Thursday, April 23, 2009

Where's Pete?

Raja Petra Kamarudin did not attend court today. It's not like him. I was told early this week that he had left for England but I didn't think Pet was one to run.

His lawyer J. Chandra informed judge Rozina Ayob that his client did not turn up in court on the grounds he is on a self-imposed exile from the state for “reasons that are well known.”

Read the story here.

And by RPK himself, here: "I .. have reason to believe that a new detention order has been issued and that is why the police are looking for me. If I were to turn up in court today I would never be allowed to leave. The police would immediately detain me and send me to Kamunting and this time I shall not be so fortunate as to see freedom in two months like in the last two occasions".


  1. roky,

    kenapa pulak dia menyorok? dia takut bayang-bayang sendiri ke? macam-macam teori yang dia ni bawak. lepas satu teori ke satu teori lain. dia tengok banyak sangat filem hollywood dan bollywood.

  2. Anak Yayasan Selangor4:49 pm

    Why this Pete thinks he deserve special treatment to appear before the court only at his convenience and then accuses the court as unfair? So typical of Anwaristas when unable to defend accusations then accuse the other parties as unfair etc. Sound like a spoilt brat to me.

  3. Drama KIng Jr in play4:52 pm

    Drama King Jr. !!!!

    Whilst Anwar Drama King is in Middle East taking a breather now , his machai RPK's turn to drama !!!

    When are these drama going to end ah?

  4. Anonymous4:59 pm

    Berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah... bak kata pepatah... kan?


  5. Anonymous5:07 pm

    Raja Penipu
    Raja Pembohong
    Raja Putar-Belit
    Raja Penakut
    Raja Pengecut

    Segala fitnah yang telah engkau lemparkan dan segala fakta agama islam yang telah engkau selewengkan,akan mengejar kamu hingga ke ahkirat.

    Lari lah wahai si pengecut negara

  6. Anonymous5:09 pm

    he was just testing the waters after the political tsunami

    what with Chin Peng as hero

    his series of SDs, etc, etc

    my guess is that they have found evidence to put him away

  7. S.A.Rayn5:12 pm

    RPK's sudden about turn is really mind boggling. Not too long ago, he was ready to die in prison. He even said farewell to his legions of followers.

    Now he says, he values his life and cites unfair treatment by the powers that be and royal rumblings.

    I do not think that he is afraid to face detention as he has proven before. There is something else he must be planning. It must be so big that he risk being a wanted man and called a coward, and its not only him but his loyal Mrs as well.

    We have to wait and see.

  8. Anonymous5:13 pm

    Mana itu semua proof? That's all we are interested in, not him..

    Yes, tak suka duduk Selangor, go elsewhere. And please make sure elaun kerabat dia pun dipotong.. better still make him refund every sen from the day he was born. Itu wang Rakyat!

    Tak suka Malaysia, go find someplace else and "self exile" yourself. See, his ma from England, so balik sana.

    Same goes to all those in favour of him... ikut teladan dia. Angkat bungkus!

    or ikut itu xBSelambau.. lari balik KAMPUNG sembunyi...

    Candle in the wind

  9. Rocky,
    Demi Najib, kau sanggup bergaduh dengan Raja Petra. Raja Petra never mentioned ur name in his blog. Raja Petra can have all his legal challenges if he agrees to say become editor of a mainstream newspaper.

  10. Citroen models:
    C1, C2, C3...

  11. kalau betol RPK boleh membuktikan posting blognya betol, maka yg tidak bersalah boleh di selamatkan...
    dan misi RPK utk menjatuhkan pemerintahan Najib Razak akan berjaya..
    jadi, mengapa melarikan diri?

    RPK JGN JADI THAKSIN... menggunakan rakyat sebagai mainan politik utk mencapai 'personal interest'.. kesian aku tengok orang-orang yang kena mainkan tuh,

    pesanan utk RPK, sesungguhnya, Allah maha adil...

    Berimanlah kepada Allah
    Berimanlah kepada malaikat-malaikat
    Berimanlah kepada kitab-kitab
    Berimanlah kepada para rasul
    Berimanlah kepada hari kiamat
    Berimanlah kepada qada dan qadar(ketentuan)

  12. Anonymous5:25 pm

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Anonymous5:28 pm

    Dia korek lubang lepas tu dia lompat dalam, ntah apa-apala dia ni.

    He said he's not in Selangor, he couldn't be in Perak cause the royal there dont want him also, same goes for Pahang, Melaka, NS.. the whole of Malaysialah. So where could he be? My guess is somewhere between heaven & hell?? (hah! must be closer to hell).


  14. RPK is a world class Chicken shit coward. Freely telling lies but scared shitless when asked to face the music.

    I just hope Anwar Ibrahim do not use the same chicken shit excuse on the first day of his trial for sodomy on 1 July 2009.

  15. Mazlan5:37 pm

    One thing about RPK is that he has been constantly proved right over time.

    And unlike a lot of people here he does not write anonymously.

  16. Anonymous5:50 pm

    he might be seeking political assylum overseas. for the time being it's the right thing to do. with the kangaroo's court here no one can have justice.


  17. Anonymous5:55 pm

    You said you did not think Pete was one to run? I suppose that was a sarcastic statement in those circumstances. When he does not expect a fair trial right from the very beginning, you expect him to be slaughtered voluntarily to appease the UMNO gods? Come on, Rocky. We are talking about a life and personal freedom in this situation. And you sure seem to make it out Pete's life is worth sacrificing for that end. You can have your privilege to disagree.

  18. Anonymous5:57 pm

    as if u care...

  19. Anwar Ibrahim6:00 pm

    Did anybody checked the Turkish Embassy?

  20. sukhi nahir6:10 pm

    Dear Sir,
    It is unbelievable how the so-called "martyrs" are able to hurl unceasing accusations without providing the evidence they say they have and, when the time comes for the reckoning, they come out with another batch of 'reasons" to explain their hapless bravado hoping for sympathy and candle light vigils. The guys with the real guts and gumption are guys like the lawyer Anthony Fernandez from Seremban as mentioned in the Star and MMail, who took it upon himself to take on the might of the Govt and the police force with the assistance of a few friends. 8 years, no candle light vigils, no ceramahs, no rallies supporting him but he managed it. He did not run away, or seek the help of any political party. Nobody bothered, not even the Bar Council all those 8 years and it was a definite human rights issue I think.What happened to all the so-called " defenders of human rights". Quite disquieting. Not enough publicity probably. And the Courts that are being run down by all these detractors decided in his favour. Quiet people like him doing their best in terms of right and wrong is what this country needs to get it moving in the right direction. Not political drama kings,their proponents and their t-shirt wearing supporting cast looking for 'causes'. Pardon me but the scenario that has been unfolding in the Malaysian scene the last one year on all sides is quite scary, particularly when you see how easily people can be fooled sometimes and what lengths they will go to.

  21. Anwar inspired/sponsored6:10 pm

    Finally, the big mouth RPK really shivers :):)

    That is the problem with spinning and telling lies! What come around goes around.

    Truth always prevail and lie will eventually have to fac the consequences. In RPK case, he surrender even before trial!!!

    What a joke!!!! This is the quality of Anwar "sponsored" or "inspired" bloggers.

    P.S. The police should try look for him at the Turkey Embassy, the hideout for Anwar's inspired:)))

  22. Anonymous6:20 pm

    This RPK guy is a joke but many Malaysians have been fooled by him. Dia berani buat tapi tak berani tanggung. Worst still, blaming the Selangor Royal Household for his self-imposed exile. I hope he will leave Malaysia for good and never return. Bertaubatlah RPK....

  23. Anonymous6:23 pm

    RPK ... compulsive lier

    This guy is so smooth and smart. He can really cooked his lies even professionals people blindly believe his outrageous stories.

    He is a master of bluffing who can easily pass lie detector test.

  24. Biarlah dia mengambil sedikit angin untuk terus bernafas sedangkan dia hanya memerlukan udara untuk hidup.

  25. Anonymous6:36 pm

    For a man who thinks he above the law and can get away with anything, one must remember the old Malay proverb 'Tinggi Tinggi Tupai Terbang, Mesti Ke-Tanah Juga. It is like gravity.

    And RPK himself considers his past escapades as lucky, because his snake like character has always got him off the hook.

    When cornered? Claims of kidnapped, threats, injustice oh, yawn yawn rubbish splurts out.

    Let's face it. Everyone's fed up with these 'cry wolf' characters.

    If it is true that he has absconded, well and good because it's good riddance to bad rubbish.

    But, knowing this conniving character, he will cry wolf from his overseas base.

    Strangely, no one is crying foul with the Immigration authorities for letting him sneak out.


  26. This RPK guy should leave the country for good. Better still, he should check-in into Hospital Bahagia in TR and never leave. Hopefully, he will repent and be a good Muslim.

  27. Fatimah Zuhri6:41 pm


    1. This RPK prove once again he is a yellow bellied coward.

    2. He does not walk the talk.

    3. In Malay we say, Berani Buat Berani Tanggung.

    4. If it is true that he has left for UK then I believe he will lose a lot of support and symphaty.

    5. Why scared? I thought this RPK had TONS of evidence linking Najib,Rosmah to what he accused them of?

    6. The fact he goes hiding like a mouse prove that all the things he wrote previously in his portal is nothing more than a vichious LIES.


  28. Anonymous6:44 pm

    Seronoknya jadi Raja Petra. Hina raja , lepas tu guna raja untuk tak mahu hadir court case. Best la Raja Petra ni. Boleh buat sesuka hati dan ada ramai penyokong pulak tu. Wow! Surreal.


  29. Anonymous6:51 pm

    Berani buat berani lah tanggung.Ini pegi lari pulak dulu nampak macam handal sangat sekarang baru tau langit tinggi atau rendah. Ngan Dollah bolihlah engkau acah acah, tapi dengan bapa tiri engkau ni dont play play

  30. Anonymous6:57 pm

    Rocky bro,

    RPK ni macam ayam yang kokok aje berderai-derai tapi bontot bergelumang dgn tahi.

    Now RPK is running with his tails between his legs.

    Ask his worshipper, that Zorro without his mask, he might know where his idol or is it his idiot is hiding.


  31. Pune Deck6:59 pm

    Assistant Film Director to Anwar Berahi.

    Sudahlah Pete, sick of this kind of politics.

  32. Raja Pendita wrote:

    Demi Najib, kau sanggup bergaduh dengan Raja Petra. Raja Petra never mentioned ur name in his blog. Raja Petra can have all his legal challenges if he agrees to say become editor of a mainstream newspaper.


    Bro, susahlah jadi pemblog macam ni. Tulis salah, tak tulispun salah. And what I wrote about RPK is not even a commentary or analysis. I am not fabricating anything and I am not suggesting any conspiracy theories pun.

    Rileks la beb. Give us some room, man.

  33. Anonymous7:25 pm

    It is not running away. It's a strategic disappearance. and no, rocky your taunt is not gonna work. it is not going to make him appear. He is too smart for that.

    -Silence is Golden-

  34. Anonymous7:51 pm

    Wait! i have an even better theory. What if he actually says that he's on the run and he's not in Selangor so that the police will be looking for him outside of Selangor... while he's actually at home with his luvly wife cooking up more lies, more big stories to tell his ardent blog reader. Yeah could be...

    Heck! i like what i wrote earlier better.

    Yep! he must be there.

    Rip Pe Kak

  35. Anonymous7:53 pm

    Dia sembunyi kat rumah tok wan Marina.
    Kat sana ada unker Chin Peng, boleh bawa sightseeing, jalan jalan great wall..

    Kalau nak ke mana pun, pass la document proof kat Lawyer!

    Kami kepingan sanga nak tengok proof mengaitkan Najib yang dia heboh kat seluruh DUNIA..

    Bapa Atantudia pun mesti ternanti2.


  36. Anonymous7:56 pm

    kawan-kawan semua, sila postkan komen anda di M2day....inilah baru betul!! Pete hilang, kau orang pula membuat komen bising di blog Rocky.
    Ayuh, pergi ke blog Pete sekarang juga!!


  37. I would admit that I would not dare to be as brave as him. And many commentators who called him names are prob the same.

  38. Anonymous8:41 pm

    If the commentators here represents Malaysian, I would say Malaysia is hopeless.

    Simply ignorant!
    Do you all have a right mind?

    Disappointed Malaysian

  39. Anonymous8:44 pm

    hello rocky, i dont care a hoot about this pete. he is just a needle in haystack, but a needle that pokes the strongest..

    mind me being off topic.

    can you enlighten me about your najib razak's decision on liberalisation which i think may easily kill off many local firms particularly bumis; albeit bring in FDIs and potential advantage of transfer of skills which i doubt will happen any time soon...i doubt it the local bumi firm is strong enough to face off with the international firm. In my experience, given the choice even GLCs ( who are supposed to be helping the local firms) favour international firm in giving out contracts etc.. reasons including the so-called financial strength, experience etc...

    and how about the interfaith resolution in penang which nazri aziz announced today? what is your say on these ? i suspect such move does nothing to swing the hard core anwarians who normally take whatever is given during elections but still favour the opposition and this decision will result the loss of vote from muslim community.

    Kasut Tumit Tinggi

  40. Anonymous8:47 pm

    Rocky, I believe you are still at the neutral side, the commentators here changed, I miss the past, jadi pemblog memang senang, tetapi jadi seorang pemblog yang baik bukan sedang, RPK is an example.

  41. Anonymous8:48 pm

    RPK silap percaturan, dia berani dulu sebab dia yakin Anwar akan jadi PM dan dengan itu segala teori konspirasinya akan dilupakan. Tapi sayang perancangan tak menjadi. Sekarang apa lagi, caaaaabutttt...

    Sesapa yang percaya 100% apa yang ditulis di MT, memang biol!, merugikan duit mak bapak tuisyen bahasa inggeris je....


  42. He is a coward of the country!

  43. Anonymous9:23 pm

    cyber hero disintegrates when his feet touches ground

    with his so-called evidence, he could not even save the two policemen

    and he talks about campaigning for the man-in-the-street

    he believes in FLEEdom

  44. Anonymous9:23 pm

    peter pan(tat) probably gone to never-neverland..

    :D muhahaha

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  45. Anonymous9:43 pm

    Pete ni mmg putar alam.

    Dulu siap ckp berani utk menghadapi segalanya!

    Kecut takde telurrrrrr...


    RPK pondan botak

  46. Anonymous9:47 pm

    Stop Press

    the pot-bellied wannabe commando got kidnapped by aliens and has been spirited away to Alpha Centauri to be crowned the King of the Morons. Its all in the National Enquirer, the foreign version of MT.... LOL

    Warrior 231

  47. Takut kerana salah10:02 pm

    Berani kerana benar, Takut kerana salah.

    Inilah RPK!!!

    Wait in July 2009, Anwar Ibrahim may do a similar stunt!!! Turkey Embassy on alert!

  48. Anonymous10:17 pm

    Did anybody check the Singapore embassy?

  49. Anwar symphatizer10:41 pm

    Will be surprised if Anwar Ibrahim don't say "RPK has been kidnapped by Najib" !!!!

  50. Anonymous11:07 pm

    2 months of ISA just scared the shit outta him.. He has now freaked out of the thought of getting back in der..
    His new post where he as usual gives his alibi for all his idiotic looney toons, sounds the lamest this time.

    Its easy to get him..
    Just keep an eye on the peanuts working for him, Vivek Menon included, running his M2Day website.
    Get cell phones tapped of his circle.

    He is a fugitive on the run.
    Those not revealing his whereabouts shud be charged.

    Govt shud sought help from public.
    There are substantial numbers amongst rakyat, who will do all to get him by his ass.

  51. Anonymous11:18 pm

    I don't think anyone here has a right to call RPK chicken shit.
    He is firstly not anonymous like most of the chicken shits here who hide behind nicknames.
    Secondly he has been in ISA twice - on both occasions they were trumped up reasons.
    Thirdly he speaks his mind and actually takes a stand.
    Forthly let's face the fact that the government has appealed every decision against him and tried to amend charges last minute.
    Like RPK wrote - how come the AG did not appeal Razak Baginda's acquital for a charge of murder but after him for the flimsiest of reasons.
    When you know the Judges are bent why does one carry on the charade of a trial.


  52. Rocky used to write a column in a Singapore paper. So he is a Singapore agent... hehehehe

    (Umno logic)

  53. Seronok tengok orang Umno mengamuk.. sebab spin korang tak laku! Kalau aku ni jahat dan tak ingat Tuhan.. aku boleh fitnah macam2 kat pemimpin Umno, mesti rakyat percaya. Tu lah.. jangan berbohong. This is the fruit of Umno's labour (lying for years). Aku nak tergelak tengok nasib Umno... memang aku akui ada yang tipu dan fitnah.. tetapi rakyat percaya. Hentam dan fitnah apa saja, kalau Umno.. mesti orang percaya! kah kah kah

  54. Pete is a liar! Only Chamil Wariya and Awang Selamat write the truth!

  55. we Umno are not racist!!!
    We treat all Malaysians equally!!!
    Kugan is Indian and Adi Anuar Mansor is Malay. We make no difference. We are not racist!

  56. Dear All:

    What Raja Petra did (or is now doing, that is, exiling himself) was wise and prudent. There is no point putting himself in great danger before these idiots. This universe that Allah has bequeathed upon us is vast enough that each of us could remove ourselves from evil and still find a hospitable spot.

    As eloquently stated in Surah An Nisaa, (4:97) (approximate translation), “When the angels take the souls of those who die in sin, they say, ‘In what plight were ye?’ They replied: ‘Weak and oppressed were we on earth.’ The angles responded, ‘Was not this earth of Allah spacious enough for you to migrate to some other place?’ These people will have Hell as their refuge. Allah spares only the truly helpless men, women, and children who have no means in their power nor any way to leave.”

    Raja Petra is not a child; he has the physical and other abilities to remove himself from danger and places of evil. God has given us all this precious gifts of life and good health. We are duty bound to protect both divine gifts, and Raja Petra is doing exactly that by exiling himself.

    Rest assured if those bastards managed to detain him this time, they would exact their ultimate vengeance. This time however, they have a “reason;” they think that Raja Petra had been a derhaka.

    Raja Petra is right is trying to keep himself safe. Remember the first rule in any rescue mission: First, do not endanger yourself. This is what we teach our Boy Scouts and rescue workers. Raja Petra has done a marvelous job in trying to rescue our nation from mediocrity and corruption, but he must now draw the line when it comes to his and his loved ones safety. Besides, exiling oneself is a very honored tradition in our culture. I wish him and his wife Marina all the best in their new abode.

    M. Bakri Musa

  57. Anonymous12:13 am

    RPK dah di ISA kan, lepas tu mahkamah lepaskan dia, lepas tu Kerajaan BN konon nak appeal sahingga lah sekarang. Kes Razak baginda langsung tak ada appeal pun. Common sense will tell you that the courts, the police and every other government agency in town are nothing more than tools of the regime. So kena lah pakai common sense sikit.

    Masa aaku balik Taiping baru ni, nama Altantuya tak bolih sebut, T shirt Alyantuya tak bolih pakai, saolah takut sangat dengan nama tu. Lepas tu Foreign Press tulis macam macam berkenaan Altantuya, dari Europa ke Australia. Tak pun pemuda UMNO ke, Puteri UMNO ke , UMNO ke nak bantah di Embassy Negara Negara tu. Sa olah olah macam takut sangat.

    Dengar berita, Kau kawan baik PM baru kita dan Kau di bayar monthly retainer dan lain lain (maaf kalau tak betul), jadi kau nasihat kan lah dia supaya ambil tindakan undang undang macam Tengku Razaleigh buat dulu. Baru lah syok, mana lah tau PM menang dan dapat compensation juta juta.

    Kalau diam saja, pada pendapat saya dan banyak rakan rakan saya, memang mengaku salah. Lebih kurang 90% mereka yang aku tanya mengata sebegitu.

    Kalau tak salah aku, aku ternampak RPK di Paris seminggu lalu, tah apa yang dia buat kat France aku pun tak tahu.

    Walaubagaimana pun, yang mustahak adalah PM baru kita membersihkan nama dia dan dengan segera, kerana hantu perempuan Mongolia tu tak dapat di hilangkan begitu saja. Kau cakap lah dengan boss kau OK?

    Kublai Khan

  58. Wow.

    I was ready to mourn RPK's death, as advertised on his blog a few times before.

    And as splashed on some other people's blogs.

    I am glad he has found the necessary 'love for life' to tuck tail, run away and hide.

    Thought previously that he was too brave to do so.

    For whatever reason, I don't think it is nice for anyone to die, either to become a martyr or for something he wrote.

    It's just not nice.

  59. Malaysian Insider headlined it this morning as Pete having absconded.

    After reading Pete's article for his reasons for absconding it seemed more like he basically has shown the courts his middle finger!!!

  60. After all we are a nation with many who just disappear. So what is so unusual really?

  61. What do you think RPK's chances to have fair trial as ordinary Malaysian?
    He did the right thing.
    Of all the bloggers..Rocky should know.
    Why is Rocky not supporting PRK?

  62. To those slamming RPK…fish u….

    This is what he partly said....

    ...Why are the police looking for me? Two months ago, the Federal Court was in a hurry to hear the appeal against my release from ISA detention. After impatiently rejecting all our applications and refusing to allow us time to file the necessary papers, the court suddenly went cold and nothing was heard from it since.....After all, if the Razak Baginda acquittal was not appealed upon, why am I being treated differently?...

  63. Anonymous4:41 am

    If Raja Petra is looking for money and power, with his royal background and talents, he can simply be Umno supporter and bring honor to his Royal Family but he didn't.

    In the world history, a lot of well respected leaders were having the same situation as him.

    Just use your wisdom and ask your consience, what is he fighting for?


  64. Anonymous8:33 am

    It takes courage to do what RPK did, condemn him if you wish but do you truly have the balls to do what he has done. He will not have a fair trial and that has been proven over and over again. He did the right thing.
    RPK you are my 'Hang Tua' so keep fighting for justice, we know how the Royals in this country works. UMNO is the most untrust worthy party, most corrupt and so is BN.
    The 'Art of War' will ensure justice will be served even in this Kangaroo Court country.
    RPK Supporter

  65. sick and tired8:50 am

    Haah lah pendita..

    Yang kau tetiba nak sentap kenapa pulak?

    Aku baca balik uncle rocky punya "where's pete" 2-3 kali..
    takde pun part2 yang commentary or criticising or mengutuk, mengancam, melaha etc.

    Chill lah.

    inilah jadinya bila kuda nak jadi keldai.. eh terbalik..

  66. Anonymous9:57 am

    The pen is mighty than the swoard.
    In bolehland this is umno country.
    RPK made a wise move and why should he take the shit when this country is not transparent.
    Alot of you guys know how hit a man down and kick him in the face! and are cowards.All mouth but ain'nt brave enough to tell
    what is right and wrong!Admit it most of you guys will not hesitate to view Malaysia 2day first thing the computers starts.STOP BEING HIPPOCRITES.
    Show me a blogger who has nerves and balls made of steel.We had enough of the BN's bullshit for 50 over years period!


  67. Anonymous10:02 am

    Peter: Sudah cuba dulu. Post di MT akan kene bar kalau tak support dia. In fact, RPK deletes 500-600 pro-malay comments daily (according to him), giving the "Bangsa Malaysia" afficionados a false sense of security.

    Amoker: Eyyyk? Brave 'aaa? Then why lari one?

    Folks: RPK is a lost cause, appealing only to the chinese extremists who delight in another melayu saying things like "Chin Peng was hero" or "Kill off the NEP" or that "The ulamas are bastards" or that "I really saw Najib kill altantuya" etc etc.

    They need to find a replacement to RPK quick to champion the malay-bashing.

    ArPeeKay Yennadey

  68. Sebenarnya aku dah penat dah baca kisah-kisah RPK ni Bro. Banyak bebudak pro opposition pun dah pening dengan dia.

    Kejap nak pakatan rakyat,
    lepas tu nak buat parti sendiri,
    lepas tu jadi pakar hadis dan sunah,
    kejap pulak angkat sistem beraja,
    sekarang nak had kan pulak,
    kejap kata rosmah bom,
    kejap kata bukan rosmah,
    kejap Najib jadi Hindu,
    ah pening lah.

    Pening aku baca RPK punya penulisan. Lantak laa dia nak lari ke, pergi bercuti dekat Bali ke, makan tempe dekat batu pahat ke apa ke suka hati dialah.

    Menyampah aku rasa pun ada.

    Apa barang,
    tuduh-tuduh orang fitnah-fitnah orang. Bila orang bawak mahkamah suruh tunjuk bukti, lari.

    Pondan Gila.

    Ni asyik-asyik nak perasan berangan konon dia Che Guevara kena penjara demi perjuangan. Perjuangan tu perjuangan lah tapi kita kena buktikan apa yang kita kata.

    Kita memang sokong kebebasan bersuara.


    Kita tak sokong Kebebasan Memfitnah.

    I Support
    Freedom of Speech,
    Not Freedom of Accusation.

  69. aku tengok mereka yang berkawin dgn bangsa asing dan banyak sangat percampuran marriage ni yang selalu mengugat negara....juga yang bukan orang malaysia yang duduk kat malaysia pun tak sedar diri duk kutuk tanah melayu... sedarlah kalau tak boelh duduk dgn budi pekerti yang baik sila bermabus balik negeri sendiri

  70. Rocky Pru10:52 am

    Raja Pendita wrote:

    Demi Najib, kau sanggup bergaduh dengan Raja Petra. Raja Petra never mentioned ur name in his blog. Raja Petra can have all his legal challenges if he agrees to say become editor of a mainstream newspaper.


    Rocky Bru wrote:

    Bro, susahlah jadi pemblog macam ni. Tulis salah, tak tulispun salah. And what I wrote about RPK is not even a commentary or analysis. I am not fabricating anything and I am not suggesting any conspiracy theories pun.

    Rileks la beb. Give us some room, man.

    Memang susah la rocky,
    kalau tulis tak sama rata.
    nak tulis, tulis lah.
    tapi tulis 5 pasal PR,
    tulis la 5 pasal BN jugak.

    jangan la provoke 5 pasal PR, then puji 5 pasal BN. tak fair la...

    memang ko tak komen apa2 pasal RPK, ko tulis jer. tapi ko memang expect geng2 moron ko tu akan kutuk teruk2 RPK, kan? hehe..

    pathetic la...

  71. Rocky Pru11:03 am


    Antara berita yg ko boleh tulis je dan jangan komen atau analisis apa2....

    1)kes nusyuz membabitkan Exco Wanita Umno, Datuk Norhayati Onn... ni lagi hebat sebab melibatkan 2 org muslim kalau nak banding kes Eli Wong yg melibatkan 1 org muslim..yang teruk nyer non-muslim kena tibai...yang muslim tu, selamat.....hehe

    2)laporan polis palsu oleh GMP terhadap MalaysiaKini yg konon nyer menghina sultan perak.... derhaka jugak ni sebab fitnah org derhaka.....

    3) provoke la sikit pasal kes model Manohara tu dengan media indonesia dilarang tanya Najib pasal nya....

  72. Rocky Pru said:

    Memang susah la rocky,
    kalau tulis tak sama rata.
    nak tulis, tulis lah.
    tapi tulis 5 pasal PR,
    tulis la 5 pasal BN jugak.

    jangan la provoke 5 pasal PR, then puji 5 pasal BN. tak fair la...

    memang ko tak komen apa2 pasal RPK, ko tulis jer. tapi ko memang expect geng2 moron ko tu akan kutuk teruk2 RPK, kan? hehe..

    pathetic la...


    Ala...dulu masa Rocky tulis 300 pasal BN, 400 pasal Pak Lah, takde la pulak ko komplen?

    pathetic la...


    Let's not make hasty conclusions
    That will lead to more confusion
    Let's wait for the original version
    Before we come to any final decision

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 240409
    Fri. 24th Apr. 2009.

  74. Anonymous11:57 am

    he's a phucking shame to his ancestors !


  75. Anonymous12:23 pm





  76. Anonymous2:24 pm

    You know what Rocky...
    I'm glad that the ISA is still relevant after all these years.
    People like Raja Petra should take note.Any goverment of the day will not bow down even to a great story teller.

    I hope when Anwar made it as PM he should also keep the ISA cos'it'll serve all purposes. But I don't think Najib is going to let it happen.


  77. Anonymous2:26 pm

    RPK is not the running away type? Ehehehe..hehehe..RPK is and has always been a coward. I don't know why his followers call him brave. What bravery are they talking about? His bravery is never genuine.

    Why? Because, a liar's bravery has its limit. They can never be truly brave because they know that they are lying and the truth scares them to death.

    They looked brave because there are so many fools who would believe everything they say and even worship them. These fools look up to them as heroes for bad-mouthing those in power. For some Malaysians, bad-mouthing those in power is call brave. The truth doesn't really matter to these fools. When you are in power, you must be bad..!!! When you are rich, you must be corrupt!!!. Thats how the Malaysians mind work.

    Just look at all the by-elections. They say that they object BN because of corruption but when the PKR were proved to be corrupt too, THEY DON'T MIND.

    These mindset usually belongs to:
    1. Racist chinese who have nothing else to fight for except to abolish Malay rights

    2. Stupid Malays who have nothing better to do but playing politics as it made them feel like a well-informed, educated person.

    Religion or corruption has never been the real reason for any of these groups. These people just don't have anything better to think or do in their everyday life.


  78. Anonymous3:21 pm

    rockybru. u one lousy fella.
    but dunno why still browsing yr blog,no wonder u get high hits.
    u one clever fella.

  79. Anonymous3:22 pm

    Siapa geng moron tu Rocky Pru?
    Tengok dalam cerminlaa, yang moron tu sebenarnya kau Bodoh!

    Sebab apa? Sebab kau tak boleh terima apa-apa kritikan, perbincangan. Yang kau tau semuanya mesti memihak kat kau dengan jenis kau tu, Bodoh! Bangkai!

    Kalau tak suka topik dalam Rocky Bru ni, pegila baca cerita yang ko suka baca, macam dalam blog geng-geng Moron! Bodoh! Bangang! Bangkai Kau tu!


    Kau yang Pathetic sebenar-benarnye!!!

  80. Anonymous4:06 pm


    RPK is certainly not a coward and those who criticise him for being one should ask themselves what kind of justice can RPK get from the courts WHO ARE SHAMELESSLY AND OPENLY PRO-NAJIB AND UMNO. Anyone,even a schoolboy, will know that RPK is already doomed even before his trial begins. All those who lambast him for running away should in the same breath lambast UMNO and Najib for using the judiciary to nail RPK down. IF THEY DON'T DO THIS, THEN ALL OF THEM, ALL OF THEM,to mention a few, candle in the wind, dato bendahara, eddy and several anons are nothing but the BIGGEST HYPOCRITES!!

    Be Fair

  81. Laksa Isa4:14 pm

    Rocky.. retirelah ko!

    Aku dah bosan dengan adegan agedan ko!

    Why post something on someone whom you dont even care about?

    Ni nak suggest RPK kat London and all.. orang tell you... you diam diam cukuplah!

    Ni tidak, nak heboh!

    Tell me, did anyone also tell you where Bala is? Where is the Indonesian Model?

    Tidak kut...

  82. RPK

    what a delusional!!

    Diagnosis: Paranoid Schizophrenia

    First line treatment: High dose of anti-psychotic drug.

    Second line treatment: Isolation (Sungai Buloh or Kamunting will do)

    Those who know where is RPK- kindly bring him to see psychiatric.

    He is no longer safe to handle himself and can bring harm to others.

    Polis boleh tangkap dia dibawah satu lagi akta ; Akta orang-orang bangsat (Betulll akta ni ada, kalau tak caye tanya polis)

  83. Anonymous5:23 pm

    Kalau no proof, ini sudah jadi PENGHASUT! Sama taraf gang HINDRAF.

    Just let them taste their own medicine.


  84. Anonymous5:37 pm

    aku tengok org PKT memang kaki gaduh, baring atas jalan , mengamuk koyak baju, hantuk pala kat dinding bila things dont go their ways.. aku boleh agak la diorg dpt idea dr mana..too much bollywood movie.

    one lady Haniza something from PKR was on tv last night..mak datukkkkk... sikit punya agresif, kalau ada dua mcm tu aku hantuk kepala diorg kasi nyanyok. Bila org BN dan moderator ( kamarul baharin) bercakap, cepat aje dia dah nak menyampuk .. tiba org cakap pasal anwar ibrahim case of relay baton dgn bini dia kat permatang pauh, mati kutu la pulak.. chill out cakap pasal penanti, kau cakap pasal perak. dah nak menopause ke apa..

  85. Anonymous5:58 pm

    RPK is too smart for ordinary malaysians.. he has choosen to be invisible like the ghost of altantuya to continue haunting those evil people. Do not even sleep!

    Freedom fighters are better outside than inside..

  86. Anonymous11:21 pm

    Finally this senile can go to hell peacefully.

    Defame will always be his middle name, bola'less' is now he known as.

    Do not come back, we had enough of your antics and peace of shit writings.

    As a fellow muslim, though, I am praying that he finds 'keamanan abadi'


  87. Why is there a need to attend any court when he already knew theres a fresh ISA order on him.

    He is still in KL , just waiting for the 'rascals" to pick him up.
    He is a royal family member .
    This means all the shouts of daulat tunku means absolutely nothing .

  88. Anonymous11:12 am

    Best lah! that's RPK is in hiding!Who the hell cares about this PRO umno shits having a field day condemming him.
    AT least in hiding, we get to read more juicier news .That's the way to go...


  89. Anonymous2:25 pm

    Why should RPK sacrifice himself for a bunch of ungrateful Malaysians? Pfui! He is the Symbol of resistance against the corrupt regime. Why should he face the frontal assault of this regime? He can write and rally outside the reach of the evil force. Until the time is right, he can re-appear.

  90. Perwira Perkasa Perdana3:22 pm


    Jangan jadi bodoh, Amir

    Dulu Rocky tulis banyak banyak pasal UMNO tu untuk menjatuhkan Pak Lah demi bapak angkat dia, Mahathir.

    Sekarang kau tengok la, Rocky mana ada serang orang orang Najib

    Takde satu habuk pun

    Tapi nak serang Pakatan Rakyat, ceh wah, Rocky cukup stim

  91. Anonymous8:43 pm

    rpk is the
    mother of all corruptions.....

    see he waste/steal my time...urs time and everybodys time...saying this and when the real time has come...RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNN...basket pengecut...

    anti rpk

  92. Anonymous1:11 am

    Oh shit, I thought I just saw RPK near Jalan Duta, near Najib's house.Alamak, hantu Altantuya, hantu RPK, banyak nya hantu UMNO (United Mamak National Organisation).

    Be ready, the time is very near, V for vendetta, R for RPK. Cakap dengan boss kau Rocky.

    Kublai Khan

  93. Anonymous5:10 am

    Blah lah kau rocky pru, bila tulis pasal pembangkang kau dah panas.

    Dasar pembangkang, bias dan semua dia betul attitude.



  94. Raja ‘Public Service’ Kamarudin

    RPK is guilty of telling the truth as he believes it. Per his writings over the years he has never incited hate among the races. He slams all the races equally. When he slams the malays and commentatos jump on the bandwagon; rpk usually comes back slamming the chinese and indians.....Why use draconian laws when one can sue rpk for defamation if he telling all those lies or innuendos?

    When are we going to hold our politicians to highest ethical standards; else we are screwed, economically.

    btw i don't know where rpk is and this is my

  95. Anonymous11:02 am

    hoi..makhluk perwira(?) perdana perkasa konon.. bahlul!

    habis ko nak suruh Rocky tulis baik2 pasal Pak Lah lah ye supaya Pak Lah terus kekal sbg PM & Malaysia makin terus jahanam? Sanggup terus korbankan rakyat demi cita2 politaik mereka ni..

    Najib baru je naik PM..mana cukup modal nak kutuk lg..tunggu lah dulu..yg Fuckatan tu dulu pandai sgt kritik org saja mcm2..bila dah dpt kuasa, baru setahun lebih dah byk taik jugak..memang lah byk modal Rocky nak tulis dan kutuk..simple logic mcm tu pun tak boleh fikir ke zombie fuckatan ni..ingat korang tu maksum ke?

    Memang bodoh tak boleh diubat barua2 Fuckatan ni.. hahaha..semua org yg tak suka RPK & fuckatan kat sini makhluk2 ni kata bodoh..? mereka saja pandai..aku tengok tak sampai 5 org disini yg konon 'pandai' jd barua RPK..anjing minoriti? wow! menyalak kuat..Jadi selebih yg majoriti sini semua bodohlah? hahaha...

    Aku ada lagu ciptaan (ciplak yg nyanyian Mulan Jamila punya..enjoy!:D )

    Bodoh.. bodoh...
    sungguh caramu dan juga pemikiranmu,
    membuatkan aku geli hati,
    melihat melayu2 pariah begini,

    bodoh, bodoh,
    maha bodoh, barua pencacai RPK, DAP, PKR & YB BABI,
    kini RPK tak boleh bukti, terus cabut larikan diri..

    Raja Putar Kepala...takut masuk penjara...kerana dusta....

    Koranglah makhluk Tuhan,
    Yang paling bodoh & menggelikan hati,
    Bodoh bahlul jenis melayu setan,
    Tak pernah cermin diri sendiri,
    Oh,, ahh..hah..hah....(2x)
    :D muhahahaha...

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  96. Anonymous3:51 pm

    anti hindraf & ultra chingkies

    Great one,bro. RPK = Raja of Pundek Kalathais

    King of the pundek asses..ha!ha!ha! LOL.

    He is a coward of the first order, the kind that onlu scumbags, slimeballs and cumwhores like Bakri Musa et al will fawn over and recite verses for. Fuck u-lah Bakri, using the Holy Quran like a shameless bastard cocksucker just to justify his dear friend's arsehole shenanigans. Where were u bastard bakri when Raja Petra was making fun of the prophet, the Holy Quran Sleeping on your surgical bed somewhere in california draped like a corpse..i suppose and you have the gall to spout the Scripture, damn you bastard arsewhore, a pox and a curse on you, swine...

    And dont address your rant to all as in "Dear All" as you can shit and piss stuff like that into your fawning, headstrong, brain vacummed Fuckatan zombies but not to enlightened people like me and many more. We know that "hypocrite" is your middle name, the numero uno munafikuns who would rather cower in fright as the truth of themselves are revealed to their own souls..munafiks who would rather preach to others but would not practice what they preach...munafiks who arrogant of their supposed intellect and revel in their contumacy.....bastard hypocrites who would rather prostitute themselves to Mannon rather than repent and supplicate for mercy from the Almighty...arselicking, shit slurping, cum guzzling SOBs who are rightup there with the uber munafiks garbed in jubahs and skullturbanned to a T and who spout the Holy scripture for worldly gain...If Salahuudin al Ayubi was here again, he would know how to take care of you bakri, RPK, and your ilk plus the turbanned lollipoos , the tarmac licking ketayaps, the purdahed and jilbabd trannie crowd et., al. Slice yourself up, surgeon for you dont deserve a fate better than that!

    Allah u Akhbar!!

    Warrior 231

  97. Having read some of the decisions of the judges I can't blame RPK for going into hiding. If the Judiciary shows you the middle finger won't you do the same?

  98. Anonymous6:45 pm

    anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

    anak aku dendang chorus rentak "makhluk tuhan"... masuk tune..

    Should also include somewhere,

    Raja Putar Kepala...takut masuk penjara...kerana dusta....

    hey hey hey botak botak botak hey hey
    semua sudah tatak, lari masuk kotak!!


  99. Laser Blade8:23 pm

    RPK has no guts.

    A coward of the first order.

    He has left? Oh, good riddance to bad rubbish ...

  100. RPK must have done alot of demages to UMNO to get so much insults.
    Next in line....yours trully....hahahahahhaha
    Why me..I don't kno
    Maybe young fut think old cock can easily be bullied?
    Like to meet some of them...offering some red packets...filled with....

  101. Long Live RPK3:41 am

    "Those who stay in a glass house shouldn't throw stone!"

    Talking about fact and evidence, who do u think u r to decide whether such evidence is RELEVANT!!? u still think that u can win or loss a case with evidence, after "he look like me, but he is not me"?

    You can condemn RPK in whatever way you like, but do yourself a favor, take a mirror and have a good look at yourself, and ask yourself aren't you any different?

    For all those who condemn RPK, please stuck your head into each other asshole, in order to understand and appreciate the gravity of this situation!

  102. Rocky Pru9:38 am

    warrior 231,

    kalau dalam komentar anda tu penuh dengan kata-kata nista, caci maki, carut sana, carut sini, tak payah kat last sekali anda tulis Allahuakbar! tak ada rasa malu ke dengan Allah?

  103. Anonymous11:17 am

    Dei Rocky Pru chi bai

    Nama pun tak original..nak ciplak nama Rocky's Bru original pun tak pandai....Roky Bra lagi elok, pundek kalathai.

    hei hang ini nothinglah...tumbuh melata macam kangkung ditepi longkang boleh ku pungut kat mana-mana. Kat paritke, kat longkangke hatta kat jamban ke, hang hidup subur melata. Balaci, barua adalah tonggak hidup, hang. Hisap batang, jilat tahi kat pungguk ... cara hidup hang. Itu hang tak malu, nak perbetui orang konon!

    Dei Bangsat, aku banyak mengaji bab2 agama dah. Dok kat pondok dah berpuluh tahun, dok bukak kitab dengan ulama muktabar dengan fatwanya yang mutakhir yang mengiakan yang haram dan menidakkan yang halal dah berjilid dah. Nak tahu siapa lebai2 malang lagi sial tu....

    jeng,jeng,jeng......Tok Guru Sundal Harum Siang Nik Aziz dengan nikmatnya lah..siapa lagi. Alamak ptui! nak bagi linknya ttg fatwa halalkan carut (link tranaungkite) yang aku bagi dulu kat sini sudah dilupuskan oleh blogger tu. Macam mana nih? u trylah kalau lu talak percaya, wah ingat depa dah kecut bila wah ada guna link itu dulu kat blog ini. nah, ini link itu:

    tak ape...ini pun jadilah:

    Sebelum itu aku ngaji preparatory/persediaan pondok ala2 pra-universiti dengan Brader Al-Fadhil Al-Ustaz fadzil Noor.....

    "But party chief Fadzil Noor is having none of that. The normally puritanical politician hails the book as a "major contribution." Vulgarity is "all right," he declares - as long as it fits the story."

    so jangan nak tunjuk terror kepala butoh hang nak dok mengajar aku.U understand or u no speaking England?. Baik hang balik dok hisap kopek mak hang sebelum aku lenyek hang sampai keropot. suruh dia cuci tetek lepas hang dok hisap...bau hamis nanti...kah!kah!kah! ( nak ala2 tukartiub pukimak tu)

    dan jangan nak dok cabar aku kerana dah ramai yang mampus bertembung aku di alam siber....itu baru alam siber, bangsat belum lagi alam nyata..tunggu dan lihat kerana aku hanya berjihad menegakkan kebenaran di bumi Allah bukan falsafah hipokrit pukimak hang!Faham!


    Warrior 231

  104. Anonymous12:58 pm

    Rocky Pru..

    Errk.. i thought Nik Aziz did say Allah mencarut, so he had already justified that we all can mencarut when blah..blah...blardy hell blah..blah..can we now? hahaha....

    Long Live RPK..

    Why should we all follow you..we already seen it all how disgusting u people had become by getting your heads stuck in that diarhoea filled RPK's asshole..!

    How was the view inside there? Tell us you get to see any light coming from inside RPK's asshole?

    Thanx to gravity too, all shits are going assholes are going down with it too..looser! Go scram the hell out to outerspace if u still wanna see your own shit coming back floating into ya mouth..hahahahha...

    what a bunch of mafucker bad loosers u people really are..nothing more can i say..

    --> ..|.,

    :D muhahaha...
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  105. Long Live RPK3:51 am

    Thank you Rocky Pru… u just did a well demonstration of a moron with a personality which is way lower than a prostitute… keep it up, who know some day, with enough effort, u might just be somebody i.e. a prostitute!