Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Death of a good blog

Blog has been removed

Sorry, the blog at simedarbywatch.blogspot.com has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs.

Did you expect to see your blog here? See: 'I can't find my blog on the Web, where is it?'

Who killed the blog? The simedarbywatch blogger mailed me to say he's "tired". He also felt that he's achieved his goal ("We got rid of Fox Media, didn't we?"). He is happy that Sime Darby has opened its eyes and is starting to engage bloggers ("I was not invited to dinner but I'd like to claim part of the credit").

I wish SDW all the best. Wish he hadn't totally deleted the blog.; he could have just posted a last goodbye and kept the blog "alive" on blogosphere.


  1. Trojan Horse1:41 pm

    Are you sure he wasn't taken into a Fox Media's torture chamber and forced to delete the blog?


    Fox media dead? You think?

    Let me put it this way. Certain individuals could infiltrate the Malaysian High Office, and also put the Hindu God a the top job in NSTP, don't you think the buffaloes could infiltrate news sites like Malaysiakini and MalaysiaToday? Think..pikir...

    Malaysian Insider is reaching one height after another.

    I think they should change their name to Malaysian Propaganda.

  2. SDWincarnated2:15 pm

    Thanks Bro, I would start another watch. Bird watch!

    SDW incarnated.

  3. Anonymous2:23 pm

    good bye sime blog. are did a great job and the death is due to sime darby itself. a powerful conglomerate company. they should appoint you as head of corp communication


  4. Anonymous2:32 pm

    So Dr M went against the PM's wish not to take part in Penanti...hmm will he later say he made a mistake - should have supported Muhidin as PM not Najib???..Hmmm..

    mat taib

  5. Anonymous2:47 pm

    don't delete the blog bro.

    exciting times in sime darby

  6. Anonymous3:18 pm



  7. Rocky 43:35 pm

    well u use to be good, then u switched side.

    Now your blog stinks and people are wishing u die.

  8. Anonymous3:37 pm

    I don't think it was much of a blog.

    For one that claims to be a "watchdog" it was obviously one-sided.

    All the bad get publicity, all the good is not mentioned. Its also funny how "closing a branch" (which to me makes a good business decision) is associated with poor management.

    Or how an internal enquiry that got misbehaving people booted is spun as wrong.

    Its like you Rocky. Some people suppport you, some adore you. Some despise you and some hate you.

    Even if you did right to your naysayers you're a gone case. If you did wrong to your advocates you're an angel.

    But kudos to you for surfacing. Blogs like SDW thaht write under anonymity are much like politicians: kentut tapi tutup hidung seolah orang lain yang kentut.



  9. ... or he/she might have joined the new administration, no?

  10. Anonymous4:39 pm

    ROCKY check the news about you n nuraina visiting the z hamidi fellow any comments.

  11. Anonymous4:47 pm

    Dear Rocky 4,

    We unanimously that it's u who should DIE. Or maybe ur dead already. When ur refering to 'people' we sincerly think ur thinking of your f@#king mother, f@#king father and ur f@#king kind right? IDIOT!!!

  12. Dang, I thought you were doing a self-critique...

  13. god's hand?..surely not..maybe 'virus' jejejeng

  14. Anonymous7:53 pm

    His last post~~via my google reader:

    Akhirul Qalam
    from SIME DARBY WATCH by noreply@blogger.com (SIME DARBY WATCH)
    Dear all,

    All things must come to an end, good or bad. Likewise, with effect from 12pm today, I am also putting an end to this blog. Some may rejoice, some may be disappointed. But whatever it is, the decision has been made. I am closing down this blog for good.

    I have my reasons for doing so. But believe me, I have not succumbed to any kind of threat or inducement. I make no apology for starting this blog, and I make no apology for ending it.



    emmm seems fishy~~since on the April 11th he said "Will be back with a bang. I promise~~Din"


  15. Bru,

    Alas, if only they know, bro! If only they know.
    To all of you who think you know Rocky, think again.
    If all of you think you know, the other bloggers, think again.
    Cos, if you are really within the 'inner' circle you will then know about the spins, both sides!

  16. Husin Lempang9:13 pm

    Dah dapat fulus kot....

  17. Can't say the same about the other blogs, but this one? Its about as middle as anyone can get.
    Stay the middle ground bru!

  18. tigger9:17 pm

    Sime peopel were closing in on the author. especially after the last posting. some confidential information was about to be revealed.

    I think he kinda cabut to save his ass.

  19. Anonymous9:36 pm

    I hope someone has the archive kept somewhere...

  20. Anonymous10:54 pm

    still lots more on Sime dirt that needs fixing. Fox is one dead issue but what about that chief sustainability officer? the botak paria guy puven selvanatan? I heard he has failed in his business and conned a govt venture firm of an investment into his bankrupt company that he clearly cleaned it's coffers out! then he got the cheek to do this anti corruption campaign to hide his wolf self. and bloody Sime fell into the trap and hired him. the bugger is a crooked case so Sime, either you check who u hire or be prepared to get axed! I dare u to check

  21. Anonymous12:39 am


    When you go back to NST, the first person you should meet is Lee Ah Chai and shake his hand.

  22. Anonymous12:40 am

    Sime Darby Watch pengecut. Dia takut kena saman dengan Sime Darby. Jadi cepat-cepat delete blog. Blogger tak ada telor.

  23. Anonymous12:42 am


    Agreed. Sime Darby is closing on the author of Sime Darby Watch. They know who he is and they archive every single article Sime Darby Watch published. I think they will take him to court.


  24. Anonymous12:54 am

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  25. Anonymous1:20 pm


    its tough to be a whistle blower. i ought to know it too. u r going againts the so call mighty and powerful and therefore not easy task. mada ada jihad yang senang untuk menegak kebenaran? my late father would go and clean up different government agencies/departments and fifteen years down the road....they are all back to their corrupted self. sometimes you wonder if there is such things as justice?

    For evil to prevail, is for good men to stay silent....and that is surely why "we" are as a nation going down hill morally and ethically....

    keturunan jebat

  26. Anonymous2:50 pm

    I think we all should say thank you to blogger Sime Darby Watch. He or she was the one who broke the news about Sime Darby trying to buy into IJN and was instrumental in ensuring that the Labu LCCT project was shelved.

    Why are we accusing him/her of all sorts of things? Come on guys, if he wants to discontinue his blog, doesn't he or she have the right to do so?

    Siamang gagap.

  27. Anonymous8:51 pm

    Aku sangat Marah

    Daaah Selamat

    Diaorangdh sekat habis-habisan, takkan korang tak boleh teka kerja sape?

    Tengoklah hari ni apa surprise Bijan dah buat. Next week lagi...see? don u see? pergi tengok siapa akan naik di sd esok. sorang2 dah kena pangkas. semata-mata nak selamatkan poket masing2. we rock bro!

    sd dah boyak! tentu banyak "shid"!Piiraaaaah Guthrie!

    -The 3 stooges of SD -
    Zu"bir" More"Shit"
    "Ass"Heir" A"Bedul" "Hermit"
    "Hell"me" "OS"Man "Busuk"

    GO TO HELL SD = time2 nak bonus ni saja lah tu.

  28. Anonymous10:56 pm

    I am not surprised that it has closed. After all his objective has been accomplished, I expected SDW to be "tired".

    His job was to make certain SD management look like crooks through his blog. If he was the moral police that he claims he is, and with all the evidence collected, why was not a single police report made?

    It is not surprising that there are already talks that senior management of SD will be replaced. The people that takes over will have no SD Watch to contend with and as such are free to do exactly what SD watch is accusing the present management of doing.

    Ini semua circus, pretty much the same circus, but different clowns and different ring masters.

    (Poke poke) Soon to be removed SD senior management, how about you guys/gals start SD Watch II ?

  29. vitruvius11:29 pm


    While I do not know you personally, you have my utmost respect as a human being, journalist and in this context a blogger.

    To label SDW as a good blog is overrating it.

    Since it came online, it has not helped the merger process. It was filled with unsubstantiated tabloid-like trash which has brought nothing but mistrust in its vain attempt to retain an obsession in past 'glory' - in his case, I'm convinced it was Golden Hope.

    The blogger came across as childish and insecure and has failed to see that the majority of SD Citizens would like to move forward.

    I know he was a journalist. But a good reporter should not sensationalise hearsay, should substantiate his claims and to tell the whole story - even the good stuff. Otherwise, he is nothing but tabloid trash. It is because of 'journalists' like him, our press has gone to the dogs.

    He claims to be a whistle blower but chose to put the auditors that were merely doing their jobs in a compromising position - at least have the decency to delete their names!!

    For me, in contrast to your headline - IT IS AN OVERDUE DEATH OF A PRETENTIOUS BLOG!

  30. Anonymous6:31 pm


    I agree with Vitruvius that SDW was not a good blog. It was an instrument of vendetta, thus describing it as a good blog I consider not right.

    SDW has conned a lot of people, but for me the worst is that he has hurt a lot of people, experienced with very good track records, and has damaged SD's reputation. He is a coward of the highest order, putting people's names on the blog, while he remains anonymous.

    You know him, I don't (but I have a good idea of who he is). When SDW makes his next move, I'll know him for sure. This is because his master is in place. SDW's next move will tell me who he is for sure.

    I await another "good" blog to close.

    Kleen Eeswoot

  31. Anonymous11:16 pm

    There are many corporate rider thats seems to be look good. sime darby start to take government money again to make their business - subsidi. high paid sime darby personal, thanks.

  32. It must be great experience you had there.

  33. Anonymous4:31 pm

    Thanks SD Watch. Kind of miss all your news.. Without the news from your blog we wouldn't know that the mgmt is up to this kind trick to "pipe out" Malaysians' hard earned money to their pockets. Making the rich even filthy rich.

    Goodbye lone crusader... :(

  34. go to simedarbywatch2.blogspot in april 2010

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