Monday, April 20, 2009

Save Azilah and Sirul blog campaign

Where's the beef? Blogger A Voice has challenged de facto Pakatan leader Anwar Ibrahim and fellow bloggers RPK and Susan Loone to come up with the proof they said they have in order to save the two cops the Malaysian courts have found guilty for the murder of so-called "Far Eastern Mata Hari", Altantuya Shaaribu.

Read his entry h e r e.

RM/USD 1 million photograph. Now, we all have heard talk about a photo of the PM, Altantuya and Razak Baginda having dinner (other versions talked about a photo of Najib-Altantuya-Rosmah and even Razak-Altantuya-Kalimullah!). A lady blogger, during a meeting she helped arrange for Altantuya's father with several Malaysians including RPK, was telling someone close to RPK that it would cost a million bucks to get hold of the picture. It wasn't meant literally, I'm sure. Can't recall if she figuratively meant US$1 million or RM1 million, though.

Btw, here's more food for thought for all bloggers out there.

August 13, 2008 22:55 PM

Lawyer Obtains Injunction Against Raja Petra

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 13 (Bernama) -- Lawyer Datuk Muhammad Shafee Abdullah on Wednesday obtained an ex-parte injunction against blogger Raja Petra Raja Kamaruddin to remove three articles posted on his "Malaysia Today" weblog.

High Court Judge Datuk Tee Ah Seng also ordered Raja Petra or his agents to remove all comments posted following the articles and granted another injunction to prohibit the blogger from publishing similar articles.

The court also granted an order to restrain Raja Petra or his agents from allowing any article or journal or letter or comment which is defamatory against Shafee to be posted on the "Malaysia Today" weblog.

According to a document made available to the media, Shafee had obtained a wide range of orders including to compel Raja Petra to reveal his source from whom he had obtained information that he had stated in the three articles posted on Aug 6, 7 and 11.

When contacted, Shafee said the court had also ordered Raja Petra to reveal the identities of all the commenters and visitors who had posted their comments and messages following the posting of the three articles.

He alleged that Raja Petra had been making up stories and running a political propaganda to mislead the public over political issues.

Shafee said that besides filing a defamation suit at the High Court Registry here against the blogger, he also planned similar actions against all commenters on the articles once he had received their details.

The court has fixed Sept 2 for inter partes hearing of Shafee's application.



  1. Selamat kembali ke Sungai Buloh11:42 am

    Anwar not around?

    ".....Time is running out on Anwar and Raja Petra. Anwar is due to stand for trial for his sodomy case on July 1-24th. While, Raja Petra is due for the courts on April 23-24th for sedition charges and May 26-28th for criminal defamation (related to his SD).

    It is widely believed that Anwar is "sign, sealed and delivered" to return to Sungai Buloh prison. His case is an open and shut case, if not for Tan Sri Gani Patail foolish attempt to transfer the case from Session to High Court.

    One source claim that the evidence is so conclusive that the prosecutor could conclude their case by the third day of trial.

    The victim, Saiful already hinted of the existence of a video in his blog. Anwar's only line of defense is to question the authencity of the video and fabricate an alibi. He has used up the tactic to buy time by questioning the court officers.

    For Raja Petra, his trial has yet to begin but sources were saying the prosecutor side are confident. It was heard that his defense team feared to be called as witness for the Azrilah and Sirul trial.....

    RPK, Harris, zooro, are you all organising kenduri raksaksa to welcome Anwar back into Sungai Buloh?

  2. Permatang Pauh By-election Again ?????11:43 am

    By-election again at Permatang Pauh when Anwar goes back to Sungai Buloh?

  3. Anonymous11:56 am

    hi, rocky why dont you start it, instead

  4. Anonymous12:02 pm

    wHAT LA ater reading your headline i thought a bomb was going to explode after reading further it was only a small fart. Of course headed by you rocky the unofficial master spinner for bn right now.


  5. Hello Mister, we are talking about two lives here. Take a step back and think you piece of sh*t !

    They are guilty - they blew here up - but they are being sentence absence of a guilty mind. In criminal law, both the guilty act and guilty mind must be proven before a mandatory sentence can be deem safe. But heck, what we have here is an UMNO Court of Law propped up by sinister hands, yours included might I add.

    Mampus UMNO, rakyat selamat, negara maju jaya - you are quite a piece and I hope you shit blue, in memory of 'Tuya.

  6. Trojan Horse dalam Pejabat PM1:03 pm

    hmm funny,

    lets talk about something more serious, i.e. the 4th floor attempt to make Tun Dr. Mahathir lead the Penanti by-elections.

    What they want to do is make Tun Dr. Mahathir lead the Penanti by-elections and lose it...then, they will do what they did earlier - with the headlines ''Tun M is irrelevant''.

    The Malaysian Insider has already threw out the first bait, with the posting titled ''Dr M wants to lead BN against Anwar in Penanti'', tempting Tun M to lead the by-elections.

    Dr. Mahathir should only go to the ground and campaign if the elections is completely free and fair. Like it was during Kubang Pasu, UMNO Youth Elections, etc - the question of fairness of the elections came up again and again. There are lots of trojan horses in UMNO, for Bukit Gantang and Selambau, when I heard there was ''phantom voters'', I sometime wondered whether they were there to vote for BN or Pakatan Rakyat. We all know about certain individuals links with Pakatan...

    Raja Petra accurate prediction of the by-elections results was extremely suspicious.

    By the way Mr. Omar Ong, did the idea to bring Tun M to campaign for by-elections yours, or did you steal it from somewhere?

  7. Anonymous1:03 pm

    Proof or No proof, because the two will be spared their life by unknown hands.Their faces are shrouded in mystery hence none will know their existance.

  8. Dato' Ong1:04 pm

    lupa pulak,

    rocky for NSTP!!

  9. raja petra never mentioned your name in his blog.

  10. let them settle with allah bro.. tak payah kita nak hidup macam kat thailand...gaduhhhhhhhhhhh jer..

  11. Rocky,

    Don't you get the instruction from your boss that you can't mention Najib, Rosmah, Razak in the Attantuya's murder case?

    Pls delete it ASAP!

  12. I'm with you Bro with the campaign. Anwar Bin Ibrahim, show the proof or face the consequences!

  13. Anonymous2:49 pm

    let's launch a donation campaign on d net to raise the million buck. Or just ask from rich PR sympathizer for the million. It's really not that much considering the cost of bringing down a country leader.

    DSAI claim it exist in one of his press conference, so where is it now


  14. Anonymous2:55 pm

    one million my shit!no such photo only fake ones...theseday a lot of oppurtunitist sitting on th fence waiting to get money from this situation like PI bala the hindu pariah(i call him that because he is the scum of the earth),the easiest way is to interrogate najib and rosmah using polygraph lie detector machine and the truth will leak out!!! it was used in USA during Clinton-lewinsky case.

    like that also cannot solve.

  15. Anonymous2:58 pm


    The Bernama piece you posted is dated Augut 13 lah. It only mentions an ex parte order being given. Cerita basi nak post buat apa? What happened after that??? There was supposed to be a hearing on September 2nd. Sudah 8 bulan bro. Bagilah cerita baru bro. If the order was given and Raja Petra has not acted on it... had Shafee file contempt papers against Raja Petra??


  16. Anonymous3:32 pm

    Gambak tu copyright TianChua.


  17. Anonymous3:43 pm

    It is up to them to save their own neck, they know what happened and what they did, why should anyone else come forward to save their neck. They deserved to hang if they are protecting the guilty party or parties who ordered the execution/murder. Good luck dan selamat tinggal. Neraka sedang tunggu.

  18. SA.Rayn3:58 pm

    I read with amusement that some bloggers are starting this campaign.

    One must realise that it not upon Raja Petra or other individuals to come forward and offer proof of the innocence of Sirul and Azilah. In the first place it was their defence team's job. Why didnt they call Raja Petra as witness baffles me.

    It a little too late now. They cannot even bring new evidence in their appeal.

    It a little too late to also change public perception on this whole issue. Everybody I know tells me that these two fellas were just doing their job on orders of higher authorities. Till we find who had ordered them, public perception on this will remain.

    People will tend to believe the likes of Raja Petra, Anwar and Susan Loone, no matter how many court injunctions are dished out.

    The more Umno tries to run down Raja Petra or Anwar, the more these people are going to believe in them. Perhaps the powers that be should change their strategy.

  19. UMNO make sure all important posts in judicial...police..universities....election commission...are UMNO active members.
    Leaving out what you have written...Susan Loone must be complimented to be so brave..hungry for justice and for truths.
    Presuming RPK and Susan are putting out messages based on rumors...yet the outcome of the judgment to free Baginda was already known..from day need to wait one year..for judgment. why talk fairness and justices on Altantuya murder case...when whole world agrees with unfair the trial have gone through.
    You go and explain that...first before you try to pick this or that to insult Susan or RPK.
    Rocky ignore totally.....the situations and conditions of our country for fair reports...democraric news never long as UMNO keep playing unfair and unjust games...on lives and in politics....solely to protect their own corrupted kind.
    For that Susan and RPK and few more blogging are fighting for a Malaysian Malaysia in whatever forms they feel right.. for the love of the country and Malaysians. Such Malaysians can never be wrong..unless you want UMNO to rule forever..who is a dictatorial ..corrupted... racialist government.
    Smart bloke like you should know time to be powerful with People's Power and not be a racialist. Be 100% Malaysian...seeing beyond race. Can you do that?
    You should stop thinking like a Malay to understand the majority Malaysians.
    You posts are getting more and more pro UMNO and a racialist.
    I hope I am wrong.

  20. Anonymous4:28 pm


    Susan Loone and gang are quite racist. They dont care about Azilah or Sirul who are Malays. If Azilah and Sirul were Chinese, they would make more noise lah.

    Biasalah Bro, these people are chekai, cheapskate, kiasu, kampong balu mali punya olang.

    I do take off my hat to your genius 'Save Azilah & Sirul Campaign' tagline. Brilliant bro.

    Indeed if Susan Loone and RPK have the evidence of Najib being photographed with Altantuya, now is the time they should bring it out.

    Dont have to wait for Christmas or All Souls Day now do we?

    But they wont because they cannot because they do not have any proof.

    Bro, what happened to YB B.rader A.nwar I.brahim ? He said he has proof? Bring the proof lah now.
    Bro, lets keep up the pressure. I think this should puch them against the wall.

    Maybe they will become creative and create more evidence - like Tian Chua's photoshop pictures?

    Laksa Mana.

  21. Anonymous4:46 pm

    A voice is writing nonsense.

    The fact that the two who were sentenced to death were executioners in the crime is a no brainer. For that, they deserve to hang.

    Question is, two individuals don't just drive around Damansara wondering who they should kill today. Neither have the two accused pleaded insanity.

    They were instructed to do what is necessary. Who instructed the two guilty individuals to perpetrate the crime?

    Some names have come up but they were not investigated/cross examined despite a link being established.

    I don't think two individuals should shoulder all the blame for those who instructed them.


  22. Anonymous5:33 pm

    like RPK is going to have sleepless nights...

    so why keep talking cock, just sue him la!

    cos we also want him to give the facts to back up his allegations...

  23. Anonymous5:55 pm

    Anwar and RPK are just like most of BN politicians ... cannot be trusted. Manipulating issues and full of propaganda to serve their personal interests.

    In fact most of Malaysian politicians either BN or PR cannot be trusted.

    They are just like lawyers ...they can twist the facts to make guilty person innocent and vice versa. Well ... that is why more and more lawyers becoming politicians nowadays.


  24. Anonymous6:28 pm

    Peter Lim

    All the best and best of luck


  25. Jason7:10 pm


    Saiful reveals a video of his father and Anwar on his blog

  26. Anonymous7:28 pm

    Stop the Presses!

    Mahaguru has uncovered something of primeval importance here, and am sending this to all patriotic blog sites. This latest posting either constitutes a crime of the highest degree as far as parliamentary sessions go, or just an insight as to who actually pulls the strings in the Dewan Undangan Negri Perak. Perhaps the Sultan knows about this for a long time, and he has acted according to knowledges that he had.

    I am ashamed to read this. Ashamed at the people (especially malay PKRs and PAS supporters) who have put these people up there in the first place. Ashamed at how balless we have all become, how balless Sivakumar has become.

    I would like to ask the legal experts in here: can there be some sort of police report made onto the YBs involved due to their influencing the actions and decisions of the speaker AT ALMOST EVERY MINUTE OF THE PROCEEDINGS?? I mean, he even instructed the speaker from the comforts of his own cellphone when to shut off the microphone, when not to give the BN representatives to talk, what to say next, when not to say it, etc etc etc. I mean, reading all these…. makes one so … embrassed at even being a Malaysian. If I feel embarassed, just imagine how much more Sivakumar should!

    And there you have it gentlemen: one who dares so much to defy the Sultan, cannot dare to even decide to do or say anything right without the remote-controlled consent or approval of Ngeh or Nga or whatever. And this is all happening just because YOU, PKR malays and PAS members, allow it to happen.

    Read, and be embarassed.

    Marking Bagpie

  27. Trojan Horse9:17 pm

    Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak today told Johor Umno that the government is in no hurry to revive the 'crooked bridge' to replace its half of the Causeway, adding any review will depend on discussions with Singapore.Chedet needs to sharpen his knives. Omar Mustapha Ong is getting too much.

  28. Blogger patut dipantau !!!!9:37 pm

    Inilah blogger yang patut dipantau kerana hasad dengki, saling menghasut, penyebaran fitnah, ciri derhaka bila keputusan dibuat oleh Sultan/Raja tidak memihak Pakatan Rakyat dan niat menghalang rakyat hidup berharmoni.

    Tindakan undang-undang patut diambil untuk memberantaskan fenomena sikap berfitnah yang telah menjangkiti blogsphere !!!

  29. Rocky!
    Let's see how these idiots react, if they are so committed they must come up with concrete proof to show Najib and his wife are murderers or else as I have said we must allow the might of our judicial system to pulverise them and throw their minced meat to the pig pen once and for all!

  30. Anonymous9:39 pm

    fuck these 2 pathetic murderers. before they die, they should take down their paymasters too.

    and mr bru. if u do support murderers, im sorry for u too.

  31. sniper9:56 pm


    DSAI and RPK is just full of shit. That's why they stink.

  32. Anonymous10:01 pm


    Enjoy your last few days in NST bros.

  33. Anonymous10:44 pm

    Laksa Mana,
    You are so damn stupid, the case in question is not about race you pig!!it is about murder and murderers who deserved to die. They deserved to die because they killed someone, it does not matter who asked them to do it. Surely you, Laksa Mana won't eat shit even if you are ordered to do so by your boss. So please show a little intelligence, it is NOT about race. Please keep your mouth shut so we do not know you are truly stupid.
    Laksa Shit!

  34. Anonymous10:53 pm

    Leng Chai Monsterball, brother Mao,

    Lu mai ane kuan kong.

    Confucius ajar kita cakap elok-elok berbudi bahasa macam semua olang melayu disini.

    Dr Wong pun panggil lu a cuckoo and/or mentally retard person..

    Sekalang masa economy mayak susah.

    Najib tamau ini Negara jadi macam dulu tahun 1958-1961, itu Great Leap Forward, kasi 14m sampai 20m olang mati kelaparan.

    Itu masa mau sembah lu tokong pun tatak kasi.

    Lu Atok semua lari mali Malaisia. Malaisia mayak baik punya Negala kasi lu lari sembunyi sini tutuk, kasi lu makan, kasi lu rumah, kasi lu mayak mayak hapi hapi hari hari. Ata betut?

    Tampok tampok pu yau tor sen.

    Malaisia Negala tatak olang tatak makan. Tikus kasi kucing makan saja.

    Dictitorial? … Pemimpin malaisia, malai ren se haw ren.

    Lanti gua SMS lu punya 1st Immortal Emperor hantar hulubalang lia latang cari lu…

    haiyooo jangan kasi lia punya hantu malah!! chak thou! Kerat lu punya badan kasi dua, tanam lu hidup hidup.

    Pai pai chai chen brother Mao.


  35. Anonymous10:54 pm

    rocky, funny ye, on one never see their face since the trail until now. wow they must be very special


  36. Anonymous10:56 pm

    rocky, also i feel funny with current PM. it looks like Dr M is running the country. he cannot made the decision. why dont your comment about it


  37. Anonymous10:59 pm

    What a stupid comment from Anwar licker. A dying person will spill everything la, unless they really got nothing to spill.Those two did it under their own foolishness of not understanding the order given by Baginda.

    The order is so simple "Take her away" not "Take her LIFE away", this is what Baginda told them. And its consistence throughout the trial and 6000 pages of evidence and documents.

    That is why those two are dumbfounded and can't even say a thing in court, not because they have been paid millions.Millions or tons of money does not worth a thing to a dying person!! Pakai otak la sikit!.

  38. Anonymous11:05 pm

    Demi agama, bangsa dan negara, Saiful Bukhari sanggup berkorban. Walaupun sakit tidak terperi, tetapi demi untuk membela nasib rakyat Palestin dan orang Melayu, wira kita Saiful sanggup membenarkan diri beliau diperlakukan oleh agen Zionis yang gay. Kesemua ini adalah satu pengorbanan agung beliau untuk Umno, Palestin dan kita negara kita tercinta. Bersama-sama kita doa semoga roh Saiful Bukhari akan ditempatkan bersama-sama dengan roh Tan Sri Mohtar Abdullah.

  39. Anonymous12:02 am

    Hold our horses here!
    These 2 scum of the earth murdered her in cold blood. If you read Sirul's confession she was begging for her life when they pushed her to the ground and shot her twice in the head.
    Then they blew her body to bits.
    The fact that they have not revealed their motive and who gave the order makes most people sick.
    I praise people like DSAI and RPK who want the truth to be totally revealed. Altantuya's family, especially her kids, deserve the whole truth let alone the Malaysian people. This cold blooded murder of a young woman shames this country's name.

    As for the quote that DSAI is signed, sealed and delivered to jail is also shameful as this whole sodomy thing is full of holes (excuse the pun). Is it not wierd that Najib made time to a stranger to hear his story and help him make the sodomy report. And is it not stranger that the first doctor who examined this Saiful found no evidence of sodomy?
    Its a strange world full of coincidences.
    Best wishes to RPK and Susan - 2 people who do ask questions and do stand up and be counted.
    Et tu Rocky?


  40. Where's the beef?

    Ask MACC. After all, they are the ones looking for the cows!

    Where's the proof?

    Why do you need proof if you don't need motive, can change the Judge, prosecution team and defence lawyers at the 11th hour?

    Or, should we have an RCI?

  41. Anonymous12:29 am

    Now I realized so many people are against RPK and anwar, should I change my mindset? Nah, I'm not stupid as you all.


  42. Anonymous12:38 am

    Kita tak pernah nampak muka Azilah dan Sirul?

    Entah2 dua ekok ni DSAI and RPK..


  43. Anonymous2:00 am

    hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  44. Anonymous2:17 am


    This Monsterball fellow duk merepet pasai hang pulak kat blog Susan L!

    This boy memang sakit jiwa... hehehe, situ pun dah kena moderate!


  45. Anonymous2:17 am

    Rocky, tambah sikit...

    Lone Ranger beno si Monsterball nih!


  46. Anonymous10:31 am

    Saya pun kesianlah dekat yang dua orang ni, dan anak isteri mereka...

    Bro, nampak nya menteri besar selangor dan exco-exco nya pula yang bermaharajalela! Patut lah nak sangat kuasa, duit rakyat boleh di gunakan begitu sahaja:

    MB atau exco lulus, semua pegawai kerajaan ikut sahaja - semuanya PAK TURUT, just becausa MB yang approve....habislah kita macam nimms://

    mat taib

  47. Anonymous10:49 am

    Do you believe these pieces of shits ? Two men's lives are in the balance and if they really have the proof then what the fucks are they waiting for ? Show the proofs or else shut their arse-holes for good and stop making use of the two cops for tgheir own little political dreams !


  48. Kita tengok... siapa belit siapa. Or maybe ada org yg terbelit diri sendiri...

    Mahathir dah warning awal2. Org sini akan supply berita buruk pasal najib.

  49. Anonymous11:31 am

    yo bru

    heard NST carried a front page story to scare bloggers from posting their comments freely...
    pathetic attempt la bru...

    ppl have stopped reading the shitty paper bcoz of all this shitty attitude of its editors lah bru..

    it has become worse under shitty shorty skirt-chasing ah chai ah pek...and coward shorty lionel moron....NST pathetic lo...

    god bless those working there..
    bru, hope u take over soon..

    yg mengharap

  50. Anonymous11:39 am



  51. Bro

    Blogger SDW close shop!. wat heppen?

  52. tsk tsk tsk....

    by all means,
    oh my anonymous friends and fanboys of RPK, by all means why don't RPK save these two souls with his evidence against rosmah and two other officers in the military.

    It is not Rocky who can save these two lost souls,

    But RPK.

    So before you go on barking on the wrong tree and start behaving like a rabid fanboy that jerk's off to everything that is written on Malaysia Today by all means ask you venerable RPK who seem to know everything.

    The freedom fighter, democracy lover, secret bearer, statutory declaration connoisseur and the person who seem to be right on almost everything except his facts.

    By all means,
    ask him, beg him, pray to him that he shall finally reveal the proof that indeed Rosmah and Najib and god knows who else that comes up to his mind was the one who killed Altantuya....

    Why must he be afraid of jail?
    He has been in ISA before no? And it is a small price to pay to save this nation no?

    Unless of course,
    the definition of proof is something you imagine in your head. If that is so, no matter what he say, regardless of how ridiculous it is (like the SD saying that Najib is a Hindu) will still be read, loved and even cherished by these fanboy/fangirls like a teenager who has just reached puberty jerking off to a 3 star cheap porno.

    Malaysia-Today = Porno of Politics


  53. Anonymous1:32 pm

    I am so angry and disappointed with what is going on in our country now. can we all stop all this bullshit politic now and address the real issues of normal folk like me for eg. can the police search and kill that sick person who kidnap and sodomise that poor 2 year old child in Terengganu? Enough with all this politik shit! do your job!


  54. Anonymous2:14 pm

    Where's the beef?

    Sorry, cannot deliver the meat!

    Suffering from Foot and Mouth diseases!


  55. Anonymous2:14 pm

    Agreed! Malaysia Today + Porno Of Politics. Full of hot air but no substances. (Hot air from RPK's ass)

  56. Anonymous3:56 pm

    No the police can't do anything because they are not allow to interrogate to get info. They are suppose to be polite to all the suspected criminal and let the court decide.

  57. Anonymous4:56 pm

    C'mon RPK where's your PROOF??? Save them. Use your universal intelligence on anything and everything to show the BEEF. Or r you just the biggest spinner in the universe! You have BEEF about everything. Sometimes u go further, sometimes as if u take it back, then u claim to hv more... mcm2. What a loser.
    Now even the royals hate u. stop linking urself to them. U poser.

    Rip Pe Kak

  58. Anonymous5:09 pm

    cannot menghasut etc by talking about injustice done by those in power,talking about the wrongdoing,unfairness is called menghasut?those in power thought we r idiot or what?when i was still studying in school and college i was always been reminded not to be talking about those unfairness done by those in power or i might get poor results or difficult finding jobs unless if my parents are very rich and real big shot. nowadays with spread of internet, we can know the truth and lies and no need scare of that shit anymore! those who ordered altantuya to be killed will remain free as those who ordered JFK to be killed,get it y'all?why not ask another question which is more easier? who ordered rahim noor the bangsatinspector general and his dogs to beat anwar like beating Al-qaeda operatives?anwar is a multi-millionaire and many supporters,beating him like this only makes him more brave and punished back the bangsat inspector who thought he had gotten away with his coward act making him fired from the igp post, getting retire more early and getting heart attack!

    lie detector

  59. Anonymous8:09 pm

    Like that one; M'sian Today is Porno of Politics!


  60. Anonymous8:58 pm

    It is all about cause and effect. Looking deeply in the cause and we will see the truth. Why are we debating on the effect which is the press, blog, rumors stories? Why blow smoke screen over our face. If only one of the accuse in the trial is linked to the new prime minister then its difficult to accuse the new PM. BUT ALL ACCUSE in the trial are LINK TO THE NEW PM, that’s not considered coincidences anymore, can it??? Remember nothing happens from thin air. Something is needed to trigger the effect…..Have the judge spell out the cause yet!!!!!
    Meddling in justice is seen by everybody…..deleting records……..why?? What proof?
    Proof are the people link and deleting records .Nobody have investigated thoroughly on these two pieces of evidence. Why BRU?? You answer me. Why hide?

    Light source

  61. Anonymous12:17 am

    Make a day for Malaysia Today, RPK & the merrymen of SD..and also to the diciples of the Order of The Scavanging BABI..

    Hmm..or is it just a Malaysia Toddy? Looser boozer cyberdom..?toddy, whisky, brandy, anyone? keep on quenching your thirsty meatlovvas (with urine? haha..)

    man, really this guy does suffer urology disorder..cannot get hold of his own pecker..keep on pissing everywhere like some mad mafucker..

    anyhow, he is a god for his urine fetish throating wankers..they can't get enough of him..

    its probably a way of marking his teritory in this blogsphere like a mad mafucking canine..

    p/s: Rockybru..thanx God you are not like this mutated freak creature..

    :D muhahahaha..

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  62. Anonymous1:05 am

    i dont think altantuya murder case is as difficult as PresidentJFK case to's just like mokhtar hashim case in negeri sembilan in 1982. altantuya came to malaysia to najib's house asking for the commission she supposed to received. so rosmah najib's shorty wife found out about altantuya and the rest we can guess.najib and rosmah didnt make the decision alone,they must have discussed it with their other middlemen dealing in submarine and that is why c4 which only can be obtained from MINDEF was used.this is just my point of view as i am ex-police,ex-billionaire's bodyguard in charge of security guard and i remarried a cunnning cheeky bitch from ipoh who had these evil is also my son's point of view as he is police officer in bkt aman.

    Baldy Lim
    Tmn Segar,Cheras

  63. Anonymous9:35 am

    kalau difikirkan balik, aku tak pernah jumpa dengar lelaki melayu azilah atau sirul.

    pelik bin ajaib

  64. Anonymous9:52 am

    Sinatra_Z wrote:

    tsk tsk tsk....

    by all means,
    oh my anonymous friends and fanboys of RPK, by all means why don't RPK save these two souls with his evidence against rosmah and two other officers in the military.

    It is not Rocky who can save these two lost souls,

    But RPK.

    So before you go on barking on the wrong tree and start behaving like a rabid fanboy that jerk's off to everything that is written on Malaysia Today by all means ask you venerable RPK who seem to know everything.

    The freedom fighter, democracy lover, secret bearer, statutory declaration connoisseur and the person who seem to be right on almost everything except his facts.

    By all means,
    ask him, beg him, pray to him that he shall finally reveal the proof that indeed Rosmah and Najib and god knows who else that comes up to his mind was the one who killed Altantuya....

    Why must he be afraid of jail?
    He has been in ISA before no? And it is a small price to pay to save this nation no?

    Unless of course,
    the definition of proof is something you imagine in your head. If that is so, no matter what he say, regardless of how ridiculous it is (like the SD saying that Najib is a Hindu) will still be read, loved and even cherished by these fanboy/fangirls like a teenager who has just reached puberty jerking off to a 3 star cheap porno.

    Malaysia-Today = Porno of Politics

    Susah kalau nak nasihatkan orang2 PR ni. Depa macam dah tak dapat fikir secara waras. Alhamdulillah ada yang berfikiran waras macam saudara. Takbir!!!

  65. Anonymous10:28 am

    Waaa Uncle Baldy Lim,

    Gomen sure would like to have your expert opinion on this together with all the evidences that have made you freely expound your malicious theory in the internet here, and i don't care if you married a bitch or lick some billionaire's balls.

    Waa... your son in Bukit Aman 'aaa? He can give his identity or not? How come my son working in Prime Minister's Department, have breakfast with the agong every week and light the cigars of about 6 ministers everyday oso susah one mau carik this kind of evidence?

    Folks! What have this internet been reduced to? If people simply throw away rocks and sembunyi tangan and thereafter claim he is so and so important person (but tak belani mau tunjuk identity) doesn't it demean the very meaning of freedom speech?

    Perhaps you may want to join the Pathetic Retiree Anonymous.

    Gurmal Singh

  66. Anonymous3:07 pm

    Baldy Lim's theories?? Phfffft! Ha ha hah ha. Keep being retired man!

  67. Anonymous8:05 pm

    baldy lim,tman segar,cheras ex-bodyguard bilionaire,biar aku agak mesti ex-bodyguard the late tan sri phillip kuok ,agaknya botak dengan anaknya kerja di bkt aman ni yg arah rahim noor pukul anwar ibrahim dengan cara seorang penakut iaitu menutup matanya tanpa anwar ibrahim tahu siapa yg pukul. dah ramai orang ke lim dan anaknya buat naya orang macam tu,kalau orang yg tak salah macam anwar ibrahim kena terajang ,orang tak takutlah botak....last last bapak anjing bangsat rahim noor kena sara awal,masuk jel kena heart attack....agaknya botak ni dah nak mampus...

    gangster security guard

  68. Anonymous9:29 pm

    Baldy Lim Tmn Segar,Cheras

    Lu punya credentials tak laku!

    Lu anak punya pun tak laku.

    Aku kerja cuci opis Najib, sapu sampah, buang basket sampah, lap meja, vacumn carpet, cuci jamban dia hari2..

    Itu baru laku!!


  69. Anonymous11:05 pm


  70. Anonymous9:48 pm

    Unker Baldy Lim,

    What a presumptuous concoction you have here....BS always BS....Lies ..Mensonges ...

    Guess what, my 80 year old grandmother is going out with Rocky ..(sorry Rocky, the secret is out)...and she says not to tell anyone that she's going out with Rocky ...blah blah blah ..

    - Flying Cowboy

    ps .....MT = Porno of Politics (agreed totally)

  71. Anonymous8:11 pm

    pi bala is the most stupidest person... today make statement ,tomorrow change...i think i know which baldy lim,ex-billionaire bodyguard but no more in cheras....his remarried wife lucy from ipoh ,son in bkt aman?,son's wife name audrey?.....wahhhh your theory about najib,you go to ipoh then to tanjung rambutan,even those in tanjung rambutan hospital also not all as stupid to believe you......why dont ask your son since so power and take najib to bkt aman and do same as anwar ibrahim....dont tell me u never beat any detainee during interrogation in bilik gelap or with eyes tied up...u think he will be scared ahhh or ur son end up retired early...see what happened to rahim noor?


  72. kau sedang menunngu kebenaran