Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Why ST wants to pit Najib with Mahathir

update: Why Foreign Press demonizing PM Najib ... by Dr M
Singapore Salvo over Bridge. We know Lee Kuan Yew does not want Malaysia to build the Scenic aka Crooked Bridge. It would be to the republic's great disadvantage. The waters of the Johor Straits will meet, East and West. There will be economic benefits for Malaysia, but only losses for Singapore.
When Pak Lah was Prime Minister, he cancelled the bridge project, blaming the people of Johor for not wanting it.
Now the people of Johor want a bridge. Straight or Crooked is secondary, what's clear is they want the bridge to be constructed.

There used to be Singapore sympathizers within the Abdullah Administration who could help do the republic's bidding. But Abdullah is gone and those "insiders" and operatives are gone.

It's back to the old Media War. And Straits Times has drawn first blood. If this article is not an attempt to bring Najib Razak and Dr Mahathir Mohamad at loggerheads, I don't know what is.

Now let's see what the editors at New Straits Times are made of!

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April 21, 2009
Bridge project no rush
Any review of plan to be decided only after talks with Singapore, he says
By Hazlin Hassan

KUALA LUMPUR - PRIME Minister Najib Razak on Monday said the government was in no rush to revive an aborted 'crooked bridge' project in Johor.

Datuk Seri Najib told Johor Umno at a closed-door meeting that any review of the scrapped plan would be decided only after discussions with Singapore, an influential state leader who attended the meeting told The Straits Times.

Mr Najib's comments indicate that he does not want a crooked bridge to replace the ageing Causeway that links Malaysia to Singapore, said the state leader.

He said it could also be a sign that Mr Najib wants to make his own decision and not to simply agree with former premier Mahathir Mohamad, who first mooted the idea of the crooked bridge.

'He's showing him who's the boss.'

Earlier on Monday, two Johor lawmakers said a new bridge should be built but it should be a normal, straight one.

Johor Baru MP Shahrir Samad said Malaysia and Singapore should work together to build a straight bridge.

He said many Johoreans were 'hopeful that our new Prime Minister and Cabinet will revive the crooked bridge project'.

'(But) the public must understand that bilateral ties between both countries will suffer if the project is revived,' he said.

Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed, also a Johor lawmaker, said Tun Dr Mahathir had hopes of reviving the crooked bridge project now that Mr Najib has taken over as Prime Minister, replacing Tun Abdullah Badawi, who was against it.


  1. Anonymous5:29 pm

    Singapore just realised that their pet poodle (Pak Lah) and their watchdog (kalimullah) is no longer in the corridors of power. While the wet behind the ear Singapore operative (KJ) is being sidelined in the Malaysian Govt.

    Malaysia should not kow tow to SIngapore's bidding anymore...

    Uphold Malaysian sovereignty!!!! Survival of the fittest suggest we open up Selat Tebrau and take all the economic benefits deriving our of it. If Singapore never compromised on their sovereignty, why should we?

    Oh ya Singapore, better paying up more than 3 sen per 1000 gallons of our water soon!! The charity gotta stop. We have let you guys piggyback us for the past 50 years! Time to return to your racist, kiasu hole Singapore!!!


  2. Trojan Horse5:48 pm

    ''But Abdullah is gone and those "insiders" and operatives are gone.''

    Really? What about Omar Mustapha Ong? Wolf in sheep's clothing. Cina dalam jelmaan Melayu.

  3. We don't have to look at that paper in Kiasuland. Over here, Star says Shahrir wants no crooked bridge, but any bridge built must be straight. While Utusan says Shahrir wants the crooked bridge to be built.

    Either Shahrir is saying two different things to two different rags, Duh Star is lying, or Utusan is lying.

    Anyway, if we go ahead with this project, we'll only become a global laughingstock with such a ridiculous design. Traffic will become worse thanks to the two bends which will act as chokes.

    And we can forget about using this bridge to kill off Singapore's port. No captain of a container ship, tanker, or bulk carrier is going to drive his big ship through the narrow & shallow Johor Straits, when the much wider & deeper Singapore Strait is just nearby...

  4. Yo bro

    How is it that at the drop of a hat you conclude that
    'Johoreans want this crooked bridge'? Was even 1 public opinion survey commissioned? And Dr.M is only 1 human being, not a million or two, as much as he might be your (and many others') hero!

    Based on this kind of convenient generalisation, I declare that 99.99% of Malaysians don't want this project. I will justify it further by saying that the delayed effects of the Global Downturn will hit us within the next quarter and we will need all our national reserves to keep Malaysians alive!

    Shall we close this topic now based on my Omniscient intellect? Lol!

  5. Patriot6:34 pm

    shahrir dgn jazlan ni kerja untuk Malaysia ke untuk singapore?

    How come your first concern is for singapore?

    In any organizations, if we have clowns like these- we will give slap straight to their face.


  7. Anonymous6:59 pm

    Aku nak tengok blueprint jembatan bengkok tu - ada tak website? I hope it has ample pedestrian and especially BIKE LANES, especially in this times of fuel conservation and a move to cut down on gas emissions, traffic jams and not to forget a healthier way of living.


  8. Paddy7:13 pm

    "It would be to the republic's great disadvantage. The waters of the Johor Straits will meet, East and West. There will be economic benefits for Malaysia, but only losses for Singapore." besides the waste of money, how is this a disadvantage for Singapore?

  9. Anonymous7:50 pm

    bro! i would say, there should be no more talks, just proceed straight or croked, if none,i called them tongkang.


  10. Anonymous8:01 pm

    With this kind of news,a
    Singaporean Malay journalist will come in handy.

  11. Anonymous8:01 pm


    Hazlin Hasan, whart she/he made of?

    CIA/JEWS Agent?

    Tau salah seorang daripada ahli PR yang X habis2 buat kerja gila dan menyusah rakyat?

    Melayu Bersatu

  12. Anonymous8:51 pm

    Straits Times has been extremely kind to BN as well as people like you. Anyway, you have a column in Today.
    Singapore government seems to believe in status quo. Because just like Humphery Appleby in Yes Prime Minister, Singapore always think that they can handle UMNO/BN or Malaysia must better
    Anyway, after protraying a positively light of BN and now Najib, they realise that Najib and Mahathir ain't going to do their bidding. To Singapore government, padan muka.......
    Lets see if Straits Times should revert to being a neutral observer


  13. Anonymous8:59 pm

    Dear Rock,

    1. It seems that there are quite a number of parties trying to drive a wedge between PM and TDM especially former 'advisors', blogs such as Malaysian Insider, Malaysiakini etc.
    2. Former MP's, UMNO lackeys such Shahrir, Nur Jazlan who has an axe to grind with TDM seems to thrive in this situation. Sometimes you wonder whether they are planted by DSAI to do his dirty work.
    3. I got a nasty feeling that the so called 4th floor advisors are still up to their old tricks and seems to give same advice to current PM as given to the former.
    4. What I do not understand is why the PM is so 'gung ho' about not listening to TDM. The man has proven himself to the nation. What is so wrong to listen to him. What is so bad about Mahatirism?
    5. PM must get rid of the old hats at NSTP, Media Prima. Do a total revamp and put in people who has more gumption and not Kali's lackey.
    6. What do you think Rock?


    Pak Nujum

  14. Anonymous9:04 pm

    singapore doesnt scare shit at all,u all can read in their official letter to malaysia gov sometime back.as the harbour there is very congested from the coastal of jurong until the other end.singapore harbour management is on of the best in the world,can the johore harbour with that kind of bumiputratism mentality manage international harbour,i doubt it.will be another wasting money project if dreaming of competing with singapore harbour!!!thats why abdullah scrap mahathir's mamak wasting country's money project.a lot of wating money project by mahathir's people during mahathir era such as luxury yachting complex at kuala kedah,gold coast selangor,commonwealth game etc sometimes i wonder whther mahathir's people had been doing these stupid project knowing that it doesnt profit the public but just to feed their own crony. i will still stop at singapore harbour because of their good services and time wont be safe much if using johor harbour in future.i suggest that if malaysia really want to compete with singapore they should make canal from kedah,perak to kelantan cutting malaysia into half!!!! then only singapore harbour will lose!!!

    isthmus of kra

  15. Husin Lempang9:05 pm


    Singapore's soldier loved the shallow and static water of Johor Straits.

    I like the shallow argument saying that this objection to bridge building is another Chinese government of Singapore's agenda to lord over the ball-less Johorian.

    That could be the one and only explanation why the bridge was never built. Yeah, ball-less Johorian.

    Chinese can go back to mainland China. Quit acting as ah long mafioso gangster in our malay Archipelagos heartland.

    Go to hell. Quick.

  16. Anonymous9:12 pm

    rocky, it is normal because singaporean see that what ever Dr M says najib will follow!! Dr M says no KJ, don't know his son become minister, Rais good leader and so on and on.

    zamri, politican analysts

  17. Rocky. I'd rather think another explanation is that the Straits Times is out of touch with Malaysian news now that Uncle Kali, Brendan and even KJ is no longer violating the corridors of power. Even the UMNO leaders they are quoting are no longer that relevant. No disrespect, but Datuk Shahrir and Nur Jazlan? In the post-Pak Lah era?

    My own elaboration of the above here... http://thoughtsintangents.blogspot.com/2009/04/is-singapore-straits-times-out-of-touch.html

  18. Not a fan of Mahathir or Najib but I say bring it on, Straits Times! :D

    Malaysians want the bridge!

  19. That Kalli guy still around?

  20. Anonymous9:33 pm

    As expected! Najib is doomed if he kow-tow to Kuan Yew!


  21. Non-partisan9:36 pm

    It is obvious that ST like the lackeys of the western media is trying to subtly drive a wedge between DSN and TDM. The issue of the crooked bridge conveniently fits into their malicious design.

    Will there be another golf diplomacy to mark a new era of Malaysia-Singapore bilateral relations as had been done by Pak Lah? Looking back, it is manifestly clear that to Singapore the manner the diplomacy is conducted is hardly significant. It is just a tool to serve her own interest.Besides, what is uppermost that Malaysia pays homage to Singapore and that Singapore be consulted first before Malaysia can do anything even to develop her own territory.

    Such is the precious of Malaysia-Singapore bilateral relations? We have already lost Pulau Batu Putih.

  22. Anonymous9:52 pm


    I am from JB. Who says Johorean want a crocked bridge?

    Is there any data that substantiate this. Any polls implemented.

    What is the bridge for? A large container vessel cannot go through the straits of Johor. Most of the people in this country other then Johor Bahru still cannot get it as they are being deceived.

    I do not care about Singapore, but If the government want to build a bridge, it must be a proper straight bridge not a crocked one. I live in JB and the vision of crocked bridge in my beloved town scared me. I am not going to let the government make a mess of JB like it have to Kuala Lumpur.The land of Traffic Jams.

    The new CIQ have made the traffic worst, what can we expect from a crocked bridge other then an horrible view.


  23. Anonymous10:24 pm

    I do hope that PM Najib will consider to continue the project as it will benefit to us.
    And there should be no more 'discussion' between MY and SG!


  24. Anonymous10:29 pm

    batu api!

  25. Anonymous10:34 pm

    this omar ong is really bad news. he goes around telling people he controls the new PM and that he is more powerful. this guy is amazing. personality is zero and brains is similar to that of a skunk!

    PM should be weary... it's not worth getting the rap over this young moron! don't make the 4th floor mistake...

  26. Teropong Utara10:57 pm


    Lupakanlah yang bengkok itu.
    Itu kecil aje!
    nak yang besar, buat terusan kat Utara sana,macan Terusan Panama.
    Copy macam Terusan Mat Saman di Alor Stak.
    Dekat sikit Laut Cina Selatan.

  27. Anonymous11:09 pm

    PAP/DAP Barua Empire

    Sorry bro nak membebel sikit.
    Apa nak di hairan dgn PAP/DAP (LKY barua Empire)aka the caretaker.

    Selagi Kerajaan Melayu tak ranap selagi itu tak akan puas hati. melaga-lagakan Melayu supaya tak bersatu sampai Melayu bergaduh sesame sendiri dan hilang keyakinan kepada pemimpin melayu walau bagaimana berjasa pun pemimipin tersebut.

    Depa suka lah PM macam sleepy head dulu, tambah ada PM wannabe SIL yg run the show for them. Hancur habis sistem ekonomi & aset2 penting kerajaan melalui TIGA BRANAK ni.

    Aku rasa lah kita merdeka selama ni pun bukan 100% pasal banyak kepentingan2 mat saleh ni di proxy kan pada puak bangsat ni disini buat sementara. mana tau bila ekonomi depa merudum depa bole balik mai sambung ambil balik, tengok TEMASIK Hldg dibawah tu sudah lah :


    SINGAPORE, Feb 6 (Bernama) - Temasek Holdings, Singapore's government global investment firm, today announced that its chief executive officer (CEO) Ho Ching will step down this October.

    Ho, 55, who is the wife of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, will be replaced by former CEO of BHP Billiton, Charles W. Goodyear, 51, an American who joined the Temasek board on Feb 1.

    Goodyear will assume the position of CEO-designate on March 1 and succeed Ho on Oct 1 to run Temasek which manages a diversified US$134 billion portfolio. – BERNAMA

    The East Indian Company (Elite Jews) never really left Penang & Singapura & Melaka i think. Bayangkanlah Selat Melaka ni adalah laluan dagangan Timur-Barat terpenting sejak berkurun lagi, takkan lah mat saleh Jew ni nak lepaskan begitu saja. Jadi depa bagi lah Barua depa jadi care taker sementara.

    Masa gawat 97, puak2 yahudi ni melalui IMF nak ulang sejarah lama melalui brader kuda kayu (reformasi konon) nak jajah ekonomi negara , tapi nasib baiklah Negarawan kita cepau bau plan depa. Taktik hak sekor ni memang hebat macam abang Zionist nya guna innocent image strategi menipu dunia utk raih simpati. Memang gelig otak puak2 ni dan brader sekor ni mengguna media.

    Tapi tak sangka pula depa guna Mr Clean/SIL utk sambung agenda lalu lepaskan Brader IMF/world bank wannabe tu sekali lagi prak perandakan negara. Tapi tak pa Allah Maha Kaya,kalau dia nak khianat kat bangsa seugama alamat tak lama lah.
    Tapi sayang lah orang2 kita ni bila dengar brader ni bersyarah/kelentong habih semua kena jual termasuk lah brader2 kita di BULAN tu.

    Satu lagi ,kenapa ya KM Penang mesti bangsa depa sampai sekarang. Bila pula Melayu boleh jadi KM Penang tak tau lah.Tapi tak ada yg mustahil mana tau satu hari kita semua bersatu InsyALLAH boleh dapat balek kut. Tu baru jadi KM celah kangkang kera dah nak hapuskan hak orang2 kit, bayangkan lah kalau jadi PM, habis ranap jadi macam cit state dibawah tu.

    Memang puak bangsat ni sejak zaman silam lagi memang jenis BARUA NO1 to the western , bangsa yg bangsat ni memang tak ada loyalty lansung .
    Aku ingat la negeri asal depa pun tak lapar nak terima depa balek. Mana tak keturunan lanun/triad ni yg negeri asal mereka tendang bagi kat Mat saleh utk jadi hamaba & sundal depa, lepas Mat Saleh ni bawa pula ke Gugusan Tanah Melayu utk rompak hasil khazanah kita.

    Aku rasa lah semua negative image keatas Nagib memang telah dirancang rapi oleh PAP Trojan Horses here (ANWAR, LKS, Karpal Singh, KJ & gangs. Musang dll) supaya Kerajaan Melayu yang berwawasan yg di pacu oleh Nagib dan Tun M akan huru hara & langsung tak competetive banding dgn mereka. Aku berdoa sangat lah puak2 pengkhianat2 ini dilaknat & terus ghaib dari bumi Malaysia tercinta ini


  28. Anonymous11:28 pm

    Najib is PM, let him decide lah.

    Btw Bro, sorry - a mistake occured in the link provided in your previous posting. For those interested in a classic case of blatant abuse of power go to:


    (need Windows Media Player)

    mat taib

  29. Anonymous11:29 pm

    singapore are not stupid. they already prepared for the worst. singapore had planned many years ahead of what the malaysian are just about to think. actually for the water,they already prepared with the new water and also their sea become fresh water reservoir. Their private company hyflux had the cheapest desalination in the world and all the big city in the world had been engaging their services. Being a seafarer, many of the malaysian does not understand that the very narrow waterways at pulau ubin and tekong which was reclaimed many years ago during mahathir times is not passable to big vessel. Not only they fooled us, they have conquered the world as many ports and airport were managed by the red dot. If you don't believe, check it out. they are great craftman better than the jews because they make use of the best people in their homeland to rule the country. What we can learn from them is go meritrocy and we will be a better country in the future with the best leader.

  30. WHY PM Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak told Johor Umno that the government is in no hurry to revive the 'crooked bridge' to replace its half of the Causeway, adding any review will depend on discussions with Singapore.

    "Najib said there is no decision on the crooked bridge as there is no hurry for it," a Johor Umno warlord told The Malaysian Insider after the party president met his colleagues here.

    "He also said that he will discuss with Singapore about the project," the Umno man added.

    IS THER ABOVE TRUE? It appeared in Star, Sin Chiew, Nanyang...

  31. Anonymous11:40 pm

    Just get on with the bloody bridge..be it crooked, straighted or fucked..

    make way for our new scorpenes to pass the Strait of Tebrau.. for goodsake u motherfuckers up there!

    Yo! Stop being forever a melayu pariah!

    :D muhahahaha...

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  32. Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah11:44 pm

    For BN to gain the confidence of the Rakyat, the true story of the cancellation of the crooked bridge by Abdullah Badawi must be told now, without fear or favor, now that Najib is in power.

    What is this about the sand deal tied with the construction of the crroked bridge?

    Who was the purported beneficiary of the sand deal?

    NST has successfully painted bad impression on Tun M on the crooked bridge by publishing series of OLD letters between Tun M, Tun Daim and Lee Kuan Yew, Goh Chok Tong. What the poor Rakyat is not aware is the purported sand deal. NST should by right publish those CURRENT correspondence leading to the cancellation of the crooked bridge.

    Now that Pak Lah and Karimulah no longer around, NST should do the right thing as well as redeem itself to tell the true story.

    Better still do a TV series, air it over prime time on NTV 7 or TV 3. If it is about truth, why worry? Let the Rakyat be truely informed. Of possible add few chapters as well on the true story of PKFZ since the MCA Ong Tee Keat is seen playing tai chi in the delay to disclosure the scandals as he has previously promised.

  33. Rocky,

    Instead of covering up certain parts of the article to serve your porpose, you should at least show the full text, to be fair.

    KUALA LUMPUR - PRIME Minister Najib Razak on Monday said the government was in no rush to revive an aborted 'crooked bridge' project in Johor.

    Datuk Seri Najib told Johor Umno at a closed-door meeting that any review of the scrapped plan would be decided only after discussions with Singapore, an influential state leader who attended the meeting told The Straits Times.

    Mr Najib's comments indicate that he does not want a crooked bridge to replace the ageing Causeway that links Malaysia to Singapore, said the state leader.

    He said it could also be a sign that Mr Najib wants to make his own decision and not to simply agree with former premier Mahathir Mohamad, who first mooted the idea of the crooked bridge.

    'He's showing him who's the boss.'

    Earlier on Monday, two Johor lawmakers said a new bridge should be built but it should be a normal, straight one.

    Johor Baru MP Shahrir Samad said Malaysia and Singapore should work together to build a straight bridge.

    He said many Johoreans were 'hopeful that our new Prime Minister and Cabinet will revive the crooked bridge project'.

    '(But) the public must understand that bilateral ties between both countries will suffer if the project is revived,' he said.

    Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed, also a Johor lawmaker, said Tun Dr Mahathir had hopes of reviving the crooked bridge project now that Mr Najib has taken over as Prime Minister, replacing Tun Abdullah Badawi, who was against it.

  34. Anonymous12:02 am

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. Mazlan12:05 am

    Who knows whether Johoreans want a bridge in place of causeway or not. Its politicians who are making the noise? Why don't they just ask them?

    Anyhow there is no doubt that the causeway is too narrow and too jammed to handle the current and future traffic load - so there should be a wider replacement bridge anyway.
    I'm sure if presented well it makes sense for a bridge - economically - to be built in its place.
    I think if the politicians take the emotion out of this whole saga - a proper wide bridge can be built parallel to the causeway and once built the causeway can be torn down.
    At the moment its a proxy battle between 2 old senior minister mentors with huge egos.

  36. Anonymous12:27 am


    Not only NST. I noticed some chinese mainstream newspapers want to pit Najib with Mahathir as well.

    Still wondering why losing the chinese voters ?

  37. Anonymous12:45 am


    Ah Chai will be writing a piece on Thursday to defend Najib and Malaysia.

    Lionel Morais, your most loyal ex-crime boaster, is thinking of writing an analysis to defend Mahathir's crooked bridge for Sunday.

    Don't forget to buy NST on Thursday dan Sunday and read their masterpieces.

  38. Anonymous8:04 am

    Ah Rocky, my dark friend, there is no crooked bridge. It's a toilet seat bridge. See the design by your master Mamakthir ? It's the shape of a toilet seat, and that's what the bridge will be good for - the toilet.


  39. Anonymous8:44 am

    It's a bridge over troubled water.

    Malaysians are one funny lot of people. Yes today, no tomorrow. Clearly victims of indecision.

    Personally, I believe that the Causeway is obselete and is a hindrance to the development of ports within Johore.

    Singapore needs the causeway because it benefits their port operations. If the causeway goes, shipping would probably be redirected to the Johore ports and change the geographical strategics all together.

    In any case, a lot of unnecessary funds have been wasted by recent political reasonings, and it would be much more expensive to restart this on/off project once again.

    Whether it was Mahathir's idea or otherwise, the causeway should be demolished, and it is not necessary to build another at the same spot. This will give the Singaporeans a run for their money. No, wait.... why not build another bridge from Kukup to Singapore instead? It is much shorter in distance,isn't it?

    As for the 'batu api' in Singapore, even here in Malaysia, many want to see blood. It's just a natural political re-action.

    The opposing team will do all they can to destroy their enemies, and that include third parties overseas.

    The best thing to do is ignore these trouble makers and just bulldoze the anti-progress rebels aside.

    Just look at history. When the Penang bridge was built, there was so much of hue and cry from the very same people who want another bridge today. Yes, the anti-progress rebels of those days are still around today, singing a different tune. That includes Anwar,Lim Kit Siang, Nik Aziz, and many more, unless memory fails.


  40. I just don't trust Singapore to be a honest broker in so far as the bridge is concerned. They had 5 years during the "Friendly Badawi's tenure to start talking on this matter, knowing damn well that it is only a matter of time before all of Malaysia will begin to wonder about the economies of the causeway, and Singapore's love affair with it. They could have secured from Badawi far more favourable terms for replacing the causeway and they just did NOTHING! So did Badawi. That does not mean it is going to go away.

    Way back 1980 I used to cross that causeway on a weekly basis and each time thinking how stupid it is that that man made structure should handicap us for nothing. Maybe when the British were in control of both sides of the causeway they may have been indifferent whether trade went across or not. I suppose the economies derived from the causeway would have been worked out to be better than trying to build ports along the Southern Johor coast line.

    Singaproe is not going to be a honest broker. They will procrastinate and they will make themselves sound very clever and Oxfordian. They will make us look stupid.

    I would like to suggest that we give Singapore 6 months to come to a conclusion on this. We then start work on that CRoOkEd Bridge. Sure, go on and laugh if you must. But it is so ridiculous taht thsi should go on any longer.

    To rub salt into our wounds, Singabloodypore buys our water for 3 sen and sells it for S$40 to the ships that come to port. (Or are teh figures a little different now?)

  41. MANJOHOR10:20 am

    Singapore don't want it. What does that mean?


    LESS THAN USD$0.01 PER 1000 GALLONS?????? WHOAAA!!!




  42. patriot melayu1:04 pm

    reporter singapore ni punya la bodoh. dia tulis source dia dalam umno johor tu as an influential Johor Umno leader. nak protect source dia la tu. macam lah kita tak tau siapa dia talipon malam tu mintak story. mamat yang bocor maklumat tu orang muda yang beragan-angan tinggi. dia la yang duk pertahan singapore's interests kat johor ni. tak da pun influential. aku nak letak nama dia kat sini tapi takut rocky kena saman pulak. engkau agak agak la ye siapa. ada ke mesyuarat tertutup cerita kat singapore paper. kalau tak bodoh, pengkhianat la tu.

  43. Anonymous3:28 pm

    Looks like Najib is just Mahathir's stooge. a weak leader too who needs somebody else to prop him up. abdullah's was khairy. we want a strong leader who can stand up on their own. shall we do away with all the weak leaders with no brain of their own. it is a shame if a leader does not have a mind of his own.

    Faded up

  44. Anonymous4:07 pm


    When will Kalimullah Maseerul Hassan and Brendan Pereira be sentenced to life for espionage?

    Mat Janggut

  45. Anonymous4:22 pm


    Isthmus of Kra proposal of building GRAND CANAL IS A Brilliant Idea except that I do not like the chinky-maoist-singky tone of his writting. Yeah why not we built A Grand Ocean Going Ship Canal that circumnavigate the Tambak Johor rather than building crooked bridge that will antagonise the boring old fart senile commie LKY.

    Y.B Hisham Gemuk

  46. Shef & Svandis4:54 pm

    I'd love to see the day when the RMN's Scorpene subs traverse the Tebrau Straits and head towards Singapore's Changi Naval Base.

    Which, incidentally, is a major port of call for the US Navy's Seventh Fleet.

    Goodbye, Scorpenes!!!!


  47. Upon investigation, i am surprised that an agreement was signed in 1990 between Singapore and Malaysia during the reign of Tun Mahathir, the hardest critic.



    (Dated 24th Nov 1990)


    • This is supplement to 1962 Agreement and will expire in 2061;

    • It is based on MOU between the two parties signed on 28th June, 1988 in which S'pore was allowed to proceed with the construction of Linggiu Dam and to purchase treated water from Johor in excess of 250 mgd. The MOU also reaffirmed the 1962 Agreement and the price of the treated water to be supplied by Johor to S'pore;

    • Johor to own the S'pore constructed Linggui Dam while S'pore to own the treatment plants etc until expiry in year 2061 when they revert to Johor;

    • Johor to set aside 21,600 hectares of State land as catchment area and S'pore to pay premium of RM18,000/ha and annual rent of RM30.00 per 1,000 sq ft;

    • S'pore to pay Johor RM320 million as compensation for loss of use of land and one-time up-front payment for leasing land "inclusive of rentals for the remaining tenure of 1962 Agreement"; and

    • Any dispute to be settled by arbitration in accordance with the Rules of the Regional Centre of Arbitration at Kuala Lumpur.

    Any comment to enlighten us?

  48. Anonymous6:33 am

    BrightEyes Melem Jiang,
    Ni hao mar..

    Shahrir mayak pandai punya olang.
    Lia mayak kaya punya olang.

    Lia atak kauteem sama semua olang pandai mau kasi Negala mayak maju.

    Lu tatak mau kasi lu hati susah itu hat Singapore.. itu bukan lu punya hat..

    Lu sendili jaga lu punya bisnes baik baik OK?

    Lu tatak susah, lu mau belajar kasi pandai macam lia dulu.

    Sekalang lu relax, kasi rehat banyak2.
    Lu mau jaga lu punya tengkok, takut itu cancer mali..

    tatak mau cakap banyak2.

    Pai pai


  49. Anonymous8:06 am

    Singapura has been a parasite long enough. Remember CLOB? How they traded our shares as if it were their own and waxed filthy rich from it. And there are numerous other instances I can give as examples of their shameless greed. But the most shameful and disgusting of all is drinking our water for free. No body with an iota of grey matter in his skull would consider the rediculous pittance Singapura is forking out as a charge for consuming our water.

    For a while there was so much hype about drinking filtered urine(I am sure we would all be very happy to pipe all of ours to Singapura for free)to quench their gullet and they gave it the bizzare name New Water.

    Singapura is really the proverbial dog that bites the hand that feeds it!

    Iqbal Azim

  50. Anonymous8:23 am

    we need to be wary of being overly nationalistic. we need dialogue. Malaysia should sit with Singapore and consult on the best way that the bridge can serve both nations. if both countries cannot agree, then, refer to a neutral third party. or a world body like the UN.
    the time has come for us to stop thinking in national terms but in global terms

    johnny wong

  51. Anonymous9:05 am

    Dear Rocky
    I've read the comments from both sides of the divide as regards to the crooked bridge.
    Kindly refresh my memory, what are the positives (and negatives) benefitting Malaysia and weigh it against factors such as cost (no need to include points benefitting Spore. Don't care to know. They've never cared about their 'nondeveloped' neighbours. Perasan pandai. Ni nak. Tu nak. Tanah kita dia squat sekejap langsung kebas. Win-win konon).
    -Save Pulau Batu Putih

  52. Shef&Svandis5:10 pm

    Mua-ha-ha! Arbitrarily terminate the water agreements with Singapore, is it? Game for another match-up at the ICJ? Because even Gani Patail will say that Malaysia doesn't have a leg to stand on.

    Ditto for Mahathir's "crooked bridge". Note that Gani, as the government's chief legal advisor, has seen fit not to make any comments on this. My guess is that he has already tested the legal waters for a "crooked bridge" and found them decidedly cold and unwelcoming.

    I am sure that the Singgies have already prepared all the legal briefs and got their international lawyers on retainer if this "crooked bridge" moves past the drawing board stage.

    As for those who think that opening up the Tebrau Straits will lead to the eclipsing of Singapore's port, dream on. Even Maersk, which owns a substantial minority stake in Tanjung Pelepas Port, still routes many of it's ships to Singapore for transhipment purposes. And Maersk has it's regional hq in Singapore.

    Oh, yah - I just heard that the US aircraft carrier, the USS John C. Stennis, is currently anchored at Changi Naval Base. Maybe the RMN's Scorpenes should go take a look-see? Just to get acquainted, lah!