Sunday, May 24, 2009

Guess who's Down Under?

Updated, Tuesday: NST 26/05: Second warrant of arrest for RPK issued for failing to turn up at KL Sessions Court. Wife who bails him gets show cause notice

Original article:
RPK's new home. The Star has a story here that should answer many people's question about Raja Petra Kamaruddin's whereabouts after failing to appear in court on April 23 to face a sedition charge.
Talk is that he has sought political asylum there. If so, it won't be the first time. Rahim Ghousse, Anwar Ibrahim's right-hand man when he was the Deputy Prime Minister, ran off to live on a ranch in Australia around the time when Anwar was arrested.
England used to be the most common destination for Malaysian activists to run and hide while their friends face the authorities and the music back home, but Australia seems to be our preferred destionation these days. Good choice, I'd say!

Pasquale wants RPK to come back, here.


  1. PKR INSIDER1:21 pm

    Q:Why Rahim Ghouse in Australia?

    A: He's the CEO of Kuwait Finance House(Australia).

    Q: How the hell does he got that job. Does he has any connections with the Kuwaitis?

    A: Yeah, his name is Syeikh Anwar Al-Jub.

    Don't believe?

    Check this out:, MalaysiaKini wrote an article saying that RPK is a ''Malaysian Tiger'', well he's more like a ''Malaysian PUSSY'' to me.

    p/s: You can verify with DR Rahim on this. This is his Australian num. +61412751803. He lives in Melbourne btw.

  2. PKR INSIDER1:22 pm

    Q:Why Rahim Ghouse in Australia?

    A: He's the CEO of Kuwait Finance House(Australia).

    Q: How the hell does he got that job. Does he has any connections with the Kuwaitis?

    A: Yeah, his name is Syeikh Anwar Al-Jub.

    Don't believe?

    Check this out:, MalaysiaKini wrote an article saying that RPK is a ''Malaysian Tiger'', well he's more like a ''Malaysian PUSSY'' to me.

  3. Melbournasian1:28 pm

    Malaysians in Australia should organise a meeting with RPK to brainstorm how can we help to lift M'sia out of the blackhole.

    Perhaps we could form an association with RPK leading it.

    Taking a cue from history, Sun Yat-sen rallied the overseas Chinese for funding and support to overthrow the Qing Dynasty and succeeded.

  4. Anonymous1:35 pm

    Very good, maybe he can start Australia Today!!

    For somebody whom claim not afraid of the consequences of his writing. It's too obvious. Running from his own shadow I guess

  5. Anonymous1:35 pm

    pasquale? thought his name is rusdi something... just a najis running dog.

  6. Brader Rocky,

    1. I think RPK's luck is running low--astrologically speaking.

    2. He was born in 1950--Year of Tiger.

    3.A 'tiger' Man is said to be:

    "Unpredictable, rebellious, colorful, powerful, passionate, daring, impulsive, vigorous, stimulating, sincere, affectionate, humanitarian, generous. Can be restless, reckless, impatient, quick-tempered, obstinate, selfish."

    4. The year 2008 was the worst for him (when he was 58). Normally during the said 'worst year' in our life, we are advised to lie low, be patient, and accept whatever 'fates' that come our way....

    5. To survive (i.e. live longer), RPK please FACE the "samsara=sengsara" (sufferings) that you need to undergo (according to your karma).

    6.There is no point for you to avoid these sufferings (Listen to Sudirman's "Biar Ku Sengsara Sendiri"). For they are stuck with you like your shadow....

    7. Remeber the "Rule of Engagement" which you used to tell us? Sufferings need to be "engaged" in the same way, RPK.


  7. Up and Under1:50 pm

    Expected because Australia has no extradition arrangement with Malaysia. But how did he get into Australia? He is a bankrupt, thus would not have a Malaysian passport to get in.

    Was he using a foreign passport? Using a spare Thai passport since his wife is half Thai. How about a UK 'right of abode' passport? Diplomat passport as roving ambassador for Mongolia? :)

    It will be interesting if he is in Perth. Probably living at that one of the row of houses over looking the beautiful bay.

    Regularly meeting up Dolah Badawi, Patrick Lim, Kalimullah ... for cigar at a regular cafe. Making a living to turnaround the Nasi Kandar shop :)

    If that happen, buta-buta satu Malaysia kena tipu RPK.
    Now that he is a dissident, does the Government have authority to close up Malaysia Today? Rais Yatim?

  8. Good decision by RPK, if it is true.

    Running from selective prosecution, oppression, vindictiveness by the rich and powerful and a kangaroo court is no cowardice. Staying to face such a no win battle is stupidity,

    Live to fight another day is clever.

  9. Anonymous1:54 pm


    lu betul2 bangsat

    semoga lu dilaknat

  10. Anonymous2:21 pm

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Anonymous3:04 pm

    He will surely return after 13GE and after that it would be Pasquale turn to hide down under, you can join him if you want Rocky.

  12. Anonymous3:06 pm

    BIAQ PI LAH DIA,,,,Sememnagnya tidak selamat tinggal di Malaysia,,

    Kalu Hak Rakyat yang mengundi,,menentukan pilihan rakyat tapi kerajaan Persekutuan telah merompak hak rakyat perak,,you think its safe and fair to live in Malaysia,,!!????


  13. Anonymous3:09 pm

    Is that Pasquale moron your first cousin?

    i say good referral.

  14. Anonymous3:12 pm

    raja pariah kamarudin...
    go and educate your mat rempit son first before you want to give others advice...LOL rm 20 also he sapu...

  15. nstman3:16 pm

    We Malaysians are forever grateful to Australia and britain. We always look upon Australia and Britain to take a leading role in defending human rights and the fight against fascism, dictatorship, cronyism and racism. Malaysia has a lot to learn from Australia and Britain. These two countries have shown the world there is no substitute for transparency and rule of law. Long live Australia and Britain. Malaysian morons and mutts should sit up and learn instead of descending further deeper into the abyss.

  16. nstman3:19 pm

    Latest: I have been told RPK is enjoying his stay in Australia. He has been made to feel very welcome there. Unlike here. Shame on you, Malaysia.

  17. Anonymous3:21 pm


    I wonder if you are aware that RPK is widely popular and is seen as a Folk Hero!

    Regardless of how you feel, the current political environment has imbued the fellow with an Aura of Righteousness regardless of how accurate his version of things are...

    As long as Najib's establishment continues to use Force upon peaceful demonstrators and raid peaceful offices....that would be as long as people like RPK will continue to thrive....People like that cannot thrive in a peaceful stable society.

    Let's hope the Police do not , in the words of the Home Minister "Use excessive force". If that does happen and Najib is unable to reign in Rogue Senior Cops, then Najib will be in real trouble.

    Joe Black

  18. Anonymous3:26 pm

    raja p.kamaridin=R pariah K
    see his BOTAK head..i already know this fellow got link with the mat proven his son steal mtorbike and LOL rm20...All the mat rempit now got new leader call RPK..

    mat RPk rempit

  19. Anonymous3:37 pm

    Rocky, your tone and manner of expression in this short paragraph says it all. Clearer than anyone can see even in the darkness of midnight. Come to think of it, if you need to rub shoulders with the goons in Putrajaya, say it openly. Or maybe you are trying to wear 2 hats depending on where the winds blow? Typically, as we had seen with so many bloggers. You sre definitely heading for the dumps lately. It's your call.

  20. RPK...

    Selepas cerita satu malaysia dengan pembohongan, menjadi PENAKUT dan PENGECUT....

    Biarlah dia..... HE is no-ball-just-talk-cock-only person....

    MAcam kes di PErak, selepas selama hampir 8 bulan spin cerita tentang Anwar akan menjadi PM... betapa rakyat menyokong (just bullshit), betapa ahli BN yang melompat bertambah hari demi hari, tiba-tiba bila Perak tumbang, dia cakap tak demokrasi, meminggirkan hak rakyat....

    Sedangkan dulu, juak-juak penyokong RPK inilah yang tidur malam bermimpikan Anwar jadi PM...tak cakap pun bab hak rakyat, ttg demokrasi... JUST BULLSHIT ajer...

    Biarlah RPK berambus..skadar ade tlur buat perhiasan ajer buat apa...

  21. RPK cuma tahu cakap, buat fitnah ajer....

    Mcam si Anwar tu jugak... Biasalah...

    Soory la RPK...saya ingatkan berani kerana berani, rupa-rupanya dua biji tu hanya perhiasan ajer....

    Lain kali simpan ajer dalam frame, dan tulis MY BALLS IN HERE...

  22. Uh-Oh3:52 pm

    Aren't this people lucky???
    Amwar has US to run to.
    Uthayakumar has London.
    RPK has Australia.
    That is why they can create trouble.
    If it's us, where do we go?
    We will stay and die here.
    Our country, right or wrong.

  23. Anonymous3:55 pm

    Good on you RPK, you stick your middle finger at these corrupted UMNO c##ts!
    Enjoy the beautiful oz will not find the same type of shit here.

  24. Anonymous4:00 pm

    shut up lah rocky! damn this umno blog!
    keep attacking those who fighting against power abuse and robbers

  25. Anonymous4:01 pm


    It's only you saying that RPK 'has sought political asylum there'.

    Looking at things generically, quite a number have left the country for sure for the past two years.

    For instance, PI Bala and family.
    Somehow, the MSMs cannot (or do not want) to 'sniff' out this guy who did two SDs in two days.

    And the MSMs cannot (or do not want) to 'sniff' out the fellow who is being sought by the police for 'allegedly' distributing photos of an ADUN on the websites.

    And you know what, a guy who was not found guilty in a case involving a foreigner who harrassed him for money, could not stay on in Malaysia but packed off with his family and went to UK to do some 'further studies'.

    The MSMs did extensive coverage of this guy, emphasising that he is going off to UK for studies.

    On the other side, we had an ADUN who resigned and went off to India for a break. When the by-election for the consitituency was over, he came back and was given a fantastic welcome at Alor Setar airport. He is still in Kedah. Is any authority going after him now for any reason? Or is it too late to frame him now?

    And then another ADUN/DCM resigned. Well, he is still appearing in public and will go on to do his studies overseas. And the MSMs were earlier 'crucifying' the ADUN/DCM even before MACC could decide.

    The interesting thing was, the MACC opended its files on the ADUN/DCM much later than their earlier actions on the two ADUNs who switched sides subsequently in Perak.

    But the MACC could decide so fast that there was no case for the ADUN/DCM. However, the files on the two Perak ADUNs is still not resolved.

    Will it be only 'reactivated' if these guys try to resign as ADUNs or try and go back to their original party under which they stood for elections?

    Funny, RPK's wherabouts can be ascertained, but not PI Bala (police report lodged by his relatives?) and the other 'sadist' who is sought by the police for damaging the reputation of an ADUN.

    Nowadays, some things are easy to predict.

    Thats good also. The rakyat can plan better and have in place contingency measures, to be ahead of the 'situations' pre-set by 'enforcement' personnel.

    Back to RPK.

    He raised a number of questions and concerns about 'shifting goal posts'. You can read in his postings. Even today ada satu.

    If you were in his position, would you continue the game when goal posts are shifted by the people you are facing in a 'match'?

    And the more they shift and get other to write about RPK, this Selangor royalty is coming out with more interesting stories regarding the case of the foreigner who went missing.

    By the way, what intrigues most is, somehow the authorities do not seem to assure the rakyat that they are working together with their counterparts in the other countries to 'nab' such people who are wanted here in Malaysia.

    Neither are the MSMs getting this aspect of the situation from the authorities and updating the rakyat.

    We sure do have a lot of expertise for 'wayang kulit'!

    Malaysia Boleh!!


  26. Anonymous4:02 pm

    People do all sort of tricks to live in western countries, Uthayakumar stated like that when he wanted to live in England but was spike!
    Now RPK has planned all this way aback so he can live in Australia and with mooney given to him by Anwar Ibrahim!
    Why all these happening because the government under Najib is indecisive!I will be leaving for New Zealand soon!

    ex-aank melayu jati!

  27. Anonymous4:10 pm

    Bro. Rocky,
    I don't understand this guy la. First he was treated like a Malaysian hero but sadly he can't even teach his own son well. If his son want to steal or cheat just go and make a big one la. No wonder the Selangor Royalty want to disown him. He totally Disgraced them.
    To steal a merely RM20 or motorcycle is very low moral.
    To RPK why not do what the former Taiwan President Mr Roh done, at least he upkeep his family dignities.
    If RPK travelled to Australia without our passport (as he was a bankcrupt) then which country gave him passport. I strongly suggest that our government take a stern action by ripping of his citizenship.

    Raja Pund_k Kel_ng said....

  28. you sound like a spoilt kid la rocky. what happen to your registered name for voting? still in perak?

  29. the Malaysian law enforcement agencies have always been keeping close ties with the Australian forces especially the military.

    I sure hope that we can bring RPK home and make him answer to the Malaysian Court.

  30. Anonymous5:08 pm

    Aiya, now he can bring all the other evidence out.

  31. Anonymous5:37 pm

    In Malaysia, they don't welcome honest, bright or smart citizens. Alot of them irrespective of race have long left this country.
    They only welcome people like you S-LICKING leech who will do anything for survival.

    You don't have the BALLS to write about the truth.

  32. Anonymous5:45 pm

    Berani kerana benar takut kerana salah ...

    But hardcore RPK fans will always believe RPK never lied. I think if he started a new religion a lot of people will follow him. He has reached Buddha status.

    By the way who gave the passport ? Mongolian government ?


  33. Anonymous5:47 pm

    Hi Rocky,

    I don't know what your point in posting this. Anyways, just wondering pls tell in what ways has RPK wronged the rakyat Malaysia? Did he make billions of the rakyat's money? Did he use rakyat's money to become rich? Did he cheat the rakyat by being in a public office? Are the rakyat paying him and his family our hard earned tax money so he can joli katak?
    If your answers for the above is No, kindly refrain from condemning RPK. Let us concern ourselves at people in public office being paid by the rakyat if they are doing their job. What say you?


  34. Anonymous6:12 pm

    So this sob has decided to run away deserting his own son who's facing big shit .
    If he cant be a father---then what can he be ?
    bloody piece of shit.


  35. Anonymous6:14 pm

    "tw, MalaysiaKini wrote an article saying that RPK is a ''Malaysian Tiger''"

    Yes---hes a tiger who is running away with his tail between his legs !!
    He even left his cub in the lurch here.


  36. Anonymous6:15 pm

    UMNO, janganlah megah sangat. Dah lupakah Tun M juga pernah lari keluar negeri pada suatu masa dulu. Tetapi kerajaan masa itu tak lah haprak sangat seperti kerajaan pada masa ini. Geram

  37. Anonymous6:24 pm

    Mangkuk Bru said

    At least better than you Bru. Youw ill sell your mother and wife and kids for a few bugs more. At least better than you without any morale.

    Mangkuk Bru

  38. Anonymous7:24 pm

    Are you sure he is in Australia? I thought I saw him in Koh Sah Mui topping up his tan..

    I am sure he was also most obliging to pose for the Special Branch photo in true RPK style.

    Now Rocky, shouldn't you be asking our highly efficient officers to locate Bala and Helmi?


  39. Anonymous7:30 pm

    If your answers for the above is No, kindly refrain from condemning RPK. Let us concern ourselves at people in public office being paid by the rakyat if they are doing their job. What say you?


    How can he do that. This way Rocky gets more "hits" to his blog. Like me, I rarely comment in this blog, this time I am...making it the 3rd time this year.


  40. Anonymous7:35 pm

    What I like most, is Rocky`s participation in demonising RPK...and in the "reverse psychology" sense it is good.
    I mean which country wouldn`t be proud to have a shady guy like Najib as PM? Mugabe could learn a thing or two here.


    P.S, I guess that makes this the 4th comment in half a year. Enough, no mor till after June. Ciao.

  41. Anonymous7:43 pm

    Now that he is a dissident, does the Government have authority to close up Malaysia Today? Rais Yatim?

    1:50 PM

    A very good comment. Huh Rocky, what funny advice have you been giving that "nasi sudah jadi bubur"? Pray tell us.

    Why haven`t you guys shut down MT site? Don`t tell us about "freedom" blah blah that would be idiotic after all many sites are banned already.

    When is Riceman going to show his gratitude to Najib?

    -lembaga padi

  42. Anonymous8:34 pm

    Everybody RPK is a bankrupt, atheist & free thinker. Making a living as freelance writer. So he will write anything that paid him well. He is running away as his sponsor is running away from him too. Now living at Brisbane for someone to send money

    Money is a man world

  43. Nampaknya, RPK ni betul lah petualang bangsa. Diupah oleh ejen-ejen barat untuk memporak-porandakan negara. Kalau tak, masakan senang dia nak cabut lari. Tambahan pulak bersengkongkol dengan seorang lagi petualang besar si Prime Mimpister PKR. Mana dapat wang kalau tidak dari sumber-sumber asing. PENGKIANAT.

  44. Anonymous10:46 pm

    Looks likethere is going to be a Little Malaysia in Perth or something. RPK can now play majong with Abdullah I guess.


  45. Anonymous10:47 pm

    Come on Malaysians, be honest to yourselves. RPK has owned up to his son's folly. OK let us leave him alone. Can any of us honestly defend our our family members who had gone wayward.There are many politicians and corporate people who swindle public's money but are never got caught. Some like RPK son got caught so he is being punished. It is not fair to take it on his family.If there is selective prosecution than it is only fair that he finds asylum elsewhere. Ayotullah Khomeni was in France in asylum before he became the spiritual and political leader in Iran. Seeking asylum from regimes that treat their citizens unfairly is a norm. Ang Syu Ki is seeking asylum but the Burmese govt does not allow her the previlage, so we have many countries which do not follow international norms.


  46. Anonymous11:47 pm

    And what has that got to do with you, Rocky? Even if RPK exiles in Timbuktu, that's really none of your business.

  47. Anonymous12:26 am

    u r rock bro,
    hidup UMNO.. those who want to play-play with UMNO watch-out.. UMNO will run amok..


  48. Anonymous12:50 am

    "Come on Malaysians, be honest to yourselves. RPK has owned up to his son's folly. OK let us leave him alone."



    MACHANG: Polis menahan anak lelaki seorang pemimpin politik bahagian Machang dan merampas 1,056 biji pil kuda dan 120 biji pil Eramin 5 bernilai hampir RM50,000 di dalam kereta miliknya dalam satu serbuan di sini, hari ini.

    Pemangku Ketua Daerah Polis Machang, ASP Loo Lian Lay, berkata lelaki berusia 27 tahun itu ditahan pada jam 1.30 pagi sebaik keluar dari rumah rakannya di sini dan berada di sisi kereta itu.

    "Tangkapan dibuat sepasukan pegawai dan anggota Bahagian Siasatan Jenayah Narkotik, Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah Machang," katanya ketika ditemui di sini, hari ini.

    Beliau berkata, siasatan lanjut polis mendapati dadah itu dibawa dari negara jiran untuk pasaran tempatan terutama di sekitar daerah ini.

    "Kita siasat mengikut Seksyen 39B Akta Dadah Berbahaya 1952 yang jika disabitkan kesalahan boleh dihukum gantung sampai mati," katanya. – Bernama

    kah kah kah… SAPA NAK BERTARUH ?...kah kah kah..

    kah kah kah… ANAK PEMIMPIN POLTIK PARTI MANA NI ?... kah kah kah..

    kah kah kah…ADA SATU PETUNJUK… kah kah kah…


    kkah kah kah... KALAU TAK ADA NAMA... ERTINYA?... kah kah kah

    kah kah kah… KES INI KES 39B… kah kah kah

    kah kah kah... KES 39B KES GANTUNG....LEBIH BESAR DARI KES CURI MOTOR..kah kah kah…

    kah kah kah... KES CURI MOTOR... HEBOH SETEMPAYAN... kah kah kah..

    woit…. PAK MAIL MACHANG APA KHABAR?.... ADA SEHAT…. kah kah kah...

    Dicatat oleh Tukar Tiub

  49. Don't 'Walk with RPK', ' Run with RPK!'

    Remember those old books that teach reading to kids?

    See RPK run.

    Run run run.

    Run, bitch, run!

    What a coward.

    Run with RPK, stay with The Malay Male.

  50. RPK is an honest writer?

    What a joke....

    He just know how to lie, how to write fiction stories. HE just wrote anything for money and to please his master...

    Now, he dont even have balls to face the court.

  51. Anonymous7:55 am


    I DONT THINK SO. Pictures can be super imposed. Looking at the pictire of him riding his cup-chai, it looks like KELANTAN or TERENGGANU at the backdrop. Would not be surprised its a chinatown at one of these places. The signboard can be superimposed.

    Anyways, RPK has not said anything about it so lets wait and see.

    for commentators who are saying RPK should educate his own son, well lets us all look into our own children first. Jaga diri dan hal ekhwal sendiri instead of blaming others. Senang nak capak pasal anak orang...

    as for RPK and his writings, Let ALLAH and for the non muslims, GOD judge him! NOT US....

    Lets get back to serious work.

    P/S - please read RPK's latest ARTIVLE ON EXCHANGE OF SMS between PM NAJIB and Lawyer BEROK SHAFEE on getting Razak Baginda out!!!! now you know what is happening...


  52. Anonymous9:48 am

    RPK is found. What about Bala? Is your boss so afraid that he will be found too? Why is the police is so slow in tracking Bala down?

  53. Anonymous10:33 am

    1. Australia is a dumping ground for convicts.

    2. RPK can now start Australia Today to correct the Government there.

    3. Did he swim to Perth or walk to Darwin at low tide without a passport or money?

    4. Will he change his hunger strike to 'liquid diet' with Aussie wine?

    5. Surely his son can send some money to his father by robbing others.

    6. Now he is in league with all other dejected criminals, including UMNO bigwigs with properties there.

    7. Ain't this double standards? Oh, that's okay because he is RPK and Anwar will be his defender.

    8. It is legally ok to be a poofter in some parts of Australia and next, Anwar will also scoot off.

    9. Mystery solved finally?


  54. Mazlan11:06 am

    Snide remarks about RPK do nothing except show the fear that the UMNO Putras have about him.
    As for comments about his son - I think he has been absolutely transparent about it.
    On the issues of his sedition case - it is also clear that the goalposts keep being moved and there is no doubt that the prosecution is stumbling from one direction to another on this.
    And honestly Rocky - do you really believe we have an honest and independent judiciary?
    Apart from the odd judicial results (whereby written judgments are still not produced)- how is it that we have had no follow up on the Lingham Tapes?
    The Lingham tapes showed clear executive interference in appointments as well as judgments.
    Yet as a journalist you don't seem to care in following up on those.

  55. I say let's give one round of applause to the police. Tahniah. Excellent work. Cari that f.s.o.b tak guna tu sampai ke lubang cacing. Drag him kicking and screaming to kamunting. ok maybe not lah, at least to the courts first. But still, damn good work, cops.

    Melayu yang bangga dengan PDRM dan Angkatan Tentera Malaysia

  56. Anonymous11:12 am

    Haha, rocky, Australia too is the promised land, where bringing in millions of cash, then claim no speak english, whoa and behold,one is clean as white. What say you rocky?.

    Millionaire cash.

  57. Anonymous11:34 am easy ah?
    Make a few accusations, get charged in court, don't show up, and can live in Australia meh???

    I think he is more likely to be still in Malaysia, seeing that he does not even have a passport to begin with!

    Run Paper Kutuk

  58. Anonymous11:38 am

    Dear Raja Putar Keparat,
    Please come back to Malaysia and face the music. Be the hero that many have thought you to be. Come back and show 'Real' proof to answer all of your cockamany allegations. Why stay in Australia? How'd you get there anyway? Aren't you a bankrupt?. Did you sneak out by boat? or did you swim there? Or maybe you used all the super lying capabilities that comes out of your asshole to actually fly you there.

    Whatever it is, at least come back for your 'thief' son. You have neglected him looong enough. Poor child. Dad's so busy fucking up he country, he forgot about his 'devoid of love' thieving son.

    Raja Putar Keparat, please come back. Your followers are waiting for you to face the music, and prove that you are actually their saviour.

    PS, really pity your son. What kind of a father are you?

  59. Anonymous11:42 am

    Just look at you wankers drooling over RPK!

    Truth be told, Rocky bru has far more integrity then RPK, as Rocky did not go around taking work from Sime Darby and Air Asia, where his exposes have brought these giants to their senses.
    And RPK? First promoting Anwar, when Anwar was looking after him, then switching camps to Tun M, when Tun M
    s camp was feeding him, and when he couldn't get a dime from Najib, started attacking Najib, with fictitious lies!

    Bru, keep it up. These feel good wankers just wanna be in the flavour of the day, and know nuts about whats happening in the real world. For all you know, RPK and Anwar is having fun in Thailand, where Al-Juburi enjoys a good run or two? Don't beleieve me, see for yourself in the last interview Anwar gave to the Thai version of Graham Norton!!

    Run Paper Kutuk

  60. They can locate RPK but cannot locate the private eye...what's his name?

  61. Anonymous3:50 pm

    Know why he's now in Australia? Well Australians are ex-convicts by history right? So let's just say he's going to be convicted and then after being released so sorry for all he's done, he's going to settle down in Australia to remind him that he was convicted for his dispeakable acts. He's just doing the pre-emptive thing here and doing our government a favour too (he thinks). Poor RPK, come back to your son, he needs you.


  62. Aisehman RPK, you got balls or not?4:00 pm

    Berani kerana benar,

    Takut kerana salah.

    RPK, why do you need to hide?

  63. Pemerhati4:07 pm

    fuh... penat betul si anynymous tu bertapa belasah si RPK.. hahaha

    mula mula rasa marah gak bila baca.. last last rasa kesian/lawak...

    macam-macam nama raja dia letak.. hahaha

  64. Do you remember the days when Britain used to send their convicts and criminals to Australia?
    It seems that Australia, Great Britain etc. is a good place for dumping Malaysia's effluent, as in outflow from sewage tank.

  65. Anonymous5:08 pm



  66. Marking Bagpie6:22 pm

    To Melabournasian. Yes yes. Malaysians in Australia if you ever gather and get RPK to rally something ala Sun Yat Sen, can you please keep me informed too? I would like to attend, meet the man, and conspicuously spit on his face.

    nstman: I agree with you when you said Malaysians should be grateful forever to Australia. And you know why? Because the unwanteds here at least have a place to look up to should they ever need to leave this country. The thought of this happening on a massive scale is making me have orgasms.

    Woi Anonymous Bangang of 6:15. Bila masanya Mahader lari keluar negeri? Bodoh ker apa kau ni? Kok iyer pun dia lari, Raja Putar Ketum ni kes lain. Ni kes lari dari kene tindakan mahkamah (yaitu lelaki pengecut) dan lari dari jadi responsible kepada si anak pencuri dua puluh ringgit (ayah dayus). Anyway, small men are for small people and therefore, RPK worshippers, ambik kau!!

  67. Anonymous7:15 pm

    Can anyone said bad about RPK assure that he will get a fair trial in Malaysia? Especially, when prosecution was done by AG who does not have proven record of fair prosecution on challenging political victims in courts?
    Or, can anyone tell which court could most probably give a fair trial?

    Even for a obvious lawyer assaulting clients cases involving seizable charges from Sec 324, 336, 406, 420 and 506, the Police, KUP and AG are silent despites of numerous reminders for more than one year.

    Three consecutive judges in a civil case did not throw out a defamation case when the Plaintiff drag to provide Suggest statements of fact and issues for years. And, cannot provide court record for allowing the solicitor to discharge after filing with false statement. The three judges refused to send a notice to the Defendant's lawyer when he never attended to court for one whole year or asked him to file application of discharge after he claimed not willing to continue and cheated the client with a copy of client's draft of being his job with no input and appropriate insertion.


    House Victim

  68. Hey, RPK!

    I went to court today. And I was guilty as hell.

    And I'm still alive and fucking, man!

    It doesn't hurt lah! Just like ant bite only.

  69. curiosity8:43 pm

    PKR INSIDER said...
    Q:Why Rahim Ghouse in Australia?

    A: He's the CEO of Kuwait Finance House(Australia).

    Q: How the hell does he got that job. Does he has any connections with the Kuwaitis?

    A: Yeah, his name is Syeikh Anwar Al-Jub.

    Don't believe?

    Check this out:, MalaysiaKini wrote an article saying that RPK is a ''Malaysian Tiger'', well he's more like a ''Malaysian PUSSY'' to me.

    1:22 PM
    what happened to the Commerce IBT fiasco in Australia that happened 15 years back - 2 billion Aussie Dollar disappeared in just a few days when the ASIC (aussie's version of Security Commission) was about to start a raid on the bank's premise? Did anybody recalled anything? Husam Musa brought this issue into parliament to corner Anwar Ibrahim when he was DPM. This Rahim Ghouse was somewhat related to the whole picture, not to mention Anwar Ibrahim as the playmaker. Rocky, can u do some research on this?

  70. Bro, Saudara Shamsul Yunus in his blog coined a very good catchword for RPK escape from the Law to Koala Land..."LARI KERANA BENAR".

  71. curious8:48 pm

    Melbournasian said...
    Malaysians in Australia should organise a meeting with RPK to brainstorm how can we help to lift M'sia out of the blackhole.

    Perhaps we could form an association with RPK leading it.

    Taking a cue from history, Sun Yat-sen rallied the overseas Chinese for funding and support to overthrow the Qing Dynasty and succeeded.

    1:28 PM
    yeah, and after that what happened? china sunk into civil war, manchuria conquered by japan (and the japanese happily slaughtered the chinese by the thousands), and what else? oh ya, the whole gang of the so-called democracy proponents got chased-away to this island called Taiwan which they claimed theirs.

    man, it's a disaster!!!

  72. Anonymous11:07 pm

    Dear ANONYMOUS 3.12,

    Remember what goes around comes around. You have kicked RPK and his family when they were down. Watch how you curse others man, because you may have kids and siblings.

    It might be your turn next, so don't kick a man when he is down.


  73. Bala informer11:21 pm

    Those who ask where is Bala, the rightful person to check with is Anwar Ibrahim? Remember, Anwar was the master to get this Bala to "volunteer" signing a SD for Anwar and troopers:)

    Mungkin dalam Bukit Segambut kut, atau kerja sebagai gardener dekat Turkey Embassy:):):):)

  74. Remembered that the polis said P Bala and family went for a "vacation" ?
    A key material witness in the Altantuya trial is still missing.
    And the msm are all steroid charged about the polis confirming a fiction writer ( as claimed by the government ) by the name of YM Raja Petra Kamarudin is found!

  75. Don't be critical of RPK if he has indeed sought asylum anywhere. The question all of us have to ask is, would the circumstances of the governance of this country one day put you in a situation when you too might have to have recourse to asylum? I don't think I would. But then do I know that for a fact? I don't!! And I am not aiming to martyr for anyone here too.

  76. Anonymous9:08 am

    Helo penyokong Umno,

    U orang pakai otak dan tanya diri sendiri--pakar pakar undang undang ada di sebelah mana--pembangkang kan.Satu dunia sudah tahu, mahkamah kita adalah korup--video linggam telah dedah betapa korup hakim hakim--yang paling ketara sekarang ialah kes Altantuya--tak payah panggil saksi saksi penting. Terang terang menunjukkan sifat makhamah kangaru.Jadi siapa lebih tahu tentang undang undang.Yang saya tahu Umno menggunakan polis dan Pemuda Umno celaka untuk ugut rakyat.Siapa yang terlibat dalam kerja kerja haram.Bekas ketua umno diktator Mahathir adalah ketua perompak kolar putih--mengikut kajian Morgan Stanley--beliau telah curi dan sia siakan duit RM300 bilion sepanjang diktaship beliau--21 tahun.Toyo pula telah curi duit rakyat Selangor beratus juta.Bekas MB Selangor Muhd telah ditangkap dengan 2.4 juta ringgit di Australia,Najib yang curi berbilion ringgit dalam pembelian kapal sukoi dan submarine mengarah Sirul dan Azilah membunuh Altantuya--boleh baca di Malaysia Today,Perompak AP Rafidah,Perogol kanak kanak Rahim Thamby,jutawan Khairy yang tak kerja--mana dapat juta juta untuk beli saham,ketua perompak polis Musa, yang beri kontrak sewa helikopter yang bernilai RM20 bilion kepada anaknya,perompak kayu balak Taib Mahmud,ketua anjing MACC-Ahmad yang mempunyai anak phidophile--yang telah kena tangkap di australia--jadi pakai otak dan tanya sendiri siapa yang terlibat dalam aktiviti Haram--u orang tak malu kah menyokong pemimpin haram ini--otak awak dekat bontot ah--tak boleh fikir secara rasional.Kenapa Transparency International telah letak status Malaysia ke 47 banding dengan Singapore--no 4--sebab orang yang dipertanggungjawapkan untuk memerintah negara curi duit rakyat--just simple as that--no need to be a rocket scientist to figure out.
    Pasal DSAI tak payah cerita--tanya budak pun tahu ada conspiracy untuk bunuh karier politiknya. Sukma dan Munawar tidak pun buat laporan polis bahawa mereka telah di liwat--tetapi polis telah tangkap mereka dibawah ISA dan seksa mereka untuk menuduh DSAI liwat mereka. Azizan pula tidak diperiksa oleh doktor tetapi masih boleh dihukum oleh mahkamah yang korup itu. Saiful pula telah diperiksa oleh doktor tetapi tidak ada kesan liwat--tetapi berani sumpah atas Al-Quran kerana duit. Ikut bos dia yang sumpah tak kenal Altantuya--tetapi baru baru ini telah tersebar di seantaro dunia berita Altantuya. Kalau beliau tidak terlibat kenapa ADCnya Musa Safri arah Azila dan Sirul jumpa Razak Baginda. Kalau mahkamah impartial--kenapa tidak panggil Musa Safri untuk beri keterangan. Apa motif Azila dan Sirul bunuh Altantuya--kalau bukan wang. Dan siapa yang janji wang itu. Jadi apa nilainya bersumpah atas Al-Quran.Dalam kes Saiful--mereka kata ada bukti kukuh--tetapi tak berani bicara di hadapan Hakim Komathi--seorang hakim yang impartial--takut kalah. Tetapi konspirator mati mati mahu dengar kes tersebut di makhamah tinggi--supaya mereka boleh lantik seorang hakim yang korup seperti Augustine Paul. Kehakiman yang korup telah dibongkar dalam video Lingam. Jadi apa lagi hendak di kata. Pakai otak dan fikir secara rasional. Tunggu lepas PRU13--PR akan bina lebih banyak penjara untuk masukkan semua perompak,pembunuh, penyangak,perogol UMNO/BN kedalam penjara.
    Pasal kedudukan MB Nizar, mahkamah tinggi telah putuskan, hanya "a vote of no confidence in the DUN" boleh singkirkan beliau dari jawatannya--sultan pun tidak ada kuasa untuk singkirkan beliau--penyokong No1 Umno--Mahathir pun telah bersetuju dengan keputusan itu--jadi tak payah cakap banyak--kalau anak jantan bubarkan DUN dan adakan pilihan raya--baru tahu rakyat mahu kerajaan dipimpin oleh siapa--jangan cakap buang duit saja--tapi perompak perompak Umno/BN boleh curi duit rakyat dalam scandal terkini--PKFTZ--RM12 billion

    Anti Umno

  77. Anonymous9:14 am

    Hukum karma ( pitiful ending) sudah berlaku kepada tyrant leaders from firaun, namrud to hitler, saddam hussein and still counting..So hukum karma akan berlaku juga kepada pemimpin di sini yang JIKA ternyata banyak melakukan kedurjanaan dan ketidakadilan.Siapa dia kita tidak jelas kerana terlalu banyak spinned information in mass media. Hukum karma baru hukuman di dunia, belum di akhirat lagi.


  78. Anonymous4:20 am

    AG & IGP are both clowns.
    AG lost in the extradition case of a former malaysian banker from Australia in a case involving millions.
    That banker is now the mayor of a town in Australia.
    In malaysia AG can win cases bcos of loaded benches, overseas he is laughed and sneered at.
    Like the pathetic forgery he attempted to win at the Hague….S`pore won the case.


  79. homophobic7:09 pm

    Q : Why RPK ran to Australia?
    A : He fascinates the kangaroo and intends to set up Oh and he fascinates being among his own know, the one who has ties with prisoners like the Australians' great-great grandfathers...They said same brains think alike..