Wednesday, April 15, 2009

No Bukit Lanjan by-election?

Updates, after 5pm
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Eli to stay. NST 15/04: Elizabeth Wong issues statement accepting Selangor Government's offer to remain as State Exco member and assemblyman for Bukit Lanjan.

BH 15/04: Elizabeth Wong terima tawaran terus berkhidmat sebagai Exco serta Adun Bukit Lanjan dan sifatkan keputusan paling sukar pernah dibuatnya.

Original post:
NST 15/04: Elizabeth Wong to stay on as state rep, to decide by 5pm today whether to remain as Exco member

MB asks Adun Eli to stay. Finally, Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim announced today that he and his exco have decided to offer YB Eli Wong to remain as Bukit Lanjan assemblywoman. If she accepts the offer, she must resume work tomorrow. Khalid said his government takes moral issues very seriously but views Eli's situation as an invasion of her privacy.

It's up to Eli now. She did say in her last blogpost that she was determined to relinquish all posts, but that was nearly two months ago.


SHAH ALAM: Majlis Mesyuarat Kerajaan Negeri Selangor (MMKN) hari ini telah membuat keputusan untuk menawarkan YB Elizabeth Wong agar kembali meneruskan tugas beliau sebagai Ahli Majlis Mesyuarat Kerajaan Negeri (EXCO) dan Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri Bukit Lanjan.

Justeru itu, jika YB Elizabeth menerima keputusan ini, beliau akan diminta kembali dari cuti untuk meneruskan perkhidmatan beliau kepada Kerajaan Negeri dan rakyat Negeri Selangor mulai esok.

Kerajaan Negeri juga berpendapat keputusan ini adalah wajar dan adil setelah mengambil kira pandangan semua pihak, kepentingan rakyat serta perkembangan mutakhir siasatan polis yang sehingga kini gagal membuat sebarang keputusan muktamad.

DYMM Tuanku Sultan Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah juga telah diberi taklimat tentang keputusan ini. Bagi pihak Kerajaan Negeri dan seluruh rakyat Negeri Selangor, saya menjujung kasih ke atas pendirian Tuanku untuk tidak mencampuri urusan politik serta memberi kepercayaan penuh kepada Kerajaan Negeri bagi membuat keputusan yang adil dan terbaik.

Perlu ditekankan disini Kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat Negeri Selangor memandang serius isu moral dan akan senantiasa memastikan pimpinan Negeri menjunjung prinsip ini. Oleh itu, jika ada sebarang bukti yang kukuh, Kerajaan Negeri tidak akan teragak-agak mengambil tindakan yang sewajarnya. Namun demikian, pendirian ini juga harus di imbangi dengan prinsip menghormati hak peribadi seseorang dan Kerajaan Nergeri amat serius mempertahankan hak ini,



  1. Anonymous3:05 pm

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  2. Cuti sampai dua bulan. Janji mula akan decide dalam 10 hari. Apa cerita tuan director?

  3. Anonymous3:17 pm

    Long live Eli Wong!

    To all the girls/women who are having affairs with other people's husband, stand tall and be proud.You are well supported by the people of Malaysia(including the ladies from PAS).

    To all the women who turns up at BU3 over the weekend,please remember that the next time you find out about your husband's affairs in the office,don't get angry with the girl.She is the victim and you should give her your moral support.

    And to all the married men,go out and find a sweet young mistress,it is the 'in'thing to do.

  4. Anonymous3:21 pm

    Khalid,how dare your drag the Sultan's name into your mess?

  5. Anonymous3:24 pm

    You sound weird...are you try to instigate something here???come on good to let it status quo ,otherwise,your Najib or "dont misquote my statement" fame MY further 'malu' cos' if another BE,i think BN will be buried forever.

  6. Anonymous3:25 pm

    Two months leave and yet no decision?

    The Selangor State government must not be a victim of indecision.

    It appears like 'gaji buta' for this elected representative, spending the rakyat's money on holidays overseas instead of spurring domestic tourism.

    While symphaties will not solve problems, a decision is owed by the Menteri Besar, instead of passing the buck to the Sultan and back to the MP in question.

    What's so difficult to make a decision?

    Even if a by-election is indeed called, BN is sure to lose the seat again. So, why waste time and the rakyat's money on her salary for doing nothing?

    But, it's okay because she is a PR queen and these people could do no wrong.

    Strangely though, if it was some UMNO lady in the picture, the double headed snakes will take to the streets and demand her resignation in 24 hours.

    So much for Anwar's justice.


  7. Anonymous3:29 pm

    Well, I hope THE MATTER WILL BE LEFT AS IT IS and there will be no more blogging about Eli's earlier views. (at least in your blog).

    The MB and the exco are standing by her and thats the point.

    Instead, the focus should be on the guy who is being sought after by the police and who is still missing.

    Our authorities seem to have so much difficulty in tracking him?

    Very strange.

    Immigration notified? Like the way authorities swiftly notified Immigration to track the ex deputy CM of Penang and were successful?

    Or is this guy still hiding and his collections waiting to be used by political opponents on another occassion to actually shame the PR government later?

    Even in the case of the pilot who was sentenced in Australia, there was so much blogging but now the excitement has died.

    He still flies and his dad is still in charge of that important government department. And no follow up blogging on this?



  8. Anonymous3:29 pm

    "Perlu ditekankan disini Kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat Negeri Selangor memandang serius isu moral dan akan senantiasa memastikan pimpinan Negeri menjunjung prinsip ini. Oleh itu, jika ada sebarang bukti yang kukuh, Kerajaan Negeri tidak akan teragak-agak mengambil tindakan yang sewajarnya."

    Halo,bukti kukuh apa lagi yang si khalid ini mau dah.
    Eli dah mengaku,dia ada hubung sex dengan suami orang.Bukti apa lagi nak tunggu?

    Ada hubungan sulit dengan suami orang itu bermoral tinggi ke?

    Hassan Ali dok buat apa ni dalam exco? dah jadi boneka DAP macam Nizar juga?

  9. Anonymous3:32 pm

    Saya nak tanya pembaca,berapa lama boleh seorang ADUN dan EXCO ambil cuti(tak kira lah kalau medical)

    Gaji dapat penuh atau tidak bila cuti lama2?

  10. "Saya nak tanya PAS, dalam ISLAM open sex tanpa kahwin, tanpa nikah with anyone.. OK?"

    Islam PAS punya. Hukum hakam monopoli dialah.

  11. Now, now YB Elizabeth, you have announce that you will resign come what may, so please do not do a flip flop and announce after a very happy 2 months break courtesy of the rakyat's money that due to overwhelming support from PKR,DAP and Parti SeIslam Malaysia for your private indiscretion with another woman's husband, you will stay on as ADUN and Exco. Congratulations to PAS which has proven that they can transcend religious values all in the name of political convenience, yes Parti PAS Untuk Semua, can now short form to "Pus".

  12. Anonymous3:48 pm

    Anon of 3:17 PM

    Ye ya ya ya yay

    Slrp slrrp slrrrp


  13. Corruption more important3:53 pm

    A lot of noise for Eli's case but where is the noise regarding years and years of corruption which has much bigger impact to the people? We always seem to have the wrong focus. Corruption (money politics is also a form of corruption) easily forgiven.

  14. Anonymous3:56 pm


    PKR Semua Boleh!!!

    PAS Anguk-anguk, geleng-geleng ... jadi pak turut! Negara Islam tergadai!




  16. Anonymous3:59 pm

    Wahhh... of all the matters in the world of Malaysia Boleh, PAS, PKR & DAP can all agree on this matter; Eli Wong did nothing wrong and that her privacy was violated... Nicelah like that...

    I remember the Selangor ex-MB Abu Hassan Omar were forced to resign over similar sex scandal issue. But for PKR, it is acceptable.

    Only less than 2-years in power these people already showing their color. What if they got to govern whole of Malaysia, what will happen then? After 10 years? 20 years? Err... Lets not talk about 50 years.

    This is Anwar Ibrahim in operation. DAP knows Anwar's weaknesses & DAP will in future use these weaknesses against PKR.

  17. Anonymous4:08 pm

    why let her go on leave and then asked her to stay after 2 months of gaji buta?
    because she can hold you hand, yab mb of selangor hahaaaaa. if she is so indespensible her resignation should be rejected on the spot.

  18. Anonymous4:10 pm

    guys..please remain focus. this girl didn't cheat. she didn't have an affair with someone elses husband.
    This is a case of invasion of privacy which is the case.

    Please engage brains.

  19. Ayer Pa'abas4:13 pm

    Kalau ada sesiapa yg nak buat sex sebelum nikah ker atau having sex with other including yg dah bersuami atau isteri, datanglah ke Selangor..Jais tak akan kacau punya. Itu semua private, kata MB Selangor. Privated live [having sex with ohter] semuanya boleh di Selangor. Jom kawan-kawan ayuh kita ke Selangor. Semuanya HALAL di Selangor. Jais dan PAS di Selangor pun kata boleh. Selangor BOLEH. DEPAN BELAKANG PUN BOLEH DS ANWAR. NO PROBLEM PUNYA DI SELANGOR.
    GILA punya MB. Ambil orang yg Moral nya yang rosak. Wanita PAS jom semua kita pergi CIUM pipi ELI Wong kerana membenarkan ini semua di Selangor.

  20. so lepas ni Eli boleh promosikan Selangor Negeri Tak Payah Kahwin Boleh Romen - Pasti ramai lepas ni akan datang memohon untuk tinggal di Negeri Berkebajikan tu - paling best kalau nak mandi junub tak payah bayar air percuma oooi itu kalau nak mandi junub lah kalau tak mandi boleh juga - jimat KDEB tak payah bayar air he he he

  21. baniADAM4:13 pm

    Anwar did promise during recent BE about the big surprise only to be announce then but after a week nothing happen.. but of course this Eli Wong issue is no big surprise as it's happen to PR members.....for PR apa2 pun boleh.....PAS pun sudah bagi endorsement maaa...

  22. Anonymous4:16 pm

    you have some interesting and valid points there my, Good Man Does Nothing.

    baffling isnt it for someone to go gallivanting reportedly in Indonesia for two months and return to the same old status quo after vehemently insisting that only a resignation will appease the "Pathrakalis of the Marketplace" . Guess, the two months were for the issue to drop off the radar as plenty of other flotsam have floated under the bridge since.What chutzpah!!

    Hikayat : the last i heard, the turbanned lollipop Nicky Lee Aziz is consulting a kitab entitled "Barang Mengharamkan yang Halal dan Menghalalkan Yang Haram : Satu Tafsiran Kitab Menurut Mazhab Ayah Pin" nukilan Tuan Guru Hadi Fak Mah Pah, a well-known lebai who died while carrying the Batu Bersurat in Terengganu to its present location with his bare hands from Tiongkok. The kitab is currently being translated into English, Tamil,and Swahili by someone from Bentong

    Anon 3.17 : ini zaman molenmah..boleh konke siapa2 saja,. itu tukar suami isteli macam cullency swap pun bolehma!biasalah chikalang, olang kapiak pun boleh baca itu "Surah Aurat" di pintas politik dengan itu nadha sumbang apa lu mau bising kalau mau konke pelempuan yang buka aulat lagi bagi flee masuk, ambik gambar.. u sulah gilakah..mana itu lan chiau mau tahan kalau olang tayang flee....chendili pikirlah..itukan sidakah seksmah siapa mau lepas kalau itu sidakah bagi kapada itu fakir seks..u gila punya komen...tiu niamah saya pun tengah konke itu isteli olang PAS, lia suami tutuk tengok...ketawa lagi mah. Lia anak pelempuan syok dengan saya oh tapi gua takut gua isteli malah. Chikalang, itu lebai tua lekat kelantan sulah cakap ok...saya manyak chinang hati

    Anon 3.24 ; aiyoyo...kadavalae...indhe pundek kalathai wantatangal oh...enuff said (Rocky; your usual guests are beginning to stream in...have a good day, Bro!)

    Warrior 231

  23. I suppose the usual BN leaders escape clause may be used. Taken out of context etc. etc. etc. Surely we all learn something from our leaders. Better still say nothing!!! Don't know if Eli learnt anything at all from our BN leaders!!!

  24. Anonymous4:19 pm

    Pakatan REhat memang suka rehat... buat kerja pun malas..

    tau nak ada marital affair ajer..

    i thot those who calls for transparency and corruption free with high moral fibre must lead by example?

    Eli Wong, lu tak malu ka main dgn laki olang? tak malu sama dia punya isteli ka? tak mau mohon maap ka? lagi mau kata itu lu punya hak ka? Panggil balik lu punya bf. kita kasi rejam sama dia.. ala PAS.


  25. Anybody died, hurt or lost money in this case? No. except for Eli and maybe those who looked at the photos might be a bit psychologically disturbed. Nothing like a good sex or a paid trip to Disneyland can't fix right?
    Wake up la, ini Malaysia. Principles, morality, justice, fairness, and dare i say religion mana penting. Just for show only. Didn't hurt Dr. Chua last time, Heck Wanita MCA supported him all the way. Well, Dr. Khir may disagree...but who cares what he thinks these days

  26. Anonymous4:41 pm

    Dia cuti hampir 2bulan, cuti bersalin atau apa.. Gaji dan elaun jalan ke?

    Prestasi Clinton tercemar kerana skandal SEX. Bukan buat dihalayak ramai, sorok sorok bawah meja isap curut..

    Naik kuda dengan suami orang adalah satu perbuatan yang tidak bertanggung jawab, tak kira dia tu berAgama apa sekali pun.

    Kerana ini adalah satunya PUNCA yang akan meruntuhkan dan merosakkan kesejahteraan sebuah institusi keluarga.

    Apa kalo dia pembawa penyakit AIDS? isteri dan anak-anak yang tak berdosa akan menjadi MANGSA seumur hidup. Bernanah meleleh terlantar terbaring atas katil, kos perubatan kalau tak isteri yang kena menanggung, nah duit Rakyat juga!

    Kalau lihat paras wajah Amoy ni, BUAS SEX (macam sex maniac), kalau tak dibendung dari awal, akan bertambah MENJADI akhirnya.


  27. Anonymous4:57 pm

    Eli Wong - for the sake of sending proper message to public, pls resign. We are all against PM's rumoured relationship and murder of a certain foreign country woman and even if there is no murder but a relationship, we make an issue. Hence in this respect we cannot practise double standard just because Eli Wong is popular and competent. Public person is different from lay person because of state secrets, influenced decisions and self protection comes into consideration when decisions are made and the people's interest is at risk.

    And to Pakatan - pls do not be like Barisan National.

  28. Anonymous5:02 pm

    Everyone should take this matter very seriously.

    My late husband was having an affair (sembunyi) and it was when he died, after going through his documents, I discovered the affair.

    He left us RM0,00 savings, hutang-hutang to clear and 5school-going kids. Left us in a mess!

    It hurts and affected all of us. None of us visit his grave, it hounds us all, been 13years now and my kids cannot even bare to look at his pictures.


  29. Porn r Us5:07 pm

    Yeah Eli,

    You have made shagging out-of-wedlock and post-coital photo-op the most fashionable thing to do since the Clinton's administration.

    More power to you, bebeh!!!

  30. Anonymous5:08 pm

    It's obvious Rocky is now the official blog for Najib and Mahathir's camp.

  31. Anonymous5:10 pm

    tukang komen janganlah frust sebab tak jadi pilihanraya kecil!


  32. Anonymous5:13 pm

    Haiyya, so no rerun at Bukit Telanjang bro? Its a lot closer than Bukit Gantang.

  33. Mazlan5:18 pm

    Well - firstly neither party is married - so its not an affair.
    Secondly all she was doing was sleeping... which is as far as I know not an offence.
    Thirdly sleeping without clothes is also not an offence.
    The fact is that she was also not aware she was being photgraphed.
    Quite clearly she is a victim here - so why should the victim be 'victimised' further.
    Its like blaming someone for being raped because she wears sexy clothes or being pretty.

    As for pre-marital relationships - last time I looked the year is 2009. I think we are all adults here. There's nothing immoral about dating someone and even being intimate with them as long as both parties are not married to anyone else and are not out to offend anyone.
    Don't tell me none of you lot writing here ever dated and were never alone together with your partner in an intimate situation?
    Either that or you are virgins and good luck to you.... and you need a life.

    Frankly I find it more immoral for politicians to go on trips with their whole family to every Disneyland on earth flying first class at the Selangor taxpayers account......
    So please grow up people.

  34. Anonymous5:18 pm

    And by the way,

    A Chief Minister was barred from contesting in party elections due to evidence of corruption but allowed by the party to remain in office and enjoy all benefits - paid for by the rakyat's contribution.

    The AG classified Kugan's case as murder but till now the murderers are getting paid with the rakyat's money.

    Elizabeth's case - funny, the culprit is still not apprehended but despite the extensive search exercise by authorities who can easily match Scotland Yard's abilities.

    Instead of coming up with a 'water tight' case (like what they are now doing to the ex-DCM of Penang) the inability of the authorities to follow up on the matter, has resulted in the opposing party supporters / members to pass judgement on her.

    I suppose that is how it is in Malaysia Truly Asia.


  35. Mohd Syukry Ibrahim5:28 pm

    PKR pandai main sandiwara dan ubah prinsip menurut musim. Anwar dan gengnya pandai tuduh pemimpin UMNO tapi pemimpin sendiri ok lah kalu dia orang yang buat.
    Mana prinsip korang huh. kalau elizabeth wong punya prinsip dia harus letak jawatan aje.

    Mohd Syukry Ibrahim

  36. Anonymous5:29 pm


    Typical of PR goons. Very undecisive. DCM II of Penang to replace Fairus pun takes ages.

    Ex PR.

  37. mat gian5:43 pm


    no erection in bukit telanjang?


  38. Anonymous5:43 pm


    Welcome back to NST. You are the right man for it, bro.

  39. MatRempit5:47 pm

    Hi all,

    Nothing wrong lah.. If Anwar, Najib, Hishamuddin, Khairy, Toyo, Samy, Chua etc can stay in power.. whats wrong with Elizabeth. Hak samarata lah between male and female. Nothing wrong. ENJOYYYYYY.

  40. Anonymous5:56 pm

    YB Khalid,

    invasion of privacy is NOT the issue. MORAL is. Citizens have the rights to question any leader's moral standing, be it from BN or PR. Rakyat expect them to be, among others, morally clean. Remember your party's pledges before the election? Piiiiraaah. Sama macam BN jugak la. Now you know that not every Fairuz, Eli, and Arumugam can run a government. Alternative to BN konon! Memang dasar muka tebal dari keturunan yang tak tau malu. Letak la muka Eli Wong dalam logo PKR as mascot. And next time letak pula calon dari kalangan ah long, towkay judi haram, mama-san, karaoke owners, car reposessors, etc. Kalau ada issue with them pun, these people tarak hal punya. They are more charitable in cash some more, memang tak makan saman.

    Beautiful nuts

  41. No election more lost to Umno & Allied....but what about TKM 1 Penang still searching betterman?...what a long long stories to keep watching :)

  42. Paracelcius Unwound6:07 pm

    I dont think it is YB material one who parts her thighs so that her married lover can photograph her and be distributed all over the net. But since PKR's leader's (alleged) sodomy crime still catapults him to leadership, this kangkang-kaki pales in comparison.

    Very saddening what people who purport to be replacing the current admins are made of.

  43. Anonymous6:10 pm

    ROCKY! i wonder what is the purpose of this post from you? while the nation is facing a very big crisis, read today's utusan
    I know you promote media freedom but let's get what's right and wrong.
    I thought you will write something on the seditious headline from utusan but instead you are more interested on attacking the victim of the crime, you are not attacking directly but looking on the comments, I feel they completely downgraded you blog.

  44. Anonymous6:12 pm

    Praktikal and pragmatig = no principals, moral or otherwise.
    PR kena by election fatig,overdose.
    Actually Pas not in the game.Therefore no bye.
    Mah Ngah Tong.

  45. Anonymous6:13 pm

    Macam lah yang buat komen komen ni adalah ma'alaikat. Jangan lah pandai mengata orang,diri sendiri tu dan kawan kawan tu...jeng jeng jeng !Hambo bukan nak bela EW,yang anak jantan guano ??

    Buat tauladan kapada kita,anak anak kita,saudara mara kita dsb.
    Selain dari isteri kita,janganlah buat hubungan dengan perempuan lain,termasuklah gro,disko,elak seks sebelum nikah,jangan minum arak dsb.

    Kita boleh elak dari pandangan manusia akan tetapi Allah SWT melihat segalanya.


  46. Anonymous6:26 pm

    Whether coming from a BN rep or a PR rep, they are all the same. Politicians in Malaysia are politicians NOT because they want to serve the rakyat but MORE because they enjoy the status of YB, the fame, the money involved, and the perks. Eli Wong is of the same feathers as Koh Tsu Koon, et al. PERIOD.

    James Wong.

  47. Anonymous6:29 pm

    Confused said.....
    Invasion of privacy is the problem here as one must respect other person privacy. What happen to Eli is something debateable because it involved :-

    a. a married Muslim. Who is a husband and a father. They committed sin by doing Zina and in Islamic practise to be stone to death. (Thats was very serious offend).

    b. The moral of the story is you can have extra marital affair with anybody single/married person as long as you're not exposed.

    c. Are we seeing that our Asian values faded away and one fine day in future we will see a gay marriage is legalised as well in Malaysia.

    d. Are we really prepared to sidelined morality and religion just to keep a leader? e.g. a gay PM

    I'm a educated chinese but frankly i cannot accept a person who don't have a moral credibility to lead me. Maybe i'm a Cina Apek but till today i still cannot accept a FREE FOR ALL sexual lifestyle.

    Eli, all the best but remember there will always a moral stigma on you. The moment we have a serial sodomizer as our PM i will migrate my whole family to somewhere that values moralities more than a post/person. Good luck Malaysian and may this EXCO decision will enlighten all of us that we are actually moving pretty fast forward. To all the man and women out there if you are caught of having extra marital affair just blame the whistle blower; take 2 months leave; sent in resignation letter; organised a support rally by a few friends (remember to get a reporter) and thats it. YOU ARE SCOTCH FREE AGAIN.

    God Bless

  48. Anonymous6:40 pm

    Khalid Avraham - is a shitarse who is purposely dragging HRH into the issue to create the illusion that HRH is sanctioning this dastardly act. This bastard hymie should just come clean instead of dragging the Malay royalty into what is essentially a political and party issue.

    Khalid actions would give the misleading impression that any decision taken has received the royal assent when time and again HRH had insisted that this was an internal party issue.There are no two ways about it, Eli Wong should resign period after other salacious details have emerged following the initial kerfuffle. It would have been the decent and proper thing to do but because PR inhabit a different moral universe in which values are warped and logic is inverted, scum such as these will be elevated as demi-goddesses who can do no wrong.

    Now, tell me son of Avraham on what moral yardstick have you based your ludicrous decision on? And tell me, bloody munafiq turban popcorns like Hassan Ali, on what Islamic precept can you justify this odius decision. have you lot become so obsessed with power that religion and morals have been hocked like cheap trinkets at the pawnshop of political expediency.Seems to me the kapiak Taiwanese have a better sense of morality than you verse spouting, holy Quran toting, turbanned and jubahclad pontificating munafikuns:

    and this:

    I dare the Selangor government to dissolve the state assembly or if the relevant parties lack the balls, i dare the PAS state assemblymen to resign en masse as a sign of protest..if you have a shred of Iman left, that is, you principle whoring cocksucking arsefucked blithering power hungry idiots!! May the wrath of Allah SWT be on Selangor...


    Warrior 231

  49. Anonymous6:42 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Now I am really confused as to which party to vote for in the next general election. In Pakatan Rakyat sex tanpa kahwin, gambar bogel dalam internet boleh. In Barisan Nasional rasuah boleh bertanding jawatan dalam UMNO dan sex macam kes Chua Soi Lek juga boleh bertanding jawatan MCA. Tell me what choice do I have. Patut pun sebab slogan kita selama ini "Malaysia Boleh".

    Rosli dhoby.

  50. Anonymous6:47 pm

    To all Pas(sites) and chingkie arse Licking Scum



    Warrior 231

  51. Anonymous6:50 pm

    Anon 5.43

    Betul ke Rocky balik NST? Betul ke bro Rocky? Kalau betul, baguslah. Rocky editor terbaik untuk menghidupkan semula NST.

  52. Anonymous6:58 pm

    To so called Cina Pek above,

    What's wrong with having a gay man or woman as PM? What's so immoral about that? Please explain.

    Just decades ago the idea of having a "negro" president was frowned upon. We are talking about the states. Why, because "negros" are morally and intellectually inferior to their white counterparts. Do I need to remind you who the President of US is?

    You opined that gay persons are immoral and unacceptable. Is this your Chinese education talking or your fundamentalist religious beliefs chipping in?

    God Bless you too!


  53. Anonymous7:09 pm

    Anon 6.29,

    Tepat sekali!!! Tak kira la kita ni cina apek, India estate atau melayu kampung but we cannot accept a FREE FOR ALL sexual lifestyle.
    Invasion of privacy is NOT the issue at all. MORAL is.
    Sesiapa pemimpin tak kira BN atau pembangkang sekali pun patut di hukum sekiranya melanggari hukum moral....


  54. Wonder MP dari Kulim7:09 pm

    "....Saya mengambil pendirian tidak bersetuju dengan keputusan YAB & Kerajaan Negeri Selangor dan mengambil keputusan memufaraqah dan memisahkan diri saya daripada keputusan tersebut.

    Saya mengambil pendirian ini kerana saya menghormati keputusan YB Eli yang telah pun membuat keputusan meletakkan jawatan sebagai Ahli Exco dan ADUN Bukit Lanjan. Surat perletakkan kedua-dua jawatan tersebut telahpun beliau kemukakan...."

  55. Anonymous7:10 pm


    Looks like your standards of journalism dropping la babe. this topic is just like cheap thrill only la. tackle bigger issues man - like the growing bad publicity the country is receiving overseas due to your new masters.

    - A little bird in the sky

  56. Anonymous7:13 pm


    (love not hate)

  57. Anonymous7:22 pm

    Hi Rocky

    I remember reading about a phrase
    that goes :

    "Let he who has not sin casts the first stone "

    Not sure if I have got it right but sure want to contribute my two cents worth in this messy argument.

  58. Anonymous7:23 pm


    1. Hilmi is MARRIED and MUSLIM!

    2. and PAS is AWESOME for condoning this.

    3. Huhu, GAY MARRIAGE soon in Kelantan.

    **Nice going PAS!

    -Confused but excited-

  59. Hey Warrior231 a.k.a. Syamil.

    You know, you look like a hypocrite preaching about morality... and then using uber-foul language in the same sentence?

    If you can't cure your Tourettes, go climb a tall coconut tree and throw yourself off.

  60. Well, the police 'investigation' is going nowhere...

    HIlmi went missing but the police only mintak kesian that he showed up..

    2 months of leave , police punya fault le... simple.

  61. My questions;

    1.What happened may have been private. Isn't JAKIM going to charge her former boyfriend for Khalwat?
    2.If they do not, then why do they continue to pursue the others?
    3.Two months leave? 1st year of service? How many days leave does an ADUN get?
    4.What was she trying to do when she was a victim in the first place? Gain more public sympathy for PR?

    Can anyone attempt to answere these questions?

  62. ye lah.... tiba2 sumer yang komen kat sini begitu kesah pasal AGAMA???

    sumer kat sini hipokrit!!!

  63. PKR is full of 'Porn Stars" But I think people are so fed up that they are willing to accept adultery over corruption. This also expose PAS that all those slogans are just religion gimmicks.

  64. Wah, ramai sini boleh nampak kupu-kupu di seberang, tapi gajah depan mata tak lihat.

    Hm, lets compare what Bee End has.

    Mat "Moneybags" Taib:
    - ran away with the Selangor Sultan's niece to Thailand. And lied about it to HRH
    - caught with $$$ in a suitcase. Managed to fool the judge he "no speak inggelis"
    - corruption. Lots of it.

    Status: Still a bigwig in UMNO. Actually ran for VP last month.

    S Samy Vellu:
    - corruption, gangsterism. lots of it...
    - drove Maika into the ground. Money went where, who knows?

    Status: Still head honcho of MIC

    Ali "Rusty" Rustam:
    - found guilty of corruption last month

    Status: Still remains Malacca Chief Minister. No Further Action (NFA)

    Najib "Jib" Razak
    - submarine scandals
    - Altantuya murder case. Possible link.

    Status: Now running Malaysia Bhd.

    Khairy "Rempit" Jamaluddin
    - corrupt also. ECM Libra, etc.

    Status: Actually won UMNO Youth Chief position. Still has influence in UMNO

    Khir "Toyol" Toyo
    - corrupt as hell. Arguably worse than Moneybags Taib
    - Wife dissolved Balkis & took the $$$

    Status: Still around. Actually got more votes than Mahathir Jr.

    Chan Kong Choy
    - involved in the Pt Klang Free Zone Scandal.

    Status: NFA

    Mahathir "Madey/Che Det/DetStar"
    - +20 years of rule. Developed Malaysia, but allowed corruption & cronyism to grow in institutions

    Status: Power behind the throne in Malaysia Bhd. Elevated status to Det Sidious aka The Emperor.

    Thamby Chik
    - relationship with an underage girl

    Status: Got away with it. Still around.

    Chua "See Leg" Soi Lek
    - married guy. Had an affair

    Status: Still around in MCA

    So you see, Bee End's deeds are far worse than Eli Wong getting her pic taken without consent while she was asleep.

    BTW, Hilmi is unmarried...

  65. Anonymous8:30 pm

    Macam mana beb kalo jumpa dia.


    Dey Karpal, which one to choose? Oh dear, naik confuse aku..

    Habis ler Selangor, akan ambil alih taraf SEX HEAVEN dari Thailand. Nah, dia BIRO Pelancungan pula tu..

    Saya pun confuse dah mula naik excited.


  66. I am so happy to read MB and all Selangor exco unanimously voted for Elizabeth Wong to stay on.
    No corruptions....did nothing wrong... why resign?
    Soi Lek also resigned...but in MCA they have internal no one supported him to come back.
    Eli did right too ..offering to resign. Now all wants her back....she must not disappoint them.
    Fearless smart hard working opposition parliamentarians are always targeted by UMNO.
    Elizabeth will be a plus factor in 13th GE.
    She must not resign.
    She must think of the country...and no more herself.
    For her love life..she must not be afraid to fall in love again. Go to hell with others....and failures in love does not mean...she is bad.
    She must forget the past and go forward......but learn from the past...not to make same mistake twice.
    That settle her private life...lets see the Elizabeth Wong in action in politics.
    She will be similar as Teresa Kok...fearless.

  67. Amende laa Eli ni. Tak Chu-Soi-Lek langsunglah!

  68. Anonymous8:58 pm

    Ciss... UMNO penderhaka...

    Sultan pun bersimpati dengan YB Eli, tapi kaki bodek UMNO ni pula naik ghairah menfitnah...

    Bukankah Islam memerlukan 4 saksi ?

  69. Anonymous9:37 pm

    huhu..Eli will soon be known as YB telanjang.

  70. Anonymous9:38 pm

    korang nak pilihanraya lagi ke kat Bkt Lanjan? Sibuk nak suruh org much would that one cost? And by the looks of BN's doubling its effort to win by-elections, its gonna cost us(tax payers) BIG. is a decision done by the state govt.

    rakyat biasa

  71. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Cina Apek said........ Daw with due respect. Are you a gay? I'm very concerned about the morality and values in our society. If we have a gay leaders, he or she might have some biased towards the policy making of our nation. What happen to our nation if gays activities is encourage. Where will be our family values. Your son come back home telling you he is coming back home with a man as his wife. Be matured and go back to ask your parent about that. God created mankind with their own nature and characteristic. Why go againts God creation and nature. Vaginal intercourse is by nature but why the he'll you want through your archole. Daw, try driving into a No Entry or One Way Road and see people will Cursed you all the way.

  72. Anonymous9:47 pm

    Ek eleh Warrior 123, sedap panggil orang munafiq. Solat isya' dok lagi? Subuh pagi tadi bangun dok? Sape kata PAS halalkan zina? Ada tanya kat Hassan Ali what he thinks of Hilmi? What he thinks Hilmi should be punished? (if proven guilty). You're putting words into people mouth, itu fitnah tuh. Ke mung nok suruh Hassan Ali sula EW, atas hukum Islam mana tuh cu bagi reference skit gok...

    For your info, aku dok sokong pong EW jadi YB. Dia pun dah bagi resignation letter tapi ramai constituents (yg undi dia bukang mung) dia suruh jgn resign. Dia ikut lah. Yg mung terpekik terlolong nih bagus, tapi bakpe bila YB BN takdok macam nih pong bising? Ada bising pasal JJ takde moral? Takdok pong, talang due muke la. Macam aku kabor mung haritu la, mung nih bising depang computer jah. Depang orang brepok...kok kring sunggoh.

    Kalu aku cabor mung buleh dok? Cabor mung openly (kat depan KLCC ka) jerit Chingkies & Hindulen, ada brani? Nickname warrior doh...

    CABARAN KEPADA WARRIOR (self appointed melayu fighter)


    Nak tengok anak jantan nih ada teloq je tidak...

    Ganu Lucerne

  73. Alamak the UMNO moral brigade has come out already to condemn Khalid for dragging the Sultan name and Elizabeth Wong for loose morals. Well I wonder where was the UMNO moral brigade when:

    1) One of their MP and special assistant to senior minister took out a gun and threatened an auxiliary policeman. Lagak macam gengster ya UMNO?

    2) Ismail Saffian pulak suka pergi Danok Thailand betul tak berfoya-foya dengan bar girl? Bukan kita yang cakap tapi puak2 UMNO di Bkt Gantang sendiri yg cakap. Apa UMNO moral brigade nak cakap?

    3) Siapa ya yg kurang ajar itu dekat Perlis..ya Ketua Perhubungan UMNO Perlis yang menyifatkan MB Perlis Isa Sabu sebagai "produk haram" kerana sepatutnya Shahidan yg dipilih jadi MB. Jadi siapa yg lantik "produk haram" jadi MB? Jawapannya Raja Perlis, jadi adakah UMNO kata Raja Perlis melantik "produk haram" dan bermaksud Raja Perlis "haram"? Siapa yg biadap terhadap Kesultanan Melayu ya UMNO Moral Brigade?

    4) Pernah dengar sebuah website bernama gu**er uncensored? Ada tengok gambar anak Datuk Nazri & Datuk K bermesra-mesra dengan teman wanita mereka di pub, karaoke, dan bilik hotel pun ada. Ada jugak boleh nampak mereka cium, malah temna wanita si Nazri cium dengan wanita lain bermain lesbian. Ada jugak tak namapak foto Nazri sendiri di atas katil? Apa komen Nazri bila ditanya oleh pemberita? NO KOMEN. So UMNO Moral Brigade, kamu ada komen?

    5) Bagaimana dengan 2 katak melompat dari PKR ke UMNO di Perak itu pulak? Dah tahu mereka disiasat oleh polis untuk korupsi tapi Najib kesayanganmu masih menerima mereka dengan tangan terbuka untuk menubuhkan kerajaan BN yg benar2 haram! Antara kes terhadap mereka ialah menerima rasuah seks China Doll di bilik hotel. Kita pun tahu mereka lompat untuk selamatkan diri mereka tetapi memang malu UMNO dan Najib kerana menerima pelompatan sedemikian dan menghalalkan rasuah seks. UMNO moral brigade pun meghalalkan ya?

    That is all for today's installment for UMNO Moral Brigade. Stay tuned for the next installment ya, UMNO Moral Brigade. Kamu baling satu batu, saya pun boleh baling lima batu balik. Janganlah terlampau kurang ajar ya.

  74. Anonymous10:01 pm

    hey you all stupid or what?
    how come you compare a married man who curi makan kat luar and exposed AND a single woman whose private photo being published without her permission?
    Use your brain-lah, why malaysians are so stupid one huh?
    So narrow-minded, how come got these creatures living on the surface of earth?
    OK lah so you all vote umno lah and destroy our country!

    I'm anon with a name of truth

  75. Anonymous10:03 pm

    double standard... i half day missing from office because car breakdown also kena hentam with boss.. politician can simply simply cuti cuti malaysia like that.. wat the fak.

  76. Anonymous10:06 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    You cast the first stone, knowingly or otherwise.

    Many others followed, screaming immorality. I pray and hope for their good that they are all in your schoes for when the Lord strikes, it is really painful.

    Everything is in Allah's hands.....


  77. Anonymous10:10 pm

    Rocky bru & lain2,
    I thought Sultan Selangor says no problem. You say got problem. Oh, that means you guys challenging SULTAN
    IS THAT NOT DERHAKA? All these bunch of bullshiters. I dare to bet that all you guys are sinners. Anyway, youguys are sinners anyway, condemned to eternal death.
    Go on doing your derhakaaing


    Rocky bru,
    I hope that you have much better things to write than this.

  78. Anonymous10:24 pm

    Warrior 231 sounds really mentally unstable.
    I presume he thinks rape victims are asking for it?
    Since when is the victim of a gross invasion of piracy guilty of immorality?
    Yet not a peep out of our Warrior about our Umno crooks like Khir Toyo, KJ and the like.
    Hope you get an education and a life soonm


  79. Anonymous10:24 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    I remember you commenting that Eli Wong was very kind to you when she helped organized the 'Walk with Rocky's Bru' campaign. I don't care much about the hot-wash morality issues, but in my book, kindness should be repaid with kindness. Loyalty with loyalty. You should at least respect her request to be left alone if you cannot offer solid support. w9

  80. Rocky,

    You look sad with this latest development on Bukit Lanjan right!

    Otherwise, your beloved UMNO membership 0000001 who is also known as 'Pop Star' can help the BN do the campaign in the by election right?

    So sad....

    Anyway, you have to look at the bright sight! This can save your beloved UMNO 0000001 and BN from headache of thinking what sort of excuse to find since this will also going to be a defeat for your beloved BN!

    Kah kah kah

  81. Anonymous10:36 pm

    hmmm i wonder how some of u here knows she had sex out of wedlock. was there a sex tape of her doing it as well? wat a bunch of hypocrites!!

    and by the way, why dont you moral gods say something about that douchebag who admitted in court he had an affair with the blown up mongolian lady? lets not waste anymore money on by-elections.

    Tuan Director

  82. Anonymous10:53 pm

    berani main, berani tanggunglah.
    it's too bad the photos went public. bad for her that is. good for those who got a sneak peek.

    1. frankly, she is a victim of unfortunate circumstances and I would agree with her being allowed to keep her job. what she did in private is her own personal business.

    2. now, whether or not she does keep her job depends if she can accept the fact that whenever someone looks at her, they may have an indecent flashback. i for one would start imagining.

    3. we've come across our fair share of malaysian personalities who have been exposed on the web. it may have been years ago, but let me tell you that once you've seen the photos, the images will always stick in your mind.

  83. monsterball
    you sound as stupid as anwar ibrahim.

    he picks the boy himself into his team. the boy claimed being sodomized.

    eli met a cute guy. eli falls in love. eli and guy show affections. guy took eli’s semi nude pictures.

    aku pun marah kat umno gak, tapi tak payahlah syok sendiri dan buat dosa kering

  84. chua soi lek is married. it cast doubts on his integrity when he cheat on his wife and family. eli and her boyfren are both unmarried.

  85. Anonymous11:12 pm

    Anonymous said...

    More on the dark side of monsterball from google. Let's see that idiot deny it. That idiotic moron is actually a bankrupt to be businessmen who does not submit returns to the income tax dept. His company selling coffee dispensers incurred $700,000 losses. Maybe he did not even pay his employees gaji. He has 3 ex-wives and now lives with an Indonesian concubine in Subang Jaya. Here a few unsavoury things about monsteridiot below. Please pass the word round to all those who do not know much about him and think he is a nice old man. Far from it. Hell is what he deserves after passing so much shit in cyberspace to disrupt meaningful discourse.



    shanghaistephen said...

    monsterball or shall I address you as S.S. Goh..firstly you have no balls to go by your real name SS Goh otherwise as you got no balls just go by the name of monster (minus the ball ) !You hide like a chicken behind a nick,and throw insults at everyone whose opinion you disagree, secondly get your own bloody blog lah oldman before you dish out advice to anyone....or maybe YOU should take your own advice because what you dish out is utterly stupid !Until and unless you got balls to go by your family given name of SS Goh (are you ashamed of your family name ?) get the &*%$ out of all blogs and you've got no business ridiculing any blog owners with balls...understand SS Goh ? I'm sorry if you are an old man but you got to know your station in life..get it and I'm writing this without any malice as to your age.And I hope you don't judge me for being blunt...just take my's free !
    You know , if my friend Fredo was alive today, he'd call you an eye(I) specialist...cos everything you write is a brag about yourself...I did this...I did that...I know this...I know cetera...Get it Mr. SS Goh

    SiKenit said...

    Monsterball is really too much. He keeps doing this, too many times, everywhere.

    What qualifications has he got to say which blogs are "talented" or "more impressive" and which are not? What are his values? What are his measurement based on? Why should everyone who read Rocky's Bru have to read which blogs monsterball's top choices? Note, no other people list their choice blogs!

    Monsterball is really nauseating. I wonder why blogs still allow an improductive (infact a counter productive!)contributor to the blogging discussions to publish his acute less than narrow minded views any further?

    Obviously monsterball suffer from acute lackofattentionitis! I must say he is incorrigible.

    Maybe one day when Rocky write a book or manual on blogging, monsterball is a clear referrence of what not to do!

    shar101 said...

    SS Goh aka monsterball got kicked out of MT towards the end of 2006. In fact, RPK got cheesed off with his antics that he (RPK) wrote an article entitled "The flower and the monkey". This fact was confirmed by RPK himself on 5th April'07 when I asked him in front of several bloggers.

    RPK's MT, as you may be aware, is the wild wild west of Malaysian alternative news sites. You'll get all types of 'colourful' characters there and generally, RPK will allow comments to slide through for the sake of FOS, FOE and whatever freedom anybody care to quantify.

    Therefore, for monsterball to be banned from MT speaks volumes about his divisive tirades, rantings and profanities. In the 'offline' world, he'd be classified as a social deviant. On the 'online' space, he hides behind anonymity to continue with his schizophrenic tendencies. Sigmund Freud would be turning in his grave for missing out on the 'perfect' patient.

    Recently, due to monsterball's persistent instigations including announcing his phonecalls to Sheih, the latter did something unthinkable and totally inappropriate as a blogger. Sheih went public at Susan's and villified two other bloggers, BigDog and A Voice. You're right about Sheih being a kind soul but to what extent must kindness be given freely to a recipient who has no qualms in abusing it.

    There's a dark side to monsterball which most people are not aware of and perhaps, one day, a blogger will expose him for what he is. All it takes is to gather evidences lying around the blogs and there're tons of it. Blog Ethics 101, anybody?
    12:48 AM

    6:23 PM
    Anonymous Anonymous said...


    you created so much trouble in Dr Hsu's blog,MT, etc, you are a compulsive liar, your credibility is zero, you are full of hot air and you suffer from Hai Lam Tin (mental disease, must be locked up in Tanjong Rambutan Hospital Bahagia).Nobody believes what you say about cilipadi. Even if he is a foreign agent,at least he exposed you. You exploited Sheikh and how he hates you a lot. You tried to offer to pay for T shirts which Rocky and Jeff Ooi could use in their suit agst NSTP. They know your real intention - to gain control of their blogs like you taking over Susan's blog now. Because of this, you resent them. This is the REAL, dark and sinister you, monsterball.


    6:34 PM
    Anonymous Anonymous said...


    don't try to give impression Lim Kit Siang welcomes you and think highly of your comments. God only knows how many e-mails and phone calls you made to him and he turned them down, giving you some face by publishing ONE comment from you. Obviously you are not happy and must be banging what's left of your balls and tearing your hair in rage. The same thing with Zorro who warned you not to make personal attacks and utter obscenities. Dr Hsu has been most kind to you, appealing to you not to make personal attacks with expletives, yet you try to run him down and claim credit for yourself.

    Like someone said, you are afraid to start your own blog because what you utter is nonsense, your english and spelling very bad, bad grammar, in fact everything bad about you. NOBODY WOULD WANT TO READ WHAT YOU SAY BECAUSE IT IS ABOSOLUTELY RUBBISH! Hence you exploit the likes of popular blogs like Susan and Elizabeth Wong. You want to be the first to comment and the last to leave and to flood their blogs with your rubbish. God only knows how many calls you have made to Susan, Elizabeth etc, giving all kinds of lies, etc. and poor Susan has been robbed of her blog by you. When she first started it, the blog was good. Now it is all rubbish, rubbish, rubbish. You know why most of your comments are there. It's because somehow or rather you have conned Susan into letting you have some kind of access which others don't have. WHAT A LOW DOWN CUR AND STINKING BASTARD YOU ARE. IN THE BLOGGING COMMUNITY, THIS IS AN UNFORGIVABLE SIN AND YOU SHOULD BE HUNG UPSIDE DOWN AND CRASTRATED.
    We will continue to pass the round until Susan wakes up from her "spell" and kicks you out of her blog just like Raja Petra did. We hope rocky, Dr Hsu will also do so. GO TO HELL MONSTERBALL! Stew in your juice. Go suck Pak Lah's balls! Go dump your fucking face in the jamban with all the shit!!


    7:49 PM

  86. Anonymous11:12 pm

    how come baginda is also uncondenmed after admitting to affair with altantuya? How come so many ministers go to Europe on rakyats money and gets fixed with high class prostitutes also goes uncondemned? All the overseas embassies staff know about these trips allegdly The prblm is 'morality ' is relative in a secular society like Malaysia. Just look at. James bond. What a hero and a man. He slains villians but he sleeps around. So what? You jealous?

    Jealous Guy

  87. I think Pakatan Rakyat is scared of another by-election. After winning 4 by-elections, it's very unlikely for them to win a fifth. It's playing Arsenal or Manchester United after they have lost 4 previous games.

  88. NOTICE FOR THE WIVES IN SELANGOR(effective 15 April 2009):

    For the wives in PKR controlled state namely Selangor please beware that if your husband has an affair with another woman(the slut) and unfortunately you find out about the affair, the victim is not you but its the other woman(the slut). If you try to find out more details about the affair then you are invading the other woman's(the slut's) privacy, you, the wife is a criminal. Careful ladies and God bless.

    Slut = is a reference to a sexually promiscuous person normally a female.

    Slut Party = Namely PKR that condones and protects a ADUN who is a slut.

    Slut For All = New Political Campaign Slogan for Parti SeIslam Malaysia which supports and condones the Slut Party's action.

  89. hehehe12:06 am

    Bila kena pada peZINA PR, nak ada 4 saksi la pulak. ekekekeke

    Kalau BN? Bau minyak wangi dah boleh jadi bukti. hehehe


    ps. lain kali cukuk bulu ketiak sebelum ambil gambar.

  90. "Let he who has not sin casts the first stone "

    Give me the stone!!


  91. Anonymous12:13 am

    i don't really care about her personal life. The most IMPORTANT things are she needs to do a great job!! Thats what selangorians want from all the YBs.
    Cheers Eli!

  92. Anonymous12:20 am

    Pakatan Rakyat kononnya berjuang menegakkan kerajaan dan pimpinan yang bersih, tidak rasuah, bermoral tinggi sekali.

    Pantang orang lain yang di luar Pakatan Rakyat melakukan sikit kesilapan baik baru dituduh rasuah, terlibat dalam skandal seks, salah guna kuasa, maka kemaruklah para pemimpin Pakatan Rakyat dan pengikut fanatiknya mendesak mereka ini letak jawatan, dipecat, diambil tindakan oleh BPR (SPRM) atau polis dan sebagainya.

    Tetapi apabila orang Pakatan Rakyat sendiri yang terlibat dalam hal-hal itu, para pemimpinnya membisu seribu bahasa, pijak semut tidak mati, tidak adapun suruh letak jawatan, tidak dipecat pun, tidak suruh didakwa pun. Malah disuruh terus pegang jawatan, buat kerja macam biasa. Katanya ini kes lain, kerana kesulitannya dicerobohi. Kesulitan orang lain yang turut dicerobohi tidak pula diambilkira.

    Jelas sekali, perjuangan Pakatan Rakyat sudah menampakkan busuk tembelangnya yang sebenar. Kebersihan kerajaan dan pimpinan yang diperjuangkannya adalah topeng semata-mata, penuh hipokrit, bermuka-muka dan tipu helah yang semata-mata sebenarnya memperjuangkan kepentingan diri sendiri bukan rakyat jelata yang sudah jelak dengan sandiwara orang politik.


  93. Anonymous12:52 am

    warior or pussy 231 bangsa apa ka yang terlibat dgn eli dan mcm mana kalau eli adik atau kakak u.

  94. Anonymous1:57 am

    Bright Eyes @ Gou Shi

    Pukimak chou chibai,Kaninah mai lin kun,,lanchiau ...arsewhore butt fucked trannie, ha wo deh bang. Cum drinking, cock sucking neurosyphilitic bastard son of a bitch. Ma fucking arsehole. shithole pepundek kalathai sutu nakran naieh....adutuvan cuni pidichu ombu dah...mau lagi? kepala butoh mak hang!gan ni niang, tong xing lian, Cao ne de Xing, Chi shi! and Jilat juboh pak hang on the way out

    Moral: if you dont want anymore of this shut up and stay clear. No one is interested in your arsetalk and perpetual need for cheap stupid diseased washedup prostitute.By the way, i got your medical records,..bad..real bad...will put them up when time's appropriate.

    P/S : try me and live to regret it

    Warrior 231

  95. Anonymous2:17 am

    Bright Eyed Whore @ chun zi

    one more thing stop trundling out canards and red herrings to cover your esteemed leaders' arse. Think about this while you service your client ( accessible at:

    Moral: if one claims that choosing him/her is for a better better walk the talk or fuck off


    Salam 2 all.

    YAB Menteri Besar Selangor telah mengeluarkan kenyataan hari ini untuk mengekalkan YB Elizabeth Wong sebagai Ahli Majlis Mesyuarat Kerajaan Negeri (Exco) dan ADUN Bukit Lanjan.

    Keputusan ini dibuat walaupun YB Eli telah meletakkan jawatan bagi kedua-dua kedudukan tersebut bersabit daripada isu gambar yang terbongkar baru-baru ini.

    Keputusan dibuat berdasarkan 2 sebab utama iaitu kegagalan pihak polis menyelesaikan siasatan dan kerana menghormati hak peribadi YB Eli.

    Saya mengambil pendirian tidak bersetuju dengan keputusan YAB & Kerajaan Negeri Selangor dan mengambil keputusan memufaraqah dan memisahkan diri saya daripada keputusan tersebut.

    Saya mengambil pendirian ini kerana saya menghormati keputusan YB Eli yang telah pun membuat keputusan meletakkan jawatan sebagai Ahli Exco dan ADUN Bukit Lanjan. Surat perletakkan kedua-dua jawatan tersebut telahpun beliau kemukakan.

    YB Eli telah memilih untuk meletak jawatan dan telah pun meletakkan jawatan. Itu adalah hak peribadi beliau!

    Saya yakin YB Eli mengetahui & memahami benar masalah yang beliau hadapi. Sebab itu YB Eli memilih untuk meletakan jawatan sebagai Ahli Exco & ADUN. Itu adalah hak beliau untuk berbuat sedemikian.

    Saya cukup yakin beliau telah menimbang keadaan sekeliling dan pebagai faktor lain sebelum membuat keputusan tersebut.

    Keputusan YAB MB & Kerajaan Negeri Selangor memaksa YB untuk terus mengekalkan kedudukan beliau sebagai Exco dan ADUN memberi gambaran seolah-olah YAB MB & Kerajaan Negeri tidak menghormati keputusan YB Eli untuk meletak jawatan.

    Keputusan YAB MB & Kerajaan Negeri Selangor juga akan menambahkan tekanan terhadap YB Eli. Sudah pasti akan ada pihak mengambil kesempatan mengenakan tekanan terhadap YB Eli.

    Keputusan ini juga pasti memberi tekanan yang hebat kepada sebahagian penyokong, pendokong dan komponen Pakatan Rakyat.

    Apatah lagi untuk YAB MB & Kerajaan Negeri memutuskan isu ini dengan menyalahkan pasukan polis. Kita semua tahu dan sedar bahawa siasatan polis dilengahkan kerana tiada kerjasama orang yang disyaki yang memilih untuk tidak bekerjasama sehingga ke hari ini.

    Apa lagi bukti kukuh yang dikehendaki oleh YAB MB & Exco Kerajaan Negeri Selangor apabila YB Eli sendiri yang membuat keputusan meletakkan kedua-dua jawatan beliau.

    Saya sangat bersimpati dengan YB Eli dengan masalah yang beliau hadapi, malahan saya antara orang yang pertama membuat kenyataan terbuka mempertahankan beliau dan mendesak tindakan keras dan tegas diambil terhadap petualang-petualang durjana yang telah mengambil dan menceroboh serta mencabul kehidupan peribadi YB Eli.

    Soal bersimpati secara peribadi terhadap beliau dan memaksa beliau terus menjawat jawatan awam adalah dua isu yang berbeza.

    Saya berharap YAB Menteri Besar & Kerajaan Negeri Selangor akan mengkaji semula keputusan mereka dan menghormati keputusan YB Eli yang telah memilih untuk meletakkan kedua-kedua jawatan beliau sebagai Exco & ADUN Bukit Lanjan.

    Sekian terima kasih.

    Zulkifli Bin Noordin
    Ahli Parlimen
    Kulim Bandar Bharu
    Rabu 19 Rabi'ul Akhir 1430

  96. Yo rocky, I agree with few others, you should write more important topics rather than this cheap article.

    After years reading this blog,I felt somehow the quality of the article is dwindling. :(

  97. Anonymous3:47 am

    EW,need some tips ka, hebat la u tapi masih tak bole lawan my lingerie collection.In this age of fast, click of a camera away, smile.. you're on anymac's handphone's camera sampai ke dalam jamban pun tak ada privacy, better be prepared. Nak order catalogue baru.

    Jakelina Adagaya

  98. Anonymous4:02 am

    Now sex behind closed door is FREE. Tak lama lagi Abortion pun legal.

    Doctors... private clinics and private hospitals...and funeral homes, your shares going up soon!!

    Three cheers for Eli. Besides AIDs, sex related diseases soon she will help fight to make Abortion legal.

    She is creating lots of business opportunities for you!


  99. Anonymous6:18 am

    Eli Wong is not a moral issue. She's not a muslim and she's not married too. Unlike, Chua Soi had marital sex. So, am I deem immoral because I've sex with my girlfried. We need to define sexual issue before we critize Eli Wong and Pakatan Rakyat decision.

    Moral Issues? What about most UMNO leaders are immoral because they incite racist issue. Remember the Keris waving and kissing? Also, remember the current Prime Minister stated to soak the Chinese blood? What about corruption?

    Lastly, Rocky do you think Eli Wong issue is more important than UMNO racist remarks? Have you ever criticize Mahathir or Najib being racist? I would challeng you discuss about Utusan Malaysia article on Bangkitlah Melayu ""

    Frustrated Malaysian

    Anak Malaysia

  100. Anonymous7:15 am

    Good for you Elizabeth! Focus on your work and learn your lesson! for rest of you, go f*** yourself!


  101. Eli is hot....PAS ladies love her .T Kok mmmm...can some one find her a husband.let us see whether she can manages her domestic life or not...

    At the end of the day it is the political equation, not a moral issue and not a value propagated by PAS

    Even Nik Aziz embrace Eli......

    Interesting is JAIS raided the the house.. and can PR state government says this is private matters???

  102. Helo kepada pembaca ,

    Bukankan Sultan sebagai ketua hal ekhwal agama selangor , meminta kerajaan negeri decide . So dah decide apa lancau pulak orang2 bodoh mcm si-toyo-l nak mempertikaikan keputusan eli and kerajaan selangor . Nak menjilat buntut PM baru ada banyak cara lain .

  103. Bro,
    Open sex, sodomy dibolehkan demi perjuangan melawan BN. Berkawan dengan orang UMNO tak boleh tapi berkawan dengan syaitan dibenarkan. Dengan DAP OK dengan MCA KO. Nak buat macam mana otak dan pemikiran dah tertutup rapat terhadap BN. Selagi Anwar hidup, Malaysia tidak akan aman. Orang PAS pun terkeliru dengan perjuangan asal kerana terpengaruh dengan Anwar. Karpal Singh dan DAP pun terkapai-kapai dengan strategi Anwar. Mungkin Kerajaan Malaysia boleh fikirkan sesuatu yang wajar...Tentu sahaja kalau dia diam, Malaysia akan jadi lebih makmur dan baik.

  104. Anonymous8:46 am

    I want to give bloody TOYO warning that dont try to exploit this issue anymore(refer malaysiakini)...enough is enough.
    This show how low is UMNO moral...

  105. Anonymous9:02 am

    Since our future Group Chief Edidor of NST, Rockybru wants to talk about moral grounds, oh well lets talk about UMNO ministers and their sons behavior here. "Let he who has not sinned casts the first stone!"

  106. Anonymous9:03 am

    On the brighter side, this issue will be a good marketing tool to promote racial harmony and inter-action. The close relationship between the Malay and Chinese community is a step in the right direction..... towards 1 Malaysia.

    Wonder if the Indian community feel left out?


  107. Hey Eli, you are so hot!

  108. Anonymous9:42 am

    1. Ganu lucerne
    "Macam aku kabor mung haritu la, mung nih bising depang computer jah."

    Yang mung dok senyap tak balas aku tu sahlah mung jantantino atau dalam loghat jale: trannie
    auuuuuuuuwwwwwww..dok belakang KLCC ya ,trannie. Mung suka dipantatkan....dah siap China pantat mung, bawaklah pantat kat ketua hang...nak bagi cop pengesahan.
    tino macam mung siap dok hisap bate cinoh, dok bagi pantat laghe..male kawe nak layan. Tunggu2 ajelah, jang.. esok lusa kena kerambit masa itu mung gahlah melalak...hidup PKR

    2. Tok seh kawe nak sambut cabare oghe gila macam mung..melalok mace setan. Hei mung sedar tak kalimah syahadah dok hujung tanduk bersubahat dengan oghe zinoh. Yang mung mate2 nak jaga kain dalam Eli itu jihadlah tu, tarbiyah PAS yang same bapok mace hang. Mung bawak kitab jumpa lebai yang dok kat Siamkah, indonkah hatta arabkah..siap depa jawab mung celaka bagi wala hang kat sundal jalang..kalu takat Nicky lee Aziz..tok sahlah..oghe tua dah nyanyuk ,melalak sakan nanti..

    3.kawe tok sih lage nak laye jantantino mace mung..kote tak dok duk tunjuk hebat jilat punggok Cina aje bole. Takat nak tiarap ate jale nak lawe rajo kito, mung sanggup..


    Your 1, 2 and 4 are as flimsy as they come. Typical of you bastards to base your accusations on hearsay, street talk and the like. That proves your credibility, man.
    No 3= The guy made a statement in response to the MB, whether he gets hauled up by the disciplinary body is matter for speculation....

    No 5 = Their cases are still pending....they are not BN memebers and their shennigans if any..occured while they were Phackatan wankers. I thought the phrase "sedekah seks" from those cases was a vintage PKR coinage made by a "sage" which drew umbrage from an aging dowager with extra baggage who was so outraged by that message that her plumage was rummaged by the carnage.... and maybe, just maybe, you Phackatan lot may want to ruminate on this, courtesy of your courtesan:

    "The Perak government's swift action shows its seriousness in putting into practice Pakatan Rakyat's commitment to ensure that morality and ethics are upheld by those in public offices and not merely expressed in words.Towards that end, Zul Hassan will be dealt with by Keadilan's 's disciplinary committee and will have to explain the remark, when he made comparison of his inability to succumb to temptation to someone who is being offered "sedekah" (charity).

    It is important that good conduct comes from the top in order to set an example for the younger generations. As such, we fully back the action taken on Zul Hassan and will support whatever action taken in future as and when there is enough evidence of wrongful conduct.

    Once again, we reiterate our uncompromising stand that any wrongdoing by any office holder, without regard to party affiliation or post, should not be tolerated and dealt with severely.


    and this :

    KeADILan tidak akan mempertahankan mana-mana ahlinya yang telah terlibat dalam apa-apa salahlaku moral atau jenayah syarak. Integriti dan moral ahli-ahli parti adalah sentiasa diambil perhatian. Walau bagaimanapun, apa-apa tindakan disiplin ke atas Pengadu akan diambil setelah pihak pimpinan parti membuat pertimbangan yang sewajarnya.


    Come on Phackatan cybertroopers, afficiandos,trolls, fanatics et. al., including Ganu lucerne:

    1.try squaring up what you are screaming your heads off with your esteemed dowager's stance

    2. even better, try square-pegging a round hole with: "KeADILan tidak akan mempertahankan mana-mana ahlinya yang telah terlibat dalam apa-apa salahlaku moral atau jenayah syarak. Integriti dan moral ahli-ahli parti adalah sentiasa diambil perhatian."

    and dont come back here with wishy washy cocktalk blaming UMNO, BN, the MSM et al for your foibles for once your true selves are exposed, that is the precisely what you do..which to me appears to be a collective manifestation of unresolved infantile psychosis:

    Ok..I will let myself outta here for a smoke in the dark, a walk with my nark, a whistle in the park and a lark with my wark
    while you saints figure how to squarepeg a round hole...and as for throwing five stones to one...keep throwing until your glass house is in shards and your arse is in the ward.

    (aside; a soliloquy): I think I will give up farming and take up "investigative journalism"... an intersting respite from boredom.
    Ok mallika..(dont worry, we are married..I swear!); time to go... eh wait! i forgot shariff and "anon 12.52", they will be waiting hopefully...dare i disappoint?

    Warrior 231

  109. Anonymous10:03 am

    If u want to convict Eli, pls convict the other offenders too.. like our PM.. MOST MALAYSIAN knew but he is the PM.. so ELI case is just a SMALL issue..


  110. skilgannon106610:13 am

    Hey, Warrior 231

    Since you are so "brave", and since you claim to have tech wizardry at your fingertips, would you care to take me on? Especially since I have trashed you in other postings.

    A small, little challenge, yah? In direct proportion to what purportedly passes as your intellect.

    Go for it, man! Or, in other words, put up your pecker or wave the white flag!

  111. Anonymous10:26 am

    wah... so many people sitting on high horse trying to profess wisdom.
    it's so fun to pick people apart and keep on kicking when they are down, kan?
    never mind that none of us really know the entire story but then again i suppose it makes some people feel very good about themselves when they have a convenient victim to put down.
    simple thought process mah... she is such but i am not, therefore i must be superior.
    this is where PAS has earned another brownie point from me - showing compassion and understanding when someone makes a painful mistake of trusting a scumbag.
    those who are having a lark spewing venom and plotting within the dark confines of their heart, carry on... hate can be a vicious thing and karma can be such a bitch, as you will one day learn.

    agent orange

  112. Mustapha Ong10:30 am

    Dear Rocky's Bru,

    Bukit Lanjan by-election is locked for KIV as PKR said it's not the time to force Eli out from her exco post and seat. Biasalah jika orang PKR, DAP dan PAS ada sekandal tak perlu letak jawatan, termasuklah Ketua Pembangkang Anwar Ibrahim.

    Is not that we are worried about the electorate constituency of Eli and Bukit Lanjan. We should be aware of what's going on in Penang, as PKR is going to force for another by-election, just like Permatang Pauh in order to get rid of Fairus. PKR is encountering problem of nominating the right PKR candidate for the Deputy CM post. It's just political ploy to sacrifice Fairus in order to realise Anwar's dream candidate for the No.2 post in Penang.This is a very simple and straight forward political analysis.

    I urge that Election Commission should evaluate Fairus' electorate position and prevent a repeat of Permatang Pauh. The people supporting BN are fed up of by-elections, where millions of dollars changed hands due to illegal betting of votes.It is also a waste of public fund in managing by-elections.

    Hope the MACC and other authority will initiate investigation. By-elections are never fair as punters (Especially Chinese who are compulsive gamblers) made millions on the illegal betting syndicate.

  113. Kucing Panassss10:41 am

    Ingat yer, Eli tu bukan Islam. Kenapa korang nak kutuk sangat? Tak puas hati ker?

    Kalau nak kutuk tu kutuk la Muslim cam Rocky yg minum arak. Itu apasal tak disoalkan?

  114. Anonymous10:47 am

    wah... so many people sitting on high horse trying to profess wisdom.
    it's so fun to pick people apart and keep on kicking when they are down, kan?
    never mind that none of us really know the entire story but then again i suppose it makes some people feel very good about themselves when they have a convenient victim to put down.
    simple thought process mah... she is such but i am not, therefore i must be superior.
    this is where PAS has earned another brownie point from me - showing compassion and understanding when someone makes a painful mistake of trusting a scumbag.
    those who are having a lark spewing venom and plotting within the dark confines of their heart, carry on... hate can be a vicious thing and karma can be such a bitch, as you will one day learn.

    agent orange

  115. Anonymous11:07 am

    Warrior 231 sounds really mentally unstable.I presume he thinks rape victims are asking for it?
    Since when is the victim of a gross invasion of piracy guilty of immorality?
    Yet not a peep out of our Warrior about our Umno crooks like Khir Toyo, KJ and the like.
    Hope you get an education and a life soonm


    10:24 PM

    Master: Mentally unstable i aint for i am just out of them stables and seated at the table confronted by your babble...oh the torture of daily crucible wrought by les Miserables for reasons inscrutable

    servant: verily, Master thou appear overwrought. Are you in a tipsy by too much whiskey...

    master : pray be silent my dear fellow, for my brain is on the rack not from arrack...rather i all a dizzy and queasy over this mystery penned by a male hussy (hands over a scrap of paper on which are scribbled some rubbish): care to decipher for the receiver the intent of the writer

    servant (scratching his head and then his arse): by gawd..i am flabbergast by this bombast scribbled by some ass who in trying to harass my dear marquess has turned himself into a dumbass.

    Reads aloud:
    "Since when is the victim of a gross invasion of PIRACY guilty of immorality?"

    master: thank yee, my dearie. Thou have indeed untied the Gordian knot that had me in knots. oh..Ought I respond to someone who knows not how to spell, my Queen's English. Verily he is a fool who knows naught about knots and dots let alone dolts and bolts. Well, I will humour him out of spite with the spirit of a sprite...oh, saucy racy I come!

    Shariff Wanker

    PIRACY= too much of Somalia,Gulf of Aden, US Navy lately...ha!..ha!ha!......haaaaa( my, am i exhausted with all that laughing)

    PIRACY = watching too much porn, Ah Beng's factory churns out non-stop for chingkie lovva boys like you...sniff....sniff...snifff (oh all those laughs have brought them tears)

    PRIVACY= mean this one....( spoken with an Arkansan drawl)yeah friggin moralist...i aint sayin nothin cos i will let what I wrote to alex do ma' talkin.....

    Just for the road:

    "Sheriff John Brown always hated me;
    For what I don't know.
    Every time that I plant a seed
    He said, "Kill it before it grows."
    He said, "Kill it before it grows."
    I say:

    I shot the sheriff, but I swear it was in self-defense.
    I shot the sheriff, but I swear it was in self-defense.

    Freedom came my way one day
    And I started out of town.
    All of a sudden I see sheriff John Brown
    Aiming to shoot me down.
    So I shot, I shot him down.
    I say:

    I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy.
    I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy."
    Bob Marley covered by EC in "461 Ocean Boulevard"

    By the way EC is a class act, music-wise unlike you, pathetic Phakatan dung.Now scram outta my sights.. shariff before I gun you.....

    Anon 12.52
    Good question but still room for improvement:

    "warior or pussy 231 bangsa apa ka yang terlibat dgn eli dan mcm mana kalau eli adik atau kakak u."

    kan lebih baik kalau I tanya u balik mace nie:

    "warior or pussy 231 bangsa apa ka yang terlibat dgn eli dan mcm mana kalau eli MAK u."

    Tolong jawab dulu sebab saya tak mengajak saudara berbicara kearah itu. Saudara yang simpulkan tolong saudara leraikan...

    TQ..have a nice day

    P/S : Rocky, some of the Phackatan commenters here are giving the false impression that the Sultan consented to this fiasco. Unless, i missed something, isnt this dragging HRH into something, he had insisted was purely an internal party affair. Why not, get your lil' birds to peck out the truth...just a suggestion.

    Warrior 231

  116. The way I see it Ms Wong is a politician and politicians are always under public and press scrutiny. So perangai kena jaga, cakap kena elok. That goes for ALL political parties. It's crap for the MB to say it's an invasion of privacy case when it's clearly a sex scandal. If in the US, any politician involved in a sex scandal will resign immediately. That is the right thing to do because it involves a person's sense of morality and how that morality can affect their judgement.
    Ms Wong should lead by example and leave.

    Quote-Bill Clinton's "I misled people" speech.
    "Indeed, I did have a relationship with Ms. Lewinsky that was not appropriate. In fact, it was wrong. It constituted a critical lapse in judgment and a personal failure on my part for which I am solely and completely responsible."

  117. Anonymous11:22 am

    Saya dah pakai specs dari bangku sekolah lagi,tetapi tak pernah pakai kalau saya tidur

    Kawan2 yang pakai specs pun semuanya buka specs kalau nak tidur.Takut patah,pecah,tercucuk mata dsbnya.

    Kenapa EW pakai specs dalam gambar yang tersiar?Mungkin dia sengaja posing tidur?Mungkin dia yang volunteer gambatnya diambil?mungkin dia bukan mangsa tetapi participant?

    Ada scientist specs yang boleh komen tak?

  118. sugar&spies11:25 am


    some people here -- definitely PKR supporters -- have serious brain problems.

    i was trying to figure which part of your posting criticised Eli since someone chided you for being disloyal to a friend (Eli) with your posting.

    confirmed that they will just belasah you whatever your posting.

    to you anons -- brainless idiots! This is a simple posting!
    Rocky did not say anything negative about Eli.

    Of course he should write about this development. Eli is no private citizen. She is an ADUN and she is in the news.

    why so BODOH and TAKSUB-lah!!!??

  119. Anonymous11:30 am

    awang senior, eddy et al., dan sealiran fikrah:

    ikhlas, saya sokong hang semua. tabik!

    Oghe PR sini tak usah hipokrit. Ngaku aje Eli dan BF telah melakukan "salahlaku moral atau jenayah syarak."

    dan ini:

    KeADILan berpendirian bahawa amat penting untuk pegawai tinggi berkelakuan baik agar menjadi teladan generasi muda. Maka kami menyokong penuh tindakan yang diambil ke atas Zul Hassan dan tindakan selainnya yang diambil ke atas sebarang salahlaku asalkan terdapat bukti kukuh.Kami tidak akan bertoleransi dalam isu salahlaku yang melibatkan mana-mana pegawai kerajaan, tanpa mengira PARTI dan JAWATAN, sebaliknya mengatasinya dengan serius.

    Baca betoi2..itu sumber2 PAS dan PKR haram kejadah bukan sumber BN, UMNO ke hatta MIC, PPP pun tidak... jadi jangan respon mace tonggok mabuk todi....

    Jangan buta-buta jadi barua oghe politik hingga iman tergadai dan dok melalak mace anje gilo. Pikiah dulu sebelum memilih atau menyokong sesuatu fikrah. Jangan ingat diri anda maksum, oghe lain bodoh, balaci, tali barut dll. Kami yang tak berparti ini masih cerah mata hati banding dengan mung semua yang sudah jual iman untuk dunya. Kami tahu batas bukan mace hang natang yang tak bertamadun!

    Warrior 231

  120. Shariff11:47 am

    Oh boy - Warrior 231 has gone off the deep end; although I have to admit he has taught me a lesson on proof reading my replies before I hit the 'publish' button. Yep Privacy not Piracy. Then again the picture was also an act of IP Piracy I suppose.

    Anyhow Warrior 231 - I am actually beginning to find you pretty funny and your attempts at Shakespeare are not too bad either.

    Anyhow - I think after the Utusan Headline yesterday and the whole Khir Toyo in Disneyland issue - this whole Eli Wong issue is such a non-issue in the grand schemes of thing I am beginning to wonder where the real journalist in Rocky has gone?

    Shariff (Warrior 231's new best friend)

  121. Anonymous11:54 am

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  122. Ramai juga yang BENGAP kasi komen macam orang tak berpelajaran...

    Buat apa JAIS nak masuk ke rumah orang bukan islam in the first place???? Takde kerja lain ke JAIS???

    Even though JAIS raided the house and find YB ELI with that muslim guy, JAIS will not have jurisdiction over her... just the guy (muslim) laa...

    Apa la BODOH sgt sesetengah orang punya komen yang nak cuba tegakkan their twisted and mindless justifications!!!!

    Dah BODOH, BENGAP LAK TU... itulah mentaliti orang2 UMNO/BN!!!

  123. Mustapha Ong said...

    I urge that Election Commission should evaluate Fairus' electorate position and prevent a repeat of Permatang Pauh. The people supporting BN are fed up of by-elections, where millions of dollars changed hands due to illegal betting of votes.It is also a waste of public fund in managing by-elections.Owhhh... you forgot to mention MILLION OF DOLLARS SPENT BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT ON PROJEK MEE SEGERA!!!

    Kalau hat BN... cepat lupa naa....

  124. Bukit Lanjan shud change to Bukit 'Ter-lanjan-g' constituency

  125. Dudes, give Rocky a break-lah. Its not like he's condemning Eliza Wong... he's only posting a news update, that is it...

    Looks like Syamil/warrior231 has finally gone off the deep end. Self-pwnage imminent.

  126. Anonymous1:27 pm

    "...Anonymous Anonymous said...

    It's obvious Rocky is now the official blog for Najib and Mahathir's camp.

    5:08 PM.."

    what's the fuss.. so do Shiekh Kickdefella..being a Husam..

    No crime done... That's OK

  127. Anonymous1:56 pm

    ICT is now known as "International Cultural Technology" since it is now under the purview of Ministry of Culture ,Art & Heritage under Rice Yatim. Is it because they do not know what the heck is ICT. It must be a big mistake & oversight by them or this old generation is too old to know what it is. Aiyo, what a shame to the international standard and a laughing stock to the world!Got tallest building in the world but ICT is bumped into cultural ministry.Soon got cultural dance dondang sayang P. Ramlee in ICT.
    Btw, who is the real PM now?? Najip or Mamaktun??Mamaktun crushed Badawie to pieces so Mamaktoon shines again.Today, Mamaktun shows his face on front page media like he is still in charge? Looks like our Najip is anak angkat PM Mamaktun. Mamaktun also crush Khairy out of cabinet so Mamaktun Junior could be in the cabinet. So, now we are regressing another 23 years! Bloggers beware, another operasi blogger akan datang!OMG.-Peacemaker.

  128. Anonymous3:15 pm

    I see some less clever comment here such like SI MAMAK BENDA HURU HARA. Next time when your wife or daughter semi nude photo while bath appear in the web u must blame ur wife or daughter for taking bath nude.

    Eli bukan Islam dan gambar itu menunjukkan dia tidur dan bukannya buat benda tak senonoh. Mcm kata Ulama, kalau agama mereka benarkan walaupun Islam mengharamkannya, kita tak boleh paksa mereka ikut kita.

    Merokok itu haram tapi habis kenapa masih ramai Melayu Islam yang masih merokok? Dlm kes ini Eli ialah mangsa. Drpd org BN yg haram kata halal dan nak tegur ulama mcm Tok Guru Nik Aziz plak. Teguran org UMNO pasal agama tak carry weight la bro. Is not what you said but is who said it.


  129. Anonymous3:20 pm

    UMNO/MCA/MIC members are not exactly clean either. It's not like they are bunch of angels who do not sniff/fuck other pussies besides their wives (hey some has penchant for pretty boys too. Maybe the holier than thous should go clubbing. Then you can get the juicy news on which Datuk owns which toy boy). They are just lucky they haven't got caught in the act.

    Those who do not sin can cast the first stone.

    I say just on with the program and get the Selangor administration pumping and running. I am tired of all these politicking and political assassinations.

    Yang rasuah or what the Malays would like to affectionately call money politics is just as bad as low morality (macamlah that is not low moral) Selling other people future for their present gain.

    Eli should clean up her private life ( I don't approve what she does privately) but since there is not better candidate who works hard on her job, just let her be till she is replaced by high moral, and hard working person.

    It is hard to find someone that works hard and as committed as she is to her causes. If got then why don't you guys recommend instead of baying for her blood and harping like a broken cord on her morality. Tengok cermin dululah ya sebelum tersasul cakap. Dosa itu. And if you still have a problem with her, show it through your votes.


  130. Anonymous3:31 pm

    not in selangor, but penang got buy election soon. the quarry thief has resigned as state ass-embly man

  131. Anonymous3:37 pm


    Anon 12.52; soalan saya pada anda harus berbunyi :

    Anon 12.52 bangsa apa ka yang terlibat dgn eli dan mcm mana kalau eli MAK u."

    Ralat tadi.

    Warrior 231

  132. La Cha Mau4:01 pm

    Rocky, surprise that you are not up to date. This is bloody old story. What Bukit Lanjan by-lection? Now we are already talking Penanti by-election.

  133. Anonymous4:44 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    They have seen a red door and they have painted it black.

    from the Rolling Stone

    Y.B Hisham Gemuk

  134. reydyer6:11 pm

    mabok jw datang opis pun mabok nak buka opis pun kunci terjatuh.

  135. Anonymous6:12 pm

    macam mana nak jadi eic nst. semasa di malay mail pun mabok je.

  136. Thanks BrightEyes for commenting:

    "Dudes, give Rocky a break-lah. Its not like he's condemning Eliza Wong... he's only posting a news update, that is it..."


    Likewise to Sugar& spies, Some people don't read before they comment.


    Dear Warrior 231, could not publish your latest response to "Skilly". If u could tone it down a little; and ask Skillganon for his email so that you may send your original to him. :-)

  137. Anonymous6:39 pm

    So she will be back incharge of Pelacuran, oooppps, salah eja.. Pelancungan, ooowwhh..

    my BM is so poor..Pelacuran.. curang, cong orang, Pelancongan.. never mind...


  138. Anonymous6:59 pm

    Rocky I love you anyhow although tak semuanya I agree with you so apa kesah. ITS YOUR BLOG.I rasa secretly dia orang pun in love with you la bro bcos they keep coming back. Typical kan -the kind who dont know budi bahasa or how to disagree baik2. Ada yang aku nampak nama aku skip terus bab bau sangat benci Melayu, kira macam lompat longkang busuk cam tu.

  139. Anonymous7:00 pm

    Orang-Utan - one dominant male guarding a harem of females.

    ADUN Bukit Lanjan – one dominant female guarding a harem of MALES…

    Anih, Agama dan budaya apa pegangan Amoy ni? Christian, Buddhist, Tongsan? Even Orang-Utan have their adat resam dan budaya tersendiri.



  140. Anonymous7:07 pm

    This Wowo 003 is no different with that Monsterball, their intention is to instigate and instigate, nothing else. Both bring bad name to Malay and Chinese and all the blog master, tell the same old grand mother story time and time again for the pass 10 years, no contribution, elek, zero, ling, sifar.

    Don’t you two notice no matter how hard you instigate, the reply is never about race and religion? Malaysian sudah maju and mature lah.

    Go and take a bath. Is good for you both.

  141. RAMSES10:22 pm



    you da man!


    Rocky...we knbow you don't mabuk.
    Man...Rocky doesn't mabuk, ok.

    Besides...if you MABUK AND could BOOST MALAY MAIL and did what you did for and to the Malay Mail...then WOWEE....TERROR-lAH YOU!

    so to you scaredy-cats and so damn shit scared of Rocky -- like how Kalimullah, Hishamuddin and Saleehudin were and still are --
    sorry-lah...cannot pakai your story about Rocky mabuk.

    Dia minum -- antara dia dengan Allah SWT.
    Dia tak rompak, rogol, atau/dan makan duit haram.

  142. Anonymous10:51 pm

    Anon 11.22am,
    Easy one - E pengsan... leteh sangat sampat tak sodar diri, H(also utk hebat sekali) yg taruk pakai bab klau xda specs nanti tadak kenal wo. Tu kan trademark dia - mata4.Ada lagi satu-dua theory tapi aku hormat kat budak2 beringus dalam ni.

    Sientist Spekulasi

  143. Anonymous10:54 pm

    Chu Mei-feng (Chinese: 璩美鳳; pinyin: Qú Měifèng b. August 5, 1966) is a Taiwanese TV journalist, former Taipei City councilwoman and the former director of Hsinchu City's Bureau of Cultural Affairs.

    mmm....interesting.....bureau of cultural affairs not far removed from Pelancongan...but then i digress...

    The point, I am making about this whole affair is simple and very crystal clear and revolves around the following :

    1. a jenayah syarak is committed if you cannot explain how a non-muhrim/ajnabi got into your room which was under lock, stock and barrel..unless you rubbed him out of some Aladdin's lamp.

    2. Pursuant to 1 why was no action taken despite pontifications like these: "KeADILan tidak akan mempertahankan mana-mana ahlinya yang telah terlibat dalam apa-apa salahlaku moral atau jenayah syarak."

    The above words should be crystal clear even to some bright-eyed catatonic moron.. reverse to 20 or so years ago...and to a guy by the name of Gary Hart, the poster boy of the libtards of the 80s, the white man's Obama, the pre-cursor to Clinton:

    Gary Hart, 50, announced his quest for the presidency April 13 at the foot of the Rocky Mountains with a promise as lofty as the backdrop: “All of us must try to hold ourselves to the very highest standards of integrity and ethics, and soundness of judgment... ”

    Caught with his pants down with Donna Rice, he had to abandon his White House quest after the story broke. Recalling the events, this is what one of the journos involved said: "The story also epitomized the painful collision between a person’s privacy and the voters' need to know."

    In the end, it all boiled down to principles, not how modern or liberal you are. If you want to behave like a so freely dont disguise yourself to your own soul for people will eventually get cheesed off as this woman did:

    "She was a “liberal Democrat, ” she said, but she couldn't tolerate someone who would say one thing publicly and do another privately."

    I am quoting extensively from the US media just to show you how ironically hypocritical they are..they preach liberal values but when it comes to public figures the standards of decorum are high as Hart found out to his eternal regret ; as clinton did 8 years or so later (mind you, Clinton is ranked 37th for morals by Us historians); as john edwards did a dozen or so years later and as ted kennedy found out once he emerged from the murky waters of Chappaquidick in 1969.And americans are not the only ones with such exacting moral standards... remember Keeler and Profumo, Parkinson and Keays..and on and on..... closer to home, we have Chu above but malaysia...sadly none worthy of such mention..i.e., resigning out of the volition when the cat squeals hypocrite from within the bag unless you are compelled by circumstance as Arumugam found out, as Chua soi Lek did....if not its business as usual even as we have lebais and mullahs spouting the Quran from mimbar to the open fields of Malaysia

    They maybe humbugs but the Americans sure know that public affairs should not be left in the hands of amoralists who cant manage their private affairs..I see a many commenters here talking about the emancipation, the freedom to express one's sexuality blah blah and lambasting others for being prudes.

    Ultimately, it is not prurient interests that matter or whether you are monk or nun or free sex charlatan, it is how you uphold the priciples you cherish, how you bear the moral standards you have set yourself that will reflect on you as a leader of men, the first among would be sad if those values and principles are sacrificed at the altar of political expediency and the ashes of that capitulation is borne away in the urn of equivocation at the flip of a clog and the flop of a sneaker.

    if you claim that you bring a more efficient, transparent, morally upright system of governance then you better walk your talk for the operativeword here is not efficient, nor transparent or morally upright, rather its the comparative "more"for if its the same the electorate are entitled to ask why bother!

    On Hart:

    On Mei-Feng:

    and this:

    On Keays : A Question of Judgement, by Sara Keays, Quintessential Press, (1985).

    Ann Scott (1989). "A question of judgement: ‘He was a Cabinet Minister and I was merely a candidate’". PEP. Retrieved on which the Times stated: " that Keays had squarely faced the issue of the double standard in matters of sexual morality, especially in political life."

    On edwards:
    Rhonda Swartz; Brian Ross (2008-08-08). "Edwards Admits Sexual Affair; Lied as Presidential Candidate". ABC News.

    Rocky: regarding the post to that hod-carrier Skilly, i forgot to keep the original where i cited 8 damning reasons why i dont want to engage him anymore, the most prominent of which was him being a serial liar and an incorrigible equivocator. As for his boast that he trashed me, let the other readers and you be withess that on both the globalisation issue and the competitiveness issue, he was trumped and trussed like a sus barbatus ready for the fire..but lets leave it at that unless you do me favour and slice out the malikka bit and sent the rest to his addy as you would have it...

    Warrior 231

  144. Anonymous11:10 pm


    tak logik la makcik2 PAS tu pi sokong Eli Wong main dgn lelaki itu (bujang atau sudah kahwin) kerana agama apa sekalipun tidak menganggap seks luar nikah sesuatu yang legal.

    Lelaki itu org melayu sekiranya dia islam, dia sepatutnya kena sebat dan sekiranya sudah berumahtangga rejam sampai mati etc. kalau dia keluar dari sembunyi also kena rejam kaw2 punya sepatutnya. So, akak2 dan makcik2 PAS, please stop your wailing for Eli's resignation.

    Go back to basic please.

  145. Anonymous11:33 pm

    Apa lah you all,jangan buang masa lah pasal EW. Ada banyak lagi hal hal yang lebih besar yang belum diselesaikan.

    Ini lah orang cakap : kaki nyamuk di seberang lautan nampak, ikan paus di depan mata tak nampak.

    Ada jugak orang kata : kereta langgar tiang letrik,dereber tak salah,tiang letrik yang salah.

    (donia donia)

  146. Anonymous7:57 am

    Looks like Syamil/warrior231 has finally gone off the deep end. Self-pwnage imminent.

    1:07 PM some namby pamby scum.Confirmation that you are a woman has just been received from Weld Quay..also the lair of one organic food munching shaolin monk by the moniker OBK. Some wanked up weirdos are ur mates. Anyway lady...get ready in your thongs for after the ....... i am ......... you as a ....... in Danok! (fill in the blanks exercise)..ha!ha!ha!ha!

    Warrior 231

  147. Anonymous9:35 am

    Perenggan terakhir memang kelakar.. apa maksud tiada bukti yg KUKUH?? Dah terang-terang Eli bersekedudukan dengan JANTAN.Mustahil seorang WANITA BUJANG tak pakai SELUAR DALAM bila ada LELAKI yg bukan TEMAN LELAKI nya berada di DALAM RUMAH BERDUA-DUA AN... PELIK BUKAN..

    Tetapi WAHAI ELI jgn lah marah kalau nanti DI SIUL dan MATA LELAKI HANYA MELIHAT KE BAWAH..

    HHmmmmmmm yum yum

  148. Muslimin10:25 am

    Apa yang orang melayu buta hati tak nampak realiti ialah - isu sebenarnya bukan breach of privacy, perkara pokok yang menjadi persoalan ialah kenapa berlaku persekedudukan di antara wanita cina dengan seorang melayu muslim? yang ini isunya, jadi orang melayu, jangan jadi bodoh sangat. jangan sokong membabi-buta dan menghalalkan cara. Kalau tak betul, cakap tak betul. Apa-apa pun, respect dengan MP KULIM yang ambil keputusan mufarakah (berkecuali) daripada keputusan kerajaan Selangor ni.

  149. Anonymous1:10 pm

    Ini adalah permulaan kejatuhan PKR and PR, hmm... Kepada amoi-amoi cina, jangan takut, kangkang saja kepada Melayu, itu soal peribadi tiada siapa akan kacau. Kepada ah beng - ah beng cina, sorry le, kalau u buat u kena resign macam Chua Soi Lek. Tak adil ke? Nama lagi keadilan rakyat!!

    Sekarang orang Selangor boleh bangga sebab mempunyai pemimpin yang pemurah menderma daranya. Lepas ini Eli boleh pergi ke kawasannya dan berkata "Terima kasih kerana menyokong saya, dan sebagai balasan saya sanggup kangkang kepada suami-suami anda sekelian, jangan risau, PAS kata ok, Sultan kata ok dan Datuk Khalid pun kata ok"


  150. Anonymous3:05 pm

    I LOVE YOU Miss ELI...meeooowwwwwwww!! ggrr.....

    You are my inspiration!!! If i kena tangkap khalwat please bail me out ok because they are "menceroboh" my privacy!!




  152. Anonymous5:21 pm

    Mcm ni la nampaknye pemimpin masa depan!!!!!jawabla mb selangor d akhirat nanti...dan org2 yg sama menyokong hak peribadi x blh fahaman mana yg terpakai...of course... oh..lupa...jahiliyah!!!!Sapa2 yg mahu wadah mcm ni samalah dgn yg tak naik Bahtera Nabi Nuh dulu!!!


  153. "warrior231 said:" some namby pamby scum.Confirmation that you are a woman has just been received from Weld Quay..also the lair of one organic food munching shaolin monk by the moniker OBK. Some wanked up weirdos are ur mates. Anyway lady...get ready in your thongs for after the ....... i am ......... you as a ....... in Danok! (fill in the blanks exercise)..ha!ha!ha!ha!

    Warrior 231

    Some P.I. you are. You can't even guess my gender right, and that's a 1 in 2 chance. :-P

    *Ding* (Syamil has chosen Talian Hayat No.1)

    I don't run the place BTW. I'm just one of those Mat Metal who hang about there occasionally in my free time... with those punks, skinheads, headbangers, other "Mat Metal", "Mat Indie", & anarchists. Yes, those "freaky" Malay, Chinese, & Indian people you call "weirdos", that's us.

    Gigs & shows every Sat. Occasionally, if they've got a good film, I'll drop by... They've had good bands come in lately... from KL, Jakarta, US, Aussie, etc. It gets a bit rowdy sometimes.

    Anyway, I've informed the whole posse that you may be interested in showing up for a gig. You'll be pretty easy to spot. :-)

    BTW, you gonna take up Ganu & his band of gedebe (a Kelate word, btw) offer for a meeting? 24 April, 3pm. Just stand in front of that big fountain in KLCC & yell out those famous words. A holiday to KL will do you good, only RM25-30 for a double-decker. ;-) Mungkin saya patut 'gi KL minggu dpan jugak. Bersiar2 di Petronas TwinTowers. Sudah lama tak pegi Paul's Place.

    Hari Jumaat memang bagus.

  154. Anonymous1:34 am

    OK Eli,

    Next time pakai panties, jangan lupa OK?. Online pun can buy wan.

    Duduk molek2 sikit peha tutup, jangan kangkang, practice makes perfect.

    Muka pi buat facial sikit. Muka dah takde seri anak dara lagi.. pi jahit balik apa yang patut!!


  155. Anonymous2:13 am

    wow, worrying enough to see so many people here would rather support the corrupts.

    A Malaysian who cares

  156. Anonymous5:57 am

    Bright Eyes

    Don't have to promote a drug joint, a rempit hangout and a whorehouse, stupid pimp :P.

    Better hang on to OBK's ponytails real tight. Scared out of your wits. eh whore...that's why regular jaumts have become occasional forays:"there occasionally in my free time"

    Mat metal, your arse! giving some muscle and meat to a bony self....ha!ha!ha! as if I am shiver me timbers already...ha!ha! LOL.

    A mat metal who is besotted with softie stuff like Shirley Temple :

    and kiddie stuff like : ha!ha!ha! LOL

    u getting so desperate that you can even arsedick ur own self, whore........Guess those in the engineering line are just washed up nerds who love to puff themselves up whilst all the while seeking safety with plastic gedebes who are mixed up dolts like you....his mung and pongs and moniker "ganu" are all indicative of this Trengganu pondan pendekar who ran away...satu bangsat Malaysia dengan u, skilly et .al.,

    Just for the road;

    1. None of the PASsites I challenged responded ; proof enough of their teloq


    2.For your esteemed idol'd Ganu's rant:"Sape kata PAS halalkan zina? Ada tanya kat Hassan Ali what he thinks of Hilmi? What he thinks Hilmi should be punished? (if proven guilty). You're putting words into people mouth, itu fitnah tuh."

    here is my rejoinder:

    Earlier yesterday, Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim told a press conference that the state did not accept Wong’s resignation and wanted her to remain in both her positions.Khalid was accompanied by almost all his exco members, including senior exco member Teresa Kok and STATE PAS COMMISSIONER DATUK DR HASSAN ALI, when he made the announcement.
    (capitalised for Ganu's eternal benefit) from:

    Dei bangsat munafik Ganu, jange nak dok perambu gilo..melalak mace anje sakan......nah mung pande denge mato kepalo kawe fitnahko? bangsat punya Melayu...puki mak hanglah....nah tole muntah sokmo, 'natang.

    Warrior 231

  157. Anonymous6:15 am

    One more thing, BE

    You'll be pretty easy to spot. :-)

    Yeah BE, very easy to spot with my serban+ketayap + ankle length jubah, beard sans moustache mmmm what else ah? yeah...i forgot! my tasbih...them prayer beads, you dolt! I will leave my normal attire at home for ur sake.... ; )

    Warrior 231

  158. Syamil/w231,

    You know, your threat to rape at 7:57 has not gone well with the group, judging from their email responses. They don't like the idea of some dude messing with some of the Minah Rock there, esp on a mistaken identity. A couple of them, hm... has mentioned intent to 'cure' your condition of foul-mouthiness & violent sex fantasies. Will they take the trouble to do some PI & go all the way to Bagan Serai? That I don't know...

    I'm amazed you've not read Richard Adam's book. A good novel of life, struggle, & death in the rabbit world. And about the movie, its a good kid's flick... that is if you want to traumatize them for the rest of their childhood.

    As for Shirley Temple's Bright Eyes. I have not seen it, but may p2p it. Probably worth a see.

    Next, regarding PAS Sel, you expect PAS YBs to surf blogs & just take "advice"/challenge of a man who preaches morality & religion, then proceeds with foul language & racism? They're not UMNO people, you know.

    And about Ganu's offer. Gonna take his challenge, or you still gonna 'berdolak-dalik' & play keyboard warrior wt harsh language?

  159. Anonymous2:10 pm

    BrightEyes nama olang putih saya tatak suka. Sekalang sama lu saya mau panggil Melem Mao,

    Hi hau mar Melem Mao,

    Wah, lu mayak sayang sama Warrior 321? Bagush! bagush!. Lu pun sudah jadi macam olang Melayu, sifat sayang semua olang.

    Gua tengok Melem pun sekarang sikit otak pandai macam otak olang Melayu..

    Bagush! bagush! Malaisia Gomen manyak baik, mau kasi semua rakyat otak pandai macam otak olang melayu.

    Tapi kalau mau syiok sama Warrior, lu muka mau cantik macam pompuan Melayu. Balu lia kasi layan lu.

    Lu sama ikut itu EliWong pi kedai bikin facial, kasi cantik mata besar dan bulat macam mata olang Melayu. Tak mau sliteyes, tatak cantik!

    Bawah kalo sama macam Eli sudah koyak, tatak apa, gua panggil Brother Lee Kuan Yew hospital kasi jahit, tutup balik. Dia tatak cerita sama lain orang..Janji!

    Semua melayu sini mayak pandai jaga kemaluan. Lu pun mau belajar pandai itu macam olang melayu, boleh kan?

    Pai Pai Melem Mao.


  160. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Hai warrior231. Celaka btoi mulut kau ni. Lagak betoi macam pahlawan konon.

    Nak mari kacau pompuan tanjung salah sangka dia orang lain ke? Ku ni tak sabar ajar awak sopan santun sikit. Saya boleh datang mari bagi tumbuk/tunjuk klau engkau mau.


  161. Anonymous11:04 pm

    Dei podahh pundek Corgan..spelling Conan pun corot macam bangsat.

    Sebelum, hang "mama tanjung" datang jumpa yob ni..hang bagi perbetui hang punya mulut, hang punya pakaian. solat semua jenih solat..taubatka, hajatka, tahajudka...siap solat dulu sebab bila sakaratul maut datang tiada sapa yang tau atau dok nak halang.

    Try me lah..pepundek lan chiau....kepala butoh hang!

    Warrior 231

  162. aduh duh.. jgn la disebabkan dia tu andartu we can just let her go.. we should give her a good training dude.. otherwise nanti susah bila dia kahwin.. erm.. lupakan lah khidmat dia tu.. cari je orang lain khalid.. ramai lagi kat luar tu yang nak jadi anwar.

  163. Anonymous11:29 am

    Skillmoron said:
    "Hey, Warrior 231

    Since you are so "brave", and since you claim to have tech wizardry at your fingertips, would you care to take me on? Especially since I have trashed you in other postings (?).

    :D muhahahahahahahahhahahahahahhaha.......

    bro 231, this pig ...hah.. arghh..kah..kah..kah...
    my rib bones vibrating..giggling..i can hardly say words..

    After all that we had through with this pathetic looser..he still dare to show his thick piggy face..? baru berani keluar hutan..mana menyorok lama lah babi hutan ni...berani mencabar lagi tu..dah lama tak dapat tujahan pungkoq nampaknya.. :D

    i really don't know how to describe this lowlife creature anymore... i'll just spare my worst insult doses rather than wasting time for this unclassified class of stupid chingkie... no-class citizen(of tongkangland?)

    hihihi hahahahah... :D .....

    ..just see the way he come back i told you before..typical of him..

    "Dear Warrior 231, could not publish your latest response to "Skilly". If u could tone it down a little; and ask Skillganon for his email so that you may send your original to him. :-) "- Rockybru.

    bro Rocky..what's with that cunning smile ':-)'
    ..suddenly your mind pictured the moments of fun time warrior 231, satD, sepet, myself et. al. all had when gangbanging this looser asshole to galactic blackhole in an economic lesson class.. ?

    hehahaha..skillmoron..even the blog owner also look down on you lah..the regular visitors here know who you are.. ..this is a 10million hotspot lah get famous very fast especially when u got public gangbang for stupidity..this is not some kampung babi la dey where u can run, hide & come to show face again.. you fucking looser.. hahaha..

    Is this the best of ultra chingkie brain available in malaysian blogsphere?? ohh, forgot to mention.. pukiball is the worst of them , sliteyes is somewhere in the middle and this skilly guy is their god-best level chingkie cyber benchmark these piggy clowns.. haha..ptuih! :D care to take us on?

    p/s: tegok lah berapa banyak melayu pencacai cina babi ada kat sini daa...melayu bangsat pariah ni nak jadi pembela islam..? i selam dlm kain eli wong boleh lah... guling atas jalan aku bawak steamroll gelek bagi mampos je senang..hahaha...

    middle finger, anyone ? you melayu pariah!

    now everyone can flash & remain as YB..Fuckatan Rule! keep her coz they wanna see more cumming for themselves, hahahah..

    :D muhahahaha....

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  164. Anonymous8:45 am

    Great one , Bro anti-whatever,,yah me too had them ribs vibrating with all that laughing...LOL.
    Anyway, bro anti-whatever, that pondan skillymoron is not outta of here yet, he is skulking around under another pseudo just like pondans are wont to do.

    Today his unker China extended a 10billion loan to Asean (tak mintak pun). why? to buy good from his factories that the yankees have abandoned ...maybe for good. Unker is also shitting bricks that the value of China holding of US garbage aka debt paper will go down the drain once the dollar flushes down the toilet..ha!ha!ha! proof of Chingkie biz acumen at get arsefucked big time >>>ha!ha!ha! LOL

    Hear!hear Middle Finger to Melayu pariah aka chingkie lovva plus chingkie cocksucker.

    Warrior 231

  165. Anonymous3:22 pm

    Two anjing jantan ni masih tak nerhenti-henti syok sendiri mahupun tanah pun hampir habis lelong.


  166. Anonymous5:35 pm

    yo! anon babi 3.22

    Stop being a pretender.. get your bahasa melayu brush up properly 1st.

    To obvious sounding like typical babi..oink..oink..

    :D muhahahaha..
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  167. Anonymous3:29 am

    Anonymous 3:22 PM

    Siapa yang terkena pedas.. memang akan melenting.

    Terutama kalau di tonyoh kat bahagian berkenaan..

    Curah air bertimba pun, terjun masuk sungai pun pedas takan hilang!

    But all of you need to be constantly reminded!

    Lain kali kalau tak suka dileter, jangan ulangi perkara2 tak senonoh..


  168. Anonymous8:27 am

    Saya memang rajin belajar Bahasa Malaysia dan guna Bahasa Malaysia tiap hari. Tak macam anjing, rajin belajar bahasa babi putih dan suka guna bahasa babi putih.

    U anti anjing bodoh? I sama, I anti juga anjing talak otak.


  169. Anonymous12:31 pm

    haha anon..
    kita olang melayu lidah manyak bagus belajar apa bahasa pun buleh kalo mau..bukan selupa lu olang babi kuning, mana bleh cakap itu babi putih punya bahasa..kalu mau cakap arab wa ingat lu punya lidah nnt habis pusing ..talak boleh ngam punya babi kuning..

    lu manyak lajin belajat itu bahasa malaysia kan..sikalang lu sebut ini perkataan melayu, lu kasi sebut itu huluf 'R' ..kasi butui2 bunyi lulu.. :


    apa lu cakap..? kasi sebut lagi satut kali..apa..LANCAU? manyak cilakak maki lancau sama kita olang buat apa..itu pasai kita olang manyak malah maki balik sama lu olang ma..

    bukan LANCAU la.. lu ma cau hai insult wa punya bahasa..lagi baik lu luluk liam2..talak sakit hati..manyak suka maki sama kita olang melayu baik2 hati punya talak suka itu anjing.. lu kasi hantam mati makan dia, kasi kawin dalam itu bakuteh sama tikus.. ho liao woo..ikut macam lu punya sedala tongkangland sana lo..

    p/s: alo anon..wa cakap sama ini lu punya standard bahasa malaysia aa..jangan malah aa..ok...pai pai..

    :D muhahahaha..

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  170. Anonymous7:55 pm

    Tak macam anjing, rajin belajar bahasa babi putih dan suka guna bahasa babi putih.U anti anjing bodoh? I sama, I anti juga anjing talak otak. Anon 8.27am

    Anon 8.27

    Nukilan anda jelas menunjukkan bahawa anda bukan sahaja dngkal akal tetapi juga seorang yang mempunyai penguasaan nahu dan tatbahasa yang amat lemah. Gambaran awal dari nukilan anda melalui pemakaian ungkapan "talak"; rangkaikata " "tak macam anjing"jelas menunjukkan tahap pendidikan anda yang rendah serta sekaligus menidakkan dakwaan anda bahawa anda rajin menggunakan Bahasa malaysia dalam pertuturan dan penulisan setiap hari.

    Secara tidak langsung, ia juga memecah tembelang saudara dan sekaligus mendedahkan dengan sirna hakikat bahawa saudara seorang pendusta tegar. Perilaku anda yang keji ini tidaklah menghairankan memandangkan anda berasal dari sebuah negara hatta sebuah tamadun dimana menipu, berbohong, memutar belit kenyataan dan seribu satu perbuatan keji yang lain adalah lumrah hidup.Kebejatan moral dan kemuflisan intelek yang menyelubungi sanubari saudara juga terserlah dengan penggunaan kata-kata biadap seperti babi yang bersifat ironis dari segi retorika kerana sebenarnya andalah jelmaan binatang tersebut.

    Wahai babi aka Khinzir @ sus barbatus, apa jua niat jahat yang bersarang dalam benak saudara maupun dendam kesumat yang bersangkar tidak akan menjadi kenyataan di Bumi bertuah ini selagi tidak diizinkan Allah SWT. Saya cadangkan anda habiskan sisa hidup saudara bercengkerama dan bersanggama dengan binatang kesayangan anda agar dapat melahirkan generasi baru bangsa(t) saudara yang lebih sedikit bertamadun...ha!ha!ha! LOL

    Warrior 231

  171. Anonymous8:31 am

    Saya berasa amat bangka lapat bergaul dengan lua ekor anjing yang akhirnya tulis dalam bahasa Malaysia. Ini menunjukan anjing pun ada nationalism jika ada peluang mamahami sepatah dua dari orang Malaysia.

    Saya mula suka anjing terutama anjing tanah air. Bukan saja tahu jaga pintu, lapi paham juga bahasa tanah air. Harga berapa sebiji? Takkan FOC?


  172. Anonymous10:40 am

    Dei pukimak Anon 8.31am

    Jaga mulut mu celupar wahai bangsat agar duka nestapa dan celaka tidak berkunjung ke dirimu dan rumahmu. Kalimah anjing yang kamu gunakkan adalh kalimah keji buat orang islam seperti saya dan saya tidak sekali-sekali bersabar mendengar rengusan khinzirmu. Jangan kira dengan menggunakan anon dirimu selamat dari dikesan.

    Malah, kalimah anjing dan babi itu sesuai digunakan terhadap kamu dan bangsa kamu kerana tabiat anjing yang tidak mengenang budi (pernah dengar pepatah"melepaskan anjing tersepit". Ya salah moyang kami melepaskan kamu yang tersepit pada tahun 1957) dan tabiat babi yang gelojoh, pengotor dan gemar bergelumang dalam tahi (simbolik utk dosa)telah menjadi darah daging dan sebati dengan bagsa (T) nmu yang tidak bertamadun. Malah wajah bangsat mu mirip dengan wajah sus barbatus seperti yang terpampang pada laman maya ini:

    tengok dan cerminkan pada diri anda ..LOL

    The Bearded Pig (Sus barbatus), also known as the Bornean Bearded Pig, is a species of wild pig. It can be recognized by its prominent beard. It also sometimes has tassels on its tail.

    malah spesis kamu akan hilang di telan zaman seperti yang tertera disini: Kawanishi, K., Gumal, M. & Oliver, W. (2008). Sus barbatus. 2008 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. IUCN 2008. Retrieved on 5 April 2009.

    Layari IUCN dan lihat bagaimana kedudukan bangsa(t) lanchiau seperti kamu yang gemar memantat, berkonke secara haram, menghisap batang dan dihisap batang oleh chingkie lovva akan pupus jua.

    P/s: agaknya kerja kamu bangun pagi tak gosok gigi, tak mandi adalah untuk menghantar komen chibai kamu ke laman blog ini... dei pooooorah pundek!Sadaiyan chuni

    Warrior 231

  173. Will the 4 reliable witnesses who has Not seen the VCD please stand up.

    Any witnesses who has seen the VCD automatically disqualify himself forever. case closed ?

    BTW please get a life he.. he.. he

  174. Anonymous4:37 pm

    See! Finally bring out race and religion. Typical loser.



  175. Anonymous7:15 pm lagi kau boh? manyak hepi wa tengok..wa pun manyak hepi jugak..tapi wa punya hepi talak lisau atau hati manyak sakit mcm lu.. apa wa mau lisau..bukan lu kasi wa makan nasik hali hali..

    ini wa punya negala apa tok nenek lanciau suma sini mali cali makan pun FOC..kalo lu liam2 duduk sana lagi wa ingat lu hali hali makan itu bakuteh tikus sama anjing lor..haha..

    wa tatak mintak lu olang sumua tatang mali kasi semak wa punya duduk baik2 cali makan sama holomat itu tuan lumah wa tatak malah..dulu wa punya nenek moyang lagi pandai bisnes dali lu punya atok..sampai lu punya tongkang pun manyak sini mali ..itu keling sana punya olang pun ada mali, babi putih manyak jauh pun ada sama mali..satu dunia sini mali..

    lu olang babi kuning manyak kamcheng sama itu babi putih itu hali2 kasi hisap dia punya lancau ..itu babi putih manyak syok kasi amik suma kita punya nenek moyang punya bisnes kasi lu babi kuning cau hai..sikalamg lu manyak eksyen..sudah besar itu kapala..suda talak hormat tuan punya punya taiko sudah balik dia punya negala lu sudah talak nampak ini tuan lumah keliling lu ka?

    lu ingat lu manyak luit ini negala sulah jadi lu punya mau kita olang punya balang..tapi lu punya tatak mau kasi share solang saja mau sinang kaya..ka liau lang pun ai ho giak..

    tapi olang sikalng sudah manyak lebih..wa kena kasi ingat sikit aa..wa sudah talak suka lu olang..hati manyak busuk..

    lu boleh mali sini FOC..kita olang suma pun boleh kasi lu balik FOC.. kita olang sudah manyak malah sama lu olang kepala busat punya babi..FOC balik tatak perlu pakai itu tongkang, kereta api or sama itu kapal telebang.. FOC mali musti mau FOC jugak kasi balik lor..

    Suma FOC..insulan wa talak kasi..FOC ma..haha..itu jam wa talak jamin lu boleh sampai lu punya tongkangland..wa kasi pos lu punya lancau balik sudah lah..itu kila sudah mulah maa..kita olang manyak baik hati bukan macam lu olang hati busuk..tapi lu punya body jgn tanya sama gua mana pigi itu jam..hahaha

    hahaha..amacam? mau peng yeu sama kita olang lagi kah? Kita olang manyak baik bikin baik lagi kita bikin baik kasi..ingat aa..mau baik2 bikin sini tau mai cho are neh kuan..ok, kau boh?....wa sudah manyak syiok sama lu sikalang..haha..pai pai..

    :D muhahahaha..
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  176. Anonymous9:44 pm

    Great One, brother, anti hindraf & ultra chingkies.. you are a true warrior, man.

    you nailed it , as usual. Continue sockin them, have my total support!!

    Warrior 231

  177. Anonymous8:26 am

    Oh, anti ini itu,

    Wa first ingat lu pun macam itu anjing bodoh lapi nampaknya lu ada otak sikit tahu nama wa hahahaha, see, kalu lu lihat sesuatu dari sudut lain, lu lapat paham dengan lebih lebah dan panjang. Ini memang kemahiran olang, kalu anjing, tahu gigit saja samada itu daging atau kayu sebab otak talak.

    Write whatever on the Chinese and I don’t think you would get any similar response as in the past. Don’t ever feel unsecured of this change of mindset, you can always join us. I thanks Rocky for not remove or delete my comment, maybe he want some of us to often look in the mirror on what we did, he is more fair minded than I first thought.

    This round wa lespect sama lu. Ada maruah.


  178. Anonymous12:57 am

    Brother Hahahaha Mao,

    Sekalang lu mayak hapi sini luluk, Bagush, bagushMalaisia mayak baik Negala kasi semua olang luluk hapi hapi..

    Tamau ingat dulu sana, lekat 20m olang mati tahun 1961 tatak makan!.. lu atok/apa/ama, sekalang sulah cukup makan?

    Haiyaa, tamau tikus BAK KUT TEH lagi, sup pun tamau.. mayak kotor punya binatang.. sini kucing pun tatak suka makan.

    Lumah mau titok cukup? Bagush bagush..

    Malaisia mayak bagussshhh...

    Gua mayak hapi..sekalang lu sudah hapi..

    Lu atok/apa/ama semua sini sudah hapi sini? Tamau balik Tongsan lagi? Lia mayak takut sana balik?

    Haiyaa tamau sini mali kacau kacau OK?

    Lu tiam tiam luluk, nanti bising2 Chairman panggil lu balik sana, haiyaaaa mayak susah nanti OK?

    Pai pai

    chai chen brother Hahahaha Mao.


  179. Anonymous10:57 pm

    bro warrior 231..

    huk ala.. cempedak ranum yg ku jamah nangka muda yg si dia rasa.. biarlah si luncai aqal sejengkal itu bergelumang getah nangka..haha.. :D
    tq for your support, bro..

    Aiyaa.. tq sifu..toche2....tq2 sifu ada mali..kasi tunjiuk ajia sama ini olang..
    u really got style lah sifu..wa tabik ala Mao Tze Tung kasi sama lu!

    leng chai..peng yeu..peng yeu...kilim wa punya salam sama itu brother Mao aa kalo lu ada balik sana bila itu Chairman ala panggil lu balik..kalo dia mau dtg ini negala, kita olang welcome..tuan lumah sini manyak baik2 hati.. wa kasi FOC masuk kalo brader Mao ada mali dgn itu tongkang..jgn lisau ma..itu indon pun mali ini mcm juga bikin..suma mali sini musti ada hepi lor..FOC.. ok pai pai..

    :D muhahaha...

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-