Sunday, April 12, 2009

Anuar Zaini's baby

Bernama TV faces RM14m losses in first year, million-ringgit lawsuit. YB Wee Choo Keong had the scoop on the Bernama TV fiasco here.

Bernama or Malaysian National News Agency is an authorised body set up by an Act of Parliament in 1967 and started operation on 26 May 1968. It provides Malaysian news including politics, business, economy, commodities, executive reports and sports, in real time.

Bernama TV, on the other hand, is a private enterprise that involves the 4th Floor boys and some other private individuals. Moreover, the company is now reported to be owing Bernama or the authority over RM10 million in debts.

I did a bit of digging around after reading Wee's blogpost. Seems like the losses amounted to more than RM14 million. Pretty bad for one year, won't you say? Anuar Zaini, who was appointed by ex-PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to replace Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan as Bernama chairman, hasn't responded to Wee's posting, as far as I know.

In my probe, I also found out that one of the content providers has had to close shop because Bernama TV failed to honor payments for services rendered. His company is preparing to file a suit worth a couple of million ringgit against Bernama TV.


  1. Anonymous3:04 pm


    the news are that, ex-bernama kp dtk jaafar hussin and YOU have been tipped to go back to bernama and nstp respectively.

    lot of cleanings need to be done on both sides.

  2. Bru,

    Dah la Mutu Berita Teruk dari TV Malaysia yang lain....Ini pulak jadinya.

    Baik diserah saja tugas Bernama TV kepada RTM.

  3. Anonymous3:30 pm

    Dear Rock,

    If what Sdr Bujai says is true that you'll be heading NSTP, that is certainly great news. I hope you'll do a massive clean up there and put in the right people and give back the masses the real NSTP news.


    Pak Nujum

  4. Anonymous3:42 pm

    It looks like Bernama TV is spoiling the reputation of Bernama. Bernama should sue this Bernama TV for infringement of its trademark.

  5. Rocky,
    I am in favour of you going back to NSTP, and if Najib has more than enough wisdom he should just let you know ASAP. If it is true about Bernama TV than the talk about Anuar Zaini going to take over NSTP is like going back to the dark ages, personally speaking the PM is aware of this. I know Jaaar Husin and he should be good for Bernama!

  6. anak bugis johor4:26 pm

    why we can'y have something like ChannelNews Asia. More independence and rich in contents.

  7. Hey bro, is this the only one of the 4th floor inventions you want to probe?

    There is another even much worse than this....Maybe next week sometime I tell you la..if you want to hear....

  8. nstman5:17 pm

    If you watch Bernama English TV every day, you will painfully discover that the station is run by morons. It is so amateurish it makes you wonder where they get their moronic staff from. Disgusting.

  9. Next after Bernama TV... the Utusan Group. Sales of this newspaper has been dropping, despite the letterhead change, and nationalistic pleas from the editors themselves. Soon, Utusan will have to close shop & auction the machines in the press shop. :p

  10. Anonymous5:33 pm

    Sdra rocky,

    Bernama TV was launched by anuar zaini to prop his bosses nd his own business. Staff of bernama talk freely about a one-sided agreement between bernama and a company handling its talk shows. This is Anuar Zaini's business acumen at work! And he's just a chairman! he thinks he's executive chairman! At this rate, he'll bring down bernama faster than u can say speedy gonzalez! U do know that he's the Govt advisor to the corridors don't you? Malaysia boleh, Anuar Zaini lagi boleh!

    ex bernama, kg baru

  11. dannalli5:57 pm

    Jai n Rocky ...

    If it is true, it is tough to do when you are inside. It seems easy from outside. I am no journo, but of same profession with Kelly n Faiz.

  12. Anonymous6:11 pm

    good one, rocky.
    TV biz is expensive.
    i like the fairly current show, webtv.

  13. Tingkat 46:28 pm


    Can you check whether the new PM has assembled enough "brooms" to clean up Tingkat 4?

    Its Rakyat perception that the Tingkat 4 has been the major cause of Abdullah Badawi disastrous administration.

    Najib will definitely provide Rakyat's confidence in his new administration if Rakyat can see some actions (those mega $ scandals) are exposed and those responsibile are adequately punished. Otherwise Rakyat will continue have the perception of "same wine different bottles".

    Najib MUST walk the talk and not slogan broadcasting.

  14. Anonymous6:33 pm

    salam, new reporters intake frozen for 6 months, transport allowance for reporters deducted by rm50... all because anuar zaini's baby. -- nonama tv

  15. Anonymous6:36 pm

    Kalau namanya dah BERNAMA sampai kiamat pun kita dengar cerita yang sama. It will never end. Tanya saja taff lama yang Rocky sendiri kenal sangat sangat. Nasib baik Rocky lepas ITM dulu tak masuk BERNAMA. Kalau tidak Rocky dah tentu takde nama.

    Tengku Tangki.

  16. Anonymous6:37 pm

    Jaafar Hussin yang jaga style. It ends there.


  17. Anonymous7:00 pm

    ANUAR ... does it not rhyme with ANWAR ... ? CASE RESTED ...

    from taiping ...

  18. Bernama also set up a few companies under their wing to participate in RTM tender under the pretext of GLC and they won a few contract to supplied digital transmitter , digital transposer and few more equipment .
    With these few million contract why they still declare lossess?

  19. Anonymous8:14 pm

    Same ol story, these money vacuum machines just suck and suck all the cash there is . With no expertise, foresight, and content, just churning out propaganda that is long in the wonder. Who needs Bernama TV, just youtube will do.


  20. Shocking revelation. I fear more gruesome news to clear the air. What next?

  21. Mahathir tried the same stuff with the help of Ananda Krishana & Astro and they too had to wind it up with $millions of lossses.

    So, who carries the can for this massive write off? Badawi? KJ? The Minister? Najib? Th entire Wooden Cabinet?

    It's so easy isn't it to be able to write a blank cheque or pass the buck to the Taxpayer, who is always the whipping boy for UMNO's profligacy!

    PAC, over to you. Let's see you take some real disciplinary action for once because they never learn their lesson otherwise!

  22. Non-partisan9:35 pm


    If what you said is true, it augurs well for both bernama and nst. There is a need for a major shake-up especially among their top hierarchy.

    The items produced are so predicatable and hardly inspiring.To me gone are the days when nst is a must-read newspaper. And I'll not be surprised if many of the young generation who are and will be voters have deserted nst for other source of information e.g blogs.

  23. Anonymous9:38 pm

    rocky. is it ture from bujai comment. good for you.


  24. Anonymous9:43 pm

    Well, an oil expert was brought to run the national airline.

    But they have cautioned that after showing profits - subsequent to selling of landed property, this year will be very challenging - because of fuel prices that were hedged at high prices much earlier.

    So, do expect a number of GLCs to report losses this year.

    TNB has already showed the way. It posted a net loss of RM944 milllion in the first quarter to November 30 2008 owing to weak electricity demand, higher coal prices and a weak ringgit.



  26. Hi Rocky,

    Does Bernama TV also includes Bernama Radio 24?

    Bernama Radio 24 sucks more compared to Bernama TV. You should take a listen to their announcers/DJ/news readers. Worse than the worse. English names also cannot pronounce when reading Malay news.

    Their 'wartawan' on air really sucks. Because too much dead air they put on air. Some are acting more clever than the experts they invited on air. Most of the time, they talk without using their brains.

  27. Anonymous11:17 pm

    I really hope these people with Special Rights really make sure they have the special rights to let this country prosper, not running it down. I cannot help feeling otherwise because so many establishments they run just folded up with millions and millions gone. what's wrong actually? If you cannot do it, just be a gentlemen let others do it. what is so difficult?


  28. S.A. Rayn11:42 pm

    Rocky..if you are interested to dig up some wastage from the old admin...i give u one hint....IAIS.

  29. Anonymous11:43 pm

    BrightEyes 5:31 PM

    Does'nt make much difference to your ATOK dikampung.. Buta huruf, let alone know BM or BI!

    Too busy catching rats for reunion dinner. Bila lu sampai cucu?


  30. Anonymous12:34 am

    bro if you do go back to nst, i suggest u promote fauziah ismail to replace lee ah chai. also promote chok suat ling to become assistant news editor along with annie and shajahan. bring back ramlan to newsdesk. also ask tony mariadass and aishah to come back. put lee ah chai back in sub or production with leslie


  31. Anonymous12:53 am


    Malam tadi pengarang2 BH dikepalai Hishamuddin "RM2 juta" Aun berpakaian canggih dan segak di anugerah bintang BH di Genting.
    Ada pengarang2 ni begitu meriah sekali ketika program hiburan siaran langsung ini yang mungkin menjadi yang terakhir buat mereka.
    Umno dan kerajaan Najib Razak sudah pun bersedia untuk pencenkan mereka yang menjadi punca kekalahan amat memalukan Umno dan BN pada pilihanraya 2008.
    Umno tidak perlu kepada pengarang bangsat untuk menjaga kepentingan parti, orang Melayu/Islam dan kerajaan.
    Usaha memperkukuhkan media Umno/kerajaan - NSTP (BH & NST), Media Prima (TV3 dll), Utusan, Malay Mail, Star, Sun dan Bernama - sudah pun bermula demi memastikan Umno & BN tidak tersungkur pada PRU ke-13 nanti.
    Umno/BN tidak mahu pengkhianat menerajui organisasi2 ini yang menjadi musuh dalam selimut untuk menjatuhkan kerajaan.


  32. Anonymous1:16 am


    Saya berpendapat Bernama TV adalah lebih segar dan bebas dari TV3 atau RTM yang terlalu memutar belitkan berita. Kerugian sebanyak 14juta adalah biasa bagi sebuah stesyen yan baru berusia setahun lebih.

    Mungkin saudara Rocky boleh tumpukan untuk menyelesaikan masalah air di selangor, Balkis, Tol, IPP sebagaimana saudara menentang pengswastaan IJN dan KLIA timur. Ini yang rakyat mahu dan inilah yang patut Sdr kemukakan kepada PM.

  33. Purple Haze2:07 am

    If what Bujai says is true, please take a page out of the upcoming Russell Crowe movie - State of Play.

    It has great relevance to the print media.

  34. Laman blog anda telah disenaraikan di dlm:

    Sila emailkan bantahan sekiranya tidak mendapat izin/perkenan dari anda. Komen/cadangan dialu-alukan. T.k.

  35. Formula rais Yatim bekerja dengan 5 Perdana Menteri setelah membakar jambatan dan mebina jmabatan kembali- Hebat manusia mendailing ini, Pernah jadi MB N9 , org kuat semangat 46, Rahsianya Klik sini

  36. nstman4:50 am

    Rocky, if you evr go back to NST, pse do me a favour - purge the place of the people who back-stabbed you while you were down and out. Sack these bastards who bad-mouthed you. But pse do me a favour - dont bring back bastards like Ahmad Talib and Kadir Jasin, the two monsters who raped, mutiliaated, buggered NST.

  37. Anonymous5:03 am

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. Anonymous5:26 am

    kalau rocky masuk NST ka, bernama ka... saya akan beli semula suratkhabar MSM, dan mengalakkan kawan2 saya untuk membaca akhbar2 ini.

  39. Pak Cik Zaid5:27 am

    saya menyeru Najib supaya membuang budak tingkat 4 yang kotor2 belaka ini... demi Rakyat, demi Malaysia.

  40. Anonymous8:43 am

    I think it make sense to shut down bernama tv. cut the losses. Let RTM do its job.

    There is no need for "free" enterprise inside the government.

  41. Mazlan9:48 am

    Wow..everyone is speculating Rocky will be made editor of NST and now Bernama...
    Heck - let me throw my 5 cents worth..
    I reckon Rocky is actually being headhunted to be editor of Suara Keadilan or Harakah!
    He's just waiting for the better offer of the 2...

  42. When Nguen Van Thieu was Prez of Vietnam those many years ago, he too wanted to set up a national Vietnamese news agency. So he did a lawatan-sambil-belajar to Malaysia to learn from our folks how to set it up.

    He was so impressed with Bernama, went home and estd one there too. To name it he coined an amalgm of his name and Bernama. And that's how THIEUNAMA happened.

    Looks like with this revelation, the shoe is on the other foot. That name should be bequeathed to our venerable and grand ole news disseminator.

    Looks like we are running out of honest, dedicated, hardworking, non-rent seekers to man our institutions. People who truly believe in the Malaysian dream. Not greedy self-serving creators of national nightmares.

    Hope you can buck the trend when, or if, you are called up to the plate.

  43. huiii..this is record...must deleted from history 2..kekeke..what new pm said>

  44. Anonymous11:50 am









  45. Anonymous12:16 pm

    Rocky, hang nak mai jalan NSTP boleh sangat… tapi tak payah lah masuk NSTP! Hang jaga Najib dan NSTP di luaq saja dah cukup. Pastikan Najib pun jaga hang elok2.

    Hishamuddin Aun dok mengata hang siang malam, Lee Ah Chai memang bantai hang habis-habisan. Hang tak boleh lupa di MPI award mlm tu. Lionel Moron dok simpan penyapu buruk nak pukoi hang.
    Kamrul Idris tu hang bagi penyedap Cina tu, dia lupa la kisah lama dia buat Yani. Yang pastinya Chandra Master Conspirator akan mai jilat teloq hang sampai hang syiok punya.
    Tapi hang promote la dalam blog hang cerita pasai Syed Nazri, Zainul Aripin dan kawan2 lain supaya depa pun jaga hang nanti.
    Kalu hang minat jadi GEIC hang kena bagitau terui Najib dan Rosmah. Confirm hang dapat punya! Masa tu ramai gigit jari!!!!
    Aku pi luaq negeri pun aku suruh kawan dan student baca blog hang. Depa seronok gilaaaaa!
    Apapun tahniah kat hang Rocky…


  46. Anonymous12:50 pm

    Lari topik, tapi komen (khabar angin) yang u might return to da mainstream tu... I hope u stay on as the neutral blogger mcm sekarang ni. I sincerly think dalam banyak-banyak blog, yours yang paling best untuk berkongsi pendapat. Kalau u join mainstream balik, nanti (mungkin) nampak berat sebelah pulak (kalau hal-hal politikla).

    Anyway whatever u do yang penting niat u baik.

    Good luck to u BRU.


  47. Jango1:03 pm

    The next shoe to drop is Malaysiainsider, helmed by Brendan Pereira. Brendan picked his henchmen for cushy jobs in Bernama TV, NST and Malaysiainsider. His henchmen have failed him. Malaysiainsider has so incurred four to five million in debts, and the losses are still mounting. Png Hong Kwang, the cowardly lackey and chief office boy of Brendan, was smart enough to leave a sinking ship. Now it is up to the public to demand whether public money was used to fund Malaysiainder and Bernama tv.

  48. Tok rasa tak ada benda yang tak rugi kat Malaysia ni. Syarikat monopoli nasional pun masih rugi.

  49. Anonymous3:21 pm


    WHo is the sexy chic u were with today at Starbucks? She is a 9/10 hottie.


  50. Dear ahgroo,

    Waah, ada teropong ka? She was a Netizen in distress la, her Apple was acting up.

    9/10? Yeah, about that. you got taste.

    say hellow, won't you?

  51. Anonymous4:21 pm


    Hey, next time intro la some hottie Netizen. I can help her also.


  52. Anonymous5:11 pm

    What is RM 14.0 million to the govt. No problem. Tax payer money got mah. Small issue.

  53. Here is another case of the stituation in the nation especially the banks. Money was delivered on Jan 8 2009 AND lost. Action was dililed daliled or no report was made until April 5 2009. Read on NewsHome > News > Nation
    World Updates
    Honours List

    Monday April 13, 2009

    Cops arrest six over missing RM3mil

    BATU PAHAT: Six people, including a security firm manager and three guards, have been detained over the theft of RM3mil.

    It is learnt that the guards had taken the money from the firm’s headquarters in Johor Baru to be delivered to several banks here on Jan 8.

    The money did not reach its destinations and no report, either from the firm or the banks, was made until April 5 when the firm’s manager reported the “loss” to police. The suspects, aged between 30 and 45, were detained at the firm’s office here on April 6.

    OCPD Asst Comm Ibrahim Aris said the manager was behaving suspiciously when he lodged the report.

    He said investigations showed that the suspects were involved with the missing loot.

    “We are not ruling out the possibility that more arrests will be made,” he said, adding that police were also investigating if any bank employee was involved.

    The money had not been recovered. Anyone with information can contact the police hotline at 07-221 2999 or the nearest police station

  54. Anonymous5:19 pm

    Serve Bernama good for posting inaccurate news

  55. Anonymous5:30 pm

    Rocky will give a tip get dsn to wish the sikhs happy vasakhi tomorrow and he will have an extra 200,000 supporters.

  56. Anonymous5:31 pm


    jgn salahkan staff bernama tv. they are a dedicated lot. semasa BTV mula dilancarkan, they tried to do balance reporting - govt news ada, pembangkang pun ada.. kemudian anuar zaini KEPARAT itu bagi warning and memo.....TOE THE LINE....staff semuanya makan gaji.

    lagipun, BTV is owned by milik datuk suhaimi...seorang ketua umno bahagian di KEDAH....yang sedihnya..dia terlalu percayakan konco-konco yang langsung tak tahu to run a tv station...a MR KEVIN and a MR ALAN ..mat salleh yang pernah ranapkan NTV7, sekarang ditugaskan untuk menjahanamkan BERNAMA tv....

  57. nst insider6:57 pm

    orang lama,

    jangan risau...rocky sudah masak dengan goings-on at NST dan sikap-sikap orang seperti lee ah chai.

    it's like this-lah. hishamudin memang rocky can put in his pocket-lah.

    lee ah chai -- pengecut besar takut dengan rocky. you know how "small" lee ah chai is?

    how short hishamudin and ah chai are?

    ah chai bengang dengan rocky lepaskan komen2 yang expose weekaness dia dengan girls in NST -- his subordinates.

    you see, lee ah chai has power now!

    these people, dengan sesungguh nya memang NOT FIT FOR THEIR jobs.

    bukan dengki. but realiti.

    ah chai dulu, BOOKIE NST. Kerja dia ambil bets for the oscars, for soccer league matches....

    so...tak ke dia takut Rocky masuk NST...

    Lionel. Adoi. si pendek tu terkencing berdepan dengan boss lama dia.

    kamrul....EVERYONE knows he is not fit for his post.
    goodness! he gets instructions from brenden and his girlfriend joan lau...

    Kalimullah had done so much damage to the NST-- putting inepts and ill-qualified people to these positions. have a mammoth job, IF you agree to take a position in NST.

  58. Bernama TV will owe Bernama and Bernama will owe few Umno so call investment arms....then Bernama needs at least..RM2 billion to be bailed out..or go bankcrupt.
    UMNO will help.
    In actual fact...this is purposely that UMNO BARU have reasons to use tax payers money paid to few debtors...all belong to UMNO.
    Like I said...twisting time is here.

  59. Have we ever seen any God gifted natural things sold to Malaysians at reasonable prices?
    Only in Selangor...MB..Khaid said."Water is free from GOD. Sinful to make money from it"
    And so charges are reduced to consumers...collecting enough to maintain management services..which means...future improvements should come from other profits...such as from oil..taxes.
    Under UMNO..everything is paid by tax payers..squeezing us...high and dry.
    Yes...all roads should be toll free in such a wealthy fortunate country...but we are made to look as poor as others...with no natural resources...simply because .UMNO keep stealing and stealing.

  60. Anonymous7:42 pm

    Somewhere along the way a company out of nowhere will buy Bernama TV and take over the losses. Not to worry this is how it works. If Bernama news agency does not take it over maybe Petronas will acquire Bernama TV. Many countries including the business mighty Singapore works that way. A losing division is sold to another GIC to show it's viability. Surely the Pigs in the 4th Floor will be able to find another blood sucking GIC to take it over. How about bailing them out with EPF money ?

  61. Anonymous8:02 pm

    FUCK OFF! Monsterball! Don want u here. Your input are all thrash. Maybe u should use a different name, but beware the ppl here knows an Asshole like u when they READ one.

  62. Barackah8:54 pm

    U guys tak tengok Awani Astro?
    A certain woman lagi teruk.
    She does'nt know next to nothing about politics.
    But she acts like she knows, that's the annoying part.
    The guys yang co-hoost with her can hardly get a word edgewise.
    When I see her talking about politics, I just flip to other channels.
    What is amazing, this woman when she was in TV3 was only assigned to unimportant shows.
    Is Astro so dearth of capable host?

  63. Anonymous8:57 pm

    Just to refresh the mind:

    Bernama TV Set to Meet Malaysian Viewers by First Quarter
    KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 18 (2008)Asia Pulse - Bernama TV (BRTV), Malaysia's and the regions news network delivering up to the minute news from all over Malaysia, Asia, and around the globe is set to meet its viewers by the first quarter of this year.
    On Friday, Silver Ridge Holdings Bhd's (SRHB) (MESDAQ:0129) wholly-owned subsidiary, Silver Ridge (Multimedia) Sdn Bhd (SRM) entered into a joint venture agreement with Bernama Bhd (BB), Standard Code Sdn Bhd (SCode) and Hallmax Entertainment Sdn Bhd (HEnt) to form a joint venture company that will carry out the business of providing a 24-hour news and lifestyle channel and its related activities.
    SRHB, in a filing to the stock exchange Friday, said the proposed joint venture will encompass the setting up of a company incorporated under the name of Bernama TV Synergy Sdn Bhd.
    It said the company is proposed to become Malaysias and the regions news network, delivering up-to-the-minute news from all over Malaysia, Asia and around the globe.
    "The news channel is proposed to be branded as Bernama TV (BRTV) to carry out 24-hours, seven days week news coverage," SRHB said.
    Bernama TV Synergy is currently in the midst of setting up and preparation is underway for the launch of the BRTV channel by the first quarter of 2008, it added.
    SRHB said the initial authorised share capital of the JV company is RM5 million (US$1.6 million) comprising five million ordinary shares of RM1.00 each with an initial ordinary share capital of RM3.5 million comprising 3.5 million shares to be issued and paid-up. BB will hold 33 percent, SRM 27 percent, SCode 20 percent and HEnt 20 percent.
    It is agreed that the shares to be allotted to BB is as consideration for the access and usage of facilities, resources including intellectual property rights and assistance in the transfer and management of the television broadcasting service by Bernama TV Synergy, of which the cash payment for such shares to be allotted to BB shall be shared between the other parties, SRHB said.
    The authorised, issued and paid-up ordinary share capital of Bernama TV Synergy may be increased to RM10 million comprising 10 million shares subject to the future performance and operations of the company.
    SRHB said BB shall provide the initial expertise to manage the business of Bernama TV Synergy and provide all assistance and co-operation required for the company for the duration of the JV agreement.
    With the proposed joint venture company, it said SRM would be able to leverage on BBs and Bernamas expertise, resources and reputation as the premier news agency in the country. SRM with the other shareholders in Bernama TV Synergy shall provide the necessary resources, both financial and technology, and to establish advertising network and marketing systems for the operations of BRTV. BRTV, with its tag line Right & Now, will deliver local news with an international style creating Malaysian news that is accessible, pertinent, relevant and current. Its network contents shall comprise breaking news, business, lifestyle, sports and entertainment as well as programmes including but not limited to music, movies, fashion, food, home and health.
    The TV shall also provide numerous unique, customized advertising and sponsorship opportunities, while bringing the affiliated brands into the hands, living rooms, computers and minds of discerning Malaysians.
    "At present, the Malaysian public relies mostly on large foreign news networks, inter alia, CNN, BBC, Bloomberg and Al-Jazeera, for round the clock news," SRHB said.
    "There is currently no such local channel providing round the clock local Malaysian news content.
    "BRTV is proposed to address this through the establishment of a local news network that provides news about Malaysia and her regional neighbours, as and when it happens and needed, as well as up-to-the-minute international updates presented with a local perspective and touch," it added.
    SRHB also said that BRTV is expected to be the first 24 by seven local news channel in Malaysia, which will attempt to raise the standard of local news presentation. The establishment of the proposed joint venture is expected to be completed in the first half of the financial year ending Dec 31, 2008.

  64. Anonymous9:23 pm

    Since taking over bernama as non-executive chairman (by telling directly to the then chairman kalimullah hassan that he wanted the job as kalimullah was leaving for nstp but proudly claimed the king appointed him)the news agency started to lose its shine under anuar zaini.

    he was always in disagreement with the then general manager syed jamel who seemed to always go against his ideas on many things.

    the chairman is always proud of 'i and raje mude perak' do this do that as if bernama staff are stupid.

    the tv staff was not happy when anuar zaini sold the lion share of bernama tv to outsiders and they complaint that they now are just the kulis for the private owners who capitalised on bernama's name and reputation. bernama's former gm azman ujang who is now mpi chairman then dared not to open his mouth to question anuar's move though he knew bernama tv then was still not ready to go 24 hours.

    talking about abuses, many bernama tv staff are on tight spots as they have to follow orders directly from anuar. once he asked bernama tv to cover his wife's function.

    another case of abuse of power, he managed to put his son into bernama as a reporter without following any bernama or government procedures such as going for interview or internal test like others who had to go through to get into bernama.

    he always sell paklah's name when he talked about how great he is - pm's speech writer? adviser..etc..

    its time he should leave bernama or else the once respectable national news organisation will go into the drain..

    so,1malaysia are you listening to the people's voice?


  65. Anonymous9:34 pm

    sdra rocky,

    dont blamed the BTV staff...for you info....their editorial section consists of junior reporters...yang pengalaman mereka baru setahun jagung....cuma ada 2 orang saja yang dianggap senior reporters...yang mempunyai pengalaman lebih 5 tahun....on top of that....editorial BTV to produce good exclusive stories when you have only 5 reporters working on any given day...nak tambah staff, company synergy kedekut budget for additional pun yang lama...tunggu masa nak kaput...

    hutang RM14 juta itu masalah SYNERGY...sebab marketing team mereka hanya pandai goyang kaki...langsung tak keluar cari clients...Chief technical officer dia MAT SALLEH ALAN ITU doesn't know anything abt his job...manakala PRODUCTION MANAGER BTV pula langsung tak tahu anything abt the technical aspect of things.... sebenarnya, SAYA TABIK STAFF BTV SEBAB masih 'go on air' dengan pelbagai kepincangan ini.... SYABAS BTV....go to hell datuk suhaimi, KEVIN, ALLAN and the people on the 11th floor of WISMA BERNAMA.

  66. Anonymous9:56 pm

    yo, bro! this is really NEWs?


  67. Anonymous10:22 pm

    aku nak cakap sikit. tahnaih rocky hang dapat masuk nst balik, tapi hang kena basuh nst pakai clorox pasal saki baki brendan dan kuncu kuncu nya masih banyak. paling top dalam senarai adalah lee ah chai dan lionel, tapi lionel ni ok sikit tapi ah cahi bahay woh. tapi hang jangan lupa dengan puan zubaidah, aku tau dia ni kawan baik kat nuraina tapi ko jangan lupa kawan dia brendan pereira. ala dulu minah ni dok supplements and brendan bawa dia masuk politik, minah ni terhutang budi kat mamat tu, aku dengar dia dah menggeletar hang nak masuk balik pasal dia tahu hang ni dia tak boleh amin main. hang jaga minah ni, lepas tu hang promolah mana mana yang boleh buat kerja

    tukang besi

  68. Anonymous10:26 pm

    bro i heard that ada lagi nak resign dari nst ye ke. katannya a senior umno political reporter who made a comeback last year to nst nak blah pasal dapat offer baik punya. pasal nst tak take care of good reporters like him.


  69. Anonymous11:21 pm

    Dear Bro,

    to be exact the person who responsible for this is DATO MOHD SUHAIMI ABDULLAH ketua umno bahagian Jerai!!!using this bernama tv as his platform in politics.they always think that 'tv business'is cheap!one of the stupid bastard malay in umno!


  70. Anonymous12:20 am

    whatever you want to do after coming back to NST, plse do not be a stooge to anybody especially the politicians. we have enough people without balls running around nst.

    Calling a spade a spade

  71. Anonymous12:29 am

    R. Bru,
    It hurts to read of my friends' work place in such great debt. The people are amazed how come there are such big losses for the past year, when there had been so many commercials in the station's news and program scheduling daily. The viewer sees so many of skin care and talcum adverts, I was told by a friend that there were aired FREE! The marketing of this tv channel must be very generous or plain ineffective. My friend also told me that the station doesn't have enough cameras, let alone sufficient people to work the 24 hours shift daily. I watch the 3 talk shows produced in-house by Bernama TV and found that the presentation is the same for all three. The same table, the same chair and I am sure the same studio! There are many commercials in the more than one break in every 60 minute show and in fact there are sponsors for these Bernama TV programs. How come not making money to pay debts? Impossible. I heard my friend telling me the TV boss has just bought a new BMW to drive around in. He also said that this politician boss is more busy with his political involvement as one of the division heads in opposition ruled state of Kedah than looking into the needs of the tv station. Well, the boss seems to be prospering while the company and staff suffer.
    What a waste! Some one please do something about this before more people lose their jobs to power crazy bosses like this, who work only towards their personal desires and needs. How selfish!

    Adanama TV

  72. Anonymous9:13 am

    Dear RockyBru,

    This is not related to your posting on BernamaTV, but really appreciate it if you can publish my comment, perhaps as a separate posting.

    I'm a fairly obedient driver when it comes to traffic lights; i stop when it's red, and go when it's green. Amber...well depends on my level or urgency at that particular time. Anyway, I want to relate what happened to me this morning.

    I live in Kota Damansara and as in any other mornings, I will ship my kids to school by taking the route from my house to persiaran mahogani, get into Surian and into LDP/Penchala link. There's a traffic light at the T-junction from Sec 5 getting into persiaran mahogani, just next to the (in)famous Kota Damansara mosque. This morning, I happened to be the first car in the queue to get into Persiaran Mahogani. There's a 2-3 seconds gap between the light turning red from the left-side traffic to it turning green for my side of the traffic. Of course as it turned green for my side, I will get my car moving. Time: 7:30am.

    However, there's this one black/dark grey mercedes B-class driven by a balding, malay guy probably in his early forties that continued to move from the other side despite the light from his side has turn red and the light from my side has turn green. Of course since I've started moving (as my light turned green) and him continued moving, we came together at the middle of the intersection. No fender bender or scratches. Our car didn't touch each other.

    I gestured angrily to him (with driver's window still up, so was his) using both hands pointing at the light that it was green and I had the right of way. He mouthed angrily something to the effect of "sabar la" ( I can sometimes read lips). I mouthed back "bangang". Suddenly the guy became animated and gestured like wanting to open his door and get out from his car wanting to confront me personally. In a split second I made the decision not to "entertain" him and drove off.

    As I was driving away, my thoughts were on the incident, thinking what has become of my race. Dimanakah perginya bangsaku yang dahulu amat terkenal dengan sikap penuh berbudi bahasa, sopan santun, lembut and bertolak ansur tetapi tegas dalam kebenaran. Adakah kemewahan, tamak haloba mengubah bangsaku? Just because he's a malay, driving an expensive car, does it make him right despite being blatantly wrong and wanting to get physical to "menegakkan benang yang basah?" There were at least 20 other cars that witness this incident this morning.

    My mind then turned to the recent court cases (including yesterday's) where I presume rich and once-powerful malay personalities being charged of corruption. What strike me the most was how relaxed, nonchalant (can even pose for the cameramen some more)some of them were. I couldn't sense even an ounce of shame, or remorse in them.

    Apa dah jadi kat bangsa aku?

    -a malay driving camry-

  73. Mustapha Ong11:43 am

    Salam Rocky Bru'

    Hot news but feel sorry if your name is dropped from the list being prepared by Najib's boys. We taught you will be the top contender for BERNAMA CHAIR.

    I hope MP Wee's source is not "mee segera sauce" prepared by Anwar and his gang. Wee is a jolly good fellow. He will listen to all Tom, Dick and Harry, not necessary from PKR, DAP, PAS combind. Another Lee Lam Thye in the making like the good days of 70s.

    Some of the bloggers think that the money is peanuts but actually it was from our income tax monies lah.

    I hope and truly believe that the Cabinet will have to discuss this hot issue in tomorrow's cabinet meeting. Surely PM Najib is not going to put on the silent mode, though our friend Ahmad Shebery will be uncomfortable as well as Nor Yaakob and a few others. However, believe or not, Rais Yatim the new Information Minister will not rest on his laurels. Hot, Hot seat like the morning talk show over TV1.

    God bless all those who had been thinking smart, worked smart but crashed down like an unexpected tsunami. Now we know why some people around Pak Lah had sleepless nights when Najib finally took over UMNO and the government.Banyak cerita-cerita seperti ini akan tersebar luas, tetapi bukanlah gossip mahupun fitnah seperti dipertengahkan oleh Anwar dan kuncu-kuncu nya.

    Sabar oi saudara, kita tunggu dan lihat apa aje berlaku bukan sahaja BERNAMA or TEIU NAMA, tapi apa kita harus buat dengan si Velu itu lebih penting lah. Nak keluar BN sila keluar sebab dah banyak kali nak keluar BN tak juga merambos, Purrah Samy Velu cakap tak serupa bikin!!!!JANGAN MENGUSAHKAN NAJIB AND HIS TEAM DAN SYABAS KITA UCAPKAN KEPADA TPM MUHYIDDIN YASSIN, ANAK JOHOR KITA ITU.

  74. Yeah, Rocky, you should do this and that and whatever. When you get to NSTP. Hahahaha.

    But most importantly, please, PLEASE bring back Nasi Daging Telur. That was unforgettable, if extremely slow and late.

  75. Anonymous12:06 pm

    Setuju, Rocky jadi GEIC. Tapi U, you jangan aniaya Dtk Hisham pulak. U janganlah buang dia tau walaupun dia bad mouthing you. Berdosa tau. Biarkan lah dia kekal di NST. You kena ingat, dia ada lima title Datuk. Kalau dia keluar, siapa berani nak ambil dia kerja. Tak makan dia nanti. Business perabot dia bukan laku sangat. Laqak jer. You suruh dia jaga Property NSTP lah berganding dengan Shahru, Subuh. Pastikan tandas semua bersih.


  76. Anonymous9:54 pm

    why are they loss-making? this is bad. since bernama is govt news agency,is it the same 4 bernama tv? does the money for the running of these two entities come from taxpayers' money? i wonder...


  77. Anonymous11:05 pm

    Mr Ahirudin Attan @ Rocky Bru,

    Silver Ridge (Multimedia) Sdn Bhd had on 15 February 2008 entered into a Joint Venture Agreement with Bernama Berhad, Standard Code Sdn Bhd and Hallmax Entertainment Sdn Bhd to form a joint venture company (BERNAMA TV Synergy Sdn Bhd - 802583-T) with a business of providing a 24 hour news and lifestyle channel and its related activities.

    1. SILVER RIDGE (Multimedia) SDN BHD acquired 27% in BERNAMA TV Synergy Sdn Bhd

    A Private Limited Company - registered on January 11,1993

    This company is a wholly owned subsidary of Silver Ridge Holdings Berhad.

    The Directors are Dato' Mohd Suhaimi Bin Abdullah and Zakhirah@Zamariah Binti Mohd Zabidi

    2. BERNAMA BERHAD acquired 33% in BERNAMA TV Synergy Sdn Bhd

    A public Limited Company - registered on December 30, 1996

    This company is wholly owned subsidary of BERNAMA (Semi Government Agency).

    The Directors are Dato' Seri Mohd Annuar Bin Zaini, Datuk Seri Azman Bin Ujang and Visvakumar A/L Sangiah

    3.STANDARD CODE SDN BHD acquired 20% in BERNAMA TV Synergy Sdn Bhd

    A Private Limited Company - registered on April 25, 2006.

    The Directors are Dato' Syed Hamzah Bin Syed Abu Bakar and Azlan Bin Pawanteh

    4. HALLMAX ENTERTAINMENT SDN BHD acquired 20% in BERNAMA TV Synergy Sdn Bhd

    A Private Limited Company - registered on November 1, 2007.

    The Directors are Dato' Aripin Bin Mokhtar and Saidina Omar Bin Othman

    Saidina Omar Bin Othman also the Finance Director of BERNAMA TV Synergy Sdn Bhd

    Amicus curiae

  78. Anonymous12:05 pm


    All this hype about Bernama TV, eh?

    Well, I was told by a very reliable source that it has taken a loan from a stupid bank called SME Bank although the accounts were bad.

    Actually the informant said dont know whether the bank is stupid or the CEO or the approving team is one bcos it was told that they (CEO etc) approved it bcos they were visited by a Najib's man - Dato Suhaimi Abdullah and was "instructed" to approve by a letter signed by a minister then.

    Dunno how far this is true. If it were, then something should be done.

    Mana boleh minister kasi instruction, kan? Also about time lah the CEO and his team be accountable kasi loan kat company yang rugi...pasal nanti yang lagi rugi rakyatlah pasal pakai duit rakyat!!!!

    Rockybru find outlah macam mana ini boleh jadi?

    Betulke YAB Dato Seri Najib tau pasal ni?

    Pasal siapa2 boleh guna nama PM!! Saya pun boleh guna!!

    Macam ni nak pinjam loan lah dengan Bank SME!!


  79. patriotina10:58 am

    bru ,

    dato azmi of SME bukan lah tak bagus. tapi kalau dah ada dua isteri macam mana nak focus????

    kena pressure dengan politician...langsung tak boleh tahan. that's why, baik SME or bank pembangunan akan merosot dan tak maju.

    tak payah high-flying banker to head these banks but orang-orang yang cekap dan thu what these banks stand for, orang2 yang berani, tak submit to political pressure or CORRUPTION, ikhlas dalam menolong rakyat, dan sayang bangsa dan negara.

    itu saja.

  80. Anonymous8:30 pm


    Siapa tak nak dua bini. Aku pun nak..Kalau sekali dengan awek muda boleh tukar2 ikut bulan..

    tapi kalau nak dua bini tapi tak berani nak cakap bini pertama, memang hidup jadi haru biru...

    Bukan je hidup peribadi tapi kerja pun boleh kelam kabut. asyik kena buat silap mata ler. Terpaksa panggil bini no 2 "girlfren" pasal takut kantoi!!

    Lagi2 kalau CEO...memang boleh biul...tapi lagi kelakar kalau ingat orang tak tahu padahal satu kampung dah tau...pasal tulah boleh kasi loan kat sesiapa pun ...termasuk company macam BERNAMA TV yang dah rugiii tuuu....

    Dengar citer jugak, Bank ni ada kasi lagi satu loan pada ini Dato Suhaimi Abdullah (untuk company lain) pasal ini Dato pakai position dia sebagai "Setiausaha Politik" Najib.

    Betul ke dia ni "Setiausaha Politik" Najib?

    Kalau betul mana boleh salahguna position, brother oi!!

    Ini lah kuncu2 menteri yang boleh buat rakyat bengang..akibatnya pangkah ler pembangkang.

    Jadi apa dah janji pada rakyat kena dikotakan...

    Mesra Rakyat, Ketelusan, Rendah Diri, Menambat hati rakyat, hati generasi muda.....

    Jangan janji air liur je...


    "I told them that I want a cabinet that is willing to go to the ground, roll up their sleeves and do things that will build people's trust in the government. We need to show a leadership that is willing to change and implement the changes" - Datuk Seri Najib Razak, NST 16/4/09


  81. Anonymous3:56 pm

    Bru my dear,
    Wow this is serious. What is the loan for? The suit or a pretentious one so that some bosses can earn more from it? Some one should look into this. If the last company involved in the collaboration of ownership, of the tv station, have directors who control the finances of bernama tv, that is quite questionable. Why is one company director with non-majority stakes looking after the finances of the tv station.
    After some asking around, the staff at the station says that any claims at the tv station take months to settle and that individual is difficult in money matters. Not because of prudence but something unknown. That financial individual always gives an excuse that he has no power to approve only the CEO. That is certainly difficult to believe.
    Ya, I want a loan from SME too!

  82. Anonymous11:46 am

    dont forget media prima....Minister Rais Yatim says private TV and radio stations have failed to deliver the government's aspirations resulting in BN’s poor performance in the March 8 polls.

    Kenyataan Menteri Komunikasi , Penerangan dan kebudayaan amatlah tepat. Buat permulaan saya ingin mengariskan 10 sebab mengapa Menteri tersebut akan gagal dalam misi menasihati TV swasta di Malaysia

    1. TV Swasta di bawah naungan kuasa2 besar seperti Tan Sri Ananda Krishnan dan Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yaakob
    2. Pengurusan rata2 pentingkan wang ,wang dan wang sahaja – agenda pembangunan Negara dan ‘social obligation ‘ adalah perkataan sial bagi mereka.
    3. Pengurusan atasan Media Prima dan Astro di tadbir oleh warga asing yang tidak peduli langsung dengan pembangunan Negara
    4. Pengarah syarikat terutamanya di Media Prima asal nya dari firma pengiklanan – mereka pula membawa kuncu 2 mereka yang mata duitan – sehingga advertiser kuasai perisian
    5. ada tangan2 invisible politik yang mempengharuhi mereka – hubungan KJ dengan Media Prima misalnya
    6. TV swasta dimiliki oleh ‘pemilik saham luar negara’ melalui AK
    7. Ajensi iklan dikuasai oleh kaum Cina dan MPB menjadi hamba mereka
    8. pengurusan Media prima , Datin Paduka pengurus besar kumpulan sumber manusia mempunyai hubungan fiber optic dengan keluarga TUn Abdullah Ahmad Badawi dan baru2 ini telah memberhentikan hamper 500 pekerja tv3 dan ditukar ke anak syarikatnya primeworks secara paksaan.

    9. prngurusan Media prima sedang memasang fiber optic dengan keluarga DS Rosmah melalui kuncu2 beliau

    10. Raiz kena ubah RTM sebelum ubah TV swasta

    Anak watan
    Bukit Lanjan

  83. Anonymous4:45 pm


    I rasa berita Bernama-TV lebih short & sassy compared dengan TV UMNO yang lain macam RTM & TV3. So far, BTV the only TV station yg ada cover pembangkang.

    Ni semua bukan masalah staff, tp management & chairman, Annuar Zaini & CEO Datuk Suhaimi yang jadikan BTV sebagai proksi politik untuk jadi politician.

  84. Anonymous9:23 pm

    rockybru, semua staff Bernama TV dah kena 'campak' merata sehingga yang talented Visual editor mulai 1 Ogos akan di 'campak' ke stor jaga archive visuals.

    lebih 100 staff dipindahkan, apa nak jadi ni??

    pls help us to bring up this matter to the higher level.

    -Hamba Makan Gaji dengan Bernama TV-