Friday, April 17, 2009

RM4 billion solution to toll problem!

BH 17/04: Kerajaan arah EPU cari penyelesaian komprehensif kepada isu kenaikan tol yang amat tidak disukai rakyat: Najib
Najib wants to end toll problem. This is perhaps the best thing that the new PM has come up with so far. We are paying way too much for toll. You have read many newspaper columns and letters to editors about this. People have demonstrated over toll rates. YB Tony Pua gave a way out on his blog some months back, although some people think his proposal was too simplistic. The MCA has a committee to look into this, and there's a paper by an MP related to our good doctor here that says the solution to the problem would cost the government only RM4 billion!

Best of all, I heard even PLUS, the highway concessionaire, has got a paper done on this which could provide the comprehensive solution to the problem for the government.

I suggest the EPU, which is headed by the former Second Finance Minister, refers to Dr Mahathir Mohamad for some guidance, too.


  1. Anonymous4:24 pm

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  2. ''This is perhaps the best thing that the new PM has come up with so far. ''

    whatabout this headline ??

    '' UMNO finally taking RAKYATs' plead slightly seriously after so many protests / complaints and proposals from various ppl and the oppositions, bit late but better than never''

  3. Anonymous4:27 pm

    What Dr Mahahtir for guidance?? Wasn't he instrumental in bulldozing the concessions linked to his BIGTIME SMALL buddy Daim?

    Rocky, are you trying to say we cannot run this country without Mahathir?

    Please lah....enough of him.




  5. Non-partisan4:39 pm

    If this is realised, it will be the beginning of the many good things comming in the very near future. It augurs well for BN.

  6. At last the government ha come to their senses. What took them so long?

  7. Anonymous4:53 pm


    Why must we refer everything to Dr Mahathir Mohamad? The Rakyat have enough of Mahathirism for the past 22 years!

  8. Well, if Najib follows through and delivers on this, he should thank Tony Pua and DAP who showed what's possible.

    Personally, I think if we do a special independent audit, we should be able to take over these Highway Concessions for FREE as I'm convinced there was much over-inflation of costs and fraudulent accounting, not to mention corruption in awarding these JAMBU contracts by the EPU, Works & Transport Ministries and Dr.Mahathir! We the People, have been taken for a huge ride these last 20 odd years.

    A similar exercise should be done on Tenaga & the IPP's. Is it not incredible that Tenaga,a MONOPOLY, just announced the lowest 1/2 year profits ($41 million PBT, I think) and expects poorer results in the year to come!

    Is it not pathetic that 45% of Tenaga's FIXED COSTS arises from fully guaranteed 'take or pay' one-sided agreements consented to by Dr.M totally against the advice of Ani Arope, the former MD of Tenaga?

    A first step would be to suspend all listed IPP shares and forcibly drag the Major Controlling IPP Shareholders to the negotiating table.

    They should be read the Riot Act, what constitutes fraud and traitorous conduct to the Nation and that if they do not make concessions generously and magnanimously, the ISA will be used against them and their prison cell keys thrown away forever!

    In the old days they would have been sent to the guillotine to have their heads sliced off!

  9. I am also very suspicious and astonished that you think we need Mohd Nor Yapkop or Dr.M's advice on any of these issues. Loyalty has its limits.

    Dr.M especially is THE main person responsible for creating this huge mess and burden on the rakyat and the looting of our National Reserves.

    I mean seriously, would you ask Dracula for advice on how to set up a Blood Bank?

  10. Anonymous5:17 pm

    "refers to Dr Mahathir Mohamad for some guidance"

    Jenaka petang Jumaat.

  11. Well done DS Najib! A good move indeed. Serve the people well, and they will respond well. Give them enough reasons to look up to you and they will.

    Nowadays, with the prices of most basic necessities have gone up the roof, such a move will surely put a grin on the face of every Ali, Ah kau and Ramasamy.

    Why, several more drastic moves such as this, and we can wave the Pakatan Rakyat good bye.

  12. Anonymous5:27 pm

    U think the EPU head is going to solve that for rakyat???he's going to solve it for the corporates!!!dont worry and MARK my words.


  13. Anonymous5:31 pm


    The No 1 toll collector is PLUS. Its a listed company. Let the Govt take a Billion or two and buy up all the Plus shares. No need General offer - get it waivered. Then delist Plus, pay off the Bank debts (almost fully paid off by now) renegotiate the Toll Concession and make the road open to the public. No more tolls.

  14. joe black5:35 pm

    Not so easy bro. People like Tony Pua thinks it's just easy to buy out the equity of these private toll operators, but they keep silent about the cost of maintenance and the operational efficiency of JKR in maintaining these highways.

    Need to have a full study about the total cost of ownership (TCO) of road operations and maintenance and have a cost-benefit analysis of a public-owned vs privately-maintained highway.

    Just speaking anecdotally I still think the toll operators do a better job than JKR in building and maintaining highways.

  15. Anonymous5:51 pm

    Refer to Dr.M? He is the guy who started this mess..

  16. Even thought rakyat don't like the toll system, so do me.. but for maintenance sake I think its better we have the toll system running, but for me no more than RM10 ringgit or say saturated at certain distance, so if you travel from Penang to KL or further, that the max you have to pay.. the existing toll count every batu you travel is so cekik darah..

    Malaysian.. don't just selfish to think bout your toll money.. think also 4Bil out of the pie you take from the deserving kemiskinan tegar out on the street..

    for me, lower the tariff and make it saturated.. at least we can pull something for the maintenance fee, at the economy scorecard right now better we save money and use it on the right direction..


  17. Anonymous6:33 pm

    After wacking the Rakyat for over 10 years, now pura pura nak solve the problem.

    I bet, this is just a politik gula gula, no positive outcome, just like any other issues.


  18. Anonymous6:48 pm


    Why Dr M to be consulted?

    You are indirectly saying that the current PM's team is not capable of addressing the matter?

    Enough-lah. Give the PM a chance.

    Somehow, this thing about asking guidance from Dr M should stop.

    He has retired.

    Its time for the newer generation to take on from where Dr M left and make it even better.

    Remember, even Dr M said once that he cannot continue to lead (pikul) the people (I think he meant UMNO members and the Bumiputras).

    The current PM is passionate about 1Malaysia and the concept of sharing power. This includes sharing of ideas as well?

    Let the PM apply his wisdom to seek guidance from people who have a duty to serve actively and mandated by the voters. For all you know, he can even look at the PR's proposal as well - and incorporate good ideas if any.

    Even if the unity government does not materialise, the PM can accept ideas from even PR - as that will give a broader meaning to 1Malaysia.

    Is that not one of the better way to go from now on?


  19. Rock,




  20. Do you really think that umno would let go their 'sacred money making cow'. You're naive to believe that they would do so easily.

    See what happen to water deal in Selangor. When the Selangor government offer to buy the water operators at RM5.7b, what the Federal government do? The umno government through its lackeys asked for over RM9b.

    Similarly, the same deal will happen when they buy over the highways, the government will pay as if their father owns this country.

  21. Anonymous8:07 pm

    It is not that Najib is good or the BN gomen is concern about us...if BN still have the support like they used to, you think this will happen? NO WAY.

    So I think it is the rakyat who voted for the opposition who make this happen. So dear rakyats see what we can get if we don't give them too much power.

    So remember, we must NEVER give them the 2/3 majority again.

    About seeking guidance fron Dr M, it only shows that this PM is a follower and not a leader.

  22. Anonymous8:16 pm

    A little bit of talk can trigger so much bashing of Pakatan, I agree there are some stupid Malaysians, below the boundary of average in the IQ scale, memang mudah lupa, keep promoting racism, or are they really Malaysians?

    ~i'm stupid but i still know what's good

  23. Good news, lets hope. Decrease in toll will make it easier for lowering the price of everyday items (transport costs).

    No point in calling Dr.M. He's officially out of the government already & he should focus on retired life, instead of trying to pull puppet strings.

  24. Anonymous8:33 pm

    Now we know why Anwar and his gang do not want Najib to be PM.

    Najib is doing all the right things! And that is going to be bad for you, Anwar.

  25. Rocky!
    Najib is trying to correct the wrong that has been festering all these years. The rakyat is heavily burden with many things and the exorbitant toll rate is one of them. I think we must not be cynical and see how it is. In view of the economic slowdown, or recession, or whatever that we want to call it, any move to ease the financial burden of ordinary Malaysians must be looked upon in a positive and sincere manner. Cheers, mon frere!

    P.S. Still cold and nice here! And I do not miss the cigarette smoke filled Press Club, as the new president you might want to do something about it, Mo!

  26. Jentayu8:52 pm

    Yes, Najib should refer to Tun M rather than entertaining the conniving Malaysian Malaysia proponent, Omar Ong.

    This Cina menyamar Melayu has been hawking Najib name around town among the corporate circle as though he has Najib's blessing.

    His Ethos outfit is still part of the corrupted and destrucytive Tingkat 4.

    The invisible partners are the corrupt Khairy, Zaki Zahid and former IMF of UKEC.

  27. Rocky!
    I believe Najib as the new PM is doing the cold turkey treatment on the Malaysian economy and other things. Cold Turkey is the only way to cure our "Malaysian mental addiction and hang-ups" that appear to be tearing the social, economic, political fabrics of our Malaysian society! Otherwise we will be plunged into that dreaded political abysmal uncertainty as we have seen happened to countries like Zimbabwe, Pakistan and many more examples of a failed country that I can think of!
    Still cold and nice today! Cheers mon frere!
    BTW I have not sneezed, nor am I getting hives for the last nine days! Why? Because there is no belacan in the diet here!!
    People here are also a lot smarter than our average Malaysians because they do not have belacan in their diet! There is a definite co-relations between morons, those susceptible to rumour mongering and belacan consumption!

  28. Anti SUKJ8:56 pm

    Melayu Sejati itu adalah SUKJ yang biadap, bodoh dan bahalol.

    Dia menyamar nama baru. Melayu Sejati sokong Anwar Ibrahim dan KJ.

    Bukti KJ dan Anwar berkongsi mewakili kepentingan CIA, Israel, Singapore, dan British.

  29. Anonymous9:07 pm

    It is ammusing to see how commentators are making Najib the messiah.

    Lets recap what happened to lead up to this decision:-

    1) BN lost badly in the last general election, the stronger opposition did the right thing to ask for all concession agreements to be disclosed which BN partially did.

    2) DAP then suggested that PLUS be taken private and hence a reduction/abolishment in toll.

    3) MCA realising they were looking stupid joined the bandwagon, taking credit for the suggestion. 5

    4) Najib asks EPU to review the suggestion.

    Now this chain of events tell us a number of things:-

    1) BN would have not moved their butts if not for PR winning big.

    2) The people did the right thing by giving the opposition their backing.

    3) A two party system is the way to go forward to ensure complacency does not creep in.

    An insider also told me that the reason why the federal govt was so quick to intervene in the Selangor water issue is to avoid looking silly in the eyes of the public and PR taking all the glory.


  30. Anonymous9:18 pm

    Consult Dr M???

    Wasn't he the brilliant one who privatised evrything when it was profitable and then bought them back when the co were in deep shit?? NO?????


  31. Anonymous9:21 pm

    So what if Nagib is to take advices frm our truely statesman or better still the greatest Muslim/Third World countries greatest leader Tun M? Nagib wont even became DPM and PM now if not because of Tun M.

    Look around our ASEAN neighbours (except LKY tiny red dot),they never got out frm the IMF(ANWAR buddies)claws. All of their cruicial assets(oil&gas (such as PERTAMINA ), Telecomunications, Utillities were all gone to those fucking greedy Neo Cons group)after 97.

    Bukan lagi MELAYU MUDAH LUPA its these ungrateful fucking ANWARISTA yang sudah LUPA.

    We are very fortunate to have such a courages & smart leader like TUN & should be very grateful to him that we are not like what is Thailand, Indonesia & the Philippines are today. Even the WEST now are following MAHATHIR's way to save their own economy.JILAT LUDAH BALIK He he he.

    The sleepy head/SIL & gangs would still be ridding high & bleed the whole country if not because of TUN.

    So these FUCKING ungreatful lots just wouldnt stop bashing TUN M ha!.Dont know why they r still around ,fuck off to singapore lah, thats what they always do & stay there & lick those WESTERN/Neo Cons balls.


  32. Anonymous9:22 pm

    For gawds sake, Rock.

    So why don't we just make Mahathir PM again Hah?

    Why don't we to back to stone age?

    Why don't you go back to work for Malay Mail?

    Please let history be history and stop living in the past.

    I'm no fan of Najib, but for better or worse, we should let our country evolve, not regress.

  33. Anonymous9:26 pm

    "I suggest the EPU, which is headed by the former Second Finance Minister, refers to Dr Mahathir Mohamad for some guidance, too"

    what about appoint Mr. Semi Value as a Chief CONsultant for this special project?

    - Dicko

  34. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Najib is doing all the right things....hee hee ha ha

    my toes are laughing

  35. Punks Don't Mess With Me10:11 pm

    IMHO, so apart from the option of listening to Dr. M we should listen to donplaypunks. What a joke? r u better than the doc? ha ha ha ROTFL.

    In your dream.

  36. Anonymous10:16 pm

    u r right Joe Black,
    tonypua's calculation isnt comprehensive & only tell half of the story. the expressway has to be tolled at affordable rate for O&M. Otherwise it will be jammed like Fed. Highway which wld defeat it very purpose as an efficient road link. Get it tony pua ??

  37. i pick up & list down few suggestions from "penggomel"...
    1. Govt. buy up all PLUS shares, delist & pay
    off the bank debts,
    2. renegotiate the toll concession,
    3. make the road open to the public...whoa
    good idea, but
    4. let The JKR do the maintenance...
    5. The JKR then sub-contract the highway
    6. PLUS get the job through direct
    negotiation for 99yrs...

    WHAT THE HECK...!!?

  38. Anonymous10:52 pm

    easy la. without problems, there wont rise a saviour.

    Who created the TOLLS and who created the lopsided agreements? Now taking the rakyat for a ride for so mnay years, getting us out of the sucking hole isnt exactly a redemption in my opinion.


  39. yeah go to dr.m cos he was the one who screwed us up in the 1st place with tolls. yeah he can say sometimes he doesn't know cos it is done by civil servants/epu. but come on, the buck stops at him. and didn't he hear all the complaints and yet gave out more toll agreements that screwed the rakyat further. and really don't we have any talents that can solve this and only Dr.M can do it?

    but najib if Najib can pull this off, he will come out of this well. That will be truly prihatin rakyat

  40. Anonymous11:04 pm

    so saudara rocky,

    bila nak masuk balik NSTP?


    please keep (in fact enhance) the sunday times motoring section will you...

  41. Anonymous11:16 pm

    i somehow sense that this blog is used by someone to bring down someone... the first someone is kj ..and the second someone is najib and geng.. hmmm..


  42. Anonymous11:35 pm

    Why Mahathir? Why not LKY? Lagi better right

  43. dua sen11:47 pm


    You must be out of your mind to be consulting the very PERSON who created our tolled life.

    PLUS made so much profit in the 1st 10 years. Daim/Halim Saad just prostituted the profit to borrow so much for Renong's debt. Ended up PLUS has to pay back all the loan taken by them in 1998. That's why Khazanah now is the biggest shareholder.

    Now after another 10 years, PLUS is profitable again. What do they with the money, they started investing overseas. With automatic toll increase higher than our inflation rate, siapa mati. Rakyat lah.

    So why ask the PERSON who created this mess ? Are you ok ah, Rocky ?

    It's the same thing with IPP and water privatisation, puspakom. TDM practically legalised a few cronies to screw us 99% of RAKYATs dry !

  44. Anonymous12:05 am

    Sebenarnya suara di dalam internet di dalam Malaysia tidak mengikut suara majority rakyat Malaysia. Kenapa saya berkata begitu, cuba pergi ke Alexa dan tengok web yang paling banyak di lawat di Malaysia, di tangga ke-25 diduduki oleh, satu web berbahasa Cina. Siapakah yang akan melawat laman itu? Orang Melayu, India,Iban, Kadazan? Tentulah orang Cina. Jadi kita boleh bayangkan dalam betapa banyaknya suara mereka. Dan juga kita perlu sedar kebanyakkan web yang mengutuk adalah berbahasa Inggeris di mana majoriti tidak berapa pandai. Saya bayangkan jika internet di sebarkan ke seluruh Malaysia dan perbahasan dilakukan di dalam bahasa Melayu contohnya, mungkin keadaan berbeza akan timbul.

    Saya menganologikan suasana politik sekarang ini seperti musik indie, sebelum ini pemuzik indie gemar membuat muzik didalam bahasa Inggeris tetapi mereka tidak berapa menonjol, tetapi setelah mereka membuat lagu indie berbahasa Melayu, terus melatop!... Apa yang terjadi sekarang ini adalah, isu lebih kepada "urban", belum meresap ke akar Melayu. Saya pasti jika orang Melayu PKR tahu membaca apa yang di tulis di Malaysia today (komen yang mengutuk Melayu!), saya pasti mereka marah dan akan timbul reaksi yang berbeza dari sekarang.

  45. Anonymous12:13 am

    TDM was the one who initiated all these tolls together with Samy and now he's the advisor, a double headed snake.

    Really, please, enough is enough.

  46. Anonymous12:13 am

    Orang kampung nak beli gula kena naik bot satu hari, korang duk sibut nak hapuskan tol. Kalau tol dihapuskan, di mana duit itu akan diambil? duit dari minyak sabah/sarawak dan terengganu!!!!(40% GDP dari Minyak woh!!! bukannay poket Cina seperti yang diwar-warkan). Sepatunya biar saja tol naik tinggi-tinggi, nak berlagak pakai kereta pandailah bayar, jika tidak naik saja motorsikal / basikal. Yang Cina pulak, sekolah Cina dengan pagar setinggi 10 kali, banggunan besar gabak, dewan luas gila, masih nak minta bantuan lagi, S***t.. sekolah kat kampung pakai papan, elektrik pakai generator tidak mahu di bela, tentulah suara mereka tidak keluar di sini sebab di sana tidak ada Wifi!!.


  47. Anonymous12:14 am

    Dr M .. please lah , he is the one who buddy with Samy to build all the tolls last time ..

    Milking people money for more than 10 years .... Look at the directors first in toll company ..

    If the opposition is not that strong, u think BN will do this ..


  48. Anonymous12:42 am

    1. the pm should think for himself.
    no disrespect to tun dr m but unless he is officially appointed as an adviser to the government, it's hardly appropriate for him to put in his 2 sens worth and this will again be cause for misinterpretation.

    2. it's fine to pay toll. it's even ok to increase. i remember tun dr m saying once that if you want something that is good u must be willing to pay for it. i agree. do this, the highways must be
    - in excellent condition. no bumpy roads, uneven stretches, potholes, water puddles, etc. ini tidak.
    - no traffic jam - buat apa ada highway bayar toll kalau jam jugak.
    - any increase should not be exorbitant but reasonable. you dont build a highway on the promise to regain your money within 5 year. this is all long term.
    - there must be date stipulated to the end of any concession. must i still pay toll on a stretch that is for example 15-20 years old and has since outlived its purpose of effectiveness due to higher traffic volume?

  49. Anonymous12:48 am

    rocky, why must Dr M. Are you crazy cause he is the one that approved the toll, where govt has to pay million of dollars. oh ya, forgot that you and Dr M are buddy.


  50. All I know dead man is walking again and old fut still needed in UMNO.
    MCA half dead..Gerakan already dead..all are alive...thanks to UMNO the Messiah Mahathir is back!!
    UMNO will make sure MCA...Koh Tsu Khoon..the devil reincarnated Mahathir..names will be hero worshipped more and more.
    Are there really so many idiotic young voters for UMNO to fool for votes?

  51. Anonymous5:15 am

    Pergi tanya kat Dr Belit tu buat apa. Dia pun ada share. Kalau dia nak hapus dah lama dah dia buat. Dia perintah 22 tahun dan dia yg buat tol.

    Haram jadah punya Dr Belit


  52. Using 4 billions of our money to pay for bn's mistake.
    Will this be fair to Sabah and Sarawak ?
    Why not bn coughs up 4 billion to mend their mistake.
    Tun mamak's advise?
    Tun wants his crooked bridge by hook or by crook as well as saving his dying Proton.
    All this talk about abolishing tolls is just to shoves up the tainted PM ratings.
    Just wait and see.

  53. Yang tak tahu apa itu sejarah EPU, diam! Setakat baru pandai baca surat khabar 3 tahun yg lepas nak bercakap banyak(kebetulan rumah baru pasang telefon dan dapat gapaian jaringan) terus tahu segala yang terjadi di Malaysia.
    Cadangan saya,
    1) kekalkan tol tetapi rendahkah kos untuk menggunakan tol bagi rakyat Malaysia dan pengangkutan awam(sebab pelancong yang banyak guna tol, pelancong seberang tambak sahaja dan mereka mampu utk membayar atas kadar tukaran matawang yg lebih memihak kepada mereka).
    2) logik kepada perkara ini adalah untuk kerja-kerja naiktaraf dan baikpulih yg perlu berada di atas taraf tinggi bagi memastikan keselamatan rakyat yang kebanyakannya suka memecut(jgn menafikan) di atas lebuhraya terumatanya PLUS yang hanya 110kmj.
    Mengambil iktibar dari kejadian buruk banjir yang berlaku beberapa tahun yang lepas, kerosakan di atas jalan raya negeri/persekutuan agak lambat di baikpulih berbanding jalan raya di lebuhraya. Memastikan kelancaran perjalanan dan tidak mengganggu perjalanan ekonomi(pemandu komersil juga memanfaatkan kemudahan PLUS).

    Kesenangan hari ini, tak bermakna untuk menanggung ketidaktentuan musibah pada masa hadapan.

    Kenapa merujuk Tun M,
    1) DSN masih mentah dalam membuat keputusan, ingat! Ramai orang boleh membuat pernyataan popular dan menaburkan janji tetapi adakah orang yang memberikan janji itu boleh melaksanakan janjinya? (ingat! janji akan tubuh kerajaan baru sekiranya menang pilihanraya permatang pauh pada 16 sept 2008 dan berjanji akan letak jawatan sekiranya gagal. adakah janji ini dipatuhi? tiada siapa mengungkit?)
    Sebarang keputusan mengenai pemilikan semula syarikat swasta perlu dilakukan selepas mengira pelbagai aspek. Saya yakin pekerja sektor kerajaan masih belum boleh melakukan kerja lebih pantas dari swasta(maaf CUEPACS!anda banyak bunyi tapi tiada tindakan proaktif dari pihak anda yang saya nampak utk membaikpulih perkhidmatan sektor ini).
    2) Pengalaman membangunkan negara dgn era pembangunan pesat oleh Tun M boleh dijadikan landasan oleh DSN utk mengingatkan, bukan beri gula-gula utk dapatkan sokongan rakyat, berikan beras dan garam boleh untuk mengisi perut rakyat walaupun rakyat itu tak pernah bersyukur pada pembangunan.
    3) tanpa penswastaan,
    TELEKOM , mungkin kita hanya ada 56kbps dial up hari ini.dan membayar Rm2/seminit utk penggilan telefon. Mana mungkin HSBB dan operator panggilan selular ada sekiranya tidak diswastakan TELEKOM.
    TNB, mungkin kita bergelap 45% dalam setahun, tak mungkin dapat dipulihkan 'black-out' dalam sejam kerana untuk kerja lebih masa, banyak prosedur yang perlu diisi sebelum boleh berkerja.
    Air, ini saya percaya dan tulus, penswastaan masih belum dapat memberikan yang terbaik. Air percuma di Selangor, terima kasih KDEB(syarikat dibawah naungan kerajaan Selangor-saya percaya ini juga swasta/penuh swasta?)

    Bersatu utk membetulkan kembali Malaysia, tuntut hak anda pada yang patut memberikan kepada anda. Yang pandai berjanji tetapi tidak nampak pengotaan janji tersebut.

    Adakah (terus terang saya nyatakan) DS Anwar akan melakukan ambil alih semua syarikat kaitan kerajaan apabila(nauzubillah) dia mengambil alih? Pendapat saya, dia akan membuka penuh ekonomi dalam Malaysia maka syarikat luar negara akan memenuhi persisiran Malaysia. (Halliburton mengganti Petronas, adakah Halliburton akan membuka Bandar seperti Bandar Petronas? Iraq menjerit TIDAK!)

    Kenapa DSN baru membangkitkan hal ini sekarang bukan sebelum pihak pembangkang membuat bising? Jawapan mudah, dia bukan PM dahulu.Dan ini bukan keputusan UMNO, ini keputusan PM baru.

    (btw, I'm using english now asking for the reduction of accessment tax for houses in Selangor being brought down since Selangor has been taken over by PKR and this is one of their promises. I never asked for it before since I figure out such fee is fine with the condition but since it is being promised during the election '08. When will this be delivered? Hoping to get rebate for all 'extra' payment since u took over the country. Do you understand english?)

    dan tidak, saya bukan orang UMNO, saya mengkagumi kepimpinan Muhammad S.A.W dan saya suka pembangunan yang dibawakan Tun M, sekiranya ada penyelewengan, saya tidak terjejas malah saya memanfaatkan 'penyelewengan' tersebut dan berjaya mendapat kerjaya atas rezeki yang ditentukan.
    'Penyelewengan'(komunikasi,TELEKOM dan JARING) membolehkan saya on-line dan membuat catatan ini.
    'Penyelewangan'(PLUS) membolehkan saya melawat ibubapa saya di Johor dgn pantas dan selamat menggunakan PLUS.
    'Penyelewangan'(Cyberjaya, MMU, PTPTN) telah memberikan saya ijazah dalam industri IT di sebuah institut yang didirikan atas polisi 'penyelewengan'(MSC).

    Entah siapa yang rajin hendak baca posting yang berjela ini, mungkin orang yang membaca sehingga habis ayat ini pernah belajar dan mengambil iktibar matapelajaran sejarah.

  54. Brunt Council8:43 am

    If you all despise the toll road and highway, stop using it. Boycott the toll hiway!

  55. Anonymous9:28 am

    The question is not whether the problem of high toll can be resolved. The big multi-million/billion question is who are the big share holders of PLUS or who stands to benefit the most if PLUS is left to run under present arrangement. Bet you bottom ringgit it is the people related to the political parties in power. Need we say more ?? Let's wiat and see if Najib is a true leader for all as he claims. This is a good test to see if he has the guts to remove the toll collection and pay the blood sucking PLUS and get rid of them forever. Maybe a new company +PLUS+ will be formed to take over.

  56. Controlling the price of toll is fair to everybody even people in Sabah and Sarawak... remember the tolled road are the backbone of our transport system.. all major goods in one way or another will have to go through these highways. Product manufactured in Peninsula need to go through tolled road before reaching the port for transportation to Sabah, Sarawak vice versa.
    As for consulting Tun M, I totally disagree. Obviously those who support the idea are budak-budaks who are still berhingus when Tun M reign this country with his Malaysia Inc. (In other word he is the one that put us in this mess, get it!!)

  57. Anonymous9:50 am

    MOre than 20 years ago, then Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang from the DAP shook Parliament of the lopsided highway concession.

    It created a ruckus in Parliament as he said in about 20 to 30 years, Malaysians will be ripped off by the concessionaire. BN assholes protested and shut him out.

    Today, 20 years later, what Kit Siang and the DAP said is happening excatly.

    Najib was a BN MP or BN MB of Pahang then, I think. He supported the concessionaires because everybody thought Mahathir was helping us.

    Little did everyone, except Kit Siang and DAP, realies that we will really screwed. We motorists have been screwed left and right while Umno-linked firms' coffers grew by leaps and bounds over the last 22 years.

    Now they say he is a honourable man. Let us not forget that it is the OPPOSITION pressure that is making things work. It's all part of their manifesto.

    20 years ago, Kit Siang was outshouted by the BN brute majority.


    Time to change BN


  58. dude...please give me a good reason why we we should ask him?

  59. dude...listen carefully ya.. if we dont give a chance to najib.. then whos gonna be settle all these problem soon when dr m gone?? think dude.. think dude..

  60. Anonymous11:58 am

    Can i murder an innocent person and then put up a show to save 10 others, so that i won't be called a murderer but a savor?


  61. Anonymous12:02 pm

    The comments thus far is indicative of the mental health of the PR morons who troll these parts.

    In 2007, a confidential report in the Utusan quoting Daim (if I am not mistaken) alluded to the fact that BN would lose up to 5 states if the then sleepwalker's administration continued with its somnambulistic flip flop policy gait...of course some runny nosed moron pooh-poohed such an assumption and went on to contribute to its realization by meddling in the candidate selection process, engineering more policy foul-ups and the like and the rest, as they say, is history.

    Of course, the moronic zombie half of Malaysia will claim credit for the handiwork of the Trojans lest these Trojan be purged, ousted and executed in the marketplace. With the Malay/Pribumi votes coming to its senses, beginning with a nascent trickle in KT that has since changed into a steady flow in BG, BS and a surge in BA, it is matter of time the rainbow coalition vanishes into thin air and the fault lines be very clearly demarcated. Penanti, if it materializes would be an exception as that is zombie territory but eh...even a pipsqueak like Amin shah can corral 15k votes against a supposed goliath who knows but I wouldn’t bet my house on it though. Anyway, it would be interesting to hear ex-Penanti's tell-all tattle that will make some skeletons rattle as it tests the mettle of a posse of cattle about to be nettled by his prattle and they battle to tackle the gaggle that will be raised by his waffle...ha!ha!ha!..LOL

    2. Some typical nerd, flaunting his PPE, suggested buying out PLUS’ shareholders but conveniently forgot that purchase is succeeded by maintenance (patching and rehabilitation which involves full depth patching, minor drainage & base repairs, shoulder repairs,
    clean & fill joints etc),resurfacing (using performance grade ACHM); rubblelizing + overlay or cold mill +overlay etc and we are not talking yet about future expansion from 2 to 3 lanes all the way, electrification, regular slope maintenance + culvert maintenance, overpass, bridge, intersection maintenance, upgrading + factor in labor, material, consultancy blah blah blah amd more bloody blah..... U INGAT freekah- unless u are a bangsa(t) Malaysia out on a kiasu ride to milk them coffers dry for your own benefit...
    The best solution if the takeover materializes is to calculate the total costs of all the above inputs/overhead costs and make public the actual costs (right down to per km costs) before calculating the toll payable ...

    Hei! if you want convenience, speed cough up your dough for it. The other best thing before proceeding would be to do cost benefit analysis based on the above between public and private ownership and maintenance as Joe Black suggested.

    3. reduce the costs of everyday items as transport costs.......ha!ha!ha!

    idiots like these are a dome a score nowadays like some catatonic bright eyed wonders they spew garbage with no regard for fact. haulage costs involves a whole lot of variables fuel costs( roughly 50-60% of costs but then again we have the diesel subsidy, dont we?), vehicle maintenance, load factor (pegi ada, balik takda is inefficient), distance, driver costs, etc. Doesn’t mean when you are on the highway, costs automatically plummet, dolts...

    Conclusion: if you wanna say something, address the issue from a holistic perspective not jump off the PR fence for a bashing session.

    4.Suggestion about DR M: great one, bro cos this statesman pulled us out of the fire back in 1998 when some idiot mouthing inanities was more interested in getting brownie points from the IMF. Instead, the wanker (remember he assumed the Finance portfolio in 1991, about the time capital account liberalization began in uncontrolled earnest) was chiefly responsible for Malaysia being dragged into the crisis and they still deify charlatans like these...speaks volumes of their brains, doesnt it??
    Considering his vast knowledge, Dr M would know best how to deal with this toll problem, period.

    I will leave the Phakatan scum with this regarding their criticism of the great statesman( for 101 starters that is, in fact, Athukorala has a book, published 2003, on the event) :

    “The Malaysian experiment has demonstrated that carefully designedttemporary capital controls can provide policy makers with breathing space in crisis resolution through the standard Keynesian therapy .However, other countries should not treat Malaysia’s radical policy choice as a ‘ready--made’’ alternative to the conventional IMF recipe. A number of factors specific to Malaysia may have conditioned the actual outcome : a well disciplined banking system, a competent central bank, strong leadership”.
    Source: bank, strong leadership.

    Warrior 231

  62. Anonymous12:07 pm

    why condemn the old man? think what PLUS has done to our life...journeys become more convenient, safer and easier...bagi lah kredit honest to yourself...PLUS has linked the nation. tak mau bayar tol kalu, ikut jalan lama, baru tau!


  63. Toll problems have cause UMNO lost lots of must end it.
    Now UMNO buggers need to tighten their stealing too much.
    All must lie low..until 13th GE.
    He is thinking how to use the RM60 billion to keep feeding UMNO voters.
    If ever UMNO wins 13th more wayang kulit...take all they want with another usual.....multi billion..corridor this corridor that projects. is darn stupid to depend on one party all our lives.
    Lets hope new young votes can teach hypocrites and to be free.

  64. Anonymous12:44 pm

    to kike 12.13,

    betul tu bro. aku bosan tengok mamat mamat yg "so call" intelek & pandai komple nih!!. Pakai kereta mahal mahal tapi kena bayar bayar tol komplen macam mak bapak dia jer yg bayar tol. peh!!! pegi pindah tawau sana tengok!!! sikit sikit komplen, sikit sikit komplen pendek kata semua orang buat salah memanjang!!! macam dia dan mak bapak dia jer yang betul!!! aku ni bayar income tax jugak!!! bayar tol jugak!!! tapi klu nak jimat, cari la alternative lain... Fuckin moron!!!!


  65. Anonymous12:59 pm


    "dime a score"

    and source:

    Warrior 231

  66. Anonymous1:03 pm

    So why don’t we appoint lim kit siang and his son guan eng or an hindraf leader as advisor?

    Say what again ? You expect we the majority people will listen to these thick skin bastard?

    Hey you ancestor of cheater, son of a liar , Give proof any dr. M misdeed on this toll highway ?

    No proof? don’t like the highway then use the trunk road la, don’t be like a ringworm infested street dog barking up the wrong tree.

    any suggestion to improve the toll or the highway then give your opinion because we the majority of people want to hear.

    No suggestion? no contribution? nothing to share? So who the hell you people think u are?

    Don’t like this country? Yo Parasite! Leave la......


    Kepada semua saudara-saudari ku,
    kalau ada stress ka, pening2 ka, lawati website ini kerana ianya boleh memberi sedikit rawatan minda.....

  67. Anonymous1:04 pm

    Kerel bort

    Tabik..well said!

    Warrior 231

  68. Alahai people, why should resolving the toll problem has anything to do with Tun Mahathir as adviser? Better Tun mahathir than shadowy figures in somewhere in the 4th or 5th floor. Why so eager to spoil DS Najib's effort to alleviate the sufferings of poor Malaysians?

    When the government acted in favor of toll companies, you screamed in protest, saying that the government is evil.

    Now, when the government finally decides to act in the people's favor, you say it is because the Pakatan Rakyat coerced it into doing so.

    To those who say that abolishing road tolls would disrupt Malaysia's traffic flow and create other problems - boleh blah.

    With the money I'm earning now, I hardly need to worry about the cost of expressways' tolls. I worry about my cholesterol level, my blood pressure, but not paying for road tolls - and I'm driving a 3.5 L Honda Accord!

    And unlike the the lower-income group, people of middle-income group such as myself would go ballistic every time we fill our tax returns - all that money going to the government.

    But I don't want to live in a country where the lower-income group develop signs of stress disorder which could affect their working efficiency, family and social relationship, and the overall stability of Malaysia as a nation.

    As far as I'm concerned, if they're happy, then I'm happy.


    Ask any person from the lower-income group, which would he/she chose; congested traffics or rising toll rates? Only the mentally unstable ones would chose the latter.

    And as for those who are blessed with a steady income, be thankful to God and just BE HUMAN.

    Maybe now is not the right time to abolish road tolls altogether, but I believe that the government should work hard so the dream could be finally materialized in the near future.

    Come on people, SUPPORT DS NAJIB! Say YES to a better Malaysia.

  69. Anonymous3:18 pm

    PR morons shivers whenever Tun's name is mention.Tun is legendry and his legacy is everywhere .Travelling with ease and covenient by highways..thats him go north on Penang bridge again its him and Sepang circiut and beautiful KLIA and Langkawi and many more and not forgetting power distrupt free.Who can deny Tun is just magnificent.Therfore its only right for Najib to consult the old wise man if need be.


  70. Anonymous3:59 pm

    emm.. to buy back PLUS shares, it is tricky. Persoalannya=
    1) What will happen to thousand of PLUS employees? sadly most of them are Malays.
    2) So I may presumed the PNB amanah saham and Tabung Haji bonus will declare much LOWER dividend in future years (no more dividend income from PLUS maaa..)
    3) What will happen to the maintenance of the highways? (u want to believe JKR will do a better job?)
    4)What will happen to all those subcontractors & suppliers of PLUS? kesian atau padan muka?...

    I believe the best solution is to revise the agreement and to lower the rate. To buy back PLUS share & to transform PLUS to be gomen, that will be a disaster. Pls expect to see toll-free north-south highway to be look like jalan melawati or jalan semenyih whatever.

    Why just stop at Malays dominant companies. There are plenty more. One day gomen must also takeover Genting, YTL, hotel chain, food manufacturers & suppliers, hospital chains.

    I believe majority of rakyat want to lepak-lepak at no cost at Genting & bukit tinggi, dapat rumah percuma dari YTL, Talam, others. Get free medical at Pantai Hospital and enjoy free or cheap all food supplies.

    ohhh.. bestnya..

    yg benar,
    Melayu terkilan

  71. Anonymous4:10 pm

    Leng Chai Monsterball, brother Mao,

    Lu mayak cakap hal mati lu sendili ini malam susah mau mati kar?

    Mau kasi bakar? Tanam? Atau kasi embalmed simpan sana Tiananmen Square?

    Boleh kasi gua wang sikit gua mayak2 nanggis sama lu punya bangkai!

    Brother Mao,

    Semua Rakyat mayak sayang sama Mahathir, haiyooo puk chak thou!! Sekalang Dato Najib pun mayak sayang sama lu, mau kasi buang itu Tol.

    Lu mau lajin2 belajar jadi baik dan cerdik pandai sama macam Tun Mahathir dan Dato Najib, OK?..

    Pai pai chai chen brother Mao. wa men ai ni...


  72. Anonymous4:29 pm

    Haiyoo Brighteyes..

    gua mau panggil lu Melem Jiang, Melem Mao tatak selap..

    Sini malaisia olang suka wayang kulit.

    Itu puppet olang putih myak suka main kasi baby syiok.

    Gua mayak suka sama lu, mayak pandai cakap macam olang melayu.

    Tapi cakap baik2 sikit suara kasi rendah, takut kuat2 nanti sama mati itu throat cancer juga.

    Tun Mahathir sudah tua tapi satu dunia mayak sayang sama dia.

    Pai Pai


  73. Anonymous4:58 pm

    Brunt Council 8:43 AM –

    Betut, betut lu otak mayak cerdik.

    Semua dalam BN mayak lajin kerja, mau kasi semua kerja cepat siap kasi Rakyat kaya.

    Tapi kalo lu olang macam LKS sama DAP tatak kerja, tatak duit jangan guna itu tol, jalan kampong tatak Tol lor!

    Lu sendili mau pandai guna otak, macam olang BN, guna untuk fikir..

    Tamau kasi otak bikin jadi century eggs, itu Teresa punya anjing pun tatak lalu makan!.


  74. Tuned Hotel5:52 pm

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    Friday, April 17, 2009
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    Room Rate:

    You may notice at every Tune Hotel around Malaysia, a big advertisement board "RM9.90 per night" for 5 stars accomodation is placed at the entrance of the hotel. I was however, not sure whether I was just unlucky enough to get the so called special rate of "RM9.90"per night. Anyway, I paid RM112.24 per night for Tune Hotel KL and RM85.11 for Tune LCCT Airport. When my friends learned about the room rates that I had booked, many of them asked why so expensive one?

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    Would you rate Tune Hotel 5 stars?

  75. Anonymous6:06 pm

    Ramai betul anak2 manja kat sini. Dah guna jalanraya best2 pastu nak komplen kata Dr M punya pasal la, apa la. Wei, kalau lu tak sokong mamat ni, tak suka apa dia buat, lu ikut la jalan dalam, jangan pakai highway. Kan tak kena tol tu. Apa la itu pun tak tau. Ini la anak2 merdeka. Dapat kesenangan, nak kutuk orang yang usahakan. Kalau Dr M tak ofer kat pengusaha buat jalan ni; 'korang boleh buat tol', lu ingat ada ka orang nak bina jalan raya? Feasible ka? Apa la. Kalau orang ofer lu buat jalan free bagi public semua boleh pakai, lu mau ka? Memang la kita kata mahal, tapi masa construct highway dulu, ada ka sapa2 sangka orang akan guna highway secara intensif macam sekarang ni? Mana ada. Para pembina highway tu dulu ambil risiko buat projek ni dan sekarang mereka meraih keuntungan. Jimmy Choo, Zang Toi; harga barang yg mereka rekacipta sekarang ni kan jauh lebih mahal daripada harga masa mereka mula2 merekacipta dulu? takde sapa komplen pun? Sebab apa? Sebab ada pilihan. Guna highway pun macam tu la. Kan ada pilihan. Buatla pilihan. Ini amek pilihan yang senang dan selesa. Pastu komplen kata mahal. Apparaaa..!

    Apa? Nak kata 'jalan semua orang guna'? Abis tu kasut pun semua orang pakai.

    Pikir beb..Jangan ingat nak best2 je. Orang bagi cadangan baik nak abolish tol pun kau nak komplen. Tak reti bersyukur langsung.


  76. Anonymous6:30 pm

    apa kecoh2 sangat?

    takmau bayar tol lebey ikut jalan lama la...atau naik motosikal

    kereta import mahal boleh beli takkan tol tak mampu bayar?

    rokok sekotak sehari boleh beli apa nak bising pasal tol?

    mentaliti kelas tiga...semua mau free

  77. Hmmmm ..... does not Plus make huge profits?

    Was not the building of the PLUS highway many quantums over budget, with different sections being sub-contracted many times over. (I know someone who make their millions from building a section of the highway, well winning the sub-contract then sub-sub contracting it)

    All that cost has to be added in as well.

    If it was done on a public basis why would it not have been cheaper if you take the above factors into consideration?

    The current cost of our toll is based on all the above factors.

    I believe PLUS was build on a cost-plus basis and there was no sanction from the govt for being way over-budget.

    It's a done thing, just be vigilant that it does not happen again in this trying times aka Indah Water and their ilk.

    One thing to note, which I am glad is that the govt. is actually seriously taking into consideration an idea/suggestion initated by the opposition.

    Not a fan of BN but Kudos for that. Most govt the world over will not give that propaganda victory to the opposition.

  78. Anonymous7:27 pm

    remember penang bridge?

    remember the headache whenever u want to go north from kl via rawang or kuala selangor route before mahathir gave the idea to PLUS to construct what is now history?

    only thinking leaders could be called statesman. The rest are just prime ministers, president, chancellors or call by whatever names you like.

    Punai Power.

  79. Anonymous7:27 pm


    Kudos the the efforts to abolish toll charges but refer to EPU ?? You mean get advice from Noh Yackop ??
    Wah !! I am so suprised that you of all people dont know who is Noh Yackop ..the biggest penyamun of them all ..he together with his advisors in MOF2 ..the lady with all the designer accessories ..
    Let him deal with the problem and soon there will be another lamboghini in his garage ..
    You dont need a nuclear scientist to solve the toll problem bro ..all you need is a good nawaitu and a bit of sincerity ...all for the suffering rakyat like us ..


  80. If you consult Tun, he will tell you to increase toll rates.

  81. Anonymous8:44 pm

    Not that simple! O&M of the highways will cost you hospitals, schools, roads in Kelantan, Sabah or Sarawak. Or unless you want back the stinky toilets, potholes etc. Or unless you want the Government to increase road and other taxes to pay for all these O&M. Think about it real hard and deep.

  82. Anonymous8:56 pm

    One more thing Bro Rocky, Could you please tell me why should my tax monies go towards these highways, located in some opposition states? I can afford to pay toll for safe and convenient travel. What you should be asking Najib is to reduce the tax rate!

  83. Anonymous9:07 pm


    why are these people always think about conspiracy. Is that all the excitement in their lives?

    I mean, can't we apprecaite the fact that TDM still alive to be consulted on matters pertaining to the toll history?

    Trying to get consultation from an ex premier is not an insult to the current PM. How come LKY can do the consultation in singapore without anyone bothered to think their current PM a follower, not a leader etc etc. Typical Malaysian...

    Another thing, for those who kept blaming TDM for the silly toll agreement, pls la, PM doesnt do the agreement, the GLC's and the government's officials work on the details and who was the one doing the nitty gritty? dont expect a PM would know every little thing about the agreement. Of course u will start saying, he must know coz he is the boss.. but being a boss, I know how staff can screw up even the best laid plan on paper when executed. Seriously, you guys who write all these craps are probably in pubsecent and have no clue writing what u have written. Or u are just plain happier if Malaysia becomes another Thailand?

    About the privatisation, it is better than having the pejabat pos like last time. Pos Malaysia is possibly better 100 times than it was before. The butt of the TNB people would have been double heavier than now if they were still in government, and the Telekom? thank god they are not government body anymore. Otherwise I cannot imagine dealing with them just for a simple request. Even after privatisation these people still act like they are in government. It is not the privatisation is bad, it is just the lazy asses in these GLCs. So stop blaming the privatization.
    You'd think the highways can be built through JKR? u guys must be joking...LOL.....


  84. Donplaypuks,

    You left a comment (excerpts below) in a previous thread:-

    "I understand the EPU wants 3 months to come out with their proposal.

    This is ridiculous. Why 3 months? Do they need to go on 'lawatan sambil belajar' trips to London, New York and Paris to assimilate information?"


    Well, I did say we should consult Dr M, didn't I? He wouldn't wait that long for a solution. If he had been a slow coach in 1998, Anwar would have sent us to the economic gallows, my friend.

    There's another reason why we should consult Dr M on the toll issue. He basically gave us the highways that we have today, except I won't suggest we give him the title Bapak Highway.

    Economist in the advanced countries are in awe with Dr M, bro. Here in Malaysia, some of us don't play puks with good things in life.

    Cheers, mate!

  85. Anonymous9:31 pm


    The one mistake that BN made was to allow themselves being "played" by the opposition. One such issue is toll. If Dr Mahathir is still there, he could have rebutted the claim any time and yet, Malaysia is still as prosperous as ever. No one will suffer.. except of couse, some PAS, PKR and DAP members...

    Rocky, go and see the other countries to see for yourself how highways (tolled highways!)contributed so much to the nations!

    Highway user.

  86. Rocky,

    the most important point here is that toll to be reduced or even better eliminated. I don't really care if Najib seeks Putin advise or Obama or Thaksin. What really matter is that the toll collection issue ressolved once and for all.

    Also, don't really understand that the hatred to one person can make a good thing into a bad thing.

    Those who blame Dr. M as the culprit of the toll should really look at the situation when the highways were built. Look at the govt/country economic situation and decide if the govt were to take on the project, where would the highways be today especially with Samy Vellu at the helm of JKR.

    Sad as it be, sometimes, we can only measure our success if we compare our result against someone else's result. So, please compare our achievement to our neighbors. Drive around in Thailand, The Philippines, Indonesia and make your verdict about our highways.

    My two cents.

  87. When you read what Rocky must think like a UMNO Malay.
    If you think like other Malaysians including cannot agree with Rocky.

  88. Anonymous11:38 pm

    Agreed. Let us ask God (mahafiraun) himself..

    Tatak malu ke for suggesting.

  89. Anonymous1:20 am


    Why don't we consult Anwar Brahim as well coz he was also actively involved in the nego for toll collection and in fact, financially/secretly benefitted from the PLUS deal !

  90. Anonymous1:36 am

    Kalau dak mampu guna laluan Tol, kira dah steady dah tu bruder!

    Aku kereta pun tak mampu, sekadar naik BUS Metro hari2, tak pernah rasa jalan Tol.. hidup aku tak suffering pun!

    Mewah semua serba cukup.

    Lain kali, ukur baju dibadan sendiri.


  91. Anonymous2:44 am

    TDM view and understanding should be considered. He start the so call "mess" (wonder if he is resp for the penang bridge mess too.. remember he was comdemed by many opposition leaders then or maybe many just conveniently forget that penang bridge was his baby too) and he is definitely man enough to correct the weaknesses. May be the concession not favorable to Malaysian now but dont forget the trend of Malaysian driver was diff 20 years ago. This might not been predicted correctly when the concession was drafted. Nevertheless I wish for much much lower rate and ceiling as mentioned by some commentator here.

  92. A lot muthafucka ar every scared here of Tun Dr M's power! he he he

    Let me tell u this guys, TDM whatever necessary at that time, and it is time to change now, so why you guys are barking like a doG? yOU ALL ASS LICKING ANWAR AL JUBURI'S SUPPROTER! I SPIT ON YOUR FACES LA!

    Did al juburi never feed you well? Muahahahahaahahaha



  93. jitraguy3:35 am

    Before PLUS, there was JKR. Now there is PLUS and its "a mess", they said. I wonder how long would it take JKR to build PLUS ? and if there would no corruption along the way?

  94. Anonymous4:12 am

    The simplest solution - to use the rm4 billion for the road tax waiver as most people use the non tolled roads avoiding the tolled highways. No need to consult TM, all these tolls were initiated by him without any care for the people, let him fade away quietly but very doubtful since he 'kacau' AAB, surely he will 'kacau' 1Malaysia!

  95. Sayang Dr. M5:39 am

    My third finger to all Mahathir's haters here. If not for the good doctor, Malaysia could be in a chaos economically long ago. If the government of that time followed the advice of one BABI, the country would be like Argentina, where the economy went tumbling down and people went outside and broke everything, stole everything .....Imagine if it were to happen to M'sia, I won't want to imagine would be a recipe for disaster ...economically, politically and socially ....God, you all wanted that to happen to Malaysia?

    For once, do ask yourselves, whether the good doctor had helped M'sia or not ....hey just because he is not a Lee or a Goh or a Lim, it does not mean that you can degrade him....He was THE best and STILL THE BEST!!!

  96. an observer5:42 am

    I live in Europe. Here, we have to pay tolls .....nobody is, why are you all in Malaysia complaining you think everything is Free, is it?

  97. Anonymous9:14 am

    Salam Bro,

    Good job for Najib, patutla anwar dan konco2 takmao najib naik jadi PM.. still mao paklah..
    i feel good.. tenenenene

  98. Anonymous10:18 am

    If nothing can convince that BN needs to be deny, this is surely one thing.
    I mean they have refuse to consider the people's hardship everytime we tell them until the last election when we gave them a bleeding nose.
    I hope they will study all concession agreements that is bleeding the people.

  99. Anonymous10:42 am

    I doubt najib has the political will to do that. i hope i'm wrong. consulting mahathir is the worst approach. you don't consult botak chin on how to eradicate robbery.

    from: enough of the BIG robber

  100. Anonymous4:22 pm

    Bila tengok komen-komen di sini, kita boleh lihat gaya pemikiran sesuatu kaum itu. Komen-komen yang berbunyi kiasu dan mengutuk Tun Mahathir sudah pastilah dari kaum Cina. Komen-komen yang menyokong cadangan ini dan tidak pula mengutuk Tun Mahathir pula dari orang Melayu.

    Apa yang boleh dirumuskan? Seperti kata Tan Sri Muhyiddin, tak kenang budi. Nampaknya bukan orang Melayu saja yang mudah lupa, semua rakyat Malaysia pun sama.


  101. Anonymous5:26 pm

    Aku nak ke Syah Alam dari KKB, jalan biasa, boleh makan satu hari punya activity.. Crawling dan sangkut sana sini.. pi dan balik..

    Nah, pay RM0.80 + RM1.10 x3 = 30mins x2 ajer, the rest of the day, aku jual goreng pisang tepi jalan, senang2 dapat RM200.00 sehari.

    Time is money, what is RM8toRM200 ?

    Itu baru projek goreng pisang, think of those with Billion Ringgit projects..the potentials missed just because you want to save RM8??


  102. Anonymous10:57 pm

    haha...yep, tun m is back in the government. ordering of epu to find solution is so much his trademark of achieving something. well, at least someone is trying to look into "something"...let's just see how sincere this all is.


  103. Anonymous1:00 am

    There is nothing wrong with consultation and DSN being only a few days on the hot seat should be appreciated for consulting TDM or somebody else for that matter.

    There is nothing to be ashamed of to ask somebody for ideas/views no matter what position one holds.As the Malay proverb says."Malu bertanya,sesat jalan."

    Perhaps there are so many things that DSN need to know from TDM because DSN was never TDM's deputy. Consulation in this case does not mean (and I dont think so) that DSN is so stupid to take every word that comes from TDM.

    Zero toll on the surface sounds good and I am sure commuters will appreciate it.
    However I am not too sure whether it affects all highways...I think it only concerns tolls within the Klang Valley. And I do not know how investors will take it.

    Little that I know about economics and investments from foreign and local,I think frequent change of policies will create anxieties and uncertainties among investors.To put it simply, investors will definitely not be keen to invest when there are too many frequent changes in policies and decisions by leaders in any country. Worse still, current investors will keep pulling out when policies keep on changing like a fruit machine.

    One simple question : Would you invest your money when you are told that you will get it back after 10 years,then all of a sudden you are told that you will get it back after 15 years ???


  104. Bro, whatever the solution for the PLUS highway, I think everyone must appreciate the fact that it is a first class network of highways, safe and overall very well maintained, the R & R is good and what's more the Toilets are usually clean. Kudos for PLUS for having done a good job.

    1. During EPU's study, I hope the niggling fact about having to compensate PLUS everytime a toll increase which have been scheduled is postponed must be thoroughly looked into. This is because everytime the Government pays compensation PLUS will come out with a profit before tax announcement that makes everyone boil inside.

    2. While we accept that there is no such thing as a free lunch and we are pragmatic enough to accept that tolled roads are here to stay, heck China have tolls for vitually all its high grade highway. PLUS however should come up with a more fair basis on how it charges its toll rate. Toll rates hit the heavy users the hardest, so some form of rebate should be given to heavy users, a discount given between 12 midnight and 5am is rather condescending and dangerous as PLUS is asking people to travel in the early morning where people are best sleeping.

    3.For the once in a while users, maybe during the festive or school holiday season PLUS should give rebates for ALL travellers as well.

    Its good that PM Najib is facing the rakyat's grouses head on like this, maybe after the PLUS toll problem has been resolved, next stop is the IPP rates and "take or pay" issue which is sucking TNB dry.

  105. Dear Rocky

    I will give credit where credit is due.

    Dr.Mahathir and Tun Daim were absolutely brilliant in coming up with the idea for the NS Toll Highway as that took us out of the recession of 1985-1987!

    Where they went wrong was in creating a Monopoly and factoring in unnecessary automatic toll increases despite massive increase in car traffic and revenues. More than that the concession periods should not have been extended time and time again. I also believe the Highway Authority and Works Ministry were negligent in not controling and auditing the cost of maintenanance and subsequent aditional extension of the number of lanes.

    All this led to Plus being raped by Renong and the Govt having to bailout Halim Saad and Renong, while till today Saad's $4 billion guarantee has been quietly allowed to slip away!

    While Toll for National Highways is acceptable, that for roads within KL, Penang etc are not. That's why we pay road tax and expect the Fed and State Govt's to bear the burden, or at worst toll roads with low, affordable rates so that maintenanace costs are comfortably covered.

    The lack of transparency in awardingthe contracts for the National Highways as well as City Links and MRR's have truly burdened the mass of the People. That has to be arrested NOW!

    Similarly, we have been ripped off by the EPU and Dr.M on the IPP's. They can give all the excuses. We will not accept them as the Govt has virtually unlimited resources to get their act right and should not have rushed in where angels fear to tread!

    To rectify these mistakes, we only need a FEW GOOD MEN & WOMEN. The EPU, Highway & IPP authorities all have the relevant info at their finger tips and we can re-structure these extravagant deals within 2 months at worst! The EPU does not need 3 months to just get the info and come up with aplan.

    Someone else posed here the question of maintenance costs. This is a simple matter to resolve as a combination of road tax and reduction of tolls by 60% will still generate sufficient cash for the Govt to make a decent profit and cover annual maintenance costs. Ditto for IPP's!

    I suggest teh Govt launces and lists on the KLSE an Infrastructure Plc to which I and every M'sian will willingly plunk money to finance it, so that this kind of business remains firmly under Govt control!!

  106. Anonymous11:39 am


    I really don't understand why people complain about toll highways in the first place. The concept is simple - you use you pay, you don't use you don't pay. Don't these people realise that if the govt were to take over the tolled highway and make it free for everyone, their road tax would increase tremendously! Not forgetting the increase in the traffic once the highways are free. Next thing you know they will complain about the traffic jam! Like the free Middle Ring Road 2 and Federal Highway. I say keep the tolls, reduce their charges yes, but keep them tolled so that the taxpayers money can be used for better purposes like education and health.


    Mahathir MN (no not the exPM)

  107. walksay12:45 pm

    Really don't understand la when there still people keep saying IMF is Anwar buddy.

    Tarak tengok debat Shabery vs Anwar dulu ka. Ke tak nak tengok habis or tengok part Shabery cakap je. hehe. Dalam debat tu dah terang Anwar kata dia tidak mintak pertolongan IMF. Kalau kata dia yang mintak, buktikan!

    dasar UMNO moron.

  108. Anonymous12:52 pm

    hehe. highway = traffic jam.
    MRR-II free = jam...hehe..funny..funny..
    what about LDP? no free mah!. still traffic jam what.

    apa ingat kalau MRR-II ada toll, jalan tak jam ke?

    ada lagi satu..tak suka byr toll highway, guna jalan kampung..hehe..funny..funny..naik kan taraf jln kampung dulu, then aku tak pakai la highway..

    kita tak kisah byr toll kat highway..tapi munasabah la..byr utk kos maintenance dan gaji pekerja dah la..bukan utk keuntungan syarikat konsesi..

  109. Anonymous11:59 am

    It is heartening to note that the government through the Economic Planning Unit (EPU) is keen on coming out with comprehensive solutions to address the issue of toll highways in the country, including looking at the option of taking over or nationalizing highway concessionaire PLUS Expressways Bhd (PLUS) which operates the North-South Expressway (NSE).

    When Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak made the initial statement on this matter, it must have been greeted with great expectation by the rakyat. At the same time, I am quite sure there are a fair share of skeptics as well, labeling this initiative as nothing more than the enthusiasm of a new administration. Whatever the response, I think the people should give you and the officers at EPU the chance and support to carry out this responsibility and come out with a solution that will cater to the interest of all parties i.e. the people, government, business communities and not forgetting the toll concession companies..

    In carrying out any study of this nature, it is very important to look at issues in a rational manner as it is very easy to be swayed by emotions when something as prickly as toll payment is concerned. This is what makes your task and that of the EPU all the more challenging.

    Having said that, I have some questions that EPU might want to consider in this study so that we stay within the contexts of the real issue at hand so that we do not miss the woods for the trees.

    1. Since the popular contention is that toll is a burden to the rakyat, shouldn’t the government then also consider buying over all the highway concession companies in Malaysia and make all highways toll free, especially the urban ones like LDP, KESAS, NPE, SPRINT, SMART Tunnel etc. where toll is paid by urbanites on a daily basis. Why just talk about the NSE?
    2. Does the government have the finances, resources and expertise to maintain the highways in optimum condition without toll income assuming all highways are bought over?
    3. Will this set a trend of people demanding that other infrastructure be nationalized as well since there are many services that can be interpreted as a “burden” to the rakyat including electricity which is tied to the agreements with Independent Power Producers?
    4. What message are we sending to the local and international business community if the government starts meddling with contracts and concession agreements?
    5. Will this lead to an extreme case of welfare state because toll is on a “user pay” concept and there are alternate roads that are free?
    6. Will this be an admission that the privatization policy has failed and the state will once again need to take over the job of providing high-end infrastructure like highways, bridges and railways?
    7. Why should the government use the people’s money to buy back highways when not all Malaysian’s use the highways? Shouldn’t the money be used for other bread and butter development needs like schools, rural development, roads, hospitals and improving public transport?
    8. There are already too few big caps on Bursa Malaysia that attracts foreign funds and institutional investors. If PLUS was taken private, what would be the impact on Bursa?
    9. The implication of taking PLUS private may mean future capital raising for similar projects will be harder. Will this translate into higher funding cost for similar projects in the future?
    10. How will this impact government linked shareholders of PLUS like Khazanah, EPF, Tabung Haji and Lembaga Tabung Angkatan Tentera that receive handsome dividends from PLUS’s earnings?

    I am all for the review of the toll system in the country with the aim of coming out with an amicable solution that will benefit all stakeholders. However, we must approach this issue in a rational manner so that fundamentals are not jeopardized in a moment of haste.

    Welfare State