Thursday, April 16, 2009

No Lanjan by-e;ection, but yes Penanti

16/4 Fairus says he is resigning as Penanti assemblyman, adding that he will now focus on postgraduate studies and clearing his name/STAR
Our MPs and Aduns, they are beginning to fall like ten pins. This will be the 6th by-election since March 8, 2008.


  1. Anonymous5:09 pm

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  2. Another episode of seemingly never ending soap opera. Time and money of the tax payers are wasted by all these irresponsible politicians. Suka-suka bertanding, suka-suka resign for further study. Suka-suka cuti berbulan-bulan then come back again. What the heck?





  4. Anonymous5:37 pm

    penanti... next... next... next?

    i believe more will come...

    what will be our role next, bru?

  5. Anonymous5:37 pm

    penanti... next... next... next?

    i believe more will come...

    what will be our role next, bru?

  6. out of the five, 3 are inevitable.

  7. Anonymous5:59 pm

    This is a time of sieving the bad from the good ones. It is a very healthy trend for now. Only when the ore being put through the fire then it will emerge as pure & precious......


  8. F*ck the Riot6:05 pm

    Yawnnnn ... inilah bila dapat sedikit kuasa, tak habis2 main wayang.

    What happen if BN win at Penanti, will it mean no Malay ADUN as TPM 1?

    WHats wrong woth Malek and that PAS fella.

    Tak habis2 main wayang.
    By election at their wins and fancy.

    Enough, no more by elections. Teach those fakatan riot wakil rakyat to behave.

  9. petestop6:12 pm

    Actually by-election is a good thing for the constituent.

    Only then BN will be doling out goodies and things suddenly gets done.

    Furthermore, nowadays, it increasingly looks like additional political mileage for the PR, as they won most of the by-election with bigger majority.

    Bukit Gantang even got the DPM to show his true color, this otherwise behind-the-scene and mysterious guy, who slowly build his political career by not sticking up too much.
    But now as DPM, he is under scrutiny from the media.

    Just as Najib says he wants a more progressive media, Muhyiddin just killed it, by blaming the media (again) for twisting his words.
    Seems like the media is the standard scapegoat.....ha..ha...

    No wonder Rocky here is blogger.

  10. Anonymous6:13 pm

    Say Anwar found guilty come July, that could be another one....PKR letak batang pinang pun, sure menang punya.

    PKR is costing public money for all these...another by-election, not to mention public time.

  11. Anonymous6:15 pm

    Rocky as your name has been mentioned for the top job in nst what is your take on that utusan headline bangkitlah melayu.

    just wondering

  12. manletih6:17 pm

    No Lanjan by-e;ection, but yes Penanti

    I'm sure your headline is a typo. Nevertheless, can't help myself to see "r" in by-e;ection.



    ps don't edit your headline please... Gud PG-13 humor

  13. Hi Bro,

    Bila nak gantung bendera Negeri Terengganu kat blog hang?

  14. Anonymous6:24 pm

    Dont PR scrutinize their candidates backgrounds before appointing them?

    Rotten lots. Waste of time. In just 1year, one after another coming up with all sorts of nonsense!

    Mula seronok berdemonstrasi. Then seronok berpesta. Sekarang dah jadi trend seronok buat pilihanraya pula.

    Bersungguh2 nak menjahanamkan NEGARA nampak mereka ni.


  15. Anonymous6:32 pm


    Out of curiousity and my ignorance, does it mean, it is OK for Eli but not OK for Soi Lek?

    oh oops,..OK, Eli is single and Soi Lek is a father and husband..orighttt maaa..

    Kasut Tumit Tinggi

  16. Another status quo in the making. What is with Pakatan fellos thinking it's a macho thing having by-elections. This time its CATLim vs 1Malaysia and the ethnic prison wardens I supposed. Meow!!!

  17. Dear Rocky!

    This is the best an ADUN or MP can do lah! When they are after by MACC or BN.. Just Resign.. COOL

    and Be a hero..

    Shiok Guy

  18. Anonymous7:22 pm

    i dont think it is our biznes if eli sleeps naked. but i can see that 3/4 numbskulls here criticising Eli for her "sins" have cooly forogtten the sins of Toyol and other BN reps who have plundered the nation's coffer OPENLY with clear evidences of mishandling of funds. ARE U GUYS SO STUPID AS TO NOT SEE THIS? Or bcos u guys hv a hand in the moneybag that kept ur brains shut out?

    I do believe many of u here complaining are religious ppl or at least believe in a God or higher being. . So pls live up to ur faith and judge accordingly!

    God gave each one of us a brain, so use it!


  19. Anonymous7:27 pm

    Lanjan by-election or teLANJANg by-erection?

    Eli's rock!

  20. Fitri Amri Razak7:41 pm

    Abang Rocky

    Saya sedih pilu kecewa sgt kerana UMNO kesayangan telah kecundang dalam pilihanraya kecil 4 kali berturut-turut

    Kali ni kita kena berusaha utk menang, bro!

    Kali ni UMNO kena guna segala kekuatan yang ada utk menang dan buktikan bahawa rakyat memang mahukan kita!

    Ini kali terakhir untuk menyelamatkan maruah kita di UMNO

    Ayuh berjuang!

    Mari kita pastikan kemenangan di tangan kita kali ni!

    Tidak mungkin kita kalah buat kali ke 5 berturut turut di Tanah Melayu

    Jom ganding tangan jayakan UMNO dan Datuk Najib!!!!

    Hidup Datuk Najib!

    Hidup Datuk UMNO selama lamanya!

  21. Jipang 697:50 pm

    Syukur, bila Pakatan Rakyat ada wakilnya yg ada bau atau tuduhan rasuah, dia gentleman..... letak jawatan.

    Ini baik utk Malaysia

    Ini baru ada integriti

    Khir Toyo, dah ada bau busuk rasuah guna wang rakyat berenjoy enjoy di Disneyland, muka tak malu tak letak jawatan

    Khairy Jamaluddin ada tuduhan rasuah di UMENO, tak malu, tak letak jawatan di Rembau

    Ali Rustam didapati rasuah di dalam UMENO, muka tembok, tak letak jawatan sebagai Menteri Besar Melaka

    Koh Tsu Koon, masa jadi Menteri Besar Pulau Pinang, ada kemungkinan terlibat dalam salah laku melibatkan tanah di Pulau Pinang..... tak malu, tetap mau jadi Menteri Kabinet, tak nak letak jawatan

    Muhammad Muhammad Taib, didapati bersalah membawa wang juta ringgit keluar masuk ke Australia, masih menjadi pemimpin besar di UMENO, tak malu, tak nak letak jawatan, UMENO masih kekalkan dia

    Banyak lagi orang UMENO yang rasuah, yang kita dah tahu dan yang kita tak tahu sebab semuanya tersorok.


    Apa pendapat kamu semua?

  22. Anonymous7:59 pm

    Desperation makes one forget all that it stands for whether individually or as a collective group. And Pas has shown how desperate they are in their quest for power and few miserable seats.

    I only see corrupt and incompetent leaders be it BN or PKR.


  23. Anonymous8:24 pm

    Below is a newsflash in NST online today.

    With all the global co-operation amongst police forces in many countries, this guy cannot be traced?

    If he is believed to be an island, the police there would have been alerted by now?

    Making reference to Batam will surely make Drs Leonidas Braksan, the police chief there to take note and contact Malaysia for details?

    But what if this information is actually a 'bluff' and this guy still in a safe place here while being fed lavishly by the politicians who want to take pot-shots at the PR government of Selangor and also try and drag PAS into the situation?

    The country is seeing more cowards of this nature - the buggers who are using such devious means to cover their own lapses when they were in power before 8 Mar 2008.

    If there have been prayers for oppressive political party to be decimated to the lowest insignificant level, then these fellows using Helmi are the catalysts to expedite the demise.

    Keep it up guys.


    O Helmi, where art thou?

    Kuala Lumpur CID chief Datuk Ku Chin Wah said Helmi Malek, a former boyfriend of Selangor Exco member Elizabeth Wong has yet to be traced to assist police investigation.

    "He has not returned but I am confident he will be back in Malaysia soon. A warrant of arrest has been issued on him. All entry points have been put on alert," he said here today.

    Wong, 37, the Bukit Lanjan state assemblyman returned to work today after a two-month leave since her nude photographs were posted online.

    Helmi,32, went missing on Feb 9 after he was linked to Wong''s nude photos. He was said to be hiding in Batam, Indonesia.

    Wong lodged a police report in Petaling Jaya two days after offering to resign as State Exco member and Bukit Lanjan state assemblyman

  24. This time around, PKR will reduce in majority even they win. Perhaps loss.

    This is not a problem of UMNO, instead this is internal problem of PKR and Pakatan Rakyat.

    UMNO can boast votes in many ways pertaining that Fairus is found guilty or the other way.

  25. Anonymous8:43 pm

    Mustapha Ong is nothing but a fucking traitor to his Chinese. If he got any maruah left, he should just omit his "Ong" surname as his ancestors are ashamed of him. Lest the people have short memories, this Mustapha Ong is the same twit diplomat in Washington who on Mahathir's instructions, offered to bribe a driver some $200,000 just to say that he procured young girls for Anwar during the infamous anwar trial. This is a dark chapter in his history which Mustapha Ong tries to cover up without success. Each time someone raises it his face turns red. He has now claimed bumiputra status, but how many Malays actually accept him fully as such. To many of them Mustapha Ong is nothing but a f%#*XXXX opportunist!

    Jamal Amro

  26. Anonymous8:56 pm

    Out of 6 PRK after March 2008 12th GE, 3 PRK due to 3 resignation by PKR elected reps. For every PRK, about RM0.5 million duit rakyat need to be spent. Duit rakyat bukan duit Pakatan Rakyat !!!


  27. Anonymous9:08 pm

    A local Novel laundrette now is about to produce another book with title known "UMNO PUKIMAK"

    - wacko

  28. Anonymous9:28 pm

    Common you naughty Rocky,

    Make up your mind, masakan typo error?

    Which one kolek?

    election or erection?

    Macam mana mak teraju NST mcam ni bro!

    About Penanti, makcik aku sekeluarga tinggal kat sana. Pentadbir Harta Pusaka Tokwan, Tok AKU.

    Memang orang Penanti.. TokWan, Tok ku, mak aku, pakcik makcik aku semuanya dah 6orang meninggal dunia, harta pusaka TokWan Tok aku, waris lain duk NANTI NANTI, dah 46tahun pun dia jadikan harta PENANTI...

    Harap jangan exDPM dah longsap tanah2 pusaka kami kat situ juga?


  29. Anonymous9:35 pm

    Saya ingin mencadangkan supaya umno meletak parpukari sebagai calon umno untk menentang PKR. Baru kena buku dengan ruas dan dah tentu anwar risau.

  30. Anonymous9:37 pm

    Bagi orang macam aku, seronok kalau ada pelihanraya selalu.

    Boleh jual bertong2 cendol kat mereka yang dahaya akibat tekak kering duk memekik dalam panas terik.

    Kalau hujan, aku tukar menu, jual bubur kacang/pulut,

    PUN LARIS. Jualan waktu time berkempen, dah boleh beli bangalow!!

    Elok lah PKR, teruskan.


  31. Anonymous9:45 pm

    Hello people,
    Anwar can't even control his own party, his own elected reps, and the PR pack. How to become PM and run whole of Malaysia? I used to give Anwar the benefits of the doubt, but this is already too much. Nonsense laa. Mengarut.

    Bukit Selambau and Penanti by-elections are totally unnecessary. Anwar never did his homework on candidate selections. Apa punya demokrasi nie, suka-suka tanding, dapat undi, menang kerusi, dapat jawatan, dapat gaji; kereta bukan main besar, belum habis buat kerja, dah resign. Ingat nie semua main masak-masak ke? Dah menang, kerja laaa. Gaji YB pun bukannya tak cukup, lebih dari cukup.

    RM10,000 is too small a sum as election deposits. Zaman sekarang RM10k buat toilet pun tak cukup. That's why any idiot can suka-suka contest. SPR, please raise it to RM100,000. Then only the serious candidates contest. Idiots shall not. Rakyat dah fed up la woiiii.

    Mangkok von Hayun

  32. Regardless of whatever allegations he's facing, I do find the reason or act of resigning for the sake of further studies, irresponsible & selfish.

    He has been entrusted with an office to serve the public, but it seems personal agenda is more important suddenly.

    Further studies can be postponed. No harm waiting for another 3 years, unless there is really something smelly....

  33. Anonymous10:25 pm

    Quoted by Fitri Amri Razak
    "Abang Rocky

    Saya sedih pilu kecewa sgt kerana UMNO kesayangan telah kecundang dalam pilihanraya kecil 4 kali berturut-turut

    Kali ni kita kena berusaha utk menang, bro!

    Kali ni UMNO kena guna segala kekuatan yang ada utk menang dan buktikan bahawa rakyat memang mahukan kita!

    Ini kali terakhir untuk menyelamatkan maruah kita di UMNO

    Ayuh berjuang!

    Mari kita pastikan kemenangan di tangan kita kali ni!

    Tidak mungkin kita kalah buat kali ke 5 berturut turut di Tanah Melayu

    Jom ganding tangan jayakan UMNO dan Datuk Najib!!!!

    Hidup Datuk Najib!

    Hidup Datuk UMNO selama lamanya!"

    Hang pi cakap dengan Najib Razak, no need to put so much energy on this by-election becoz this is nothing and just a field for BA for their typical psychologically warfare. They are just like to create havoc as if they take over five by-election when they are all their existing DUN. Kalau berani why tak menang kat Batang Ai? Setakat maintain existing DUN sudah kira baik lah.

    So, Rock, tugas hang ialah bagi tau kat PM supaya jgn buang masa layan benda tak berpekdah mcm ni. Get him to move and kick the cabinet and ministries' butts to deliver to the people and I am sure the people will swing and their vote will be for BN in the next PRU.

    Kasut Tumit Tinggi

  34. Drama King Anwar10:35 pm


    Ini Phakatan Riot banyak belit !!!!

    CM slighted Anwar didn't inform that Fairus quit

    “Lim is in a foul mood now as he feels that he should have been informed about happenings in the state,” a source told The Malaysian Insider.

    The chief minister is not speaking to reporters about Fairus, telling them to refer to Anwar.

    As late as last week, Anwar had said Fairus would remain as Penanti assemblyman until the next general elections.

    Pakatan Rakyat sources said that Anwar was pressured by Fairus as the 33-year-old had been threatening to go public with party scandals unless PKR cleared his name within two weeks.

    In an exclusive interview with Chinese daily Nanyang Siang Pau that was published today, Fairus said he had knowledge of government and party scandals and that was the reason PKR had not taken action against him.

    He also expressed disappointment that his party did not stand by him unlike how they had for Bukit Lanjan state lawmaker Elizabeth Wong and former Bukit Selambau legislator V. Arumugam.

  35. Anwar mesti bertaubat10:37 pm

    Karpal Singh is right!!!!

    "Anwar Ibrahim has created enough of trouble for the country"

    "Anwar mesti bertaubat"

    "Anwar tidak layak mengetuai Pakatan Rakyat"

  36. iF NTR think he should focus more on the economy, then by all means,let the PR won the seat uncontested. He could save another shame (if lose) and of course save some taxpayer money.

    After all in this trying time, projecting NTR image not to waste people money is even better rather than send of goodies to certain PENANTI voters yet the result wont get any better.

    just my two cents

  37. Anonymous11:47 pm

    the bloke is only 33 years old? PKR nice tak ada lain candidate ka? Patut la si mamat ni terkejut dengan konon nya kuasa DCM!

  38. Anonymous12:07 am

    Fairus: Clear my name or prepare for expose
    -the Star

    Got something bad to expose......?

    Fairos already telling something rotten exist inside Pakatan....


    Hallo PKR fellas,
    can you please put someone who can at least withstand one BLOODY TERM! ONE BLOODY TERM!


    Apasal 16 sept tak jadi?

    Apasal adun UMNO masuk PKR?

    Apasal Adun UMNO masuk PKR masuk UMNO balik?

    Apasal adun DAP tu tak puas hati dengan NGEH?

    Apa pasal itu kedah fella skandal dengan perempuan lain?

    Apa pasal adun PKR keluar?

    APa pasal Eli tak pakai baju?

    Apa pasal boyfriend Eli jantan tak guna?

    Apa pasal fairus quit party?

    Apa pasal hujan turun?

  40. Dear Fitri A Razak, do not waste your breath lah bro, Anwar the self serving PKR/DAP supreme leader would not have made Fairus to resign if he was not dead sure that PKR will win the Penanti byelectionlah.

    Penanti is within the Permatang Pauh Parliamentary Constituencylah, lubuk Anwar itu. In Permatang Pauh they worship Anwar the Liar like a holy man who can do no wrong despite evidence to the contrary.

    I think best for UMNO/BN to just boycott the Penanti byelection and consider it saving of public fund and tell the Rakyat that there are much work to be done and people are losing their jobs and the country needs to move forward together in 1Malaysia to work through this economic storm. Malaysia do not need a pesta by-elections lah, voting to elect good people into office is a deadly serious thing and should not be Anwar's gimmick to gain sympathy and political mileage.

    No contest no election day. Just one nomination day, one PKR candidate and let him win and let PKR supporters brag until their mouth dry and their throat get swollen. It is still status quo, just another PKR member replacing a PKR ADUN. No big Deal, Anwar will still have to go to trial in July 2009 for sodomy.
    Can't resist this, got it from postings in the net:

    In Selangor it is said that some YB can be called Yang Bogel and DUN Bukit Lanjan can now be called DUN Bukit Te lanjan g. Cheers.

  41. Anonymous12:52 am

    This is a true adun, if he/she cannot perform , resign and let the people choose ..not like the 3 katak in perak.

    This show PR is really concern of the adun/mp and clean up, if they are not perform,ask them to resign .. adun is to serve rakyat ... so let the rakyat decide ...

    Not like azalina, arustam, kj .. tak tahu malu ... BN , corrupt not perform still maintain ...


  42. Anonymous3:03 am

    Good. Hope the 3 independents from Perak also has the moral duty to resign.

    I love by-elections. We will show the whole world again that BN is dying. Real fast.

  43. SALAM BRO...

    MEH LAYAN...


  44. Mustapha Ong5:04 am

    Dear Rocky's Bru,

    Your title today will caught the many eyes of our supporters and critics. I told you didn't I over your column or that of Datuk Abdul Kadir Jasin as publised last few days?

    Anwar has now confirmed that he is out to identify the best PKR man for the CRITICAL and important post of deputy CM Penang. Looks like he is already in deep shit with CM Lim Guan Eng.

    Another ploy to take over Penang by default and wrest political control from Lim Guan Eng and DAP. Sila tunggu dan lihat.

    I therefore urge PM Najib to study Anwar's move and stop him from being institutionised PKR's agenda by exploiting Fairus' weaknesses in Penanti as well as the indecisivess of goodwill of Khalid MB Selangor on the status of Eli Bukit Lanjan, now "terlanjan".

    To all my fellow bloggers, please wake up all of you who loves Malaysia under our new conviction and social contract, GAGASAN MALAYSIA, RAKYAT DIDAHULUKAN, PRESTASI DIUTAMAKAN. IT IS NOW BEING TRANSLATED INTO CHINESE, TAMIL AND ENGLISH.

  45. Anonymous6:14 am

    PKR punya calon pada
    piliharaya ke-12 kebanyakannya terdiri dari bidan terjun.Mereka tangkap muat dalam memilih calon tanpa menjangka akan mendapat kemenangan.Even budak2 suka main kamerapun boleh menang.

  46. petestop , they are twisting DPM word just like when they twisted what D.Ahmad says during the Permatang Pauh election. Read the whole content of DPM interwies not take the juices and twist it around.

    BN (Umno) no need to contest give walk over win to PKR lah. Dont waste time or money to measure our yardstick. Focus on reviving the economy and build Malaysia. Believe me either, even BN win it doesnt make any diofferences. The last 5 elections proof it all. BN should forget about this by election unleast Penang or other states assembly are disolved.Remember people first party second!

  47. Anonymous9:13 am

    Perhaps Fairus should apply for two months leave and scoot off overseas too. He may need time to think things over. After all, his expenses will be borne by the rakyat.

    And if the Penang State Government is spearheading a cost saving campaign, then there is no need to fill the vacancy. Use the budget allocated for distribution to the hard core poor instead...... (pulling a line or two from Anwar/RPK).

    It appears that PKR can do whatever they wish including using force upon Eli to get back to work.

    And Fairus is being forced out too.

    Strangely, many secrets are hidden from the public when their battle cry seems to be transparency,openness,and all that crap.

    But when they go overboard, that's perfectly okay.

    Somehow, their followers seem stupid enough to buy their bullshit.

    It's like a running thief shouting 'Thief'.

    True colours are coming out.


  48. No..not fall like 10 pins!
    You know the real truth and reasons.
    Fairus did the right thing to protect DAP government in Penang.
    It is UMNO falling candidates l falling like 10 by-elections.
    In 12th election...all their MCA .MIC Gerakan puppets fell like 10 pins...and look what's happening now.
    All loosers are back in the Cabinet......preparing for 13th GE.

  49. Ubat Kuat9:18 am

    e;ection & penanti -

    sounds familar, isit the same kind of "Ubat Kuat or Ubat Tahan Lama untuk lelaki" as advertised along those trees and bus stops :):)

  50. Mazlan9:21 am

    By-elections are great... It means BN will pour truck loads of cash to fix roads, schools and so on for weeks leading to the ballot.
    Then us ungrateful voters will vote Pakatan.
    More and more by-elections please!

  51. Silly fella Fairus. He just has to cross over to UMNO and MACC will stop the investigation and he will be afree man once again...And who knows fill up his pockets at the same time as well. but I guess yougot to commend him. He seems to have some integrity left in him. He'd rather resign than to join UMNO and save himself, like those other dudes in Perak who became independents...ya he could have become independents too I suppose.

  52. Rocky,

    Is your beloved UMNO membership 000001 or nama manja Pop Star planning to do the campaigh for UMNO?

    I wish he can come!
    The Penanti voters plan to teach him one more lesson! The voters never forget how he treated DSAI since year 1997!

    Or will he not dare to come to Penanti this time?

  53. Anonymous10:25 am


    At least corrupt PR elected representatives quit when they are found out. But look at Umno guys and BN guys - all hloding on to their positions like desperados.

    And the PR guys who want tehir positions after being corrupt choose to switch to BN!!! And BN welcomes them with open arms just for the sake of power.

    Look at Khir Toyo - still talking a lot after being stripped bare with documents to support his corrupt activities.

    Well done PR, way to go.

    Sick of corrup Malaysian

  54. Anonymous10:43 am


  55. Anwar dijangkiti Flip Flop dari Badawi11:05 am

    Hasil dari makan tengah hari di Hulu Langat bulan lepas, Flip Flop phenomena menjangkiti Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim.

    Fairus remains an assemblyman, says Anwar
    By Lee Wei Lian

    PETALING JAYA, April 8 — Former Penang deputy chief minister 1 Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin will remain as Penanti state assemblyman until the next elections, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim confirmed today.

    He refuted rumours that Fairus, who officially quit today under a cloud of allegations linked to illegal quarrying activities, would vacate the seat for a by-election.

    “He will remain as an assemblyman till the next general elections,” Anwar told reporters today.

    “His resignation effective today is as executive councillor and deputy chief minister.”

    Observers have expected Fairus to declare himself to be an independent and possibly crossover to the Barisan Nasional and that Pakatan Rakyat will try to pre-empt that move by declaring his seat vacant thus triggering another by-election.

    One news website has reported that PKR is expected to produce a letter signed by Fairus resigning from the state seat this week.

    The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has questioned Fairus on March 26 over the allegations.

    They have also taken statements from Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng and deputy chief minister 2 P. Ramasamy.

  56. Yo !!

    I wonder why osmaN Silu and Jamaluddin chap still holds on? Their case is in the court. And the Labuan chap as well?

  57. Anonymous11:55 am

    Don't be a smart A. C'mon, Rocky, you don't have to be so Cocky. Don't turn into a low life by writing "election" as "e;ection". We know where you keep the missing "r" ...and was it because the woman stood you up?

    Miguel Lopez

  58. penangboyumno12:13 pm

    Merepek sangat.
    PKR tak ada quality leaders.
    If you are not surrounded with great leaders it simply means you are not great.

    NAMPAK sangat pilihanraya hari tu pakai angkat muat.
    Apa ni seronok-seronok resign sana resign sini.

    Sekali resign duit rakyat di pakai.
    Bikin lingkup bukan bikin bagus.

    YB Malik kan ada lantiklah dia.
    Kalau tak lantik dia, nampak sangat YB PKR Melayu yang 2 orang ni PKR pun tak percaya.
    Antara lain PKR is saying,this 2 YB tak ada kualiti dan haprak.

    Pasai pandai sangat hari ni for the first time Penang punya acting CM is an Indian if CM went outstation ka bercuti ka.
    Syabas buat orang India.
    Your Makhal Sakhti has succeed.
    CM Penang sekarang ada di Singapura.
    Punya planning sampai jadi macam ni.

    Never in History.
    Selalunya bila CM tak ada sejak asal di Penang, acting CM is a Malay.

    Hidup PKR

  59. Anonymous12:14 pm

    Nak tahu kenapa terjadi begini? Kenapa rakyat tidak puas hati dengan BN?

  60. zelot6612:48 pm

    Dirty politic. This is what UMNO is good at. Kill them, buy them, send them away. Millions of ringgit is wasted.

    What we need is not a new PM, but a new government, free from stupidity and corruption.

  61. Anonymous1:17 pm

    Kepada orang PR, gunalah otak sikit, asyik nak kangkang je kat pak Anwar tuh, tahulah korang dapat service semalam!, kah kah kah..


  62. jebat's fren3:08 pm

    1. firstly, UMNO is shitting bricks when it comes to by-election cos they only know about erection and not election.

    2. very scared to lose, of course will condemn by-election by all means.

    3. i thought UMNO believe in innocent until proven guilty? how come they can accuse anwar of being a peliwat but i thought i also read somewhere in a declaration to mention that PM is also a peliwat? main dua belah?

    4. UMNO truly been taught many lessons and still behaving like a spoilt kid. many more lessons to learn, kiddo UMNO.

    5. by-election does cost money for the benefit of rakyat but there are tonnes of money swallowed by UMNO that are not benecial for the country at all.

    6. do you know why is it by-erection? because we are seeing UMNO having it and self-play .... when is UMNO ejaculating?

    7. UMNO akan kecundang more. more to come ..... not because PR is strong but because voters decide to screw UMNO nicely.

  63. Anonymous3:13 pm

    Aku rasa baik Anwar yg bertanding pasal dia lah yang paling bersih dan paling bagus dan hebat dalam satu malaysia ni...

    Kalau tak pun kita letak lembu sebagai calon PKR senang nak tarik hidung..lembu kira macam Fairuz jugak la makan tidoq berak tak payah buat kerja tapi dapat makan..

    susah juga letak TUNGGUL KAYU jadi calon mesti menang juga..

    pasal apa?

    Pasal Rakyat PENANTI BODOH tarak otak...

  64. Anonymous3:14 pm

    Wei jangan kutuk Miss ELi kesayangan aku..dia sumber iNSPIRASI imaginasi waktu tidur aku...

  65. Pakatan's problems aside..what ever is happening to poor old Najib for heaven's sake?

    Before he can even warm his seats from UMNO's mouthpiece Utusan and Mingguan, his fellow UMNO colleagues, his deputy, his mentor and friends of his mentor's are whacking him from all sides. Its like as if he can't do anything right. Matthais chang is even asking him to step aside....and its hardly two weeks.

  66. Non-partisan4:29 pm

    UMNO should immediately start scouting around to identify a people's friendly candidate for the by-election. Be courageous to select someone who may not even hold top post in the party.

    Throw back the ball to PKR for having made democracy in this country a mockery. TO add to what Parpu has said PKR is just a party rotten to the core.

    With the right strategy coupled with an effective and efficient campaign machinery, UMNO can emerge victorious this time.

  67. Ya F'ing PAKATAN
    they should have just followed UMNO, if found any suspicion of corruption pratices with fellow MPs/Aduns, just cover up and grind through it. Rafidah / Najib/ SVellu all are now enjoying the rainbow after the storm... why can't they just follow UMNO, idiot pakatan!!
    After 50 years, they never learn anything from UMNO and never learn Malaysian Politic!! tiu
    waste time with drama and $$ with by election

  68. Anonymous5:59 pm

    Hello all,

    The semi-colon in the headline does not denote an "r" which would make the word into "erection."

    It's in fact the opposite. The next time you pee just take a look at your doufer and doesn't it remind you of the semi-colon? It's flacid just like the semi-colon. No excitement mah. Tak boleh naik lah. That also cannot understand ah?

    Bro, you so clever when are they gonna make you head of NST ah? Where is Barking Magpie? Someone sleeping on the job - again? hehe

  69. All these by-elections getting to be a bit tedious !
    When will the politicking stop and we get down to the serious business of getting ourselves out of this economic gloom ?

  70. Anonymous12:10 am

    1. eddy
    My sentiments exactly. A waste of time to contest in someone's stronghold where the result is a foregone conclusion and where someone is eagerly waiting to score more PR points. The best option would be for an independent to stand against the PKR fool, campaign hard to force the fool to make promises galore which we can then judge the fool and PKR against.

    The BN should just boycott the elections...pure and simple so people like Mazlan and rest of the vermin can jerk their angst off in the privacy of their households (with no camera toting voyeurs lurking around, unless invited in by the landlord) rather than ejaculating their asinine views in public just to assuage their sick fetish for 15 minutes of Warholian fame.

    2. Someone wrote:"Somehow, their followers seem stupid enough to buy their bullshit."

    I have been consistently harping on the fact that the PR followers are just a pack of lobotomised, intellect-vacuumed zombies who cannot think rationally nor objectively as they are simply incapable of any independent thought or analysis. They can only spout immature thoughts and can hardly undertsand the crux of any issue as their responses to their reactions to the Bukit Lanjan episode amply demonstrates.

    Instead of addressing the issue at hand, they obfuscate it by bringing up stale, unproven allegations, hearsay, cast innuendoes etc as long their cheapskate idols of the marketplace get away with blue murder. The fact that they cant even respond with logical arguments and sound referencing to support their views is evidence enough of their inability to think critically and rationally.Now having written this, i fully expect them to come running out of their mental shacks with cudgels raised, led by the usual suspects who are adroit at ad hominem attacks but can never respond with anything pithy......pitiful scum!

    As for Fairus and his threats, the PKR are already in damage control mode by assembling a team of lawyers for him (reported in the Star) to show they care lest he does make good on his threats.

    The procrastination in nominating a new DCM 1...simply affirms earlier press reports of rabid infighting within the ranks and a a complete lack of trust and confidence in a certain wanker who was all agog of assuming the post, a few weeks bag, a damning indictment on the quality of reps who contested under the PR banner.

    Remember the camera fiddling idiot who won in KJ, the ash smeared bigamist who confounded everyone in Kedah, the half bred Chingkie who does not even understand basic constitutional principles...on and on.......

    LGE- stupid idiot who cant even handle the DCM issue, the tennis fiasco etc, let alone more pithy issues.It would be too much to expect this imbecile to assert his authority..if he has any in the first place..that is!

    Warrior 231

  71. Anonymous12:18 am


    That ; was very clearly a wink hinting at the stupidity and hypocrisy of it all. 2 offences committed and yet one is sent for referendum while the other is business as usual. No wonder, Fairus was cheesed off... clever again, bro....very clever ;)

    Warrior 231

  72. Anonymous2:42 am

    Simple Solution.

    Place Wan Azizah in Penanti.
    Once she win the ADUN then make her Chief Minister 1 of Penang, LGE Chief Minister 2. DAP sacrife for PR solidarity.

    Wooos kecut telur semua orang.

  73. If anyone cannot understand why Fairus must resign and Elizabeth Wong unanimously voted to wonder they choose UMNO.
    No brains la....just big filthy mouths.

  74. Anonymous1:57 pm

    Brother Rocky,
    What have you done here? Opened up Pandora's Box? Look at the comments, vile language, curse words.... Is that how you want to manage your blog? I used to think you were above all these things even when you were in NST and out of NST. What's wrong? Believe me, there are many of us (silent readers) who are quite sick at these exchange of vile thoughts and coarse language. They are just using your blog, maybe just out to sabotage. We dont need that kind of "debate". Thats just pure wickedness. GOD bless their mothers!

  75. Anonymous3:31 pm

    BN Takut kalah. tak mau main lagi. Sudah 3 vs 0 di Semenanjung. Tak nak 4 vs 0. Takut nanti Khairy dan Hishamuddin nak jadi PM.

  76. I understand the EPU wants 3 months to come out with their proposal.

    This is ridiculous. Why 3 months? Do they need to go on 'lawatan sambil belajar' trips to London, New York and Paris to assimilate information?

    1 month should be more than sufficient as they should have all the info at their finger tips and the Plcs concerned should be able to provide detailed statistics within a week.

    The Govt should then make a decision within 1 month and put the matter to rest for all time. So, start to end should be no more than 2 months. Pull your finger out Yapkop! The world is falling apart and this is not the time to be taking a holiday or moving at snail's pace!

    And don't forget that the IPP thieves and traitors should be brought to heel also within the next 3 months. Delays will cause the Rakyat billions, and Najib and UMNO/BN, VOTES!!

  77. Parpukari's Fan5:55 am

    Yessss PARPUKARI as UMNO rep ....

    PARPUKARI YOU ROCK, MAN!!! You are ze man!!!!

  78. Anonymous9:05 am

    By election,by election and more by election !!! I have mixed feeling about BE.Firstly If BN does not want to contest,its just like a surrender even before the battle starts.Whether its good for BN is left to BN to decide.On the other hand,if BN wins,one can say that people have to started to have second thought on eqaully troubled PR.

    If there is a by election and PR wins,status quo remains because no party wins any additional seat.

    At this point of time,we also have to take into account of the costs involved because any election is NOT cheap.Its different if a constituent becomes vacant due to death of the elected rep and in this case,there is no other option but to hold a by election.

    If both parties want to be clean by sacking any rep involved in money politics and corruption,then its a different story.

    (bersih cekap amanah)

  79. Anonymous10:27 am

    By-election a waste of public fund? Since when BN/UMNO is concerned abt it. They have no qualm wasting RM15 billion (yes billion not million) in Perwaja. They took Eric Chia to court for misusing RM75 million only. Why? Coz Eric threatened them he wud produce that damned letter from a vvvvip (mentioned in PW report) in his defence if he's pushed too far. Back to byelection waste. The bulk of the money actually spent by the police. Police need not be present in big, big number if they are truly professional and impartial. Opposition very geram coz police very soft with BN but unnecessarily tough with opposition. See how police's biasness costs so much taxpayers money. So who's wasting people's money?

    frm: musang hassan

  80. orang penanti11:13 am

    Bro Rocky,

    sebagai seorang rakyat penanti saya terkilan dengan komen-komen diblog anda. Mr. ketam, sebagai penduduk di penanti kami tiada kaitan dengan sandiwara politik sekarang..buat pengetahuan saudara semua rakyat penanti berotak untuk berfikir

  81. Anonymous5:43 pm

    Monsterball, brother Mao2,

    These two are inter related.

    Dua dua pun tarak sihat, dua dua tarak maruah diri, dua dua sama kotor.

    Itu pasai sana tempat kasi satu bullet kepala, itu korup kasi rosak Rakyat dan Negara

    Eli hal boleh kasi mayak penyakit, otak dan badan boleh mayak busuk..

    Nanah keluaq itu bawah, jangkit anak bini, lain jantan, kasi ibu tunggal suami cerai, balu, anak yatim, anak tertinggal, AIDS lagi mayak bahaya.

    ...kalau tatak control, merebak satu DUNIA pasai mayak Amoy suka cuti jalan shopping Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, China, Australia..

    mayak tempat dia kasi bawa dan kutip itu penyakit.. Dia kasi cucuk ubat ka, doktor periksa dia punya tiap bulan ka? Lu mana tau? KOTOR

    Kadang itu bulu ketiaq tara cukur, sama bawah juga... kutu pun boleh jangkit!! Masuk Dewan, selalu mau garu garu.. macam mana mau debate?

    Itu pasal Islam mayak larang, takmau ini macam..


  82. Anonymous6:35 pm

    To Musang Hassan, the anonymous who quoted that no need for police to be in high numbers at By E%ection..

    tell you what, if the BA people show a bit more rationale, not membaringkan themselves on streets, banged people cars, including the King's.. etc..acted less of morons.. than I supposed we don't need that many police in by-elections.

    Typical of BA people, just like their beloved Anwar Ibrahim, who just loves to become emotional for no reason. kerja pun tak betul, mau bising2.. ptui. Sikit2 protes jalanan..kau ingat ni Mumbai ka?

    Kasut Tumit Tinggi

  83. Anonymous11:10 pm

    Lama sangat duk ikut rentak mereka ni. About time to just ignore them.

    Let them londeh, kangkang, golek, terbaring, tenyeh sesama mereka.

    NO bertanding this time! Sekok sg buluh melambai lambai.. masuk dalam alahai senyap la...

    Nizar take over? Muka sesuai jadi Badut.


  84. Anonymous7:40 am

    For public health reasons, compulsory monitoring to ensure Eli Wong goes for monthly injection and have her bottom half certified clean by Selangor state panel of doctors.

    Also the pest control to service her office each day, no ticks lurking..

    This is to ensure sex related disease be checked, prevention is better than cure..


  85. Anonymous10:28 pm

    A lot of time spent on EW while the country is having more serious problems like Matt Rempit,Drug abuse,Gangsterism,"temporary" wives etc etc. Whatever it is,the status of EW will not change,so please lah,let us tackle the problems as mentioned earlier.

    The fact is, there are supporters of EW despite what she has been exposed of but I dont think anybody supports Matt Rempit etc.

    I for one do not condone immoral activity but I am equally puzzled why there is less pressure to eradicate other social ills that cause a lot of fear to the public even in broad daylight.


  86. Anonymous3:02 pm

    Dear concern,
    AHLI DEWAN UNDANGAN RAKYAT.. and yang berhormat.. She is representing the State Government..

    If you mum is a prostitute, and go around saying she is not ashamed of her profession, what effect will it have on her children and the society at large.

    What is a prostitute? This Eli is a state funded PUBLIC PROSTITUTE.


  87. Anonymous9:59 pm

    Dear Teladan,I think you miss the point of what I am trying to explain.Now I want to ask you the same question.If your mum is a prostitute.......?
    For goodness sake,dont involve mothers please.By the way,in Islam,you have to honour and respect your mother even though she is a prostitute,get it?
    I rest my case.


  88. Anonymous12:42 pm

    bro rocky.. is there any other meaning for that 'by-e;ection' instead of 'by-election'?

    i hope its just a typo error..

    :D muhahaha...


  89. Anonymous9:35 pm

    Hoi concern,

    Pi berpondok dengan TokNik dulu, baru datang balik cerita sama saya OK!


  90. Anonymous8:06 am

    Assala mu'alaikum Teladan,jangan kata berpondok,lebih dari itu pun sudah.
    Bila saudara sebut'HOI' saya teringat cerita P.Ramlee dalam filem 'seniman bujang lapok'di mana
    Sudin panggil si jaga tu.


  91. Anonymous4:31 pm

    Bagus, Alhamdullilah

    So, sebagai anak jantan, then you should know the fate of your mother for being ..... is in your hands..

    Jalankan tugas mu..


  92. Anonymous7:33 pm

    When a person associates a mother to a prostitute,it shows that that person does not have much respect for the mother who wombs him/her,heaven forbids.

  93. Anonymous10:52 pm

    "So,sebagai anak jantan,then you should know the fate of your mother for in your hand."

    Well teladan,I do not know,simply because my mother was never,is never and will never be a.....

    When you say,"then you should know................" indicates that you have gone through it. Perhaps you can advise the others how to handle such a case from your experience.

    One piece of advice.You can argue,you can disagree,you can shout or yell etc,tetapi jangan apa jua pun kaitkan ibu atau bapa sesaorang itu.

    Jika mereka membuat kesilapan atau kesalahan,bukan hak kita sebagai anak menghukum mereka. Sebaliknya kita wajib berdoa kapada Allah SWT supaya Allah SWT mengampunkan dosa ibu bapa kita.


  94. Anonymous9:59 am


    Berpondok semula.

    You need a good TokGuru.