek kata, byk tindakan kerajaan yg bertentangan dgn Article 153 masih lagi org Melayu senyap..ish makin naik tocang la Najib and geng

    *********frm Wikipedia****
    Article 152
    Article 152 states that the national language is the Malay language. However, the Constitution guarantees the freedom of learning and using of other languages, except on official purposes. Official purposes here means any purpose of the Government, whether Federal or State, and includes any purpose of a public authority. To this effect, all court proceedings and parliamentary documents and meetings are conducted in Malay.
    Macam tu boleh tak someone buat report polis bila Kerajaan PP nak guna mandarin dalam urusan kerajaan?. Kenapa org Melayu tak bising ek?.

    Anyway, 1Sekolah bukan pun nak hapuskan bahasa mandarin (yg org cina takut hilang kat Mesia) malah boleh perkembangkan untuk dijadikan satu matapelajaran optional dalam silabus 1Sekolah... kalau tgk semua pihak pun akan untung dlm hal ni..perpaduan diperkukuh dari kecil lagi...hanya org yg mmg tak nak perpaduan yg akan menolak idea ini bulat2 tanpa mahu memberikan cadangan penambahbaikan utk kebaikan semua

    What can I say, now we know which race is the most racist in Malaysia...

  49. Anonymous10:12 am

    well he thought that what works for the goose must surely work for the gander..really asking for it la your post. However, it is undoubtedly a difficult task when you have much bagage to carry, so when you say why so militant one....hahaha

  50. Mazlan10:46 am

    Very odd for an MCA politician?

    As far as I see it - we as a nation need to move towards a non-racial/ethnic based education system.
    It is crazy that this system has been allowed to exist in the first place. Imagine if the US has Hispanic Language Schools or Afro- American only schools. Then the whole world would see that as racist.

    The problem is that our school system sucks because we have not invested in good teachers or a decent curriculum.
    Once we sort that out and get the national schools working the way they should be - then vernacular schools will naturally die off.

  51. Minus the craps, go to the juice. What do I see? 1 school for all i.e let us all unite!

    Minus the craps, go to the mmmm.. apa ini? manyak busok lorrr.. What do I see? wee ka siong singing let us be forever chinapeks and dey tambis in this country far far away from the mainland China dan Sri Lanka Tamil Naidu...

    Judge it for yourself!

    Anti anti-perpaduan

  52. Anonymous11:33 am

    I guess after all, you can still see people from within the government itself who are against the concept of oneness for Malaysia. about being smart and acting in the interest of the people and the nation. I guess these people would rather see people stay divided and be kept divided, especially by means of education.


  53. Racism is define as discrimitation and prejudice against another based on race. So some of the commentators here are clearly clueless about what they are saying when they say Wee is racist. It is not racist when you takes steps to protect your race. It is racist if you take steps to discrimate another race. Please get this straight before you spit out your mind on this matter.

    Again, I would like to urge Brother Rocky to comment on the blatant abuse of power of the police.

  54. wee little fella is for making police reports, to prove to the Chinese community they are fighting for the Chinese. What bulls dropping.
    He is a wee fella trying to bully some helpless bloggers. How come he never make police reports on UMNO?

    He is one wee fella full of lice.

  55. Pragmatis Preying Mantis11:44 am

    MCA leaders survive on subsidy from UMNO. Sedarlah diri MCA. Kawasan Melayu yang memanagkan dia.

    Kalau UMNO tak kasi peluang, lama pemimpin MCA kalah pilihanraya. bungkus.

    Oleh kerana CIna dan India tak nak kasi undi, Melayu baik jangan kasi undi pada MCA dan Gerakan.

    Tanam orang macam Tan Lian Hoe dan Wee Ka Siong dalam-dalam!

  56. Denone12:20 pm

    What was expressed by the MCA Youth boss, reveal the true face of china Malaysia. MCA is the biggest culprit and UMNO has no balls to say no to the chinese chauvanist voices represented in many forms and faces (DAP, PKR, MCA and china-made educationist groups). I would urge all the One-united Malaysian idea to push further the OneSchool for All agenda, even if means we have to hit the road. Show our true determination for this One School Concept.


  57. Anonymous12:42 pm

    Why bother the police about racist things..not like it gonna solve any problem.. always consult a right person, & i already said it before..

    May the best of all racist win! Obviously, in the game of racist, volume speaks results and that is also democracy..


    Nothing mention about listening to ANNOYING TROUBLEMAKER MINORITY DEMAND..where the hell these pendatangs got that for their so called struggle in the name of democracy? FUCK THEM ALL! Go get yourselves well versed first with the terminologies, ok moron..

    In a so called human civilization, democracy precede humanity..there must be a moulded nation consist of majority people with the same language, culture and ideology before democracy system can be put to practice effectively..before that, its jungle rule..! Where do you think Malaysia is now? We're not yet evolved to become a civilized democracy country & yet we have to listen to demands and entertain these annoying minorities..?

    Humanity ?? my shit!..for those hindrafs..terlajak perahu boleh undur, terlajak memo..sendiri mau ingat..kerana pulut santan binasa, kerana mulut badan binasa..

    so , that's the case and don't you fucking looser on the other racist camp trying to re-define what is democracy and with thick faced want to preach that to the your own shit assholes..

    if u got dental problem, consult a dentist..and if u got racial problem, consult a RACIST! hahahaha.... :D
    So, everybody are in for a racist game now? So be it.. The only rule change is that now the malay can counter back the racistness of the opposite side unlike pre GE12 period..last time always we're asked to tolerate & further tolerate by the sissy-lead Govt, be apologetic & put malays to defensive mode..its really annoying seeing these bastard chingkies and hindulens heads grew so fucking big within such a short time, wow!..everything has its limit & now its payback time! Again, may the best racist win! hahaha...

    I'm a professional racist, i never pretend not to be one and now i already gave my prescription..!

    If u pendatangs still deny yourselves being a hardcore racist after these prescription, i would suggest u to consult a mental-psychologist for treatment of your identity crisis, no maruah & prolong inferiority complex syndrom (the pariahs disease.)
    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  58. Anonymous1:04 pm

    Bullshit you...u also like the monkey from DAP.

  59. Ha ha ha,

    Bila kena batang hidung puak2 pendatang ni semua kata HAK dah ADA dalam perlembagaan. Tapi HAK ORG@ MELAYU yang dah ada dlm perlembagaan depa tak baca kah?

  60. tebing tinggi1:27 pm

    if wee ka siong did really make a police report it will be a clear reflection even as a deputy education minister he dont understand the infortant flatform to build satu bangsa malaysia, and as a patner in coalation his negative responce to the idea of better racial undestanding is very much regreted.
    1 sekolah untok semua should be implemented since we got independance ,but its better be late then never ,may be there will be no deputy education minister like wee kah siong in the near fuerture.

  61. MCA Youth to lodge police report against 1Sekolah promoters? Why not, this is a democracy after all and nobody should be denied their rights to make a police report.

    However, I think unity through a one school system is a marvellous idea and should be given serious thought by all Malaysians. Wee Ka Siong should not make himself a hero and simply try to throw away a good idea just because he is an MCA politician and thus he need to show that he is fighting for Malaysian Chinese. MCA cannot salvage lost Chinese support by showing up to be more Chinese than the DAP or Gerakan, they will bury themselves into a bigger hole.

    In the future, to win in any mixed constituent MCA or any other parties in BN including UMNO need to engage with ALL Malaysian. So instead of making a police report aimed at scuttling this 1Sekolah idea, maybe Wee wants to have a civil debate on the 1Sekolah issue so that the Rakyat can listen to both sides of the argument. So Wee, what say you, the last thing Malaysia needs is a hero for every race in this multi cultural, multi religious country lah.

  62. Encik Sarumanis1:43 pm

    berjuang menentang perpaduan?
    pelik betul wee ka siong ni...

  63. Anonymous3:16 pm


    We have diverse spoken dialect but with one standard writing system. Mandarin (Putong Hua / Standard Chinese) is the standard language for the Chinese. I think it is not wrong for the Chinese to learn Mandarin and for some to treat it as mother tongue language.

    Mandarin is not the official or national language of Mainland China. In Taiwan they call it national language (Guo Yu), In Malaysia we call it Mandarin (Hua Yu). I would appreciate if you could give your view and elaborate further on the history of Mandarin when and why and how it was officially introduced in China? I am curious and wish to find out if the process is quite different on how the Malay language is being adopted to become our national language.

    Bahasa Malay or Malaysia (Sorry I am bit confuse which term to use) is the National Language for all Malaysian, Mandarin is the standard common language for Malaysian Chinese and English is the international language for everyone, and mother tongue to some Chinese who can’t speak and write Mandarin (It is their choice). We hope we could learn and master all the three languages.

    Don’t get too excited on what MCA and Wee did. They are just a bunch of out dated actors.


  64. Anonymous3:34 pm

    Wee Ka Siong you are rscist.

  65. Encik Sarumanis4:06 pm

    Hi LimYas,

    I'm here to answer your questions.

    This is the answer for your first and innocent question:
    Medium of instruction you ask?Malay la.second language is english with electives(tamil and mandarin)

    my simple answer for your second and cute question:
    same syllabus or maybe upgraded syllabus.

    for your last question:
    don't be such a lazy ass,read Demi Negara.

  66. Anonymous9:07 pm

    I am curious to see wee fella's wee wee is wee.

  67. Aiyoh. kinda weird. DAP did not against (for now) 1sekolah, yet mca wanted to be a nation hero. DUHHHHHH

  68. Doesn't Dr. Wee have anything more important to do than to make police reports??

    These guys have trouble achieving even 'Satu Percent' of their 'Satu Sekolah' goal of 100,000 signatures. Even after advertising by famous bloggers and Utusan.

  69. Anonymous1:54 am

    I'm all for keeping 2 party system alive and kicking.

    Go, Wee Ka Siong, go!

    One must never say sorry for standing up for what has been provided by the laws of the country.


  70. Anonymous4:03 am

    Oh my goodness. I am so embarrased to be a malaysian. IMalaysia means 1sekolah. Can anybody tell me where else in the world does public schools funded by the government encourage various types of schools based on the mother tongue of the minority groups. Go to USA, Singapore etc. It is just not cost efficient, no economies of scale and does not encourage integration. There schools do offer language classes for the minority be is spanish in the USA or mandarin, tamil or malay in Singapore. These governments however do not stop rich people from starting their own private school if they insist - this is what democracy is all about. There will be no integration and no 1Malaysia without integration. At the moment the various races are only co-existing. Mandarin and tamil speaking schools encourage segregation and contradicts 1Malaysia spirit. These politicians do not know what The new generations of Malaysians want and will only lead their racially and racist based parties into extinction.

    The Real Malaysian

  71. Malaysian at Heart9:27 am

    Waaaa… MalaysianHeart. You have cut and paste Kijang Mas quotes out of context, weed out the revealing or self-explanatory ones, and present out your case here. Do you know that KM writes in retaliation to those who write in MORE racist manners in his blogs? It is fortunate that he weeds out the ultra-racist comments, if not then we really have explosive situations. Some other blogs are not fortunate anyway: The racist comments coming from you guys are greater in magnitude: yours is much more menyakitkan hati! I could only, within a few minutes, cut and paste these, from Rocky, Jebat, KM:-

    Malay is not a gentle race, on the contrary, it is an emotional & violent binatang. – yellowpower

    Hey bumibodoh, kalau lu minta ditanam hidup2 di tanah Melayu, gua bisa menunai hajat lu! … we must be honest to call a babi – babi. - Abangcina

    Those bastard Malays that easily get emotional had very low EQ and IQ as well. They cannot control their emotion. That’s why our country cannot advance. Everyday shouting “Daulat Malay”. - OBAMA

    melayu oh melayu...
    non malay...see how all the low class malay shaking here....
    tengok sendiri lah standard orang cina and bandingkan dengan melayu.. lu orang melayu apa class..
    pergi minum air kencing cina sikit lah kawan...

    As expected most of the low class Malay commenters here are scared shitless of equal rights. What a bunch of pondans these Malays have turned into. Eg proft and LGT.
    It's inevitable you WILL bow and accept equality eventually. Or your children will anyway...

    Those reading the above who are above 60 years of age, was around during May 13, 1969 let me emphasize here: these are NOT 13 May 1969 Procession Quotations. These are voices that are heard PRESENTLY, but it sure does sound similarly nostalgic, doesn't it?

    Perhaps I could probably paste more if I research longer. And I haven’t even BEGUN to get into blogs like Harris Ibrahim, MalaysiaKini and Raja Petra, who allows malay-bashing racists to write in whatever they want and deletes daily 500-600 (according to that RPK interview) pro-malay comments.

    Yes, Malaysian Heart. Bigotry is a result of another bigotry imposed on them. You racist me, I racist you even more.

    I also found out that apart from this place, you have also posted this comment of yours at some other spots. Meaning, you just are not interested in a rebuttal. You would like to broadcast anti-malay sentiments wherever you find there is a reader. Showing that you have a purpose, an agenda in mind.

  72. Anonymous1:40 pm

    Allo friend, Sikalang lu olang tgk sape racist haaaa... Ini semua melayu punya salahkah? Kita olang pun ada syok bila boleh cakap cina dan tamil sama kawan2 lain kaum. Bila goverment bikin prosposed untuk semua kaum lu MCA punya timbalan minteri sudah bikin libut2.. Lu olang kawan ada minta macam untuk sukses lu olang punya site, haiyaaa... sampai bila kita semua mahu ini macam... Melayu tengok cina tarak syok, cina tengok melayu/india tarak ngam... Wei! kawan2 sampai bila kita mahu ini macam, wa punya kalang-kalang susah hati tengok lu olang punya anak2 bikin jahat, mahu tegur nanti lu olang ingat wa benci lu punya anak lah... tapi wa anggap lu punya anak2 selupa wa punya anak2. Wa mahu bikin prososal untuk kita semua example satu school...
    1- Bahasa Melayu sebagai bahasa utama untuk pembelajaran disekolah.. semua kaum mesti pandai ini bahasa.
    2- Bahasa Cina/India wajib belajar tarak kira kaum... Wajib!!!!!
    3- Bahasa English also wajib... Math & Sains...
    4- Agama Islam wajib untuk islam student... Sivik untuk lain kaum.. Cina & India.. Tambah satu subjek untuk semua dan disesuaikan mengikut landasan agama... Confucius (K'ung-Fu-Tzu) buat orang islam ini kena tanya ulama2.. ada setengah ulama tidak menolak sistem didikan ini dan tidak melanggar akidah orang islam.. Kalau ok.. semua kaum wajib mesti belajar ini subjek...
    4- Kelas... kena mix kaum...
    5- Biasiswa.. semua kaum dapat...
    6- Kena start awal.. dari 6 year old... No need sekolah mengikut kaum... Sekolah agama jangan kacau...
    Solii haaa.. ini bikin semua tarak syok.. Tapi sikalang tarak nampak.. tapi 10 tahun onward.. malaysia punya nama banyak bagus wwoooo... anak2 kita semua boleh cakap 4 bahasa maaaaa... Semua olang hidung meleka sudah hidu malaysia...

  73. Anonymous3:05 pm

    in short,whoever rejects 1sekolah are STUPID.

  74. Anonymous4:34 pm

    I can understand the reason why Wee was upset and lodged the police report, for I too did not support the blog campaign for 1Sekolah because of the assertion that vernacular schools are the reasons why there is racial tension in the country.

    I believe that the root cause of racial tension is far more complicated than just the existence of vernacular schools. I do support the concept of 1Sekolah as a tool for building muhibbah amongst the various communities in Malaysia. It just that the article started with a very 'political' statement which i don't agree with.

    Just my $0.02 worth .....


  75. Dear Malaysian Heart;

    Today, 1Sekolah is the best idea yet coming out of the 'tiny' heads of tiny peoples of Malaysia who look forward positively towards Malaysia that belongs to everybody dead or alive, just born or yet to be born. All we need to do is to give it a chance. In the past many tiny heads shot down such move initiated by big minds. The Sekolah Wawasan is an example.

    Today 'big heads' have started their moves in shooting down this 'tiny ideas by tiny heads' which is only repeating the same ideas mooted 50 years ago by 'big people' who cared a lot.

    No one is out to subjugate anyone in this national effort to give our children a better chance for a better future in a better Malaysia. How better it is going to be is up to us and our leaders.

    Let's not look at who is initiating this move. We Malaysians should give this idea a good look, improve on it, fine tune it, give it a proper honing, and then hand it over to those big wigs to push it down the throat of our elected leaders who have no taste for comradeship and goodwill for us tiny rakyat.

    It may take a long time to realize this. It may take two or more generations to work this out; but at least we parents can be satisfied that we have handed down to our children something positive to work for together instead or a legacy of childish bickerrings that we seem to relish so much.

    We should be ashamed of ourselves that we should be quarreling in front of our children, purportedly for their good, while we know that all the time we are actually indulging to satisfy our selfish greed all for ourselves.

  76. salam bro rocky. dalam kemeriahan berkempen satu bahasa, satu bangsa dan satu negara, teramatlah molek dan cantik jika blog ini dan blog2 sewaktu dengannya menggunakan bahasa Malaysia sebagai perantaraan (dari RORO)

  77. Anonymous11:52 am

    Malay racist, let shut down your blog if you selectively block comment against you.

    Shame on you.

  78. Anonymous6:48 pm - get lost la, you yourself are a bloody RACIST! You think we dont know what goes on in your chinky blogs ah? But then again its normal for your people as you even use this kind of derogatory terms at home with your ma n pa. Seen too many times how all the chingkie neighbor's kids talk to their folks at home la. Guess you must be the immediate lot of tongkang descendants of rude and uncultured peasants! You are still passing on this hard to die trait to your kids ka? Shame on you!


  79. WebEnforcer v.4.412:28 am

    This is what the ultra Chinese racist N.K. Khoo in Muar has to say in his seditious blog:-

    "Today they propose 1Sekolah with Malay language as only language used in the school, tomorrow they will call for 1Potong with islam as only religion for all Malaysians. How about 1President campaign to demolish nine sultans and replaced with President from ralyat? How about 1Rakyat with only Malaysian is written on the IC? Once Malaysians decline to observe social agreement signed by our ancestors during the independence like Malay calling for 1Sekolah, Chinese calling for 1President, etc, be prepared to have another Sri Lanka."

    Traced IP:
    Location: Dallas, United States
    KL Admin:-
    50-2R Jalan 4/154D
    Taman Desa Cheras
    Cheras, 56000 KL

    Status: Reported to MCMC, 27/5/09

    See the complete lies and provocation. "Malaysian Heart", what do you have to say about this Khoo guy?

  80. Dear Dal,

    The measure of how good any idea is, is not the sizes of the heads involved or who tried to shoot down what. To evaluate the idea and determine how good or bad it is, we need to look thoroughly at its intent, proposals & probable consequences, then compare that with what all Malaysians aspire to. That is the least that we owe to our future generations.

    To properly evaluate an idea of such import, there needs to be space for discussion & debate; as you yourself have said, "Malaysians should give this idea a good look". What I observe in this memorandum is this: while it claims to promote unity & integration, it does more than just propose a single school stream. It contains some very disturbing premises & key elements, just 2 of which are:

    a) that it seeks to institutionalize intolerance against the so-called "foreign" cultures & languages of some Malaysians, by proposing that these be ghettoized, i.e. set apart from & denied its role in the public life of Malaysia, and
    b) that it espouses assimilation rather than integration.

    Neither of the 2 elements above is in any way necessary for true integration & unity. On the contrary, they will work against "comradeship and goodwill for us tiny rakyat". Elements like these (as well as the intolerant language used in the memorandum) hardly make for a "struggle of all Malaysians irrespective of their colour, origin, creed or breed".

    Added to that is the attitude of some promoters of SSUS. While they are quite happy to repeat over and over again the professed objectives of the project and the fact that 1 school for all will promote integration, they seem to want to ignore the fact that Malaysians have concerns & reservations over some elements & aspects of the SSUS. There seems to be an effort to deem people with such concerns as unpatriotic or even racist; and to paint anyone who tries to delve below the surface of SSUS & its promoters (& tries to share it with others), as, in your words, a "provocateur with malice and hidden vicious agenda”. Why this unwillingness to address those concerns? Why this hurry to railroad the SSUS without due diligence & deliberation? If this idea is as good as you say it is, won't it sail through scrutiny & criticism with colours flying?


  81. (Dear Dal, continued)

    You wrote, "No one is out to subjugate anyone in this national effort to give our children a better chance for a better future in a better Malaysia". I sincerely welcome your statement; indeed Malaysia cannot be united or strong as long as we seek to subjugate one another.

    However, let's look at something very different that you wrote, in response to this comment of kijangmas, in which he refers to Field Marshal Phibun Songkhram's Thai Ratthaniyom policy, describing it as one "where all Chinese schools, newspapers, culture and names were banned under penalty of imprisonment. Within one generation, the 30% ethnic-Chinese population became fully Thaicized".(Bold emphasis is mine)

    Your response to that was:
    Tam Dalyell said...Quote "When the Duli-Duli Yang Maha Mulia Raja-Raja Melayu agreed to the wholesale dishing out of Malayan citizenships --even inexplicably waiving Bahasa Melayu proficiency tests -- to a million and a half unwanted, abandoned stateless Chinese (and Indians) in 1957 ..."unquoteHmmm ... what would happen if The Duli-Duli Raja-Raja Melayu did not agree, and Malaya had its own Phibun Songkhram or Plaek Khittasangkha with a Malayan version of "Ratthaniyom" back then?But may be, today's individual parts of "Ratthaniyom" can be build up and put into action ... no?October 27, 2008 9:56 AMAgain, bold emphasis is mine. For the benefit of other readers, Phibun Songkhram a.k.a Plaek Khittasangkha was the Prime Minister and military dictator of Thailand from 1938 to 1944 and 1948 to 1957. Phibun was the person who decreed the Thai "Ratthaniyom", which was a program of forced assimilation of minorities in Thailand, done in the name of "social cohesion" & "unity". The Malay & Chinese minorities in Thailand were amongst those affected by it. You can read more about Phibun Songkhram & his Ratthaniyom policies here and here. Please also look at Kijangmas' description of the negative effects that phibun and his policies had on the Patani Malay population, in his other blog, Patani: Behind The Accidental Border, in the post entitled "Thai Ratthaniyom: Erasure of the Patani Malay Race". Please do read it for yourself.)


  82. (Dear Dal, continued)

    So, what was kijangmas' response to your suggestion?
    KijangMas said...Tam Dalyell,....(5 paragraphs removed for brevity)....

    Yeah, potential early Malay Phibun Songkhrams were branded Leftists and Anarchists by the British Colonial Admin. and hence were supressed into oblivion. In the modern era, perhaps Tun Razak was the closest possible incarnation. But his life was short. Hussein Onn was "softer" on the non-Malays. Dr. M was tough, though nowhere near Tun Razak, because Dr. M needed the non-Malays to cooperate in his grandiose economic initiatives. If Tun Razak had survived, say, up to 1985, I'm sure Malaysia would be different today, with a more cohesive social order based on Satu Bahasa,Satu Bangsa, Satu Negara. Looking ahead, we'll see. Najib is, of course, Tun Razak's son. We shall see to what extent he may want to apply a Malaysian rendition of the Thai Ratthaniyom policy.Whatever it is, I'm convinced that there are some elements of the Ratthaniyom that would be applicable, in fact, urgently necessary for Malaysia. The incredibly racially devisive Vernacular schooling is perhaps the most pressing ailment that must be solved. I will have a post on these issues soon. Stay tuned ...October 27, 2008 12:42 PM (Bold emphasis is mine. Here I have just quoted 3 paragraphs from an 8 paragraph comment. Please read the whole post & all the comments for yourself as it will give you an insight into the mindset of those behind this particular SSUS project.)

    In the light of the above, surely you can see why your suggestion, that we "not look at who is initiating this move" seems somewhat disingenuous?

    I am doing my best to share my legitimate concerns about SSUS, its objectives & promoters. Unlike some others, I (try to) do so objectively, without spinning my words to incite racial sentiments & prejudices. Therefore I am not ashamed of it. However, one thing that I would be truly ashamed of doing, is using the names of our children, their future & Malaysian unity to push a supremacist agenda, a Ratthaniyom by another name.

    Malaysian Heart

  83. Anonymous11:31 pm

    Frankly, I am so disappointed with most of the comments here. I wonder since when Rocky's blog has become a platform for the racists to express their frustration and promoting "kebencian". I feel so uncomfortable to read thru. I am happy to see the numbers of signing up the petition are only thousand plus, this means most of the Malaysian I love are moderate and long for peace & freedom. I never object the concept of 1sekolah but i object the reason behind of abolishing sekolah kebangsaan as accusing them they are the root cause of ununity. Most importantly is the quality of schools which promoting no quota, no bias and allow creativity. Rocky, you have changed a lot..


  84. Anonymous8:12 pm

    Terpampang kat kebanyakan buku exercise sekolah, tercetak RUKUNEGARA.. dimana satunya adalah SETIA KEPADA RAJA DAN NEGARA..

    Nah pasai apa dia tak repot kat Polis mereka2 yang berjela2 dalam blog duk menghina Sultan Perak?

    Pilih bulu ke Timbalan Menteri nih!

    Suruh dia ambik 2-3 ekok murid dari SJKC, minta lafaz dan terjemah RUKUNEGARA.. nah yang tak tak tau baca atau faham erti, minta dia segera repot semua ni kat POLIS..

    Kan tugas dia bagi memastikan tiap pelajar dalam Malaysia diajar apa itu RUKUNEGARA..