Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Najib's early predicament

14/4 Eight BN backbenchers boycotted second day of Terengganu state assembly sitting in a bid to force Mentri Besar Ahmad Said to step down/STAR
The pressure is piling up on Najib. And it's from within: Umno, MCA, MIC and Gerakan.

1. MCA terguris hati kenyataan Muhyiddin [MCA slighted by Muhyiddin's statement]
2. Gerakan bantah kenyataan TPM Muhyiddin [Gerakan objects to DPM Muhyiddin's statement]
3. MIC's (suicide) threat
4. Umno Adun revolt in Terengganu against MB Ahmad Said

Note that 1 and 2 are taken from Anwar Ibrahim's blog and although it is aimed at Muhyiddin, the public spat can't be good for the new PM. Najib's 1Malaysia is pipe dream if he can't achieve 1BN, no?

MIC's threat to pull out its minister and two deputy ministers is suicidal. It could be the best news for those within BN who are of the view that Samy Vellu's MIC has been dragging the coalition down, but Najib does not have an option. Or does he? Read AAT's Wayang Gelap MIC.

The revolt in Terengganu. The Malaysian Insider reported here that "... the palace will have no objections to Ahmad’s removal as MB if he is unable to hold the government together." Well, that could not be more misleading, as the Agong does not support the attempt to overthrow the MB (Mat Said was the Agong's choice, remember?). We may witness some acts of "derhaka" here.

If Mat Said loses the confidence of the assembly, Najib may have to contend with a dissolution. A re-election for the entire state, even! If that happens, one BN insider told me, "I don't think BN will win".

Well, at least Najib is right yet again: he isn't getting his 100 days' honeymoon.


  1. Anonymous2:28 pm

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  2. Anonymous2:36 pm

    The beginning of the end.

    look east

  3. Bru,

    our nation's politic, like bubbles and it's going to pop-up real soon, all thanks to the former premier who failed to maintain the 'iron claws' within the BeeEnd. Soon we'll have request for 2nd premier for each races, abolishment of 'bumi' and 'ketuanan' policies, etc.
    Hey!, welcome to ONE-M'sia

  4. Anonymous2:59 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Just to remind all Malay Leaders, Najib, Anwar, Nik Aziz. EQUAL RIGHT DOES NOT MEAN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY. Even though we live in the era of equal right but when we are lazy bums, and talk cocks, we will become the underclass and we will loose the opportunity. Once we loose the opportunity we will loose our right. Like Malays in Singapore, thet have lost the opportunity to excert their intellectual,political and economic power and now they loose the right to become Prime Minister, to become CEO of SingTel, to become Field Commander of Singapore Defence Force.

    Y.B Hisham Gemuk.

  5. Anonymous3:12 pm


    If najib wants the rakyats respect ...n if he has b*ls ask him to disolve the Perak state asembly n cll fr new election...

  6. carbonara3:16 pm

    Jangan Jealous

    Malaysiainsider is becoming the best news source. And they have lots of commentators. I find myself reading malaysiainsider more than malaysiakini nowdays. Hey they even has a sports section!

    Dont matter who is behind it. As long the they keep up their good work.

  7. Bagus... Lawan, Jangan tak Lawan

  8. Anonymous3:26 pm

    UMNO even lost 4 By Election so far after 308, still live in Nut shell.Look at new DPM,first,he dosnt has the chrisma to be no 2,and yet oafter assuming the post less than 3 days,already show his true colour.His remark of 'Chinese are ungrateful' really hurt ALL Malaysian(Chinese).We fought together with Malay,India and other indigeous people for Merdeka and broght so much properities to Malaysia,and he still said the negative way.Pls be reminded DPM MY,whatever you given to us are our taxpayers money and it is our rights to have it.MY is not qualifies to be leader of all Malaysian.If UMNO(BN) continue to be arrogant and racist,come GE13,it will be history.

  9. 100 days honeymoon?
    More like 100 days feeling the pressure of his idiotic.."1 Malaysia" slogan.
    UMNO buggers never ceased to treat us like suckers.

  10. Anonymous3:28 pm

    Are the umno rebels considered derhaka now?

    Remember the existing MB is the king's choice to run the administration of His state.

  11. Anonymous3:35 pm

    Do you think UMNO will start to demo infront of his YBs that boycotted the assembly sitting to outs the MB?Cos'this is an act of 'DERHAKA' as the MB is DYMM Agung choice.I dont think so..same as how these same gang of UMNO people who gather infront og Palace last year to demand DYMM to reinstate Idris to be MB.What ever UMNO' DERHAKA' is HALAL,no action.I still waiting for people like Khir Toyo response on this??

  12. Datuk Seri Najib must realise by now that the problem for him is from within!!!

  13. Anonymous3:53 pm

    I am glad you are calling a spade a spade when you wrote that there is element of derhaka here. There is fair treatment in your stand. w9

  14. Anonymous4:00 pm

    Hikayat Mamat Bendahara,
    Macamlah MSM kita tak pernah lapor berita propaganda. Kalau dah tahu tak benar, tak payahlah baca. Apa yang susah sangat? Ramai rakyat yang sudah bosan dengan BN pun tak baca UM dan The Star.

    Pasal Najib senang je. Kalau Najib tidak berjaya mentadbir negara dengan baik, semua ini kita boleh menunding jari kepada Pak Lah. Semua salah Pak Lah. Pak Lah tak betul, Pak Lah tak buat ini. Pak Lah tidur...Tapi anda perlu ingat, zaman Pak Lah sudah berlalu, kalau Kabinet pun baru, PM pun baru, tapi masih kalah dalam pilihanraya, budak-budak kat pejabat kerajaan masih lembab dan aduhai lambat buat kerja, rakyat masih tidak merasai apa-apa perubahan, tak payahlah menunding jari kepada sesiapa (Muhyiddin kau dengar?) Tengok je diri sendiri tu. Cerminlah muka. Salah tu kat sendiri.

    Muhyiddin ni pun satu, kau ingat kaum-kaum lain tu bodoh ke? Cakap tak sesuai dengan masa. Kalah kat pilihanraya je, terus cakap Cina dan India tak sokong BN. Semua salah kaum lain. Kenapa tak cakap Melayu yang tidak sokong BN? Eh bangunlah, yang kamu tu duit melambak kat bank-bank, anak-anak semua keluar negera belajar, datin kamu tu yang suka shopping macam Rosmah tu, duit tu halal ke?

    Itu yang buat saya dan geng member-member saya kat kampung frus. Cakap je NEP, tolong Melayu. Tapi entah la siapa yang dia tolong. Tolong kembangkan kocek dia kot? Yang anak-anak menteri, datuk-datuk ni, kalau jumpa, tengoklah muka-muka mereka. Pakaian melambak branded. Entah duit tu dari mana. Pakaian tak apa, tapi sikap tu yang meluat. Tapi tak tahulah kenapa si budak kat Jakim & Jawi tak ambil tindakan. Budak-budak ni la yang perlu bimbangan agama Islam. Tengok cara bergaul, minum arak, bergaul dengan perempuan bukan muhrim. Mungkin out of their jurisdiction kot. Kan semua kat luar negara belajar. Hmmm duit mana datang tu?

    Said Mahmood

  15. roky,
    peduli apa dengan mca.
    peduli apa dengan gerakan.
    peduli apa dengan mic.
    orang cina sama ada dalam mca atau gerakan akan menyokong bn atas kepentingan mereka. kalau sedara betul-betul buat kajian mengenai corak pengundian mereka sedara akan tahu. apa yang nyata sama ada cina mca, cina gerakan atau cina dap mereka tetap bersatu dalam perjuangan bangsa mereka iaitu bangsa cina. iaitu hak asasi mereka.
    mic dah kalah teruk pun masih nak jawatan lebih-lebih. patut ke? macam-macam alasan dan belit dikemukakan. selama ini apa mereka buat.
    apa yang saya tulis ni mereka akan kata perkauman. memang perkauman mengikut pandangan meraka.
    orang melayu masih tak sedar lagi dengan kenyataan ini baik melayu umno, melayu pas atau melayu pkr atau melayu dap. bila kampong dah tergadai baru nak sedar. dah terlambat.


  16. Jika kebebasan yang kamu idamkan terselahlah.Tapi ini semua agenda yang tersembunyi untuk melemahkan kerajaan. Bagi mereka yang bangga sangat KEBEBASAN BERSUARA ATAU AKHBAR besoraklah selagi boleh. Bila semua dah tiada kamu semua boleh beli tiket kapalterbang duduk dekat luar negara. Bukan tak boleh samarata tetapi adakah mereka yang ini semua bersedia untuk jadikan semua samarata termasuk hak mereka terutama akhbar dan sekolah mereka? Hakikatnya apa yang utarakan oleh TPM memang kenyataan Kaum cina lebih suka pembangkang kerana memberi kelebihan pada mereka. Salahkah TPM mengeluarkan kenyataan sebegitu, hak kebebasan TPM untuk bersuara bila mana menyetuh hak mereka maka sekampung nak mengamuk. Cuba kalau kaum lain dia pertikaikan siapa peduli. Saya tak besedia lagi nak malaysia samarata semata-mata tekanan bukan keihklasan. Setuju dengan hikayat mamak bendehara.

  17. Mazlan4:12 pm

    Oh well - I suppose if BN screw around in KT - its not 'derhaka'; only if Pakatan do it.
    So Ahmad Said can use the threat of dissolution to threaten BN rule in KT.
    Head he wins - Tails he win....
    Either way Pakatan just needs to stand back and watch the fun.
    So much for the happy bunch of campers at the UMNO GA.

  18. Anonymous4:28 pm

    U hit the nail on the head, Muhyiddin and it hurts like mad when truth is driven like a stake into ingrate hearts.

    Picture the following:

    1.The West Coast of the Peninsula where Chingkiedom and Hindulens dwell are served by the best road and rail networks + ports and airports that facilitate not only speedy travel but are also the vital arteries that feed the heart of economic growth.

    2.Taxation in Malaysia is in a mess, with approximately only 3 million of wagearners disclosing their income. Care to imagine how much Ah kow who fries kuay teow in the food mall or samy who sells chapati at the same venue are really worth. A conservative estimate of RM 150.00 per day X 26 working days will give a sample figure.

    3. The chinese enclave of Penang is served with some of best infrastructure and public transport in Malaysia: Penang bridge, Intrakota; an international airport, double laned carriageways etc etc. After getting and enjoying all these facilities, they gave the Bn the ultimate insult: a middle finger in GE 2008, all chinese seats going to the oppos. need i say more.

    4. in terms of poverty levels, why not look at this chart titled : Growth in GDP Directly Related to Poverty Reduction (Leete , 2007) and see where Perak, Penang, Selangor, Johor, KL are before you start oinking about lack of opportunities, low income and other similar garbage

    5.And this for Anwar the Barua "By 2007,Malaysia had all but ended absolute poverty - non-Bumiputera poverty virtually eliminated" (Leete, 2007).

    Me a liar .. no,no NO!............
    ask, Richard Leete (PhD)
    UN Resident Coordinator
    UNDP Resident Representative for Malaysia,Singapore and Brunei Darussalam who presented a paper titled :"Ending Poverty and Rising
    Inequality in Malaysia
    Trends over the Past 50 Years" at the MIER National Economic Outlook Conference 2008-2009
    27-28 November 2007
    Kuala Lumpur.

    From the same source: 2004 household incomes

    2,522 (B) 4,127 (C) 3,215 (I)
    Ratio = C/B: 1.64 ; I/B :1.27 . Want more proof on the shangrila malaysia is for the emigra, scan the data on per capita income.

    Now Muhyiddin, dont go recanting and apologising to ambil hati and jaga perasaan these scums. The bastards are nothing more than low-lifes deserving nothing but contempt. Treacherous, traitorous trannies whose only raison d etre is to stir shit and enjoy the tumult.

    Having raped Malaysia of her political virginity, robbed her of natural resources and exploited her natives' warm hearted welcome with cold hearted reptilian kiasuism, the Chingkie pig and the hindulen cow are bristling at being accused of being treacherous ingrates despite them facts staring stark naked at the blithering scum.

    Oinking and mooing in indignation, the chingkie pig and the hindulen cow are now conspiring to obfuscate the issue by flinging red herrings from their perfidious trawlers in the hope that gullible gulls will take the bait and spare them the indignity of being exposed as the treacherous scheming opportunists which they really are.

    Enough! arse whoring Chingkie and Cock-sucking Hindulen. Have you both no honour or self-respect? Be man enough for a change and own up that you voted against the BN out of sheer spite and motivated by your unsatiable quest for power and subjugation.Dont quibble or try to wriggle yourselves out of the noose, cum licking, shaft mouthing vermins.... Or are you cockless trannies not worthy of even being called women?

    throw them out najib, if they persist with their perfidity, we dont need scum like these as friends or partners. Concentrate on the 1pribumi concept and inshaallah we, malay/muslims will weather this storm in a teacup.....

    Warrior 231

  19. Anonymous4:29 pm

    U hit the nail on the head, Muhyiddin and it hurts like mad when truth is driven like a stake into ingrate hearts.

    Picture the following:

    1.The West Coast of the Peninsula where Chingkiedom and Hindulens dwell are served by the best road and rail networks + ports and airports that facilitate not only speedy travel but are also the vital arteries that feed the heart of economic growth.

    2.Taxation in Malaysia is in a mess, with approximately only 3 million of wagearners disclosing their income. Care to imagine how much Ah kow who fries kuay teow in the food mall or samy who sells chapati at the same venue are really worth. A conservative estimate of RM 150.00 per day X 26 working days will give a sample figure.

    3. The chinese enclave of Penang is served with some of best infrastructure and public transport in Malaysia: Penang bridge, Intrakota; an international airport, double laned carriageways etc etc. After getting and enjoying all these facilities, they gave the Bn the ultimate insult: a middle finger in GE 2008, all chinese seats going to the oppos. need i say more.

    4. in terms of poverty levels, why not look at this chart titled : Growth in GDP Directly Related to Poverty Reduction (Leete , 2007) and see where Perak, Penang, Selangor, Johor, KL are before you start oinking about lack of opportunities, low income and other similar garbage

    5.And this for Anwar the Barua "By 2007,Malaysia had all but ended absolute poverty - non-Bumiputera poverty virtually eliminated" (Leete, 2007).

    Me a liar .. no,no NO!............
    ask, Richard Leete (PhD)
    UN Resident Coordinator
    UNDP Resident Representative for Malaysia,Singapore and Brunei Darussalam who presented a paper titled :"Ending Poverty and Rising
    Inequality in Malaysia
    Trends over the Past 50 Years" at the MIER National Economic Outlook Conference 2008-2009
    27-28 November 2007
    Kuala Lumpur.

    From the same source: 2004 household incomes

    2,522 (B) 4,127 (C) 3,215 (I)
    Ratio = C/B: 1.64 ; I/B :1.27 . Want more proof on the shangrila malaysia is for the emigra, scan the data on per capita income.

    Now Muhyiddin, dont go recanting and apologising to ambil hati and jaga perasaan these scums. The bastards are nothing more than low-lifes deserving nothing but contempt. Treacherous, traitorous trannies whose only raison d etre is to stir shit and enjoy the tumult.

    Having raped Malaysia of her political virginity, robbed her of natural resources and exploited her natives' warm hearted welcome with cold hearted reptilian kiasuism, the Chingkie pig and the hindulen cow are bristling at being accused of being treacherous ingrates despite them facts staring stark naked at the blithering scum.

    Oinking and mooing in indignation, the chingkie pig and the hindulen cow are now conspiring to obfuscate the issue by flinging red herrings from their perfidious trawlers in the hope that gullible gulls will take the bait and spare them the indignity of being exposed as the treacherous scheming opportunists which they really are.

    Enough! arse whoring Chingkie and Cock-sucking Hindulen. Have you both no honour or self-respect? Be man enough for a change and own up that you voted against the BN out of sheer spite and motivated by your unsatiable quest for power and subjugation.Dont quibble or try to wriggle yourselves out of the noose, cum licking, shaft mouthing vermins.... Or are you cockless trannies not worthy of even being called women?

    throw them out najib, if they persist with their perfidity, we dont need scum like these as friends or partners. Concentrate on the 1pribumi concept and inshaallah we, malay/muslims will weather this storm in a teacup.....

    Warrior 231

  20. Mazlan4:37 pm

    By the way - why won't Najib just call Samy's bluff....
    Just let him leave his men out of cabinet.
    Its not as if Samy has anywhere else to go - as Pakatan will not take him in. Hell - they already have his funeral pyre ready for him...

  21. Anonymous4:58 pm

    If the non Malays totally move away from MCA and BN we will have a decent PR Government today instead of the corrupted BN Government. Non Malays are deemed to be ungrateful by DPM, in all honesty what has the non Malays to be grateful about. They are treated as Pendatang and second class citizens, they are not given equal opportunities in anything. Whatever the non Malays have today is from their hard work. I am not refering to the those super rich MCA or MIC ex-ministers who now enjoy titles of TUN and TAN SRIs, they are just as corrupt and went into politics for their pockets.
    Until and unless non Malays are treated as equals in this country that they have help to build and nuture there will never be a 1 Malaysia. Najib is just talking only, his actions will show if he means what he says. Now we just wait and observe if he walk the talk or talk the talk only, time will be his judge. Take what Najib says with a pinch of salt. As for DPM, I say he is a devil in disguise, trust him at your own peril, he has an agenda to gain the highest office. The first opportunity he gets he will fight Najib for the top post, he will use racial tactics and dirty tactics to get what he wants. Power has gone to his head, again trust him at your own peril.
    2nd Class Citizen

  22. zelot665:06 pm

    It's a good sign. The spirit of Reformasi is taking its effect. Hope to see UMNO/BN 6ft under soon.

  23. Anonymous5:30 pm

    Tompios wrote:

    Ke mana perginya ulasan-ulasan Berita Harian dan Utusan Malaysia sehubungan dengan penderhakaan 10 ADUN UMNO terhadap Sultan Terengganu? Ulaslah dgn tepat dan mutahir wahai Berita Harian dan Utusan Malaysia!!

    Encik Khairy, sila kumpulkan Pemuda UMNO dan PERKASA untuk berdemontrasi bagi melindungi Menteri Besar Terengganu yang dilantik SAH oleh Duli Yang Mahamulia!!

  24. Cina Harus Berubah5:39 pm

    Apa yg dikatakan oleh Muhyudin itu benar. Selama ini UMNO/BN telah banyak berjasa kepada kaum cina. Lihat saje perniagaan2 dan prasarana yg dibuat oleh kerajaan. Ramai org2 kaya dan profesional cina di negara ini jika nak dibandingkan dgn tekanan yg melayu kena di Singapura. Dah terang lagi bersuluh. Kawasan2 seperti bukit bintang diberikan tumpuan oleh DBKL tanpa mengira isu kaum. Sekolah2 jenis kebangsaan cina dan tamil walaupun tidak seharusnya wujud kalau benar cina jujur dlm isu bangsa malaysia tetap diberikan bantuan yg banyak dan sewajarnya. Namun masyarakat cina tetap tidak mahu berkongsi perniagaan mereka, monopoli perniagaan tetap wujud sehingga hari ini, penggunaan harga berbeza kepada bangsa lain turut dirasai sehingga kini, malah gaji kepada cina dan bukan cina juga bebrbeza sehingga kini. Cina tidak mahu jawatan2 lekeh dalam kerajaan (fakta yg diketahui umum) Kenapa ketidakadilan dan perkauman ini tidak diselelsaikan oleh DAP yg mahukan Malaysian Malaysia. Kenapa isu2 bumiputra yang sering dikritik dan disalahkan. Benar melayu rela berubah dan berkongsi namun BILAKAH CINA MAHU BERKONGSI DENGAN BANGSA LAIN DI NEGARA INI..BUKAN BERKONGSI CERITA TAPI PERNIAGAAN/KEKAYAAN. Belilah di kedai2 dan produk2 bukan cina jugak..Banyak yg Pemimpim melayu faham dan tau taktik yg cuba digunapakai oleh pemimpin2 DAP/MCA dan GERAKAN mcm yg berlaku di Kuala Sepetang...Kata Muhyiddin Mmg Benar...

  25. Rocky,
    I believe many people have predicted that turmoils within UMNO/BN would eventually come but they have never expected it to come this soon.In-fightings in UMNO/BN to position themselves in the Government would not end as these people are greedy for power and disatisfactions and jealousies will creep in amongst them and thus more in-fightings would errupt and that's where Mission Impossible will come in.

  26. Anonymous5:51 pm


    In Terengganu the UMNO guys do not follow procedures. This news is not only in Malaysian Insider but also on RTM.

    In Perak the PR guys use the constitution and law as benchmark for their actions.

    Which is a better example for our generation and the future?

    Remember, Mikhail Gorbachev who gently pushed open the gates of reform, and unleashed a democratic flood that deluged the Soviet universe, washing away the cold war?

    In Malaysia Pak Lah just did that for all of us.

    There is no turning back, even if Dr M comes back to power.

    Terengganu is the reciprocal answer to the mess that BN did in Perak. Look out for developments in Perlis as well in the near future.

    Or can we say that this is an attempt by BN under the new PM to nullfy the earlier choices of MBs by the monarchy in both states?

    For the BN, it would have been wiser to let PR manage the states they won but make sure the remaining states are still intact with BN.

    And the successor to ACA and police as well as the courts should also be seen to be fair to both BN and PR so that both parties will be careful with how they run the respective governments.

    Now you see how PR fellows are also laughing as to what is happening in Terengganu.

    This just proves, what you do to others will also come back to you.

    PM and BN should more constructive relationship with the opposition, even much better than Pak Lah - so that more Malaysians can be united to address the global economic challenges that are affecting us too.

    What's wrong in BN or PM making such moves?

    The PR guys will certainly appreciate more sincere signals from BN. Not just party politics, revenge, overthrowing of governments and the likes.


  27. CINA KENA BERUBAH6:01 pm

    TDM said:
    "The BN was very anxious to regain power in Perak and indeed it had always been anxious to regain power in all the states where it had lost in the past. It did not matter whether the opposition was Malay or Chinese. The BN had strived very hard to get back Kelantan which had always been ruled by Malays.

    On the other hand when Penang was lost to the Alliance and a Gerakan Chinese Chief Minister was appointed, instead of trying to defeat the opposition Gerakan, the BN invited the Chinese-led Penang Government to join the BN. Even when the Gerakan and MCA did badly in the 1986 elections and UMNO became the majority party, the Chief Minister appointed was still a Gerakan Chinese.

    Harking back to the past, in the 1955 Elections when the electorate was made up of 82% Malays and most of the constituencies were Malay dominated, UMNO gladly accepted Chinese and Indian candidates for these constituencies and ensured that they won. And all these Chinese and Indian candidates were contesting against Malay candidates from PAS.

    Following upon that election, the Tunku gave away one million citizenships to the Chinese and Indians without adhering to the usual conditions which effectively reduced the percentage of the Malay voters. He must know that this would prevent Malays from totally dominating Malaysian politics.

    Yet in the Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau elections the BN was accused of wanting to remove a "Chinese" Government in Perak. This is blatantly racist. The BN simply wanted to get back a State ruled by the oppositionIt had nothing to do with wanting to remove a "Chinese Government". By using this racist argument to win Chinese votes, it is clear that the Pakatan is far from being dedicated to multiracialism.

    The chinese should stop lying to the malays...UNGRATEFUL

  28. I will recommend paraquat to Samy. He can always "mistakenly' drink it thinking it is cough medicine of course. Honestly, will be happy if MIC just winds up. They'll be doing us all a favour.

    AS for 1 & 2 why Anwar's blog? I never go there but am sure I read them elsewhere.

    As for 4, no worries about derhaka. When done by UMNO, or renegades within, its perfectly o.k. Traitor and derhaka all only possible if you are PKR, DAP or PAS.

    Well, say what you want, but UMNO is disintegrating from within. How wonderful!!

  29. Najib kata , media jangan pusing keyataan dia, ia ke media pusing ..... ke dah silap cakap --- tgk kat sini here ma...

  30. kopio6:27 pm

    Orang cina yg tak paham BM kena masuk sekolah balik.. muhyiddin yg kata
    Sebab BM diorang mmg teruk yg amat..

    Source: http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2009/4/14/nation/20090414173651&sec=nation

  31. Brunt Council6:48 pm

    Ini semua kerana kebodowian Abdullah selama 5 tahun. It doesn't mean I should stop blaming him just coz he resigned. It is his weak leadership, low IQ and devious corrupt ways that is the cause of all that is happening. And Najib have to clean up sleepy idiot's mess.

  32. Anonymous6:49 pm

    50 years of unholy 'marriage' with 13 diff. partners... ptui!!!

    its the time the almighty do the rightful thing..

    send all those sinners to hell.

  33. Kesian DS Najib!

    But then again this will be a good learning experience for DS Najib, after all life don't seem to be always beautiful right?

    Be cool DS Najib, we are behind you sir! We will support you!

  34. Anonymous6:58 pm

    These crises will make Najib a better leader. It is good that he is facing the crises now and not later.

    Anyway, since when MCA, Gerakan, MIC and other component parties are not unhappy. UMNO too is unhappy. Together in BN means everyone has to make sacrifices. And indeed all the component parties have made sacrifices for the sake of economic prosperity,national unity,security and well being of the people.

    But there are elements whose only mission and objective is to cause disunity among BN component parties by attempting to sow seed of mistrust among BN component parties. Malaysian Insider is one of them.

    At the end of the day, the BN leaders will come to their senses.


  35. I miss Tun Mahathir era

  36. Anonymous7:10 pm

    This is about money and more money.
    This is an extract of an interview with Ahmad Said from from the star adted 25/3/2009.

    Q: Datuk, you said earlier that the state will have the honour to manage the oil-royalty payments from the federal government this month. Is the oil-royalty forthcoming?

    Ahmad: The state government is expecting to receive the royalty payment from Petronas by the end of this month. I have been vocal in insisting that the management of the royalty be returned to the state. It is just a matter of time. The state expects an amount of RM1.5bil to be paid as royalty in the next two weeks.
    Read More here.
    link asal:

    Agaknya duit dahpun masuk. Janganlah ingat dia orang ni bergaduh sebab nak berjuang atau berebut-rebut nak buat kebajikan untuk rakyat.

    mokhtar adnan

  37. Anonymous7:18 pm

    as far as the education minster is concerned...

    up yours, go eat pig shit & die in hell!

  38. Your Friendly Adviser7:22 pm

    Just some friendly advice, Bro -- you might want to be extra cautious with the comments coming from Warrior 231.

    I'm all for freedom of speech, but you might get in trouble for nothing here.

  39. Anonymous7:23 pm

    "Whatever the non Malays have today is from their hard work"..
    yeah right..and all the malays are spoon fed.. ;

    "Muhyiddin ni pun satu, kau ingat kaum-kaum lain tu bodoh ke? Cakap tak sesuai dengan masa. Kalah kat pilihanraya je, terus cakap Cina dan India tak sokong BN"

    DPM is right.It just shows that ur banging both ways and take whateva to satisfy ur lust..


  40. Muhyidin I think went a bit overboard when he said "the drop in Chinese support is like as if there is no appreciation towards what we (BN) are doing".

    However, I could hardly blame Muhyidin for issuing such a controversial statement. It appears that the Chinese community in this country no longer appreciate the BN's formula that helped shape Malaysia into what it is today; a progressive and dynamic country.

    Anybody could see that the Chinese's sudden shift towards the opposition is not due to their economic status, since they are the most affluent and economically successful ethnic group in Malaysia, nor it is because they have been ignored by the government in terms of welfare and public interests.

    As 'warrior 321' pointed in his comment earlier, that the West Coast of the Peninsula where non-Malays dwell are served by the best road and rail networks. I agree with that.

    So what could possibly attract Chinese votes if I may ask? The answer I'm afraid somewhat send the chills down my spine. The Chinese could only be appeased if the Malays would give up their 'ketuanan' status. In order to do so BN must adopt strategies used by the Pakatan Rakyat i.e, make promises that consequently could actually prove fatal to the country .

    The only problem is, for such a reform to be realized, all provisions in the Federal Constitution that guarantee special rights to the Malays, their Rulers and their Faith MUST GO.

    I don't see why any Malay Muslim with a sound mind would want that. Even 'friendly' PAS supporters could finally snap when their 'liberal' non-Muslim counterparts would demand unrestricted 'liberalism' and pluralism (all religions get the same status). I could hardly believe that young Chinese voters fancy PAS because of its Islamic ideologies.

    I fear that this situation could well lead into something that would scare the shit out of me.

    I mean how would Singaporean Chinese respond if other ethic groups would stand up and challenge their 'ketuanan Cina' status over there.

  41. Anonymous7:37 pm

    2nd Class Citizen

    You deserved to be treated as a 2nd class citizen because you act like a 2nd class citizen. You should act like a 1st class Malaysian citizen. Speak B Malaysia fluently, sing Negaraku with pride and recite Rukunegara with conviction.

    If you go around insisting in speaking and writing using the national language of People's Republic of China or the state language of Tamil Nadu, then people will never think you as a 1st Class Malaysian citizen. In fact you got no class at all.


  42. Anonymous7:45 pm

    the news in terengganu is very disappointing and unbecoming.
    the squbbling again continues.
    my humble advice for the pm is that if the umno excos there - as well as other areas - find it so difficult to toe the line then they should just be sacked.
    the pm has to put an end to all this which is humiliating and dragging the party down even more.

    as for mic, their so called bigger representation in the past, according to the indian community especially hindraf, did not do squat to improve the life of the majority of indians. therefore, what makes them think they can today when the leadership of mic remains unchanged.

    as for bukit gantang, muhyiddin was merely stating fact if indeed he was quoted correctly. i don't see why the chinese, mca or gerakan should take offence if this was what indeed happened. i can understand that they may be reacting to remain relevant to their own community but rather than act in such a manner that brings more unwanted publicity to bn, just get down to work and improve the situation or investigate the causes. ini melatah pulak.

    sorry lah if i offend anyone but this is my sincere and honest opinion with how little politics interest me.

    - hitman -

  43. The enemy from within (musuh di kain selimut)?

    Leaving aside the question of Samy being a liability to BN or not, there has been a consistent neglect of the Indians (including the others), their rights and entitlement to a fair share of the economic cake in Malaysia. With 10%of the population, they own less than 2% of the economic cake.

    One only has to look in whose hands United Asian Bank (CIMB) and Co-op Central Bank (Maybank) have finally ended up in to see how they have been trampled upon!

    The loss of a Ministerial post therefore is more than just a passing political event for the M'sian Indian; it is absolutely CATASTROPHIC!

    Imagine if it had happened to MCA. Sin Chew & Dong Zhao would have gone ballistic, to say the least!

    The kick in the teeth for Indians is that Koh, who like Samy, lost his seat at GE 2008 is now a Minister equivalent while Samy, a veteran politician of 20 odd years who gave all the UMNO PM's '100% penuh penuh sokong' has been shelved without a second look.

    It is not that Samy should not have been overlooked, but that MIC's and the Indians' entitlement to a Minister, part and parcel of the BN coalition's understanding, has been ditched so blatantly by Najib/UMNO.

    The day of reckoning will surely come not later than GE 2103!





  45. Anonymous8:29 pm

    it is strange the way God works. BN stole one state and now at the brink of losing one. God is really Great!!


  46. Anonymous8:41 pm

    Pilihanraya kecil 07 April bagi kawasan Bukit Gantang, Bukit Selambau dan Batang Ai telah berlaku dan berlalu. Pergundi-pengundi di ketiga-tiga kawasan tersebut telah menterjemahkan kehendak mereka melalui undi pada hari tersebut. Proses demokrasi telah berjalan dengan baik dan lancar mengikut ketetapan sesebuah pilihanraya dalam sebuah negara demokrasi berperlembagaan.
    Kini wujud segelintir pemimpin dan penulis blog yang berniat menidakkan kehendak rakyat dalam keputusan pilihanraya tersebut. Kumpulan ini yang boleh diibaratkan sebagai kera kena belacan mengeluarkan kenyataan-kenyataan yang bernada perkauman dan cuba bermain dengan sentimen nasionalis di kalangan orang-orang Melayu. Permainan bodoh mereka ini boleh memporak-perandakan dan menganggu serta mengugat keharmonian kaum di negara ini.
    Kekalahan BN di Bkt Gantang dan Bkt Selambau disifatkan sebagai satu malapetaka bagi politik orang-orang Melayu. Kaum bukan Melayu ditonjolkan sebagai kuasa yang akan menjadi penentu dalam politik tanahair dan ini berlaku bukan kerana kerajaan atau orang-orang Melayu lemah tetapi mereka sebenarnya telah dipermainkan dan tertipu oleh kaum bukan Melayu.
    Dalam konteks ini, dari pemerhatian saya, pengundi bukan Melayu sebenarnya tidak pernah menipu dan tak perlu menipu sesiapa. Mereka tidak perlu mempermainkan sesiapa dan mereka juga beharap jangan ada sesiapa yang cuba mempermainkan mereka. Mereka hanya menjalankan kewajipan mereka sebagai pengundi dan menunaikan hak mereka sebagai warganegara yang cinta dan sayangkan negara mereka. Mereka keluar mengundi demi memastikan masa depan negara dipimpin oleh kerajaan yang betul-betul bersih, cekap, amanah dan berkaliber. Salahkah tindakan mereka itu? Bukankah itu hak mereka sebagai rakyat Malaysia? Bukankah demokrasi mementingkan kehendak rakyat?
    Sebenarnya tidak timbul soal pengundi bukan Melayu menjadi penentu dalam sesuatu pilihanraya untuk membentuk kerajaan. Yang menjadi persoalan ialah sejauh mana pihak kerajaan hari ini bersedia untuk mencerminkan diri, bermuhasabah diri tentang segala kelemahan dan kekurangan mereka yang membuat rakyat semakin jelik dengan cara mereka. Penulis-penulis blog tertentu janganlah jadi macam anjing keparat menjadi jurucakap dan jurubela pemimpin-pemimpin mereka walaupun jelas mereka hanya pandai menghemburkan kata-kata retorik, janji sini janji sana tetapi akhirnya satu pun tak jadi. Janganlah jadi pemimpin yang suka menipu. Pemimpin macam itu ramai, mudah ditemui, macam daun-daun kering yang gugur, ada dimana-mana sahaja, ditepi longkang, dalam parit, di merata-rata tempat, ke mana sahaja angin bertiup kesanalah mereka melayang. Inikah pemimpin yang rakyat mahu?
    Sebagai memetik kenyataan pensyarah sains politik Monash University Malaysia Campus, James Chin, bahawa beliau percaya menjelang pilihanraya umum ke 13 nanti, pengundi-pengundi muda Melayu yang mencecah hampir satu juta akan memberi sokongan kepada pihak pembangkang dimana merekalah yang akan merupakan kuasa penentu. Jika kenyataan beliau boleh diterimapakai, maka penentu sebenar jatuh bangunnya kerajaan BN terletak di tangan pengundi muda Melayu, bukannya pengundi bukan Melayu.
    Andai kata pemimpin-pemimpin ini dan penulis-penulis blog ‘beracun’ masih berdegil, masih keras kepala dan mulut celupar mengeluarkan kata-kata yang berbau hasutan dan menimbulkan rasa cemas di kalangan orang Melayu dan bukan Melayu, maka akan sampai masanya di mana satu persatu negeri-negeri yang masih di bawah kuasa mereka akan jatuh ke tangan pembangkang, seperti jatuhnya buah domino. Jangan sesiapa di antara kita memandang sepi kemungkinan berlakunya teori domino ini.
    Kalau kerajaan hari ini mahu mendapatkan semula kepercayaan dan keyakinan rakyat terutamanya pada pilihanraya umum ke 13, maka kerajaan pimpinan Datuk Seri Najib hendaklah benar-benar ikhlas dan proaktif membantu rakyat tanpa sebarang prejudis. Langkah-langkah awal yang diumumkan oleh beliau memperlihatkan perkembangan yang agak positif buat masa ini, namun janganlah pula ada mereka-mereka yang kononnya ‘ultra Malays’ atau apa yang disebut golongan chauvinist menjadi duri dalam daging. Jika ini berlaku maka akan sia-sialah segala usaha kerajaan untuk menjayakan agenda 1 Malaysia. Maka segala agenda kerajaan akan masuk dalam longkang hanyut bersama pemimpin-pemimpin tepi longkang tersebut.
    Bagi saya, rakyat Malaysia secara keseluruhannya tanpa mengira bangsa, agama dan keturunan yang akan menjadi kuasa penentu dalam memilih kerajaan, bukannya orang Melayu, Cina, India atau kaum-kaum lain secara bersendirian atau berasingan. Mereka tidak mahu lagi ditipu………..TIKAM batu.

  47. Mamak Bendahara, TMI gives good news reports compared to that Apanama, Utusan Malayau, Duh Star, New Straits Slimes & BHairan. Malaysiakini has some big competition this time, but time will tell...

    Anyho, it looks like Jibb now has 3 running chainsaws to juggle; Yucksin shooting himself in the foot, infighting among BN components, and infighting in Terengganu which may escalate.

    MIC is not a factor, as its been reduced to the shell it once was. Let Samy have his MIC & do what he damn wants with it...

  48. Anonymous8:49 pm

    From my analysis the votes we got from the non Bumis may just be around 600K.

    So yang represent kat Cabinet tu amat memadai..

    Why sacrifice the comfort of Bumiputras just to maintain such a small group of them? Concentrate on the Bumis and on this 600K yang setia, sudah..

    Yang lain, cold storage, biar faham2 sendiri, supaya balik kat Negara Asal Tok mereka.

    And also, ask them to take along the unseparable Melayu PKR/PAS to help about in their pig farms. Tak suka, send them to the tea plantations.

    Habis cerita, hidup Bumiputra disini akan aman damai untuk selamanya..

    Tak payah duk pening kepala sangat dengan keturunan makan tikus ni.. Turning into PESTS, BUSUK mulut and squeking wherever they go.


  49. A leader lacking in moral authority and ridden with scandals is like a weakened body. #1 to #4 above, like viruses, are opportunistic and they attack.

    But UMNO itself is malfunctioning with its immune system turning against itself.

    For all the wicked things it has done and condoned, this is just the beginning of its cruel and agonising end.

    There is a God, for sure.

  50. Eh? Writing bad things about UMNO?

    How much, Rocky? How much?

    Come back, Rocky! Come back!

    C'mon, everybody!

  51. Ir Jay9:13 pm

    MIC tak puas hati sebab tak dapat kuasa lebih dalam kabinet. MIC ke? atau Samy ke? yang tak puas hati tak dilantik sebagai menteri. "Demokrasi sudah mati dalam MIC..." Mau jadi menteri ka? Boleh! Boleh! Boleh Blahhhhh....

  52. 1. Muhyiddin is correct and he is just saying what is on the lips of the silent Malay majority anyway. It is good that Muhyiddin has the gumption to tell it the way it is but let us all have a civilised discussion about this serious subject matter. For too long this subject is spoken behind close doors and I say only the chauvinistic and devious mind would turn this into a racist issue. Masyarakat suku kaum Cina di Malaysia ini tidak seharusnya ingat mereka sahja yang ada hak untuk bercakap dan menegur kaum lain tetapi mereka sendiri tidak boleh ditegur.

    2. ADUN BN di Terengganu mesti akur dengan arahan PM Najib untuk menghadiri persidangan ADUN. Kalau mereka engkar dengan PM maka mereka mesti dikenakan tindakan yang setimpal. The 10 ADUNS are like a ship's crew committing mutiny against the Captain(MB Ahmad Said),a ship cannot afford a crew who goes against the Captain and so the crew must be punished otherwise there will be no discipline in the Fleet (BN).I think the Fleet Admiral (PM Najib) is a decisive man and will know exactly what to do.

  53. Anonymous9:49 pm

    The non Malays owes you nothing and we are glad we have PR as alternative to the corrupt UMNO and BN. We, the non Malays speaks better than you Malays and have excel even after the medium of teaching was switched to BM to give the Malays advantage. It is our taxes that goes to support the NEP to enrich you lazy good for nothing ungrateful lot. After 50 years of NEP or whatever the BN government choose to call it has not raised the standards of your lot, you know why because you guys have now learn to live on handout and favors. You want everything including lowering the standards in University so all the useless guys can graduate and get cushy jobs in the government or GICs. Without NEP and equality we have prospered on our own hard work, now you guys are jealous so you create all sorts of racial slurs to blame the non Malays for your failures. Yes you are fist class citizens but you are truly second class in everything else. You ought to be ashame of yourself, please go search yourself and see what self respect you have left. Stop blaming others, UMNO is the most corrupt party ever and you want us to support you. Even treated as second class we support truth and righteousness, we owe you nothing, you can continue to rot in your corrupt ways. NEP will not help you one bit even if it exist for another 50 years. What a sad lot.
    I apologies to the Malays who are not part of UMNO, I have many good Malay friends who works very hard, it is those like Melakamari who wants everything handed out to them that I am refering to.
    2nd Class Citizen

  54. Anonymous9:55 pm

    People Cabinet? My Foot!

    Look more like Najib Baba & A Band of Merry Thieves.

  55. Anonymous10:14 pm

    Kita kotakan apa yang mereka selalu sangat katakan!and I guarantee all Bumis will vote for BN next GE;

    Each and every bumi to be accorded the following with effect esok;

    1. from day one born to rightly be given a free lot each
    2. Utilities and basic food necessities, subsidised, funded by Petronas money as ini adalah hasil bumi negara ini
    3. Education FOC, each class max 20students
    4. All projects, govt purchases reserved for Bumis only.
    5. Untuk memelihara composisi Bumis, non Bumis, one child policy only.. nak complain tulis kat MC.

    For non Bumis, they are kindly invited to share whatever wealth this country is enjoying, at their own RISK.

    Yang tak kenan, dipersilakan ambil langkah berhijrah kaNegara lain.

    Professionals akan diundang untuk datang kat sini, akan diberi kemudahan sama rata macam Bumi, prestasi akan dipantau 6bulan sekali.

    Well, this is what they say we have been getting, so high time Bumis come forward and demand their FULL rights!!


  56. Anonymous10:38 pm

    one who try to steal perak & managed to stole batang ai...

    who give a damn 'bout his predicament?

    if don't have the balls to do the job... just get the fcuk off!

  57. Anonymous10:51 pm

    Logging In Terengganu
    • Two dams are being constructed fringing Tasik Kenyir for a TNB Hydro-electric project.
    • The area of the dams has already been logged 2003-2005. (See article NST 04/03).
    • A Star Newspaper report dated Nov 19, 2008 states incorrectly that the area is currently being cleared (6,130ha).
    • It goes on to say that a further 12,000ha is to also be cleared.
    • Ahmad Said is quoted as claiming the NEW logging was for the dam project now underway.

    The statements by the MB are misleading and incorrect.
    Logging for the dams already took place 2003-05.

    • The reported further 12,000ha to be cleared is nothing to do with the dams.
    • In fact it will impact upon the dams – siltation and loss of water-catchment.
    • WWF are currently concerned about the logging of 12,000ha in a forest reserve, as it impacts on endangered species – i.e. Sumatran Rhino, Tigers etc.
    • 12,000 hectres of pristine rain forest clear felled is a disaster – the incomes are huge.
    • What needs to be answered right now is who is the beneficiary of this huge income.

  58. Anonymous11:01 pm

    Thumbs up to Muhyiddin. He sure did a good job pissing off chinese voters.

    Anyway, what is he whining about being misinterpreted? After all UMNO did claim that they didn't need non Malay votes?

    So i mean, Muhyiddin has the right to kutuk the chinese voters all he wants. I just don't think that he should whine when the non-Malays don't vote for UMNO. I mean, there is never any OBLIGATION involved when it comes to voting for your representatives.


  59. Anonymous11:08 pm

    Your Friendly Adviser... 7.20pm
    We don't need your advice and theres nothing to be friendly about here.
    What are you so afraid of?.
    Warrior 231 was just giving us the hard truth, the bare facts.
    So these truths and facts should not be revealed you mean?
    Exposing that the Chinese and Indians who are all these while claiming that they are being marginalised,treated like 2nd class bla bla bla, are actually having a good time at the expense of the Malays, is dangerous?
    So be it.We Malays are just getting fed up.
    The tone of Warrior 231 said it all. I can bet you the Malay majority are behind our DPM.
    Try make us the opposition come PRU13.
    You haven't seen nothing yet.
    Cukup2 lah Melayu asyik nak berlembut dan asyik nak ambil hati sahaja.
    Apa nak jadi..jadi lah.

    MM = Melayu Marah

  60. Anonymous11:38 pm

    Blogger monsterball said...

    100 days honeymoon?
    More like 100 days feeling the pressure of his idiotic.."1 Malaysia" slogan.
    UMNO buggers never ceased to treat us like suckers.



  61. Anonymous11:39 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    How do we know the racial composition of the actual vote that happens.
    If the ballot is secret and when the count is done - is there something on the ballot paper that highlights which race the voter is?
    As far as I know every voter gets the same ballot paper.
    Therefore its possible that Chinese voted BN and all Malays voted PR...

    Unless the Election Commission has special paper?


  62. Anonymous11:40 pm

    One wise man said "life was never meant to be easy".

    It's true. You simply cannot please everyone.

    But why is the opposition so quick to draw conclusions? The new Cabinet has not even warmed their seats as yet.

    As for the internal resentment, the opposition must be paying them millions to revolt. Samy Velu must be milking the opposition by the millions of $$$$ to create havoc..... ah, using a line or two from Anwar .....


  63. runaway malay11:44 pm

    rocky, (anda sendiri dilahirkan di singapura-tertendangnya singapura itu keluar dari tanah melayu adalah kebodohan orang melayu sendiri)

    saya adalah asli orang melayu...yang telah berhijrah..dan ada 2 catatan di atas yang saya tidak beberapa setuju..

    pertama,membandingkan melayu malaysia dan singapura...adalah tidak masuk akal..

    sigapura diketuai oleh bangsa cina yang dengan tangan mereka sendiri boleh maju...orang melayu di sana mempunyai hak mereka yang istimewa..ini tidak diketahui umum sudah ada dalam perlembagaan..sebab itu mereka tidak terpekik2.
    lagi mereka orang melayu di singapura menganggap diri mereka lebih baik dan berfikiran modern.
    melayu malaysia dianggap kolot,sering dipertikai dan senang diusik emosi..
    mereka mentertawakan orang melayu malaysia..
    dengan berpandukan orang cina untuk mengetuai tanah mereka...
    tidak sedar lagi?
    malaysia pula semua tahu siapa ketuanya tetapi lihatlah...(faham2 aje)

    jikalau orang melayu tidak mahu orang lain memekik2,cubalah ukur di baju sendiri..

    sebab itu dah lama saya lari...

  64. Anonymous12:04 am

    Din (Rocky)/ Din (Muhyidin)

    SEBENARNYA masalah bukan Melayu menekan orang Melayu di negara kita adalah amat serius.
    Namun, jika dilihat secara telus kepimpinan orang Melayu harus dipertanggungjawabkan terhadap masalah ini.
    Tepuk Dada, Tanya Diri Kita - dimanakah silapnya kepimpinan Melayu yang sejarah telah buktikan berpecah kepada banyak puak seperti Umno, Keadilan, Pas dan sebelum ini Semangat 46, Berjasa dll.
    Bukan Melayu dari dulu hingga ke hari ini bernaung kepada kepimpinan Melayu serta berpayungkan Raja2 Melayu.
    Tetapi orang Melayu juga yang MEMANJAKAN serta MENEKAN bukan Melayu sehingga sudah berani MENCABAR kepimpinan Melayu.
    Ketika Melayu berpecah bukan Melayu pula BERSATU di atas dasar hak bangsa Malaysia dan bukan atas dasar perbezaan politik parti seperti DAP, Keadilan, MCA, Gerakan, MIC, PPP dan IPF dll kerana kepincangan kepimpinan Melayu yang memberi kesan mendalam kepada sosio-ekonomi dan politik bukan Melayu termasuk juga bangsa Melayu.
    Apabila bangsa Melayu berpecah dan pincang, sudah semestinya bukan Melayu mengambil kesempatan dan ruang yang ada untuk menekan hak kepentingan masing-masing.
    Persoalan tidak berterima kasih tidak timbul sama sekali kerana semua bangsa punya peranan dan tanggungjawab untuk menjaga hak dan kepentingan kaum masing-masing.
    Di sinilah tanggungjawab dan kepercayaan yang diberikan kepada kepimpinan Melayu oleh orang Melayu dan bukan Melayu perlu dinilai secara telus dan jujur - samada kepimpinan Melayu berjaya atau gagal untuk berlaku adil kepada semua lapisan rakyat Malaysia - Melayu, Cina, India, Jawa, Kadazan, Iban, Dayak, Melanau dan Bajau.
    Mahu tidak mahu, bukan Melayu harus dan perlu menerima hakikat bahawa hak Melayu dan Bumiputera tidak boleh dipersoalkan.
    Namun kepimpinan Melayu juga perlu berlaku adil dan saksama terhadap hak dan kepentingan bukan Melayu dibawah naungan apa yang dikatakan Ketuanan Melayu.
    Persoalan bukan Melayu menekan kepimpinan Melayu timbul apabila jelas kemakmuran yang dikecapi selama ini dikhianati dan diperlekehkan oleh kepimpinan Melayu itu sendiri.
    Ini termasuk pengkhianatan terhadap anak bangsa Melayu itu sendiri sehingga berpecah-belah dan kini terumbang ambing menjelang PRU ke-13.


  65. Anonymous12:10 am

    Hear thee, hear thee.

    My predictions of the outcome of the next general election are:

    PR States - Perlis, Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu (All PAS govts), Penang (DAP Govt), Perak (puppet PAS govt), Selangor (real PR Govt).

    BN States - Pahang, Johor (all UMNO Govts), Sabah, Sarawak (mula-mula BN govts, then they threatend to lompat-lompat, bila dah kenyang, still BN govts).

    Toss up states - Melaka, Negeri (simple majority, either BN or PR).

    There will be a stalemate at federal level, simple majority 5 kerusi for PR!

    Thou shalth foresee
    that chaos will come
    politicians shalth start mandi
    air bunga taik ayamth


  66. Anonymous12:16 am


    One good reason for you to do the same thing as Raja Petra did, ie. ban monsterball from your blog. You will do many of us a favour. Just look at the posting below. Thanks.


    Posted by cilipadi on Mar 11, 2009 at 9.59 am in Dr Hsu Da Ren’s blog

    Just look at somebody’s comment,
    Raja Petra permanently bannished S S Goh @ Monsterball from Malaysia Today.net, the most popular online political portal, where anything goes (well almost, until he had to publish this article for idiots like Monsterball, who is the sort “yang tak makan saman!”):
    Imagine, a man who is supposed to be in his “golden years” being bannished from an online community because he has no discipline, attitude, aptitude an/ or civil manners to interact and have minimal discourse with others, that Raja Petra described him as a “monkey” in a specially written article!
    What a morbidly mannered monkey!
    look at Hahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahaha

  67. Anonymous12:21 am

    Tikam Batu,

    Pensyarah sains politik Monash University Malaysia Campus, James Chin, dia mengulas cara pemikiran dia.

    Yang dia maksudkan anak muda Melayu celop. Ayah/Ibu kawin dengan melayu, dan mengamalkan cara hidup harian mereka macam orang putih.

    These are the LOST generations, torn between three worlds!!

    Good example itu RPK. Tak lama lagi, anak2 jadi lagi caca merbak.

    These are the LOST generations, torn between three worlds!!

    Not our kids meh! They are PURE bred, anak cucu cicit pejuang Negara ini..


  68. nonmuslimbumi12:25 am

    ungrateful? since when should Malaysian voters, Chinese or otherwise be grateful to a racist corrupt and self-indulgent criminal regime like Barisan Nasional?

    What has BN within itself to demand gratefulness or any sense of respect? should Malaysian be grateful because of their tradition of money politics, their culture of corruption, their fanatical anti-Malay malice, racisism and chauvinism, their 'ketuanan" lordship to somehow enslave non-Malays and non-Muslims in a jihad way?

    how about their subtle agenda of replacement history, racial and religous polarisation inculcated among Malay Muslims? what about the incessant "kita ummahah Melayu Muslim against the rest of them ideology, the unholy propaganda against the so-called "kuffar babi" dan sampah india?"

    does that sound like a group that deserve gratefulness? claims that non-Malays were no part of Independence, claims that all non-Malays are "pendatangs,"that they they can go home, because this is not their home?

    how can the BN label the Chinese or any non Malay or non Muslim community to be ungrateful when Pakistini. Filippino Muslims and those from other countries get citizenship approvals before you can say alhamdullilah! chinese and Indians who have lived for generations are refused citizenship?

    whats wrong with this gambar abang Rocky? can u see the wayang kulit or is the music and the story getting in the way? all too often the tolerance and humility of Chinese and Indians are taken for weakness.

    too often the truth of the chinese and Indians and of the Australians and of the various other races that fought for independence, and some who even died are being made a mockery off by the likes of racists that hide beneath the anonymous nick.

    wake up yang berhormat perdana najis. first clean the filth and unresolved crime that faces you in the mirror. as the saying goes, do not try to take the speck out of bangsa lain bila ada batu dalam mata anda sendiri.

  69. Anonymous12:26 am

    Obviously Muhiyddin has stated the obvious based on statistical analysis..

    what's wrong with that?

    why the pigs always think they are so untouchable?
    always these filthy creatures love to touch others on everything...maybe its due to their sondol nature.. typical of sus-barbatus animal..suka cari pasal..

    On the other loosers camp, the hindulen remain the main suckers..always demand more than what they can bargain for..like the case of that pathetic MIC, they want the world to change for them when they themselves very2 reluctant to make any changes..lembu nature!

    Remember the pariah hindulen who bitched loud when the Malays hold some event for the plight of Palastine & condemn us for not doing the same for their tamil brethren in Sri Lanka..?

    so so very typical of them, harap org melayu saja buat semua kerja utk diaorg, lepas tu duduk belakang & pandai komplen saja itu ini..kalathai pundek kunjik yelek! Suruhlah MIC,PPP, Hindraf & ketua2 pariah korang buat..bodoh..

    Bila melayu buat kerja , asal ada salah je pandai kutuk bagai nak rak, melayu dpt nama busuk saja tolong puak babi & lembu ni..jadi polis taknak konon anjing, jadi govt servant komplen gaji kecik..jadi askar takut mampos...habis nak jadi apa? suruh berambus dari malaysia taknak banyak pula alasan..memang pukimak sungguh diaorg ni!

    These lowlifes deserve a special gesture from me - a special class middle finger!

    :D muhahahaha...

    friendly adviser: obviously rocky got the brain to waive your useless advice..keep it for yourself.. btw the all time chingkies & hindulens favourite keris guy is now holding the home affair portfolio..so?

    Believe me, deep in the hearts of true malay leaders, they would agree very much with words of people like me, warrior 231, sepet, laserblade et. al.. the only thing is that they cannot express it openly & must pretend to be neutral..same like the chingkie & hindulen leaders becoz they hold official govt post!

    this is not something newly moulded in a day lah idiot..we already lived & cultured with it for 51yrs ..let us finish the game...

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  70. Commenting on some points of Warrior 23112:34 am

    Warrior 231

    Uhmmm the West Cost has the best infrastructure because that was historically where the mines, plantations and later (as in now) where the factories where and Penang was a major port. The infrastructure was build to service the economic activity, not the population.

    The infrastructure weren't simply build for fun because of the mixed population there.

    And of course because of the very economic activities mentioned above, you had people brought in/coming on their own to settle there. They are a function of the economic activity at that time. If the east coast had similar economic activity than there would be a more mixed population there.

    And I see you have not included the British in your rant on "exploiting natural resources"

  71. Bukam Melaka mari1:13 am

    "2nd Class Citizen

    You deserved to be treated as a 2nd class citizen because you act like a 2nd class citizen. You should act like a 1st class Malaysian citizen. Speak B Malaysia fluently, sing Negaraku with pride and recite Rukunegara with conviction.

    If you go around insisting in speaking and writing using the national language of People's Republic of China or the state language of Tamil Nadu, then people will never think you as a 1st Class Malaysian citizen. In fact you got no class at all.


    Ehhh Melaka Mari, apasal tulis dalam Bahasa Inggeris?

  72. Hikayat's evidence1:15 am

    Hikayat Mamak Bendahara

    "I got enough evidence to believe that they are creating lots of rumors to induce a split within Najib's government. Musuh dalam selimut, api dalam sekam.."

    2:28 PM

    Please put the evidence on your blog! lah!

  73. Anonymous1:26 am

    Your Friendly Adviser said...
    Just some friendly advice, Bro -- you might want to be extra cautious with the comments coming from Warrior 231.

    I'm all for freedom of speech, but you might get in trouble for nothing here.

    7:22 PM

    Dei porikee
    Dont try to instigate people with your asinine comments and cheapskate threats clothed as friendly advise. This blogmaster has more than enough brains in his cranial cavity and enough experience on his shoulders to know how to manage his blog. So quit trying to act like some small-town smartarse giving advise to battle hardened veterans.

    I suggest you update your blog and steer clear of these parts.You think i am going to desist just because of your cheapskate "friendly advise", you stupid fella!

    My task is simple: to expose them chingkies and Hindulens as big-time frauds just like you. If that cuts too close for comfort, say so like a man not blither like some cockless trannie whore in search of a buttfuck.Now scram to your momma!

    Friendly advise konon! what you are trying to act like some big-time Charlie. Watch it lest i take the mickey off your charlie...pepundek kalathai!

    P/s; Cina Kena Berubah, Selampit, Sepet..great work guys..tell it as it is and sock it to them Chingkie and hindulen scum.
    Said mahmood= time for you to clean them kandangs

    Warrior 231

  74. Anonymous1:37 am

    Well, it is not easy becoming Msia's prime minister . it is basically a cursed office right from the start. tunku had to give it up half way, after a bloddy riot and razak too gave it up half way, hussein too, to mahathir who had to run away with tears in his eyes - i saw it , he he did cry AS he passed the ill starred baton to abdullah badawi. He too was downed by his very own predecessor who picked him. now it is najib's term. we wonder what his ill star will be.


  75. Rocky!
    Why in heaven's name you are quoting bias articles from Anwar Ibrahim's blogsite? What do you expect this guy to say anything good about Umno??!
    What Muhyiddin said was true if you try to understand it in Malay. it is tue that most Chinese Malaysian are not well versed in Bahasa Melayu, bahasa ibunda Persekutuan Tanah Melayu!
    I think you are trying to kill Najib softly by your subtle style and messages, I have known you for a while now and I think you think Najib is not treating you well, no?! May be you are wrong!
    My point is if I want to know anything nasty about you I will talk to your enemies, the same way as you are quoting Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim on his thought on Umno leaders!

  76. Anonymous4:45 am

    It seem that the malay always talk about racism but as it is they seldom practice it as they don't mean it. On the other hand the chinese seldom talk about racism but they do actually mean it and practice it. You see how the chinese advertise for employee " chinese only to apply"...you see how many chinese would actually shop in a malay shop...only if they have to...how many malay top management in a chinese company...only if they can use them...who is actually being racist in Malaysia.....so our DPM is right so very right....

    capt cock

  77. Anonymous7:50 am

    org melayu sendiri yg x sayang melayu. Kalau mcm nilah, bagi sj kat pembangkang pas2 bila dah jd mcm singapore baru padan dengan muka melayu. Tengok sj singapore, dpt je kat cina habis la melayu. Dah malas nk layan melayu ni. mana2 parti yg memerintah, sama sj. Entah2 dpt kat pembangkang lg teruk..

    fed up

  78. Can someone give Najib a DVD title Hero ( acting by Jet Li)..a movie about how the emperor of china deal with rebel, recalcitrant and mutiny..

  79. Anonymous8:17 am

    Kit Siang is damn dissappointed that Anwar failed to stop Najib to be appointed as PM. Lim Kit Siang will try and is taking full advantage of any opportunity to twist whatever to damn Najib-Muhyddin. The MalaysiaInsider and Malaysiakini is heping his pursuit.

    Study the timing of the news of this impact of Mingguan Msia article!

  80. http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/index.php/malaysia/23152-kit-siang-shocked-by-dpms-ungrateful-chinese-comment



  81. Anonymous8:28 am


    If you come back to NST, I hope you have the guts to sack me. I want to leave and laugh away to the bank.

    If you put me back on the sub desk, you know what I will do. I will do nothing except write comments in blogs about you. I mean run your down.

    So Rocky, it's your choice.

    Lee Ah Chay

  82. Anonymous8:31 am

    HI BRU!

    IT WORKS...

  83. Bro,

    Dah tiba masanya UMNO buang MCA/GERAKAN/MIC sebab diaorg ni skrg memang LIABILITY dan satu lagi cukupla bagi muka kat ungrateful ppl mcm diaorg. Sibuk nak bahasa Tamil dan Mandarin dalam berita, channel, movie, stesyen radio, surat khabar, sekolah cina, signboard cina, dll.

    Kesilapan UMNO ialah bagi muka sangat. Sekarang ni diaorg mmg dah tak suka kat UMNO n BN, walaupun UMNO bongok bagi muka untuk 50 tahun. Apa lagi, 50 tahun merdeka pun xreti Bahasa Kebangsaan. Kalau kat siam n Indon dah mati dah diaorg ni.

    Tolongla jgn jadi Bongok, ciptakan Bangsa Malaysia yang sebenar klu tak jugak sampai bila majoriti ni jadi bongok.

    Jangankan BN untuk component parti bumiputera.

  84. Its twist of fact and what DR Mahathir say it extremely right nevertherless there are many stupid malays out there espesciallly PAS and PKR malays who opt to forego their Bumi status that have bring fortune to them and become a follower of Mahzab DAP lead by Iman Besar Lim Kit Siang for the Malaysian Malaysian. DR M had said if a Malay say someting they are label as racist but when the Non Malays say sometimhg there are not racist. UMNO has not lost the Malays votes and it will increase whereas MCA/Gerakan/MIC has lost the support from their own people. Therefore to win back their support is by demoralising UMNO. Muyihiddin says what is true and its not wrong. Its his opinion. UMNO is changing are MCA, MIC , Gerakan is changing too. I still see Sammy Value there.UMNO now must rise by bringing all Malays togethers as One.Its time for them to court those Malays in DAP,PKR, PAS or PR for the sake of Malay unitiy.

  85. Bro,

    Is it possible to Transform a Pirate Ship into a respectable cargo vessel?
    Only if you change the Crew...

    Can a new and respectable? Captain and First Officer Control and Transform the behaviour of the existing Crew of Pirates?
    Not Likely!Unless you make the whole lot walk the plank....

    One fellow was made to walk the plank under the previous captain!! For being too smart in trying to introduce new Antipirate rules....
    He is now a passenger on the other ship (which by the way also contain some old pirates who just jumped ship back to their Jolly Roger)....

    So? Where is this Pirate Ship Heading? The question is ..To Plunder or not to Plunder?

    We'll wait and see...This show is more exciting than "The Pirates of the Carribean"!!

  86. Anonymous9:54 am

    dear malaysian brothers

    I see that DPM plans to fan racial sentiment is working with so many comments from one side of the fence condemning DPM comments and other agreeing with him.

    If u may allow me to say a few words as a chinese or non-bumi or chingkie :)

    The perplexing thing to many Malays I see why Chinese are upset with BN, specifically UMNO recently.

    Many perceptions and assumptions are thrown around but as a malaysian chinese, let me share my personal feelings and I believe it mirrors many chinese ppl feelings why this is so:

    1) We have accepted Malay's special rights. Yes, we bitch about it sometimes but we have grown to accept it and survive with it. So NO, it is not a BIG issue and bear in mind it has been 50 years. So no worries about losing "ketuanan melayu"

    2) We are really pissed off with BN, UMNO but not Malays. notice most reasonable comments in opposition websites, it is about anti-UMNO and anti-BN, not anti-Malays! Why?

    a) crime - not managed
    b) corruption - need we say more.
    b) education system - mess, BM kah, english kah, BM kah?
    c) foreigners (indo, bang, africans) - not controlled, coming in or out as they wish.
    e) cronyism - related to corruption
    f) public health services and poor transport
    g) stupid comments by politicians every once in a while -really malu
    h) mat rempit, ah longs,etc
    i) BN/UMNO behave like rakyat is bloody stupid and treat us like children.
    j) bread and butter issues

    I believe all the above issues apply to all races, not just chinese but I guess we are a lot more critical? We can see that the UMNO / MCA / MIC buggers are not sincere - but the only thing is that they think they are - saying whatever bullshit they want, and then saying another thing elsewhere but hey, today we have YOUTUBE, internet, etc.. u just can't bullshit ALL the ppl ALL the time.

    Yes, BN has done many good but in the last 10 years or so, it has performed poorly. Notice that fanstastic response given to Badawi when he came on board in 2004. The support also came from Malays and non-Malays

    We really don't care who is the PM, be it Najib, Anwar, Mahathir, as long as he can deliver to help ALL malaysians. But yes, we will judge him critically as the CEO of Malaysia, as we have to remain competitive. Globalization is not about what we have achived in 50 years, it is about what we can achieve in the next 50. Witness China. So the world is not going to give a shit whether malay or chinese or indians going to rule malaysia, as long as they find it a good place to invest.

    The sooner we ALL understand this, the better.

  87. Anonymous11:33 am

    Muhyiddin's statement clearly shows that the mentality of Umno leaders have not changed despite the March 8th electoral debacle.

    By throwing monetary assistance to Chinese schools during election times, Muhyiddin naively thinks that the Chinese electorate should be grateful and give their votes to BN.

    For the last 50 years that strategy worked because the Chinese people trusted their MCA representatives who told them that it was the correct thing to do. But MCA betrayed the Chinese people.

    MCA leaders failed to elevate the position of the Chinese and were merely contented with their ministerial posts and the honorific titles that went with it.

    And that certainly explains why MCA can no longer claim to represent the Chinese people.

    With only 15 Parliament seats in mostly Malay majority areas as opposed to DAP's 28 Parliament seats in Chinese populated areas, it would be correct to say that DAP is the voice of the Chinese people.

    Chinese schools had to survive mainly on public donations and once in a while, if there was a by-election in their area, they were given token donations in order to secure Chinese votes.

    Muhyiddin should be aware by now that such political bribery to obtain votes by giving donations during election time is now no longer tenable.

    The money disbursed are from taxes collected from the tax payers and Mahathir himself acknowledged that 90% of the taxpayers are Chinese. So giving back the money to Chinese schools is not something they should be grateful for.

    As a matter of fact, such allocations for Chinese schools should have been mandatory and given without any strings attached. The Chinese are now wiser. They will take whatever that is given but there is no guarantee that they will give their votes in return.

    There is no trickery on the part of the Chinese as claimed by Muhyiddin. They just merely accepted what was given and voted in accordance with their belief as to who deserved their votes.

    Muhyiddin would do well to change his mindset that by throwing some crumbs to the Chinese electorate, they would in return be obliged to vote for him.

    The Chinese people have no interest to be king-makers or to have any political power. All they want is to effect some political change so that all Malaysian citizens irrespective of race and religion can have an equal stake in this country of ours

  88. Anonymous11:43 am

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  89. Anonymous11:44 am

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  90. Anonymous11:52 am

    Whoever is behind this 'boycot' and the 'boycotters' should go for brain surgery before the DEWAN NEGERI becomes another mad house.

    When our country now led my DSN is trying to make changes,every elected rep in BN must at all costs put personal interest aside.
    It looks obvious that even those in BN are split.Then how the hell can our rakyat be united when at the same there is so much infighting within the same party??????????

    I am prepared to bet that if the dewan is dissolved and of course followed by another by election,BN will lose another state simply because the BN reps themselves are NOT united.And dont start blaming voters for not supporting because they are the ones who are the shit stirrers.I am shocked with dismay that they never learn.

    This time around,it is best for DSN to use ISA to these BN (UMNO) reps because it looks like this revolt is a miniature of Thai fiasco.

    (orang UMNO lama)

  91. Non-partisan12:44 pm

    I'm certain a post-mortem c'ttee has been set-up to elucidate the strengths and weaknesses of BN campaign machinery and other related issues following the last three by-elections. To me this should ONLY serve as preparations for the next GE.

    They should not lose a good night sleep over the loses in Bkt Selambau and Bkt Gantang and too euphoric over the victory in Batang Ai.You don't have to be a great political analyst with a long list of degrees including PhD to make a forcast on the outcome of the elections. They are too predictable.The tide is SIMPLY against BN in both Bkts considering current political scenario and landscape. It will be a totally different story come next GE.

    The hue and cry occurring within and outside BN is indirectly a good baptism for the newly appointed PM, DSN. Nevertheless, he had seen enough of this in the past considering his long years in politics and with the govt . He has the resilience and exuberance to handle them and comes out a winner.

    Semoga Allah memberkati Dato' Seri.

  92. bagi betis hendak peha.. kalau di china bagi betis betis je yang dapat. Pi tengok orang muslin kat sana. kat india. Itu semua satu bangsa cuma aliran agama je lain lain. Malaysian is so lucky and yet bukan Melayu je mudah lupa, non malays lagi banyak lupa dan buat buat lupa

  93. Anonymous1:10 pm

    I am malaysian. I don't vote for bully. As for chinese not grateful. I remember that 1999 chinese save BN ass. There are also example UMNO save chinese ass.

    UMNO just freak out by bringing up racial issue like they used too in every party meeting and when they lose election. Maybe other componenet parties are playing together as well. Who knows?

  94. Mazlan2:13 pm

    Its very presumptive to assume that the Malays are behind people like Warrior 231.
    How do we know the racial composition of a 'secret ballot'?
    Lets remember the 2 Bukits are Malay majority seats - so I would assume nearly a majority of Malays voted for the PR reps.

    And what True Malays are we talking about here?
    Is Khir Toyo a true Malay? Doubt it - as his parents are Jawa - so he is only first generation Malaysian... Thus most Chinese Malaysian are probably more bumi than him?

    Warrior 231,
    Look at what our so called True Malay leaders do when they get their lovely government contracts - they sub them out to their Chinese cronies. They only talk about Malay rights but all they are interested is in lining their own pockets - do you really think they give a shit about helping you or I? Only if we give them 15% back will they care...

    As for Terengganu - the issue is the return of the Billion Ringgitt Oil Royalty. Whoever is MB controls Billions - therefore these greedy pigs want a piece of the pie.

    There you have it the Pigs are not the so-called Chinkies or Hindus as Warrior 231 calls them - but our very own Malay UMNO ADUNs and MPs.

    At least with PAS and PKR what you see is what you get!


  95. hatcheting2:14 pm

    Najib should not be distracted by these unnecessary racial issues.

    In the minds of Rakyat we are very sick of BN corruptions and mega scandal till the stage they are deeply sunk in our minds.

    Najib should BITE the bullet and take some actions (not necessary all) to deal thoroughly till the stage of punishment eg prosecution. Only then , Rakyat will believe and give some trust back to BN and gain the confidence.

    NATO policy NO LONGER works !!!!!

    If the followings (just deal with say 10 cases is good enough) are dealt with thoroughly, surely the Rakyat will have different pecerption of BN !!! But will Najib dare to do it?? Will power ada?

    The real change must start somewhere!!! Najib, Show us that you really Boleh !!!


    1. Crooked Bridge - Tell us the real fact eg the sand deal. All this while the NST (under Pak Lah's time) was telling us fairy tales

    2. The Oil for Food scam - Is there a scam?

    3. Selling Augusta for Euro $1? So low?

    4. ECM Libra - This really need to be told. truthfully!!!

    5. The Trengganu Oil Royalty disclosure - Really hilang? Who sapu it?

    6. The bail-out of Pantai Holdings - pricing issue

    7. The tens of thousands of AP issued to few fella

    8.Please add-on!!!

  96. digital mania2:29 pm

    hikayat mamak bndahara and carbonara:

    good points both of you.
    my problem with malaysian insider is it is clearly very very anti-Najib. it's ok to be critical of Najib or the government. but it is shamelessly anti-najib.. doing a good job for PKR. possibly working hand-in-glove.
    we know that it is, umm, er..funded by kalimullah and asociates/cronies. very suspiciously answerable to singapore.
    why does it bother me that it is anti-najib. because before najib took over, malaysian insider ws Abdullah Ahmad badawi's mouthpiece.

    well..kalimullah. you have to thank Rocky for inspiring you to go digital or online....

    i agree with carbonara, that malaysian insider is doing good work as far as producing stories.

  97. Anonymous5:30 pm

    Why Malaysian Insider is so anti-Najib, you ask?

    Hmmm... Its Najibs' fault. He broke the 'agreement' to appoint Khairy as a minister, maybe?

    Its just my guess.

  98. Anonymous5:47 pm

    to 2nd class citizen,

    You think NEP provides every malays with 10 kampit beras setiap bulan, lauk percuma, kereta free, rumah banglo free, duit free RM5000 sebulan ker? Bodoh nak m@#$$s.. Malays also have to fight for their place in universities, study loans and business. Ko ingat melayu yg bodoh macam donkey boleh masuk university ker?

    And u think all chinese successful in Malaysia becoz of ur hard work ker? NO beb. I dont see it that way la beb. It is becoz this BN-Malay govt gives u the opportunity to success la brader.

    AND on top of all that, u still think NEP system is to steal from the chinese and give it to the malays ke? lagi bodoh punya statement. Lu chinese ingat lu paling banyak bayar tax ker? hei brader, PETRONAS paling banyak bayar tax la, and most of petronas employees are Malays. And those Malays employees in Petronas also paid taxes.

    Betulla cakap warrior 231 dan anti hindraf, lu orang never thanks to this BN gomen, always want more until no more things can be offer anymore. Bila Malaysia dah kering, lu orang pertama cabut dari Malaysia.

    Lu ingat DAP shout for malaysia-malaysian tu walk the talk ker? Suruh abolish vernacular school pun tak mau. Position dalam parti pun bagi kat anak-beranak aje. Tukar nama la, Parti Anak-Beranak Lim & Karpal.

    And you think current opposition is so strong and can topple BN gomen in next GE ker? sori la beb, next July if the opp leader goes to jail, the opposition sure will crack afterwards.

    What Malaysian can hope only BN to learn from their mistakes. To replace them, I dont think so. Becoz we all have to admit, only BN have the right formula to rule this majmuk Malaysia forever and ever so we can have peace and security.

    Yang benar.
    Melayu yg terkilan.

  99. Anonymous7:19 pm

    We know why your forefathers migrated to this lovely TANAH AIR…. ... Desperation.

    Ran away from the realities of life, helpless, voiceless and faceless to do anything over there just about anything, let alone place a decent bowl of rice on the table for your family?

    DESPERATE PEOPLE will do anything to survive. Was it poverty, wars, or for criminal offenses?

    You don’t have to tell us, you need not fool around with us. We can read all about your past and present from the Net.

    Don’t try to IMPOSE your desperate and insecure ways of life on THE SONS OF THE SOILS.

    Stay by all means if you MUST, to enjoy and share whatever REZEKI Allah gave to this beautiful and blessed NATION.

    For starters BELAJAR dan ajar anak2 kamu BERSYUKUR. Is this too much for a Bumiputra to ask from all you restless souls out there?


  100. Mazlan, you just rubbed warrior231/syamil the wrong way. This plastic pendekar is gonna write a long bombastic cock n' bull story about you. Knowing him, he will include pigs, pig poo, unnatural sex, and his trademark Tourettes.

    But nevermind. These sort of people can still show their arrogance & insecurity, even after losing by-elections in Gantang & Selambau. When the next GE comes, the Rakyat of all races will kick them out. The pencil is indeed mightier than the sword.

    In fact, the hubris of these people will turn more voters away from BN. They're doing a favor for the Pakatan.

    The best thing... no need to pay them.

  101. Anonymous10:02 pm

    Saya memang setuju dengan pandangan "Melayu Terkilan" tentang keadaan di negara kita ini.

    Sebelum dan setelah merdeka orang melayu adalah suatu kaum,pada kesluruhannya hidup sederhana. Mereka ada sekeping tanah untuk bercucuk tanam,sebuah rumah kecil untuk sekeluarga dsb. In a way one can say that Malays were quite complacent,happy and contented.

    Over time however, Malays have changed. Their children (mostly rural)receive proper education locally and overseas and this has changed their life style.But the basic character remains in that Malays by the majority are good hosts which I am sure non malays will agree.There was no hue and cry when over 1,000,000 red identity card holders were made citizens of this country.And there was no reason for malays to take a tongkang or ss rajula to leave the country...hujan emas di negeri orang,hujan batu di negeri kita.

    For a long time,non malays have been sending money to their former homeland and even today there are still people who choose their spouses from their homeland..not
    trying to be personal but only to show the strong ties between them.

    It is no secret that non malays dominate the country's economy but one must accept that the wealth comes from the malays.

    Buai laju laju
    sampai pokok sena
    beli kain baju
    dari kedai cina

    Malays being the majority is a strong market force for any business.Whether it is chinese new year sale,hari raya sale,deepavali sale or christmas sale,malays form the biggest customers.

    My personal advice to non malays is simple. "Di mana bumi dipijak, di situ langit di junjung."

    (melayu yang juga terkilan)

  102. Anonymous11:13 pm

    Anonymous said...

    More on the dark side of monsterball from google. Let's see that idiot deny it. That idiotic moron is actually a bankrupt to be businessmen who does not submit returns to the income tax dept. His company selling coffee dispensers incurred $700,000 losses. Maybe he did not even pay his employees gaji. He has 3 ex-wives and now lives with an Indonesian concubine in Subang Jaya. Here a few unsavoury things about monsteridiot below. Please pass the word round to all those who do not know much about him and think he is a nice old man. Far from it. Hell is what he deserves after passing so much shit in cyberspace to disrupt meaningful discourse.



    shanghaistephen said...

    monsterball or shall I address you as S.S. Goh..firstly you have no balls to go by your real name SS Goh otherwise as you got no balls just go by the name of monster (minus the ball ) !You hide like a chicken behind a nick,and throw insults at everyone whose opinion you disagree, secondly get your own bloody blog lah oldman before you dish out advice to anyone....or maybe YOU should take your own advice because what you dish out is utterly stupid !Until and unless you got balls to go by your family given name of SS Goh (are you ashamed of your family name ?) get the &*%$ out of all blogs and you've got no business ridiculing any blog owners with balls...understand SS Goh ? I'm sorry if you are an old man but you got to know your station in life..get it and I'm writing this without any malice as to your age.And I hope you don't judge me for being blunt...just take my advice...it's free !
    You know , if my friend Fredo was alive today, he'd call you an eye(I) specialist...cos everything you write is a brag about yourself...I did this...I did that...I know this...I know that...et cetera...Get it Mr. SS Goh

    SiKenit said...

    Monsterball is really too much. He keeps doing this, too many times, everywhere.

    What qualifications has he got to say which blogs are "talented" or "more impressive" and which are not? What are his values? What are his measurement based on? Why should everyone who read Rocky's Bru have to read which blogs monsterball's top choices? Note, no other people list their choice blogs!

    Monsterball is really nauseating. I wonder why blogs still allow an improductive (infact a counter productive!)contributor to the blogging discussions to publish his acute less than narrow minded views any further?

    Obviously monsterball suffer from acute lackofattentionitis! I must say he is incorrigible.

    Maybe one day when Rocky write a book or manual on blogging, monsterball is a clear referrence of what not to do!

    shar101 said...

    SS Goh aka monsterball got kicked out of MT towards the end of 2006. In fact, RPK got cheesed off with his antics that he (RPK) wrote an article entitled "The flower and the monkey". This fact was confirmed by RPK himself on 5th April'07 when I asked him in front of several bloggers.

    RPK's MT, as you may be aware, is the wild wild west of Malaysian alternative news sites. You'll get all types of 'colourful' characters there and generally, RPK will allow comments to slide through for the sake of FOS, FOE and whatever freedom anybody care to quantify.

    Therefore, for monsterball to be banned from MT speaks volumes about his divisive tirades, rantings and profanities. In the 'offline' world, he'd be classified as a social deviant. On the 'online' space, he hides behind anonymity to continue with his schizophrenic tendencies. Sigmund Freud would be turning in his grave for missing out on the 'perfect' patient.

    Recently, due to monsterball's persistent instigations including announcing his phonecalls to Sheih, the latter did something unthinkable and totally inappropriate as a blogger. Sheih went public at Susan's and villified two other bloggers, BigDog and A Voice. You're right about Sheih being a kind soul but to what extent must kindness be given freely to a recipient who has no qualms in abusing it.

    There's a dark side to monsterball which most people are not aware of and perhaps, one day, a blogger will expose him for what he is. All it takes is to gather evidences lying around the blogs and there're tons of it. Blog Ethics 101, anybody?
    12:48 AM

    6:23 PM
    Anonymous Anonymous said...


    you created so much trouble in Dr Hsu's blog,MT, etc, you are a compulsive liar, your credibility is zero, you are full of hot air and you suffer from Hai Lam Tin (mental disease, must be locked up in Tanjong Rambutan Hospital Bahagia).Nobody believes what you say about cilipadi. Even if he is a foreign agent,at least he exposed you. You exploited Sheikh and how he hates you a lot. You tried to offer to pay for T shirts which Rocky and Jeff Ooi could use in their suit agst NSTP. They know your real intention - to gain control of their blogs like you taking over Susan's blog now. Because of this, you resent them. This is the REAL, dark and sinister you, monsterball.


    6:34 PM
    Anonymous Anonymous said...


    don't try to give impression Lim Kit Siang welcomes you and think highly of your comments. God only knows how many e-mails and phone calls you made to him and he turned them down, giving you some face by publishing ONE comment from you. Obviously you are not happy and must be banging what's left of your balls and tearing your hair in rage. The same thing with Zorro who warned you not to make personal attacks and utter obscenities. Dr Hsu has been most kind to you, appealing to you not to make personal attacks with expletives, yet you try to run him down and claim credit for yourself.

    Like someone said, you are afraid to start your own blog because what you utter is nonsense, your english and spelling very bad, bad grammar, in fact everything bad about you. NOBODY WOULD WANT TO READ WHAT YOU SAY BECAUSE IT IS ABOSOLUTELY RUBBISH! Hence you exploit the likes of popular blogs like Susan and Elizabeth Wong. You want to be the first to comment and the last to leave and to flood their blogs with your rubbish. God only knows how many calls you have made to Susan, Elizabeth etc, giving all kinds of lies, etc. and poor Susan has been robbed of her blog by you. When she first started it, the blog was good. Now it is all rubbish, rubbish, rubbish. You know why most of your comments are there. It's because somehow or rather you have conned Susan into letting you have some kind of access which others don't have. WHAT A LOW DOWN CUR AND STINKING BASTARD YOU ARE. IN THE BLOGGING COMMUNITY, THIS IS AN UNFORGIVABLE SIN AND YOU SHOULD BE HUNG UPSIDE DOWN AND CRASTRATED.
    We will continue to pass the round until Susan wakes up from her "spell" and kicks you out of her blog just like Raja Petra did. We hope rocky, Dr Hsu will also do so. GO TO HELL MONSTERBALL! Stew in your juice. Go suck Pak Lah's balls! Go dump your fucking face in the jamban with all the shit!!


    7:49 PM

  103. Are not the 10 derhaka to Sultan of Terengganu. Even RTM refuse to report this news. Malaysiainsider does have element of government in it, so the spin is rightly caught by you.

    In Perak, they are changing the interpretation of our constitution just to ensure that BN stays. at what price? If it stays, we can now sue the government if the decisions made does not benefit us. That is great! (UMNO should remember that it is a double edged sword)

  104. Anonymous6:29 pm

    I want to add more points from my original reply to 2nd class citizen.

    I hope u are not thinking that all the licences, permits and permissions fell from the sky. Think again if u want to say this UMNO-BN gomen is racist. Otherwise u dont have Ananda, Robert Kuok, Yeo Tiang Lai, Lim Goh Tong, and millions more as a millionaire/billionaire in Malaysia.

    Also if u want to insist employing "Mandarin/Chinese only" in your bussines, plz do stick some notice (lagi besar lagi bagus) in front of your shops, restaurants, supermarkets, apatah lagi.. "FOR MANDARIN/CHINESE CUSTOMERS ONLY". Let see if your "hard work" really works.

    All this while, Malays sudah bagi banyak muka sama lu orang, tapi tak pernah dibalas balik dengan cara baik. Lagi lu hina ini kerajaan Melayu. Lagi lu suspicious sama orang Melayu.

    If you think chinese can rule better (but surely u will follow western model of democracy, bla bla bla), plz go somewhere else, becoz this Malay govt will stay here forever.

    Yang benar
    Melayu Terkilan

  105. Anonymous8:09 am

    "najib ir right yet again"

    Rocky, this sort of statement isn't going to help you get back to NST. Too mild...too obscure...too modest.

    Now that you are on the dark side, be BOLD in your praises of Najib.


  106. Anonymous9:25 am

    I must salute 'melayu terkilan' for his comments.It is not just being bold to tell the truth but the message if properly read and understood would certainly change the mindsets of certain individuals or groups about our beloved country.

    I wonder how many malaysians actually contribute to this blog and how many read the comments, especially the inspiring ones.If they are read by only a few,and they are not cascaded down the line,the impact is questionable.

    Those who subscribe to the STAR, dont miss N54,Friday 17th April. The article written by Zamri Mahmud from Kuala Lumpur is really inspiring. I am not trying to promote the STAR but only to highlight this particular article which is relevant to us and our future generations.

    I still remember what TDM said years ago:'Before we think of finishing 1000 steps,we must make the first step.' Therefore we have to start now otherwise we will be barking at the same tree over and over again.

    (orang lama)

  107. jebat's fren2:58 pm

    to parpu kari (curry), warrior 231, melayu terkilan, melakamari and eddy

    1. non-malay voters or let's just put voters and don't segmentize them by race. why should we vote for UMNO/BN? it's our right to vote for anyone, dumbass. i can vote for any leader from any party.

    2. someone mentioned melayu govt. hello, are you from indonesia or what? since when the govt is meant to be that? that's the reason why ppl aren't willing to vote for BN cos they will turn it into a "malay" govt and bullied malays and non-malays alike. is just an advertisement at front to say a "malay" govt but in fact is more of a "UMNO" govt.

    3. "first class" citizen is not defined how fluent he speaks BM. is defined by the state of mind. no wonder UMNO and BN is really "third class" dumbo

    4. silent majority malays wants UMNO and BN to be out. is only those minors that feels Muhyiddin is on their side. of course lah, the losing supporters must gang up with the losing stars and still want to proclaim themselves to be superstars.

    5. warrior 231, have you considered joining taliban or mujahidin and declare war on non-muslim? it's because of your type in UMNO that people are afraid of. even the majority malays are also rejecting your type of perverted character.

    6. raping political virginity? sounds like UMNO sodomise, rape and hang politics and democracy.

    7. it's so weird to see when UMNO was so powerful, they never talk about malay unity. but when UMNO is on the brink of extinction, then all these nationalism, patriotism and rhetoric comes about.

    No wonder after GE12, i am seeing more and more UMNO cybertroopers battling and shouting "Bangkitlah Melayu". why aren't these talibans not be put under ISA?

  108. Anonymous12:30 am

    jebat's fren, apa kabar brother Mao,

    Mungkin you kurang bergaul dengan orang UMNO terutama orang Melayu.. Get to know us better; Malays
    - are very hard working lots
    - have superior intelligence
    - baik baik belaka
    - tertib dan lemah lembut
    - perempuan comel dan cantik
    - lelaki tegap dan hansem
    - semua melayu kaya belaka
    - amanah, tak reti menipu
    - tak dibenar minum arak, tak mabuk
    - melacur haram, suci semua
    segala yang indah ada pada tiap orang Melayu.

    Negara ini pun sama, aman, tenteram dan makmur. Sebab itu semua makluk dari merata perusuk dunia terkejar2 nak datang tinggal sini.

    Pemimpin, bukan saja dari UMNO tetapi semua dalam BN semuanya dari mereka yang bijak pandai dan baik hati.

    Kami semua sayang dekat you brother Mao.. Kenali kami dengan lebih mendalam, you will LOVE all of us..

    pai pai


  109. Anonymous5:03 pm

    To jebat fren.

    honestly i dont mind your bashing on my comments. I read all of your comments in many blogs. But I like your comment in JMD the most. I like when Jebat reply to you, showing your weakness, stupidity and shallowness of your thinking. So, I can sense u are only an average student with an enough-to-pass mark in any papers.

    This is what I called freedom of speech. Kau boleh kritik aku, aku boleh kritik kau.

    I see how twisted u are my fren. Its OK, Im not worry and not offended of your comment, becoz u only carry ONE VOTE in any election. (but I wonder, why pro-PR ppl always assumed they have the majority in Malaysia?? tak pandai kira kot? matematik failed?)

    This is Malay govt my fren,I dont care u like it or not. U can write millions of words in millions blogs, but it will never change. I said it like that becoz, Malay have the majority say in this country. Malay have the most representative in the Dewan Rakyat. AND the Dewan Rakyat is well placed under Malay System Diraja (Agong).

    So my fren, unless the "others" beranak banyak-banyak and then become a majority. U still have to bear all this "unsatisfaction" feelings. Perhaps until eternity.

    Yang benar
    Melayu terkilan.

  110. Anonymous11:25 pm

    Jebat fren

    You are no fren of even Jebat,,ou bastard scum.You are a chingkie arselicking scum who is culturally disembowelled, racially raped and religiously neutered.You are nothing more than a porikee who is not even worth a sliver of my time or a jihadi's bullet..

    U are a damn ma fucking coward..who can only brag about voting whomever he wants and talk shit to his fellow race but shiver and kowtow to his chingkie pimps and Ah long. You owe them Ah long your dues.. I guess..

    Silent majority..my arse.... 60% in BG, 55-57% in BS, almost 50% in KT 9 and more if the right candidate had been there), 70% of our pribumi brothers in Batang Ai have rejected your unholy alliance of has been whores, chingkie pondans, Pariah Bais, International Mother Fucker (IMF) suckers, your shit arse munafiqun turban lollipops who have the gall to call themselves Tuan Guru, and other pariahs not worth mentioning. Now the tide is turning bastard and you better run b4 we melayus descend on you and truss u up like a pig ready for slaughter.

    The fact of the matter is you dont understand anything at all as MT has revealed you got buttfucked big time by JMD. Now dont ever use the term Jebat's Fren again..it nmakes u appear like some rebel without a cause..and you dont deserve to associate with the Malay warrior pantheon anyway.. Hang Li Po's Eunuch would be a better moniker for you and your ilk..you cocksucking, cum guzzling, arse digged arsewhore....scram outta here real fast,pig!

    Warrior 231