Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Bumi status for all Malaysians born after 1957"

A Hindraf idea. A leader of the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) says he will propose to Najib Razak that the government accords "Bumiputra status to all Malaysians born here after August 31, 1957 to dismantle racial barrier".

M. Manoharan thinks such a move might give the PM's One Malaysia slogan of unity a chance of bearing some fruit, as it would be the first step towards recognising all citizens as equal Malaysians.

I think it's an idea all Malaysians would want to discuss. Pasquale thinks it's a gem of an idea.
"The way I see it this country should have always been about the Malays and the Bumiputras, and those who were born after independence should not have to fight for what is rightly theirs..".
I'll say cheers to that!

Read on here and say what you feel.


  1. bro

    ada jugak geng Hindraf ni yang ada akal, ingatkan semuanya hampeh macam Uthaya.

    boleh di pertimbangkan idea ni.

    tapi kena lah buat sistem satu sekolah dulu than buat yang lain lain.

  2. hmm..... Let me sleep over it.

    After all it did come from Hindraf.

  3. This guy makes sense, and Pasquale is cool!

  4. Honestly, we don't want the bumi status, just want to be treated fairly as fellow countryman. I also want my fellow countryman who are poor to be given help and priority regardless of racial background.

    Is that too much to ask?

  5. Anonymous3:06 pm

    how can this be possible - Bumi status for post-'57 generations, when the very thing Hindraf accuses 'Malay' government and Malay people of ethnic cleansing?

    mind you, this is clearly 'stipulated' in the 'memorandum of peace-loving Indian community to the Queens and in the same breadth had the cheek of asking for some cash in return for bringing them Indians to Tanah Melayu once upon a time'


    pelik sikit

  6. Bro...awat depa tak mintak supaya dilantik seorang Maharaja bagi setiap negeri didalam Malaysia untuk disama tarafkan dengan DYMM Sultan2 Melayu??? Mintak la kalau berani....itu pun kalau nak rasa "penerajang" laaa...

  7. Anonymous3:16 pm

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  8. Anonymous3:22 pm

    What is brother Rocky's comment on this i desperately want to know !!



  9. Anonymous3:22 pm

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  10. Anonymous3:29 pm


    oh yeah? Lets see first of all please refer to your self as Malaysian not Indian Malaysian or Chinese Malaysian, if you do please go back to India and China.

    Second, please use Bahasa Melayu as first language and English as second not Chinese or Indian language.

    Thirdly, agree on just one school and one curriculum.

    Fourthly, please subscribe to Rukun Negara wholeheartedly which is 1. Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan (No atheist allowed to become Malaysian) 2. Kesetian kepada Raja dan Negara (therefore dont be rude to the Royalties) 3. Keluhuran Perlembagaan (Respect the law brother and therefore no questioning of Malay rights) 4. Kedaulatan Undang-undang (therefore stop going to 3rd party sovereign to resolve internal issues) 5. Kesopanan dan kesusilaan (No street demos and be civil in language and behaviour)

    Stop being chauvinistic and I do not only mean racially...(conciously or unconciously)

    And the list can go on and on....

    Keturunan Jebat

  11. Anonymous3:31 pm

    Good idea but will UMNO accept it? Probably not.

    I can say I love Malaysia no less than UMNO fellas.

  12. Bro,

    1. First let's agree on 1 school system;

    2. When all can speak fluent "Bahasa Kebangsaan";

  13. Anonymous3:45 pm

    AHA! now we all can go to one school..

    no more studying alien languages of other countries as the main medium of instruction.

    now, we all can standardise our learning system.

    so that all now can be called bumiputra without being a hypocrite ( eg. ah chong and muthu = "we want to be called bumiputra but we still wanna go to chinese and tamil schools")


  14. Anonymous3:49 pm

    What this Manoharan was talking about? He wanted Bumi status for all Malaysians born after 1957 and at the same time is fighting for Tamil schools?

    He cannot has the best of both worlds. Either Malaysia or Tamil Nadu. He better make a choice !!

    Just to remind Manoharan that Malaysia used to be known as Persekutuan Tanah Melayu.


  15. Anonymous3:53 pm

    that make sense....

  16. Uhm. One acronym.


  17. two ways for the hindraf go get the bumi status

    one way is for the hindraf to go back to India ... they are absolutely the bumiputera of India

    or alternatively they can all convert to Islam, practice Malay tradition, speak Malay habitually, inter marriage with Malays ... of course Uthyakumar himself nor the other hindraf leaders may not be considred as Malays with this, but his grandchildren probably

  18. To be very frank, since i first got to know the word "bumiputra" many many years ago,i have always
    dreamed that i could be considered one,and untill now i can find no reasons why i am not, and i am already 43.

    I love this country very much,she is my Bumi and I am her Putra.

  19. This is like Jus Soli during the event of Malayan Union.. Do the malay accept it? Go read the history books. I think the govt should come up with a new "Taman" or "Mercu Tanda" or whatever it is much like the Tugu Negara where in this taman, the declaration of social contracts (+ the quotes of national leaders during the formation of Tanah Melayu) will be prominently displayed.

  20. yess.. for the first time the magpie singing the tune i wanted to hear.. refreshing

    i'm 100% for the manoharan's proposal.

    PM will agree, Cabinet will agree; then then honcho will draft the legislature and ask for:-

    1) the converted must be able to speak like natives i.e. they can choose a dialect, no problem kelantan, terengganu, kedah etc. any other bumi language is not accepted as the malay would not understand it

    2) the converted must be muslim

    3) the converted must be circumcised i.e. negotiable if the penis is less than 4 inches long

    4) the converted must changed their name to malay name i.e ahmad, harun etc.

    5) the converted must join UMNO.

    in your dream manolito.. ehh.. manoharan

  21. Anonymous4:10 pm


    Where got Hindraf. Banned oredi maa! Illegal ooo....Send him to Sri Lanka loo....He can be Bombiputra 'lere.


  22. Bro,

    What so special abt Bumi status. This Hindraf bugger pun asyik2 fight for Hindu jer. In the kasta system, tu pun byk discrimination, from Brahmin class to Pariah clas..

    Lepas ni not just indian or chinese, but chinese fake IC from China or India fake IC from India, Indon, Bangla, Myanmar, Vietnam, Filipino, Arab, Pakistan, Africa pu n bolehla dpt status Bumiputera.

    Malaysia truly Asia. Next election kita panggil Malaysia ni sebagai PPL Republic of Malaysia. President 1st Anwar Ibrahim, 2nd LKS, 3rd LGE, 4th Nga, 5th Ngeh, 6th Teresa Kok, 7th Utayakumar, 8th Manoharon, 9th Jeff Oii and 10th Elizabeth Wong.

  23. Anonymous4:23 pm

    Whatever way you look at that idea, it does make a lot of good sense. However, the politicians would shudder at that very thought. It's all about realities against visionary.

  24. Anonymous4:25 pm


    My granddads came here on a boat. I am not bumiputra but the Malays accept me as a Malay. Why? Cos I speak the language, I share the religion and most of all its because I choose to identify with the Malays instead of my own heritage.

    Its not by choice bro, it just happened. I speak Malay and feel closer to a Malay because of my 50 years of upbringing closer to the Malays than others.

    Not for any mileage either - I have got by for half a century now without having to gain anything from the bumiputraism. I am my own man.

    I drive a Merc, will be buying another Merc, I have a 4WD and a Perodua and live in a decent house and own other houses.

    I will agree if everyone post 1957 is recognised a bumiputra ONLY if these non bumiputras are like me.

    Speak the Malay language, forget your own tongue, identify with the Malays and respect the country which has provided us a home, then perhaps they can be bumiputra.

    Otherwise it is just inviting trouble bro. The Malays have a history of being accomodative and kind. Because of that they lost Singapore and large parts of northern Malaya to Thailand.

    Are the Malays suckers for second helpings?

    Once bitten then twice shy,
    But twice bitten better go and die.

    Tuan Haji Hoegarten

  25. drMpower4:35 pm

    this will set a dangerous precedent i believe. while it is a sweet concept for everyone born after 57 to be awarded rakyat malaysia status, it is too wild an imagination to award all born after 57 as bumiputra status.

    after all, the consitution say exactly the opposite

    last time i heard manoharan was waiting for the 1 trillion from british government. i assume he still interested on that. i wish him the best.

    in his wildest dream, this concept.

  26. Anonymous4:38 pm

    Hahahaha..HINDRAF gilababi...pi balik SRI LANKA or INDIA lor!!

    wakakakaka mau perang sama BUMI??


  27. Anonymous4:47 pm

    Roc bro!
    The indians and the chinese must be kidding?? Yeap! they can dream on.....The malays just ain'nt gonna give up their bumi status...and they ai'nt going to share!!


  28. Anonymous4:47 pm

    No long as they can accept one school concept and start speaking bahasa malaysia fluently.... n stop carrying Gandhi poster n spread lies about genocide in Malaysia!!!


  29. Husin Lempang4:55 pm

    Easier said than done...

  30. Hindaraf is right. all Indians are bumiputras, so long as they stay in India. Not in MALAY see ya.

  31. No problem BUT must be like Indonesia and Thailand.One nation. One langguage. One Educational System. No more Bahasa Ibunda. Bahasa Ibunda for all is BAHASA Melayu (aka Bahasa Malaysia).

  32. Anonymous5:04 pm

    Well first and foremost, in order for this to be a reality, we should embrace the following:

    1) There should not be anymore name like, Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh, M.Manoharan. If you look at Indonesia, majority of the Chinese and Indian decedent already change to an Indonesian name. Take US for exampel, the name like Danzel Washington, Barack Obama, Samuel L Jackson and you never see any African American with the name, Kunta Kinte, Kawane Obanuja... have you?

    2) Speak in one common language. Go look at Indonesia and Thailand everyone is proud to speak in Bahasa Indonesian. So the same have to be for us Malaysian, we need to speak in one language, BAHASA MALAYSIA! got it? Even all foreigner in Indonesia speak Bahasa Indonesia, but in Malaysia what a pity, Still speak in race dialects. Remember Bahasa Malaysia is our National Laguange!

    3) One School for ALL, this is the very essence of unity and assimilation like what the Americans,Indonesian and Thailand have achieve ages ago.If you go the American .Christianity is put in such a place of priority above other religion, so in Malaysia the official religion is already enshrined and put in its proper place, the existence on Sekolah Agama fortified this.

    So, to Manoharan, you conveniently forgotten 3 item above when you speak.Please include it in you future talk, and you get my vote.

  33. hantar jer keling tu balik ke kamunting,as for a gem of idea,kepala hotak hang,Melayu akan berkubur bila yang lain di beri bumi status.

  34. Anonymous5:29 pm

    "Bumi status for all" is the coward way of saying "Remove the Bumi status"

    I don't understand why Manoharan is such a coward and not just say "REMOVE ALL BUMI STATUS"

    After all Gobind have already asked for "direct election of the PM" which is the cowards way of saying "We do not need the Agong" and is the first step to a "REPUBLIC OF MALAYSIA"

  35. Bro,

    Saya Melayu Asli; Dulu, Kini dan Selamanya. But I honestly view that as one idea worth pondering!

    Lets look at the details.

    It might just be the missing link that could unlock all the uneasiness among us that has been manipulated by spin politicians for years.

    If HINDRAF have taken this route from the start instead of their earlier BULLSHITS we could avoid all the unnecessary tension.

    Hindraf should learn to use their brain next time!

    Go and build your temples; but make sure its on the proper land. Ini you go and build on people's land, but yet when you were asked to abolish it you cry opression. WHAT OPPRESSION ARE TALKING ABOUT?

    And once and for all decide whether you want to be Malaysian or not. If you want to be a Malaysian, stop those stupid nonsense about suing people for all the past history. Go and have your DEMONSTRATION IN LONDON and see whether they give a shit about you!

    I can tell you one clear thing, No Melayu in this country wanted to see their fellow countryman being unfairly treated. We are after all just the same human being.

    But if you started making STUPID ACCUSATION AND TRY TO MISLEAD HISTORY, you better know Melayu are not Tunggul Kayu.

    And seriously, we should also looking at abolishing SJKC & SJKT.

    Lets honestly be MALAYSIAN.

  36. Anonymous5:35 pm

    How to when we have racist bigots like that pekasa frog who just said on tv i quote,kita harus lucutkan kewarganegaraan sesiapa yang hendak tu.


  37. I like the sound of this! :)

  38. Anonymous5:57 pm


  39. Anonymous5:59 pm

    Don't understand what all this crazy Keling are demanding....

    Who want to be called a Bumi? I won't want for sure. They depend on the NEP, they need cratches, they depend on quota to enter Uni, they wait for govt contract and worst is their children and grand children are stuck at the bottom of the pit forever.

    With NEP, without Quota, without govt contract I am still the owner of a company that employs more than a thousand Bumi.

    The biggest help that anyone can give you is yourself.


  40. simone6:01 pm

    before giving them bumiputra status, government must stop allowing them to build so many temples around the country. you see, the ratio of temples per indian exceed more than ratio of masjid per malay. if government can be fair on this, then i think we are okay laa.

  41. Anonymous6:20 pm

    This is a difficult situation because race is religion related.

    How will the issue of praying to one common god be addressed by the 'New Bumiputras'?

    By the way, what is the big deal of being a Bumiputra? They cannot go to discos, Genting, rear dogs, sit with the opposite sex, swear,consume mind altering drinks, wear skimpy clothes and many other taboos.

    It is difficult to be a bumiputra but 'the grass is always greener on the other side', I suppose.


  42. Anonymous6:22 pm

    hindraf is also a large anti gov they want fairness...ha ha ha...
    hindraf go and ask your teammates first>>>melayu melayu pr....<<<
    see first if they agree or not before u come and ask the gov....

    malaysian is full of shit say

  43. yeop kemaman6:30 pm

    what the f*** ? JUst to remind to all non bumiputra....1st accept the one school to all malaysian and than lets talk about it. Kami dah bagi banyak dahhhh

  44. Anonymous6:39 pm

    Dear friends,
    I agree with idea with condition citizens born before 1957 will be send back to their motherland, how about that ?

    Org Gila Babi


  46. Anonymous7:02 pm

    Phuck mano ! Malaysian history starts way before the indians come here as labourers !@!!
    Just remember that !


  47. simone zain7:04 pm

    Why not?

  48. Hindraf problem is the caste problem , they must throw away this caste to the ocean.
    Are they willing to convert their name to bumi name , speak bumi language and forgo the import culture ad adapted the bumi culture and tradition?

  49. Anonymous7:18 pm

    Hello, the suggestion was only for all born on and after 31 Aug 1957 in this nation to be called 'Bumiputras'.

    It does not say, do away with the various diversities that we accept in harmony and peaceful co-existence.

    When conditions are laid, like "accept one school concept", that is where it is infringing into the 'civil liberties' of people.


  50. This is not the first time, political parties or NGO's raise this issue. Last few years, Gerakan call for the Government to give Bumiputera status to all Malaysians born in the country after Independence irrespective of their race or religion.
    Read my comment

  51. Suggesting to make almost-all-Malaysians Bumiputera is like saying there isn't such status anymore.

    Maybe it's a great idea.

    I dunno, maybe..

  52. Anonymous7:31 pm

    profit said...

    hantar jer keling tu balik ke kamunting,as for a gem of idea,kepala hotak hang,Melayu akan berkubur bila yang lain di beri bumi status

    Why do you say Melayu akan berkubur?You can't compete is it? Malays are lacking self confidence eh? You are as good as anyone, believe it.


  53. Wah, sudah up lagi dia punya demand?

    Tak tau berterima kasih langsung. Tak jadi macam LTTE pun dah okay.

  54. Anonymous7:44 pm

    When you say keling you are also insulting Mahathir, Zambry and the likes. How come these jokers can be called bumiputras (born in this land) while others (having many generations) have to beg for this right. Even the khir joker can get this right. What a joke

  55. Anonymous 5:04pm you should have a name so that I can congratulate you in your name for your post and En Damansara too as both posts they are "sangat bernas".

    I think Manoharan just want to be a Hindraf Hero, lets see how Manoharan try to wriggle his way out of this one.

  56. Anonymous7:56 pm

    First of all I think you should stop using the word Keling. Have respect for people...i believe that's respect is thought in every religion.

    Mr/Ms. Ananymous says that everyone born before 1957 should go back to their homeland. I belive you're ALSO referring to the Malays who will be required to go back to Indonesia as they are not the origins of this country. The origins of this counry lives in Sabah and Sarawak.

    Yeop Kemaman says "Kami dah bagi banyak dahh"...who are you to give us anything. You're immigrates in this country just like the rest so dont talk like you own this country!

    No one is perfect but that does not consitute for name calling, discrimination, etc. It was all 3 races that hs brought Malaysia to this level. Let's not spoil that by being racist!

    Think One Malaysia

  57. Anonymous8:02 pm

    Indians are lucky lot in Malaysia, they have so many political parties to help them. MIC, PPP, MMSP, IPP.... Wow! spoil of choice lah!

  58. KAPITAN MELAYU8:17 pm

    Apa kata kalau di cadangkan pada kerajaan MANSUHKAN saja parti parti yang menggunakan nama AGAMA...???

    Rasional nya, menjaga sensitiviti kesucian serta menghormati agama yang berkaitan itu sendiri

    Memandangkan terdapat kes kes yang
    membuat seolah olah apa yang di praktikan oleh agama itu di cabuli

    Seperti kes kes rasuah, hal hal adat resam, jenayah dan pelbagai lagi...kerana secara tidak langsung budaya/kes-kes ini akan mencerminkan anggota anggota parti yang berkenaan mencemarkan nama agama yang ada pada nama parti tersebut

    Lagi pun hal hal agama ni agak sensitif untuk diperbicangkan

    Ini cuma cadangan ....

    Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Mengetahui

    Wallah Hualam

  59. Anonymous8:19 pm

    Firstly in US, you can name your son or daughter whatever name you want as long as it is not vulgar. So name changing is a non-issue. Secondly either you study in 'sekolah kebangsaan' or 'jenis' kebangsaan, Bahasa Malaysia is a required language subject. The only difference is that 'kebangasaan' school don't teach the other mother language. Hence most chinese don't send their kids to 'kebangasaan' school. Language is the most important subject in school, without it, we can't progress in any subject. School in US teach spanish or french, as a second language. Therefore, chinese or tamil should be part of a second language program in all 'kebangasaan' school. With this most Malaysian will not mind that Malaysia adopt a one school system. Not just only chinese or indian should master the malay language but the Malays should take the opportunity to learn chinese or tamil language as well. Just imagine the huge advantages where all the malays understand chinese or tamil language. Currently most Malaysian born chinese/indians know the malay language but not vice versa. So this is a non-issue too. Ideally a true Malaysian, it should be fluent in Bahasa and chinese/tamil language. Which reflect our multicultural society.


  60. Anonymous8:25 pm

    dey thambi! sudah bikin kacau mahu bikin 'gaul' ka?


  61. Anonymous8:51 pm

    Apa dia bumiputera tu? Dia faham ka?

    Suruh dia apply Permanent Resident from his Queen of England lah.

    Lepas tu bukak cornershop or curry house kat birmingham or some indian ghettos in many minorities areas in the UK.

    talking about integration....?

  62. Obladiblada9:01 pm

    We cannot choose our parents nor our race.
    We will all lose our identity.
    Let status quo remain.

  63. I am confused.

    A Malay is automatically a Bumi.

    But right now Bumi also includes aborigines, natives (in Sarawak & Sabah as well, Portuguese, Dutch and Indian Muslims and legalised foreign workers like Indons.

    So, if all those born on M'sian soil after 1957 are all Bumi, then what about:-

    1. Malays and non-Malays who are NOT born on M'sia soil, perhaps becoz their parents were working overseas at that time?

    2. Non-Malays who were born in M'sia before 1957 or born overseas but granted citizenship after 1957?

    3. Indons and others who acquire citiznship through marriage with locals? What status of citizenship or Bumi do they acquire?

    What we will create is a quagmire and 2 citizenships, one of which will be 2nd class.

    My gut feel says forget all this Bumi/Non-Bumi definitions and stick to Bangsa Malaysia - 1 Nation, 1 Citizenship, 1 People.

    Whatever is in the Constitution as regards special rights and provisions of the Malays can remain. The world 'Malaysia' already carries with it the pre-eminence and legacy of the Malays.

    Adjustments can be made in practice for across-the-board affirmative action policies according to income disparities and other inequalities.

  64. Anonymous9:15 pm

    Hindraf can forget about it. Don't insult Najib's intelligence.You think the malays are going to sit pretty while you scheme your camouflage extremes??

    The more demands you made you will be met with strong resistance from malay nationalists. Once again I say to hell with Hindraf's demands!

    As for u dah masuk geng jahat ke?


  65. Anonymous9:23 pm

    Manoharan,isn't she who is married to the kelantan tengku?

  66. Anonymous9:29 pm

    seems like all the indians want to become mamak!


    1school? 1malaysia? 1whatever...


  67. Anonymous9:30 pm

    I'm a Chinese who qualify for this so called proposal but I do not agree with the proposal. Not everyone as progressive as you, Rocky. Don't think we are ready for this yet. Peace is still the key word. I don't mind if I'm a Bumi or not. It doesn't really matter. Even now, whether you are Bumi or not, not really make a difference.

    So, don't suggest this ridiculous nonsense.

    Ah Seng

  68. Anonymous9:31 pm



  69. Anonymous9:33 pm

    This indian want to be a leech too!

  70. Anonymous9:44 pm

    why still bumi this,bumi that,just have one:malaysian of various descent:period! Aba

  71. Anonymous9:48 pm

    Hello Anon 5.04pm,

    You are saying we should always tiru other countries but not have our own model?

    Why? We dont have original ideas ah?

    That is the result of what? Our education system and the way we were governed all these years by Perikatan and BN?

    Shame lah, having to borrow ideas from other countries?

    If thats the case, check out India.
    Eash state has its own language and schools also have these as medium of instruction apart from the national language Hindi. They just conculded their elections and are forming their next government - even though the winning party has not got a simple majority.

    Nak emulate that feat here?

    Mustahil kan?

    Then lets do it our way. No need to triu any other country.

    And to the fellows who refer Manoharan as keling, be careful. You are hitting the wrong person.

    Remember the recent court case?
    Siapa bantah itu perkataan dalam kamus? Bukan orang Hindu di Malaysia.

    Take care, as you may be antagonising a group of Malaysians who are also Muslims liek Zambry.

  72. Anonymous9:56 pm

    Kalau orang India, Cina dan lain-lain bukan bumiputera.Pendatang lain juga bukan bumiputera.Orang Asli adalah bumiputera yang asli.Pasai apa orang Siam agama buddha bumiputera tapi cina dan India yang lahir di bumi ini bukan bumiputera.Perkataan "Bumiputera" itu pun dipinjam dari India.Sedarlah sikit.Jangan angkuh sangat.Dahlah ramai tak ada kerja.Uthaya tu bukan beria-ria nak dapat status bumi tapi dia tu perli korang yang guna status bumi tu untuk cepat kaya dan curi duit orang lain.

    Anti layu.

  73. This can only be achieved if all can communicate with one another using the National Language, BAHASA MELAYU that is....emulate the culture of the all MALAYsians should be doing in the first place.

  74. NO WAY!



  75. Anonymous10:49 pm

    imagine this advertisement:

    "Minumlah Todi cap Mano, hasil keluaran syarikat bumiputra".


  76. Anonymous10:53 pm

    org gila babi i agree with you,
    so we send all the ghost back.
    To all racist calling keling let me remind them that this is a race that is nuclear powered not using kuno method like suiciede method to fight their war.
    kelings got their rich histroy,tradition,language,writingswhere else you guys calling them kelings have none of this but all borrowed.Your language is borrowed, you dont have your own culture(its all borrowed)writtings not your own.
    without goverment handouts you are unable to survive like many here have admitted.

  77. rocky some of the comments here are disgracefully racist,you are very irresponsible to post them here.

  78. banggang punya mano,ckp melayu puntak betul,nak jadi bumiputera konon..porahhh,suruh dia betulkan apa yang berlaku pada org india dulu,supaya tiada kasta diantara mereka,kaveas tubuhkan PPP,dia ingat dia dari kasta yang tinggi,tidak boleh duduk bawah samy vellu..yang pada dia dari kasta yang rendah..mano kasi betul dulu dey..

  79. Anonymous10:58 pm

    As a Indian,

    Mano is looking for cheap publicity. If he just talking about Indians right, then he should migrate to India.

    Malaysian will progress forward with ideas preached by Pakatan Rakyat especially PAS.


  80. Anonymous11:06 pm

    Just treat all citizens as Malaysians without any classifications and all will be fine and dandy.

    A Malaysian.

  81. yes bubarkan SJKC , SJKT dan SAR. Semua rakyat Malaysia harus pergi ke sekolah yang sama.

    bahasa Keling [ Tamil ] , bahasa Apek [ cina ] dan bahasa Arab [ Jawi ] tak perlu belajar.


    Orang Islam jadi berpakaian macam ornag Arab. Orang Cina jangan pakai Cheong sam, Orang India tak leh pakai sari !!!

    Sama sama kita jadi 1malaysia, baru la fair, kalau tidak 1malaysia itu hanya satu slogan untuk memperbodohkan lagi orang Melayu

  82. Anonymous11:27 pm

    Kalau boleh petah berbahasa melayu dan belajar kat sekolah kebangsaan ialah syarat untuk masuk bumiputera (dan dapat segala imbuhan menjadi bumiputera di negara ini) - nescaya semua bangsa di negara ini akan jadi bumiputera.

    Tapi, asal ader masalah kalau yang berbahasa Cina, India, Jawa, Iban etc semua boleh berbahasa dua-tiga? Salah ke?

    Ader yang kata "Melayu akan berkubur bila yang lain di beri bumi status". Betul ke? Kalau betul...memang sian betul bangsa Melayu.

    lepas tu, ader pulak yang kata ratio kuil/orang Hindu jauh lagi tinggi dari ratio masjid/orang Islam di malaysia? Betul ke? Jangan main takbur fitnah je. Kuil Hindu, setahu saya, rata-rata kecil kecilan je. Lagipun, orang Hindu di bandar-bandar pun jarang ke kuil. Kalau ko cari statistik yang betul, jumlah surau dan masjid di negara ini jauh melebihi bangunan keagamaan yang lain2.

    and lastly, for rocky....

    you re a f*cking racist, just like Pasquale. Since it's Pasquale's wish for us to be able to swear at each other in a common language.. allow me:

    Celaka, baghlol, anak bangsat, pukimak, cibai, babi, keparat, pengkhianat, kafir, ...

    ni hadiah untuk kau.

  83. Anonymous11:39 pm

    Tapi keling ni akan kata India is his motherland .. I don't celebrate Deepavali, but Xmas, etc, etc, .. Read, understang & memorise the Malaysian constitution first OK ... Wali Kota

  84. Pertama sekali, aku nak sound Mano and all Hindraf gang - LANGKAH MAYA AKU AKU (over my dead body).

    Bangsa paling hipokrit dalam dunia yg aku jumpa ialah India. Bangsa yang paling tak sedar diri dalam dunia ialah India.

    Bangsa yang paling syok sendiri yang aku pernah jumpa ialah India.

    Sedarlah- Kaum India tak sampai 10 % dalam populasi Malaysia. Tapi cakap macam dia second majoriti. Tu nama tak sedar diri.

    Nak cakap pasal 1 Malaysia. Tapi nak pertahankan sekolah tamil, bahasa tamil. Ini namanya hipokrit.

    Nak minta pampasan 1 juta dari kerajaan British kerana kononnya ditindas ketika dibawa ke Malaysia. Sedangkan korang yang tak cukup makan di India sana datang ke sini (Malaysia) nak cari kerja. Itu namanya syok sendiri dan tak sedar diri.

    Pendek kata- Belum pernah aku jumpa Bangsa yang sebegini teruk dalam dunia selain daripada kaum India di Malaysia.


    To rocky, kalalu lu sayang bangsa lu, sila siar komen aku. Terima kasih.

  85. Anonymous11:54 pm

    Aku rasa kaum india lain takde masalah pun dengan keadaan harmoni Malaysia sekarang..yang ada masalah adalah GENG-GENG HINDRAF JAHANAM yg dibelakangi oleh DAP dan PKR..tengok semua ketua-ketua puak pelampau tu semua ahli DAP dan hanya orang bodoh sahaja tak tahu bahawa ini adalah strategi DAP dan PKR utk membangkitkan kemarahan dan kacau bilau di MALAYSIA..

    Kepada kerajaan BUANG NEGERI ni semua ahli GENG HINDRAF JAHANAM ni.. satu sen pun tak guna..

    Perkara asas pun Pelampau HINDRAF tak mampu nak turut dan patuh ini nak demand macam-macam.. Dey thamby kalau hang duduk Sri Langka dah lama kena tempak dek tentera.. poooodah cit pui...

    p/s; everything i wrote is mean no disrespect to all my indian friend which i love..those words are meant for HINDU TERRORIST like HINDRAF!! Please do HUMBAN all THOSE EXTREMIST TERRORIST in PULAU JEREJAK..let them rule their community there..

  86. Anonymous12:02 am

    kalau penyangak HINDRAF ni betul-betul ikhlas memperjuangkan keadilan,keluhuran undang2,keharmonian negara,perasaan muhibah maka puak pelampau Hindraf ini harus lah menyokong KEMPEN 1sekolah dan memansuhkan semua jenis sekolah.. dengan terang-terang mengakui bahawa ISLAM adalah AGAMA RASMI negara MALAYSIA dan BAHASA MELAYU adalah BAHASA RASMI..senang kan..

    Kerana apa kerana... di INDIA AGAMA RASMi adalah HINDU..di Amerika dan Britain adalah Christian dan di CHINA majoriti adalah Buddha (walaupun amalan komunis)

    Tetapi puak pelampau ini tak akan setuju kerana mereka masih ingat mereka itu LAHIR dan SEDANG berada di NEGARA INDIA.. oleh kerana mereka tidak menghormato PERLEMBAGAAN MALAYSIA dan TIDAK SETIA KEPADA YANG DI PERTUAN AGONG dan MALAYSIA maka WAJIB lah KERAJAAN MALAYSIA membatalkan kerakyatan mereka dan suruh mereka aplly kerakyatan INDIA dan juga SINGAPURA atau CHINA..

  87. Anonymous12:31 am


    Syiok, kembang dah naik perasan pula aku ni.

    We Bumiputras, generations after generations, berkurun lamanya telah BERJAYA mengujudkan sebuah Negara yang teristemewa diDUNIA ini,



  88. Anonymous12:43 am


    "By the way, what is the big deal of being a Bumiputra? They cannot go to discos, Genting, rear dogs, sit with the opposite sex, swear,consume mind altering drinks, wear skimpy clothes and many other taboos."


    are u factually and culturally retarded? Bumiputra does not equate to Malay only. It also refers to natives of Sabah and Sarawak, who also happen to be Christians and etc.
    So pls don't talk nonsense.and by the way, the big deal is the special rights given in the constitution.

    Sabahan 69

  89. Anonymous12:49 am

    Bro senang je nak jadi BUMIPUTERA, 1. jadi MELAYU (beragama Islam dan memngamalkan kehidupan dan adat istiadat melayu)..
    2. masuk hutan hidup macam orang asli (peribumi) dan lepas tu mengaku peribumi..
    3. Bermula daripada saat ini jangan MENGAKU diri sendiri INDIA,kalau org tanya bagitau saya org Bumiputera.
    4. Mulai saat ini jangan langsung bercakap bahasa selain daripada bahasa melayu dan english termasuk di rumah.
    5. buat demontrasi jalanan paksa kerajaan tutup sekolah tamil dan cina.
    6. jangan bagi nama anak yang berunsurkan nama oran di INDIA dan China.. bagi nama yg berunsurkan Melayu.

    ada berani??

    di sini aku juga menuntut supaya KERAJAAN MELAYU dgn MAJLIS RAJA-RAJA memansuhkan hak mengundi mereka yang tak bersetuju dengan perkara diatas kerana mereka adalah bukan warganergara MALAYSIA

    Boleh kot

  90. Anonymous1:25 am

    Dear Malaysian,

    Yang Melayu, takut Melayu akan terkubur

    Yang India, sokong apa yang diperkatakan

    Yang Cina, tidak mahu jadi Bumiputera

    :-) Hehehehe.

    Apalah jadi kepada bangsa Malaysia / sifat Kemanusiaan ?

    Terkubur kerana dibutai oleh emosi bangsa, agama dan sedikit propaganda BN.

    Saya tidak percaya kepada konsep Bumiputera / Bukan Bumiputerea / Melayu / Bukan Melayu. Kita adalah rakyat Malaysia, itu bermaksud kita semua adalah sama dari segi keupayaan MENTAL dan DAYA SAING. Tetapi propaganda UMNO selama 52 tahun, memang jelas telah mematahkan keyakinan diri orang Melayu.

    Memang benar, ada yang perlu ditolong untuk membina keupayaan mereka untuk berdaya saing. Saya menyokong sebarang tindakan yang menolong rakyat Malaysia sebagai Malaysian untuk membina keupayaan mereka.

    Asimilasi macam di Indonesia / Thailand bukanlah satu penyelesaian yang optimal. Kita perlu satu cara yang unik kepada Malaysia. Saya menyokong konsep satu sekolah untuk semua tetapi dengan syarat.

    Syarat pertama, tingkatkan kemahiran guru yang mengajar. Agama hendaklah diajar di Masjid, Kuil atau Tokong. Sekolah bukan tempat untuk mengasingkan anak anak kita.

    Syarat Kedua, mata pelajaran English hendaklah ditekankan, ini mestilah diikuti dengan Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin dan Hindi. Tujuan saya mencadangkan ini adalah berlandaskan masa depan ekonomi dunia. Anak - anak kita , terutamanya dari bangsa Melayu, tidak dapat bersaing ataupun keluar daripada Malaysia kerana kelemahan dari segi penguasaan bahasa mereka. Ini perlu diatasi segera.Janganlah politik kan masa depan anak anak kita untuk menjayakan masa depan seorang ahli politik. Kenapa kita harus membenarkan diri kita terus diperbodohkan oleh ahli politik yang bersembunyi disebalik tirai Bangsa dan Agama.

    Panjang sangat, besok saya sambung.


  91. Anonymous2:10 am

    Either you follow or you get out!!!. Remember. Once you question about the constitution and social contract we the malays will also question your kerakyatan. You say you want our rights to be removed. We say your KERAKYATAN to be removed! Period.

  92. Just wondering, what will come out from Nik Aziz, Haji Hadi and PKR de-facto leader about this issue? SInce they have won bih in the last GE, I am very sure they will pressure the government ONLY if they agree with this demand...

    Until then, why must the goverment bow to them? I am very sure that PR (that HINDRAF lean their support to) will NOT even want to hear about this proposal....

    - PedangSakti-

  93. Anonymous3:54 am

    To all anti-establishment, please bear in mind that this has been Tanah Melayu & shall remain so till dooms day. Insyallah !

    We have had S'pore where oppression to the Malay minority appears oblivion to many.

    Racism seems so clear in S'pore initiated by the Chinese Origin yet you are labelling the malays racist ?????

    Men At Work

  94. Somers4:43 am

    Sure HINDRAF, why not? First,



    While you are at it, agree on SATU SEKOLAH UNTUK SEMUA, sign the petition, then we can talk .....if not, no way lah ...

  95. Anonymous6:53 am


    I suggest its about time we just ignore these people. Rasa dah naik lemak dan ghayan lebih. But I really PITY nasib hidup mereka ni.. very sad sad species of manusia!!

    Now I know and understand more why tertulis in their Hindus Veda Scripture.. Man in 3 componants..

    Hand = Brahmin
    hips = educated
    foot = Paria

    Their Gods should know better!


  96. Anonymous7:03 am

    better still Mr Tamerlane if all the Malaysian Tamils had gone to Ceylon insteat of coming to Malaya. The Buddhist Government there knew how to solve the Tamil problem.....

    Genghis Khan

  97. Anonymous7:09 am

    I am not prejudice about this but its just impossible. It would be deadlock. I'm totally surprised that instead of moving fwd, we are into reverse gear trying to undo something which we had agreed earlier many yonks ago. This would not bring any benefits to anyone.

    Further, if anyone just follow the constitution and respect it, all shall be fine. Just respect it.

    What is bumiputra afterall? Manoharan and many others cant think out of the box. Some of the comments and opinions posted by you people here make more sense than our politicians be it in UMNO or PR.

    I surely think you fellas got more talent that this small time heros.

    - SEE FWD!

  98. Anonymous7:19 am

    A good idea. Had we done that we wont have so many Tamils and Indians here. In 1957 many would opt not become cituzen because Malaya was poor and communinist infested.

    Many Indians would go back to India. Even today many Indians who were born in Malaya opted to become Indian citizens. They hold PR here to cara makan.

    In 1957 Indians were not interested in Malayan independencce. They were more attached to India.

    It was the Indian government that encouraged Malayan Indians to say put in Malaya. They even help the Malayan Indians to form the MIC. The MIC was inaugurated by a leader of the Congress Party of India.

    The Chinese were more concerned about the fight between the Koumintang and the Communinist Party. Some Chinese formed the Malayan Communist Party which was supported by the Communist Party of China until the 1970s.

    Only the Askar Melayu and the Malay policemen with some loyal Chinese and Punjabis gallantly fought the communists and guarded the Chinese new villages from the communists and from supporting them.

    I think illegal organisations like Hindraf will destroy this country for good. They are behaving like the Bintang Tiga. Already many malays are not so trusting of the Tamils and some Chinese anymore. How can they? Some Tamils and Chinese don't even speak Malay like some PKR MPs and State Assemblymen.

    Hutten Lane

  99. Rusdi=Najib8:09 am

    Is this what Najib is thinking, Pasquale? Bodoh punya Melayu.

    The non Bumi were brought in by the British. Why should we secede and compromise endlessly to them?

    These non Bumi should make all their demand from the Brit. They brought them here and now they shd live with the burden of all these rejects of China and India. Take them back!

    Those deciding to stay can negotiate another social contract. Damn it, no more compromises. Ini negeri Melayu!

    As far I see, their conduct and presence to this country have brought more chaos and disharmony than benefit. They are not worthy of citizenship.

    I've had enough seeing the non Bumi demanding all things already agreed and PKR/PAS going along just for selfish political interest.

    Since we are talking of repatriating all these non Bumi back to England or where ever they came from, take mulut lancang Pasquale along.

    Deserve the name he call on someone ... B.A.B.I.!

  100. name URL8:50 am


    if they are not comfortable staying in Malaysia, they are free to migrate to Australia, NZ, Canada, UK, Guyana, Ethiopia, India.

    And I will be glad to sponsor them a one way ticket.

    PS. I wonder why so many foreigner
    ( legal and illegal ) are flocking to Malaysia just for a bowl of rice.

  101. Anonymous8:51 am

    Dei, bumiputra is not good enough, you should ask to be an umnoputra, then only you can get the piece of shit

    paraput karii

  102. Anonymous9:00 am

    Such a hypocrite.

    Anybody who still insist on having a Chinese school or Tamil School in Malaysia does not have the right to be a Malaysian what more becoming a Bumi..FULLSTOP.


  103. Anonymous9:03 am

    It is a fair idea but i'm disappointed with the rabid remarks left here. Those born after 1957 should not have to fight for equality, period. Just take away the column for race in all application forms. We don't have to change names and all that. One school, one language with an option for POL classes for those who want to master more than 2 languages etc... Practice meritocracy for scholarships. Just plain practice fairness and Malaysia will go to greater heights than the woeful level we're at right now.

    - Kate

  104. I don't need to read any further to tell you that it is a stupid idea.

    Putting my "human" cap on, I should say that this is one idiot who is most definitely uncomfortable in his own skin. If he cannot be proud of, confident and comfortable with the skin that he has on what difference is it going to make putting on a fur coat?

    I am not any less a person, neither am I any less handicapped just because some idiots like to assume things about me just because of the colour of my skin. If there are government policies working against you just because of the colour of your skin, you work around it. You think V.K. Lingam needed to be bumiputra to be "ruling" over the judiciary? Of course you might say that what V.K. did was illegal or immoral. But then again tell me, how moral are all the policies that centre around the "bumiputra" label anyway?

    If these Makkal Sakthi guys think lesser of themselves just because they are Indians I would tell them to get out of their coconut shells, get out of their communal shells and start mixing around first. After all whether black, white, yellow or brown, what comes out of their nose we call snot and what comes out of their arses, we call shit! The bumiputra label is not going make you prefer nasi lemak over thosai for breakfast anyway!!

  105. Anonymous9:12 am

    The greatest thing will be to do away with all this Bumiputera garbage. As long as your are a Malaysian there should be no race segregations. The bumiputera garbage was introduced by bloody UMNO to give Malays a superior feeling so they will continue to vote for them. It is the caused of racial polarisation but will the idiots in UMNO ever do away with it ? It is also used to propergate the so called NEP which is another load of UMNO bullshit. The Malays can be given special help but that should not be a forever and ever thing. The true bumiputera are the Orang Asli not Malays. Screw the term bumiputera!!!

  106. What need to rush. Wait for the next GE. Once u win (seems that so confident to win), u change the Perlembagaan la. For sure ur Malay leader like Anwar, Husam, 2Khalid will give big endorsement.

  107. Anonymous9:49 am

    halo mamak2 n malayu... lu olang ada otak ke xada ... kalua ada tlg guna sama itu otak lah.....kat indon n thai olang cina dlm % yg sangat kici..... tapi kat ini tanah malayu ...olang malayu hanya 50% je....itu cina + keling sulah 40% ...itu olang2 kat sabah n sarawak yg bukan malayu(iban guna bahasa malayu ke???) lebih kurang 10 hingga 15%.apalah u olang bodoh sakap tanah malayu tapi olang malayu tak sampai 50%.

    kafir.....(peminat tuan syed de mamak:) )

  108. Anonymous9:52 am

    so even rocky is censoring the comments? whatever happened to my anti-racist comment yesterday?


  109. Anonymous10:00 am

    wow, talk about stupid and ignorant malay sian. anon 5.04 takes the cake man!
    Obama is an african name, Samuel L jackson, Denzel washington's ancestors probably got their last name from their slave masters. you idiot anon 5.04, your current second class malaysian probably thought that since bahasa malaysia resulted in ignorant idiots like you, they are not willing to similate and accept your language like the thais did theirs.

  110. Anonymous10:05 am

    Kalau nak jadi Bumiputera balik lah ke negara asal NENEK MOYANG DATUK kamu.. memang org INDIA adalah BUMIPUTERA di INDIA dan org CINA adalah BUMIPUTERA di CHINA..

    ini TANAH MELAYU..MALAYsia.. dan hanya MELAYU (dan Bumiputera Sabah,Sarawak) layak status BUMIPUTERA..

    Ada faham..bukan nak kurang ajar tapi KELING itu patut di AJAR..BODOH!!

  111. senget10:16 am

    rocky, hadui lah kaki kelentong betul Raja Petra ni, ada saja cerita dia nak spin. Anak dia masuk lokap, dia tuduh polis mintak rasuah daripada dia pulak, sapa percaya memang bodoh laa.

  112. Anonymous10:20 am

    Tak habis-habis meminta-minta.Agak-agak apa pendapat si Mano ni tentang Satu Sekolah?Tamil dan Mandarin sebagai elektif.

    Tak pun jadi macam Thai, Indonesia ok tak?buang terus Tamil,Mandarin. Orang melayu dah korbankan Jawi..

    Encik Sarumanis

  113. Anonymous10:23 am

    Ha Ha.

    As expected most of the low class Malay commenters here are scared shitless of equal rights.

    What a bunch of pondans these Malays have turned into. Eg proft and LGT.

    It's inevitable you WILL bow and accept equality eventually. Or your children will anyway,

    Takut apa? Kesian.

  114. Anonymous10:26 am

    In the first place, there shouldn't be a bumiputera or non-bumiputera status after Merdeka. This is the main reason why Malaysia is so divided today. Most religion will tell you there is no distinction in class, creed or colors.

    Sad Malaysian

  115. Anonymous10:48 am

    Now i know why the non-bumiputras has been crticising the NEP,the quotas,so called "tongkats"........
    actually got prawns beside the stone..THEY WANT THE BUMIPUTRA STATUS.....

  116. Anonymous10:55 am

    Kenapa kah di Kelantan kedai2 keling akan mengira duit mereka begini..?

    Satu rial,dua rial,tiga rial,
    empat ringgit,lima rial,
    enam rial,tujuh rial ...

  117. Anonymous11:14 am

    Those bugger thought that it just simple as giving the bumiputera status and forgot the price that they have to pay. You ask it from Bumi people, if you really want it, we don't mind as long as you are willing to agree to our conditions.

    1. Be truly bumi, no more Indian, no more Chinese, get rid of you Tong Sam Pah name, or Takdamutu name, you can adopt our friend in Sabah / Sarawak name if you don't like arabic name or use classic Malay name for example Bunga, Sriputri, Melor, etc.

    2. Abolish the use of SJKT/SJKC,

    3. Make the use of Mandarin/Tamil language illegal, you must speak B. Malaysia in your daily life,

    4. Life the life just like bumi, not some alien from other country/planet.

    That's all, and you got bumiputera status as happily given by the Malays & bumiputera from Sabah & Sarawak. The problem is, you not willing to do all that.


  118. Yah...Agreed whn chinese and Indian force goverment to only has one National School, When Among chinese or Indian they choose to talk National Langguage among them as first choice.

    Whn Indian & Chinese don't feel that National Langguange only for Malay....

    When the day come..private sector willing to give contract fairly...(Pls check the fact in MNC how many % is non-bunmi contractor? 90% or study MNC in Penang.....DAP can help in this)

    Whn all races willing to work in Police and army force even low salary but due to national spirit...willing to serve the country)

    When all races have the fair share in housing area....For case study Please check the fact that how many % of Bumiputera stay in New housing area....Expecially in Penang and selangor.....All must have fair share.....If not later we will have again chinese in expensive housing area, Malay and india in low cost area....divided again....

    Nice to talk....but in reality not easy.....We always demand from others but do we willing to give up what we have....Chinese School,Private control contract,avoid from choose to be Police and Army or nurse....

    Better to have a small portion of growing and helthy cake rather than have a big portion of dying and trouble economy...

    Last 50 years.....How many chinese millionair compare to Bumi billionair...? Is that mean non-bumi no chance to get reach....In 50 years how many non-bumi companies listed in BSKL compare to Bumi....that alll not enough....Whn more??? Yah you can get it....but can you sure the stability be long....and the under current dissatisfaction can be hold....

    How many non-bumi laywers, Doc, Accont compare to Bumi....still not engh....Bumi just ask for 30% for totall share even their populations 60+%....that also not fare.......So what number is good number 95% non-bumi and 5% bumi...that non-bumi will be happy...

    Just remember that silent majority is watching.....empty drum make most noise....ask a lots....but put in mind again that silent majority is watching...

    Equal doesn't mean fair....Having small portion of healthy economy is better than big portion of dying economy....Tis country is safe and peace not coz run by auto pilot....

  119. Anonymous11:16 am

    bila la hindurough ni nak insap

    - laskar cinta

  120. Din Skodeng11:17 am

    Manoharan is a DAP man.

    DAP always has been a very sensible political party.

    The thing is UMNO hates DAP because UMNO looks dirtier than DAP's clean image (UMNO takut DAP jadik lagi famous).

  121. The Fireman From Fireland11:22 am

    To those saying "Lets Have One School for All Malaysian":

    No problem, babe.


    First are you willing to raise the education standard in Malay-based schools to the level seen in Chinese schools first?

    If you keep the standard dumbed-down, how do you expect the non-Malays to fully embrace the One School concept?

    If you want a One School For All Malaysians concept, then compete. Make these schools clean, safe, have proper facilities and have a high-level of educational and teaching standard. UMNO don't just talk. Invest our tax-funded public money to do this. If the standards are up, then automatically people will go to One Schools.

    One more thing, why not let people have the option of attending any school you want? Even Malays are attending Chinese schools. They choose to, because they think the standard is much better.

    So if you want to talk about One School, first improve the quality of the Sekolah Kebangsaan first lah. Then talk. Otherwise tell the Mukhriz Mahathir bugger to shut up.

  122. mizan10111:25 am

    Shazlan (Anonymous 4:47 pm)

    Apa salahnya pegang gambar Gandhi?

    Gandhi tu tokoh dunia yg terkemuka yang elok dijadikan contoh.

    Menteri Besar Perak Zambry Kadir pun menjadikan Gandhi sebagai role model dia.

    Apa salah rakyat Malaysia jadikan Gandhi sebagai seorang tokoh untuk dicontohi?

  123. All of a sudden your comment box is empty. No one calling you a UMNO mouth piece or Najib's dog?

  124. Anonymous11:48 am

    HINDRAF is right....they should also be BUMIPUTRA's....of INDIA la deyy!!

    The Malays and their rulers (Sultans) had given all of their exclusive rights to maintain peace in this little place called Malaysia.
    What have you done HNDRAF...?

    This one lopsided bullshits has to stop.
    NOW might be the right time.


  125. Anonymous11:55 am




  126. Anonymous12:07 pm




  127. Anonymous12:15 pm

    DANASARA said...

    "And once and for all decide whether you want to be Malaysian or not. If you want to be a Malaysian..."



  128. Anonymous12:27 pm

    The idea is very provocative and has a far reaching adverse repercussion. The implication here is that the Melayu is required to strip of their identity, when they have to share with others, who of course will maintain their own separate culture and identity.
    I think the Melayu since before Independence have sacrifised so much for others and not getting anything worthwhil in return.
    Voluntary assimilation is the answer and if they so much demand MORE equal rights then let's follow the system in Thailand and Indonesia - one national identity -the Bumiputera identity - yes no SRJK (C) and SRJK (T, no MIC, no MCA, no Makhal Sakti, no PPP and definitely no Hindraf.
    Otherwise this idea by Manoharan is a a devious motive and objective - to further create dissension. The issue of Bumiputera status is part and parcel of the well settled social contract already embedded in the Constitution. Why is the need to bring up a settled issue.
    Beware some Bumputrea especially the hard core Melayu may take this as a challenge coming from a minority group that seem to be demanding more than the could chew!
    Dzulman of Shah Alam is perturbed and feel very concerned over this sudden "proposal".

  129. Anonymous12:38 pm

    Macam ni lah, Malaysia dah tak boleh saing dengan negara asing, akibat sistem quota. Pelongaran ekonomi Najib, setakat ini bukan atas desakan orang cina, india atau Melayu, tapi atas desakan pelabur pelabur asing. Jadi sama ada, orang cina, melayu dan India ada status Bumiputra, semakin hari, menjadi semakin tidak relevan.
    Kalau kita semua ke satu sekolah, cakap satu bahasa, sama-sama kita boleh doa pada ALLAH... tak usah lagi berdebat, Allah milik musliman atau tak...
    Khairy Ganjamudin.

  130. Anonymous12:57 pm

    When I apply for a place in International University in UK, Germany and Australia...they want me to fill the form which stated what race and religion I am..they also need to clarify about my why should Malaysian Gov didn't apply the same method and concept in all their forms?..even western do stop questioning why gov need to clarify our status when we fill up their form and in our ic.

  131. Anonymous1:02 pm

    HINDRAF'S proposal should include Borhan's proposal. Indian communities should assimilate into the bumiputra's customs and cultures. No more plural society but one society that is, good and positive values, customs and cultures of the natives of Tanah Melayu. No more saris and dhotis. But we can still have roti canai!

  132. Anonymous1:29 pm

    They all look like Zambry....And see what can happen when you let one become a Bumi!

    Joe Black

  133. Jack Kerouch1:49 pm

    Tu lah....'banyak sangat bertapa dan terbawa slogan Martin Luther Kng '...I Have A Dream'.Buku
    'Animal Farm' -George Orwell.
    Utopia -Thomas Moore.
    Bercelaru kepala otak.
    Read the Quran enoughlah.

  134. These guys are upset that some idiotic DAP member suggested that all Malaysian born after Merdeka to be given bumi status.

    Two things here ,these idiotic DAP members are really idiotic if you really look at it .
    Why are we still pursuing on this BUMI stuff when they should have insisted that any reference to race in our ics and passports , govt jobs and contracts , education etc etc be given to any qualified Malaysian and be treated as Malaysians .
    In other words Malaysia for Malaysians .
    The other is , these DAP guys are pulling wool over peoples eyes as all Malaysian born after Merdeka to be given bumi status can never happen unless the Federal Constitution is amended . This provision is enshrined in the Federal Constitution of Malaya , later Malaysia and is provided for under the Social Contract: Special Position , Citizenship , Religion and Language .
    I thought Mano is a lawyer by profession , he should have known about this provision .
    Even bumis themselves have not been equally treated by bumis themselves unless you are a UMNOputra within the inner circle , so whats the point ?
    Yeah if you insist they might consider but with conditions like if you want to be bumi , only one language across the board , name change across the board just like in Thailand and Indonesia , so Mano will become Mano Syed Abdul Kadir ...What stupidity....these Drink And Pee guys , too drunk to think I guess or has Kamunting has taken a toll on them !

  135. Perempuan Melayu Sejati2:33 pm

    How would the Malays react to such a statement?
    The majority (usually shallow minded) would certainly oppose while the open minded FEW (and I stress few) would show some resistance towards the idea.
    Bumi or not, the Malays in this country have lost their identity. The lovely kebayas and kurungs have been traded with burqahs while the smart songkoks have been replaced with kopiahs. What happened to the art of Wayang Kulit and Galah Panjang? One can't even get a proper Nasi Dagang or Kerabu but Malays here seem more fasinated serving Kebab and Nasi Padang.

    So sorry to Hindraf. We will not accept you to be Bumis for the equasian of Melayu = Islam = Bumi.

    FYI: there are Malays who are Christians and Buddist living in this country and abroad.

  136. Anonymous2:45 pm

    Dear One Malaysians,

    It is not too far fetched an idea to make Malaysia Number One, and One Number for all Malaysians, should be the order of the day.That is to strive to be Number One.

    Not to become Number One in the Racist Ratings or Number One in Deaths caused by snatch thieves or Number One in getting ripped off by unscrupulous cabbies etcetera...we are fast gaining popularity or rather notoriety in all the wrong things.

    Whilst we are battling the worst financial crisis in decades (there are many in the US and many other places who have already lost their homes and have joined the distraught lines of the unemployed).

    We, however have very much to thank and praise the 'Divine Providence' that we still have goodness all around.

    The H1N1 flu virus has become an epidemic and nearer to home Japan has fallen prey to become the worst hit country outside North America in this global epidemic.

    We have many issues to contend with and also many blessings to be content with.

    We can always go back to the starting grid to discuss matters amicably to make ourselves as equal players in a Number One team - Team One Malaysia

    We should disrobe this cloak of fear that has been the mantra of ill deviced (ignorant) politicians who have always resorted to or played up the race cards as their trump cards.

    There is no such thing as positive discrimination...discrimination is discrimination.Lets only have the cream of the crop for the right genteel.

    Some of us have to just do the right thing by eating humble pie.

    It would be futile to torture or imprison our minds,just because some of us have done better then the rest.

    We may all possess different political ideologies and have inclinations towards various faiths.But there should always be one commonality that binds us together.

    Our forefathers have tilled the lands and toiled for a better lively-hood.This has become the faith of our fathers,and that is to make this nation great.

    Lets not be guilty of disenfranchizing ourselves, because we only have ourselves to blame.

    The Iron Duke @ The Churchill

  137. askar melayu2:55 pm

    How can they be bumiputra when they are stuck in the caste system. The pariah can only take out the shit of the Brahmin.

    Tell these Indians don't talk about equality when they can't even marry among themselves. Heck, Pariahs and the higher caste can't even eat together!

    Solve your own problems and don't pass the buck to other people. As the largest democracy, when will India have the lower caste as its prime minister.

  138. Anonymous3:24 pm

    A few misconceptions from above...

    1) To be bumiputera is not to also be Muslim. Bumiputeras are local-born citizens with the right to choose their own religion or faith.

    2) In the USA today, there are many racial groups who take on ethnic names, and many immigrants who become citizens have yet to be fluent in English. It is not mandatory for one to speak English to be an American citizen, although it would be helpful.

    And it shouldn't matter whether one is born pre or post 1957, or what is one's race. As long as one is born here, one is a bumiputera.

    FOR THE RECORD (pseudonym)

  139. Anonymous3:42 pm


    Pok Nik Ajis kata gapo?

    Awe Dichu

  140. Anonymous4:03 pm

    Before been awarded Bumiputera status..make sure they able to speak national language fluently ,willing to wear national costume(especially politician) ,think as one country, Don’t have thinking that if any bad happen to this country they just immigrant to Australia or NZ….
    And do they willing to have only one National School (of course with option to learn other languages and culture)…We must start to unite our young generation with ONE School system and widely use National language…Politician especially racist party like DAP will go against ONE School System and One Language…Even DAP have a problem when their Rep wear national costume….

    We would be happy to see HINDRAF leader make press statement in National language and wear National costume and carry Tunku Abdul Rahman photo…..would they do that???? While making that demand also they can’t deliver it National Language…..So if you feel that national language is not your language than what make you deserve to be call Bumiputera…..

    Show some true spirit……… Think like true Malaysia…….This is true case….My Korean friends came to Malaysia…before come to Malaysia he so excited to learn National Language and he did…..but afer he stayed here for few weeks and start to communicate with other Malaysian(who don’t speak National Languange fluently) he has been informed that National Languange only use to talk with he said what kind of Malaysian is this….don’t proud of own National language…

    Please be like OBAMA…even he is NEGRO ……He go to American school…he speak USA National Language at home with family and others….he and his family practice USA culture….proudly use his motherland products…..willing to protect his country(Not thinking of running to other country)… And of course he has same faith as othr majority of plp in USA (I never expect this in Msia)
    So if we want to have Malaysian Obama…so make sure you practice what OBAMA practice in order to make him accepted as US President………..Don’t cut and paste…..Want to have Malaysian OBAMA but don’t want to be truly Malaysian….
    We should have one Malaysian with one identity, one language and one school system……
    Easily demand this and that but don’t willing to scarify any thing…..


  141. Anonymous4:04 pm

    Biggest JOKE of the MILLENIUM :D hahahaha...........

    Yo pariah (and sus-barbatus chingkie too), to be a bumiputera.. what you need to do are: act like one, breath like one & speaks like one.. and that make u look like one and belong to one even if u are not one!
    Ok, on the look & dressing, we give some leniency here, bumiputera consist of malay, penan, sakai, bajau, kadazan, dayak, iban, dusun, murut and all other indeginous people originated from this archipelagos.. you can choose to look like anyone of them.. make your choice.. all must be local, not imported from alien country..understand?

    If you still choosed to remain with your tamil nadhu identity or tongsan, i say go fuck off there and be a bumiputera of your own motherfucking land if u still think u belong and have one..ok assholes kalathai pundek?!

    once a pariah always a pariah..look like pariah, sound like pariah, think like pariah but as usual always deny being a pariah..


    :D muhahaha..

    -anti HINDRAF & ultra chingkies-

  142. Kalau kita kaji sistem hieraki di India, hidup di sana adalah berdasarkan kasta.

    Silapnya British dahulu bawak masuk kaum kasta rendah di sini sebagai kuli.

    Sekarang mereka sudah lupa daratan dan jika dikaji balik, memang patut la di India diadakan sistem kasta sebab mereka di sana sudah masak dengan perangai kasta rendah ni!

  143. Encik Sarumanis5:32 pm

    The Fireman From Fireland..

    dear oh dear calm down...

    "First are you willing to raise the education standard in Malay-based schools to the level seen in Chinese schools first?"

    yes dear..I want it too. Government need to revamp our education system.mould it into one school..yes one school.

    "Make these schools clean, safe, have proper facilities and have a high-level of educational and teaching standard."

    easy my dear,change all SJKCs into SK, walla...siap..the upgrade all SKs and SJKTs..finish.such a bright idea..

    "why not let people have the option of attending any school you want?"

    ehh??what happen fiery dear? you want satu sekolah?Then why talking about 'option'?what about one school?I think my suggestion is good.Don't you think?

    Encik Sarumanis

  144. Anonymous5:36 pm

    melayu oh melayu...
    non malay...see how all the low class malay shaking here....
    tengok sendiri lah standard orang cina and bandingkan dengan melayu.. lu orang apa class..
    pergi minum air kencing cina sikit lah kawan...

    saya bukan cina says

  145. Anonymous6:15 pm

    Rocky Bru,
    Why so quiet when BN won 2 court cases regarding Perak MB fight?

    Yawn......double standard to the max....

  146. Tuan,
    They must accept and practice this first:
    1.The only One school,Total Sekolah Kebangsaan (Bahasa Melayu),no more Tamil School.
    2. Speak Bahasa Melayu in the house and practice as mother tongue and in ALL communications.
    3. Dress as Malay or Bumi, they can choose from ie Malay,Iban,Kadazan,Bidayuh,Orang Asli,Murut.Must dress Baju kurung ,baju Melayu,kebaya,sarung and any Malay or any Bumis costume practice.
    4.For one Malaysia, they must be like Indonesian, Thailand and Philipinos change they name to the origin people in Malaysia,thats means name in Malay or Bumiputras like Buyung,Awang,Isnin,Selasa,Rabu,Khamis,jumaat, ,Sabtu,bujang(if they not intrested to Islamik name) or Patinggi,Irok etc,insted of Ramasamy,Lingam,susila Devi etc.
    5. Cultured should be practice as Malay and Bumis practice.
    6.Thats 5 items beside others IF MAYYY BEEE can consider!

  147. MizterMalaysian6:50 pm

    I think some people commenting here have some inaccurate facts.

    All Malaysians regardless of ethnicity have accepted BM as the national language. I have yet to see one person who has not acknowledged this. So, please refrain from questioning this.

    Also everyone is clear that Islam is the official religion of the nation. No arguments there.

    As for Chinese and Tamil schools, our forefathers in their wisdom have already accepted this. I say, move on. When the non Malays are ready for 1school it will happen and nothing can stop that. It will help if the edcuation system in the meantime is improved to get more people to register in national schools.

    Bumiputra status in Malaysia is a political thing. If you clear your mind from all inconsistencies, you will be able to recognise this.

    What makes Malaysia so successful is the differences we have among ourselves. How many of us had nasi lemak, bee hoon or roti canai for breakfast today? Were we divided by ethnic concerns?

    Let us celebrate our differences and not be restricted by narrow thoughts. When Malaysia moves forward we ALL move forward!

  148. Anonymous7:11 pm

    Dear Sabahan 69,

    Sorry for my ignorance because I thought the majority of Bumiputras were Malays/Islam.

    That's because the Orang Asli and people like you do not seem to benefit from the Bumiputra policy as much as the Malays. And I guess that is factually right.

    In that case, let me amend my statement to 'most Bumiputras with the exception of non Malays' cannot invest at Genting, drink beverages at the pub, go bird watching, fornicate without a certificate etc.

    I stand corrected.


  149. After this we will be identified as.......

    Bumiputera India
    Bumiputera Cina
    Bumiputera Sikh
    Bumiputera Melayu
    Bumiputera Iban
    Bumiputera Melanau
    Bumiputera Kadazan
    Bumiputera Asli
    Bumiputera Bangla
    Bumiputera Indon

    "Now Everyone Bumiputera"--Tiru AirAsia

    Lupa ! ada lagi, Bumiputera Mat Saleh (Baru dapat warganegara)

    Ambik kau bumiputera..... Nak sangat.

  150. Anonymous7:39 pm

    melayu oh melayu...
    non malay...see how all the low class malay shaking here....
    tengok sendiri lah standard orang cina and bandingkan dengan melayu.. lu orang melayu apa class..
    pergi minum air kencing cina sikit lah kawan...

    saya bukan cina says

  151. Anonymous7:53 pm

    Hahaha di mana2, lihat saja Papua New Guinea....Habis mereka serbu dan belasah business dan orang2 China Pendatang...

    Di Malaysia bila pula NAK MULAKAN?? Etnik pendatang termasuk HINDRAF PARIA memang PENGACAU besar!!!

    Mari BERSATU menghalau PARIAH..pengotor!!!

    KG MEDAN!!!

  152. Wow...Bru,
    You got many racist commend up there. Anyway I do strongly support this brilliant idea, at least all Malaysian are equal by then, and our PM’s 1 Malaysia dream is achievable.

    From the record, Indian community in Malaysia has the most number of people being "Masuk Melayu" and enjoy the Melayuship as Bumiputra. Sadly was just years ago, these "Masuk Melayu" became "Masuk Islam", thus have lost the privileges.

    Well, at the moment, Bumiputra is not only refers to Melayu, they are Siamese in Kedah as Bumiputra, Portuguese in Melaka as Bumiputra, Kadarzan in Sarawak as Bumiputra, and many more…

    When all those born after Merdeka in Malaysia being accorded Bumi status, the Malays can still enjoy their Ketuanan Status, and Chinese is still Chinese, Indian is still Indian, just but all are bumiputras.

    All men’s equal, and we are indeed 1 Malaysia.

  153. Anonymous8:44 pm

    Hindraf? Hindraf? Who the hell are these pariah to even demand anything? They all should be put under ISA. Look what happen when you let one out. Hindraf are actually 'Samseng India', that's all they arelah.

    Stop making demandslah bloody gangsters! If you feel threathen so much, go live in Indialah, Stop creating Havoc in Malaysia! Maybe can act in a Tamil movie or something.


  154. Anonymous8:47 pm

    Hahaha, true! true! The ealier comment, "(Manoharan) He cannot have the best of both worlds. Either Malaysia or Tamil Nadu. He better make a choice !!" Hahahaa sooo right wan la..

  155. Anonymous8:53 pm

    China dan India yang mai sini (kecuali HangLiPo dn pengiring2nya, kononnya present dari Istana);

    India = Dalits Untouchables, alahai, just clique Dalits kat laman Web.. hah you can get everything!

    Cina = Peasants, farmers yang di tindas olih kaum keturunan sendiri sepuas hati hingga sekarang. Same, just click Chinese Peasants kat laman Web... sampai sekarang, dari situ le datangnya depa nih

    Sama ajer gang ini,, Kutu2 ni duk berangan tak kehabisan, nak ubat inferiority complex KESIAN KESIAN...

    Hai buat macam mana, eksyen macam mana pun, mana dunia lu olang pegi.. satu dunia tahu SIAPA LU ORANG..

    hehehehe KESIAN..


  156. As-Salam Bro Rocky,..heheh,..wat else can I say,.. lebih kurang cam hapus Bumi status le,.. b4 1957 pun tak banyak org yg enjoy bumi status dah,..wakaka..entah le tp gue tak setuju bro,.. cam gue cakap td le, lebih kurang hapuskan bumi status le...heheh,..apo nak dikato,..(,")

    p.s. bro, visit my blog n sign up as a member off d new mlm concept online game & social networks,. depression ahead b prepared,..heheh..(,")

  157. Anonymous9:20 pm

    any one wants my bumiputera status? I'll be selling it. makes no diff to me.

    damn i hate racist asshole. be it outloud racist or closet racist..
    ..Fuck You..


  158. Anonymous10:35 pm

    Very dangerous and posionous request. Go back to India and get Indian Bumiputra. Later they wall become ungrateful, disloyal want more like what is happening in Sri Lankan. Who will defend this Malaysia in early days, my great great fathers. They came here after the war is over.


  159. Anonymous10:45 pm


    most of the readers here blame G for their lack of competency managing the education system. but think what really cause this system to "fail"? could it be that too many of these sub-systems are causing it to fail ie kebangsaan, chinese and tamil school?
    i would say yes!


  160. Anonymous11:08 pm

    Chinese and Indian accept Bahasa Malaysian but I just wonder why Chinese and Indian in Indonesia more proud of using their Bahasa Kebangsaan compare to chinese.

    True! Malaysia has already succes, More chinese become millionair and richer while Bumiputera has DEB policy and other assistance by why need to do changes....let it be the way it be
    No arguments there.

    As for Bumiputera status and special right of Malay, our forefathers in their wisdom have already accepted this. I say, move on. When the Malays are ready for accepting non Malay as Bumiputera than it will happen and nothing can stop that.
    We need to start with one education system...But the DAP will never agree to have only national school but they will cry foul to have Malaysia for Malaysian as long that benefit them....When benefit them they will said Malaysia for Malaysian but whn need to sacrifie their language or right...DAP will said that stated in constituition and that the beuty of Malaysia to have multi culture and just accept that the title of Bumiputra is one of the beauty of Multi racial of Malaysia....

    Bumiputra status in Malaysia is a political thing. If you clear your mind from all inconsistencies, you will be able to recognise this.For 50 years Malaysia has success and many more non-Malay success and getting richer in Malaysia compare to Bumiputera but Only a group of racist plp who try to play this sensitive issue......They want what the other get but not willing to give up what they have..even that important for one nation.

    What makes Malaysia so successful is the differences we have among ourselves. How many of us had nasi lemak, bee hoon or roti canai for breakfast today?So just let we have Bumiputera,chinese,Indian,sikh or etc.... We were divided by ethnic culture,languages...and we are not willing to sacrifie what we why bother to ask for bumiputera status?????

    Let us celebrate our differences and not be restricted by narrow thoughts. When Malaysia moves forward we ALL move forward!
    Don't talk about other right whn we don't want to sacrifie ours....
    Don't demand Bumiputera status whn we don't life like Bumiputera....

    Let us cherish our differences... Even without Bumiputera status non Malay already success...Maybe controlling 70% economy not enough.....You need 95% than is enough???

    Don't be fool by Racist DAP and Racist HINDRAF.....They are more racist than UMNO lembab.


  161. Anonymous11:25 pm

    C'mon Rocky, be responsible and stop this free for all and start moderating your blog for goodness' sake!

    What are you trying to achieve by provocating everyone to join this slinging match? Are you enjoying this? Are you proud of yourself now?


  162. tebing tinggi11:35 pm

    one day they demand to be treated equal as malaysian , today they demand to have bumiputra status.
    its come to my mind maybe they itrested to join umno not the mic.
    most of indian heare are tamil and telegu ,due to casta syatem they had not treated equally in india itself.

  163. Anonymous11:53 pm

    "Monday, May 11, 2009
    Nizar is Perak Menteri Besar!!!

    NST 11/05: High Court declares Nizar as Perak Menteri Besar
    You guys said the Courts in this country can't be trusted.
    Our judges are biased and bought.
    You are right?"

    Bro, what now?


  164. Anonymous1:26 am






  165. Anonymous1:30 am

    what fucking shits is that' brady asked the chinese go back to china...

    yet pukimak going to china and beg...


  166. Anonymous1:34 am

    Muhyiddin struck 4 ekor, now he has money to take part in elections:

    Barisan Nasional akan bertanding dalam pilihanraya kecil DUN Manek Urai, kata timbalan perdana menteri, dan mengingatkan PAS agar tidak terlalu yakin akan dapat mempertahankan kerusi tersebut.

    Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin juga berkata, BN tidak akan memberi laluan mudah kepada PAS di kerusi tersebut.

    -kaki 4ekor

  167. Anonymous1:36 am

    As a non malay I would hate to be termed "bumiputra".......there is something obnoxious to that.


  168. Anonymous1:36 am

    This is a country full of shit!

    Depending on all the taxes on illegal activities to sustain the MALAYS WELL BEINGS...



    cau chibai!!!

  169. Anonymous1:59 am



  170. Anonymous2:04 am

    1 school ! only malay language ?

    no need la! that is not important!

  171. Anonymous2:16 am

    HA! HA! HA!





  172. Anonymous2:16 am

    Keep the Bumi status to yourselves for all I care!


  173. Anonymous3:18 am

    Keputusan mahkamah rayuan 22/5/09.
    Meraka kata mahkamah berat sebelah,kena beli.
    Selective comment as per rocky bru 11/5/09.

  174. Anonymous5:52 am

    Rocky is showing his true colour now and beginning to behave like a true UMNO racist who love to repeat May 13. Rocky is missing the wood from the forest, though born in SG but he cannot agree that Malays from SG are already moving ahead with much better education where everyone in SG are given equal rights. Why must the Bumi & Indians in Malaysia always be stucked at the bottom of the pit? The reason is so obvious, corruption in UMNO & BN using NEP to benefit less than 2% of the Bumi.

  175. Putra Bertam7:52 am

    Neither yes nor no, one school and only one bahasa. Bahasa melayu sahaja. If not just forget about it.

  176. abuchingvijay10:00 am

    mulanya Semenanjung Tanah Melayu,kemudian Malaya kemudian Malaysia now they want Malay Sia??
    mulanya datang sebagai buruh kepada England,kemudian mencari rezeki berdikari,kemudian nak taraf warganegara.dah dapat,nak lagi hak untuk mengundi.dapat hak mengundi ,nak jd ahli dewan.dah dapat nak taraf bumi pulak....demand kononnya their rights tak about Malays rights?will Malay be always wrong????

  177. Anonymous11:48 am

    Wow,PKR Blackshirt Phalanx Guards udah tak bertuan ke? Mane kau Nuar Brahim? Are you the one who created this mess? Soon HINDRAF will demand to be called Black Chinesse too, as they demanded to be at par with YTL, Genting, Lee Kwan Yew, Hong Leong, Low Yat.

    Prof Awe Kecik

  178. Chukai12:55 pm

    Haaai Hindraf

    sure you can become bumiputra if you people can totally remove tamil or Hindu indentity - no sari, no tamil language, no chalik d dahi.

    kalau mahu juga itu status, you can go back to your root - bumi india putra di India.

  179. Anonymous2:13 pm

    Hei Pundek India,

    Nak jadi bumiputera?, boleh ke berhenti cakap Tamil? boleh ke hidup macam orang Melayu? Bakar surat kabar tamil kamu tu? Bakar sekolah tamil kamu tu? Kalau tak sanggup buat, jangan gatal nak mintak!!!


  180. Anonymous2:22 pm

    Actually very simple.

    You are a bumi in the country you born in.

    Bumiputra - Son of the soil.
    Comes from Sanskrit word.

    Son of the soil meaning your birthplace.

  181. Anonymous2:24 pm

    I want to repeat this from Mister Malaysian.

    I think some people commenting here have some inaccurate facts.

    All Malaysians regardless of ethnicity have accepted BM as the national language. I have yet to see one person who has not acknowledged this. So, please refrain from questioning this.

    Also everyone is clear that Islam is the official religion of the nation. No arguments there.

    As for Chinese and Tamil schools, our forefathers in their wisdom have already accepted this. I say, move on. When the non Malays are ready for 1school it will happen and nothing can stop that. It will help if the edcuation system in the meantime is improved to get more people to register in national schools.

    Bumiputra status in Malaysia is a political thing. If you clear your mind from all inconsistencies, you will be able to recognise this.

    I want to repeat this

    What makes Malaysia so successful is the differences we have among ourselves. How many of us had nasi lemak, bee hoon or roti canai for breakfast today? Were we divided by ethnic concerns?

    Let us celebrate our differences and not be restricted by narrow thoughts. When Malaysia moves forward we ALL move forward!

    Malaysian Malaysia

  182. Anonymous2:28 pm

    MELAYU RAYA 6:41PM...

    They must accept and practice this first:

    1.The only One school,Total Sekolah Kebangsaan (Bahasa Melayu),no more Tamil School.


    LOL!!! PORDAH!!!

  183. Anonymous2:41 pm

    dear bro




  184. Anonymous4:45 pm

    why bumiputra more malaysian than u

    they have roots....they are uniquely identified by their local dialect...and that represent malaysian.....not just malaysian kosong

    when i talk malaysian.....i represent my the kelantanese love their do others...but they don't show it much because of "malaysia" or usually known as tanah melayu

    or u wanna each state seperated again?

  185. Anonymous5:25 pm

    One step at a time.

    One school system first.

    We will still have the same old problems.

    Same old fights.

    Same old races.

    But so what. I want one malaysian educational system, not one for apek, one for keling, one for kampong, one for jihad.

    as if we don't have enough racism at the dinner table already.

  186. Anonymous6:55 pm

    cakap melayu pun tungang langang ada hati naj jadi bumiputra. BTW dulu

  187. Anonymous10:42 pm

    This hindraf is not logic at all. Please tell him to embrace Islam, speak fluent bahasa melayu and pratice malay culture and let all indian kids go to sekolah kebangsaan. Only then he can be called a bumiputra. Otherwisw, poochii!....Do not be a dreamer! or you can go to Dreamland!...

  188. Anonymous10:53 pm

    -anti HINDRAF & ultra chingkies-

    Rocky you allow these kinda postings ?

  189. I was having the same naive dream also when I was a kid. Then I realised inorder for anyone to be 'special' or have bumiputera status, you need to 'take' from somebody else to give it to you so you can be 'special'.

    Whose blood and toil should we take inorder to have this 'bumi' status? lol

    Mano is just giving an impossible condition for C4-murderor to mull over.

    As for the 1 school system, it started long time ago, I'm a product of national school and what have I learned from it? BN history propaganda and lies, and no matter how good you are, because of your skin, religion or tag, you have to go private or overseas to get a decent education.

    I've only learnt 'how to learn' in college(running an oversea uni's module) despite 12 years in national school. Really I don't give a hoot wether it's 1 school or vernicular, when the education here is crap, taught by crappers, we'll get crap anyways.

    Some of you are using BM as an excuse for having 1SCHOOL, fck, we've been speaking fluent BM for years and the best BM I've learnt was from 'Gila-Gila', Majalah Humor Negara, not from my cikgu. Even the car mechanics here can speak and write BM beautifully. Stop making the national language as scapegoat for your racial hate agenda. "Belajarlah BM dulu, blablabla"

    Lepas sudah belajar BM sekian lama, baru nak jadikan kami setaraf sebagai rakyat Malaysia?

    I'm sure there will be another 'hurdle' or challenge thrown to us, 'pendatangs' even after the 10th generation. I was told by someone to go back & blame our ancestors for signing the 'Social Contract' surrendering our rights as equal citizens of this country.

    So simple shouting Balik India!, Balik China! Everyone in this country can trace their ancestry to other countries and at one time, it use to be cool to learn your granny was from Arab or Wushan or Malayanam. Now it's a bane to even mention it or you'll be deemed as 'Unnationalistic'. Becareful of being nationalistic, Nazi Germany were 'nationalists' before they took on the world.

    Did we ask to be born in this country if we knew we'll be subject to these conditions?

    Would you?

    Where is your sense of justice or fairness as a human being even if you're not the 'minority' or the 'pendatangs'? That I can understand eventhough I'm not HINDRAF, deep down you knew what they're fighting for, just to be treated as equals. yeah yeah I know you're gonne bring up India and some historical caste system, this is here and now, you answer for what you've done.

    These are the sort of politics BN has been playing for the last 50 years and if we don't break out from racial politics, we'll never do, even in 100 years.

    There is ALWAYS a better way, we just have to dig deep down and share.

  190. Anonymous12:27 am


  191. Anonymous12:35 am


  192. Anonymous10:05 am



  193. Anonymous11:07 am

    This is a global era and if you still depend on mother's milk that how are you going to compete with the rest of the world? The Korean, Singaporean, Japanese, Chinese, Indians, Europeans etc etc are so much ahead of us now... die like that if we cannot grow up and still need susu.


  194. Anonymous11:47 am

    I am a chinese, born in Malaysia after 1957.

    I do not need anyone to fight for my status in Malaysia.

    The Chinese controlled the Country's economy before and immediately after 1957. The Hokkiens alone, owned enough resources to buy the entire Malaya, on cash terms.

    I remember R.O.Winsted used to record that at one time Johor only had one Malay undergraduate, while the Chinese had one university of their own, the Nanyang University, in Singapura Island.

    He said that at that time, the ratio of population between Chinese and Malay was 3:1.

    If you don't believe, find his book and read.

    At such a situation, the Chinese had opted for an eventual return to China.

    That was a fact.

    They had not chosen Malaya as their ultimate destination.

    Can those Indons, Myamars, Viets, and even Mainland Chinese who stayed and gave birth later claimed citizenships and to be treated equally as others in Malaysia?

    Hor Boon Hor

  195. Both 1Malaysia schools and Hindraf proposals shot down? Sounds just right. Let them be, the people will choose, as always.

    Rukunegara already dead, not sure about buried. The real joke was the "Kedaulatan Undang-undang" part. Shafted by UMNO and nodded to vigorously by the police, the AG's office and the Zaki led-judiciary. Rukunegara kunun!

    And I will repeat what I say, be careful of whatever proposals UMNO comes up with. The NEP was designed to help the poor Malays but was prostituted by UMNO to enrich themselves. What WOULDN'T they do to shaft the rakyat further? What makes you think they are going to give it up?

  196. Anonymous12:28 am

    Anwar the king of Drama shld be blame....

    He and his cronies make money whn he was DPM.....A long list of companies were under his cronies control....N now he act like clean person.....ANwar shut up and just enjoy the money that you have.....

    Anwar tell us ur stand abt One school system....maybe in USA have 3 or more school systems.....share with us...


  197. Anonymous3:28 am

    Bumiputra status for chinese and thanks. If any of you in global businesses will know that foreign business partners/owners or embassy delegates labeled bumiputra as privileges for handicapped or mentally retarded or some one that have no capability to earn a living. SO why class your self that when you are not? What so good about bumiputra status? Bumiputra status is a burden not advantage in the new world order.

  198. Anonymous3:47 am

    no thanks for bumi status. If any of you have interactions with overseas business people or foreign delegates, you will know discreetly bumi status to them are for people that are handicapped or mentally inconvenience or inability to earn a descent living. It is known to them as handicapped assistance.

    from a normal malaysian